My Wife's Shell (2005)

Ibaraki Prefecture - 1999
You're trying hard to act
like a grown-up.
It almost touches my heart
A sweet scent of rouge is left...
on your brandy glass.
Oh, the rain is pouring down...
on Miyuki Street.
Are you okay?
Oh, man...
I have a folding chair at home.
What color?
Um... it's green.
It'll work.
Bring it tomorrow.
- We're doing this again?
- Yeah.
Okay, but can we find
another spot?
- I don't see anyone walking here.
- Tetsu...
This has been my spot forever.
L've sung to hundreds of
people here.
- That was a long time ago.
- It doesn't matter.
Everybody knows, good music
never gets old.
But so much was hyped back then...
like you won that prize
on the auditioning show.
'Most Creative Award.'
So you were part of a trend.
But the hype is gone and
things have changed.
You've got to know that by now.
Sorry, that was too much.
You're right, I guess.
It's cold here.
Let's get a beef bowl
and go home.
You're trying hard to act
like a grown-up,
it almost touches my heart
A sweet scent of rouge is left...
A sweet scent of rouge is left...
on your brandy glass.
on your brandy glass.
Oh, the rain is pouring down...
on Miyuki Street.
It's midnight in Ginza
and we're making love.
We're making love...
"The Rain" by Hajime Mizorogi
Demo tape - 100 yen
I think I'm a little bit drunk...
It's all your fault.
You were watching
the lighthouse offshore...
your eyes looking so loveless.
Oh, the rain is pouring down...
on the pier down on the harbor
I said, only a kiss...
Only a kiss...
Did you notice that girl?
What about her?
Did you see her undenuear?
Yeah, the one chewing gum.
That gum had a strange smell.
It was a pretty strong,
sweetish smell.
What flavor was it?
I have no idea.
Mitocity Ibaraki - 2000 What was the
flavor of that gum you were chewing?
What was the flavor of
that gum you were chewing?
My precious memory is the
smell of your chewing gum.
Today's guest is the most recent
star of lbaraki prefecture.
He has released this song on an independent
label, 'The Gum You were Chewing'.
It has now reached
Music Chan's Top 30!
This is Hajime Mizorogi.
Good evening.
That's a fabulous outfit you're wearing.
That's your style?
You've been performing
on the streets...
for the past five years?
That spot is like my home ground.
Oh, I see.
When did you stop?
- Around April, I think.
- So not long ago. - Right.
The Top 30 is an exceptional
for a man whose life has been
spent on the streets.
Can you tell me how you feel?
- Would you say you're surprised
by your own success? - Why?
What did you say before?
- Hmm? About your successm?
- Not that.
I'm sorry. Did I say
something wrong?
Life... on the streets?
I do live in an apartment!
But that's not what I meant...
I know, but there are ways
to say things.
I'm very sorry.
- Sure I'm surprised.
- What?
I'm surprised by my own success.
Oh, I see...
Are you okay?
I'm used to this.
You pull a muscle every time
you have sex?
- It's because I brace my ass.
- What for?
- Hemorrhoids.
- Are you kidding?
- Hemorrhoids?
- Give me your number.
- Okay, but I'm moving to
Tokyo next month. - Why?
To become a radio director.
It's what I've wanted to do.
Yeah? Hey...
shouldn't you be more
respectful towards me?
- What?
- Acting like a director already?
What are you talking about?
Learn some respect.
Well, look at you!
You keep that attitude,
and I'll harass you again.
Tokyo, my ass!
You're so funny!
You should go to Tokyo.
You'll make it.
You have a great voice.
Seriously, you should.
Hello, how are you?
I'm so sorry...
Mitato Ward, Tokyo - 2002 Hello,
how are you? I'm so sorry...
Mitato Ward, Tokyo - 2002
Mitato Ward, Tokyo - 2002
Yes, Mizorogi is with me.
Yes, Mizorogi is with me.
We're coming up the stairs now.
Thank you very much,
see you in a moment.
He's waiting - let's go.
A compilation album?
Isn't it too soon?
I mean, it's only been a year
since his debut.
He's not selling.
- Maybe your promotional strategy
is partly to blame. - What?
We've put in 30 million yen.
The video clip in London?
Recording in LA?
The expensive hotel in Vegas?
We had our expectations for him.
A compilation after only a year?
He's only released 5 singles.
5 singles in 10 months.
That's more than a lot.
Oh yeah. Rock... folk...
Samba... rumba...
You just don't have your
own style.
You're the one who asked
for them.
- Then will you die, ifl ask
you to? - What?!
Mr. Bito, that was unnecessary.
Mr. Mizorogi, you harassed one of
our PR staff, didn't you?
This is a serious problem.
She's the only daughter of
our holding company's executive.
All week, it's been a battle
trying to smooth it over.
We're cutting you off.
The album sales will cover
whatever you owe us.
I understand, but it's still
Don't worry. Just give us all
the songs you have now.
You'll have something to
show your kids someday.
We'll sell them cheap.
Then, we'll sell the leftovers
at dollar shops.
Are you okay?
I hear you get cramps.
- You should watch yourself.
- Mr. Bito, please...
Come on, let's go.
Look... let me talk to the other
record companies.
Don't bother.
It's no use. You know how
they're all connected.
Remember Emi?
The DJ we met in Mito.
She's working as a radio
director in Tokyo now.
I ran into her when I was
promoting your songs.
- We talked about you.
- Yeah?
What do you think of a
stint as a radio host?
Who, me?
She's looking for a good voice
for her midnight program.
The job didn't mean anything then,
so I didn't tell you.
But it could be a great
opportunity now.
- Tetsu...
- Yes?
What am I?
A musician.
Give pep talks and introduce
other people's music?
I'm sorry.
I can take shit from people...
but I'll become less than shit
ifl lose my pride.
You're right.
I'm sorry. I was completely
out of line.
As long as you understand.
This is Mizorogi's
'Singing Highway'.
Nerima Ward, Tokyo - 2003
It's New Year's Eve.
To the truck drivers on the
road tonight... safe. I wish you all
a Happy New Year.
Now, let's read some letters
from the listeners.
Thank you all for sending them in.
Our first letter today is
from 'Peter-san'.
"L'm a big fan of your program."
Thank you very much.
"My mom tells me, marriage is
not a word. It's a sentence...
"a life-sentence.
"She tells me to think
things through..."
Nice job everyone.
Hey, that was really good.
She's a fan of yours.
I found her outside,
so I let her in.
I've been listening to your
music since lbaraki.
May I have your autograph?
- Pen.
- Sure.
Thank you very much.
I haven't come yet.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I always come fast.
I see.
So, this is how it feels when
your partner comes first.
But I can do it again, if you
give me a minute.
It's not bad...
This weird feeling of
And my leg isn't cramped.
Your name's Miki?
My real name is Hajime Miki.
I know.
If we got married,
you'd become... Miki Miki.
Miki Miki.
Sounds good.
Miki Miki...
I like it.
I'm singing a song for Miki...
I really like it.
Nerima Ward, Tokyo - 2004
Good evening, this is Mizorogi.
I have a special
announcement tonight.
I am happy to announce...
that I was just married today.
No, my wife isn't pregnant yet.
I am turning over a new leaf,
and working hard as a musician.
To all my listeners, I'm
grateful for your support.
Okay, now it's time to read
some letters.
This one is from 'Muscle-San.'
Here we go...
"Ways to annoy waiters.
"After each special,
shout 'Garbage!'
"Ask 'Are you a really
bad singer...
"'or a really bad actor?"'
I'm sure these would work.
Next Ietten . .
- Great work.
- Thank you. - Thanks.
It's that girl, right?
You didn't even tell Tetsu.
He's feeling left out.
Who cares. You're not
happy for me?
No, I am happy for you.
You needed a change, right?
I guess.
Congratulations. I mean it.
Shame on you.
I know.
What do you want for your
wedding present?
I'm releasing a new song.
Play it for me on heavy rotation.
You got it.
- See you.
- Yes, next week.
Get my MD recorder and
set it here.
- What are you doing?
- Making music.
I can hear more clearly with
my ears in the water.
- Okay, I'll be right back.
- Okay.
What're you doing?
What's this?
A joke?
- I shed my skin sometimes.
- What?!
My entire skin just
falls off...
after I have sex with the
same man a few times.
This is like a cartoon.
It always happens
when I'm asleep.
This is the 5th time.
Now you know how many
boyfriends I've had.
That isn't the point here.
I went to both a dermatologist
and a psychiatrist.
They both say it's impossible
and they won't treat me.
Well, honey, this is really...
- This...
- ls gross?
I wasn't hiding this.
But how could you believe this,
without seeing it?
This is a lot of skin,
are you okay?
I'm so touched...
you still care about me?
Yeah, you're okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
I can leave.
I mean, this won't stop,
so if you don't want me...
- Don't be stupid.
- I'll shed again.
Everybody gets broken skin.
This happens all the time.
It's happened to me too.
In the summer, when I was a kid,
I got tanned at the beach.
I tried peeling off my skin
in one big piece.
It was kind of fun.
So, it's almost like the same
thing here.
You can peel off your skin
in one big piece.
Think about it that way.
It's not gross.
You could get famous.
But you won't tell anyone, right?
No, absolutely not.
Is that such a big deal though?
You wake up in the morning and
find your wife's cast-off skin.
You try it!
- Okay, it's a bit shocking.
- A bit? - Very shocking.
It's just that she's so
good for you.
Your life seems so filled lately.
And your new song is great.
I think you owe her for
some of that.
I know.
But she's been acting
After she shed...
her attitude changed.
It's like... I don't know.
She changed.
It's kinda funny hearing you
complain though.
- Maybe it's nothing...
- Tetsu. - Right, I'll stop.
Why all these mothballs?
It's your favorite costume.
You don't want any moths on it.
Where's my notation?
My notation!
This? It was important?
You used it as a shopping list?!
But it only says one note.
Hey, listen...
This "do" is very important to me.
Do you understand?
Okay, SOFFY-
And why are you rolling my
undenuear like that?
They're not sushi rolls!
I can put more in the
drawer this way.
Always complaining...
Well, I' m sorry.
I'm going--
I'm crazy for hen.
- I like it. - Yeah?
- Which studio?
We made it independently.
Studios hate it when they've
had no say in the making.
How did you record it?
We took out a loan,
the maximum amount.
- I could have helped.
- No...
he wanted it just between
the two of us.
That's how much he's putting
into this song.
What's with the cloud on his
face then?
- Just post-marriage blues.
- It's not like him.
You're home.
Hot tofu for breakfast?
I'm cold and I felt like it.
What are you doing?
Does this belong in here?
Yeah, it's burnable garbage.
- So...?
- Made it yourselves...
Yes. We will handle the promotion
ourselves, of course.
All we ask is that you
release it.
The song isn't too bad.
And we're still in the red with
your promotional fees.
I'll think about it.
- Just assure us: no losses.
- Yes, thank you.
he did punch me.
And the release will require
some effort.
And he doesn't seem sorry at all.
Oh, he regrets it.
Come on.
- I'm sss...
- Huh?
- I'm sorry.
- You see?
I hear you got married.
One of your fans?
Trying hard to act like a musician,
then she won't run away.
You handle the returned CDs.
We're just releasing it.
Half the profit is ours.
- Agreed?
- Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
Try attracting more attention.
Like, hit the clubs.
That's for new faces.
It's a great chance to
start afresh.
He's right. It won't sell
unless people hear it.
Put on a costume if you have to.
- He's already got a wig.
- Yeah, that's right!
seriously though, would you
do more promotions?
A friend working at a CD shop
offered us an unannounced gig.
Of course it's unannounced.
Nobody knows him.
Will you?
It's me.
The shop needs to close early
for the town meeting.
They're closing at 2:30pm.
I'm sorry. We only have
time for one song.
- That's enough.
- Thank you. Good luck then.
She's so hot...
and I'm so crazy for hen
The warmth of her body from
just that one night...
made burn marks
across my heart
I feel it all day and night.
The happiness of being in love.
The smile on her face as I
wake up in the morning...
it lifts my heart
The chains of love.
'Two for 300 yen'
By Mizorogi
Two for only 300 yen.
Two for only 300 yen.
No, no, no...
Oh, baby...
Mizorogi's new song,
'Two for 300 yen', on sale now!
Please come and listen.
Live performance!
I guess she will be the first
to say 'sayonara.'
Everything changed,
everything about hen
And it's breaking my heart
The chains of love.
Two for only 300 yen.
Two for only 300 yen.
Two for only 300 yen.
No, no, no...
Oh, baby...
Excuse me.
May I have your autograph?
Thank you very much.
I can put up posters for you.
Give me your hand.
Let go of me!
Stop m
Please stop!
- I'm going ahead to
the studio. - Okay.
- Get me some ointment.
- Sure.
Thank you, Handle-san.
Next letter...
This one is from 'Orocho-san'.
"Many songs are written
about cheese."
"'Cheese Cake' by Aerosmith,
'Big Cheese' by Nirvana,
"But the biggest cheese
would be Mizorogi..."
- Hey! What the hell were
you thinking? - Tetsu!
I know I was asking a lot,
but that doesn't justify this!
- What are you talking about?
Get out! - We're on air!
That was my girlfriend.
I asked her to help. And you
just forced yourself on her!
I didn't know.
Cut to commercials?
No, keep them on.
You would've done it
either way!
I know of your bad habits.
But you're married now.
What about Miki?
How can you do this?
Remember what you said?
You said you're turning over
a new leaf.
You haven't changed.
You haven't changed one bit
since lbaraki!
Damn you and your
'Most Original Award'.
You're on air, say something.
Not here, Tetsu.
Why not?
- It's private.
- What is?
I just wanted to do it
from behind!
She always straddles me
and comes before I do!
I'm never satisfied!
- I want to have sex my way!
- Are you nuts?
You could never understand!
- I don't care if you're on top or bottom!
- It's notjust the position!
This is about my style!
My style!
- It can't change!
- Screw your style!
What did you say?
You have to change... please.
Get out.
I never asked you to be my
partner in the first place.
Get out!
Now, please listen to
Mizorogi's new song...
'Two for 300 yen.' Enjoy.
Hemorrhoid Ointment
Hemorrhoid Ointment 'Two
for 300 yen' by Mizorogi.
'Two for 300 yen'
by Mizorogi.
Put it on.
You looked stupid, man.
You were walking like this.
It was awful!
Oh, I'm so hurt!
Hey, you missed.
Pick it up.
Hey! Pick it up.
Dumb ass.
Hey, man!
You want some?
You want this?
What are you, stupid?
Hey, your ass hurt?
Does your ass hurt? Huh?
Watch who you fool with.
Chicken shit!
Look at you now.
Piece of shit!
Stop it.
You had sex?
Is this payback?
You needed a change.
Then, you'll be able to start
over afresh...
together again.
A new start.
Listen to me.
I'm already broken.
You don't have to go
down with me.
Why didn't you leave me alone?
You don't belong with me.
What are you saying?
What the hell are you saying?
- We came together this far!
- You don't belong with me!
Just leave me alone!
I can't stop what's happening.
I can't stop this shedding, and...
I feel like we're drifting apart.
Are we drifting apart?
How many times did you
sleep with her?
Today was the first.
Liar! It takes a few times
for her to shed.
Once today, and a few times,
some time ago.
"Some time ago"?
Not after you got married.
Do you remember that girl
in lbaraki?
The girl chewing gum?
The one showing her undenuear?
That girl was Miki.
You're kidding?
So we met a few times.
Today's the second time
I saw her shedding.
That means...
she shed twice with me.
Twice with you.
That's four sheddings right there.
That's right.
I could use a few sheddings too.
My guitar!
What's that?
Looks like a man...
Humans are amazing.
Yeah, amazing...
Minato Ward, Tokyo - 2005
Everything3 great when
you're around.
That alone makes me a
lucky man.
It makes every day a
lucky day
Oh, my baby...
Please baby oh...
When I wake up, you're
by my side.
That alone makes me a
lucky man.
It makes every day a
lucky day
Oh, my baby...
Sweet baby oh...
Baby you're my angel.
Give me your shining smile
on this special morning.
I love you...
Not enough? What more do
you want from me?
That was fun.
- You missed a note.
- Sorry.
You haven' t been complaining
about your hemorrhoids.
You're right.
Today's guest is the now famous
author, Ms. Miki Miki...
Give it back!
He'll give it right back. Sorry.
It's very nice to have you here.
She's the author of the best
selling book, 'The Cast-off Diet.'
It has sold over 1.5 million
copies already
I hear you're now working on
your second book?
The first book was to prove
my shedding scientifically
The second book explains how anyone can
practise shedding as an effective diet.
That sounds very interesting.
I can't wait to try it myseh'.
You'll get better results with
a co-operative partnen
Then obviously you must have
a wonderful lover yourself
I'm actually married.
What does your husband do?
He's a musician.
- Oh, do I know him?
- His name's Mizorogi.
I'm sorry I don't think I've
heard of him yet.
What kind of music
does he play?
He plays all kinds...
- Hey, Tetsu...
- Yes?
Let's go home.
You're right.
Hey, there's something...
You're shedding!
Kazuyoshi Ozawa
Tomoyuki Mashiko
Ayumu Tokito
Aya Shiraishi
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
Akira Asai K0 Yoshii
Teppei Shibata Takahiro
Kawaguchi Nao Muranaga
Executive Producer:
Yuji Nagamori
Yuji Nagamori
Geru Matsuishi
Songs performed by
Hajime Mizorogi
Directed by
Ryuichi Honda
Lord Retsudo