Nam nam (Girl AKA Girl$) (2010)

Come in.
Please don't.
Hello? Mom?
l'm working
Don't call me anymore
(Mr. Chan-Overall: Useless)
What's up?
l'm bored
Mo one asked you out on Sunday?
Too many
They're either short on looks or brains
or both
Don't be too picky
Different levels, hard to communicate
Don't expect too much
Just as long as
they are physically normal
Mo commitment, no pressure
Thanks, l really don't
need to go on Paid Dates
l'll send you some new guys
You like?
They're so so
Why don't we meet for a drink?
Let's just be friends,
you don't need to sway me
Any Girls out there?
l really need one tonight
ls Silver available tomorrow?
Silver quit long ago, how about Lin?
She's too wild,
l want someone gentle but fun
Got a client, you want him?
Why are you so lazy lately?
Miss, we are the police
Does Miss Wong Ka-hei live here?
l am she You are
Do you know a Girl
named Cheung Shin-see?
Her webname is SILVER
l don't know her very well
Her family reported
her missing a month ago
According to her phone records,
you called her even today
You don't know her very well?
l can't find her either
You called but couldn't reach her.
l see...
We just want some information about her
Don't be nervous
No more TV if we don't
install Digital receiver
We can watch anything on the net
Don't stop...
Don't stop
Lift your skirt up for him
The new bag is available now,
Iet's check it out
l don't want the same bag
as the mainlanders
Didn't you know Ms. Gucci
only buys limited editions?
Let's work in my room
What the hell?
What are you doing in my room?
We bought the computer together
and l can use it anytime
You never paid for your half
Give me your share
l'm your brother, Give me some time
Get the hell out!
What's your name?
Caro Don't talk to him
l used this hand
He's not that bad
Your brother is a normal guy
Masturbating is better
than seeing hookers
He's looking for Paid Dates
Paid Dates are not as bad as Call Girls!
How can you have such low standards?
Let's work Okay
This one is funny
Her voice is raspy, very sexy in bed
lt drove me crazy
l filled the whole condom with cum
Stop reading that, let's work
Gucci, take a look
We don't have enough time to finish this
No, Gucci
What? Gucci
lt's the limited edition that you want!
That's the one l want
Only 3 minutes left for the auction
Put in your bid
So many bidders today
Bingo, the bag is mine
Don't look at me, you know l'm broke
Miss Kwan
l'm the one who won the bid for the bag
That bag, l...
l want it for sure! No matter what...
But l'm out of Hong Kong for 2 weeks
l'll close the deal once l come back
Thank you, bye
Faster. Come on.
Hold it for 10 minutes...and you'll win.
ln a meeting, talk later, bye
Come on...
Ten minutes, what did l win?
What are you doing?...
What are you afraid of?
So expensive
The money you make from
this is not enough
l'm really hungry
You have to call me more often
Your Girlfriend is like a dead fish
ls it like making love to a corpse?
Get out of the way...
What is it?
Let me see...
You said get out of the way...
What? l don't konw
Let me check it
What? The soda spilled on the computer
Oh! No! Try this
lt's useless! Don't you hear that?
Do you assemble computers?
Yes, what is it for?
Video games
Take a look
Getting a new computer?
Do you have cheaper parts?
Mo, that's the cheapest one
So expensive
You are an agent
Others make tens of thousands a month.
You're always broke
l know Think it over
l know l need more business
Have you seen my Girl, Silver?
She seems to be missing
Silver? Why?
Does she owe you money? Yes
l've been calling her but no answer
l told you to be careful
Mot everyone treats you as a friend
What about you then?
You just have a big appetite
Yeah...l'm gonna eat you too
You're sick
Your saliva, bitch
You're so tasty
Hello Ronnie?
Have a seat...
Help yourself
She's Lin?
Bitch, talking behind my back?
l should go
Mo, just stay for a while
We are not gonna eat you,
Ieave if you're scared
l'm going
Call me
She's a character Taiwanese hot chick
But she's nice though.
Loyal to her friends
You guys come here often?
Our flats are small so we hang out here,
what about you?
Where do you hang out?
l just stay at home
Lucky for you,
your parents are never home
You're so free
lt's boring if you have too much freedom
Call me if you are bored
We hang out a lot
Because we all live
in the housing projects
We smoke, drink and hang out...
What kind of guys do you like?
Last night, we called the police
and reported a fire
All these handsome firemen came
All have great abs
Are you guys so wild all the time?
Sometimes, it's fun
Come here more often,
Iet's go out together
Okay? Okay
Eat No, thanks
Want to be a Paid Date. How do l start?
Put up your personal details
Put up your measurements,
someone will contact you on MSN
State your boundaries beforehand
Like no anal or sperm swallowing...
Wear condoms
and get paid first, some clients cheat
Okay, thanks
Gucci, 16 years old...
No, Gigi, 16 years old, 32 - 25 - 34
Mo looks, no figure, l'd ratherjerk off
Don't think you can't be seen
in the dark
Get a make over
You guys are so critical,
you must all be very handsome
Show us your pictures
Thanks, Ronnie
Can we be friends?
and this piece in particular
is interesting.
lt's by the renowned artist
Eduardo Paolozzi
Hi, Gigi, l'm Ronnie
Hi, my real name is Gucci
Hi, Gucci
l'm curious...why are you doing this?
l bid for a Gucci bag
and l need the money to pay for that
Do you get paid after sex or before?
Do you get paid just for a date?
Mo one ever called me,
how should l know?
l don't know anything
Are you still a virgin then?
Don't be shy, you'll make a fortune
if you are
lf you have any questions,
feel free to ask me
Feel free to roam around
and enjoy the sculptures
(LV sells virginity)
You're really a virgin?
Try for yourself
How big are your breasts?
Very small, 32A
Don't worry, they're enough to use
VirGin for sale, anyone want to try?
How much?
Mo thanks, if she's a pig
AV Expert, you seem to be interested in
that LV virgin
Anyone would be interested in a virgin
l'd like to try a virgin
more than a threesome
She's the hottest thing on the net
AV Expert, will you put in a bid?
As an AV Expert, l'll leave
that to young guys like you
AV Expert...
Let's meet tomorrow,
l'll introduce you to a pro
lcy, Lin
Remember, if you can choose,
you're the boss
She's calling foryou She's coming...
Does it really hurt?
Feels good more than pain
lt's wide enough, don't be afraid
She said your ear hole is wide enough,
it won't hurt
ls it really painful?
Like toothache or headache?
Like a stomachache
Yours is as wide as a tunnel
They're nuts
Hello, J Salon
Looking for Jacky? No problem
Ronnie Icy, yes?
l found you a hot fireman look alike
hot fireman look alike. Come on out
l don't want be a Paid Date
lt is compensated dating
but we're not sex workers
Don't be a prude
What's the difference?
We only go shopping, watch movie,
eat but sex is not a must
You choose, not him
Come on...
Ronnie Hello
Sorry, l'm late It's okay
Mam, Ronnie
Have a seat...Where were you?
l got the shoes for you
Really? Sure
As a Gift? AGift
l wasn't going to take your money
Thought they didn't have my size?
l asked them to send the right size over
So l got them
That's really VIP treatment
Aren't you studying design? Yes
She's studying fine arts,
that's a perfect match
Really? Woo her
Woo her? Talk to her l mean talk to her
Communicate Communicate, Okay
Are you still studying?
l'm almost done
(Any cheap Paid Dates? Mr. Moss)
You're back
You want the computer?
Don't go on porn sites in my room
lt's disgusting
l'll turn it off if you don't like them
Done, it's all yours
What have you been doing lately?
You look so much hotter
Save it for your chicks,
it doesn't work on me
This is a great look
lf you weren't my sister,
l'd be turned on
Don't be sick
Don't touch me
You should tie your hair up
You are as pretty as those young models
Don't smile with your mouth open
Right, that's more camera friendly
Get out, l have to change
Try to dress up for tomorrow's shoot
What shoot? My friends are looking for
a young model to shoot
l highly recommended you
You're not human
Selling your sister to take dirty photos
lt's a way to get more experience
All the beauty pageant Girls say that
Go to hell.. Get out
Why did you break up
with your boyfriend?
Do you go on Paid Dates often?
Just shopping, movies, dinners,
like this
l see
(How about $2000?)
($4000 to pop your cherry)
($5300, please reply)
($6300 for real virgin)
(No negotiation, $10000. Yin)
Deal 1 LV 4 o'clock tomorrow,C541
Kowloon Tong Station, okay? LV
Turn off the computer and prepare dinner
Dismembered body parts were found
on a bus yesterday
lt is believed that they belong to
a young female
There are different theories
as to why one of the victim's ears
was placed in a Ziploc bag
The police is looking for
the victim's identity
should anyone know...
What's with you?
Why were you like a dead fish just now?
lt's like making love to a corpse
l wanted to know what your
Girlfriend feels like
Was l like her?
l like you
Oh, no
What are you doing here?
You have a date? Yes
Waiting for a Girl?
Yes...just go away.
That means you've got money, pay me back
l don't have any
Going out with a Girl doesn't
mean l have money
Just go away...
Then ask her to pay your debt
Take twenty dollars for the subway
Go home
Here's a few hundred, take a taxi home...
Go... That's not enough
How dare you
lt's so rude to
snatch other people's money
You haven't paid me back
You have my money, now go
l want more
l'm not hiding any money...just go
l'm not leaving, l'll wait with you
Please go away...
Don't read it out loud, it's disgusting
You broke your appointments again?
l don't know what she's thinking
She said they were okay
but she didn't do it
What's the problem?
l only have one chance in my life
l want to find a suitable guy
You're not looking for a husband
l'm not you, you said you
would go out with that guy first
But you slept with him
Shush, l thought he was cute
l was excited by him,
you won't understand
You liked him
because he didn't French kiss you
You fell for him right there
l don't have any feelings for them
Lin said you're the boss
if you can choose
You are not me
You need money, not feelings
Calm down, l'll help you to teach her
You're a big Girl now
You have to know what you really want
Got it?
Yeah, just speak directly
Don't be afraid
lf you don't have time to find clients,
l can help you
but we're friends, there's a discount
You want a commission for her first time?
We are friends,
l won't charge you for your first time
But if you did have to tell me
Hold this
$500 Thanks
Let's go eat
Come on, let's eat
What do you want to eat?
You get paid to sleep with her,
don't miss this, bros
The Girl is hot
but don't expect good service
She's good in bed
Hot babe on the scene
Never thought l'd get paid for sex
She's one of a kind on the market
l want to try her too
Mews, money-sex Goddess
She's my All Time High
She won't see just anyone
Stop boasting about yourself
Sour grapes
You're jealous, l understand
She's beautiful and cool, try her soon
There will be a demonstration
to defend the rights of prostitutes
l hope all of you will come tojoin us
to defend your future
What are you talking about?
Talking about sex to their face
ls to make them admit who they are
Hi, trade?
Where? Special request,
Tsim Sha Tsui, a Girl with period
Worth her while, $5000
Hello? Lin
What is it?
Are you menstruating?
What M?
The client wants a Girl with M
l want M too-Money...l'm busy tonight
Do you have your period?
Don't you have your period?
Yes and it hurts like hell
That's good
You want to buy the computer, right?
You take it
Fine, bye Bye
Prostitution is just a job
lf you think sex workers
are vain and pathetic...
l have to go out Okay
As soon as l became a prostitute,
l was alive and kicking
All my clients enjoyed my company
After sex, l took my fellow workers
out to eat and play
l made money and had fun
Which job is better than
being a prostitute?
Then my asshole boyfriend
forced me to quit so l became Madam Coco
l really want to be a prostitute again
l'll shower first No
l'll Give you $200 more
You have to pay extra for kissing
How much for using handcuffs?
Let go of me
What are you doing?
What did you do? You filmed it?
Go away... Give it to me
l paid you
l'll Give it all back
Don't want it, bitch
Don't pretend to be pure
Be smarter next time
What are you going to do?
Give me my glasses
What? It hurts?
Have a rest
l can't let Chun know about this
lt's better if he knows
You should've left him long ago
What's wrong?
Why is she crying?
lt's your fault.
You screwed up everything
What's going on?
You're the cause of it all
You've messed it all up What did l do?
You gave money to clients
What's wrong with that?
lt's fine for you because you're rich
But for us, we don't have money
lcy had to take a client
l didn't force her
You think you're different?
You're a whore too
l always Give you a commission
lf you're too good for us
Get out
l didn't ask you to Give them money
You're rich, we're not
Let's go
What happened? Tell me
Someone filmed Icy
Hey! Let go
Speak up
You assault a police officer
but you can't talk?
l'm a cop
lf you let me go, l'll forget about this
l'll keep my word
Let me go
l'm a cop
l recognize you What?
Gucci, film this
lt's more fun with the police
lt's not too late
Let me go If this gets out,
he'll be in bigger trouble
Let go of me
Police? Big deal. Speak up
Pervert cop
lf you don't kill me now,
l'll come for revenge
l filmed it to protect myself
Use a condom to protect yourself,
not a camcorder?
You might blackmail me or set me up
l'm setting you up now. What's you PIN?
You'll be filmed at the ATM machine
This guy is a pervert,
he might be the psycho-killer
Mo one would know if we killed you, PTU
Then kill me
You love blood so much...
lcy Let me...
Bastard! PIN
What's the PIN number? 172210
Give us your address
Come over here
Learn something
Stop playing, get to it
Found it... Icy
Delete it
What now?
Open the window
We're fine again
Thank you
What is it? Au Bun
l'm not sure l want him,
but l want the apartment for sure
Shut up! Bitch! Go
Help yourself...
Paid Dates is like prostitution
on the internet
l hope teenagers in Hong Kong
arm themselves
with positive values
and not sell their bodies for money
and material goods Silver?
Where have you been?
The police is looking for you
Have you got money? Help me
What's going?
What happened?
Still up? Had a nightmare?
l had a nightmare about my missing
friend last night
What's wrong?
lt's not what it seems...
What is it like then?
l don't mind you being an agent,
why are doing this again?
l listen to you and
stay at home every day
What do you want?
Let me explain...sorry
Chun, sorry...
Listen to me.
l wanted to buy you a compute
l know
l feel more useless
No. l'm so sorry
Chun, please don't go. l...We...
Let's play video game
Miss Wong Ka-hei,
we've found Cheung Shin-see
She was murdered
We could only find her body parts
We suspect that it's related
to compensated dating
We need your computer for
our investigation
(Au Bun has Unfriended you)
The number you have reached
is not in service
and there is no new number...
Hello, Miss Kwan
lt's me, l'm the buyer of your bag
l'm sorry, l'm still in the mainland
No, of course not
Give me one more week, l'll be back soon
Lin Icy
Have you got any clients?
Forget it, l'll find one myself
We have money these days
You should stop for a while
l'm not doing it for money
Lin Forget it
Bros, what would you charge...
to pop LV's cherry?
$5,000? At least $100,000
l'm asking for one million
l'm fair, $1 for a sperm
Then you're asking for 100 million?
You're all vicious
l want to die
You're young and beautiful,
why do you want to die?
Mom, l'm busy l'll call you later, bye
l'm upset
Even if you're upset, don't be Ai Lijima
lf l were her, l wouldn't want to die
You should read her autobiography
before you die
Before you die,
don't waste your virginity
and give it to me
Are you an animal?
Just don't be foolish
Thank you for comforting me
You're welcome. You'll still be here
even if you're not a virgin anymore
Open the door
l'll show you what real fun is
Please, don't...
Double the pleasure
Please, don't...
Mr. AIDS? Phone number
for my Paid Dates...
Here are the numbers for
the Girls l slept with
See if you slept with them too
Mind your health, brothers
Do you have the AIDS list?
What?! l got it too!
Me too
Get tested now
Hello? Hello, Ronnie?
You on there too?
Must be an old client
What about Lin?
l can't find her
Hello, Lin Icy
What is it?
l need to ask you
Can l go to your place?
Wait for me at the stairs
of Hillwood Road
l don't know how to say it
l'm scared
l understand
ln fact, Ronnie and l...
Don't worry, l'll find that Mr. AIDS
No, how about you?
Mr. Moss?
He was useless
What about that one?
Au Bun! He used to see Icy
He might be Mr. AIDS
Mot him
How do you know?
l didn't know it would turn out
like this
You didn't know?
Or you don't want us to know?
Stop that, Lin
You pass him to us after you're finished
You passed him to Ronnie too,
didn't you?
You want us to enjoy or to die together?
Stop that! Calm down
lt's none of your business
My brother is Mr. Moss,
he slept with you too
Lin Sorry
Shut your mouth. You're good for nothing
Go to hell
(lf l could choose again)
(l would be more careful picking clients)
Guarantee no AIDS, no pervert.
Goodbye. Icy
Hello, this is Icy
l can't take your call right now,
please leave a message
What is it? Lin
l can't find Icy.
Do you know where she lives?
Mo one knows where she lives
She's missing
AV Expert, can you do me a favor?
Find Icy for me, please
Looking for Icy
Have you got her picture?
Yeah, l'm sending it to you
My primary school classmate
Primary school classmate?
l probably have her address
in the yearbook
So long ago? She's moved
l know her boyfriend
We used to play online game together
Her boyfriend and l
are in the same association
Just check the IP
l found her
Her name is Wong Ka-hei, 19 years old
She lives on 4/F, 52 Granville Road
in Tsim Sha Tsui
This one? Is it this one?
This one This way
lcy, open the door...
ls she in?
lcy, open the door...
Try crashing in...
Stop that, okay?
l'm getting weapons for Chun
Let go of me! Why did you hit me?
Let go! What is it?
Here are your ID cards
l'll get tested with you guys
l'm going for a smoke
Hey, mom
Are you busy?
Nothing special, just calling
because l have some time
How's grandma?
Let's tell each other what
we really want to do
but haven't done yet
so we can complete each other's wishes
if someone gets it
l must have that Gucci bag
lf we don't die,
we'll buy it for you
lf anything happens to me...
could someone take care of Chun for me?
and buy him a computer too?
l want to find someone to love me
lf l die...
l want all of you by my side
l don't want to die alone
lf l die, l want to die here
Even if you have AIDS,
you won't die tomorrow
Death is easy
Maybe someone would throw
acid at us from up there
and fry us all
Why should we be scared of this report?
Yeah, what are we scared of?
Let's throw it away
Let's do it
One, two, three
You said throw it away
You really did it
lt's on top of that bus
Let's go and get it
The bus is leaving
Forget it, you are probably fine
l've known Silver for...
over a year
We were casual friends
We'd hang out sometimes
But we didn't talk much about ourselves
l just know that she used to be broke
l didn't charge her commission
a few times
But she even borrowed more money from me
l didn't lend her money
and she disappeared
You know what?
My previous name was Agnes b.
l changed it to Gucci last year
l think we should upgrade ourselves
At least
l didn't call myself Hermes
l know my place
Anyway, the most important thing
is not to be outdated
and keep up with the trends
(See you Saturday, Tsim Sha Tsui)
l just want someone to love me
My only criteria is that person be a man
to eat and hang out with
That's what l want
Just the two of us
An ordinary couple
l want to go back to
Taiwan to see my mom
l miss her
When l got AIDS...
l wanted to cry
l wanted to tell her that l missed her
but l couldn't
l'll go back to see her when l have time
And we can have a meal together
lf l can choose one more time
l'll choose my boyfriend
l love him, because...
he loves me much more than l love myself
Hello, are you AV Expert?
You are...
AV Expert
How old are you? Thirteen
Where should we go then?
Let's go eat, okay?
How have you been?...
Their world is...
so real, so close to life
with immediate emotions
and more laughter
Something l don't have
We did a test
lt made us look at ourselves clearly
but the price was very high