O Homem do Ano (The Man of the Year) (2003)

Before you're born...
someone, maybe God, defines exactly
how he's going to fuck your life.
This was my theory.
God only thinks about
men at the start...
when He decides whether their
life is going to be good or bad.
If He's in a hurry,
He makes a war, or a tornado...
and kills off a whole bunch
of people without a thought.
But He did think about me.
So, have you chosen?
- This one.
- Nowadays men are like women.
Liposuction, waxing, getting rid of
wrinkles, peeling, botox, everything.
For instance, now it 's trendy
for men to dye their hair blond.
- Yesterday, I did two myself.
- In my case it was a bet.
I don't like my clients looking.
Spoils the surprise.
- What bet was that?
- Soccer.
Losing is terrible. Who lost?
Oh, my God.
I shouldn't have left
it so long, but...
I think you'll like it.
Hope so.
It's nearly platinum blonde.
What's wrong, didn't you like it?
I can dye it again, if you want.
I've always thought I was ugly.
Never enjoyed looking in the mirror.
But on that day it was different.
I looked at that face that was mine
but wasn't mine. A blond...
a stranger.
I spent my whole life wishing
lwere someone else.
And there I felt my time had come.
What are you doing tonight?
So, what are we going to do?
I wanted to take Cledir to a motel
and fuck all night long.
But I' d promise to pass
by Gonzaga's bar...
and show my cousin Robinson
that I' d paid my debt.
I could've gone there another time,
but I felt like going right then.
I was feeling good...
and wanted to show everyone
the new Miquel.
Where's Robinson?
- What the fuck's that?
- What's up? What am I, a clown?
You look funny.
- In what way, brother?
- What do you mean? Just funny.
You look like a gringo.
You telling me I look like a fag?
You walk in here looking like a
gringo and I can't think it's funny?
What's your problem?
I'not a faggot and I'm not a clown.
I don't like you laughing
when I walk in here.
That 's the problem.
Look, Miquel...
I didn't call you a fag...
but I am now.
If you ask me...
any man who dyes his hair blond
like that, like you did...
has to be a fag, and big time.
C'mon. Weren't we going to dance?
Miquel, come and have
a beer with us, man.
Go fuck yourself.
Don't mess around with that guy.
Forget it.
You're the faggot, Suel. Let's go
outside settle this shit like men.
Come on, let's go!
- I'm so scared of you.
- Let 's go!
Hey c'mon! Stop that now!
No fighting in my bar!
I'm with my girlfriend tonight.
I'll deal with you another time.
Whenever you like, Blondie.
- Let 's go.
- Tomorrow. Midday, here.
I couldn't sleep at night
thinking about Suel.
And my tooth was killing me.
I shouldn't have done that.
I had gotten myself in a duel.
Suel surely had a gun. I had never
held a gun before, damn it.
I was going to stay home quiet,
and forget that guy.
Fuck him.
I wasn't gonna go out.
Reach for your gun, Suel.
Fire away, Blondie.
That's how things began.
In this stupid way.
I never thought I' d kill someone.
And all because of a bet.
I wanted to run away,
to leave town but I just stood...
standing there.
I was afraid of Suel' s friends,
afraid of the cops, of going to jail.
I just wanted to put
an end to that agony.
I was going to hand myself in.
- Hand yourself in, like hell!
- Like hell!
I told you not to mess with Suel!
- You've got to get away fast.
- Take that car you've been using...
...and go to the countryside.
- No, the Maverick's due tomorrow!
You should go further,
up to the northeast.
Fuck, Marco!
People hide over in Niteri.
Why don't you dye your hair
black and stay right here?
After having dropped
at the end of last week...
today the dollar increased
by 5.31%% against the real...
and was bought at R$ 3.165
and sold at R$ 3.17.
The volume of transactions
among banks decreased.
Hey, Miquel!
Suel was a fucking thief.
He took boxes of booze...
and said that if I told the cops
he'd set fire to the bar.
No one liked him around here.
Plus the fucker was under age
and couldn't be arrested.
He deserved to die.
Go on, drink your whisky.
I'll just have a Coke, no ice.
He's the one who shot Suel.
Good work. Helping keep the
trash off the streets. Let's go.
I felt it was still too early
for me to feel safe.
But everybody was thanking me,
giving me presents.
I never thought that people would
be happy with the death of a guy.
They said that criminals belong
in the cemetery...
and that I had done
society some good.
Who farted there, man?
Shit, man.
- Stinks!
- Gross, man!
That stinks! Fuck!
Just a minute.
Trumps. Pass.
So tell us how you
knocked that guy out.
The guy came at me like this, right?
Showing off...
Had a girlfriend, didn't he?
- Wonder where she's gone.
- She can go fuck herself.
I... I...
Go on, Enoque, spit it out!
- It was nobody.
- What do you mean, nobody?
Mr. Baldani sent this.
Told me to congratulate you.
Congratulations. Bye.
Bill Clinton's visit to Brazil...
was marked by a breach of protocol.
At the Mangueira Olympic village...
the American retinue
was half an hour late.
They were applauded
by the elite of Rio's samba.
The VIPs of Mangueira Samba School
heard two celeb's speeches.
Pel succeeded in making
Bill Clinton...
the first US president
to join Mangueira.
Look here!
Be quiet!
I can do that too.
I'll make you a deal:
Don't eat my sneakers
and I won't eat you.
Your name's Bil now. Okay?
What's up? What's up?
Who's Bil? Who's Bil?
Who's Bil? Who's Bil...
Bil, daddy's going out now
to buy food for you.
Food for Bil.
After I killed Suel a lot of things
changed in my life.
That was all the neighborhood talked
about. They were proud of me.
I always thought life sucked,
I always did everything wrong...
but now it was different.
I started to enjoy things.
I felt important, happy.
I was going to get a job,
work, and date.
In Japan there are many
ways to prepare fish...
but only a way to cut it.
Ginsu 20OO for the legend lives on.
Sharper than ever,
its carbon steel blade...
cuts bones like this.
A genuine Ginsu can cut,
carve, chop, saw and slice.
Its extremely sharp saw-toothed
edge can easily carve...
this turkey and this shank.
Ginsu cuts any kind of vegetable.
Look. How much would you pay
for this Ginsu 20OO?
Don't answer yet because you'll also
receive 6 other knives for barbecue.
Their double saw-toothed blades
can carve any kind of meat.
That's not all.
You'll also get this cutter...
for delicate cuts of meat that
won't require further sharpening.
Listen to me!
You're not doing your part!
Folks are talking about you.
Jesus, what happened
to your sneaker?
- Oh, that was Bil.
- The dog?
- No, the pig.
- Pig? You've got a pig now?
- Cool, where is it?
- It's in the bathroom.
A piglet... to eat.
What do you think I'd have
a pig in the house for?
Oh, don't eat it.
Pigs are so cute.
What is it?
- Feel better?
- Sure.
- Do you like pork?
- Sure, nice piece of loin.
You know, I prefer you like this,
blond. Suits you.
You'll have to go back
and redo the roots.
I think you'd better go
and find a dentist.
I hate Rio.
Violence is turning
this city into a jungle.
Crime is running rings
around this place, son.
I'm in favor of the death penalty.
All that talk about
human rights is a laugh.
They're not humans,
kidnappers, rapists.
If you ask me,
one's born with criminal impulses.
Dr. Carvalho was a strange man,
but I liked him.
He told me some funny things.
But I was ashamed to open my mouth,
my teeth all fucked up.
Your teeth are decayed, son,
all of them.
How much to pull out
the one that 's hurting?
I can treat your teeth.
You're too young for dentures.
I don't think I've got enough
to pay for treatment.
You're the one who
killed Suel, aren't you?
You don't need to pay, son.
I like you. That is,
I like what you did to Suel.
That mulatto had it coming to him.
I hate blacks. I hate mulattos.
I'm one helluva racist.
Everyone's racist.
Only the hypocrites have no courage
to admit it. I'll tell you something:
You've got a problem.
I'm a dentist and I've got a problem.
We can help each other.
You do me a favor
and I'll do you a favor.
How about it?
This is my daughter.
She's 17, just a kid.
She was raped.
I never told the police.
You know, the humiliation.
Miquel, I want you to kill
the bastard who hurt my girl.
I've nowhere to stay.
I'll come live at your place.
Suel looked after me...
now you'll have to.
It's no use throwing me out.
I won't go.
How old are you?
If you won't let me in, I'll stay
right here outside your door.
And every time you go out,
I'll sneak in.
Suel's mother threw me out.
I've got nowhere to go.
You'll have to keep me now.
Give me a place to stay,
food, clothes...
everything I need.
To get rid of me you'll have
to kill me, like you did Suel.
I'm not leaving, period.
Gee, I've already
got one pig in there.
It's nice here.
You can stay here
till we find someplace else.
You can sleep on the bed.
I'll take the sofa.
I don't know about
a criminaI's soul...
but an honest man's soul
is a living hell.
Just take a look around.
Walls with broken glass, iron barbs,
barbed wire, bulletproof cars...
bulletproof windows... All we ever
think about is defending ourselves.
No one respects
traffic lights anymore.
No one goes out at night.
No one opens their window at night.
We're all scared stiff.
Well, I fulfilled my promise.
Have you brought me any news?
I know where he works,
at a pet store.
He lives with his mother.
She's really sick...
but he takes good care of her.
Everyone's got a mother, son.
Even Emperor Nero had a mother.
Just look at your new smile.
Smile, son, show your teeth, laugh.
I'm the one who can no longer smile.
This pain consuming me,
my poor baby girl.
I need money to buy a new gun.
- Why did you kill Suel?
- Get out!
- I'm not looking.
- Get out and close the door!
Why did you kill Suel?
He didn't do anything to you.
You can stay at my place,
eat my food...
wear my clothes, ask for money,
play with my pig...
sleep in my bed, just don't
annoy me with that question!
- Who are you looking for?
- Caju.
This is an AR-15, been very popular
here in Rio for a long time...
good for pumping lead.
The ammo's a bitch to find, though.
handles easy.
I like this babe a lot.
Real nice.
No, I want something lighter,
I don't know, a revolver.
- A 38.
- I know what you want.
You want something light...
to carry hidden in your belt,
to command a little respect.
Take a 45, semi-automatic.
Knocks them right out. And the
ammo's readily available. Here.
Feel it.
Feel that power.
Feels like you're wearing
a crown, right?
Tell me.
You're Miquel, aren't you?
What's up, man?
Oh, nothing.
In those days,
I hadn't yet learned to hate.
People said Ezequiel was evil...
but all I could see
was this poor bastard.
Weren't you gonna introduce me your
friend who's staying at your place?
She's an acquaintance.
I'm going to take a shower.
Wait, I've got something
important to tell you.
- What's that on your shirt?
- Nothing.
I cut myself.
He's angry at me. But I already
told him I'm not leaving.
Promise she's leaving?
I promise.
Haven't you noticed anything
different? Take a good look.
I've put over 6 pounds,
can't you tell?
I'm pregnant.
We can marry in March,
the baby'll be born in November.
So I can take my vacation from work.
You know the priest I told you about?
I love Father Oscar. At the church
Our Lady of Conception...
they do weddings with 15, 2O couples.
It's the loveliest thing in the world.
Or maybe we should just
get married by ourselves.
Or everyone will be comparing
dresses. Come on, say something!
I thought we could go
and live with my mom.
I don't really like this place.
We can do up that room at the back.
But tell me...
don't I look pregnant?
- A church wedding?
- Yeah.
With a wedding dress,
veil, garland, the works?
How am I meant to know?
Are you mad at me or at
yourself about getting married?
I want to marry.
I like Cledir.
I asked her to marry me.
Tomorrow I'm going to her place
to make the arrangements.
I want to change,
want to be a normal man...
have a family, kids,
go to church on Sundays...
Don't be ridiculous, Miquel!
And where would you get the money
to take care of us? You have no job.
You know we're
an unauthorized dealer.
You want in?
Fine, but that 's the deal.
No, Marco, that 's not my scene now.
I need a proper job.
I'm getting married.
Going to have a kid.
Why get married right now?
Go and tell her:
Look, I've no job, no money.
Make a deal with her. You don't know
what 's like to have a son. Tell her:
- Let 's get rid of the baby together.
- I want to get married, work.
If you ask me,
only dumb women get pregnant.
And they should pay the price on
their own. Let her bring up the brat.
Maybe it 's not even yours.
Bitches fuck around...
Not bitch, man!
Cledir, there's something
I want to talk about.
- Look how it 's growing, so big now.
- It sure has grown.
Mom's coming, she's getting dressed.
Let 's just talk about the wedding,
no need to mention I'm pregnant, OK?
Your hands are freezing.
Are you nervous?
Cledir, I've been thinking...
I've be thinking, and
I think it 's for the best...
Ready! I'm coming!
Ah, Miquel, I'm so pleased
to receive you in my home!
Sit down, son.
Now I can call you son, right?
We must register this occasion!
It's so nice to see you together.
Praise the Lord!
MiqueI's Coke!
I'll just fetch it.
- No ice, mom. He likes it without it.
- You told me so many times, I forgot.
I wanted to tell you...
See how happy she is?
She loves you.
I've got to tell you
something, Cledir.
I know this is a special
occasion for you...
Go on!
I think the time's not right yet...
Cheers! Cheers!
I'm going to recite a poem!
Life is an open air tunnel.
Oh, I'm no good at poetry.
When I think of Cledir I imagine
a world of four letters: Love.
What about the honeymoon?
We're going to Araruama.
Anyone been there?
No money...
Humberto! This is Marco,
and that 's my cousin Robinson.
- So you need a job?
- Yes.
The guy who used to work with me
disappeared. Completely.
Do you like animals?
- Sure. Animals?
- Then the job's yours.
Miquel, come and cut the cake!
Cledir was so beautiful that day.
And I realized I wanted
to be a normal man.
A working man, married...
with children.
That's what I wanted, to be a
regular guy like everybody else.
I was going to work at the pet shop.
Everything would be fine.
Lots of shit, right?
Only thing these animals know
what to do is shit.
Might as well get used to it, you'll
have to clean up plenty of baby shit.
That 's what marriage is:
Baby shit.
And baby shit is like quicksand:
Take one step and the shit
won't let go of you.
- Not all marriages are the same.
- They are. Only the shit changes.
There's porous shit, runny shit...
Women are only cute
until their wedding day.
After that, they turn into fat,
vindictive cows.
They never forgive you for
having married them!
Do you have any dog biscuits?
- What brand?
- Any.
The most expensive.
So this is where
you're working, son?
Do you earn enough
to keep your family?
You did a good, clean job, kid.
Brilliant future ahead of you.
Dr. Carvalho, could we talk outside?
You went off before
I could fully show...
all my gratitude, son.
Not many people
you can rely on these days.
What's wrong? Regrets?
Regret becoming a hero?
Of having rid
society of a monster?
Here, this is for you.
See you around.
- That guy is a friend of yours?
- He's my dentist.
What a jerk.
See, Zilmar? From here I can see
all the entrances to the house.
A monitor for each camera.
I know who enters, who leaves.
It's great.
Sometimes I sit here with my whisky.
See, Slvio? I drink
my whisky and sit waiting...
for the day when someone comes.
Hang on, Carvalho. You really
think that shit might work?
Soares had bulletproof car,
bulletproof door...
and look what happened to him.
He got royally fucked.
Like I said, a guy puts a gun
to your head and what happens?
You shit yourself. Then you open
the door, the safe, the works.
If a criminal wants to get into
your house, he will do it.
And he'll take your car,
your dollars, your gold, the works!
Only one way to deal with it.
Look, there's our guest now.
We've got to be realistic.
The cops are incompetent, corrupt.
- Can't expect a damn thing from them.
- Sure, Carvalho!
You think I'm expecting something
from the cops? Me?
Remember that crazed
nigger in that bus?
The entire police force
against a street kid?
Remember what the kid shouted?
I'm the devil's son!
Honey, your father is talking
business with his friends.
Go back to your room.
Go ahead, Slvio, speak to the man!
Miquel, Carvalho told me about
how you've been helpful...
about your credentials in the
community, how reliable you are...
that you're ready for anything. Just
this month I've been mugged twice.
By a guy called Neno.
The guy is making...
my family's life hell,
and my businesses too.
The police don't lift a finger
'cause they're scared of the press...
who are afraid of the NGOs. Fucking
priests talk about human rights...
protecting 14,
We must defend ourselves.
I want you to kill this criminal for me.
- Kill him?
- Sure, kill him.
How much do you want to get rid
of this guy? His name is Neno.
Go on, son, ask away. Slvio will
give you as much as you like.
Like it?
I came for Bil. I convinced Cledir
to let him stay there.
- Got an old blanket?
- What for?
For Bil.
For the pig?!
Like pigs feel the cold, Miquel!
How do you know pigs
don't feel the cold?
How do you know pigs
don't feel the cold?
For Heaven's sake!
Women are only interested in us
to get married and have kids.
Then they spend the rest of their
life getting on our nerves.
Getting fatter and fatter.
I don't know what's worse,
the ones who put on weight...
or those who work out
and stay too thin.
I've got this theory:
Women work out to stay
sexy for their lovers.
If you ever find your wife
working out in the gym...
beat the shit out of her because
she must be cheating on you.
Today's your birthday.
Pick a dog as a present.
I'll take this one.
His name is Pickpocket.
I've given them all names.
Pickpocket steals
everyone else's food.
But I think it 's better if I take
him later. Bil might not like him.
- Shall we serve dinner? I'm starving.
- Did you turn off the stove?
Miquel, they're not coming.
The baby's hungry, honey.
Come on, right when
things are livening up?
We're going to...
Easy, easy.
My name is Robinson.
This here is my friend Enoque.
Aunt Rosa, you can serve now!
Let's sit down, everyone. Let's eat.
It's ready.
Been in the oven for 4 hours.
- It must be delicious.
- What's this, Cledir?
Where is...
We have a birthday party to go to.
You must be looking
for someone else.
How could you do this to me, Cledir?
I was gonna save him for Christmas,
but, well, it's your birthday.
- You killed Bil!
- He messed up the house!
Only the backyard
and I always cleaned it up!
I know who you are, Robinson.
I'm looking for your friend.
But you'll do.
I'll never forgive you for this!
I'll never forgive you for this!
I meant no harm.
I was only trying to please you.
Robinson's dead.
We were coming here,
Neno and the black guy...
Pereba. Robinson knew
right away, man. He said:
'Easy, Enoque, it's a setup.'
He was right. He said:
'We're just going to a party.'
Deaf ears.
The guy went round the car and said:
'You've had it, I'm loaded.' Bang!
Two shots.
They took out Robinson!
Point blank, right beside me, man.
They sent you a message, Miquel.
Tell that peroxide fag
not to mess with Neno.
Or I'll blow his brains out, too.
Enoque, give me some of that shit.
You sure?
This stuff isn't doing
anything for me.
Enoque! Give me that shit.
C'mon. Another.
This shit is useless.
I'm going out.
Bastard sons of bitches!
Enoque, give me another.
Another one.
Izilda, where did
you put the cigarettes?
You lost, bro. All right?
- Easy.
- Remember me, you son of a bitch?
He can't see you.
- Here, look!
- What the fuck, man?
Shit, you killed her, Enoque!
- Sorry, I didn't mean to.
- Fuck.
Slvio had asked me to kill Neno.
I refused.
That'd been my mistake.
I had to kill that guy.
Either kill, or be killed.
It was better to kill.
Every morning I'd give him a banana.
Bil was very intelligent.
How do they kill pigs?
I don't know.
I hope Bil didn't suffer.
I'm sad about Robinson, too.
But Bil kept us company, didn't he?
No one's gonna kill you.
I won't let them.
- Where have you been all night?
- I told you.
I waited up all night for you!
You could've phoned!
You didn't come home because of that
pig. Bil was a pig. Like chicken...
...they're there to be eaten.
- Give me a break, Cledir!
Don't talk to me like that. I roasted
the pig because it was your birthday.
I didn't know you liked it that much.
I do everything for you,
and you treat me like a dog.
- Then he treats you fine!
- If you don't mind!
I've got a meeting, Humberto.
Give me some time, Cledir!
Time? You've got time to go off
with those sluts! Miquel?!
Kamikaze. Kami means 'wind'
and kaze means 'divine'.
Divine wind. The hurricane that
destroyed the Mongol fleet...
which was going to invade Japan
got that name, Kamikaze.
The divine wind saved Japan
from the Mongols.
On war against the Americans,
the Japanese suicides...
I saw that movie.
Kamikazes and Japanese got screwed
and Americans won the war.
Miquel, stop giving
the kid those almanacs.
And now she wants to learn English.
'How do you do?
How do you do?
Where is the book?
The book is on the table.'
What are you learning English for?
You hardly speak Portuguese.
So I don't speak Portuguese?
Ask me something.
Ask what?
I don't know it myself.
Whatever, ask me the
synonym of any word.
What the fuck's that?
I'll tell you. For example:
'Dumb'. Synonym, 'Marco'.
He's leaving tomorrow.
- Erica, go and have a Coke, go on.
- What are you talking about?
- Why can't I hear?
- Kamikaze stuff.
- Go.
- Shit.
It'll have to be tonight
at the funk rave.
Funk rave?
Shit, I hate funk raves.
Out, girls.
Look at the size
of that guy's arm, man!
He couldn't lift a finger
for anyone, son of a bitch.
Spends all day at the gym,
working out, damn playboy.
Taking vitamins.
That 's something fags do.
He's a real gum fag.
Hey, are you a man?
Let me see, here.
Here, take a hit, go on.
Go on, there.
That 's it, you like
a nice snort, right?
Hey man, this stuff is taking effect...
I feel like taking a dump.
That 's right. I'll take a shit
and you can eat it!
Ever since I was kid I've wanted
to make someone eat my shit, see?
And you're the one
who's gonna eat my shit.
Galego, pull over.
Whose idea was it to bring
this guy along?
- Enoque couldn't make it.
- Not 'guy', friend. I've got a name.
Look here, Z Galinha.
We didn't bring anyone along to eat
shit. You can't do that to someone.
If I want him to eat my shit,
he'll eat my shit, okay?
And a jerk like you
won't stop him eating my...
Thanks, man.
Here's the son of a bitch!
Nice album, kid.
Hygienic work.
Hygienic and patriotic.
That 's how you build
a decent nation.
Where's the bathroom?
End of the corridor, son,
on your left.
I was looking for the bathroom.
My father won't like this one bit.
In fact, he'll think
it was on purpose.
He needn't know, though, right?
In fact, he needn't find out
about what happened here.
I need to go back to the living room.
You know where the bathroom is?
I'm not sure
I'm going to let you go.
Don't do this to me.
Don't you want to fuck me?
I've got to get back.
It was 10 p.m.
My wife was away...
I was watching TV in the bedroom
when I heard a noise downstairs.
So I went down to see.
Found this black guy...
in the living room with a gun.
He was nervous...
I even said: 'You can take
anything you want. I'm alone.
Take all you want.'
So he told me to sit on the sofa.
I asked whether I could have a whisky
and he said he'd have one too.
I gave him one.
He sat down beside me...
told me his nickname was Pedro,
that his wife was pregnant...
that he hated stealing
but he was fucked...
one of those bastards we've
seen a million times.
Get to the point, Zilmar, come on.
Hello? What?
I'll be right there.
My daughter's just been born.
- Let's have a little whisky.
- Let's celebrate, that's wonderful.
I didn't die because I managed
to drag myself to the gate...
where a neighbor found me,
all fucked up, on the sidewalk.
So that 's your little job: Pedro.
Kneel down.
I didn't know, but Jesus
had scheduled a meeting with me.
I'm going to give myself up to him
body and soul, in church.
Keep your daughter and your wife.
- Yes?
- Is Erica in?
'Better the sadness of a smile
than the sadness.'
Erica, let's go.
Have you met Minister Marlnio?
- Pleasure. Marlnio.
- Pleasure.
- Let 's go.
- I'm reading the Bible with him.
Nothing is more important than the
words of Jesus. Jesus said:
'Now I've finally come upon you
for I'll send my wrath...'
I need to talk to you.
We can read the Bible tomorrow,
Erica, no problem.
I don't want anything to do with you.
I was 12 when I saw my father die...
and decided no one would
make me suffer again.
You killed Suel...
and that didn't throw me,
I didn't go to the cops.
I asked you to look after me,
and you did.
You married and I didn't kill myself.
You had a daughter...
started getting rich, going around
with big shots and leaving me alone.
That hurt, you leaving me alone.
But Marlnio taught me that
God is always near us.
And whoever has Jesus in his
heart doesn't need anyone else.
That stupid fucking preacher's
filling your head with bullshit.
I love you, Erica.
Prove it.
What do you want me to do?
Cut my arm off?
Cut my left leg off?
You want me to cut my cock off?
Do you?
No way you'd do it.
You do nothing for me.
I'll do anything you say,
anything at all.
I want Cledir to disappear
from our lives.
Welcome to the Lord's Realm.
The door might look narrow,
but Jesus's heart is very wide.
It's so wide and friendly that has
room for the saint and the sinner.
Inside of it there's room for me,
you, everybody.
Those away from Jesus
are the ones who should fear.
That 's because they walk
hand in hand with the devil.
And God sees all.
God knows all.
And punishes everyone most terribly
for crimes committed.
Think about it, brothers and sisters.
Let's be in peace with our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ.
Where have you been lately?
I never see you at home.
I'm working at the Church
of the Almighty Heart of Jesus.
I've come to return your key.
I'm moving there.
Where did you say you're living?
At the Church of the
Almighty Heart of Jesus.
Marlnio arranged it.
You know where it is.
- Who's Marlnio?
- What are you doing there?
That's none of your business.
Who's Marlnio?
- Right, that's none of your business.
- Who's this Marlnio?
My minister.
I clean the church, wash, cook,
fill in and stamp the cards...
- What cards?
- The congregation's cards.
Let her live at the church,
do whatever she likes.
It's about time
she disappeared from our lives.
Why can't she stay here?
What has she done wrong?
Listen here, I'm not stupid!
Erica, I never want to see you again.
Get out of my man's life, you hear?
Scram! Go on!
Are you having an affair with her?
- You been fucking that kid?
- No, Cledir.
Yes! You've been fucking the kid!
How could you do this to me?!
Come back here, open the door!
Scumbag, open the door!
Scumbag, open the door!
Open this door!
Open this door, scumbag!
'Be ye therefore be wise
as serpents...
and harmless as doves.'
- Erica, I need to talk to you.
- Can't you see I'm busy?
Marlnio told me
I'm to become his assistant.
I don't want to meet your son.
Go away!
It's a girl. Samanta. You alone?
I need to talk to you.
God sees all, knows all...
and will punish us most
terribly for crimes committed.
My weary heart
I give to you, Jesus.
I give my life to God because
His son gave his for my sake.
Just look at her face.
So unhappy...
Is she going to sleep
in our bed with us?
Are you Miquel?
- Yeah.
- Inspector Santana, 45th Precinct.
- Going out?
- Yeah, got a few things to do.
Is this your car?
Only good thing about this car is...
its trunk.
Had one once.
Give me a ride?
Dr. Carvalho gave me your address.
I've been following your work.
I've got a...
In the trunk there's a...
The folks in the neighborhood are
all on your side and you know it.
The shopkeepers respect you.
I've a proposition to make.
Santana offered me partnership...
in a private security company.
The idea was straightforward:
Everyone needs security.
The small shopkeepers,
big businessmen...
factories, millionaires.
He'd set up a company...
with employees, accountant,
lawyer, the works.
Only my name can't appear. You
come in with your work and your...
My name is right out, okay?
What's up, something bothering you?
My wife, Cledir.
She's disappeared from home.
What do you mean, disappeared?
This is your office.
Like it?
It's not very big,
but you don't need more...
than this right now.
The objective here is security
for the neighborhood.
That is, for the shops, for those
with money, right, son?
Sure. Santana told me...
Santana doesn't exist here. Eleonor
just looks after the front end.
One other thing.
You should wear a suit, a decent
shirt. Get some respect, son.
Our company takes care of...
Our organization...
provides services to over
a list.
Do call and check, if you like.
I've got my own setup here.
I work with specialized people...
first class pros.
I've got everything I need.
Sorry, but we don't need
that sort of service at tila.
Thanks for your time.
Here's my phone.
If you need anything,
we're at your service.
Hit the deck, man, get down!
Get down, son of a bitch!
Get your face down,
or I'll blow your brains out.
Kneel down.
C'mon, man. Don't shoot me.
I know I fucked up
but I won't anymore.
Do you know
tila transportation company?
Sure, they're up on Gamboa.
Till you kill your first guy, you
think you have to learn how to kill.
Learning to kill
is like learning to die.
One day you die, and that's that.
If you're holding a gun, that's it,
you know all there is to know.
Suspicious about what?
rica, Cledir's aunt can go to hell.
How could she be suspicious?
Get out!
Go and buy anything you like!
You think I would buy
a screen that size?
How many inches is it? You call
this a home theater, damn it?
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
We're gathered here to listen...
to the words of our
Man of the Year...
elected by the neighborhood.
Mr. Miquel Jorge!
I'm deeply moved by this honor.
It is the duty of all of us
to fight ceaselessly so that...
those who wish to live in peace
traders, workers...
neighbors, fathers,
mothers and families...
may enjoy a most necessary
tranquility and safety.
- If I ever did anything for you...
- Where were you?
...it was no more than my duty.
I shall not rest, I promise.
Thank you.
You know what 's in this bag?
Cledir's clothes.
I told you to throw
that out, Erica.
I can't.
I was going to the other day...
only I found this top, look.
You don't speak English.
You don't know what it means.
Hello? Hi, Galego.
Easy, man. Speak slowly.
Wait, Galego.
- rica!
- Just a minute.
Come here!
- What's he doing in here?
- I invited him for a coffee.
Galego, I'll be right over.
I don't like that guy.
What's he doing in here?
Poor thing, Miquel.
The church needs money.
Are you going to give him money?
You said you were earning a shitload
of money, for me to ask for anything.
Well, I want to give
money to the church.
I can't believe you can't handle
this on your own!
I manage this shit now! I don't work
the streets anymore. Where are they?
Don't know. Enoque's vanished.
Marco hasn't shown up for 2 days.
This job needs more people anyway.
Holy shit! Aren't you a police chief?
Can't deal with this?
He knows everything,
but won't open his mouth.
Find a way for me to have
a word with him, all right?
Marco's been arrested with 2 pounds
of coke. What the fuck's going on?
Five minutes, okay?
Someone put the finger on me.
Someone wants to fuck me.
- Who?
- Someone who's jealous.
I'm on top, got a brand new car,
dress well.
Some people can't stand seeing
a black guy go up in the world.
- Two pounds of coke?
- It's all lost, Miquel.
Find a way to get me out of here.
Talk to Santana.
The Drug Squad...
went looking for drugs buried in
Marco's yard, and found a body.
I can't believe you guys
fucked up like this.
I can smell shit.
No problem, as long as Marco
doesn't talk, it'll be all right.
You don't understand. There's smell
of shit. You must 've trod in shit.
Holy shit, that nigger sure is dumb.
He's dumb but you're going
to get him out of there.
I can't do a thing.
I've told you a thousand times.
- He was nabbed in other jurisdiction.
- Jurisdiction, what the fuck?
- Are you a police chief or not?
- Easy, man.
There's a little matter called
the law. Honest cops do exist.
Even if I wanted to,
I couldn't release an idiot...
who buried a body in his backyard.
It wasn't Marco.
I know Marco.
It wasn't him.
So who was it?
Whose body is it?
I dreamed about Christ last night.
He rang the bell. I opened the
door, He came in and said:
'Erica, you and Miquel must turn
yourselves in to the police.'
Jesus always wants people
to turn themselves in.
Want anything?
Chocolate milk.
Don't you think I look like Him?
Take a look.
The spitting image.
Miquel, there's something
I have to tell you.
I told Marlnio
that we killed Cledir.
It's faith that extinguishes
the fire of hell!
It's faith that cleanses your soul!
Faith that purifies your body!
It is faith that saves us!
Please all rise.
Let us join hands.
And now, hand in hand...
I'd like a prayer of faith.
in our Lord Jesus.
Erica's not feeling well.
She asked me to fetch you.
Priests can't go around telling
what they heard in confession.
I'm not a Catholic priest.
I'm a pastor.
Erica promised me you'd turn
yourselves in to the police.
I gave her two days.
If you confess everything,
show repentance for your crimes...
you shall be saved
from the fires of hell.
God did not mean us
to be hateful and angry.
Get out.
If God thinks I should do more,
I'll come back and kill you.
- What happened to your hand?
- Nothing.
- I'll call the pharmacist.
- Don't bother, Gonzaga.
I'd been robbed over 1O times.
I was even shot.
But since I joined Sesepa,
they left me in peace.
I can even stay open all night,
they don't dare to do a thing.
I'd like to thank you, Mr. Miquel.
Thank you very much.
There's something
I wanted to say to you.
You set curfew in the
neighborhood at 1O p.m.
That 's not good, the night schools
have to send students home earlier.
I'll lift the curfew tonight.
Let everyone know.
What about the park lawn?
You could free the park lawn...
...for the kids to play ball.
- I forbad kids to play on the lawn?
Yes. Someone said they were damaging
the lawn, so you put a stop to it.
No, no. I said grown-ups
couldn't play there.
Children can,
children up to about 10, 11.
You know I like kids.
My name is Paulo Mendes.
Carvalho gave me your number.
I have a company here in Nilpolis.
And I' d like to meet you at Sesepa.
I've got quite a bit of trouble and...
I need to talk to you
about our friend.
Meet me at the club
at 1O p.m., okay?
Listen, Miquel.
Marco was going to squeal.
He was saying that...
he'd drag plenty down with him.
Meaning you and me, damn it.
You've a glorious future
ahead of you.
That traitor of a nigger
was going to destroy you!
Have you had Marco killed,
What else could I have done, man?
I can't believe this.
First Robinson, now Marco.
You've got to get out
of this world.
Let's confess everything
and escape the fires of hell.
I've been in hell for ages.
My name's Max. I'm a police
detective. May I come in?
This is Erica, my sister.
She's a bit upset.
Right, Erica?
With my sister...
I mean, my wife disappearing.
disappeared, left me.
That's what I'd like
to talk to you about.
- Have you found Cledir?
- I'll do the talking!
How long has
your wife been missing?
A month, more or less.
Do you recognize this bracelet?
It's my wife's.
Where did you find it?
It was found on a corpse
we found buried...
in the backyard of the drug dealer
Marcos de Sousa, known as Marco.
We think it might be your wife.
Cledir dead? She's dead?
You found her body?
Let me see that again.
- May I keep it?
- No.
What's wrong, Erica?
Are you scared of that cop?
- No one can prove a thing!
- I'm scared of you, Miquel.
You've changed. You liked going out
with me. You had fun, used to laugh...
Now everything stinks!
You never sit down, never turn
your back, never sleep!
I do everything for you, Erica.
I love you.
Hear me quick, Lord!
I deserved to be punished.
Forgive me, Lord.
I don't want to sin no more.
Hear my prayer, let my claims get to
You. Do not hide Your face from me...
on the day of my anguish, lean Your
ears to me on the day that I call.
I deserved to be punished, forgive
me. I don't want to sin no more.
You know you've
fucked up, don't you?
So you kill your wife,
and bury her...
I didn't mean to. When I pushed
Cledir, she banged her head...
It's no use.
You won't be able to explain it.
The situation's fucked up.
We came to offer you a scheme,
something good for you.
I'm not going to jail,
and I'm not dying.
Listen to our plan, damn it!
You'll be arrested anyway.
So it 'd better be by Santana.
After a while
you'll no longer be news.
Things cool off, people forget.
Remember the guy who killed parents,
brother, grandma, the whole family?
No one remembers him anymore.
Before long some guy who rapes
young girls will come along...
and take your place
in the headlines.
I'll arrange rigged witnesses
and put in the report...
that the whole thing was a setup
by a criminal friend of yours.
No one will be able to prove
a damn thing against you.
And you won't even stay in jail
for long 'cause our lawyer...
is asking the judge to relax
your sentence, got it?
- I won't be arrested, damn it!
- Miquel, look at me.
It was Marco who killed Cledir,
okay? Everything's cool, man.
- So you don't want to be arrested?
- No.
So you'll have to spend some time
at Carvalho's place, in Angra.
- Damn it, Angra?
- That's right.
I'm arranging it with Santana.
Take some time off, get a tan.
- Everything will be all right.
- That bastard'll be off the hook...
with your arrest. He'll be a hero
and will do you like he did Marco.
Marco, Marco!
He never needed Marco!
He needs me.
He earns a fortune through Sesepa.
Galego, you never liked Santana.
They want to help me.
- I'm going to Angra.
- Listen...
Sesepa's dead. It'll lose all its
clients. That investigator...
Max, he's not into money.
He'll get you, the dentist...
Santana... You've got
to get out of here, now!
I get tons of letters,
people love me.
- No one wants me arrested.
- Anyone important?
The people who count are those with
money. To them you're pure poison.
I never want to see you again, jerk.
No way.
The pastor found a place for me,
a long way away. You won't find me.
I took your daughter. You never
gave a damn about her, anyway.
And I took US$ 20,OOO from the safe.
I'm sorry but I had to.
I hope you go fuck yourself
and that your life turns to shit.
Till never again.
I took your daughter.
You never gave a damn
about her, anyway.
I' m pregnant.
Never turn your back, never sleep.
I do everything for you,
and you treat me like a dog.
Robinson's dead.
That bastard'll be off the hook with
your arrest...
he'll be a hero and will do you...
like he did Marco.
You've got a problem.
I' m a dentist.
We can helpeach other.
I want you to kill that bastard.
We can help each other.
I want you to kill that bastard.
Hey, son.
You here? Sit down.
How about a little whisky?
Life's so weird.
If you let it, it flows
all by itself, like a river.
But you can harness it
and make life your horse.
You make what you want out of life.
Each of us chooses his fate.
Horse or river.