Nana 2 (2006)

Nothing's moving.
We're going to be here a while.
Let me out here, then.
Alta Building, 7 pm. I'll be there. - Nana
I wonder how many people here
know your name, Nana.
Hey, Nana... do you remember
the first time we met?
It's a 7th floor apartment.
With no elevator.
It's great.
I love it already.
So? Do you like it?
It's an unbeatable bargain.
You're real lucky.
Tell me, Nana...
why should fulfilling a dream be
different from finding happiness?
I still don't understand.
After all the time we spent together...
I never understood you, did I?
I didn't realize... that I hurt you.
Hey, Nana?
Forgive me.
What's that, "Hachi"?
It's a wish on paper.
A midsummer tradition.
3 Months Ago
You tie it to a bamboo branch.
I need a pen.
Thanks. I'll take blue.
I'll take pink.
Destroy Trapnest!!
Destroy Trapnest!
That's not a wish, Nobu.
That's a resolution.
Oh, yeah.
I wish... Nana would buy a cell phone.
Get an air-conditioner first.
I'm wishing for happiness.
I mean... a boyfriend!
Forget about Takumi. He's a playboy.
Takumi's autograph!
I completely forgot to ask
for one when he visited!
Is that all you wanted?
I'll ask Ren.
Really? You promise?
Piece of cake.
What's your wish, Yasu?
That we'll be ready for our next gig.
Battle of the Bands.
They want us back.
We're in! We're definitely in!
Right, Nana?
Take that, Trapnest! Feel the heat!
Right? Feel the heat, man!
I do feel it... in here.
Yeah, me too.
Hey! Nana!
Watch it!
Clouds hung over Tokyo on
this night of the Star Festival.
But our spirits soared all night.
We all knew that wishing wasn't enough
to make our dreams come true.
But I believed that the closer I got,
the happier I would become.
Find Hachi a boyfriend - Nana
I drank too much.
A cold?
You needn't come to work
in your condition.
In fact, don't come at all.
Ms. Sakagami, am I being fired?
You bet! You're an insult to
the working world.
I am?
Consider this your wake up call.
Just one thing.
Give me one thing I can be
passionate about... like Nana.
"Unidentified Caller"
Hello, Nana? It's me, Takumi.
Ren gave me your number.
Thanks for the feast you cooked
the other day. Sorry I couldn't stay long.
Oh no, not at all. It was nothing, really.
What are you doing there?
What? "There"?
Turn around.
Find the big 4WD Mercedes.
You can't miss it.
Yes! I see it!
Wanna grab a bite to eat?
Because I felt so hollow inside...
everything in Nana's world
sparkled like diamonds.
But I wasn't looking for just anybody.
I was looking to bask in
the same light as she.
Don't be so nervous.
Oh... I'm sorry.
I'm just... at a loss.
Me, too. I never dreamed I'd be
seeing you like this so soon.
Me neither.
I'd been hoping to, though.
You're teasing.
I wouldn't have called otherwise.
Forget about Takumi.
He's a playboy.
Wow, look at the size of this place!
It's like a palace!
Is this a suite?
It's gorgeous!
Order anything you want.
I've always wanted to order
room service!
I prefer your cooking, to be honest.
You're teasing, again.
On tour, I get tired of eating out.
the moment our tour ends,
can I come for dinner?
Okay, I'm prepared for this.
I'll just treat myself to this fantasy.
I won't get serious.
Call from Yasu
Hey, Hachi?
Where the hell are you?
It's late. You had me worried.
I'm staying at a friend's tonight.
A male friend?
Course not! I'm at Junko's!
Okay, don't bite my head off.
Tell Junko I said "hi."
I can't tell Nana. She mustn't know.
Truth is, Nana...
I'm not all right at all.
But it's too late to run.
And I can't ask him to love me.
Darn it.
I'm setting myself up to be hurt again.
Trapnest is ending their tour in Tokyo.
I don't have a ticket but
I'll have dinner waiting at home.
Maybe, just maybe, you'll come.
What a spread!
Who's coming?
You could feed an army!
After a concert, they'll be starving.
When's Ren coming?
He's not.
He's not?
He never said he was.
But the tour ends tonight.
Won't he rush here to see you?
He won't have time.
The band's got parties to go to.
No way.
Cheer up. I'll have Ren and
his gang over soon, all right?
I'll tell him to bring Takumi, too.
I'm okay. Don't worry.
Let's stuff ourselves.
Those guys don't know
what they're missing.
Take me away
There are no wasted tears
One of these days
You'll see me smiling again
Take me away
I'm not as weak as you think
I'll hold onto my dreams
Cause I still believe in love
This was... the best tour ever!
Thank you!
Cheers everyone!
Okay, huddle together, please.
One more.
Hey, ease up.
Why are we here toasting another band?
Hey Takumi, did you really...
produce the entire album?
No wonder it rocks.
Hey, I like you.
Of course, it all starts with
Ren's songwriting.
You hear that?
Give me one.
To whom?
You met her before, remember?
Nana Komatsu's her real name.
Oh, Nana.
She won't want my autograph.
She's wanted it forever.
Not since I had her, I bet.
Hold it.
You "had her"?
She's my girl's best friend.
Show some tact.
It wasn't like I forced her.
Two consenting adults.
Wait, asshole!
Shall we take this outside?
This party is for tour staff. Don't spoil it.
I'm gone.
Stay cool.
You deserved it.
I'm supposed to be somewhere.
I'm leaving, too.
But there's another party.
Go without me.
Hey, Hachi.
What're you going to do?
You like Hachi, right?
What can I do? She likes him.
I'm guessing
it was a heat of the moment thing.
Hachi's not like that.
I'm sure Takumi told her
what she wanted to hear.
Oh, come on. She's not that dumb.
No, but she's innocent. And very trusting.
She's just been lonely...
ever since her breakup.
And you just sit there... doing nothing.
But why does it have to be him?
Any idea what time it is?
It's 4:00.
Fight with Nana?
Don't you have a boyfriend?
That's good.
You must be popular, though.
No, that's your department.
Not true.
I bet you've got girls everywhere.
Not at all.My life's pretty sad, actually.
I don't believe that for a second.
The thing is, my work comes first.
I tend to neglect the girls I'm with.
I break a few promises and it's over.
It never lasts.
Well, it's a busy profession. I understand.
You're the only person who's
ever said that.
Well, I'm loyal to Trapnest first,
you second.
Choose work over women, please.
You really are something.
Stay mine forever.
I'm on Hachi's side. I want to support her.
But why Takumi of all people?
Why do I lose everyone
important to me to Trapnest?
First Ren, now Hachi.
Go talk to Ren about it.
What're you doing?
Stop griping. And no more smoking.
I'm quitting, too.
Come sample these new
3-flavor dumplings!
In one package, you get shrimp,
leeks and pork!
Try them all!
Try one.
A scout?
A scout?
A scout?
Okay, wait. Stay calm.
Just stay calm, Nana.
I am. You're not.
We sent our demos and videos
to record companies.
Then, one of them called us.
Gaia Records, the industry's biggest.
What? No way!
Are they signing you?
First, they're sending someone
to see our next show.
If he likes us, we'll talk.
Then it's in the bag!
Your live shows rock!
I know. He's putty in our hands.
You know what, Nana?
After Trapnest's last show,
Takumi dropped by.
I know. I saw you two
getting all lovey-dovey.
You didn't hear me call you.
I'm sorry.
About what?
It must've surprised you.
I didn't tell you anything.
Yeah, I was.
But don't be sorry.
I realized later that
you left on account of us.
Don't sweat it.
Actually, I'm going to hang out
with Ren for a while.
You're going to Ren's?
Just for 2 weeks...
while the band's off.
We don't often get the chance
to spend time together.
The next morning when I awoke...
Nana was gone.
Like the view?
Wanna live here?
I'll think about it.
Let's take a trip, then.
We've got time.
You've got time. But I don't.
Take time off from work.
We're practicing for a big gig.
I'd totally forgotten...
that Tokyo faces the sea.
I didn't take a day off work
while Nana was gone.
I didn't miss a single rehearsal, either.
Takumi never called.
"Fireworks Display"
This is soon.
Nearby, too. Let's all go.
Thanks. I'll be fine from here.
Sorry to put you out.
What is it?
I can't.
Can't what?
I'll try again later.
Try what?
He's got me beat all around.
I can't win.
What's this about? I'm all ears.
But I'll beat him someday.
Good night.
Evening. We're The Black Stones.
I hear the fighting in my ears
Familiar rumblings of the night
Without a song to sing, I disappear
Beneath the timbre of a gentle voice
I sense an evil presence beckoning
I never intended to hurt you
On an unfamiliar street corner
Tears form a whirlpool and drain away
You were a mirage that I could hold
Back when I looked good in a smile
Back when I felt I could protect you
Eyes for the moon
That's what you have.
Plus musical chops.
I've been doing this for a long time.
But I've rarely felt this excited.
Hello, Nana here.
Nana, how'd it go?
I'm all set here.
When will you guys be here?
Sorry but we can't make it.
The scout's invited us for dinner.
Did you cook up a meal?
No, not yet. I just got home.
I'm really sorry.
That's okay.
Go have a good time.
It's only natural that Nana choose...
dinner with a record scout over me.
And that she start spending
more time with Ren.
Why shouldn't she?
But I can't help feeling... unnecessary.
Not a word from Takumi.
On occasion, I sent him short mail.
But he never replied.
Thank you for everything.
My pleasure.
Let's get another drink.
I think I'll go check it on Hachi.
Welcome home! Sorry about last night.
Nana called us over.
This is incredible!
So tell me. When's your big debut?
I'm afraid it's not that simple.
We just need to focus on our music,
You haven't exactly been
cranking out the hits.
Don't say that. Nobu can do it!
In fact, he already has.
Remember that song you wrote
when you first got to Tokyo?
It's my all-time favorite.
I'm not just saying that.
It really blew me away.
It gave me goose bumps.
Nobu's songs can't miss!
Thanks, Hachi. But it's okay.
We've nothing to drink here.
Someone should do a beer run.
Why not you?
I should've noticed. I'll go.
She shouldn't go out alone, Nobu.
I love you.
I realize it doesn't do me any good
to say that now.
I know about you and Takumi.
You've fallen for him, right?
Where's Hachi?
Out shopping.
I took off work early to get here.
She may be gone for a while.
We sent Nobu with her.
I get it.
Nice work, Shin!
Truth is...
I didn't want anyone to know
about me and Takumi.
That way, I could pretend that
nothing happened.
It's pretty lame, I know.
You can't think much of me.
I'm relieved.
I was killing myself trying to
figure out a way to give up on you.
I don't think it'd be right to try
and steal you away.
You'd torture yourself for
being caught in the middle.
You're considerate... sensitive.
And I...
stand no chance against Takumi.
That's not true.
If by some miracle you left him
to be with me...
I swear I'd make you happy.
If you and he don't work out...
come to me.
I'll be waiting.
Takumi, we need to talk.
Call me when you get the chance.
Sorry. I know you're busy. Nana.
Message Sent
What's up?
Something the matter?
Can we talk in person... now?
I can't. I'm in the mixing room.
Sorry to disturb you at work.
You can't talk over the phone?
My schedule's packed.
I don't know when I'll be free.
I see.
What do I do?
What, don't tell me you're pregnant.
Huh? Of course not.
'Course not.
Don't scare me like that.
I'm more fragile than you think.
Sorry. I gotta go.
I'll call you soon.
Don't bother.
Don't bother!
In fact, don't call me at all! Good-bye!
I did it! I can't believe it!
It's finally over. I've awakened!
I came.
Sorry to bother you at work.
I made Nana tell me your address.
What time do you get off?
At 9 but...
Then I'll wait at the cafe next door.
Wait, hold on a sec!
You can't.
Why not?
I said come only if it's over with him.
It is. So I did.
That quick?
Maybe so, but I just couldn't wait
any longer. Today felt like a year!
Okay, it felt like a year.
But it's still been just a day.
I'll wait one more day.
Never mind.
Can you make beef stew?
It's my specialty!
Nana, I didn't expect you back.
Where's Ren?
Working. He's hardly ever home.
Who were you with?
Um... well...
Did you find Nobu yesterday?
Yeah... thanks.
I had to talk to him.
You'd make a good fit... you two.
He's always been a straight up,
heart-on-his-sleeve guy.
You both think alike.
You know what I think?
I think I've fallen...
totally and madly in love with him.
Why not?
The number you are calling
cannot be connected.
And now a typhoon update.
Typhoon No. 11 is gaining strength
as it blows over the Kanto Plain.
Traveling northward at
55 kilometers per hour...
It's Hachi.
Uh, hi.
Nobu, get your ass over here!
You promised to pick Hachi up at 7!
Have you looked outside?
The fireworks have been canceled.
Don't you want to see Hachi
in her "yukata"?
She rocks!
I brought fireworks.
The moment the storm passes.
Who invited you?
You guys are soaked.
Well, it's pouring.
Hachi was our band's muse,
our patron saint.
Her smiling face electrified us,
in rehearsals or on stage.
I knew that no musician,
however talented, could bring us that.
What is that?
You had no idea, Hachi.
How your every move stirred
my emotions with typhoon force.
I felt like a young boy
in the throes of his first love.
I had been spending half of each week
at Ren's place.
And yet our time together was always
too short to really talk.
But that was okay by me.
It kept us from saying too much.
Open the package and
heat the contents in this pot.
When you get low, add another package.
You listening?
The rice is nicely cooked already.
Smell that. Isn't that nice?
Hey, what's wrong? Ms. Komatsu?
Yes, you're pregnant.
This tiny black circle is the womb.
And that tiny dot inside is your child.
If you wish to keep it,
you need to come back in two weeks.
If not, it's best that you act soon.
Want to take that with you?
From: Nobu
I heard you're not feeling too good.
Can I help? Call me.
It's me.
Nana, open up.
Someone's coming.
Why'd you come here?
Please leave.
You're not serious.
Morning sickness?
It's nothing you need to concern
yourself with. I'm an idiot.
It could be "his" child.
Leave me.
And don't come back.
You're seeing Nobu?
I see. All right.
What're you doing?
My phone?
Wait, no! Don't tell him!
From Hachi?
Nobu, it's Takumi.
You there?
Nana's pregnant.
I don't know whose it is but...
if she wants to have it,
I'm prepared to do my part.
What do you think?
Why the silence?
Say something!
What's going on?
Hello, Hachi?
Oh, Nana.
I'm glad you're there.
Bring Nobu here with you.
Can't do this on the phone.
Why're you calling from Hachi's phone?
Just borrowing it. I'm at your place.
Yeah, well why? Don't meddle with
another guy's woman!
Hachi's with Nobu now!
I know. But he's the one that meddled.
Where's Hachi?
Put her on! No use talking to you.
Nana's on the line.
She's in no condition to talk.
What did you do to her?
I'll be right there.
Good. Then could you pick up
a grapefruit and soda water?
It's for Nana.
Her morning sickness is pretty bad.
Morning sickness?
Don't be so hard on yourself.
You don't want to miscarry.
Can you stand?
You're so helpless, Nana.
For a grown woman.
You can't hold a job. You're easy prey
for men when you're lonely.
And now you're pregnant.
So hopeless.
Your parents would cry.
I'm one to talk, right?
Whoever the father is...
you're the mother.
Be strong. Okay?
You alone? Where's Nana?
Beats me.
I'll leave you then.
In this case, three's definitely a crowd.
It's Nana's decision.
One father is plenty.
Is it true?
I'd like to hear it from you.
I mean, it could be mine.
And I know you only just
broke up with Takumi.
I'm so sorry.
Why are you sorry?
You two weren't over?
Come on, look at me.
Can't you even look at me?
Tell me anything, please.
I'll believe even a lie.
Nobu says he used protection.
I don't know what to think.
You think I'm... screwing up?
In situations like these...
what do friends do?
I really wish I could be...
a normal friend to Hachi.
I thought you quit.
I'm not as innocent as Nana
and Nobu wanted me to be.
Only Takumi truly understood my
helplessness and my hollowness.
And accepted me for it.
I realized with a child growing
inside of me, I had to be stronger.
This time, I wasn't going to act
like nothing happened.
I'm going to be stuck in
the studio for the next week.
Could you tell me your decision
before I go?
I can't focus on my work otherwise.
I want to have the child.
I want to give birth and
raise the child as yours.
If that's okay.
Wanna get married?
We can't keep it a secret.
If we're married, then who cares?
The media won't fuss as much
over an average citizen.
Bad idea?
Welcome back.
We need to tell you something.
We've decided to get married.
I'll find a place for us
so she can move out.
Can you find a new roommate?
That's good timing. I was planning
to move in with Ren, anyway.
Wait a sec.
Think of Ren's position.
'Scuse me?
If your past and present relationship
with Ren gets out...
it'll make prime tabloid fodder.
Is that the kind of attention
you want before your debut?
Hell, no! What do you think?
Then be careful.
I'm not saying don't see him.
I'll be careful.
Well, that's it.
I'll go now.
I'll have my agency look around.
If you like what they find, take it.
The sooner the better, right?
It's obviously hard facing Nana.
Your color's back.
Is the nausea gone?
Thank you.
You have nothing to worry about.
How come you never use
your strawberry glass?
I don't want to break it.
They're a pair.
Good, still a perfect pair.
I'm no longer sad.
How's the new song coming, Nobu?
A rare slump?
Maybe Hachi can help.
Where'd you run off to?
Just when Hachi needed you...
you blew her off.
This morning when I got home,
she didn't say a word to me.
She let Takumi do all the talking.
What'd he say?
I can take it.
Nothing can surprise me now.
They're getting married.
I knew it. You are surprised!
You're so full of shit!
It's okay.
After yesterday, I figured it was over.
why did she shut me out?
Do you think she sees me as
too pathetic to rely on?
Go ahead and cry, Nobuo.
It's okay!
Cut it out.
Don't be shy. Aren't we old pals?
Sure but... people are looking.
So what?
Until I met you, I hated everybody.
It wasn't until I met you that
I regained my faith in people.
So don't call yourself pathetic, okay?
Don't hate yourself over
the loss of one girl.
All right.
Your bracelet studs...
are digging into my neck.
Hello, Ren?
Nana's at my place. She drank
a little too much after rehearsal.
She's passed out.
Can you come get her?
Sure. I'm on my way.
Thanks, man.
Wait, she's awake.
Hey, don't go anywhere.
Ren's coming for you.
The paparazzi's after us.
I can't see him for a while.
Nana, wait!
For Nana
You there?
I don't expect you to forgive me, Nana.
But the six months we spent
together were the best of my life
My biggest wish now is to see you...
make your big debut soon.
To see you singing on TV
and everywhere.
No matter who I'm with...
you are my only hero, Nana.
Now... and forever.
Love, Nana Komatsu
Nana, why are you so sad?
This isn't a goodbye note.
It's a love letter.
Go see her. She needs you to.
Give her a proper sendoff.
Why should I go to her?
She left me.
That's what heroes do.
Could you give this to a tenant here?
Certainly. Who is it for?
Nana Komatsu.
Care of Takumi Ichinose.
Turn away all visitors to Suite 302.
I'm very sorry, but there's
no tenant by that name.
She lives with Takumi of Trapnest!
I know. I'm a friend
I'm terribly sorry.
How are you doing?
Haven't seen you since the fireworks.
That was a fun night.
Come to think of it,
it was a great summer.
Yeah, it really was.
Let's do it again soon...
if they're still selling fireworks.
I'm sorry... Shin.
But I betrayed everybody.
I'd be too ashamed.
I'm on your side,
Hachi... no matter what.
Seen the hair dryer, Nana?
You using it?
Sorry, I've gotta go.
I can come back after work tomorrow.
It's not like I can't ever see her again.
Why am I waking up to our band videos?
It's not video. We're on TV.
Good morning. Welcome to "Morning 7".
Let's start with some
breaking entertainment news.
A hot romance for
popular Trapnest guitarist, Ren?
Apparently so.
She's Nana Osaki, lead vocalist for
an indies band, The Black Stones.
The two have been off and on
since Ren's pre-Trapnest days.
Come here quick!
What's all the fuss?
Say what?
That's Nana's roommate!
Well, if you consider that
Nana sings for a struggling band...
this could be her way of
getting publicity.
That's a lie!
I'm watching.
I told her to be careful. She screwed up.
She did not! How dare you?
Stay out of this.
Watch your step.
I'm right outside Nana's apartment.
I hear she's in but she hasn't
stepped outside yet.
Who is it?
Are you Nana Osaki?
I'd like to talk to you about Ren Honjo.
Nobu! Shin!
You here?
Mr. Kawano?
Seen the TV?
I don't know how this happened.
I'm moving you all to a hotel
until this thing blows over.
Ms. Osaki?
Talk to us and I'll write a good
follow-up piece on you.
You're trespassing.
Take off!
You're the drummer...
You'll be reading about that!
You okay?
What're you doing? You want a bad rep?
Don't worry.
Now we've nothing to lose.
Here she comes!
Ms Osaki, please say a few words!
Watch me, Hachi.
I'm going to bring you your wish.
What's your relationship to Nana?
Any comment?
Something for your fans?
I understand.
They wanna set a recording date.
They want us to leverage
the media exposure.
We don't have to.
We can refuse to sign if you want.
Don't be stupid.
We go ahead.
I'm done with silly pride.
If it's come to this,
why not use Ren to advantage?
Let's get to the top by whatever means...
so that we can start calling our own shots.
Not me.
If we do it their way,
then we're nothing but a sideshow.
I can't work for a company like that.
Maybe, but Gaia sets aside
an enormous budget for bands it likes.
If we want to be big, we need their
production and advertising.
It may be hard to swallow...
Everything's been hard to swallow
for me lately!
Well, then you know.
The real world doesn't always play fair.
If you can't handle that...
then run home... to your quiet family inn.
His local squeeze.
Why's that in Japanese?
Ren had no comment on the matter.
And now he's off to the UK.
That's it for now.
I'm heading to the UK tomorrow.
I'll mail you the hotel number.
For how long?
About two weeks.
That long?
Why don't you visit your folks?
It'll be easier, too, when the baby comes.
No. I want my own family.
I want to build a happy home for
the three of us, come what may.
Do you want me to bring
you back anything?
A diamond ring.
That's right. An engagement ring.
What size?
Size 7.
Did you cut this out?
Yeah, sorry.
Now you tell me.
Listen up!
Cancel rehearsal. We need to talk.
Next month, we'll be doing
5 guerilla concerts around the city.
Let me stay with you
Though we hurt each other
I don't know why I want you so
Don't you know my heart
I'm sorry if I wasn't straight with you
I just want to be loved for once
Fate's brought us together
Sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.
What brought this on?
You were living a carefree existence
before you met me.
That's okay.
I was fated to play a supporting role
in a story called "Nana."
But that's cool.
I think I could write one hell of
a good ballad right now.
That night under the full moon was
probably the happiest of my life.
But at least I'm finally
in control of my own life.
I'll take on all the sadness of the world
If it means that I can be with you
We had so many people
working on our debut,
it was mind-boggling.
But dealing with people no longer
seemed a chore.
I felt if I saw Hachi now,
we could talk and laugh.
She could tell me about Takumi
and her baby, and I'd listen.
But unfortunately... there wasn't any time.
From: Yasu Message from Nana
Alta Building, 7 pm. I'll be there. - Nana
Nothing's moving.
We're going to be here a while.
Let me out here, then.
Ready here, Mr. Kawano!
Good. We're coming.
Let's do it!
Let's go!
Go nuts out there.
Evening. We're the Black Stones.
Who can stop the wind from
forcing another petal to fall
A soft farewell as you fall to
your knees on an opposite shore
Won't forget the promises
we made that day
A similar pain brought us together
Yet we struggled to bridge our gaps
We shine our lights upon each other
But kept our differences in the dark
Flowers shed their petals
For you
Stars lost their sparkle
For you
Sleep well inside that dream
One more ounce of love may have kept
our scales in balance
Should storm clouds gather overhead
I cannot give you shelter
Go find an escape
Any one will do
Go find a share of happiness
That is right for you
We composed a common rhythm
yet kept our voices silent
We drew the same landscape
Yet painted different seasons
The night casts off its cloak
For you
The morning spills its light
For you
Sleep well inside that dream
Should we meet again in another time,
another place
Would we resume?
Could we start over?
Or have we sailed too far beyond
the horizon
Don't cry. Don't mistake
tenderness for weakness
A similar pain brought us together...
Hey, Hachi?
I see you've found the best spot.
It's a safe enough distance.
For you and your child.
I wonder if it hears my song.
I always thought life was about
going against the current.
But letting the current
take you is okay, too.
If it moves you downstream.
The sales records the two bands set
during this period...
have yet to be broken.
You're in your 14th week.
The baby's growing fine.
I'm on your side, Hachi... no matter what.
Message Sent
From Shin.
It's a forwarded message...
from Hachi.
Tonight is the fireworks show
that was canceled before.
I was thinking how nice it would be if
we could all relive that summer night.
But I'm dreaming, ain't I?
It's no dream, Hachi.
That's a huge rock.
Nobu withdrew so that
you could be happy.
He said he'd never forgive
himself otherwise.
It won't always be easy living
with Takumi but...
you love him so that'll do.
Don't go to pieces if
he occasionally cheats on you.
Just beat the crap out of him.
I'll do that.
Thanks, Nana.
I promise to be happy.
Hey, Nana?
Why should fulfilling a dream be
different from finding happiness?
I still don't understand.
But the promise I made to you
that night stays with me.
And the dream we shared
still lights my soul.
Original Comic by
Ai Yazawa
Screenplay and Directed by
Kentaro Otani