Namaste England (2018)

Param, you are behaving as if
its Dussehra, on the day of Holi.
Are you doped?
The Hemp can slow done,
but I am permanently high now.
If you stare so much,
you will come down from the
category of a lover to a ruffian.
Hey, look.
Oh God I died.
Sister in law.
I have seen a horse raising
both his legs in the air.
First time I am seeing
a tractor flying in love.
Param, the next festival
after the rainy season,
is the festival of Raksha Bandhan.
Shut up.
- Think about it.
Be positive.
But buddy Gurpreet you are right.
Maybe I will keep staring
at the girls
during the festivals
and keep shying away.
And finally I will be ashamed
in my life.
Do one thing,
- What?
Get me married.
You cant even love
and you want to marry.
I am not talking of my wedding
but of someone elses.
You are aware in Punjab, love
happens during others weddings.
And in your own wedding,
others are scheming.
The girl is Jasmeets friend.
So the guy is ours.
So find out, who will sacrifice.
Find out.
No worries, I have a scheme.
Who will stop Gurpreet Singh
from sacrificing...
in this whole village? Tell me?
No aunty, dont,
I have already eaten 12 ice creams.
If I eat any more I will be frozen.
How is that son,
you are young and hot blooded,
if you eat even the ice will melt.
This is only ice cream. - No
I dont want, my stomach is full.
You have eaten 12 ice creams?
And I have not even had one.
We had called 15 people
from his house.
He has come alone.
He deserves to eat the ice creams.
Aunty, feed her.
Assume I have eaten it.
No son, thats not done.
She isnt your wife.
That if she eats
and it will enter your body.
Ok, then feed his wife.
I am not married.
- No I myself have stopped.
You must have had an affair.
- No.
But I had fallen in love.
Last Dussehra.
With the one,
whom you keep staring
at all the festivals?
The loafers stare,
the lovers, gaze.
It is not ringing in your dreams.
Its coming from there.
- Yes.
I am making an excuse
and going to bring ice creams.
Its an excuse of returning late.
So that you both can sit together
and converse.
No aunty, what are you saying?
Your heart must be happy.
If you are not interested,
go and eat ice cream
with your friends.
I am leaving my Stole here and going.
Hear it is.
Ice cream.
Thank you aunty.
But son,
Param is playing with fire.
Jasmeets grandfather
is a very orthodox man.
If he comes to know,
he will get
the girl married elsewhere.
Greeting, blessings.
- Bless you.
It was very nice meeting you.
Any progress?
Half. 50%
From my side.
It has to be 100%.
"Gala celebration have begun,
so have lost all senses."
"Crazy guy, tell her about
your hearts desires, today."
"Gala celebration have begun,
so have lost all senses."
"Crazy guy, tell her about
your hearts desires, today."
You are colorful today,
with your flirty and sassy self.
"With wedding musical instruments
echoing in my heart."
"If I cant see you all the time,
Then what is the use of the eyes."
"I am always thinking about you,
Whether its morning or night."
"You are Sohni, I am your Mahiwaal.
You are Heer, I am your Raanjha."
"We both are in our trance. Will
oppose the world in the evening."
"Let them grumble, if they want.
Now my days and my nights."
"Now my days and my nights.
Are singing new dreams."
"I am shocked and surprised."
"My words dont make
any sense anymore."
"Now my days and my nights.
Singing new dreams."
"I am shocked and surprised."
"My words dont make
any sense anymore."
Father is coming in 2 hours.
By then set it up.
Is this a movie?
Go down and guard the gate.
Should we inaugurate our love?
But I have a condition.
- Condition?
I want to work after the wedding.
I am a Jewelry designer,
and want to keep doing it.
But grandfather and brother
will never allow this.
There is only one reason
for me to live.
That my husband
will be understanding
and will let me do
what my heart wants.
I have no right to make a decision.
But if I have the right
then the decision,
will be in your favor.
The girl can predict,
whether the boy has
passed or failed,
by the way the boy holds her hand.
What is my result?
You have ranked. First class first.
"Since I have gazed at you,
since then you are my addiction."
"Of your love, of your desire."
"Since I have gazed at you,
since then you are my addiction."
"Of your love, of your desire."
"I was roaming
like strong and brawny."
"Memorizing your name."
"Wearing the band of love."
"If the world is restless,
let them be."
"Now My days and my nights.
Are Singing new dreams."
"I am shocked and surprised."
"My words dont make
any sense anymore."
"Now My days and my nights.
Are Singing new dreams."
"I am shocked and surprised."
"My words dont make
any sense anymore."
Param, the danger of you
both getting caught is increasing.
Is it?
- Yes.
Then start thinking of new excuses
from tomorrow.
Bless me grandfather,
I am Mitti speaking.
Bless you dear.
The boy is coming to meet me,
if you could send Jasmeet,
then my life would be easier.
Sure dear. Why not. Definitely.
Grandfather if Jasmeet
could help me in History...
Yes dear.
if Jasmeet could teach me...
how to cook desert.
- Sure dear.
the boy is coming to see me.
Sure dear.
Greetings, grandfather.
If Jasmeet could...
If Jasmeet could,
if she could teach me to stitch.
Yes, why not dear.
Grandfather, bless me,
send Jasmeet,
the boy is coming to meet me.
Why dont you try fasting dear?
Or else this is go on forever.
Yes I will try that too.
Dont you have any other excuse?
There are not so many boys
in Punjab,
the number of times
you have used this excuse.
Arent you ashamed?
Who will find
new excuses every day?
If it can be used, let it be.
Hurry, hurry up.
Sit down.
The gate is locked,
now nobody can come in.
Brother has to do for his brother.
Starters are not ready.
Get 2 cottage cheese pancakes.
Wow, my favorite.
Is it the sweet one?
Last time there was lot of salt.
You are sad.
What happened?
Oh so my lover
has reached that stage
where he can x ray me
with his eyes.
What kind of lover is he,
if he cant know her heart?
Come on, tell me.
After seeing my designs,
a jewelry designer from Amritsar
has called me.
For the job of a consultant.
Wow thats amazing.
They are paying me well too.
Then why are you sad?
You should be happy.
I cant understand girls.
You cant understand girls
because girls are not supposed
to be understood.
Its thrice in a week.
Grandfather and brother
have blankly refused.
Because I am a girl.
Thats why I am barred.
Sorry dear.
Grandfather and brother
are doing wrong by stopping me.
Then I too will cheat with them.
Will you drop me to Amritsar,
thrice a week?
Its a matter of 3 days,
so will have 3 excuses to drop
and pick you from Amritsar.
Dont hug me like this, girl.
You dont know,
what all thoughts, run in my heart.
"Dont stare at me that way,
I feel shy."
"Dont come so close to me
that I get scared."
"Even if I wish,
how do I tell you?"
"If you stare,
my heart starts beating rapidly."
"If you come closer,
my hearts get more entangled."
"When drum rolls of love
are beating."
"Then balloons are popping
in my heart."
"Body is dancing, head is swaying."
"When drum rolls of love
are beating."
"Then balloons are popping
in my heart."
"Body is dancing, head is swaying."
"You have dissolved
the spell of love,"
"I am with my arms open."
"My beating heart
is yearning for you to come."
"If your heart is hesitant,
then let it be."
"Now My days and my nights.
Are singing new songs."
"I am shocked and surprised."
"My words dont make
any sense anymore."
"Now My days and my nights.
Are singing new songs."
"I am shocked and surprised."
"My words dont make
any sense anymore."
"Gala celebration have begun,
so have lost all senses."
"Crazy guy, tell her about
your hearts desires, today."
"Gala celebration have begun,
so have lost all senses."
"Crazy guy, tell her about
your hearts desires, today."
Param Statue.
Such expensive, glares?
You spent your whole salary
on this or what?
Its my salary,
I can spend on whoever I want.
Now, what is this?
New clothes for you. Wear it.
Have you started taking loans?
No, this is from my bonus.
Hey sonny.
Yes, father.
- Hey son.
You have been wearing this
since a week.
Take it out.
Or the municipality guys
will throw you out.
Greetings grandfather.
Send Jasmeet,
the boy is coming for alliance.
Do boys come every day to meet you?
Not every day, thrice a week.
Has your father fixed this,
or is it written outside
your house,
meet the girl on this day only.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, is good.
Have I ever called you on Saturday
Sunday, or Tuesday Thursday?
That is true, okay, best of luck.
Keep the phone away sometimes dear,
everyone has equal share on it.
Greetings Grandfather,
its baby shower.
Congratulations dear.
Greetings grandfather.
The other girls are having
their baby showers.
You are still stuck
with the boys alliances.
Whats the matter?
- Yes.
What happened?
- What happened?
What about Mitti?
What happened to Mitti?
Did Mittis alliance work out?
What was supposed to happen
to Mitti?
Since 6 months, every week,
she is meeting boys thrice,
so at least 72 boys have seen her.
Then what happened?
- Listen,
you may be big built.
But I too have grown up
watching wrestlers.
Dont talk nonsense.
I was just enquiring,
you have seen so many boys,
and then do you like any of them?
What are you talking?
Mittis wedding
has been fixed a year ago.
With Amarnaths son, Kapil.
Who told you all this?
You are working behind our backs?
You are travelling
to Amritsar alone.
What is so wrong in working,
It is wrong to go against
our wishes.
Why is there so much disparity
between brother and me?
Its a mans duty to feed a woman.
And a womans duty is
to give birth to his children,
and take care of them.
That is the difference.
Find a groom for her.
Jasmeet, everything will be fine.
The iron is hot now, strike it.
Even if the house changes,
the fate of the girls
doesnt change.
Chill. Once you come to my house.
Then how does his rule
and regulations matter?
Please eat.
What was the need
of writing a letter?
You could have just told.
For the first time, I am talking
about the marriage proposal,
so was hesitant.
Wont do it next time.
What nonsense I am talking.
If I meet Jasmeets grandfather
for you marriage proposal then...
What will I get?
You will have to spend now,
after 5 years a granddaughter
or son.
I am not asking for any investment
scheme, but grandchildren.
Five years?
Gave 3.
- No 4.
Done deal at 3 and half.
- Done.
Daughter Jasmeet, Come dear.
Jasmeet is going to become
the daughter in law of your family.
But I have one condition.
Food, and clothes,
will be according to your wishes.
But you have to promise one thing.
But after the wedding,
Jasmeet will not go out to work.
The world is changing.
Then its Jasmeets wish.
There is no limit
for wishes and desires.
But its about our society.
The world is changing,
then why hasnt
the society changed.
I am elder than you.
Then too I am folding my hands
and requesting you.
No sir, you are elder,
dont do this.
Then promise.
Sorry, girl.
I know how much you wanted to work.
Its not about working,
or doing a job.
Its about having the independence
of making your own decision.
Which I never had, nor ever will.
Forget it Jasmeet,
everything will be fine.
Nothing will ever be fine.
You are a man,
you will not understand.
I dont understand your desire
to live independently?
Father respected your grandfather
and promised him.
If you want,
I can still break this relation.
I dream,
but I am not mad.
I had 2 dreams,
one to live my life
on my own terms.
And other to marry you.
The first one
will not be fulfilled. - Hey.
Let me complete the second wish.
Okay, so where will you take me
for our honey moon?
Honey moon will begin here.
Because you know,
when you hug me like this,
then what all kinds of thoughts run
in my heart. Girl.
- Jasmeet.
God bless, son.
Everything is alright.
Welcome dear.
You have become a stranger
after getting my sister in law.
We dont get to see you.
She wants to go to Switzerland
for honey moon.
Means setting is final.
Wow, congratulations.
Hey, get a beer.
No, beer.
- Why?
Its not finalized.
Where is the visa?
All the property, papers, income,
is in fathers name.
Then I cant get the visa.
How will I go?
Why are you tensed,
when Gurpreet is around?
Its a shame then.
Listen, you give all the documents.
I will gift you the honey moon visa
on your wedding.
When will father help?
You dont worry.
You have a beer. Bring the beer.
"Gala celebration have begun,
so have lost all senses."
"Crazy guy, tell her about
your hearts desires, today."
"Gala celebration have begun,
so have lost all senses."
"Crazy guy, tell her about
your hearts desires, today."
Make a large one for me.
Did you make a large peg?
It is so diluted.
Son, are you in your senses?
I have never touched it,
and you sprayed it on me.
The enlightened one,
impart your knowledge elsewhere.
It only fell on your clothes,
not down your throat.
Fell on my clothes. Rubbish.
It's okay, son. He has no manners.
He is your friend, he is our guest.
Let it be.
I will forgive the guest.
But how can I forgive my friend.
- Param.
He has to apologize. Shut up.
- Param.
He has to make it right.
- Param, leave me.
Say sorry.
Param, let me go.
Param let it be.
- Param, let me go.
Param, let me go.
Param, you have insulted me
in front of everyone.
Its okay.
You have exploited me a lot
in friendship.
Now you will come to know about
the losses due to enmity with me.
You are in a mood of going to
Switzerland for your honeymoon.
I will not allow your Visa
to be passed.
And if you get your Visa,
deal with me.
Get lost.
I will not get your visa done.
Watch now.
'Thank you.'
'Your lunch. My lunch, check.'
'Phone check.'
'Glares check.'
'Okay, I am leaving. Bye.'
'Keys check.'
'You can drive without the keys?'
'Why do I have the feeling that'
'I am not going to get
this key back for free?'
'Because the Jat,
has a bad character.'
'And he will not give anything
for free.'
'Now, I am getting very late.'
'Take it.'
'Leave me. Leave.'
'Leave me.'
Leave me.
- Yes.
Return back from abroad.
Gurpreet Singh has cancelled
so many times that,
I have no other option
to go abroad, except in my dreams.
But you have a good scheme
to go abroad.
Cheap, pretty and long lasting.
I get depressed every morning.
Today dont get depressed,
but impressed.
Have to meet grandfather today,
have to go to your house.
Yes that it is.
So we have another chance
to talk about the job.
Lovely, my life is made.
No, life is yet to be set.
You know, my character is bad.
Nothing is free.
Get started. Please start.
Dont be shy.
- Leave.
You havent even brushed.
After one year of the wedding
you are talking of brushing.
After 3 years
you will talk of bathing.
You talk a lot.
Then seal my lips.
Why do you make
your lover chase you?
If you dont make
your guy chase you,
then he will chase someone else.
You can make me run here
or there, this lover
will always be behind you.
convince grandfather for my job.
Such a petty request,
I can kill for this.
Son its been a year
since you are married.
I want my grandchildren voice
to echo in this house now.
Unlike the working women.
Who for years are
after their career?
Then keep visiting various doctors.
And ask for help.
Do you understand?
- Param.
Have to take Bhavri
for an injection.
Okay father.
Make her also sit behind.
Its good if she walks a bit,
she has put on a lot of weight.
Bull will divorce her.
Jasmeet. Jasmeet.
Who is she?
Harpreet, she was studying with me
in high school.
She failed in 8 th grade
so she never came back to school.
She had never travelled
outside Amritsar.
She is married in London.
Hi Jas.
We are very, very sweet yo.
You are so cute, totally.
How are you?
When did you come from London?
How is Sukhwinder?
Busy, busy, busy. You know.
He doesnt get a leave.
He is at a high post,
so has severe headaches too.
But I told him, hello, excuse me.
Its been 5 years. I am going
to India, at times I miss a lot.
I get so nostalgic sometimes Jas.
- I know.
Oh, so its only been 5 years,
since you have shifted to London?
- Yes.
After listening
to your fluent English
I thought you were born there.
This is my husband. Param.
- Hello.
He jokes a lot.
I am not a jockey, I am a farmer.
I have done M.Sc.,
in agriculture sciences.
I meant you are very humorous.
Thats why I cracked this joke.
So what does your husband do
at London?
At Londons Heathrow airport.
He has the responsibility
of keeping the airport,
on his strong shoulders.
Come home along with me,
we will catch up over a cold drink.
Okay, you go.
Catch up over a cold drink.
I will get her injected.
Injection? Is everything alright?
Yes, everything is good.
You, see this buffalo,
she is preggers,
so I am just going to take her
for a shot. Nothing else.
Wow, you speak English so well.
You should be in London.
You are wasting your talent
by giving shots to the buffaloes.
Frankly I am telling you.
Okay, lets go.
It was good meeting you.
- Same here.
I was sweating in this heat.
If you are healthier than me,
but to go out here,
have to wear 8 meter cloth.
You know what I mean. Really,
in London,
I can just go like this...
And whoever I meet, Indian
or others, hello, hi, greetings.
And will leave.
But here if I leave,
then there will be my MMS made
called, fun sister in law.
Do you remember Chutki?
How had a faint moustache?
Yes moustache suits her.
She is the hero of the house.
After having 2 kids,
she went to college.
And now she is a lawyer for women.
You too has reached heights,
Yes, look at me.
I am no longer a village belle,
I mean I have worked on myself.
I went to a night school,
did a course of a beautician.
Taught myself English.
Means bank account, kids,
I can manage all kinds of work.
Its great.
But you tell me,
first class first.
You had showed us the dream
to prove ourselves.
We are conquering forts.
And you have become a housewife and
giving injection to the buffaloes.
What do you think?
Did I not see the dream
of doing something?
But you are also aware,
there here girls dont have
any freedom to do anything.
Yes I know.
Thats why girls like me marry
and run away from here.
Dreams like ours can
only be fulfilled by going there.
My dream will never be fulfilled.
The reason is Gurpreet Singh Karon.
He was rude to my father
during the wedding.
Param raised his hands on him.
Param did the right thing,
but Gurpreet is very influential.
After a lot of effort also,
Param is unable to get the visa.
I have a solution to your problem.
Gurnaam Singh Visa.
But will your hero,
take the illegal path?
Where do I see?
Should I write the property
in your name on this paper?
Please see carefully. Get up.
I have seen you very carefully.
Look, for a minute.
Harpreet has given,
the number of Gurnaam Singh.
This can help us in settling
in England.
So todays idea of the
wedding night was of Harpreets.
You keeps doing this
to your innocent husband.
Idea was of Harpreet,
@but it was my wish.
You have looted me by emotions,
come my girl.
Please not now. Listen to me.
I am sure after seeing Harpreet.
After going to London
all out troubles will end.
But have to talk to father.
I will not go anywhere
without his permission.
I wanted to talk to you.
Speak son.
Father I...
Father I mean...
Param is unable to tell you that,
he wants to settle down in London.
Half of Punjab is settled there,
You also go there.
you are happy with my decision?
Look son,
when I had a heart attack.
Then you were into the fields
like the bulls.
After studying so much at Amritsar.
You never wished to stay
in the city.
You have given 5 years
to the family.
That is...
Now its the time for your family.
I will call you
as soon as I get settled.
You have to teach my children too.
I will come and teach that,
like my son is,
they too have to be like that.
Be like him.
Yes, father.
Take this.
Look after, I will be back.
- Over there.
Enough of it dear.
You are a big star.
When you will sing
and the world will hear.
Then they will forget
Wadali brothers.
Wadali brothers are 2, he is alone.
If he calls himself as both,
then he will be called a star.
Darling what are you seeing,
bring snacks and drinks,
for the star.
And listen.
Dont put ice in the butter milk.
Stars voice is a gold mine.
If he will ice there will a flood.
Okay darling go
to the next room, fill up the form.
Have you got money from father?
Deposit it.
Dont go without
drinking the butter milk.
Good morning.
Dont worry darling,
not only visa, I will send you
to America without passport too.
dont want to say, then 4 months
Look darling,
he is being tensed, even after
being a client of Gurnaam Singh.
Is it the first time that
I am sending anyone overseas,
without the passport.
Bro, he isnt tensed about going,
but returning back
after being caught.
Darling, some people do get caught.
But so does an aircraft crashes
ever year.
Does that mean that
people get scared and stop sitting
in the plane.
Sir, you give very good examples.
You give good examples,
or give Visa too.
Who are you?
Who is he?
Do you have an appointment
or disappointment?
I will be disappointed if you
dont get the England done for me.
Harpreet said, you will surely
make me reach England.
Param Singh,
who never gets his visa?
for young Punjabis to get visa
is as difficult as terrorist
getting heaven.
But darling, you dont worry.
I will make you reach your heaven.
Cant I go alive, with a visa.
Darling Gurpreet Singh Karon,
is not giving you the visa.
And I will not let you stay
in India.
Father will not let me go by,
Darling you are grown up,
and still you are still scared
of your father.
I was never scared of him,
even in my childhood.
But I respect him from childhood.
You have won my heart.
And along with it visa too.
So much respect for parents.
Oh your parents.
No, darling.
This is Yashpal Singh
in front of the rickshaw.
Same to same Yashpal
is standing next to BMW.
And to make him stand next to a BMW
is Londons lady Maya.
She had mercy on him,
got married to him.
And took him to London
and went away.
Darling this is the only way.
Darling go to London and laugh.
You have started laughing here,
Gurnaam bro,
you have done it without the visa.
I just cant stop laughing.
I was going to bash him.
Then I remembered,
already Gurpreet has taken away
all our visas.
If I hit him,
I will not even be able to go
to Bangladesh in my life.
But what did he say?
I cant even repeat it. Let it be.
If you were there and heard it,
you would have murdered him,
But what did he say?
He said darling.
No need to be romantic.
He said darling.
- Oh.
He calls everyone darling.
He said you marry a girl
from London.
She will get you a visa. Take you
along with her for some time.
You will get residency
after a few days. Then divorce her.
Then come back here and
get married to Jasmeet again
and then go back to London.
He said this.
Jasmeet there is
no use of getting angry.
Listen to me, leave it.
Leave it. Please.
Brother, Gurnaam.
Param Singh has come with his wife.
Should I increase your security?
My security is in my head.
Let them come.
Sister in law. Greetings.
I know you are very upset with me.
Anyone will flare up,
since when I have constrained her.
Sister in law,
your husband is very handsome.
And handsome men are very foolish.
I want to explain to you.
This is only... - That this will
only be acting. I understand.
You are not at all handsome.
So I thought
you will be intelligent.
And if you are smart,
then I could not understand
why you were unable
to make him understand.
I was so stupid, I was not
able to understand your reaction.
Sister in law, I did not know,
that before explaining to you,
I have to explain him.
Or else I would have
explained earlier.
Happy, sister in law is looking.
Bring sweet
on this joyous occasion.
Sweets for what?
No need of any sweet.
Sit. Sit down.
Why are you sitting?
- Please be seated.
Hey, Jasmeet.
Darling, you must be
watching movies. - I do, so.
So when Shahrukh acts like
the husband of Deepika.
Then he doesnt cry or blabber
in front of the director.
Director sir,
I am married to Gauri.
How can I marry someone else?
I cannot do acting of love
and marriage. I cant do.
But who will be the director there?
There will only be the lady and me.
And Gauri too never
gets suspicious of Shahrukh.
Because she knows, that Shahrukh
is just acting for her and kids.
Sister in law,
you explain much better than me.
You get it,
you have to become Shahrukh.
But Shahrukh is acting,
not going to a government office
and marrying
in the morning with Deepika,
then divorcing her and night
and marrying Gauri again.
What are you saying?
Your role is lengthier and
better than Shahrukh, darling.
This is a moment of happiness.
Darling get inspired by Shahrukh.
Dont focus on the time
but on acting.
What if I get more inspired.
What if the naughty man inside me
gets instigated?
What if the lady
starts over acting?
Darling I will manage the lady.
But sister in law, if the actor
doesnt have faith on his acting.
Then what can I do?
What rubbish.
I am saying with right means,
neither can you go to London
nor to Tata.
Dont scare me.
If you want to get angry on me,
then do it.
I will slap you.
Have you gone mad?
Have you lost it?
What nonsense
were you saying there?
I will get married to another woman
and go away
and it wont affect you?
It is not a real wedding.
Its just a compromise.
After compromising so much in life,
it has stopped effecting me.
After all this, once we go there,
all compromises
will come to an end.
Please understand.
You want to play such a gamble
for your independence in life.
Not only me, but any girl
who is living my life will agree.
They dont even have a chance
to live their life.
I have, and the reason is you.
I trust you more than my own self.
I can make a mistake,
but you will not.
Jasmeet it does not matter
where we stay.
With whom we stay
and how much they love me.
That makes the difference.
Give me my independence here,
I will not go.
Is it so wrong to dream?
There is no harm in dreaming.
To fulfill it in the wrong way is.
By doing this,
you are gambling your marriage.
But I cannot do this.
Param, come.
Today you thought of me
after your wedding?
Come dear.
- Gurpreet,
I have come to apologize.
If you want I will apologize
in front of the whole village.
No need to say sorry bro.
You are my friend. I forgive you.
Thank you.
on whose legs you had made me fall,
Let him bow down to my legs.
Then it is equal.
Sister in law.
I was tensed searching for you.
What are you thinking, come sit?
I will drop you till London.
Sister in law, I will send you
to London on a work visa.
The trouble has come.
- Param.
What happened?
You will not believe what happened.
I will, tell me.
I got a job in London.
And you will go?
Leaving me.
But we had spoken about this.
We had decided.
But you had promised,
that she will not do a job.
she is just going on a work visa.
She will stay at my friends place
and enjoy her holiday.
Gurpreet should hear this.
Then he will say that,
he is making his wife overseas.
He will spoil
my reputation much more.
He will forget.
But what will happen by then.
My friend will somehow
get a residency for Jasmeet.
Once I get the visa for residency.
No law can separate a couple.
Jaspreet will call me there.
And Gurpreet cannot do anything.
Its a plan.
Can anyone stop me now?
Mad girl, stop. Listen.
"You tell me, who are you of mine?"
"Since when you are staying
in my heart. Who knows?"
"Why do I feel? That without you."
"My life will not get happiness
even for a moment."
"I got to know you,
then I came to know."
"That I am truly alive."
"Only for you."
"Every moment I live,
only for you."
"For you, only for you."
"Every moment I live,
only for you."
What are you watching?
West minister abbey?
Can I tell you something?
When I see this place,
I feel like going to London
and watching this place.
By God.
Seeing the place or watching Kate?
She is nothing compared to you.
I want to go
as its a must for two lovers
to hold hands and walk like this,
at such a place.
"The desire has spread
over my heart."
"Has the same desire
surrounded you too?"
"The pictures of the moments
that we spent together."
"We capture the moments
and save them in our eyes."
"Then wherever you are,
I feel you are close to me."
"I am truly alive."
"For you, only for you."
"Every moment I live,
only for you."
"For you, only for you."
"Every moment I live,
only for you."
"What you have said is
the feelings of your heart."
"You are crazy,"
"my words have remained
unspoken and unheard."
"You understand my beloved."
"Whether I say it or not."
"My love,
I am yours with all my heart."
"Till yesterday we were strangers,
on the path."
"Now you are present
in my breath and my sighs."
"Someone tell me,
when the dream spread all over."
"When did we both come closer?"
"What kind of magic is awakened?
Its only me and you."
"That I am truly alive."
"For you, only for you."
"Every moment I live,
only for you."
"For you, only for you."
"Every moment I live,
only for you."
"For you, only for you."
"Every moment I live,
only for you."
This is not the place, girl.
You know,
when you hug me like this,
then so many naughty thoughts
run in my heart.
This is the departure lounge.
We may be separated, but
we should get a room at least.
Dont try to make me laugh,
I will cry.
Dont stop me
from talking nonsense.
Or else I will cry.
I have...
I have hidden something from you.
Jasmeet, lets go.
I am marrying Samar
and going on a marriage visa.
I am sorry.
I have done all this for us.
Trust me. Forgive me.
Take care of yourself.
I have to go.
Oh Jasmeet.
Bless me grandfather.
- Live long dear.
Samar would have sweet talked
a lot to you.
But he is a number one rogue,
government official.
Whether anyone understand or not,
you surely will,
thats why I dared to do this.
Hey guys.
Alright, thank you so much.
The literacy levels of UK
are going to fall.
Sam has imported such a villager.
Hey Sam.
- Hello darling, how have you been?
Happily and married.
How did all this happen?
Wait, let me guess?
Lust at first sight.
But without a wedding,
a Punjabi girl would
not have agreed.
No, it will be in your case.
Lust at first sight but,
the rest you had agreed
without the wedding.
So I was right,
she dint agree so you married her
and got her.
Excuse me.
And by the way, like this...
Jasmeet this is Alisha.
Alisha this is Jasmeet.
- Hello.
You know what,
he is my childhood friend.
And a very big idiot.
If he troubles you,
just let me know.
I want to set him right.
Isnt it Sam?
Excuse me.
Its me Jasmeet.
Not so many days have passed
that you have to tell your name.
You are upset with me?
You hate me?
I am trying my best.
Even after 8 beers,
I still miss you
and not feel anger.
Why are you so nice?
Scold me.
Abuse me.
Why did I do? How did I do?
At least ask me that much.
You had written,
whether anybody else understands
or not, I will understand.
So then I have understood,
what is there to ask.
'Sister in law,
you watch pictures.'
'I will tell you story.'
'The pictures are of the heroes.'
'Samar Singh Sandu, alias, sam.'
'He has lot of wealth.'
'But he just has a relative
a grandfather.'
'Who is unwell
and is 90 years old.'
'And on top of that he has cancer.'
'I have many girlfriends
in London.'
'I have a rocking social life.'
'But my grandfather feels that
if I dont marry an Indian girl.'
'Then my life style
will destroy my life.'
'So for his happiness,'
'Sam is marrying a beautiful,
Punjabi girl.'
'But fake.'
'There will be no relation
between us.'
'You will not even touch me.'
'You are doing it
for your grandfather,'
'and I am doing
for citizenship of UK.'
'For both these things,
till we require to remain married,'
'we will.'
'Sister in law, dont let Sam know
that you are already married.'
'Or else the deal will break.'
Its okay
if the world says I am wrong.
Will you forgive me?
Then I dont care about the world.
I had forgiven you at the airport.
Or else you would
not have boarded the flight.
And I would not be at home,
but at the jail.
Because you are so good,
I take advantage of you.
Getting married again
despite of being married,
and you call it taking advantage?
Param, this is not a marriage.
And our wedding?
Does that remain a marriage?
Remains absolutely.
Even if you would have to London
then also it would have remained.
I have come here,
then also it will remain.
And will remain forever.
You just wait for me to come
and fetch you here.
Whether you are here or there,
you are good at waiting.
Not I.
I want to go to London.
Legal, illegal. Everything is fine.
Darling before Gurpreet
comes to know,
you go along with my men.
You cross Bengal
and enter Bangladesh.
"I am here,
I am there, where I go."
"The heart ask me where you are.
Where you are?"
"I have left the whole world
behind. Just for you."
"Separation is on our paths."
"Even if there is a distance.
Even if we are helpless."
"I have decided,
I will attain you."
"I am coming to find you
like a crazy lover."
"One day the world will accept."
From Dhaka, you take a small boat,
and in the middle of the ocean,
you will be transferred
to a bigger boat.
From where you will reach Brussels.
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
What happened? Are you mad?
There are more than 50 people here,
and I thought that only my girl
is crazy after England.
We need to take some
new clothes for you. Lets go.
New clothes? I have clothes.
You cant wear
these kind of clothes in my circle,
to look like my wife.
You need a makeover.
Jasmeet, hold on.
I am going to pay for it.
No, I have money.
We will only do that much
for each other,
what we had promised.
Thank you.
Girl, bless you dear.
You have brought me back
to my roots.
Without the tickets.
Even my accent has changed.
I am saying,
tic kas instead of tickets.
My dear, now
I can attain salvation definitely.
That too without tic kas.
Move aside.
Give me some more.
Its less for me.
Here you will only get this much.
Old man. Move.
What to do son,
have to bear this much.
Have left Punjab in search
of a job to get food.
Grandfather, you can get food
at a Gurudwara too.
You can get however much you want,
that too free.
We go overseas for luxuries,
like bungalows and cars.
Not because of food.
"My loneliness
is telling the story,"
"of the beautiful days spent."
"When we were together,
hand in hand together."
"Every moment was
beautiful around us."
"Why shouldnt there be showers
of memories,"
"why shouldnt my eyes yearn."
"Its searching for you."
"If I meet you,
I just want to tell you."
From Brussels you will go
to Paris via train.
Because when once you enter Europe,
then they dont check
your passport.
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours."
The biggest danger
of the whole journey is
at Clive check post.
The check using carbon dioxide,
if anyone is hidden
inside the truck.
You have to cover your head
with a plastic bag.
And whatever happens,
even if you lose your life,
the bag should not be taken out.
Remember it.
"The journey is difficult,
day and nights are tough."
"It follows me like a shadow."
"The feet are wounded,
but my heart is still adamant."
"It still wants
to be close to you."
"The loneliness of the paths,
and the fatigue of the body."
"I am a target so many arrows."
"After this I have realized."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
"You are mine, I am yours.
You are mine, I am yours."
London girl.
If I wasnt married,
I would have surely married you.
What have you become?
Where are you staying?
Dont worry about me,
I have planned everything.
I had told you in Punjab,
I had no problem, of you having
a fake wedding and coming here.
Then why do you have a problem?
I had also said there,
that I dont have a problem,
in you coming here.
Problem is of lies,
with this drama.
I am doing this drama
for both of us.
For us to settle down here.
Till we get a visa to stay.
I will do whatever possible.
I will have to lie to Samar.
I will lie.
I have taken such a big risk,
lowered myself in everyones eyes.
And I have come here.
Param, now I will not go back.
Whatever happens?
Your grandfather, your whole family
did wrong with you.
For that you cant take revenge
from the whole world.
The war is only fought,
where it belongs to.
- Hey its me.
Listen we have to go
for the inauguration of Zaika.
Its an Indian restaurant.
You reach home,
we should be leaving soon.
Okay, I coming.
I have to go for the inauguration
of an Indian restaurant.
I have to go.
You are just tasting this place
or have started working too?
For which, you had come here.
The job that I want to do,
I cannot do,
till I get my residency.
Its not possible legally.
But I have prepared everything.
Spoken to the Jewelers,
my designs are ready too.
Everything is ready.
Once I get my residency.
Nobody can stop me.
Jasmeet I thought it was
your childishness.
But this city has become
your obsession.
First time...
I am witnessing a womans affair
not with a man, but with a city.
Since I have come already,
let me see after all
what this city is about.
But Girl, remember.
I am a true lover.
I will only be in peace
after removing
this obsession from you.
Finally after reaching London,
you will meet a man,
whose name is Iqbal Khan,
from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Darling, he will help you onwards.
- Yes.
So you are an army man.
I am a farmer. Doing M.SC.
Fresher from Punjab.
Here illegal guys
are called army men.
Oh thats respect.
In our country, an army man
expels the illegal guys.
You are a jolly guy.
You come along me
to Buckingham Palace. Come on.
This is your Buckingham Palace.
Only the queens dont live here,
only the kings.
This is Shyam.
And he is Murlidharan.
And thats mine.
Illegal Asian tigers v/s
legal home department of England.
Since 10 years the Trophy
belongs to us.
I will teach you the trick
of roaming freely as the army men.
My bed?
We wont let you sleep
in the drawing room.
This is your lavish bed room.
This is the bathroom.
From morning 6 to night 10.
After that...
It turns into a bedroom.
But you have to sleep
after 10 o clock.
Come, I will show you more.
Keep the empty boxes.
She is my wife and,
she my daughter.
When I left home, she was still
in her mothers womb.
I saw her on video call.
But I could never pull her cheeks.
Could never play with her
on my lap.
This is the biggest problem
of the Punjabis.
Whenever we meet the other Punjabi
the flood of tears start flowing.
Oh my kids, my wife.
If we loved them so much,
then why did we leave our land?
And come to London to earn pounds.
But I have an answer for it.
Even if I am not there,
their lives are sorted.
Life is set.
This answer of yours is wrong.
You are here, she is there.
How is their life sorted?
I started off, on the first day.
You enjoy. I will get beer.
Then will cry, I mean will talk.
Lets go.
Brother Iqbal.
- Yes.
Show me an address?
Rest of the beer
I will drink there.
- Thank you.
This is for you.
What is this?
For what you have done
for grandfather.
This is nothing
in comparison of that.
A girl can make so much
of a difference in someones life.
I learnt, after meeting you.
Thank you for the lesson.
Trust me, its a gift.
Please, no gifts.
I dont want to divorce you.
Because I really like you.
You are a fantastic person.
You are attractive,
and we are formally married too.
Jasmeet Malhotra.
Finally you reached London.
thats what I called a Desi Hunk.
Oh God, one more Indian.
UK, government
should ban these Indians.
You speak another word about him.
And I am going to kill you.
Do you guys know each other?
Know each other?
We both marry...
We both used to go
to the village weddings
and whack ice creams
and sweets and deserts.
Thats why our bodies
are like this.
You should have told.
- By the way I am Sam.
Nice to meet you, man.
Actually Jasmeet will give
a better introduction of mine.
Introduce me Jasmeet.
He is Param Singh. My...
He is my...
- Neighbor.
You took so long to say neighbor.
Your Hindi has become poor,
in London.
But dont worry,
I will improve your Hindi.
Sam we are neighbors.
- Okay.
Hey gorgeous lovely people.
Ladies and gentleman,
we know that you.
All like to do a bit of Bhangra.
So girls and boys, get ready,
lets get some dancing.
Okay I am going to get. Watch me.
"Dont go alone."
"Dont go alone."
"Dont go alone."
"Dont go alone."
"In a crowded market,
in a crowded market baby."
"Dont go alone, or else
there will be a commotion."
"In a crowded market,
in a crowded market baby."
"Dont go alone, or else
there will be a commotion."
"Everyone is a lover,
everyone is a lover,"
"will come to drop you home."
"In a crowded market,
in a crowded market baby."
"Dont go alone, or else
there will be a commotion."
"Dont go alone."
"Dont go alone."
"You will cause fight
amongst the lovers."
"Still nobody
will be able to reach you."
"You will cause fight
amongst the lovers."
"Still nobody will be
able to reach you."
"She will tell you to go away,
tell to go away."
"But baby,
this will not be able to happen."
"In a crowded market,
in a crowded market baby."
"Dont go alone, or else
there will be a commotion."
"Dont go alone."
What was I saying? Listen.
I know you have a large heart."
"Thats why I am waiting for you
at the dance floor."
"Dont move your shoulders
while sitting."
"Shake your legs and show me
your dance moves."
"She shoots with her eyes."
"She keeps dangling
everyones hearts."
"Is she a school teacher?"
"As she keeps lecturing everyone
all the time."
"I have written this song for you.
Will you sing along with me?"
"Why are you staring at me madam?
Will you bite me?"
"Will you bite me or what?"
Jasmeet, you were amazing.
You have hidden
a lot about yourself.
This is just the beginning. Sam.
She is a stock of surprises.
She has surprises in Kilos.
Look she doesnt get angry.
But when she rolls her eyes
that means it time to shut up.
Param, can I drop you somewhere?
I always get dropped by girls.
You too drop me.
Come, my car is right there,
see you guys.
- Bye.
It was nice meeting you Sam.
- You too Param.
I will see you soon.
- Yes, surely.
Jasmeet I will be there,
waiting for you. - Yeah.
It was very nice meeting you too,
We will dance again,
I mean will meet again.
Yes, we have to meet.
Dont trouble Alisha much.
And dont let her trouble you also.
I can take my guarantee, not hers.
Alisha, where have you got me?
This seems like a hill station
in London.
How does it matter?
Dont bite, it will help me
in wearing spectacles in old age.
Whats wrong Param?
You dont find me attractive?
If in Punjabi
we have a girl like you,
then we call it Diwali Bumper.
Then why are you acting funny?
I hope you have a reason
to act like this?
I am married man.
I like experienced men.
I am married to Jasmeet.
And I have come to London for her.
Punjabi girl was looking so...
Sam, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Helping you to decide.
Sam, please.
You know what,
I am not used to hearing a no.
We both had promised something
to one another.
I am abiding my promise.
You too abide.
What if I break my promise?
What if I dont divorce you?
Do you know,
if today I tell Jasmeet,
that live in London without me?
Or come back to India with me.
She will come quietly come back
with me.
She loves me so much, mad girl.
But I dont want her to be helpless
and take this decision.
I want her to take the decision
with her heart.
If there were more boys like you.
Then I too would have been married.
So I will help you to stay.
Thank you.
But what is the point
of just staying.
I dont think, Jasmeet will go back
to India again.
In todays world, marriage, love,
has no importance.
Has no value.
Even today there is
only one thing left.
On which the whole world
is dependent.
My Jasmeet will surely come back,
and I know how.
You get married to me.
If she finds me making a mistake.
Maybe she herself
will realize her mistake.
Mad girl will understand.
To first hurt someone and then
search for happiness is stupidity.
Its stupid.
Its very profound.
And it sounds like fun. I must say.
Okay I am ready.
But here is the deal.
Till the exact time of the wedding.
If Jasmeet realizes her mistake,
and she is ready to go
to India with you.
Then its fine.
But if it doesnt happen.
Then there will
surely be a wedding.
Not a drama but for real.
You will not marry me otherwise,
this is my single chance
to marry you.
So are you ready for this bet.
I am serious Param.
I know you are serious.
I trust my Jasmeet completely.
And I believe this world.
Let see who wins.
The game starts tomorrow.
What happened guys?
Why arent you all sleeping?
His daughter is unwell.
What happened?
Got a call from the hospital.
She is admitted there.
Have faith.
Everything will be fine.
I trust him only.
I have done what my heart desired.
You look lovely.
Thank you. How are you?
- Very nice.
Hi Jasmeet.
- Hi.
You look beautiful.
So, yesterday nights dance,
and todays surprise party?
Is there really a surprise or...?
What will be the surprise
if I tell you?
I had told you, we will meet again.
I had told you, we had to meet.
But here, like this,
I had not imagined.
Oh brother is here too,
what a surprise.
What is surprising in this,
Jasmeets husband
will be with Jasmeet.
Not necessary,
now a days many husbands
are not with their wives.
Isnt it Jasmeet?
Anyways you guys carry on.
I will see you around.
You guys discuss your stories,
I will be back.
will you look after your friend.
If she allows me,
then I surely will.
Why has he come here?
I like him.
Yuck Alisha.
Chill out, enjoy your party.
Hi guys, see you.
What is all this? Why were
you not picking up my phone?
I was sleeping.
How does it matter?
Why are you asking this question?
Did she do something with you?
Till day I have not suspected Sam.
Then why are you suspecting Alisha.
Very bad.
Dont procrastinate, answer me.
You are asking questions
like wives do.
I am your wife.
Oh you remember. Congratulations.
I thought you must have forgotten.
Couldnt you find anyone else,
to be friendly.
She is that type of a girl.
What are you saying?
She is a very good girl.
I cant find a girl like her
in Punjab.
Do you know, even while staying
in London, she is a vegetarian.
So what if she doesnt eat meat.
She eats men.
She has slept with half
the people present in this party.
You remember,
Babli from my high school.
She is like that.
If someone tells her to sit,
she will lie down.
If people know that
she is a naughty girl,
why do they tell her to sit?
When she is back, I will tell her,
Alisha dont sit, not at all.
Whoever says anything dont sit.
- Param,
I dont like you getting friendly
with her.
Whether you do something or not.
What If I say the same thing?
You have no answer.
Jasmeet you enjoy the party.
And let me also.
Where is the bar?
How are you? Are you enjoying?
Yes I was going to. You halted me.
Party with Londons high society.
Everyone will enjoy.
Especially if he comes
from such a place,
where there is nothing
except dust and dirt.
By the face, you look
as if you are made of the same mud.
No I am British.
I was born here.
I have never gone to India,
And I dont like
to be called an Indian.
You dont like being called an Indian.
You are dying
to be called a British.
But if a British man finds you
even a kilometer away,
he will say,
look an Indian is coming.
Excuse me.
What did you say?
So you hate being called an Indian.
Because we litter all around.
Spit betel leaves.
Break traffic signals.
We dont like to stand in queues.
We take bribe and also give bribe.
There are more pot holes
than roads.
More scams than the ministers.
Though we are like this,
we are different too.
We have been independent
since 70 years.
Take any young country around us.
There is still a question
on their identity?
But we make everything ourselves,
from a needle to a rocket.
After attempting 20 times,
larger countries send satellite
to mars.
But we in the first attempt,
at the cost of a Rickshaw,
have sent satellite
after satellite to mars.
Because we are very influential.
We were not like this from before.
We were the golden birds.
The Kohinoor diamond which is in
the crown, at the tower of London.
It is not made in Bartaniya
like you.
But made in India.
But we have not stopped
in our old glory.
We are progressing.
We are changing.
If we develop at this speed, and
keep fighting against corruption.
Then, in the next 50 years,
India will develop so much that,
Americans and Britishs will say.
We too want to be known as Indian.
Then dont change your side,
Mr. Trishanku.
Be happy with what you are.
Dont find mistakes of the country.
Not your identity.
She sat down.
Param Singh. Will you marry me?
- What?
Will you marry me?
I know it looks a bit odd. But...
Not bit, very odd.
Alisha, you dont even know Param.
I dont care.
I just know the girl
who will marry Param,
will be luckiest girl in the world.
Alisha, please get up.
Your knees must be paining.
He is anyway going to refuse.
Yes I am going back to India.
I am okay.
I will go along with you.
But you will not be
able to settle there.
You will feel suffocated.
You will be entangled
in cooking chores.
You will feel like
going for shopping,
and you will have
to inject a buffalo.
You will not at all be
able to take up a job.
Param Singh, for you,
I will take the bull or buffalo,
to get injected.
- Really?
Alisha. You get up.
He cannot marry you?
Why cant he?
- Why cant he?
- Because?
He is already married.
You are already married?
I was once upon a time but,
as I told you earlier,
husbands dont live
with their wives now a days.
So now a days I am single
and ready to mingle.
I do.
You were going to follow me,
here, there all around the world.
Which path did you take now?
Was I upset at the airport?
Then why are you? Relax.
Ice cream.
I have not married him in real.
Sam was not begging on his knees.
Sam was acting.
Now the drama is over.
Why isnt he giving you
the divorce?
The long haired guy
has started liking his role.
He is not going
to give you divorce,
it is written clearly on his face.
Do you know why? Because
he has fallen in love with you.
Or you know that
he has fallen for you.
But you are hiding from me.
But I dont love him.
So that means he does.
Irrespective of whether
he does or not, I dont Param.
But I also dont love Alisha,
Then why are you marrying her.
- The way you did.
I know Sam
is not going to divorce you.
I will marry Alisha.
We will get residency here.
I will divorce her
after a few days.
We will register
our marriage again.
You will be a resident here.
In between, Alisha may fall
in love with me and get emotional.
Her heart might break,
she may be destroyed.
How does it matter to us?
Right or wrong does not matter.
We just have
to get settled in London.
Enjoy the ice cream.
Where are you going?
I am getting married after 4 days
on the 14th.
I have to do lot of preparations.
- Leave me.
Harpreet. Harp.
Oh my God. Param bro.
Oh bloody Aaru Greetings.
- Greetings.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
You are in London.
You did not inform me.
It was worth keeping it a secret.
- What?
I mean,
everything happened quickly.
You smell of Punjab.
Still? I have also have
had a bath after coming.
He is such a funny guy.
We really want to chat a lot,
but I have to drop him to work.
So, give me your number?
Oh very good,
we too will come along.
We will chat, will gossip,
Lets see, lets go, Heathrow.
Brother, if you dont mind,
can I tell you something?
I agree no work, is big or small.
But you have a land in the village.
Then also you are doing this.
If an uneducated man comes here,
then these people wont make him
the president directly.
So have to do whatever job I get.
Means everyone who comes to London
doesnt have a story like this.
Yes maybe better than this too.
Or worse than this too.
But the bad story
does not reach our country.
Or people like Gurnaam
dont let them reach.
Jasmeet, lets go.
My daughter died. My daughter died.
I am doing things for them for them
whom I have never seen them alive.
Are you worried about youself?
If you are waiting for
one more bad news from home.
No brother.
Brother Iqbal.
Coming to London, working hard,
earning money.
There is nothing wrong in that.
This city respects people
who work hard.
But someone who has come illegally,
there is no respect anywhere.
Iqbal brother, dont look behind.
A real man is the one
who after everything
still has the courage
to walk ahead.
It's home coming not a farewell.
What is the use of the tears?
Param. Hi.
You both are so happy to meet me
that you forgot
to invite me inside.
Sorry, come in.
Wow, what a house?
Sam, after seeing your house,
I can understand why,
people are desperate to come
to London.
I thought you will be busy
preparing for your wedding.
I will have to come to you
for the wedding.
Dont tell me,
she is the number one
wedding planner of your village.
No, she played a very
important role in my first wedding.
So it must be for the second too.
I want my second wedding should be
as challenging as the first one.
Can I sit?
You too sit, its your own house.
You forgot?
Yes Jasmeet sit.
Jasmeet you remember my wedding.
The most beautiful day of my life.
The girl whom I loved 100%,
I was going to marry her.
I remember,
she was looking so beautiful.
Hold on, let me get this right.
You want, your second marriage,
to remind you
of your first wedding?
My tomorrow is also a part of me.
Wherever I am today,
is because of tomorrow.
And I never want to forget that.
I want Alisha to look exactly
like my first bride.
Make her wear the same clothes.
The same ambience,
the same atmosphere.
The same invitation card.
The same feast.
Everything same to same.
You must have
remembered everything.
Sam wont you offer a drink
to Param.
Yes of course. What will you have?
Bring anything bro,
you have good taste.
If its a drama,
then why all these preparations?
If its drama, then why so much pain
in arranging all this.
Here you go.
Thank you.
- Cheers to a happy married life
and this one being the last.
Okay I am leaving.
Jasmeet I will see you tomorrow.
Take care.
- Take care. See you, man.
Do you know Alisha, I did not wear
a suit on my first wedding.
God has fulfilled that desire.
Jasmeet. We will take black suit.
If she sees him in a suit then
will not divorce him for 7 years.
Silver, lets buy a silver one.
I want to like a groom
not a pomfret fish.
If you dont approve of my choice,
then why did you call me?
But I want my groom in black.
You have got your groom in black.
This connection is called black.
Isnt it Jasmeet?
Its your wedding you should know.
You must have had the experience.
I am buying a silver suit.
Dont waste my time by chatting.
Should I buy black shoes or
wear golden and become a mermaid.
Mermaid baby.
You are so sweet.
- That I am.
You have to give me
a discount please.
Its already discounted.
She is asking for a discount
on her husbands wedding suit.
She is looking nice.
But not like you.
No. 8 on 10.
Is she your friend?
That you are rating her.
8 out of 10.
She is your rival.
What are you laughing for?
If you were a real Punjabi... would have jumped
on her by now.
Fighting with her,
pulling her hair.
Tore her clothes. You are laughing?
- What happened?
Am I looking stupid?
No not at all,
he keeps making me laugh
all the time.
She has gone in flash back.
Alisha you look very pretty.
If my first wife was here
she would have given you 8 on 10.
- Come baby.
Thank you. - Actually not 8 out
of 10, you should get 10 on 10.
No she isnt laughing.
But she isnt wrestling also.
This is good.
The card should be simple
at the second wedding.
Jasmeet, its my first marriage.
The card should be exactly the way
it was on our first wedding.
I mean my first wedding.
You had made me write an oath
on that card, Jasmeet.
Do you remember the oath?
My husband,
my groom lives immortally.
Never ending.
Never dying.
What does that mean Jasmeet?
She just remembers the words.
She has forgotten
the meaning long ago.
My husband,
my groom lives immortally.
Never ending. Never dying.
The one who never abandons me.
- Sam.
I can understand everything
that you are trying to do.
You think I am a simpleton
from some village
whom you will not give residency
and I will keep tolerating quietly.
And finally I will have
to obey you.
You will get residency tomorrow.
There is an interview
at the home department.
After that you can stay here
as long as you want.
Can I give you the flowers
and open champagne,
or you still want to scold me?
No, I want to make a call.
'Oh west minister abbey.'
'Should I tell you something?'
'Whenever I see this place,'
'I feel like going to London
and seeing this place with you.'
'The place where 2 real lovers
walk hand in hand.'
And now may I kiss the bride.
Param stop this wedding.
I am getting
the residency tomorrow.
Now there is no need of this drama.
Whether others understand or not,
I thought you would understand.
Why I am marrying, Jasmeet.
Param, the destination
is very near.
Please wait till tomorrow.
To harm each other today, thinking
that tomorrow will be better.
There cant be anything more stupid
in than this in the world, Jasmeet.
It cant be.
- "The heart is stubborn."
"It doesnt listen."
- what are you talking?
- "To the troubles."
"The heart is stubborn.
It doesnt listen."
"To the troubles."
"I try to convince it, and
appease it a million times."
"But still
the insistent heart says."
"You are its desire.
You are its yearning."
"My heart is an island."
"You are the ocean surrounding it."
"What should I do?"
"Should I live or die?"
"What should I do?
What should I do?"
"You tell me, what should I do?"
"My heart is saying."
"Life is night,
and you are the light."
"The heart lives in."
"The world of dreams
that is occupied by you."
"The heart is suffering."
"The season of loneliness,
in which you are not there."
"The heart is flowing."
"In the river of pain,
in which it is flowing."
"All the helplessness
have distanced."
"But the heart still insists."
"You are its desire.
You are its yearnings."
"My heart is an island."
"You are the ocean surrounding it."
"What should I do about my heart?
What should I do?"
"Should I live or die?"
"What should I do?
What should I do?"
We are waiting for you
miss Jasmeet. Please come in.
"What should I do?
What should I do?"
"What should I do?"
I am married.
Param and me.
I knew it.
Because if you went married
then you could not have resisted
my charm.
Now, go, to him.
Excuse me. Where is the wedding?
My wedding.
Did you really think,
Param would do something like this?
I know he is your husband.
He told me the day I met him.
Param can be duped,
but he cant dupe.
'I will fulfill my promise Alisha.'
'I will just do the ceremony
but not the vows.'
'I will not be able to say them.'
'Because my heart and life
is somewhere else.'
'Who will take second hand love
from such a loving person?'
'Go, you are hers for 7 lives.'
'Then its my chance. Promise.'
'And I will not let you break it
this time.'
'Thank you.'
'I never thought that one day
the city will win and I will lose.'
'But I was wrong.'
'I made one more mistake.'
'To come here illegally.'
'I am going to rectify
that Jasmeet.'
'I am going to Indian Embassy
and getting myself deported.'
Param, you havent lost.
You never lost.
The minute I saw you, I realized
that I have made such a big mistake
of coming to London like this.
To cover up that mistake
I kept making more mistakes.
I felt when everything
will become alright,
we will forget all this.
But I was cracking from inside.
I cannot forget that
I am doing so wrong with you.
I was doing so wrong
to Sam and Alisha.
The country whose praises
I was happy to hear.
I was doing so wrong with it.
Param I have realized.
London is very nice.
But now London has
no meaning for me.
I want my Param.
I have understood
which city we live,
it makes no difference.
With whom we live,
and how much he loves us.
Only that matters.
What was the need to go so long.
You could have just hugged me
and said sorry.
You know that.
When you hug me,
so many naughty, naughty thoughts
run in my mind, girl.
Come into my arms.
'Girl, get ready.'
'We have a bigger war
to fight in Punjab.'
'We will fulfill your first dream.'
'I promise you, I will
surely convince grandfather.'