Naam Shabana (2017)

Yes, sir.
I need a 'go-ahead now, sir.
He's all alone.
No, I don't know how.
What's the point in apprehending him?
Where are we going to keep him?
Even the closest safe house
is 12 hours away.
Do we have a feed?
- Just sound.
Patch it through.
In a moment.
Yes, sir.
This is a rare opportunity, sir.
Let's take him out, sir.
Do you know that the value of
that cocaine is 5 million US Dollars.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
- Yeah...
Srini just sent this from Vienna.
It's confirmed... that's Mikhail.
Q Kay-
See you.
- Bye.
Freez. Don't move.
Give me one...
Out to loot us all of you.
L-low about some snacks'?
Coach has ordered me not to.
You and your coach...
Can I eat?
The doctor's told you not to...
Sorry, ma'am.
No, not you.
- Just a minute, mother.
Are you a ma'am?
Shabana, wait!
He said sorry!
Sorry, mister.
So sorry.
What are you doing?
What are you doing, man?
Let it be.
Mother, I've to attend
training after college today.
So I'll be late.
Looking amazing, Shabana.
- Shut up.
And therefore we can conclude...
That liabilities are all the money...
...that a company
owes to outside parties.
From the bills,
it has to pay to its suppliers...
To the interest on the bonds that
the company has issued to creditors.
And of course, then there is...
Jai, my b0)-
Yes, sir.
Would you like a
pillow and blanket too?
No, sir.
Then would you be so Kind enough
to explain to the rest of the class...
...what is the difference
between 'Liability? and 'Asseti.
Sir, liabilities are...
Liabilities are...
Sir, liabilities are...
Shhh... listen to him...
Sir... Sir, I mean...
Assets are the most
important part of social...
Social? Please...
don't tire yourself out.
If you don't mind,
may I try to explain?
Thank you.
Do you mind raising your hand? Go on.
Now students...
...that's a liability.
That's quite enough,
you can put your hand down. Lower it.
Now may I request the rest of your
students to please raise your hands.
All of you.
Jai, my boy...
these are called assets.
Got it?
Sorry, sir.
I guess the 'liability? will
be paying today's bill as well.
Stop it, you guys.
- You're so stupid.
Why didn't you just say
one of those Santa-Santa jokes?
Which one?
A drunk guy is a liability...
...and a drunk girlfriend is an asset.
That's a good point.
Come, Priya,
we'll get late for our training.
Yes, guys.
- Bye.
Okay bye.
- Bye, Shabana.
See you guys BYE-
Bye, Shabana.
What's wrong?
Jai, you didn't run after her yet.
Are you feeling okay?
I don't know what to do with her?
I've been hitting on her forever.
But she never responds.
For the last one year,
I just pick her up and drop.
In fact, fuel prices dropped twice...
...and was even raised once.
But I am still where I was.
I was an asset...
...but now I am just a liability.
Jab cross.
Go hard...go hard.
Jab cross.
Knee. Jab cross. Front. Front.
Jab cross. Hook.
Jab cross.
What are you doing?
Jab cross.
Jab cross.
Jab cross.
Jab cross.
Jab cross.
I want a gold tomorrow.
Come on, Jab cross.
Knee... kick.
Your driver's here.
We | | ...see you.
- Bye.
Tomorrow's my birthday.
Tomorrow's my tournament.
Your tournament isn't at night.
L-low about we go on
a date in the evening.
This birthday won't come back.
You're staring at me,
what does that mean?
Yes or no?
Hey driver, don't get any ideas.
I'll tell you tomorrow.
Shall I serve dinner?
Mother, it's Jai's birthday tomorrow.
So he's inviting me on a date...
I mean dinner.
Do you want to?
It's delicious, mother.
I haven't thought about it.
Does he know you share
everything with me?
He doesn't know that you're
more of a friend than a mother.
My tournament's tomorrow, mother.
Don't forget to pray for me.
Come on!
Sujata! Sujata! Sujata!
Sujata! Sujata! Sujata!
Sujata! Sujata!
[Speaking foreign language]
[Speaking foreign language]
In white corner, Sujata Raina.
And in the blue corner, Shabana Khan.
Come on, Shabana. Come on!
Sujata! Sujata! Sujata!
Don't let her go.
Come on, Shabana. Come on.
Come on.
- Yes.
Yes, you've got this. Come on.
- Come on.
Don't let her go.
How's the place?
It's beautiful.
The place belongs to my friend's dad.
Usually, it's closed on Mondays.
But it's open today...only for you.
I've been planning to
bring you here to impress you.
Happy birthday.
Thanks, Shabana.
It's cheaper than
what you're wearing...
...which indicates that you're
going through a bad time right now.
That's the problem... don't know
what I am going through.
I see...
What are you going through?
Right now everything
is at a standstill.
It's my best birthday ever.
Good...then have fun while it lasts.
Why so bitter?
What is your problem?
You know you're very lucky.
I see... Why?
You strive really hard...
to hide your emotions... put up a strong front...
You can stop doing
that in front of me.
Because anyone else...
...would've been frustrated
by now and run away.
Do you know how...
how much I tolerate you'?
You don't know the
value of this driver.
I don't...and yet I am sitting here.
Did you ever share anything
about you with me?
Maybe I am worried.
If I do, then maybe
my driver will run away.
Then you don't know
anything about your driver.
This happened five years ago.
Father was an alcoholic.
Typical wife and child beater.
After he got drunk...
...he couldn't control
his tongue or his hands.
I grew up watching all this.
I would be amazed when...
... | would go over
to my friend's place...
...and see that it
doesn't happen with them.
Even the fathers love their children.
And the conditions in
my home were getting worse.
'That was a bad night.'
He had a bad episode.
'And mother was at the receiving end.'
For God's sake leave me!
Mother was crying out my name.
I don't know how
I...hit him so hard...
He died.
My... my own father.
'I was sent to the
juvenile remand home.'
'I stayed there for two years.'
You say that I don't share.
I shared this.
Can I say something?
No, please don't.
I love you, Shabana.
Now you're taking
advantage of your birthday.
Will you believe
it if I say it tomorrow?
And why exactly do you love me?
I guess no boy has ever
said this to another girl.
But whenever I'm with you,
I feel really safe.
Even mother had a love-marriage.
Concentrate on your studies, Driver.
Don't get into this hassle of love.
You've got it all wrong.
Your life's getting wasted...
...mine is just started.
Because you're with me.
"The journey of my
hands...tovvards yours..."
"Every day..."
"Every day..."
"Your eyes convey...something
to mine..."
"Every day..."
"Every day..."
"Every day I think..."
"...where am I lost these days?"
"Every time I see you..."
"...even my wounds start
smiling without a reason..."
"Sweep me away like the winds,
comforting me..."
"Every day..."
"Every day..."
"The journey of my
hands...tovvards yours..."
"Every day..."
"Every day..."
I hope it's not too late.
Not at all.
Then...why don't we
go over to Shoaitds house.
His mom and dad are out of town.
His house must be empty.
Just drop me home.
I knew it.
I love you.
- Huh?
What did you say?
- Nothing.
What was that?
- I didn't say anything.
"Tell me how long...can
I Keep looking at you."
"Tell me how long can
I Keep looking at you."
"It's always less..."
" matter how long I look at you."
"Every day I think..."
"...that I can live
with this feeling."
"if you Keep meeting
"Every day..."
"Every day..."
"The journey of my
hands...tovvards yours..."
"Every day..."
"Every day..."
- Our day's made.
She's running... wait-wait. ..
- Hey, beautiful.
L-low about we give you a ride today'?
- Friends.
Stop going around with
that good-for-nothing.
Just stop ahead.
Ignore them, they are drunk.
Full high voltage.
She's made me sober again.
Bye. See you.
What's the point of it now?
You shou | d've said it on their face.
It's not about courage, Shabana.
One should know when to step in...
...and when to back off.
Shabana, no.
- Just a minute...
- Let her come...
She is coming.
Hi, beautiful.
Come on.
Hold her.
Damn it.
Leave her!
Hold her.
- Hold her down.
Jai, look back.
Jai, look back...
- Shabana.
- Karen.
- Karen.
Jai, get up. Jai.
Hold her.
- Go.
Leave me.
- Come on.
Let's go from here.
Leave me.
Leave me!
Leave me!
Forget her. Let's go.
Let's go.
Jai... Jai...
Jai... Jai...get up.
Don't do this to me.
Jai...get up.
Get up. Get up.
Jai... Jai...
Jai... Jai...
Jai...get up... get up.
Get up.
Jai, please... Help!
Anyone, please help.
Please help!
Help. Jai...
I am sorry... Please take care.
Wait... wait...
Please... Shabana.
Please... Shabana.
I am sorry...
I am sorry...
Shabana, no.
'But whenever I'm with you,
I feel really safe.'
Get it down.
Get it down.
Grab. Grab.
Submission. Go.
You don't even remember
the number plate.
Even the description is quite vague.
This will take time.
But, sir, it's been three months.
At least now... Please.
These things take time... they do...
You know what...
Tomorrow... No.
Come back day after tomorrow.
I'll do something.
Now go.
Sir, at least do some work.
You shouldn't stop working completely.
What did she say? Say that again?
Nothing, sir...
Say it...
- Nothing, sir. We'll leave.
Say it again.
Come, Shabana. Let's go.
Your attitude is what killed that boy.
- I know all about it.
Someone's always dying around you.
Shabana, let's go.
Shabana, let's go.
Let's go.
And need to come
back day after tomorrow either.
Come back next week...
when your mind cools down.
What were you blabbering
in there, Shabana?
You should stay calm.
Hello, Shabana.
Who is this?
Need you to be alone.
Get rid of Priya.
I'll call you back in 1O minutes.
Who's this?
It was a military green jeep.
Go to lrani Caf and wait for my call.
Who was that?
Shabana...who was that on the phone?
Priya, you 9O-
I need to buy something for mother.
But who was on the phone?
Let's meet tomorrow.
Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Okay, fine. Take care.
Can I get you something, ma'am?
- Okay.
Hello, Shabana.
I have a proposal for you.
Who is this?
Well, you can say that I am
speaking from one of the agencies.
What agency?
That's the end of your
questions now it's my turn.
I need some answers, can I start?
Do you want to know
who those four were?
What will you do if you find out?
I want justice for Jai.
I want to kill them!
Can you repeat that for me?
I want to kill those murderers!
Nice to hear that.
You know what...
I started giving
up on your generation.
You know I thought these
tablets and smartphones...
...was depleting your sensitivity.
It's nice to hear someone
talking about revenge... the voice of pain.
Tell me something...
You don't want them
to be booked by the law?
I don't trust the law anymore.
Why don't you trust the lavv anymore?
It's been three months...yet no clue.
Can't be incompetence, right?
You're right.
It took me only an hour
to get that jeep's license plate.
There's a coffee shop, four shops
and six buildings oh that road...
...and their CCTV cameras cover
the road where Jai was murdered.
So it can't be incompetence.
It's an effort to save those four.
So my final question
and proposal to you, Shabana.
You'll get the information you want.
As well as all the help you need.
But after you're done
tying up your personal agenda... must do something
for us... Our agency.
Let me tell you...our
agency knows no limits.
Those who work for us...
...go beyond all limits
to do their duty.
So Shabana...
I'll call you back tonight
at exactly 1 am.
Your answer will decide our next step.
Think carefully, Shabana.
As Jai said... should know when to step in...
...and when to back off.
Tomorrow at 2 pm,
be at the same lrani Caf...
...where you were today.
Carry a Cadbury 5 Star...
...and Bluetooth earpiece with you.
Okay. Bye.
Can I ask you something?
You guys have been
keeping a watch on me...
Following me around...
Could you have...saved Jai from dying?
And no!
You were not one of us then...
If you had been...we
would've stopped them.
We really look after our own, Shabana.
But in your case,
all we could do was...
...we sent the police and
ambulance before you could call.
What else do you know?
We know everything about you, Shabana.
Your mother. Your father... Sorry...
You don't like talking
about him, right?
We've your entire life on a pen-drive.
But it's not a blackmail
or a threat call.
It's a deal.
We'll only proceed if you agree.
Do we have a deal, Shabana?
Welcome to the agency, Shabana Khan.
Thank you.
All the four of them are from Delhi.
And currently,
they are hiding in Goa...
...which is a good thing for us.
Put everything back
inside and start walking.
I need you to take a small test.
To understand how prepared you are...
...and what kind of help
you're going to need.
Just follow my instructions.
On your right, there's a man coming
towards you with a brown packet...
It has a loaded syringe.
Take it.
Don't worry we only need
to make someone unconscious.
Keep walking straight.
This test involves a lab rat...
...who is going to die today.
Exactly 150 meters ahead of you.
He's one of our informers, lmran.
His life is in danger.
Someone's leaked information
that he works for us.
And he's going to be murdered today.
His assailant is exactly behind him.
You must save | mran's life.
Take a good look at the streets
and lanes around you, Shabana.
Now move.
It's too crowded. Turn left.
There's an entrance on your left.
Take the stairs.
We'll use the roof.
Be don't have much time.
Yellow t-shirt... All yours.
You're good, Shabana.
Were you scared?
- No.
You wouldn't have let
anything happen to me.
You said the Agency
really looks after it's own.
The man approaching from
the front will hand you a packet.
It contains cash, phone,
ticket and hotel booking details.
You must leave for
Goa tomorrow morning.
I'll call you back.
Good luck.
What's this tournament now?
It's a private tournament, mom.
It's only a matter of three days.
What about accommodations,
food etcetera?
It's an invitation, mother.
Why are you so worried?
Because you're not
looking me in the eye.
Do you trust me?
- Not that nonsense.
ls everything okay, Shabana?
Mother, if you ever feel I am lying...
...then please stop asking
any more questions.
Just have faith that I
am not doing anything stupid.
I always share everything with you.
You've always done what you wished.
You know, mother...
I couldn't tell Jai that...
All of them are
staying at Golden Sand.
They have a set routine.
Partying from dawn to dusk.
Their ring-leader Karen...
...he's the spoilt brat
of a spoilt IVILA father.
The other three are his sycophants.
They stay holed up at the
Shack on Anjana beach, the whole day.
Disco and booze at night.
They like Russians.
They go to Club 10.
You have 48 hours.
I will call you back tomorrow.
The plan will be all yours,
I'm just helping.
"First you torment us..."
"...and then you charm us."
"We don't know this attitude,
"First you torment us..."
"...and then you charm us."
"We don't know this attitude,
"We've been waiting
for so"
"We're ready to surrender completely,
"We love to par-tymmore than life."
"O heart sing along..."
"Sing this song when you're high."
"O heart sing along..."
"Sing this song when you're high."
"O heart sing along..."
"Sing this song when you're high."
"O heart sing along..."
"Sing this song when you're high."
"O heart sing along..."
"Sing this song when you're high."
"O heart sing along..."
Come on...
Let's go to the room.
"O heart sing along..."
- Bye.
- Goodnight, Karen. Goodnight.
You want to have fun.
What have you decided?
Sir, I am only going to Kill Karen.
I want the others
to live and die in fear...
...for the rest of their lives.
Just like me, in guilt.
I'll go to their hotel tonight,
and wait.
I will Kill Karen in his
room after the girl leaves.
Sir, but hotel means
CCTV cameras and all.
Don't worry, we'll handle it.
Do you need something?
Nothing, sir.
I'll manage.
All the best.
You only have tonight.
Sir. there someone out here,
to help me?
There is.
Was he at the bar yesterday?
We've sent one of our best, Shabana.
You're special for us.
And this is important for you...
...that's why we're indulging.
this doesn't concern us at all.
You're made for something else.
All the best.
I know...
Listen you. You have to try.
- He's becoming a bit mad.
L-low can you be so sure'?
The party was fun.
Whoever try.
That's amazing.
Who is it?
What the...
You think he'll wake up.
He was quite busy last night...
- Karan...
He will.
Open up.
- Ring it again.
Come on...
- Karen.
- Karen.
I guess he got really high last night.
He isn't sober yet.
Who are you?
Let's call the housekeeping guy.
Come here.
- Come on...
What happened?
Come on...
Open this door.
That's not my job, it's the Managers.
You okay?
No manager will..
- Open up...
Open up...
- I am manager, we're the boss.
Don't waste time, Shabana.
Get to the airport
and catch your flight.
Shabana... did very well.
I'll call you back.
But from now'll be only for us.
There you are Shabana.
I've been looking all over for you.
Yeah... I was just leaving.
Let's at least walk
together till the canteen.
No... maybe some other time.
- Shabana...
What is this? And for hovv long?
We all are hurt!
But we have to move on, right?
That's what I am doing.
Moving on.
See you.
Hello, Shabana.
Are you rested?
- Yes.
Time for us to meet.
I'm texting you the address and time.
See you.
Okay, sir.
Hello, Shabana.
Hi, sir.
For you.
One must be prepared.
In our profession,
one must always be prepared.
It's actually very simple.
National Defense has two aspects.
One, which is visible to all.
Army-Navy-Air Force...
Which are legit,
recognized institutions.
Their work is appreciated.
They have a uniform,
a designation, respect.
They are the pride of the nation.
And the other us.
We work in anonymity.
No uniform, no designation...
The only silver lining is that...
...we do is even beyond
their comprehension.
Life is bad...
And death is worse.
Our agency has only one agenda.
National Security...
At any cost.
Shabana, you'll be prepared
for every possible situation.
And we'll use you when the time comes.
In India as well as abroad.
You will have a life...
which will be fake.
And you can do anything you like.
But when we need you,
you'll work for us.
But why me, sir.
Females are born with
an extra strand in their DNA.
Men need gadgets.
Women are already pre-configured.
They are born spies.
Plus your talent, your aptitude,
makes you unique, Shabana.
But what if I can't do it, sir?
At any given time, we are tracking
more than 15,000 candidates.
And only pick four...every year.
We've been tracking you since
the days of your arrest and remand.
You were not ready last year,
but this year you are.
We want you to be a field agent.
Because of my religion.
That's a perk for us.
And it's a good thing that
you have a view about your religion...
...which is different from any
typical Hindu or Muslim politician.
And thank God for that.
Of course, that's an advantage.
Owing to the current situation,
...your religion gives us extra access.
Opens many doors for us.
I always wanted to represent
India in sports at the highest level.
I you want
to waste your talent.
Shabana, those who know their
motive in life are the lucky ones.
Because the entire world
is running after fame and fortune.
But how many do you know would
like to choose a glorious death'?
One of us protect millions.
You would wonder
whether it's worth it.
So Shabana, this is your last chance.
It's your life, your call.
Tomorrow at 11 am, you'll
receive a call from a cable-guy.
Your handler.
Whatever your answer, just tell him.
See you, goodnight.
Keep a strict watch on her.
If you see anything suspicious,
finish her.
Where's the taxi?
Where do you want to go, madam?
Take me home, mister.
- Yes.
L-low long has the
cable not been working?
Not working?
It was fine last night.
Hello, madam.
I am speaking from Preetam Cable.
Do you want the new scheme?
Fine, meet me at 2 pm
along with a photo ID.
I'm texting you the address.
Thank you.
At least turn on the cable now.
Okay, madam.
Travel agent...
Cable-guy, courier guy, your
accountant...your driver...your maid...
They all know a lot about your life.
That's why if I want
to get in someone's home...
... | offer them a broadband connection.
If they want it, it's good.
Otherwise, I give them a free offer.
Three months free...
100 GB free.
Everything free.
And the people just love
hearing the word 'free'.
Where are you taking me?
In here, I am your benefactor.
Sir said that you're swift.
But I want to see how swift.
Didn't sir tell you that
all this isn't required anymore?
He did...
But I requested him to see for myself.
I am waiting outside.
You have only 3 minutes.
If you come back in 3 minutes,
then very good.
If you don't, then very bad.
Best of luck.
...don't embarrass me.
Amazing... Wow!
Bloody morons.
That's not true, Shabana.
We could be anything but morons.
From now onwards you
will address me as sir.
This is your lesson no. 1
staring at your face...right now!
Never ever take
anything at face value.
I've been given the responsibility
of training you in a month.
That's your room.
That's where you'll stay.
You can go home on Sundays.
We have your bank account details.
The money will be
deposited every month.
We don't give any appointment letters.
Go home...
Lie to your mother...
...and start packing.
"The the eyes..."
"...cannot drown the dreams."
"The wind...or the storm..."
"...cannot break the stars."
"The wounds of the heart..."
"...only makes you strong."
"There's a story.
"...which time wants to convey."
"lam still alive..."
"l am still here..."
"There's a ray of light..."
" this pile of ashes."
"lam still alive..."
"l am still here..."
"There's some life...still left in me." happens during practice.
"My feet haven't forgotten..."
" to tread down
impossible trails."
"So what if I was defeated
a number of times..."
haven't forgotten how to fight."
"My feet haven't forgotten..."
" tread down impossible trails."
"So what if I was defeated
a number of times..."
haven't forgotten how to fight."
"Even today my heart's a rebel..."
"...that's all I need."
"lam still alive..."
"l am still here..."
"There's a ray of light..."
" this pile of ashes."
"lam still alive..."
"l am still here..."
"There's some life...still left in me."
"lam still alive..."
"lam still alive..."
Hello sir. Tony has arrived.
When did he arrive in Malaysia?
This morning, sir.
Team Alpha got tipped
off from the airport.
It's three nights stay.
We even checked with the airlines.
He's flying back
to Dubai on Wednesday.
It's a confirmed intel, sir.
So we've three nights.
Put him on surveillance.
Find out his pattern.
We'll take him out on the last day.
I am arranging the backup.
Bloody g | utton's been
eating for two hours.
And I can't even...
Yeah, he should be
concerned about us, right?
Shut up.
He's coming...
He's coming out.
He's going alone.
He's left alone
without his security.
He's driving himself.
Do we have a visual?
- Negative, sir.
We're tailing him.
- Keep me posted.
Sir. least tell
me what's the story?
Who is this Tony?
I'll get distracted...
...and also know who is
putting pressure on my kidney.
Two people are putting
pressure on your kidney.
This is | \/Iikhae | ...a.k.a. Prince.
Arms Dealer.
Jaish... | | \/I...Lashkar.
The one-stop shop for
everyone's arms requirement.
We've been trying to
catch him for 1O years now.
RAW... | nterpo | ... | S | ...
This is the only picture they have.
And it's two years old.
Hard to spot... nor a voice sample.
No fingerprint.
He's a ghost.
1 1/2 years ago we finally
tracked him down.
Two of our men died...and
he barely managed to escape.
After that, he disappeared...
Completely off the grid.
And this is Tony.
The means to catch that big fish.
Small fish.
He deals in flesh trade.
Women trafficking.
It's believed that he
has the blessings of Ivlikhael.
He's been quite active in South-east
Asia for the past few months.
In fact,
same customers, same interest.
If anyone's seen Ivlikhael recently...
...then that's Tony.
So Gupta... cut the long story short.
If we can get to Ivlikhael through Tony,
and eliminate him.
Then this will be
the biggest operation... the last 1O years amongst
all the world's agencies.
Maria. Maria.
Zoom in there.
Sir, this is torture.
My organs are confused now.
I cannot wait any longer.
Sir, he's on a date
without his security.
It's just him and a girl.
We should go for him.
Ajay is landing in
Kuala Lumpur today evening.
Sir, that will be too late.
He'll give us the slip.
We don't have a safe-house.
Where will you interrogate him?
Sir, we'll turn this
place into a safe-house.
We'll manage, sir.
Okay, go.
Isn't this great...
First, he ate for two hours
and then came here for dessert.
Where's Ivlikhael, Tony?
Stop! Stop...
I don't know.
He always meets in a new place.
L-low do you contact him'?
No one contacts Ivlikhael.
Ivlikhael contacts everyone.
Who are you guys trying
to find and where?
You've better chances of finding God.
Go back...
And tell them to stop
wasting their time and money... trying to find Ivlikhael.
And wait for him to die.
What's this?
If you're of no use to us...
...then what's the point
in keeping you alive?
Hold on...hold on, please.
I want safe passage to Dubai.
And you won't lay
another finger on me.
I have only one lead.
I can give you that...
...and the rest is up to you.
- No...
No deals for you.
Then why did you stop?
Finish me.
Your tip should be right, Tony.
There's a doctor... Berlin, Germany.
Adolf Beckenheimer.
You can try getting information...
...about Ivlikhael out of him.
Which picture of Ivlikhael do you have?
Two years ago.
Do you
Ivlikhael looks like now?
And you've set out to get him.
Adolf Beckenheimer
is a plastic surgeon.
The best.
Some time ago, Ivlikhael went to him...
...and changed his face.
If anyone knows anything about him,
then that's the doctor.
Ivlikhael goes to him
for follow-ups as well.
Good afternoon ma'am.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
I have to go to the toilet.
I thought you had
to be smart for this job.
Why does anyone go to the toilet?
Sorry... Sorry...
Gupta, release him.
Take him along.
And listen,
if he makes one wrong move, shoot him.
Sir, the information was right.
He is completely changed.
Send me a scan.
Send backup to the last coordinate.
Ask them to clean up.
Sir, the constructive
surgery was too good.
We cou | d've never known
that Tony is Ivlikhael.
Multiple jaw surgeries.
The lower jaw has been cut.
See here...
The chin line has been
achieved through skin grafting.
Doctor, while you're
at it...make me more handsome.
Hair transplant, skin tightening...
And finally,
he had his frontal teeth removed...
...and replaced with artificial
teeth and got this look.
It's an extremely complex,
painful and risky procedure.
Sir, this is why he
has fooled all the agencies.
If we don't catch him
in the next 48 hours, then...
Where is Shabana?
Get changed and come out.
Yes, sir. Where are we headed?
Shabana, it's time.
Time for what, sir?
Time to get killed.
Sir, can I ask you something?
L-low are you so motivational?
Hi, sir.
- Hi.
L-low are you'?
I am fine.
These walls gets to me...just a sec...
Are you ready?
Don't know, sir.
Come, let's find out.
Ivlikhael. ..arms supplier.
One of the world's most wanted.
All the agencies in
the world are after him.
Ivlikhael controls Bangladesh,
Pakistan, Afghanistan and India...
...and supplies arms.
And the same arms network... used for drugs
and human trafficking.
It's believed that his market
share in this region is 75%.
We've been bleeding
everywhere because of him.
Last year, Ivlikhael changed
his face after surgery.
So Tony a.k.a. Ivlikhael duped us...
...and managed to give us the slip.
You mean he's out of our grasp.
Not exactly.
So someone did the standard procedure.
- Yes, sir.
When Tony was unconscious
Ravi injected him with a tracker.
On his toe-nail.
Precisely, sir.
We know where he is, until...
Until he doesn't get a pedicure.
Which he did today.
Because the dot stopped moving, sir.
Last he was in Ivlelaka.
This is our only chance, sir.
We shouldn't delay anymore.
Otherwise, he can disappear again.
This is our do what, sir?
To eliminate Tony.
This battle is never going to end.
What matters is who has the
higher score on the point table.
Us...or him?
We can move a step ahead...
...vvhen we push them two steps behind.
In that case, we should go after Tony.
I won't ask you about your plan.
But keep as few people
in the loop as possible.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, what about the 'Baby project'?
There's a meeting next week.
You know these idiots.
They are always sleeping
until there isn't a blast or two'?
By the way, who is this girl
that you're so confident about?
Sir, Name's Shabana.
You will land in Kuala Lumpur
and head straight to the hotel.
And wait for your team leader's call.
He's already arrived.
And by the time you get there...
...he must already have a plan.
Thank you, ma'am.
"Let's brush aside the world...
"...and have fun."
"Let's brush aside all the bonds...
"...and get high."
"Let's brush aside the world...
"...and have fun."
"Let's brush aside all the bonds...
"...and get high."
"The nights.
"The nights are really long."
"The talks are getting crazy."
"Let's do something.
"...going beyond all the limits."
"The heart's being naughty..."
"...because it's become shameless."
"The heart's being reveling..."
"...because it's become shameless."
"It's become shameless."
"It's become shameless."
"There's nothing wrong
in being a little spoilt."
"We're selfish and
the heart's greedy too."
"The world objects meeting openly..."
"...yet the heart never
stops from meeting at nights."
"There's nothing wrong
in being a little spoilt."
"We're selfish and
the heart's greedy too."
"The world objects meeting openly..."
"...yet the heart never
stops from meeting at nights."
"The nights.
"The nights are really long."
"The talks are getting crazy."
"Let's do something.
"...going beyond all the limits."
"The heart's being naughty..."
"...because it's become shameless."
"The heart's being reveling..."
"...because it's become shameless."
"It's become shameless."
"Let's brush aside the world...
"...and have fun."
In a conference.
I'll call you later.
Always in a conference.
Thank you.
You're just...
- Sorry.
Who is she?
That's not important, Sona.
All you need to know is that you
must answer her questions correctly.
I must tell you that
she has a bad temper.
Tony and lvlikhaePs
right hand is Ivlallik.
Sona knows where we can find Ivlallik.
And Malik knows where
we can find Mikhael.
We can find Malik in his factory.
Port Klang, unit 14B.
He's always there till late night.
Tonight will be good.
And Sona?
She's unconscious.
Very good.
By the way, you didn't need me.
You cou | d've asked her yourself.
Would I have looked coercing her?
Let me call you back. Bye.
Sir, with your permission, may I...
I've come a long way.
Let me do something.
Wait outside.
Thank you.
Okay sir.
I don't know about you guys...
...but you don't have much time.
And you've no clue about
how much I can endure.
The elders were right, buddy.
Don't open your mouth...until
it's not absolutely necessary.
Where is Tony, Ivlalik?
Did you find out anything?
What did you think?
Sir, Ivlikhael will be
getting admitted today... HSC Medical Centre,
Kuala Lumpur.
Two doctors from India
have been flown here.
They are going to
operate on him today.
So he's changing his face again.
We'll do it today, sir.
Don't know yet, sir.
Must be your Support
and Logistics guy.
Who is she?
She's Sona.
That's all you ever want to do.
Better mend your ways.
If the people find out...
...this is what you're
doing with their tax money...
...then you know what's
going to happen.
This is the hospital's blueprint.
What do you think?
You're definitely going to die.
Are you doing this?
No...she is.
What's your name?
She is definitely going to die.
There must be some way, Mr. Shukla.
What will you guys ever do without me?
- Sir, Ranvir.
It's confirmed intel.
We can do it today.
We need a go ahead, sir.
Wait for my call.
I've written it down in my diary...
Hold on.
Yes, Firoz sir.
I want to meet the Minister.
Minister sir is very busy.
It's impossible today.
Was it something urgent?
No, it's was nothing urgent.
Fine, thank you.
Yes...consider it done.
Go ahead, and keep me posted.
Okay, guys, this is the plan.
Shabana, if you don't want to die
then listen to me carefully.
We'll replace you with a patient...
...who's scheduled for a surgery
in the other OT at the same time.
Shabana, your best friend in
this entire situation is adrenalinei
You'll be sedated
in the pre-surgery room.
You'll be given Diazepam.
Ajay will inject you with
Ivlodealert 100 to nullify its effect.
But that won't do the trick alone.
You must inject yourself
with amphetamine...
...within two minutes after
the nurse injecting you.
You will be unconscious
but only for a couple of minutes.
After that, you'll get to the OT...
... | ock the doctors and nurses.
Tony will be injected with
local anesthesia until then.
It will be an easy kill.
Doctor, I don't want
to be unconscious.
I want to see everything.
Give me a local and perfect asepsis,
and give me a nerve block.
You need to polish
this off in one session.
Take a look at this
and plan accordingly.
And yes...l expect you to arrange
hyperbaric: oxygen for fast healing.
Go ahead please.
Ecuse me. Let her in.
Hello, Shukla.
- Yes, Ajay.
What is the status?
lvlikhaiPs been taken to the OT.
Shabana's in the room outside.
We only have visuals
on the outside.
What now?
Play angry birds...and
wait for my call.
Move I said.
Quick, move.
Shukla, call the police.
You okay?
- Yes.
Yes, Shukla.
Ajay, get out.
I've called the police,
you've 3 minutes of total chaos.
L-low will we get out in 3 minutes'?
We're done for.
- That's good.
We won't have to waste
money on your tickets.