Nation's Fire (2019)

(film reel whirring)
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
(wind whistling)
(thunder booms)
(train rattling)
(upbeat music)
I can be your native hero
You can be my damsel in need
We can play out this game you'll see
We can be rock's king and queen
I'll croon and you'll idolize me
Little Frankie needs you
I'm a good boy
I can be a rebel in your hands
I can be your tattoo
Who are you?
Mr. Earl Bob Hendersen,
I'm Gloria Nation.
Sir, the investigator.
You skipped bail.
I'm here to take you in.
Come on, let's go.
I'm a good boy
Rebel in your hands
What's, what's FRA?
Fugitive recovery agent, sir.
You boys get me a little
One of those strippers?
(upbeat music)
(people clamoring)
You're a feisty little bitch,
aren't ya?
I'm a good boy
I can be a rebel
Back the fuck up!
Back up.
All right, let's go.
(country music)
(pleasant music)
I am Gloria Nation.
I'm a Marine, I'm a single mom.
Thomas, it's important
that you take great pride
every day that you leave
this house.
Now is that school appropriate?
And I work two jobs.
My bail bonds office sits in
the back of my tattoo parlor.
We call it Nation's Fire.
So I started my club Heaven's Fire.
Hey girl.
[Gloria] I wanted to
follow my daddy's footsteps.
My daddy was CW Nation,
Thomas and I call him Pop-Pop.
My daddy started up the Reino
de la Furia, a biker club.
It's a one percenter biker
club here in Florida.
Never take anything less
than your green for you.
[Gloria] Daddy was my strength.
And then it's kinda simple,
all you have to do
is go out there in the
real world, and get it.
And since he was the president
of Reino de la Furia,
I knew them one percenters
would not mind.
Hell, they didn't even mind
that we had
the Florida Rockers
on our backs.
They knew we were ride
or die chicks.
Yeah, it's been a good minute.
How's the little man?
He's doing great.
Getting bigger every day.
Rita, my former best friend,
took over my slot as president.
We've been estranged ever
since Vito made me leave
to raise my son
and to help my daddy.
I'd love to stay and chat,
but I'm waiting for a meeting.
Good to see you smiling again.
My mama, growing up she was dealing
with a whole lot of alcohol
I don't know how to say it,
I'm not gonna say it again,
I'm done here!
No, no, you're not done!
You said that before!
I stopped drinking
for three days!
Don't do this in front
of this little girl!
God almighty, what's the matter
with you?
You're so calm.
I can't believe it, I love you so much.
I love you too darling, Gloria!
Go find someplace
where you can't hear it,
and if you really, really get
find me, call me.
- We can talk this out!
- Okay darling.
- I'll try and get it...
- I'm sorry about this.
Don't listen to him, Gloria.
Don't listen to him!
- I don't care...
- I chose you, bitch,
and now I'm done with you.
Oh you're gonna throw us all away?
[CW] Oh shut up.
You don't throw a glass
away when it's broken.
You don't throw a marriage away!
You don't throw a relationship
[Gloria] I was sent to a
boarding school
up in Tallahassee.
It was there that my
childhood dream
of being a Marine became
a reality.
Really, a Marine?
- Yep.
- Semper fi.
Get over here for a hug.
[Gloria] After I got
back from the Marines.
He does love to rhyme.
Just like his Pop-Pop.
[Gloria] We had a whole
'nother battle to face.
[CW] That's true.
[Gloria] My daddy had cancer.
His daddy is an asshole.
This is Thomas.
My world, my heart.
Why did he have to leave?
No he didn't leave us.
He's always here.
Pop-Pop was just needed.
It was Daddy who helped
raise Thomas
after I was deployed overseas.
He loved you so much.
Thomas, let's go
trying to make sure he ain't
nothing like his daddy.
Not if I could help it.
He was all his Pop-Pop.
(rock music)
You have patience like a saint.
Hey Saturday, can you come early?
I can go on before Nasty Savage.
Hey Freddy, fire up that...
There she goes, folks!
Running away!
As usual.
No wonder you went to Iraq.
The country
that suits your little diva needs,
You ran.
Pew, pew, pew!
Hell, we all ran.
Owen, can you go get me some
more beer in the back fridge?
We're all out in here.
[Gloria] Must your grandson
always see this side of you?
Well let me get this straight,
it's okay for Tommy to
see his daddy in prison.
But that isn't it.
A wee bit late.
I asked you to take him
to school
when I had something planned.
And in classic Myra Johnson
form, something came up.
I wish for a moment you'd act
like somebody's mama, or grandma
rather than a washed up old lady.
Old lady.
Listen to me, you spoiled
little bitch!
I am your goddamn mother!
And you will show me some
- I'll tell you what, Ma.
- What?
I'll show you the respect you
when you give it to yourself.
Patience, like a saint.
Let's go, Thomas.
(somber music)
You have a great day.
Come and give your mama some
love, muah!
I'd better not get a
call from Mr. Kamaduchi
about that choice of wardrobe
for school.
You won't, Mom, I promise.
What are you doing with that
old thing?
I thought it was too small for
your head.
It is, I'm gonna give it
to a friend.
Hey, guys, wait up.
All right, I love you Mom.
Make sure you come right
home after school, okay?
I got something special
planned for us tonight.
All right.
And Saturday's the bike fest fair.
I want you there, little man.
I thought we were
gonna go see my father.
Mm-mm, not this weekend.
Maybe next.
Okay good, 'cause I really
don't like going there.
Love you.
- Bye Mom.
- Bye.
- Hi Mrs. Nation.
- Hey.
(birds chirping)
Hey guys, I'll catch up.
There you go.
And you can have this too.
All right, have a good day.
(gentle music)
You know, you gotta forgive her.
She never really learned
how to express herself.
Half the time, or probably
a good deal
more than half the time it's
the alcohol.
I wish sometimes I could make
her happier,
and I don't think I'm
doing the best I can,
but I'll tell ya one thing,
she is extremely proud of you,
as am I,
and she loves you very,
very much, as do I.
And you are gonna be something,
and you know why?
Because you are something already.
It was a sad day for me
when my husband, Vito,
got locked up.
At first, he was big and strong,
and treated me real good.
But then the truth came out,
and it became my worst
Sign the fuckin' papers.
On paper, Daddy owned the two
businesses with Vito, my ex.
It was in his will that Vito
resign the business over to me.
I didn't sign 'em yet.
Okay, well I need you to.
I need my lawyer to look at 'em.
Oh for shit's sake,
just sign the damn papers.
You at least owe me that.
You got a mouth today bitch?
You know something Vito,
growing up my daddy showed me
the true beauty of a man.
Shame on me for marrying you.
You ain't nothin' but
a beefed up version of my mama.
I need you to sign that shop
over to me
before it gets lost in
other club earnings.
Alfonso knows that's yours.
In theory, yeah.
But on paper it's yours with the
Everything that you've
earned is now the club's
since you ain't ever gettin' out.
So if not for me,
do it for your son.
The income will help me
with him.
Talk to Alfonso in the club.
They still kicking down
my share, right?
I don't want their money!
I don't want the money that way!
I want my shop's earnings.
You and my daddy started that up.
I just need you to sign off
on the fucking papers
and that's it.
You having issues today?
Riding the cotton pony?
Look, I'm raising Thomas.
Your club is what got you
in here.
Killing those people
for the sake of a club?
I need you to sign those
papers, and that's it.
I will continue to raise my kid.
Our kid!
Don't forget that.
I gave you a great life
when I was home.
He was okay then, right?
When I was active in the club.
You didn't give a shit where
the money came from then,
just as long as your
needs were taken care of.
So don't talk to me about the
You were deep in it with
those dykes on bikes.
Don't tell me what I should do
for you.
Those days are dead, bitch.
You're right.
I won't ask for me.
But you will do it for your son.
Sign the goddamn papers.
Vito was the vice president
of Reino de la Furia
when my daddy was president.
He's my son's father.
I guess we all do stupid
shit when we're young.
It's gonna be 10% anywhere, sir.
Yep, they get that back
as soon as they hit court.
Okay, we're located at,
He just hung up on me.
Totally hate that.
- Rude, man.
- Thank you!
Can I help you?
- Yeah, hi.
- Hi.
You know those coupons
are 10 years old, right?
I'm looking for Bear.
And you are?
An old friend.
My name is Bailey Daniels.
He knows me as Junior, we served
(rock music)
So you've been out
for six months,
and you just come to see me now?
What the hell, man?
Trying to get my shit together.
You know it's sad.
You do numerous tours,
you stick your neck out there
every day, then you come back
here, you can't catch a break.
Nobody wants you.
It's like you don't belong.
You're not part of a team
that depends on you
constantly for their safety.
You're isolated out here.
But, thank God I can still ink.
Paid the bills while I was on
the road.
Well, maybe you're like me.
Not cut out for the nine
to five.
Fuck no.
Fuck it, I'm putting different
music on.
- Shit, you got skinny.
- Fuck you.
- Nice to finally meet you.
- Same here.
Bear has talked to me
a lot about you.
I feel like I already know you,
and you know what?
I like you.
He's a good man.
Bear told me about when
he and some of his men
were trapped inside that burning tank,
and you ran back through the flames,
not scared for your life.
Only thinking about the lives
of your men.
You saved Bear's life.
Thank you, brother.
That is fucking heroic, brother.
In my book, superheroes don't
wear capes.
They wear dog tags.
- Salud.
- Salud.
(bottles clink)
You make it all seem great
(speaks in foreign language)
- Let's go to church.
- Yeah, let's go to church.
You were the one I turned to
So Joseph sent another barrel
of cash, and instructions.
Who sends barrels of cash?
Who cares?
He pays us a lot for protection,
so we gotta honor his wishes.
And I quietly disposed
of the Mikey situation.
And lastly Vito, he sent
another 10 grand, that's it.
I have to go see Vito this week
to handle a situation for
The man is sending money
to the club weekly,
but nothing to his home.
Do we know what he is
moving on the inside?
Okay, all in favor of the
the Capitan Sharktooth
continuing his duties
of cleaning up the tattoo
- I second.
- Aye.
[Vince] Oh boy!
You've got the gig.
Super awesome.
Super excited.
I'm gonna go tell Gloria.
What's with that guy?
That's Vince, Vincey.
He's very dear to the club.
He is one of the originals.
took a bullet to the head
to protect me.
He's stuck at being a 12 year old.
I couldn't do it,
live life like that.
Watch out when he's swinging
a rolled up sock, man.
Dude's a beast.
When he starts smacking
you with that thing,
the kid is relentless.
(men chuckle)
Hey, okay okay.
Bailey, we want you to know
we appreciate
what you have done for
this great country of ours,
and what you have done
for our brother Bear.
I understand your isolation,
what you're going through,
but we do not want you to
be alone anymore, no sir.
We want you to be part of our
I put forth a motion that the
becomes a full member
of El Reino de la Furia,
the Nation of Fire.
I second that.
No warrior such as you
should ever have to be
a prospect, no no.
You're family, full patch.
All in favor?
- Aye.
- Aye.
(gavel bangs)
(emotional music)
[Alfonso] Welcome amigo, welcome.
(man chuckles)
Excuse me!
Whoa, you are Pete the Big Dude Jethro!
I just read an article
about you!
What are you doing here?
I'm just passing through.
- I need some gas and so...
- Stupid me.
What else would you do
at a gas station?
Well actually I was lookin'
to get my car washed too.
Shit, you are the Big Dude.
You can go in now if you like.
I'll even dry your car off
for you.
How much do I owe you, kid?
I can't believe the Big Dude
is in my gas station!
It's crazy.
(eerie music)
Why do they make them so loud?
So you can hear them coming.
Excuse me sir, could you
sign me an autograph please?
[Big Dude] Sure.
Sir, I love it when you
place the butts on their head.
You mean headbutts?
Headbutts, yes, headbutts.
Looking very frightful.
Here you go.
Is it all right if I take my car
in now?
No problem sir, no problem.
You pull right up, and I will
wait for you at the exit
to dry you off, Mr. Big Dude.
(ominous music)
(hammer thuds)
We found him.
We got the child molesting son
of a bitch.
[Gloria] What's going on?
They found a bad man
they were looking for.
He's very bad.
Very bad.
He touched children, little
Hey Rascal, have you seen
my crayons?
My crayons, not yours!
(somber music)
Where am I?
Who are you?
Oh, sorry.
(men chuckling)
This is my brother from
another mother, huh?
You know, we were big fans
of yours, man.
I was actually at the
Nassau Coliseum back in '86
when you put that hurtin'
on Pipa.
It was fucking amazing.
It was beautiful.
Who are you people?
Is it money you want?
You want money?
I can give you money.
What the hell's goin' on here?
Big Dude, chill.
Chill, don't get all loud
and nasty.
We don't like rudeness.
We, we?
Who the hell is we?
Who is we?
Say something!
(Big Dude sobbing)
Fee fi fo fum.
I smell the blood of
an Englishman.
Be he alive or be he dead,
I'll grind his bones to make
my bread.
You're not laughing.
You don't like this?
Should I fit you with some
concrete shoes?
You remember that quote?
I think you stated in
Ring Magazine
when they asked you if you
were affiliated with the mob,
you said, "Yeah, I'm going to
"buy myself some concrete
shoes and,"
well I don't remember what
you said,
but I remember it was a
stupid comment.
Don't you know there's
no such thing as mafia,
just men determined to make
good business.
Better business.
You know Pete, I once caught
a rapist.
Oh yeah, it's a true story.
It was back in my old country,
my old neighborhood.
I was maybe 15.
It was with my uncle, my baby brother.
I was going to turn him
into the authorities
but I knew two of the women
he raped,
so I called them up.
They did some nasty shit to him.
Oh yeah.
And then, then there was this
man from Glendale, New York.
Always the first one with
the gadgets.
He had the state of the art
movie theater in his own house.
Remote control cars, televisions,
TV's with video games.
Mr. Electronic.
Families trusted him to have
the kids come over and play.
You know a place to hang out
like a modern day candy store,
but then the rumors started.
The allegations came.
The man was arrested, and let go.
Hiding behind his celebrity,
claiming people were trying
to extort money from him.
I remember he stated that
it was very painful for him,
that financially he was
sacrificing so much
because nobody would hire him.
(Big Dude whimpering)
Not as painful as being
molested, huh?
Especially if you're seven
years old.
[Big Dude] No, please, no.
You never recovered from that.
So tell me Pete,
why do you people do this?
I want to know.
I didn't do it.
(snaps fingers)
I didn't do anything.
Do you know why you're here?
- No, no idea?
- No.
No, it's all a mystery to you.
(Big Dude sobbing)
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
Let me go.
It wasn't me, no it wasn't me.
So do you know why you're here now?
Oh you do?
That seven year old
was Corrina.
My baby girl.
Pete, that's not very good
I'm going to tell you
- Please!
- Whatever you're afraid of
right now, I promise you this
is going to get much worse.
I promise.
And I'm going to sit right here,
and I'm going to watch the whole
(Big Dude whimpering)
(suspenseful music)
Pretend it was your kid.
(Big Dude screaming)
Die, die!
Hey love.
Did you do your homework?
I wish you would pay more
to school than this game.
Okay Mom, I'm trying to play.
The images, they're so real.
They're so much more
real than the Atari 2600.
What's Atari 2600?
Never mind.
I have meeting tomorrow,
so Mr. De Gaines,
he's going to drive you
to school.
Your mother, she has,
well something else to do.
I put a little spending money
right over there on your books.
I wanna work with you.
Oh Corrina, my baby girl.
We've had this conversation
I am not a child.
These are words I don't
want coming out of your mouth.
You've raised me since
birth on this life.
I paid extra attention to you.
You want to learn?
You think it's easy, what I do?
This is not a life I want my
daughter to be involved in.
Too much blood money.
I would prefer it if you were
a doctor.
I can do this.
[Josip] Oh you can do this?
I'm ready to do this.
Oh you're ready?
You're ready.
Well this changes everything.
Tomorrow you will get
your orders.
You do not get a pass
because you are my daughter.
You will do every test that is
asked of you, you understand?
- I understand.
- Do you understand?
Good, 'cause this is
not like your video game
where you can press the reset
Once you cross that line,
there is no turning back.
You understand?
I can do this.
(emotional music)
My Corrina has gone,
and a new soldier has been born.
Okay, new soldier.
Go pick up the money from
the books and bring it to me.
From now on, you earn your money.
(birds chirping)
Ma, I hate when you do that.
[Gloria] You about done?
Yeah, I'm just finishing up
this project
for tomorrow's economics class.
Mr. Somatis gave us all this
on running a funeral
parlor into the ground.
We had to come up with ways
to place the business in the red.
God, what the hell kind
of assignment is that?
Well, we were each handed
this fictitious business.
I asked for a tattoo parlor,
but I was handed AJ's House of
So I made AJ, who runs the
funeral parlor,
this alcoholic crook.
He's a sad and terrible salesman,
he has poor business sense,
and well, he tries to stay afloat
by stealing people's credit
cards and overpriced caskets.
Sounds like this guy just
needs a rope to hang from.
Mom, when I die,
can you cremate me and
bury my ashes near Pop-Pop?
Hey, stop that talk!
You're gonna outlive me.
So when I die, you can cremate me
and put my ashes by Pop-Pop,
Mom, promise me, I'm serious.
[Thomas] Promise!
I promise.
I promise!
Now promise me you'll do the same.
I wanna pinky swear.
[Mikey] Hang on a second!
Hey it's me, it's Corrina.
You have a great day, come
give your mama some love, muah.
Gonna be late.
I should've stayed home today.
I mean, most of the teachers
are away
at a dorky teacher con anyway.
(suspenseful music)
[Man] Hey.
Here's your lunch.
Who's that little girl
you talk to every day?
The one you gave your helmet to?
Oh, she's Georgia.
She's cool.
I think she's homeless,
but she really likes your
PB&J sandwiches by the way.
I'm gonna be late.
Is she really homeless?
I mean, ah,
she's there in the mornings
and then she's there when we
get out
and one person caught her
peeping into the windows.
I just don't really know.
I love you.
Get going.
(trunk creaks)
You wanna earn respect?
Sell hard.
Take care.
Hey Thomas!
I love ya!
For your protection,
in case you need it.
Our secret.
Don't tell your dad.
(trunk creaks)
Truly blows.
We should just stay home today.
I know, I begged my
mom to let me stay home,
but she forced me to be here.
Thank got we have Somatis,
then we get to go home.
You want one?
Oh god no, I tried one of
those earlier.
They taste like shit.
Where'd you get 'em?
Rich girl, Corrina.
She was throwing 'em at us in gym.
She's in my next class.
We both have Somatis.
I do too, but Somatis left
this morning.
He had some kind of an emergency.
His sister's store got
shot up or something.
It's sad.
(suspenseful music)
My name is Mr. Harper.
Now some of you guys
know me from automotive.
Mr. Somatis had an emergency,
so I'm keeping my eye on class today.
You guys are lucky.
You get to do nothing
for the next 45 minutes.
(suspenseful music)
Once you cross that line,
there is no turning back.
(suspenseful music)
(gunfire rattles)
(somber music)
(kids screaming)
(gun firing)
(gun fires)
(sirens wail)
(people screaming)
(somber music)
I'm Gloria Nation.
(Gloria wailing)
Bear, Bear!
What did you do?
What did you do?
(Gloria sobbing)
(birds chirping)
There you are.
I was wondering where you went.
How are you holdin' up?
Still surreal.
Yeah, well it's only been what,
six weeks?
It'll ease soon.
When CW left, do you know
it took me nearly three
goddamn years to deal with it?
You're gonna see and
hear things every day
that remind you of Tommy.
Hell, I still do every day with CW.
But I realize
that his soul
left this world.
[Myra] What?
I don't know if I can
make it without my baby boy.
That boy always made me smile.
Still does.
Whenever you are sad and blue
No one to tell your troubles to
Remember me
I'm the one who loves you
You used to sing that
to me when I was a baby.
[Myra] Oh yes I did.
That stupid song.
You remember it, huh?
I'm so surprised that you
remember it.
That's my favorite, Mama.
Do you know that song always
put a smile on your face?
Anytime my little girl
was upset,
that song
always put a smile
on that beautiful, beautiful face.
Help me up.
You know what?
I wanna give you something.
(gentle guitar music)
You told me you got rid
of this after Pop-Pop died.
I know, I know.
Child, I told you many things.
Sometimes it was to protect you.
Look around, see everything?
Pretty much everything in here
was his,
and now it's yours.
Whatever you want.
Just take it.
What's the matter, baby girl?
I can't do it.
Please put the training
wheels back on, Pop-Pop.
What do you mean you can't do it?
You have to try again.
You can't just quit.
Listen to me.
Life is about courage.
It takes courage to get back on
the bike,
but you have to try it again.
You don't ever wanna quit.
Yes, even the bike.
Do you know he actually built
that for the Day of Unity?
He had this crazy concept.
One day I would love to see
every biker--
Come together.
No race problem, no club problems,
no arguments, no fights,
no nastiness among 'em.
Just forget all that, put it aside
and remember the key word,
The only thing you'd have
in common then would be
the openness of the road, riding
your bike
with the free wind
hitting you in the face.
That's what it is, true bikers
because what that is is
whether they're guy bikers,
girl bikers, whatever it is
they're banding together
for a common cause.
Peace, love, and above all else,
[Both] Unity.
was your daddy.
Come here.
You sounded just like him.
Oh come here, you silly girl.
[Gloria] Thank you.
(blues music)
Sure he's here?
Yeah, yeah.
[Bear] Hey Mikey, we need to chat.
What's up man?
[Bear] Quickly.
[Mikey] Man.
We only got a couple of
minutes, man.
He's gonna be here.
You guys want a beer?
You know Vito had the greatest
idea with these things.
You take 'em, and then you
dip 'em in the product.
It's a fuckin' killer concept,
- Fuck, man!
- This ain't a social visit.
What the fuck did Vito
get you mixed up in, man?
Kids are dead because of
this shit you cooked up, man.
Alfonso is pissed.
He's on his way here.
Now, if you listen to me
I can probably keep you alive.
Where's your cut?
It's in the bedroom, I think,
I cut some of those with
[Rascal] Found it.
Toss it to Tripod.
Now where is the money you made
from this non-club venture,
Holy shit!
All that?
When they walk in, you say nothing.
Listen to me.
Let me do all the talking,
say nothing.
I'll handle this.
Open the door.
Start up a business like this
without clearing it with us
Even if you were doing it with
the best intentions in mind.
Alfonso has the last say!
You know that.
Hi, Mikey.
Hm, hm.
Mikey, Mikey.
What do we have here, Mikey?
(Alfonso sighs)
How much is here?
And how much in inventory?
Are you listening to my
questions, huh?
He asked you a question.
You don't understand me,
Maybe, maybe we should
rephrase the questions.
Like in the DMV when
they ask you
the same simple questions
three, four times, right?
[Man] That's fine.
(Alfonso laughs)
What are you doing in
this apartment, Mikey?
What are you doing?
Because it sure seems like
you're running some game here.
I'm not sure I heard the
question right.
(Alfonso sighs)
You are done.
(Mikey groans)
Alfonso, please, I swear,
I didn't mean any disrespect.
I was just trying to
do something on my own,
and the money, the money
is all yours.
Take it, and the product?
Take it, take everything.
- I wanted to show you--
- Turn him around.
Kids were killed eating this
(ominous music)
(Mikey groans)
(gentle guitar music)
(bottles clatter)
(somber music)
They didn't give me a parade
when I came home neither.
They called me baby killer.
They spit on me like I was shit!
I wanna give you something.
Give me your hand.
Thank you for your service.
(dramatic music)
(somber music)
Georgia, right?
Hi, I'm Gloria.
Thomas's mom?
Yeah, I know.
I thought you were the
man in the Cadillac.
It's late for you to be out.
Your family must be worried.
Do you need a ride back?
My mom ran away with my uncle.
My father dropped me off here.
He said he was gonna get gas.
He said he was gonna be
right back.
When did he leave?
A while ago, I guess.
Thomas used to love that
Yeah, I know.
And peanut butter and jelly
Yes he did.
I saw it, all of it.
All the way up to the man
in the Cadillac.
What, what did you see?
Tell me, please.
Please, just tell me.
What did you see?
I was in the tree.
I watched the man in the Cadillac
give the bad girl a bag.
She had guns, and candy.
She shot the kids in the
Thomas tried to save them.
He tried to stop her,
but he shot the bad girl with
her own gun,
and the security guard shot
He must've thought that Thomas
was the bad girl, but he wasn't.
He tried to save them.
You said you thought
I was the man in the Cadillac.
What did you mean by that?
He comes every night.
Sometimes with men on
The day of the shooting,
where was he?
Right where he is now.
(ominous music)
Oh, officer, thank God!
Ma'am, walk away from the girl now.
No, but there's a man over
Ma'am, step away from the girl now.
- There's a man--
- This is your last warning.
Step away from the little girl.
We don't want you, we want the girl.
Go back to the shop, Gloria.
Do I know you?
(Georgia screams)
Move out of the way.
Georgia, run!
(intense music)
Give me that, now run,
over there.
I need help.
You show up in the middle
of the night
with some off the wall
story and some filthy kid?
My god, woman.
I get you've been through
some shit, okay I get it,
but we are not friends!
I didn't have anywhere else to go.
I can't trust anybody else!
I'm just asking you
to help me this one time!
We are not friends.
I don't know why you're here.
If what Georgia saw is true,
then this changes everything.
My son is innocent!
He was acting in self-defense!
Help me on this.
Rita, you gotta help me on this.
Come on, Rita, she's in trouble
and she's one of us.
No, see that's where y'all are
She left!
She is the one that chose
a new life.
She bailed.
She's the one that turned
her back on her sisters.
Rita, it's my son!
It would clear his name.
Not my problem.
Those bikers had our patches
on 'em.
All of your patches,
all of our patches on 'em.
So this does pertain to you,
and you!
All of us!
Help me out this one time.
What's goin' on?
She got herself into some
but she's gonna go ahead
and get herself out.
See who's at the door.
(ominous music)
It's a cop!
All right, all right.
All right, all right.
You and little miss sunshine
go upstairs.
Come on.
Everybody pay attention,
be alert, watch the street.
Just go get the door.
[Woman] Can I help you,
- I'm sorry to bother ya.
- Come on in.
We're conducting a house
to house search
for a felon and a child believed
to be armed and dangerous.
(cop groans)
I know this prick, he ain't
no cop.
He works down at the prison.
(glass tinkles)
(intense music)
(gun fires)
The other's still back up
the street.
[Woman] What the hell
are we gonna do now?
We take care of our own.
(gentle guitar music)
Absolutely, definitely.
Gonna make a pickup for Alfonso.
(gentle guitar music)
[Gloria] Wouldn't you rather
have a drink with somebody else?
I go with my heart, lady.
Aw, Jojo I don't feel it.
I know.
Just have a drink with me.
Weird thing about life.
How do you love someone when
you know you can't have 'em?
I've known you pretty
much your whole life.
Loved you from afar.
But I respect the brotherhood,
and CW.
I choose to keep my love for you
as a brother would his sister.
Junior looks like he's
settling in
pretty nicely, don't ya think?
He's the toughest son
of a bitch I've ever met.
Going gets gone
Don't ask where I'm headed
I don't know
Hey Bailey.
I got a couple clients
coming in, you want 'em?
Is it chicks?
[Bear] They're chicks.
Shit yeah.
I ain't tattooin' nobody.
Take off the coat.
Shit, right, cool.
Well I'd better get Georgia
out of this atmosphere.
Don't want her around this too
[Bear] Yeah, that's
probably a good idea.
They feel free
Running over them pains with you
Searching for a chance to get away
I made this for you, Gloria.
It's Thomas.
You said he's an angel with
Pop-Pop now, in heaven.
So I drew this for you of our
two angels
to always be here, and that's you.
Soul inside just multiplies
Roaming shadows free as a kite
One less thing to get over now
Rolling with a head I won't go
Thank you.
It's beautiful.
Did the captain do good?
Captain did great.
Rolling with a voice that's me
All the saints and I feel free
Here's a world where God
blessed me
God blessed me
I feel free
Hey Bear.
I gotta go pick up my kid,
so Mitty's workin' late.
You don't want that woman
blowing up your cellphone,
trust me.
Do what you do, brother.
Do what you do.
- I'll let you.
- All right.
Lookin' great.
Very talented.
So, I had to see
some friends today,
and while I was there,
I talked to Vito about him
signing the shop over to you.
I tried.
But, he did send you some money.
It's all right.
I'll let you know.
(somber music)
My husband's in the courtyard.
This was Corrina's
favorite spot in the house.
A good spot, I think.
[Woman] Mr. De Gaines called.
He said he's at the
location, it's being handled.
(crickets chirping)
(intense rock music)
Your daddy's here!
Take a snow ride on the
Take a wild ride
on the front line
Of this nation yeah
Remember the lives we had
Remember the
(gunfire rattling)
Remember the dreams we had
Remember all the things we had
In the car ride on the
Take a hit ride on the mirrors
Watch 'em live like that
Remember the lives we had
Go in the bathroom,
get in the tub, and hide!
Dreams we had
Remember everything you knew
Remember the lives we had
Remember everything we knew
Remember the dreams we had
Remember everything we loved
[Narrator] Now we run towards
strange thrills and treasures
and unbroken youth.
(Georgia screams)
(gunfire rattles)
(intense music)
(man groans)
Remember everyone you loved
(gun fires)
She's gone.
Remember everything you had
Remember the life we had
Remember everything
Where the fuck is he going?
Remember the God we loved
Remember everything you loved
Remember the lives we had
Remember the memories in your love
(Georgia screaming)
Let me go, no, no!
(suspenseful music)
(Bailey grunts)
(ominous music)
You should've minded your
own business, motherfucker.
(Bailey groaning)
(gun fires)
How long did you know?
That schoolgirl.
Come on, come on.
(men grunting)
(intense music)
(glass tinkles)
(engine revving)
Don't fuckin' do this,
don't fuckin' do this!
You fuckin' scumbag, okay
you wanna play like that,
Who the fuck are you?
Please Junior, please!
Please, I'll tell 'em you
fuckin' beat the shit outta me,
and they'll let you go.
Junior, you can't do this
You're too late.
I'm not stopping this.
Tell me where you're at.
Please Junior, don't do this.
We can work this out, Junior!
Tell me where you're at.
You know where I'm going.
Bring your whole fuckin' army.
You're fuckin' dead!
(engine rumbling)
(birds chirping)
You look like shit.
You okay?
You got my piece?
So do they have the kid?
What do you wanna do?
I don't know.
I'm not sure what's going down
Rascal's gun?
Now what'd you say
about Tripod and Rascal?
They were in deep with those
and they came at me.
I did what I had to do.
Tripod and Rascal?
No, no, no.
Okay, I'm gonna hit that door
on the other side of the
I'm goin' in there and I'm
that gum chewing fuck in the
Element of surprise, just like
the old days, right Sarge?
Let's get these sons of
(dramatic music)
(gun fires)
Let's go get that little girl.
You take right flank.
(intense music)
(men grunting)
Come on.
(men grunting)
(gunfire rattles)
(ominous music)
(gun fires)
You sick fuck, what did you
Oh, I have a little surprise
for you.
Where's the fucking girl?
Looks like you and I
have Mexican standoff.
Nah, we just have
another dead terrorist.
(gun clicking)
What kind of soldier
doesn't check his own piece?
(gun fires)
Stupid fucking soldier.
Fuck you!
Nothing is what it seems huh,
Fuck you!
Oh yes, why don't you come
over here
and beat the shit out
of me, I'm so scared.
Look at me, I'm shaking.
Bet when you woke up this
you didn't think today
would be like this, huh?
You got up, took a shit, had a
put on your clothes.
You thought today would be
but I didn't think that, you
know why?
Because I'm a businessman.
I plan everything, I calculate.
Hey, hot shot.
Got a little surprise for you,
oh yeah.
It's gonna blow your mind.
Bear, stand up.
I'm sorry, bud.
Cash truly is king.
What the fuck is this?
(gun fires)
[Josip] Yes, well.
[Bailey] Eat shit!
I never trust anyone who
would betray a friend for money.
We're not so much different, you
and I.
We're both soldiers.
I'm not a soldier.
I'm a Marine.
Oh yes, that's right, you're a
Big fucking Marine.
Whose cause do you fight for,
Yours or theirs?
You have all these medals
on your neck and your chest.
You come home, you're a
stranger in your own country.
For what?
My friend, money wins.
So checkmate, motherfucker.
(gun fires)
(percussive music)
(gun fires)
(dramatic music)
Stay with us.
Help is on the way.
Where's Georgia?
(Georgia screaming)
(somber music)
(intense music)
(gun fires)
(gun fires)
(triumphant music)
(blues music)
(people chattering)
(eerie music)
Hey, send this out for me?
I'll send this out today.
By the way, you've got a
You know the routine.
Stand, extend your hands through
the bars.
Blonde, guess it's your wife.
All right, let's go.
(ominous music)
What time you guys got?
My wife.
This is for Jorge.
Reino de la Furia, hermano.
(shiv clatters)
(people chattering)
(doorbell rings)
(gentle piano music)
[Gloria] The night Vito was
he had signed the paperwork
that he was holding onto.
I guess it was the guilt
of knowing a side business
you orchestrated from prison
caused your son to lose his
(door whirring)
So you just gonna admire
her, or you gonna mount her?
(upbeat music)
There's another
Ride to nowhere
Yeah the wind keeps calling my
We all want the freedom
Without the pain
Sometimes we think that
There's nothing left to gain
It can't be so wrong
when it feels so right
Can't be so wrong if
I wanna be an outlaw
It'll be so wrong if
I could never find you
Ever again
America is nothing
Without the red white and blue
In the hearts of me and you
Hey yeah
All the miles
Leave a trail
All our brothers and
sisters never fail
I found our heroes
They're everywhere
On the porches
Living out the days
Oh yeah
Can't be so wrong if it feels
so right
Can't be so wrong if
I wanna be an outlaw
It would be so wrong if
I could never find you
Ever again
America is nothing
Without the red white and blue
In the hearts of me and you
It can't be so wrong
when it feels so right
Can't be so wrong when
I wanna be an outlaw
Can't be so wrong
when it feels so right
Can't be so wrong
when it feels so right
Can't be so wrong if
I wanna be an outlaw
Can't tell me right
can't tell me wrong
Can't tell me right
can't tell me wrong
Can't tell
[Gloria] I'll always have the
of my son and my daddy
with me wherever I go.
As for me, I am the phoenix.
When it feels it's face
to face with death,
it recycles its life.
A new beginning.
As it reemerges from its own
ashes, totally reborn, renewed.
I am very much alive.
I am Gloria Nation, ready
to fight another fight.
Until then.
Lordy lordy lordy
Actually, you know what
I'd like to see one day?
All bikers come together,
peace, love, and above all else,
(gentle guitar music)
Not a soul in sight just
morning light
Shining in the shadows
pretty as a diamond
God blessed me with an open
I'm going where the hell I
wanna go
Open road
Open road
Sleek and strong and all night
We're goin' goin' goin'
'til the goin' gets gone
Don't ask where I'm headed
I don't know
I'm going where the hell I
wanna go
Open road
Open road
Have you ever felt your
feet when they feel free
Running on them pavement here
Searching for a chance to get
Begging to make a change
But the only time I
feel like I am free
Is when I hit the
Open road
Oh the open road
Oh the open road
Not a soul in sight
Just golden light
Shining in the shadows
pretty as a diamond
God blessed me with that open
Going where the hell I wanna
Not a soul all the
things that I feel free
There's a world where God
blessed me
With all the pains that I feel
With the world that God
blessed me
All the things that I feel
Here's a world where God
blessed me
All the things that I feel
Where the world where God
blessed me
All the things that I feel
Here's a world where God
blessed me
With all the pains that I feel
Here's a world where God
blessed me
All these things that I feel
In a world where God blessed