O-Bi, O-Ba: The End of Civilization (1985)

O-bi, O-ba.
End of Civilization
Also starring
Film editor
Set decorations
Production manager
Written and directed
It is now a year since the
nuclear war rolled over the world.
Seeing our uniforms,
the survivors demonstrated indifference,
and sometimes contempt. Fools.
Who won the war?
The Booroos were not coming.
No one was.
We were left alone
with a pack of survivors
whom we were supposed to defend.
They had to be
herded together, organized,
and moved to safety,
to some cover against the fallout
where they would have
a chance to wait, to survive longer,
and to start everything
from scratch again.
There was such a place.
High up in the mountains
there was a structure
with a dome insulated
from the atmospheric influence.
We only had to persuade the
silly mob to move to that shelter.
That's was how
Project Ark came into being.
We invented it to save them.
That was one year ago,
One year, I guess.
What is this?
- What is this?!
- What is this?
The Booroos will
hold out and win?!
- Who got it from them?
- Kraft, as usual.
They don't like the guy,
so they play tricks on him.
It's no tricks.
It's subversion.
You have orders to catch
the rats who plant this shit.
- I am not a policeman.
- You got your orders.
Where did Kraft spot it.
At his doorstep.
I'll deal with it.
And hit them stinkards, hard.
I'll take them out of it.
- It's not a problem.
- Soft.
I wish we had
a police force here.
You'll never
grasp principles.
Another day,
another joy, isn't it?
Soft... you promised.
You promised me time
to take you to my Eden.
I see.
Soft, I am
scared of them all.
I trust only you, for you
are my friend, aren't you?
You are the only one to know.
If they knew,
they would take it away.
But the Eden is
mine, mine, you see!
Soft, you won't betray me?
Will you come with me?
Soft, you won't regret,
it's the real Eden, salvation.
Listen, a man
must have friends.
You are my friend.
I sense it.
I will share my Eden with you,
save both of us.
Will you come along?
I don't know.
Maybe in the afternoon.
I can't right now.
In the afternoon.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Is this all?
- More tomorrow.
Sign here.
Come here. Do you need
to stick around?
I know it's a shame, but I've
been a greedy-guts since the cradle.
And you can't organize?
I can't.
I tried and got cheated.
Not smart enough.
- Take this.
- Just for free?
- For free.
- Thank you!
Forget it.
Fatso, can't you find out
who plants leaflets with Kraft?
Is it a hunt?
- No.
- So why do you need it?
It's business.
I don't know,
but I may ask.
I'll find you.
Listen! Maybe you'll have more
such spare hard tracks tomorrow?
I will.
If you keep it up for a few days,
I will find out what I can. For sure.
The Ark does not exist
and will never arrive.
Don't believe in hearsay,
witchcraft and superstitions.
Your today and tomorrow
is only in your hands.
The Ark does not exist!
Why checking?
I have to.
The same as usual.
It may be all
the same for you,
but my production
must be up to the standard.
Get everything in one go
and I'll check it once.
Canned beef, bacon with
peas pudding, sprats.
I pay you well, you see?
Your cutlery.
Good silver.
It must be up to standard,
because it is a symbol.
The only thing
people care about.
Want to buy onion?
Where and at what price?
There is a little punk
hanging around the pump at two.
Come and he'll find you.
You have enough
for one onion.
- We'll settle accounts later.
- Am I to pay with this?
It's better than money.
Banknotes break easily,
while this is a sacred thing.
- Thank you.
- Forget it.
All what counts
for me is our goal.
I work for the Ark,
for sanctity.
The Ark does not exist
and will never arrive.
Don't believe in hearsay,
witchcraft and superstitions.
Your today and tomorrow
is only in your hands.
The Ark does not exist!
I buy you a drink.
Thanks for the girl.
She's superb, professional.
Don't fret.
You have no money?
Shame on you.
Dough is the basics,
the fundamentals.
Dough is a miracle cure.
Get even the craziest
guy and show him dough.
He will recover
to normally in a jiffy.
He'll become
frightfully normal
and will sell you everything,
even his place on the Ark.
That's the nuts.
If you want,
I'll buy that lady for you.
Do you want?
Even for the whole night.
Exclusive for you.
Quite free,
out of friendship, you see?
- Hey, did you like it?
- Mhm...
- Was it nice?
- Yes.
Then, bugger off!
This is for you.
- Just for free?
- Let's get away from here.
- Right now?
- Yes.
I gotta stick around.
For whom?
Guys like you.
Anyhow, where's
the place to go?
My place.
But in return for this
can you may have me here and now.
- How about it?
- No.
You sell your brains.
I only sell my body,
give you some joy.
Who's worse?
Come on.
When the Ark arrives to take
us aboard, I will be only yours.
I love you.
I love you too.
And it's all I can
do and like doing.
Well, did you find out who'd
planted leaflets with Kraft?
- Have you another can for me?
- Speak!
What about the can?
On your kness, bark!
Bow-wow, bow-wow!
What do you actually do?
I do what they
tell me, why?
Just wondering.
- Just that?
- Just that.
I'm fixing that shit pane.
If it drops away, it'll
mean the crack has widened.
It's as hopeless as your
mission to keep people happy.
But it's important
to know if the walls
around us are cracking
or not, isn't it?
Very important.
But I do not need the
panes to know they are cracking.
You've invented this
job just to keep us busy.
Everything is cracking here,
it's plain enough.
I often hear
cracks at night.
Everone does.
Tell me: Is it true
that if the dome collapses,
we are in for
death out there?
Actually, there
is another problem.
Bugger it!
Why do you plant
leaflets with Kraft?!
Is this your only problem?
Your joke makes
a political issue.
Now listen, mug.
I plant the Booroo trash
just out of concern for him.
Now that the Booroos are missing,
he has lost track of life, you see?
I found him wasting away daily,
so I hit upon the leaflet stuff.
Now look how happy
it's made him.
- He is fighting the Booroos again.
- So it's an affection for Kraft?
Shit, no.
Kraft is a damn bastard and blockhead,
but he's a good chess player.
If he died,
I would lose the partner.
All right, go ahead with
leaflets, but make them smarter.
How smarter?
Like writing that
Kraft's wife has survived,
asked for asylum with the
Booroos and hit the hot line.
Then he'll be
ashamed to show it off.
And if the dome breaks up,
will you still be tailing after us?
- You want to buy it?
- Yes.
- How many?
- One.
- One for six arks, or two for ten.
- But I want one.
Not here, patsy.
Six arks.
I only have five arks.
Nothing doing.
The price's six.
You can coin
medals out of it.
But it's more silver
than in your arks.
The arks will be the only legal
tender in the Ark, once we've got there.
I got nothing more to pay.
Keep it.
I give it to you,
because I pity you,
- Hi!
- You could have knocked.
They need you.
Some machine that keeps the
dome together is breaking apart.
None of us can fix it.
We need a specialist.
We found one among
those ragamuffins down there,
an engineer who would do it.
But he is a freak,
like the rest of them.
- So what am I to do?
- Persuade him,
psyche him to it.
You have
the right approach.
Promise him an ice-cream,
onion and a good lay
every morning on the Ark,
if he fixes that junk.
I have a feeling
I've met you before.
I was one of those
messiahs who made rounds
promising a salvation to
those who would make it here.
- The Ark.
- Oh, I see.
Well, you looked
more inspired then.
I got atropine in my eyes,
used typical gestures and rhetoric.
You may learn it.
And besides the makers of
attractive promises always appear inspired.
That Annunciation of the Ark
was a very good idea.
All rational, official
methods proved useless.
There was only one choice left:
Invoking a myth, faith, manipulation.
Do you consider
it immoral?
I don't know
much of morality.
Where you came from
are no survivors left.
But I bear no
grudge against you.
More, I am grateful
for your Ark vision.
You don't mean to say you
believe in the advent of the Ark?
There is no Ark.
But it may be.
That's it's greatness.
You are jeering!
Not at all.
One must fill the void.
Why should I not believe?
The Ark is something nice,
funcional, it makes sense.
Something to
come and envelop me.
Let's say that this
faith palliates my yearing.
You realize it's a self-deception,
and yet you believe in things absurd?
It's good to be there,
in that crowd of expectant people.
The dome keeps this city
isolated from the outside world?
Do you know what
it is like outside?
Most likely, there
is a huge radioactive ice field.
The dome is operated electronically.
You are an engineer. Do you know this gear?
And you know
it is breaking down?
Yes, they have told me.
Then it is your duty toward
all humans living here
to try and repair the mechanism
which saves us from that hell.
If we are doomed to hell,
why should we keep the dome?
You are fightning
for your life.
Every day you
battle for some food.
It's the habit.
Strange, isn't it?
You're playing a fool.
This repair is
your moral duty.
I expected to hear it.
You know, morality is a passkey.
It opens every door, including
the one hiding immoral intensions.
It is a command,
like "attention!".
If the dome falls apart, you will
be guilty of the death of all of us.
You sound as if you believed
in an escape from death.
You are wrong.
It is by accepting that I would
take responsibility for our lives,
and that would be,
damn it, immodest.
It's easy enough.
You stupid,
get out of here.
You disturb my sleep,
you stupid.
But I'm keeping quiet.
Yes, but as you are standing
here and I hear them howling,
I feel as if you
were screaming in my ear.
Would the loudspeakers not
disturb you, if I were not here?
They wouldn't. Get out,
stupid, let me sleep.
Take this!
But let me stay
here a little longer.
You are really stupid.
A little boy, who wants the Ark
to take him away, should say "thank you".
I don't care about the Ark.
- You don't believe about the Ark?
- I believe in sparts, stupid.
And if you keep on crying
out that there is no Ark,
it means that
there must be.
What do you think:
Will it arrive?
The Ark does not exist.
Then why don't
you build it, stupid?
If there is no Ark
we still can make it.
After all, we could
live in peace and hide
- out even in this crazy inferno.
- But against what?
Everything is temporary,
until the Ark arrives, isn't it?
- I wish to save you.
- Why me?
It is you who needs help,
who is unhappy.
Look where you
have brought me?
What a hopeless,
desolate place! Look!
- But here we can be alone together.
- What for? I hate being alone.
I am scared of emptiness.
I want to have a baby.
- It may be with you. Do you want it?
- A baby, now?
I mean, not now. When
the Ark arrives. Don't you see?
To have a baby,
you must have lots of money.
And I have earned plenty of these
new Arks. Don't you want a baby?
You are crazy.
Oh, now I hate emptiness.
I hate it!
Do you want
to come over?
Come on.
Look, he is a millionaire.
They brought him and his wife
here in a sedan chair, like a king.
Then when he found that
the Ark had failed to come,
he resolved to build this roots
and he insisted that it was all of wood.
He paid millions
for every board.
And once they
had built it,
he got in there and has
not come out ever since.
It cost him a fortune.
Don't be scared.
Come on.
I rent a room here.
Come on.
Is it him?
Well, not a beauty,
but looks like a man.
Do you like him?
He has something of
a charming fool about him.
And why are you so stiff, man?
No, I am not...
You are versed in technology,
I can feel it.
Will you advise a
weak woman, will you?
Fine. After the Ark has come,
it will fly away, won't it?
And then it will soar into
space where gravity
is zero and everyone
floats weightless.
So if you don't want
to bruise your body,
you will glide and you
may get bruises, am I right?
You may.
Perfect. I've got
a wonderful invention.
Check the stitches.
What for?
You blockhead.
When we will all fly
weightless up there,
I will pad the walls of
our Ark cabin with this.
I cannot expose my husband
and me to the risk of bruises.
After all we are
too rich for that.
Well, is
it a good idea?
Certainly, it is.
You've put me at ease.
And you are so skinny,
sweet blond, and so nice.
Well, go there,
she is waiting for you. Go.
What's the matter ladies.
Did you bring me a dove?
One cannot rely on anyone.
What do you
need a dove for?
To have it exactly
as in the book.
Do you like my Ark?
Oh, it's an Ark.
What else?
Can't you feel
we are swimming?
When the water subsides,
I will need a dove.
What for?
To have it
exactly as in the book.
The dove will show me
when the flood is over.
All like in
the book, you see?
It's a tried-out
method. It must work.
Look what they have
brought me? What is it?
- A raven.
- A raven!
You fool, a raven?!
It's a stuffed puppet.
Tell me: Have you had at least
one vision in your lifetime?
That's what I tought.
You can have no visions
with your way of thinking.
Are you sexual at least?
- What?
- Sexual!
Don't you have
a problem with your virility?
That's good.
You'll be handy,
very handy to me.
I will adopt you.
I need sons.
Ham... Sem...
and what's-his-name.
Oh, how wonderful it is to
see the whole prophecy come true.
Don't be afraid of him.
There's no harm in him... Come...
Do you like it here?
I am happy they have rented this room to me,
and you know, almost for nothing.
You know, his wife says
I bring some life in here.
They are freaks,
but I don't mind it at all.
I have got used to it.
Say that you
like this place.
What are they
doing over there?
Don't you know?
It's a practice session.
When the Ark arrives,
there will be a terrible
crush for the entrance,
and they won't let everyone in.
So I and my friends have come to
a conclusion that when the Ark arrives,
they will have to rope it
to the ground, won't they?
And we are planning to get inside
by climbing the ropes, you see?
I know it may be ungentlemanly,
but the point is to get inside, isn't it?
And that's why
they are practicing.
And besides, it is very
pleasant to walk in the air like this.
You know, I also must learn it.
It's awfully warm in
this millionaire's lodge.
You know what they told me?
They said they are used to it.
They said that even if
the world ends tomorrow,
they will keep it warm,
because they are rich.
Do you think we
will be rich some day?
Why don't you ever
call me by my name?
I don't know
what it means.
It used to be a very expensive
vodka for the wealthy. Didn't you know?
What are you
waiting for, stupid?
Calm down.
Look there,
do you see it?
I see it.
What is it?
It is soaring, flying off.
So beautiful, so white,
with a gilded framework.
What is flying off?
The Ark.
They have deserted me, flew
away without me, do you understand?
They didn't want me. Why?
What for? Can you see it?
Is it flying off?
It's off already.
Where have you been?
Doing my duty. They won't plant
leaflets on Kraft any more.
I talked to them.
Then I talked to that engineer.
And I moved around those freaks
down there. The usual business.
Leave the freaks alone!
It's no longer a save-the mankind
play. It's saving our ass.
You were to motivate that engineer
into repairing the dome mechanism.
The shit dome covers all of us.
If it falls apart,
they will die, as well as us.
You and me!
He refused in spite
of the consequences.
This is no place
for human rights bullshit.
He is the only guy who can
mend the dome stabilizing mechanism.
You are a persuasion specialist
and you've proved an asshole!
I hope you reminded him that
there is minus 30 centigrades outside
and radiation that can finish
everybody off in a few hours??
His refusal has an element
of deliberate suicide and...
- I guess I read him.
- And what's the matter with you?
Find your uniform overtight?
You may join them
and die with them,
but first you will force
him to do what he has to do.
You shithead, you.
But he believes that
his decision agrees
with the faith of those two
thousand people who have come here.
What decision and what faith?!
What faith?! The escape into a myth,
the escape from reality, the Ark faith!
There are now not more
than 850 people left alive.
The remainder have died
of cold, dirt and malnutrition.
For none of them even thinks of
flushing up the jakes after crapping.
If that prick fails
to change his sentiments,
if you fail to amend your faith,
we will be all dead in a few weeks!
We must exploit the faith
in the Ark for our ends.
Am I declare myself a
priest and hand out opium?
We gotta give them
something they will accept.
Something unofficial.
Something to mobilize them
and wrest them out of lethargy.
And maybe then they would start
flushing up the jakes after crapping?
What about the details?
I don't know.
Give me a time.
Then fuck out,
fuck out!
Go and build a
miraculous Ark for them.
Yes, ha, ha, ha.
Make a conspiratorial Ark
for them, ha, ha, ha, you!
Fuck out!
Ha, ha, yes, make a conspiratorial
Ark for them, ha, ha, ha.
- What do you want?
- Books.
- The author?
- Collective.
Good. There are
many collective works
about the Booroos' geopolitics,
the Booroos' plotting.
- The real face of Booroodemocracy.
- All this is about the Booroos?
- Of course.
- And the other books?
There was an order to
leave only books about the Booroos
and all of them have been left.
According to the order.
- Who needs the rubbish?
- It's no rubbish.
They are precious, proven
truths for generations to come,
to make them remember who had
unleashed this nuclear holocaust,
to reveal to our grandchildren the
true face of the Booroo provocation.
I see, but where
are the other books?
The Booroos are eavesdropping.
There are no Booroos here.
And who plants
the leaflets?
There was one Booroo,
but I tracked him down.
And what?
And I shot him dead.
Did you?!
It's great.
You should have staged a
public execution, as a show case.
I couldn't. He struggled,
provoked a shootout.
I got five bullets into him.
Dead on the scene. Out!
You are the hero.
I'll put you up for a medal.
Can you tell me where
you have hidden the books?
They took them away.
I am looking for the Bible.
Does the Bible
speak of the Booroos?
- I don't know.
- So what do you need if for?
Some excerpts...
about deluge, the Ark.
The Ark,
the Bible, the Ark, mhm.
No Bible.
It was classed as fiction
and they took it away.
What do you want?
Looking for something.
I can sell you.
I saved the better pieces.
Nothing else?
Buy while
it's still here.
They say there's nothing left.
No waste paper.
Nothing for my mill.
Look, I am
looking for the Bible.
It's a nice hard cover.
Real leather.
I couldn't pot it,
so I left it. Take it.
But where is the inside?
What for?
The pages were soiled.
The cover counts.
I will give you
some white paper,
you'll stuff it inside and no one will tell
the difference when it is on a shelf.
Why do you destroy books?
I don't destroy them.
I mill them for pulp.
Milled cellulose. It's a perfect filler,
a light dish.
We gotta feed this crowd with something,
don't you think?
Soft, you are late!
What happened!?
I waited so long.
Since midday.
You promised, remember?
- You are my friend, aren't you?
- I apologize.
Never mind.
Now we'll go and
see my Eden, shall we?
Look. It's my work.
They fear the
electric current.
Peeping Toms.
They want to
get to my Eden.
All of them.
Put it on.
It's a Swiss patent lock,
a zuhalt lock.
You are the first and the
only one I will let in there.
You know why?
Because you have good eyes,
sweet face.
- Can I trust you?
- Sure.
Now watch it.
How about it?
Great, isn't it?
Made you breathless,
Soft, didn't it?
You didn't expect
it from me.
But what is this for?
It's our salvation.
I don't get it.
You don't get it?
You don't?
And what happens when the dome
breaks before the Ark has arrived?
And it will break
up for sure.
It will Soft, won't it?
Be straight.
It will.
Then it's only freezing up
and the Ark is not in sight yet.
All people are
freezing dead.
So where is the shelter
to wait it out, where?
I don't know.
Inside a fridge,
A fridge is insulated to
keep temperatures, you see?
They'll be
freezing dead out there,
while we will hop in
the fridge and lock up.
And there'll
be no electricity,
so the fridge will
defreeze and get warm inside.
They will be long
stiff dead out there,
while we'll have here all we need,
cigars, drinks and we'll wait.
And one day it's
knock, knock, knock.
Who's that?
That's the Ark
coming to take us away.
You get the idea?
Look, the grub.
I've saved it all the time and stocked
it here, arranged it, decorated it.
Halluva job.
But now look what a beauty!
But there is more to it.
Now watch!
Come on here!
My favorite ladies.
My darling asses.
I've frozen them.
They will defreeze
them in the Ark,
they will,
won't they?
They will do anything.
Why did you
get so worried?
Ha, ha, ha.
Why to worry. No reason.
One for you,
the other one for me.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...
We'll give rise
to a new civilization.
I've thought of everyting,
haven't I?
Are you grateful?
Now this shit pit.
Makes me throw up.
All's to live to
see the Ark come.
I have also made this little altar
to pray for the Ark to take us for sure.
We'll be saved,
we'll be saved mommy.
The Ark of
brightness - redeem us.
The Ark long
awaited - redeem us.
The Ark of
all hope - redeem us.
The Ark of
eternal happiness - redeem us.
The Ark of the
hidden heart - redeem us.
The Ark of
brightness - arrive.
Do you see any sense
in looking for corpses?
All those lying here
will be dead anyway.
Whether I mark the corpses now
or later makes a difference.
Nobody takes
the bodies away anyway.
- What's the show for?
- Maybe for statistics.
Figures look nice.
Only why should I
waste time on it?
I could earn a
doctorate instead.
You know, it's a
perfect field for research here.
I got the idea
that if you herd too many
individuals in small space,
the community degenerates.
It's been
proved with rats,
already and here is such
a fine field for research.
To hell with the doctorate,
but it's absurd, nonsense
of what I am doing.
The guy you are looking
for should be here.
Is it him?
You are lucky,
he's still alive.
You want to put
him on treatment?
Red, yellow... doesn't matter,
it's only for comfort.
When he dies, you may
stick it on him right away.
Do you care for him?
A little.
I am of no help anyhow,
but call out if you need me.
I am near.
I want to help you.
What do you say?
I want to get
you out of there.
I am all right
where I am.
But you need care.
Did you ever think why we
huddle together in these corridors?
Maybe it's warmer.
Hm, hm.
I really need you.
I want to build Ark.
Do you?
So lie down by my side.
Will your Ark swim or fly?
I mean the purpose to
get us off the apathy.
It's a clever idea.
Well, will you help me?
- No.
- Why?
Because it is too
late for your Ark.
I have taken you on.
I was one of the builders of this town
and I know that the dome must fall.
It was designed to hold
only for one year.
No repair can help.
It will simply crack.
Break and it's over.
But stop sulking. Don't be sad.
At last nothing is a must.
I want to live.
Do you?
In this town
there is a hangar.
I got no master plan,
but you will have to find it.
If there is a hangar, there
should be an aeroplane inside it.
A real, flying Ark.
Will you come with me?
I have a little request to you.
If you happen to come
again and find me dead,
do not let them
stick a label on me.
I hate numbers, labels.
And besides, I would like to
witness the breakup of the dome,
to watch it at least as a dead body.
I tend to be pathetic,
you see?
Get up.
there is a
hangar in this town.
A hangar?!
We all are in the
same lousy hangar.
I mean a hangar
with aeroplanes.
Whole squadrons of planes.
We'll bomb Booroos.
You will train kamikaze.
Where is the master plan?
Destroy all plans, hide them
from the Booroos, burn them!
Show me the
master plan!
It should be somewhere.
Let go of me.
Why the hell
do you need it?
The Hangar...
the aeroplane!
You really want
to bomb the Booroos?
I want to escape.
Where will you
find a better place?
The same
shit is everywhere,
the difference being that here
I am the boss, remember, Soft!
You are not flying anywhere,
you son of a bitch! Remember this!
Where do you
want to fly?
You have invented
this aeroplane story?
Is there really
an aeroplane?
promise me you will take me
to the Ark, to the aeroplane.
Promise you will
take me from here,
Soft, please, please,
let's fly together.
Good to see you.
- Want a bargain, cheap?
- A bargain?
I'll sell you our stocks.
Cheap, for pennies.
- No, thank you.
- Just 100 arks. Twenty!
I got no money.
So why are you
waiting, fool.
Go and get it!
The Ark!
What's the
matter with you?
Wait a little...
be patient.
We'll escape.
Do you trust me?
We'll escape
like you wanted.
Then we'll go to...
A funny city,
crumbling to the
sea for centuries.
But I guess it's still
there for us to see.
Then we'll
have a home,
home, a garden.
Just wait a little longer.
You stupid,
do you have sprats for me?
I don't.
- So what'll it be?
- I don't know.
When will the Ark come?
I don't know!
So take me away
from here, stupid.
And where do
you want to go?
Any place,
just to be far from here.
Will you wait
here for me?
What for?
I must go now, but I will
be back soon and we'll escape.
- Far?
- Far.
So I'll wait.
But will you be
back for sure?
I'll leave it with you.
Watch it till I am back.
If you needed money for your tart,
you could have asked me.
I would give you.
Are you ashamed to buy
you some happy moments?
Take it.
Take it!
- And the aeroplane?
- The aeroplane?
The silver spirit?
You idiot!
That's what you
are looking for?
So look, and get in.
Get in, Soft, and fly.
If I am to die, I will
die here, for here I am the king.
I will die here,
but the royal death.
Now get down to work, if you want
to be the king here as well.
You're making
Arks out of it?
Did you think I made
them out of silver?
Those of silver are
forged by some freak at home.
He forges my Arks,
And how many can he mint?
Fifty, one hundred?
The real production is here.
Here's the bank.
There are still almost
one thousand people alive.
And how many can get
into a plane-one, two hundred...
So how about your honesty, Soft?
Did you want to draw lots?
The one who draws
a ticket will survive?
You have prepared one
thousand lots already?
Or maybe you are up
to something smarter?
The Annunciation?
The Ark for the Elect?
Don't think you are any better.
There are no
good people here.
The Ark has come!
Do you hear?
The Ark has come
to take us!
- Come with me. I need your help.
- What's this?!
It's all about the Booroos!
All about the Booroos!
To admonish friends.
Help me take it here!
- It's an order!
- No!
Things about the Booroos
must be in the Ark!
Scrap these books!
They won't help you!
I'll have you censured!
You political runt!
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