Nandheeswarudu (2012)

Do you know what's the situation?
Either you've to give up police
uniform or l must give up politics.
We're running a govt. of notes and
Nandu is running a govt. of knives.
You're marching past on roads
and he's dancing my head.
Sir, let's bump him off.
- Bump him off? ls he a kid?
He sleeps in people's hearts
not on bed.
lf we push him now,
we'll be in deep trouble.
You don't worry sir,
it's my duty to kill him legally.
There must be a daring
police officer to do it, right?
There is one, sir.
- Who?
We're tensed and
he's eating a chocolate.
lt's their tension not ours.
You wanted to say something,
go ahead.
There are en terrorists who have
targeted the hospital, sir.
They missed it but managed
to kidnap Minister's daughter.
Whether it's Minister's daughter
or your maid servant,
saving them is our duty.
The man you say appears
like a crazy man.
l thought he's a kid for
eating chocolates.
But he's not an ordinary man.
He hit the forehead and
burst into pieces.
Easwara Prasad is our only
chance to checkmate Nandu.
Think of it, sir.
- Okay, call him.
Take care of these guys.
Control him.
Why couldn't you till now?
No FlR has been filed
against him till date.
How many people in that group?
- 5!
So, 5 Pandavas!
Looking at his smart photo,
don't think he's soft.
Killing is his profession.
lt's left to you, control him or
terminate him in your style.
My people shouldn't face
any trouble from him.
Take as much force as you need
and finish him once for all.
- What? 4?
With me 5!
-5 Pandavas, it's 5 versus 5!
Bullet is safe till it's inside
the revolver.
Press the trigger and
bullet comes out piercingly!
Me too!
We'll not become a hurdle to you.
You pierce through him!
Don't give him all the powers,
if anything goes wrong,
he'll finish us too!
Did you see? He got into car
and he's asleep.
lt's not his mistake, it's my driving,
super smooth, l too fall asleep.
Are you also feeling sleepy guys?
Why are you dull?
l don't like sir taking up this case.
l've ended up as driver to him.
ls your name Poosamuthu?
- Aren't you asleep sir?
My grandpa's name was Poosalu,
my grandma's name was Muthyalu,
my mother joined both name and
fondly called me as Poosamuthu.
Yes sir.
- Bad like you. Pull over.
What's this?
- Tea and chocolate, sir.
Would anyone have tea
and chocolate?
l'll have it.
He's half kid and half crazy.
lf your thought comes out,
bullet will enter your head.
You wanted to say something, right?
Come out.
We feel why should we chase Nandu
leaving criminals, sir?
Nandu is not a notorious criminal.
How can it wrong to kill criminals?
What about the file then?
Not a word in it is true, sir.
Every word is to justify themselves.
Okay, they told me what they knew,
tell me what you know.
Ramapuram is Nandu's hometown
which is 120 kms away from here.
Nandu's father is the head to
Why are you sitting on floor?
lt's the place of a devotee
before a God.
Please don't make a god, MP.
Elections are coming again,
your word is Bible to people.
lf you support and
help us to win again...
Leaders who give good governance,
people will vote them to power.
l'm sure you'll win again.
- Happy to hear it, sir.
Nandu's mother is Lakshmi Devi, sir.
As her name suggested she was
always there to help anyone.
Madam, my mother isn't feeling well.
She's running fever,
l've to take her to hospital.
Give me my purse, hold this son.
Take it.
Take good care of your mother.
Come to work after she's fine.
- Okay madam.
For the charity his father had done,
there wasn't any poor man in that place.
Nandu was born into such a great family.
Father! Why do you always insist
l light the camphor every day?
On the auspicious day of Shivarathri,
as l was offering prayers to
our family deity Lord Shiva,
you were born then,
that's why l've named you
as Nandheeshwarudu.
Do you know why?
You must become a like Nandheeshwara
who orders Lord Shiva,
and mustn't become one
who covets,
that's why l named you like that.
To make you remember that everyday,
l'm asking you offer prayers every day.
What did you wish from God, mother?
l wished that God to make
my son a great lPS officer.
l'll become an lPS officer to
fulfill your wish, mother.
Bless me, mother.
College life has good as well
as bad, be careful Nandu.
Okay mother.
l'll take leave, brother.
Be careful bro!
Bye father!
Don't go over speed.
- Be careful son.
Go carefully son.
- Bye mother. Bye father.
Bye father.
- Bye brother.
This is very hot, Guru !
Eating hot chilly,
drinking a good hot coffee,
and listening to me,
you too feel the same, right?
A good song for you !
Life means duty...
Luck is 50-50...
Dreams behind the eyes is great...
Life is little naughty and
joy to share with friendship...
Heart soars high into sky...
Like a charming rainbow...
soar high into sky like a free bird...
lt's happiness all the way...
lt's increasing my pulse rate
and spreading cheer...
First or hundred,
let it be any rank...
Right or wrong,
you've to take your exams...
Whether it is victory or defeat...
come what so ever it may...
What ever it is you've to
take problems head on...
Face it bravely...
Complete it...
Win over it...
Fill your life with happiness
and enthusiasm...
Fun or romance is part of youth,
don't deny it to yourself...
Life is short,
let's enjoy it to the hilt...
Let's not shackle the youthful zest...
l'm speed like a Leopard...
lf anyone crosses my path,
hunting down them is my character...
l'll give my life for friendship...
The world is all ours...
This is very hot, Guru !
College is very colourful.
Are you taking tablets on time, Babe?
Why did you beat me now?
Just beat, l should chop you.
You always call me, when l answer,
you cut the call immediately.
No brother!
l've been trying for half an hour,
it says out of calling area!
That's why l'm cutting the call.
That's not out of calling area
but my caller tune!- ls it?
Get ruined!
Where are you going?
To library, why are you asking me?
Why don't you go after
giving me a kiss?- Bloody fool!
Greetings brother.
- Greetings.
Cap must be like mine, remove it.
Why are you wearing a chain?
Keep it in the cap. Remove it.
Why are you hiding your ring?
Keep it in the cap. Keep it!
Give it to me, get ruined!
What are you looking at?
What will you get looking at it?
Just waste of time.
What bothers you man?
- What bothers me?
Do you know who am l?
- Who are you?
l'm the senior most and sincere student
studying here for the past 7 years.
How dare you argue with me?
- What if we do?
l wanted to give you this chain
but l didn't like your face.
So l'm giving it to you.
You enjoy it, you too!
Get ruined!
Follow sincere senior Seenu !
Why did you let him off, Nandu?
We're here to study,
he appears like a chimp in circus,
no need to fight with him.
Return the chain to its owner.
Brother, got selected to the finals
for a TV program.
l'm pleased to see your
determination to win.
l'll definitely win, brother.
l'm sure you will.
- Thanks brother.
Why did you come without
any intimation?
You were like clean shaven Arnold
in my dream last night,
why are you sporting a stub now?
l was with you all the night, right?
No time to shave.
Good morning sister.
- How are you doing, Chinna?
l'm fine, sister.
Why are you not having the tea?
Stop talking, take this.
What's this, brother?
- Check it.
New clothes!
- You !
Wear it.
- Thanks brother.
l thought you're different,
l find a good man in you now.
Why did you stop here, sir?
- Hold this.
Now l've understood
why he ended up as a criminal?
No problems or anything.
Day time in bar and nights in pub!
A lover to pass time.
Lover's father would be a factionist,
her father would've come to
know about their love story,
what else?
Few Sumos would've got blown up!
Next is fights and chases.
Bloodshed for this girl!
lsn't this your favourite heroism?
'Preminchukundam Raa'
(Come, let's fall in love)
Yuck! Should l love Poosamuthu?
No sir, you just told the
story of that film.
Yes, what's the story you
wanted to tell me?
l'll tell you the real story how Nandu
became Nandheeshwarudu.- Go ahead.
Getting scared?
Didn't you feel it before
going to the court?
lf you kill us now, another lawyer
and another witness would come.
Justice will win.
Filing a case on Babu,
how can l leave you alive after getting
them to give evidence against him?
Brother Vasant, please spare us.
Unable to watch gruesome murders
we criminals commit,
Angel of justice has
got herself blindfolded.
lt's been many days since l saw
a live murder, please brother!
Tiger which got used to flesh,
knife which got used to blood,
it'll never listen to words.
Dr. Yugandhar
Public Hospital
A large hospital here!
A big bungalow in Jubilee Hills.
ls this fight necessary for 100 acres?
That too with Babu !
Do you know why my husband left
that 100 acres for orphans?
To ensure they wouldn't
end up like you rogues.
We've killed the lawyer and
witnesses, you know that?
Whether you kill lawyer
or witnesses,
if not this court,
l'll approach higher court.
You'll not listen to soft words.
l know how to make you and
your pride come down to earth.
Come with me!
lf you go to court again,
right here,
your elder daughter who is
studying in Bangalore,
and your younger daughter
who is studying in Chennai,
both of them will the same fate!
Be ware!
Do you know who am l?
lf you're henchmen of Baba,
will you kill people as you wish?
You don't know about Baba.
- Why should l know about him?
Do goons and rogues have
history to know about them?
Are you Baba who owns these mad dogs
which are attacking innocent people?
New beggar is very enthusiastic.
l'll arrest you also in near future.
lt seems this uniform on body
makes you proud.
l don't walk on ground but
on the back ground.
l'll put an end to your
criminal activities,
l'll unmask your illegal activities,
and get all the cases against
you re-opened,
and send you to jail,
till then l'll not rest...
He rushed in haste, let him take rest.
l'll cut short the life of
one who talks too much.
You go sir, l'll take care.
ls he dead?
He's dead, sir.
Let's mourn silently for 2 minutes.
To render justice whenever
injustice takes over,
l'll come to do justice.
Only you remain now.
Kabaddi isn't just touching
the opponent's crease,
you must rip the opponent's heart!
No use of winning like a eunuch !
Who said that?
ls it you?
- No.
ls it you?
- Not me, brother.
l'm sure it's you.
- Not me brother.
Come on boys.
Wasn't it you who said that?
- No.
Then, why are you leaving?
He's bleeding,
l've to take him to hospital.
Why are you trying to escape?
Tell me the truth.
You said that, right?
- Trust me, l didn't.
Anyway, why should l comment on you?
l'm sure you would've said.
l had won over your team, right?
You said it.
l didn't play like a eunuch,
play like a man now.
How dare you call me by my name!
- No Rajesh !
How dare you point a finger at me!
- l said no!
Why don't you be a man
despite beating you, bloody?
Sorry Baba! Tongue piece fell
in mud and got infected.
So, l couldn't do the surgery.
He can never speak in life again.
Who did this to my brother?
lt seems a student of MLR college.
His name is Nandu.
Where ever he may be,
he must be before me in half hour. Go!
Brother, we searched entire
city to kill him on sight,
but we couldn't find him.
Yes, we combed streets
and lanes, no use.
Bloody idiot got scared
and left this town.
What the hell are you doing?
Where is he?
l'm here, Baba!
l know you'll come for me,
so l've come here myself.
How dare you beat my brother!
Your brother beat me, l kept quiet.
He used bad word against
my mother, l beat him.
Will you beat if he abuses
your mother?
How dare you beat my man
right before my eyes!
Legs must shiver and eyes
must ooze fear to stand before me.
l've the courage to kill,
l don't fear death,
l beat your brother like this
for abusing my mother.
l didn't know he's your brother
when l beat him.
Even if l had known,
l would've beaten him.
Your mother...if l abuse your
mother, won't you get angry?
Aren't you also son of a mother?
lf you think l've done wrong, kill me.
Go away! Go!
You should've killed him.
There's no fun in killing a deer
coming into the tiger's den,
we must kill him in public like
a goat sacrificed to Goddess.
Death must be so fearsome that
people must shiver even in dream.
Trying to boss over the college,
how dare you sit on bikes!
Get down.
l'm talking to you, why are you
giving poses? Again build up?
You wait.
Do you know who beat Rajesh yesterday?
Nandu, he's my student.
Do you know who ordered him?
On my order.
Then, where is your student?
You fool, l've sent him
to get a cigarette.
Didn't you bring cigarette
for your Guru, Nandu?
Get up.- l'll not leave
till you make me your friend.
l say get up.
l'll not leave your leg, brother.
- Okay, get up.
Order tea, l'm bored.
- Brother! Give that chance to me.
Okay, come.
Have you come?
- Come.- What happened?
How many days have passed
since you showed up?
Tell me how many days?
- 10 days.
One says you're in police station,
another says you're in railway station,
another says...
- Stop it mother.
Don't dishonour me before my friends.
Son ! l've seen you somewhere!
Which place are you from?
l'm from Ramapuram.
Whose son are you in Ramapuram?
l'm Ananda Bhupathy's son.
Are you Ananda Bhupathy's son?
- Yes mother.
We've not seen God but people say
God would be like your father only.
Mother, stop it.
Serve tea to the guests.
Stop, let me talk to him.
l'll serve, wait.
Don't talk, get tea.
- Come children, sit.- Okay.
Gas is empty.
Mother, l'll get gas cylinder.
- Get it fast.- l will.
l'll be back in few minutes.
- Okay.
Sit there.
- One more tea, mother.
You're coming to shop with me,
right Nandu?
Let's shop before they
finish their tea.
l'm having headache,
l've to take rest after having tea.
No time for shopping.
You'd say like that,
you follow till girls fall for you,
but once girl falls,
you start neglecting her.
The jasmine is hiding in her eyes...
Gravitation unknown to Earth also...
She's a twin sister of moon...
she's creating chaos in me...
What a beauty!
She created a lovely hurricane
in me like a villain...
Don't know whose genes
you're carrying?
O young princess!
l'm always lost in her
thoughts like SMS's...
She's filling up the inbox...
My only job all the day
is delete it...
lt's her image that's printing
always like an MMS in my heart...
Though she says useless
and it's nonsense...
l can't avoid saying it...
Not slippers,
stars too bounce for her...
l'm telling you from my heart
though l stay away from girls...
When l'm before her,
l lose control...
l trip and lose my balance...
Friendly Pomeranian in my home...
lt's happy following me
everywhere l go...
As l leave it and follow the girl...
lt's confused if l'm also a dog...
ls there anything more intoxicating
to make me forget myself?
That's what the bottles
of Champagne l drink feel strangely...
The flowers in my garden...
lt's crisis if you don't look at them,
and they camouflage it...
Enough !
Daughter-in-law is serving with love.
Sister-in-law, serve me too.
l did serve, but you were
looking at sister.
Hello readymade sister, serve properly.
lf not they'll get angry, they've to
accept and bless your marriage.
You go out,
l know how to serve them.
- Don't talk, go.
Why are you doing it?
There are maids to do.
Mother, she wishes to stay
with all of you.
Yes aunt, l'm an orphan and
Nandu gave me a big family.
lt's enough if l become
a part of your family.
You wish will come true.
Come, join dinner with us.
No, l feel content on seeing you all.
No, she wants to get fed by Nandu.
What's this Nandu?
Why is your father coming at this hour?
Go, talk to him about your marriage. Go.
Mother, l'm little tensed.
You kids are like this,
you've no tension to fall in love
but to inform your parents
you get it.
- No mother...
Go l say.
- Go brother.
- Go.- Go Nandu.
l want little peace.
Will you let me sleep?
- Okay father.
What happened to my father?
Tell me what had happened
in office yesterday?
What's this, Ranga Rao?
Nothing, agreement papers.
Sign it too.
How long will you run this
school for public?
lf we sell liquor, we can mint money.
You were on streets, l pitied
and made you my partner,
and accepted your daughter
as my daughter-in-law,
don't take it as advantage.
Brother-in-law, l've planned this
for your welfare only.
No need.
Don't waste my time, get out.
You're underestimating me.
What will you do?
- You don't know about me.
Threatening me?
- l'm threatening, l'm ordering you.
Will you sign the papers or not?
l'll not sign.
- Won't you?
Don't get into unnecessary fight
and spoil your life.
l may become a good police officer
if l pass with good marks,
if l don't bash him now,
l won't be a good son.
District Magistrate court
We must win this case at any cost.
We mustn't lose.
How can we lose when we've so
many fake witness for fake liquor?
What's this?
How dare you kick my father!
Hello! Sl is here!
Writer is there! Come here.
There's no time to tell you
and let him write it.
That's why l'm going to cell directly.
What's your crime?
A donkey named Ranga Rao kicked
my father, so l broke his leg.
With the available evidence,
accused Nandheeshwarudu alias Nandu,
has attacked wantonly Ranga Rao,
his father's kinsman,
and since he has accepted
that he broke his leg,
under the sections of
lPC 320, 322, 323,
l'm sentencing him to 6 months
imprisonment and Rs.1000 as fine.
Got hurt?
How dare you ignore me!
Stab me!
Nandu, your mother and father
are here, come out.
How are you father?
How are you mother?
When you're in jail,
how can we be fine there?
Why do you get so angry?
Father does justice if anyone
gets raw deal in our place,
if anyone dares to kick him...
l couldn't bear it, mother.
Your mother is not eating
properly worrying about you.
How can l be happy if you
don't eat well, mother?
You brought his favourite
tamarind rice, serve him. Come.
Enough mother.
l never expected l'll be away from
you and your love, mother.
Father, this is not a place
for people like you.
You go now, father.
Keep this money.
- No father.
Keep it.
lt'll be helpful. Take it.
Get going, time is over.
- Come, Lakshmi.
Take care mother.
- Take care son.
Take care brother.
- Okay dear. Take care of mother.
Please don't tell anything
about this to Pragathi.
No way.
She may feel bad.
- No way!
When l can share your love,
can't l share your sorrow too?
One who loves his parents,
it seems he'll love his wife too.
Take care.
Come out, it's time.
You appear like a student.
ls it half meal or full meal?
Broke a man's leg.
- Great! So half meal.
What are you planning to do
after getting released?
l'll continue my studies.
- lmpossible.
Once your name enters FlR, your name
will be struck from college rolls.
Friend, you'd have been on
TV news channel scrolls.
lf anyone in this city wants to break
anyone's leg, he'll approach you only.
lt won't happen with me.
Situation is in our hand till
we commit a crime,
once done, it's not our hands.
Look at the man playing Kabaddi,
if he stops saying Kabaddi, he's out.
lf you stop now, you'll be finished.
That's okay, what crime did you commit?
l've a daughter.
Father, l'll get well soon and go
to school like other kids, right?
What happened, father?
She's afflicted with cancer.
l'm a regular jail bird
committing crimes for her.
But till now what ever l stole
isn't enough for her treatment.
Tomorrow l'll be out of jail,
l'm scared of meeting her.
Your daughter would be fine.
Allah's mercy!
l'll be out in an hour.
Take this money.
- What is this?
For your daughter's operation.
l've written all the details
and address too.
lf you go to this address,
my parents will help you.
No please.
Two good things would
happen with this.
Your daughter will live and you needn't
have to commit crime again.
Accept it.
Thank you.
Are you fine, Nandu?
- l'm fine.
How are you guys doing?
How are you?
- l'm fine.
How do you know l'm getting
released today?
What's this? You've come to
jail for the first time.
l'm a jail bird.
l know the punishments
for the crimes.
How is your daughter?
l came out eagerly to meet
my daughter.
She's missing.
My parents as well as
my daughter are missing.
l'm an orphan now.
No Salim bhai, how can you
be orphan when l'm here?
You're in my heart, bhai.
Would you please listen to me?
Will you just keep on reading
the newspaper?
Go, they're leaving.
Keep it there. Go.
They may bring back your
brother to home.- Okay.
Tell them not to bring him.
Are you going to the jail, uncle?
Yes, Nandu is getting released today.
How can you receive him
with empty hands?
Buy a rose garland on the way for him
and bring him home in a procession.
lt'll add honour to our family.
What are you saying?
Are you planning to bring back a man
who ruined our family honour?
He's your brother.
The man who broke my father's leg
isn't his brother or my brother-in-law.
Your father kicked my brother, that's why
his brother broke your father's leg.
What are you trying
to say, father-in-law?
Nandu must come to this
home at any cost.
Yes, he must come.
- He must come home.
Okay, you told your wish,
l must tell my wish, right?
The moment he enters
this home, l'll walk out.
What are you saying son?
What did uncle told us
from our childhood?
He told goons and rogues mustn't
enter the boundary of this place.
Do you like such a man entering
not only this place but our home too?
Expecting this, Nandu has stopped
outside the boundary of this place, sir.
What are you saying?
- Yes madam.
Nandu sir asked me to
bring all of you there.
Come madam...come...
- Brother, let's go.
What's like a kid?
- Father...
lt seems you refused to come home.
Don't you feel like meeting
your mother?
l came here to meet only you, mother.
Then come, let's go home.
- Come.
No mother, that's not a home but
a temple presided by this deity.
Criminals are barred to enter.
You did this for your father, right?
How can you be a criminal?
You did the right thing for manhandling
God like Ananda Bhupathy.
l thank all of you for the
respect you've on my family.
Any son would do the same,
brother Nandu.
Did you see mother?
Did you see father? Did you see uncle?
Till now people used to call me as Nandu,
now they call me as brother Nandu.
l want love and affection,
not to fear me, uncle.
You come home, brother,
we can't live without you.
Not only your sister,
l too can't live without you.
- No father.
l've promised mother.
That l would become a police officer.
l'll come back to home after
undoing my mistakes.
Please forgive me, father.
Take care of mother, father.
O flying butterfly...
Who knows what's in store ahead?
Your parents' hearts are broken...
You're in a sea of tears...
Let fate take you where ever
your destination is...
May your journey reach
the right destination...
This is my house.
You've to adjust in this small home.
Size of home doesn't matter,
what matters is size of heart!
From today l've two sons.
l was sad for God taking me away
from my mother.
But he has sent me
to another mother.
Why did you come here?
Brother, that is...
ln search of a job, brother.
Look, if my partners come to
know you'd been to jail,
what would happen to my honour?
l'll not tell anyone that
l'm your brother.
Nobody would hide a fire under firewood.
Okay, l'll go away if you don't
want me here.
Please forgive me
if l had hurt you, brother.
Give me.
What's it dear? Please sit down.
Finished your tea.
- Yes mother.
Why are you here early in the morning?
l've got you a job, my man.
Are you offering the job
of being your man?
That's later.
What's this?
Take this letter and go there.
My friend's company, you'll get a
job tomorrow, marry day after that.
And then...
l'll offer my exclusive
garden to you...
What would you give for it?
l'll buy land for you on moon...
build a home for you...
l'll get flying horse to travel around...
lf l become your queen and
offer my beauty to you...
l'll build a palace with gold bricks...
l'll rock you in a swing
made of rainbow...
Then okay, come to me...
let the fresh roses wither...
Let the fun of love begin...
let's get drowned in kisses...
l'll give myself to you...
l'll give my youth and beauty...
l'll fulfill all your desires...
l'll get the fruit of love you wish...
l'll be your life partner,
what else would you give me?
lf you be my companion,
l'll be your prisoner for life...
lf you wish, l'll get you
entire coastal region...
lf you say yes,
l'll swim across sea...
lf you're with me, l can turn
deserts into fertile lands...
l'll change the coarse of Godavari...
l'll give all my love to you...
l'll give you my treasure
trove of love...
What would you give in return?
l'll serve you with love...
l'll get you the moon...
l'll follow your footsteps,
what else would you give me?
l'll make a garland of stars
and place it in your tresses...
l'll get you bathed with
Kohinoor diamonds...
l'll sleep in snow too...
l'll do anything for you...
Then, l'll offer myself
as feast to you...
l'll show a you a glimpse of bliss...
Do you add water to milk
or add milk to water?
lf l make tea from such milk,
l may have to close my hotel.
Are you finding fault with
brother Vasant's milk?
Tell your brother, if he sells such
milk or charge usury interest,
he would die with leprosy!
People are spitting on him.
Does he know it?
Go, tell your brother Vasant.
Why are you sniffing like
a police dog?
l told my mother to prepare
chicken today.
l'm trying to catch the smell.
There will chicken and also chicken
fried rice too, get water first.
What happened mother?
Mother...what happened mother?
Please talk to me, mother.
Mother, why don't you talk to me?
Mother, what has happened to you?
Talk to me, mother.
What happened to you mother?
Brother Vasant!
Bring it down !
Sir...Vasant sir...what's this?
Please stop them, l'm losing my stock.
Please stop them sir,
l beg you sir.
Poor people have hands
not to point our mistakes,
but to fall at my feet!
How dare you abuse Vasant!...
Are you cursing that l'll get leprosy?
Would people spit on me?
Spit...spit on me. Spit!
Did you think l'm just a beast?
l'm a usury who mints money
on interest!
Go to hell!
Hey old lady! You've come with them,
are you here seeking donation?
Vasant! We're not here for donation.
l'm here to tell you to seek
forgiveness from mother.
ls she your mother of his mother?
Mother is mother to all!
Fall at mother's feet and
seek her forgiveness,
and rebuild her hotel.
Nandu, you can't do business with
withered leaves and old women.
lt's not manliness to beat a woman.
Not your mother, send your sister,
l'll show my manliness.
that too live show!
Vasant, you're talking wrong.
Do what l said!
Do you think am l Baba's brother
to cut my tongue?
Vasant means violence!
Would you like to see?
Don't add fuel to the fire.
Just do as he says.
Fire? ls he fire?
l've doused it!
l'm telling you again.
Seek forgiveness from mother.
Just do as l say!
You bloody!
What bothers him
if l abuse your mother?
By any chance one mother
and two fathers!
You came to my place,
you fell into my cow dung heap,
picking up my sickle,
are you thinking of killing me?
l thought he's just a sapling,
he has grown into tree.
We must cut him down !
lf not he'll take deep roots here!
Go Naganna!
Are you fine, Nandu?
l'm sure you'd be fine?
You broke a man's leg earlier
and now beheaded a man,
and killed my love.
lt wasn't Nandu's mistake.
- You're right.
Nandu who was always smiling started
killing other ever since your arrival.
Nandu was always happy but
learnt to kill after meeting you.
You decide and Nandu executes it.
Don't talk nonsense.
All decisions are mine,
don't accuse them.
Once l decide even God
can't change it.
lf you don't like my path,
let's part ways.
lf that's your decision, l'll go away.
l'll go far away so that you or
your thoughts can't find me.
l can't live fearing about your safety.
l grew up as an orphan,
l can't live like an orphan.
Never again try to meet me.
She's leaving, please stop her.
Let her go.
Fish is safe in water only.
She'll be danger with us,
that's why l was harsh on her.
Tell me, where is Nandu?
l don't know, brother.
You've to sell tea tomorrow, right?
- Yes brother.
You've to give what ever you
earn to mother, right?
Yes brother.
lf you want mother to be fine,
tell me where is Nandu?
Mother promise,
trust me, l don't know.
lt means you want Nandu
to be safe not your mother.
lf you tell me the truth,
you can cry aloud tea to sell,
if not this sickle would say die.
No brother, please don't harm me.
l gave you free teas so many times.
Please spare me, brother.
l don't want your dance show.
What your mouth refused to do,
your hand will do it now.
Please don't harm me.
- Bloody idiot!
You don't worry brother.
Though l've lost a hand,
l can work with another hand
and look after my parents.
What was his crime?
He chopped his hand mercilessly.
Mother, please don't chide brother.
Who chopped your hand?
Salim bhai, come to KGR
hospital immediately.
Catch him boys!
Kill him boys!
he killed my husband and
made my children as orphans,
kill this bloody rogue! Kill him!
Kill the man who chopped my hand!
Kill him!
He doesn't know the difference
between a mother and loving wife.
He has no right to live.
Kill him!
One who comes from people,
one whom people love is a leader,
they're waiting for
a leader like you.
Don't spare him Nandu bhai,
kill that bastard!
Kill him...kill him...
Lord Shiva has been desecrated!
You've got the order from lord.
Kill him!
Though these goons do us injustice,
we wipe our tears of sorrow,
you're an answer to the
calls of help to God,
God has come in your form
to terminate these goons,
mother earth is thrilled!
May God bless you son !
l promise in the witness of Lord Shiva,
if society is temple of Lord Shiva,
if people are incarnations of Lord,
l'm Nandheeshwara to save
such people from demons.
l'll stay here only.
l'll be a son to every mother,
brother to every sister,
l'll be a brother to everyone,
and protect all of you !
Rowdyism, hooliganism, law,
police, politicians, my foot!
Let anyone come with
anybody's support,
l'll hack them to pieces,
l'll consecrate the basic
five elements with their blood.
He's deadly weapon...
Clarion call to challenge evil...
A force to eliminate evil...
A lightning thunder...
A diamond in a pool of fire...
Third eye of Lord Shiva...
He's visible and walking Nandheeshwara!
So you mean Nandu is the hero
and l'm the villain here to kill him.
That's what you say, right?
You've understood me very well sir.
Why are you aiming gun on me, sir?
Once the bullet is loaded,
gun will feel bad if l don't fire.
lf you fire gun for the feeling,
my wife and kids will feel sad then.
You're good in countering me.
Better than your encounters, sir?
Why should we kill ourselves?
Must kill those who deserve to die.
We've completed the
investigation on Nandu, sir.
All the details are in this.
We'll take leave, sir.
You asked me to tell his story and
inquired about him through others.
Was l sent here to listen to
your tales and eat chocolates?
You told me what you knew.
l'll tell you how it started
and how it ended.
l'll show you...
Brother Baba, my husband has
been killed.
Who will look after my children now?
l told you kill him that day.
You let him off.
What's the result?
Earlier Vasant and now Naganna,
and he'll kill you also in future.
Look at him!
Should we also die like him?
l'm always there to bail you
out from any trouble.
Take him away.
lf you sleep in beach for cool breeze,
Tsunami may drown you.
He's dangerous than Tsunami.
Whether you give up or eliminate
him, decision is yours.
Take care.
What are you doing here?
- Don't ask me, ask them.
Who are you guys?
What are you doing here?
We've given you time
to vacate this place.
Don't invite trouble.
Trouble is for you not for us.
- Troubles for us?
Look at the police force behind me.
You may have police force but
we've Nandheeshwara, saviour of poor.
Hail Nandheeshwara!
Please sit down sir.
They said about saviour of poor,
is it about you?
Don't talk MRO!
Just listen to what is said.
He bought this place from Govt. sir.
Govt. has handed over the
work of vacating this place.
Govt. which never cares about
where and how a poor man lives,
has it sent to demolish his home?
He has no one to support whether
he's thirsty or hungry,
if you come to take the
place of a poor man's dwelling,
do you think there's no one
to ask about this atrocity?
Do you think nobody would
come to their rescue?
Are you the buyer?
- Yes.
Did you buy govt. or leaders running it?
What do you want to build over
the graves of these poor men?
Planning to build 60 blocks of flats.
Build 80 blocks.
Why should l build 20 extra blocks?
For the poor people.
Are you threatening him?
Build 80 blocks, if you insist on
building 60 blocks only,
then dig a grave for you here.
This is injustice sir.
lnjustice? Shall l tell you
how justice would be?
You wanted to wipe out
their lives with money,
l wanted to save their lives
with muscle power,
any work can be done easily in
our govt. with money or muscle power.
Got it?
From now on they own this land.
lt's enough if you build homes
for us in our land.
We'll work hard for you, sir.
All we need is just a small home.
Did you see the merciful heart
of a poor man?
Give them their livelihood
and save your life.
l'm telling you as Nandu,
don't you dare see Nandheeshwarudu.
Hail Nandheeshwarudu !
He helps the refuge seekers
and kills the evil doers...
He's the protector...
Even is God perplexed with
your genes of your family...
You're Lord Shiva the destroyer
of evil and saviour of good...
When people call him, he runs to
protect them and their property...
When danger lurks,
you come running to protect...
You're a saviour of people,
you're the pulse of people...
You're the light of hope
in the dark...
You're Lord Shiva who destroys
evil and protects the good...
As l promised you,
in these 80 blocks,
retaining 60 blocks,
rest 20 blocks l've got it
registered in their names.
Documents and keys are
in this briefcase.
Are you fine Nandu?
lt seems you gave my lands
to poor people.
Happy to see you and
your poor people. Shall we meet?
Brother, he won't turn up.
He wets pants on the
mention of your name.
That's your imagination.
Starting life as a student, you've grown
to become Nandheeshwarudu.
Forget about my growth,
tell me why did you call me here?
Every step l put forward,
you're digging a ditch there.
This is not good.
Stop threatening,
tell us why did you call us here?
Are you threatening us in our area?
Hey you sidekick! Keep quiet!
Nandu, l'm giving you two options,
one, leave this city,
two, make a choice between
Hyderabad or Secunderabad.
Do your business and live happily.
ls this your father's property
to rule as you like?
Put an end to your activities,
sit tightly.
lf not l'll chop you into pieces.
l've killed people before
l started wearing underwear.
Would l get scared of you?
Stop it! Stop your illegal business.
l didn't come on your invitation,
l came to warn you.
lt seems you're claiming that you spared
my life and l've grown like this.
You're mistaken.
Had l decided that day,
you would be dead and gone.
You'll be dead even if l decide now.
Be careful!
What's it Lakshmi?
How is Nandu?
Don't know if he's eating properly?
He feeds many hungry mouths,
so God would take care of him.
l wished him to become
a police officer.
He's doing the same job
but without wearing uniform.
Many are born for themselves,
some are born for the family,
only very few are born
for the people.
Your son is one of them.
Lord Shiva would protect Nandheeshwara.
Salim, we trust you and fix this deal.
You must get us justice.
- Don't worry!
l'll talk to Nandu and
ensure you get justice.
Bye sir.
Where did you get this photo?
Don't get tensed, follow me.
What's this like a school kid?
Keep it inside.
Sit down.
Sit down. Let's discuss.
Not just the photo,
even the girl is with me.
lsn't she cute, my darling?
- Yes.
Don't waste time asking to show
and allow to talk to her,
if you trust us, just follow
if not...
Cool darling!
He'll do...whatever we ask him to do.
What do you want?
Kasturba Orphanage
How are you doing, Pragathi?
- l'm fine.
Why are you calling me as Mirchi sister?
Why don't you just call me as sister?
See what l've got for you.
l'll give.
Take it. Go, play.
Your medicines, and
half of my salary as donation.
Why are you doing all this?
How is Charisma?
- Tomorrow she's getting operated.
How about money?
lt's arranged.
- How?
Nandu gave it.
- Nandu?
Yes, Nandheeshwarudu.
He's protecting these orphans
like God.
Children here are able to study
whatever they want to study.
He's Nandheeshwarudu !
Hi children !
Greetings sir.
You're an elder, mustn't greet me.
Where is Charisma?
- She's inside.
How are you doing dear?
Ready for the operation.
Aren't you scared of it?
You're there with me, right uncle?
She likes you very much.
She always talks about you only.
Oh nothing! l love her.
Bye dear.
Nandu, let's go.
Leave him.
Switch it on my dear, please.
l beg you, please listen to me.
l don't have to listen to what you say.
You were loyal like a dog.
- No!
Trust me for one more time.
What do you say darling?
Shall we give him another chance?
Then switch it off.
Had l not shot him dead,
he would've got caught.
Think about the situation then.
First me and then you,
Nandu would've killed us.
You want me to believe this.
Whether you believe it or not,
this is truth.
Nothing in this world is closer
to me than my daughter.
Give me one more opportunity.
Okay. Hand it over by tomorrow morning.
What happened to the job?
Seenu and Salim have gone,
it'll be done.
What will be done?
Will you always be with Nandu?
He has a lover, don't you feel
like giving him some privacy?
- Pragathi, you wait.
You stop.
We've met after many days, don't you
want to spend an hour with me?
lt seems they'll spend
an hour together, let's go.
You go. You keep quiet.
- Be careful.
Why are you angry Pragathi?
Won't you give me some of your time?
- ls that your problem?
Come here.
When people come to me,
we must be concerned about them, right?
What can l do if you get
angry for everything?
Brahma has tied a beautiful bond
between fruit and salt in the sea...
He has united the clouds and
blue waters with a drop of rain...
Chiselling a statue of soft cotton...
Adorning with beautiful flowers...
Brahma has united me with her...
He has united you and me...
He played a trick to bring us
together again...
What wasn't taught in school,
don't worry l'll share it in our bedroom...
What's under the sari end isn't fear
or devotion but romance and love...
With sweet bites of kisses
and eyes oozing with love...
l'll lose myself to make you
a victor...
ln the battle of love...
with the weapons of gestures...
l'll teach you new lessons of love...
Learn the ABCD of romance...
- Let me write and learn by heart...
Our romance is a school of love...
Be my life companion and
unite with me to make me full...
l'll sacrifice my life like a silk worm
to make a silk sari for you...
Like every day is a festival
and rotating around the moon...
l'll follow you...
l'll come into your life like sunny day
in the gloomy rainy days...
Let's seek solace in the
punishment of love...
Let's study the alphabets of love...
Let's teach a new lesson
of love every day...
Very sweet.
One who takes law into his hands,
for good or bad, he must face death.
l'll put and end card to him,
where is he now?
l'm very happy to visit temple
along with you.
l never thought l would meet you
on your birthday.
You left him.
- What?
He didn't come to meet you, he feared
you may join the monkey gang.
What happened Nandu?
- Look there!
Paidipalli race and name is Nandu.
Priest, it's my son's birthday
not some criminal's.
What's this? He shares his
birthday with Nandu.
Priest, offer prayers on both names.
Come, let's also offer prayers
and meet them.
l can't face them,
l came to see God,
l've seen my God,
that's enough for me.
l feel like my son is
somewhere here only.
Don't know which God's curse is this...
l'm right before your eyes...
Don't know which previous
life's sin are this...
l'm denied of your love...
Though fire of separation hurts
your parents...
Though your wish doesn't give up
and your legs refuse to stop...
Have you stopped uttering the
word of mother?
On the tip of your tongue...
Please sit down.
When my friends are standing,
it's uncivil to sit, Officer.
Do you love your friends so much?
- They're my life.
Who is this Bommali? Your lover?
People invite with a dot for
good auspicious functions.
l'm also telling you after
putting a dot,
quit...quit everything you're doing.
You made many a people taste death.
l'll make you also taste death.
You're young, you've good friends,
you've a lover too,
you've everything,
quit this life of violence,
Salim, before this dot
becomes blood mark,
tell him to quit this
life of violence.
That's later.
Do your duty, l'll do my duty.
Please come in, sit down.
l don't have that habit.
lt seems police mustn't
enter this place,
if ever a police officer comes,
it must be your son only.
But didn't expect police would
come for your son, right?
The day my son started
fighting injustice,
l knew some day police would
come here for him.
l too didn't expect parents would
be proud of their goon son.
What your law failed to do if he
does it, are you calling him a goon?
Super! Entire family is supporting him.
How much money is he sending
for this big family?
One minute officer.
You please wait.
Open it.
See...Look at this!
Look at this closely!
What do you know to make wisecracks?
The car in which you came now,
if you go at 140 kms speed,
and travel for 18 minutes,
and when you look back,
the entire stretch of green fields
you see belongs to my son.
This family has donated thousands
of acres of land for the poor,
he told us to donate entire property on
his name to the poor and needy,
would he send money to us every month?
My son is a born billionaire.
l wanted him to become
a police officer,
he stood first in state and
topped civil service exam,
you've the evidence for it there.
So, your son is a good
with certificates.
You call him a goon and
people call him as brother.
Goons who live on people and
my son who lives for people
there's lot of difference
between them.
Our state has 773980 constables,
and to regulate them lG's and DGP.
When so many police officers are working
day and night to protect law and order,
but still failing to control the crime.
ls your son controlling it?
Law and constitution failed to deliver it.
What can your son do it?
He was this much earlier,
then he was this much,
today how much he has grown,
can be judged by the force
that had come here for him.
lf you can quote an outdated law,
he's responding to people's
problems voluntarily,
unable to wait till he gets
to wear the khaki uniform,
he has started discharging his duty.
He has no boundaries like
your police station limits.
Wherever injustice happens,
Nandheeshwarudu will be there.
He's a boss to himself.
Tell him to leave it.
l don't mind whether he goes
to Kasi or Kashmir,
if not you'll be left with
his memories only.
lf you refuse, be ready,
to receive his body.
Are you threatening us?
We've the courage to bear
his death too.
We're ready for life without him also.
Ask your family if they're ready
for a life without you.
Then you can go after my son.
From the day l joined duty...
One minute please.
We used to serve food to
any guest to this home,
at least have buttermilk.
How ever one may be born,
nobody knows how he would die.
l proud of giving birth to a son
who is dying for his people.
lf you feel my son is doing wrong,
do whatever you feel is justice.
Greetings officer!
He's saluting his death !
Keep your poetic heart within yourself.
l like you very much.
You went to his home and
gave him a warning.
Hats off to your sincerity.
You've proved your worth for
selecting and bringing you here.
You keep supporting us like this,
we'll also support you.
Take it officer!
Don't misjudge that l've spared you.
The operation has just begun.
lmpossible to stop it.
Elimination will start with him
and end with you.
l expected this! You would come
searching your death.
Though l've come,
you need courage to kill me.
l knew you don't have it the moment
you went to my home for me.
You know the game of chess, right?
King can't checkmate King.
We must checkmate the
people around him first.
You're committing blunder there.
lt's not wrong to fire coal.
Don't try to add fuel to fire,
it'll burn you.
l'm elder to you so l'll quote
an old proverb.
lron can be bent only when it's hot.
l know when and where l can bend you.
- What do you know?
Other than giving the account
of bullets given to you.
Great! l met your family,
and l've met you here.
Same pride! Same adventurous!
l'll tie you down.
You went to my home
to complain about me,
how can you tie me down?
You can't do it.
Only l can do it.
l wanted to give you a chance.
l know only to give chances
not to take.
You'll know it in future.
l'll squeeze out blood from your veins
and show you the gory of death.
Before death faces me,
before this body reaches the bier,
l'll kill every man who
wished my death.
You're brave!
My sixth sense says you're brave
enough to match my ability.
Not brave but pride!
When law and justice is bending
backwards to please unjust people,
l'm roaring like a lion
against this injustice.
My seventh sense has opened.
Don't cross my path.
You'll get burnt.
Reduced to ashes.
Your wish to kill me.
Nandheeshwarudu escapes
from a bomb attack.
ln the attack his car was
blown into smithereens.
Police are trying to find the attackers.
- You can hear it, right?
There's information that his
followers are safe.
There's information with police about
war between Baba and Nandu.
Though we're alert,
we've been attacked.
Earlier in the orphanage
and now while travelling.
How could others know
our movements?
Are you suspecting me?
lf l suspect you,
it's like suspecting myself.- Then?
Suspect and keep an eye
on the enemy.
We must be like lion on hunt
not sleeping bison.
Think over why is it happening?
Please come in.
Please sit down.
Can you get me a glass of water?
Get a glass of water.
- Okay.
Mother, get one coffee.
- okay.
You are...?
- l'm Judge Sathyamurthy.
l know. Please tell me
what brings you here?
l want justice.
- Justice?
You're a judge,
you want justice from me?
l'm a judge but l've lost to injustice.
That's why for justice,
l've come to you.
l didn't get you.
Before sentencing you,
l had sentenced two criminals
with capital punishment.
Who are you?
You sent us to jail changing
our fates with your pen, right?
You committed crime and must
be in jail, how come you're out?
Did you punish us knowing
we're nephews of Home Minister?
Did you punish us
without knowing it?
When l sit in my court
to do justice,
l don't care about relationships
of the criminals.
You believe witnesses to punish,
we trust money to commit crimes.
Now the same money will
decide punishment to you.
lf it's head, you and
if it's tail, your wife.
What will you do?
Will you kill us?
Toss it.
l'm a retired judge.
l must be looking for my pension
but had to wait for justice.
What do you really want from me?
Jungle justice!
l'm not asking you to punish
them for killing my wife.
lf we spare them they may
kill many more people,
Lord Krishna said in Gita
to protect good and punish evil.
l take oath on Gita to
tell the truth,
l've read that line,
the decision is yours.
lf you're a criminal for killing them,
then Lord Krishna is also
a culprit for killing Kamsa,
even Lord Rama is also
a culprit for killing Ravana.
Bye son.
Where is Nandu?
Nandu? Who is Nandu?
l saw him hanging that man.
l don't know sir.
- You know.
You've seen him.
Just one witness is enough.
We're saying we don't know sir.
You're supporting and
protecting a criminal.
You say criminal and
we say he's god.- Who said that?
Nobody is ready to tell about him.
You may not tell but
some day l'll catch him.
l'll send him to jail.
lf criminals who should be
in jail roam outside, and get killed,
are you collecting evidence
about the killer?
ls he a criminal?
For raping and killing three
innocent girls,
l sentenced them to death.
They came to my home
when they should be in jail,
seeking revenge on me they hanged
my wife as l stood watching.
Are you wearing this uniform
to protect such criminals?
What's this?
What's happening in this city?
What are you all doing?
What happened sir?
- You don't talk to me.
Will you hang and kill judge's wife?
You're encouraging them to amass
wealth and ruining this city.
You've been given power not to
make money and do as you wish.
No sir.
- Don't talk.
What are you doing, DGP?
lnstead of eliminating such criminals,
are you protecting them?
No sir...
- Yuck...
l think you've been given
wrong information.
Wrong information? Don't talk.
l've complete evidence of
all your misdeeds.
l'm ordering CBl inquiry,
they'll take care of the things.
No! l'm suspending you all from
your posts and party membership.
No sir...
- You may go.
They would've taken the vehicle
also along with post,
can l give you lift?
- No, we'll manage.
How about a chocolate?
- Keep it, you may need it.
How are you doing?
l don't know how you do it
as the new DGP,
l'm giving you full power,
flush out the criminals from
this city in 48 hours.
Sit down.
Would you like to have coffee?
When goons and rogues are
making people sleepless,
are you sleeping peacefully, Easwar?
l don't need to tell you again,
if you give unlimited power to
any officer to catch the goons,
police can flush out goons not only
from this city but entire country.
l'm giving you full power,
show me what you can do.
The countdown has started now.
l'll make every goon to pee in fear
and have it cleaned by himself.
l'll clean up this city in 24 hours.
l'll play ball with them!
Sir....who are you sir?
What search? lf my brother
hears it, he'll get angry.
Boy! Did you watch film 'Dookudu'?
lsn't it super?
What's this rashness?
You're barging into home.
Not just the home, live entered
your brother's life. Watch out!
Sir, please don't go inside.
My brother will get angry.
Please go out...please...
l'm telling you sir.
He's not in home, sir.
We searched entire home.
Not here?
Give the phone to Nandu.
What happened, Nandu?
Easwara is killing every
goon in the city.
He has sealed our house too.
l'm his next target.
Where are you going?
lf we give little time to the enemy,
he'll change the plan,
l don't have any other way
than this to save you.
Stop Nandu, haste isn't good
at such time.
Think over it.
lt's not safe for you to venture out.
l took to violence for people,
do you want me to quit from
the declared war for selfish end?
Easwar is closing all the routes,
l'll talk to him.
l don't want you to go alone.
One must go alone to negotiate.
You must be safe, people need you.
Nothing will happen to me.
Kill him...
- Please listen to me sir.
Kill him...
l'm here to surrender.
l want to meet Easwara Prasad.
Do you want to meet Easwar?
Come and meet him.
Please forgive me sir.
Why are you holding my legs
instead of collar?
l've got sense sir.
But your leader hasn't yet got it.
He'll also get it, sir.
l'll go and bring them to you, sir.
l don't believe a man eating tiger
and a killer would change.
Sir, if you promise not to kill,
l'll present them before you.
First bring them, keep your promise.
Then, l'll keep my promise. Go!
Thank you sir, l promise on Allah.
l'll bring them all.
Why did you leave him, sir?
To hunt the tiger you must
spare the goat.
To catch Nandu,
we can leave such rogues.
Baba, you must trust me.
- Why should l trust you?
Bloody! You planned to bump me
off turning as approver, right?
No Baba! Please listen to me.
Though l'm a police officer,
l work for Baba.
l'm an emperor in politics.
Baba is emperor of rowdyism.
How dare you cheat us!
How dare you betray me!
That's why l'm killing you
without offering water also!
Try to live hiding from Nandu.
Nandu will attack Easwar now,
one of the two would die,
and l'll kill who ever survives.
He's dead, boss.
Let's mourn with 2 minute silence.
To render justice whenever
injustice takes over,
l'll come to do justice.
My looks are hot chilly...
My body is fiery chilly...
Taste this lovely savoury...
Chilly...chilly...mouth watering chilly...
My youth is hot chilly...
My beauty is red hot chilly...
Take me and have me...
Chilly...alluring chilly...
There's fire passion in me...
you've masculine water to douse it...
Come douse it...
l'm raging with fire,
come douse it...
Come...come...take me...
O my dear...
Red hot chilly...your hotness will rake
up passions and make us go mad...
Look at my tender soft cheeks,
they're cakes...sponge cakes...
You're a chilly that rakes up passion...
You're a mouth watering hot chilly...
Look at my tender petal like lips...
lt's exotic sweets...
A chilly that excites us...
Let's have a bite...
My kisses are mesmerizing...
Your brains go crashing for
my tantalizing touches...
To say it's exotic item...
Once you taste it,
it's purely country item...
Darling, my sexy waist is banana...
Pluck it...
Chew away all the wealth of
my youth...have a got at it...
Measure and explore my beauty...
Dance with me...
Loot my beauty and youth...
Melt away time in my arms...
Let's take him to hospital!
Nandu, first listen to me.
Who would dare to fight me?
Baba and Home Minister killed me.
l don't know if my daughter
is alive or not,
but he tried to make me kill you,
Tell me Salim.
Tell the driver to slow down the car.
- Why?
Tell him to slow down.
l love my daughter.
But they don't know that l love
you more than my daughter.
lf l kill you for my daughter,
hundreds of Babas will crop up.
But you're one of kind man !
That's why l acted like l'm their man.
lf l refuse they'll try to entice
someone else to do it.
That's why l always saved you.
Just now l realized how happy one
would be to sacrifice life for a friend.
Take care of Nandu.
We'll take care of him, Salim bhai.
We met like orphans,
we lived like friends but now...
l'm ready for the operation, uncle.
Aren't you scared?
You're there with me, right uncle?
Don't kill me please.
Let me see the goons you hired or
violence you encouraged would save. Call!
Your gory death must reform
every corrupt politician.
This must be people's justice
to goons like you.
Didn't l tell you?
You got caught red handed.
Poosamuthu, remove the handcuffs.
Nandu, go away.
Why are you surprized?
Go away.
You were dying to catch us
but now you're asking us to go.
What are you up to?
There's shoot at sight order on you,
tell him Poosamuthu.
Any other officer would've killed you.
That's why l brought you here
and asking you to go. lsn't it?
Yes, sir little crazy,
go away before he changes his mind.
Nothing, if l arrest and
take you to court,
and you'll come out on bail,
it's long process for good man like you,
that's why l'm asking you
to go away.
No sir, don't try to convince me.
Why don't you listen to me?
l'll get his approval.
He's making me lose my cool,
advice him.
l'm responsible for everything
that had happened till now.
lf you want us to escape,
allow my friends to leave first,
l'm ready to die.
All of you go away.
l'll go to jail.
l can't do so many sacrifices.
l'll send them to jail saying
you managed to escape.
l'll release them later.
Go away.
Nandu, you go away. You must go.
- Yes Nandu. You must go away.
This life is your gift.
Please go away, Nandu.
Mother would be waiting for you,
promise on our friendship.
Never promise on friendship,
okay, l'll go for your sake,
take care of my friends.
Go away.
Take care.
- You take care.- Go.
Go away Nandu.- Go away!
- Go Nandu !- Go away Nandu !
Sir, you're not crazy but
a good police officer.
Just one shot only, l've to narrate
a tale to department, right?
You carry on...go...
You go, nothing will happen to us, go.
Go! Don't think...go...
- Go!
How many times l've to tell you,
we've certain rules!
Go away Nandu !
- Go...go...
Go away Nandu !
Go...go...don't think...go!
Go Nandu...go...
You go carry on.
l'll take them to the hospital.
Go...go away Nandu, we'll be fine.
Don't think about us.
Don't look back, go away.
We'll be fine, you go away.
What happened?
l had a bad dream of
someone killing our son.
Nothing like that would happen.
He'll be fine.
Go to sleep.
A small twist in the climax.
Though good people commit
a mistake, it's still a mistake.
Another Baba will sprout up in future,
inspired by you,
another Nanda will appear,
if you fight and kill each other,
why should there be police
and officers like me?
You can do anything with law
but never take it into your hands.
You'll die!
Did you see?
l can still the confidence in his eyes
even after death that he wasn't wrong.
Two years later...
Goons are ruling the roost in Bihar!
lt's very difficult to control them.
l've selected a dynamic officer to do it.
l've selected him,
because he cleaned
Andhra Pradesh of all the goons,
he's the officer,
Mr.Easwara Prasad from AP,
l don't know how you do it, l want you
to make Bihar also clean like Andhra.
To make Bihar like Andhra,
l need the support of Nandi!
That Nandheeshwarudu !
l don't know you both would do it,
l'm giving you full power.
My life should've ended but
you gave me a new lease of life.
To tell you the truth,
l took your case very seriously,
l understood you're a good man
after taking up the case,
l'm feeling proud of making a man
like you a police officer.
l didn't aim at you outside the court.
That man !
Had l wanted to kill you,
l would've shot in your chest.
Not in your stomach.
Till now you carried unlicensed revolver,
with the same rage, anger and courage,
cleans the society of all the goons.
l'll definitely do it, sir.
What l thought was justice, l did it.
They worked hard and
l made them officers,
what did you achieve?
l married after a great struggle, sir.
That's it!