Nakee 2 (2018)

Do you believe in the myth of Phraya Naga?
A millennial battle between Krut (Garuda) and Naga.
It was two sides of a coin
One day, the girl named Nakee met a brave man who came to help and fought off the Garuda.
It was the beginning of a love
affair between a Naga and a human.
The consequence of Jao Mae Nakee's love incur the punishment,
so she prayed that her child would be born as a snake.
At the time, it caused a drought and the ruler announced that snake not be to left as bad fortune in the water.
Grandma, can you tell me the story of Jae Mae Nakee?
(Nakee godmother)
I've told you many times,
haven't you heard of it?
Can you tell me again?
The power of love, both wonderful and scary
You can't control what happened
The legend that happened between Naga and a man was a miracle
Those two promise to find each other in all their future lives
After a thousand years, General Chaysing was reborn as a young archeology student. His name was Thosapol.
And Jao Mae Nakee was born again into Kumkaew's body.
Kumkaew's birthday was a solar eclipse,
and soon everything was destroyed.
Because the resentful force that was left over from the past life would wake up again
It had taken the fate of Kumkaew's mother's life
The image of her being killed is still
everyone who caused her anger and revenge
Causing Jae Mae Nakee committed a great sin.
Jae Mae Nakee was angry and killed a lot of people
Thereafter, Phraya Naga Sisuto punished her to meditate for a thousand years.
And if Jao Mae Nakee commits more sin
her punishment will be much graver.
I'm going to pray for Jao Mae Nakee to fall in love.
Nakee 2
It was a tiger. I saw it myself
I saw it climbing.
It was a tiger.
- I saw it with my own eyes.
Enough, enough.
Please keep quiet
Come back with a more serious case.
Sergeant, help me
Please sit.
Hey, look over here. What's your case?
Hello Brother
What's your problem?
Staring. He's asking for a kick.
-What is it?
-My face is over here. Why are you looking over there?
Hey - Sergeant.
- What the hell are you doing? -
Sir, I am Sergeant Somchak.
Welcome, Inspector Pongprap.
You're here by car, we're sorry for not being prepared for you arrival.
Sir, I'll report to
you what happened here.
- No need.
- I know what happened
What is this?
Oh, people here have this belief.
Did you see that?
Here's a deal between krasue (noctural female spirit) and krahang (male shirtless ghost). They can't agree, so a report is made.
How did you guys solve it then?
I suggested they install a CCTV on their
back so they wouldn't collide anymore
How's that? Am I "bong"?
- Bong?
- Oh, it means smart.
Smart? Yeah, very smart.
And what else do the people here believe in?
The villagers here worship Jao Mae Nakee.
Sorry, for speaking Isan.
It's okay. You can speak it. So, I can learn new things too.
Alright, I won't be considerate then.
Jao Mae Nakee is scared. Especially in love. Do you see this couple?
The husband cheated so the wife prayed to Jao Mae Nakee for help. Now look at how much they love each other.
Young man, are you interested in praying to Jao Mae Nakee?
Thank you very much but it's alright.
She can help anyone who is sick
Mae Yai, the inspector just moved here.
Look. Handsome, right?
Unlucky godmother!
How could you do this to me?
If you get too drunk, you better go home
This has nothing to do with you
Let go.
Inspector, I got it.
Come to me tonight, godmother!
Stand back! Don't come in.
The dead name is Kumjan.
Look at this guy.
Inspector, do you remember him? Yesterday you saw him at the shrine.
His corpse looks like he died by a big animal because the wounds are wide.
It is quite clear that Phraya Naga's work
You sell items at the shrine, right?
I sell flowers with my grandma.
Did you have a feud with Kumjan?
How is it possible? We only saw each other yesterday.
He disrespected Jao Mae so I intervened. That's all.
- You didn't just interfere. You had a fight with him.
- He disrespected Jao Mae.
I intervened? Why? I cannot do so?
Are you angry that he said that?
Think about it. Everyone here worships Jao Mae Nakee.
And he was disrespectful.
Do you think Kumjan is dead because he insulted Jao Mae Nakee?
Is that right? Hmm?
All the villagers here believe Phraya Naga really exist.
Believe that Phraya Naga exist?
Well, you can go home
Inspector, I'm not done yet
You can go home. I have no questions for you anymore. Go
What's with the people around here?
Ma'am, can I ask you something?
I want to apologize for speaking badly to you today.
At the station.
- The deceased is a lottery buyer, so I think...
- If you think
that the killer is a lottery buyer than you have to suspect the entire village
because everyone here buys a lottery ticket.
What is it?
Hey, madam
I still insist this was Phraya Naga.
The report from the village chief.
Inspector, you had us investigate who buys lottery the most and we checked and found out it was Korn.
Have a picture of him?
- Phraya Naga?
- Korn.
Just a moment
Inspector, this way.
Here. Korn.
He has a few cases. But I still think it's the Phraya Naga's work
Because this kind of injuries is clearly...
Inspector, wait for me.
- Sergeant, that way. You got that way.
- Yes, sir.
- Anything?
- No.
- Check the back of the house.
- Yes sir.
- Anything?
- No.
Where did he go?
Inspector, what can we do now?
Inspector, I found something
- Hurry up.
- Where is it?
- It's big and long.
- What is this?
Are you crazy? Calling the inspector over for branches?
There's blood.
Hey, stop!
Stop or I'll shoot!
I said stop!
Can you manage?
He's getting away.
Split up.
Split up?
You go that way!
Where are you going?
You caused me quite the sweat.
If you're gonna run this fast, how about you run for the national team, inspector?
It's a good job
Get down.
Chat. Open the cell.
Sergeant, don't forget to write a report on Phraya Naga
I caught it already. I'll give the rest to you.
I also walk with you every day
What did you say?
I said you were getting better every day
This is not a skill. But I'm a smart person
Do you understand? Intelligence.
The real Phraya Naga is over there in the cell.
Sroi, what's wrong?
It's nothing.
Are you alright?
Thank you. Because of you I was able to catch him.
And thank you for helping me and my grandmother
My men firmly believe that it's the doing of Phraya Naga.
So how is it? I threw him in jail
I don't think it'll end here.
What do you mean?
Who is it?
Sergeant Chomchak.
There was a problem
What has happened? Why didn't you call first?
I called but couldn't communicate
Please open
What's going on?
Did he take the chicken again?
Or did Pyraya Naga hit the car?
Not at first, but then something like that
Nonsense. Go get some sleep
Here's the car
You should come see yourself
Please get dressed. I'll wait outside.
You should see with your own eyes that
the car has officially been struck
You see? Phraya Naga.
Do you see?
Which one can do this?
Oh, where did the trails disappear?
I think I was delusional
Jao Mae Nakee is going rampage again. What should we do?
Sadtoo. Please don't let what I think happen.
There is a large bite mark on the body. The flesh is torn and his body crushed with enormous weight. It looks like something has broken inside.
I sent his body to Bangkok for autopsy but
it will take some time for the results.
Thank you.
I think we have to worry about the villagers.
I don't know who the next victim is
Do you want one?
No time for jokes.
- Just worried about yourself?
- I'm also worried for the inspector.
They say the next victim is a police officer.
He is short and has a long forehead
with a small nose and a raised eye
- Wait, do you think there is a police officer with these features in our station?
- There is.
Inspector, I've already offered a Buddha
to you so I'll use them to protect myself then.
God, that was a close one.
How will my wife and child live if I die?
Naga! The big snake in Thailand. One thousand. OK?
- No, no. - Five hundred. - No.
Big snake! Big snake! One thousand.
OK? Big snake. One thousand.
Thank you. Big Naga.
Oh, hi.
- I know Thai.
- Oh, that's good.
I'm interested in Naga. Where can I find it?
It's deep in the water. You won't find it.
I'm a monster hunter. I will hunt naga.
You could catch it if you get information from me.
You be careful.
You too. Watch out.
Why do I keep dreaming of these people dying?
Don't think so much about the nightmares.
These unreliable dreams will never become a reality.
Jao Mae Nakee killed them, didn't she?
Who is that?
It's Sroi.
- Right?
- It is.
Let's go. Don't pay attention to it
Who cares who wanders here late at night.
Who is it? It looks like Sroi.
Zoom in.
It's Sroi.
What is she doing there?
Kumjan. Korn. They all had conflict with Sroi.
I think Sroi is the killer.
Chief, I heard the police call Sroi's name.
That same day, I saw Sroi coming out of her house. Covering her face. She acts suspicious.
What are you doing?
Sroi and her grandmother over there. Get out of here!
- Go, go!
- Stop, stop!
Be calm.
Do you have any evidence to accuse Sroi?
Do you? If not, I'll press charges on you for slander.
Do not worry. The police will find the killer as soon as possible.
Okay. If more people die, don't say we didn't warn you.
I'm sorry for the villagers, Inspector.
For causing a disturbance.
It's alright, chief. Please take them home
Sure. Let's go.
Go, go. Back home.
Go. Go.
You think that I'm the killer, right?
What am I thinking?
I had conflict with Korn. The foreigner and Wade too.
If they die, it'll be my doing, wouldn't it?
Venerable monk. I'm sorry.
Where is this place? I can't find the way out.
You've lost your way?
Yes. I can't find the exit.
Sometimes if you don't see something, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
There's an exit.
This is the seventh body, inspector.
We need to do something.
- We need to get rid of Sroi!
- That's right.
Calm down. Everyone, calm down.
The police are now investigating the evidence we have. If I know who it is I'll arrest them.
So do what you believe in.
We also do what we believe in.
I hope our belief is not against the law, Inspector.
You all came here with a grave matter.
Yes! Sroi is the culprit.
She has to die!
Sroi is the medium of Jao Mae Nakee.
- Her birth is cursed.
- Thun... who are you?
Don't ask me!
If you don't kill Sroi, the entire village will die.
If you don't believe me then see this!
24 October 2538.
What should we do, chief?
What should we do?
Chief, chief. Sroi is born the day of the eclipse. I'm sure she's the serpent.
- I knew it!
- It's clear.
Sroi is the medium of Nakee.
What should we do?
- I knew it.
- What can I do?
- Murder is against the law.
One can be released from prison but cannot escape death
What shall happen will happen.
Go capture her, chief!
- Any objections?
- No!
In this case, we all think the same. We should get rid of Sroi from our village.
Otherwise, more people will die.
Better than we all die.
OK let's go!
let's go. let's go
Am I really the medium of Phraya Naga?
Why me?
Why does it have to be me?
I really killed those people.
You probably don't believe this is the curse of Jao Mae Nakee.
Jao Mae Nakee's curse?
You're saying everything is the doing of Jao Mae Nakee...
Or you?
It's impossible.
It's not you.
If I believe it was Jao Mae Nakee
then why would she kill people?
Why did she do that?
Revenge? Anger?
And what did they do to her?
Jae Mae is hurt because the villagers kill Kumkaew's mother.
And was going to kill Khun Thosapol, her lover.
So you believe it's Jao Mae Nakee?
No... I don't believe it
Then who do you think it is?
Grandma told me that Lumjiak died of depression.
Because her father was killed by Jao Mae Nakee.
And Khun Thosapol the man she loves also departed.
And where is Lumjiak's house?
Hey! What are the villagers doing?
Calm down. Careful.
Hey. Get away
Get away
We are police officers
Move! Otherwise the rest of village will die.
Move, move!
Go, go!
It's getting out of hand.
- Open the gate.
- What's wrong?
Where is Sroi?
She's not here . I haven't seen her since morning.
Find her.
She's not here, chief.
I told you she's not here. I haven't seen her since morning.
She's not here either.
Look for her everywhere.
Bring her to me.
What are you doing in my house?
Hey! Stop!
Don't come any closer.
Sroi is not the killer.
I don't believe you. If it's not
Sroi then who is it?
It's Lumjiak!
Lumjiak is the killer!
No! Don't lie!
How is it possible?
Lumjiak died a long time ago.
I don't know but it's Lumjiak. Sroi isn't the killer.
Don't believe him.
Set the fire.
I'll shoot anyone who lights the fire
Try it!
Chief, sroi isn't the killer.
It's Lumjiak.
It's true as the inspector said.
All this is done by Lumjiak.
Before Lumjiak died, she prayed to be born as Phraya Naga.
We shouldn't see each other.
Don't sin anymore
I loved you with all my heart.
And you only loved Nakee.
Hoping is useless.
There's no other way, right?
Please let it end here.
Don't get out of here. No matter what happens
Don't get out of here
Release yourself of karma, Nakee.
- Mom!
- Sroi, no!
Grandma, can you tell me about the love between Phraya Krut (garuda) and Phraya Naga?
Inspector, what did you pray for?
I prayed for Jao Mae's love to be fulfilled.
And ours?
Jao Mae, can I court Sroi?
Is that okay?