My Tutor (1983)

Dummy... dummy... dummy...
C'mon, it's over.
Time to kick out the jams.
Summer time fun.
Dummy... dummy... dummy... dummy.
Quit it with the ball
peen hammer imitation.
Here's Bonnie.
- Where?
- There.
Hi, Bonnie!
Bobby, I've been looking for you.
You didn't sign my yearbook.
Same here.
Here you go.
"To the girl who's meant the most
to me all through high school.
Love, Bobby."
That's really sweet, Bobby.
I gotta go. I'll see you, okay?
What did she write?
"To the funniest guy in third
period study hall. Bonnie."
Very romantic.
Tonight's the night, fellas!
The sacrifice of the virgins.
Not so loud!
Time to go to the drug
store and get you fitted.
Eight o'clock.
Bravo, Bravo, let's go!
We're running late.
Not too much. She'll slide off.
C'mon. We're going to a whorehouse.
We're not getting married here.
What the hell you got in there?
These are the old
"Johnny Walker Black."
I stole it from my dad. The stuff's
so good he never drinks it.
Go ahead. It'll cool your nerves.
You know what this stuff.
Come on. Let's go. I wanna brush
my hair. Yeah. Later. Later.
This is it! This is it!
I don't know about this, guys.
My stomach doesn't feel
so good, you know.
- How about another night?
- I think you should go.
Oh, Billy.
For these two we have
the graduation present.
So? Which one is
your brother, Jack?
Right here, over here. That's me!
A real eager beaver.
For you we have Louisa.
First time up at the
plate, right, Jack?
Yes, but I'm out to win
rookie of the year.
And now for you,
we have something
very very special.
Give me your hand, Jack.
Okey dokey.
- Up against the wall.
- All right.
There you go.
What's going on?
You'll see.
Oh, boy, this is gonna
be really wild.
- Now give me your other hand.
- All right.
Are you sure about this?
Maybe this is a little
advanced for me.
Don't worry. It'll Be wonderful.
You like it?
Are you ready, Jack?
Oh yes, I'm ready!
Oh my god!
So am I.
Come over here my little bambino.
Climb it up.
How does it feel?
Wonderful. But wouldn't it
be better if I was untied?
But your brother wanted you
to have the full treatment.
- Is it good?
- Oh. Yes.
Do you like surprises?
Oh yes.
This is wild.
Bambino wake up!
Wake up! Oooh!
Billy, what kind of weirdo did
you set me up with in there?
I almost got killed!
- Hey, I didn't know, alright?
- Yeah, yeah...
well, next time do a
little legwork, will you?
This is ridiculous.
I don't believe it.
You can't even get
laid in a whorehouse.
Did you have a good time?
Maria, Fruit. Salad. Lunch.
Rose bushes. Trim.
- Fruit. Salad. Lunch.
- Right.
- Aah, Manuel.
- Aaah, Rose bushes trim.
- Hi honey!
- Hi mom!
- where is dad mom?
- He is in the studies.
I am late for lunch.
Sit down, Bobby.
It's been quite a morning.
Mr. Simpson called from your school.
It seems that we've got a problem.
You flunked your French final
I've been on the phone to Yale...
They'll hold your place,
on one condition, that
you take a makeup exam.
The only catch is, you have to
do better than an eighty-fives.
I've already contacted
a language agency.
And as of tomorrow morning,
the best freelance French
teacher... in the city...
is going to be here.
She is gonna live here.
You will work... with her every day,
and I assure you... you are
going to pass that exam.
I don't mind telling you,
this is damn embarrassing.
Hello, Bobby. I'm Terry
Green, your French tutor.
We going to be working
together this summer.
- I suppose we have to start today.
- Tomorrow is soon enough.
It's too soon for me.
How about next week.
- Oh, I am Sorry.
- One day" summer vacation.
In addition, if you succeed
and Bobby passes...
there will be a final bonus
payment of ten thousand dollars.
That's quite a bonus.
I want you as committed
to this as I am.
Now, I'd like this part of our
bargain to be just between us.
I don't want Bobby to know.
He is under enough pressure
already. God knows he's been...
a great disappointment to me.
His attitude, his grades...
I had to pull quite a few strings
to get him into Yale. And now this.
What is so important about Yale?
Because I went there.
And being a Yalie was just about the
finest memory I ever had in my life.
- I want the same for Bobby.
- What does Bobby want?
He's too young to
know what he wants.
All I know is what I want and
that's for him to pass that exam.
Ok. The word ethua.
To be. Conjugation.
I hate this French crap.
Oui. You've got the picture.
I even hate French fries.
- Pommes frites.
- Yeah right. Pommes frites.
- Excellent pronunciation.
- Dumb luck.
Look, forget it. No way I'm
going to pass this exam.
We might as well just chuck it.
You pass. There isn't a student
made that I can't teach.
A little conceited, aren't you?
I'm very good.
What are you getting out of this?
A little money. A quiet place
to stay for a month or so.
Well how come you're not married?
Or have a boyfriend at least.
I don't think that's any
of your business, Bobby.
Hey, come on, give me a break.
I'm trying to learn about
life and love, here.
Okay. I had a
boyfriend, we broke up,
and I needed a place to stay.
Is that Okay?
Well, how come you broke up?
This is none of your business.
Can we please do work.
I can tell, you're gonna
work me hard this summer.
That's my job, ne'st pas?
Okay, now if this doesn't work
out. There is always Mexico.
You'd get it down there, for sure.
Oh no, I'm not going to Mexico.
You can catch all kinds
of diseases down there.
That's just if you drink
the water, you turkey.
- Yeah, same difference.
- There it is guys. Now be cool,
Remember I got you
covered, all right?
Oh boy. Oh boy.
She won't hurt you. No whips.
She promises.
Hey, Billy, I don't know about this.
Who wants to know. You guys are
about to get your lances waxed.
No big deal. Even when we
speak. Right at this second.
Millions of people are just
banging away like crazy.
These are facts of life.
That's kind of awesome thought.
Yeah, it is. Isn't it?
There she is... athletic?
I am on my break. Let's do it.
We'll be in the bar
across the street.
Save some for me!
I've only got ten minutes.
Ten minutes?
I got a Chrysler 'cause it
has the biggest back seat.
- Aw shit!!
- What?
- It's my boyfriend.
- Your Boyfriend!?
Well... actually... we're
engaged to be married.
He hates when I do this.
The last guy he caught me with...
he dragged behind his bike in chains!
Oh don't worry,
it was only over dirt!
Sylvia. Where is he?
I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna
tear out his eyeballs!
I'm gonna rip off his arm and
beat him to death with it.
I want that son of a bitch!
There's the little prick!
Say your prayers, Boy.
You're about to meet Jesus.
That's not him! That's not him!
That's not him!
- It's not me! It's not me! It's not me!
- You sure?
Of course I'm sure. I wouldn't
ball that lamb even for money!
Thank you!
Hay, was it as good as I said?
Did I cover you or what?
Let's go. Come on.
Okay, here you go.
Try these, fifteen minutes.
Starting... now.
Bobby, get to work.
I'm going to go get a drink.
Do you want anything?
- No thanks.
- Ok, I'll be right back.
Bobby, where are you?
Oh, boy. No work?
I can't leave you
alone for a second.
Here. It looks like
you could use this.
Okay, get to work.
It's too hot.
Bobby, will you just
do the test, please.
It's really way too hot...
- Now that's better.
- I take it this is a study break?
Great idea.
I'm glad you thought of it.
All right then. Teacher
gets to take a break too.
Where did you learn to
speak French so well?
I went to college in France.
I knew it. Nobody can learn to
speak French in California.
Spanish, maybe. French, no way.
- I should've taken Spanish.
- Why didn't you?
My Dad thought it was a good idea.
He wants me to study
international law at Yale.
Oh yeah? You do everything
your father wants you to do?
No. Not always.
If I had my way I'd go to
UCLA and study astronomy.
I'm sorry...
But you know I'm not hired here as a
guidance counselor. And no matter...
what school you go to you'll need
to pass that test, so please.
How old are you?
- Would you stop stalling?
- Forty?
- Forty-five? Twenty-five?
- Twenty nine.
- Have you been married?
- No.
- Yes and no.
- You lived with a guy, right?
- This last guy you just broke up with, huh?
- Bobby,
I wish you were as good at French
as you are at Twenty Questions.
Vingt questions.
Tres bien. Get to work.
You pervert
I promised her a ride home..
Well, how are things going
between you and your tutor?
Have you tried to
score with her yet?
Come on, Jack, what
are you kidding?
I know I would've
scored with her by now.
Just you and her...
Alone, by the pool...
Yeah, I would've been there
and beck a few times by now.
Jack, you don't believe
your own bullshit, do you?
And I'm going to hit
the ceiling tonight.
- It's only an eighty.
- Hey, come on,
an eighty up from a fifty seven
is pretty good for two week.
Yeah, but you've to get five
points if it was the real test.
No backing out now.
You promised a celebration
lunch if I even broke seventy.
- You had this planned.
- Of course.
Not only lunch but now you
have the rare opportunity
to practice your new
vocabulary under fire.
Now, I'm going to teach you a skill
that all young men should know.
What's that?
- The art of tasting wine.
- Sounds vital.
It's where you can impress all the
girls before you seduce them.
Now it sounds life or death.
First thing you do is...
sniff the bouquet.
Then you take a healthy sip, and
you move it around your mouth
so that the tongue can test
it from all sides. Like so.
You're not supposed to gargle,
Can't take you anywhere.
So, Cindy, put through all
my calls to Le Rendezvous.
I'm trying to close the condo deal.
Be very careful. She's an
absolutely flawless classic.
Yes, sir.
Not a scratch. Okay, my man?
Right, sir.
Pierre, how are you?
My table over here?
Roger hi. Ed.
Oh, no. Anything but this.
Where have you been?
Why did you disappear?
Why haven't you called me?
I've been looking for you for weeks.
Why do you want me to
say this again? It's over.
It can't be over. You just get up
and walked out. Not a word, nothing.
I don't know what you want me
to say, It's just not fair!
Fair? One day you're living
with me and the next day
you disappear without a goodbye.
And you're talking about fair?
Monsieur Sylvester. There is
a telephone call for you.
I'll call back.
But your secretary says
it is an emergency.
Yes Cindy, put him through.
Hello, Sid...
I just talked with Miller and if you
want those condos they'll cost you
two hundred K a piece..
I love you, Terry.
Forget what happened.
That's over, honey. I can change.
Sid, the price is right.
He'll take one third down.
The terms are terrific.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Let's go.
No problem. Wait, Terry don't go.
I said I love you. Doesn't
that mean anything?
I wanna be with you!
I wanna be with you forever!
How can you turn down
an offer like that?
You'll be turning over a half million
profit in eighteen months, goddamnit.
Would you just wait a
second, Terry? Talk to me.
No, not you, Sid. Is your name
Terry, for Christ sakes?
Goddammit, Sid. Just
take the bloody deal.
Would you just talk to me? I can't
keep this up, I gave up jogging.
Who is this kid? Are you
teaching nursery school or what?
Nice night for a stroll, huh, Bobby.
I couldn't sleep...
I had my telescope out.
You shouldn't spy on people.
It's not fair.
Bobby? Would you look at me.
It's okay. Just no more spying.
Is that understood?
Okay. Go to bed.
Well, this way boys, over there. Oh
this is gonna look wonderful today.
Yes there is the place.
No, no... no... no I like it better
over there. Yes, that's it.
Yes, definitely over there.
No, wait please.
I think I like it where we tried
it the first time. Right here.
What do you think?
Oh, it's so hard to decide
without setting it all up.
It takes an hour to set
this tent up ma'am.
An hour?
Is that all?
Well maybe we could set it up
in all the places I picked.
What do you think?
- Hi mom. Where's Terry?
- Hi honey.
She went for a drive. She said
she'll be back for your lesson.
- A drive? With who?
- A man.
Honey, you know that tent we
have for your birthday...
Where do you think
we should set it up?
Over there... Over there...
Or over here?
- I think it looks fine, right here.
- Oh, fine.
Thank you honey. Ok boys.
Set it up. Right here.
Wait!... I am not sure.
Where were you?
- You're late.
- Not that late.
Hey, sport. Don't get
so bent out of shape.
I guess you and I got off on the
wrong foot. I'm Don Sylvester.
You know you almost made me
wrap my bike around that pole.
I'm sorry about that.
I was a desperate
man, though Bobby.
I couldn't let my girl get away
without a chase now, could I?
Well, I gotta go.
- Study time? You know?
- I'll be right there.
All right. Here you are.
Come on Bobby, what's that long
face, huh? Can you fetch us a smile?
Yeah, we got in this picture at
6:05 and there's not a blonde here.
This'll never work, Billy.
Trust me and ye shall be delivered.
Look, the guy at the door
is a friend of mine.
These are just for show.
I've got you covered, huh?
Bobby, you look like
you're going to a funeral.
What's the matter?
- Nothing. Let's go.
- All right. Common.
Oh shit! Duane's not here tonight
Billy, this will never do!
This will never do!
Too late now. Go for it!
Hey Blood! What's happenin', man?
All right, all right!
Please blood, please!
Don, it's Terry. Don?
And stay out, punks!
What the hell's wrong
with you, guys?
You're nuts to go
jump into that ring!
I couldn't help myself. They're the
most beautiful girls in the world.
Yeah, we're going to wait for them.
That blonde is crazy for me.
I could tell. When she was pinning
me, she was really getting off.
I'll be in the car.
Can you believe those guys?
They must be crazy!
Don't you get out of
the car you bastard.
- I can explain...
- Come on!
You weren't supposed to be here.
I don't believe you're saying this!
Don't get out of the car.
I am going to cut it off...
- Excuse me girls.
- Aaaah!
We just want to tell you how
much we enjoy your work...
Well, if there is any way to
wrestle with you privately...
Also, it may be of some interest to you
that I am unusually well endowed and
would be happy to demonstrate
that fact at any moment.
You little turds again.
I'm gonna break you in pieces.
I love her! I love her!
Put my dress back here! I'm naked!
Hi, Terry!
Oh! Hi Bobby!
Mind if I sit down?
No, please!
So, it looks like things
didn't work out, huh?
- You were right about him.
- What happened?
Let's just say one woman's
not enough for him.
I'm sorry to hear that..
Well, actually, I'm
glad you're here.
It's nice to be wanted somewhere.
What did you do tonight?
Nothing special.
We watched a couple of ladies roll
around in the mud and get all wet.
Sounds exciting.
It wasn't.
- I was thinking about you.
- What were you thinking?
I guess... I was jealous.
Hey, what's wrong?
Nothing... nothing. I got to go.
Terry, I'm really sorry this
guy hurt your feelings.
Thank you.
Robert, I've been looking for
you want to speak to you.
Yes, sir.
How long have I known you...
How long have your father and
I been business associates?
- All my life.
- That's right.
All your life. So...
You would say I have your
best interests at heart.
Yes, I would say that.
And I want to say one word
to you Robert. Just one word.
Computer chips.
- Computer chips.
- That's two words.
It's the future. Never forget that.
- Hi boys.
- Hello.
- Oh, hello, hello Mrs. Crystal.
- Oh, thank you.
- Good punch?
- It's terrific!
It is the very best.
Thank you. Go easy, it has
a very heavy kick to it.
Oh, my, nice.
Now you want a little more
now don't you, Mrs. Crystal?
- No. No.
- O yes yes. Just a little.
Easy does it.
May I speak with you.
- Sure.
- Would you mind refilling my drink for me.
Not at all. Its scotch, right?
That's right. And while it,
make one for yourself.
No, thank you.
So, how's Bobby doing?
Is he really applying himself?
He's doing great.
He's working very hard.
And you're very fond of him.
No, have a sit. Come on Sit here
and talk with me over my drink.
How's the party going?
Lively. That band is
really interesting.
I hate parties.
It's my wife's idea.
She has so few, I like to indulge
the occasion one she has.
Hey, can we cut through
this small talk, Terry?
I find you very, very attractive.
And to come right to the point,
I would like to sleep you.
It would be worth a
great deal to me.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
- Really?
- Really.
Why not?
You see, I just don't like men
who think they can have anything they
want just because they have money.
Is that to the point enough to you.
Hi, Bonnie, how you been?
Good. You look terrific.
What did you do?
Nothing. Same old me.
No. There's somethin' different
You must be chasing some girl.
Who is she?
There's no one. How about you.
Still seeing that college guy.
Biff? Sure.
Biff. C'mon, nobody's named Biff.
- I do Believe you're jealous.
- Baloney.
I love her. She's fantastic.
No. She hates you like poison.
She's always hated you.
Oh come on, she's crazy about me.
Sue Anne, would you
care to dance with me?
No thank you.
Then I suppose a blow job
completely out of the question.
- Hi.
- Well, Bobby,
I'm not sure this is right. I'm
worried you getting a wrong idea.
Like what?
Like this is more serious than it is.
I don't want you to get hurt. Okay.
Terry, don't worry about me. I am
not the sensitive, vulnerable type,
You're not. What type are you.
The lewd, crude, couldn't
give a dame type.
Come on in before your
parents catch us.
And why, pray tell, are you
sneaking from my bed, sir?
Because my parents are gonna
to be up any minute now.
Something I have to
know before I go.
How am I doing?
I don't have anything to go on.
You know nothing to compare.
Bobby you're wonderful.
How about on a scale of one to ten.
You're a ten... well... you're nine
and a half, nobody is perfect.
- You gotta go.
- Yeah, right.
You better get up or
you're gonna be all stiff.
Thanks, Dad.
You pulled an all night.
I'm proud of you.
- But I think you better go to sleep.
- Good idea, Dad.
- What do you want?
- I'm here to see Terry.
- Get out of my way.
- She's not home.
I will see about that.
- I told you.
- I'll wait.
The hell you will. Look your
trespassing. Now get lost.
Don't make threats to me
I'm a third degree
black belt in Karate.
I know a hundred different ways
to bust you up in seconds.
Wait here.
I only know one way to
squeeze this trigger.
Hi! What can I do for you?
I'm looking for a night
gown for my aunt.
If it's for your aunt, I'm afraid
you've come to the wrong place.
I suggest you Roebuck.
Well, actually it's
for my girlfriend.
Girlfriend. That's more like it.
Is she tall, short...
Skinny, fat, big bosom, flat
chested, what's the story?
Medium size. And very
well put together.
Oh, you are a diplomat, aren't you.
And how old is she?
Thirty? Not bad. Not bad.
A modern relationship. I like it.
I think I have just
the thing for you.
As you can see
a matching set of leather restrainers
and riding crop to go with this.
I think that's a little too much.
- Too much?
- Yeah.
Hi, Bobby.
Hi Bonnie.
Whatcha reading?
Nothing. Schoolwork.
What subject?
Looks like fun.
Good night, Bobby. We'll be at
the Marshalls if you need us.
Good night, Mom.
You have good time.
Jack called earlier, are you
gonna to see him tonight?
I guess so. I don't know.
Well, whatever you
do, have good time.
I will.
Are you kidding with this?
Put your... put your knee, up there.
No human being can twist like that.
Where is my foot?
- Wait a second.
- Is that you?
- Is there someone else in you?
- That is the way.
- I don't think that's the...
- But that's in the book.
Don't believe everything
you read... just...
Making love has nothing to do
with those wild positions.
It's got to do with feelings.
And, honey, you definitely
got the feeling.
I don't know. I'm not sure I wanna
go to Stanford Law in the fall.
Maybe I should just go to Berkley and
take advantage of the institution.
Papa has his heart
set on Stanford..
All the boys have gone there.
All the same, I'm a bit partial
to being closer to San Francisco.
Good morning, Mrs. Chrystal.
Maria... you... Water... plant.
Si... yes... water.
Manuel. Lawn. Mow?
Cut? Cut. Cut, cut, cut.
Cut, cut...
Ah, si, cut. Cut, cut,
Muy bien.
Oh, I just love talking Spanish.
Terry, guess what? They're goin
away for a whole weekend.
Now if I can only get rid
of Manual and Maria...
You make it sound like
a murder mystery.
Just give them the weekend off?
Great idea. Now why
didn't I think of that?
- Terry, you have to talk to me.
- Go away, it's over!
- Are you and this kid getting on?
- Get lost, you creep!
You stay out of this.
Terry, I love you. You
know you are the only one.
- Bugger off.
- Drop dead.
- Please leave us alone.
- Us? You two are making it.
- What if we are?
- I can't believe it.
Well, it's true. And he is
ten times the lover you are!
I'll kill you!
My baby. My baby.
My baby.
Thank God he's all right.
All right. Common now, let's pull
him out, it's such a beautiful day.
Raphael, would you put
those things in the trunk.
Darling, his name is Manuel.
Dear, what's the difference.
Raphael, Manuel, all right?
Keep your eye on the ball.
I love you... be a good boy.
Thank you, honey.
- Have a good time.
- Thank you.
No, no, that's it Raphael.
Put those down.
All right, son, It's all yours
now... Hold the fort.
Thanks dad.
Hey, Manuel, can I speak
to you for a second?
Si Senor.
Why not you and Maria
take the weekend off.
Come on, Manuel, knock it off.
I know you and Maria
speak perfect English.
How long have you known?
Couple of years.
It's all right.
Your secret safe with me.
Just take the weekend
off yourselves.
We will.
And, Bobby, gracias.
Hmmm, Bobby, you're wonderful.
Bobby. How long can
you keep that up.
As long as I want.
Billy, I don't see why we can't go
back to the whorehouse tonight.
Are you kidding?
You whacked all their stuff.
They'd shoot you on sight.
Picky, picky, picky.
There's always Mexico.
They could march you
right down main streets
to get ten dollar bill in your
teeth and your problem over.
No. I am not going to
Mexico No way Jose.
- Bobby.
- Hmmm.
What do you think your parents would
say if they could see us, right now.
They don't say anything.
I think they just hear the sounds.
Do you think, they suspect anything.
- No. I doubt it.
- Phew. That's good.
Because, some day I may have to ask
them for a reference, you know.
- I'll give you one hell of a reference.
- I'm sure you would.
That's not going to help
me in teaching work.
Why you don't come
to collage with me.
I'm sure there's going to be a lot of
subjects I'm going to have trouble with.
I only teach French.
Maybe I can major in French.
Who knows? If I study hard enough.
I could become a Frenchman.
Nope, after the summer
the tutoring stops.
All the tutoring?
Don't say anymore...
Where's the wine?
So, Bobby,
Terry tells me that you have a heavy
crammed session this weekend.
Oh we have.
And you're ready for
the exam tomorrow?
I'm sure I'm dad.
I'm really happy about
your dedication Bobby.
- Dad. I've been thinking.
- Hmmmm.
What if I didn't go to Yale.
What if I went to UCLA instead.
All my friends are
goin there and...
Bobby, there isn't any
ambition among your friends.
You're going to go to Yale and
make something of yourself.
But UCLA has a terrific
astronomy department...
Bobby, looking through a telescope, it's
my idea of how to become successful.
No, but it's a good way
to become an astronomer.
That's quite enough,
Bobby. I know...
it's gonna be tough at Yale. But
it's only under pressure that you
find out what you're really made of.
It's going to make a man
out of you. Really.
So stiffen your resolve.
A good education is vital for
getting somewhere in this world.
Let's not hear any more
talk about U.C.L.A.
or stargazing. Understand?
- Sure, Dad. No more star gazing.
- Drink your milk.
To Finish. Je finis, tu finis il finit
nous finissons vous finissez...
Et finis. You're ready.
No, no, Bobby.
Hey, come on, I'm tense.
I got to relax. Big
gain tomorrow you know.
See, that's just the point.
I don't want you to
do a scoring in bed.
Now should you to get up...
come on...
Get a good night's sleep and
the score on your exam.
And then?
And then, we'll see.
What happened? What did you get?
Oh, Bobby tell me.
Ninety one.
Oh, that's great, ninety one.
Ninety one.
- Let's keep going.
- You're crazy.
No, I mean it. Let's go
San Francisco. I've got money.
We can't go to San Francisco.
Sure we can. Hey, I'm packing
a 132 dollars and 45 cents.
I already got
reservation in Carmel.
Bobby, you gotta go back.
Too serious huh?
I just want to be alone with you
for a couple of days. That's all.
Is that so serious?
People do it all the time.
I've to get back to
the house. I have
a lot of loose ends to
tie up before I go.
Go? Go where?
I'm going to visit
my family in France.
You haven't told me anything about
France. When did this come about.
I made the reservations last
week and I'm leaving tomorrow.
You going to France?
You never told you gone leave me?
Bobby, I'm not leaving you.
I'm going away, that's all.
- Same difference.
- No. No.
It's a very big difference.
Yeah. Either way you're leaving me.
Bobby, may I see you
for moment please?
The school just called.
I'm very proud of you.
Thanks dad.
I now have the
bittersweet obligation
of having to pay
Miss Green that bonus of
ten thousand dollars.
Terry gets a ten thousand
dollar bonus because I passed?
She didn't tell you?
Maybe that's why she gave you
such special attention all summer.
People don't always do things
for best of motives, do they.
Bobby, sit down.
There's more I want to say to you.
That's okay. You said quite enough.
- Listen to me.
- No! You listen to me.
All my life I've been
listening to you.
Now I've got something
I want to say.
Drop it.
I'm going to UCLA this
fall, to stargaze.
That's where you'll find me.
Bobby, what happened?
What did he say?
Is it true that you get Ten
thousand dollars Because I passed.
That was your father's idea.
He insisted on it..
Not that you objected.
That's how you got the
ticket to France, right?
Yes, But... it has...
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Because It has nothing to do with it.
Like hell it doesn't.
God, I should have seen
this coming all along.
Why didn't you just talk to
me at the beginning, huh?
How you could've made some kind
of arrangement. Like hooker!
How could you say that to me?
Bobby, what are you doing here?
Bonnie, I have to talk with you.
All right, I'll be right out.
What's up?
Will you go to the movies
with me on Saturday night?
Bobby, you came over here at
two o' clock in the morning
to ask me for the movies?
What do you expect
me to do, telephone?
Yeah, that's the way
guys usually do it.
- But the problem is I promised Biff...
- Forget Biff.
- Forget Biff?
- He's through. Finished.
- He is too old for you.
- Too old. He's only twenty.
Way too old.
Why don't you pick on
someone your own age?
Who is that?
Me for instance.
Bobby... you know you are like...
I'm sorry about what
I said yesterday.
I was stupid.
I'm sorry that I hit you.
I wish you would've shot me.
So where were you last night.
Everyone was so worried about you.
I was over at Bonnie's.
Yeah, I think it's
time for me to go.
Otherwise Bonnie is gonna
have big fight on her hands.
So, it's off to France.
You sure you don't
want me to come along?
Come like a translator.
For the tough words.
I think I'm going to win
this one on my own.
I'm going to forget you.
No, you are not.
No, I'm not.
I can hear the clock
measuring ecstasy.
Every sound inside a touch
I can hear the warm
music of you and me
It's the first time We made love
The first time We made love