Mythica: The Necromancer (2015)

Which one?
That one.
Follow me, hurry.
- I think he went over here. This way.
- Right behind you.
- Faster.
- Get him!
Out of the way!
Did you see him?
I see him.
Come on.
We have to follow him.
- There he is. There he is.
- Come on.
Your mind must be as sharp and focused,
as the point of that arrow.
Whenever distracted by fear and desire,
It pierces all things.
- Turned inward, it pierces you.
- Pierces me?
What does that even mean?
How can I focus when you're teaching
in proverbs and talking in circles?
You're holding back.
You have faced certain death, before
and defeated it with your wit and courage.
The next time you drain the life of someone,
it will be hard for you
to recover yourself.
Three years ago,
I had a team.
We called ourselves the Redthornes.
And we were good.
The best there was.
Good enough to gain the favor of the gods.
- And?
- And...
We were rich.
And powerful.
The envy of the realm.
You were a hero.
What happened?
We stopped Szorlok
from reuniting the Darkspore.
And sacrificed a dear friend.
There was no other way.
The others never forgave me,
so that was the end
of the Red Thornes.
Heroes do, what others can't.
Not because they want to,
not for themselves or their friends.
They choose the unwanted path,
the darkest roads.
Can you do that?
Yes, I think so.
For you.
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
Tomorrow you'll be cursing the day
you ever met, Gojun Pye.
Possession... Sensations...
Friends, even enemies. You must cut
all attachments and be free of them.
When you said, you weren't gonna hold back,
I didn't think you meant it so literally.
The more I make you fight me here,
the less energy you'll have
to fight me... here.
What is it?
What is it?
It's a feeling.
It's gone, now.
We've done enough for today.
I'll be here before sunrise,
we'll start again.
Before sunrise!
Gentlemen, some music, please.
Another round of drinks
for the huis!
From the Redthornes!
- Thank you, Rethornes!
- We're the Rethornes!
- We're the Rethornes?
- Yes.
- I like it.
- No, no, no. Red is not really my color.
Two against one, Dagen.
We're the Rethornes.
We're the Rethornes!
What kept you?
This and that.
I am glad to see you, Thane.
Glad to see me?
What about...
The face you most longed to see,
Is mine?
Heavens, I am famished.
I must get something to eat.
No. No, no, no.
Don't think so, keep dancing.
- I have to go.
- Nee, one more dance.
I told Gojun Pye I'd see him tonight.
You promised that grey old hermit,
that you would rather see him,
than stay with this?
Come now, Dagen.
I'm sure there's some
old mistress of yours
that you can seduce
into giving you a discount.
Discount, just got married.
Wait. Wait. wait.
Horseshit aside.
Lets go someplace, huh?
Let get out of here.
You and me. Lets take a walk.
Just the two of us.
I... No, I have...
I have to go.
The Red Thornes!
Another pint.
You must be out of your senses
if you don't quit.
Lest say, I'll do that.
I should go.
I have prayers to make at nightfall.
For goddess prayers?
Is there no end to your piety?
Surely, the goddess needs a night off
from your prayers as desperately as I do?
Please, take your hands of me.
What did you think was going to happen?
She's unobtainable.
You can look but don't touch.
- Let's quit it.
- No I will not quit it, it's pathetic.
Quite frankly, you're ruining
our victory smell.
It smells limp.
And unmanly.
It smells like sagged balls.
- Alright.
- I'm done.
I see you back at the cave.
Goddess of Light,
hear my prayer.
I'm at a crossroad.
It's only me.
I havent finished my prayers.
This won't take long.
I just wanted to tell you,
- I was a good soldier.
- What?
I never fell asleep on a night-watch.
I spoiled field rations, without complaint.
Up every morning,
before the cock crowed.
I know what it means,
to make an oath.
I know what it means,
to break one.
- Thane...
- I just wanna tell you,
I respect your vow.
You wont have to push me away, anymore.
From now on, I'm your brother-at-arms.
Nothing more.
That's about the reaction I expected.
Good night.
Good timing. Let's close the portal,
before more of them come through.
Close the portal.
- How do I close it?
- By hands-on magic!
- What do I use for inversion?
- Anything!
Not good.
In about three seconds,
I'm gonna faint due to loss of blood.
I can't fight them all alone.
No... You'll have to buy me ten seconds,
give or take.
- You have to teach me that one.
- Oh, yeah, sure.
As soon as I find enough cursed black prolog.
But right now,
we need to... cauterize...
my wound, before...
I'm not sure you had to burn
my hole side up.
Sorry, I panicked.
Just be glad you fainted,
before I started the burning.
I'm not complaining.
And now I'm here, aren't I?
Where exactly am I?
We're near my teams hide-out.
What happened up there?
The portal.
Those... creatures?
Last night, I was...
struck with a vision...
of Szorlok,
stepping off a boat onto dry land.
So, last night I went to see for myself.
It was a trap and I...
I walked right into it.
Hundreds of his minions
where waiting for me.
So, I...
had to use the portal as a...
last resort to escape,
but they followed me here.
Well... You know the rest of the story.
Szorlok has...
two pieces of the Darkspore, now.
So, he has begun to work
on reanimating the dead.
If he unites all four pieces,
his undead legions will spring
right out every other hollow grave and...
he would be unstoppable.
You never told me the whole story,
how you stopped Szorlok in the first place.
It was twenty-one years ago,
Szorlok was digging deep
into the hidden magics.
At the time the invaders
were at our doorstep.
Toxicated with his new source of power,
he sought to expand it further
with the Darkspore.
Uniting it, he would become
the Lich King.
Master over...
death itself.
Fortunately, I turned against him,
before he finished the deed.
- Szorlok!
- We stopped Szorlok.
- No!
- Eventhough it caused our king in the war.
What now?
Szorlok will need the last two pieces
of the Darkspore.
And then he will would necromancers.
He needs you.
Well, he can't have me.
That's right.
And you are gonna do
whatever I tell you, now.
You stay here and do nothing.
- Do nothing. And you stay here.
- Well, you can't just expect me to...
Szorlok is looking for you,
but he must not find you.
Not until, you're ready to face him.
To risk meeting him now,
is to risk the faith of the world.
Do you understand that?
- So, you want me to just hide?
- Yes.
Where're you going?
You stay in your hideout
and when I return,
and if, you are still here,
I will teach you any spell you want.
Stay here.
Goddess of the Light.
Hear my prayer.
Goddess of Light,
hear my prayer, please.
- What happened?
- Goddess of Light, please hear my prayer.
Teela, what happened?
- Teela, calm down.
- Can't handle this.
Teela, what happened?
The Den has Thane.
Come on.
They can't just take him in,
can they? Maybe,
- we can go to the magistrate...
- No, no, no, no.
Now, Thane is a condemned man.
Convicted before he freed him.
The battalions will free him from the den,
only to carry out his execution.
It's all my fault.
- It was me Peregus was after.
- We should go to the Guild.
Plead with Peregus.
Let's use all the money we have left.
Maybe we can pay for his release.
I can't go.
I shouldn't have even come this far.
I'm sorry.
Look, Thane and I may have our rivalries,
and gods knows I wished him dead once or twice,
But Peregus...
Peregus Malister is a notorious vicious tormentor
and Thane will suffer excruciatingly, every minute,
- until he is freed or dead.
- This is all the money I have.
Take it.
Thane needs you, Marek.
He would gladly take your place,
were the situations reversed.
Is that what you want?
For me to take his place?
If that is what it comes to,
I'll gladly do it, you know it.
I can't.
It's all my fault.
Nonsense, how can it be your fault?
you're more familiar with the Guild
than either of us.
Is this is enough to free Thane?
I mean, I...
Maybe, I don't know.
It might at least buy some time.
You should come with us, Marek.
- It will only infuriate Malister more.
- Yeah, maybe, but I just think, you should come.
If for nothing e...
If for nothing else,
than to say goodbye to him.
Hurry now, before it's too late.
It's not very often,
a man of my position,
gets to hold the life
of a Vitalian in his hands.
This is a very special occasion for me.
And as a Taewang,
I'd like you to know that, Thane.
It warms my heart
to know you're a patriot, Malister.
I'll get my amuzement from your companions.
And when you're body is displayed
and hung from the city walls,
they will know how serious I am.
I do have a reputation to uphold.
You didn't seem to lose any advice
with those high placed friends over me.
Aye, we can make a deal, Malister.
I can work it off for ya.
You keep him alive as long as you can.
You harm another one of my men
and I'll kill Thane.
Kill Thane and there will be no one left
to protect you from us.
I suppose you've come here
to save his life.
Not see the both of us die.
We brought money, but your men outside
wouldn't let us in.
Just say the word, Teela.
I've got this maggot.
Clean shot.
Go ahead, kill me.
And I will drop this rope.
- And I will crush his skull.
- Dagen, no!
Now we all know our options.
- Betylla...
- Peregus...
These mercenaries,
they are gonna solve
our supply chain woes.
The Eel.
The Eel
What say you, Marek?
My dear,
- shall we strike another bargain?
- You all fight, don't listen to him.
Kill this man.
And rip out his beating hart
and hand it to him.
Pay is pay.
What's the job?
We are owed a large shipment
of illustrium, north of the border.
All you have to do
is bring that shipment to me.
And I will forget all the offenses
Thane has shown me.
If you fail,
he's just gonna have to die.
Why don't we just pay you
what we brought and call it good?
Do you have 20.000 gold
in that little purse of yours?
Because that is what one shipment
of illustrium is worth.
And that's far less
than my reputation is worth.
A reputation that was soiled
when that fyke put a knife to my throat
and forced me to release
the freedom of that bitch!
That bitch, I rightfully owned!
Yes, this is the cost
of your freedom, slave girl.
This is what you brought.
North of the border is a large area to search
for one man. I'll need Thane for the job.
That's just impossible.
Betylla will accompany you on your journey.
So long as I receive correspondence
on your progress,
I still my hand,
on this Vitalion pig.
Are we agreed?
- Is that agreed?
- Agreed.
We leave at dawn.
- Teela. Teela, stop.
- No regrets, Teela.
Listen to me.
As long as Peregus Malister is send
one of these each sundown,
your friend will live
to see another day.
We are traveling 25 leagues
on the north road to the war front,
to find Captain James Purio.
Malister... thinks you got what it takes.
Malister is a foul creature.
And if he touches Thane,
I will personally slit his throat.
For the ehh...
You comrade lives
to suffer another day.
Where do you keep those critters?
It wasn't easy for you
to come with us, and...
I was wrong to accuse you.
- You see, I was not myself when I said...
- Forget it.
I owe more to Thane,
than anyone else.
You're not wearing your necklace.
I uhm, no longer wear the image
of Ana-Sett
Well, you weren't able to heal Thane,
but does that go for the rest of us?
Maybe, your goddess
only withdrew her blessing from Thane.
No, it's different.
The heavens are closed to me.
She may bless your path.
- No. No, I can't... I... I don't want to...
- Please...
I cannot bear to carry it
so silent and cold.
Please, take it.
But you'll need to earn back her favor.
And we need our healer.
Thane made his choice.
You made yours.
It's done.
I'm sure that your goddess has nothing to gain
from you wallowing in guilt, now.
You choose love.
And now you're here
working to safe Thane for love.
That's brave and noble and...
Any decent goddess would know that.
Love. It's strange to hear you speak
so highly of it.
Do I seem so unfeeling?
You never take Dagen's affection
for you seriously.
I have business with Captain Purio.
Captain Purio is a little busy today,
fighting Gutchers.
War business past this point only.
The Captain will want to see me,
I assure you.
- You can pass, but only you.
- No!
I'm going with you.
Just you.
Kill them!
- Where is Captain Purio?
- He was on the front lines, last I heard.
You can't be serious.
If he dies up there, before we get to him,
our league will be over.
and so will the mission,
along with the life of your friend.
Move out!
- So thirsty...
- Where is Captain Purio?
Help, please...
Hold it, you bastard!
The field hospital.
What bring you to the...
bows of hell?
Is it a friendly visit?
The Eel.
Where is he?
Wow, now...
The Eel is my friend.
Trade secret, his whereabouts.
Checks and balances, you know?
If I give you the Eel, now...
It cuts me out
of the supply chain, you see?
- Please, Captain.
- No, no. Let him kill me.
I'll die of the plague maraud, anyhow,
If the medics don't kill me first.
I need to find the Eel.
He's the key,
to saving a dear friend.
Why is a sweet thing like you,
working with a slug like Betylla?
The truth is,
I've not heard from the Eel...
In a moon, at least.
No, but,
you might know where he is.
Come closer.
The Eel is in love
with a whore named Yuliya.
She's at the Rose Traveling Brothel,
camped just outside of Ungkirk,
south of the Illustrium mine.
If the Eel is hiding from the world,
that's where he'll be.
Thank you.
- We're leaving.
- You bastard, what have you done!
No witnesses.
I'll kill you!
Get off me.
Get... off... me...
Your friend... will die.
You will obey me,
- or not another messenger will be released.
- You're a vile man.
- How do you live with yourself?
- I can ask you the same...
- Did you find him?
- Yes.
- What happened?
- We know where the Eel is, lets go.
Dire wolves.
Maybe half a league away, at most.
We need to build a fire, and soon.
And if a swallow or an owl make pray of it,
what then?
My beetles are pray to nothing.
What is that you give them?
Only the Nuri cement they need.
How long have you had them
with you?
None of them are older
then 2 years,
but I've kept their lineage,
since I was a boy.
- Would you like to hold him?
- No, I... I couldn't, I...
They're clean.
They are a friend to the farmer
and then huntsman.
They are the ideal organism.
What is it you whisper to them,
when you send them back to the den?
One word...
I'll take the watch.
I can't sleep, anyway.
Me neither.
How's the, eh...
training with Gojun Pye going?
- He wants me to be something that I'm not.
- What, Deity?
Elegant, even?
Gentle, perhaps?
- It's not funny.
- It was a bit funny.
He wants me to,
dedicate myself completely.
Because that would make you more
like, what?
I don't know.
Like him...
Like a... hero, I guess?
Marek, you...
You're not at all
like any of the other girls.
You know, you're...
You're one of a kind.
I don't wanna be different.
There's great power in you.
And I don't mean your magic.
You know what you want
and you go after it.
Without hesitation.
I don't always know what I want.
I can't.
- You can't...
- I want to, but I... I can't.
Good morning, darling.
How did you sleep?
I know...
I'd like to say,
nothing happened last night.
Of course, nothing did happen,
last night.
It wasn't nothing.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, for what?
For stopping something,
that could ruin our friendship.
And the chance of something better, maybe,
happening in the future.
- It's yours.
- Thank you, Dagen.
You really are the perfect gentleman.
Not a perfect gentleman.
Something is better than nothing, after all.
This must be it.
The Rose.
I frequented better.
I frequented worse.
The tired soldiers could do worse.
Get your hands of me.
I'm waiting outside.
I don't like to be touched by creatures
as diseased and vile as these.
The three of you search for the Eel
and his woman.
If you find either of them,
bring them to me, immediately.
- Immediately.
- Understood.
Hello and welcome, travelers.
Good lady of the Rose,
we have travelled far for this...
- And pleasure ye shall have.
- We're, eh... looking for a woman named Yuliya.
Is there a woman here
called Yuliya, yet?
- We must see her.
- For two, please.
Three silver.
No, wait.
No, no, no. We just want to talk to her.
She's a very popular girl.
I love you ears.
- They're hardly my best feature.
- Allright.
Come on.
You brought friends.
- We can play...
- We're not here for your services.
I mean...
Not initially, no.
Well, I don't have any more sniff.
So, whoever told you I was selling
gave you old information.
Actually, we're eh...
We're looking for a smuggler,
called the Eel.
Is he a friend of yours?
- Shouldn't we take her to Betylla?
- I'm not letting him anywhere near her.
- Why not?
- He'll kill her.
He will kill Thane if he finds out
that we've lied to him.
Betylla needs us just as much
as we need him.
It'll be fine.
Where is he?
Finding him,
could save a close friend.
I haven't seen him in...
close on two moons.
Its... and he was going on about a ship
to the Eastern Kingdoms.
He was more than just a friend.
Is that all?
Did you want something else with me?
No. No, thank you.
- Where is the Eel?
- He's gone. He's gone!
Worthy apetite
for a girl in the chucks.
How long you've been of the sniff,
a moon, yet?
She has told you everything she knows!
He's across the Eastern Sea by now!
Have mercy, Betylla. Please, mercy!
I can explain. This isn't my fault,
just listen to me.
You owe Peregus Malister,
of the Thieves Guild,
five stone of refined illustrium.
Where is it?
- Well, it's a funny story actually, befo...
- Where?
Golgotians, Betylla.
The mine has been overrun
with Golgotian soldiers.
- You're lying.
- No I'm not. I'm sorry. I'm not lying.
I only got out, because I know the mines better
than they do.
They must be exporting to the East.
If you don't have it
and you can't find it,
- than you're of no use to the Guild.
- I can get you your shipment, I can get it!
- I can get it.
- How?
When the Golgotians attacked,
I stashed everything there was,
at least three stones worth,
And I know where it is.
I can get it.
You'll take us there.
- Alton!
- Goodbye, my love!
It was lovely to meet you.
Let's go.
Don't ever betray us like that again.
I will do whatever it takes, Marek.
I'm surprised you won't do the same.
You see it?
This is crawling with them.
And what are Golgotians
doing so far from their country?
They've discovered the power
of voluntary enslavement.
They rarely steal the illustrium
for themselves.
They're digging too fast, too deep.
The whole thing is gonna erupt,
if the cave demons don't get to them first.
Then you better get on with it.
Do you see that retreat down there?
It's where I dropped your shipment.
Who's he?
The man in charge.
His name is To kora.
He doesn't look Golgotian to me.
- I shouldn't have come. We're all...
- Calm down. What's gotten into you?
- He's looking for me. He knows I'm here.
- Who's looking for... Who's looking for you?
Hey, you're scarring me.
He knows I'm here.
Are you talking about the man in the cloak?
He's not even looking this way,
he's gone into a tent.
To kora.
It means, "dark art" in Golgotian.
- Marek, what is it?
- It's Szorlok.
It can't be.
- Why would he care about illustrium.
- That's not why he's here.
There. Is that the illustrium
they're burning up?
That's it.
We've burned it before with fire,
but that pile is worth a fortune.
What are they doing with it?
- We need to go, I think Marek is right.
- He's here for the Darkspore.
My only concern is your shipment.
It's the only thing
that will save your precious friend.
This shipment is what matters most.
It's a good day for you, Vitalion.
I've seen another one
of Betylla's beetles.
I guess...
I don't get to kill you
for one more day.
I'm disappointed in you, Thane.
I'd had thought you'd had more fight in you.
Speak up!
She loves me.
And there is nothing you can do
to take that away.
Oh, gods.
You're being a man,
before I even put a finger on you.
That's something...
you will never know.
Shut your face!
Never tell your enemy
what you value the most.
It's just over this next ridge.
Now's our chance.
He can't have gotten far.
- Is this the way you left it?
- It is.
What exactly are we looking for?
A brown bag, about this big.
- Let's split up.
- Do as he says.
Find it.
No. No, no, no, no.
Be careful.
Cave demons.
I told you...
That... was a stupid move.
Marek, go!
We have to save Thane.
No! No!
That's stupid, run!
We can't just keep wandering around.
There must be another way out.
It's beautiful.
It's so pure.
The hell with the gods,
that's a pretty thing.
- What do you suppose that's worth?
- I knew it.
What, what is it?
Your precious mold...
It all stems from one corrupting source.
- The Darkspore.
- That thing?
The source of all illustrium?
It's an evil thing.
- With a dark purpose.
- I must have it.
And build an empire.
It was meant to be lost
in this mine forever.
All darkness,
eventually comes to light.
I'll take it to Gojun Pye.
Where he'll destroy it or hide it...
You know who I am.
Did you know what I seek?
You'll never get the Darkspore.
The gods will see to it that you fail.
The gods...
What can the gods do to stop me
when I have the power over life and death?
I am not afraid to die.
This amuses me.
You are willing to die, even for Marek.
Eventhough, in time...
She will be the cause
of your own destruction.
You know this to be true.
Yet, you cannot help
but serve her purpose.
She will...
help you.
Oh, but she already has.
She has already brought me two pieces
of the hart of Amon Ka.
She'll surely inevitably bring me the third.
She cannot escape her destiny!
She cannot escape... me.
Now, I never thought it would end like this.
Too young to die.
I'm still in my early seventies.
I'm sorry.
- This is not your fault, nor your fight.
- No...
Please, come on.
You know me better than that.
I'm in it for the money.
For the long hole.
I do know you better than that.
You came for Marek.
My strength is my weakness.
We all have strengths and weaknesses.
No, no no.
To Marek.
Where do they hide?
No, n...
Ehm, never mind, don't wanna know.
I will never have another scandalous thought
about you again, now, I swear.
At least you managed to save Thane
for another day, huh?
I didn't send it to Thane.
Time to go.
Marek, it's a trap. Walk away, please.
No, no. No, no.
Thank you.
Come on.
You bastard!
You've come to face me,
as I knew you would.
Now, release my friends.
Release them yourself.
Release them... Yourself...
Release them yourself.
They are surrounded...
Surrounded by enemies.
Surrounded by enemies.
Release your power.
Your power
Take. Take. Take, their life-force.
Take their life-force
and free your friend.
There is no other way.
to free your friends.
I will give you the Darkspore.
Now, let them go.
The shard is already mine
for the taking.
Take your place.
Give me what I desire most.
Take your place on my side.
Take your place on my side.
See how they suffer?
You can save them, Marek.
I'm nothing like you.
I'm not a murderer.
you're not like me,
you are nothing like me, you insolent child.
Now, you will suffer the fate
of all who defy me.
Take my life.
And use it.
Save Dagen.
- No. No, Teela.
- I give my life freely. Freely as a sacrifice.
It's alright to take it.
- I'm not gonna make it.
- No.
It is alright.
grant me your glory.
Oh, Marek.
Hold still, hold...
No, no, no.
You did everything right.
Don't weep, you did everything right.
It's okay, you're alright, now?
You did everything right.
Come one. Come on.
Alright, you rest.
That's a good girl, you rest.
We'll see what's left of me.
I'm sorry.
- I killed her.
- Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Look at me.
Teela sacrificed herself for Thane.
And for us.
But if we don't hurry,
her blood really will... be on our hands.
So, I need you to walk, okay?
Can you walk?
That's it, girl. Come on.
Come on, I need you to walk.
Come on. Come on!
It's okay, lets walk.
All right, together.
Okay, try.
Wake up.
Come on.
I didn't get my beetle, today.
Guess that means your friends are dead.
- Huh?
- ...kill you.
Why don't you speak up?
- I'll kill you!
- Yeah!
Yes, I believe you would.
That is why...
you must die, Vitalion.
Let him... go.
Good timing.
Where is she?
We'll talk about it, when we're out of here,
Thane, my friend.
I'm not letting anybody leave today.
I'm gonna kill Thane,
and I'm gonna kill both of you.
Finish them!
Where's Teela?
It's complicated, my friend.
Is she hurt?
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Teela sacrificed herself,
to save you, Thane.
To save, you.
You were right.
I shouldn't have gone.
I know the resting place
of the fourth shard.
Szorlok has no way to find it.
So, we will watch and fight,
if it'll come to that.
Until then...
We stand ready.
You're packing late?
It's a long journey.
What's the plan with Szorlok, then?
He's a mortal man.
He breathes, he eats.
He sleeps
He bleeds.
There's not a place in the world
he can hide.