Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (2019)

[pop song playing]
Hey. Have you seen Nancy Drew?
Nancy who?
Never mind. Thank you.
Mrs. Shay!
- Hey, have you seen Nancy Drew?
- No.
Thank you.
Sorry, sir! I'm sorry. Sorry.
Watch where you're going, kid.
Hey! Have you seen Nancy Drew?
[George] Drew!
Finally! You didn't answer
your phone.
[stammering] Sorry,
I don't hear it when I'm skating.
Check it out.
I can't believe anyone
would do this to Bess,
and now it's gone viral.
You know how sensitive
Bess is,
she won't leave the house now.
[knocks on door]
[Bess] Please, guys. Go away.
We're not leaving!
[Bess] Great.
I'm so pathetic, my friends
have to come and rescue me.
I'm an even bigger loser
than I thought.
Okay, if...
If needing your friends
means you're a loser,
then I'm the biggest loser
of all.
'Cause, you guys
make me forget
I live in this one-horse town
every day.
- Jeez.
- Hey.
[laughs] Hi.
Actually, River Heights
has four horses.
[Nancy] Let me in.
Welcome to the party!
Let's school this troll.
But, we don't even know
who did it.
Oh, isn't it obvious?
Oh, he's just a dill weed.
Can I show you?
I'm so stupid.
I forgot to take my goggles off.
Oh, stop it.
The last thing you are,
is stupid.
Dirty Bess. Dirty Bess.
Dirty Bess.
My clothes might not be
as good as everyone else's,
but they're not dirty.
Hey, it looks like a
two-year-old came up with this.
Wish I could fast-forward it.
Don't look it for a second.
Dirty Bess. Dirty Bess.
Dirty Bess.
Everyone saw this.
Don't pay attention
to what a lizard-brain does.
Dirty Bess. Dirty Bess.
Dirty Bess.
There! Someone forgot
to blur out his reflection.
- [Nancy] Presenting...
- Number 91.
Try that again.
It's... It's a reflection.
[Bess] Nineteen.
Derek freaking Barnes.
- God.
- Should've known.
Derek is making fun of me
all the time.
I know I'm not cute,
or cool, but...
Why can't he just let me be?
What? You're super cute.
[all chuckle]
[George] Aw! Don't they make
a darling couple?
The idiot spawn of the two
richest families in town.
[Bess] Nancy Drew,
I know that look.
You can't just go after Derek.
I'm not gonna go after Derek.
I'm just gonna help him
see the light.
- Good luck with that.
- Yeah.
You've only spent
summers here.
You don't really know Derek
like we do.
But, if we don't stop him,
he'll just do it again to someone else.
Do you guys really want that
on your conscience?
[flaps lips]
I'm in. Fine.
Great! Let's hit the gym.
You... You wanna work out?
Like, now?
No, but in order to get ready
for football season
he's gotta super-set.
You know, all the time.
And... Here.
From the timestamp,
it looks like
mid-morning Tuesday is his
favorite time to hog the floor.
That means he'd shower around,
you know, 11:45,
so he could be fresh to play
trainer for the cheerleading squad.
The way your brain works
is so cool.
[all chuckle]
[mimics explosion]
You know, psychologists say
it's okay for bullies to get a
little taste of their own medicine.
It's called
restorative justice.
[hip-hop music playing]
Ahhh! Yeah.
[Nancy] What's the most
important thing in Derek's life?
His social media presence,
Let's make a tiny adjustment
to that.
[Derek grunts]
[Bess] [humming] Gold!
Gold, gold, gold, gold!
Bess, this is perfect!
This is perfect! Okay.
[both chuckle]
[softly] Twenty seconds.
[phone dings]
[George] Yes!
[all giggling]
- [Nancy] Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
- Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, yes.
[Nancy] Get up here.
[silly laughter]
I did something.
Oh, my God. That was so...
- Okay.
- [sighs in relief]
- [George] I've got everything setup.
- close.
We're ready to go.
- Maple bars, anyone?
- Yes! Can I, please?
Oh, my God!
Maple bars are my thing!
Dig in.
Oh, I probably shouldn't.
My skin is still breaking out.
Eat a donut, Bess. Okay?
Life is short, go.
[Nancy] Come on.
[George] We'll share.
So, how long will it take?
I don't know.
Hey, this is my set, not hers!
My bad. I'm all yours now.
Derek! Are you okay?
[gasps and chuckles]
Never better.
[chuckles] No.
Something is seriously wrong
with you, dude.
[all laughing]
[gasping in horror]
[feedback over mic]
Derek Barnes,
welcome to Thunderdome!
When you humiliate others,
- there will be consequences.
- Stop laughing at me!
She's checking me out.
She's checking me out.
I look good.
She still looking?
At least I'm trying.
I'm currently single right now if
you guys are looking for anything.
[buzzer sounds]
You can chill at my house
if you guys are interested.
[camera shutter clicking]
Just make sure you keep
your face below my back,
so, like, my face
is the only thing.
Because, like, if your face is on my
video, it's gonna be ruined.
I'm just waiting
on the machine.
[all continue laughing]
Stop laughing at me. Okay?
Stop laughing at me.
[raucous laughter]
- He's so blue.
- Oh, my God!
This stuff actually works.
I was not expecting that.
[George] That... It works!
- It works! Let's get outta here.
- Phew!
Nobody's ever stood up for me
like that before.
You stood up for yourself.
No, we just added
a little color.
- Aw.
- Thank you.
Of course!
[growling laughter] Aww!
You guys are the best.
This town is so much more fun
with you in it, Nancy.
Even if that means we...
get in a lot more trouble.
Oh, come on.
Just a little trouble.
Your daughter
assaulted my son.
That's more than enough
for me to sue.
[scoffs] Go right ahead.
All my daughter did was defend a
young girl your son cyberbullied.
My son did no such thing.
How about we look at the video
that Derek posted
from your IP address?
- This is ridiculous.
- [Sheriff] Guys,
let's all calm down a minute.
Under State Penal Code 646.9,
cyberbullying is a crime punishable
by up to five years in prison
and $1,000 in fines,
and that's just for you, Jeff.
This is not over, Counselor.
I promise that.
Are you sure Jeff Barnes
is the type of person
you want to have as an enemy?
I think I can handle him.
I'm sorry about all this.
I'll make sure Nancy pays
for the damages.
That's not gonna be enough,
This is not her first offense,
and she involved
two other girls.
I can't just turn a blind eye.
She has to face
the consequences this time.
What did you have in mind?
Eight hours a day?
Okay, for the next two months, basically
my whole summer just went sideways.
I'm surprised that's all
the community service you got.
You committed
several felonies.
Hey, they're only felonies
if you're 18.
Oh, excellent point,
And, since you're nowhere
near 18,
you are hereby grounded.
I stood up to a bully.
I mean, why should I
get punished for that?
I'm proud of you.
But the way you did it
isn't right.
You stooped to his level.
You pulled a prank that caused
thousands of dollars worth of damage.
They may have to re-tile
the entire shower.
But worst of all,
you involved other girls.
I mean, that dye wears off.
And delivering justice
isn't a prank, it's my duty.
So, is it like last week?
- It was your duty to burn the word "assassin..."
- Okay, no.
- ...into Mr. Blankenship's lawn.
- He was shooting crows, Dad.
That's murder.
If you think that driving
everybody in town crazy
is gonna sabotage things
so bad for us
we have to move back
to Chicago, you're wrong.
- We had a deal.
- We never made a deal.
You know, a deal is when two
people come to an agreement.
You made the decision.
I mean, you never gave me
a real choice.
I wanted to stay in Chicago
with all my friends.
I never wanted to move here.
I couldn't stay there
and you know that.
Knowing everything
about the city
reminded me of your mom.
Yeah, well, maybe
I don't wanna forget her.
[country music playing]
Thank you very much.
Vote for the train.
Let's bring some new blood
to this town.
A little culture,
maybe a Chipotle, huh?
You get a burrito.
You get a burrito.
You get a burrito.
Where's my burrito?
Vote for the train,
and you'll get one.
There she is,
straight from the hoosegow.
I got your skateboard there,
- Listen, Nancy.
- Give her some space, Cars.
Support your local business.
Vote for the train.
Here, have a slice.
Maybe you'll come to your senses
and vote for the train, too.
Really? Not the time.
Train won't make anyone wanna
visit this delightful dump anyway.
Hey, River Heights
isn't a dump.
Well, it will be if this train
comes through here.
Listen, I'm fighting
for what makes
this town special.
The charm of it,
the community.
I mean, do you have any idea
how many historical homes
will be knocked to the ground?
Oh, my darling brother,
the train will finally bring
us into the correct century.
Grandpa here wants
to keep using the Stone Ages.
And look,
Nancy thinks you're mental
if you find
this place charming.
Hello, Hannah. I'm right here.
This town needs
something fresh
to shake things up, you know?
Give it a little bad element.
- An edge, right?
- You see what she's doing?
See, your aunt didn't make it
in New York,
and now she thinks
she can bring all that
and her stand-up career here,
Hey, I opened for Amy Schumer,
you know?
It was a door, but still. See?
- That was good, you laughed, right?
- That was all right. Yeah.
I could be a big fish
in a smaller pond,
- fill seats at open-mic night.
- Hey.
How you doing, Nate?
Just because more people come
to see your stand-up routine
doesn't mean the jokes
will actually be funny.
- [exclaims in surprise]
- Wow, Dad. I didn't know you had it in you.
Oh, sure. Take my pie
and my dreams.
And besides, jailbird,
I thought you were on my side.
Well, this is between you two,
not me.
Okay. I hate to break up
a good family feud,
but it's time we go show people
like your misguided sister here
how wrong they are. Hmm?
I'm charging you
for that pie, Nate.
Hey, I'm just doing my part to
keep my favorite family together.
You guys are all I've got.
Plus, your dad here is the best
lawyer this town's ever seen.
Ew! God, get a room.
Hey, listen, before your dad got
here, this train was a sure thing.
Now, [high-pitched] not!
That's how persuasive
this guy is.
Yeah, yeah. All right.
Let's go.
All right, here you go.
All right, my brother
from another mother,
let's go rock
this town hall meeting.
All right. I'd tell you
to break a leg, but...
- But you'd actually mean it.
- Yeah, exactly.
Hey, listen.
I know your dad's a big pain
in the butt,
but he does respect you.
Yeah, if he respected me,
I wouldn't be here.
Come here. Sit with me.
There are no words
for what happened to you.
I can't even begin to know
how you must feel.
Losing your mom.
But, think about your dad.
I mean, he lost
the love of his life.
Living in Chicago
was killing him.
He was turning
into the living dead,
and he didn't want
to be that for you.
I never really thought of it
that way.
And this place isn't half
as bad as you think it is.
It kinda totally is.
But, you know,
present company excluded, of course.
Having you here is so cool.
The house is alive again.
And I know this place is
square and a little backwards
but it's nothing us cool girls
can't do something about.
I wish I were half
as brave as you.
You're as persuasive
as your dad,
and as righteous
as your mom was.
Those are superpowers,
you know.
If you use them for good,
imagine who you could be.
I thought I did.
[Derek] Yeah, I'm just tired of
everyone looking at me, you know?
They're all gonna be working for
you someday. Don't worry about it.
Hey, hey.
Back in the car.
Back in the car.
[engine starts]
[engine revs]
[tires screech]
What is your problem?
Your daddy
better get with the times
and let
that train come to town.
A lot of powerful people
stand to lose a lot of money
if your daddy has his way.
And I promise you,
they will not let that happen.
Let go of me!
Now, I'm not a violent man,
but I will hurt people if I have to.
I'm calling the cops.
Cops care about delinquents?
Do me a favor,
tell your daddy that Willie
Wharton said to get on board
or get out of the way.
[car door closes]
He tried to run you down?
I'm gonna kill this guy.
[stutters] Wait, wait, wait.
Where are you going?
You don't even know, do you?
You're worse than Nancy.
Yeah, well, still right here.
That's just what we need is two
Drews arrested on the same day.
Hey, maybe we could have
matching handcuffs. [chuckles]
Listen, I've heard of this guy, Wharton.
He's trouble.
Got fired from the factory,
gets fired from jobs all the time.
- You know Tammy Drucker?
- Uh-huh.
He used to date her.
I'm gonna call her.
Come on, Dad.
This is like the most exciting thing
that's happened since we moved here.
He's not getting away with what he did.
I promise you that.
[Carson sighs and chuckles]
I think blue
really is his color.
It was Mom's favorite.
Thought it was a nice touch.
[inhales deeply] Oh! [kisses]
Welcome, convicts.
Let's make this
as pleasant as possible.
So first, the area you want
to hit today is over here.
Pretty dirty area.
Nancy, you know
you can't have that here.
No, I was just
gonna play some music.
Get me and this here felon
in a trash picking mood.
This is community service,
not a rave.
Oh, come on.
I'll let you
choose the playlist.
All right.
No boy bands.
And please, no country.
[country music playing]
But my lights exploded.
A ghost moved my furniture.
How can you explain that?
I'm telling you,
my house is haunted.
I don't know
what to tell you, ladies.
- I don't do haunted houses.
- [sighs]
Sheriff, I have known
this woman my entire life.
And she doesn't scare easily,
and she doesn't lie.
So, can't you just
send someone out?
Are you sure
she isn't drinking
her own special batch
of Kool-Aid?
Young man, young man.
I have stared down Communism.
My choice of a cocktail in
retirement is none of your business.
[Nancy] Um...
[clears throat] Sheriff?
Aren't we supposed
to respect our elders?
Says the delinquent
picking up trash.
No, actually I'm doing this
because I disrespected my peers.
I'm sorry, ladies,
but I can't spare my one and
only deputy for your situation.
[chuckles] Yeah,
'cause River Heights is such
a hotbed of criminal activity.
Keep it up, you're gonna be
picking up trash until Christmas.
Afternoon, ladies.
If you need anything, just give us a call.
- Really?
- [Helen] Wow.
We gave you a call. Remember?
You shouldn't have to handle
this all by yourselves,
I mean... maybe I can help.
No, it's fine.
We can deal with it.
Now, if you could you wouldn't
have gone to the cops.
Helen, just a minute.
She looks like
a very sweet girl.
- I love your vest.
- Thank you.
Trust me,
we don't want her help.
She's the one who made that
horrible video of Derek
and she thinks she can do whatever
she wants just 'cause her mother died.
That was you?
Um... Yeah.
I think you and I
are gonna get along just fine.
Come here, you. [laughs]
[dismissive grunt]
[deputy] Uh, Nancy?
Where do you think
you're going?
[Nancy] Oh, I'm taking my 15.
What 15?
The legend dates back to 1885,
when the Colfax brothers,
who build Twin Elms,
Malcolm and Schuyler,
had a falling out
over a woman,
Millicent Andrews.
Malcolm had proposed to her.
She wasn't too jazzed up
about being, you know, married
to the number one
pig farmer in town.
Plus, she was hopelessly in
love with his brother, Schuyler.
Oh, boy.
Legend it has it,
Malcolm killed them both
in a fit of jealousy,
buried them in the walls.
Then, [clicks tongue]
he offed himself.
Did they ever find the bodies?
But when I listen
very carefully,
I think
I can hear them crying.
You've gotta be kidding me.
I would never kid about a
thing like the Colfax ghosts.
Stop pretend like
you care about any of this.
Well, I don't have to pretend.
She had me at
"people buried in the walls."
You just want to get outta community
service, which you deserve.
Okay. First of all, Helen,
I can't get outta community service.
I already tried.
And, second of all,
aren't you curious
whether or not the Colfax
ghosts are back for revenge?
Oh, my!
You two remind me
of when I was young.
But we had better hair
back in those days.
My best friend and I, Rosie,
we despised each other.
We even fought once
over the same boy...
Chad, Peter...
I don't know.
There were so many of 'em.
We both dated him,
then he jilted both of us.
We became best friends.
Sadly, Rosie moved to Miami.
She loves a man in a Speedo.
It just goes to show you
that sometimes a girl can find her
best friend in her worst enemy.
- Yeah, no...
- No, sorry.
Hard pass.
Perfect timing. I made dinner.
- What did you do now?
- Nothing.
[laughs nervously]
I mean, uh,
today has been incident-free.
It's kind of hard
to get in trouble
when you're working
on a chain gang. So...
- Besides that... Look!
- Mmm-hmm.
- Get right in it. Yeah.
- Okay.
- Sit right here. Don't trip.
- All right.
Tonight, you'll be eating
chicken cacciatore with
twice baked potatoes and...
And what are you gonna...
What did you do this time?
Seriously, what's going on?
Okay, so you know,
I know I'm grounded and all...
- Mmm-hmm.
- But,
maybe you'll let me
help a nice lady end her haunted
house problem tomorrow night.
- Please?
- I don't know, Nancy. I got...
I'm getting ready to go
outta town this weekend.
And... Wait. What?
You guys want me to find more positive
ways to express myself, right?
Then what could be
more positive than helping
a sweet old lady
and witch-grandniece?
Listen, Nancy.
I got a lot going on
right now, okay?
I gotta schmooze
this land owner
and convince him to reject
the train company's offer.
And I can't do that
if I'm worried about you.
Well, think of it as taking
me in protective custody.
Of an octogenarian?
Okay, that old bird can kick
some serious butt if she has to.
Okay, but... But,
you're still grounded,
and remember our agreement.
Yes, of course.
Check in, text, call,
send an owl, send a raven.
Don't worry,
I'll blow up your phone.
- And, I'll vaporize yours right back.
- Okay, Dad.
- Yeah, it didn't really work, did it?
- Not really.
Hey, listen.
The Sheriff's got an eye
on Willie Wharton.
If he gets within 100 feet from
you, they're gonna arrest him.
So, if anything happens,
call Hannah.
If you can't get
a hold of her, call Nate.
Got it.
Nice doing business with you,
Did you really cook this?
I'm 16.
And leave my jacket here.
I'm here, doing my check-in.
I'm at Twin Elms, yeah.
Love you, yeah.
We're only staying
for one night, right?
Yeah, why?
No reason.
Okay, look. Just because
my aunt invited you over
doesn't change anything
between us.
I didn't expect it to.
Aunt Flora's very
important to me,
so please promise me you won't make
some kind of a joke about this.
I would never do that.
If she's really
seeing ghosts, then...
I mean, I wanna find out why.
Can we just, you know,
suspend our feud
for just the night?
Fine, whatever.
I mean, if this place
really is haunted...
today's gonna be exciting!
[Helen] Did I forget to mention
my great-aunt is a little extra?
You gotta be kidding me.
[Nancy] Skater bear.
You don't see that every day.
You think I'm crazy, huh?
- Smidge.
- [laughs]
Come in.
Why, thank you.
[Flora] Hello, darling.
Come on in.
And I'm gonna make
you girls some lemonade.
[blues music playing
over speakers]
Holy nutcracker, Batman.
[Helen] [sighs] Aunt Flora
does the best she can,
but it's a little
too much house for her.
I always thought she should make it
into a museum and charge admission.
Yeah, I'd pony up for that.
[Flora] You know who that is?
You're too young
to know who that is?
- Of course I know who that is.
- [laughing]
Oh, I swear that boy
had hips made of butter.
Not that I danced
with Mick Jagger every night.
Truth be told, I did
cut in on another girl...
for about 20 seconds
till security moved in.
[Nancy] That's so funny.
[Helen] Yeah.
[Nancy] And you have photographic
evidence to prove it.
I know. Which is more than I have
to say about my burlesque career.
- [Helen] What?
- No.
You were a burlesque dancer?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Why didn't you tell me?
Oh, it's not a conversation
for youngsters.
But that is so cool!
What is your burlesque name?
No, no, no. No, no, no, girls.
I've said quite enough.
No, trust me,
you haven't said enough.
Yeah, come on, please?
One shimmy.
No, come on, those...
All right, fine.
And here she is, boys
And here she is, world
Ladies and gentlemen
Miss Fabulous
Strawberry Deville
- Whoo!
- [laughter]
You better put that leg down
before you bust a hip.
- [Flora] Thank you so much.
- [laughing]
Living all this time
must be amazing.
It has its moments.
[Flora] Helen, would you
get the apple pie
I've been cooling
in the kitchen, darling?
Just texting
my dad good night.
He keeps tabs on me.
So, um...
When do the undead show up?
Sometimes it's weird sounds,
music I didn't turn on...
Then suddenly, the lights
start flickering crazily.
And then...
things just stop making sense.
Don't make sense how?
Unfortunately, one cannot be
told what happens at Twin Elms.
You have to
experience it yourself.
You mean, like, the Matrix?
I knew you'd get
the reference.
- [Helen shrieks]
- [glass breaks in distance]
What? What, honey?
[Helen] Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
[Flora] What, darling?
Helen, what is it?
What? What? What?
[stammering] There was in...
In the window.
It was a face, out the window.
It was looking at me...
- And it was, like, disgusting.
- What do you mean?
It was like a warthog
or something.
The pig farmer.
- Have you seen him before?
- Never in the flesh.
Ew! I hate that word.
- [Helen] Wait! That thing might still be out there.
- Hope so.
- [objects clatter]
- Oh, my gosh.
Baller move, Drew.
Hunting down a ghost in
front of a haunted mansion,
and you forgot to
bring your flashlight.
God. Son of a...
[male voice] Hey, Nancy.
Flora got you picking up trash
here at Twin Elms, too?
Deputy Patrick?
You scared the bejesus
out of me.
What are you doing out here?
I didn't like the way Sheriff
talked to Flora yesterday,
so I figured I'd come up here
and check the place out myself.
That's awfully nice of you,
and a little random.
Not really.
I've been coming out to
Twin Elms since I was a kid.
Flora actually used to pay me
to mow her lawns in the summer,
before she turned it
purple and pink.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Oh, you haven't happened
to see, uh...
a pig-man running
around, did you?
Helen thought she saw
a pig-mongrel-esque thing.
Oh! So you saw
the Colfax ghost?
[chuckles] You know him?
Everybody in River Heights
knows the story.
But no one's actually
ever seen him in the flesh.
Please. Please don't
say that word. [chuckles]
Fair enough.
You think Jeffrey Barnes
had something to do with it?
You recognized his car?
I went to school with
Derek's older brothers.
Spoiled bunch. All of 'em.
Are you linking them
with the ghost?
Okay, well. I wanna walk the
property once more before I leave.
And call me if
anything else happens.
And tell Flora I'll drop in here
to make sure everything's okay.
Thanks, Deputy.
Maybe you're not as big a tool
as I thought you were.
Why, thank you, Nancy.
Maybe you're not as much of a pain
in the butt I thought you were.
Much obliged.
Oh. You, uh, might have an easier time
getting around with a little more light.
- Here.
- Oh, right. Thanks.
Stay outta trouble.
You know me.
[scoffs] Fortunately, I do.
I told you, Derek and his entire
family are away on vacation.
Mmm-hmm. What a
perfectly timed alibi.
I call.
All right.
I'll see your 10 cents,
- and raise you another 10.
- [gasps]
Okay, Nancy,
if you're such a genius,
then why would Derek scare me and
my aunt just to get back at you?
You tell me.
Rich people are psychos.
I thought your dad
was a lawyer. And I'm out.
Not that kind of lawyer.
I mean, half of his clients don't
have enough money to pay him.
I forgot your dad's
such a saint.
And your mother, Nancy?
My mom was
a civil rights advocate.
She badgered politicians to open
their eyes and help the little guy.
Did she prank them?
She may have had a more
subtle approach than I do.
Look, there's more than one
black Mercedes in River Heights.
Not with the same
license plate, there isn't.
[Helen] Make up your mind.
Earlier, you said you didn't
see the license plate clearly.
Derek did not do this.
And when you find out that I am right,
you will owe me a major apology.
If I find out you're right,
I'll vote you for prom queen.
- I'm already prom queen.
- [Flora] All right, girls.
Girls, this game is not
gonna bet itself. Let's go.
It's just you and me, Flora.
Your move.
All right. Straight flush.
Read 'em and weep.
[Flora] Oh, Lord.
[Nancy] Well, that's creepy.
I... I saw it!
- I saw it!
- What did you see?
I don't know. A shadow.
[slow footsteps]
[door slams]
[heavy metal music
playing on speakers]
[music stops]
[music continues playing]
[music stops]
[music continues playing]
Under the table!
[music stops]
Cover your eyes, girls!
- Why?
- Just trust me!
Is it just me or are
the light bulbs floating?
Oh, God, I hate this part.
Whatever's happening, there's a
perfectly logical explanation for this.
Totally logical.
[eerie low groan]
What do you usually do
when this happens?
[Helen shrieking]
Let go of me! Nancy!
Oh no, you don't!
No, you don't!
You let her go!
Let her go, I say!
[Helen] No, no.
Come on, come on, come on.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, guys. Get out of the kitchen.
Out, out, out of the kitchen!
Everybody in here, quick.
[Helen] Come on! Go!
Wait, no!
There's that thing, the pig!
Whatever happens,
don't open this door.
[Helen] Nancy!
A rubber mask, really?
Step up your game, dude.
Never mind.
Who's scared now, Nancy?
[Helen] Nancy.
Nancy, it's okay.
[Flora] Oh, darling, after every
haunting, I get that same awful headache.
It should be gone soon.
Well, I was hoping to wake up and
realize this was all some crazy dream.
[message alert chimes]
[cell phone rings]
Hey, Dad. Everything's great.
We may have had
a ghost sighting.
I wanna
tell you all about it,
but Flora's just about to
serve us some breakfast, so...
Well, that sounds exciting.
I want to hear all about it.
Yeah, yeah, I'll give you the
blow-by-blow when I see ya.
Thanks, Dad.
[Carson] Okay. Love ya.
Love you more.
[Flora] Here, dear.
This ought to help
fight off those dragons.
So, what happened exactly?
You saved us from the ghost.
Well, all I remember is screaming like
a baby before everything went black.
And here I thought my cheese was
finally sliding off the cracker.
Now that I know
the haunting is real,
I kinda wish I were senile.
You guys don't think that last night
was actually supernatural, do you?
Well, how else
would you explain it?
I mean, that thing dragged me
around the house at NASCAR speeds,
and then it disappeared and then it
reappeared in another part of the house.
What about the
floating light bulbs?
No, there's gotta be
an explanation.
Well, so what do we know?
One, we know a black Mercedes
was lurking around Twin Elms.
- Nancy, I told you...
- I know, I know.
I'm just stating
the facts. Okay?
I'll give you a chance
to prove me wrong.
Two, we know somebody came in
here and scared us half to death.
And three, we know
it felt insanely real.
Were all the doors and windows
locked last night?
Oh, yes. I double-check
them every night.
Are you sure?
Maybe... I mean, the...
This is an old house.
Maybe the locks don't work so well.
I had the locks redone
just last year.
Wait, did you guys...
Did you guys notice
these footprints?
I thought that
you did that last night
when you were running
around in the pink grass.
No. No. I wipe my feet.
I'm very well-trained.
As if this house
isn't messy enough.
Yes, somewhere in here,
there must be a...
[Flora] Whoa.
I can't believe it.
Well, you don't
see that every day.
Mean girls first.
I'm just kidding.
Stay here, Auntie.
You don't have
to tell me twice.
This must have been some kind of
servants' quarters back in the day.
[softly] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
More pink footprints.
Yes! A dark, creepy tunnel.
I told you this was gonna be awesome.
[effort grunts]
Now we know how they got in.
Oh. So that's how they
attacked me with the drawers.
Well, we're gonna have
to break it to Flora
there's no skeletons
in these walls.
Aw, right.
Hey, Nancy, come take
a look at this.
[Nancy] Oh, this must be how
they control the lights.
But I wonder
what this controls.
The ghost must have
an accomplice.
But why did it feel so real?
If people expect a ghost,
they'll see a ghost.
I think something more than
suggestion is at work here.
Well, it could have been sound
waves or carbon monoxide.
No, if it was carbon monoxide,
you'd be a ghost, too.
But it could have been
some type of drug.
Could someone have
spiked your food?
[Flora] Not a chance.
I bought that food yesterday.
No one but the three of us
touched it before dinner.
Well, thanks for the help.
- I'll let you know what we find out.
- Bye.
What about visitors?
I mean, this place needs
a lot of upkeep.
Maybe the guys who painted your
grass or a plumber, or a carpenter?
Good idea. I'll make a list.
Wow, that's a lot of people.
I included some
of my gentlemen callers.
Oh, Auntie!
What? Too many?
[laughs] Never.
Thank you.
[exhales sharply]
Hello, my name's Nancy Drew.
I understand you recently did
some work at Twin Elms.
Hi, this is Helen Corning.
My aunt hired you to
rebuild her gazebo?
You replaced the plumbing?
You did the plaster work?
You replaced the windows?
Oops, sorry.
I didn't mean to call you.
Are you sure about that?
No, that's great.
Yes, yes, thank you.
The air conditioner!
[Nancy] Hmm.
You said the repairman
came over two weeks ago,
but the company had no record
of sending anyone.
Wait. What is this thing?
There's a hose
connected to the AC.
I don't know, but it
was taped to the pole.
What is that?
[Helen] We should
take that to the police.
[Nancy] Yeah, well,
let me connect the dots first.
We have to get this
to the chem lab,
you know, isolate the chemicals,
find out where it came from.
And you just so happen to know a
chemist that can help us with that?
No, but I know someone who can.
Bess and George.
[cell phone chimes]
Oh, God. Oh, man. I'm late
for community service.
[Flora] Chemicals?
Identification is no problem.
I got chromatography papers
in the lab at school
and this sick new chem app
on my phone. So, it's okay.
- Okay. [chuckles]
- [Sheriff] Drew!
You took advantage
of Deputy Patrick yesterday,
but you're not taking
advantage of me.
Well, hey, I can talk and pick
up trash at the same time.
Not on my watch.
If you don't get back to work, I'm gonna
add two more weeks to your sentence.
Oh, come on.
Why stop at two?
- Nancy.
- We can make it four, if you want.
So you don't end up
with a life sentence.
This should help.
Get out of my sight, Drew.
You're free to go.
What just happened?
What does it look like?
I mean, I got Nancy pardoned.
One of the
lesser-known advantages
of being from the oldest
family in River Heights.
Don't you mean "richest"?
Don't you mean, "Thank you"?
You guys coming or what?
Come on.
I'm gonna...
[Carson] [on phone]
Hey, you behaving?
Of course.
How's your trip?
Well, I'm leaving now.
I'll text you when I get there.
It'll be a couple of hours.
- Okay. Love ya.
- Love you more.
Am I the only one not cool
with Helen being here?
Her great-aunt is
the one in trouble.
[scoffs] So, what,
you make nice with the nerdy
chicks until you get what you want?
Hey, you're the ones
who attacked my boyfriend.
After he harassed Bess online.
Hey, guys.
This isn't about our problem.
It's about Flora.
So let's just isolate
whatever's in this tank,
and we can talk later. Okay?
So... How do we get in?
Well, I figured you know
how to pick a lock.
Oh. So I get in
a little trouble with the fuzz
and now I'm public
enemy number one?
- No, I just thought that...
- Seriously, Nance,
you gonna pick
the lock or what?
Well, yeah, totally.
Don't worry about it.
[startled gasp]
Sorry. This...
This takes all night.
You can't even go a night
without talking to your bae?
Okay. You guys are just jealous
because you don't have anyone.
Oh, you mean, no one
to hide behind?
Who's still hungry?
I know I am.
Maybe now's a good time to
break out that cheesecake.
Good idea.
Come on, guys, take a bite.
Yeah, this is seriously
God's cheesecake.
Oh, blueberry.
That remind you
of anyone, Helen?
[George chuckles]
We're not gonna
eat traitor cake.
Technically, Helen's not a traitor.
She's just our enemy.
Probably shouldn't eat any
anyways, my skin is a mess.
Well, if you don't wanna eat
cheesecake, that's fine, don't eat it.
But you really shouldn't worry about
sweets giving you pimples, Bess.
That's the best thing
about being so smart.
You don't have to look pretty.
You won't be going out, anyways.
- You're freaking dead.
- Let's go for it.
Guys, stop!
I can sit here and pretend
to be polite,
but it doesn't change the fact that
she's the girlfriend of some guy
that thinks it's okay to
humiliate another human being.
You know exactly what he did,
and you did nothing to stop it.
What was I supposed to do?
I don't know. You could've
unfollowed him on Instagram,
threatened to
break up with him,
expressed even the slightest
shred of disapproval.
That's so easy for you to say.
You have nothing to lose.
Maybe, but at least
I still have my soul.
- George, come on...
- Nancy, are you that blind?
What, just because you found a new
friend that's more popular than we are?
Well, is that really
what you think of me?
I don't know what
to think anymore, Nance.
But I do know that as soon
as all of this is over,
she's gonna go right back to laughing
at all of us behind our backs.
You don't know what
it's like to be me.
People are constantly
expecting things out of me,
like how I look,
and who I can hang out with,
- and who I don't hang out with and...
- Oh, blah, blah, blah.
"Don't hate me because
I'm rich and pretty."
- I didn't say that!
- Then what did you say?
'Cause I sure didn't hear
a "sorry" anywhere in there.
I don't know,
but I am sorry.
It's ready.
Look, Helen.
I appreciate you, you know,
getting me outta community service.
I get it. I should go.
And I'll let you know
what we find out.
Thank you.
Good riddance.
Come on, you guys.
It's over.
[door slams]
[Nancy] Does anyone smell butterscotch
pudding, like, on a burning tire?
I was gonna say, uh...
bug spray souffle.
That's eggnog on fire.
[Bess] It is the same chemical
found in all of those things.
What is that?
It's a psychoactive compound
isolated from nutmeg.
So, somebody made us
see ghosts with nutmeg?
Yeah. You know,
it's a little-known fact,
but if it's consumed
in high enough concentrations,
it can cause all types of physical
reactions, like nausea or hallucinations,
and then you wake up
with a really nasty hangover.
You said the hose was
connected to the vent,
so someone had a way of releasing
the chemical when the AC was on.
Didn't know you knew so much
about hallucinogenic drugs.
Chemistry's awesome.
But it says that you'd need a lot of
nutmeg before you could get any effect.
Well, the concentration in that canister
was 50 times more powerful and aerosolized,
so it hit your
brains instantly.
So somebody must be
buying a lot of nutmeg.
Can you guys track
that down in the morning?
Uh-oh! It is morning.
I better go over to Derek's house
and try to get him to confess.
I'm taking the evidence.
Is this safe to carry?
Yeah. Just don't drop it.
I said don't.
Okay, just don't...
Yeah, just don't drop it.
It's not funny.
- [laughter]
- Stop messing with her.
- [laughs]
- Not funny.
It can kill people.
Call Dad.
[Carson's voice, automated] You've reached
Carson Drew. Please leave a message.
- That's weird.
- [beeps]
Hey, Dad, it's me.
I didn't get a text
from you. Call me.
[doorbell dinging]
[Sheriff] Well, well.
Now what do we have here?
Don't you think you're
overreacting just a little?
- I caught you breaking into their house.
- It wasn't the house.
It was the garage,
and I was only trying to see
if the car had any evidence
to connect it with
the haunting of Twin Elms.
Which, by the way, it does.
Oh, yeah. Uh...
Pink flamingo paint.
Damning evidence,
if I ever saw any.
Yeah, actually,
it is damning evidence.
Cheese and rice, Nancy, again?
Handcuffs, really?
Don't worry, Hannah.
I've started thinking nickel's my color.
Your niece here was caught
breaking into the Barnes household.
- Is that true?
- Depends on how you mean "true."
Nancy, I explicitly said, "Don't go
into the garage till I get there."
Wait. You knew about this?
Yeah. I told her about it.
Yeah, after Deputy Patrick checked
out Twin Elms the other night,
he suggested we go to, uh...
uh, go investigate
the Barnes' Mercedes.
I didn't want Nancy
to get in trouble again,
so I told her I'd go
over there with her.
Must have gotten
our signals crossed.
I thought Deputy Patrick
left me hanging,
so I decided to
take a look myself.
With a lock pick set?
It's perfectly legal
to own lock picks.
Up until the point where you
stick them in someone else's lock.
Look, I can vouch for Nancy.
[snickers] Sorry.
Good luck with that.
If you let her go,
I'll make sure she gets home
without any more trouble.
What just happened in there?
Wasn't gonna let my boss arrest the
bravest kid in town twice in one week.
No one's ever stood up
to the Barnes' family before.
Because no one's
ever been that dumb.
Where were you last night?
I told you.
I stayed at Bess'.
Really? Then why did Bess' mom
think that she was
staying with us?
'Cause... 'Cause Bess,
George, Helen and I
broke into the high school
and used the chem lab to
isolate a hallucinogenic drug
that's making
Flora see ghosts,
but we left everything
the way we found it...
That's not exactly the point.
Nancy, you are out of control.
You can't just do
whatever you want
and expect
to get away with it.
I made some calls.
Barnes' family checked in to the
Pike's Resort in Aspen four days ago.
Haven't left since.
So, Helen was right, but...
- Who was driving the car to Twin Elms?
- I don't know.
I'm still trying
to figure that out.
The police
are doing their job,
but next time you think about
pulling a B&E,
try giving me a call first.
There's some people in this
town who actually care.
Okay, this time you
are really grounded.
No fake sleepovers
or haunted houses or...
Especially investigations.
And I'm confiscating
your long board.
Has Dad called you?
No, but we don't usually argue
until after lunch.
Why? You mean
he hasn't called you?
- No.
- Since when?
- [upbeat music playing]
- [cell phone dings]
Hey, Nance. What up?
[Nancy] My dad hasn't texted
or returned a call from
me or Hannah in 15 hours.
You know
how weird that is, Nate.
We have a rule.
Last thing at night
and first thing
in the morning.
You know, no exceptions.
Yeah, I haven't
heard from him either.
Well, maybe there's no cell
service at the campsite.
Campsite? I...
I thought you said he...
I thought he was at a hotel.
No, no.
This dude that your dad's
meeting, Owen Michaelson,
will only close the deal
if you go camping with him.
Like real camping.
Like backpacks and canteens.
The cell service
is probably terrible there.
But that's not like him.
I mean, ever since Mom died
he's been even more anal
about calling than I am.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry, hon.
I didn't realize he hadn't told you.
I got caught up
in all this train paperwork
and didn't think
to check on you.
[chuckles] I'm falling down
on my godfather duties.
If he calls, I will make sure
that you talk to him.
- Okay, Nate. Thanks.
- Sure thing.
Well, who'd have thunk?
Carson camping.
Huh, that's a relief.
No phone number.
[cell phone ringing]
- Hey.
- We found the spice company.
Bess and I are suiting
up to go on our way
into their records room
right now.
They'll never know
what hit them.
You sound weird.
My dad hasn't called
in 18 hours. I mean...
something's off
and I can't
put my finger on it.
[George] Your gut
is usually right, Drew.
When in doubt, listen to it.
Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.
[gasps] Holy cow!
You scared...
Hey, hey, whoa, whoa.
Are you okay? What happened?
I know I'm the last person
you wanna see right now,
but I broke up with Derek.
Wow, I did't know
you had it in you.
What did he do?
Nothing, it was all me.
Look, sorry,
can we talk about this in the car?
- Huh? Yeah.
- My aunt's car. Come on.
Can you drive?
[tires squeal]
You know,
George was right about me.
I mean, what I said about Bess
was horrible.
Who would say that
about another person?
You've got a point.
But the thing is I don't
even know why I said it.
It just came
out of my mouth like...
I guess some part of me was
still trying to defend Derek.
I really like Bess.
In a different world,
we'd be friends.
[engine revs]
[tires screech]
You skate a lot better
than you drive.
No one drives in Chicago.
Look, just...
Just do what you think
is right, you know?
Don't do what other people
expect you to do.
That's so freakin' terrifying.
And you have no idea.
It's just so easy for you
and George and Bess
because you're just
so good at things.
Important things,
that matter.
And you're funny
and you're smart.
What do I have
other than my hair and Derek?
Well, you actually
don't have Derek anymore.
Your hair's amazing.
You know, I'm supposed to be the hero
in my own story but I'm the villain.
I mean, I've never
had to be brave or smart
and definitely
never had to be nice.
Maybe now's your chance.
At least the brave part.
Nice we can...
work on.
Mmm-hmm. [chuckling]
And speaking of nice, how...
How good are you
at accepting apologies?
Apologies? For what?
I was wrong
about the Barnes' alibi.
I told you, Nancy Drew.
I'm sorry. No,
I should have believed you.
I'd grovel at your feet...
but I'm having a little
trouble driving. [laughs]
You have no idea
how good it feels to be right.
And there's one other thing.
I think that whole
vigilante justice
might not be the direction
I wanna go in for my future.
Are you apologizing
about Derek?
I don't... I don't know if I wanna
go that far, you know, but...
Can I just say that maybe
revenge isn't the answer.
That sort of thing.
Thank you, Nancy.
Yeah, well...
Just don't wanna be
that girl, you know?
So I guess we have no suspect.
Oh, I've got ideas, but...
Well, I've gotta
find my dad first.
Let's start this car again.
[engine revving]
[gears clanking]
[tires screeching]
Yo! What gives?
I can't do this.
You gotta... You gotta go.
You're the chemistry genius.
Anyone asks me a serious question,
the ruse ain't gonna hold.
You'll be fine. I can tell you
everything you need to know.
Yeah, I will be fine
because you're
gonna go in there
and you're gonna do this.
See? Look at you.
I have one
tiny adjustment though.
Oh... Oh.
See? You look dangerous.
I feel kinda dangerous.
Feel empowered
just standing next to you.
Now, go in there,
track down some nutmeg.
- Got it. Yeah.
- You got it.
Got his room key.
Dad, are you here?
Hey, who leaves their cell
phone during a business trip?
After I talked to him
last night
he never got
any of my messages.
I mean, Nate said
he was out of cell range.
I mean, this makes no sense.
Okay, stay focused.
What are the clues?
I don't know.
I have no idea.
Okay, take a deep breath
and do your thing.
You got this.
[Nancy] Maybe we got something
better than clues.
I already gave you
the keys to the room.
You are not getting access
to the security feed, too.
I told you this is a
matter of life and death.
[mocking] "I told you this is
a matter of life and death."
Don't mock me.
Clearly you care about
customer satisfaction.
Not really.
Someone put a little more
than cream and sugar
in this.
Get out of here!
This is nothing but coffee.
Then why is it so sticky?
Well, your boss
is not gonna like it
when he finds out you've
been drinking on the job.
Here it is.
What's he doing to my dad?
[Helen] It looks like he's
just putting him to sleep.
[Nancy] Yeah, but how do
we know that?
If he wanted to hurt your dad
he would've used a gun
or a knife or something.
It can't be a robbery.
All he wanted was my dad.
Well, at least we know
what happened.
We have the evidence,
we can go to the police.
Can't see
the kidnapper's face.
[keys clacking]
Oh, man.
Wait, wait.
It looks really familiar.
Come on, Drew, think.
This happened last night
while we were at the chem lab.
[cell phone ringing]
[exclaims] We did it, Nancy.
You would have been
so proud of me.
What are you talking about?
Bess found the name
of the nutmeg buyer.
It's William Wharton.
[Wharton] Do me a favor.
Tell your daddy that Willie
Wharton said to get onboard.
Now get out of the way.
- [engine revs]
- [tires screech]
Wharton kidnapped my dad.
He's been haunting Twin Elms.
Look, look, guys, I love you guys
so much and everything, but...
[stutters] I gotta go.
Talk to you...
Call you when I know more.
Okay? Bye.
We have the evidence.
Let's get help.
Deputy? Yes,
I figured out a bunch of stuff.
Can you meet me at Twin Elms?
I think my dad's
in the hidden staircase.
Wharton doesn't know
we know it exists,
and he kidnapped my dad
after we left.
Come on.
Trying you again. Sheriff?
[choking and grunting]
Deputy Patrick. Come in. Over.
[Helen] Oh, my God.
- Deputy? Deputy, wake up.
- Okay.
Okay. He's not dead,
he's just really knocked out.
Wharton must be here.
Dumb flashlight.
Why are you doing this?
You're too good a lawyer.
You were persuading people who wanted
the train to change their minds.
[Wharton] Come on.
You got some paperwork to sign.
[door creaking]
Come on. Come on. Come on.
- Let's go.
- Nate.
Thank God.
"Thank God." That's funny.
Ow. Wait.
You're a part of this?
Part of it?
He's the one who brought me into it.
You were best man
at my wedding.
You were a pallbearer
at Catherine's funeral.
That guy is like my uncle.
[Nate] I'm sorry, Carson.
I had to.
How much is the train company
paying you to deliver Twin Elms?
A lot.
You could have come to me
if you needed money, Nate.
But I got in a hole so deep
you couldn't possibly
dig me out.
This was supposed to be clean.
We scare Flora,
she sells, she makes bank.
Town gets a new train,
I get out of debt.
Everybody wins.
We were fighting
to stop the train.
Yeah. Hmm...
I'm pretty convincing, huh?
A couple more scary nights,
and Flora would have
begged to sell.
And then Nancy got involved.
Hey, we can't do anything.
Not with them having guns.
They may have guns
but we have something better.
Sign the form.
I've told you
very politely... No.
Listen to the lady.
You know,
for a guy half in the bag
you sure handle stress
pretty well.
He has a teenage daughter.
Why would you
go to all this trouble
for one plot of land?
In going through Twin Elms,
all the other property owners
would fall in line.
Nobody would be able
to stop the train.
But there's no way I'll allow
the sale to go through, Nate.
- We know.
- [gun cocking]
That's why I'm afraid
we can't let you leave.
Hey. No, no, no.
Come here.
We never talked about
killing anyone.
I figured
you couldn't handle it.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of it myself.
No, no. Hey. No.
None of this. No.
There's no reason to harm him.
I've been
forging his signature
ever since he came back
to River Heights.
Carson will keep
his mouth shut
because he wants to live.
You know me
better than that, Nate.
There's no way to keep these
two from talking about this.
And if you think anybody's
gonna fall for your plan
in framing Jeffrey Barnes,
then you're even stupider
than I thought.
- [screaming]
- I've survived four husbands,
to be killed
by your sorry butt.
That brat found the room.
[bulbs popping
and electricity crackling]
Oh, don't worry, dear.
Just another normal Saturday night for me.
[glass crashing]
That sounds
like the back door.
I'll take care of her.
- [grunts]
- [groans]
Stupid son of a...
Nancy, now!
[cries out in pain]
Help! Help me!
[Helen screaming]
Run, Helen!
Nobody move
and I won't hurt her.
Let her go.
She's just a child!
You're not a murderer, Nate.
[doorbell rings]
You gonna get that?
Shut up for once.
Just shut up.
Please let her go!
Come on.
[Helen grunting]
I'll untie the others!
[gun cocks]
Get it off me!
[police siren blaring]
It's okay.
[Nate] Get off me!
[continues screaming]
Get it off me!
Well, you don't
see that every day.
[screaming continues]
Should've brought cover, Drew.
I... I may have to
follow up with you later.
Hey, Deputy, uh...
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for believing in me.
It's what I'm here for.
Wait. Your flashlight.
Let me get it for you.
You keep it.
Something tells me
you're gonna need it again.
[George] Hey...
No matter
what your future holds,
you can always brag about the
day you turned a grown man pink.
Different guy, new shade.
It's not the same.
I don't do those things anymore.
- Right.
- Come on.
Hey, Helen, are you coming?
Yeah, I figured, since...
it's over, you know.
Yeah, we'd all just
go back to hating you?
Yeah, you're not
getting off that easy.
- Besides, you still owe us a slice of traitor cake.
- [Nancy] Ah-ha!
I... I told you
it's enemy cake.
- Leave it alone.
- Well, you could just learn the word.
The right word.
It'd be so much easier.
It's Aunt Flora's cheesecake.
I'll catch up
to you guys in a few.
Bet you never thought you'd be
saving your own dad, did you?
You know how many times
you saved my butt?
I don't know what I'd do if
anything ever happened to you.
Let me go. I wanna...
I wanna do one.
You do it.
I don't know what I'm doing.
- That's not bad.
- I really want...
What was that?
What was that?
Wanted to see
what was gonna happen.
You know, maybe I could
get used to this
small town life after all.
Oh, that reminds me.
My cousin Emily is coming
home to River Heights
to get married
at the Lilac Inn.
And after
all we've been through,
we could use a little fun in the
sun, don't you think?
Of course. Yes.
Sounds good to me.
Deep lake, a dark forest,
some creepy old inn.
What could possibly go wrong?
Yeah, all we need
is an evil twin
and we'll have the makings
of an awesome new mystery.
- I have to get a photo with us.
- [all groan]
Come on, Nancy,
get in the picture.
- Come on, Bess.
- Fine. Okay.
Guys are so pretty.
One, two, three.
I'm done with mysteries.
Yeah, from now on,
I just wanna sit back,
talk about boys,
you know, do my nails...
- What?
- What?
Just kidding.
Oh, here we go
We'll be together
We, in the daylight
No, never go
It's us against the world
Gonna stay true
I got your back
'Cause you got mine
We're making magic
Oh, here we go
We'll be forever free
In the daylight
You make it easy To
believe I won't do it alone
There is more to see fly With
me there's Only one way to go
I got this feeling We
could Shoot across the sky
About time we shine you And
now we only Add to the glow
We can see
All of our colors if we
Just turn on the light
Oh, here we go
We'll be together
We, in the daylight
No, never go
It's us against the world
Gonna stay true
I got your back
'Cause you got mine
We're making magic
Oh, here we go
We'll be forever free
In the daylight
In the daylight
In the daylight
In the daylight
We'll be forever free
In the daylight