Nanna Nenu Na Boyfriends (2016)

Smoking and drinking is
injurious to health.
Madam, will you call the father?
Priest is calling sir. You go and look into that.
Sister in law, where is brother?
Where is Raghava Rao?
Call his brother if any, when he is not here.
He should only give away the bride.
No problem even if this marriage stops.
You may have till date seen
marriages stopping with no groom.
You may have seen as bride is absent.
But, maybe it is the marriage only of my
daughter stopping due to absence of father.
I have not come here with anger on my daughter,
when the marriage is out there.
I came with love on my daughter.
I came with the respect on love of my daughter.
Mr Raghava Rao!
Why are you sitting here, when marriage of
your daughter is happening there?
There are a few people yet to come sir.
Those to come will come sir.
Marriage is over if they get late,
but marriage stops if you get later.
It will not stop due to my absence but if they do not come.
Are they so important?
When will east coast arrive?
It comes at 3.
You are blessed with a daughter and that too exactly at 3.
It is 12 now and will take more three hours.
It is 12 now and it seems delivery
will be done in another three hours.
Mr Raghava Rao!
I waited the same in fear in the same way
25 years back during the birth of my daughter.
Then it was a fear whether
I would be born as a father or not.
Now it is the fear whether I win as a father or not.
Hey, you do not be tensed. It is 12 now
and it seems delivery will be done in the next 3 hours.
What happened dear?
Brother, you are blessed with a daughter.
That too exactly at 3.
Even the date is 3.
Month too is 3, sir.
Hey, your daughter is really lucky and
you will definitely get the MP seat this time.
Come on. See!
We need to show to the priest for Astro.
Sir, Astro of my daughter...
I will say Raghava, if you promise
to let the smile be lifelong on face.
It is not daughter you got, but enemy.
Not even for a second, you agree over.
You know the story of Prahlad and
Hiranyakasap, right? You both have such Astro.
If bring up in a way, she would grow in another way.
Your story would go dead opposite.
You cannot be together for long as father
and daughter, Raghava.
I will change my daughter sir.
Could Hiranyakasap change Prahlad?
If so, I will change sir.
She is born finally after five years of marriage.
Fight between us both?
How will such come in between us both sir?
Fight comes if I do not agree to her.
So, I will agree for whatever she says.
Here, if she says this red I too will say red.
I will stop living as me and start living as her sir.
The one carrying till birth is, here,
you call as mother.
But the one carrying till last is called as father.
I will sir, I will let this smile be on my face lifelong sir.
Look, how is she looking at me?
Hey, you have got the MP seat.
That is the good omen from the birth of your daughter.
You contest this time instead of me dude, I will support you.
If I get busy as MP and cannot give time for her to speak.
and if that gets a reason for fights between us,
I do not need that MP seat.
Come on, give here.
From the time born and entered my life,
that number 3 is been traveling in her life.
She surprisingly caught three when was left.
She does not go to school unless her room no is 3.
Roll number 3
She does not go to class unless roll number is 3.
She makes friends with only those getting rank of three.
All feel happy getting 1st rank, but my daughter is...
I am 3rd, I am the winner.
It is because of you that I becoming
am MP for second time too.
You are the reason for me, my son and family are like this.
Hey, do you not feel that being grateful is gone high?
Is the school over baby?
What dude, looks like your daughter is hurt?
I know.
Then, will you not ask when she is leaving without informing?
She is not willing to say, maybe
She is hiding from you without saying.
She wants me not to know that is hurt.
I too will be as if I do not know.
Both daughter and father great..
I got to tell you one thing.
What dear? Say!
I got a small hurt.
Not small but big and
I already applied ointment, it will go.
I did not say, right? How do you know?
I am dad, right? I will know.
I am not saying no for anything my daughter wants to do.
She is walking on the pit wall and
I know should not walk so.
But I will not say.
Because she wants to walk.
Still, will guard blocking both my hands.
As it is my duty to safeguard her from falling.
Careful dear
Ok dad.
Sir, baby is jumped into the pond.
Hey Subbaiah, bring baby out first.
Come on catch!
Dear, Padma! Paddu!
I should not leave her now even for a second.
I should be very careful to safeguard her now.
Open the door baby
Open dear.
I will not.
Engineering results will come today and I may fail dad.
It would be good if I pass dad.
It will not be so at all. I had asked lecturer to
come once the results are out and maybe on the way.
Raghava Rao, sir.
There, he is come.
Sir, she passed right?
She is not passed.
Yes! Not wrong even if I lie for my daughter.
Paddu, you have passed dear.
You have passed dear.
Where is mom, Satti.
She is there, go madam.
Sir, all are leaving to Hyderabad for jobs
after the Engineering.
Are you too sending her?
Bloody, why should she go for a job?
Still, can I stay without seeing her?
Not possible...
Dad, I will go to Hyderabad and do a job.
Ok dear, your wish.
Why do you say your wish, hubby?
I said ok with her and your wish to you.
Nothing dear, we want to get you married.
I will marry after getting a job dad,
otherwise all the education may go waste.
He should be without you, right?
You wait.
When are we going to Hyderabad, dear?
Dad, when I was born have you ever thought I would
finish B Tech and go for job at Hyderabad?
No dear!
My sweet baby.
I studied day and night just to bring you name,
else I had no interest to study.
What do you feel now seeing your daughter, dad?
Oh, great happiness...
Oh Mr. Raghava Rao!
Why did you turn that side dad?
He may say dear.
What is that?
What baby, where are you going?
I passed Engineering, right Sir?
So, thought to get good name by doing a job at Hyderabad.
Mr Raghava Rao, your daughter..
Wait, train...
Hello Raghava Rao Sir...
Train is arriving, you move dear.
Hello Raghava Rao Sir...
Get into the train dear.
Not that..
Get in dear.
Careful dear, call once you reach.
Do not forget
Hello sir.
Wait sir, train is leaving.
Bye dear..
Bye.. Careful madam
Enjoy the party if you get job, I will send money.
Call without forgetting.
Bye dear.
Mr Raghava Rao.
Hello Sir! You have been trying to say something from then?
I said your daughter failed, right?
She wanted to pass, right?
Phone Ringing
Your MP brother!
You said right, job is confirmed for baby.
Thank you.
He said job for Paddu is confirmed.
Who would give job for a failed girl sir?
Who should give, we will give it.
Not that hubby, she there...
Stop, should she do job there
and develop companies or what?
She wants to do a job and let her do.
Will you give anything if she asks?
I will give anything other than my life.
I should be there to fulfill the wishes
after wards if I give that, right?
We are meeting now after 10th class, right?
What else how are mom and dad?
Phone Ringing
Who is on phone?
My ex-boyfriend we recently broke up.
What else?
I said to need relationship for lifetime
and he says 5 minutes is enough.
That is why they say not to love city boys right?
Nothing so, depends on whom we get.
It would be good having a lifelong relationship.
What more?
We will make the city go crazy from tomorrow.
2 Months later
Calling Bell
Dad! Mom!
What dear?
Is it a game when you got such a great match?
You said to marry after getting job, right?
What do I know that would get job so fast?
Daddy, I do not want to marry fast.
Marriage is not right now dear, we still have ten days time.
Yes sir!
Daddy, I do not want marriage so fast.
Ok dear, as you wish.
What your wish?
I said ok to her and your wish to you.
Not that, will we not have wishes
to play with your kids once you get married?
Then, get dad married again
and he will get children. Then play.
Marriage at this age is ok,
but kids may not be good dear.
Not good, sir.
Stop that jokes and say all those will not happen.
No way dear, kids means difficult.
Yes, difficult.
Daddy, please.
Dear, what mom says too is for your good.
Lovely guy, have a look.
See once first.
I need to think once first.
It seems she would think and come.
Let us go back, come.
We shall wait right here and
she will think and come.
Madam, you should take clothes for me
in your marriage.
Oh, I will.
Oh no!
Have you taken so?
Oh no, not knowing what to do..
Phone Ringing
Bloody, why do you not life phone?
Lifted right, say.
Mom and dad came and are saying
marriage is in this month.
What, have they gone till marriage so fast?
My mom is directly gone till kids,
But i don't like.
What now? This marriage should stop now, right?
Have the Bluetooth in ear and the phone in pocket.
Whatever your parents ask you,
answer whatever I say. Ok.
No pocket for this dress, how?
Yes, I came.
Yes, you came and I saw. So what now?
I did not say you.
Did you say with me?
Talk to me..
I do not like this marriage.
Maggie does not like this marriage.
What is she to decide in between?
No, I do not like this marriage.
But.. Why?
I am already in love with a guy.
Maggie is already in love with another guy.
What for you, if she loves some one?
No, I am in love with another guy.
Oh no, do you know even how to love?
- Yes.
Who is he, what does he do?
He is gone to America.
He is recently gone to America.
Are you gone mad?
She saying to love someone and you having a meeting.
Come on, pack your luggage and we will leave.
Dear, we too should get you married to the one you like.
Your dad knows the difference between
living with a guy you love and a guy your dad likes.
Call that boy, I will speak to him once.
It would take 4 months to return from America.
Take 6 months if required.
If he is back by then marriage with him,
else with whom we like.
Nothing from you and your dad will work then.
I will come myself, take you and get you married.
Ok dad
Mom and dad left.
No talk now about marriage for six months.
Looks to be excited a lot
Yes, free now for six months.
After six months?
I unnecessarily lied at father, right?
You dumb head..
Common problem for all lovers in India
is mom and dad.
For us love stories stopping as mom and dad
did not agree are more than those as girl did not agree.
They agreed for marriage at your
home even without falling in love.
Will you go home now and marry that sweet, subtle guy?
Look Paddu, arranged marriage is like a text book.
Should read whatever is in it, either you like or not.
But love marriage is like note book
and can write whatever you like.
You can scribble if you go crazy.
But still, your dad too said there would be a difference
between marrying a guy you like and he likes.
Will you enjoy for these six months and be
troubled lifelong with the guy they see,
or enjoy lifelong by taking trouble in
selecting a guy..
You decide it..
- Ok
What shall we do now?
Why do you still ask so even
after saying so much bloody?
We shall make the lie said to your father in to a truth.
You mean, we shall search for six months, catch
a guy like Pawan Kalyan and take him to dad, right?
Move, we will catch a guy like Pawan Kalyan.
"From Ameerpet to Dilsukhnagar"
"From KPHB to BHEL"
"From Ameerpet to Dilsukhnagar"
"From KPHB to BHEL"
"Let us drive on over the bike"
"Let us circle shopping malls, cinema halls and all"
"Let us focus climbing over Charminar"
"I need a boyfriend, he should be like a good boy"
"I need a boyfriend, he should change as Lifebuoy"
"Let us see for business magnet,
he keeps stuck to you"
"What if he gets stuck like Vijay Malya?"
"If like Salman, he will be as a bodyguard"
"What if booked in drunk and drive or deers case?"
"Virat Kohli like guy would set"
"What happens if he leaves me like Anushka Sharma?"
"Where can we find a guy without any hassles?"
"I need a boyfriend, he should be like a good boy"
"I need a boyfriend, he should change as Lifebuoy"
"If software guy, would be so smart"
"When would he see me other than the computer?"
"If politician, would give so many assurances"
"What would a guy changing parties give us parties?"
"Let us try bank employee, would give us loans"
"No dear, he sees accounts for everything"
"Where shall I bring the guy matching your mind?"
"I need a boyfriend, he should be like a good boy"
"I need a boyfriend, he should carry me as Lifebuoy"
Almost like caught?
- Who are they?
Three? What three even here idiot?
Not an idiot, but Paddu!
I selected three sharp guys from the crowd
of young boys from Telugu states.
I will first travel with these three
and then finalise one from them.
I will take him home, make him villain
to mom, my husband and son in law to dad.
Wow, what a development in three months.
But, why did you select these in so many?
I will say.
He is Gokul and is a local.
Dad is lawyer and boy is a basketball player.
He is in the trials to play nationals.
Dances and fun at stadium marrying him, like
Sakshi wife of Dhoni and Anjali wife of Sachin.
Celebrity life means that of a celebrity wife.
Am I beside at stadium or not?
- Obviously.
His name is Nani.
A Police with physical test peding after passing the written test.
A Police means would be very strong.
We get strong income too.
You know about Police right?
None would stop our vehicle and none can go
without paying when we stop his vehicle.
It is money either we have the hat or out it onto others.
Salutes and securities in bonus.
Even the new capital Amamravathi
will not have so much of planning.
His name is Namo
- Venkatesh?
- Srinivas?
- Tirumalesh?
- Then?
Namo means Narendra Mohan Sastry,
a priest in the temple.
Oh no, what is a priest finally?
Asking what a priest? See there.
Looking cheap at a priest?
What do you think of a priest?
We to say the future of just born, we to feed him first,
we to keep him first in the cradle,
we to send him for school and finally us
even for offering anything at God.
We to start a business, we to construct a house
and even us to step into that house.
We needed to see a girl in matches sitting
opposite to her, us for marrying her,
us even for the first night to happen and us again
to know the future of the kid born as a result of that.
We needed when someone dies
and us again for his final rites.
Hey, our profession is like the incense stick,
the mediator between God and the devotee.
Well said sir!
Crazy fellow! But, whom would you start first with?
I will start from my lucky date 3.
Sing a song, ding a dong... Stop!
Yes, Gokul!
Give that.
Bro, this or that ball?
- This ball looks sexy.
That girl is more sexy.
Hey, why did you throw so?
It is like coming to play when the thrown ball is
caught and coming to watch if moved aside.
And when tried, it is like coming to learn.
You came to learn basket ball, am I right?
Wow, you are thus selected for nationals.
Yes, we came to learn.
You can just see, not fit to play.
- What else?
Do you have faith to play well.
I am confident to work hard till I can play well.
So, Sania Mirza for Tennis and for basket ball..
- Paddu
Ok, see you tomorrow at sharp 8 AM.
You forgot to say the number.
You forgot to ask.
Remember and ask tomorrow. I will give without forgetting.
You have not said about me..
Oh yes, I forgot that. You look very bad.
Should we say Tajmhal looking white
and Himalayas cold and you beautiful?
Sing a song, ding a dong... Stop!
Yes, Nani!
Hey, Who are you?
What mistake have we done to chase and hit?
Where is Subbarao?
What? Subbarao?
Hello, I am in a small party and will call later. Bye.
We should only lie.
See me and learn.
Why did you hit?
Where are you?
In the park
Where did you say to be in the phone?
In the party.
Basically I hate lies bro, I hit when I get to listen.
I am hitting so as am in Police training
and after I get the posting...
Hello! - Yes
You know who I am?
Mahesh Babu!
This is a lie. You should hit for this.
Why did you hit?
For this and not for that.
Hello Subbarao sir, how are you? Come on run dudes...
Where is that Subbarao?
Have I not said? Have I said not to keep quiet if lied?
Why did you say?
Hey, seems would kill even for small lies.
Come on run away.
I want that flight.
- Come on have this ice cream and will buy a flight.
Eat dear!
I will feed, eat dear.
Hello, who are you?
Wait for a minute. Eat dear, eat.
Have a little, come on eat.
He is finished ice cream, you buy a him a flight now.
He is finished, buy him flight bloody.
Why do you lie to kids bloody? I will kill you idiots.
Where were you till now?
- What?
You are not still married, right?
- No.
Then, no chance to let go.
- Whom?
The criminals!
Will you get up, I am not feeling comfortable.
I am feeling comfortable.
Are you gone mad?
You caught and do you too feel the same.
No, I am like to fall.
- Sure.
Nothing happened to you, right?
- Nothing.
Yes, someone has just dashed.
He looks manly for looks.
He is great in a T-shirt.
You hit us just for a lie, bloody?
Bloody, was the beating not enough?
Then listen carefully, I will say a truth.
I will rape your girlfriend in
Manjeera Mall at 11 AM tomorrow.
Whose girlfriend and whom will you rape?
Hey, I saw the romance of you both.
She is your girlfriend and here rape is tomorrow.
He would keep roaming behind you from today.
Who is Namo Sastry here?
He is Namo Sastry and I am Sumo Sastry.
Is your dad Qualis Sastry?
So, you are a lifetime bachelor?
That means nothing to do for the life?
Bloody, whom are you talking about.
He is the offering from Lord Venkateswara.
What, a Laddu?
- No.
Color rice?
No, will you not listen first?
When his life as a kid was in risk, they prayed to Lord.
They offered to leave him for Lord if is safe.
He is saved and became a bachelor.
I am going as a priest for Tirumala temples after four months.
My balance life is now in his service.
- Good.
If a hot girl comes in his way, he is gone.
Is it right Padmavathi?
Give him that Prasadam (God offering)
Sastry sir, offering
- Giving.
Sastry sir, offering
- I am giving.
Hey, you should not look so.
Is this the hot babe he said?
No idea, she looks so.
Why all these for you, serve.
You know how does she look to me?
- How?
"The gorgeous lady in which of the dream world"
"Came in front of me to fill my eyes"
"The gorgeous lady in which of the dream world"
"Came in front of me to fill my eyes"
"By leaving the house in the sky"
"That star came to the land"
Where did she leave?
It is hot, be a bit careful while serving.
She should be right here...
- Offering..
Oh no!
Sorry! Looking a hot girl like you,
I served without testing whether it is sweet or not.
No problem,
I ate this hot one without noticing after seeing you so sweet.
The offering please...
Look Namo, believing in mom and dad,
they feed you in a plate.
And if you believe in girls, they squeeze out all and leave you.
But still Sumo, she is disturbed my heart. She is twisted it.
My foot!
Look there, they taste it all
and finally go for washing their hands.
Will you shut up. Do not say my babe so,
it gives me pain.
Priest sir, Paddu looks to be getting a transfer to Bangalore.
Will there be any prayers to stop that?
What just prayers?
We will perform anything required
and it is my duty not to let her go out of Hyderabad.
I will fix the time and call you, leave now.
Thank you.
Hey Sumo,
Will she give the phone number if I ask.
My foot, go and ask.
Shall I give the phone number.
You said to inform, right?
Hey Sumo, write...
Thank God, I successfully kept the three in line.
Yeah, time to celebrate.
Yes, why do all drink for celebration in Hyderabad?
That too the girls!
I too am not understanding that.
Do you drink daily?
No way, just seven times a week.
I take just one peg and am flat taking the second.
Then why did you bring two glasses.
I said right, will be flat drinking two.
I wanted to drink the second and go flat.
The kick we get in the night drinking and
discussing love stories is completely different.
Is it?
- Yes.
Then start.
Yes, the priest!
As he does not know about ladies will easily be flat.
But, as this is first love, chances of a
suicide are more if failed.
So, should be very careful with him.
Gokul! His life is full of girls
and thus will be flat more easily.
But, will not leave once he gets girl.
We shall be more careful with him.
We can somehow manage these two..
..but the third!
He is beating up even for a small lie.
We should never lie with him even by mistake.
No, I have decided to make him flat
by saying all lies and am fixed for the same.
Are you gone mad to say all lies to him?
He will kill us. I am saying you.
Oh no!
You said to be flat for two pegs? You are not flat?
None would go flat even in four pegs
for the twists you are giving.
Chill baby! Our fellow will not be quiet when lied before.
But, the guy is going high in shame
when lied about him.
Day before, I said T-shirt was good and he was all shaken.
He will have it from tomorrow.
They said Manjeera mall and why is nobody seen?
Why are you here?
I hit a guy yesterday and came as he said to rape you here.
Why is he raping me when you hit him?
He is thinking me to love you.
Will they not if you follow me so?
Where did he say to rape?
They said mall, but...
They are calling.
Sorry bro..
We are not able to come as we have a small work.
We will have the rape program tomorrow.
Say the babe not feel, ok.
What is the matter?
He has some work and is asking to have
the rape program tomorrow.
Ok, what more did he say?
He said you not to feel bad.
Oh no, they really said to rape you.
Have you happily come to watch?
No, I really came to stop it.
There are so many here to come and stop.
Should only you come and stop?
I caught your waist in so many,
has anyone come and stopped?
Nobody has so much time here. How am I seen to you?
I am saying you. Why do you not speak?
It feels good when you are shouting.
I caught your waist so just to make you
understand and nothing else.
It is good even when you caught the waist.
It is not good holding for so long.
I will take leave.
- Ok.
Oh no, do not turn back while leaving. I feel somehow.
How is the design?
You feel planning to make her flat.
But not understanding that she is planned to make you plan.
Bloody, have I said not to talk so about her?
Still, do not feel I am complaining,
but what if your dad comes to know of this?
Son Namo!
What are you saying dad?
Nothing master, there is a tasty fruit.
He says to stop the worship
and eat and I am fighting not to.
What man, does my son not know that
it is bad to go fruit in the middle of worship?
Still, son of Venkatacharyulu
die in the greed of a fruit? What son?
Wow, well said master
- It is common for me.
You carry on with the worship.
I will eat the fruit and come back.
Dude, listen to your dad at least now.
Ok dude, as said by dad...
Hello, are you fine?
You are very good.
- What?
I am fine. You are fine, right?
I am very fine.
I too said the same you are fine.
- What is that?
Nothing, shall we start the prayers?
What is your name?
What do you do?
- My age 21.
Are n't I enough to love me?
- Do you need my total background?
Yes, that is all!
Sumo, she said it fine, right?
Enough of what you did, stop now.
What bro, came so early?
For the girl who came yesterday dude.
She anyways will not fall for you, leave her bro.
She did not even give the number and how will she bro?
Keep seeing.
I will finish her in two days.
Hey! Come on Paddu.
Ok, let us try it one more time. Come!
Try, take the ball. Ok ready, throw!
You came in the middle and I was confused.
Seeing the basket once, we should know to
throw at the same distance even by closing eyes. Ok?
Look at me.
There is 1.5 meter distance between you and me.
Your forehead 2.2 inch and your nose 2.1 inch.
Distance between your eyes is 1.5 inch.
Distance between your eyes and lips is 3.4 inch.
Your lips are 2.5 inch when normal and 3.5 when smiling.
What I liked the most is your neck.
It is 3.6 inch in height and 10.5 inch diameter.
Romantic color visible between your top
and the 3/4th is 8 inches.
Your perimeter hugging from front is 42 inches
and from back it is 31.5 inches.
This is called seeing.
99202621782 if you want to speak with me..
if you want to be my face book friend.
309-21-22, Gandhinagar,
Street number 7 if you want to meet me.
Why are you so disturbed?
I do not understand why do you still love that
Gokul even after knowing he is a flirt.
You feel that he loves so many.
But i feel he is loving in so many types.
I will convert all those types of love into mine alone.
Ok come, we will go to office.
I have kept the rape program at park today,
I will come once that is done.
I thought it is only our rape here today.
Many have prepared.
Stop it guys.
Ok, where is our guy?
Who knows, call him.
Say him to come fast, they may rape.
Why? I will ask him to come immediately saying they are raping.
If he comes to know you are lieing so much, he will kill.
Hello Nani, they are behind me to rape.
- Is it?
Why have you not come?
I am in traffic, are you safe?
I am running, come fast.
I am coming.
What will you do after he come?
You will be running in fear when he is arriving.
We will be running behind.
Your in front..
We are in back.
Hey, catch dudes.
Exactly at the time you get caught...
He is hitting hard.
Ok if 1000 per shot, else will go.
- Ok.
Phone Ringing
You said will get me I Phone 7?
Just a thousand here per shot,
I will pay if it is only phone bill.
Wait for a minute.
Okay for phone bill.
Do you want anything..
He is hitting too hard, ok if 2000
per shot else will say him.
2000, 4000, 6000, 8000,
I cannot have shots like them. 25K as a bunch,
- Okay.
26, 28, 30, 32, 34...
You too come.
You idiot..
Hey, enough now for us. Move on guys, move.
What a fight, boss..
Can I have a selfie with you please?
You can come a bit close, right?
Hey, Do you think Paddu
will come again? - Hello.
Tomorrow is birthday of Maggie.
- Is it?
We are thinking to give you a party on this occasion.
You gave the fees and why party again?
Fees were for the worship and party is for our friendship.
Be ready, we will go out in the evening.
We will go. We will go to Chilukuru Balaji Temple
or Yadagiri temple and do so many worships.
Priest sir, parties will not be done
either in temples or at schools, they do in pubs.
Oh no, pub?
I pray you dude, do not open mouth so.
We shall not go as and where we are invited.
What is wrong? They do dances there it seems.
Oh no!
- We will come for sure.
Music Playing
Damn it!
Sir, please stop.
Who are you bloody, stopping me?
I am a bouncer.
Then you can jump..
That is not bouncer sir...
We too know English, we are also educated.
Stags are not allowed.
That means?
You cannot go alone and should go as a couple sir.
Then you too come along, we will go.
- What again?
An apple is not a couple for apple sir,
Guava will be a couple.
Oh, you need a Guava?
Hello Guava! Damn it, hello Bramarambha!
- Yes, tell me.
Come urgently Trinity pub.
I am in a saree.
I am in frustration, come immediately.
Here is my Guava.
Move aside.
Move aside.
Come stylish.
Music Playing
Sharada.. Sharada.. Sharada..
Oh no, dad has come.
What is the music he is giving
and what is the dance you are doing?
Do you have no shame to come when heard pub bloody?
Say, what is the up for Hindolam?
What are you saying?
- Dik chik dik chik
Bloody, do you have no shame to infiltrate the music?
- Son!
Shut up.
Saying mom!
Boy when hurt says mom in a style.
- Master!
And a boy cheated by a girl says mom in another style.
- Wonderful!
And a girl getting an unseen blow says different expression.
In such a way there is a designed
way for each and everything.
I have Geetha, Kavya and Laya. So what?
Bloody sentiment scenes when
I came in pain to Pub as my girlfriend ditched.
Come on girls!
You are a idiot who didn't watch
"Shankarabharanam" movie.
We will meet tomorrow, you go.
You said sweet fruit, are you better now?
Shall I text or not?
Hi Sania Mirza!
That is for Tennis and Paddu for Basketball.
Are you feeling sleepy?
- No!
Will girls sleep by 10 in Hyderabad?
Will you boys let sleep? Hi, hello, what are you doing...
Ok, good night, take care, love you.
Love you?
Did you not like my love you? Give it back then.
I liked it and will keep it with me.
Will give it back tomorrow when we meet.
If so, come to my flat tomorrow.
- Flat?
That is, aunty next door daily says her
kid like moon to come for him and so on.
But the kid is feeling bad as it is not coming
and thought would show you and calm him down.
I will come then.
Come, see you at 11 am.
- Okay..
- Bye.
Door Knocking
Hey, why did you put the door so?
Hey, have you really come?
That is continuous imaginations from night
like you knocking the door, I opening it.
I was left still in that.
Flirting, bloody you know flirting well.
Yeah, thanks.
Where is the kid to show the moon?
- Hey!
You have just come to flat and what kids so fast?
- What?
You just came to flat and
saying to call after some time.
Why double meaning dialogues instead
to come directly into matter bloody?
What are you thinking, start the matter?
Why did you call me here?
To show the flat, right? Show it.
That is kitchen,
this is dining and this is dressing.
She may feel saying bedroom up...
Where is the bedroom then?
No, you asked in doubt or
giving a hint that bedroom is up?
Hey, what is a saree in bachelor room?
Hey, say.
Mom, the saree she bought
when was alive for her to be daughter in law.
Leave it, topic stopped in between
and shall we talk of it?
Shall we watch TV?
Oh no, romance?
Maybe the girl would feel.
Hey, take it back.
Will they give so much expression
when waist is caught? Too much.
That is, you will know when
hand is laid on your waist.
Come on touch..
It is normal and not that over.
I touched over T-shirt and
thus cannot be felt strong.
If touched directly,
it will have strong impact.
What? Catch!
It came like this right? It is nothing so.
Times have changed.
No, song has changed.
They are freshening up for that, right?
Then, shall I too freshen up and come?
Shall I too freshen up and come?
No problem?
Room is there, right?
Hello dad!
I dreamt yesterday that you were
wandering in backyard with a saree.
That is why I asked to send a photo in saree.
I sent, right? Is it good?
Now, I am courageous.
Thank you dad. Ok bye.
Ok, dear.
This is the saree your mom
bought for daughter in law, right?
If you feel the one in this is
daughter in law of your mom, take it off.
I will not stop.
Do not go wrong, keeping mom in between.
Did I say anything wrong?
- No.
You said before going wrong.
I will touch you only after you
become daughter in law of my mom.
What dear, coming from hospital?
- No, from Gokul.
I said you a lot not to go.
Didn't he do anything?
You are tensed unnecessarily,
he didn't do anything.
You come out first. Come..
Look, you got fever being in cold weather.
You are shivering.
Not just this but am getting BP and sugar for your twists.
What have I done?
- Thank you.
That is, they said to come today here at 6 and thus I came.
They look funny for looks.
Will you stand in rain taking their words seriously?
I cannot take a chance in your matter.
So what? What if something happens to you?
I am saving you as nothing should happen to me.
Everyone has one as strength and one as weakness.
But for me, both are you, Paddu.
Hi Paddu, are you fine?
- You are very good.
You are good.
I am very good.
I too said the same that you are too good.
Is it a campfire?
You could have called before, why calling after it is put out?
Campfire? What is your name baby?
You were banned last year, right? Why are you moving here?
Hey.. Is there any link to accent and your dressing?
I will kill pushing into this.
Oh no!
Padmavathi, we keep praying and if you walk
11 times on this fire your wishes will come true.
What, 11 times?
Are you mad? She will die. She will not walk.
Not that she should walk.
If she just says yes, anyone liking her can walk.
Then you are correct, come on walk.
What walking bloody?
Miss Maggie, you both are thick friends.
You both are so close.
You both care a lot for each other.
You both do anything for each other.
Saying so and taking life risk walking for 11 times on fire,
how did your heart agree?
No, will anyone walk for 11 times?
It is enough if you just walk for 10 times.
What is this? You just said 11 times right?
You are not knowing the facts.
You already walked once and it is only 10 now.
Oh no, my legs!
- Maggi!
Why did you walk?
Our profession is to pray for anyone
coming to temple for fulfilling their wishes.
Can I not do this much when
there is a trouble for someone close?
Hey, when there is so much of love in heart,
why do you not say her?
You cannot bear if she says no again.
I will say.
There is lovers day in for days and will say then.
I am waiting every minute for that minute.
"Waiting to see you and to try for you"
"Waiting to speak like an alarm every hour"
"Waiting for the night to chat with you"
"Waiting for morning to meet again and again"
"Lakhs of feelings in and crores of
paintings on my heart walls"
"Will print and give beautiful greetings
to let me and you meet"
"Waiting, I am waiting, I am waiting for you baby"
"Waiting, I am waiting, I am waiting for you"
"Waiting to dance with you and to romance"
"Waiting for you at every place and
every thought"
"Waiting to laugh with you and
to walk with you"
"I am waiting alone all these days
and this far"
"Friend seat in coffee shop and
side seat in IMAX are waiting"
"Back seat waiting for going on
long drive with you"
"Waiting, I am waiting,
I am waiting for you baby"
"Waiting, I am waiting,
I am waiting for you"
"Waiting to give you a rose and
to be with everyday"
"Waiting for you in every frame and every dream"
"Waiting to die for you and live with you"
"Waiting to say this unbearable love"
"Little heart beating to say
and am fighting saying no with myself"
"Give a signal in shy darling
to stop this waiting"
"Waiting, I am waiting,
I am waiting for you baby"
"Waiting, I am waiting,
I am waiting for you"
Maggie! Maggie!
I am changing my dress.
Open the door.
- Coming.
Come out fast.
What happened?
Today is Valentines day right?
- Yes.
Namo came and said I love you.
What did you say?
You said right, he may commit suicide if rejected
as this is his first love and thus in fear...
I love you too.
Sure, is he ok in the three?
Not so, Gokul came after he came and left.
I am saying for the first time in life,
I love you Paddu.
Oh no, you said him yes.
Poor fellow, have you said him no?
He must have felt bad.
Thus, for him not to feel..
For him not to feel?
I love you too!
Bloody, what is saying I love you too for both?
You said him as he would die..
You said this fellow as he would feel.
What has Nani done, he too would say I love you
and will you say him I love you too again?
Yes, thinking he would be hurt..
- Thinking...
I love you too.
What is saying so for all three, bloody?
Phone Ringing
Dad is calling.
Say dad.
Paddu, you said he would return
from America in six months..
..if you say something
we will be in our arrangements.
Oh God!
Will you say I love you to all three as you like number three?
What shall I say when your mom and dad ask me?
I cannot bear this tension, I will die.
Hey, wait for a minute. I said to wait for a minute.
That is the matching scarf I bought for
the dress bought recently for 6000.
If needed, I will give you another scarf.
No worry when I am saying to die,
but are crying as you may lose scarf for the dress.
I am feeling so much to lose a scarf matching to my dress.
How more would I feel losing a friend for life time?
You crazy girl!
Will you not ask why I said yes to all three?
- No.
Every girl feels there should be at least one
to like her a lot, a guy to wait whole day to talk with..
..a guy to walk behind her without her
knowledge and a guy to look at her as a Goddess.
I have three like that.
I do not how you feel listening to
me saying to be loving three.
But, I feel great to listen that three are loving me.
Your wish, but be very careful.
What is this dress, in half saree?
How were you when you came to city, like this.
I understood one thing after seeing you..
..that tensions would grow that much as
the dress shortens on the body of a girl.
I want to be at peace like this.
Phone Ringing
Hi Gokul
Hey Paddu, what is up?
I am thinking of you.
You said me I love you, right? I remember the same.
Gokul, my brother is calling. I will call you again.
- Ok darling, I will be waiting.
Hi Namo
- Hi Paddu.
What are you doing?
I am thinking of you.
What is he saying the same I said?
- Paddu!
I remember I love you said yesterday by you.
Is it? I too am thinking the same.
Namo, wait for a minute.
My elder brother is calling.
Ok Paddu.
Hi Nani.
- Hi.
You are thinking just about me, right?
Yes, how do you know?
I too am thinking about you.
- Paddu..
I feel like seeing you. Why can you not send a selfie?
- Please send, please..
Ok, I will send.
What did you say to send?
I am sending a selfie as the boy is not getting sleep.
I am not getting air, turn the fan a bit this side.
My foot will he sleep now after sending such a photo now.
Yes, how could you manage
when you were in love?
I managed some how..
Leave that.
Boys would be different before loving
and different after loving.
Before love he opens the door while getting down from car,
pulls backs the chair at table
and even he gives the tissue after eating.
When we say ok and marry, we should wash his plates,
we shall wash his house and even take care of his kids.
Why does they moving like dogs before
marriage treat us like dogs after marriage?
Yes, they are different before and after love.
They are now in love and let us
test how they behave now with me.
How they react if Paddu gets fever,
how they behave if Paddu gets anger
and what they do if someone teases Paddu...
We shall test everything.
This test decides who becomes the husband of Paddu.
Test number one!
Hello, Paddu is not being seen and I am not in city.
Phone Ringing
Hey, first call came.
Why delay, you too start the score board.
Even the second guy is calling.
All of you hold the nose.
Ok, say yes saying to lift the phone.
What phone, I am not understanding?
You too hold nose dude.
Even the third guy is calling.
Phone Ringing
Keep it in silent.
Stop the chatting and start the prayers.
- Put all your mobiles in the donation box.
In the Face book also.
Bro, play bro.
Play bloody, what happened to you?
Maggie, even Namo started Whatsapp.
What? My dear, cheers! Poor fellow
Hey, here! I do not understand what he is doing!
What are you lifting that on head when it is to be on hands?
Think and do...
Hey, my phone!
You spoilt my phone bloody. Hey, hello...
Why did you keep the phone in
silent without answering?
That is not such an important call.
Pants get wet on the other side
if phone is not lifted. Answer it.
Oh no, Nani!
How much are they loving you dear?
Let us start counting.
516, 515 and 516!
Namo and Nani are equal.
Gokul is down by a call.
Then it is like Gokul failed in the test.
Just one call right?
Will anyone give World cup saying just a run behind?
That means, are you world cup?
- Obviously.
What, are you calling now and saying?
What are you doing?
I will call to gokul
to say that he is rejected.
Phone Ringing
Thank God!
All of these 3 were pased in the first test.
Nothing has happened really Nani, my phone did not work.
And thus I was not in touch, ok?
I will have bath and call, ok?
Came to market for buying
biscuits for Padmavathi.
Hey Padmavathi!
Where are you going so?
Shut up and come here once.
What are you saying so bloody?
I said my dog and not you.
Name of my dog is Padmavathi.
Why did you hit me?
Why did you put name of my friend to dog, bloody?
Oh, is your name too Padmavathi?
- Yes
You know why did we give it that name?
I had a hot girlfriend and her name too was Padmavathi.
I spent a lot taking her to temples and pubs.
She finally cheated and left me.
After she left, I bought this
and named as she did not have loyalty.
That is it.
Ok, do not be seen again. Go!
You too do not be seen.
You be visible.
You are so hot.
You wait.
I will say, come.
Why is he so arrogant?
Let us use that and workout test number two.
When he just dashed, our phones got exchanged.
Name of his dog and me are the same.
He is very arrogant.
What is the relation between these three and the test?
Test number 2..
what will they do if someone talks bad about Paddu?
See the rest on the big screen.
- Who?
Who called?
- Myself.
Who should say then?
- Me.
Then say.
I want Padmavathi.
Pamavathi is not with me. I do not need and thus let go.
Hey Padmavathi, you be silent.
You said no Padmavathi and who is this Padmavathi?
That and This padmavathi are different.
I want this Padmavathi then.
Padmavathi is taking bath. Call again.
What are you doing there bloody,
when Padmavathi is taking bath?
Idiot, it is me giving bath.
Hey, what is giving a bath to Padmavathi? Who are you?
I bought Padmavath at 25000
and will you give her bath if not me?
You bought at 25000?
Yes, they said 30 and I bargained to buy at 25000.
Bloody, where do you stay?
What for you, cut the phone first, Soap is drying out.
Bloody, you will be dead.
What is he feeling so much for you?
Phone Ringing
Need to speak with Padmavathi madam.
What have you got with it?
A bit personal.
What is personal between you?
You will not understand even if said.
What are you doing not to understand?
I said you will not understand, right?
Give the phone to Padmavathi.
Padmavathi is taking bath and you cannot speak now.
What are you doing there when Padmavathi is taking bath?
Who would wipe the body after bath then?
What is wiping the body bloody?
I bought Padmavathi for 25000
and will you wipe the body if not me?
Who are you bloody donkey?
A guy just called, call him and ask.
He hang up the phone.
What bloody, why is the whole state getting
to know when you are being give bath?
Hello Paddu!
Bloody, you too want Padmavathi?
How many need Padmavathi, bloody?
He needs Padmaathi, he too wants
and even this fellow wants Padmavathi.
Has anyone called for Padmavathi before?
A guy just called and felt when I said was giving bath.
Another then called and felt when said I was drying her.
And now you called.
What is giving bath and drying Padmavathi.
What are you asking strange?
Will you not wipe bodies after bath?
What are you wiping the body?
Hey, I bought Padmavathi for 25 thousand
and what is wrong in bathing or drying?
What 25000, say where do you live?
Two people just called now.
Ask them they will inform. Bye.
Bro, we got his address.
- Yes.
Hey, is it you who gave bath to Padmavati?
It was me who wiped the the body too.
Is it you who wiped the body of Padmavathi?
It is me who even gave bath. So what?
Do you touch my beautiful Padmavathi?
How dare are you bloody idiot?
Sleep bloody!
I will break your hands and legs bloody!
Will you hit saying I gave bath or wiped the body?
I will hit for anything.
Ok, carry on.
Oh no, stop!
I will kill you bloody
Go, please go sir
You bloody, will never give you bath again.
Not just you, but even I will not take bath.
Where are you?
I just came.
Take left.
Am I seen?
- Yes.
What sir, looks to have go beaten greatly?
Three came yesterday and bet me badly.
They took your phone, but did not give my phone.
Who are they?
Your relatives?
No, my boyfriends.
Three boyfriends?
- Yes.
Ok, who hit you better from the three?
Anybody when get hit will
be asked whether gone to hospital.
Will anyone ask like who hit better from the three?
Did you get beaten well? Have you been
to hospital? Now say, who hit better?
All the three hit better than each other.
Are you happy now?
You and your sadism!
It is not 500 and 100 notes in India, but girls like you.
It seems all three hit the same and all three passed in test.
What shall we do now?
We will take food and then think. Ok?
Who cooked?
These tests and office and again food?
I arranged for maid from tomorrow.
We will order something for today, come on.
What will we do if no one in the house?
It will be better if we set our program.
No one is there in the house.
Come fast.
I came.
Come on.
Wow.. what a magic!
Madam, as you left for office on work...
You were on your work as I went on my work.
I recorded it all.
I pray you madam, sorry madam.
You used my bed at your will,
will you not change the bed sheet?
I will change madam.
What is your salary?
Rs. 3000 cut this month for room charges.
- Madam.
Do not overact, I have the recording.
When will you come every day?
- At 10 AM
You are coming by 8 o'clock from tomorrow.
- Madam.
Do not overact, I have the recording.
I have three boyfriends and you should help me
when I cannot manage them, because...
You have the recording.
Wow, go on with your work.
Test number 3!
Paddu got fever.
I arranged bed in for you and you start the
performance once they come.
What time will they come?
I asked Namo to come at 10 o'clock..
Gokul at 10 o'clock and Nani by 10 o'clock.
Three should not clash, right?
It is 10 o'clock and first participant is Namo.
You said Namo first right? Why is Gokul coming?
I feel am getting real fever and I am leaving.
I am not understanding at all, what will happen now?
What is this suddenly dear?
Climate change.
You should be careful, right?
What do I know that so many changes
would come suddenly in climate?
Ok, what did Doctor say?
He said not to talk long with any.
You leave, it may not look good if anyone comes.
Ok then, careful.
Take care baby, bye.
You are...
Who is he?
My boyfriend.
Who is he?
- Boyfriend of Maggie.
He is speaking even with her and leaving
as it does not look good just speaking to me.
Not good just talking got me
and leaving, speak even with her.
Boyfriend it seems
- Yes.
She said that.
It seems you too are boyfriend?
- She said.
Hi.. What is this fever suddenly?
Climate change.
You should be careful, right?
What do I know that so many changes
would come suddenly in climate?
Ok, what did Doctor say?
He said not to talk long with any.
You leave, it may not look good if anyone comes.
- Bye.
Ok see you.
- Okay.
Take tablets.
- Okay.
I will do prayers on your name.
Bye Paddu.
- Bye.
Take care.
- Thank you.
No, I cannot.
Who are you?
- Their maid.
Who is he then?
My boyfriend.
He looks like a hero
What is this bad time for him?
Poor taste!
Who are they?
One is my boyfriend.
The other?
- My boyfriend.
Good taste!
What is this suddenly dear?
Climate change.
You should be careful, right Paddu?
We never expected that so many changes
would come suddenly in climate?
Ok, what did Doctor say?
He said to talk if anyone comes by making him sit.
Phone Ringing
What dear, are the clothes your dad sent good?
They are good mom. I wore the same.
We thought of coming, but stopped as you said no.
Ok mom, friends cam and will speak later.
- Ok, bye.
Butter scotch with almond cake ready, madam.
It is almond, bloody.
That means all are burning?
What, is the birthday cake ready and all boyfriends know?
No. You too do not say.
What is that?
Three would kill saying party, temple ad so if they know.
We will celebrate so in peace dear.
Calling bell
- Hi Nani.
What Nani, came at this time?
Tomorrow is birthday of Paddu, right?
Came to wish at 12 and surprise her.
Surprise wishing at 12, but Paddu is not home.
She is gone out.
Then let us do a thing.
Keep me in some room at
your house and will wish coming out at 12.
She will get shocked.
I am getting shocked listening to you.
- Come.
House should be vacated with this.
Gang leader, Rustum, Goonda,
Attaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu!
Come up silently.
- Okay.
I thought a big wall, but this is a pit wall.
You are after all a tiger and lion is here.
Salute me, come on salute!
Jai Pawanism!
Lord, you stole many hearts in Andhra and Telangana.
Bless me that I rob in houses of all those my Lord.
You say to create but not follow trend right?
See to that I too create a trend among all thieves, Lord!
Come on my Lord.
"This is my world!"
Oh no, someone has come.
Thank God, I escaped.
There is still two hours, be right here.
Oh no, will he be there for two more hours?
Why here? Let me look at another room.
Oh no!
What if even those come like this guy?
Why is he here?
You are her boyfriend right?
- Yes.
I came to wish as it is birthday of Paddu.
Oh, you are her boyfriend right?
Ok, come.
We can manage if they come one by one.
We are dead if both come at once.
Calling bell
We are just thinking what happens if both come.
To give surprise to Paddu!
Paddu is gone out right?
- Then do one thing.
Hide us in some room of your house and we
will come out at 12 and surprise coming out at 12.
What do you say?
- Ok, come.
"You are the water of Bay of Bangal..."
Maggie, what about me?
Oh no, crowd has come!
There is still two hours, you stay right here.
You just said the same dialogue even to him, right?
Work is not going on even here.
You be in this room and do not come out.
She is kept one for room. What is happening here?
What are you doing here?
Biting nails unable to bear the tension.
You should bite your nails, but why for that?
My nails are over already.
That is why biting for that.
Ok, what shall we do now?
They kept those three up
and what are these three doing down?
If they three know that I am loving
all the three of them, we are gone.
Oh, they are not that type but lovers?
Damn it, I misunderstand, sorry babes.
Today is your birthday and none would scold or hit you.
Why risk madam, say it to them.
Move aside baby.
Who are you bloody?
I am a thief.
Why are you roaming around like house of your dad then?
What, will you shout?
Yes, we will shout.
- Ok, shout.
If her love story is known,
they will come and shout from up.
Come on shout.
- Oh no..
Hey, come here.
I will not come.
I will shout if you do not come.
Show your hand.
Why are you not saying anything
when he is taking the ring madam?
We are caught and what can we speak?
Lord, you are really a God.
Hey, black baby come here.
Come here.
Move your back that way.
Move that way.
- Hey..
You cannot shout. They will come.
Lord, you are making me create trend instead of following in thieves.
You are God again and again.
What madam? You are not talking
when some idiot is patting on the back.
You look wow in the green saree, come and give a kiss.
Kiss, bloody I do not know.
Bloody, what more will you daily do? Go and give.
Lord, have you given me special package in special status?
You are God again.
You have been torturing saying Lord from then.
Who is that Lord?
Power star Pawan Kalyan!
Bloody, as my dad is getting me
married in six months.
I selected three for marrying
a guy like Pawan Kalyan in this gap.
You came in the last moment and are spoiling.
This is not a cheating you are doing with me,
but to Pawan Kalyan.
What dear, are you fan of my Kalyan Babu?
I will be a support for your love dear.
I will manage them till 12 this night.
Move aside.
It is just entertainment and confusion
in this game I am starting now.
What is happening in this house?
Who is he and who is he?
What is the link to him and him?
This is your doubt, right?
That is, what is happening is..
Move aside bloody!
Do not speak in the middle.
Hey, it is birthday of our Paddu.
What is the use being in your rooms?
When asked you say surprises.
Hey, surprises cannot be remembered
after 10 years, but only the enjoyments.
Hey, who are you?
Look girls, they do not know that
I came to give entertainment.
You go and say whatever story you want to say.
Go on...
One is my boyfriend and the other is boyfriend of Maggie.
One is boyfriend of Maggie and
the other is boyfriend of Fruity.
One is my boyfriend and
the other is boyfriend of Fruity.
That is all ok, but who are you bloody?
What did I just say bloody?
Only surprises cannot be remembered
after 10 years, but only the enjoyments.
I want enjoyment. I want this enjoyment.
I want to group of enjoyment... Please shitting...
It is head and you sing.
Bloody donkey, what is the link to head and me?
You bloody fool, you have a head right?
You sing then.
"The key which opens the lock of the heart"
"Love.. Love.. Love.. Love."
"The lamp glowing near the love Goddess"
"Love.. Love.. Love.. Love."
"Love gives tribute to the friendship"
"Love gives light by burning itself"
"Love is the rainbow linking earth and sky"
I may die in tension. Let us say them as said by Fruity.
See how is he, I will die if he beats.
I will say what is in my heart.
Hey black baby...the letter M came and you should sing.
"I feel like saying what is in heart,
but no words,how to say?"
"There is a good matter hidden,
but does not come out, how to say?"
"Eyelids go down seeing him,
how to stop my shy feeling?"
Says how if not said, they will die if the real matter is out.
Why will we die?
Yes, we will tell it all.
I am watching from when I came.
Who are you bloody?
Why do you say who again?
I am the one coming to entertain you.
Surprises cannot be remembered after 10 years,
but only the enjoyments.
I want this entertainment,
you sing now.
Hey you... come on sing.
"I have seen, meetings will never stop"
"These are the promises of my eyes
spoken in your eyes"
That is all.. I am just a bathroom singer.
Are you a bathroom singer?
Do not give live shows, it is wrong.
Bloody, you sing and you will know it.
"Beauty is laughed and I liked girlfriend"
"Got a great chance and
let me enjoy the romance"
"Wow dear, enjoy till you are done"
Stop it!
Who is dancing and with whose jasmine bunch bloody?
This is my bunch of jasmines bloody.
Some bloody guy is coming in, who is he?
My brother.
Who is this guy then?
- My big brother.
Hey, what am I big brother to you?
I fixed so for your black face and you sit quiet.
Look, I have been managing
from so long as you ask such doubts.
Still will surprises be remembered after
10 years or the entertainments?
I want this entertainment.
You came new and sing a new song.
Which song shall I sing?
- Sing about what you came for.
"Here is the white saree,
here are the jasmine flowers"
"Here is the white saree,
here are the jasmine flowers"
"Wear the white saree and decorate the jasmines"
"Just remine my name over the night"
This is the first night...
Maggie, what is happening here?
- One minute.
Hey, enough now. It is time for Paddu birthday
and all of you get up.
Big brother, you did great dance.
- Thanks.
Small brother!
You give the gifts got for Paddu here.
Shut up bloody, why will I bring gifts?
You brought ring, chain and wallet right?
Give them.
What is this fun, why will I have ring, chain and wallet?
What am I your brother?
I will pinch you, bloody.
- Yes.
He just said brought gifts and is now saying no.
he is saying a lie.
What sir, folding hands like big boss?
What will you do?
Oh no! Stop!
Take out, come on take out.
Can you not wait till I give?
I said not her brother, but did I say not to have taken these?
See you sir, I have to entertain at another place.
You wait bloody, I have a work with you.
Oh no!
Phone Ringing
Yes dad..
Happy birthday dear
Thank you dad.
You are celebrating birthday first time without me...
Dad, friends are here and will call you again.
Ok dear, I will call again.
Hello, dad of Paddu?
What, are you coming home?
Are you at the street corner?
Have you come down?
Happy birthday, Paddu.
Happy birthday.
- Thanks.
Happy birthday, Paddu.
You hit like my wig comes off, bloody.
Madam, you bashed me up when
I came to give an entertainment.
Madam, what is you loving three
and what are the three coming home?
And what is you getting so tensed
and what is all this madam?
"There is a normal girl, she has a heart"
"Hey, will there be two, three hearts
for one instead of one?"
Hey, shut up and listen to
what I am saying..
"Her birth date is three"
"Her birth month is three"
"Her roll number, room number,
bench number, lucky number are three"
"Her wake up time is three"
"Her lunch time is three"
"Her cell number, house number
in frame sums to three"
"One bottle has one lid, one movie one name
and one Sita has one Rama"
"She is with a love story in front of
our eyes like never before in history"
"One Paru and three Devadasus,
one Laila and three Majnus"
"One Juliet and three Romeos,
one Anar and three Salims"
"One for good morning in Face book"
"One saying good night in Whatsapp"
"One to chat saying your style is super"
"One to praise saying you are the dream girl"
"One for film, one for shopping and
another for long drive"
"Seeing her love,
I do not feel to have drunk at all"
"One Paru and three Devadasus,
one Laila and three Majnus"
"One Juliet and three Romeos,
one Anar and three Salims"
"One to take to ice cream parlor"
"One to take for beauty parlor"
"One for time pass in coffee day"
"One for college dropping and pick up"
"One for party, one for outing and
another for taking to pub"
"I am going mad seeing her love"
"One Paru and three Devadasus,
one Laila and three Majnus"
"One Juliet and three Romeos,
one Anar and three Salims"
"One Paru and three Devadasus,
one Laila and three Majnus"
"One Juliet and three Romeos,
one Anar and three Salims"
Ok, bye.
- What?
Those three asked to meet out this evening
and I said one to take it light.
It's so good when all persons behave like you.
- What?
What is your position
and what are the problems around you?
Are you not understanding any of these at all?
Those three deep in love with you.
Even the time of six months given
by your mom is over.
Select one from the three at least now
and decide what to do with your life.
I will today select one from them
as you said, ok?
I need to ask you one thing.
I too should say one thing to you.
I have been waiting from long
to say this first only to you Paddu.
I will say first Paddu, please.
Ok, say.
I got the SI posting.
I am selected for nationals in basketball paddu.
I got posting as priest in Tirumala Tirupati Temples Paddu.
You know, this is my dream.
I have been dreaming a lot from
my childhood for this day.
To say the importance of this,
cannot decide between you or the game Paddu.
Then decide, am I important or
your career for you?
I do not like you giving as much importance
as me to any other thing in your life.
What if you cannot give time for me being busy in work?
And if that becomes a reason for fights between us?
Decide you want that or me?
You are my life Paddu.
Anything for you Paddu.
Nothing else in life is important than you Paddu.
Calling Bell
What happened?
I got posting as priest in Tirumala Tirupati Temples Paddu.
I got the SI posting.
I am selected for nationals in basketball paddu.
All those are good news right?
Why are you so dull?
Those are the career they earned working hard life long.
They loved you madly.
How did you feel like playing with their lives?
Thank God..
you are doing so only in love matter.
If you had done so even in friendship,
I too would not be with you.
I really did not expect.
If three boys cheat my friend,
do not know how that feels..
..but I hate to know that my friend cheated
three guys who genuinely loved her.
If your mom or dad knows that their dad went to city,
loved three boys and cheated them..
..they would consume something and die.
How was such born to my husband who takes care
of wife as daughter and daughter as mother?
That priest when she was born that
it is enemy born and not daughter.
My husband is not realizing that even now.
I now understand how great is her dad.
Did you not remember your dad before
saying to have loved three boys?
Your dad is dreaming there to get
you married to the one you like.
Will you go now saying to have roamed with three
and ask to get married to three?
I am not understanding anything mom.. say what to do. Please mom, please.
Phone Ringing
You are coming to village with me.
You are marrying the guy seen by your dad.
Not that mom..
You do not speak any more.
Mom, please mom! Listen to me.
Hey, my baby is come back.
You know how many days are gone
since this house heard the word dad?
What happened?
She said some America guy would come in six months right?
He has not come.
It seems married someone right there.
That is the reason.
Are you feeling bad for that?
You crazy girl, come.
If you had to step in his house, luck should
have stepped in his house 25 years back.
His bad luck.
Look, forget all those and say yes.
I will get a great match and get you married.
Just say yes.
Your wish dad.
Hey. Start decorating.
"Are you silent, my dear silence?
No word at all"
"Hey my dear foot, there is no way"
"You happily won the games in first love"
"You today stood as a stone
at a place without my love"
"Heartbeat is stopping,
tears are overflowing"
"Time is changing and running away,
it is slipping away"
"Hopes drying out,
breathe getting heavy"
"Love is vanishing and running away,
it is slipping away"
Looks like baby is worried in some matter sir.
It is better you get to know once.
She wants me not to know that and I too will be so.
"You drowned in the light and
reached the shore of darkness"
"You hung the smile and
gave breathe to the sorrow"
"You broke the funny freedom and
changed into shackles"
"Searching for life to live together,
you are left as a question without answer"
Door Knocking
I came without saying anything to those three.
I have not even said sorry.
Please call them once.
They would scold as you for leaving
and forget feeling for four days.
Leave it now and do not mess with them again.
Please listen to as said by your mom.
"Heartbeat is stopping,
tears are overflowing"
"Time is changing and running away,
it is slipping away"
"Fault is turning to cyclone and
love is going aside"
"It is getting upside down,
drying out and is getting into day"
Dad, need to say you a matter.
Say, dear.
I did a mistake in Hyderabad without your knowledge.
Not one, you did three.
You said to be loving three.
They are moving crazy for you sacrificing their careers.
You are worried thinking what would happen to them.
How do you know all these?
I am dad and will get to know.
I did not say, right? How do you know?
I am dad and will get to know.
Why did you not ask me after knowing?
You did not want to say, right?
I just sent you to Hyderabad, but have not left you.
I cannot leave you.
I did not do knowingly dad, unknowingly...
- I know dear.
You said it now, right?
Dad will take care. Ok?
Mr. Raghava Rao?
Yes me. Be seated.
You called to meet, any prayers at home?
Mr. Raghava Rao?
Yes me. Be seated.
You said should talk something.
One more should come..
We will speak after he comes.
Two minutes.
What should be spoken about sir?
Two minutes.
There he is come.
Excuse me, sir.
- Come and be seated.
He too is arrived, will you say why you called us?
To introduce ourselves.
My name is Raghava Rao, I am dad of Padmavathi.
I mean Paddu.
How is Paddu sir?
We will talk after the introductions.
What about you..
I am Gokul uncle.
Padmavathi comes to me for basketball training.
I know her so.
- Just knowing?
That is, I and Paddu are in love uncle.
But she is not to be seen suddenly from a week.
Where is Paddu, uncle?
You are?
What he is speaking...
We will speak after the introductions.
My name is Nani uncle.
You know Paddu?
That is, I and Paddu are in love from three months.
But, is he confused or...
And you..
Paddu said to be in love with me too sir.
- Narendra Mohan Sastry.
She is Paddu I loved and you are all speaking about...
I sacrificed my total life for her sir.
Even these too have done the same
and that is the problem now.
This is, the priest post at
Tirumala you lost because of my daughter.
My daughter is worried there saying
your careers are ruined because of her.
I do not like her worrying.
I do not like you losing because of her and thus...
It is your wish to remember your
memories between you as sweet or the bad.
But to definitely remember is to forget this right now.
I want to get my daughter married to another..
What? Will you do marriage with another person?
You called as you wished,
said what you wanted to and gave a cover each.
You are saying to give Paddu to someone in marriage.
When you decide everything, what are we here for?
I have not loved anyone in life sir, except your daughter.
I was never cheated by anyone except your daughter.
Still, having a daughter loving three at home
what did you come to talk with us sir?
Just for one wish by her, I sacrificed
this without thinking even for a minute sir.
This is real love sir.
- Yes, you really loved.
You now know that my daughter is in love with three.
Your careers too are now in your hands.
Not then, but sacrifice your careers now for her.
I will give my daughter in marriage to
the one who sacrifices career now for her.
Will you do?
You then tore off even not thinking for a second, right?
Why are you thinking now?
Is the love down as you came to
know that she is loving three?
It's not happened in my case..
..even after I knew her to be loving
three my love is not down.
I came saying to talk with you even without
thinking for a second and this is called love.
If something goes wrong between lovers..
..anger should come on the mistake
and not on the beloved.
It is the mistake to be put away,
but not the person.
You mean, she can play with our career
but we should not even get angry on her right?
What careers and whose careers?
My daughter thought of selecting one from you three.
It was me getting you SI post as you can be
happy if my daughter selects you by chance.
He is the one I said.
I need SI posting for that boy.
I was the one who sent letter
by consulting the selection committee..
..through a Central Minister,
by thinking that she may select you.
He should be sent for national selections.
This should definitely be done.
I am the reason for you to get the post in Tirumala.
Here, he should get the priest post.
Whatever is the feeling of me from you,
I am the reason behind that.
Even Paddu does not know till now.
I got her a job and am giving her monthly
salary though she failed Engineering.
I am the one safeguarding her
from the day she stepped in the city.
I am not saying your love is less or low.
I am saying this love is not enough
to take care of my daughter.
I lived my life for her instead of myself
and thus could take care all these days.
It is not enough to get a guy taking good care.
Someone to look after like me, like a dad should come.
There is one such guy..
..and Paddu is getting married
to him on 3rd of next month.
This marriage is not on my will,
but will happen with your liking.
Marriage will happen only
when you come that day and say yes,
else it will not.
We four loving her together will get her
married to a guy who loves her like me.
I will be waiting for you.
Mr Raghava Rao, those three have not come.
What will you do now?
Have you said your dad about those three?
From your childhood,
you are his world being before his eyes.
Even for the few minutes with me..
..he always talks of you comparing with what others
did for their daughters and what he should do.
And exactly at the marriage time you are here..
..and no idea where he is.
Good if he is back safely.
If something goes wrong by mistake with him...
I will really look lifelong at you as an enemy.
Have you ever thought your mom to talk so in life?
Is there anything else left for you
to do or for us to witness in life?
As a friend, I did not understand..
Your mom bringing you up,
even she did not understand..
Your dad did not understand.
At least do you understand yourself?
At least do you understand yourself?
What are you seeing so?
Today is the marriage, right?
It is halted.
Loving three and to marry another, will it not stop?
Yes, I loved three and roamed around with them.
I was a flirt.
I did what a girl should never do.
It is wrong.
They call girls like me as bitch in English.
In Telugu... Maybe I too am that.
But, I have not done anything wrong with anyone.
I have not used anyone on the
name of shopping or for any works.
I thought to decide myself as to
whom I need to be for life time.
Every person in life likes someone at some angle.
One in school time, one in college days
and one during the job time.
In such a way, there would be
two to three in life of everyone.
But, the three in my life are at the same time.
Yes, it is wrong to play with their emotions
saying to be in love with the three.
I did not know the three would
fall in love with me, when I started right?
I put various tests to cut them from
when they fell in love.
They went on getting closer in love
every time I tried to cut.
Even if arranged marriage,
will they not see a minimum of 10 matches?
If three from them like us at once..
..they give to the one from them in terms
of job, money, character or family.
I too did the same.
Good wife in my opinion is.. forgetting the one whom
she loved before marriage..
..not the one to live with the guy
married after completely.
No problem, even if she loves three before marriage.
But the final guy in her heart should
only be even on the marriage stage.
Maybe the path I took was wrong, but not my intention.
What is doing mistake in smiles
and crying after knowing about the mistake?
If God makes tears come while doing mistake,
we will not do mistakes at all.
I am alive just because I should not be
left out lifelong as an enemy..
..pushing into pain to dad
who loved not to become enemy.
Else, it would have been many days since I am dead.
You know why I am saying all this even now?
My friend with me did not understand.
My mom bringing me up did not understand.
The crazy guy loving me,
my dad too did not understand.
At least I should understand myself.
I did not expect to see you alone so in marriage attire Paddu.
But you are looking beautiful in that attire Paddu.
Like everything you said after we met was a lie,
I feel it is good even
if the love you proposed was a lie Paddu.
We came to get you married with the guy liked by your dad.
But not understanding whether to leave
happily feeling you would be happy after marriage..
..or in a doubt thinking how you would be after marriage, Paddu.
We all have the same doubt uncle.
You are giving her to some guy saying
no to all three of us.
If you can say just one reason for this,
we too will get this marriage done happily.
Sir, baby is jumped into the pond.
Hey, what would have happened if you were not there?
Hey, what were you doing in the pond,
when all the kids are up?
I too jumped seeing her jump dad.
Why could you not stop before jumping then?
- She wanted to jump, right sir?
What if something unexpected happens?
- I am there to save.
That was me..
I brought her up so from childhood.
He too will take the same care.
If I get her married to him.. is like dad is with her from the day
she was born till the end.
What more can I give my daughter than this?
I want to see him once uncle.
These are the ones I said.
Oh, Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Do not think otherwise for asking.
You both in future, as she married
you after loving us three before...
What is wrong in it?
She thought to decide about who she wanted to be in life.
I decided 25 years back and she is taken time.
That is all.
She is not any ordinary girl to marry anyone like that.
She is a wonder.
You three went crazy just as
she acted love with you..
..and I really want to see
how it feels if she truly loves.
I feel it is more good if that is me.
I do not know how you feel knowing
she loving three is marrying me..
..but for me it is great thinking that she is
marrying me crossing over three who loved her.
Dad also found a guy as same as Pawan Kalyan.
Hey, why are two?
As this is the first time, I got a company in fear.
It is first time even for me, did I get anyone with me?
Why are both putting?
Thought to teach her as this is the first time.
What more will you teach?
Not like that, in shy like this.
Look, say me clearly whether first night is with her or you?
Your wish, whatever it is your wish.
Why do you say your wish?
My mom said it is the wish of boy during first night.
Wow, never thought to hit double
century in first match of the life.
Baby, have the chair there and watch.
You come.
- Hey.
Priest is fixed time at 2:30
and I know you will not connect till 3.
These are all for that, right?
It is 3 now and shall we start?
Is it 3? Oh no..
No.. The mood is just come.
Why has she come out from the room?