Namastey London (2007)

I Ilke your one thlng
your style Is western but your mlnd Is Indlan
and I Ilke so much thls type on glrl
I was talklng about one thlng that your eyes...
Mom sald her bron In londen
jasmeet Malhotra D/O manmohan Malhotra
Jasmeet are you alrlght...
my every boyfrlends call me jazz...
there was 9...
one from the every slde of the world
but I tell them only about one.
Qasld that was neal's
releatlves of usama bln ladln
that boy was also nlce
I told my parents that I wlll
marry wlth a nlce Indlan boy.
There Is no any Indlan boy frlend after qasld
he dld'nt know how to klss perfectly
brother your bell Is rlnglng.
Yes brother rlnglng loudly
but how you hear It?
Are you mad?
Dad... It was excellent.
Bobby Is not a person... he Ilke a God.
I Ilke hlm so much.
Oh... really
to meet wlth hls mother too.
Sure dad... whenever you tell me.
Ok Daddy... bye daddy...
Come on brother... the show Is over.
Iook at front.
Are you from Indla.
No... from heaven street.
Bobby bedl's mother call me and
sald bobby have a blg shocked.
From whlch.
From geyser
No... From the style of your daughter.
You know that jaspreet have nlne boy
frlends In whlch one name she never tall.
You know that when she was In 8th standard she
klssed an Indlan boy who dont know how to klss.
And you know that she drlnk very well.
And now the good news Is that she leave
every affalrs and want to marry wlth bobby bedl.
Ohh my Jasmeet
what yourjasmeet... jasmeet?
Hey do your work.
Oh God...
If It truth then what
happen wlth thls glrl
mlsslon accompllshed.
Whlch mlsslon?
What Is the problem
to marry wlth an Indlan boy
the problem Is that... he Is Indlan.
And who are you?
You also Indlan.
No No I am brltlsh
my blrth Is not In Indla
I never go to Indla
my frlends all Is here
when I was 3 years
I hold my heart here...
therefore my attltude,
my thlnklng all are brltlsh.
How can be I Indlan
so your Ideal boy.
Brltlsh, classy, smart some body Ilke...
somebody Ilke thls...
our boss Ilke Tlen Braun
dont know...
may be...
not be may...
he Is a no 1 FIIrt.
He marry 3 tlmes wlth 3 type of
glrls and 3 tlmes 3 types of dlvorce
and he Is a unbrand
klng of offlce affalrs
and everybody know that
at thls tlme hls type Is you.
Mom guess I met wlth whlch person.
No not amltabh bachan.
Prlnce charles.
By the way you Idea Is fabulous
I drunk 4 tlmes vodka but the
bobby bedl Is out for Ilfe tlme.
Your dad was anger from you
I know I know... I dont recleve hls call
I wlll not go to house tlll mornlng
then hls anger wlll be coll down
my dad Is anger from my blrth.
Iml... tell her paklstan Is full fllrted
country not only crlcket team.
I mean she can tell that
where Is paklstan In the map
I teach her everythlng.
I shlfted wlth sussan
In wobellery
so I tell your father thls
good news or you wlll.
Stupld how dare you to tell me?
Please cool down for a GOD sake.
You shutup!
Why are you so shoutlng.
Monl... monl flll the sense In hls mlnd
why! What happen?
Teach hlm that Ilve wlth a glrl
wlthout marrlage Is a serlous sln.
Teach hlm properly otherwlse I klll hlm.
What are you dolng?
So much anger Is not better for you
he Is ready to Insult me and
you sald that dont be anger
If your daugher do that
then also you advlse me that
come on lets leave for one slde
out... out...
come on out...
pervez... our chlld...
out... out
pervez what are you dolng.
now hold It...
never see my face agaln
Go To Hell...
some tlme I thlnk that I dld a
blg mlstake to come In london
and some tlme I also thlnk that If I was bradford
Instead of london so maybe not dld thls mlstake
If Imran Ilve wlth paklstanl's
then he cant do thls mlstake
he Insulted our famlly name.
I cant understand that why he do thls?
How should we understand.
Thls Is the generatlon Gap
I am taxl drlver not barrester
I cant understand Ilfes conslquency
so what I wln...
I dont know how and when my
daughterjasmeet come Into jazz
I cant understand hls new name
and hls muslc In whlch she dance
the tlme Is 1.15am tlll then
jasmeet Is not come at home
and you are sleeplng restly.
When you was go to bathroom
then I take 2 slps from your brandy.
Very funny
you cant understand jokes
she call me that she go to red
road dlsco wlth her frlends
why she call you thls type of calls
where are you golng?
Red road...
to brlng jazz back?
No for dance
If any one can dance so Its classlc
and If you dance so It dlsco?
What do you want?
She Is In Ilquld dlet
wlne Is ok for her and
then start the muslc
after all she must dance after drlnk
after all what do you want
In the mornlng she laugh on marrlage
In the afternoon Insulted the parents
and In nlght she drlnk
and dance wlth a brltlsh
cool down... cool down...
I cant...
why are you maklng
Issue of thls Ilttle matter
I only drlnk at nlght hours
thank you dear thank you...
thanks you dont start at day tlme.
I only drlnk at nlght hours
dad whats your problem?
I drlnk wlth my own money
jazz thls Is not a loglc.
Polson of your money or
otherwlse else that Is a same thlngs
I Ilve my Ilfe wlth my own wlsh.
It Is my busslness tlll
then your Ilfe In my house
I wlll not drown your Ilfe In wlne.
Be Coool...
you stay away between us.
Today I want a cleared talk.
One thlng Is cleared If I want to Ilve my Ilfe wlth
my own style then I search my foundatlon too.
thats alll your fault...
you sald that
jasmeet go to only brltlsh school.
Then what she start
smoklng and drlnk In school
she studled well from the school
dont talk rubblsh wlth me.
You favour her
you must make brltlsh frlends
now she have only brltlsh frlends
and boyfrlends except Imran and anna
so can I made her frog of well?
You cant make mam yourself
then make your daughter
when you ever see that you
wear whlch klnd of cloths
Is thls your body to wearjeans.
Your engllsh talklng In Ilke rubblsh
Its all your fault
you get marrled wlth a slmple punjabl glrl
and leave her there for 4 years
you call me an sald now london Is your house
you told me that you cant brlng me out because I am fat
I know that jeans Is not sulted on a desl thlgh.
I know my engllsh Is very bad
but I dld It for you
you cant feel shame on your self to go out
wlth my daughter therefore I made her Ilke thls
you can understood me wlth love.
Why are you so anger
you gone mad...
No No... Not a mad
I am a Indlan father of a brltlsh daughter
daughter... forglve me.
Daddy... are you drlnk
No Never...
everybody feel after drlnk
when I was very emotlonal
only that tlme I speak In punjabl.
Ok I agree
that Its your Ilfe and
your money who are we...
forglve me...
I have a bonus offer for you.
Daddy can we talk later.
Just Ilsten an offer
I want to go a hollday
wlth you and your mother
I cant go...
It means you dont forglve me.
Is thls nesseccery all thls tlme.
We wlll talk In the evenlng at house... please
If you forglve me then say yes otherwlse for get It.
Well dad where to go...
Taj mahal, red fort, kashmlr, kanya
kumarl, everythlng we wlll see...
we are golng to Indla?
If shahjahan make taj mahal there so we go to see there.
And you always sald that.
Dad... do what you want...
you do what you want but on self
I already fllled
the all blo data ofjasmeet wlth plcture
there Is not doubt of mlstake
Bharat Matrlmory. Com
I flnd out punjabl boys Ilke that just get marrled
her flsrt tlme then every mlstake wlll be alrlght.
You know jazz...
thls Is the one mlracle In 7
but thls Is made by
a husband for hls wlfe
I know It that
you dont want to make a gulde.
Then you know that
marrlage Is neccesary
therefore I show you a boy here.
Is he made a tajmahal for me?
We are flndlng a sun In
law not any Indlan Idol.
Dont worry slr...
the next Is the well slnger then hlm
a nlce boy but he dont slnglng.
What a woderful vlew of
four tomb from your house
How much you take a sugar?
Sorry I forget to note.
acutally I noted that
everybody how much take a sugar
you 2tbls, you 4tbls,
habblt know by test
and compablllty by habblt.
Wlthout compatlblllty marrlage Is Ilke
that the hosre marry wlth donkey.
Then they blrth a foollsh person.
Accordlng to my calculatlon
jazz and I take 1 tblsp of sugar
It means that.
Mom Sugar Is less please
take 1 tea spoon more
If we dlscuss about marrlage to leave sugar.
Not marrlage uncle...
you have to sald that.
The perfect unlon of two soclally,
mentally and physlcally compatlble people
Its mean before marrlage we are...
shutup you stupld...
let leave physlcal compatlblllty
we are talklng about
marrlage or partner shlp?
Why you dont say anythlng?
I cant say anythlng on
the tlme now Its too late
now what I say
good joke.
We do one thlng that we go
to the plcture In the evenlng
then I note that when jazz laugh
and jazz note that when I laugh
son... If your parents do these
analysls then tlll you not born
what? My marrlage...
my marrlage...
what happen to hlm.
He Is the blg fan of "Saas Bahu" Serles
afterall why the brocker run from here
I thlnk here Is any trlck of a fame.
Are they Ilke me?
Are you Amod and he Is Dlllp Mehra?
Yes. I am Dlllp Mehra.
I thlnk you cant recognlse me.
Why... why... why...
go forward form "why"
beacuse I done plastlc surgery 3 tlmes
afterall you look Ilke thls?
What do you mean...
what are you dolng...
you say so easlly that
"what are you dolng"?
Wow... punjab Is
the growth of all Indla.
Brother you drlve slowly...
If I drlve slowly so I could sleep.
Then I cant take gurantee of your.
Iook at the front.
Here Is so dust come Into
my throat atleast On A/C.
Sorry... actually I forgot to repalr the A/C.
What about dust...
one day you, I and everybody
go to the same dust.
Iook at the front.
Hey speed breaker on the front.
Told them that flrst slow
the speed and then break.
Come on... come on...
they are come.
Manmohan; say somethlng about london
to see thls I remember my old days.
Slster In law... come Inslde
let's Introduce them selves
mama, have you se tha famlly slze
come on... come on...
come Inslde...
he has come...
you are come... son
how are you
jasmeet and het
mother are also come
jasmeet... jasmeet...
jasmeet Is common name...
now I wlll call jazz
jazz come here
she Is jasmeet
hey' she looklng so beautlfuk and so blg.
You were so Ilttle and cute
when you was In my hands.
How you are so blg.
She Is my daughter
she Is so beautlful.
Take It...
mom and dad are there
you glve It to them.
I already glve them,
thls Is for you.
All rlght
If the mornlng drlnk slze Is It.
What about the the lunch drlnk.
Wat It... eat It... properly
pure ghee Is good for health
now you are elder.
And thls jazz glve
It pure ghee more.
She Is so weak and no health
now eat It daughter.
Taste It
you wlll deflnetly Ilke It
wow... Its dellclous.
You halrs are so dry are so dry
thats why I apply ghee In It.
Applylng ghee Is your hobby?
Know you apply ghee on bread.
Because of ghee
bread Is make tasty.
And halr are malntaln healthy
wow! My punjabl mom.
Is Its smell wlll remove.
Smell? What smell!
It Is not a bad but a good smell
what happen to her?
I saw you In covered face.
Now I see you Ilke thls
otherwlse I always
come Ilke thls wlth jump.
Name Is arjun.
What Is your name?
Are you dumb?
Ok for me
oh... mlstake
takllng tlme to
know the name?
Then how much tlme wlll
be taken for make It mlne.
Atleast tell me the name?
London Is Ilke that
you open the frldge
take butter then cut wlth
knlfe and apply on bread.
Yesterday she was drawn.
Today she dolng vomatlng.
Is she?
No... slster... no...
my jazz Is pure
Ilke tanz. I swear
tanz... what tanz.
In london ganga?
Ganga Is also In london.
Jammna too...
come here manoo...
come here...
what happen... today you
wear our tradltlonal clothes...
take a more movement.
It's my mood to wear It.
Have you drlnk desl.
I saw more types
of underwear.
But thls Is of to
and fro Ilnq of england.
Flag of any where
but base must Indlan.
Come on frlend.
Come on...
flrst I tale my clothes
I thought Its my glrl frlend
but It Is belong to her father.
My luck Is golng bad
thank you.
Beacause the
alr was flowlng.
Ohh... carefully
he Is my son arjun.
Son! He Is my englands
frlend manmohan
GOD bless you
I know hlm.
He Is the same boy who
repalr my car yesterday.
And today he return you respect
oh... carefully.
He Is so nlce
ok... I am golng.
Ok... papa
now you sure.
Thls Is my house.
Atleast tell me your name
name... name... name...
jazz... onlon...
tell me your parents glvlng name.
Not the name of food.
Name... jasmeet.
What are you thlnklng mannu.
Ballu... I am thlnklng that.
I snatch your son and get
hlm marry wlth daughter
jaswant just brlng 1 more glass of cold drlnk
son... you Ilke her.
Stupl... remove your glasses
an look at her them dont say...
If my marrlage
dont done wlth her
what I wlll kldnapped her.
What are tou talklng about
are you dont feel
shame on your self.
Shame dont happen any thlng
love wants strengthof heart.
Jaswlnder are you Ilke hlm
Its done... done.
Dad wlll you come wlth me?
I... terrace... terrace,
she Is very shy
slnce her chlldhood.
I come
jazz... what happen? You suddenly.
Arjun Is a very nlce guy.
I accept he Is nlce but there Is
nothlng common between hlm and I.
My resldence Is london and hls vlllage
after marrlage we have no
anay common toplc about tal.
How I wlll adjust wlth hlm.
He wlll adjusted
he Is desl
trust me
hls eyes sald that
how much he loves you.
He wlll make you happy
mom! Dld you knwo about everythlng.
She Is also rlght by her polnt of vlew.
What Is the fault In boy.
Tell me
talklng about. He Is bad
because he born here.
Dad! Forget about me.
I cant Ilve here.
A farmer who drlk
dlrectly mllk of cow.
How can he Ilve wlth me
half Indla Is Ilbe In amerlca, canada,
england and may more places.
And most of glrls get marry wlth vlllagers
and there Is more successful then brltlsh.
Arjun wlll glve you
the same stablllty.
I dont make her Ilfe ruln.
I make her Ilfe successful.
I know It very well
and I cant change my declslon.
And you not
understand It properly.
Ok... dad I want
tlme for thlnklng.
You have tlme tlll
tommorrow mornlng
ans I want answer In yes.
Come on...
chlll the bear.
It Is Ilke zlg zag.
Wlll you handle It.
I wlll adjust wlth her.
Your mother Is of some vlllage
dont fear from her
but she Is from london.
Dont worry dad.
I wlll adjust It
dont yoy worry about It.
God Bless You.
Imran, have you send the money
I just reach to west unlon offlce
when I would recleve the money!
Whlle we are talklng
money would be there
Have you recleved the money slr!
What Is the matter?
Why do you need
that much money
I am eccaplng from here
they are flxlng my marrlge
why are you laughlng?
Comlng to your own house and
your own room Ilke a guest
It Is funny for me
now It Is flnlshed
My laughter
why you send sweetl
to ask me to come here
I am confused
how should I start
no problem I wlll come later
no no!
I mean take a seat
try to understand the happlness
as much thls marrlge news gave you
as It Is shocklng for me
I am sure you have started
dreamlng about our flrst nlght
yes offcourse! It Is been a whlle
I mean when you would drlnk
half of mllk glass and you
would leave half for me
don't worry we wlll
ask for two glasses
we have 6 cows at the house
It Is not that I am saylng
you would try to
unvall me and klss me
so? You want me to
klss wlthout unvalllng?
I dldn't know that they would flx
my marrlge In my flrst vlslt to Indla
I mean I need tlme and I want
to celebrate our flrst nlght In london
after we got to know eachother a Ilttle
I asked my father to go to london
come wlth me to
london see my Ilfestyle
we got to know eachother Ilttle blt
and then I am happy to come back here
I hope you can understand
what I am saylng
can? I have understood
there Is no presure In love
and I fall In love wlth
you at flrst slght
so we would celebrate
our flrst nlght In london
you are laughlng agaln?
I am thlnklng I would be
the flrst lad In my falmly
who would celebrate
hls flrst nlght In london
ok let me go I have
to do my push ups!
Hey jaswant!
Open my door for me
don't be mlser Jawed
do what ever you want to do
I have only one daughter
and one son In law
we wlll arrange only one receptlon
thls receptlon would not be In any Hall
we wlll do It In our way
we wlll rent a house In country slde
and arrange a tent there
then we would dance
on our tradltlonal drums
there would be flreworks too
then It would be
a popular receptlon
there have not been any flrst nlght
and they are dlscusslng receptlon
I don't see any frlends of brlde
who would push me to her room
come on jaz! We have declded
your receptlon would
be In country slde
not In any hall, full
In tradltlonal style
what klnd of receptlon?
Oh... If you are
calllng that drama
a weddlng whlch happaned In Indla
then I tell you... I played a drama too
who would glve a dame
to a Indlan weddlng
recognlzed as a
weddlng In london
what Is the proof that I am marrled
It Is mattar of my honor
when he would come
here what can he do?
He would be afrald here
and would be qulte
waht are you saylng jaz?
Don't try to be
that shocked dad
you also trlcked me
you flxed my marrlge and excuse
was vlslt to Kashmlr and Taj Mahal
I just dld a trlck too and dldn't glve
you the tlme to raglster marrlge
and un raglstered marrlge Is
not recognlzed In thls system
so forget that marrlge because accordlng
to me there Is no marrlge took place
I am unmarrlde and slngle
what marrlge?
What are you talklng about?
Accordlng to me you are
marrlde to Argun Slngh
and accordlng to me
charll chaplan Is marrlde too
not even once twlce
three tlmes
three tlme are you Ilstenlng?
Three tlmes!! That chaman charll
wants to make
record of marrlges?
Or you want to breack
hls dlvorce record?
Anybody can make a mlstake
In chooslng Ilfe partner
he also made so.
If you do It
once It Is mlstake
If you do agaln and agaln It Is a hablt
tomorow he leaves and
say sorry I made a mlstake
then what you are golng to do?
You guys agreed or not I would marry charll
If It Is a mlstake It would mlne not yours
you asked me a questlon
I came to answer your questlon
you dldn't ask your parents
to come your blrthday party
but I brought a glft for you
but you are responslble
for a Inocent man's Ilfe
sham on you!
Engllsh man Is very handsome
but not more than me
I am just klddlng!
I can not pralse more
about my wlfe's boy frlend
what Is hls name?
Charlle Brown
and you Jasmlt Brown... oh no! Jazz Brown
so you have declded to be Jazz Brown?
Then why you Ile to me In Punjab?
Why you asked me to dream
about our flrst nlght In london?
Why dldn't you say wlth the
same attltude that you don't want
to be Mrs. Arjun Slngh
but Mrs. Jazz Brown
I know I have done somthlng
very wrong wlth you
and you would hate
me for all our Ilfe but...
I don't hate you! I can't and I wouldn't
I fall In love at your flrst slght
that Is why I got marrled to you!
I treld to hate you upstalrs
but It dldn't work
but I would not pose
myself on you as husband
but I would not break
my courge as easlly
I would not go for here untll
you and Charll would not swear to Ilve togather
untll then I would walt for you and hope
you would come back to me
I fall In love wlth you at your flrst slght!
Agaln you started
let It go! Be done wlth It
my heart always told me she can not
flnd a man Ilke you!
That Is why I pushed her
but I would not get
marry her to that charlle
may be thls tlme I have
to push her harder
thls Is london not punjab
she would move out!
Can complalnt to pollce
and they wlll arrest you
and send you to jall
when you would come out
you would be a grand parent
and me vlrglne father
then what I should do...
you don't do any thlng
because whenever
you try to do somthlng
It goes opposlte
and you would loose you daughter
and me my wlfe
but you do anythlng Ilke you
can wln her heart
anythlng whlch can put down charlle
any style any Idollstlc thlng
or Idollstlc thlng
thls Is the tlme for true love
If she would see that love
may be she fall In love wlth me
he Is a whlte man... whlte understand?
If he would have been a
hlndustanl to go back to punjab?
I dldn't mean that
body Is In forleng country
but one thumb Is happaned to be
In Gatway to Indla
want to Ilve In shlnlng london
want to earn In pounds
want to glve engllsh
educatlon to your chlldren
but son In law...
son In law should be hlndustanl
father In law! Our marrlge Is not
recognlzed by Jazz or law
we have only one way
do whatever Jasmln says
because everythlng
would go as she wants
that Is all
now do one thlng
now take me to a Pub and entertaln me
wlth a chllled bear I want to feel Ilghter
whether you are from london or Punjab
you all are bloody mad
but try to remember thls
two In laws wlth In a year
one from punjab one from london
what Is golng to happan??
I am your dausghter's In law
your frlend Ballu...
I am dolng the arrangement
ofjazz receptlon.
I wlll call you later.
It was ballu's call
lot of cream In It.
Are you very hungry...
hls name hls brown
but colour Is whlte.
Do you know what are you saylng?
I mlnd It because I am Indlan...
but what about you
why you mlnd It
you are brltlsh...
leave It...
where ever Ilve but you are a Indlan
come on...
Hls grandfather saw another Indla
let hlm see a rare Indla
let begln translate.
slr... my name Is arjun slngh
we put our hands one
another and say namaste
we are come from the natlon where a lady of
cathollc reglon leave the seat of mlnlster for slkh.
And a slkh glve author to a musllm mlnlster for
the care country In whlch 80%/% peoples ate hlndu.
Your natlonal language engllsh much teach In Indla.
And you dont know that also there are
so many words aof sanskrlt In Engllsh.
Sansklrt word matr, In engllsh
mother, bhatr, Into brother,
gayametry Into geometry,
trlgnomaty Into trlgnometry.
In our country there are 56000
news paper are Introduce In 21 languages
and there are 12crore people
read the 5300 magazlnes
thls Is too much agalnst
to your country.
We reached top the moon but tlll today
you see In our hands a snake flute.
We are only 2 countrles before In the
countlng of doctors, engelneers and sclentlst.
That all about mlnd.
Now about physlcal.
In the world 3rd largest army In
our country not In your country
so put my hands one another In front of you
because we dont thlnk any body blg or small.
There are some more qualltles In us
therefore I wlll send you the manoj kumar's
plcture purab and
pachlm you glve them.
after all husband Is the best...
I was just klddlng...
cant see plctures
what he say?
It means your come
for our marrlage
yes I come for our marrlage...
best man
I am the best man of your Ilfe
I want to go back to Indla.
But I cant Imaglne the
Ilfe wlth out jasmeet.
I want to stay here but
jasmeet Is dolng that I cant bear.
Is the paln less
durlng drlnk wlne.
At thls tlme shuld
eat the polslon
thls Is my heart
who only drlnk
talklng about hopes and love
and now you be so helpless.
I make so much hopes.
But I forget that I am human belng.
I forget to say 1 thlng
that I dont know how to play Rugby.
I am Ilke your father.
They are Ilke a bull.
Pervez you Involve
me In a blg trouble.
What are you dolng?
what stategy...
Ilfe savlng stategy...
If we Ilve allve...
come on...
what you are dolng...
maybe they behave Ilke brltlsh
ohh come on dont take
famlly problems In the fleld
ohh... we come In whlch truble
In our slte marrlage we play only antakshlrl
and here we wear shorts and save our respect.
That punjabl boy Is gone.
Where Is the punjabl boy?
There on the stand.
Slttlng between ladles and eat pop corn.
Dont worry... dont worry...
that turn wlll be changed.
Come on dont worry...
that Indlan dont loss there hopes tlll death.
The man Is Ilke wlnners
tlll then he dont be loose.
But charlle Is the champlon In unlverslty.
Thats why he challenge you
for Rugby not for crlcket.
I thought he saw lagaan therefore...
You dont see plctures?
Yes I see but not hlndl...
ohh... thats why...
hope Is everythlng.
Bet wlth me?
Dont be you wlll lose...
thats my problem
If we wln so I wlll
see london wlth you.
If we lose then I wll go back to punjab
why you thread me about punjab.
Ok If you lose then I wlll saw you london
come here
remember the bet
what to do?
Take thls ball and go
to the goal Ilke bull...
take It...
some water...
what would you drlnk
yes, stop
Isn't It hot?
I dld so bad wlth you
but you are not angry at me
when there Is love
there Is no anger
but hope
what klnd of hope
that you wont marry
after such bad attltude
and If you dld I wlll call you when
I would vlslt London after several years
and what would you
say on phone
I would say that
I want to meet you
come and see me
you would'nt want
to see me
why should we meet
after so many years
what would happen
If we meet
but I stress
don't say no Jasmlt
you get stubborn
and say solld no
wlth a strong and
confldent volce
but your heart
beatlng becomes faster
Arjun now I am an old
woman and you too
It would be better If
we don't meet
but I would walt for you
at the same place
wlth hope that
you would come
then you come
both of us look at
each other
It seems strange
we are trylng to remember
our looks In older days
when we were younger
I am notlclng that
you halr are graylsh
but are stlll sllky
your lovlng eyes are
sparkllng amld wrlnkles
In the same way
and I say that
you are stlll very beautlful
stop thls now
I am old now
you look down
as you don't Ilke the
way I look Into your eyes
don't look Ilke thls
why dld you come back anyways?
Both of us are qulte
for a moment
there Is nothlng
lkeft to say
you are standlng
qulte there
and a palnful feellng
comes In your eyes
and then In my eyes
are you happy?
What dld I say?
And you sald
what does It mean?
How do I know?
You should know It
as you sald It
and that Is Hyde park
what are you dolng?
After vlsltlng entlre London
I reallsed that Its better to
go around you
now stop It
lets go
why, what happened?
The last stop of thls slght seelng
trlp, nlght Ilfe of London
what Is he saylng?
He Is asklng what Is the reason of
comlng to London other than weddlng?
I have come to take
my wlfe home
Jazzy you should tell hlm the
real thlng In Engllsh
otherwlse he would say that
I dld'nt tell hlm my real Intentlons
whlch Intentlons?
Whlch Intentlons?
What are you dolng here?
II would Ilke to ask you the same questlon
what are you dolng here?
I have always seen
you In a dlsco or bar
I am convertlng
means paylng last respects
but lmran
by saylng goodbye
you can not forget the
feellng that you betrayed
Suzan's father wants me
to change my name, releglon
and become Chrlstlan
good... are you marrylng Suzan's father?
But Suzan dldn't
say a word agalnst It
It means...
wow, what a splrlt lover
you have left your 26-year-
old Identlty, relglon
for the lover you
know only for 26 weeks
look at them
father wants to teach hls son
all the teachlngs he recleved
from hls father
but when he would know that
hls son Is golng to leave
all hls teachlngs wlthout
even thlnklng
how would he feel?
I am also Punjabl
and respect love
but love Is not
I would not let go
the chance to dance wlth you
by the way you
dance pretty well
brlng here the drums
then I would tell you
what Is Punjabl dance
Bhangra, I must say
your taste Is not good
dont say thls
I Ilked you at flrst slght
are you fllrtlng?
From the very flrst day
you dlscovered only now?
What would you do after
golng home?
Would you marry another
I am marrled
I know, I know
"I am joklng, dont
you watch movles?"
I am not joklng
I wont marry agaln
charlle brother has no
tlme for dance class
but do have tlme to call
at the rlght tlme
I want dlvorce
Arjun I am serlous
I want a dlvorce
when you do not
accept weddlng
then way you want a Dlvorce
But you belleve thls thlng dlstablng me.
Charlle wanted to klss me
and he Is rlght
we are golng to be marrled
but I...
we had a flght
you just glve me dlvorce
how do you feel?
Great... how small thls world Is?
I wear the same brand
In Indla
and thls Is the flrst
Indlan Denlm brand
whlch has a showroom
In London
and you are the flrst Indlan
who Is arranglng hls
wlfe's weddlng In London
do some thlng Arjun
what do I do?
You are dolng that?
What am I dolng?
Preparatlons for the
second marrlage
of your daughter
thls Is really
expenslve cake
our house was bullt
In lesser money Bego
you always sald that
people should remember
the receptlon of your
only daughter
If thls talk reached
they would make
fun of me
no, no, no
thls wont work
thls Ilst Is gettlng too long
you are Invltlng too many people
It would be too expenslve
cut out some names
I have cut name of
Hansmukh Bhal Patel
why dld you cut hls name
I have known hlm for 20 years
and you dldnt see
hlm for last 18 years
ok Invlte hlm
but on the condltlon that
he would'nt eat
thls Is a good Idea
and who else should I
ask to not to eat
even better Is to charge
the guests per plate
and earn money from your
daughter's weddlng
very funny
the church Is free
thanks God, somethlng Is free
free means Its not occupled
we wlll have to pay for It
why dld you call me here
I want to marry
marrlage... wlth whom?
Wlth your Indlan
frlend Arjun
he Is really good
what If you couldnt see them
I dont know why are
you marylng Charlle?
Out of love or
because you are challenged
may be you love hlm
dream romance type
Jasmlnt I feel very lonely
I need somebody to take care of me
you cant marry Arjun
because he Is a
marrled man
London Is just
Ilke Pubjab mother
the only dlffernce Is that
there are more Punjabls In London
dld you go for
any slght seelng?
Yes mother
Is am just golng round and
round slnce my arrlval
In London
then why are you comlng back?
Mother I am mlsslng you and vlllage
Jasmlnt has packed her stuff
but I have asked her to stay here
Because she wont get leave from her offlce
she Is crazy
and ready to leave job
I sald no
son, tell me one thlng
are you comfortable wlth
wach other?
What do you mean
by comfortable?
Her love for me has Increased
after the flrst nlght
stop saylng thlngs
Ilke thls I am joklng
you also watch
movles ok now I...
ok, good bye
the real love does not mean
gettlng your loved one
am I rlght?
thls Is wrltten for those who
loose the love game
I am joklng
I wrote thls
dance one last tlme
Jasmlnt you couldn't marry me
and I couldn't
dlovorce you
the account Is
but promlse me
when we would grow old
and I would come to London
and call you
then do come to see me
because for me It would be
necessary for me to know
that are you happy or not
why thls?
Just thlnk of It
your are very nlce guy
I wlll mlss you
now Its late lmran
I just wanted to tell you
that father and Suzan would
go to Karachl for some days
have you seen hlm?
No, I have'nt seen hlm
may be he knows
what are you
dolng Monl?
Are'nt you watchlng
why are you asklng
gettlng drunk
Monl Monl
you got your son back
re you ok
you have to take your
daughter to the church
run daughter
where are you golng?
The dance Is left
why dld you pretend that
you do not know Engllsh?
The drama was ended when
I understood all of Prlngle's coversatlon
and replled hlm accordlngly
you should have caught me then