Nani's Gang Leader (2019)

Hey, didnt we discuss that
we wouldnt harm any living thing?
Drive carefully!
Yes sir... everything looks clear on the left side
There are two guards.
Yes sir.
Hey, why did you stop?
Take the bags soon..
we are running out of time.
A small change in the plan.
Search on the other side.
-Okay sir.
Hello, did you find the black van?
-No sir. couldn't catch him
the guy drove too fast and he ecaped.
Inform the control room immediately
and alert every check post.
What do you want?
-Ma'am, there is a letter for you.
Hello, Govt. Ladies Hostel.
No way.. Not possible.
there is a letter for you.
Thank you.
My hands are dirty... can you read it for me?
Congrats Varalakshmi Madam
In the yearly lucky draw held by Prestige Company
you have won a prize.
Please collect your gift from our Miyapur Office
tommorrow morning at 11:00 am
I have freshly prepared Tamarind rice,
would you like to have some?
Yes please.
-Come in.
This Tamarind rice is delicious madam!
My Son also loves this a lot.
Anyways, you have booked such a big truck.
Whats the cargo?
It could be either a Fridge or
a washing machine or even a cupboard.
She said it's a huge company
but this place doesn't look like it.
Anyway, it's better I discuss my fare before-hand.
Madam, even if you get small kitchen items as gifts,
You would still have to pay me my auto fare.
Shut up, jinx of a fellow!
jinx of a fellow...?
Stay there.
Just a minute...
Just a minute... Just a minute...
7th floor
7th floor
A Kid!
I got scared, I didn't notice her.
7th floor for you too?
Come in... I've been waiting for you.
please come in.
Did you send these letters?
I only sent it... please come in.
we'll talk about it.
thought it was a gift from a huge company.
So, there is only one gift for all of us?
I brought a huge truck thinking otherwise
Looking at this... it doesn't seem like.
-that's what I am not able to understand.
I am Saraswati.
My grandson Jagan.
His first year death anniversary took place recently.
Last year, he was one among the five
to be killed in the Panjagutta bank robbery.
Varalakshmi, your son Rajaram
also got killed on the same day.
Your fiance Avinash also got killed on the same day.
Swathi's elder Brother, Karthik...
this little girl's father, Brahmam.
all of them got killed on the same day
We are the only ones alive related to these five men
Just like me, all of you are also Orphans now.
The 6th person ruthlessly shot and killed our five men.
All of you know, right
Wait... wait.. wait...
That means, aren't you the one who has been calling me
repeatedly about this case from the last one year?
Not only you... I've been calling all of you.
No one cared about it,
that's why I had to gather us like this
I suffered for a year...
I completed his death rituals.
I've decided to not put up with this anymore.
I will take my revenge now.
Yes, all of you have to join me.
let's kill him together
What is this...?
have you gone crazy?
How old are you..?
May be 80 years.
Forget about you and me...
we finished more than half of our lives
This little baby...
This young girl can study and has a bright future...
This one can get married and look forward to a happy life...
do you want to sacrifice everyone for your revenge?
Yes... even I am suffering my son's death
I am also angry on the murderer
I pray everyday that murderer suffers...
what else can I do?
Why are you smiling?
What is the matter?
looks like the gifts are heavy,
do you want me to help you?
My foot!
You successfully jinxed my lucky draw.
I'll break your legs if I see you again.
Madam, my fare?
-Go away. you Idiot.
Granny, we are common women.
We won't be able to do it.
Just because of we are women...
should we let go off the revenge and sit helplessly?
We are women.
We can give life to a person...
taking it away shouldn't be that tough.
If that murderer killed us instead of our men...
wouldn't they get back to kill him?
Don't you understand?
Irrespective of you four joining me, I am going to kill him.
All of you can leave now.
Oh, my baby...
This little girl can't talk...
she lost her mom at a very young age...
she is living in an orphanage because of that guy.
Granny, I'll also come with you.
We shouldn't leave him.
Let's kill him.
But how...? where do we start?
Killing five people...If he is roaming free for more than
a year after robbing 300 crores... how smart would that guy be..?
To catch hold off someone like him
we need someone who is way smarter than him.
Look at this.
Pencil Parthasarathy!
Famous author who writes only revenge novels.
He has written 28 novels untill now.
I read each of them about ten times.
Every novel has a crime, a murderer...
and to get hold off him there is a hero
who catches him with his wits.
Do you know how well he has written them?
If he has written 28 such novels,
Imagine how revengeful he would be?
Every story has its own way of revenge.
We need this kind of a guy for our revenge.
Is there any address mentioned inside?
That is not the house you should be looking at...
this is the one.
How is such a big author living in this garbage?
His situation seems to be worse than ours.
Everyone has their own sentimental reasons.
Maybe he found success here.
Its not our concern.
Lets go inside. Come. Come.
(Jayamu nishchayambura
song from Shabash Ramudu playing)
He has left the door open.
Mr. Pencil?
Is anyone here?
Oh Goodness!
Wow! thousands of books.
If he has read all these books,
He must definitely be a highly intellectual person.
He must also be an old man!
Anyway, where is he?
He must be inside.
Good. Whats your name?
She is my daughter.
(Watching TV)
I said I want the truth.
She is my sister.
She is my daughter.
My sister.... my daughter.
I said I want the truth!
She is my sister and my daughter!
This... This is what writing means!
This is what climax looks like!
This is what a twist in tale means!
This is how i need to write.
No... I must write this story itself.
I found these in your backyard in the pond
I found these in your backyard in the pond.
I said I want the truth
I said I want the truth
Oh yes, probably
Oh yes, probably
I said I want the truth
He is alone...
Look at how focused he is on his work.
He must be a really good author.
He is not a good author,
He is a copycat.
He is translating the exact dialogues
into Telugu from English.
Did you notice all the movie DVD's around him?
Show me the books which you got.
'Raseedu ni champu
('"Kill Bill.")
This is a very good book.
A girl in this book takes revenge against
the villain exactly like us.
She is a pro with fist fights and swords...
She does it all.
I read this but I didnt understand who this 'Raseedu' is.
Granny, 'Raseedu' is Bill.
its a movie... Kill Bill!
Oh Goodness!
'No country for Old men.'
-Oh no!
Thats... No country for Old men.
Oh...Is that so?
'Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang!'
This is really good.
I read it.
Granny, people are copying novels and making movies.
But he is copying movies and writing novels.
He is a very big fraud!
You only put him on a pedestal.
Chinnu! he might have copied 28 novels...
But he probably read all these books here,
He must have an iota of ....
Oh no....!
Hey... look at this...
Look Grandma, look!
Look at the thousands of books he read.
This is all thermocol!
He is a fraud! Fraud for sure!
Oh Goodness!
We need to leave from here immediately.
Yes. We must. Lets go.
Full stop... Full stop... Full stop....
They put four full stops.
The... End.
I finished my 29th novel.
I am going to look at just one novel... just one.
Look... look... lets take a look at this.
Please come Granny...
he will see us... please let's go.
Come Granny... put it back... put it back.
Oh My Goodness!
Come Granny...
Hello... who is there?
('Nee Toli Choopulone' Song from
'Justice Chowdary' Movie)
Who are you all?
Yes... Yes... I am the pencil.
The famous revenge writer... Pencil Parthasarathy.
Come ... Come...
My house.
She is wearing a ring, looks like she is married.
Mr. Pencil...
Pencil, sir...
This is how a writers world is, usually filled with books.
All the authors who wrote these Revenge books
aren't writers, they are my relatives...
are my gods.
They are my mentors... It's them
who shaped me into a world-famous Revenge writer.
Uh... we are...
-My fans!
My fans
Am I Right?
Tell me... do you want a selfie or an autograph?
Why would we take a photo with you?
So why did you come?
A year ago, wasnt there
a robbery in the Bank at Punjagutta?
Yes. I remember.
One of the robbers brutally murdered the remaining five...
Not brutally granny, he killed easily...
If only he had killed the remaining five
by torturing them repeatedly,
That would have been an interesting material.
Why is she so excited?
This woman is the mother of
one of those five men.
I am the grandmother to one of those men.
She is the sister of one.
Oh god!
That little girl is the daughter...
Oh no.
and this one was to be married to one of them.
That means... Engaged...
Not yet married?
No problem..
I meant... its a problem.. How sad!
The sixth person ran away with Rs. 300 crores.
Lucky fellow.
Loafer fellow! He committed a gruesome mistake!
That is the reason why we have gotten together.
We wanted to catch him...
What after that...?
are planning to kill him.
You wanted to kill him?
Wonderful idea!
'Everyone should be happy.'
All the very best.
Kill him.
We need your help for our revenge.
May I know why you guys chose me
for such a prestigious project?
I read all of your 28 novels.
All of them were about revenge.
They are very well-written.
That is why with your advice and direction,
We wanted to catch that murderer.
We want you to join us Pencil.
Work with us, please.
Work means money.
One lakh per person...
There are five people, so five lakhs...
But regarding the payment,
it wouldnt be less than 5 lakhs.
5 lakhs?
We cant afford any cash.
It's okay... then pay through cheque.
We are very poor. We dont have any money.
That is why we need your help.
Social service?
Pure help.
Mr Pencil.
Get up!
Get up!
Get the hell up!
Free help, is it?
Why are you sitting here?
Did you not wonder who would take a photo with me?
Get up!
Dont push me!
-Push you? I should kick you.
And you little thing??
Leave that doll alone.
Leave that doll alone.
Look at this arrogant kid.
All of you have become a gang?
Get out everybody!
Get the hell out!
Ok, we will go.
Give me your phone number.
Should I give my phone number.
Who asked for yours, old lady?
Didn't you mention you have to kill that 6th guy...?
Go and kill him.
Get out and kill random people...
Get out.
Wait.. wait.. wait...
Hey Girl come... come...
You come.
Get out!
Whats with that look?
You have come to waste my time this morning!
I just finished my 29th novel and
my best friend is waiting to publish it...
This nonsense! What a waste of time!
Sir, money Sir.
Oh..! I forgot it.
Whats wrong, Sir?
Hey... he is on his way here.
-Who are you talking about?
That... P...P...P... Pencil ...
pencil fellow is coming here.
Give me my pressure ball.
Take this, sir.
If that guy comes up,
I am going to make you read all his books ten times.
No, sir.
Please dont do that to me...
I had accidentally read one page of his book...
And ... I suffered with cold shivers
and fever for an entire week
Keep squeezing this hard,
I'll manage him.
Sir...Sir.... Sir...
-Tell me, Manikyam.
Sir is not in the office.
But his car is here.
He parked his car here
and went on a world tour.
Caribbean to Kazakhstan via Pakistan.
Yes, Sir..
What am I to do with it?
I finished my 29th novel today.
I am dying to narrate it to someone or the other.
You seem pretty unoccupied,
Why dont you come with me?
No, sir. I have a lot of work, sir.
Come... come... It will only take 5 hours.
5 hours?
Can I not avoid it?
-No. You cant.
Leave my hand, sir
Sir is upstairs. He is waiting for you. Go.
You told me he was in Pakistan.
-No, Sir.. I'll go to Pakistan
Hey... Ramakrishna...
Sit down.
All the other stories are pale in comparison.
This is a league apart.
This one has a brilliant climax...
and very exciting scenes...
Sound effects, horror effects...
In fact, I was scared while writing it.
Then, why?
Why do you write it if you are scared?
Why should I publish it with fear?
Is this struggle really necessary?
Why dont you stop?
You are asking a world-famous
creative writer to stop?
Thats not possible.
Oh my Gosh!
I dont have any money on me, buddy
You dont have any money?
What about all the profits that you made
with my 28 best selling novels?
Profits, eh?
Who bought all those good-for-nothing novels of yours?
You have a copy and I have a copy
And some half-wit...
And some half-wit who doesnt have even
an iota of movie knowledge bought it!
Listen to me, buddy
I dont have any money...
I can't be publishing this...Leave me alone, please
Is that so?
Hey, Buddy...
I am an orphan.
I am an orphan.
I am an orphan.
Please give me a kiss.
I am an orphan.
Give him that kiss.
'China Bazar'
[This book is dedicated to Sravani]
I have been helping you right from childhood...
and yet you dedicate every single book
to Shravani?
You can say anything about me but not a word against her.
She left me but I am confident that she would
realise it was a mistake and come back to me.
Like hell she would!
Hey, Earlier in the morning today, five women visited me.
They spouted nonsense about revenge...
But there was one girl amidst them...
Hot, I tell you... Hot!
I was enamoured.
And so, I listened to all the nonsense that they spouted.
Looking at them, I saw a complete life cycle...
right from birth to death.
Why did they come?
Do you remember that Punjagutta bank robbery?
They are apparently the families of the
people who died in that mishap.
And that sixth one... Killer.
Apparently, they want to catch
the killer and kill him.
And they wanted my help!
As If I am ready to help them!
Why do they want your help?
The half-wit who bought that other copy
Is not a guy... she is an old lady.
My fan.
And a famous writer helping them.
Finally you accepted me as a 'famous writer'.
So that writer is going to use his creative skill
and nab the murderer...
And how he is going to be of help
to the ladies who seek revenge...
That is the story.
That old lady is quite enthusiastic.
She looked like she would shoot that
murderer on sight..
Super, buddy!
Hey Buddy...
I saw your eyes burn with passion
when you were a child.
I believed that you would turn into a great writer one day.
And that is the reason why I gave you all those CDs
Not to copy... but to be inspired.
Is it?
Help those five women and try to nab the criminal.
Jot down everything that happens
everyday as your novel.
Those five are going to be your characters.
Their journey is your story.
For the first time in your life,
You have an original story.
You are my brother-from-another-mother!
I will bear all the cost
I will even sell my assets
and Produce this project.
What do you say?
What do you say?
Hey, old lady...
Just like a dry leave hanging to a tree..
how long do you think you have?
Everyone in your family passed away.
Aren't you disgusted to be the only one left?
You can also die, right?
What if I broke in to your house and killed you...
the police would confirm that you have died of heart-attack.
No one cares about a stray dog's death
That's why write this house on my name.
You can rest at the oldage home which you visit regularly,
Listen to me... sign on these documents
Granny... Granny...
You came and asked for help
but didn't give the address.
Had to go through a lot to find you.
Why are you using the stairs?
Isn't the lift working?
Who are you?
I am this building's...
Watchman? being the watchman shouldn't you be
helping this old lady who is trying to climb the stairs
I am the owner... owner, sir.
If you are the owner,
what are you doing when the lift is not working?
Check it!
Come, I'll take you up.
Come Granny...
What floor do you have to go to?
- 7th floor.
7th floor is it?
Couldn't you find a house on the first floor?
As a writer you should have physical fitness also
not only mental fitness.
Why did you come?
You asked for help, right?
You sent me away, didn't you?
I'll tell you the truth, Granny.
I couldn't sleep in the night.
I thought it was the mosquitoes
but later I understood that it was you.
Regret, Granny... I Regret sending all of you away.
I've written multiple revenge stories.
how can I not help for a real one?
I'll do it, Granny.
Please... accept it.
shouldn't rest of the woman be on board too?
I'll take care of the rest.. you accept it first.
You say okay.
Put them on.
Why do we need this?
Revenge needs a signature style, slowmotion,
background score, there are plenty like these...
You put them on.
Come now, Lets win over the world.
Come on, lets rewrite the history.
Come on, lets challenge the future
and march against it at all odds.
Come on now, lets put in the effort
Come now, lets harden our hearts
Come on now, lets destroy the evil
With a secret strategy.
Cross the rooms, hours, thresholds
Cross the seas, obstacles and others
Fly, Fly, Fly away
Fly away, Fly away Fly away
And spread to the ten corners of the world.
Cross those temptations; those cries and cages
Cross others; the mountains and those streams
Fly, Fly, Fly away
Fly away, Fly away Fly away
And see the flash of final victory.
We bring the game here
We come here to stay
Ah, we come here to play
Sing with me
We bring the game here
We come here to stay
Ah, we come here to play
Come now, Lets win over the world.
Come on, lets rewrite the history.
Come on, lets challenge the future
and march against it at all odds.
Come on now, lets put in the effort
Come now, lets harden our hearts
Come on now, lets destroy the evil
With a secret strategy.
What is all this Pencil?
I got this from the 'Right to Information act'.
All the details regarding the police investigation are in this.
The details regarding the private investigation done by
senior journalist Satyanarayana Murthy, sir, are in here.
This has all the details regarding your five families.
Would you really need a file to know about us?
And whats this board about?
All the protagonists in my books had such big boards...
and the details relating to the case such as Evidence,
photographs, maps,paper cuttings and such details are on this.
One needs to spend only two minutes on this,
you are bound to find a clue.
I have been thinking for two days...
I dont have a clue but
I have a head ache!
I am unable to understand a thing.
What happened?
Where is my pen?
I've got a clue
Between what you told me and what
the police investigation revealed, There is one thing...
Your family members were all ordinary people.
There isnt a single criminal background on any of them
So, the police concluded that these five
would have hired a professional robber...
And so, they investigated people
with robbery related criminal records.
But it was useless.
Another thing is, the escape vehicle is black colour van.
A black colour van means a mortuary van.
So, the police investigated these
kinds of vans in the entire state.
But it turned out to be useless.
And so, this case hit a dead end.
We already knew this...
but tell us what is the clue that you found.
Look at the photo.
Even the police found them to be watches
But the eyes of 'Pencil' found the stopwatches in them.
Oh yes, stop watches. Why?
For perfection.
To finish the job before the police arrives
on the crime scene.
Practice makes a man perfect.
For an ordinary person, to do an extrordinary work
he needs practice.
According to the records...
the police arrived
within 18 minutes of alarm activation.
To get 300 crores from 14th floor in 18 minutes
how much practice would they need?
So, I am sure they must have practiced at
an under construction abandoned building for a while.
and that building would have been a minimum of 14 floors.
So, we need to figure out where these buildings are
how many of them are they?
and all such details need to be procured.
Where would we get them from?
Get Varalakhmi dressed up as an ACB officer...
and meanwhile I'll finish one Important task.
What is that?
Do you need any help?
Oh! we have enterd into the bathroom
while talking to him and following him.
Let's move...
Hey! Move... Move...
Whats happening here?
What are you guys doing here?
Have you been giving out permissions for bribe?
Yesterday in Dilsukhnagar a building of 14 floors crashed!
You know how many people passed away in that accident?
You are all done.
How many buildings have you
authorised construction on illegally?
And how many other buildings with 14
floors exist in and around the city?
In five seconds,I want the entire list...
the entire list!
I meant in front of Madam.
Where is your officer?
Call your officer.
where is the Officer?
Hello, excuse me...
Who are you people?
We are from Anti-Corruption Bureau, ACB
Senior officer and her subordinate.
She has a sore throat,
so I am shouting instead of her
That's what I am talking about.
We want the entire list of building with 14 floors.
Immediately! Right now!
First show me your ID card.
ID card, eh?
You said ACB, right? Show me the ID card.
ID card. ID card. Damn ID card!
Take it.
Aadhar card, eh?
Make do with that. We want the list.
The list of all the buildings with 14 floors.
Close all the doors.
-Ok Sir.
Call the police.
Would you call the cops on us?
Would you call the cops on us?
Would you call the cops on us?
Why are they talking about police?
Its ok, officer.
I will deal with it...
Officer my foot!
I am in no way related to this man.
I kept telling him..
but he dressed me up and got me here.
Hand him over to the police.
Him and his useless ideas.
This is not working...
So, when we go to GHMC office
we must carry a valid ID.
Since I am writing the book
I must be prepeared for all situations before hand.
Nonetheless, writing a book by copying is a cakewalk
But using creativity is something else altogether.
ACB officer, Ready.
-Is that so?
Tell her to come on in.
Do one thing,
Get two AK 47s as well.
Hello, where are you going?
You asked me to get you something.
So, you dont even know what those are right?
Leave it.
Whats with that dressing?
It's for a building list not to wage war.
I am sorry...Go on and change and remove that make-up
Its unbearable.
What about this?
Go burn it...
I dont want to see it again.
Anyways, I changed the plan.
Changed the plan?
How can you do that this easily?
She is not the one who is going to come with me, it's you.
Whats the plan, anyways?
First, we have to prepare
an Anti-Corruption Bureau department fake ID.
Fake ID?
No.. we shall prepare for civils, get the job
and then we will use the Original IDs
Please don't open your mouth over there.
I will take care of it...
Excuse me, sir. Can we come off in?
Who are you?
We from Anti-Corruption Bureau. you please Sit down
Please come... sit.
Tell me, Sir.
You dont have to worry.
A few days ago, a 14 storey building
crashed to the ground at Dilshukhnagar.
You must have thoroughly checked them
before you gave them the necessary permits.
But that builder has escaped by submitting duplicate papers.
If you could provide me the details
of 14 storeyed buildings...
We will go to each building and cross check the list.
One minute.
My ID card.
ID card is not necessary, Sir.
You asked me in a very cool and decent manner.
I like it.
I meant... just as a formality if you could check.
There is no need for this formality.
Its not an Aadhar card.
Its an original ID card.
No need.
Just take a look at it once, sir.
The poor thing was awake the
whole night and worked hard on it.
I meant...
Not only one night, officer.
How many nights... I worked hard....
Those sleepless nights, without food...
In a small room...
I studied hard and got through the exam
I finally achieved it.
Great sir, Really great, sir
Hey, Raju!
Get the 14 floors and above floors Buildings list.
-Ok Sir.
From tomorrow onwards,
we should start filtering these buildings.
We are looking at abandoned buildings primarily.
This is mainly because they wouldn't have
rehearsed at a crowded place.
I have also created Whatsapp group for all of us.
Name is 'Revengers'
I will post all the updates over there
and if you have any doubts, ask me about it.
But do not post any good mornings, good nights,
stupid jokes, tiktok videos or dub smash videos or gods photos...
And dont post chain messages
that have a clause to be forwarded.
If you do so...i'll get irritated.
Our focus should entirely be on Revenge.
Not on rings.
Ok. My dear revengers.
Wish each other All the Best
All the Best
All the Best
Thanks. Wish you the same.
Even before I began to write the story
its a splendid twist
Even before the dream is cleared away
What is with this thought.
The happiness I experienced from seeing you,
Welled up the ocean from my eye lids.
In my hurry to touch you,
I left my self behind
No matter how hard the burden
My heart feels lighter
The happiness I experienced from seeing you,
Welled up the ocean from my eye lids.
Even before I began to write the story
its a splendid twist?
I am tingling all over
Its something one cannot see.
At every step, my heart keeps questioning me
But ones ears cannot hear those questions.
Its puzzled my brain
Its something beyond comprehension
Its something that I never experienced before
Its lulling my senses to sleep
Even if we fight endlessly
Even if the issue are not resolved
Even if either of us start the fight
and irrirates one another,
Ours is a timeless bond that
never breaks and only deepens
The happiness I experienced from seeing you,
Welled up the ocean from my eye lids.
In my hurry to touch you,
I left my self behind
No matter how hard the burden
My heart feels lighter
Who are you messaging?
To my brother.
To your brother Karthik..?
I am used to sharing everything with him
since my childhood.
I know that my brother is not there anymore.
And I also know he can't reply to me.
But if you ask me why I am still doing this...
We tell everything to God
believing that he'll hear us out.
This is just like it.
Lets share our duties
And the affectionate relationship we developed thus
Every moment tells us
Not to dismiss that affection or look down upon it
One by one our veils fell down
Theyve been chopped up
Every muscle in my body screams and requests
Not to put those veils back up.
Even if we search for our past
And request it into our present
It never comes back
Even if we leave it behind,
The present doesnt improve at all
The happiness I experienced from seeing you,
Welled up the ocean from my eye lids.
In my hurry to touch you,
I left my self behind
No matter how hard the burden
My heart feels lighter
Come fast.
Why are you this slow?
There are a lot more buildings left.
Slow? what?
you better lift her.
She is gaining weight because of your Tamarind rice.
What Granny... are you tired?
Yeah, I have climbed so many steps
You are not Granny... you are a Godzilla.
I can't lift you from the next building onwards.
You spread across and search all the corners...
if you find any clue let me know.
Then Sherlock holmes will enter.
You go that side.
you take that one.
Pulihora madam....
Hey Chinnu don't go towards the edge,
we are on the 14th floor
After you are all done looking, come and wait at this spot.
My brother was here.
How do you know that?
Look at this.
He loves solving these puzzles.
This is his handwriting.
Hey... Pencil.
This is my sons.
I bought it for him.
The food outside made him sick
So, I packed his lunch for him every day.
Your dad?
That means this building...
Seeing an empty wall an inner painter emerges in people
and they start to feel like 'The Great Painter Jakkanna'
Hey Grandma,
Didnt you find anything?
Search ...Your grandson must have
left something behind.
He has left Revenge for me to take.
Oh! Revenge.
What is this?
Dummy cash and other things used while practising.
They must have definitely practiced here in this building.
Did you see how Pencil figured it all out with his wit?
So, one thing is done.
We found the building we were searching for.
Mr. Pencil... What we want isnt a building!
We are looking for a murderer.
Lets take this one step at a time.
We just found the building...
Lets not get ahead to murderer, revenge, murder...
Pencil... Where are you going?
The bank robbery happened on 7th of August 2018.
So, footage from the ATM cctv that is dated 6 months before
the incident could give us a clue into this robbery.
There will be an admin that collects all
the footage from this banks ATM cctvs'.
We must get our hands on it.
So, go and get it.
Its not that easy.
They are going to make us run around in circles for a year or so
by asking us to get Police Complaint letters, Permissions, etc.
By then, Granny might have kicked the bucket.
What does kicking the bucket mean?
It means you might get fragile.
You are right...
So, what should we do now?
He will not give if we will ask.
And in the same way,
The most powerful weapon in the world which can
trap even the most formidable men...
A woman!
I will go... I will.
A woman....
I dont think you understood the concept.
He needs to be seduced,
sweet talked to and charmed.
to extract the footage
I can't do it.
Now tell me
who is going to volunteer?
Its unethical to put girl who is on
the threshold to be married, into this kind of situation
Lets go through the normal channels through complaints
But do not put Priya into such situations.
Fine, alright!
Its your revenge. The choice is yours.
What is in it for me.
Grandma, its best you be prepared to kick the bucket.
Come on. Lets go.
I will go.
I will go.
Alright, Good luck. All the best.
Its the room on the right hand corner.
-It's Ok.
Dear, be careful.
Miss. Priya...
unbutton your top.
Its an absolute necessity, Granny.
Honey trapping is not a joke.
Excuse me Sir.
Yes, Come in.
Security officer, Santoor?
Yes, I am Santoor. Santoor Senakkayala.
and you are...?
I am Priya.
Please have a seat.
Tell me, what can I do for you?
There is an ATM of yours on road no. 64
of Gachibowli, right?
64? Yes. Its there
One and a half year ago, my bag
was stolen in front of that ATM.
That bag has my passport
If I can get a hold of that, I will go back to London.
Its important.
I can understand the situation that you are in.
There is a procedure for such requests.
We have a protocol
First, go to the police station, Lodge a formal complaint
Come back here with a copy of that formal complaint...
It would be nice if you can help me without the
hassle of involving the police and complaints....
If you could only put your heart into it...
Santoor Sir.
Is the bulb lost again?
Yes, Murthy.
I have heard of bulbs being damaged or broken.
Whats with this situation of bulbs gone missing?
I remove these bulbs and keep them here
to see your stupid face every day!
Here. Take a look.
Him and his stupid face
Changing bulbs everyday is killing me.
Do it slowly. There is no hurry.
Take your own time.
What is the use of changing the bulb everyday
anyway it will be lost tommorrow.
Think about my matter...
Unable to reach the bolt... it's too high.
I already told you Madam...
Its not possible.
What I meant is...
Is there no other way?
If there is a birthmark... then I'll manage.
Fix it carefully...
Wait sir.. let me do it.
Fix it slowly...
He hid the bulbs here.
So, he is into men.
I didn't think there would be a twist like this in our story.
what is the use of anyone going now?
Hey... Hey... no.
No. Are you mad?
I will not go.
Granny, tell them, I will not do it.
Hey. Are you mad?
What are you asking me?
All this doesn't happen in our households.
You have to go.
Even Priya went...
No. You have to go. Come on... go. You have to!
-Please listen to me.
Ok..ok..ok.. shh.
You are our only hope.
Fine Ill go.
I will go.
You move...
If something happens to me inside,
I will mention all your names and will die.
Hello. Mr. Pencil
Unbutton your shirt.
Excuse me, Sir...
What do you need?
A while ago, a lady came here... She is my friend.
No. No...
Who will love a girl? Absurd!
Why are you here?
The thing is...
I dont love that girl
But she loves me...
I dont know how to get rid of her.
Bloody Girls.
If you give me the footage ...
she will get her bag and
she will return to London
And then I will be...
-Free bird, huh?
Oops... nice plan.
Its getting late.
If you could hurry,
I will be on my way.
Hey... You have soft hands.
What moisturiser do you use?
-Yes. Thats right...
Where do you live in Hyderabad?
Yeah... right there.
I live there as well...
So, If you give me your phone number,
I'll keep in touch.
That was my number.
I said I will give that number a missed call.
So, how many months of footage do you need?
Before 7th August, 2018...
I want the footage for sex months prior.
Cant see them.
There is no way we can identify the people this way.
We can see that there are five people
But its difficult to say if they are your family members.
But according to the body language...
Thats Avinash
Thats my son.
Is he your Dad?
Thats my brother.
The last one?
Your grandson?
Everyone is carrying a single bag...
but my son was carrying 3 bags.
Does any of your family members here have
the habit of writing with the left hand?
This is the 6th person that we have been looking for.
They changed the colour of
the Ambulance and let the police astray
The name of the hospital that starts with an S
It looks familiar.
-Swasth care.
Swasth care... right.
Swasth care hospitals...
Afterall I am an ambulance driver,
why are you interviewing me?
That is our topic, sir.
about 'Ambulence drivers and their life'
How much is the salary for someone
who drives an ambulance?
I have been working hard for the past 10 years...
I make around 15,000 Rs/month.
How much money are your making?.
Since I am a senior reporter,
I earn 3 lakhs per month.
3 lakhs?
If I made 3 lakhs per month
I would have my sister would have married royally.
My sister's wedding is in next month.
All my relatives are morons.
They come to the wedding for the food
but don't lend any helping hand.
Lets talk about the Interview.
-Sorry sir, I am getting emotional.
Isnt there any inspiring story with regards to
any ambulance drivers?
I mean... someone who recently earned alot of money.
May be bought a car or purchased a house recently ?
Oh yes. For sure!
One of us.
Switch on mobiles for recording?
Look behind...
Behind, Sir!
Behind you, sir!
A year ago, he worked as a driver here.
Now, he is a millionaire.
While driving an Ambulance,
He has a track record of 100% success ratio.
Not a single patient has lost life in his ambulance.
All those blessings are making it count for him.
Sir, do not write about me..
Write about him instead.
This man is the number one racer in India.
Fantastic... it's awesome.
So, lets welcome the sportsman of the year 2018, Mr. Dev.
Welcome... Mr. Dev.
Please have a seat.
Not just your driving skills
There is a magical speed in your career as well.
A year ago, you were an ordinary ambulance driver.
And now, you are Indias No.1 racer.
Youth icon and what not.
You have seen the journey of being
a common man to a celebrity.
We have held our breath to hear your inspiring story.
Please tell us.
Whats there to say?
Its Gods blessing,
The support of my parents
And these fans support...
Oh come on...
But behind every success there is a lot of struggle.
We are seeing your success
Tell us about the struggles that you have been through
How did you get interested in racing?
Since when?
Ever since I was born.
When I was a child, my mom would always tell me
You are always in a hurry
That is why you were born in the seventh month.
This speed did not come with
practice or some rehearsal.
I am born with speed.
Its there in my blood.
Speed is in my blood.
I am not done yet. I want more.
Its 10:20 pm now.
In another 10 minutes, all the wine shops would be closed
It takes half-an-hour to go there.
What do we do?
I will get it.
Give me the car keys.
It takes 5 minutes to get the car out of parking.
He will get that.
A bet of 1000 Rs.
Tell me...
Not a 1000. I will give you 2000 Rs.
Just in 9 minutes? How?
- Give me the money.
Here... take it
Deva, you are going to be a No.1 racer.
Sachin is the God of Cricket.
and my man Deva...
You know how much a race car costs?
Rs.3 crores
and how much for racing club?
Rs.150 crores.
What should I do to get that money?
People like us shouldn't have such big desires.
That's only for the rich.
What ever you do you can't become a racer in this life time.
Leave it.
The only dream I have is to become a racer.
Don't take that one thing away from me.
It's not that...
Everyones is doing so much for their sons.
But you did nothing for me from the day I was born.
I don't have a mom either.
Who else do I have?
Tell me... what should I do?
I'll do anything for you.
Please die.
You lived for sixty years without any use for me...
how many more do you need?
You got Insurance done for one lakh rupees, right?
Will get a new bike.
Please die... please...
Unfortunately, my father died of a heart attack.
My father was everything to me.
He raised me in a way that I never missed having a mother.
My father sacrificed his life for me
But he never got to see my success.
It took me a lot of time to get over his death.
Why did you spend the entire insurance money on this?
You dont have a job...
what are you going to do now?
Listen to me,
take the post of an ambulance driver.
I wanted to become a racer, not a driver.
An ambulance driver is almost a racer Bro.
No one can question you.
To drive the vehicle fast is the only qualification
required for an ambulance driver.
The minute I got the patient into my vehicle,
That is when my race would start.
If I could successfully transport the patient alive to the hospital
That would mean that I won the race
If not.. I lost the race.
Guess what?
I never lost a race.
I've won all my bloody races.
Thanks for bringing my father here on time and saving him.
My father would like to see you.
Please come.
Last night it took me 20 minutes
to reach the bank from the police station...
after the alarm gets activated we need
20 minutes until we load the money into the van..
Police will reach the spot by then...
We need a person who can drive really fast
to escape from the police.
I have been observing this guy from a really long time.
Amazing driver.
He is the right person for our job.
The money in the Bank always has an insurance.
The account holders wouldn't be inconvenienced.
Insurance money covers it all.
If its ok with you, tell us.
You get an equal share as well.
Whats the total amount?
-Probably 300 crores.
I will drive.
What an Inspiring story.
Thank you so much for motivating all of us.
Hey, wake up.
One popcorn for me.
Are we in a cinema hall?
Pencil, listening to his story. What did you think?
It looks like a story.
He must be the one that we are searching for.
He looks to be about the same height
of the man in the footage.
He also has similar body language.
But still I am not completely sure.
I am sure though.
I'll prove it.
Yeah, I am coming tomorrow
You must be tired after telling them these stories.
I meant you must be tired after telling them your life story.
Autograph? I am a big fan of you.
Nothing... a fan asked me for an autograph
Thank you Sir.
Everything will set right by tomorrow.
He is the same man.
For sure.
The same man.
Look at how he signed.
The same man.
Be ready for war.
'I'll blow the conch shell now.'
Mr. Dev. Indias No. 1 racer.
This is what the world knows about him.
The man who murdered 5 people in a gruesome manner.
We are the only ones who know this truth.
He is not a driver, granny... he is a celebrity.
It isnt going to be easy killing him.
And, he is not in the city.
Currently he is in Europe for an Ad shoot.
He wouldnt be back until the next Wednesday.
What are we going to do until then?
The six of us....
By mistake...
The six of us...
How is it that there's only five of us here?
Where is Chinnu?
Trying to get away from the revenge class..
What are you doing here?
Are you crying?
Did someone say something?
Tell me? I will take care of it.
Then whats wrong?
You little thief! What is it that you are hiding?
Happy birthday, Chinnu!
12th June 2018.
Last year Birthday card, huh?
12th June... today!
Is it your birthday today?
Happy Birthday, Chinnu!!
Why didnt you tell anyone?
Ps: I placed the gift that you get
for every birthday in your bag.
Love you
- Dad.
Are you feeling sad about the birthday
gift that your father gives you?
Come with me. Ill tell you.
Priya! Swati! Chinnu is here.
Hey! Where have you been?
Today is Chinnus birthday.
What have you guys been doing without figuring this out?
Oh really? Is it? Happy Birthday...
-Stop it.
All the programs of today have been cancelled.
We are going to celebrate
Chinnus birthday in a spectacular manner!
Yes, Right.
Swati... go there and get a cake.
Priya... go there and get the decoration material
Hello...If I ask you to go that way...
You would really go that way?
This is a balcony.
Are you going to jump off it?
I said it in a flow...
Go this way.
Granny...go this way and make...
- make tamarind rice for everybody?
I beg of you.
Dont cook that, please.
At least today, we shall have some delicious Biryani.
You both get to work...
- Most certainly.
Go and get some meat.
You should cry only when you are born...
be happy for the rest of your birthdays.
Your dad will be busy in heaven with a lot of work.
That's why we need to get something done.
Are you ready?
Magic balloon.
If you leave this in the air, it will go to heaven.
that's where your dad resides.
As soon as your dad sees this he will
remember your birthday and he'll send the gift.
Will you write what you want on the balloon.
Take it.
Leave it.
Is it going?
Is it going up?
Is it going fast?
Ok, come let's go.
Am I on another planet earth?
Did I hear an interesting new tune?
Am I on another planet earth?
Did I hear an interesting new tune?
Do you like it?
There seems to be a card or letter here as well.
Dear chinnu,
Mother and I miss you alot.
We talk about you every day.
We watch you every day.
Pencil is a very nice guy.
He will take very good care of you.
She is parrot that responds
a branch that twirls in the wind
Always keep smiling
Love you, Chinnu.
Mom and dad.
Hoy na... hoy na...hoy na... hoy na
Hoy na, hoy na, hoy na
No matter what,
I am going to bounce with you
Hoy na... hoy na...hoy na... hoy na
Hoy na, hoy na, hoy na
Until the very end,
I am going to spend my time with you
Think I caught the feels this summer
because you are one of a kind; no other
Be my sweety, be my sugar
Had enough as a
one side lover
Think I caught the feels this summer
because you are one of a kind; no other
Be my sweety, be my sugar
Had enough as a
one side lover
Why are you so late? where did you go?
I had some work.
I've been calling since evening..
your phone switched off
We were really tensed.
My phone died.
Take your charger with you next time... Okay?
Come in.
Did you eat?
That has foretold me that
told me of my lifes second innings
You are the sweet little life
You have shown a different
Side to my heart
And filled it with happiness
my companion
You have shown me
A different side of my personality
With the overwhelming love in your heart
Would you like me to light up your celebrations?
Or be the gift that you are given?
Or be the desire that fills your lips?
Do you want me to portray
[Singing Song]
Hoy na... hoy na...hoy na... hoy na
Hoy na, hoy na, hoy na
No matter what,
I am going to bounce with you
Hoy na... hoy na...hoy na... hoy na
Hoy na, hoy na, hoy na
Until the very end,
I am going to spend my time with you
Psychogenic voice disorder.
Because of the sudden demise of her father
she was shocked.
Because she didn't have anyone to share
her feelings and emotions with...
she got disturbed psychologically and lost her voice slowly.
What should we do for her to start talking again?
First she needs to vent out everything that she has bottled up...
we need to create situations that are positive and happy.
he went to Europe for an ad shoot.
Yeah, he'll be back in two days.
Is the curry done?
What fantabulous cooking and taste...
You know we could start a restaurant with you.
What should we name it?
Is it a common name?
It's amazing, right?
What hapened?
why do you have the tears?
My son used to talk in the same way...
Start a restaurant, ma
you will become a great chef.
Am I on another planet earth?
Did I hear an interesting new tune?
Only Sravani is missing,
it would have been nice if she was there in it.
This weather suits the situation perfectly.
When a bad guy gets close to his death,
this is how the weather reacts.
The sky is roaring thunder.
The Ocean is raging
Snoring will be heard.
Damn! Why would there be snoring?
You irritating irresponsible revengers.
wake up... wake up...
Granny... get up now!
Why? What happened?
You guys ate a lot and are when it's time
for work you're sleeping..
Look at her. She is still sleeping.
Varalakshmi madam...
Varalakshmi madam...
You guys want Tamarind rice.
You don't want to eat it?
I can't deal with you all...
I can't deal with you all...
Why do we need to lose our sleep at night,
we can follow him during the day, right?
I told you before... after he get's back
to india we need to observe his activities 24x7
Bad guys roam only during the nights.
Haven't I mentioned it clearly in my book?
Look at there.
Hey... why did he come to this building?
Do you think we are caught?
I am scared for some unfathomable reason.
Please stay calm.
Dear God! Dear God!
Let nothing uncertain happen to us.
Please God.
He didn't go to the 14th floor,
he went to 15th floor.
Its dark, right. he must be mistaken.
We must be mistaken. Why would he be mistaken?
I am sure he has come here many times.
We stopped at the 14th floor...
we should have check the remaining floors too.
What are we going to do?
We'll be waiting here until he leaves...
Lets go and surround him.
I am going to dig a grave and bury him here.
Oh no! Ganny.
Where did you find this?
-Where did you find this?
This? I had it with me earlier.
Oh! is it...? It was this knife poking me since then.
I will go ahead and kill him.
I am going to fulfil my revenge.
If we go on and kill him without a plan or preparation,
we will all be in Jail.
I will still look fine in a criminal outfit,
But it might be difficult for you.
You might look like a Zebra.
Listen to me...stow it inside.
No.. Not here.
I will keep this with me.
You let it be.
We should wait here until he returns.
Come on, hide.
We are at 15th floor.
Why do we need you here?
you should have stayed in the car.
What is it?
All of you! Gather here!
See... Dev's shoe marks.
He went that side, come.
The shoe marks have stopped here.
What could have he done, standing here?
He smoked like this...
Dev is a left hander, right!
Which means it's this way...
There is nothing here.
He must have smoked standing this way.
This is not an original pillar.
Go and get the rod.
Hold this.
Pencil, what is this?
Oh my Goodness!
My dear Revengers...
Get ready.
game starts now.
Dev, its 9:30 already.
So what?
So, the BMW Ad that we did is launching today.
We have to be there within an hour
Don't tell me that you forgot about it.
I am coming.
Mask Sir... Mask.
The famous Tollywood star Mask.
Each one is better than the others.
Just put it on your face and become your favourite super star.
Will you buy Mask, Sir?
We have Megastar, Super star, power star, Rebel star,
What ever you want just name it.
No? You dont want anything?
Take this... Its complimentary from my end.
Today's bussiness went down the drain.
Take the Mask.
300 crores were robbed in the Punjagutta bank.
The robbery happened in the same bank... Just as yours.
Look at the date.
August 7th, 2018
This is old news paper...
means that bank robbery which you did.
Hey, move your vehicle.
Did you find him?
Welcome sir.
This way.
Please move.
Please move.
Side.. please move.
Side.. please move.
Excuse me...
Side.. please...
Come let's go...
Revengers... get ready.
Revengers...? Revengers...?
Sir please.
Check once if all the channels are working.
Who are you?
Why did you come here?
No. No.. Dont cry.
Where are your parents?
One second...One second...
Hello, security!
These guys never respond.
I am here I'll handle it..
Where did your parents go?
Oh, that way??
Come... Ill take you.
Ill take you.
Very cute girl.
Move.... move....
We don't have much time.
Get done with this before he is back.
Fast... fast...
It's done.
Let's go.
Hello! Who are you guys?
Why did you get in here?
What are you doing here?
Come on... tell me.
Hello, security!
Come here quick...
two unknown people came to the AV room..
So you are the parents?
Yes. We are Mummy and daddy.
How can you leave this little child here?
Shouldnt you keep an eye on her?
Whats this, Chinnu?
You had us worried.
By gods grace, we found you.
We are together now.
You were born after so many stunts
and sleepless nights.
What do you say, Priya?
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Take care her.
Thank you.
-Ok... ok.
Ah, problems solved.
What does 'stunts' mean?
You are going overboard!
Who? me?
He only said mom and dad in Telugu.
You insisted on it in English.
Just got carried away.
Not carried away.
You felt it.
These are the feelings about me that are buried within you.
Will you stop it?
-Why would I stop?
I am handsome.
I dont spray myself with perfume,
I dont go to the gym either.
Its all natural.
Does that mean you would fall in love with me?
Dont try to seduce me and limit my potential.
Stop! Stop this relationship dramas.
Concentrate on revenge.
From now on, No love, revenger.
Only revenge... Revenge... Rev...
Sir... we are extreamly sorry sir.
Its a small technical problem, sir.
We should be ready in two minutes.
Not feeling well... I am leaving.
Talk to Rasool.
You don't worry... I'll take care.
I'll just be back
-Ok sir.
You too wear it.
We didnt get it.
We left it at home.
Someone is trying tell me that they found our building.
Pencil, He is looking at us!
Maybe he is.
But he should figure out who we are.
Ready revengers!
He will die of tension wondering who these people are...
he doesn't have a Binocular, right?
Granny! I think he is scared.
Look at how he is running!
Yeah, looks like that but...
it doesnt look like he is scared.
We are on the fourteenth floor
and Granny is also with us.
He is coming towards us.
Go! Get away from here!
You need to leave from here urgently!
Chinnu come... don't leave my hand.
Where is Granny? I can't see her behind us.
Granny! Why would you keep going
in the opposite direction?
Come.. run...
Why are you this slow?
Are you waiting for him to catch you?
Lets go... run...
Faster! Hurry!
Come fast..! fast.
-Get inside.
Come fast!
What happened?
- may be an overload.
Where are you going?
Keep your hands inside.
Dont get down anywhere in between, please.
Keep going down. Ill be right with you.
Oh God! I am scared.
Oh no! there is a power cut.
The lift has stopped!
Hey chinnu!
-Chinnu...What happened?
Chinnu...What happened?
Oh no! what happened?
(Indistinct Voices)
Dev...? you are the racer, right!
Oh, my God!
Chinnu... chinnu...
be careful.
-Lift.. Lift...Lift...
Sir... please just one selfie.
careful Priya.
What actually happened?
We got stuck in the lift.
She has a breathing difficulty due to suffocation.
She was just scared.
She is alright now.
Make sure you dont repeat these circumstances.
See you.
Baby...look at your granny, once.
I behaved foolishly.
I was stupid and thoughtless to take such a risk.
I am sorry, Granny.
It's not your mistake.
I am the one who started it...
I would be the one responsible
if anything happens to your lives.
Lets end this here.
Lets end this here.
I dont want this revenge.
Let's stop it.
What is this, granny?
We got this far because of you.
and if you were to give up on this revenge now,
Everything would go down the drain.
Granny is right!
By gods grace, the child had a miraculous escape.
This revenge...
Enough. Lets give up.
It all started with their robbery, didn't it?
If they were really considerate about
the consequences of their actions on us,
they wouldnt have resorted to such an act.
Who did they do this for?
Don't know.
I know.
I know why they had to steep down to a robbery.
All of the people involved in the robbery
have no connection with each other
Live in different localities of the city
And have no criminal background as well.
Why did they meet each other?
under what circumstances?
What was the necessity that prompted them
to commit this robbery.
How did they meet Dev?
I had these kind of doubts from the beginning.
In Swasth care Hospital...
this is the prescription given to your son.
I found that in the abandoned building.
I took the prescription and went to the
same hospital to make an enquiry.
And that is when I figured it out.
Before they were killed, each of them discovered
they were suffering from different type of Cancer.
All of them met at the same hospital for the first time.
They figured that they didnt have long to live
And they were worried for you women.
Started to focus their attention not on their health..
But on your problems.
They worried that if they died,
Granny shouldn't face any difficulties.
"Mom shouldn't be in trouble either."
"My sister should study well..."
"She should stay happy"
"My daughter and my fiance shouldnt
suffer because of poverty."
It was solely about securing your futures financially.
They planned the robbery.
And they met Dev at the same hospital.
So, you knew this all along?
Why didnt you tell us earlier?
They did this because...
They didnt want you to know.
I just respected their decision.
But why are you telling us this now?
Granny and mom dont want to seek revenge anymore.
But without the motive of revenge,
You wouldnt have any business with me
I would be left alone and lonely.
I would be left alone as an orphan again.
-Stop it!
Whats with this nonsense?
Where would we go leaving you here?
We ourselves dont have anyone.
No one!
Even if you scold us or throw us out... we won't go.
Just missed them.
That five women along with a guy.
Exactly when I thought I got them...
he set off the fire alarm
All the money is with them for sure.
Clear my schedule.
We need to figure this out.
How will you find who they are?
How are you going to find out who they are?
Regarding them, we dont have a single clue.
He is the guy, Sir.
Are you sure that he is the guy
who took the ATM footage.
Yes, Sir.
Take the screen shot from video.
Search for him on Google.
Okay, Sir.
(Mahishasura Mardini Stotram)
Who is that banging the door?
You have cleverly devised a plan and
skill fully unmasked me.
Do you think I wouldnt be smart enough as well
to figure out about you guys?
Where is he?
Where are the rest of them?
Hey Old woman!
Like cigarette smoke... Revenge is also injurious to health.
What a beauty... unnecessarily it's getting wasted.
He is a highly intelligent person.
He can quite easily figure out about us.
We have to delete the cc tv footage immediately.
It might happen the way I wrote.
Yes. Its bound to happen the way you wrote it.
Oh dear!
How kind of you!
He just stopped short of
shooting Priya. Isnt it?
Why wouldnt he?
At his age....
The girl is quite beautiful...
Yes... He would hesitate to shoot.
That must be the cooker.
I need to go.
How inconsiderate, granny!
Recollect how much I helped you guys
And yet, you guys push me into a muddle.
We are helping you.
You don't understand.
We understand your anxious behaviour...
And so does she...
And that is why she left for the Pressure cooker.
That cc tv footage?
We have to delete it immediately.
Santoor is upset.
Cant you see that I am sulking?
What happened, Santoor?
Dont you know how many calls and messages I sent you?
Did you respond to even one of it?
It hurts.
I am not in a position to reply.
What happened?
There is someone who has been stalking me for a month.
Everywhere I go, he follows me.
and, he asks me to commit to him.
Commitment? Did you commit to him?
Dont tell me please.
How would I do that santoor?
If I am committed to a person, there is no turning back.
He suspects us.
He might come here to check on us.
He would ask for the footage of the
CCTV from my previous visit.
Will you give it to him, Santoor?
I already deleted that footage.
I have to save my identity, right?
Last time you came to see me, you held my hands.
We have been physical.
That is why, I deleted the entire footage.
I didn't make any mistake, right Pencil?
What about the current footage?
Of course!
With regards the footage, you dont exist.
But you exist in my heart, ok?
I am not going to delete that.
By the way, this is our second date.
We are going steady.
Hey, Pencil.
We are going steady.
We have to celebrate!
Yes, I am the officer.
I am the Chief Security officer.
You have an ATM at Gachibowli, Road no. 64. Yes?
Yes, we do.
Did someone come by asking for
the footage of that CCTV?
I want the footage of the cc tv camera that recorded them,
when they came to your office.
Its not possible.
How is it not possible?
They came and asked for the footage and
took the footage of the ATM as well as their visit.
They are a dangerous gang, sir.
You are much better than them.
You just held my collar.
They beat me up.
Apart from them, the one guy who came along with them
Is even more dangerous.
What does he look like?
He must be 6 feet, sir.
or probably 2 inches shorter than 6 feet.
He must have 6 pack abs
Or probably missing 2 amongst them.
He looks mighty... like a 'Hulk.'
But like a less angry version of 'Hulk'
He is intelligent, smart,
Stylish and hes got swag.
Did he give you a name?
He said about Dev.
But he never said his name.
He wants to catch the guy named Dev
and they wanted to kill him.
Its a really big criminal gang.
If they catch Dev,
They are bound to kill him.
How will they kill me?
Not you, sir... someone called Dev.
Sir... are you Dev?
Dev, I found out where they stay
Will Whatsapp you the location...
come immediately.
I am coming.
Go on, sir.
Sir... Sir... Sir...
Hey Pencil boy...
You pricked me near my heart...
My he-man...
Hey, Pencil.
What work do you have here, sir?
When did you see them?
The day before we lost the money
and in front of our house,
The five ladies of the same age..that you mentioned.
and one guy.
They waited in a blue ambassador outside our house.
I thought they were your fans...
So, I didn't take it seriously
I brought the car with which you hit the transformer...
to the nearby service station,
I saw the blue ambassador here.
They told me that they stay in this building on the first floor.
How can you say that they both are same?
-we saw them from afar
Hey, Get down.
(Mahishasura Mardini Stotram)
Are you dumb?
Are you dumb is what I am aking you!
How many times do I have to call you?
There is something wrong with the TV.
When I called you up to ask you to fix it,
Wont you sort the problem out immediately?
What sir?
You said you saw the six people, right?
Is she the old lady from the gang?
No.. no.. it can't be.
There is nothing similar.
Are you sure?
That one was really sharp,
but look at her.
Whats with these hushed whispers?
You at the back,
I am talking to you.
Look at him! He looks like a kidnapper of children.
If you knock on my door again, I will kick you.
Get out from here.
Go.. go... go...
I have a lot of work and
I want to watch the tv.
Go on. Go on.
Let's leave sir... I have a meeting at the bank
There is a lot more work to be done.
If they come to your bank again or if you see them anywhere,
Inform me immediately
I swear on you... i'll inform you.
Dev... someone named Subramanyam
who worked with you at the hospital
Turn him away.
Hey, Subbu!
Come on in. Come...
Its been really long.
How have you been?
-I am good.
How are you, Dev?
-I am good, too.
How is everyone back there?
-They are all good.
You know my sister, P.. Padma, right?
She is getting married.
Its on the 23rd of this month.
Please attend it.
Ok. Ill check my schedule.
-Please check...
If possible,
I will definitely be there.
Just two minutes, Dev.
You just have to make an appearance.
I am always proud of your success.
Someone who has worked with me
and was able to achieve this kind of success.
Just the other day, A reporter from Eenadu...
He was persistently asking me about you and I sung your praises.
A journalist who was writing an article
in Eenadu regarding the drivers of ambulance.
What did he ask you?
He asked if anyone of us suddenly came
into money and built a house? Bought a car?
I showed him your hoarding and told him about you.
And thats it...from then on,
The entire interview was about you.
'Eenadu' did not publish any articles regarding this topic.
He is fairly new to the job.
Earlier, he wrote books.
He has a weird name
P...P...Pencil Parthasarathy
Its a really big criminal gang.
If they catch Dev,
They are bound to kill him.
Is that him?
Yes. It is.
All of us are ready to watch your dance performance.
What about you, all set?
All the best.
Where is Priya?
How is it?
I dont know how to put it in words even though I am a writer.
Actually, women shouldnt be this beautiful.
Its a crime
Come closer.
Come closer.
Granny doesnt want to come to the function
you go and talk to her.
She listens to you...
Did you ask me to come closer just to tell me that?
I am not deaf... I could have heard that from a distance.
Not fair.
Granny, you told them that you dont want to go.
No... Not a chance. Get up and get ready.
I have been feeling weak since last night.
I really have no patience.
I cant go with you.
Hello! our program is cancelled.
We are all going to the hospital.
I will call the orphanage and let them know.
-No. No. No.
Her teacher said repeatedly that
our Chinnu is the lead performer.
Nothing will happen to me mean while.
All of you go.
We will be back in 2 hours.
We will go the hospital once we are back.
Just take your medication and rest.
Come on, Chinnu!
Chinnu! Super!
Chinnu! Super!
Hi, Sir... Do you remember me?
AV room, AD launch.
What are you doing here?
Earlier in the dance program,
The one that looked dull, dark
and greasy and danced the worst,
thats my son, sir.
Oh... Is it?
He looks like you.
-Thank you, sir.
But your daughter performed very well.
-Thank You, sir.
Sir? Did you plan for more kids
Or are you satisfied with just one?
I am ready...but she isnt cooperating.
Why dont you convince her?
Why Madam? why do you want to take time?
Two is company,
Three is a crowd, madam.
Why dont you sit here and convince her?
You please go... I'll convince her.
Dont think about anything else, Madam.
Don't think about family planning...
You should have children when the age is right
Hello, who is this?
You stole 150 crores from me and made a fool out of me.
and you are asking me "Who is this"?
Writer Pencil Parthasarathy.
Ok, I dont have a lot of time...
I am going to come to the point.
In the eyes of the world, I am a big racer.
Youth Icon... Sportsman of the year.
They have called me many such things
But my life from the inside...
Do you know what the truth is?
From the moment, I wake up...
Up until the time I fall asleep
I am constantly in fear
I fear that the truth that I robbed the bank will come out
and I would be caught by the police.
I am anxious every minute of the day
Suddenly at the point in time...You came.
You showed me how I can get away from this fear.
The connection between me and that crime is...
That Money.
That money...Is with you.
The police have been searching for that 6th person
Now I'll help them get to the 6th person.
They have started towards your house
For you.
For the money that you stashed in your home.
Pencil, come.. let's watch the programme.
What happened?
-Nothing, I'll just be back. you stay here.
Your transaction failed.
Whats the matter?
Listen to me.
Hire a big truck immediately and take it to my house.
Truck? Did the house owner throw you out?
I told you numerous times to pay the rent.
Shut your mouth and listen to me
Take the books in my shelf and shift them elsewhere
Why would you need to shift those
thermocol sheets of books?
They are not just thermocol sheets... Its money.
How much?
150 crores.
150 crores?
From where did you get the money?
We shall talk about it later.
I will explain everything clearly to you.
Just follow my instructions
Murthy, check why the vehicle has stalled.
-Move your vehicle aside, man!
Are you writer Pencil Parthasarathy?
Yes, Sir.
Go and check.
-ok sir.
Dont leave out any room.
-Ok sir.
What's happening, sir?
Bank robbery.
300 crores
For the past year, you tortured us.
If even a single note matching the serial number is found,
Ill lock you up for the rest of your life.
We looked everywhere sir... but we didn't find anything.
How will you find them, sir?
I am neither a thief nor a Benami...
I am a writer.
A really poor one.
Look at those shelves inside
I wanted to fill them up with books..
But unfortunately, I dont have any money.
I remembered while we are talking.
I thought about writing on novel about this case...
it seemed interesting.
I researched on that case, someone would have suspected me
and they would have informed you
Now, I have to clean my house.
Let's go.
Where did we get the call?
-It's an ananomous call.
Inform to cyber cell immediately.
Now a days every loafer is playing with
the police like this.
You bring them to the station and teach them a lesson.
Hey, Bro...
Thanks, buddy!
No need for this sarcasm.
We had a flat tyre.
And that is why we are late.
Where are the 150 crores?
I have never seen that kind of money in my life.
What do you mean?
Thats one good for nothing truck
Stop with these jokes... tell me the truth.
That money is not mine.
Why are you acting funny?
how would I know? I just came.
Granny... is at home.
What happened?
She is not well too.
Even Granny's luggage is not here
Ask around if anyone has seen her?
Apparently some old folks went in a van.
I asked about Granny ...
and they said that they do not know.
Whats that?
One of those five men is a Christian.
Varalakshmi, Priya, Swati, Chinnu...
Chinnu's name is Srinidhi.
Granny's name is Saraswathi.
No one is christian among them.
Everyones a Hindu.
Where are you going?
Hold this.
John Stewart
What happened?
This has all the details regarding your five families.
Would you really need a file to know about us?
Rajaram has a mother
Brahmam has a daughter
Karthik has a sister
Avinash has Priya.
But john doesnt have anyone.
He is an orphan... like me.
He was brought up in Orphanage home.
John isnt Grannys grandson!
Then has Granny been lying to us?
I dont understand.
She is the one who sent the letters to the rest of others.
She is the one who told the rest of them about me.
She is the one who started and planned this whole revenge.
Though she is in no way related to John,
Why did she go through all this trouble?
Who is Granny?
She took it all.
But she forgot something important.
Madam... Just as you asked,
We have distributed the money equally in these five bags.
What do you want us to do with them?
Place the five bags separately over there.
Regarding what to do with them,
Ill tell you later.
I knew that you would find me.
But how did you do it in such a less span of time.
It's easy Granny...
I saw you many times put money in
the donation box of this old age home .
A while ago your people's van had blocked my way.
Leave all that...
and first, give me a hug!
What great timing you have!
Just before the police came over,
You stuffed the bags with money and shifted them.
Super, Granny!
If the police found this money,
we would be behind bars.
But, there is something that I dont understand.
Why did hide the truth?
Your grandson was not there in those
five people who were killed.
He didnt kill just 5 people.
He killed 6.
Along with your husband
We were married for 60 years.
Even when he was 80 years old,
He ran a bookstore on his own
My husband was brutally murdered by that demon.
Thats when I decided that
the man should pay for his sins.
I went to the police station every day
to enquire about this case.
Do you know what they said?
Your husband was 80 years old."
"He is lucky to have survived this long.
Leave the matter alone."
"You are going to be on the way to deathbed soon anyways."
"Is this really necessary?"
That is how they criticised me and shooed me away.
Everyone takes old people for granted.
The children think that they are a burden
The society thinks that we are a burden on this earth.
Our death is similar to a street dog's death.
No one cares about how we died or why we died.
You asked me about why I hid the truth from you?
If I told you that the one who died
was my husband instead of my grandson,
Would anyone understand my need to avenge him?
Would anyone join me?
That is why I lied In order to convince them.
I got them to you.
As soon as we had our revenge
I thought of telling you guys the truth
But in the meanwhile,
I had fallen in love with all of you guys.
For someone who never raised any children of her
own to live amongst so many children
Was something that made me realise
how close I became to you guys.
But that day, when Chinnu got stuck in the lift,
I couldnt handle the situation.
And moreover, that criminal came home.
That is when I decided
Even if I couldnt avenge my husband...
I would ensure that no harm
befalls any of you on my account.
Even if you guys believed that
I deceived you people and verbally abused me,
I did this so that you guys would stop.
That's why I have decided to give
my money to Orphans and poor people like me.
When you people forgot about revenge
and were happy...
I packed your share of money into those five bags.
I'll give them to you.
Everything is fine.
How has this become about money?
Give that money.
Give that money as well.
From the begining there is no place for money in our Revenge.
We got that unexpectedly and we kept it in our home.
But we never thought about what to do with that money.
I didnt come here for money.
I came for my granny.
I used to live alone.
All of a sudden, you women came into my life.
I thought that I would write a story about you people..
that's why I accepted to help you.
But, I am not selfish anymore.
I am only filled with love.
If there is a reason why an orphan has a great family...
Its because of you.
Even if one of you goes missing,
I dont know what I would do.
I need you with us, granny.
Not just me.
all of us need you.
You must tell us stories
You must scold us when we are wrong.
You must strengthen us and
guide us to survive just like you.
I told them that you are here
They are coming for you.
Go with them.
Chinnu asked for an ice cream
I'll go and get that.
Are you ok with strawberry flavour?
They escaped.
Its pointless to try to frame them or
let the police catch them
You do know where they live, right?
Go and kill them all.
leave none of them alive.
Yes, this is Rasool speaking.
Tell me, what's the matter?
Rasool... What happened?
Nothing, Dev.
Nothing happened.
What happened, Rasool?
That is...
I made a small mistake
You asked me to call the police...
and tell them that there is money in that writers house.
In a hurry I called the police from my number.
Apparently cyber crime traced my number.
There is ... There is absolutely no problem, Dev.
I took the SIM card with fake ID proofs.
I threw it out.
there won't be any problem.
Ok, Fine.
Give me the pen thats in your pocket.
Dev, seeing your angry...
I was truly scared
It isnt hard for the police to come to me,
Once they trace you.
Can't they catch me?
Sorry, Rasool.
I didn't want to kill anyone...
I didn't think the old Dev was needed anymore.
But I couldn't avoid it.
Because of a gang...
no... no... because of one person...
Infact because of one person from the gang.
Who is it?
One among the gang...
One along the gang...
One behind the gang...
Damn this confusion, let's give it a name.
How do you like it?
You've got some guts, you landed in my garage directly.
What else could I do?
I have a Granny who visits the temple everyday...
I have a mother, who goes to the market every morning.
A girl I am in love with goes for her job.
A college going sister and a daughter who goes to school.
As long as you are alive I'll live with fear...
every time they go out and come back.
Is that needed?
What if I get rid of you?
You came alone to my Garage
and talking about killing me?
Where did you get this courage from?
Do you know what is the long jump
world record in the Olympics?
9 metres!
We thought it's a quite a bit.
But recently a man entered a lion's cage to feed it...
only to realise that the lion was in close proximity
and he had to jump to save himself.
Do you know how long that jump was...?
10 metres!
When the situation arrives,
courage and strength are likely to come with it.
When I used to see a man with a family earlier,
I thought it only made him helpless...
It is now that I realise...
Family isn't a weakness, it's a strength.
I am the man who'd sit in a room and plagiarize stories.
How do you think I got the courage and come to kill you?
I am still in the thriller genre
Let's begin before I shift to being in the
Serial Killer genre.
What the hell are you going to start?
Since you gifted me a family, I have a return gift for you.
I'll make sure that the world doesn't know
that you are the one who committed this crime.
So Mr Dev, you'll die as India's No.1 racer.
-Look how well she is dancing?
Where did you go?
I went to buy ice cream for Chinnu.
And I got late.
Granny, told us everything that happened.
And we need to tell you something important.
Whats that?
We decided to end this revenge.
I am not sad that I lost a son
God has given me another one.
I dont need this revenge now...
Let him go.
Karma will punish him according to his sins.
I started this with the purpose of avenging for my brother.
But I found my brother
then, why should I bother now?
The man who killed my dad is dead.
Indias leading car-racer Mr. Dev...
was brutally killed today evening in a
fire accident that occurred In his own garage.
He is dead, Granny.
The one who killed my dad is dead.
She ..
She just spoke.
Are you happy?
-I am happy!
Shall we have some ice cream?
Yes. Lets eat.
My precious kids.
Hey, come on move.
What kind of a case is this?
It's been torturing me since one and half year.
How did this dog's leash get here?
Sir, at the place of the robbery we found
some unrecognised blood marks.
We came to know that it's an animal's blood marks
after we got it analysed at the forensic lab.
The same day the robbers hit a dog
with their van and killed it.
This leash belongs to that dog.
Did you findout who this dog belongs to?
Ok, next...
What's you name?
- Suresh.
Mr Suresh
Ok, thank you.
What's you name?
Phani? Funny name
Your name?
Sukumar... I am a Telugu film Director.
Hello, Sir.
You are the Director of 'Dramaland' (Rangasthalam)...?
yeah, It's me.
I don't watch a lot of telugu movies,
It's mostly hollywood.
What about this book?
This is an original, based on a true story...
my story.
I really liked your book..
I want to adapt it for a film.
Will you give me the rights for the story?
Of course... why woudn't I?
Before that you have to sign a copy for me.
This book is dedicated to My Granny, my mom,
my wife, my sister, my daughter and Sravani.
Pencil Parthasarathy.
Hey, the scene should rock
The chairs should break
And the whistles should fill the air
The Nizam should rise from his chair
And dance around in Andhra as well
Snap your fingers
And welcome them
Welcome them with your smiles
And give them Aarti
Gang... Gangleader is here, get up now
Hang... in the Hangover we have to sway. let's go
Gang... Gangleader is here, get up now
Hang... in the Hangover we have to sway. let's go
Hey, the scene should rock
The chairs should break
And the whistles should fill the air
The Nizam should rise from his chair
And dance around in Andhra as well
Gang... Gangleader is here, get up now
Hang... in the Hangover we have to sway. let's go
Gang... Gangleader is here, get up now
Hang... in the Hangover we have to sway. let's go