My Wife Is a Gangster 3 (2006)

Executive producers
KIM Woo-taek
Executive producers JEONG Tae-sung
Associate producer MA Sang-jun
Produced by LEE Soon-yeoul
Line producers
KANG Je-seok, KWAK Dong-hyun
Starring SHU Qi
LEE Beom-soo
OH Ji-ho, HYEON Yeong, CHO Hee-bong
Cinematography BAEK Dong-hyun
Lighting by JEONG Seong-cheol
Location sound JEONG Gwang-ho
Art PARK Il-hyun
Action WON Jin
Visual effect MOON Byung-Yong
Music by PARK Se-joon Editing
by PARK Kok-ji, JEONG Jin-hee
Assistant director KIM Ho-seok
Producers LEE Geun-wook, CHOI Ik-hyun
Mr. Lim!
I heard that your daughter's
sword dance is wonderful.
Could I see her dance?
That's just a groundless rumor.
I don't think so.
No matter how busy I am,
I'd never make that up.
For the sake of this meeting,
I'd like to see her dance.
What do you think everyone?
Directed by JO Jin-kyu
Don't move!
My Wife Is A Gangster 3
Is it true that Mr. Lim's daughter
killed my husband?
Ma'am, we've had trouble
with the Hwabaekryun Gang.
There will be a war soon.
You should leave Hong Kong
for a while.
You have something
up your sleeve, don't you?
Don't worry. An eye for an
eye and a tooth for a tooth.
I swear.
I'll take my revenge on them.
Mr. Lim. I heard that your daughter
is involved in this incident.
Nobody can be sure of it yet.
Jwa Guk Choong is the actual
leader of the Black Dragons.
He is a man of great ambition.
Have a meeting
to clear up their misunderstanding.
It's too late when the elders
of the Black Dragons lose power.
You're right.
Since I also share the blame
for my daughter,
I'll meet them to settle things.
Things don't look so good.
The Black Dragons believe
that your daughter did it.
To take over the Black Dragons,
Jwa Guk Choong will use her
as a victim.
A storm should be avoided.
That's the proper means to take.
Find a place for her in America.
If it's only for my safety,
there's no need.
It's not that simple.
You know it's not only about you.
Leave Hong Kong for a while.
You know what?
You're always like this.
You get rid of your problems.
Just do what I'm telling you.
You can send me away,
but I'll decide the place.
Where do you think she'll go?
Boss, I'm here!
Someone is coming
from Hong Kong tomorrow.
Want me to bury him?
You idiot!
Don't overreact.
Yes, boss.
Then how about breaking his legs?
It's idiots like you who make
people hate gangsters like us!
You can speak Chinese, right?
Yes, boss...
I traded with the Chinese
three years ago.
What do you mean by 'trade'?
It's smuggling.
So what did you smuggle?
Lots of things,
- like perilla oil, sesame...
- I see.
- Viagra.
- That's enough.
- Ginger.
- Shut up!
Since only you can speak Chinese,
you take charge.
Yes, boss!
So all I need to do
is scare him off in Chinese?
It's not like that.
You're receiving a guest,
so be a good host.
Come on, boss.
That kind of job isn't right for me.
Come on! This puts me down.
Plus, I'm not some guide.
Come on, boss.
You've gotten real big now.
- So you're not going to do it?
- No, I will, boss.
Flight OZ 133, 15:00
Name: Lim Aryoung
Go ahead and eat.
What did Big Boss tell you?
You don't look so good.
For ten years as a gangster,
I've been humiliated into a guide.
What's a 'guide'?
Don't you know what 'guide' is?
Haven't you ever gone on a trip?
I've been on the run lots of times.
Who are you going to guide anyway?
A Chink from Hong Kong.
Big Boss wants me to guide him.
Maybe the guy who's coming
is a big gun.
I heard that Big Boss
is planning to extend the business.
I bet that guest is a part of it.
This could be your big chance.
Take it.
Heroes adore girls.
How about attaching a girl to him?
Know of a good one?
I'll find a nice girl
who can speak Chinese.
Let's eat!
What's taking him so long?
- Hey, is this the right gate?
- Yes, boss.
Who are you?
I can't believe this girl.
What's with you?
Do you like me or something?
Sorry but I'm busy now.
I'm Lim Aryoung.
Are you Lim Aryoung?
Boss, was the guest a girl?
How old are...
Damn it.
What the hell!
They know me as 'The Meanest
Man in Bulgwang district.'
How old are you?
Shit, she's completely ignoring me.
Hey! Don't you hear my boss?
What a bad-tempered bitch.
Boss, she's quite pretty,
and looks to be from a good family.
Why don't you work on her?
Hey! Don't you know my taste?
Boss doesn't like Chinese food.
I eat everything, though.
- Are you out of your mind?
- Stop!
Take it easy.
She's our guest.
- She's driving me crazy.
- Hey, calm down.
I have an idea.
- Boss. Are you ready?
- Ready for what?
You son of a bitch!
Are you trying to kill me?
What a bitch.
Good afternoon, sir.
Screw you and your afternoon.
Who the hell is she?
- From Hong Kong.
- Hong Kong?
- Hong Kong girl.
- She came here to see Big Boss.
Shut up, idiot!
They're talking now, so wait.
- Take it back.
- Please take a look at it once.
It's information for you
about the real estate at Yeoju.
I said take it back.
I've grown up under you.
So help me stay polite to you.
He said that they're talking now.
She's so hot-headed.
I said wait!
I'm sorry, boss.
Let's go.
I'm here to see Mr. Yang.
Oh, you've arrived.
I'm in a meeting now,
so could you wait for a moment?
You seem to be busy,
so I'll leave for now.
Please think it over.
You have one week.
I hope I'll see you nice and
healthy even after a week.
Oh yeah.
They say that Yeoju
is a great place to retire.
The air is very clean there.
How is Mr. Lim?
I would've liked to put you
into a nice hotel,
but your father
asked me not to do so.
That's okay.
You will find your place
a bit uncomfortable.
If you have any problems, tell him.
He's not so smart,
but good enough to order around.
Is he abnormal or something?
Little bit stupid,
but not that abnormal.
You little...
We got a lot of bills again.
It's so damn heavy.
Hey. Come here.
This is your room.
Small but comfy, huh?
No! Not this room!
This is humiliating.
Does she like her room?
She's such a brat.
She has to suffer to learn.
Catfish, did you see her face?
Hey, you!
What are you doing?
Are you a pervert or something?
I can't believe this!
Catfish. I got this ominous feeling.
Doesn't our future look dark?
We need to show her who's the boss.
I'll take care of it, boss.
- Are you okay?
- Son of a bitch!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Stop it!
- Calm down, man!
It was just a mistake.
My head almost cracked open,
What are you doing?
Good morning, boss.
What are you doing?
Running a circus or something?
We're scaring that Chinese witch.
Think that'll work?
Boss, think this will work?
In my opinion...
Believe the proverbs.
'Beat on girls and sandbags
every three days.'
- But why do we have to get beaten?
- It's just make-believe, idiot.
All we need to do is set the mood
to show her what we're made of.
- Here we go...
- Did we get hit?
You bastards! Wham!
Get it right! Wham!
How many times did I tell you?
You pigs!
Don't move, you bastards!
Don't move your asses!
- Boss, what's the matter?
- Shut up!
- Back into position!
- Yes, boss!
Back in place!
Don't move!
Please boss.
Is that what I taught you?
No, boss. Please forgive us.
Back in place.
Back in place, you bastards!
- Have mercy!
- You're too relaxed!
Did I teach you to be like that?
You don't know how to hit yet.
If you hit like this,
it makes a big sound but no pain.
It doesn't hurt.
But if you hit another way,
it makes great pain.
You're one evil bitch.
Does it hurt?
There are techniques
and tricks for impact.
Boss, she's lost her mind.
This exercise
is good for the back muscles.
I heard you're looking
for a translator.
I think I've found the wrong house.
No, it's the right one.
I'm sorry,
but I don't think I can do this.
Put this in my room.
I'll use it right
when the time comes.
Hey. What did you just say?
I'll do this job with all my heart.
Translate this to her.
If you're a guest, act like a guest.
You seem to have gotten hurt
earlier. Are you okay now?
It's nothing.
She said it is because
Korea is unfamiliar to her.
Why did you come to Korea?
Why did you come here?
None of your business.
She came here to eat new food,
make new friends,
and go around places
to gain many new experiences.
Her answers are really short,
but it's got some meaning.
Who do you think we are?
Translate automatically.
Who do you think we are?
I don't care.
She said you look like businessmen.
Close, but we live
a bit rougher than that.
You don't have to translate that.
Can I help you out of here?
No, I have no place to go.
How about the police?
No need.
They're idiots.
- What?
- Hey!
No girl-talk in my place.
There's nothing that I can't solve.
If you have any problem, tell him.
Find the woman in that picture.
She wants you to find a woman.
If you fail, you're dead.
She kindly asks for your help,
and will reward you plenty.
See? Catfish? This is why
conversation is important.
This job is for you.
Yes, boss.
There must've been
some misunderstanding.
Be nice to us,
and you'll be fine, okay?
He said they'll do their best,
so don't worry.
If you want to live,
you better find her.
- What's that?
- She said you're very handsome.
She finally gets it now.
Hey, why aren't you laughing?
- What's this?
- Pot.
- Rice-pot.
- Stone-pot.
Cook the rice in this pot,
- and the side dishes are...
- Wait.
I'm only here for the translation.
There are two healthy women
in this house.
Think it makes sense
that I keep cooking?
Gender doesn't matter...
- Hey!
- ...these days.
I thought you were a nice girl,
but now I'm changing my mind.
Can you live without money?
Think the world will revolve?
Look. Can you find any girls
on these bills? No?
King Sejong? Of course not.
Look, this is the law of the world.
Go cook the rice!
I will escape this place alive.
- Will boss like her food?
- Probably better than yours.
I'm so tired!
Boss! Food is ready!
Something smells delicious.
- What's this soup?
- Bean-sprout soup!
Yeah? It looks good.
Let me taste it.
You crazy...
Hey, that's seat for the boss.
Get up.
It's okay. Easy, easy.
She's our guest.
She's a guest only when
she behaves like a guest.
Time to eat.
But why do I have
a disposable spoon?
There are no extra spoons left.
Please eat.
If something like
this happens again,
we'll go on a picnic together.
Got it?
Do you like it?
Not bad.
By the way, what's your name?
- Yeon-hee.
- Yeon-hee.
Where from?
Aren't you afraid?
Please be careful.
You seem to be insulting us.
- No, not at all.
- Your eyes...
What's that on the wall?
She asked what those letters mean.
Are you really Chinese?
Decipher it.
It's our motto.
It means that a man isn't a man.
It means that a man isn't a man
until he is a true man.
Until he is a true man.
She's got a bag full of tricks.
Come on Mr. Noh.
You're putting us in a tight spot.
Take it easy and please drink this.
Damn it.
What the hell are they doing here?
So are you going to pay up or what?
Why are you shouting?
You'll give me a heart attack.
Want me to do more than talk?
Don't you think
we should get out of here?
Don't worry. They're nice.
Don't you see what they're doing?
Look at their eyes.
They're fools.
Please watch your mouth.
It could get me into trouble.
- Don't expect us to be nice!
- Come on!
Oh! Hi there!
Mandarin Fish, long time no see.
- What are you doing here?
- To collect money.
Collect money?
Showing off in front of the girls?
How humiliating.
What? Do you want to fight?
Hey, boys.
Keep them alive.
Collecting the debts
is being delayed.
They seem to be avoiding us.
- What about the casino?
- It's steadily growing.
But Chopper stepped
into our collecting area.
It's not for me to say,
but this is definitely a mutiny.
Think we're on a boat, idiot?
Boss, are you going
to just sit there?
This is absurd.
I could never forgive the...
Shut up!
Watch your mouth here!
Let's drink!
Why aren't you eating?
Aren't you hungry?
Oh, hello boss!
- Hello, boss.
- Sit down.
I've been so busy.
Sorry I'm late for dinner.
- No, not at all.
- Huh?
Hey! Translate!
He said he's sorry for being late.
It disgusts me when a man's late.
She likes a busy man.
What's with her?
- We've been educating her.
- Really?
So she's matured now, huh?
Have any problem with these guys?
Hey, translate.
If I could just chew him up,
it would make me so happy.
- She said none.
- Are you sure?
Then when you see Big Boss later,
tell him just that.
That it's hard to find
good men like us.
Filth like them lures filth.
You must be really upset.
She said you're all so wonderful.
You're really straightforward.
- Okay, let's toast to us!
- Cheers.
Hey, don't you know how to toast?
- Bottoms up!
- I can't drink at all.
You can neither cook nor drink.
How about this?
What is this?
Something very soft...
Something very soft?
Eating hot fried pork and vomiting
is really painful.
Are you all right, boss?
We fought
Parrotfish Boss's boys today.
They looked down on us.
Don't call him boss.
Anyway, something's strange.
Think we're with the right side?
Hey, boy.
Once you start, you keep going.
Look at me.
We're men, and I, Han Ki-chul...
Once I start, I go forever!
- Oh! Girls!
- Parrotfish, what are you doing here?
You assholes, did you hit my boys?
No, I didn't.
Hey meatheads.
Still don't know what's going on?
Get out.
She said to leave.
What a coincidence!
It's the Hong Kong girl.
We meet too often.
Don't you think so?
Did you see that?
She's really fun.
You better leave here now.
If you attack her again,
she'll rip you apart.
Do you want to die?
You bitch.
Damn it.
What's this smell?
- What is it?
- Boss,
that chic...
- I mean Miss Lim Aryoung.
- Miss who?
It was maybe ten seconds, I think.
Anyway, really fast.
What are you talking about?
She beat up Parrotfish
with just one swing.
He must be drunk out of his mind.
No, trust me this time.
She threw these chopsticks
and they stuck to their foreheads.
About ten of them
fell down at a time.
Then Miss Lim jumped into the air.
Stop drinking for a while.
I know I like
to exaggerate a bit, but...
Shut up.
Get a grip on yourself.
What's with your face?
I'm sorry.
Who was that?
At a pub last night, Ki-chul...
- Ki-chul's girl from Hong Kong...
- So you let a kid beat you?
The world works on two things.
One is through the fist,
and the other is through the head.
Call Big Boss.
Yes, boss!
I told you to lay low.
- But what's all this noise?
- What?
Boss, there must be
a misunderstanding.
Yes, sir.
What's wrong, boss?
Big Boss said
I beat up Parrotfish last night.
Remember anything?
Nothing happened when I was there.
You beat Parrotfish Boss?
- I don't think so.
- Me, neither.
It's strange.
Are you looking for
Aryoung's mother?
The woman in the picture
is her mother?
Yes, I have a feeling she is.
What's the progress?
I found her address,
but she moved away and nothing more.
do we have to do this, boss?
Don't you think
you're being irresponsible?
Are you crazy?
She's right.
A man has to be responsible
for what he said.
Ask Detective Kim for a favor.
He's an expert at finding people.
I may be out of place,
but my mother left home
when I was a boy.
Is it impossible to find people
who left home on their own?
What did you just say?
Who else could help her but us?
What the hell's wrong with you?
She's her mother!
It's not like she's an aunt!
Shut up.
The one who'll find her
is Detective Kim, not you.
You're right, boss.
Bribe, I mean, give Detective Kim
enough commission to find her.
Yes, sir.
If you don't hurry, don't blame me
for what happens to you.
Be careful!
Very careful!
Why isn't there any order
in this place?
Yeah. I couldn't get this girl
out of my mind.
And why Big Boss
would put her on Ki-chul.
The stocks of Hong Kong Casino
belong to a man named
Hwang So-myeong.
- Isn't she something like a proxy?
- Proxy?
She wasn't a normal girl.
- How do you know that?
- Because I was beaten by her.
- Beaten by her?
- I'm sorry, boss!
A gangster was beaten by a girl?
Can you believe that?
I'm sorry, boss.
I can't believe it, either.
No, I didn't mean that.
It's quite fun.
Let's go meet them.
Flatfish Boss,
what are you doing here?
- Chopper Boss wants to see you.
- Why?
Because you beat Parrotfish.
There must be a misunderstanding.
I didn't beat Parrotfish Boss.
If you don't come,
your men will die.
Hey, you go home with her.
Wait. Chopper Boss invited
the Hong Kong girl, too.
Why her?
She has nothing to do with this.
Yes, she does. Ask her.
He wants to take you away.
It's etiquette
to respond to an invitation.
Hey! What's wrong with her?
Does she like him?
She's just responding
to the invitation.
I can't stand
her fucking personality!
- I'll wait for you at the house.
- What?
Hey! Hey!
I can't talk to her without you.
I'm sorry, boss.
There seems to be
a misunderstanding.
Please let my boys go.
Nobody is holding on to them.
Have a drink.
You boys okay?
Sorry, boss.
No, I got drunk and raised
havoc, so it's my fault.
That's not what happened.
Ashamed of being beaten by Aryoung,
Parrotfish lied to Chopper Boss.
What did she do to him?
Parrotfish couldn't even
lay a finger on her.
Why didn't you tell me that?
I told you last night, didn't I?
the translator also saw it all.
Then why did they beat you two?
- We don't know that, either.
- Yeah!
Hey! Stop the greetings,
and come on over here.
You all are really blind
about what's going on.
Ki-chul, I like you.
Let Big Boss take a rest in peace.
If you work for me,
you can save their lives.
Let's be a team.
You should be careful from now on.
- You bastard.
- Hey.
Who knows that one of them...
...will burn your
home down some day?
Fire! It's hot!
What should I do?
I know it's been hard
working under a thug
with no sense of duty.
I won't fight you one by one.
Come at the same time.
No, no.
You want to fight me, don't you?
If I don't beat you down
until he smokes this up,
you win. Satisfied?
Don't butt in.
- I'm scared.
- Shut up!
Let's get out of here.
- Hurry.
- Let go of me.
Going out for the Olympics?
What are you waiting for?
Do what you want,
but don't touch her.
If you touch her, you're dead.
This is your last warning.
Don't touch her.
I won't tell you this again.
Don't make me mad!
Sons of bitches.
Back off.
Hide yourself behind me.
Don't worry about me.
This is the end of the war.
If you get on my nerves
again, I'll kill you.
Don't touch them.
If you bother them once more,
you, your family, cousins, pets,
will be ripped into pieces.
Let's go.
Even if they're hit by a car
or struck by lightning,
it's still your fault.
What would you like?
Boss, how about some noodles?
- Noodles, please.
- Coming right up.
You have a strong punch, boss.
If the opponents
exceed you in number,
beat the leader and it's all over.
You saw what happened, right?
Anyway, if it wasn't for you,
Aryoung would've been in danger.
Whatever, you chicken shits.
Let me know if anyone bothers you.
Don't get your asses kicked
around, you chicken shits.
Do you want anything else, boss?
- Hey, this isn't right.
- Hey!
- You see...
- Actually...
Actually... What?
Never mind,
you can't speak Korean.
He can't speak Chinese anyway.
Did you find about the
woman I asked about?
I didn't look at anything.
You didn't?
You've got something to hide,
don't you?
Please trust me.
I'm not that kind of man.
You promised me.
Don't you remember?
Are you cursing me out
in sign language?
Oh brother.
I swear I saw nothing.
Promise me that you'll find her.
I swear by the moon.
You don't have to go that far.
You smiled.
You look prettier when you smile.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Well... What?
Your lips.
What do you mean?
What's that?
Wipe your lips like this.
Yes, lick it up.
This is unbelievable.
Wait, I'm not ready yet...
It's gone. Good night.
Is she implying we kiss inside?
It hurts bad.
Does it hurt?
Did you sleep well?
- Slept well boys?
- Yeah.
Did you have breakfast?
You idiots, she's hungry!
- Good morning, boss.
- Yeah.
Where are my chopsticks?
They're in front of you.
Where? I can't see them.
There they are.
Let's eat.
Don't be scared.
Back to your seat now!
Please forget what
you saw yesterday.
If you don't want to die,
grab the chopsticks.
I learned martial
arts long time ago.
Why don't you smile a bit?
Thank you for understanding.
Now you know what I am.
As my secret's revealed,
I won't be nice any more.
I hope you'll feel
friendly about me.
When I'm absent,
talk to Yeon-hee.
Hey, are you translating right?
Why don't you eat?
Are you talking back to me? what she said.
Now let's eat, godfather.
Good morning, boss!
Come on.
I'll keep it short.
Take your hands
off all of our businesses.
Someone said that Yeoju
is a good place to retire.
If you meet again in Seoul,
then let's fight by law.
- Han Ki-chul!
- Yes, boss!
Move to your position.
- Any problems?
- No, boss.
Bosses! I'll do my best.
Speak like a real boss.
- Keep up the good work.
- Yes, boss!
- Why aren't you responding?
- Yes, boss.
- Boss.
- Come here.
- Who are they?
- My boys, boss.
You know who you should kill, right?
Since she's abroad,
carry it out quietly.
Yes, boss.
Let Hwabaekryun know
that I sent the wolves.
Yes, sir.
Even if you were
rejected by the army,
you can shot it up here.
If you touch a girl,
you'll be trouble.
But if you touch
it, it'll just fall.
Don't you want a doll?
Only 1000 won!
Only 1000 won, Big event!
She said that doll is cute.
What are you waiting for?
- How much?
- Welcome.
Only a thousand won will give
you a good luck. Thank you.
Just shot what you want to shot.
- Thank you very much.
- Boy, I'm nervous.
Select and shoot.
- Very close.
- It's the gun's fault.
Can't you shoot right, idiot?
Up. Up.
Great shot!
- You hit the bull's eye.
- What's this?
Come out!
Did Jwa Guk Chung send you?
You're just like the rumors have it.
We don't have much time.
What's she up to now?
They look like the
guys Chopper sent.
You made a wrong choice,
you fools!
You all stay out of it.
- Is that a gun?
- Go ahead and shoot.
- Don't come closer!
- Please shoot me.
Run, you idiots!
- Did you see that gun?
- Yes!
A bullet zipped by my face.
Boss, Chopper is on the move again.
He sent assassins.
They shot at us with guns.
You know, guns that kill people.
How could I check
if it's real or not?
You want me to check after I die?
Come on, boss.
You better hide yourself, too.
Seeing that they have guns,
they must be pros.
we nearly got ourselves killed.
But why did they shoot at her?
They probably thought
that she was my girl.
Boss, what are you going to do?
Listen carefully.
I'm their target.
I won't let you all get hurt
due to me in any case.
I'll lure them away,
and meet you all at home later.
- What a hero.
- My savior.
Where are those idiots going?
- Boss.
- Boss.
I lured them away.
But they kept following us.
They probably didn't see me.
Shouldn't we go to the hospital?
Don't worry.
It only brazed her skin.
- Hey!
- Yes?
Go buy some medicine.
What kind of medicine do you want?
What kind?
A birth control pill
for a bullet wound.
So buy pills for the bullet wound?
Are you that stupid?
Get some disinfectant!
By the way,
why do you keep shouting at me?
I didn't want to say this,
but she regards me
as her best friend.
She's scarier than those assassins.
If we meet them again,
let's tell them to shoot her first.
Watch your mouth!
Boss, I got a really bad feeling.
About what?
What if the one who's trying
to kill you is Big Boss?
What? Big Boss?
Only Big Boss can afford
to hire those assassins.
But why me?
You know gang politics.
You're too big for Big Boss now.
If it is him,
staying here is dangerous.
They're in the neighborhood.
- Really?
- Yes, all over.
I have an idea.
To move together is dangerous.
So you two go with her.
I'll go with Aryoung.
Split apart for now.
I'll call you later.
What are you waiting for, idiots?
Get out.
What are they following us for?
Hold on tight!
It's a gun! Get down!
- Go! Go after them!
- Okay, I got it!
Step on it!
This way!
You idiots!
Why are you chasing after them?
Hey, she's right.
We've gotten away from them.
I'll drive.
Change seats.
No, it's okay now.
What are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
What position is this?
Step on it!
What are you holding?
Damn it, not now.
What is this?
Watch out!
What's wrong?
Step on it!
I feel so strange.
Having fun?
Okay, change seats.
They seem to have found out
where she is.
Something's going on
with the Black Dragons.
I took too much from Aryoung.
But you've always loved her.
She has already lost too much.
And I've done nothing for her.
I'll go meet Jwa Guk Chung.
Where are you?
Why do you ask?
I heard that Chopper has been quiet.
Suspicious of anyone else?
Are you testing me?
Testing you?
What's with that attitude of yours?
- Think you're a big shot now?
- Now you're showing your true colors.
Boss. What are you doing
with those assassins?
You've changed
ever since you've remarried!
Come to my office right now!
What about the girl?
How is she?
If anything happens to her,
we're dead!
I'm taking good care of her.
But if you harm my boys,
you better watch your back.
Help yourself, honey.
Look at my wife eat.
She's eating less than usual
since her stomach isn't fine today.
- She has a good appetite.
- Eat plenty.
Isn't that Ki-chul?
You're right.
But who's that girl with him?
Come on up.
- Father, mother, take our bows.
- Yes.
So what's your name?
I'm sorry. I can't speak Korean.
That's a very long name.
It's Aryoung. Lim Aryoung.
Oh, Aryoung!
The native kind
is the best in any case.
But many people these days
have mixed marriages.
Kang's son married a girl
from Vietnam.
And Yong-shik's wife
is from the Philippines, isn't she?
She ran away.
Can you...?
Seeing that she got the hint,
she's quite smart.
Yes, she is.
Her mother is Korean.
Is that true?
No wonder she looked different
from other foreigners.
She looks like one of us,
doesn't she?
don't think of her as my wife.
I know. I'm just glad to see her.
If you cross this line,
you're dead.
Damn, it wasn't funny.
Teacher. Please don't kill me.
What did I do wrong?
Please, teacher.
An eye for an eye,
and a tooth for a tooth.
This is the principle
I've lived by and will keep.
Even if you seek revenge,
you can't revive Mr. Jo.
A war destroys everything.
And if we fight each other,
a third party will profit.
Is that what you want?
Are you here to lecture me?
I'm just an old man.
All I have now
is regret about my past,
and Aryoung.
She's not in this country.
Of course, because of Mr. Jo.
I'll give you what you want.
But there's one condition.
Don't touch Aryoung.
A friend never makes a refusal.
I swear by my heart.
Trust me.
- Mom.
- What?
Are you happy to see your son?
Of course, I am.
By the way, Ki-chul...
- What?
- This...
What is this?
Give it to Aryoung.
Your grandmother gave it to me.
Now it's for my daughter-in-law.
Mom, please keep it
- until I get married.
- Seize the chance.
It'll be too late if you don't.
You're just like your father.
When you find the chance,
put it on her neck. Got it?
Oh, my sweet boy.
Sit down here.
Look at this.
Sleep well?
And father?
Me? Yes.
I'll write again.
Love him?
The boy in the room.
I'm thinking about it.
Let me see.
Your feet are badly swollen.
Sure this is the meeting place?
What are you staring at?
Did you look down there?
You're such a pervert.
Everyone okay?
- Boss!
- Aryoung!
- How's it going in Seoul?
- It's rainy in Seoul.
- Crazy bastard.
- They're looking for you.
Aryoung, are you all right?
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Give me your cellphone.
You're not the one they're after.
Then who is it?
I heard from one of my friends
that Aryoung is the daughter
of Hwabaekryun's boss.
- What's wrong with your arms?
- What's with her?
They're looking for Aryoung.
The gangs in Hong Kong are in a war.
Wait, where is she?
Had to bring an army
to kill one person?
Whether it's one or ten to kill,
we're always
a three-pack.
I'd like to thank you
for not harming my friends.
I hate causing a mess.
All you want is me?
Your father is waiting for you.
You killed Mr. Jo, didn't you?
- Is she in there?
- Don't hold my hands.
Where the hell is she?
Go check inside there.
Where the hell is she?
She should've told us
where she's going.
Detective Kim
said he found Aryoung's mom.
Her name is Jung Da-hae, age 52.
This time it's for sure.
If you turn away now,
all you'll feel is regret.
But once you see her,
you could be scarred.
For life.
Aryoung, is that you?
Where's my baby Aryoung?
- I got you!
- Mommy!
So did you have fun today?
It was no fun again.
- I think a customer's here.
- A customer?
Thank you everyone.
Thank you, friends.
Can we see you again?
My mother asked me
to give you this.
She said thanks.
Go after her.
Aryoung, well, I...
Stop translating!
You always say weird stuff!
I'll say it myself like a real man.
I didn't know you'd
leave this early.
I thought I'd be happy
if you we're a normal girl.
And this is the first time
I felt this way about someone.
I didn't tell you, but...
You don't know how much I love...
Damn it.
He's been barely holding
on until your arrival.
I met mom.
She is very happy.
I'll take good care
of you from now on.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Someone's here to see you!
I couldn't
just send you away like that.
How've you been?
Anything I can do to help?
There's nothing you can do.
Oh yeah, here.
So what was the big rush?
You left this behind.
I feel like crap.
- Good to see you.
- Congratulations!
Have a seat.
Good to see you.
You don't look so good.
I'm worried about
no news from Korea,
and Mr. Lim's disappearance.
Don't worry about him.
He's probably in hell.
I don't feel so good.
Prepare just in case.
I'm sorry.
I won't kill the man who
will be your husband today.
But if he blocks my way,
he will die one day.
I congratulate your
marriage with this sword.
Let's reach our goal together.
Thank you, boss.
If I disobey you,
I will die by this sword.
This is my war.
Whoever goes against me
will go to hell!
You could've easily killed me.
Never forget
in whose hands you will die by.
You have such bad manners.
You are a good swordsman
as well as a good dancer.
But you can't accomplish everything.
You sneak.
You little bitch,
you're no match to me.
You will meet your father in hell.
Hold it!
Hey! Stop! You bastard!
Put the gun down!
Who is he?
Never mind him.
You bastard!
What did that idiot follow me for?
He doesn't suit you at all.
I'm your enemy!
Don't shoot her!
Know how long I've waited
to give her this necklace?
Damn, where's the necklace?
I lost it again, damn it!
You dummy.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
He's gone.
Shall I go catch him?
He will always leave me someday.
Your father always regretted
leaving your mother behind.
Now it's also time
for me to leave.
I can't see you regret all your life
like your father.
What's going on?
Sorry I forgot to say good-bye.
Where's the necklace?
She asked where your necklace is.
Do it again.
Propose to me, dummy.
She said she will marry.
To whom?
With you.
If I reject?
He's a little surprised.
If you were me,
could you say no in this situation?
Put these away.
If I marry her,
all of you could be dead.
Tell him to come here.
She said to come to her.
Tell him to run.
She said run.
She's acting like my wife already.
If you cheat on me,
I'll break your legs.
So don't make me angry.
She said she'll make
you happy every night!