Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (2014)

Teela, my child.
You must take this stone to
the Paladin at Sung Hill.
I am too old to make the journey.
Run! Run!
Teela! Teela!
Where... is the stone?
You will never find it!
Run, Teela! The Goddess will not let me die.
Find help.
We shouldn't doing this.
Gentle... or we'll go... pooh!
- This-this one here?
- Mm-hm.
- OK.
- Softly!
- I can't!
- Pour.
- Nothing's happening. We should stop.
- Ah-ah... and I would pour the rest in.
Now, begin!
Ah, that's it.
I don't know what went wrong.
I think I need more Basilisk blood.
What's that smell?!
Take care of this.
You brought some down there, boy?
I'll strip your hide from you!
Out of my way, gimp!
You clumsy bitch!
You're not worth the gruel it costs to feed you!
Leave that! Let the gimp finish it.
Take this into town.
Get coin, from the wizard
And I want you back before first watch!
I don't want any trouble with the guards.
- I'll go.
- No, your leg...
You won't get back before dark. They'll catch
you and... they'll brand you as a runaway.
I mastered the vision spell you gave me.
Although, I-I think it could've...
used some more Basilisk blood.
And what the Basilisk blood project?
An eagle.
That's fascinating. I'm certain Basilisk
blood would result in a fireball.
Think I'm ready for more spells.
Really? What kind of spells?
I'm not a holy man.
You need a healer.
Magic... is not an art of
faith, but of understanding.
However... I do have something for you.
Bring me that pile of parchment.
There, a displacement spell.
It's very useful, but don't
use it on living objects.
Why not?
Because it will most likely cease to be living.
What are you doing?
I'm leaving. These things
not safe to be left here.
Nothing, is safe here anymore.
You're leaving?
There's too many eyes, too much... lust for power.
I've stayed too long.
Take me with you.
You've a strong mind Marek...
and a gift for learning.
You could teach me.
You could buy me and you could teach me.
There's an inn...
It's just outside of town.
You ask for Hammerhead.
You'll find the experience that you lack, there
and someone... will be in need of a conjurer.
I can't.
I'd be alone... a runaway.
Hunted down and hanged.
You're a fighter, Marek.
It would be a shame to see that flame go out.
- But, I ca...
- No. It's getting dark and you must go.
It's almost night.
Here, it's for the hogs' room.
Please don't go.
You're my only friend.
The only one who could help me.
Good friends aren't so hard to find.
Our paths will cross again.
Now... haste.
It's after first watch and the guards
will looking for slaves breaking curfew.
- What is it?
- Adventurers, they have dragon heads.
The first watch!
Watch where you're going, gimp!
Ohh... ho-ho-ho-ho-ho.
What do we think of this, huh?
Oh, slave girl, huh? But you're not so young.
I could sell you as a 15 year old. Mmm...
- 16 years old, no right leg?
- No! No!
But it's your twisted foot... it's not my type.
But some man, mmm, some man
may pay extra for a girl like you.
Take her to the den. Take her!
No! No.
- Let go! Let go! Let go!
- Ohh!
And find out who owns the rights, in case...
somebody wants to claim her.
My slave, she ran away... but I caught her.
No! He's lying!
Your slave's out past first watch.
She'll have to come with me.
Like, I said... my slave girl ran away...
and I found her.
There's no harm done here.
That's for your troubles.
What's her name?
Kill him!
Ah, you... bitch!
I will find you!
You, uh... you just don't know who I am, do you?
I have a general idea.
If you cross me, you will pay!
You thrust this in with some force, my lady.
The effect... was nearly disastrous.
- What are you carrying?
- Nae but straw.
Move along. Move along.
Get off me!
A thousand pardons, my lady.
I can't help myself.
Beautiful girl... intimate moment in the straw...
But, alas, work calls.
The magistrate isn't going to
cuckhold himself, now, is he?
Pleasant travels.
- The coins...
- Hey, stop! You there, stop!
Oh, no! No! No!
Who's the man here?
Does this belong to you?
I trust this can be forgotten!
You led the Vitalian Guard to this house?!
Where's my coin?
I'm sorry, I was robbed, and...
Are you trying to make a fool of me, girl?
You managed that, yourself.
You're finished here!
Yes, I wanted you clean, so I
could keep your price up!
Now, I'll just take what's mine! Sell
whatever's left of you... to the whorehouse!
What was that?
- I... I don't mean...
- You used no powders and you said no words.
It-it was like no magic I've ever seen before.
- Where is she?
- Witch! Conjurer!
I have to go. I'm going to Hammerhead's inn.
Come with me. I can't do it alone, Egan.
I made it. It'll help you run.
I don't have your courage.
I- I would never make it.
Come on, go. Quick.
Goodbye, Egan.
Make sure she stays out.
I won't be sayin' it again!
No fightin' blades in the establishment!
Feed that mess to the pigs.
A round of drinks for the Blood Clan!
On the house!
Move it along, nowl!
I'm going to assume that you're new here
and that this is a gift... so that Orc over there
doesn't have to polish the blood
off the blade of my ax, again.
- I'm looking for work.
- Then talk to Narnie, over there.
No... adventuring work!
I want a chance at a bounty. I do magic.
Why didn't you say so? A magician!
Well! I had no idea!
And all this time I've been payin'
court to a real fyekin' magician!
- Now get out before my temper's...
- Ahh!
In the name of the goddess, Anisette,
I demand audience with Orin Tuck!
- Fyekin' women tonight!
- You are Orin Tuck?
Hammerhead's what they be callin' me now.
I am Teela, of the order of
Anisette, sent to plead your help.
Orcs raided my temple, two nights past
and my people were slain, or taken by foul beasts.
I seek heroes to win their freedom.
Have you any gold?
I... have some. 200 silver.
That's not gold.
Please, you and your kind were friends
to the order, in times of old.
Times of old are olden times, now.
And those heroes lie shriveled, in the dirt.
I've no use for causes!
And neither does any man here, today.
They have my sister!
Does any lad here want to
help save this lass's sister,
who was kidnapped by a band or marauding Orcs?
The pay is 200 silver pieces.
There's the door.
I suggest you use it.
If I just fyekin' saw who I think I fyekin' saw...
she better be here to sell herself as a whore!
I will take that bounty!
I'm forming a team.
Any of you are welcome to join my team.
I... bring the skill... of magic.
Careful, she has magic!
You need help.
In there... I-I heard you. You nee...
you need help.
I require seasoned adventurers... heroes, even.
Not young girls.
I have a team!
You have a limp.
No one else will help you.
Hammerhead said it.
The mission is too dangerous and...
you have too little to pay.
And you... you do not fear it?
- Should I?
- Yes.
200 silver pieces... full sum upon completion.
It will be dangerous.
But with a care, a man just might survive it.
You won't regret it.
- I very much doubt that.
- Give me until fourth watch.
We meet at the stone circle, at dawn.
I know you.
You're that slave girl that
got me thrown into this cage.
That pimp has some influential
friends in my regiment.
I'm here to free you.
All I need is for you to swear an oath to me.
Why not?
I need a swordsman, for a bounty.
Join me and we'll win it together.
You're joking!
You're not joking.
Long ago, I swore an oath, to the Vitalian Empire.
That oath, took me across the
world, and into this cage.
I'm done with oaths.
I saw you in the alley. You... you're a brave man.
- I wouldn't go that far.
- No more masters, no magistrates!
We-we'll create our own destinies.
And what would those destinies
hold for us, little varmint?
A life with dignity.
Well, friend... for a life of dignity...
Oh, God.
Oh, here come the guards! Maybe
one of them has the key!
Reckless balls...!
Name's Thane.
We need a thief.
It's Thor's day.
I believe there's one coupling
with my commander's wife.
Well, there's our thief.
Go around the corner and tell the guards
you saw a man climb into that window.
What's on your leg?
What is that on your leg?
Oh! My husband's back!
Take these! Go! Go! Go! No-no-no! Don't hurt me!
What is that thing on your foot?
Where's my money?
- I have no idea what you're talking about.
- In the hay wagon.
I meet a lot of women in the hay.
No offense, but, I... can't say
as I remember you, sweetheart!
Wait, it's coming to me.
What manner of insult is it you bring to me?!
To this house! To my bed! Get away, you whore!
Can we maybe discuss this somewhere else?
Take your time, pal.
Alright... alright.
Given my very... limited... knowledge on thieves,
I would assume you money is gone. Gambled away,
or spent on very, very expensive women.
You bastard!
Most probably.
I'm sorry, sweetheart. I'm
a harder catch than that.
We're here to make you an offer.
Guads! Guards! I can just...
I need you for one mission.
No chance, milady.
Then we'll let the magistrate have
you, and she keeps her clothes.
- What's the pay?
- 50 silver.
- 100!
- Is now really the time to haggle?
- 75.
- What?
- Have him destroyed!
- I'm in!
We're here.
Weh-heh-heh-hell, well... allow me!
- And you are?
- Teela, from the order of Anisette.
A holy woman?!
A little girl, a Vitalian... and a miscreant.
Pray the goddess may bless our worthy cause.
There is an Orc encampment 10 leagues east.
My sister is held there.
We will rescue her under cover of night.
You and I, under the covers, at night? I like it.
Except without the dress. All done up in...
why don't you stick out like a
lily in a pile of pig shite?
- Done. Up!
- Should we head out?
My white robes symbolize purity
and show my dedication to the goddess, Anisette.
And I will not be spoken to
like one of your common whores.
Speak to ladies like whores, and whores, like
ladies. Surprising what you get from both.
I've ten leagues, yet, before I test this blade.
Don't push me off.
The goddess leads us.
"The goddess leads us. "
Ten leagues.
Maybe we should take a look around, down there.
See if they... missed anything valuable.
They are my friends and teachers.
Should we go down there... to pick up the trail?
Let's keep moving.
What is that smell?
We're to stay downwind.
Keep low... and quiet.
That's a lot of orcs.
Right. Time to go home.
If we fight, we die.
I have a plan.
I'll create a distraction.
The meadow. Draw them out that way.
Get them to chase us.
- Then Dagen will run in and...
- Oh, hey, no! Like hell I will!
You out of your nut?
Those aren't imaginary Orcs that your
grandmother told you about, to
lull you to sleep, sweetheart.
Those are real, bloodthirsty, musclebound animals.
And we only have one musclebound animal.
I can conjure a distraction.
There's a lot of Orcs down there.
Fine! Well, then, thief, you're going to slip
into the water, quietly... hop into those cages
and find out which one has Teela's sister in it.
- Mmm.
- Then come ashore when you're in the clear.
- Well, what about freeing the other captives?
- Yeah, why not?
And while I'm at it, I'll swipe some teeth
from the biggest gooch's mouth.
- Forget it!
- If anything happens, we'll attack...
causing a distraction.
It's a good plan.
And what about that guard,
down there by the cages?
Maybe I'll make friends with him.
All the while, Thane can spend the night, up
here, on the rocks, pleasuring you lovely ladies,
while Teela's sex deprived
goddess watches on, with envy.
Shove your dagger straight up through his bowels.
He won't scream and death is instant.
The sisters of my order
study principles of combat.
- Dagen, if your thieving skills aren't up to it.
- My thieving skills?
No-no-no-no-no. It's fine. I'll do it.
Fyke! Always the thief gets
the sodden end of the stick!
Teela, cut that out!
Alright? It's bad luck.
Alright, excuse me.
What's she look like, this sister of yours?
- Brown hair.
- Is she beautiful?
Chances are improving.
What's going on down there?
Teela, is that your sister?
No, a priest.
That's him. He led the raid on my temple.
- Where is the stone?
- I don't know.
What is he doing to him?
Necromancy. It's an old, dark magic,
which draws on the life of survivors.
I'd only ever heard tales of it, until now.
I can't see Dagen.
Any sign of him?
Come on, thief, earn your pay.
Which one of you is Teela's sister, Caeryn?
They kill those of us who speak.
I mean to free you.
- The Ogre came and he took...
- Silence!
Or my blade shall taste of your blood, again!
So, what have we got, here?
Put it in... easy, easy...
A bit deeper... and... there she is.
Right. Let's have a look at you.
You're Caeryn?
Caeryn isn't here.
- What do you mean?
- I misunderstood.
Goddess wants all of her worshipers released.
They'll see we've escaped and come after us.
Ohh... oh, no.
Fyke! Don't do it.
Alright. Alright. They've got him.
No-no! Come on down whenever you're ready!
It's going in!
Do we have a plan?
We fight.
I thought you said we'd die.
We'll see now, won't we?
It is a lot of Orcs.
Are you alright?
Of course I'm not alright!
Help Teela!
You had to fyeking stab me.
Teela, your combat training is shite!
Leave us your women and you can live.
How very Orkish of you.
Leave me! I'm not afraid to die.
Just do it, already.
You had to fyeking stab me.
Must have lost them.
Not. Marek!
Could really use some magic, right now!
- Just leave me! I'm slowing you down!
- No!
Our oath goes both ways!
Move him faster, or drop him!
Wait, wait! I know this place!
Up there, we raided a camp here, once.
There's a cave. It's hard to get to.
I'm out of arrows!
Hard to get to?
I'm not gonna let you die!
The bolt! Pull the bolt!
- I'm alright!
- OK.
Keep him quiet!
Shhh! Quiet!
I'm bleeding too fast!
Move aside.
Embrace the pain and welcome
death, should she beckon you.
No! No!
I couldn't get it all.
It'll take time to fully heal you.
But you will live.
You are so beautiful.
Sleep now. I will watch over you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm going to see what else is in here.
It's Faltic.
It needs to be placed on a shrine. It's a...
gift to the gods, to grant a wish for love.
How do you know that?
Personal experience, I'm afraid.
It's far too pretty a thing for this place.
I don't even know where we are.
What is this, a house?
Ah, no.
No, it's a-it's a runner's cache.
Daring smugglers used to keep them
up and down the trade routes.
It's long forgotten.
But, um... might wish we asked to go
through them... being a slave in them.
No, I ju... um, I just, uh... saw
the-the mark on your... neck.
Explains a lot.
I'm going to make a fire.
Well, Teela. I presume the mission's over?
Unless, of course, you have some idea as
to where your sister might actually be.
My sister might have been taken by the Ogre.
- The Ogre?
- Oh, yes, THE Ogre. And not just any Ogre...
but the one that attacked
your temple, with the Orcs.
A little-or should I say, a HUGE
detail that Teela left out.
It's probably why she didn't want
us to go down there. We'd have
- noticed all the evidence...
- No!
- I mean, I didn't know the goddess led us to...
- Oh, the goddess be damned!
I did my part, whether your
sister was there or not!
Now I want my silver and then, I'll be going.
I do not have your silver.
- Ah!
- Not yet.
Well, that's perfect, isn't it?
The goddess has promised to
provide you with payment.
OK. I'm done with you lot.
I know, in my heart, that my sister is alive.
I still have to find her!
Yeah, well... good luck with that, priestess.
Dagen, wait!
- What are you doing?
- I'm leaving.
- This mission is suicide.
- It's suicide alone.
Take my chances.
You can come with me... if you like.
I want to see this through.
- Take care of Thane.
- Wait!
I'm sorry.
Nothing has changed.
My promise is good.
One bounty.
We leave at dawn.
You should rest.
I've no need.
Nor I. Sleep doesn't come so easily, now.
Before this, I would sleep like a babe.
This is very clever.
Teela... you're a healer.
Are you able to heal... anyone?
Those with... pure intent, who have
faith to heal and be healed... yes.
Am I pure enough?
C- can your goddess... can she heal me...
my... my leg?
I'm sorry, Marek.
It is not the will of the goddess.
Why? Why?
Your leg... it's a deliberate mark, from the gods.
A reminder of the darkness inside you.
I'm good! I know I am. There's no...
there's no darkness inside of me!
We all harbor darkness... and all light.
Then why am I different?
And why can't I be healed?
How recent do you think this Ogre trail is?
Less than a day, I'd wager.
- Are Vitalian soldiers trained in tracking?
- Aye. But men... not Ogres.
Why become a soldier?
A chance to see the world...
and swing a sword at it.
And you?
- Why did I chose the order of Anisette?
- Aye.
It was my sister, who was first called.
Greatly upsetting our father.
I promised I would never follow in her footsteps.
Nor did I desire to.
Then, I found out he planned
to trade me to a nobleman
for a tract of land. I refused
and ran to Caeryn and the order.
The goddess has been my life, since.
Not many girls would pass up a
chance to marry a nobleman.
I refused to be traded like property.
Well, we all sell ourselves
for something, in the end.
That's rather bleak.
Life is bleak.
The imprint is deeper here.
And lengthened... the Ogre was running.
- Running? For what?
- From what?
I have little experience with these creatures.
Following blindly... is reckless.
What do you suggest?
I say we get up high... spy out the land.
Learn what... might be waiting for us.
We don't have time.
If your sister's still alive...
there's no telling how much longer she has.
We have the trail, let's keep going.
He chose his own path.
He may have been taken captive.
He's likely still alive.
The goddess has her purposes.
Dagen's fate is no longer our concern.
I've heard enough of your damned goddess!
What good is she to me, to you, to anyone?
Maybe Dagen had it right.
Your temple is burned. Your
sister is probably dead.
And chances are, we're probably
going to die here, too.
Maybe I'm not good enough... for you
and your goddess, to care about,
but I know this. I'm not like your goddess.
I wouldn't leave a friend to
die, alone, in the wilderness.
The same way Dagen left us?
- What was that?
- We need to move. Now!
We need to find a clearing!
We'll have a better chance of
fighting, if we can see it.
Go on! Don't look in his eyes!
- Blind me! I have looked directly into his eyes!
- Do we keep running or make a stand?!
Keep running!
- I thought we needed to find a clearing?!
- I'm trying!
Stop playing around! Marek, run!
- What was that?
- I don't wanna know.
There's a clearing ahead!
We should have scouted.
Into the trees!
Leave me, I can make it!
Put me down! Put me dow...
- Shut up and hold on!
- Leave me!
Faster! Run faster!
Over here, you brute!
Marek! Forget about us! You must find the stone!
The goddess leads you!
Why won't you heal me?
Anisette, hear my prayer.
I have failed you, goddess.
My friends are going to die. I was alone.
I was alone. I'm alone.
Heal me. Heal me, so I can save my friends!
Anisette, if you hear me, answer.
If you hear me... answer.
Answer me.
Answer me.
Answer me!
Answer me.
You're wrong!
You're wrong about me.
To hell with the gods!
What about a last meal, or something?
Some meat?
Ale would be nice.
Thanks very much.
Marek. Thanks for it.
Quiet... I'm concentrating.
Thank you... very much.
Don't mind me, I'm just a bit foxy.
You have impeccable timing, Marek.
The ugly one had a look in his eye I didn't like.
Yep, yep, OK.
This is yours.
Oh, ho-ho-ho!
Oh, my God! And I thought you'd deserted me!
Where are the others?
You left them?
- Smart.
- No.
We're going to rescue them.
The Ogre?
Fyke, Marek!
Because they're our friends.
And I don't have many friends.
And neither do you.
I spotted the Ogre trail, not far from here.
It's just over that ridge.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
- Yes, alright.
- Is this the Ogre's cave?
I'd bet my magic wand we're at his doorstep.
You know, you're asking the impossible, right?
Surely not impossible for you.
I just want to make sure
you'll appreciate my success.
- What was that for?
- I'm probably falling in love.
Who's out there?
Is there someone there?
Are you here to help me?!
Who's there?
I'm trapped! I can't get out.
Is there anyone there? I-I hear you.
Is that someone out there?
Who's there? Who's there? I'm in here!
I'm in here!
Psst! Anybody home?
Who are you? Just... get me out of here.
Shhh, sh-sh-sh. Calm down, boy.
Is there anyone else in there with you?
A tiresome priestess, maybe?
No. I'm-I'm all alone.
Alright, just... sit tight.
Please! You have to save me!
Please! Please! Get me out of here!
Don't... don't leave me!
Where did you go?
Come back! Come back!
Please! Please, help!
Hello, beautiful.
I'm Dagen. Your insane sister
sent me here to rescue you.
- I'm not important. Take this.
- Please, get me out of here!
Take the stone. Bring it to the Paladins
at Sung Hill. They can protect it.
Listen, sweetheart...
We have gone through a lot of
trouble to get you out of here.
Come back, please! Please, get me out of here!
Shut it!
You fool! Escape with the stone!
Nothing else matters!
You remind me a lot of your sister.
Go! It's coming! Let's go and get out here!
It's coming!
Let me go! Ahh! Ahhhh! Ahh!
Dagen move!
Did you two want to quit lying
around and give me a hand?
Dagen. By the gods, never thought
I'd be happy to see you again.
Yeah, well, I was missing Teela's sunny demeanor.
- Where's Marek?
- She's here.
We're going to get you out of here.
Ready, push!
OK, OK. I'm, uh...
- Uhh...
- Maybe we could the... Ogre to...
He doesn't take them out to play with
them, he takes them out to eat them.
I have an idea.
Teela, remember that spell, in hideout?
The one you were practicing on the kettle?
Anisette, be merciful.
Hang on to each other...
Hold on, Teela, I've got you.
- What was that?
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- It was the only way. I didn't mean...
- Yeah, well, it worked...
but, never do it again.
Did you find Caeryn?
- Yeah, together, we might be able to move it.
- Yeah, Yeah.
- Sister!
- She's out. She's out.
I'm gonna need something sharp!
This way!
Come on! That way! Come on. Come on. Come on.
I feel fresh air moving!
This must be another way out.
I see a light. This way!
Get out, get out!
Think you can make it?
Probably, but how are we gonna
get the rest of you out?
Help him.
What is that?
I've got a bad feeling about this.
You wanna eat us? You'll have to crawl
in after us. We're not coming out.
I'm not so sure about that!
Here come the spiders!
I'm out of arrows!
Quickly... before it recovers!
Oh, come on!
There's the entrance! We can make it if we run!
Well done, wizard.
Is everyone alright?
You did it.
We did it.
Are you kidding?
There's no treasure!
I have always heard... that Ogres...
amass hordes and hordes of treasure.
That belongs to the temple.
We must hurry. This country is unsafe, at night.
At night?
Hardly imagine anything worse...
than this country, during the day.
How much for an Ogre's ear?
An Ogre's ear, you say?
I'd say that's worth... a free drink...
and a smidgen of respect.
I won't stop until I've reached the monastery.
The Paladin will send the team their silver.
I'm afraid for you.
Why must you travel alone?
My path is sure.
I have no fear.
And the goddess says you are to
stay here for the time being.
I must take the stone to the Paladin.
Farewell, my sister.
Now, go. Be with your friends.
I said, you take that staff and you give it
to the captain... he knows right where to...
Maybe I'll... become a farmer?
- Find a soft woman to settle down with.
- Oh.
To adventure!
- To a life of dignity.
- To riches and gold!