Nanga Parbat (2010)

Reinhold, another 5 meters of rope!
Beware there!
The rope is over!
This should happen.
Yet some few meters away!
Ctoy, Reinhold, avast!
I'm there!
To you!
Without insurance.
On this rock!
What really went to the roof!
We decided to ditch?
Ago I could not just forward.
- I would have jumped with you!
- What's not broke!
- Way back was not!
- And all because you did not apply Ljubisa jumpers!
- Climbing without insurance - it's cool!
- But to risk their lives.
- You are not obliged me to climb.
- Are you talking about, like mad, and I blame?
Admit it though, would be that it was
on the verge!
Yeah, on the verge!
So what's next?
What neudovalos anyone yet!
Forwarding to honor the dead Ziggy Lewa
on Nanga Parbat -
mountain, the fate of the predetermine
the entire German people, -
ended June 27 with a victory.
For the first time we have been able to south
Rupalskoy wall
height of 4500 meters,
climb the highest wall in the world.
Under my leadership.
An outstanding team ...
Unfortunately, the outstanding achievements of which
were put in jeopardy,
because of the unauthorized conduct of those
who did not follow instructions
emanating from the base camp.
is the result of alpiniskogo adventurous
which in the Himalayas remains unpunished.
Maybe traverse this node to the lungs was a pre-conceived?
Harmed if chistolyubie and selfishness Code
climbing tovarischesta?
Perhaps one of the brothers was exhausted
near the top?
While the second, more powerful, able to descend into the valley.
That's not true!
And thus saved his life?
That we never know.
I can not judge how
sore upon wine ...
sore upon wine Reinhold Messner.
Its burden he would have
held until the end of days.
That the said Dr. Carl Herrligkoffer -
Tell me, what is the sacrifice
life of her own brother?
- Do you feel guilty?
(Echo) Gunter!
(Reinhold) There will be at the top
not easy!
Yeah, at the beginning, too, will have to sweat!
But above we can see someone and
then we will have a problem.
- Beware!
- Mr. Pfarrer!
and that children are a teacher!
So, what are we doing here?
It's all a wall.
She stood in our way.
Well, what do you say, Gunther?
- I do not know!
- Do you know?
Those who do not have their own opinion,
should not run for others.
Cemetery - no gym!
If not you respect the dead,
Think even of the living.
Imagine the grief of your parents,
If you break this wall?
And now do so
so I did not see you anymore!
Let's talk after class!
If you want to rock climbers,
you can rock climbers.
But only on weekends and on easy trails.
Until you learn, not a single step without my permission.
Yes you delaesh is only because
I'm the best climber than you!
Guenther, go outside and wait for me there.
Forever, they should be different from others!
Out from them and his own head.
And it does not hurt!
(Preacher) Am I my brother's security guard?
It was with these words, Cain
before God.
The Bible, Genesis 4,
gives a full answer.
Yes. You security guard thy brother.
And Jesus instructed his disciples:
You will never be blessed,
turning away from his neighbor.
I was a stranger.
And you?
Did you take me?
I was sick.
And you? You visited me once?
I was sitting in limbo.
Starving, dying of thirst, naked.
And you? You have helped me at this moment?
That is what Jesus asks us.
- (Whispers) I bet I'll get there in one fell swoop!
- Where?
(Provovednik) Not paying
attention to their neighbors ...
- (Gunther) You gonish!
- So I did it:
one foot in a niche over there, then ...
(Preacher) You must not stop
and relax
so God says Cain.
You poteryaesh your home
and care and warmth of their families.
(Whispers) steps to the right ...
Let us pray!
Our Father in heaven!
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
as in heaven and on earth.
- Then on the beam for the bells ...
- Our Daily Bread Give us this day ...
(Gunther), hurry up,
if you want to catch up with me.
- Almost caught up!
- Forget about it!
Loser cleans the week shoes
But next year I'll climb the north face
Big Fermeda!
- Alone.
- I'm with you!
- You're too young for this.
- There is not small.
Wait and see!
I will be a mountain guide.
No, a mountain climber.
How Bonatti. Or how Byuhl.
I am too.
I made the north wall of the three Zinnen.
- I'm the south wall Marmolada.
- I'm north-western wall Civetta.
- North Face of Matterhorn.
- North Face of Eiger.
Nanga Parbat.
Nanga Parbat.
Rupalskaya wall.
Himalayas. Wow ...
(Reinhold) We just wanted to get away.
Escape from the narrowness of the valley,
from our homes.
We dreamed of Hermann Byuhle its
climbing routes.
Wanted to dedicate his life to mountain climbing,
dreamed of Nanga Parbat.
We climbed as a distant star,
according to our own rules.
We were brothers, friends, partners,
Alpine world was extremely crowded.
International recognition received only one
who chose the most difficult mountain routes.
In this case, the matter did not concern
conquering the summit.
It was about the danger abyss risk.
It was about the new route using
Minimum number of facilities.
And it was a question of luck.
On the time before the last crucial step.
On the second, where it seems there is nothing
(Radio) Beckenbauer performs
free kick ...
(Gunther) Incredible!
Invitation from the Herrligkoffera!
The southern wall of Nanga Parbat.
Himalayas. Rupalskaya wall.
Himalaya me quite enticing!
Everlasting hospital transport of the material!
But this is Rupalskaya wall ...
4500 meters!
- Very steep.
- The high wall in the world!
But the main thing has not passed!
I've heard that rumored
about Herrligkoffere?
Yes, but for the sake of Nanga Parbat, I'll go
even to the devil horns!
- And how much he wants for it?
- 3000 DM.
- And how's your studies?
- This is a chance once in a lifetime!
- I'm going to make a living climbing!
- I do not think even become famous!
And for that you first
have to die!
- (Joyfully) Nanga. Rupalskaya wall.
- Yes ...
(Sad) And what about me?
He almost got.
I can not look at it.
So high at the top.
I hope that it will Nanga Parbat
high enough.
I just hope that he will return an integer
and nevridimym.
In Reinhold real talent.
Topics nimenie, worthless to him
climb alone.
Gunter should also get the chance.
For me it is better they were at home.
(Female) Just a minute!
- Wait a bit!
- Thank you!
- Neither lived something to drink?
- With pleasure! Water, please!
- Good-bye, doctor!
- Good luck!
- Reinhold Messner?
- He is! Good day!
Glad to meet you!
Willie Merkel. My half-brother.
We had passed along the route along the southern
edge Kampenwand.
Fate snatched the crown of the conqueror
from his hands
just before the peak of Nanga Parbat.
If he only knew
that his child is still alive.
At this time Rupalvand must submit to us.
We owe all those
whose lives were claimed Nanga Parbat.
What is the account your expedition?
Seventh. Fourth attempt to storm Rupalvand.
Twice we were able to reach the summit.
In 1953, in conjunction with Byuhlem.
In 1962, with Ziggy Leo through Diamirskuyu side.
In the past year, climbing to Rupalvand,
we have overcome the mark of 7.100 meters.
But in our plans to intervene
weather conditions.
- Herman Byuhl.
- Yes, exactly.
Fantastic single ascent.
Do not think he would have done it without
team effort.
The Himalayas will not tolerate individuals.
Where is the mountain zakanchivayustya,
there they are just beginning.
Only a truly united team
able to conquer Nanga Parbat.
Why just "conquer"?
I would rather just be on its top.
(Reinhold) is open.
Do not think you priydesh.
- Everything has gone to matins.
- Yeah.
- Yes, you all will soon begin.
- Discover.
- Letter.
- And, yes, of course.
"I completely agree with Gunter. Karl."
From Herrligkoffera?
Sapp refused, and Charles asked me
recommend another member of the expedition.
I told him he should hire the best.
- You poluchish vacation?
- If not, I resigned.
- That is what I wanted so much to do.
- Merry Christmas, Gunther!
Merry Christmas, Reinhold.
- Well then ...
- I'm happy for you!
(Mother) Gunter, stay close to Reinhold?
Slyshish me?
- Of course, Mom!
- (Reinhold) is time.
- Be careful out there!
- Of course!
The same applies to you!
Obeschaesh that brought back to me Gunther
- I promise.
- (Gunther), Reinhold.
(Man) What do you think you can conquer Nanga Parbat?
(Herrligkoffer) course.
- What is the height of this mountain?
- Very high ...
- And what do you really want to be on top?
- Where else?
- We all want it!
- Please introduce yourself!
Our mountain guide already mentally
on top.
Who do you feel?
Mates or still contenders?
To conquer the top of an extremely
important a good bunch and chistolyubie.
So after all, friends or rivals?
Let me!
That victory - the merit of each member of the expedition.
But, above all, a team achievement.
All participants are eager to
walk the footsteps of the 34 th, 53 th and 62-second period,
who risked their lives on the mountain.
- But ...
- A few more details of the expedition ...
The cost of the expedition is
a 130.000 DM
and nine tons of equipment and the rest
material will be delivered to Pakistan.
Assault on the mountain named for the day
Summer Solstice - June 21.
- Good luck!
- Thank you!
Carl ... What are you here delaesh?
Our flight was canceled.
Hotel, luggage storage, -
all much more expensive than we planned.
Also, slowly but surely,
we have run out of money.
So we're stuck in place?
Senator Burda here in Rawalpindi.
Burda, publisher of the journal
"Bunte Illustrierte".
Prenadlezhat him the right to publish articles
on our expedition.
He invited us to dinner today.
The whole team.
Hello, I am very happy.
It was a unique opportunity-to
to remind him
of all the importance of our mission ...
- I have to ask him for money?
- Talk to him.
Intrigue him. I do not know how.
- I'm in such cases can not find the right words.
Yeah ...
By the way, today's dinner Swabian shpetsle
and Black Forest cake with cherry ice cream.
Hmmm ... excellent!
For those who found their last
resting on the slopes of Nanga Parbat.
Giant Mountains require great sacrifices.
In this sense, Nanga Parbat
holds the leading position.
Which was a delight,
when a 53-cm was finally vodruzhon
German flag on Nanga Parbat!
It was only a small
Tyrolean box.
- Oh, stop!
- You can believe me!
First on the mountain was an Austrian Hermann Byuhl.
- I beg your pardon.
- Yes, of course!
I've always counted Austrians
to the German people.
In general, it was a German expedition.
This mountain has claimed the lives of many
our compatriots.
Its conquest should be
written for the German people.
On Nanga Parbat died the same
Sherpas, Gurkhas, and Hunza,
as Germans, Austrians and southern
Tyroleans together.
However, the first who wanted to climb to its summit, but
Unfortunately, he died, never having achieved his goal,
Briton was Albert Frederick Mummery.
All the German Expedition 30's and 40's
were doomed to failure.
They were too heavy to lift.
The majority of these were military operations,
colonial dictatorship
piles of equipment.
Narostayuschih due to problems in transportation
This equipment is after a hard mission
and not moving.
To conquer the "eight-in this case
requires a network of high camp.
- Material resources, discipline ...
In this case, the organization, cooperation,
Careful planning
not considered to be the primary basis for you
Himalayan expedition?
Training and instincts - that's the key to success.
In the mountains, it can happen anything.
Cold, heat, snow, discharged air,
toe of the avalanche ...
Only one of these factors can
destroy any plan.
Yes, Mummery was not essential equipment,
but his gut instincts did not disappoint him.
Also, like Hermann Byuhlya.
Byuhl made a single climb, despite
orders from the camp,
because he felt that the only way he
can do it.
When he was 41 hours later, numb to death,
returned to the camp,
He proved to all that no one could have imagined.
Routes through Rupalvand,
and he thought insurmountable.
It is our goal.
And what exactly is the complexity
climbing Rupalvand?
Have you ever had seen the northern wall
Eiger with his own eyes?
So, Rupalvand three times higher.
None of the three expeditions failed
rise to a height of less than a kilometer to the summit.
At Rupalskoy wall - the worst weather
conditions from all sides of the mountain.
Porters climb no higher than mid-wall.
After that, all need to carry yourself.
But the most difficult starts in the "zone of death"
where lack of oxygen and the body
starts was produced.
Crack Merkel - is a key place.
He who overcomes her,
he gets to the top.
But is this really so, we learn
only when find ourselves at the top.
"What makes you rise to the highest
mountain in the world,
If you do not know whether you will return back? "
In the name of their motherland? For the sake of fame? For Honor?
Please, let's give
word young man!
Why draw an artist?
Would you like to say that the climber is a kind of
man art?
And behaves selfishly?
He also selfish, like his patron.
If a picture is sold, both benefit.
(Guenther) Karl you just now hate.
He told me another "thank you" say it should.
Burda gave him a cashier's check.
Now he has a feeling
if he do something required.
(Male), Nanga.
- Here it is Nanga Parbat.
- You imagined it so?
It only remained to conquer.
The first to stand up there ...
(Carl) closed!
Come on, guys, come on!
- (Reinhold) I hate walking in zigzags.
- (Gunther) just do not think about it.
If we srezhim have Herrligkoffera
a heart attack.
There are more forces? All right?
Camps 1, 2 and 3
already occupied.
At this time we definitely will.
Pronoz weather. The weather is changing.
They should go back to camp.
(Peter) Gunter! Caution! Meltdown!
(Gunther), Reinhold! Quick! Back!
Can you hear me?
(Karl, on the radio) You hear me?
Leave all the camps!
I repeat! Leave all the camps!
Are you all right?
(Gunther) Hello!
For the past month, as here.
We built three climbing camp
laid ropes in critical places.
Over the past few days does not stop the assault.
Our tent filled up with snow, but we
all right!
Food will be enough for three days!
Manual orders
descend into camp.
But we decided to stay on top.
Afternoon temperatures often
above 20 degrees,
at night can reach -30.
Climbing commit to 12 at night until early morning.
In the afternoon, always avalanches.
Days spread, slowing the passage of time.
The fact that a couple of weeks ago, it seemed important
Now has not the slightest value.
Anyway, we feel safe
and hope for better weather
and of course for a successful ascent.
His thoughts are always with you.
Gunther and Reinhold.
(Reinhold) Gore have rallied as
never before.
We became inseparable.
Understand each other without words.
There was no need to explain anything.
- They remain on top?
- They answered, yes.
What does this mean? In this weather!
- They want to keep track of the camp?
- Just went to the roof?
They are obliged to obey my orders.
It still does what I say!
- Maybe it's not so bad.
- What?
Messner does not solve it!
The success of the expedition depends in particular on
that orders are not discussed!
Messner always want more than others!
There was one already, and together
they are simply unbearable!
It was necessary to separate them into different bundles
as well as others!
Look who is here!
(Reinhold) Aaa Felix, an upstart.
Well, now sure to be fun.
(Gunther) Well?
(Felix) from Charles. Plan of ascent.
And what is the plan?
And what was it?
Themselves look!
Is it an evil one!
Gently vyrozilsya!
Count up, we are with Werner and Hans
should pave the rope to the crack Merkel
that you are with Peter and Felix
were able to climb to the top?
Calmly? Three days in a "death zone" will be
pohlesche ascent to the top!
Exactly. He who knows nothing about mountaineering,
can not be expected to obey.
Yes, he wants to divide us only.
- And what do we do?
- Go down!
Weather anyway, and not last.
Damn parasite.
If I order you to go down -
they remain at the top.
I order you to stay - they go down!
Anarchy some!
Time, and so to spare!
Tomorrow is already six weeks as we have here,
and we have again from the beginning!
The eternal wait!
Yesterday ...
You're delaesh correctly.
(Reinhold) Tops invasion.
It is a difficult routes.
And then what?
Then follow the traverse.
In the future it will be about eight thousand boom.
Maybe, but not on Nanga Parbat.
Karl did not allow to make the traverse.
Even if you're going to go down diamirskomu
slope - it's certain death!
Someday, someone will traverse
through the Nanga Parbat.
We just cheknutye. We sit at the base camp,
weather complete crap,
and are you already making plans for eight-boom.
We even beat Rupalvand can not.
(Karl) Well, guys?
Beer left?
- What's the weather?
- Unfortunately, no change!
(Peter) Damn it!
Then in the 53 rd it was all too close to failure.
This Byuhl ...
Until now, in front of me is ...
As he blazed the path ahead of us ...
With what enthusiasm
with some determination!
Like nothing on earth can not
stop it ...
Rather late.
Oh well ...
I'll go for a walk.
Karl knows how to defuse obstavnovku.
(Reinhold) original thinking of Karl
equated to treason.
As was the case with Byuhlem.
In the 53-cm Byuhl disobeyed the order of Charles
went alone to the summit.
Carl he would never forgive
because it is a tall tale success of the team as a whole.
Only in the case of Charles could be considered a
climbing their own triumph.
(Felix), "Stop, Reinhold.
We would not sit here if it were not for Carl.
Of course, I did not have higher education, as you are.
But any expedition requires the head.
And his orders to be executed.
- (Hans) Why is it so for Carl shakes?
- (Peter) Felix - a soldier.
First of all it cares vertex.
In order to step on it first, he needs Karl.
- But we all want.
- Second, no one remembers.
What are we waiting for all the time?
we're just marking time and nothing happens.
You're right.
Something we really sat up.
(Karl) Reinhold.
- Please.
- Thank you.
This is the last letter from my brother.
He wrote it shortly before his death.
Then I vowed to myself
that someday leading the expedition
on Nanga Parbat.
And this is already the seventh.
How much we still have time, Karl?
Permission to expire on July 7.
I'll try one last time to go over the wall
with Gunther to the third camp.
If the weather improve, we will go further.
If not - go down.
- When?
- Tonight.
(Whispers) Okay. Well.
(Gunther) Well, he'll listen to you?
He wants to succeed.
Timing is running out.
It's just angers Felix.
Tomorrow morning, Felix and Peter
will follow us.
Karl is always a fallback option.
Look at the camera.
And smiles.
Well, burnt.
We povezlo.Pogoda changing.
(Carl) is finished. Finally
established a clear, sunny weather.
With great difficulty we build
camp for the camp.
Felix and Peter rush at full speed.
(Reinhold) Competition began.
(Carl), inch by inch
we move up the wall.
(Reinhold) Well, go ahead?
In the final assault.
(Carl) is finished.
All camps are busy,
snobzhenie organized,
My plan for the offensive set.
- Reinhold ...
- (Alice) Oops!
- (Carl) has written?
- So.
Reinhold, and Peter,
or Felix
will be raised through a crack Merkle to the top.
Gunther and Gerhard have an assignment
ensure the rope back downhill.
(Reinhold) If we still will continue to wait
then we have this never happens.
Will begin soon and then the end of the monsoon.
Hermann, Hans and others will deliver
still remaining equipment.
- We are short of the rope to the crack.
- But do not worry!
Camp IV.
Base camp, welcome!
Carl in touch. Welcome!
- With each passing hour the clouds are approaching nearer.
- Yes, I know!
We can no longer delay.
Guenther, Gerhard and I still go up to the fifth day camp.
If the weather is normal, then we pave
rope in the bottom of the crack.
If not, then I'll try to pass himself.
How many will turn out. Can be up to the summit.
In any case. We adhere to the
the original plan.
- My plan is ...
- Otherwise we have no chance.
(Reinhold) Reception.
Reinhold, chitaesh you my thoughts.
Karl, at the top we will have no radio.
Give us a weather forecast
Red in bad weather.
and blue for good. Reception.
Understood. Blue for good,
red for bad.
In the case of the red rocket
I would venture myself. Out.
Good luck!
Mentally, I'm with you! Out.
But this was not your plan.
At the end of the main only victory.
(Gunther) Red. Bad.
(Gerhard) In this all ends.
In shock, we observe
in the sky raises a red flare.
Symbol, symbolizing
bad weather conditions.
(Reinhold), I'll go out at midnight.
By evening, try to return.
You should insure the bottom of the crack
and wait for me
In any case, until I get back.
(Gunther) We only have 200 meters of rope.
In this case, neg it in half and secured only
the most difficult areas.
(Carl) After a quick check revealed
that the missile was not properly signed.
What happened? Why do not you print?
"There was not properly signed."
(Gerhard) I vospalino throat.
If you do not get better,
I'll have to return to the main camp.
(Gunther) where everyone has his own plans.
Maybe we already gone too far.
Tower of Babel did not like?
(Carl) until the next morning
connection with high-altitude camps is not possible.
In such weather Reinhold necessarily
go to the top.
And we only allowed to insure the descent.
(Angrily) Yes, this can not be,
it is a complete shit.
I'm in this is no longer involved.
We are only wasting time.
We go after Reinhold!
You crazy? Reinhold is
ahead in a few hours.
It is possible. He furrows.
We need to consolidate the belay rope.
Gunther, Reinhold at it calculates.
In addition, I have a sore throat.
I eat breathe.
You walk with me or not?
It's too dangerous. We have with them
No sleeping bag, no food.
Gunther! Gunther!
Willi ...
This time we definitely will.
Four hours.
600 meters in 4 hours. On this a top!
Are you not normal?
Nothing. You've plowed.
You have a rope with me?
- You were already fixed?
- Just started.
- A Gerhard?
- Returned to the camp. He has a sore throat.
- Now what?
- Now I'm here!
Completely mad?
After all according to plan
during bad weather, I walk alone.
Up, down, everything quickly.
And now the time to spare.
It was your plan. You carry upstairs
and I ostavlyaesh bottom roach?
- Not in this case.
- It is in this.
You stoish on svoym,
I should think myself?
If we now go to the top,
we have to spend the night there.
No equipment, no nothing.
Besides, you do not paved insurance.
Ropes for the descent, also.
Well, I did shit!
Now satisfied?
Ropes lacking in one way or etok,
no matter now or later.
Therefore, we still can go to the top.
It remains after all quite a bit.
You're already well on the edge, Gunther!
All right! I can handle!
Well, look!
We are one team!
- Already forgotten?
- Remember, remember!
Come on!
Quite close.
(Reinhold) Okay.
We have no more time.
We must descend.
Come on!
(Carl) Many years after our
ascent on Nanga Parbat
I still think that all our failures are related
with the curse of the gods that protect this mountain.
This is revenge for the fact that people from nezin
encroach upon the sacred inviolability
high mountains of Kashmir.
Reinhold, wait!
All right?
- I am very tired ... No longer can.
- Come on Come on and get up!
We need to go down,
now begin to darken.
Can we come down here?
Have to go down there,
from rising.
We will return to the crack on the bottom.
I'll check.
Peter and Felix went to the top during the night.
Rearguard begins with laying
ropes to crack Merkle.
We can not stop worrying
for the fate of brothers Messner.
Apparently Gunther without equipment
went after Reinhold.
Relationship with them is interrupted.
Well, whatever.
(Carl) But at night,
without equipment
their chances of survival are zero.
- (Gunther), we have something to hide?
- (Reinhold) We do not have anything!
(Gunther) bedspread! Give here!
(Reinhold) We have no blankets!
- (Gunther) bedspread!
- Yes, enough at last!
You're just mad soshol!
The veil!
Fingers feel?
- I do not know ...
- She moves them.
- You have to wiggle your fingers.
- Nothing to feel.
- We will die!
- Listen to me!
- We will not die, do you hear?
- No.
After a couple of hours of daylight, Gunter.
Do not worry.
They know what they're doing.
I'll try to get to the crack
and find your way down.
(Reinhold) Eyyy!
Gunther, they are coming!
Peter! In my opinion, is there someone screams!
Are you crazy? Let's go.
We here at the top!
You were on top!
We can not
get down!
We need a rope!
Much too hard! Impossible!
That will not do!
We were lost.
Felix could not go upstairs,
we could not come down.
A wall was not suitable for running.
Trying to get down on it would be suicide.
I was supposed to solve.
(Felix) You all right?
(Reinhold) Yes.
Everything is fine!
What's going to do?
(Reinhold) We will try
(Reinhold) down the back.
We have to go down themselves without help.
(Gunter, inaudible)
Without help? Not that!
Not that! How do I froze!
The second night I did not endure.
We will, Gunther!
I'll go first! Try to find
the best route for the descent!
Do not leave me alone!
One thing I will not leave you!
(Carl) After two days and one terrible night
a "death zone"
they go down for an unknown route
no equipment to Diamirskoy side of the mountain,
where there was not laid ropes
did not stand Camps
and where there was not from someone wait for help.
By human standards they expected nothing but death.
We can handle.
Follow me!
(Felix) vertex belongs to us!
Look! The same thing Messner!
Messner dead.
Somewhere down there.
They have always gone his own way.
Strayed from the team.
Peter, we are the winners of this climb!
We are the winners!
(Reinhold) Coming down from the top was not visible
the overall picture.
All the time we reached an impasse.
Vezde only sheer cliffs.
and it is in the "death zone".
We were completely trapped.
When we went without a rope to the top
we have signed its own death sentence.
Topics nimenie, we continued to
fight for their lives.
We conducted a terrible fear.
(Reinhold) We must come back!
(Reinhold) Do you get!
(Carl) Damn, damn can not see!
For several days no news!
What they have going on there?
They died. Mountain asleep.
This mountain is never sleeps.
Come on, Gunter!
Otherwise he will go! Come on!
- Who?
- We can not lose it!
How are you?
What's wrong with your glove?
Somebody who knows the route.
Sometimes me, sometimes behind me.
He leads us.
- Who?
- I do not know!
You're raving.
None. I saw him.
We can further ...
Can we stay here?
I need a break.
Gunther! Avalanche!
Otherwise, we ...
We need to come down to
the arrival of the sun.
Go down!
Go on!
(Reinhold) And here you go again.
Carefully Gunther! Avalanche!
Come on!
- (Reinhold) Are you okay?
- No.
- Are you hurt? Arise?
Gunther! Come on!
- Come on, now!
(Reinhold), we will!
(Without force) Reinhold!
Keep up, go!
Now to the left and down!
Why did not he come?
Reinhold! Gunther!
And? And where Reinhold and Gunther?
They stayed at the top.
(Carl) Finally, the news.
After the successful ascent of Peter and Felix
safely back to the fourth camp.
(Reinhold), Gunther!
Our joy, inspired by the successful
ascent on Nanga Parbat
overshadowed the fact that the brothers have gone Messner
with the planned route and were lost.
(Carl) The competent authorities
will be informed.
(Desperately) Gunter.
In order to avoid new risks,
I forbid any new ascent.
The expedition reached.
Personnel ordered to return
to base camp.
(Mann), Felix. You are with us again!
- Finally!
- Hurray!
(Carl) They're back!
Excellent, excellent guys!
- Where should press?
- So it is charged, come back!
I'm proud of you!
(Felix) After Messner left the tent
camp, they could not climb to the summit.
But after your eye contact?
You could not get up?
The upper part of the crack can not pass!
January 25, 1975.
Well. All is well.
First you need to relax.
Winning and still losing ...
We're going home.
We can not just pick up and leave without them!
We are here to do nothing more!
I. .. I have to do blood tests.
Anyone who does not comply with my instructions,
can not rely on my own responsibility.
(Reinhold, whisper) Diamir ...
Rupal ... Base Camp ...
No ... I will not die.
I do not want to die.
God rest the departed soul of thy servant!
(Reinhold), I will not die.
I can not die.
I must find my brother.
(Mama) "Obeschaesh that brought back to me Gunther
unharmed? "
- (Whispers) Karl.
- Yes, what is it?
Reinhold and Gunther could
descend diamirskoy side of the mountain.
What? It is impossible.
How did you do before this guessed?
- Reinhold once uttered about it.
- When was it?
In the base camp.
It's just your imagination raging.
But we can not leave them ...
Good work, Thanks!
- Thank you!
- May God protect you!
We hold sacred those who managed to
conquer this mountain.
- (Felix) Thanks!
- Thank you!
(Carl) I ask you, Captain!
(Hans) Come on Alice, sit down!
Alice, sit down!
- All together!
- Nanga Parbat!
(Mann, in broken English)
Bridge! Break!
(Reinhold) Beware!
- (Mann) fell for themselves.
- (Reinhold) Warning.
(Mann) Go! Yourself! Gone-gone!
(Mann) Go!
Where are you from?
Heard on Nanga Parbat
Two people were killed!
I am one of them!
(Carl) Brake!
(Karl) Reinhold!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Reinhold? Reinhold!
- Gunther?
- Thank God you're here!
- Calm down! That's me!
- Where have you been all this time?
(Carl) It is not so important.
Now you must think about yourself!
Bring a first aid kit!
I can not go home without it!
(Carl) Everything will be fine!
(Carl) Calm down, everything will be fine!
(Radio) Dear listeners, we break
Our announcement in connection with the specials!
As we became known today, the German expedition
led by Dr. Carl Herrligkoffera
made a successful ascent of Nanga Parbat.
Apparently, the peak height of 8125 meters
was reached June 27.
Shadow on the victory throws the death of a
members of the expedition.
Who in this case in question,
until nezvestno.
The next info we just let ...
There, my brother died.
If I had to be near,
then I would have it ...
Such is the plight of young,
be in the shadow of a senior.
Just do not feet!
Yes You have now a real celebrity!
(Priest) Many paths lead to God!
One could lead through the mountains.
For those returning,
and for those who are destined to forever
stay there.
But wherever we go,
that whatever we do,
we are responsible.
Responsibility for themselves and for others.
But the one who takes responsibility,
assumes all the burdens
and guilt.
And with fear comes guilt.
If the fear becomes a powerful,
comes to salvation.
Neither Charles nor Felix at the wake
have not appeared.
For Charles Nanga Parbat will remain the top,
predetermined his whole life.
But it is superfluous mountain.
Geological formation.
Inspiration and feelings we ourselves bring to the mountains.
Reinhold Messner top
never let go.
In the following years he made
more and more attempts to find his brother.
In 1978 he made his second ascent of Nanga Parbat.
Without the expedition. Without equipment. Alone.
Carl Herrligkoffer manage the following
expeditions to the Himalayas.
Until his death in 1991 a truce with Reinhold
Messner did not happen.
Peter Sholtz, one of the best climbers in Germany,
crashed shortly on Mont Blanc.
Several years later, Felix Kuhn
committed suicide.
In 2005, the glacier of Nanga Parbat's body returned
Gnther Messner.
At an altitude of 4.300 meters, on diamirskom glaciers.