Nang Nak (Nang-Nak) (1999)

The 18th of August, 1868
On the First of the Waning Moon,
the ninth month
I have to go, Nak...
Nak's ghostly spirit is said
to be a true story,
long told over generations.
The legend has it that Nang Nak,
local to Prakanong District
was a true and perfect wife,
highly loyal to her husband.
Even death could not mortalize her love
and loyalty.
Her loving soul wandered,
awaiting for her husband
to return to living together.
Nang Nak
Mak... help me...
Somebody! Help!
Someone hurt here! Help!
Nak... Nak... Nak...
How ill is he? Please tell me.
I need to know.
His condition is quite serious.
But don't worry.
His fortune still reads strongly.
That's relief.
But his illness worries me still.
Can you lessen his bad luck?
For pity's sake.
Prepare offerings for the monk.
I'll make merits to redeem him
from his karma.
Keep this charm strip and hold sacred.
It protects you and the baby
from the evil spirits.
How long have you been pregnant?
Almost 4 months.
I do pity you, Nak.
He's in pretty bad shape.
Maybe too late.
I'm afraid he's dying.
Only the High Dignitary can help.
We must wait for him then.
I'd better go.
Yuan! Press carefully. Bitch!
Yuan! How's she doing?
Don't move.
Nak. Take it easy.
Set the fire.
Push! Push! Again!
Don't stand block.
She's having her hard time already.
That's bad omen, you know.
Since when has he been here?
Yesterday evening, Your dignitary.
The doctor at Ta Tien sent him here.
Seriously ill he is.
Hurry up!
Prakhunnan... Satu.
Have some.
Water helps laboring easier.
Um, are you stupid?
Open the window, you fool.
Widows must be open in laboring.
Easy... easy. Why is it so hard this time?
I may have it cut.
Hang on. It's going to be hurt.
How is he, Novice? Is he better yet?
Yes, Your Dignitary.
But his condition maintains.
Mak... Mak...
Novice. How can I help you?
The High Dignitary has sent for you.
He's at his monastery house.
How are you feeling?
You look all well. Are you feeling well?
I am, Your Dignitary.
Because of you and your kindness.
So I survive.
Fate is very strange.
Some look to be dying, but they aren't.
Some don't have a sign,
but die in a sudden.
So they say what's certain is uncertain.
Now that you are well,
I suggest you enter ordination.
That will ease your bad fortune.
What do you think?
You must be worried about
your family, aren't you?
Yes, Your Dignitary.
My wife at Prakanong Canal is pregnant.
She must have given birth by now.
I so wonder how they are.
That got me worried
so I think I should leave.
I'll certainly be back to ordain later on.
As you please.
From now on,
whatever may happen, be calm.
And be aware
that everything goes by way of karma.
Never set yourself on attachment.
It only brings you sufferings.
Nak... I'm home.
You look very thin.
Didn't the army feed you well at all?
Basically, just chilies and salt.
Sometimes, they even sent no provisions.
Only sweet potatoes
and yam kept us alive.
It was extremely hard, Dear.
Mountains and forests were barren.
Many soldiers died of Malaria
and cholera.
What about yourself?
I almost died from a deep wound cut
at the chest.
It took me full bedrest for months.
Luckily, the High Dignitary
of Rakang Temple saved by life.
I could have died, otherwise.
But Prig! Poor him!
He was too young to die.
What? Is Prig dead?
Yes. He was close to beheaded
and died right before my eyes.
The body was cremated like
a no one's son.
Very pitiful.
Oh! I almost forgot.
His wife, Pad, doesn't know this.
I must go to tell her.
Are you going now?
You came back just now
and must be tired.
Rest for a day, would you?
I'll go tell Pad for you.
Our baby is so young.
Why are you taking it with?
It can't be without.
Our baby is such a mom's child.
He's never been away from me.
I want the one you are chewing.
No. No...
Naughty man! Don't...
It is very sweet... Nak...
Shame on you!
How are you kissing in the field?
Does your breath smell there?
Nak is running away. Follow her.
Son of Bitches!
How dare you peeking on us?
If I can't get blood out of
your heads today,
don't call me a man.
Come! Come on! Think I were Nak.
If you are real men, don't run away.
Let me get your heads bleeding some.
Um! Prig! Where are you?
Mak... Help!
Prig, don't die. Prig...
Urb... Are you here?
It's me! Mak!
Nak! You scared me.
When were you here?
I didn't hear you came.
I came back home but you weren't there.
I looked all over for you.
I'm afraid you'd leave me again.
Nak. Why are you saying so?
I never think like that.
I just came out to get some palm leaves.
I'll make some toys for our baby Dang.
Let's go home.
Um! Where are you going?
What's the matter? That's quite a shout.
It was Um. How dumb he is!
He didn't hear me shout.
He paddled his boat so fast.
Be ashamed!
What? What were you saying?
Shame on you!
Aren't you embarrassed,
standing naked there?
I was glad, meeting with Um.
He might think it
were some ghosts or what.
Rest in Heaven, nak.
Yesterday I went fishing and met Mak.
He must be living with Nak.
The Hell with him!
Did he know yet?
Urb! Urb!
It's me. Mak.
I know she's been dead for 3 days.
You didn't tell me.
She died on the day you were back.
I was so happy that I forgot telling.
What became of her?
Why is her body left unattended like that?
Before you were back,
people died of cholera.
So did she.
She was sick for 2 days and died.
So people in the neighbor moved away.
I was afraid, too.
But Dang was young
and might get infected easily.
So I had to leave her like that.
Don't you go to her house again.
I don't want you to get the cholera.
Nak... You scare me... Nak...
Here's yours. Take it back.
Oh, the pleasure boat.
So large in measures
Anchored at the peer
Loaded with passengers
Don't cry. She's coming!
Nak, I looked all over for you.
Here you are, pounding rice.
What are you up for? It's late.
Go to bed.
What about you,
pounding rice during these hours?
Why don't you wait until the morning?
We are running out of rice.
I'm afraid it may not be enough
for your breakfast.
My Dear! Why didn't you tell me
this evening?
That's okay.
I want to serve you as much as I can.
I don't know how much time
I have left to do this for you.
Some day, I...
Nak, why do you say such a thing?
You sound like you are leaving me.
Mak. I love you very much.
I'll never leave you.
But I'm afraid...
Nak, what are you afraid of?
I'll never leave you, either.
We will be together
till death do us part, Nak.
Let's go. It's late.
Let's get into the house.
Tomorrow I get some wood to fix it.
Why are these rats all over the house?
What are you doing down there?
I'm looking for an axe.
I need some wood to fix the stairs.
Have you seen it?
It's stuck at the post. Seen it?
Um! When are you here?
How are you?
How is Yuan?
Um! What is it? You act like a theif.
Mak. I have an important thing to tell you.
Listen carefully.
What is it?
You don't have to make it
so complicated.
Mak, your wife is dead.
Nak died long ago.
Damn it! Um, are you joking?
Are you kidding me?
I'm not. I'm serious.
Nak died while delivering her baby
month ago.
Stop! Stop it!
This is too much.
Son of a Bitch! Why are you accusing
my wife of being dead?
It's not funny.
Mak. I'm not lying. She died in labor.
Everyone knows it.
You weren't here so you didn't know that.
Liar! I live with my wife and my baby.
You can see it.
Why are you lying to me?
Do I look stupid to you?
You do.
You live with the ghost.
Don't you know it.
Stop it, Um!
If you weren't my best friend,
I knock you down to the ground.
Mak, I'm not lying.
I swear over my dead body.
I tied up her corpse by myself.
Um! Do you hear that?
My baby is crying.
Yes. The ghost's baby.
Um! Son of a Bitch!
You! Damn you!
You call my baby a ghost.
Son of a bitch.
I'll kill you today.
Go ahead. Come on. Kill me.
Go. Get the hell out of here.
We're no longer friends.
Don't let me see you again.
I try very hard to tell you
and you don't believe me.
Go ahead. Live with the ghost!
What's wrong with Dang?
He keeps crying.
Nothing's wrong.
He is crying for his mom.
He needs to be with me all the time.
He would surely cry without my sight
Have you got some wood?
Not yet. I had met Um.
I was glad seeing him.
But he was strange, saying bullshit.
What did he say?
He told me that you died in labor.
Bad mouth!
He called your and our baby ghosts.
I got so angry that I hit him away.
What was wrong with him?
Entering ordination doesn't do him
any good. Liar!
Are you crying, Nak?
What's wrong?
You've been away for too long.
People have been accusing me
hard lately.
I am so afraid that
I don't have a face to go out.
Why so?
They hate me.
They accused me of having an affair
when you were with the army.
They said Dang was
someone else's baby, not yours.
They called me bitch.
They have made up stories
to accuse me.
You were already pregnant
when I was called.
They all knew.
How could they accused you?
I don't know why they hate me so much.
Look at Um!
We were like brother and sister.
He could do it too. How am I hurt...
Dear Nak, don't be.
How can we stop gossiping people
from gossiping?
No matter what, I won't believe them.
Don't you give it a thought.
I'll kill them with my swords
whenever I meet.
Ghost. Nak, Ghost...
Ghost. Nak, Ghost...
Damn! Yuan.
Do you have to cry that loud?
I'm already scared.
Want the ghost to kill me? Moron!
Who got himself into?
I told you not to mess with them.
Now what?
If she knew,
she wouldn't let you get away with this.
She'd break your neck.
Yuan! Shut up!
You talk too much.
Thanks for wishing me death.
Isn't that true?
You've picked the right one-the ghost!
See for yourself tonight.
Come! Do come and break my neck.
Cut me into two pieces. Come!
- Come on, Nak! Come!
- Don't... Um! Don't defy her.
Come on, Nak!
She will really come.
- Come on! Nak! Um is here.
- Don't... Um!
- Come break my neck.
- Don't! Um! Don't go out!
I'm not scared of you.
Come, Nak!
Walk quickly!
I am, Jiad.
It's dark. I hardly see the way.
You'll be reprimanded if you're back late.
I'll laugh at you.
Don't babble. Get in the boat.
Row smoothly.
It doesn't move. It's stuck.
Throw the light at it.
Help! Ghost!
One at a time!
How will I know what's going on?
The ghost Nak is menacing around now.
She willed many people.
If we don't stop her, more people die.
What do you think?
I'll find a ghost banister to stop her.
I don't want to see people die anymore.
This ghost banister is very good.
He could bust ghosts.
A lot of people came to him.
I think he can do for us.
Think carefully. Don't rush.
Think it through.
I think no more.
It was Mee. Then, Um.
I won't let the Ghost Nak
kill me that easily.
We'll be prepared.
Tonight, we'll go burn her house
to the ground.
Calm down, In!
If you burn here, how about Mak?
If he listens to us and leaves her,
I spare his life.
If the still mistakes bad for good
and insists on living with the ghosts,
I'll burn him all dead.
Who is coming with me? Let's go!
Mak... Mak...
Mak... Mak...
What brings you here? Please come in.
Are you alone?
Yes. Nak went out
for some morning glory vegetable.
She'll be back soon.
Please make yourself comfortable.
Have some areca palm and betal leaves.
I'm fine now.
How are you?
I haven't seen you for long.
I've always wanted to visit you
but haven't got a chance yet.
It's family business.
Mak, I have an important thing to tell you.
What Um told you yesterday
and you didn't believe...
It was true. It is true, Mak.
What is true?
That Nak's dead in labor.
I can tell you that you live with the ghosts.
Do you know it, Mak?
Father! Father! Why are you lying?
I live with her days and nights.
How can she be the ghost?
This is my baby, Dang.
In the cradle. You see...
Come see for yourself,
human or ghost?
Mak, listen to me just for one time.
Nak is dead. Everyone knows.
I know that they hate Nak.
They've been accusing her
about things everyday.
Um was one of them.
I got angry and hit him away.
Mak. Do you know that
Um is dead? He died!
Um died?
Nak broke his neck last night
because he came to tell you this.
You're crazy.
The silly things you're talking about.
Look! If it wasn't you,
I kicked you to the floor minutes ago.
I came all the way to tell you this
and you don't believe me. Suit yourself.
If you want to see the truth,
concentrate. Keep the Buddha in mind.
Bend over to the front and look between
your legs. The truth will reveal itself to you.
Are you leaving? Wait for a while.
Nak is coming back.
You see her with your own eyes.
Never mind. Let's hurry!
Here it is!
Yuan, he's here.
Please come in.
Soothe yourself with some water.
Chuay, bring water here right away.
Novice, put my staff in my bag.
Yes, Your dignitary.
We should keep amulets for later.
I have an important thing to do.
I have to leave now.
We'll discuss it later.
Where are you going?
Prakanong District.
Move! Jiad! Let me!
I'm not Jiad.
Ouch! Father!
Drink it! Drink!
I'll lead you to burn down Nak's house.
Kill it!
Go! Go!
If you want to see the truth.
Concentrate. Keep The Buddha in mind.
Bend over to the front and look between
your legs. The truth will reveal itself to you.
Burn it!
Mak! Come on now!
Mak! Do you hear me?
Burn it! Now!
How far would you push to me?
I didn't intervene your business.
Why do you have to do mine?
Nak. Ghost must be with ghosts.
You live with men
and kill men for pleasure.
I burn you to death today.
I live with my family, never kill anyone.
They died because of their won Karma.
They tried to part my family. I didn't do it.
Today, you harm me first.
You burn my house.
I show you what can become of me.
Why are you standing there.
Come up here.
Pass the holy thread around in circle.
Fast! Fast!
Tie up the holy thread.
Sit. Don't go anywhere. Sit down.
Sit. Don't go anywhere. Sit down. Mak...
Ghost Nak!
Don't panic. Keep chanting.
Nak... Scaring the monks is a sin.
Be gone. Don't bother Mak.
Father, let my husband go and I leave.
I can't. Nak, you are a ghost.
Give up your human life.
No. I listen to nobody.
You part my family.
You monk! Let my husband go.
See for yourselves!
Keep chanting... Keep on.
Mak... Mak...
Come to your wife and baby.
Don't you pity on me?
Mak... please come.
I have nothing left.
Mak, don't go.
Stop chanting! Stop! She's gone.
My sermon is working!
Father... Father.
Big trouble!
What is it, Bua?
Tui and his people dig Nak's grave.
I saw the ghost banister
was doing something with Nak's corpse.
The Hell with it!
Don't... Mak... don't go out.
Damn! Anybody stops him! Mak!
Mak! Hang on!
If you want to harm my wife,
do it over my dead body.
Nak... Nak...
Drag him away... quick!
Bring the corpse up here.
Hold him tight.
Don't let him spoil my rituals.
Let me go! Let me go!
Don't go it to her!
Stop! What the hell are you doing?
Stop now!
Don't! Nak! Don't!
The High Dignitary
wants you away from here.
No one is allowed
to enter unless he finishes.
Do come up here and talk.
Mak... is Mak here?
The High Dignitary needs you in there.
Give her your farewell.
Look, Dang is sleeping.
Nak... Dear Nak.
My fate is small.
I must go to serve the High Dignitary
until I pay off my Karma.
I can no longer serve you.
We two must have been blessed
with togetherness only this far.
I wish we'd be born husband
and wife again in our next lives, Nak.
Mak... Be gone. It's the time.
Who's the Master of Mahabud Temple?
I am.
Be blessed.
I now have Nak's spirit dwelled
in this bone
shall bring it with me.
Nak will no longer disturb anyone.
You may please arrange her funeral,
along with others.
Yes, Your Dignitary.
Very well. I may go. Be blessed to you all.
No one has heard of Nak's
thriller menace again ever since.
The High Dignitary Buddhacharn
To made a girdle brooch
out of the headbone relics
and wore it till his last day.
The legend has it that after
Somedej To's passing away,
the brooch became in possession of his
Royal Highness
Prince Chumbhorn Ketudomsak.
Later, handed down to many others,
Till now nobody knows
where the item is.
Today, the headbone relics
where Nak's spirit lives
is lost in the place of nowhere.
Only the legend remains.
Immortal love of the faithful wife.
Its story always revives in the heart
that beats of every life.