Naked Fear (2007)

Son of a bitch!
Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this?
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Holy shit, Bob.
No resists end of the day
There he was, standing in the open just asking for it.
Dwight! Come on over here and check this out.
Fellows, Dwight Terry.
He just joined us.
This is Jack, Bob.
This here is Bambi.
- Damn it.
- Hey, Colin!
You are about to loose your "crown", son.
Colin holds most of the records kind of stuff around here. (???)
appeared in all magazines. (???)
"Hunter Today", he's in it.
Guys, Bob.
Playing guild?
- Pow.
- Pow.
Here's your water.
- And your Tortillla.
- Thank you.
You kind of young, aren't you?
Colin's niece.
Tell the deputy why are you here, Molly.
She got in a fight with her brother,
started throwing rocks at each other.
And , they broke my kitchen window.
Well, you got off easy.
You guys, get yourself something to eat.
So, how do you like Santa Paula, so far?
I mean ...
You get used to it.
Just Carly, my wife.
- Kids?
- Not yet.
Well, I'll tell you.
This is a great place for kids.
Plenty of rocks to throw at each other.
- Dwight here tells me he's a hunter himself.
- Oh yes?
Rabbits, which we know can be (???)
(???) protected mostly, In California.
It's a lot of regulationass about (???) you know, like that.
You'll have to take him outsome time Collins.
Nothing is protected here.
That's not entierly true, Tom, and you know it.
Well yeah..,
Off the record.
Guys hunt mostly anything they want and
there ain't much anybody can do about it.
Hey, Diana.
Hey there.
Just put your bags in the back seat.
So, how did you know who I was?
Here. Keep it if you want it.
That was a crazy night that night,
winning that contest.
How much did you get?
25 bucks it's all in this. A little plastic trophy
that totally broke before I even got it home.
The bottom part fell off.
It's just fo show. You never
know whats gonna happen.
I mean, the talent scout being there?
And I almost didn't enter the contest at all. I mean.
my friends totally puched me into it.
And then I win and get offered a job
just like I'm so "You think you can dance"
Everybody was totally chocked.
Everyone was.
My parents, especially.
Especially them.
So ... Santa Paula.
I was kind of hoping it would be little bigger then,
where I'm from but ...
Club just out of town, good location.
(???) the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, plus the 2 interstates.
The owner said that he had this place in Las Vegas,
and I was totally thinking that after I worked
here for maybe 2 or 3 months,
I could maybe transferred over.
Las Vegas?
- Yeah.
- Las Vegas?
New Mexico?
There is like two?
You want to get out of the car, Fred?
Now, the reason I pulled you over
is you have a broken tail light.
So why don't you go back and see my partner
and he show it to you and initiate a notacion. (???)
Darling, you wanna get your ID and step out of the car?
- Just in town?
- Yes.
From where?
Snyder, Texas.
It's a...south of Lubbock, east of Midland, kind of.
It's small.
Long way from home, Diana E. Kelper.
- What's the "E" stand for, Diana?
- Elaine.
- Is that birth date correct?
- Yes. Why?
Well, you don't look like you're 23.
But I imagine you hear that a lot.
You here on business or pleasure?
Business ... I guess you could say.
I...just got this job at this place.
I guess I'll be seeing you around.
Welcome to New Mexico... the land of enchanted.
Diana ... The world's full of pricks.
What was that all about?
Little known fact, Dwight.
There is 25% fewer women than men around here.
Supply and demand... which creates an
opportunity for the more...
entrepreneurs among us.
Stupid mother...
- Hello?
- Hi.
Hey, brake something?
I hope it's a new dishwasher, because this one sucks.
The landlord said he would come by but never came.
I didn't even get to go to the stupid store.
Ok. Look.
- What is that?
- For you.
Yes, it's a little statistic I heard today.
Meaning what?
It means that if somebody asks, you're taken.
Is that so? Oh, really? Is that so?
You know, another strange thing about this place,
- There are more missing persons here than in any other place in the US.
- Really?
Like dussins, like three or four dussins,
just from towns around here.
Well... maybe it's a "close encounters" thing
Roswell is in New Mexico, you know.
- Area 51 or 34 or what.
- There's 54 (???) in Nevada.
You know, Tom Benike says that it's always been that way
out here because they got huge amounts of land.
So it's easy to just... disappear if you want to.
Even if you did not want to.
Well, do you think it was a mistake coming out here? I mean,
we could have found something closer to home probably.
Honey, you know, I met this guy today, who ownes a little
stake and potatos place over there at Pine street, you know, at the Target store,
- He invited us over to supper sometime.
- Yeah?
So what. Now you're telling me you don't like a cup of soup.
I'm telling you. I think you gonna like it here. Just do I.
How's the new guy?
The guy from... was it California?
Well, doesn't say much much.
But you could he thinks he knows everything.
That kind... not just me talking either.
- That's why I got shit canned in California?
- What? He was priored?
No. Same as . He's young. I'm straight him out.
So how long will you stay?
Mother worse than I thought.
- What does that mean? A week?
- At least.
Did you seen your package?
- No.
- DPS came just before I left... on the ??? machine.
You know Tom. Mother was really hoping you'd come too.
It's not like she's gonna be with us that much longer.
You never comming, you know, she notices that.
She's got alzheimer, Jeanine. She hardly knows you.
Shit, she hardly knows her self.
That's not true.
Especially in the morning it's not.
She asks me: where is Tom?
For all you know. She's just talking about...
Tom Jones or Tom Cruise or...?
Sometimes you can be really cruel, you know that?
You could come out, just a day or something, you know.
Jeanine, there is something I forgot to do.
I'm gonna...
call you back tomorrow, whenewer, ok?
No no. It's just not what I thought it would be.
Hang on.
Look, I'm not asking you to give me money,
just loan me enough to get home.
Ok. No, I will, I promise.
Is Mom there?
Can I talk...?
I'm not gonna upset her,
I just wanna ...
She's better than the usual trailer trash
you'd bring around here.
Fuck you!
Who needs you anyway?
Just forget that I even called!
Forget that I even fucking excist.
Carol haven't showed for two nights now,
nobody seen her neither.
Sorry, Jack.
If she took off, it's a loss, you gotta make up.
Or we gonna continue our relationship.
can I talk to you for a second?
- Listen ... This isn't what ...
- What you thought it was.
Yeah, I know, you said that about 10 times already.
If you do not want to work here,
just give me back the money
I spent on getting you here and
the months advance on your room.
No, If you want to call somebody else,
besides dad, I'll wait inside.
You got your own key?
My brother owns a lot of places.
Make it easier to keep track of things.
What the hell?
I knocked.
sure you did.
A new roommate.
Diane, Rita.
Rita, Diana.
- I don't get my own room?
- It would cost more.
I don't think you can afford it right now.
Maybe later.
- You've seen Carol?
- I 'm not your spy, asshole.
- Just asking.
- Go ask somebody else.
You get half of everything.
don't take any shit of her.
Fuck you!
- What about my drivers licence?
- I took that as a security thing,
when you payed off your advance you'll get it back.
That's normal. Ask anybody.
I know you are upset.
and that bothers me.
Because upset people can do dumb things.
That application you filled out ...
You listed your parents, and your sister and her
husband, and their places of employment.
If you bail and I can't find you,
I have to go to them.
Just don't do that.
I don't want to.
So just think carefully.
You are a dancer too?
Yeah, I'm a dancer too.
Get in or get out, but shut the door.
- Do you want that?
- Yes.
You know a name by name
Carol Biggs?
- She is tall and blonde.
- No no.
- ???? last week . (Spanish)
- I do not know any Carol.
Do not ask me anymore.
Get out of here. Go away.
Hey, don't hang around. Get away!
No! Stop!
No, please. Stop!
Excuse me, deputy!
That's not your job, is it?
What, you think you're the first guy who noticed that?
You can also pull out 15 men with
beards and group them together.
That might mean something.
Or the 6 navajo or the 8 casino workers,
lots of ways to put stuff together, Dwight.
Doesn't make it mean anything.
Most of those girls, strippers of whores.
Here and gone.
You don't wanna start playing detective.
I wasn't fired, I resigned.
He had 5 DOI's, Tom. 5.
All of them swept off the hook. ????
hits an old lady on the crosswalk.
She's gonna be on her back the rest of her life.
And you take it upon yourself.
To prove the asshole, who also happens to be the mayor, did it.
Let's see... Mayor- traffic cop.
Traffic cop - Mayor. Come on Dwight.
You got brains. What the hell did
you think was gonna happen?
Hey guys.
- Are you still free fot next month?
- Fine with me. Dwight?
- Yeah, I'm good for it too, Tom..
- Alright, so am I.
- There you go, buddy.
- Thank you.
Now you've got another chance.
Or maybe one day you get promoted
to investigations in Santa Fe.
You can do all that picture shit
and get payed for it.
Come on, let's go!
This is all I get? This is less than last week?
- Paying back your plane ticket and lodging.
- That Motel doesn't cost shit!
Things cost when I say they cost.
You've got interest too, don't forget, that compounds.
What are you gonna do? Hit me?
Do it.
Do it and see what happens.
You're not getting it, Diana.
It's like being a waitress.
Waitresses make the real money from tips.
For extra services.
With a smile.
That's how you make your money.
Excuse me. I've seen you tonight.
My daughter was working at the place
up the street, last I heard.
That's her.
Susan or Suzy. I call her Susan
Do you know her?
Picture is a little bit old.
She's 29 now.
She told me she got her hair cut short
so that will be different.
I only been working here a few weeks.
It's just that she stopped calling.
Nobody back home have heard from her in over a year.
Her dad passed away and she doesn't even know it.
I just came out here for know if
anybody know anything.
- I don't know her. Sorry.
- Maybe her hair grow back ...
It's been over a year since I heard...
What did I tell you about hanging around here?
Not really safe for you to be outside by yourself.
I know about the band-aid box, Ok?
And I know you're tapped it up under the dresser.
So if I was gonna steal any of it,
I would have done it already, OK?
How much you save?
Not a lot.
Mom and Daddy?
Let's just say that I left owning a bunch of people.
You know you'd get out of here a lot quicker, if you just start making some extra cash for youself.
You can do it too.
By turning tricks?
Fuck that, I hate all those guys.
You're looking to get cash, not go steady.
Look ... I'm not just capable of doing something like that.
You don't know what you're capable of.
You have no idea what's down on the inside of you.
Just waiting to come out.
- You think you are different?
- I never said that.
It's a good thing you didn't ...
because you are not.
There's something you can not do, precious.
Pull that thong down ??? it's good for about
at least 20 or 30 bucks right there.
Jack says it's against the law.
Yeah, but Jack got to say that, stupid.
If the cops show up, you get busted and not him.
Promise me something.
If I'm... suddenly not here,
promise me you tell someone, okay?
If I just disappears, it means something bads happening.
You sure you're back far enough so you
can see how big this son of a bitch is?
Look mean , Tom.
Grrr... You don't look mean enough.
Just take the damn picture, Jesus Christ.
Yeah, this is a heavy fucker.
You better have to work tomorrow. I was really
looking forward to the eight hour truck ride with you too.
Total experience, son.
You know that mucho bullshit about Benike
wanna riding back in the truck?
He's affraid of flying.
- Is he?
- Yeah.
Well, afraid or not, beats bouncing
around that fucking truck.
A lot of territory.
Hey come on man, haven't seen you take a shot all day.
You get so famous around here,
I thought I was gonna to see something.
Instead old Benike goes home with the price, why?
Between you and me...
some might as weel been shooting at a tree stam. ????
I'm just saying there is a big difference
between target practicing and hunting.
Look, Tom's round travelling nearly 2000 fps,
faster than the speed of the sound.
The instand that fucker had the shot, it was dead. ????
That real life????,Dwight ... I come to realize that.
Was there any difference when you bagged these guys?
You know ... I'm the first to admit, Dwight.
None of them had a chance really.
Yeah, because you had the rifle.
She's not into hunting as a sport. Casey couldn't tell.
It's because I had the knowledge, Carly.
Of the hunt.
They've see you and they run and that's all I need know , on my opinion.
Basic start reflex, fighterflight boundries. ?????
An elk or bear will run for a bit but it will stop.
Go back to gray????? even laid down a take a nap.
You see, it's because their... brains aren't
wired to figure out what really happening.
But I'm being a bore now.
What was that all about?
The Zen of Tarzan?
Come on ...
Why does he live out here, anyway? This place is crap.
Did you see that elk head in there?
It looked like the ???? standing in the other
room and bashed his head through the wall.
Now, If you ever put one of those in our house, you're toast.
Hey, that was a threat.
Is it that time of the month, or what?
Yeah, it's that time in the month.
I got to tell you something.
- Ok?
- There is no going completely nude.
It's against the law.
Now, what's don is done.
If I were you. I get up there while the customers know ?????
You know there's other ways of making money.
I heard.
Just trying to help, it's all..
can I buy you a drink?
- What's wrong with you?
- Nothing, Ok?
I'll take you back right after.
It's just...the parking lot.
didn't seem right.
You know... We could stop someplace first.
Take a cup of coffee or something?
That... that would be good.
Ok. Good.
So, you have family around here?
Texas mostly.
Some in Oklahoma.
Those are your kids?
No, my sisters.
I wasn't married long enough to start a family.
Great kids, though.
I'm sorry. Can you pull over?
I can't do this.
Look ... I've haven't met that many nice guys around here
and... you seem like you're ok.
It's just about me, not you. Ok?
I'm sorry.
No! No! Please don't!
No! No!
Stop! No!
Good morning.
You have a 15 minutes headstart.
Well, you'd better get going.
I'm not kidding.
That would be an easy out, Diana.
Very clever girl, Diana.
Not as stupid as your family thinks.
Are you?
Please, please, please. ????
Get out!
- Where's Diana?
- It's not my day to watch her.
If she bailed last night
Jack is pissed.
Sorry to hear it.
She say she was leaving?
Only with every other word that came out of her mouth,
And you know what? If he did, hurray for her.
Now, fuck off!
Oh God...
Is it anyone here? ????
- Where's Colin this morning?
- He did show up. Does that sometime.
I don't mind saying it. It pretty inconsiderate.
Especially on a sunday.
Vazques, party of four!
But it's his place. Run it like he wants, I guess.
If you see him, tell him I stepped by.
Please ... please!
Please don't!
Please, I beg you ...
You fucking bastard!
You fucking bastard!
So , you think I'm wothless? You're worthless!
Fuck you!
She wouldn't have taking off without her money.
Or say something.
So maybe she hasn't taking off which
is the reason for waiting 48 hours.
I knew her. Did you wait 48 hours on her too?
A lot of fucking good it did,
she's been gone for over a year.
Alright, that's enough. If your friend
hasn't turn up in a day or two,
come back in and fill out a report.
Best we can do on this.
It's policy.
- Hey!
- What?
- Come over here for a second.
- I didn't do anything!
Where are you?
Give me your sweatshirt.
Son, close your mouth and
give me your sweatshirt.
What is she doing out here, like that?
- Did one of you boys see anybody when we flew in?
- No, sir.
But, guys at shcool say, hippies come up
here and just run around without no clothes.
I don't think that's what this is.
- I don't think she hears.
- Yeah, chock seems like.
Something like that.
Son, I need you to help
me carry her back to camp.
Gotta be careful with her, understand?
Pete! You get the rifles.
Here comes Fred. Maybe he knows something.
I sure don't.
If this conversation turns into a marathon
asshole back at least?????
If he gives you any shit remind him that this is indian land,
he doesn't fucking belong here in the first place.
She didn't say word or the other.
and why would she? so you could threaten her?
No, no one threatens nobody. Jesus, where
does that come from, Rita? Are you high?
- Screw you!
- Hey you, get off!
Get off him right now, lady!
Get a hold on yourself. Walk over there!
Can we talk?
Look, you saw them.
You're not listening to me.
Go tell them!
- Why don't you let me try find her my own way...
- Don't just stand there, stupid, do something!
I do not think it's worth you time...
...these girls, you have better things to do, I'm sure.
- Is this about Diana?
- Yeah, you hear anything about her?
I saw her leaving with a guy last night .
What did he look like?
Didn't look like nobody.
Just a face. Nothing particular.
That's it?
I saw them ??? parking lot together.
an old...
what do you call it ... the old kind of Jeep.
Wagoneer. White ... with fake wood.
Can you tell me what happened?
No no no. That's ok. Shhh.
That's alright. Take it easy.
Boys ...
I won't pretend.
Something bad happened here
and this young lady needs help.
What are we gonna do? The plane won't be back
to pick us up until tomorrow afternoon
It will probably take me 2, 3 hours
to hike out to the highway.
I could get lucky, and run into to the forrestry boys or somebody else wtih a radio.
But don't count on that.
it's 15.30 now.
Probably be after dark before I'm back,
make sure you keep the fire up
so I can see it coming back in.
Pete, you listen to your brother.
I mean it now. I do not want to hear your brother
asked you to do something and you didn't do it.
No, sir.
If she wakes up, try to explain that we're getting help.
I don't know what the weather's gonna do.
If it turns off cold and wet, I want you to make sure
she stays in that tent, stays covered up.
How come she is like that? ... you're just trying to help her?
Remember that stray pup you found, that bit you?
It's because that ...that pup suffered
in some way before you found it.
All that knew was that a hand reaching out meant pain.
What happened to her, dad?
Don't think about that for now.
We'll get help first and figure that all after, ok?
Yes, sir.
Dave, come over here with me a second.
Listen, son ...
Anybody shows up at here you don't know,
you take your brother and get away.
- But what about the girl?
- Son, the choice you makeis to take your brother and get away, you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Help the young lady in the tent to be strong too.
Easy her pain, if possible.
We ask this, in Jesus name.
I'll be back as quick as possible.
Don't worry about us.
This is a guy you know, honey. Come on.
I was just thinking out loud, that's all
Besides, you don't even know if anyhing happened to her.
People just, up and leave, all the time.
You said so yourself.
Especially girls like that.
You said so yourself.
Damn it!
This is a small town. You know how that is.
You can't go around and accusing people.
- I'm not accusing anybody, Claire!
- Especially over some slut!
Hey, I said you were right, didn't I?
Didn't I?
If you end up osing this job too,
I don't know where else we're gonna go!
You think she might die or something?
Maybe we should look at her?
Check on her, I mean.
You know... see how she is.
like that.
Sit down.
I'm sorry that this has happened.
Dwight! Trash night!
I'm a deputy Sheriff. My ID is in my back pocket. You can...
What the hell is this?
- Colin is missing and I come by to check...
- He's not missing, you asshole.
Jesus H. Christ. Get out of the mans house!
- Negative on the B and W.???? The perimeter is secured.
- 10. 4.
Everything's alright now.
Back to your business, go ahead. ???
Old man saw you.
You're luck I got the call.
Now, what the hell?
Alright, look...
Maybe it's nothing. Probably is nothing, but there's another missing girl.
Ohh ... the one who's done nothing but
talking about leaving since she got here?
- Is she the one, Dwight? Her?
- Look, her roommate said ...
Her roommate? The hairwin ??? whore?
That one?
Then, based on that, you decided to toss Colin's house?
- Jesus, Dwight, what the hell is the matter with you?
- She was seen leaving in a car that matches the description of his, exactly, and I'm not talk...
He went out hunting... by himself.
He is known to do that sometime...alright?
Now, the only thing you got to worry about is this.
When Colin comes home, this guy gonna tell him what he saw.
And you better have an explanation
good enough so it don't get back to the supervisor.
And if you think I'm gonna cover for you, you can forget it.
Hey, Tom. If I put together a list of all the dates
when Colin went off hunting by himself?
Do you think it might match
up with any of the missing girls?
Hey, fuck you, you little shit.
And fuck you for even thing about something like that.
Oh, hi. Is this Mr. Terry's house?
- The deputy?
- Yeah, excuse me...
how did did you get our Address?
Information said this was your address.
Hey, I didn't mean to bother you ...I just want...
There he is if you wanna speak to him.
- Have you found anything yet?
- No, I haven't....
Why not?
Are they looking for her?
Look ... You just have to believe me
when I tell you I can't do anything right now.
- You can't do anything right now.
- I can't do anything, my hands are tied, okay? Right now.
Okay, fine. I get it. But I found this.
I thought you guys maybe might need this. It's a picture.
I think it's better if you just give this over missing persons.
So they gonna hang on the tack board????
What the fuck?
- "What happens if she goes crazy?
- "No, we stick to what dad wanted"
Look, Dave ...It's not like me and
your don't know each other.
Yes, sir, but dad was pretty clear about everything.
He said I was in charge.
Your dad is really proud of you, both of you.
He talks about you all the time.
But I guess you know that, huh?
I could carry her back to my plane and have
her out to a hospital before your dad even gets back.
And that means she gets help a lot quicker
and I think that is exactly what your dad want.
- Long ways to carry somebody?
- Let me worry about that.
But listen... I wanna get going while
there is a break in the weather.
So ... How do you fly in your plane,
without having a crash if she goes crazy again?
I want you boys to walk over there ways, ???? while I get her out.
That way you won't get hurt.
And I'll call to you when we're off.
That way you know it's safe to come back.
No, sir.
Son, your mom and dad raised you a lot better than that.
Now, do what you are told, please.
No, sir.
We'll wait for our dad like he wanted.
Son of a bitch!
??? lost you.
It's never happened before,
but there is always a first time.
The best way to determine if your pray is still in the neighborhood...
is to tempt it with a little bait.
Oh ohhh...
When the animals are finnished here,
it will be hard to sort out what happened.
Well, of course, except for fingerprints yours
are all over the rifle that killed those beloved boys.
In to the hut, Diana ...
... that one I care remember. ????
But you know what?
It's turned out to be an absolutely lovely afternoon.
Oh, god.
...bit me
Hi, this is Collin. I'm not in right now.
Leave a message and I get back you. Have a nice day. Ok.
Hi Colin, it's Tom.
We're gettin a little worried of you, son.
Why don't you call me as soon as you get in.
Maybe his sister knows something.
Well, I do not know what's the big deal is.
It ain't like this is the first time
that he stucked me with a double shift.
- What the hell is this shit?
- It's in my van. ?????
- Is that you?
- Yeah, do not you like it? ???????
- Tell me that was a fucking deer, man.
- That was not a fucking deer.
- Are you sure? It looked like a deer, man.
- Deer have! ??????
- Let's get the fuck out of here, man
- shit for just leaving. ?????
It's easy for you to say, I've got warrents on the fucking DOI ????
I'll go to jail over this.
Oh, Christ!
Does that look like a fucking deer to you?
- Oh, fuck man! She's dead!
- No she's not dead, look.
- Kind of moving.
- Let's just get the fuck out of here!
No fucking bars!
Shit man, we have to take her.
No, no, no, no. You're not supposed to
move people messed out like that.
Just look at her man.
She looks like Carrie after the fucking prom.
Just help me get her in the van?
We shouldn't be doing this, man.
We should just leave her here.
Why? So she can be run over some more?
I don't know, yeah, I mean. that's her choice to be out here, right?
choose to be here in the middle of the night ...
What the fuck are you talking about?
Your always talk about choices and fate!
- I don't really get it!
- Get the door.Shut up and get the door.
You fucking dropped her!
I didn't drop her. I sat her down so I could open the fucking door.
- Sorry, we're trying to help.
- Trying to help!
Oh man, she's gonna bleed all over the carpet.
Don't crack the ?????, man.
Stop!. Miss, stop it!
What the hell was that?
What the fuck?
Oh, Christ!
It's not like we even got insurance man?
Get the spare. Go get the spare.
Damn Germans. ????
Hey, hey stop!
Help, you son of a bitch!
You mother fucker!
...fucking burn!
you republican!
- Hey, check this out!
- What?
I think we run over a bullet.
What the hell ?????
- What the fuck is that?
- Oh, fuck! Leave! ????
Whow! Shit, man!
I've never seen anything like it.
Compound fractures ... And that much bone sticking out.
God knows what messed up internally.
and she's fighting anybody touching her.
And I mean really fighting.
Scratching, biting...
- She killed Colin Mandel.
- What?
Forrest reservers found two dead boys ...
there might be more.
This girl, Tom?
This girl's a killer?
You didn't see him trying to get her on that stretcher, man.
She would have killed one of them ... if she could have.
Tom, let just make this one stop and I let it go.
Get in the car.
Well... guess you better call this in.
Back please. Every move back.
Back behind this line, right now.
we're going back.
Come on. Move it back.
As evidence continues to be collected,
there have been 6 possitive identifications.
Colin Mandel prayed on prostitutes,
women who would not be missed by anyone,
Let's find something else, Ok? Diana?
The doctor says you can have visitors this evening,
if you feel up to it.
Okay then ... The doctor will be in shortly.
May I help you?
- Yeah, I'm here to see Diana Kelper.
- Oh, yes.
Would you... Just take a seat over there
and someone will be with you. ?????
Excuse me. Diana Kelper's parents?
Come with me, please.
Something happened?
.... come to the office. ?????
- They say we could see her.
- Please, come.
Hey! Hold on.
What happened?
She's gone.
You here animals doing this type of stuff.
Even when they badly hurt.
Doing what?
Chewing throught their restraints.
We figure she left through the loading dock.
No way to tell where she is right now.
Now I pulled over. Now what?
Some outfit. What do you call it?
Shit! to 6, in the Mojave area, since July.
authorities now believe these are related to the 8 Arizona
killings attributed to the so called "Southwest Slayer"
All the victims were men wanted on
various sexual predator charges.
Police fear a rogue vigilante and are now searching...