Nana (2005)

Good evening. We're Blast.
Tonight was our victory again, wasn't it?
The majority of the crowd came just to see us.
No doubt about it, live performances feels great.
Peak sensation? Oh it's so orgasmic, I can't control myself!
Better than doing a man?
That depends on the guy.
Yeah. Now that we've come this far,
Blast will have to move to Tokyo and try to go pro!
Hey, Mr. private university student is acting cool.
You're a son, set to inherit an inn.
That's why you can live so carefree
without having to worry about finding a job.
Well, even I don't think that we can go pro that easily...
But I have this feeling that with this group, we can make it.
Ren, you agree with me, right?
What? You're drunk already?
Well, anyway... Why don't we have a toast?
Huh? We haven't yet?
Well then, a toast to tonight's successful performance!
Hey, hey...
My medicine!
Be careful.
Hey hey, hey.
Come on, Nobu.
Okay, okay.
Hurray for Blast!
He's hopeless. You want to leave him here and go?
He'll die.
I'll take him home in a taxi.
Oh my, Yas-san's rich. As expected from a future lawyer.
Well then, see you later.
Hey wait up, Ren.
I'll tell Nobu about that.
Make sure you tell Nana yourself.
What's this about?
Jeez, it's cold.
I'll catch a cold.
What am I going to do if I lose my beautiful voice?
Hey, you don't have anything warm on you?
You know, the gifts we received from the fans.
Whoa, looks cool!
Looks cool.
Hey, Nana.
Do you remember when we first met?
2 Years Later
I'm the type to really believe in fate,
so I'm going to believe it was fate.
You can laugh if you want.
Umm... excuse me.
Umm, excuse me
Are you all right?
I'm fine. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too. Didn't it hurt?
Not at all.
Is that so?
Umm... Is this seat taken?
Go ahead.
To all passengers.
We will be stopping temporarily due to the snow on the tracks.
We are sorry for the inconvenience,
but please wait until we can start moving again.
I'm in a hurry too...
I wonder when I'll get to Tokyo.
Are you okay?
Yes, for now.
Whoa. High school students these days sure are different.
I'm already 20.
Oh, sorry. Same as age me, huh.
Same age?!
You're kidding! You don't look like it! You con artist!
Oh, a phone call.
Hello, this is Nana speaking.
Yes, that's right. It'll be dark by the time I get there.
It's okay with you?
Okay, I'll give you a call once I find out the time.
Okay, talk to you later.
Is your boyfriend from Tokyo?
Pretty lovey-dovey.
Oh, I know. You're going there for a guy.
No, I'm not!
Well, actually, that's about right.
So which is it?
We both started out at the same technical school back home,
but he left to attend an art school in Tokyo a year ago.
Why didn't you go with him back then?
Shoji said...
He said no.
He said that I didn't have any aspirations or funds,
so I shouldn't do anything rash.
I see.
So, I had no choice but to stay in my hometown in tears,
and save up money to go to Tokyo.
We made a promise that if he got admitted, I'd go too.
Once I get to Tokyo, I have to work hard so I won't be sent back home.
What am I saying to someone I just met. I'm sorry.
It's fine. Tell me more about yourself.
It looks like it'll be a long ride anyway.
Then, will you listen to my story?
I've just been dying to gush out these feelings to someone!
Any passengers care for a meal or a drink?
Hey, you want to drink some beer?
That's a great idea.
Excuse me. May I have some beer?
Well, toast to Shouji's acceptance to college!
That has nothing to do with me.
Well, how about this?
We make a toast to the coincidence of two women
of the same age on the same train,
travelling to Tokyo at the same time.
That sounds great!
And there's one more thing...
My name's Nana also, Nana-chan.
Hey, Nana.
Do you remember when we first met?
I kept talking endlessly about myself and not a word about yourself.
But knowing you, you probably would've ignored me anyway.
What are you crying about?
Must've been hard riding the train for five hours.
But see, the girl that was sitting next to me...
Where are you looking?
Jun-chan! Kyousuke!
You must be tired.
You haven't changed at all.
It feels like we're back in our old school days! I missed you guys so much!
To Nana. Morning. I'm going to work!
I think I'll be back by 6 o' clock.
When you leave the house, leave the keys in the mailbox. Shouji
I'm home.
Welcome back.
Oh yeah. How did things go with the real estate agent?
Did you find any nice places?
Real estate agent?
You don't plan on staying here forever, do you?
No, well... I didn't have much time today.
Why's that?
Oh, you were looking for a job.
Did you find anything interesting?
Don't tell me that you were sleeping all day.
No, you're wrong!
I had a fully satisfying day by cleaning and doing laundry.
What the heck?
You didn't come out to Tokyo to do those things, did you?
We made a promise that you'd find a job that paid well
so you could live independently.
What do you mean "those things"?!
I did all that for you!
I like it.
I really like it!
The room's on the seventh floor, but we have no elevators here.
I see. So that's why the rent's so cheap.
You're young.
This is it.
Yes, this is it.
How troublesome.
A near-miss. Do you mind if we show the place together?
Please hold on a minute.
This customer has pretty much decided to sign the lease.
I can't believe it! What a coincidence!
Who are you?
You don't remember me?
Just kidding. I remember you. You're Nana-chan.
What? You two know each other?
So, what will you do? Would you like to live here?
What to do...
Yes. I'll live here.
Hey, wait a minute.
I found this place first. Don't decide on your own.
But, if you haven't decided yet.
Okay, I've decided.
I'll take it.
Hold on!
I don't want to live anywhere else but here!
You can go live with that guy.
But I can't do that. That's why...
I'll be dumped for sure if I don't find my own place by today!
Well, why don't you two rent it together?
Is he your boyfriend?
Hell no.
This room is already divided. Keeping one's privacy wouldn't be too hard.
In addition, the rent will be half as well.
Half of 70,000 yen... 35,000 yen?!
Let's do that Nana! It's like a dream to be able to live here for that cheap!
But you know...
Are you the type to be able to respect my privacy?
Yes, you should decline.
Living together with a stranger is just an annoyance.
No, that isn't always true. You're such a sad guy.
Hey, Nana.
Don't you think this cup is really cute?
Strawberry designs, huh.
Buy it if you like it.
Then I'm not buying it.
Why not?
Because it isn't fun if you don't like it too!
Besides, I want to use a matching pair.
I don't care, so let's just hurry up and buy the stuff already.
But you don't like strawberries, right?
I like strawberries, jeez.
Then I'll get it.
I can understand what your boyfriend goes through now.
How should I put it... You're like a dog.
A dog?
You're loyal and become easily attached,
but you're a handful to look after.
Well, easily put, you seem like a "Hachi".
Let's get going, Hachi.
Hachi?! Give me a cuter name!
There's a CD I want. Can we stop by?
Trapnest's new album came out today.
I'm a big fan of theirs.
I'm going to go and pay for this.
I want to pay for this.
Look, look, Nana! They gave me a poster.
Are you planning to put that in the room?
But I like them so much that I joined the fan club.
I'm a huge fan of the bassist, Takumi.
Is that so.
The drummer Naoki is great too,
but the best part of Trapnest is the vocalist, Reira.
Her face and voice are so beautiful. I admire her a lot.
What about that guy? The one standing out the most with the guitar.
Oh, Ren...
He is cool looking and popular,
but he doesn't talk much and is scary so I dislike him.
Why are you laughing?
No reason at all.
Huh? Why?
No reason at all...
You like them, don't you?
Why? Don't you like them, Nana?
I'm sorry for going out and having fun without you.
But I want to go tell Shouji right away that I got a job.
You're coming home in the morning, right?
Take the key with you.
Hey... Nana, you don't have any plans for a date tonight or something?
What about a boyfriend?
There's no one like that.
Oh, that guy from last time!
You like him don't you? I knew it!
I don't see Yasu like that.
I see.
You like him, but you can't be honest with yourself.
I understand, but happiness will run away from you
if you keep on being stubborn like that.
Thanks for the warning.
You're welcome. I'll be going now.
Happiness will run away from you
if you keep on being stubborn like that.
Why are you putting a lock on me?
don't want to be alone anymore.
Hey, Nana.
You were like a selfish stray kitten that's proud and free,
but you had a wound that wasn't healable, right?
Myself, who was carefree... Even I thought that was cool.
Without knowing how painful it was.
Thank you for coming!
I'll take care of this, so cover the floor for me.
Is this your first day working here?
My name is Kawamura Sachiko. Pleased to meet you.
Yeah, likewise.
Could it be that you're an art student?
Umm, yes.
At Tama Art University. In the oil painting department.
Oh, is that so.
I am also attending Tama Art University. Also in the oil painting department.
Let's hurry.
You'll waste one day's pay if you miss the last train and end up taking a taxi.
What are you doing?
Ready and...
Hold on a minute.
Ready and...
This is amazing. It's perfect.
It doesn't get any better than this when it's bought.
It'd be inconvenient without a dining table.
Do you like it?
Thanks Nana. You're so skillful.
It was nothing.
I got scraps from a local construction site, so it was pretty much free.
Hey Nana, you can become a carpenter.
Why don't you look for a job in that field?
What am I going to do if I hurt my fingers doing these sort of things everyday?
Oh yeah, the guitar.
You were in a band before, right?
Are you aspiring to become a professional guitarist?
I'm not a guitarist. I'm a vocalist.
Amazing! Cool! I admire you!
I can't help it.
Say that after you've heard me sing.
Excuse me. Delivery.
Oh, it might be my stuff.
Good evening.
Hey, you... What the hell are you here for?!
Hey, that's great.
Just the reaction I was expecting from you. Good.
Yasu asked me to bring you your stuff.
Then you have no business here anymore. Get going.
Come on, Nana.
Let me stay here for just one night.
To tell you the truth, I...
Don't want to hear it.
...ran away from home.
I said, I don't want to hear it!
Nana, why are you acting so cruel? He's your friend, right?
Nobu-kun, right? Are you all right?
You can call me Nobu, Nana-chan.
I'm saying this for his sake.
Unlike me, you're blessed with an easy life.
You just need to carry on the huge inn back home and your future is guaranteed.
I'm happy as long as I can play the guitar.
You already know it, don't you?
I want to perform your songs...
Hello? Yas-san?
Yeah, here she is.
Hey, Yasu. Do something about this idiot!
Why are you sending him to my place?!
Hey, have you heard his tape?
The new song Nobu composed.
It's a good song.
If you sing it, I don't think there'd be anyone that can compete against it.
It's an awesome song!
Did you really compose this? I'm deeply moved.
Good evening. We're Blast.
Yasu, you listening?
I'll make this a night to remember.
To this day, I really can't forget what took place that night.
Because you kept singing to the unwritten song with random English words,
I became captivated by your voice like I was
being put under some kind of mysterious spell.
Hey, Ren.
Do you still remember?
The day you and I first met.
Yeah. How many years ago was that?
At the Christmas concert.
Two years and three months ago.
During a snowstorm like tonight.
You were wearing a red dress.
You don't have to remember it down to the last detail.
Heh... You were the only one who wasn't interested in the concert.
Worst audience ever.
You were standing in the very front of the crowd,
and there you were, just glaring at me.
I was annoyed and thought, "What's up with this girl?"
Even when Nobu introduced you backstage, all you said was,
"I'm Nana". That's it.
I thought to myself, "Doesn't she have anything else to say?"
It was around that time when my grandma passed away.
I bought a Christmas present with the money I'd just gotten from work,
for the lonely and pitiful me.
It was that bright red girly dress.
Makes you laugh, doesn't it?
I guess I fell in love with you when I saw you.
You liar.
You just said that I was annoying a minute ago.
Drummer and Bassist Wanted!!
I see.
To be able to live off of music.
That's one hell of a dream.
Yeah, you think so too?
Nana had some passionate fans when she was still in a band.
And she was quite famous in her hometown.
I was so excited.
I don't despise those kind of dreams, but do you really think that things will go as planned?
It'll be fine because I've been really lucky since I've moved here to Tokyo.
I don't think it helps if you're the one that's lucky.
Hey, let's go karaoke with Nana and the crew tonight.
You'll definitely become a fan too once you hear her sing.
I have work after this until late at night.
Huh? Work again?
It's boring that you're always working when I came all the way out here to Tokyo.
I think you should be more considerate about spending some time with me.
I do.
That's why we're here eating out. And besides, we see each other everyday.
I want to do things like go to the movies or to a trendy shop.
Who's the one that isn't being considerate?
Huh? Am I wrong?
Excuse me.
I saw the flyer outside.
Let's see here, Okazaki Shinichi-kun.
You're really talented, but umm...
Middle school drop out and no address.
This means... You ran away from home, right?
That's fine. As long as he has the skills, it doesn't matter.
Name a bassist that you respect.
Honjo Ren from Trapnest.
I love Trapnest too!
But Ren's a guitarist.
Oh, didn't you know?
Ren played the bass in his old band.
Oh, really?
Well, I'm a fan of Takumi.
I think we'll get along great!
I have one requirement.
If you can't promise me this, you can leave right now.
Surpass Ren, Shin.
You founded Blast, right?
I'm so worried that I can't sleep at night.
And there are law firms in Tokyo as well.
So, where do you want to do this at?
Ginza area would be ideal.
And there are a lot of pictures this time.
It seems that the professor likes the ocean and yachts,
and at the end of the thesis, he'll give you credit if you write "I like the ocean and yachts."
You're kidding.
I'm serious.
It's a famous story. There once was a student who wrote
he likes the mountains, and he failed.
I have something I'd like to discuss with you. Is it okay?
The final up-train is about to depart shortly.
Please be careful not to miss this train.
The doors are closing.
I'm sorry! Please go on ahead without me! The last train's departing!
Why do you wear those shoes
when you know you'll miss the final train unless you run?
I wore them on purpose.
I'm fine.
Take it.
I feel guilty...
It was my fault.
You'll catch a cold.
What's wrong?
You're not home right now? Why aren't you home?
You've already finished work, right?
I missed the last train.
I'm waiting for a taxi right now.
What should I do?
I got fired from my job.
Or should I say I'm unemployed?
The finances of the store were bad but the manager hired me
thinking it'd be fine for about a month since I'm cute.
Does that cut it as an excuse?
That is troublesome.
I want to see you today. I want to see you right now.
I'm sorry.
It's already late, so I'll come over and see you tomorrow.
Hachi's pretty late today.
Is Hachi at work?
Yeah, work.
What does she do?
These pistachios, wouldn't it be better if they were already shelled?
That's a luxury.
I'm home.
Welcome back.
Oh? She seems to be a little down.
A concert!
There was a sudden opening in a live event at Yokohama and they're allowing us to perform.
Amazing! That's amazing!
Poor girl. You're soaked.
Well then, let's have a toast together!
To commemorate Blast's Tokyo debut!
I, who had just moved to Tokyo, was really uneasy
about whether I could make it on my own.
But I didn't have any worries or doubts about living with you.
Although I can't explain it myself.
All right everyone, give me your attention.
Listen up guys.
Go ahead.
I'm Komatsu Nana.
I'm not good with computers and such,
but I am motivated. So please be kind to me.
A publishing company?
I'm surprised there's a company that would hired you.
Are you sure you can handle the job?
I'll be fine.
I'll just be used for simple tasks and it's a really small company.
The thing is, it's in Aoyama.
It feels so different. It makes me feel like I'm in Tokyo.
Don't go shopping like crazy and rack up debts.
No worries.
Watching Nana made me want to try harder.
Who's this "Nana"? Oh, the girl you're living with?
I realized having a goal is a necessity in life.
From now on I'm going to cut down on my expenses
and save up for our wedding.
A wedding?!
With who? With Shouji?
Hold on a minute.
Don't say anything to Shouji about this.
It's not like Shouji brought this up or anything.
Well, we're still young.
Marriage is just a thought. Just a thought.
Shouji, you like sandwiches, huh?
This egg is delicious.
Weren't you eating sandwiches yesterday too?
Well, this is all they have.
I'll go buy some drinks.
Oh, thanks.
You want cafe au lait, right?
Oh, wait a second. Make it iced, okay?
Who's that girl?
Looked pretty lovey-dovey to me.
I'm just friends with Sachiko.
Sachiko. Calling her using only her first name.
We're in the same department and we work together,
so we spend a lot of time together.
So umm, how should I say it. We became familiar with each other.
I met up with Nana yesterday.
I see.
She's working hard.
She said that she's saving up for your wedding.
Well Shouji.
I would understand if you became tired of Nana
and ran off to Sachiko for some emotional healing.
But you went after Nana knowing that she needed a lot of looking after,
so don't run away and make sure you take care of her.
Of course, I plan to do that.
Are you sure you kept it just as "friends"?
She's exactly the type of girl you would like.
In any case, sever any kind of relations with Sachiko before it's too late.
Head Editor, here's Noguchi-sensei's original illustrations.
Yeah, thanks.
Want to drink together tonight?
I'm troubled by this.
Come on, it'll be fine.
Please excuse me.
You can't even make copies properly?
All of them are blurred!
I'm sorry.
Why do they hire useless people like you?!
Hey, Nana-chan.
Pour me some coffee pwease?
Me too.
Hold on a minute.
What is it?
I need to have a word with you.
While we walk is fine, so will you listen to what I have to say?
If we miss the final train, I'll pay for the taxi.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry!
None of this is your fault.
I was the one,
that got excited and happy on my own.
Won't ever,
get in between,
You and your girlfriend.
Just being friends is okay.
Just being friends is okay.
So please don't say that you want to sever all relations with me.
I came. Sorry for coming here without telling you.
Yeah, you look great in the uniform.
I'm Hachi's roommate, Nana.
Umm. Please, this way.
Hey, I want to sit by that window.
What happened to Shouji?
Sit quietly. He's busy working.
Anyways, don't you think Shouji is cool?
Even though he does sound a little stupid when he talks.
What are you doing Kawamura-san?
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
Hey, you're bleeding.
Don't worry about it. We need to treat this wound first.
I'm so sorry.
There's no point in running away.
Your girlfriend is,
cute and kind.
Did something happen between you two?
Let's stop this, before we hurt her.
What's wrong?
I was just thinking that I didn't get to talk to Shouji much in the end.
It can't be helped. He is working after all.
Lately, we haven't been able to talk much.
Hey, stick around with me until Shouji gets off of work. Just one more hour.
I'm going home.
Hey! Wait! Please wait!
Don't be so cold.
Don't you think I'd be lonely if I waited here all alone?
Then let's go back inside.
Wait! No no no no.
He told me not to wait for him so waiting for him would just work against me, wouldn't it?
So, let's go home then.
That's why we'll make it look like we left
so he wouldn't expect me to be here. It will appeal to his manly senses.
I hate fully calculated actions like that.
Don't you understand the feelings of a woman in love?
I'll keep you company if you're waiting for him because you simply like him.
Of course, that's the main reason.
Then don't bring up irrelevant ideas.
Keep wagging your tail and wait patiently.
It's okay... You'll be cold.
I was brought up in a cold area so I'm fine.
Oh, is that so?
I will...
break up with her.
What the hell is this?
Say something.
Come on! Explain!
Please stop!
Shut up! Get out of the way!
Please don't hit him!
It isn't any of your business, now is it?!
Isn't it you who has no business here?
I'm the one who started liking him.
I couldn't stop myself even after knowing he had a girlfriend.
Hit me if you need to hit someone.
That's brave of you. I'll hit you then.
What are you staring at?!
Isn't this your fight?!
This is your man, isn't it? Get him back yourself!
I don't want him.
I don't even want to see his face.
I want to do it in a bigger place.
Well, I guess the bathroom is a bit small.
Not that. I mean concerts.
We've attracted a lot of fans. Why can't we do it in a bigger place?
Why don't you try it?
Talking like it has nothing to do with you...
What was Yasu talking about before he left?
It sounded like it was something serious.
Oh yeah.
I need to take my medicine.
It's hopeless for junkies like you.
It isn't that. It's the pill.
Because you don't wear any protection.
What am I going to do if I become pregnant?
Then you can have the kid and raise him.
I've been working since I dropped out of high school, so I'm actually pretty rich.
A kid or two is nothing.
You might be fine with it but I'd be troubled by it.
I'd rather sing than raise kids right now.
You should live the way you want to.
I'm going to Tokyo.
I admit, it was Shouji's fault this time around.
But it was also--
Jun-chan, whose side are you on?
Shouji betrayed me.
I was deceived all this time!
It wasn't "all this time".
I was working hard as well.
I even found a job so I can become independent.
As I've said, those are your issues.
You always think only about yourself.
Can you honestly say you were thinking about Shouji?
Love is a relationship between two people,
so it won't work out if both sides don't think about each other.
Good evening. We're Blast.
Does Komatsu Nana-san live here?
Yes, she does.
May I get a signature here?
Hachi, I'm going to sign off for the letter from your parents for you, okay?
Yeah, please do that.
Thank you.
I won.
I won the drawing for the Trapnest concert tickets!
And they're front row seats! And two tickets!
I can't believe it!
I'll be able to see Takumi in person!
You can't get seats like these in Tokyo.
Of course, you'll go with me, right?
Hey hey hey hey hey! Hey hey!
Hey everyone, listen up.
There's a Trapnest concert in my hometown next week.
Those of you who can go, raise your hand.
I asked Nana too, but she said she won't go.
I understand that it's a hassle to travel so far but they're front row seats!
Isn't it a waste?
Of course she'd say that.
You haven't heard anything from her?
Ren and Nana?
Ren from Trapnest and Nana?
Ren wasn't in Trapnest in the beginning.
He was in our band back home and he was taken away by Trapnest.
I see...
Why aren't you surprised?
I already heard of all this when you were drunk after our last show.
Huh, I told you?
What?! I told you?!
But why didn't Nana go with Ren?
Even if she couldn't be in the same band, they could've still lived together.
Living with Ren isn't her whole life.
She wanted to be able to make a living off of her songs.
That's what Nana-san decided.
So, why are you able to explain everything?
I told you, I heard everything from you.
But... was that really the best thing for Nana?
Nana is an independent woman.
Even if Ren made it all the way to the top,
it's not like Nana to be waiting at home making miso soup for him.
That's why she decided she'd sharpen her skills,
and go to Tokyo someday.
She chose her pride over love?
To put it simply, yes.
Well, only Nana knows her own feelings.
She's been living all this time with Ren sealed up deep inside her.
Surpass Ren, Shin.
What are you doing?
If you're moving it to a different place, want me to help you?
Well... Hey, Nana.
Let's go to the Trapnest concert together.
Okay, you don't have to go to the concert,
but at least come visit my home with me.
Well, there really isn't anything interesting there
but I just want to introduce you to my family.
Sure. I'll go to the concert.
Huh? Why?
W-What do you mean "Why"?
What made you change your mind?
Nothing really. I just want to see them now.
Your parents' faces.
Hey, it's a nice house.
Are you a daughter of a rich family?
No, we're normal. Besides, the land here is cheap.
Welcome. Please make yourself at home.
I'll be under your care.
Welcome home!
Oh? You're not with a guy?
Don't say things like that, Nami.
When you left, you had the whole "I'm eloping" vibe, right?
It's a misunderstanding.
I'm living with Nana. I don't have a boyfriend, right?
Oh, what a disappointment.
I was so relieved to think that a man
was going to take care of someone as troublesome as you.
I really felt like I was being relieved of a burden.
I'm so sorry for being noisy.
Not at all.
Here. Please, come in.
Let's have some tea.
Your mom is awesome.
She totally surpassed my expectations.
What were you looking at? She's just a normal old lady.
My dad will be coming home later, but he's pretty normal.
Well, more like not cool, so don't expect too much.
There's nothing wrong with being normal.
I don't have parents so I think it's great to be in a house full of people like this.
You don't have parents?
Oh. It's one of those situations.
My mom left when I was four
and I never had a dad to begin with so my grandma raised me.
She was my grandma from my mom's side.
That grandma died when I was 15 too.
Hey, quit looking so sad.
I'm happy.
This is the first time you've talked about yourself.
I felt left out because you never open up to me.
I see.
I didn't realize.
If you ask, I'll tell you everything
so don't feel that you're lonely or anything.
What's so funny?
It's because you're so manly.
You're more like a boyfriend than a girlfriend.
I felt my heart skip a beat for a second.
I can't answer your feelings.
Well, you'll tell me everything, right?
Don't blow me off, okay?
What is it?
Do you still like Ren?
So you knew.
I'm sorry for pretending like I didn't know.
You brought me here knowing that.
The assembly hall is this way.
Thank you for coming.
I'll be down after I have a smoke.
Nana never really answered my question.
But I already knew the answer without her answering it.
He's two years older than me.
I'll introduce you to him later.
You'll definitely fall for him!
I don't care.
I just came to kill time.
Ren was left behind in a warehouse near the harbor right after birth.
It even became big news at the time.
And he's still living there too, saying "This is my starting point".
Ren is aspiring to be a professional musician so a background like that only helps him, he said.
I don't like guys like him.
He's just trying to buy pity from people.
Oh shit. We need to hurry or the concert is going to start.
I ran through the snowstorm hiding the red dress under my coat.
What should I call the feelings that were born that night?
Ren seemed too bright for me, who's lived her life so pitifully.
Ren and I got together on Christmas, one year after we first met.
A homemade cake. Aren't I the popular one?
It might be poisoned.
It could actually be from one of my fans.
"Maybe she's dating Ren. She should go to hell" cake.
Taste it. I don't want to die for something that isn't true.
I don't want to either.
Even the fans know the rule that Blast members won't lay a hand on me.
Now that what they're thinking is true, dying wouldn't be so bad.
I seriously thought that I didn't mind dying.
Because I wanted Ren so much.
I just wanted him so much I couldn't help myself.
Is that a lotus flower?
It's Ren's flower.
Honjo Ren
Oosaki Nana
Ren taught me the happiness of singing.
Introduced me to the guitar.
And gave me the will to live.
With Ren's attractive force, I was like a throbbing roar in the sea.
But it's not like I decided to sing for Ren.
I've continued to sing all this time for myself.
My eyes were fixated only on Ren,
as I sent him telepathic signs telling him that Nana is here.
Will it not reach?
Is that all your luggage?
All I need is my guitar... And this cigarette.
He's lying.
We sent everything else. He said he didn't want to carry heavy stuff.
Especially since I won't be there to carry your stuff anymore.
It's time.
I lived with Ren for a year and three months.
At the beginning of spring when there was still snow,
our relationship ended.
I thought at times that Ren looked this way but the minute I thought that,
his eyes would shift to somewhere else.
Hey, you screwed up in the second song.
You might've thought you covered it pretty well, but it was noticeable.
I'm going to take a piss.
Even Ren makes mistakes.
Even Homer sometimes nods. It's a saying.
Encore! Encore!
Did Ren not notice?
You can't see the audience with all those lights beaming on you.
I don't know. I've never performed on a stage this big.
No way.
It must feel good to sing on a stage this size.
Hello, Yamazaki law firm.
Yasu, Nana's here.
You knew, right?
Why didn't you tell me?
I wanted to surprise you.
Thanks to you, I missed a note.
Although I arranged it well to cover it.
I'll give you Nana's friend's cell number.
If you want to see her, give her a call.
How do you expect me to see her after all this time?
If you have no intention of seeing her ever again. I'm taking Nana.
There were two encore songs.
Ren didn't look at her once.
Come on in.
We're home.
Welcome home.
You must be hungry.
Dinner's ready.
Okay, here she is.
It's Yasu.
Hey, what's up?
Ren might call you. Just giving you a heads up.
What do you mean?
Quit sticking your head into my business!
I have no intentions of speaking to him ever again!
Then tell him yourself in person.
You still have the key, don't you?
Give it back to him.
Put yourself in his position of being tied down to a woman he can never hold.
All right.
Tell me where Ren's staying.
It can't be helped now.
I'm going to go give back the key.
The key to unlock the chain around Ren's neck.
But if you give him back the key, then...
Sorry, but can you call me a taxi?
Excuse me. Are you a staff member?
Yes, I am.
May I see your ID?
I called her over. Can you let this one slide?
There, I gave you back the key.
You came here to return it to me?
It's all over now.
I just came to tell you that.
It's not my style to let things drag on.
Hey, wait up.
Don't misunderstand me.
I have nothing to talk to you about.
Oh, that's right.
I'll tell you one thing.
One day, I'll surpass Trapnest for sure.
You haven't changed.
I'm relieved to see you're doing well.
Let go!
I have no intentions of starting things with you again.
Let go!
I missed you.
I shouldn't have come.
At that time. What were your feelings towards Ren
when you went to go see him?
How were you really feeling?
Would you
like to delete Shouji?
If the feeling is so simple that you could easily say you liked him,
you would've gone to see him already, right?
Hey, what are you doing? These roses look expensive.
Quit talking like a cheapskate, Mr. guitarist of Trapnest.
Well, flowers eventually wither away anyway.
You'll never wither away.
But doesn't this remind you of old times?
We used to sit in the tub and talk about things all the time.
I still have that place rented out.
With no one living there?
What a waste.
It's okay because that's my starting point.
One day, I'll buy the place.
And when I retire, I'll live there with you.
Don't decide my retirement without my consent.
When I was a kid, that building was still an empty warehouse.
I ran away from the orphanage often and played guitar there all night.
Even without talent, one can become a great guitarist if they play that much.
This is my first time hearing that.
I've never told anyone this.
I wanted people to think I was a genius.
Hey, Ren.
This is impossible.
I can't live with you like old times.
I hold grudges too.
But I think meeting up, holding each other,
and talking like this once in a while isn't a bad idea.
And once I'm really old,
when I'm able to let go of all of my pride and grudges.
And when I get tired of singing.
Can I return to that house too?
Back then, I thought that I'd never want to fall in love again.
But no matter how much pain or suffering I may have to endure,
I thought that I want to dream once more.
And I want to love someone from the bottom of my heart.
As I prayed for your happiness, Nana.
So, what happened between you two?
You said you'd tell me everything!
Well, you did help me out this time.
I'll give you a reward. What do you want?
Takumi's autograph!
Piece of cake. I'll just ask Ren.
Ask Ren?!
It's just an autograph.
Not that.
You two are back together?
Back together... More like...
That's good to hear, Nana!
Not good at all!
How did it turn out like this?
It wasn't supposed to end up like this.
Why not?
I was supposed to tie up loose ends.
To end everything once and for all.
Why am I going with the flow?
I'm so not cool.
She curled up with her face turning red as she said that.
I've never seen Nana so cute, and I felt deeply for her.
Why can't you do simple tasks like this?
You should've had plenty of time.
When I was your age, I worked more responsibly than you do.
I'll only have more problems if you decided to work here just for kicks.
This work environment didn't suit me, no matter how you looked at it.
I wanted to find a different job and quit this one as soon as possible.
And leave your phone on manner mode.
But is there really a place where I belong in this world?
I admire you, Nana.
What?! Are you serious?
It's too early in the game!
Are you serious?!
Reach, one-out, double east, and one dora.
You won again?!
This is unfair.
But really, you're pretty good at this.
Cut us some slack, will you?
I already am.
Stop, stop, stop.
Is that Hachi?
It may be Hachi.
Go for it.
Welcome home, Nana-chan.
I think I made her cry.
Back then, I cried because,
I immediately knew that the dream-like event that took place
was a reward from Nana.
Here you go.
I felt more love than hearing "thank you" a million times.
That made me really happy.
I can't get any closer to being an adult.
In this reality where I can't be pampered anymore,
Nana showed me the sweetest dream I could ever imagine.
It was like a really lucky first love.