Nadan (2013)

The story and the characters in
this film are fictional, if found any...
mresemblance to people living
or dead are quite accidental
The Kerala's drama community
movement for the people, those...
...who lived and strived for the
movement those who had perished...
...and still living all the
male and female drama...
...performers alike, we
dedicate this movie to them.
This movie belongs to them.
What a tiresome waiting is this?
Why are they not approaching?
As the day gets longer
and longer it seems like a sea...
...which cannot find its shore.
Did it get delayed in spotting him?
Or Did any kind of delay
occur for starting off to here?
What ever it may be I'm
really tired..Really tired!
Hey look, look! Isn't she her?
My maid who is approaching?
Come maid come fast.
Where is he my beloved savior?
Maid what did he say?
Come on speak up!
He has answered saying
time has not come. Pardon!
Time has not come!
Still now time has not come!
What kind of time dragging is this?
"How come the
time has not come..."
"...when will that time
come, is it tolerable"
"How come the time
has not come..."
"...when will that time
come, is it tolerable"
"Merely to make fun don't say tales"
"Like bees awaiting for rain to come"
"Merely to make fun don't say tales"
"Like bees awaiting for rain to come"
"Though he is poor good in
heart consider me as your whore"
During thetime when the
drama lamp's wick got ignited... the souls of Malayalees.
The prominent ones which ruled the
stage were 'Tamil drama troupes'.
Melodious songs and dancing lady
which was embodied in Tamil plays.
The tutor Ochira Pappukutty
with his graceful dancing...
...Tamil plays were nullified by him.
The tutor's female character set
the minds of prominent doyens in...
...Tamil play to tremble like - Brahmashri
Ananda Narayanan lyer's...
...and Subaiya Bagodafis.
The first super heroine in Malayalam.
The palace set and special
singers during that time...
...Tamil-Malayalam fusion plays were
staged in an escalated manner in...
...Kerala shore it was during this
time 'Cochin Eppan Tarakkan's play...
...named 'Maria' emerged.
Mariam ma was liked by all who
hailed from a small Christian family.
Here it paved the way
to social oriented drama.
Vaikkom Vasudevan
Nair(eminent writer in Kerala)...
"associated with Muthukulam
(Eminent playwright in Kerala)...
...formed 'Yachaki' (Women in alms)
The one which roused sword...
magainst the customs in Nam boodiri
caste (A forward caste in Kerala)
B.T's 'Adukkalayill
Ninnum Arangathekku'...
...(From kitchen to lime light)
With the sound of working class
K. Damodaran's 'Paatta Bakki'...
...(Tins left behind)
M.P Battathiripad's
'Hruthumathi'(The season)
K. RamakrishnapillaPs
'Prathima'(The statue)
Likewise the life of Malayalee
was candidly and directly...
mportrayed on the stage.
The Tamil drama bandwagon
treadled through the...
...mountain passes of Palakkad.
Here the first drama
prohibition had also taken place.
Abayadev's 'Navayugam'
(New age) was prohibited by...
...Chithira Thirunal Bala Rama Varma
(The royal king of Travancore, Kerala)
The king feared whether the play
would pave way for a social change.
Will the curtain of drama fall when
its subjected to fear by anyone?
For social change and for a
conscience of rebellion...
...K.P.A.C became a tutelage
movement and its play shook the land.
Bharatha stage and other
things are ready from Chavara.
Play ground is crowded with
men and lot of police also.
Collector has declared to
arrest on playing the drama...
...annulling the prohibition.
To hinder the coming of actors and
actress there is police guard in...
...each and every narrow paths.
Some how must reach at the stage
manipulating the sight of the police.
Whatever it may happen the
play must go on at any cost!
Does anyone have fear?
For us play is not an
entertainment its a revolt!
Each and every actor is a
fighter in this arena of strike
Fast make arrangements
to get ready.
"The day has come
upon you with the fire ball"
"The day has come
upon you with the fire ball"
Poetic story recitation
is really in its full swing.
Poetic story recitation is
only to fool the police.
By the time when we reach the
green room the curtain will fall.
The lights will be also gone.
By that time the recitalist and the
group will move away from the stage.
We'll commence the play.
"My god in this sorrowful drama
why you make me an audience for it"
"My god how will I bear it"
My dear RamanauRamana...
"Though we are two bodies
we were one in heart is it not"
"Weren't you my life"
"Though we are two bodies
we were one in heart is it not"
"Weren't you my life"
The play is about to begin the one
which was waited by you anxiously.
Kerala People's Art Club presents
'Ningal Enne Communistaakki'...
...(You turned me into a communist)
Hey Lady! Hey lady!What are
you doing over there you lady?
There is no one present here to
take if a shack of palm leaves falls.
The house has not been thatched
during the time of last harvest.
When the crow fly's with shit it
will be dunged inside the mouth.
"A small sickle.."
"The moon"
"The one who throws the sight."
"Under the beautiful
shade of that tree"
"Girl who stands wafting"
"Girl who stands singing"
"The girl who throws the sight
on the small sickle shaped moon"
"Under the beautiful shade of
that tree, girl who stands wafting"
"The girl who throws the sight
on the small sickle shaped moon"
"Under the beautiful shade of
that tree, girl who stands singing"
lnquilab Sindabad,
communist party Sindabad!
Stop it you fellows!
Stop it I say!
Down with police raj!
Down with police raj!
Stop it I say!
Police go back!
Inquilab Sindabad!
There is an order from collector to
arrest you on disobeying the prohibition.
Kindly co-operate with us.
Inquilab Sindabad!
Stop it you fellows!
Stop it I say!
Comrades be quite! Be quite!
The district collectorAbdul Salam
says as small pox is spread... Kovalam, the play
must be prohibited.
Then if so my beloveds the
governmental system must...
...prohibit the play through out India.
Inquilab Sindabad!
The small pox is spread on the evil
clutches of democratic platforms... this country in every nook
and corner we will stage the play!
The play is a revolt! The
self uprising of the oppressed!
No bureaucracy can stop that!
Inquilab Sindabad!
Inquilab Sindabad!
Communist party Sindabad!
Inquilab Sindabad!
When the party bifurcated in 1964
after leaving K.P.A.C Bharathan...
...along with friends formed
an own troupe named...
...'Sargavedhi'. (Divine stage)
After that,'K.RA.C Bharathan
became 'Sargavedhi Bharathan'.
After 40 years of epoch making
presence in drama life...
...Bharathan had bid
farewell to the stage.
At that time when
Bharathan's son Devadas...
...was a school going student.
Devadas continued the legacy
of father and grandfather...
...even at young age he took
the reins of 'Sargavedhi'.
During 70's, 80's and the beginning
of 90's drama movement...
...which was highly acclaimed by
public, the golden age of drama.
Devadas became a lustrous star.
As an actor, as a script writer, as
a director he victoriously won the stage.
Umm! Read it!
Umm! Death certificate! For
the prisoner Julius Fuchi!
Had the fate in reading
own death certificate.
One of the biggest
jokes in this century.
From the walls to bars seven steps!
From the bars to walls seven steps!
Seven steps forward and
seven steps backwards!
The distance created by spinning
on the treachery against the country!
The best actor Devadas
Sargavedhi. Play - 'Agnishalabam'...
...(Butterfly of fire) Presented by
'Sargavedhi Theaters, Kollam'
My god where has she gone?
This is K.P. A. C Radhamani.
The debut performance
was in 'Ashwamedham'...
...(horse sacrifice by kings) in 1962.
During that time aged 15.
After 2 years when tutor Bharathan
left K..P.A.C Radhamani also joined.
From that day to till today
Radhamani is there with...
...'Sargavedhi theaters'.
Sister I'll go and come.
Child why can't you sit there quietly
on saying that head is spinning.
This is Radhamani's sister
Thankamani. Not married.
After four decades
of drama life left the stage.
When Radhamani and Thankamani
joins it's 'Maayanadu sisters'.
During 60's beloved voice in the
Malayalam stage was a singer...
...hailing from Kozhikode.
Fell in love and married
him. Married life for 3 years.
After the death of Mohammed Khan.
Came back to'Sargavedhi'...
...without the presence
of Radhamani on the stage...
...of 'Sargavedhi' was
too little to find.
But in 'Yatramozhi'
(words of departure)...
...there is no role for Radhamani.
Though the play in which she
has got no character to play...
...when the drama vehicle of
'Sargavedhi' moves...
...Radhamani will be present in it.
That is the birth right of Radhamani.
No one used to deny that.
At the 'Chinnakada'(local auto
stand) stand the driver of...
...'Snehayanam'(name of the auto)
He is hero of the 'Sargavedhi
theaters' who made the play...
...'Snehayanam' a great hit.
Sasi please park
the vehicle properly.
After removing the uniform and
by adding the old address...
...K.P.A.C Aboobakkar.
Everyday play won't be
there life is still there daily.
That is why this double role.
Right from the day of inception
of Sargavedhi theaters...
...angel Johnson is there.
All though in the angel plays of
Sargavedhi it was Radhamani...
...who enacted as angel.That
name was awarded to this Johnson.
It was an acting masterpiece
founded by Ponkkunam Varkey...
...(A great play-wright in
Malayalam) Agasthiam ma
The one who is sitting behind this
Plattan Kuttan Pilla was the...
...controller of the lights-on which
the first acting was performed.
Karakulam Parthasarathi owner
of Karakulam Ahallya theaters...
...director, actor.
There was time when Ahallya's A, B
two troupes were flying to and fro in the...
...tem ple festival grounds of Kerala
Now the troupe is closed.
Sold the house lost all the savings.
Kadavoor Manikandan the
permanent expression is 'contempt'.
Though acting in the
play is the bread winning...
...the main aim is movie and serials.
Suma the heroine
character in Sargavedhi.
Though is six months pregnant
can't disdain the routine habit can't...
...cancel the play still
comes on the stage
Arianadu Ravi one upon a time was
a busy drama actor in various troupes.
In between nested
back to Sargavedhi.
Although as there is
no character on stage...
...the main character behind the
stage. Baby Kuttan manager of the...
...troupe and the main helper
of Devadas Sargavedhi...
...he is the one and only one
This is my world.
Many of them are in the troupe
right from the days of father.
Those who lulled me and showed
me the world! In my blood in the...
...blood of my generations the ones
who filled the ember of drama.
Through them my generation
was taught to see the dreams!
To love, to quarrel, to revolt, the
golden age of drama is over!
Sister will it heal by 15th.
Should or shouldn't
apply medicines?
Apply sister you apply on
15th there is a shoot of the serial.
If there is a flaw in continuity
everything will be ruined. That is why.
For him the serial
on 15th is the big thing.
For him no worries if
the drama stages or not.
Don't you know him
he will never be well off!
Don't curse angel brother!
Leave the breath.
Got Jalal vehicle
has got good damage...
...but luckily the cut outs are not torn.
Then call another
vehicle and fill the materials...
...and tell to go the
spot at the earliest.
It's from the place of drama.
Tell, we have started.
Tell we are on the way.
Yes we are on the
way. On the way.
No won't get delayed.
Straight away should complain to
the female commission and say.
How come playing drama with a
girl who is 6 to 7 months pregnant?
How is the condition doctor?
How is the condition doctor?
No problem!
Since no one has got no
major problems shall we all go?
After finishing RadhachechPs drip!
Can't cancel the drama.
Where is Parthasarathi?
What kind of a creation is this?
Brother come don't we have to go?
'Here by the time it gets
ten at night the current will go...
...When the current goes'.She will go
out saying to catch the chicken...
...comes back after one or two hours'.
'Shouldn't one doubt her'?
'Must catch the chicken is it not?
Two hours to catch the chicken'!
'What's wrong in that'?
What is this Das you had done
the drama is to begin at ten... it the time to reach?
This is not correct.
Didn't Jalal say? Our vehicle met
with an accident. A narrow escape.
Can one say all this
in the temple festival arena?
The news boys in the committee are
adamant that there is no need of drama.
On account of old relationship and
since we are giving a booking...
...Finally it will be on my shoulders!
Look! Hereafter don't call
me for such kind of issues.
Okay then don't waste time
again did you have any food?
Then come to the dinning hall.
'Why is that you going
out at night ten o'clock'?
Are you sure don't
have any back pain and all is it?
No till 7th month I was playing a role
of gypsy and was rocking the stage.
That too that was 2 plays in a day.
Hey don't you know that play you?
Why not?
There are several
things in our ladies blood...
...what is good and what is bad.
In it if a sesame seed falls in to it it's
finished! Even one falls from high tops...
...we will stand like this that is drama.
Clean the leaf.
Are you not having food?
How to take?
Doesn't matter.
Why? What had happened?
Did you burn the hand?
Feels like touching on the ice block.
Was there food offering at
the temple in the morning?
What is it?
Just asked that's all.
Once again thank you all
encouraging us on our program.
Let there be a knot is it not?
Sure there is no
problem with the hand.
That can be removed
on reaching the stage.
What should I do with it?
Manikanda let it be there. Audience
will think some robbers might have...
"whacked on the nose.
Suma you stomach is little bit
visible tie little more tighter.
Radhachechi you go and
sleep don't stay without sleep.
Not feeling well and more than that...
...When all are on the stage Dasappa
will I be able to sleep. I'll sit here.
Make it fast it's getting delayed.
Just sign on this.
Make it fast just wipe
once more..Here.
Give it here I'll close it.
Dasetta its only 15. What was
told was 16,000 is it not?
You count properly.
There is nothing to count on
it that's the fine charged... the drama vehicle got late.
Lovers of art with the next bell
the drama will be commencing.
47th drama of Kollam 'Sargavedhi
Theaters'. 'Yatramozhi'.
"Divine stages lands of heaven"
"Curtain is about to rise
life is going to be enacted"
When is the train to Trivandrum?
Only just now one has gone.
Why can't you talk little
decently to travelers?
Need to except only
this much decency.
All the audience has left.
That is because the
time is past one o'clock.
These days who will
stay behind leaving behind...
...the sleep like in olden days.
How much will be
your monthly income?
My daughter will make
that much money within a day.
Why are you laughing?
No nothing, there are lot of people
daily commuting to north and south... and to siphon off money,
just laughed thinking of that.
Haven't you kept the
certificates safely in the bag?
My daughter should be
careful on getting in to the train.
Walk to here stay awaylAre
you still in this vicinity is it not?
Can't get up on
seeing the masters is it not?
All that period is gone sir.
Are you Jayadevan
cf hhwaramangahm'!?
Child what kind of an attire is this?
But still, my god I had
to see you in this attire.
A fire brand leader at the college,
poet, speaker. To hear Jayadevan...
...sir's speech I have all
waited at the college threshold.
No matter how much one speaks,
writes poem this is all the destiny.
Can eat balls at the
central in Poojappura!
Still what had really
happened to you Jayadeva?
Teacher I blatantly told the
truth that is the mistake I did.
In 1975 during the time of
emergency like me several...
...young persons mouth and eyes
were shut the truth was locked in...
...the casket by the bureaucracy here.
Ready with the sword to chop
the heads of new generation.
Do a person like me do any crime
to adorn with handcuffs like this.
Suparna children have come.
Did you know? Daughter
did you know? What is it?
Don't make mother tensed.
My mother for me everything
is A plus is that enough?
Looks like father is there.
Father, where are you father?
How many times have I called?
Daughter phone was in silent
mode. Father didn't hear it.
Didn't hear even other wise on
calling to tell you a good news...
...father won't be available.
What is it daughter?
My result was known, for
everything have secured A plus.
Is it?
Yes. In the school only three
people have secured A plus.
This Priyamvada Devadas
is one among them.
What should father tell for this?
Really happy. Father had
excepted this what did mother say?
Was really happy then cried a lot.
Father for which course should I join?
I'm not interested in
medicine and engineering.
That is your like that is my like.
Or else consult with
mother and take a decision.
Then you call father.
What is it? Seems
like you are not feeling well.
No thing like that that is
because of happiness.
What is Mam doing?
Tell her like sister should secure A
plus in everything tell her father...
...had told like that.
Okay father.
92 Udayan's Chaithanya
theaters vehicle got turned over.
Poor Udayan got killed.
Lot of people were hospitalized.
On that day the all drama
players heart got trembled.
They unified together and with in
one month they had collected...
...Rupees eighteen Iakhs.
After settling that and with the
balance money they created...
...a welfare association.
The issue is not in numbers whoever
is there must remain united and fight.
For mimicry performers, singers
and even cinematic dancers are...
...privileged with a feast
right at the main entrance
For stage performers in the backyard
porridge severed after digging a hole.
This is all bad time man!
Shouldn't stand for it!
For the stage performers who know
the history must never stand for it.
On serving it must be at the main
place along with the family members.
A stage performer should
posses the guts to say that.
Sargavedhi Bharathan had
that little time before you also.
In this building of Kurup sir tutor
Bharathan started office in 74.
During that time the
monthly rent for this was Rs.50.
Even after 39 years Dasappan
is still paying the same rent.
Do you have any account of money
that was siphoned by him for play?
So this blood will boil.
For us since we are used to this
there is no boiling. Is it not man?
Man anything there, as short eats?
Some notice is there shall I take it?
This is all a kind of test of time.
Either today or tomorrow
drama will come back.
Like the short hair, tall
pants radio which came back.
You wait and see.
But people like him
should put some effort.
Like pigs giving birth they are people
here who writes drama. No use of that.
Must write the life of the man those
who see must fail his sleeps.
If things go like that booking agent
Vikaraman Pillai can sit in the house...
...calls will begin to come here.
Yes. That Mapranam.
Have you told that I'm here?
No just reached down.
Just say something and
dismiss from there itself.
People are mad here at that time...
Hey man!Haven't you got advance
from him saying you will write the play?
Now what is the
use of scolding him?
In the last season to stage the
drama there was no means at that...
...time was this persons coming.
Had accepted it, it
is now a nuisance.
Where is Devadas?
He was here but now went outside.
I believed that move back you lad.
No Pappachan chetta
had just left now.
You don't know this
Mapranam hey lad move back!
Leave from my hand here he is!
Who is here? Is it your grandfather?
Devadasoo out of love and respect
to you saying this your staff...
mmembers none of
them has get decency
If Pala St.Thomas theater was
closed down 3 years back...
...that was not because Papachan
didn't have the money to maintain...
...the troupe. But on thinking hard
earned money should be never...
mparasites like him by
eating and stooling.
Then Papachan started St.
Thomas vision two serial four albums... invested is also
gained in Papachan's pocket.
This is like someone who
told long time ago.
The father who died and went to
heaven if he intends to do...
"something what can we do?
Father appeared in front
of mother who crossed 90...
...early in the morning at
3 o'clock.Saw the dream early in the...
...morning that too on
the day of raising.
Will come true I went to ancient
church at Kaanady and did the service.
From there also I was told
to start the troupe...
...or else will be get the set backs.
My dear Devadas again
don't procrastinate.
Whats up? Have you
started writing anything?
Leaving to write.
Is it so?
Why not?
The dialogue is
sparked all of a sudden.
My god has any title been
fixed? Any thing was said?
'The elixir of life'
'The elixir of life' god that is enough.
Mother I'm going.
Have something and go.
No need. Now itself got late.
Always it's like this.
Mother again gone without
changing this computer nothing...
...will happen. On trying to do
something urgently it's life is gone!
Even though secondhand only I
know the difficulty in procuring one.
For some time learn
without computer.
Radhachechi did you walk all
this way when not feeling well?
Aboobakkar had told he will come
as he was not seen I walked to here.
Where is ourA Plus candidate?
It's all gods blessing
Radhammachi is really happy.
Again are you not going to college?
Must learn and become
a smart child did you hear?
Where is our naughty one?
She had gone to school.
Don't you want to go today?
Today is holiday.
On hearing child had won
initially I thought about you.
With these children too young to fly.
For 8 to 9 years you all alone.
Didn't you tell father?
Will she not say that?
Even though I'm bring her up in a
hard way. Inclined to that area.
He is always like that on the
children's concern he is always tensed.
Lucky at least tension is there.
At least now why can't you take
this children and go to see him?
What for'? No need let it go
on like this in this manner.
Get some hot water to drink.
Will take tea.
No need.
Hot water will do.
Here father had brought this
and given present for passing.
Now mother shouldn't see this can
show when Radhammachi leaves.
Then that is enough to get angry.
I saw I'm not the mother
in law in T.V serial to throw...
...what father had purchased.
You came before I reached is it not?
Gods blessing was given
by Seena for Priyamol.
When is the treat for this?
Treat for what?
With great difficulty taught
the child and got passed...
...after that treat for you guys?
Shall we not go again
if we get delayed...
...there will be crowd in the hospital.
Radhachechi do you
have dialysis today?
Now it is two in a month.
I will also come.
Why do you want to take
trouble? we will go no need.
Walk man!
Only few troupes that can
be counted by hand are left.
Inside that there are 16 groups.
Don't you know that? Any way
let the committee take place.
Vehicle that is handed
over in a near by workshop.
To mend that in to it's old
form Rs. 50,000 will be required
There is no use in
saying all that here.
If at all anything is
granted either 5 or 10
Don't expect anything
more than that.
Monday there is a committee
will see after that will call you.
Pala St. Thomas theaters
proudly presents 'the elixir of life'.
Cinematic bible drama.Written and
directed by Devadas Sargavedhi.
Mapranam has started the
publicity now there is no escape.
At the earliest start
baking the cakes.
Is there any one who are nuts
like this? You call him now.
What is the use in calling him?
Somehow make arrangements
to return his money.
Other than that...
Now the season is going to get over
some how manage to get 5 or 6 stages.
Let me just put this burden down.
The drama which got
state award in 91.
The play which was
staged in 1000 places.
That's all true but Devadas
old drama is old drama.
What have I been telling
for the past 3 to 4 years?
You write a new play.
You give me a mind blowing title.
I will start taking the booking.
Will also collect and give
decent advance also.
Without that what magic
can I do sitting here?
We are waiting in
front of hospital gate.
Without paying the bill
how can we get inside?
When will the Baby Kuttan come?
My god I forgot that!
Abooka 15 minutes will reach there.
Do you have any money with you?
Where will I Dasetta?
Pillacha since it's little
urgent give Rs. 1000.
1000? From where?
Radhachechi has got dialysis today.
About to leave the
hospital has not paid the bill.
In the mist of hundred things
in the morning I forgot that.
By killing some one tomorrow
morning I will bring the money here.
Are you sure?
It's the money to pay rent don't fail.
Come man!
Yes Booking agent Vikraman
Pillai yes it's there.
All the bookings are there.
If it is song program will be
more than rupees fifty thousand.
If it is Rimy Tommy, M.G. Sreekumar
it will come to near around Rs. 3 Iakhs
For mimics also these are all the
rates. Oh! drama will come in between...
...ten and twenty five thousand.
Whichever may be the troupe.
Hit man! Take! Take!
Child how long have I
asked for starch water?
A T.V out here was
dead for 7 to 8 days.
No one has got the
time to repair that.
Hey girl! You go
and tell this to Peter.
Chechiamma, Radhachechi
has told it Baby Kuttan.
On telling it to peter will
he not demand money?
Only for our concerns
no one has got money here.
Let them do it if they want.
Grandmother here starch water.
I don't want nothing of this sort.
What is it?
Got angry on saying about the 'W.
What kind of a creation like this?
Why was it got delayed?
Like in the pump to get the
petrol filled it was queue there also.
Let me just have a bath.
Dasetta we are going
to mend our 'W.
Don't call me for anything
for a half an hour.
Get lost man!
It has been one week
since running after this person.
Now he is more busy
than the collector.
Hey fellow!In the prime age I was
flying high with music and dance.
In a greater speed than you.
Now the wings has
been chopped by god!
He was busy for 3 or 4
days regarding the matters...
mconcerning the troupe.
No because he was delaying it.
There is no much life for this.
We must buy a new one.
Then you fetch one!
Let me see I've taken a
'Karu nya' (a local lottery)
Radhachechi you go and take
some rest for some time.
Aren't you having the class today?
No today it's holiday.
She really turned out to be like
a maid in the kitchen, sister.
What to do?
When I go out isn't she the one who
manages the things around here?
When that T.V opens it's eyes
sister's all the worries will be over.
But what for us?
Every time when going to hospital
to fill the blood it worries inside.
Not thinking about my ailments but
on thinking about these children.
On handing over two children
to me my son and wife went to...
...Guruvayoor for praying.
Finished everything with
a bottle of poison!
Though 3 to 4 years are over
by now still the heart aches!
For what reason did he and
she did this unpardonable crime?
Why un-necessarily
again and again...
Daughter has set the
meal with fish will have a test!
What is the time now?
You may leave if you are having
some other appointments.
No need will finish this and go.
Old why are you here to die?
Did anything happen?
These kind of fellows..
My heavens!Who
is this Radhachechi?
Hey fellowlKrishnal It's been
a very long time since saw you.
Where are you now?
Still in Ernakulam on the way
coming back from Trivandrum.
On seeing the 'bar' just pulled over!
At that time the old dream girl on
the stage appeared just like that.
No need all this time you didn't
intend to check whether...
...we people are alive or not.
My dear Radhachechi not
that I didn't intend not to...
...come and see you people.
How is that possible? He
had evicted me is it not?
Is that all old stories Krishna?
On the T.V, on magazines on seeing
your photo I used to call everyone...
...and show. Saying this
is our lyricists G.K.
Not that why is Radhachechi
in front of this bar'?
Came to take 2 shots!
Go man his kind ofjoke!
When drama is not there,
we must survive is it not?
Here there is a small job.
What job?
That is not worth
mentioning!But still I saw you.
Come get in to the vehicle.
Will drop you at home.
No need there is little distance
from here will walk and go.
Right time for the young
girls to walklCome you girl!
Where is he staying?
In the same lodge itself.
Then Sudarma?
She and children are in a rented
house. The fault is on whoever part is...
...there a life like this?
Regarding the case of
troupe I have told haven't I?
All this time there was no reason for
you also for not having any contacts
Radhachechi I have decided today
anyway I'm leaving after meeting him.
If there is anything left
regarding the previous...
...grudge let him finish off that also.
"No, you don't exist in me"
"Me and this world"
"Then what's left behind"
"Except deep sleep"
Can I come inside?
Asking..Can..l Come inside?
Without taking anybody's
permission had this...
...G. Krishnakumar born in this world.
So here also no need of permission.
Now we have a gap of 9 years
between us. That is being ended here.
Now there is only a distance to
'Yamen Kallyani' between us on...
...that side there is tutor Bharathan
and on the other side my father...
...the very Gopalji of tutor
'The inner drama -
Bharathan Sargavedhi'
'Drama is not an effort free creative
action on each step it's a...
...blood dipping self sacrifice'.
'A drama performer let him be an
actor, writer, director I believe... always on the war front'
By swimming sea and back
waters there was a time when the...
...youngsters were on the
run to find the play.
During that time tutor Bharathan
has written these words.
At that time and even now drama
is a challenge. In one way or the other.
While writing songs by taking a room
at times to get a word, after finishing... or two full have stayed
without food. Even today!
During that time will think of you
jealously, will think of your writing.
Why do you want to fail when you
have a genius like this before you?
You must write a new play.
With the changing times with a...
mprotest a new play.
Don't I have the desire to see the
Sargavedhi back to it's old form?
After all am 'I an old
subject of yours?
New era, new play now nothing
of that sort is there in my mind.
A ship which has reached
half way on it's voyage.
Somehow must
reach the other shore.
That's all.
Have you played drama by
applying colors on the face in...
...the temple grounds? Where
there are no audience.
Must play only then will
understand the grief of drama...
mperformers in the new age.
When the old play is
repeated again & again that's...
...why there are no
viewers to watch.
If you are not in a mental
state to write a new one.
There is a drama that is
completed after writing in your box.
Can't you dust it off and take that?
'Jwalamughi'(one who adorns fire)
One of the best plays of yours.
You announce this drama
for the next season.
Das must see drama as a drama.
You are mixing with life that's
where your problem is.
A cut throat interest rate!
What to say thing must go on?
Did it get late?
Must release the vehicle from
the workshop drudgery on that.
No that will be made later.
Brother Parthan was evicted
from the lodge, brother Kurup has...
"arranged a room for the 'time being.
What a person he was
own troupe, own car, bungalow.
Now here no place to lie down.
Stop the vehicle stop!
Devadasoo I came to see you.
My Devadasa why are
you behaving like this?
After announcing the title 10 to
30 calls came for booking.
ButVikraman Pillai is not
taking none of the booking.
What booking?
You mean what booking?
On drama!
Our 'elixir of life' what he says
is you told can't write drama.
Yes told!
How is it possible
if you say like that?
What is this 'no rule
land' or what?
You don't know the real
character of this Mapranam.
Hey you! Take the vehicle
performing recitation or what?
The road is blocked.
Devadasaml want my elixir of life!
Looks like the college is over.
Today is daughter's first
day in the college.
Will just take a look and go.
'Freshers welcome'
How come father is here?
Waited to see daughter.
How was the first day?
Is it English literature?
Must read lot of books.
Daughter you learn well and write us
an English play then we have to go...
...'whites' place and stage
a drama over there.
Where are the others?
Father is there play today?
No child the vehicle
was in the workshop
We are on the way
after collecting it.
Daughter get in we
will drop you at the house.
No that is not necessary
she will go in the bus.
That's all right Dasappa when young
she had traveled a lot in this vehicle.
Look first day in the
college we will celebrate.
That's true daughter get in.
Get in child.
"Bamboo winds wafting
with a humming noise"
"ls there handful of flowers"
"Flowers are flowing in
my heart in memories"
"Doesn't it posses
colors of memories"
"Bamboo winds wafting
with a humming noise"
"ls there handful of flowers"
"Flowers are flowing in
my heart in memories"
"Doesn't it posses
colors of memories"
"Slowly moving to fade
The curtain of blue sky"
"At a distance some star waiting with
make ups done by applying colors"
"Slowly moving to fade
The curtain of blue sky"
"At a distance some star waiting with
make ups done by applying colors"
"As the stage wakes up to action
lull-able native green parrots"
"Will you not come this way flying"
"Bamboo winds wafting
with a humming noise"
"ls there handful of flowers"
"Flowers are flowing in
my heart in memories"
"On disrobing the costumes and
prepares to slumber at night"
"A night bird inside me sang
without sleep even at that time"
"On disrobing the costumes and
prepares to slumber at night"
"A night bird inside me sang
without sleep even at that time"
"When the dawn
raptures at a distance"
"Winged with newly colored wings"
"Again will the autumn come"
"Bamboo winds wafting
with a humming noise"
"ls there handful of flowers"
"Flowers are flowing in
my heart in memories"
"Doesn't it posses
colors of memories"
What is that you want
to see by peeping?
What is the use of saying
man? Who is she now?
She is a flying star in South India.
Speak lowlDasappan is inside.
If there is no job why
can't you all go?
Fast fast!
Fool make way!
Where is Augustia, Mafia?
You husband and wife haven't you
started off together from the house?
Where did she go?
Even othenivise it's her character
all of a sudden she will be missing.
Here she comes!
Where were you?
To Jerusalem. Hey man! Did I tell
you and went for lighting the...
mcandles in the church?
Won't hear the ears and nothing!
After today's play there is only one
more drama left in this season.
After that all will
have to sit face to face is it not?
Our Dasapan should have
the right thought that... year let there be anew play
promised to offer candles to Mother.
What a wonder is this?
Why on time today?
Usually will call and
say waiting on the way.
Since there is serial may not be able
to come that is what was bluffed.
Baby Kuttan was ready
to act in your absence.
Brother angel is it not serial without
our expectation will put a garland...
...around our photo that
is the routine practice.
Yesterday they fixed me on the wall!
It will be 300 episodes instead of
Manikandan search for some other...
...people wasn't it all
that you were talking?
Who told? I have not
told anything like that.
Will not say also it is
drama which nourished me.
The drama is my bread.
Who wants this serial and movies.
Enough, enough, because of the
tongue in your month now only...
...came to know that serial director
had fixed you on the wall.
I will show you today
move back old man!
Has that girl come who told will
come as substitute for Suma?
Luzy has gone to pick her. Before
we start told will reach here.
Will she able to perform in a good
way as she is the central character?
Luzy has told had learned
all the dialogues and all.
Dasetta will face as it comes.
Has not seen Luzy?
You make a call once again.
Where is the person?
Says won't come.
What happened?
We have told Rs. 600 after going
to Palakkad and by tomorrow...
For 2 days Rs. 600 is not enough.
In cinema on working as a junior
artist will fetch Rs. 1000 per day.
Why? Not yet time to go.
This persons character!
Radhachechi shall we
call Suma once again?
That is what I was also thinking.
What ever be the difficulty
she'll understand our situation.
Don't call will straight way go there.
I have told several times
that this year she must be...
...omitted from the drama.
You have also agreed also.
I was a fool on the forth day I got
on the vehicle from the next week...
...onwards she started acting.
Without my knowledge.
Finally in the 7th month met with
an accident and I came to know...
...about that day before yesterday.
If she dies when the vehicle runs
over her, doesn't bother me at all.
A pig without obedience! But if
anything had happened to my son.
Would have burned
you and your vehicle!
What is this?
Saji don't forget your past your gulf
money which came yesterday only.
Till that time you had lived on the
money that was given by this person.
Yes I have agreed
I have not told no.
But 10 to 12 years I have also
played drama and had lived with it...
...but I stopped when the time
came for stopping it.
Even if it is the tasty food on
getting rotten it must be thrown to...
...the waste. On walking
with it by packing it.
The men will howl at you and it
will incur a bad smell on whoever...
...One who touches or catches.
What is it girl? Do you again want
to go to do drama? Go inside!
Simply creating mess to people!
Dasetta why did we come here?
Let me sit somewhere with peace
of mind. Jalal stop the vehicle.
Even if we leave now on
reaching there it will 6 to 7 o'clock.
What to do again Dasappa?
What else to do don't you have the
number of the committee people call...
...and tell them drama
won't be staged.
A little while ago when the
Pillaichettan called told, had started.
Again if we say like this"
They you go and
bring a heroine man!
Have you heard what
one person has told?
A bundle of soiled cloths!
A rotten food stuff! Without
knowing the change in period.
Lot of lives still clinging on to that!
Lucky the diesel is saved
is it not Thomacha?
Turn the vehicle and
park on his throat!
DevadasoomPala St. Thomas
Theaters had announced new play...
...did you know that?
The name is the same 'the elixir of
life' written and directed by famous...
...Benny P Nayarambalam. Paid the
advance and have written the...
"agreement also.
On that a decision is
being taken. Now our issue.
One and a half Iakhs
that was given to you is just...
...'a throw away money'
while playing cards... the club by Pappachan.
But that's not the issue.
You and your father and your
father's father were great 'doyens'... Malayalam drama movement.
Mapranam Papachan and father
Kunjachan were 'worthless ones'.
I've a doubt you are having a
misconception like that in your mind.
If it's there Mapranam
won't allow that Devadasoo.
K.P.A.C Bharathan's dramas were
Communism was tugged in to the...
...throat of ignorant compatriots.
Just to 'stir' that my
father had started the troupe.
For that my father was granted with
the certificate from the Bishop House.
Accompanied with golden jubilee
celebration of 'Vimochana Samaram'...
...(liberation struggle) for the brave
revolting Mapranam Kunjachan is...
...awarded with the 'letter of honor'.
Why? Do you want to see that? So
the gist of what I mean is this much.
If your father is an 'elephant' my
father is a 'whale' 'blue whale'!
One and a half Iakh rupees
taken by you in two installments.
Forget about the interest.Now on
the this very moment I must get it!
How can that be possible here?
Hey lad! Go and mind your business!
A penny from that if it stays in an in-
appropriate place it will create...
...'hick-ups' for me day and night.
Devadasoo you take that
money. Take the money I say!
All of you take your
belongings and get down fast.
Can't you understand
what I'm saying?
Get down! Get down
I say! Come fast!
I don't have as
money with me. You...
Take this vehicle! I don't
know how much it will fetch.
Check it and if it doesn't sum up,
the balance I'll sent it over there.
There won't be nothing like
sending the balance and all!
Okay for the time being let it
be whatever that is received.
This vehicle along with the materials
that is kept on top, Mapranam's money...
...won't be tallied with it. Hey you
Avaran go and take the vehicle!
Will not be having the clutch
and brakes must drive carefully.
Stop here!Here!
I have been doing this
job for the last 35 years.
Till now I was not put
into a situation like this.
Do you know that?
On calling this Vikraman Pillai and
when drama is booked there is a trust... committee members.
That is what is ruined by you.
Ragavettan from Parali called...
...and spoke foul words to the core!
Did any one think that
girl will cheat like this?
Is this all a reason?
When own father dies, on the
stage the drama must be enacted.
It had taken place is it not?
Das, the name of a great
person Sargavedhi Bharathan... doomed today with in a day.
Again can I tell the name of
Sargavedhi Theaters outside?
You don't tell!
Not with the mercy of
any booking agent that the...
...'Sargavedhi' has reached so far.
I and my troupe had lot of 'festive
days'. So this hunger won't make us cry.
Vikraman Pillai you don't be
upset thinking about that.
Before the play starts an hour before just with a
single phone call the...
morganizers can cancel the play.
The drama performers must go
back without speaking anything.
But for the troupe!
When vehicle gets toppled over and if4 or 5
dies the organizers need...
...not have to know all that.
For them the play must be staged!
How did drama have a pathetic
condition like this Pillaicha?
For a drama troupe consisting of 20
people at Kollam goes to Kan nur to...
...perform and comes back how much
does you agents collect and...
...give as remuneration?
Merely Rs. 16,000!
From this money bag how much
will a performer get as residual?
Will this money be sufficient
to fill diesel for the vehicle?
But still people like
him plays the drama.
Dressed in costumes
and plays in people less...
...festival grounds. For what?
Is it for crave on money?
With the 'little money' gained
after a drama performance is... dreaming on that?
No! Out of love for drama!
Just to remind themselves
they are alive still now!
Hey you girl Radha! Do
you remember that day...
...when we all left K.P.A.C and gathered at the
...of brother Bharathan?
Dasappan at that time
was too little a child.
How to forget?
When the party got divided and lot
of people stood on the other side.
Only brother Bharathan and Gopalji
stood firmly beside E.M.S &A.K.G
Going to start the new troupe
are you coming? To me.
When brother Bharathan calls how
can it be possible without leaving?
I came here. You also came along.
There are several people in this
country who can't accept the...
...reality that the party is split.
Thinkers, creative men, good
comrades. I'm also along with them.
But I do not have doubts
because I'm a communist.
More than that a drama performer.
We are all putting colors on the
face to tell the tales of struggle.
Of one who toils in the soil,
the tenants,daily labors.
For all that the strength
was given to us by our party.
Today when the party splits
in to two we all have the pain.
But must stride forward
by taking a stand.
All of us love our party
more than we love ourselves.
Loves a great
movement like K.P.A.C.
Much greater than
that loves the drama.
On account of that a harsh decision
to create a new troupe other than that...
...there is no other way before us.
To create a flame in the path
of revolution and creativity...
...we are giving birth
to a new drama troupe.
With the next bell the
drama will be started.
Patrons Kollam Sargavedhi
Theaters proudly presents...
...ours debut drama 'red soil'.
Written and directed by
Bharathan Sargavedhi.
Songs written by
Darman Ilayidam.
Music Gopalji.
"On divine stages the
curtain has arisen"
"Divine stages lands of heaven"
"The curtain has arisen"
"The life is about be enacted"
"The time is awakened in tales"
"Nights are moving like the sea"
"Divine stages."
For each and everything
there is a time span.
Son beyond that nothing will stand.
Brother Bharathan always used to
say drama is more important than life.
I also thought all the more like that.
Now with the experience
I have corrected it.
The life is more important
only after that everything is there.
At the age of 17 Dasappan joined
giving shelter to these 'orphaned ghosts'.
The good age was
ruined by you for us.
Again if you continue
swimming with this burden
you won't reach the shore son!
On the debt till neck, there are
no plays also. No person to act.
No one to watch also.
Then why? For whom?
Son you close this troupe!
Even when the drama is
over the life is remaining there.
For us to sit together like this
why is a roof of a troupe needed?
When drama gets extinct
in which ever places...
...son it's there in our minds is it not?
"The black studded
bird singing alone"
"In your song which is like silk"
"Why is it so sorrowful can you tell"
"Even after pecking on
honey dipped fruits"
"How come no sweet
songs on the lips left behind"
"No sweet songs left behind"
"The black studded
bird singing alone"
"In your song which is like silk"
"Why is it so sorrowful can you tell"
"When it rains like a drop, a pot"
"Have one watched while sitting
on the ridges of the threshold"
"A golden dream
not seen by anyone"
"When it rains like a drop, a pot"
"Have one watched while sitting
on the ridges of the threshold"
"A golden dream
not seen by anyone"
"On that day the good days
which was sparkling in your eyes"
"The black studded
bird singing alone"
"In your song which is like silk"
"Why is it so sorrowful can you tell"
"Even after pecking
on honey dipped fruits"
"How come no sweet
songs on the lips left behind"
"No sweet songs left behind"
"No sweet songs left behind"
'Pain, pain of giving birth...
...Only females can
understand the depth of that'
'When her tear falls
your life will be ruined'
'Sky is showering the blood rains'
'Sky is showering the blood rains'
Stop it!
Stop it!
Dasetta what is this?
Leave man. What
is happening here.
Is it marshal arts or
is itjumbo circus? What?
What is this?
My teacher Mohanan.
On the stage of national drama
festival drama should take place.
Not this kind of non sense.
On the stage when one
somersaults will it be a drama?
First make them understand that.
Don't create a problem.
Stop that!
Go and sit you go and sit there.
Sit here Dasetta.
Drama m ust com municate
with people.
Drama is the tale of life
struggles that is to be projected...
...from the stage to audience.
When the lips are moved from
there here those who sit here...
...their hearts m ust go trembling.
That's drama.
Will not get all that from books and
internet. Will get from experiences.
'We realize one thing that this world
is in the hands of wicked ones'
Das where are you going?
Get inside the vehicle.
Get in Dasappa.
What man is your booze down?
It's not on booze on seeing
the non sense in the name...
...of drama anyone will get mad.
I'd come to say an important matter.
On saying that to him
on the spot will say 'no'
That is why decided to
say in front of every one.
Baby Kuttan had called and
said the plans to close the troupe.
Didn't feel any shock on hearing it.
Like a patient who is on a ventilator.
On saying dead just a feel like that.
But at night I couldn't sleep.
Mans strength is good
memories of by gone days.
On saying that can we
see Sargavedhi like that?
All our life what's more even the
life sustaining breath is all that.
So keep it on hold the decision
to close down the troupe.
Das a last try to regain
what was thought as lost.
What I tell, see that
in that perception.
Last day had a get together
with director Anand.
As the whole night was
discussion of the stories.
I told about our old drama days
and also I mentioned about your...
...'Jwalam ughi'(A volcano)
On hearing that he got thrilled.
That drama he intends
to make a movie out of it.
If you agree his next project
will be 'Jwalamughi'(A volcano)
You dust off that script tomorrow
and we will go and see Anand.
He will give you a good
amount as advance... settle all your current problems.
All that will not work out. On failing
in drama and winning in movie...
...I could have done that long back.
Hey man!Who failed? What failed?
A play that was written by you and
thrown in a dustbin that was liked by... person and he asked. That's all!
My dear friend first you get rid of
your ego. Be confident on own skill.
The rough patch of drama
that is not a new thing.
During the times when T.V serial
and mimicry came the drama...
...movement struggled more than this
At that time how did you and
Sargavedhi out live that.
On account of your skill and
determination. You can do that again.
Das, we will give this drama
and in the next season...
...Sargavedhi comes
up with a new drama.
That will a coming
back of Sargavedhi...
...and drama movement here.
I'm sure!
When you take the pen
and paper with the old energy...
meverything will happen.
Are you coming with me?
You say something else.
What something else..
Don't make me to say!
On talking with him his
booze will come to me.
Radhachechi I'm not going today...
...we all have certain responsibility
regarding the matter of Sargavedhi.
Everything mustn't be
decided by him.
Who is it?
Who has come crossing
the gates of this hermitage?
Even the wild animals are reluctant
to enter in to the place of 'Yatnasala'...
...(the place where the rituals are
performed) whose are these foot prints?
Wait one minute!
Manikandatell little more naturally.
Even the wild animals are reluctant
to enter in to the place of Yatnasala...
...Whose are these foot prints?
A seer a person like that
was not seen by me before.
Son you hear this and learn. A
person..Like that was not seen...
...By me before.Not as tall as
me but handsome than me.
Son stand in the front.. Here
and learn by watching.
Not as tall as me but
handsome than me.
Eyes of lotus petals.Long black
hair that is flown on to the brow.
On the neck and the hands
sparking 'Japamalas'
On approaching near so far, so
far..A fragrance in the air not known.
On approaching near so far, so
far..A fragrance in the air not known.
Are you the daughter of tutor Mani?
Yes.Come inside without
getting wet in the rain.
Dasappa she is the girl whom I told.
What is child's name?
Jyoth I .
At Kayamkulam where the tutor
Mani's house was situated now there... a big building, Baby Kuttan
had checked and told.
Child where are you staying now?
When father died things were in
real bad shape. Everything was lost.
Now in mother's brothers
house. At Kainagiri.
This is Devadas SargavedhPs...
I know. Have seen a
drama at Kayamkulam.
Vijayan might have told. The
main character in the drama.
The story of a sage.
The role of Vysali.
A character with lot of acting to do.
I haven't acted so far.
If you have the confidence
everything will be all right.
Many are coming to act like that.
Have you studied dancing?
At school..Little bit.
Completely wet do you
have any thing to change?
Yes inside the bag.
My wife Sudarma.
For the time being let her stay in
the camp itself is it not Dasetta?
Then enter with the right
leg ceremoniously.
This is our camp.
Later will meet all of us one by one.
Do you drink black tea?
No, don't want.
This is an inevitable
thing in the drama.
Black tea, donuts made of gram
and Dinesh beedi.(A local cigar)
Even though party men had
quit can the drama men leave it?
When she gets ready then we will
check with the rehearsal right away.
Sudarma make it fast.
How come every body's
face is brightened what is it?
Finally what was searched
came to us is it not Dasetta?
This child is okay.Not used to
acting is it not what she told?
Then you have lot of
experience is it not?
Radhachechi her eyes has
got a kind of shinning is it not?
A special attraction. She
has got a character.
It's in Dasappan's
hands to make her act.
Will be okay she came
with the rain is it not?
The rain will be heavenly
showered in the country.
"When a rain
showered in the dawn"
"Without sleeping whom
have you waited"
"Like the tip of a tender leaf"
"Like water droplets, the
love is there in your eyes"
"There it prevailed"
G.K where are you now?
A composing for a movie
of mine at Trivandrum.
My time is becoming
brighter hand full of films.
Became happy man!
When are you coming
this way? There is a thing.
Let me see tomorrow
I'm going up to Ernakulam.
At that time I'll come
through that way.
What's up with our saint?
Did you get the heroine?
Not only got one a girl
high above my expectations.
In the first rehearsal itself
she created an amazement.
Acting for the first time in life.
Though we have made
drama with lot of heroines.
A different kind of stage presence.
You just come and see
that's why I called you.
Where is it? Where
is saints hermitage?
On the direction to the
west. Far from these rivers...
...mountain passes, thick woods.
A beautiful land where all the
shades in this universe are painted.
Is there a land like that?
A universe which is more
beautiful than the forest.
Yes young man. The life and
customs out there are all different.
What you don't know what you
haven't seen I will show you the entire... of that universe.
Young man are you
coming with me?
Why did you stop?
Excellent. Is it not G.K?
Why not?
This fellow gets easily excited
it's always like that.
But in the case of Jyothi
no wonder how he got excited.
You really astonished me also.
Joesph it has come
out well this will do.
On putting the costumes, the Vysali
has come out good is it not Dasetta?
You do one thing.
Tomorrow itself hand over
all this to Pillachan.
Okay.Then Baby Kuttan
you also go and sleep.
Jyothi haven't you slept so far?
No there is test for P.S.C
I was studying.
Test! For what?
For job.
Then drama.
Don't know during the time of
fathefs death it was B.Sc. second year.
Because of debt and problems
couldn't complete the course.
From then on
started writing the tests.
Can't continue without getting a job.
Next Saturday is our drama's
inauguration. At Calicut.
Then daily with 1 or 2 shows
through out this season.
In the mist of this how
to go to write a test?
It's good on getting
a job. A fixed income.
Acting is also a profession
can you see like that?
I don't think I can do that.
Can do there is a big actress in
you more than what Jyothi thinks.
Perhaps an actress
who can show wonders.
Our this drama is the starting of that.
Go and sleep to settle
the current problems
I'm handing over
some money to mother tomorrow.
Go and sleep!
"Which beautiful dream curtain
have you arisen and come"
"Through which soft blue
sky have you come"
"Anointing with bliss did you dissolve
in the intimacy in the soul always"
"Like a thousand joyful
moon rise brightened within me"
"Which beautiful dream curtain
have you arisen and come"
"In your eyes the deep blue
sky is touched and taken"
"My expressions are being
copied by seven heavens"
"In your ornamental box of dreams
am 'I not a vermillion spot..."
" lustful lights at dusk
are being made"
"Without you never
does me or my life sustain"
"What else will remain
except darkness and lust"
What is your opinion
about our saint?
He is a poor fellow only
got little bit of muscle, useless.
That's all true but his interaction
with Jyothi is not that good.
Unnecessary touching and
nodding silly talks I have seen that.
A poor girl on seeing his muscle and
sugary words and if she clings on...
...his shoulders
we are the losers.
That's true!
It's me.
Open the door.
Open I say.
Mother have not come is it?
No while preparing
to start got delayed.
Tomorrow the play is
at Trissur is it not?
Told she will reach there.
What is it sir?
No nothing.
Sister'? I was sleeping.
Sir are you not sleeping?
Time is very late at night.
Close the door, close the door!
Play the saint and the Vysali only
on the stage not beyond that!
Did you understand?
Must remember that people
with you are seeing that.
Nothing like that as sir thinks.
Nothing doing. That will
not happen in my troupe.
May be you may not have intended
anything but that lad is not like that.
Once this drama is over he will
not be there in the Sargavedhi.
But you should be there you
must be there in this troupe.
Now I know your potentials
more than you know.
Yourtalent is not to end with one
play. You must love acting, drama.
Must posses an un-quenching
passion towards it.
For a director, for a writer an actress
who makes his character immortal...
...all kind of lustrous desires
I feel towards you.
There was no actress in
Sargavedhi before this to lure me.
May be selfishness or weakness
again you must be there in my life.
"Without you never
does me or my life sustain"
"What else will remain
except darkness and lust"
"Which beautiful dream
curtain have you arisen and come"
"Through which soft blue
sky have you come"
"Am' I the red flowered tree that
blossomed in your moon light"
"My world is here becoming fragrant"
"Is it not because of the
rhythms arising from your lute"
"My silence is becoming
musical consonances"
"Without you never does
me nor my dreams remain"
"What else will remain
except darkness"
"Which beautiful dream curtain
have you arisen and come"
"Through which soft
blue sky have you come"
"Anointing with bliss did you dissolve
in the intimacy in the soul always"
"Like a thousand joyful moon
rise brightened within me"
Am' I late?
Bakkar-ikka...why is all
sitting like this? No play today.
Yes we will reach there on time.
We are not doing for the first time.
Okay then fine.
How can people be
like this Dasetta?
Already we are late 5 to 6 hrs
running time is there is it not?
Has everyone reached?
No sister is just sitting like that.
Go and tell to get inside the vehicle.
Radhachechi come getup
Dasettan has started.
Sudarma don't create a scene.
Come and get inside the vehicle.
The acting is only required
on the stage not in life.
Where is this girl going?
Sudarma just wait!
Hey man! Tell her to get
inside the vehicle nicely.
Sister come get inside the vehicle.
There is a solution for everything.
Baby Kuttan move!
Radhachechimwhat is the problem?
Nothing everyone should have been
cautious when crossing the limits.
Start the vehicle.
She will come back. She has been
playing drama for the last 20 years.
It's not that she doesn't know that
drama is greater than everything else.
Baby Kutta might have gone home.
You take a taxi and go
to the spot and call.
What ever earth quake happens
she can kill and eat...
...anyone, time can be allotted to her.
But once the drama is over!
Tell her that.
Audience as part of
monthly program of...
...Dhrishya Fine Arts Society, Kollam.
Your life is decided by you. We all
are having only role in your play.
That must be only like that.
Who ever it may be.
For 16 years she has been
living trusting only you.
You didn't think all that is it not?
I will not blame this girl. On coming
along with your father from K.P.A.C.
I was younger than her.
Compatriots have told several
things about the relationship...
...between Radhamani and
Sargavedhi Bharathan.
On account of that have heard
lot of teasing and poking words.
Even your mother
had cursed me a lot.
I do not know what
you had thought.
Till death your father had not tried
to convince anyone, anything.
Radhachechi also never
felt that was required till now.
Where you have failed never once
had your father crossed the limits!
Sargavedhi Bharathan had
the mental strength for that!
How come you didn't posses that?
On saying 6:30 the time
is now 7 why not yet ready?
Begin fast V.I.P's are all present.
What? Is there any problem.
No nothing like that. Sir you
may go will start now itself.
In the first scene Sudarma is
there no. She is not seen yet!
Baby Kuttan has got a mobile is it
not? Why don't you call on that and try?
Get lost man! Had tried a lot
the phone is switch off!
Hey man ring the bell fast!
One taxi has come!
Has Sudarma not come?
Didn't come.
Das, it will turn up to a problem.
Called several times pleaded
really in an obstinate mood!
Where is Raji?
Change the role of maid
and put on her costume.
From now on you are
the mother of Vysali.
Baby Kutta in the script
where ever there is maid's...
...portion strike it off and tell her
where ever she has to act.
Then what about the dialogues.
Hey fellow! Do the prompting for that!
Even if the sky crumbles over if
anyone shows any kind of...
mobstinacy, the play will be staged!
No one imagine that Devadas
can be defeated like that!
Where ever succumb to failure
Devadas will not fail on stage!
On the Sargavedhi's stage Vysali
is more important than Vysali's mother!
Yes she is more important!
Revival from everything. Clear off
the old bushes and thickets in the...
...mind and coming back
as old Devadas.
Das, if you take effort you can
do it! But must take effort!
Today night think peacefully.
'Jwalam ukki(A volcano) - Drama'
After the 'Rishi
Sringan'(The saint)
Sargavedhi was
about to stage this drama.
I had mentioned that.
It's been 8 to 9 years till now
he has not written anything.
Not even a line!
Is it writefs block Devadas?
Can't say like that didn't feel
like writing. So didn't write.
In the case of many who can write
genuinely that's like that mostly...
...even if it's in the
literature or in Cinema.
You know what happens then the
country will be full of hymns of tadpoles!
Anyway since you have
brought him before me G.K
Let me shake hands with you.
Avoiding certain limitations of drama,
there is a excellent movie in this.
Some changes in the structure
should be done for cinema.
That can be done if he
and me sits together.
Let Devadas itself write
the script is it not G.K?
Why not?
No need sir that is not required
cinema is something which I don't know.
That and all sir you
do it by yourselves.
I've got nothing more to do in this.
Since he compelled,
only because of compulsion.
I'm giving this out of respect
towards a great director like you sir.
Like he said to clear off the old
bushes and thickets in the mind.
It felt like it's a
necessity for me also.
Devadas you wait as G.K told me
I've written and kept a cheque for you.
I do not know what is the
price perceived by you...
If it has fallen short kindly pardon!
Take it man!
Don't make me an
indecent fellow. Take it man!
Das, you don't consider this as a
failure, a rebirth for Sargavedhi.
First of all take back
the drama vehicle.
With the balance clear off the
debts dear one, freshen up and...
...put sandal-wood paste take
two shots sitwith pen and paper.
Writer's block and all
will be gone automatically.
Let a mind blowing piece of art
arise in your head for Sargavedhi.
The bar is in second floor.
"Awakening a new episode,
spreading out end of an era of blood"
"Continue the acts of multitudes let
the memories of hymns of people arise"
"Divine stages heavenly lands"
"The curtain has arisen"
"The life is about be enacted"
Here, take this now paper and pen,
start the war, don't say this and that!
The season is coming first of
all let a rocking title come first.
I'll manage rest of the things.
I always used to say
the drama is not dead...
...people like you must
put some effort.
There are few people like me in
this region awaiting for your drama.
After so many years every
body's soul got cooled.
Though I told to
shut down the troupe...
...out of despair it
was fire in the heart.
Just imagine his condition.
What a life he had lived!
That drama which was locked
and kept for 5 to 8 years... was like casting off a spirit!
After a very long time it was today
had seen Dasappan smiling.
Every 2 weeks used to fill
blood now it's weekly once.
Don't know how long will this
damaged vehicle will run daughter?
Before that
Radhachechi has a wish.
Like that drama's spirit was caste off
the spirit in your and Dasappan's...
...mind must be cast off.
Dasappan is going to
write a new play.
I'm going to tell him to
write a role for you also.
You should come
on stage along with him.
The relationship was
started on the stage before.
Again this should be
united through the drama.
Radhachechi that won't
happen in this life time!
Had Dasettan ever
accepted me as an actor?
I thought had given me the
consideration as a wife.
To evict me from the life and drama
it required a moment for Dasettan.
In the case of some
other people it wasn't like that.
That drama was locked
up in the box all this time...
...not on account of getting
any other actress is it not?
Whatever you people say for
me it's hard to think that spirit is...
...expunged so easily!
Radhachechi if you sit like this,
today's dialysis will be canceled.
Haseena you take her.
I'll go to tem ple and come.
MadammAd agency men are waiting.
I'm little tired tell them
to meet at the location.
He has come to the reception at
the downstairs. What should I say?
Don't know Anand you say!
"Which beautiful dream curtain
have you arisen and come"
"Through which soft blue
sky have you come"
"Anointing with bliss did you dissolve
in the intimacy in the soul always"
"Like a thousand joyful
moon rise brightened within me"
'Jwalamughi -A lady that
shines like a volcano'
An ordinary girl named Kamala from
a small village in Kerala reaches in the...
...streets of north India
Becomes Jwalamughi(A volcano)
by adding love, hatred and sex.
From her unusual experiences in life.
May be an actress like you who has
got a high degree of range can...
...only depict that on stage.
Really whom am Ito sir'?
Is it a lover, mistress or a character
who is dressed up on stage?
What is this Jyothi?
I feel dejected on myself!
Because of me what is lost is
sir's peaceful family life.
It doesn't matter. That is over!
With certain loses will
get some other gains.
Now it's you today going to
write the last scene.
This Jwalamughi!(A volcano)
Where? Where is Jwalamughi?
For those small closed doors
isn't her anklets that is sounding?
Is it that fragrance from her body
that is spread in these winds?
Isn't it for her that the entire street
is waiting forgoing the sleep?
Jwalamughi? Are you hearing the
sobs of this lonely singer?
OhlHeavens, director Lal Jose sir!
Please come!
Greetings, did my arrival
create any discomfort?
What discomfort?
This is Devadas Sargavedhi.
Have heard the name a lot.
Then when this G.K talks... and Sargavedhi comes in between ten
times in a minute.
We are on the
journey to Trivandrum...
...on telling about the final
rehearsal, Lal was very adamant...
...that he should see it.
What is there? It's a
pleasure, can sit here.
All of them are our
permanent artists.
I'm Kadavoor Manikandan have
come and met sir one or two times...
masking for a chance.
Might have not received is it so?
This is Jyothi Krishna!
The girl who had a rocking
performance as Vysali, didn't I say?
In this Jwalamughi!(A volcano)
In the new movie of sir both
hero and heroine are new faces.
What man?
Can I recommend?
Then sir shall we just carry on?
Come carry on.
You seldom sing these days. In this
'Geeth Mahal'(Palace of songs)...
...beside the small door in the
dark how many times had...
I been waiting for the song?
On the night on
coming to this street.
On the very frightening
night when my soul
and body was ripped
of by those vultures.
As a self-cry those divine
music that was wafting in my ears.
How come never
did I hear that again?
In each and every night when
the stars waits without sleeping.
When blood drips out from the
feet that is adorned with anklets.
How can I sing? I can't do
that Jwalamughi!(A volcano)
Dasetta started lodging in here?
For that she is not staying
here on your expenses.
Is it? Eh,'
No! I
Has she slept?
Sir what is the time now? There are
people staying in near by vicinities.
Don't we have to go
out and walk during day?
Hey girl!Why is that you
mother having a dislike?
Nothing people are saying this
and that, that's all what is said.
Do I have to go? Is it that I must go?
Not because of that.
Then if it's to convince people I don't
hesitate to tie a thread on the neck!
If you agree.
What ever who ever says
I cannot eliminate you!
Jwalamughi is now
my obstinacy also!
On the stage you are my strength.
Yesterday in the final
rehearsal you had defeated me.
Today, Lal Jose sir
had send some one.
Asked whether could
come to Ernakulam.
For what?
In the new movie as a heroine...
As a heroine..
No nothing had just
send the person that's all.
That G.K's recommendation is it
not? I guessed do you want to go?
I haven't told I will come.
Answer to the question
do you want to go?
No you won't go. More
over how can you go?
Tomorrow it's our
Jwalamughi's inaugural play.
This year every day we
have got the drama.
Simply if some one says
anything will you just go like that?
Jyothi without you is there this
drama tell me? Will you go?
Look! Without you
I won't have drama's at all!
What kind of a stupidity is this?
I will tell you one thing
if it's inaugural play means...
...that should be staged
in the premises after the...'s state committee.
I'm not answerable to just 5 or 10!
But 10,000 of them! Don't con!
Stop you fool!
She had cheated is it not? She
went top lough in to movies is it not?
Devadas what to do now? What
must I answer to committee people?
Everyone will stampede over
me and batter me to paste!
Not only today's play this
entire year there is booking!
What the hell are you going to do?
What to do? This year
no drama for Sargavedhi!
All of you pack up and get lost!
All of you cook and eat this!
For a creative person like you,
never should say a 'no' to you!
But today I must tell you
that Mr. Devadas.
Even though you
are the initial person...
...who first found an
actress like Jyothi.
I'm the one who had extracted
her talents as an artist.
As you know.
In my last 3 movies
she was my heroine.
In my last movie she has
secured an award also.
She had shared the olden
days entire life with me.
Many things which are
to be remembered and...
...many that are to be forgotten!
G.K don't you know the
relationship between us?
If the Jyothi's decision is
that I can never force her.
I don't have any other choice other
than Jyothi to be Jwalamughi.
What should I do Mr. Devadas?
When I asked she
answered in a single word.
Not interested to dig her past!
Enough! You can babble anything!
Can decide anything!
But he is the one
who started everything!
A relationship that was cut for 8 to
10 years I didn't know it was for this!
Good! You had become a reason to
fail in front of her once again!
You are one who is a real friend!
Now look! In front of this person also
you had made me in to a debtor!
He left after getting really hurt!
Was your decision little hard?
The story repeated again is it not?
So, don't I have my own rightness?
Even now I have respect to him.
I had adored him..Even before.
I was having lot of love also.
Even now that love is still
lingering some where as balance.
Thinking like that, is my life that is
to be surrendered below his feet?
Don't I posses the
right to leave for me!
On vouching and
deciding what is right to me.
Became little hard!
At that time and also this time!
Dasetta what kind of a speeding
is this? Where are we going?
Prabhakara...sell it or break it up.
Whatever you want do
and give what is there!
Now there is no need of this
one. Everything is over!
Dasetta what is the issue
what is the problem?
On getting old shouldn't keep
it must be thrown away!
Even if it's the vehicle or
troupe or human being!
There are some mike sets some
curtains are all inside give it to...
...some scrap shop!
Leave man!
Nothing is required again
burn everything down!
Once upon a time in your building
there was 10 to 30 offices...
...and boards of troupes.
It was all there is it not?
Finally, one by one
was closed down...
...only there was the
office of Sargavedhi!
Now after dismantling and throwing
that also everything is over!
Now the thing named
professional drama...
...we will all kill it by
squeezing it's neck!
There will be lot of rent arrears what
ever it is check the accounts and take it!
And then brother Kurup you
end this love towards drama!
What that is not required for the
'time' nothing is required for us also!
I will retain this bed for some more time.
I don't have no other place to go!
Dasappan's present situation
is like a kite with out strings.
No piece of mind thinking about it.
Before getting extinguished it was
the blaze-up, all that happiness and...
"hugging which lasted for
few days. That is over!
Now no one would have to dress
up and come out from homes...
"saying to act 'm dramas.
In the next 'Chingam'
(First month of Malabar era)...'s the 50th anniversary
of Sargavaedhi.
Enough now it's enough just
like the longevity of human being...'s also like that!
Must end at the time of ending!
"The black studded
bird singing alone"
"In your song which is like silk"
"Why is it so sorrowful can you tell"
"The boat which has gone to other
shore on reaching to this shore..."
"...will it not dark sky be brightened"
"Does the sleepless
nights be faded today"
"Does the tale of your
tear drops end today"
"The black studded
bird singing alone"
"In your song which is like silk"
"Why is it so sorrowful can you tell"
"Even after pecking
on honey dipped fruits"
"How come no sweet songs
on the lips left behind"
"No sweet songs left behind"
"Divine stages lands of heaven"
"Curtain is about to rise
life is going to be enacted"
'Drama is not an effort free
creative action on each step...'s a blood dripping self sacrifice'.
'A drama performer let him
be an actor, writer, director...
...I believe is always on the war front'
(The dialogues from various plays)
For the last 3 to 4 days lying in this
manner, in between will ask for alcohol.
If not purchased and given
it will end up in scoldings!
After drinking his mannerism is like
all the characters which were played...
...from the times of grand
father is with father!
Father! Father! Get up father!
Father it's me who have
come. Look father!
Where is it? TakelTake I say!
Father no need!
How come daughter is here?
Go, go to the college.
"How come the time has not come,
when will that time come, is it tolerable"
My beloved many a times I
prayed for you and pleaded but...
You didn't come.
Kindly come my love.
Maid! My heavens hallucinations!
Daughter did you see? Fathefs
grand father Ochira Pappukutty Asaan.
Have enacted as Vasavadatha.
(The story of a whore)
When he comes up on stage as
dressed in female form even the...
(seductive women) will fail!
That much grace is there on face
daughter did you see that? There!
(A hymn sung by saints)
Is it now the time has
come up on you?
This body which was glowing like
sun countries soldiers had chopped it!
Look daughter!
The legs and hands of Vasavadatha
On 7,000 stages had
Pappukutty Asaan played...
wand succeeded as Vasavadatha.
The golden era of Malayalam
drama had started from there.
Then what it is the same fate of
Vasavadatha for drama also...
...after chopping the hands and
legs drama is also dumped in...
...the funeral grounds, look!
Come father!
Come! Walk!
Tombs of who sacrificed!
Tombs of who sacrificed!
Father my wound is healing, all
ourwounds are being healed...
...the medicine for that is
found out by father.
Sir all the procession had come!
Up hold that flag! That flag is yours!
That flag belongs to your race!
That flag is going to
spread through out this country!
Did you see daughter's
grandfather K.P.A.C Bharathan?
On the stage he was a fire brand
a great artist which glowed on the stage.
I want to hold this!
I want to hold this! High..High..Up!
Look!When the drama was made in
to battle sword for the social change.
The last link of that lineage!
Daughter's father Devadas
Sargavedhi! Look my child!
A fool who enacts vigorously
on stage, where no wants it!
This is my father now! My father is
always in the land of memories of old...
...drama days which is lost.
Sometimes on waking up in those
intervals as if in a drama vehicle which is...
...running delayed to drama
location always in a hurry.
My father irritated always, sometimes
my father feels he is on some stage.
On watching sometimes
becomes Vasavadatha, in the drama...
...'You made me communist'
becomes comrade Gopalan!
Becomes several characters
staged by father and grand father.
As a creative persons with all the
weaknesses and lived with an...
mun-compromising attitude.
My mother was always
a lady with obstinacy.
The time will expunge all the
mistakes and obstinacy.
When mother came and touched,
like a child father obeyed!
Along with us holding the hands
of mother descended the...
...steps of the lodge.
In our small house on that day
for the first time our father!
After so many years on that day
father had the food prepared my mother.
With out any bad dreams father
quite well slept on that day.
Today sitting on the
threshold read the newspaper.
Old friends one after the
other came searching for father.
Today it was the birthday of father.
Then the days and nights of
happiness and peace of mind.
I and Malu converted my
room to father's room.
Father again started reading books.
We got back the fathefs love
which was hidden in the soul.
Tomorrow, mine and fathers, all of
our unforgettable day in our lives!
Patrons in the 50th year of
Sargavedhi we proudly presents.
Jwalamughi(A volcano) written
by Devadas Sargavedhi.
Direction - Priyamvada Devadas.
Respected ones
I'm Priyamvada Devadas.
Father's and grand father's and
my grand father's and by gone all...
...drama in the flame of their memories
I surrender this drama in the...
...feet of my dear father.
The golden era of drama must return
again. We new generation long for that.
"Divine stages lands of heaven"
"The curtain has arisen"
"The life is about be enacted"
Where? Where is Jwalamughi?
For those small closed doors isn't
her anklets that is sounding?
Is it that fragrance from her body
that is spread in these winds?
Isn't it for her that the entire street
is waiting forgoing the sleep?
Jwalamughi? Are you hearing
the sobs of this lonely singer?
For decades back, there lived a
street singer who lived in these streets.
And Jwalamughi who loved him.
This is not their story.
Those memories are
lingerings in these streets.
From the remains of that
a new age story emerges.
"Awakening a new episode,
spreading out an end of an era of blood"
"Continue the acts of multitudes let
the memories of hymns of people arise"
"Divine stages heavenly lands"
"The curtain has arisen"
"The life is about be enacted"
"The time is awakened in tales"
"Nights are moving like the sea"
"A tale of war staged on the
tip of a battle sword"
"A tale..A tale"
"A tale of war staged on
the tip of a battle sword"
"A tale..A tale"
"Shuddered on
hearing awakened an era"
"Holy rains deleted and
rewritten magical stage..."
" approaching vehemently"
"Divine stages lands of heaven"
"The curtain has arisen"
"The life is about be enacted"
"The time is awakened in tales"
"Nights are moving like the sea"
"Nights are moving like the sea" VTV