Nad Zycie (2012)

Olga Boladz
Michal Zebrowski
Danuta Stenka
Andrzej Mastalerz
Marek Kasprzyk
Is everything okay?
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It's the grand finale.
Great excitement, so close to victory.
It's the second time in history
that Poland can win the women's
European volleyball championship.
They must defeat the world champions
in this last game, here in Zagreb.
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The Italians attack again.
Rossi. Here it comes!
Agata Mrz blocks.
A point for the Poles.
What an incredible player
Agata Mrz is.
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Unfortunately, the rivals are
catching up to the Polish team.
The white and reds
only have a 1 point advantage.
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Nothing happened!
They need to calm their nerves
and prepare for this one last play.
Then you can enjoy the title...
Executive Producer
That's it! Game over.
That's the end of this grand finale!
The Polish girls are jumping with joy.
The final score is 25-23.
Directed by
Agata! Agata! Agata!
Turn towards me a little bit.
Head down.
Look at me.
Yes, hold that.
I got it. Cool.
Now put your hand down.
I can't believe
this is your first time.
I can't believe
I'm doing this at all.
It was beautiful.
Could you turn in that direction?
Stay like that. Hold it.
I got it.
The cover is ready.
I was looking for you.
And I'm just leaving.
Can I call you?
Good luck.
Good morning.
It is a good morning!
Agata, how great you came
to see me.
Hi, Julka.
I've got something for you.
What is it?
Super. Thank you.
Look what I got from Agata.
Can I have my results?
Quickly, okay?
I need to run for training.
Oh, yes. You're always
going like the wind.
Today you'll have to wait a minute.
The doctor wants to talk to you.
Doctor, Agata Mrz
is waiting for you.
Okay, excuse me.
Shall I prepare a discharge
for the patient in room 301?
She's not here.
Good, Agata. Baska, you managed
to screw it up again.
- What's up?
- Low! - Nothing.
C'mon, c'mon!
Ewa, I beg of you.
My grandmother has more energy.
Fast, move, move.
Don't stay still.
What is it?
I can see something's wrong.
Baska, play!
We're going to kick your butt again!
Girls, focus!
Show us some action.
What's wrong with you?
Let's play.
Ola, replace Agata.
No, I'll play to the end.
No discussion.
Ola replaces Agata.
Sit down.
Okay, 1 more time.
Marta, how's your leg?
Better and better.
I hope you know that if you play
in Japan like you're playing today...
The gold medal
is in the bag.
Agata, Agata's gonna be
the world champion.
You have 3 days off.
Do you have your medical results?
No. Didn't have time
to pick 'em up.
On Monday,
I want to see them on my desk.
Rest. Lie down and do nothing.
Agata stop!
But how?
People! Get out of the way!
Are you all right?
I'm okay. Thank you.
You know, you're lucky
that you caught me.
Because now I must
grant you three wishes.
Agata, please tell me
you didn't break anything.
No, I'm okay.
I' m safe. I was rescued.
Take care of yourself.
You're crazy.
You could have had an accident.
I'd like a big beer.
What's your name?
Can we meet in Warsaw?
I've been a fan of yours
since the beginning.
I've seen all your matches.
Man, where have you been?
Walking. Give me the key.
I want to hit slopes in the morning.
No way. You gotta stay.
Look who I met.
This is my friend, Jacek.
So you have a name.
Man, don't tell me
that you already know Agata Mrz.
Do you know her or not?
She's a famous volleyball player.
I thought she was a skier.
Okay, you're boring. Take the key,
get some sleep. You're embarrassing me.
- Bye.
Jacek, what time are we going
to meet on the slopes tomorrow?
I didn't know it
could be so dangerous.
I didn't think I could
break anything.
Fortunately, you helped me.
You saved me.
Well, what have you
come up with?
Your first wish.
A moment of silence.
Stop it.
Are you always like that?
Are you ever like that?
Come on. Now your turn.
What are we going to do now?
Strap on your skis.
Haven't you had enough for today?
Yes, I have.
Hold on. Wait a minute.
It's nothing.
It doesn't look like nothing.
That's a lot of blood
for such a small cut.
Squeeze it now.
You're rescuing me again.
Because I'll get used to it.
Did you think that I wouldn't
get the results?
Do you know what
these results mean?
Doctor, I've been sick
for 7 years.
Sometimes it was even worse
but I always get over it.
But not this time.
Now only a bone marrow
transplant can help.
When I get back from the championship
I'll take care of the transplant.
You must understand, you won't
survive the championships.
I can handle it.
Coach, I have always been able
to make it through.
not this time.
I'm not going to
give up.
Not now. I've worked
so hard for it.
Doctors are just talk.
I know I can handle it.
I am flying with you to Japan.
You leave me no choice.
You're removed from the team.
Coach, but you can't do this to me,
after all... not now.
You are no longer on
the national team.
I'm sorry.
I'm near your house
and I thought I'd come by.
Agata, wait.
You can't just walk away.
Come on, Agata.
Let me help you.
Are you okay?
What's going on, Agata?
Your doctor's not here.
But someone will come
see you soon.
Agata, I beg you.
Give yourself a little more time.
You'll do this bloody transplant
and we're gonna win more games.
Hi. You know who I am.
You know what to do after the beep.
Hi. You know who I am...
Is this the one you're calling?
Have you finished the project?
Man, this is another world.
Clinic, how may I help you?
Can you excuse us for a minute?
This is a medical consultation.
Good morning.
How are you, Agata?
Do you feel better?
In the evening you will
get a second unit of blood.
- And tomorrow, we will start.
- When can I be released?
Tomorrow we will start tests
for transplant eligibility.
We need to find you a donor quickly.
I don't want any tests.
- Dr. Zarzycki probably told you that...
- He told me.
When can I be released?
Your doctor will be here tomorrow.
Maybe he'll let you go.
But as long as you're under my care,
you're not going anywhere.
Coach what are your expectations
for the championship?
High. Our team is good.
The girls worked very hard all year long.
Where's Agata?
Baska, we're going.
Yes, coach.
Please. You can visit her.
We're the parents of Agata Mrz.
Which room is our daughter in?
Room number 24. Here.
Thank you.
A difficult ball.
We are having problems with reception.
Here's a chance for a counterattack.
Mistake in the pass.
The Poles have no chance to defend
against it. What a pity.
The Polish volleyball players are
in a foul mood.
They finish their performance at the
world championship in poor style.
They lost all their matches in
the second round of the tournament.
And were ultimately classified
at 15,16 position.
Can I get you something
to eat?
I don't want to eat.
So maybe you would like to
go for a walk?
Everything will be okay.
It will be good. You'll see.
What will be okay?
Can't you see that it's
over for me!
Agata? Hi.
I haven't seen you for years!
What are you doing here?
Why did you come?
Long live the newlyweds!
Kiss, kiss, kiss!
I'm glad you came.
Yes, hello?
Good morning.
Can I speak to Ms. Agata Mrz?
This is her.
I'm calling from the sports newspaper
and would like to ask you...
I don't have time.
We'll find a donor soon,
you'll see.
This wall makes no sense.
This wall.
Can we demolish it?
You want to take a hammer
and demolish it just like that?
Do you know how old
this house is?
My grandfather built it.
I have to go to work now.
You won't demolish anything
by yourself?
You know you shouldn't?
I know.
I'm not allowed to do anything.
You really don't need to
come here this often.
I thought I'd ask.
When we find a donor,
we'll call you right away.
Maybe there are other foreign
donor registers?
You know that Agata
has very unusual bone marrow.
But you said that we don't
have time, every day counts.
Believe me, we are doing
our best.
- Doctor, we're waiting.
- I'm coming.
Excuse me.
Faster, faster!
Now, listen.
Jacek! I love you!
Say that you're happy.
You've really surprised me.
This is how surprises work.
You should rest. You know that.
So I should sit at home and wait?
But I can't. I want to live.
Jacek, please stop.
What's wrong?
What's going on?
Do you hear me?
What is it?
I don't know. I feel sick.
Agata, your phone is ringing.
Can you hear it?
Hello, doctor.
Absolutely. I'll tell her.
Thank you very much.
Thank you. I'll call. Goodbye.
We got it.
We have a donor!
What's wrong?
Aren't you happy?
I'm pregnant.
Are you kidding?
But... you said that
in your state it would be
virtually impossible.
Everything can still work out.
We'll have children someday.
You'll see.
You just need to get better.
Listen, move there... if you jump
you need to hit it immediately. Okay?
Now. Fast.
Get up, get up!
Does you leg hurt you?
Girls, I've said it a hundred times.
On the court we fight to the end.
Got it?
You sure?
Fast changes. Quick pace.
Show me some fighting spirit.
Shall I go with you?
Good morning.
Please, come in.
Here are the results.
I think they're quite promising.
It's all normal...
It shouldn't be a problem.
We can set a date and try.
The donor is 40 years old,
a man who lives in Germany.
Leukocyte compatibility with your
bone marrow is 9 out of 10.
With your unusual antigens,
it's even higher than we expected.
The odds are good that
the transplant will be accepted.
We'll set the date for surgery
for 4 weeks from now.
You'll have to go through
some tests, including chemotherapy.
The day after tomorrow
you should come to my ward.
I'm pregnant.
Excuse me?
You're extremely irresponsible.
Do you realize the tremendous effort
it's taken to find you a donor?
Did anyone inform you about
the risks associated with pregnancy?
You should've avoided this possibility.
I'd love to have the baby,
and then have the transplant.
Do you want to postpone the transplant
until the end of the pregnancy?
Please tell me whether I can
give birth to a healthy baby.
She won't be able to carry it to term.
Why are we even talking about it?
We can check if the child is healthy.
Does the patient have a chance to
give birth? I think she does.
Do you really think she'll survive
pregnancy and then a transplant?
- Yes. I think it's possible.
- What are you talking about?
It's a death sentence.
Doctor, I'm going to stay with
my opinion.
But of course.
Easy. We're all doctors.
We can consider whether or not
it makes sense to take such a risk.
Yes, but in this condition becoming
pregnant is a woman's whim.
Please, think about it.
This is a bad decision.
This is irresponsible.
What did you do, Agata?
What's happening?
What's happening?
I want to give birth
to our child.
How do you think this can happen?
You could die.
But this isn't just about my life.
You shouldn't take such a risk.
I disagree.
But I've already made my decision.
When did the cramps start?
A moment ago.
Any bleeding?
Ultrasound, stat.
I gave her diastolic drugs.
There's been no miscarriage.
It was a small hematoma.
Which week is it?
The pregnancy is developing normally.
But it will be damn difficult.
Listen to me, Agata,
this won't work.
Girl, you have to think about
yourself. Help yourself.
You're not convincing me.
Then I don't know
what will happen now.
I'm not going to be involved.
Doctor, doctor!
The IV is done, I'll remove it.
Are you going to be
released today?
Because Dr. Zarzycki didn't say anything.
Because Dr. Zarzycki isn't my
doctor anymore.
Oh, and who is?
Dr. Bielecka.
So, what I should do, doctor?
Mrs. Mrz is to stay in the hospital.
Please prepare a bed for her.
- In the gynecology ward?
- No. In mine, the hematology ward.
Shall we give her some medication?
No. Absolutely no drugs
until delivery.
In your situation, all medication
can cause a miscarriage.
I want you to know
what you are signing up for.
If you have any infections
we can't cure you.
We can only do blood
Your wife will stay here
until delivery.
We need to sustain pregnancy until
month 7 to ensure the baby's survival.
It'll be a fight for
every week.
Why are you doing this?
Why are you giving her hope?
Sir, your wife...
She needs to get healthy.
She has to live.
And you must explain this to her.
The only thing I must do
is to help her as best as I can.
One more thing: "We are with you.
Faithful fans of Kielce."
No, thanks, I'm not eating.
Maybe I can cook something
for you, huh?
No thanks, Mom.
I want to help you somehow.
I know.
You know, Dr. Zarzycki said...
Mom, I know what he said.
But you need to understand
that since this all began...
I finally feel that my
life has meaning.
That all of this
is for something.
- Do you understand?
- I understand.
I understand.
Please go now,
because you'll miss the bus.
Bye, bye.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Oh, thank you.
We're running out of
blood for Agata.
Okay, thank you.
- Doctor...
- Yes?
We've run out of B negative.
We only have two units left.
We need to look everywhere for it.
If it runs out...
No, we must have it.
So I'll call the provincial supply.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Is there any chance that
you've changed your mind?
And you?
I'm tired. Go now.
She's 25 years old.
She's achieved great athletic success,
but now she faces a long
and difficult medical treatment.
One of our "Goldies" needs help.
In her case, the help has been
necessary for 8 years already.
Agata is closer to the transplant,
but she still needs blood.
Leukemia. You can fight it
and you can beat it.
One needs, however,
will power and support.
I wanted to ask all the fans
for blood donations.
It's not just about me,
it's about all the patients.
In hospitals there is a lack of blood.
By donating, you can help someone.
You can save someone's life.
Or even two lives.
- Good night, Doctor.
- Good night.
I never thought it would be given
to me to be a mom.
Leaving someone behind me.
This was my biggest dream.
Please, let the other patients
have such dreams as well.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
When did this pain start?
A couple of days ago.
Why didn't you say anything?
After all, I can't take
any drugs.
I can bear it.
Thank you.
Terrible pain, huh?
I know.
But won't it hurt the baby?
The infection will pass.
You'll just have to endure the pain.
What are you doing here?
Didn't you finish your shift?
I'm here out of boredom.
You can do it. I saw you once
in action on the court.
In Zagreb. When you won
the championship.
I was there for a medical
Were you so bored
that you went to the game?
No, we got tickets.
I had no clue that it was
that emotional.
I couldn't sit still.
Wow, I remember, this...
crazy women who jumped
in the stands.
So it was you?
Come on, please.
- Doctor...
- Just a moment...
Can I see you?
Oh, you see, here.
Can you see it?
A head.
And feet.
The baby's waving his hand.
And this is the heart.
- Do you want to hear it?
- Sure.
It's a girl.
She is developing properly.
I'm sorry.
I'm really scared.
I can't lose you.
Do you think that
I'm not afraid?
Agata, you're going to freeze.
Just a moment.
Please deal with it.
It's good that we have blood.
- It was Dr. Bielecka's idea?
- Yep.
But why is she doing this for me?
Her daughter would be your age now.
Is she dead?
I don't know. She ran away from
home when she was 16.
Agata, what's wrong?
I don't know!
Hold on, I'll call Dr. Jarosz.
The placenta is peeling off.
- Doctor, please save her.
- Easy. Don't be afraid. Calm down.
Blood. The baby's pulse. Stat!
We're taking her off.
Is this my daughter?
This is the first time I've seen
a premature baby scream like that.
Look, she's smiling.
Get up.
Hi, Lila.
She's beautiful.
Go to Daddy.
Daddy will give you binky.
Thank you very much.
Good luck.
Look how calm she is in your arms.
We can't wait. The transplant
must be done as soon as possible.
- How much time do I have?
- Two weeks.
But we need to do chemotherapy.
It'll destroy your bone marrow.
All your immune systems.
Until then, you have to be in
a sterile isolation ward.
Do I have to unpack now?
I'll give you one day.
Thank you.
Come back tomorrow.
But when did you do this?
You were with me the whole time.
I told you this wall
was stupid.
Lilka, welcome home.
You should go to bed.
Just a moment.
This is so small.
I want to ask you for a favor.
You're crying? Do you have her
pacifier with you?
But you have your binky,
why are you crying?
Why am I crying? Mommy will
give you a binky.
Daddy will. Now it's working, yes.
Look up. Oh, yes. You see.
Look around.
Please lie down, the doctor
will be here in a moment.
Your mom will take you now.
- Keep her head.
- Come to me, Lilka.
Don't cry.
Doctor, I have a request.
Everything went well.
Now we have to wait
until the bone marrow starts working.
She doesn't want to sleep.
Mom wants to look at you.
My little one.
Yes, there you go...
Don't cry.
Come on, don't cry.
Shhh... Dad's not going
I don't agree, do you understand?
Doctor, but this bed is already free.
It's not free. The patient will
come back. Do you understand?
Okay. I'll pass on your decision.
What happened?
Agata's in intensive care.
Sepsis has developed.
What does this mean?
A bacterial infection.
The body has no defenses.
Azactam won't do anything.
It's in the same group of antibiotics.
But rarely used. The bacteria
could have lost its resistance.
Maybe we should give her amikacin.
She won't survive the next dose.
I don't know. They only have Azactam
in Katowice.
We can't get it here on time.
Where in Katowice?
It's not going to help.
Please say your goodbyes.
Be happy.
I don't regret my decision.
If I had to choose again,
I'd make the same choice.
I am happy. I'm leaving fulfilled.
This movie is dedicated to the memory
of Agata Mrz-Olszewska.