My Wife Is a Superstar (2016)

It's 8:34 in the AM.
It's getting warm outside
Good Morning, everyone!
Welcome to this morning's show.
I'm your host, Sky!
We're honored to have
the new godfather of Hong Kong cinema
Jeff Sin of Outstanding Productions here with us
Hi, Jeff!
Good Morning!
Jeff, your Chinese New Year film
last year was a huge hit
What's your next move?
Thank you
We're planning our next Chinese New Year film now
We'll cast a new actress
for the female lead
It'll be a fresh face for the audience
That's great news!
I hope all of you paid attention
because you may be that next big star!
How much will you invest into the film?
We will invest HK$89 million into this production
The talented Kar Wai
is already on board as our director
That's exciting news!
That's all the time we have today
Thanks to Jeff for coming on the show
We're looking forward to more
great Hong Kong films from him
Of course!
Tune in the same time next week
for the latest movie news
We'll be right back. Stay tuned
If I have the chance to star
in a film, I would...
Stand aside, Dreamy!
My name is Ki Chu, not Dreamy
Dreamy, as in Daydreaming.
Do you understand Cantonese?
Go daydream somewhere else.
Do you get what I'm saying?
This chair is for the lead actress!
Ching Yu! Please take a seat!
You look so nice today!
Daydreamers should go home.
We're trying to work here
He's not going to cast a new actress
It's just publicity
Who would spend $80 million
on a new face?
Whore Number One, in position! Where is she?
What are you doing? Get changed!
Got it!
Don't look down on the entertainment beat
We made these stars into
who they are today
Who exposed the two-faced and the liars?
Entertainment reporters are
also out for the truth!
Don't lie! Isn't it still tabloid paparazzi work?
I have a journalism degree
from Chinese University. With honors!
Get a rookie for a job like this
I belong on the battlefield
One day,
I'll follow the footsteps
of my idol Robert Capa
My photos will be revolutionary. Stunning
I'll be like those foreign journalists
I'll come home with my head held high,
adored by all!
I was just like you once.
I competed in a beauty pageant
If I hadn't lost to that bitch Spinach Lin,
I wouldn't be here!
Wait! Don't leave! Let me finish
A cleaning lady can dream, too!
You're in love with the Twelfth Master.
Just deliver the tea to him
Got it! I will bring out my Audrey Hepburn smile
and follow the Stanislavki method
Go inside out and outside in
to attract his attention
I don't give a damn what you use
Just give him the tea and flirt with him
I don't know anything about flirting
I don't care! Just do something!
Hi, Mr. Sin!
Tell me about this scene
It's a great scene!
We haven't started yet, but we will soon
What brings you here today?
You haven't started?
Yo! Can we get started!
What are we waiting for?!
Where's the AD?!
Didn't you hear me say hurry up?
Excuse me
As we discussed last time,
can we increase the budget?
In today's market, HK$20 million isn't a lot
Ready! Here we go!
Roll Sound!
Sound speed!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Shift right to get a better angle of my face.
I'll concentrate better
Also, I'm not Tony Leung.
Focus on my nose, it's where the drama lies
Come on, act smart. Let's go again!
OK, let's go!
And... action!
Here's the pipe, Twelfth Master!
Yu Fa, I don't...
Cut! What are you doing with your eyes,
Whore Number One?!
We have to go again because of you!
For you!
Forget it
Let's go again!
Screw it.
Give me two tight shots instead
I don't want to see Whore Number One again
Back to positions
Here's the pipe, Twelfth Master
Don't leave me, Yu Fa!
What the hell?
Just play what you're asked to play.
Why are you acting up?
Where did you find this girl?
Forget it
Lunch time!!!
Why the hell is the door opened?
Your shit doesn't stink? Get out!
You'll fall for me in 15 seconds
That's not how you do it.
I'll show you
You'll fall for me in 15 seconds
Hey! Are you listening to me?
I put my heart into today's scene,
but I was mocked in return
You know?
We're called a dying industry
because of people like them
When I become a star,
I'll change everything
My life is already changed
before you can change the industry
I got transferred
out of breaking news
Don't be sad. It'll be OK, right?
Yeah, it'll be OK, right?
You're still a journalist
You can't drink soda just because you're happy.
You're out of shape
You were an athlete when we started dating
You had such a romantic wedding proposal
Now, look at you. You're a mess
You men are so unreliable
Hmph... what do you know?
This is the fashionista look of the season
What about you? Look at yourself
You said you were an innocent village girl
when I met you
You even said you could paint and play the pipa
Look at you now!
You're daydreaming about being a star
We moved in two weeks ago.
Look at all this stuff
Why haven't you unpacked?
Your idol is all over the floor!
Poor her
Oh, what happened? I'm really sorry
He's here!
Hello, everyone
Mr. To, will you take off
your underwear at your next show?
Tell us something!
How do you feel about this round of
Israel-Palestine peace talks?
It's a good thing!
World peace is good, right?
But state media isn't very optimistic about it
We should all be a little optimistic.
Anything can happen
A few more questions, Mr. To?
What a great reporter
What kind of question was that?
Cut! Show me the take
You can come watch the playback, Ching Yu
Don't move! We need continuity
I love these water beads. Good.
OK! We're wrapped for today
Jeff, you're my favorite
film executive
You're young, hardworking,
and you have the good taste to hire me
You're my favorite director, too, Kar Wai
Ha ha!
I want you to make
an innovative film
Something that will break new mold
for Hong Kong cinema
Sounds great! I have this story
that I've wanted to tell for a long time
I didn't want to sell it to just anyone
I want to give it to someone
who can appreciate it.
That's you!
You're the beacon of hope
for Hong Kong cinema
This is the start of something great, Jeff!
Ha ha!
So, when do I get the deposit check?
Can you see me, honey?
Of course I can. You're not a ghost
You know,
every character of a film is important
You can't call BBQ pork
without rice a BBQ pork rice
You can't call cart noodles
without noodles a cart noodle
What are you trying to say?
Why does everyone treat me like
I'm invisible on set?
Those people are just vain
They won't acknowledge you if you're not a star
Those stars are two-faced liars.
You don't belong in that industry
Do you know how to make the boss happy?
You think they like you for your talent?
They just like your...
I don't believe the whole world is like that
You worked hard for everything
you've achieved. Right?
Not everyone approved of
our marriage back then
No one believes that
a toad can jump to the clouds
But you worked hard to marry me
This is the fruit of your labor
So, where is the fruit of
your house cleaning labor?!
I knew you'd get that New Year film lead role!
Congratulations, Ching Yu!
It's not confirmed yet.
I don't want anyone feeding lies
to reporters for attention
I'm in a good mood today. Lunch is on me!
Thanks so much, Ching Yu!
That's so nice of you
Thank Ching Yu for her kindness!
She's buying lunch!
Thanks, Ching Yu! Let me get the orders
Red bean drink, extra red bean!
Got it
Do! Re! Me!
Who are you?
...the Whore...
Oh, the hooker! We have replaced you
Go talk to Baldy. He'll pay you
Another fallen star in the film industry
- Hello
- Excuse me, are you Ki Chu?
That's me
I'm calling from Outstanding Productions
My boss Jeff would like to meet you.
Are you free?
I am. Very free!
When? Where? I'll be there right away
Hello, Miss Chu. I'm Jeff Sin
Jeff Sin? I know you
Please, just call me Jeff
I had to make some changes,
so I took out your role...
What did I do to you?
Do you think this is musical chairs?
You think you can control us like puppets
because you're rich?
Please leave us, Judy
Sit down, Miss Chu
Aren't extras people, too?
You can't just kill an actors' dream
because you have the power to!
Do you think that you
represent the film industry? All of society?
All of Hong Kong?
Everyone in Hong Kong likes me.
Just ask around
I have a Facebook page.
Do you know how many likes it has?
...Yes, it only has about 20,
but at least people like me!
Do you know how important extras are?
We put our all into every line we have,
every chance we get
Do you know?
We lack a new generation of talent.
Did you ever give us a chance?
A film uses an average of 20 background actors
When Hong Kong made 300 films a year,
we needed 6,000 extras
Do you know what that means?
That's 6,000 chances!
Now, there are only 40, 50 films a year.
How many chances did we lose?
You fire people on a whim.
Did you think of our feelings?
People like you are killing Hong Kong cinema
Haha... Miss Ki Chu, are you done?
I'm done
Please sit down
You may have failed as an extra
How about a lead role?
But it comes with a condition
Do you have a reservation, sir?
Why? There are empty tables all over
We require a reservation.
It's how we know that you're meant to be here
Meant to be here?
Hi, table for two under Chu
Please follow me
Why are you dressed like that?
Why are you dressed like that?
You're the loud one. What's going on?
Is today an anniversary? Why the expensive meal?
This meal is on me. Don't worry
It's on you? Did you win the lottery
or lose your sanity?
Today... my boss offered me a lead role!
Isn't that better than winning the lottery?
Shouldn't we celebrate?
That sounds too good to be true
Did you have to do anything?
You can't have
Why would you sell yourself for a lead role?
Do you remember that you're married?
Now you think I'm the invisible one?
Shh! It's not what you think
The company just forbids me
from dating. No rumors, either
That's it?
That's easy
No dating and no scandals...
That's fine with me
But you have to help me
I told you, it's fine
I'll dress nicer. No more slob!
Do you get what I'm saying?
If they won't let me date,
why would they let me get married?
That's why you have to help me
You have to help
Are you ready to order?
We're not hungry.
Just get us two glasses of water
One normal, one with the star
What's the water with the star?
You know, the French one with
carbonation! With an S
What's after that?
Do you mean San Pellegrino?
But that comes from Italy, not France
Oops... hahaha
What's the water with the star? How pretentious
I'm a star now
I have to act like one.
That means my water needs a star on it
You're really something
Hi, Ching Yu
Hi, everyone
You're all early. Thank you all!
Ching Yu!
That lead role is definitely yours!
I hope you're right.
You get an autograph for being so sweet
Really? Does anyone have a pen?
I'll sign here
- I'll do it now
- I want it too! But my shirt is in black...
- It doesn't matter
- because I might be too busy to do it later
See you later!
That's pretty nice, isn't it?
Hello! Thank you all for attending
our film's press conference
As you can see,
our new film's name is "2047"
Let us welcome Mr. Jeff Sin
to say a few words for us
Hello, everyone. I would like to announce that
the talented Kar Wai will direct
this year's Chinese New Year film
Please welcome Kar Wai!
Thank you!
Kar Wai
Thank you! I want to thank
Jeff for his kind offer
This $80 million Chinese New Year blockbuster
will be made using very innovative technique
It will be a groundbreaking
experience for the audience
I'm excited about this already
I'm sure that you all want to know
who will be starring in the film
Please tell us, Mr. Sin
We have also made a
very generous offer to cast Miss Ching Yu
Please welcome Ching Yu!
Hi! Thank you, everyone
Thank you for your support.
I won't disappoint you...
Thank you for taking up
the supporting role in this film, Ching Yu!
Who can it be?
Who's the lead, then?
Who will be playing the lead role, Mr. Sin?
The lead role for our film
will be played by Ki Chu, a new actress!
Please welcome Ki Chu!
Congratulations! You really have a great eye
for new talent, Jeff!
Let's get together for a group photo!
Please get closer
Over here! This way!
Please pose for the center first
Over here! This way!
Please pose for the left side too
Be honest.
When can I go back
to doing breaking news?
If you don't file anything today,
you're going to the kids' newspaper!
I do have something.
I've got a scoop about this girl!
What's on going? What scoop?
Never mind...
Are you confident about
your first lead role, Ki?
I'm still new to this business.
There's still plenty to learn
The director is known to be demanding.
Will you be able to handle it?
I will need guidance from all of you
in the future.
Thank you all!
The new girl! Miss Chu
Jeff, you've got something special here
Take care of her for me
Sure thing
Pay special attention to this one
Of course I will
Are you a trained actor?
It's OK. Leave it to me
Everyone says that when I'm handed a rookie
I give them back a superstar
You still have a three-film contract with me
You're holding plenty of good stuff, Jeff!
What are you doing?
Paparazzis can reach you anywhere these days
There's always one lurking nearby!
Don't say that. You said it yourself
paparazzis are journalists, too.
This isn't so bad
I can be your mole.
We definitely won't get caught
You're really something!
Focus! Get these
magazines on the shelf
Be careful!
People's attention is so fickle nowadays
Are you her fan, too? She's so great
I'd give up years of my life
if my wife is half as pretty as she is
$25, please
This way, please!
Center, please!
Come here, Ki
Stand closer. That's right. Smile
Good. This way.
Can we get an interview, Ki?
Sorry, our filming schedule is tight,
so she's not available right now
But I promise that
I'll set up interviews for you all later
This way, please!
Give us a smile, Mr. Sin
This is an easy shot, Ki.
Once the camera moves, enter the shot here
Just keep walking and walking until
you reach this spot
A vampire will hop out.
Just ignore him
Keep walking and walking until you're
out of the shot, then we cut
Actually, once you move, I'll yell cut
Once I cut, we can't use it anymore.
You get it, right?
Do you want me to try it once?
Try what?
The shot
Let me try moving the camera.
Once it moves, you enter the shot. OK?
OK, try it.
Kar Wai, why didn't
I know about the title change?
What title change? Which film?
This film. It's now called Too Old For Satan
That was always the title
2047. Sounds like Too Old For Satan
That means you've changed it
You wanted innovation, Mr. Sin
No one has put ghosts
in a Chinese New Year film.
It's groundbreaking
Isn't it?
You're right, but he's not wrong, either
OK, let's shoot
Love working with you
Let's try it!
Cut! Is it stopped?
That camera's stopped, too?
OK, all four cameras are stopped!
OK! That's good!
That's it! Ignore her and keep walking.
I'll cut when you're out of the shot
We just cut. Sorry.
Let's get a more perfect take
We'll keep this. Let's go again
Kar Wai...
I want to say...
What's up?
I thought I got a major supporting role.
Why am I a hopping vampire?
A major supporting role can't hop?
That's crazy!
Haven't you seen Vamp Night? Or was that Twilight?
Anyway, it's the one with vampires and wolves
They're all leading roles
And they were spectacular in it. You can be, too
Ignore her at all costs. Let's go again
This way!
This way, Ki!
Let me take a look
Who the hell is that?
Sit somewhere else. You're scaring people
Get out of the way. This seat is for Ki!
That's your chair, Ki.
It's the lead actress chair
Go away. Why are you sitting so close?
Go on!
Something is blinding me. What is it?
Because there's a bright star in here, right?
That's right!
I hear popping sounds, too
It's because your skin is so fair
and delicate that it pops. Am I right?
That's right!
You have such fine skin. Can I touch it?
It's so smooth
Isn't she beautiful?
She is!
Such smooth skin, right?
That's right!
What about me?
The boss is here! He's so hot,
just like George Lam!
Ki, a cosmetics brand asked for you
to be their spokesperson
What? Really?
Because you're worth it
Your company owns so many brands.
There must be one for me
I do, Ching Yu. How about
the dog food that's edible for humans?
Wow! Sure!
I'm a good pet owner
Sometimes I would try the dog food
before feeding it to my doggie
I'll do it!
Honey, it's my parent's wedding anniversary soon
The family is getting together.
Remember to show up!
Sure. We definitely have to celebrate that
Let me take care of the venue!
I have a scoop! Ki Chu is already married
It's totally true. I heard it myself
This would be a hell of a headline if it's true
I can see it already
"The married girl next door."
It will be the talk of the town!
We just need to find the husband
We'll hold the report until
she's done with her cosmetics ad
Then she'll really have hell to pay
I'm so excited just by the thought of it!
That sounds cruel, Ching Yu
Who's that? I'm William Chan!
William Chan?
Never mind. Your magazine
has a reporter named Mo Lai
Just send him over
I'll make sure that he finds the evidence on set!
We have a deal, Ching Yu!
I want to burn fat!
Just eat properly.
Can you stop for a second?
You already eat too loudly.
Now you won't sit still.
It's not good for you
Look at how you eat!
It's disgusting
You should read more in your free time,
broaden your horizon.
That's what it takes to be a war reporter!
What do you know
about being a war reporter?
It takes courage to be on the battlefield
You can't get that from a book!
Besides, reading and eating
BBQ pork are unrelated!
My eating noise
and exercise are unrelated, too!
It's my first ad! It's natural to be nervous!
Fine, fine.
I just got an exclusive:
Ki Chu is married!
What, really?
Ki Chu is already married?!
That's amazing. I'll snoop around tomorrow
OK. We'll talk tomorrow. Bye!
What are you sitting there for?
You have to hide
How can I go out in this getup? This is nuts!
This is an exclusive scoop.
Follow Ki Chu 24 hours a day
Find out who her husband is
This is gonna get us record sales
A journalist's job is to uncover the truth.
What's the problem?
How is this different than
reporting from the battlefield?
You're right... but...
I understand!
Are you for real?
"Find Ki's husband, and I vow that
you will return to breaking news"
I'll keep this safe,
so you can't go back on your word
A deal is a deal!
Come here, Ki
Let's talk about the shoot.
I want you to interact with the horse
And I want you to push away your hair more
Do you have any questions?
You have a message, Ki
No worries
Don't worry, only Tat and I know about this
And I'm the one assigned to it. It'll be OK
Thank you!
Why are we robbing this place?
There's no one here!
There won't be anything to steal
The internet says rich people come here
because it's well-hidden
- Who are you here with?
- Dad.
- Are we in the wrong room?
- Mom. Sis
Dad. Mom. Sis
Is this fashion? I saw a table of people
dressed like you on the way in
That's an interesting trend
One movie, and you're already a big star?
You should marry a rich man, like me
What's wrong with your brother?
That's not what I mean.
I'm just saying, when I go to parties
I hire Maggie Cheung's makeup artist.
She earns ten grand per job
You should pick up a specialty.
You can be a famous makeup artist
It's better than acting!
Let's eat. Have a chicken head.
It's your favorite!
Do you know what today is, honey?
It's our wedding anniversary!
No, it's your son's graduation!
Don't you have to take
a lot of photos at school?
You've loved photography since you were little
You haven't paid this month's allowance, son!
Right... right...
Tell me if you two need money
I can consider helping you...
you are my little brother, after all
That's right! You haven't given me
this month's allowance too!
Mom, I gave you $10,000 earlier this month
But that was last month!
Last month? Let me go out and think...
Where do you think you're going?
She already paid me last month?
Your buddies are robbing the place!
This is a robbery!
There will be cops! And reporters!
We'll be exposed!
What are you doing?
We gotta go
Corning home tonight?
Remember to give us a call if you're not!
Since when did they change their jobs?
This way!
Get outta here, bro!
Carry me!
Do you remember that
we ran a marathon hand in hand?
We did? When was that?
I knew it! You men are so forgetful!
What are you doing?
I'm looking for curry chicken
Who would eat the lunchboxes
if everyone's peeked into them?
Are you done?
I'll take this box. Sorry...
That was good
What would you like to eat, Miss Chu?
Would you like something different?
No, thanks
What is that?
Did you arrange this?
I didn't ask for it
Sorry... sorry
What the hell are you doing?
We're filming.
Can't you be a bit more
discreet for a paparazzi?
And don't make up any fake rumors! Go away!
I'm sorry... sorry... sorry...
Don't screw it up!
That's the line! Did you hear that?
That felt so genuine. "Don't screw it up!"
You took that to a new level.
Tell the writer to add it in
This is the feeling I want in the next scene.
Don't screw it up!
Like that, right?
What the...!
"To find Ki's husband,
you have to be her friend first"
BBQ pork rice and cart noodles, please.
Are you a fan of Ronaldinho?
No man can match him in charisma
Even though he's gone to Mexico
I still believe that
I will find a man like him someday
Excuse me. Hello, Tat?
How's it going?
I'm on it... I'm on it...
You're on it...
How long are you going to be on it?
You have to file something
I want photos by tomorrow!
I'll have it right away! Don't worry!
Careful! There's soup in that
Let me check
Let me check if there's a camera in there.
You're becoming a real pro!
I'm just doing my job.
I need to know if something shady is going on
Is Jeff hitting on you?
Today, the director asked me
what's the most important thing
for an actor?
I asked him how I can improve,
he said the secret is...
Qigong will calm the mind
and clear the thoughts
It'll help me get a handle on my character
A few days ago, you said that's
what the star water is for
What do you know?
Do you want the noodles or the rice?
You can choose first tonight!
That's nice of you!
I had to push you to a corner to
get something out of you
But at least you finally got something
Still, can't you get clearer photos?
I'm a war journalist.
I belong in war zones
Have you ever seen a high
definition war photo before?
Tell me
War zone? This is a war zone!
I beg you, get closer next time!
As your idol said
You're not close enough!
Remember, entertainment journalists
are also looking for truth
Do well, and you can go back to breaking news
Get closer!
It's almost two o'clock
Good, good. Run... that's right
Who is it? Who is it?
Good work, everyone.
Dinner is on the boss tonight!
Thanks, our handsome boss!
Please sit... next to Ki, of course!
You again! What are you doing?
I'm just taking photos
Are you posing as the stills photographer?
I'm done! I got it!
Wai, will you get someone
to watch the front door!
Roger that!
I feel sad for her husband
She's getting hit on everyday,
and he has no idea
What a pitiful excuse of a man
What did you say?
Why are you mad? I wasn't talking about you
Go and find Ki Chu's husband!
Let him know what the real Ki Chu is like
so he can turn a new leaf
It's late. Have you eaten?
The executives were upset that
their holiday film
looks like a horror film
So Jeff took me to dinner
and asked me for advice
So... you've eaten
Hey! I just heard that the company
will announce a new director tomorrow
I hear that they've hired Ang Lee!
I have an exclusive
Unfortunately, our director Kar Wai
has left the project
due to personal reasons.
We're looking for a suitable replacement now
Mr. Sin,
rumor has it that Kar Wai was fired
because he turned a holiday movie
into a horror film. ls that true?
Or did you fire Kar Wai
because the two of you
were fighting over Ki Chu?
Please tell us the truth!
Can you tell us something?
I will not respond to absurd rumors
Are you after Ki Chu or not?
I have photos!
Who do you work for?
I will pursue legal action
I'm from Nine Magazine
Please tell us,
are you dating Ki Chu?
Tell us something!
We're done here
I have the photos! Give us a response!
Please respond, Mr. Sin!
Hi, Mr. Chan.
It's Jeff
from Outstanding Productions
How about this?
In addition to the cash,
you get an exclusive interview for my next film
Just make what happened
at the press conference go away
Good. We have a deal. Thank you!
What happened to the report
about Jeff and Ki?
I was told last night that
everyone is forbidden to report it
No way! Why?
Why do you ask so many questions?
Listen. The entertainment beat isn't easy
It's even tougher than breaking news
Just put your effort into finding Ki's husband!
Aren't you Ki Chu?
My daughter loves you
Right, honey?
Who is she, Mommy?
Ki Chu! You talk about her everyday!
Sorry, my daughter must be
too excited to remember
Let's take a photo!
It'll help freshen her memory
Sir, can you take a photo for us?
Oh, you're not a Chinese?
Can you take a photo for us?
A half-body shot is fine.
Sorry... a half... half. Thanks
A half-half-half shot?
Right, half-half
One, two
Wow! Great photo!
Really? Let me see
What the fuck?
You asked for a half-half-half photo
I did as you asked.
Is it my fault?
Women are such troublesome creatures!
Sorry, sorry, sorry
I'm sorry for your trouble
Thank you! You're really beautiful!
Half is better than none, right?
What's so funny?!
I look like this because of you
I don't even look human
I have a different disguise everyday.
This isn't a normal life
I'm going to need an assistant
and a makeup artist, like you
I'll need my own minivan, too!
That's real funny...
You don't understand me
I'm not young anymore
I finally have a chance to pursue my dreams
And all I get is resentment
Uh-huh... uh-huh
I was worried that your life
would be affected if people know about us
You didn't know that I did this for you
You're right... I didn't know that
But, think about it
I'm supposed to have a wife,
a family and freedom,
but I don't have them!
I don't care!
You have to agree to one more thing
What is it?
One of us has to go out
two hours later than the other.
Then no one will suspect us
Two hours?
Yup! Now get changed and
go out for shopping
Why? What am I buying?
BBQ pork rice and cart noodles!
Can you dress up as Do Min Joon?
These photos were taken by
a Nine Magazine journalist named Mo Lai
He says he's already found your husband
Are you married, Ki?
Does Nine Magazine have a vendetta against you?
Why do you ask that?
That Mo Lai took out photos of us
at the press conference
and accused us of dating!
You're early today
I bought you a new wallet
Oh. Thanks
Your editor doesn't force you
to follow me anymore?
The new director of your film
is the hot topic now, not you
Would you ever sell me out?
Of course not!
Why has Ki disappeared
from the magazines?
That's normal. She's not a superstar.
Just another shooting star passing by
What do you know?
You don't know what you're talking about!
You're a Ki Chu fan?
So am
"Support Kar Wai's vision.
Boycott the new director's version"
"Support, like"
Kar Wai! Kar Wai! Kar Wai!
"I'll boycott the movie if
they replace the director"
"Change the director? Are they nuts?"
"That pisses me off so effing much!"
"I support Too Old For Satan!"
"Why don't they hire Ang Lee, then?"
What does everyone think about replacing Kar Wai?
What was that title? Too Old For Satan?
Who would want to see a film with that title?
I've reviewed the contract.
The company won't suffer any loss
from replacing the director
But it will affect our public image
Honestly... I think that
we shouldn't have hired a new actress
We lose box office guarantee,
and it's a tough sell
Am I right, Shirley?
Sorry, I only handle foreign films.
Aren't you from Hong Kong, Shirley?
You're all from Hong Kong,
and yet you don't support local cinema
Why are any of you working in film?
Aren't we supposed to support local culture?
I hired Kar Wai because
I believe in his innovative thinking
I think we should respect the filmmaker's vision
I chose Ki Chu because
I think she has real potential
We only make 40 to 50 films a year now
The chances of finding new talent is slim.
If we can't take up that mission
then Hong Kong cinema won't stand a chance!
Get ready, everybody!
What are you doing?
I haven't heard from you in ages!
Now it's more than the husband
Jeff is involved now
Can't you be a more professional paparazzi?
Can't you be a more professional paparazzi?
I gave Tat so many scoops,
but he hasn't published them
What do you think her husband looks like?
Is he buff?
No way
Is he handsome?
I don't think so
He probably isn't wealthy too
I'm guessing that he looks like a toad
How can that toad reach the clouds?
Do I really look like a toad?
My wife isn't that vain
She's not obsessed with looks
We didn't date for very long
before getting married
but I know her. She's not materialistic
I'm not as rich or handsome as Jeff
but I have ambitions
and smarts, right?
And I don't look like a toad at all
Breeeaaaking newwwwwssssss!
Tonight, Jeff and Ki Chu will...
Please speak faster, Ching Yu!
I know you know that I'm not Ching Yu
They will be at Jack's Restaurant
in Lei King Wan tonight
You know what to do!
Hey, honey
This commercial shoot is running late
I won't make it home for dinner
Are you ready, Ki?
Almost. Give me ten minutes!
No problem, take your time
Poser! He probably stole that from a movie
I know you like BBQ pork rice and cart noodles
So I hope you'll like what I've prepared tonight
She's changed...
It's over...
Thank you for your kindness, Jeff
But I only want to think about
my career at this stage
What if I'm stopping
all your work from tomorrow?
If I have to be your girlfriend
to have a career
then I don't want one
I don't want to trade something for work
Good. I love your personality!
You won't sell yourself out to get what you want
Ki. I officially announce
that I intent to go after you
He's gone too far!
Honey? Are you done with work?
I don't want to talk about it right now.
I'll tell you when I get home
How dare you hang up on me?
Cheers! Come on!
It's go time!
Be careful
Thank you
Be careful, Ki
Good night
Mr. Sin!
Are you Ki's boyfriend now?
Were you already going after her
when you cast her?
We clearly saw you kiss Ki.
What is your relationship?
Please calm down, everyone
I just drove Ki home after dinner
The kiss you just saw was a polite goodbye kiss
What is your relationship, exactly?
Ki is my employee, and I am her boss
Is that all there is to it?
Can you be more clear?
Did you cast Ki because
you wanted to go after her?
Or did you just want to sleep with her?
Was this a case of the "casting couch"?
Watch your mouth!
There was a rumor that Ki is already married
If that's true,
then this makes you a home wrecker!
Listen. I admit that I like Ki Chu
Did you hear that? He says he likes you!
You think he likes you for your talent?
He just likes your body
Stop it! I remember you
You handed in doctored photos to Tat
and said that she's married
You handed in doctored photos to Tat
and said that she's married
Good thing that I stopped the publication in time
or you would've destroyed Ki's reputation!
I've asked Ki. She said that
she's not married!
Of course she wouldn't admit it
She loses the role if she does
Where's your proof that Ki is married?
I have proof!
I'm her husband!
I'm Ki Chu's husband!
Shoot me! You've been searching for me, right?
I am your boss!
I'm her husband! Shoot me!
Let's go
Toady is reaching for the sky
He's crazy!
I'm her husband!
That's toady, isn't it?
No way
You made the cover!
Don't run away
Have a copy on me.
It's normal to land on the cover
My wife used to be a star, too.
She is also on this week's cover!
See! Here, take it!
Take a photo with me!
"Reaching for the sky:
Crazed fan claims to be Ki's husband."
"Find Ki's husband, and I vow
that you will return to breaking news"
What do you have to say?
What do I have to say?
There is nothing to say
You know what I want to say
Everything's changed since you got this role
Our live has changed.
Our relationship has changed
My life has changed
Are you happy now?
Why should I be happy?
Should I be happy about a husband
who doesn't understand me?
You still remember that you have a husband?
When you hid away your ring
Do you know how terrible your husband felt?
I don't think you see me as your husband!
When did I do that?!
I can't wear my ring because of my work
When have I neglected my duties as your wife?
Except for that fried egg you made
before our wedding
You've never cooked for me
I always have to get BBQ pork rice
or cart noodles
I'm sick and tired of them!
I told you I wanted soda,
fried chicken, hamburgers
But you won't let me eat them!
It's for your own good!
They're unhealthy!
So you won't let me eat anything unhealthy
You say I should read more
because I need to broaden my horizon
Guess what? I can write my own book now
It'll be called "My Wife is a Superstar"
I'll put my experiences in there!
I didn't know you were
so dissatisfied with this marriage
What about me?
Have you ever considered how I feel?
Do you know how I survived these few years?
I apologize at the end of every argument!
Why don't you do that for me?
Do you know how many men wanted me?
I ignored my family, my friends
They said some really nasty things,
but I insisted on marrying you
You don't know how much I sacrificed for you!
You want to compare sacrifices?
I made sacrifices too!
My dream is to be a war reporter
Do you know what you,
this family and this salary
turned me into?
A paparazzi!
The people that you superstars call dogs!
We're just making a living!
Do you have to treat us like that?
If you actors just lead clean, normal lives
then we wouldn't have anything to write about!
What's wrong with you?
Of course something is wrong with me!
I'm a toad!
Everyone in the world
knows that I'm a toad!
I have nothing now! It's over!
Forget it. Let's get a divorce
I don't want to be in your way
and I can't go on with this
Fine. When will we sign the papers?
For your sake
We'll wait until your movie is done
I don't want to kill
your superstar dream, Miss Chu!
Thank you, Mr. Lai!
"Try as I might, the ridicule won't go away"
"We've finally lost each other"
"We've lost our grip on each other"
"Our troubles aren't fun and games anymore"
"I thought I wouldn't mind the mocking"
"I was weak, even for just a few seconds"
"The closer I get, the smaller it seems"
"Even as I live in fear"
"I refuse to lose it all by bowing to reality"
"Everyone says it's impossible"
"Everyone says you're too lovely"
"Do I trade away my love
or my identity for destiny"
"I must remain kind, for better or for worse"
"I promised to seek a better life for you"
"All this honest frog wants"
"is a kiss"
How can you laugh, Tat?
I'm in this because of you
You're the one who wants to be like Robert Copa
Get closer, get good photos
You really got close enough
I told you to find her husband,
not become her husband
You really didn't have to go this far
It's true that we make news up...
but why didn't you consult me
when you made that up?
Calling me her husband would've been
more convincing, right?
Don't worry.
People will forget
the name Toady very soon!
Go and find some news
to blow this one over
People will forget about you soon
Where am I supposed to find news?
Keep following Ki and Jeff, of course!
Remember our motto, uncover the truth!
Say no more. Go!
I'm not trying to teach you anything,
but let me show you
What a shot!
What an exceptional director!
What's the film called?
You don't know the name of the film?
It's called "Guilty"
It was such a huge hit that it was impossible
to get a ticket
What's the Chinese name, then?
See Fi!
Hello? Yeah, it's done.
You can come watch it anytime
It's great! See ya
Look at that. She's been putting on
body wash forever
Who was that?
The producer
Why did he call?
I answered on your behalf
He asked about the marathon anniversary video
and said that you're done
The marathon anniversary video?
Aren't you editing that?
You're supposed to edit it
You're the one that's supposed to edit that!
I didn't let you eat it for your own good!
You had it before
Why do you need to eat it every day?
I've had enough! I've had enough!
I want to break up with you!
Good take! Perfect!
The moment that she broke up with her boyfriend
really broke my heart. Tears were flowing!
Perfect timing, boss.
We're almost done
I hope so
Let's wrap for the day then
We're done!
We're done!
Are you OK, Ki?
You can get your assistant to help you
It's fine. I'm used to packing for myself
Are you free tonight?
Would you like to have dinner with me?
Sorry, I'm a bit tired today
I think I'll go home and rest
Sure. I'll give you a ride
Thank you
Is everyone capable of hurting others
for the sake of their own success?
Not everyone,
but I'm sure most people are
Am I one of those people?
Have you ever hurt someone?
and him
By him, do you mean Mo Lai?
You don't have to tell me.
What you think inside is what matters
You can get your assistant to help you
It's fine. I'm used to packing for myself
Are you free tonight?
Would you like to have dinner with me?
Look! Those two are up to something. I told you
Are you done? Can you give it a rest already?
They're always looking at
each other on the set.
Something's up!
I didn't see any of that on the set
You're a paparazzi, man!
You know how to stir things up
Making a mountain out of a mole hill
is your specialty, isn't it?
Be honest.
What did she do to you to deserve this?
Why do you have to destroy her?
I don't know!
I don't want to make up stories anymore
I quit
I don't care if they're involved anymore!
I just want the truth
We're done, vampire. Can you get off now?
Sorry. Thank you
Isn't that Ki Chu?
Why is he holding her hand?
Who cares?
No... that's...
Hello? We've got a story!
Scene 10, take 56
Waaaaaa!!! Waaaaaaaaaaa!!
Cut! Keep this. Let's go again!
What can I improve on, sir?
That was good, but let's get a better take!
Miss Chu, we hear that Toady
is really your husband. ls that true?
Why didn't you
admit it last time?
Did you deny it because
your company forbids marriage?
Or did you deny it because you know
Mr. Sin is after you?
Please calm down!
Ki will answer all of your questions
During the press conference at three o'clock. OK?
You two... follow me!
What is your relationship with Ki?
Answer honestly
Ki and I got married two years ago...
I'm sorry boss!
I know I shouldn't have
hid it from you, but...
But I knew this was
an important
opportunity for Ki
so I forced her to lie about our marriage.
It was my idea
Come here
You don't have to say anything
Let me handle it
We'll find out how the toad
mananged to reach the clouds
Here are our stars for today.
Let's see what they have to say
Please look here, Miss Chu
Over here, please
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry
Ki and I knew each other in secondary school
I was after her,
so I invited her to the marathon.
That's all there is to it
Why did you claim to be her husband, then?
I got rejected,
so I decided to lie about being her husband
You just made up the whole thing on your own?
That's right. It was all in my imagination
I am the toad who was reaching for the heavens
It was all my fault
I'm sorry about
the trouble I've caused
I'm very sorry!
I'm sorry
Mr. Sin, do you have anything to say?
Everything is in the open now.
They've been through a lot
So we're done here for today. Thank you all!
This is true love
Using any mean to get the one you love
and accept your failure
Smart man!
He's lying! They really are husband and wife!
For the media
having a photo means having the truth.
I have the truth!
This is valuable information
I got it from my friend at the TV station
When they were editing
the marathon anniversary video
They found this
We need some time to process this
before we can respond
I will have a response for you later today!
When? Are you for real?
Give me half an hour!
We just gave you half an hour.
Now you want another?
How can I help you, sir?
Give me a price, Tat
I really can't help you this time, Jeff
I told all my fellow journalists
that I have proof
How can I tell them that it just disappeared?
Just give me a price!
We are journalists,
we have a responsibility to report the truth
I sold you those photos last time
because I knew they were fake
The video is real this time, so I must report it
This will be great for sales!
I'm sorry!
I made you take all the blame
Don't say that
It was my fault, too
I asked myself whether
I really did put myself in your shoes
Your dream is to become a star
Just as my dream is to be a war reporter
I neglected your feelings because of my dream
I was wrong, too
But you'll lose everything
if the video is for real
You won't be able to act anymore
You'll be out of the industry for good
I've made some connections during my time here
I can always find a job. I can be the tea lady...
Tea lady?
They make $40,000 to 50,000 a month!
Why don't you come back
and cook for me instead?
What do you mean back?
I'm still your wife. We're not divorced
I've always wanted to see you do
the heart dance for me
Since I'm always the one that says sorry
You've never done it for me
Take out your phone
At what?
Just look
Now you can see my heart dance
whenever you want, right?
Thank you, honey!
Can I eat french fries and drink soda, then?
No way!
What would you like to say right now?
What I would like to say is...
Ki, will you marry me?
I wish I can have true love like that too!
Can I have your phone number?
As all of you can see...
That's true love!
That's the core concept of this film!
I may not have been
wearing my ring
but I kept it with me all along
I never took off my ring, either
I promised you that we'd be together forever
I just found the ending of my New Year film
Blind marathon runners see ghosts
after crossing the finish line hand in hand!
Great! Let's get this show on the road!
Put Ching Yu back in her cage first!
Dolly ready? Camera ready?