Nan er ben se (Invisible Target) (2007)

This ring is beautiful,
it suits you
It isn't too flashy
for everyday wear
It's our last pair
Chun, take a shot of this ring
Tell me,
which do you like best?
I like this best but
there's no discount for this
This one is nice too,
there's a 20% discount
The first one is better,
but it's too expensive
The second one is not bad,
its design is nice
It's hard to make a choice
Take that one,
just as you said
I want the most expensive pair
The ones without discount?
It doesn't matter.
It's once in a lifetime,
I promise you won't regret it
What was that?.
Bomb!. Bomb!. Run!
You have to go try on
the suits later, don't be late
Six months later
What's up?.
Chun, take a shot of this ring
Tell me, which do you like best?.
I want the most expensive pair
The ones without discount?.
It doesn't matter.
It's once in a lifetime,
I promise you won't regret it
You have to go and try on
the suits later, don't be late
I worked overnight
It's your turn now
How many today, sir?.
give me a kiss
you're bad
Leave him
What do you want now?.
I've said it many times before
I didn't kill my wife
Bugger off if you don't
have enough evidence
Pour a glass of wine
for the lnspector
You've probably never tasted
a $30,000 bottle of wine
Poor cops rarely taste
the fine things in life
The wine is no good,
it reeks of blood
If you have evidence, arrest me.
Otherwise, don't mess with me!
Yesterday we arrested the
murderer you hired in Macau
Next time,
don't hire gamblers
Look for yourself
The whole thing costs $300,000
Loanshark Cheng asked me
to kill his wife for him
I'm willing to testify against him
Let go!
Oh my finger
Let go!
Does it hurt?.
Assaulting a police officer?.
More years in the slammer for you
Put that steak
in a doggy bag for him
I was just in there for a
minute to get something
Come on.
Give me a little face here.
Mister, you're illegally parked
Do you know who I am?.
Your commander Wong plays
mahjong with me every night
He calls me Brother Blackie
You're still writing a ticket?.
Why don't you go catch a thief?.
$320 is nothing to me
I bet tens of thousands on one race
I can pelt you to death
just with my horse racing wins
My tire rims cost more than
your month's salary
You're destined to life
as a lowly patrolman...
Here's your ticket
for illegal parking
I can add on a charge
for littering
and abusing a police officer
Would you like that?.
Let's go, son
It's smelly
Let's go
So disgusting
PC 5299 calling Control, 5299 send
Request for ambulance,
unconscious man found.
No visible injuries
Location is Zetland Street
in Central
Did he die?. Such foul smells
Mister, are you okay?.
Don't be afraid. The ambulance
is on its way.
Six Right
Have you eaten?.
I kissed someone today
You're a big boy now.
These things happen
Ask her to come to dinner
It was a guy!
Guys have to eat too
It was a homeless man.
I saved him
by giving him CPR!
Don't even hope.
There's been no letter or call
Granny, have you ever considered
that Tat won't ever come back
It's all in Fate's hands
I never thought your parents
would be killed
in a car crash either
I know. You said I was three,
and Tat was six then...
Yes, I took both of you
to hospital
You had a fever then.
And now, 20 years have passed
not matter where your brother is
No matter what he is doing
As long as he believes in it
He has my support
I remember he told me
to be a good cop
That's right
Did you get any sleep last night?.
How are you going to work?.
I already asked my wife to get you
some sleeping pills
You'll be fine
after you pop a couple
Cousin, I already
took a whole bottle!
Don't call me cousin
when we're working.
I'm lnspector Wong
You're going to be in hot water
one of these days
I don't understand.
Ivy's been dead 6 months,
what is it with you?.
If you want to resurrect her,
then exhume her body
A few drops of blood
and a talisman,
and you'll have your own "Ghost"
Quit thinking about revenge
all the time
You're a cop!
Why don't we do this?.
Why don't I transfer you
to a desk job
from next month?.
You not feeling well?.
Your breath stinks.
Inspector Wong,
Tiger returning to his den
The target's name is Tiger
He is suspected of supplying arms
for a few recent robberies
The guns are from Thailand
He got the guns
at the terminal yesterday
Double 7! Pun!
Tiger is approaching you!
Wait for my orders.
Sister, how much
for an orange?.
Not for sale, go!
How does she do business?.
She's so surly
Watch out
get out
Open the door
Hurry up, start the car
Only a robbery
I'll give you my money
Drive faster!
Police! Stop! Stop!
Carry on, ignore him.
Be quick
Police, come here, stay here
What's wrong with you?.
I haven't given orders
At least give me a heads up when
you decide to get into action!
At least let me be prepared
Do you think you are the only cop
capable of catching a thief?.
Sir, I have heart problems.
I'm going to sue him
Let's talk about that later
Let me call
an ambulance for you now
Sir, congratulations!
You are going to have interview
for promotion again
My buddy Dickson wants to
make transfer to learn from you
They got into deep shit today
There's a guy called Chan Chun.
He's brave but he's crazy
He's always getting them
in trouble.
Chan Chun, I've heard
that name before
When you're a cop,
being brave is not enough,
you have to use your brains
Only one type of people
can survive in this world
And, it's those who are capable
Did you ever hear anyone
mention useless people?.
Yes, sir!
Police, please turn off the engine
and show me your license
Turn off the engine and get out
All of you get out now, quick
we were going too fast, I know
My wife is about to give birth,
I have to get her to hospital.
Honey, be patient,
it'll be quick
Sorry sir
Could you give me a chance?.
I will never do that
The driver went a wrong way before
Sir, his wife
is about to give birth
Even if she is about to give birth
You don't need to go that fast
I know
Thank you
go and check them out
Yes, sir
Your lD please...
Hands on your head,
out of the car now!
Do you hear me?.
Let him go
Get off now
Put the knife down
Let him go
Don't try anything funny...
You're really sly,
luckily I'm not dumb
There are hidden compartments
Of course I know that
hidden compartments...
You, bastard
Cops are at work here,
move along if
you have no business here
Put down the gun
Don't do anything foolish
Let me go
Let me go, now
Let me go
Let go,
don't you want to kill me
Put down your gun
Let me go
I had nothing to do with it
I'm not the one you want
Sorry, I didn't know
it would be such a big deal
I just took my share of the money.
If you want I can give it to you
The people you want...
Go and look for them
Get up
It's been 6 months.
Do you know
what we've gone through?.
where's the money?.
I don't know
I didn't betray you
I was only responsible
for the explosives
I didn't know you used it
to rob an armored truck
Listen to me,
we risked our lives
But we won't allow others
to risk it for us
Who's the buyer?.
Why doublecross us?.
Were you the guys who robbed
the armored truck 6 months ago
I asked you if you were
the ones that robbed the truck
Asshole, you don't have
the guts to admit it?.
Bend down
I really don't know,
I can't tell even you kill me
I really don't know
Go and look for Ho Wing Keung.
I really don't know anything
Ho Wing Keung!
Go down and
keep my brothers company.
Sir, please don't wash the bullets
We need to take it for tests
Sir, you swallowed three bullets
Are all three in there?.
Count them yourself
If there are any missing,
you can fish them out yourself
Sorry, sir
All right?.
What's so funny?.
What are you laughing at?.
Is there nothing to do
at the police station?.
Let's go.
We're leaving, sir
Get out
How are the others?.
Chun was stabbed three times.
He's still in critical condition
The other men should be discharged
in a couple of days
Don't get mad,
I made you some soup
Soup?. Who asked you to make soup?.
Have you checked out the robbers like I asked?.
We're looking into it but
i want to see how you are first
What's there to see?.
There's nothing to see
Can't even get some information,
and you say
you're from lntelligence
Why don't you go?.
Fellow officers,
the Chief is very concerned
about the two officers
The purpose of this meeting
is to see how
we can nab the culprits
You have the details
of Tien Yeng Seng
Tien Yeng Seng is the mastermind,
Tien Yeng Yee is next in line
They are suspects in
an armed bank robbery 6 months ago
They got away with US$100 million
According to intelligence
from lnterpol
Thai police, Vietnam and Cambodia
have all been after them
They surfaced again
in Hong Kong last night
They grew up together
in flames of war
After finishing
their military training
They formed a mercenary gang
and created havoc
Until the last time
when we took down three of them
OK, this operation
will be under SP Law and Wong
Cl Sam will be assisting
in the investigation
Yes, sir
Actually I have already
applied for early retirement
With vacation time,
it'll only be about a month
Sir, let me handle it
These men committed a crime
in my district
Good, that's settled then
You'll be working together,
we leave it in your hands
It's no problem, sir.
In fact, I'm honored
You're great,
holding on to 336
Of course,
I told you to follow suit
Living the good life
just beware of the
anti-corruption guys
Don't talk nonsense
Cheung, you're really loyal
Why don't you throw
this crappy car away?.
I haven't used it for a long time.
That's why it's just sitting here
It's an old car, but still works
SP Law is our commander
for this operation
Armored truck robbery
in Central,
The stolen amount
was US$1 00 million
Kowloon Bay, yesterday,
Two officers are still in intensive care
Today, Sham Shui Po,
an arms smuggler was killed
Officer Wai King Tat is a suspect
That's why we hope you can give us
some information on your brother
Or any other information
that can help us
My brother
wouldn't do such a thing
You're a police officer
You have a responsibility
to aid us in our investigation
During his disappearance
did Wai King Tat
try to contact you in any way?.
Did anything special happen?.
Do you have any information
you can give us
To find your brother?.
You're in an awkward situation.
Take time off.
If you have any news of Tat
Iet us know immediately
Don't forget you are a police officer
Can I ask you a question
in private, sir?.
Leave us
Yes, sir
What do you want to know?.
Before he left,
my brother said
he had an important mission
Did he go undercover?.
You should know
Tat is a suspect now
Until the case is solved,
everything is classified
Sorry, sir
But if that is true,
as his officer
you should protect him
A commanding officer
should protect his men
But he no longer works for us
Whatever road he chooses,
it's his problem
I know my brother too well
Sorry, sir
you know what he's like
No matter how white he was before
If he wanted to turn black,
it would be so easy
I've said all I want to say
Heroic inspector, Fong Yik Wei
excretes bullets to save a life
Don't think about it.
Serious Crimes will take over
They brought in a Wai King Ho
for questioning
Apparently his brother
is connected to the robbers
Wai King Ho
Wai King Ho?. Which precinct is he with?.
Shoot me any information
Hey, don't do anything impulsive
Your info isn't much use.
Just leave it to our other colleagues
Hey, cousin, do you get
what I'm saying?.
Don't be a hero.
What's up
I'm looking for your brother
Wai King Tat,
Where is he?.
Don't just keep quiet.
You're not going
till you say something
You're looking for
my brother too?.
Don't pretend
How many, sir?.
It's okay
Iced tea
Iced coffee
Iced lemon tea
I know
you're Carson Fong
from Eastern
And you're Chan Chun
who always gets into brawls
Sir, so what have you found
after following me all this time?.
Wai King Ho,
where is your brother?.
Your brother is involved in
several big jobs, hand him over
I've already told the
organized crime bureau everything
I'm a cop, not a criminal
Your brother is a criminal
You're not so innocent yourself
I'm warning you
If I find out you're
withholding information,
I'll cuff you myself
Your brother has turned
If people find out about him
you'd be disgraced
I'm telling you
Your brother is like
this glass of milk
It's already changed colours.
Kid, you get it?.
I believe my brother
is still a good cop
I know your girlfriend died
because of these guys
And you want revenge
And you want to
get your repute back
You're both not
fit to be good cops
My business is none of yours
Hey, kid?. Are you asking
the questions or am l?.
If your bullets are not clean,
the toilet is over there
Terry Dog is here
Hey OD...
Get out, I don't want to serve you
Get out
Come with me,
I'll pretend nothing has happened
Terry, you OK?.
How many times have I said no?.
Go home, I won't spend the rest
of my life with you
I'd choose someone better,
you loser
Your brother, Pau, is in hospital
because he took his goods
You're not really
that bad are you?.
I'm getting blamed
because Pao OD'ed?.
My astrology sign
matches him better than yours
I'm Gemini and you're Capricorn,
we're not compatible
Go home, you talk too much
OK, fine. Nothing more to say
at this point
We should stop it just because
it's unpleasant. Enough!
Speak with you?.
You haven't earned the honor
Quit pushing and shoving
OD please give us some face,
don't make trouble
Please talk outside
Help...stop it
You, let him go
Police, what's going on?.
Show me your lDs,
against the wall!
Your friend?.
Are you OK, officer?.
I thought you were from
the Junior Police Call
You're charged with
illegal assembly
and coercing the underaged
Against the wall,
and hand over your lDs
You're acting on pure arrogance
Come out and show us then
Don't fool around with the officer,
Iook, he's going to cry
So what if they're cops?.
Don't think I'm afraid
just because you're an officer
I'm saying you're rubbish
you're a useless cop, so?.
Go away, cop!
Yeah, scram, officer!
I'm adding a new charge
of mocking an officer
Watch your step
Throwing a fit
What's happening?.
How's it?.
Your lD is here,
come get it, pig cop!
Get him!!
I'm also a cop
What did you say
about cops just now?.
You said we were rubbish
Yes, I say that only because
the force rejected me
I'm just bearing a grudge
Are you crazy?. Stop it!
Thank you...
Thank you...
Are you stupid?.
Follow me
Hello report centre
There's a fight on Star Street,
no officers responding
Hey, this ointment is priceless.
Rub some on
Is this your brother's room?.
So painful
Wai King Ho
Don't be a hero
if you can't stand pain.
You're lucky to be alive
It is the duty of a policeman
to maintain order in the society
To preserve justice,
protect the lives
and properties of the citizens
Don't be pretensious
Why did the two of you
help me then?.
Had it not been for me
you'd have been stabbed
several times
We should just have let them
kick each other's asses first
Smarter to let our colleagues
come and take out the dead
So your brother
held the shooting record
Useless now,
I broke his record last year
And, runner-up trophies
are just embarrassing
That judo trophy
is my brother's favourite,
he enjoyed the contest
Even a third prize was
meaningful.What do you know?.
What do I know?.
Those are the words of a loser
Hey, where is your brother?.
I said I don't know.
Your wound is very deep
You're crazy
Not so hard
My back hurts a little,
are the wounds serious?.
You'll live
Help me
Be gentler...
Not so hard, it hurts
Granny, you're back
These are my colleagues
Chan Chun and Fong Yik Wei
Fell down
Cars crash
Chasing crooks
What?. Did anything come up?.
The suspects tried to flee to
Thailand after that job
But they were stopped by
SDU at Tai O Pier
Three died, another four escaped
They only reappeared last night
when they killed Tiger
And Tiger?.
What's his connection to them?.
Tiger was brought in for questioning
They suspected him of
selling arms to the gang
But they didn't have enough
evidence to charge him
All the guards
who were on the route died
Except for the supervisor,
Ho Wing Keung,
but he's now insane
Doctors said he suffered
a nervous breakdown
He's been admitted into an asylum
hasn't shown any improvement
Ho Wing Keung is your cousin?.
He's in special care unit,
upstairs to the left of the stairs
He can't recognize anyone
but you can always try
Brother, drinking water is good
From the looks of you,
your illness is pretty serious
But I think there's nothing
wrong with your memory
Who was the mastermind?.
Who betrayed us?.
Tell me
Are you afraid to speak because
you also played a part in it?.
I recently went to see your wife
The kids are growing up fast
Your son told me you were here
This place isn't bad,
pleasant surroundings.
Better than jail
Your poor family
split up like this
They're really suffering inhumanely
Hey, there's cop
You really should
appreciating your family
They've stuck by you
through your illness
We're different.
We have no family
Iet go
But we are seven brothers
My brother
Now there's only four of us left
The patient has suffered
post-traumatic stress
He's not only lost his memory
He doesn't react
to external factors
Who betrayed us?.
Kitty, is Ho Wing Keung
in his room?.
No, he's in the lounge,
he has a cousin visiting
What's up?. Mind your own business
Could it be someone
from OCTB?.
Would someone from OCTB
say he is a cousin?.
Ho Wing Keung
Ho Wing Keung
Don't scare him
Don't be afraid.
We're from the police
Do you remember
a robbery 6 months ago?.
The suspects have reappeared
Please let us know if
you have any information
on them
I don't care if you're faking it
or for real
You're in grave danger now
They already killed Tiger,
you're next
Think about it
If you're clean, they
wouldn't be looking for you
There's a bomb, there's a bomb,
there's a bomb...
My car, hey,
why are you in my car?.
Safety belt...
Watch out for the people.
That asshole was pretending
Mental patients are not lucid
Did you think I wouldn't
be able to find you?.
Where's my wife and kids
you'll see them in awhile
My money is in a safe place,
I'll give it to you.
Don't harm them
I don't want your money,
I just want ours.
Call him
I haven't seen him since that night.
I don't know where he is
Who is he?.
OK, I want to know my family
is safe before I tell you
In front
No worries,
ambulance is on its way
My leg... my leg...
Hang on
Hang on, sir...
Get out, get out of the car
Ho Wing Keung
Get out of the car
Do you know how many lives
you're responsible for?.
They have my wife and kids,
I have to save them
They're just kids, you madman!
Hey kid, don't look...
Step over here
I promise you
I will tell you everything
when I see my family
I promise you I will
He was really the one
who betrayed us
six months ago
But it's useless to hold him
You can see he hasn't
the guts to steal your money
So what if you kill him?.
Is that going to make you a hero?.
You speak sense, it's almost like
you've known us for a long time
That's right
I haven't really answered
your question
I was the one who committed
the robbery six months ago, so?.
Six months ago, a woman was
out shopping for some rings
Wedding rings
She's dead now
because of these robbers
You killed her,
you all killed her
She was my fiancee
So this is all to
avenge your girlfriend
We're quite similar in some ways
The seven of us grew up
in an orphanage together
But you cops
you killed three of us
You're killers and robbers,
you have no right to accuse us
If I let you go now,
wouldn't you kill me too?.
So it's OK for cops to kill?.
I vowed that
you will die a horrible death
You think you can kill me?.
I believe so, yes,
because this is a righteous world
If you don't live past
the next second
How would you know
the world is righteous?.
Where is justice?.
Where was justice
when I was starving?.
I get justice through my
own bare hands
you have to have the ability
You promised your woman
I made a vow to my brothers
If there was justice in this world
I hope we keep
both our promises
What's the point of
all this rambling?.
I dare you to let the kids go
Looks like
you want to eat me up,
I don't blame you
for being pissed off
It's personal, you're not
being professional
Professional, my foot!
You're inhuman
Being human is not important,
surviving is
Hold it
You look like my brother,
but not in temperament
My brother is much kinder
He's called Wai King Tat,
do you know him?.
He's a cop, undercover cop,
Where is he?.
I already said he was undercover
do you think he's alive?.
I killed him
Your brother didn't suffer
It just took one shot
Why did you have to kill him?.
Why did you have to kill him?.
I'll put you behind bars
If you want revenge,
you can come after me
I admired your brother,
Had he not been a cop
we could have been friends
Actually you're like your brother
You must be
some kind of model cop
But let me tell you
the person who betrayed
your brother is also a cop
Daddy Kit Keung
I missed you
You're a good boy
What's happened to you?.
It's nothing,
just a misunderstanding
You said everything
would be fine in 6 months
I'm fine now
Let me tie up loose ends,
I'll be back in a few days.
Don't worry
Keung, don't leave us
There's some money in the
safe deposit box, take it
You have to listen to your mum,
Be good, listen to mom
Come back soon
I'll be back
once I've settled things.
Look after him
Come back soon
Listen to your mum or I'll
spank you when I come back
Hurry back, Keung!
The phone number is 9238 0906
It's hard to get hold of you
You were so wrong not to
get rid of all of us at Tai O Pier
we want our money back
Take the money
to the Tamar Carnival
I cannot return empty-handed
this time
Take the money to the safety boxes
in Tamar in one hour
Don't try anything,
don't make me go get you
at the police station
Give me the phone
Damn it!
What are you doing?.
What are you doing?.
Are you inhuman?.
Look at your friend,
if you're not here
within an hour...
Kids, which of you
has a hair clip?.
Is the money ready?.
Good, wait at the ferris wheel
We'll come to the station
to get you
if there's even a penny missing
Someone will bring a bag of cash
to you at the ferris wheel
Get it for me, wait
at the north entrance
You have 1 5 minutes
If you're late, your friend
and the kids will die
Remember, take off
the handcuffs and people will die
Get off the car
Sam sir
Are you two mad?.
What are you doing?.
Do you even realize
you're in deep shit?.
Hand over the money
What money?.
We're here to catch crooks
They're holding
more than 1 0 kids
The bombs will go off any time,
we're out of time
Don't come closer,
I get a bomb
Ask them to get away
Calm down
You guys calm down,
there's so many people here
Get out
Ask them to get away
Chan Chun and Carson
are holding Sam
How did this happen?.
Sam got news the suspects
would turn up at the Tamar
He went down with a team
and next thing we knew,
this happened
They're both cops
There are bad cops too
I'm SP Cheung
how many hurt at the scene?.
What's that?. Is it a clock?.
I haven't seen that
Odd sounds
Don't touch that,
it's a bomb
What are you playing at?.
You're cops
If you carry on like this,
even the Chief won't be
able to save your ass
Wai King Ho and the kids
are in their hands
Our hand was forced, sir
Tien Yeng Seng is holding
the kids hostage
and asked you to bring the money
Then what are you
still investigating?.
After the robbery 6 months ago
The mastermind took the money,
now the gang wants the money
They killed Tiger first,
then went for the truck's
guard Ho Wing Keung
Who's the mastermind?.
Don't know yet but he's a cop
The gang has just gone after him
OK I trust you. Quick,
give me the gun
I'll get someone to save
Wai and the kids
Quickly, where is the location?.
The bastards didn't come,
only two cops
Carson Fong and Chan Chun
I said they didn't come
I told you not to mess with those bastards
They're going after you now
It's OK, I know what to do
No reason. One wrong step and
there's no turning back
OK I believe you.
Quick, give me the gun
I'll get someone
to save Wai and the kids
He didn't need a gun to help us
Sam sir...
Up there, after them!
What's written up there?.
Run faster...
Where's my sister?.
My little sister is missing
What can I do?.
You run over there, quickly.
Tell me who reaches first
What the hell, still sleeping?.
Get up...
Hey, I'm Wai King Ho
Any news on the two of them?.
They ran into trouble at the fair,
no news since then
Hey, Lam Lam
Where are you?.
How are you?.
Wait... How's Ho?.
Ho called. He's
coming back with the kids
Are they all right?.
Remember this number
Please check out the number for me
See who it belongs to, and where, OK?.
That's it
It's hard to guess what will happen
Hey, your phone
Sam's dead
I know who you are
Split your money
Don't try anything funny...
Talk later
What's the matter?.
Cheung sir, Law sir
we found Sam's body
at the fairground
Issue a warrant for their arrest,
we have to get them
no matter what
Yes, sir
Lam, have you
checked it out?.
Yes, it's done
Yes, it's here in the station,
it's SP Cheung
The call is from his office line.
That's it
It's Cheung Man Yiu
There are orders to arrest you
what's happening?.
Where is SP Cheung?.
He's still in his office
Find out what
other information there is.
Let us know
Sir, the Chief is here and
he's demanding to see you
Where is he?.
He only said he wants you
in the conference room
I'm on my way down
Why did this happen?.
Why was Sam killed?.
Did you take money?.
Did the gang pay you a lot?.
I'm really perplexed
Whether you believe it or not
Cheung sir and
Sam sir were the ones
involved in the robbery case
You two have killed
a Chief lnspector
Don't think you can make up
stories and get away with it
Permission to speak, sir
Say it
That day, only SP Cheung
knew the route of
the armored truck
No one else knew the gang would
try to flee at Tai O either
Or reappear at the fairground, sir
I don't have time to
explain to you, sir
SP Cheung took their money
and they're at the station
to find him
Where?. At the station?.
This is the station, as you know
You think this is a playground?.
I'm just saying their target
is Cheung Man Yiu
They will go wherever Cheung is
Enough, no more nonsense
You are under arrest
You have the right to a lawyer
If you have anything else to say
tell it to the judge
Law sir, someone to see you urgently
from the intelligence unit
What?. Why?.
Law sir, we've
discovered something
Cheung sir procured Wai King Tat's
file 6 months ago
After that Wai disappeared,
and then...
Are you telling me Cheung
is in it with the robbers?.
Yes, an hour ago Cheung already
transferred all his money
to a Canadian account
He's also booked on a flight
to Canada tonight
If you don't go after him now
will be too late
Hey, quiet, keep it down
Now, go home and listen to
your mum and dad
Uncle is going to
go after the crooks now
Be careful!
Michelle, please
send the children home
The kids are all here
You're getting big troubles
Don't ask, just go. Thanks
Right, wait for me out front.
Don't be late
Enough, stop!
I was wrong
But I didn't want to betray you
I wanted you to go and rob
but you killed many cops.
What could I do?.
You threatened to kill me,
I wasn't going to sit around
and wait
You forced my hand,
you would have done the same
if it had been you
We're all in this for the money.
Let's just split it
No use killing me.
You can take my share
and split it
The cash is in the parking lot,
I'll take you there
I located lnspector Cheung,
they're going to the parking lot
The money's here,
I didn't take any of it
Give you back the money
take it
Don't kill me
Take it, it's all there
The money's here,
Take it all and let me go
Why are you involved
with the robbers?.
Why did you?.
Do you know how many have died?.
How can you make it up
to your brothers?. To me?.
Were you so desperate for money?.
If so, you could have borrowed
from me. Say something
Bastard, I can't be bothered
Gasoline, run
Go, I'm fine...
Inform the others
the suspects are disguised
as cops, hurry!
Nobody move!
Queue up...
Sir, are you okay?.
Police! Freeze!
Stop running!
Cheung sir...
Area cordoned, sir
Too dangerous,
they have heavy artillery
and bombs
Tell them to back off
It's improper, sir
This is an order, retreat!
Don't move
Shoot then
Shoot and avenge your brother
What are you waiting for?.
Your brother had a chance
to kill me
But he was too soft,
and I killed him in the end
Shoot me here.
It's where he got shot
I'm a robber, no one will
blame you if you shoot me
Then you would have paid
tribute to your brother
Killing is such a thrill
Is it really?.
Is that the only way to survive?.
This world is not like that
I have no right to kill you,
I'm a cop.
You're under arrest
You're as stupid as your brother
My brother and I had a duty
to catch you, not kill you
Police, don't move
I am...
You shot the wrong guy
Idiot, why didn't you shoot?.
Put down all your weapons
Your brother told me
something once
But it's unfortunate
You and I are not alike
I exist in a
dog eat dog world
If you don't kill,
you will be killed
I'm a bad guy,
I can't change
You won't understand
But you have changed.
The bomb didn't go off
in the bus
It shows you have a conscience
Why are you brave enough
to kill but not to change?.
Give up, you can't escape
Put down your gun,
come out!
I promise you
I'll be a good guy
In my next life
Put down your gun
Do you want to die before
you'll give us the money?.
I want you to go down
and apologise to my girlfriend
You can't have revenge
You're in such pain,
I'd be doing you a favor
in killing you
The money is here
Wai King Ho
Arrest him,
arrest him, arrest him...
Let go, he'll kill you
Arrest him...
arrest him, arrest him...
Wai King Ho
Wai King Ho
I'm sorry, I tried my best
It's alright
you just lost some blood.
Don't be afraid. It's fine
I'm not afraid
my brother said I shouldn't
fear if I was doing right
We know, you and
your brother are good cops
Wai, you're great
But don't be so anal
Take things easy
my friend
Sorry, I haven't asked
to see your photos
Be worth her love for you
We are police officers
We've been friends for 20 years
I didn't want it like this
If you don't die, I can't
be get away with this
I wouldn't do this
if I had a choice
Put down your gun...
Sir, are you all right?.
Let them go
let them go
Shut up, shut up
and listen to me
Let the two of them go
Let the two of them go
they're also police officers
Don't you hear me?.
Call the Chief of Police
I thought you were dead
It's OK, don't cry
I'm sorry
What are you doing
Looking for work
Find some for me
See you
Are you not showing me respect?.
Do you know who I am?.
I play mahjong with your
CSP Wong every night
$320, that's nothing to me.
How about I give you $640?.
Bet you're not this efficient
catching crooks
Look at you,
you're a mess
Mister, if you
continue like this
I can take you back to the station
and charge you with abuse
Dad, no...
We're waiting for you
Yes, sir