N.L.L: Yeonpyeong Haejeon (2015)

"This film is based on
the real-life Naval clash"
"between North and South Korea
near the Northern Limit Line "
"in the Yellow Sea during the
2002 Korea I Japan World Cup. "
Republic of Korea!
Republic of Korea!
"In front of Seoul City Hall"
"Han River Park"
"1150 hours, June 29, 2002
Yeonpyeong Island, South Korea"
We wanted everyone to return home alive.
It was a desperate battle for survival.
We screamed,
and fought alone.
Saturday, June 29, 2002,
Date of the consolation
match against Turkey.
"Military Hospital"
"The 1953 Armistice Agreement
gave control of islands"
"on NLL to United Nations
Command and South Korea. "
"Any lands above Northern Limit Line"
"belonged to China and North Korea. "
"By taking control of the islands,
the North accepted the NLL."
"June, 2002 Navy Fleet 2 Operating
Base, Pyeongtaek, South Korea"
I don't believe it!
Park Dong-hyuk!
Kwon Ki-hyung!
- Did you transfer here?
- Yeah.
Is this where the jackasses end up?
Screw you. This ain't a
place for petty officers.
- Shoulda stayed put.
- Come on.
- Hop in.
- Sure.
This is the duty officer.
Chief petty officer Suh.
Nice to meet you.
Chief engineer and helmsman Han.
Petty officer 2nd Class, Park Dong-hyuk!
- Your boot camp buddy?
- That's right, sir.
Show him around.
Right away, sir!
Petty officer 2nd Class! Park Dong-hyuk!
They can't hear you! Let's go!
So humid...
Duffel bag.
That's gotta hurt.
Somethings funny?
MY bunk?
Pretty big room for such a small vessel.
Your previous bunk wasn't this big?
Not at all.
It's the Commander's. Ours is there.
You bastard.
This is CPO Hwang.
A new transfer.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yes, sir.
- Good bye!
- Yup.
So cute.
Great atmosphere, eh?
Very family-friendly, it feels really nice.
Let's continue.
This is our home.
We eat, shit, wash and sleep here.
Nice and tight, no need for extra space.
Since we're so busy,
you'll pass out immediately.
This is the bathroom...
What're you doing?
So freaking nasty!
Sorry! I was too busy and missed lunch...
Eat with pride! Dumbass!
Finish up.
Must he eat in the shitter'!
By the way, where's the sickbay?
Give me a sec.
When you hold this med kit,
that space transforms into the sickbay.
Everything's there, so dont worry.
Check if anything's missing.
- Afternoon, sir.
- Medic?
Petty officer 2nd Class, Park Dong-hyuk.
- Park Dong-hyuk, you
say? - Yes, that's right.
A golden parachute into a medic assignment?
No, sir.
No'? Want me to believe that?
Expect me to believe that?
I'm sorry.
Sorry about what? Give me your duffel bag.
Yes, sir.
Sir, what's with you today?
Fuck off.
- On the double.
- Here, sir.
I thought you were the
new Commander, asshole.
Got a lover?
"My dear son, are you well?"
Buddy boy-
PO2, Park Dong-hyuk!
You watch it.
Yes, sir.
What the hell?
Tum ii back on!
Emergency sail! Emergency sail!
Battle stations drill!
Battle stations!
Battle stations!
Battle stations!
All 22 sailors battle stations ready!
41 seconds...
Small arms, starboard battle stations!
Starboard battle stations!
Fire in the mess hall from enemy shells.
Initiate firefight protocol
Firefight protocol!
Extinguish! Extinguish!
Fire suppressed.
I'm the new Commander of Chamsuri 357,
Li. Cdr. Yoon Young-ha.
- Begin roll call.
- Salute!
Chamsuri 357 roll call!
26 on deck, four injured, one absent!
- Call it!
- One!
- Two!
- Three!
- Four!
- Five!
- Six!
- Seven!
- Eight!
- Nine!
- Ten!
- Eleven!
- Twelve!
- Thirteen!
- Fourteen!
- Fifteen!
- Sixteen!
- Seventeen!
- Eighteen!
- Nineteen
Twenty, over!
Who's the absentee?
Commander! It's the helmsman.
He has a family emergency.
No exemptions for emergency drill.
His wife is in the hospital...
The war doesn't get postponed
over a wife's illness.
Absentees will be noted on annual review.
Good work.
That is all.
At attention!
- Salute the Commander!
- Salute!
At ease.
Three, four!
One, two, three, four!
- Two, three, four!
- One, two, three!
One, two, three!
My youth is the wave.
I live with the wave.
The wavy wave is the way of the man.
Friend, friend, friend a seagull,
power, power, power through the wave...
Getting promoted to Senior CPO soon?
That's correct, sir.
Don't think that I'll go easy on you.
I don't ask for leniency.
You'll be penalized as per regulations.
Don't bring personal affairs here.
I understand, sir. Salute!
"Navy Fleet 2 Operating
Base, Pyeongtaek, South Korea"
This is footage of the
1999 Yellow Sea skirmish.
As you see, when they cross the NLL,
play the warning recording
and block their path.
This is their submerged patrol boat,
T-34 tank turret is installed on the front.
We're all edgy during the World Cup period,
but we mustn't engage first,
no matter the circumstance.
Yes, sir!
We'll resort to blocking
when they enter our waters,
but such maneuvers expose
us to a possible ambush.
To minimize our vulnerability,
we should fire warning shots,
and immediately suppress their provocation.
You're not wrong,
but we cannot change
the rules of engagement.
Soldiers must strictly follow our orders.
- Understand?
- Yes, sir!
What'll happen if there's
a clash during the games?
Who'll take the heat?
That's why we must have a plan to fall on.
Remember the jet that
exploded during '88 Olympics?
Come on!
Then what, should we just change it?
Should we?
He's trying to do good
since he's got a new vessel.
I know, that's fine.
But don't pull that shit
at a delicate period.
Are you nuts?!
You can't just barge in and stir things up.
Your promotion's at risk!
Think about your father.
Why're you bringing him up?
It's because I respect him!
Commander on deck!
- Salute!
- Salute!
Commander is relieved.
Good luck.
Lower the flag!
Lower the flag!
Set sail!
Men on deck, at ease.
You've got a lot of catching up to do!
If I..
- A ton!
- So salty...
That's the forward base.
that's North Korea.
Do you see?
- The artillery barrage.
- Huh'?
They installed so many.
A single shot will sink us immediately.
Don't be so tense, ease up!
Like hell!
Therefore, we must keep moving,
so they can't aim.
"Yellow Sea Patrol Forward Base"
Yo, First Aid!
Come here, come.
- On the double, asshole.
- Yes, sir.
Heard of blue crab noodles?
It's our vessel's specialty.
What did you do before?
I was a dentistry major.
What did you do?
They make fake teeth.
I see.
CPR per minute.
Pop quiz, asshole.
- Pump depth?
- 5 to 6 cm.
Well, not bad.
Sir, did you learn that?
It's second nature for us sailors.
Yo, First Aid.
Meds don't save people,
people save people. Got it?
- I understand.
- So poetic.
Chief petty officer!
Stop it, you assholes!
Turn that off.
People kill people.
Your negligence could give
away our position to their subs.
CPO Han.
CPO Han Sang-guk!
Order 100 push-ups.
'Light' atone, 'discipline' at two.
As per my command,
you'll carry out push-ups.
- One.
- Light!
- Two!
- Discipline!
' One! ' Light!
- Two!
- Discipline!
' One! ' Light!
- Two!
- Discipline!
- One!
- 'Ever tasted crabs?'
- We do!
- Two!
- One!
- Blue crab!
- Two!
- Noodles!
- One!
- Blue crab!
- Two!
- Noodles!
- One!
- Blue crab!
Commander's coming!
- Two!
- Discipline!
- Yo, Ki-hyung.
- Yeah?
The front's really combative.
Are we protecting blue crabs?
Don't be an idiot, there's
nothing wrong with that.
- Yo, First Aid.
- Yeah?
"Ever tasted the crab?"
Tensed up for nothing.
You eat it so deliciously.
Do you eat metal and shit?
So many pills every day.
Sorry, I'm weaker than I look.
What's this?
Payment for the pills.
You got anything else?
I got a sister.
- Hot?
- They say we look like twins.
A real cutie.
"Yellow Sea Patrol Forward Base"
Are you on it? Do it properly!
Yes, I'm scanning!
Dammit, step forward a bit.
How's this?
Go back a bit, bit more.
Keep going.
- Back? Here?
- More, more.
- Here?
- Almost!
We've got it! We've got visual!
- Freeze right there!
- Like this?
Yeah, don't move an inch!
Commander's coming, shut it off! Off!
Yeah, from tomorrow...
Goddamn First Aid!
Yo, First Aid.
Come here.
- Sit.
- Yes, sir.
You've got impeccable timing.
We thought you were the Commander.
Reading your letters, dipshit?
Is it nice to get letters?
"My dear son, how are you?"
Give it back.
I'm reading this.
Let go.
Got a problem with me?
No, sir.
Keep it and fuck off, mama's boy.
Yes, sir.
Don't you write your mother?
What's wrong with writing a letter?
Are you talking back?
Hit the floor.
No World Cup for you.
Emergency! Deploy! Deploy!
Distance 2,000 yards.
If they cross the NLL,
fire the water cannon.
This is not a drill. Battle stations!
Battle stations!
Battle stations!
Go closer.
Play the warning recording.
Play the warning recording.
You have crossed the NLL.
Turn back now.
I repeat, you have crossed the NLL.
Turn back now.
Fire the water cannon.
Fuck off, motherfuckers!
Take the fishermen into custody.
Why are you here?
Do all South Koreans treat
lost fishermen like this?
We're fishermen.
Look here.
Get that out of my face.
Why are you here?
I told you already. We
got lost in the open sea.
It's the Fleet Commander...
Blindfold him.
Li. Cdr. Yoon.
They could be intruders,
but there's a no-clash order,
so release them.
Let them go.
It's obvious they're not fishermen.
We can't let them go.
Did you not hear the order?
Give the order.
Attention, release (hem,
and back to your position.
The hull doesn't look very sturdy.
But their cannon accuracy
may be better than ours.
When in close range, we have the advantage.
"Pyongyang, North Korea"
Ahn Jung-hwan's header, goal!
Korea advances to quarter-final!
Republic of Korea!
"Yellow Sea Patrol Forward Base"
How're the boys? Anyone hurt?
CPO Park got hit with a
rock, but nothing major.
Why do you think they were here?
Who knows, that's never happened before.
Maybe to haze you.
Do you know what your boys call you?
Go on.
"The Poisoner. "
- Says who?
- Everyone.
So stopping poisoning
them and be nice for once.
With a warm heart, okay?
Emergency! Battle stations!
What is it now?
This is the bridge, enemy spotted,
distance 10,000 yards, 300.
Combat situation, battle stations.
Combat situation, battle stations!
Battle stations!
Battle stations!
Battle stations!
All 22 sailors battle stations ready!
Be mindful of the ship in
front, and increase speed.
Increase speed!
Distance 3,000 yards, 30".
Everyone listen up, stay fully alert,
and no accidental discharges.
Distance 2,000 yards, 30".
Distance 1,000 yards, 30".
Distance 900 yards, 30.
Distance 800 yards, 30.
Hard port 300.
Distance 300 yards, 0.
Distance 100 yards!
Helmsman! Hard port 300!
Man overboard! Port side!
- Man overboard!
- Man overboard!
- Who is it'?
- Who went over?!
Who is it?
Man overboard, hard port 120!
Hard port.
Man overboard, rescuers to the port side!
Kim Tae-jung! Wake up!
Kim Tae-jung!
Kim Tae-jung!
Are you okay?
One, two, three, four.
Tae-jung, wake up!
Move aside!
Kim Tae-jung!
You okay?
You okay? Let him up.
Snap out of it.
My darling.
Go away, I smell booze.
Your eyes are all puffy. Crying again?
We got a marriage certificate
for this military housing,
I'm fine with that.
That's not it, I had to lock you down.
The baby's not doing well,
you come home once a fortnight.
What am I to you? Just a girl you live with?
The baby's important, but
I only need you. You and me.
Then stop sailing.
You said you'd apply for a land assignment.
But the thing is.
Marry the boat then.
He needs to be admitted and get some tests.
Didn't he report any pain?
It's not your fault.
Let's go.
"Sailor Profile: Han Sang-guk "
"Bearded deep sea vessel after high school,"
"Father deceased, when he was 5."
"Sailor Profile: Park Dong-hyuk"
"Mother: Disability Class. 1"
Li. Commander?
It's time, CPO Cho's kid's birthday party.
Personally, I hope she becomes a teacher.
Go on, let's eat.
I got her a pair of shoes.
Let's see, let's see.
Holy cow! Awesome!
Sir, what priceless gift
have you gotten for her?
Show us!
I can't wait to see what it is!
Huh? A football?
Here's the real thing!
Isn't that for a boy?
He can get a son next.
Isn't that a boy's set?
Who cares, Who discriminates nowadays?
I can raise a female footballer.
Good, very good!
Positions on patrol killer aren't on demand,
isn't it difficult?
You mean, am I chasing a
quick promotion by being here?
Sir, I'm not someone who minces words.
Promotion is important to me,
and that's why I'm here.
Since you're new here,
lm asking how you are.
All right.
Pour me a drink.
Sir, let me pour you one.
CPO Han?
Aren't you right-handed?
We perform dangerous maneuvers every day.
My eyes and your hands must move in unison.
Am I right?
27 men.
Their lives depend on your hand.
If you can't protect them,
walking away is an option.
Isn't Li. Cdr. only a year older?
If he were in the
workforce, he'd be a newbie,
but he's forced to lead here.
His father was an elite sailor.
He even received a medal
for sinking a spy vessel.
A spy was captured, and
he confessed his route,
and all his supporters were arrested.
The brass ordered an execution,
but he couldn't pull the trigger.
For that reason he was stripped of his rank.
I don't know why he didn't kill the spy.
When I saw his clear eyes...
I couldn't kill him.
This'll look good on you, too.
The Fleet Commander asked for CPO Han.
Probably because of his hand.
- Reporting for duty!
- Report.
Private Lee Jae-dong...
- Newbie?
- Fresh meat.
Yo, First Aid.
What'll happen to you now?
He's transferring out,
your golden parachute.
You knew about his hand, didn't you?
You wanted to sleep through the service?
We coulda died, because of you two!
Piss off!
I heard he covered for you over the years.
What did you say?Are you fucking nuts?
What's going on?!
Get ready for lights out.
Personal and communal
hygiene inspection in effect.
If you don't pass, nobody sleeps.
- Begin.
- Begin!
CPO, so your hand almost caused an accident?
All right, fine.
Here we go.
Here, hold this.
Go on.
I'm not the one who's a weak link.
You requested his transfer
to a land position.
Is this camaraderie?
Okay, I'm fine with you covering for him.
But I won't be responsible
for what happens next.
Go on ahead.
Dismissed, both of you.
Thinking about mom?
It's all for the best, sir.
Even if you don't sail, you're still Navy.
We're Navy for life.
Yo, First Aid!
You look like a real Naval
officer. You should become a CO.
Not at all.
I think you're fit for it.
When do you transfer out?
I applied today, so it'll take a month.
But it's so embarrassing.
Your work didn't go unnoticed.
Even the boss is covering for you.
- Leaving?
- Yes.
- Please take this.
- What is it?
I know what your salary's like.
I'm off.
Your English is good, why
not try for an interpreter CO?
You could even work as
a prof at the academy.
After my promotion, I
want to stay on the PKM.
You sailed PB-3 for a long time.
I shouldn't have said what I said.
- Take care.
- Okay.
"Mom... "
What is that?
No, CPO Han lent it to me.
You're fucking nuts.
POs are forbidden to use cellphones.
I know.
You do?
What do you know?
Give it.
I'll report this.
One, two...
- Go inside.
- Yes, sir.
I see you frowning.
What the hell was he doing?
- Salute.
- Yeah.
PO1 Lee Yong-se.
- Go on.
- Salute.
I'm back.
How are you?
I'm all stocked up.
Holy cow.
Take it.
- I'll enjoy it.
- Please do.
Look at that face.
Yo, First Aid!
You got a visitor.
Your lover, apparently.
Petty officer 2nd Class Park Dong-hyuk.
You're free to leave.
So hot...
Excuse me...
Your sister's here.
Lost my appetite.
You're my lover?
- Let's go.
- What?
Your day off.
Going or what?
Um, sure, I'm going.
Worse than I expected.
Sweetie, I'm here. Did you wait long?
Why're you so pretty today?
I'm always pretty.
CPO Han...
Son of a bitch.
Where are we going?
Nowhere. Thanks.
Go on.
Just me'!
Yeah, go.
Yeah, yeah.
Thanks, see you.
I got all dolled up for nothing.
You damn skirt chaser.
Go visit your folks,
it's your mom's birthday.
Don't wanna go?
Wanna follow her?
Of course not.
Buy a present on the way.
I'm off.
CPO Han!
My mom's a great cook, please come join us.
Forget it, go by yourself.
Come on, sir. She really wants you to come.
- Yeah?
- Yes, let's go.
She's a great cook.
Ticket, I gotta get a ticket.
But I feel so empty-handed.
Not at all, ifs okay.
Shouldn't I buy something?
We're bringing a cake, it's okay.
Yeah, I'm well.
Me too.
This is CPO Han, whom I mentioned.
Good evening, ma'am.
Hello, so good to meet you.
Likewise, ma'am.
Please come in.
Come sit down.
Morn, wait.
Make a wish.
Yes, bon appetit.
What should I eat first.
You look like you haven't eaten in a week.
Sorry, it's so good.
She says we're like brothers.
Yeah, we pretty much are.
- Dig in.
- Sure.
I brought you some coffee.
Okay, thanks.
So, your hometown is Ansan?
Yes, that's right.
I'm told you're also from Ansan.
Yeah, right.
All right, thanks.
Can I try this on?
"How to prepare Si-eun's milk... "
Han Sang-guk!
Li. Cdr. Yoon!
Young-ha, why're you ignoring my texts?
I'm not ignoring anything.
I didn't text to get shoved aside.
What if it was an emergency, huh?
- Newbie.
- Yes, sir!
You got a lot of catching up...
Ready to salute our warship, at attention!
Salutation ready, Salute
- At ease.
- At ease!
"3579 Communication Base"
"Fire"? Are you sure?
Yes, they intend to engage.
Have (hey gone mental?
"We'll provide cover fire,
so just chase their patrol. "
We intercepted a North Korean message
saying that it'll cross the NLL.
This recon photo shows
placement of silkworm missiles,
it's a sensitive situation.
They have orders to stay on
full alert in case of a battle.
Deployment is confirmed,
Three days from now.
That's the day of Germany game.
What, you're playing?
He runs like shit.
But sir, it's the quarter-finals,
why was the date moved up?
- Wasn't it at the end of the month?
- It was.
Is there something special
about the deployment area?
No, it's due to enemy sightings
on nearby islands recently.
Okay, score some goals for us, Li. Lee,
as for others, get rested,
and get ready for deployment.
Great work.
Sail prep complete.
This may be
your final deployment.
You'll be joining Fleet 1?
Yes, the Commanding office.
You'll learn a lot.
Still a ways off before I catch up to you.
Let's set sail.
Lower the flag.
Ready to sail.
Battle stations!
This drill isn't about setting a new record.
A second wasted could mean
life or death for your comrades.
All hands on deck, battle stations.
Starboard battle stations!
330, distance 2,000.
Follow the enemy approaching our vessel.
Starboard battle stations!
Starboard battle stations!
Small arms battle stations ready!
26 seconds.
26 seconds.
You should be going to the World Cup.
That's it for today's drill.
Good work.
- Good work!
- Good work!
PO2 Park Dong-hyuk.
LL Commander.
Can we watch the game tonight?
' He approved!
- The game!
Republic of Korea!
Republic of Korea!
Republic of Korea!
Republic of Korea!
Getting to the semi-finals is good too.
I'll get them ready for lights out.
No, let them be.
I never got to thank you.
"North Korean Fleet 8 Operating
Base" When 684 enters their waters,
388 will depart from YD sector,
and advance to 6NM west of Yeonpyeong Island
It's to stall one of their patrol killers.
10 min later, 388 will fall back.
When they do, stall for 10
more minutes and retreat.
What if they return fire?
Don't worry about that.
They can't do anything about us.
Drill this plan for the next two days.
684, take control of
4NM from SE-DSG sector.
388, take control of
6NM from SE-DSG sector.
This is the bridge, enemy spotted,
388 is heading south at 18 knots.
Distance 5 miles, 330, enemy spotted.
South-bound from both
sides, at 10-minute interval.
They're at it again today.
They're starting to annoy me.
You have crossed the NLL.
Turn back now.
I repeat, you have crossed the NLL.
Turn back now.
It's the fisherman from before.
Not just some lookalike?
I'm positive.
Any special orders from HQ?
No, not yet.
What a pain in the ass.
What're they thinking?
A message about Yeonpyeong was intercepted.
It was sent up the chain. Hear anything?
No, I didn't hear anything.
"Communication Base 3579"
MSG intercepted: Will open fire at command.
Alert the HQ immediately.
Oh my god...
"Fleet 684 DSG Sector, North Korea"
"0530 hours, June 29,
2002 Yeonpyeong Island"
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Attention! One, two, three!
We've got a sprout!
Scent of new sprouts on the sea.
That's what we call a jackpot!
"Fleet 388 YD Sector, North Korea"
Ki-hyung! What's on the menu for dinner?
Spicy chicken broth!
Greetings to our viewers
all over the country!
Today is the day of
historic consolation game!
The Republic of Korea will
face off against Turkey.
Our commentator today
is Shin Moon-sun. Hello!
Evening, I'm Shin Moon-sun, who has a shin.
Today's game is all about 'good luck'.
I wish them luck.
Your prediction for the final score?
At one goal per player, let's go 11:0.
- Even the goalkeeper?
- Without a doubt.
Very good!
This is the bridge, enemy spotted,
0937 hours, enemy vessel departed YD sector.
Distance 5 miles, 30,
speed at over 20 knots.
"0937 hours, June 29"
Everyone to battle stations.
Combat situation, battle stations!
Battle stations!
Battle stations! Battle stations!
All 22 sailors battle stations ready!
Distance 4,000 yards, 270, heading for us.
Same as yesterday.
0945 hours, exited DSG sector.
Enemy spotted, 330",
distance 8 miles, 17 knots.
253, cover the enemy near YD sector,
and 232, stay on enemy on DSG sector.
256, escort fishing boats back, over.
"Pyeongtaek Navy HQ"
ETA on their NLL cross?
They'll be reach 10 miles of
Yeonpyeong Island in 5 min.
They're only four miles
away from our patrols?
Yes, that's right.
SURE? on nut amps.
232 is currently covering North's 684...
- 684 again?
- Yes.
At 1001 hours,
the enemy crossed the NLL, over.
Move in within 1,000
yards to block their route,
but do not fire first, over!
Get ready!
- Hurry up!
- Yes, sir!
Get ready! To your stations!
Hurry UP!
- Move your asses!
- Yes, sir!
50, distance 5 miles, speed 20 knots.
Hard port to 300.
Hard port to 300.
Straight ahead.
Straight ahead.
Listen, until (hey fire first,
do not fire your weapons.
You have crossed the NLL.
Turn back now.
I repeat, you have crossed the NLL.
Turn back now.
Commander, all enemy cannons
are pointing at a single target.
- Straight ahead.
- Straight ahead!
Steer 30!
357, veer to the left, and
evade to the other side.
Turn quickly and don't
expose your side hull.
We'll collide if we turn left!
Steer starboard 50, straight ahead!
- Any comms from HQ?
- Not yet, sir.
Mustn't we overpower them first?
We cannot open fire first.
Rules of engagement in effect.
Small arms, port battle stations.
LMG and small arms...
Port battle stations!
Port battle stations!
LMG and small arms, load your weapons!
Don't they feel off?
This isn't the first time.
Somethings off this time.
Sir, fire control unit is offline.
It cannot lock on automatically.
All cannons go manual.
CPO Han, can you steer?
Move aside!
I have the wheel.
This is 357, this is 357!
Battle engaged! Battle engaged!
We are under enemy fire!
This is Alpha, what's going on?!
357 is under attack!
I'll join 357 and return fire!
Affirmative, initiate.
Full speed, port 30!
Open fire!
Don't stop shooting!
Cannon 21 is down!
Power is out!
Activate backup power.
Fuck! You sons of bitches!
SITREP back to HQ.
This is Alpha, what's going on?!
357 is engaging the enemy, over!
Requesting support! Requesting support!
This is Fleet Commander, 357, respond!
Ready all cannons.
357 is too close to the enemy.
He's right.
We cannot fire without hitting 357 too.
Once 357 is out of range, we'll fire.
Full speed!
Increase speed, hard starboard!
We're north-bound, hard starboard, now!
Grab the throttle.
CPO Han! Hard starboard!
Han, are you okay?
You have to leave. You'll suffocate.
Hey, hey!
Snap out of it!
- Commander!
- Sir!
You're bleeding out!
Where's the medic!
Park Dong-hyuk! Medic!
Dong-hyuk, you asshole!
Give me the headset.
It's okay, calm down.
Continue firing.
Commander, are you okay?!
I'm fine, treat the lieutenant first.
Hang on, sir.
Gauze, gauze...
Sir, I'll go get more gauze, please wait.
Hee-wan, stay awake.
We are the Navy.
We protect the sea, even after death...
' Sir!
- Stop!
Stay back!
Please snap out of it.
Dong-hyuk, you saw it too, right?
They really fired at us.
I dont want to be here!
It'll be all right!
Bring everyone down here.
Anyone on deck will die!
- You have to come up!
- I don't want to die here!
I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!
Why should we die?
We won't die.
Once in range, open fire.
- CPO Lim!
- Yes!
The vessel's moving port side.
Steer starboard 180.
Steer prone?!
We're heading for North
Korea! Starboard immediately!
253, stay on North's 388,
256, after escorting fishing
boats to safety, join 232.
Dispatch two patrol corvettes at once, over!
Hey! Kwon Ki-hyung!
It's okay.
Stay calm, keep firing.
- Treat the deputy.
- Keep firing.
Lieutenant! Please wake up!
Fucking commies!
Lieutenant, are you okay?
Hwang Do-hyun!
Don't die, you asshole!
Do-hyun! Get out of there!
Enough already! Motherfuckers!
You son of a bitch!
Attack their cannon!
CPO Cho!
Full speed,
steer port, 180.
"Full speed, steer port 180."
"Head south. "
Full speed, steer port 180.
"Head south. "
CPO Hwang!
Sir! Sir!
Medic! Careful!
- Chief armorer.
- Yes, Commander.
How many rounds left?
Two shots...
We've got two rounds left.
Right of their bridge is their Commander.
Can you do it?
Yes! I can do it!
OUT men.
Hold on a little longer, and take them...
all to safety.
Go to hell!
Sir, please get up.
Dong-hyuk, let's go.
Come on.
LL Commander.
I'll take over from here.
Listen up.
Transport all injured
to starboard center hall.
Helmsman, continue heading south.
Medic, snap out of it!
Rest of you, keep firing.
Are you okay?
CPO Han.
Let go of this here, and
take cover downstairs.
You've lost too much blood.
You have to go, it's too dangerous.
Stop the bleeding and get out.
I can't.
Please let go of the wheel.
I'll take...
everyone back to safety.
I'll take them home.
I'll save the ship,
you save our men.
So beautiful...
Kim Tae-jung, snap out of it!
Don't die on me!
Get your shit together!
CPO Suh!
CPO Suh!
Private! Help me!
Yes, sir!
Lift him up!
We have to go!
CPO Suh, we have to go...
Sir, please...
Please wake up, sir!
CPO Suh, Please! Get up!
CPO Suh, get up!
Sons of bitches!
The sky is so blue...
357 is sinking rapidly.
We may have to give it up.
All men accounted for?
Four deceased, 19 injured,
one missing and four uninjured.
Missing? Who?
It's helmsman CPO Han Sang-guk.
Have you searched the bridge?
A fire broke out and we
can't get in there yet.
Then put it out immediately!
North Korea's missiles are
in range and on attack mode.
All patrol killers, cease fire.
"I repeat, cease fire and
retreat from the region. "
Thank you.
"Clash with North at NLL
near Yeonpyeong Island"
"24 sailors involved in
skirmish. Patrol boat 357 sunk. "
"Despite deadly combat in
the Yellow Sea yesterday,"
"tour of Mount Kumgang in
North Korea continued. "
"589 tourists completed their tour,"
"and departed for the South Korean harbor. "
"Next emf.
"In order to attend the
final game of the World Cup "
"in Yokohama stadium,"
"President Kim departed
for Japan this morning, "
"after being greeted
by the Prime Minister. "
"After attending the final
match tonight at the stadium, "
"he will attend a summit
over the next two days. "
"Sir, I don't know how to
express my condolences,"
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
One round, fire!
One round, fire!
One round, fire!
Lower your rifles!
Salute the departed!
"From Middle School classmates"
It hurts? How's the pain?
"Tell us if you're in pain. "
You must be in better condition today.
Your heart rate is up, so
the antibiotics are working.
"The Navy assumed that due
to extreme tidal activity"
"the search mission would be delayed,
"but they decided to continue the search"
"for Chamsuri 357's CPO Han Sang-guk"
"thanks to milder sea conditions. "
"We think that the search process"
"will be easier than expected"
"thanks to calm waters. "
"- Is the boat sitting
straight?" "- Yes, sir. "
"Someone must've manned the
vessel while it was sinking. "
"Sang-guk... "
"Sang-guk... "
"Let's go home... "
Let's go... ...
"CPO Han Sang-guk found.
Charge 200!
Clear, shock!
Again! Clear, shock!
Charge 200!
Clear, shock!
Great work today.
What day is today?
The Turkey game!
Cheer your heart out.
Same me Commander on dash.!
Give me a good shout before dismissal!
Let's go watch the game!
Go! Go! Go!
Republic of Korea!
The sailors of Chamsuri 357 dedicated
their lives to patrol
the Northern Limit Line.
Rules of engagement were
updated for quicker responses,
in order to ensure the
safety of all sailors.
CPO Han Sang-guk's wife currently resides
and works in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province.
CPO Park Kyung-soo survived
the 2nd Battle of Yeon-pyeong
but was later killed in 2010
on a different battleship.
This movie honors Lt. Cdr.
Yoon Young-ha, CPO Han Sang-guk,
CPO Cho Chun-hyung,
CPO Hwang Do-hyun,
CPO Suh Hu-won, Petty
officer Park Dong-hyuk
and the 22 soldiers that risked
their lives on that fatal day.
Thank you to all who supported
the making of this film.
Back? Here? How's this?
Goal! Goal!
As Park Ji-sung scores
the game-deciding goal,
the sailors in the base erupted in joy.
This is the roar of our sailors
who are guarding the Yellow Sea.
Their joyous cheers have
reached the Incheon stadium.
In order for the games to
continue without a hitch,
they are on full alert.
357 Lt. Cdr. Yoon Young-ha" Even though
we cannot be at the stadium in person,
we'll cheer our team
toward the quarter-finals.
"Former 357 Artillery CPO Jeon Chang-sung"
We were blocking the North vessel
"Former 357 Artillery CPO Jeon
Chang-sung" from entering our waters.
We were in very close proximity,
and when in parallel position,
they began firing.
"Former 357 Comm. Officer Kim Yong-tae"
Radar specialist PO3 Cho Hyun-jin was
so badly injured that I was in shock.
He was hit with shrapnel in the head,
and his intestines were coming
out from a wound in his side,
he asked what it was, and
tried to put it back in,
and we held him close.
He kept saying he was going to die.
Lt. Commander had a pool of blood under him,
behind him, PO2 Kwon Ki-hyung's. '.
Hand was torn apart. He was screaming.
Li. Lee Hee-wan's leg was blown up,
but he kept giving us orders in that state.
He asked for Lt. Cdr. 's
status, and I said he'd died.
"Former 357 PO2 Kim Seung-hwan" I sometimes
dream that those who died come back,
and we fight the battle again.
"Former 357 PO2 Kwon Ki-hyung" I
feel terrible, that I'm still alive
because I was injured.
I feel so sorry,
not only for those deceased,
but for the bereaved families
of our men.
"Former 357 Comm. Chief CPO Lee
Chul-gyu" lam so grateful and...
I think of them often, and miss them.
"Yoon Young-ha
1973- 2002"
"Han Sang-guk
1975- 2002"
"Cho Chun-hyung
1976- 2002"
"Hwang Do-hyun
1980- 2002"
"Suh Hu-won
1980- 2002"
"Park Dong-hyuk
1981- 2002"