Naked Alibi (1954)

- Much longer have to sit here?
- That depends.
I told you I didn't do anything.
You were drunk and disorderly.
- So I had a few.
- No identification.
You say your name's Al Willis.
I don't know.
Must have left my wallet in a bar.
It's no crime.
If you're who you say,
there's no need to worry.
- A man's checking on you now.
- Cops!
You guys give me a pain.
You got a license
to shove people around?
I'm respectable.
I've had no cop trouble before.
You won't have any now.
Take it easy.
I'm getting out of here.
Take your grubby hands of me.
Stinking cops.
Nobody socks me around like that.
I'll get even. I always do.
- What happened?
- Brought hi in on a drunk charge.
Asking him about
the East Side robberies.
He got wild and I got careless.
- Have that taken care of.
- Excuse me chief.
He's Albert Wilson alright.
Runs that bakery like he said.
Good reputation. Far as I can tell,
he's never been arrested.
Alright. Tell him he can go.
Ed I wanna talk
about the Foley jewel theft.
- Not too much progress.
- You know what we've had to go on.
I'd like those robbery reports on my
desk, first thing in the morning Fred.
- Working kind of late again.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Lots to do.
You seen this?
What's that Goodwin want anyway?
New chief of detectives?
I'll hear about it in the morning
from the Commissioner.
I'm sorry Lieutenant.
I want to apologize
for what I said and did.
Johnny had a bad dream.
But he's alright now.
- Did you... have a good time?
- Sure.
- Sorry I'm late dead.
- Alan!
- Had a little trouble that's all.
- What happened?
The police. They thought
I was someone else. A mistake.
- But they hurt you.
- It's all over. Forget it.
Go to bed.
I'll run down the shop,
see if everything's alright.
I'll see you in a little while.
She hit me on the head with a plate.
The scar's covered with hair.
- Goodnight Mac.
- Goodnight Lieutenant. See you tomorrow
Attention all units.
Attention all units.
Hold anyone in possession of firearms
for murder of police lieutenant.
Refer any information to
Homicide Detail Central HQ.
No description of suspect.
Here they are.
- .32s, huh.
- Not quite.
A fraction smaller. 7.63s.
Probably fired from a German Mauser.
That's something. A special gun
might not be so hard to find.
that eliminates most of the fish
we were holding last night.
Lots of colts and a few Lugers.
- No Mausers.
- Coffee - No thanks.
- Thanks Stu.
- Right.
He might have been closing in on someone
Give his files a going over.
Somebody could have
been holding a grudge.
Wait a minute.
Come on.
Al Willis.
Bring him in.
Happy honeymoon.
- Albert Willis?
- Yeah.
I'm Captain Kincaide, Homicide.
- We'd like you to come with us.
- What for?
We want to talk to you
about the killing of Lt. Parks.
I only know what I read in the papers.
- I dont know anything.
- We'll talk about it downtown.
I won't go downtown.
They'll beat me.
- Mr. Willis.
- I won't go.
I didn't do it.
I don't know anything about it.
I didn't kill him.
- Give me a doctor will you.
- You'll live.
At least let me get it bandaged.
You'll get it fixed just fine.
When you admit you killed Lt. Parks.
- I didn't do it I told you.
- You ran.
- I was scared.
- Sure you were.
Sure you were.
Because you killed him.
I kept thinking
how they beat me up last time.
- What started that.
- Alright I was drunk, sore.
I admitted I was wrong.
- You swore you'd get even. Now you have
- No!
I know things look pretty bad,
starting that fight and all that.
Being mouthy is one thing,
but killing a guy...
Not always.
- What so anxious to pin this on me?
- Why?
You killed him. Shot him
in the back with a German Mauser.
- What?
- Where did you hide the gun?
I never even seen a German Mauser.
- Leave me alone!
- I will... when you tell be the truth.
Let's start over.
Where were you last night?
I told you. At my shop.
Working, baking.
- All night?
- From 11:00 on. Ask my help.
Lt. Parks was killed
2 blocks from your place.
You couldn't have slipped out,
killed him and ducked back in.
Not much!
The grocer's attorney
and wife are out there.
My name's Fraser.
I'm Mr. Willis' attorney.
I don't believe you've met Mrs. Willis.
The officers didn't have
to hit him like that.
They didn't.
They were justified.
You husband was resisting arrest.
May I see him?
Chief, you should know that I have
3 of Willis' employees who can
testify he was
in the shop all night long.
Didn't waste any time did you?
And I can produce
a dozen character witnesses.
- You've got the wrong man.
- I don't think so,
Mrs. Willis phoned her council man,
Edgar Goodwin.
And told her what's been happening to
her husband. He's interested.
- Don't you think it'd be wise
to let him go?
No I don't.
He's a killer.
Plummer... Mr. Fraser.
May I speak to him please.
Chief Conway would like to speak to you.
- Hello?
- Joe.
What's with this Willis thing?
- Goodwin's got to you already I see.
- Don't sour up Joe.
He's doing his duty,
protecting a constituent.
- Yeah.
- You keep forgetting.
Any public department is answerable to
a lot of people. That's how things work.
- What about Willis.
- I'm going to hold him.
Have you got anything on him?
Anything tangible, evidence?
- No.
- Then I don't see how you can...
He did it. I saw his face.
Proof Joe. What proof have you?
Give me a little time with him.
I'll have all the proof I need.
Look Joe, I like you.
But I don't know what's got into you.
Maybe you're working too hard.
You're getting yourself
a rough reputation.
Take a tip. Change your tactics.
Or you'll find yourself without a job.
Now you better turn Willis loose.
Alright, you can go.
I don't know what you're trying to do.
I won't be a fall guy for anyone.
I'm innocent... Honest.
Put a tail on him.
Sgt. Rawlins.
Vic, I want a tracer out on Al Willis.
- Morning George.
- Morning Jane.
- Lawn sure looks a lot better.
- Henry's got a green thumb.
Bye, dear.
- I guess I should have been a gardener.
- Yeah.
I really got the touch.
Well, maybe some day
I'll get a little nursery.
At 11:45 last night, Willis left his
shop and went to the community church.
I waited across the street to watch
the front and side door.
20 minutes later I began to wonder.
Walked over, looked inside.
No Willis.
Figured he went out the back door
so I scoured the neighborhood.
2:20 I spotted him
back in the shop, mixing dough.
That's about it, Chief.
Yeah. Go along home.
Another flower over here.
- No, I don't think so.
- Johnny's going to like it.
Hey, what is this?
Search warrant Mr. Willis.
- What d'you expect to find.
- We're not particular.
As long as it's
a German Mauser or explosives.
I don't know what you're talking about.
11:45 at night is a strange time
for a man to go to church.
I go to church when I wanna.
No rule says when a man can prey/
You didn't go there to prey.
You ditched your shadow,
wired Sgt. Jenkins car with a bomb.
Bomb? Still don't know
what you're talking about.
Where were you this morning
between midnight and 2:20?
I was...
I was at the er...
At the Merchants club.
That's right. We had a...
a big party, a celebration.
Why leave the church by the back door?
The club's on 4th Street.
It's closer that way.
- Lots of people at the party.
- Yeah, and they saw me.
You went in, spread yourself around
for an alibi and left.
Why do I need an alibi?
I haven't done anything.
Leave me alone. I'm trying
to live a decent, simple life.
So were those three dead officers.
I want to hear all about it.
I want a full confession.
You're crazy.
I hear... Andy Babcock's
getting up to chief.
I guess they can use these alright.
The department's been
called off Willis, you know.
Commissioner thinks the killer's
one of the Stennell crowd.
It's not your problem any more.
Get yourself a nice rest.
Thanks Owen.
Excuse me, I've got a call to make.
OK Joe.
Matthews Detective Agency.
Hello Matt. Joe Conroy.
You got some time?
Meet me at the square, West side.
Twenty minutes.
Willis did it.
I don't care what anyone says.
I've seen these guys before.
- He's a cop killer.
- What about the tracer?
Nothing came back.
I don't get it.
The guy's got nothing on him.
Wife... kid.
Religious and all.
Rubs three cops.
Doesn't make sense.
Does it have to?
Remember that... De Cellis case?
Schoolteacher shoots an officer
who game him a traffic ticket.
Who knows what goes on
in people's minds.
I don't.
But I do know about Willis.
He's psycho.
Some people say that about you Joe.
I said some people.
what d'you want with me?
I want a tail on Willis.
Every minute, day and night.
I want him to know it.
Put in with me
and we'll split the watch.
I don't care how miserable he is.
I want him to blow his cork.
Into making a mistake.
Maybe even going for the murder gun.
If he's what you say he is...
- he'll come gunning for you.
- That's my worry.
How about it?
OK. it's your show.
Just don't forget one thing.
He's a killer.
What's the matter Al?
Nothing kid, nothing.
- All loaded Mr. Willis.
- Thanks.
Good night Al, see you next week.
Where are you?
I know you're here!
Come on out!
Who are you?
Why are you following me
around all the time?
- Hello.
- Hello, Mr. Fraser. Al Willis.
Someone's following me around.
Has been for days.
Every place I go.
I thought the department has been
called off. - It has Al.
then who could it...
- He's crazy!
- Al.
Do I live all my life
with him on my tail?
- because he guesses I did it?
- Al take it easy.
- I'll phone Chief Babcock.
He'll talk to Conroy. Now go to bed.
Yes, he's here.
Alright, I'll tell him.
That was Mr. Fraser.
He said Chief Babcock will keep
Conroy there another 20 minutes.
- Good. That'll give me enough time.
- Al...
Maybe you don't have to go now.
Maybe Babcock will
stop Conroy following you.
I've gotta go, Helen.
Find a nice quiet place to rest.
Get my nerves back in shape.
- I have to leave you. You know that.
- It's alright Al.
D'you think it's best?
Make believe it's
just another business trip.
I'll be back in a little while.
The whole mess will be forgotten.
- Where you go Al?
- I don't know yet.
Not sure.
But I'll write.
I know on those other business trips
I never got around to writing.
But I will this time.
You see.
The taxi is waiting.
- Take good care of everything Otto.
- I will.
Goodbye dear.
Bye Al.
Your message service
want you to call this number right away.
I'm glad I got to you.
I'm at the bus terminal. Willis just
bought a ticket to Border City.
Border City?
- He could cross into Mexico.
- The bus leaves in a few minutes.
You want me to follow him down?
- No I'll do it.
- Watch yourself Joe.
If he spots you down there, he can
rub you and make it look real good.
I'll be in touch. Thanks.
- Good night Irish. See you tomorrow.
- Hey honey.
- Let me buy you a drink.
- I'll tell him when he comes in.
- Hiyya sweetie.
- I want a long talk with you.
- Al!
- I've been...
- Where you been?
- Away
- I know. What've you been doing?
- Thinking of you.
Why d'you disappear?
You said you loved me.
That I was the only one.
- You are.
- No!
You think you can come and go
like a street car.
Can you tell me if
this man's crossed the border?
- Within the last half hour or so.
- No Senor. Not tonight.
Have you seen him?
Did he come through here?
- No.
- Where can I get a room?
Border city Motel.
Around the corner, to the left.
- Good evening.
- Yes Sir?
I'm looking for a friend named
Al Willis. Did he check in?
No. No Willis here.
- Got a room?
- Cabin 4.
That's 3 dollars a night in advance.
- You can sign in later.
- Thank you.
Thanks Mister...
Shine Mister.
- No thanks.
- A dime well spent.
Saves the leather in the long run.
How about postcards. See the beauty
of our Mexican neighbor.
The beautiful senoritas
and gay caballeros.
Take this and run along home to bed.
OK, thanks Mister.
Say tell me.
Seen this man?
- Last half hour?
- Nope.
Haven't seen him around here.
OK. Thanks.
Look kind of lost.
Can I give you a hand?
I'm just trying to find
a friend of mine.
I know everybody in town.
Maybe I can help.
Seen this fellow?
Sure, sure.
- He's in town?
- I can take you right to him.
No. I just want to know where he is.
- OK?
- Come on.
The dough gets split three ways
but I saw the gun first.
They won't fit you. Come on.
Uncle Charlie!
There's a man out here, he's dead!
Is he really dead?
No, but he's hurt bad.
Better get him inside.
What is it?
Found him in the alley.
You saw him last night.
He came before bed.
- Run to the doctor.
- OK.
Get some hot water.
- Better get the police.
- No, don't.
- I don't want any trouble.
- There won't be any trouble.
Please Charlie, for me.
And do me a favor.
Don't tell anyone he's here.
Feeling better?
- Who are you?
- Marianna.
I live upstairs. Petey found you
out back. That answer your questions?
Don't be so inquisitive.
The doctor said no exertion.
Who's Petey?
You'll see.
He's gone for a prescription.
I used to bite them.
Now I'm letting them grow.
Worse I think.
D'you usually haul in cut up strangers?
Yeah, it's a hobby with me?
What's your name?
Carlton. Joe Carlton.
You're new in Border City.
Better keep out of alleys, unless
you don't want to grow old.
- Where you from?
- Up north.
- Los Angeles or Phoenix I bet.
- No.
Well, do I keep on guessing
or do you have secrets?
- Hi.
- Petey.
- Mr. Carlton.
- Yeah, we met last night.
Feeling better huh?
Man, were you bloody.
Well, thanks for dragging me in.
- What's that?
- Sleeping powder.
The doctor wants you to get some sleep.
Go ahead and take it. Marianne
and me will fix you up real fine.
Strong stuff.
So don't smoke
and don't get out of bed.
Go on, drink it.
We'll see you later.
Good to see you back in town Al.
I'll tell the boys about the party.
Close it will you Skinny.
What's this about a party?
Taking the place over after closing.
I'll throw a big one.
Where you been all day.
Been looking for you.
Getting some dresses.
Go buy a pretty hat to go with it.
- Al?
- Yeah?
When are we going to get married?
- What's the rush?
- No rush.
We've known each other a long time.
- Sure.
- When?
When I say. That's when.
How about this weekend.
I'll get a few days off.
Why this marriage kick all of a sudden?
It's the way you come and go Al.
I wait around for you.
Not knowing if you'll be back or not.
I always come back.
I always will.
I know. But I worry.
Last time you were gone so long I...
I thought maybe you got into...
trouble or something.
No, no.
where do you go when you leave me Al?
What do you do?
What does it matter?
I worry about you, that's what.
You know all about me you need to.
- Where you going?
- To change my dress for the party.
I don't want you to.
You don't have to.
- That's alright.
- Come on baby, let's dance it up.
- You bet Dad. I'm with you.
- You are?
Nobody touches her!
He was drunk.
I handle those guys all the time.
Alright. Alright, I'm sorry.
I'm crazy about you.
Can't stand anybody touching you.
- Let's drop it.
- Are you sore?
No I'm not sore.
Go back and get the party started.
It can wait.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
I'm going upstairs
and change my dress for the party.
Well let's go.
- You are sore.
- No. I told you I'm not.
Come on.
Later maybe.
OK baby.
And don't be too long.
I might have to come back for you.
You wouldn't like that would you?
Come in.
- Guess I didn't wake you.
- No.
I just wanted to see how you were.
I'm alright.
A little sore, but I'll be OK.
D'you like talking?
We haven't had much chance.
- Yeah sure.
- I'll warm up the coffee.
Guess you'll be leaving soon?
D'you have to go?
Will you be back?
I don't know.
You tell me you'll go.
I don't know anything about you.
Does it matter?
Why are you really Joe?
- Where you from?
- I told you.
Up north. That's all you said.
You really didn't tell me anything.
You didn't tell me anything.
- What is it you want to know?
- Where are you from?
- Here.
- No, before here.
I've moved around a bit.
Atlantic City. Thats where I was born.
Baltimore, Nashville, New Orleans.
See, I tell you everything.
Why d'you come to Border City?
- Who d'you tell I was here?
- Nobody.
Charlie, Pete and me
are the only ones that know.
Just wanted to find out
if you're a blabbermouth.
I can keep a secret.
Don't you have a boyfriend?
He won't like this.
You were hiding from someone.
Is that it Joe?
- No.
- Who is he?
What'll he do if he finds you?
- I said no.
- Tell me about him!
- Cream and sugar?
- Black.
Bombs away.
It's funny.
We don't understand one another.
We got a lot in common.
I'll see you in the morning.
Hello, operator.
I want to make a collect call
to Matt Matthews.
Montgomery 7...
- Hello.
- Hello Matt, this is Joe.
- Go ahead Joe, I'm listening.
- I saw Willis.
He's in town alright.
I don't know where he's staying
But he's got himself a girl.
Yeah, now listen...
I want you to wire a photo of Willis
to Baltimore, Nashville and New Orleans.
See if they've got a warrant on him.
His girl's moved around, and I've
a hunch they were together there.
It's worth checking out.
- Ill' send the photos right off.
- Right.
Wire any info you get to Joe Carlton.
Border City Motel. Tomorrow.
I'll be waiting.
I don't think his girl knows as much
about him as she'd like, but...
she'll break this case.
Hold it!
Gotta go Matt.
She's on her way to him now.
See you later.
Sure took your time getting here.
- Why don't you watch where you're going
- I'm sorry Mr. Willis, I was just...
Go on play!
What am I playing you for?
- Let me go.
- What's the matter?
It wasn't his fault.
You bumped into him.
So I bumped into him.
A little fight at my own party.
What's wrong with that.
Or don't you remember
what it's like to have fun any more?
Something wrong?
I know you've got something on your mind
you're not talking about.
- Another guy?
- There's no other guy.
There better not be.
If you two time me,
you're gonna feel real sorry.
Where ya going?
I know baby.
You got a date.
Just a drunk.
Hey Mara!
Why d'you have to go?
Stick around a bit.
I can't do it Petey.
Thank your Uncle. I'll pay
for the room as soon as I can.
Where you going?
Leaving town, going back home?
- You ask too many questions.
- It pays to know what's going on.
Marianna, are you up?
Mr. Carlton's leaving.
Just a minute.
Just wanted to say goodbye.
I gotta go.
Have some coffee with me.
No thanks.
- It keeps me asleep.
- This time you can watch.
OK, I'm too young for coffee.
I'm sorry you're going.
Things don't always work out
like you think they will.
- I mean the way you hoped.
- No they don't.
- Make mistakes.
- We all do.
Nothing like the ones I made, I bet?
Nothing like that.
Maybe we should forget about the coffee.
What's the matter?
I guess you better go now Joe.
I just keep rattling on.
So many things keep
coming into my mind.
My mother will be sixty this month.
How good the ocean smells
in Atlantic City.
The stray things
to think about now.
I don't know what's the matter with
me today. I feel like a chatterbox.
I don't mind.
Such a nice...
Goodbye Joe.
Might be nice to know where he's going.
- Any messages?
- No Mr. Carlton.
I'll be in my room,
expecting an important wire.
- If it comes in, send it right over.
- Sure will.
All we did was squabble.
I don't remember anything.
Loaded me up with so much tequila
I passed out.
- My head.
- Fix you up in no time.
Something's wrong with that dame.
That's all.
- Another guy, I bet.
- Sure.
It's got to be, what else.
I'm going to find out.
I'll tell you that.
Just came in Al.
In her dressing room.
- Dressing?
- I've a number to do.
Don't let me stop you.
Nobody'll come barging in now.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Being bashful all of a sudden.
That's a laugh.
What's the matter with you Al?
You act so...
So what?
Go on, say it.
So rough?
You'll trade me for somebody new?
- Somebody nice and tender.
- I don't know what's wrong with you.
- Your new boyfriend
- I haven't got one.
Don't lie to me.
I know when I'm being two timed.
Two time! Who are you to talk about
two timing when you've got a wife.
Who told you that?
How do you know?
Nobody knows about me down here.
How do you know?
Conroy... You!
That cop is still on my trail.
- That's it!
- I don't know a Conroy.
- Don't lie to me!
- I don't know!
- Al, I don't
- Answer up!
The more you're absent.
That's how I knew.
I only guessed it, I only guessed.
I gotta wife and kid.
But it's all over now.
I'm getting a divorce.
You and me,
we're going to get married.
Sorry I lost my head.
Go home and get yourself fixed up.
I'll tell Irish you can't
make the next show.
- Who is it?
- Marianne. Open the door.
- How d'you know where I was?
- Petey followed you.
Al Willis knows you're in town.
I knew you were
looking for him all along.
I saw the newspaper photo
in your pocket.
I tried to get information out of you.
You know how.
I just had to know more about him
Now I know a lot.
I know you're a cop
and your name's Conroy.
The important thing is
Al suspects you're in town.
He'll start looking for you.
Why tell me?
I want you out of town before
he finds you. He'll kill you.
I'll help you get out of town.
I've been led through these streets
before and got a knife in me.
Do it your way.
- I told you.
- Maria!
Who else.
- Why?
- I wouldn't tell him where you were.
Don't ask me why I wouldn't tell him.
I wouldn't know.
I'm sorry.
- Where d'you see him last?
- The El Parico.
- Did he follow you here?
- No, I was careful.
Joe, why won't you get out of here?
I'll tell you why.
Al Willis killed three detectives.
I was their chief.
I got fired because I insisted he was
the killer, but couldn't prove it.
I won't leave until I can.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
What are you going to do?
Turn this over to the police here.
They'll pick him up on the old charge.
I'll fill in on
the rest of the story and...
Maybe we'll squeeze a confession
out of Mr. Willis.
I see.
Well, I still don't see anything, but...
Maybe you better run along home
- just in case.
- Alright Joe.
- I'll see you Joe.
- Yeah.
No gun Al.
Relax Conroy.
- It's a friendly party.
- Yeah.
Like the one you threw for Lt. Parks.
- You're a stubborn man.
- You're right.
And you're so wrong.
You've been at this for weeks.
Even you should be convinced I'm clean.
- Sure'
- The truce.
What d'you say. I'm not sore.
Willing to forget all about it.
All you got to do is call it off.
But to show you
I've got no hard feelings
I'll buy you a dinner
at El Parico tonight.
How about it?
Might not be a bad idea.
Come on.
Al wants to see you.
- Later.
- Now!
Come in Mariana. Sit down.
We've been waiting for you.
Don't worry, there'll be no trouble.
Conroy and I just
talked the whole thing out.
Sort of... buried the hatchet.
Didn't we?
Sort of.
Sit down.
No, no thank you.
Just the way you like it baby.
I'm not hungry.
Too bad.
How about a little of this?
What's the matter baby?
You're not drinking.
I don't feel much like it.
We've got a happy little party
going here. Come on.
Join in.
I'm sorry Al/
Don't just sit there and look at him.
Put your arms around him.
Kiss him.
Don't let me stop you.
Go on.
Kiss him.
I want to see how you do it.
- She doesn't want to kiss me.
- Yes she does.
Bashful maybe, because I'm here.
Don't let that bother you.
We're all friends now.
Three of us.
Go on.
Kiss him.
Make love to him,
like all along.
Is it like you make love to me?
- I haven't.
- Go on kiss him.
Easy copper.
Sorry Joe, but I, er...
Sorry I blew my top.
I guess I'm a little jealous.
Maybe I'll get over it.
Tony, why don't we leave these
two little love birds alone.
Finish up Joe.
If there's anything else you want,
it's all me like I said.
I want you to have a
real... good... meal.
- Boys all set?
- Yeah.
- Don't let them out of the booth.
- Right.
I want my share now ahead of time.
Half now...
Half later.
He's crazy, Joe.
He sure is.
Why does a guy like that
go to church all the time.
He doesn't go to church.
He doesn't?
Sure made a big thing back home
about being religious.
I don't know.
We searched high and low
for that murder gun.
Nobody ever thought
of searching the church.
- They're Felix's friends
- Yeah.
They start a fight and somebody gets
it in the back. My accident.
I gotta call the police.
They'll wreck my place.
Keep an eye on me. I don't want any
trouble. I'm not in the fight at all.
I'll do it this way copper.
The other was better,
but this will do just fine.
Get into his arms baby.
Die like lovers hugging each other.
- Where'd they go?
- Outside maybe. They couldn't go far.
Come on. Let's look around.
Get my car. At the motel.
A blue and silver two door Mercury.
I'll meet you at
the other end of the alley.
Hey Mister. Looking for
Mr. Willis and another guy?
- Where'd they go?
- It'll cost.
They went around that way.
Right let's go.
- Thanks Petey.
- My pleasure.
Get in.
Can you use this?
- That's Willis. Let's get my car.
- Wait.
- Let the police catch him.
- What?
Al didn't do anything.
Conroy beat him up in a cafe brawl.
Shoved him into a car at gunpoint.
That's kidnapping.
Let's talk to the cops.
Wanted for kidnapping.
Joseph Conroy.
Male, Caucasian, about 36.
Six feet four, 210 pounds.
Light hair, brown eyes.
The victim is Albert Willis.
Male, Caucasian, about 31.
Six feet, about 175 pounds.
Blue and silver Mercury, two door sedan.
1953 California license. 1X7 AO33
Believed traveling north
on State Highway 6.
Conroy is armed.
Attention all units.
The search for kidnapper Joseph Conroy
continues unabated.
As Federal law enforcement agencies unite
in one of the most unusual manhunts
in the history of the state.
Where ironically the object of the hunt
is an ex-chief of detectives.
A former man hunter himself.
They'll get you copper.
One of those trigger happy bulls, you
bossed around, will blow your head off.
- Better tend to business.
- Take him to the cops.
I would if I was sure
the gun was in the church.
If not my story will never stick.
They'll hang that kidnap charge on me.
They think I'm a psycho cop.
What about showing them the telegram?
There's nothing in that proves he
killed three officers. The gun's it.
This figures to be in the church
and I think I can turn it up.
Let's go.
Start walking.
Get in!
Where d'you think you're taking me?
Church on the square.
You'll dig up that
German Mauser for me.
Don't laugh. I might just have
a way of getting it out of you.
I can take anything you can give.
We'll see about that.
Even if there is a gun,
it doesn't mean it's mine.
Don't go building a dream around that.
It'll be traced back to you
a dozen different ways.
- What's up Mac?
- I'll take a look inside.
For crying out loud.
I've got to get this load in.
Nothing but trouble. Two hours late,
Broken fuel pump and now this.
- Hurry up will you Mac?
- OK.
- Hey what is this?
- Keep your mouth shut.
Help her.
You, inside!
Count a slow hundred before
you start hollering.
It's alright. I want him to go.
He's going to the church to
dig up the gun. I'll get there first.
Now listen.
There's a hotel right up the street.
Check in and wait till you hear from me.
- OK Joe, but be careful.
Church on the square. Roll it.
Alright Conroy, let's go.
Wait a minute boys, listen.
Al Willis is right now getting the gun
that killed Lt. Parks.
- All we do is get there first.
- Talk about it downtown.
- But we'll be too late.
- Orders are to bring you in.
Let me talk to
Chief Babcock on the radio.
Take me to the church on the square.
Where is he?
Where's Conroy?
You followed me here, both of you.
Where is he?
Where is he?
Why come in here alone?
What deal is this?
Get in!
Gimme that gun.
Shoot you lousy cops, shoot.
Get away from there.
Get an ambulance!
I thought I...
I could find out...
what he was going to do with the gun.
Just be quiet.
I should have met you sooner Joe.
Long ago.
- It could have been so different.
- I know.
Who knows.
You might even have fallen for me.
Sorry about everything Joe.