My Sweet Pepper Land (2013)

Say the prayer my brother.
Say that Allah is the only one.
Allah is the greatest.
Dear gentlemen!
Since April 2003, Kurdistan is free.
Saddam Hussein has left
our country in ruins.
We have to rebuild it,
establish strong institutions,
police, army, to protect our people.
There's no justice without security.
And there's no justice or security
without penalties.
Sir judge.
Sir doctor,
Sir lofty mullah,
I'm proud today, because for the
first time in Kurd history,
thanks to democracy,
we can carry out the death penalty.
Offender Anvar Ahmad Gefur, will be
punished for robbery and murder.
Sir, how are we going to do this?
- Haven't you prepared anything?
- Prepared what?
- The rope for the hanging!
- Ah, yes, the rope.
- You idiot!
Don't kill me, I'm innocent.
This is illegal, stop that!
He's not dead.
What does the law says?
The law says he must be punished.
But not twice.
Sentence him to lifetime prison.
We don't have prisons yet, he has to die.
- Shoot him in the neck.
No, only hanging is allowed.
- I have a solution.
The convict is small,
if I hang on to him, he'll die quicker.
Well, what are we going to do?
We received a blessing.
You don't like the punishment?
I understand you,
but we have to use the situation.
I'm a fighter, not a cop.
The war is over, Saddam is overthrown.
Kurds are free. I'm resigning.
We need you.
I've done my task, I leave you
to take all the credit.
I'm going back home.
The country needs law,
security and stability.
Otherwise, we'll lose
everything we accomplished.
- A rebel cannot become a cop.
- You're a great idealist, Baran.
Our situation is getting better.
We have everything, we're lying on oil.
Don't miss these happy chances.
We don't see happiness
the same way.
Alright, give me your weapon.
That's my weapon.
Son, I missed you.
- I missed you too. Let's go inside.
Daughter, I said no. You're not
going back to that village.
I work with children,
I sleep in school. You have nothing
to be worried about.
It's enough Govend! Father said no.
You're not going back there.
We all have jobs,
we don't need your money.
If you'd married Taqyaddin
we wouldn't be here now.
I'm not for Taqyaddin.
But you're a girl, my daughter..
- You trust my brothers?
And do you trust your daughter?
I trust you too.
How are you? How does my
son look to you?
He looks serious, he looks strong.
He's handsome.
Baran, you came back to get married,
and now you're hiding.
Kader, what's that story about wedding?
Where did that came from?
Come to the garden son,
I need you.
Leave me alone, mom.
Come, look son.
I decided to come back to the force.
This time, you're working with me.
No, send me somewhere
where they need me the most.
Alright, I'm sending you there.
New police station.
We can't go further. Turkish
army has destroyed the bridge.
How can I get to Kamarian?
- Two hour walk.
- Two hours?
- Yes, two hours.
The bridge is destroyed.
We're going on horses.
You're Baran?
- And you're Reber?
- Yes, I'm your assistant.
You were punished?
No one wants to come here.
No, I chose myself.
There's gas, jobs, money in the town.
Why did you come here?
I escaped from my mom.
I can't allow the country
to fall apart.
What were you doing before?
I was fighting, since I was fifteen.
Nothing is going on in our village.
Nothing, that's something too.
Is there smuggling here?
- This is Bermuda Triangle.
Kurds from Iraq are smuggling
alcohol with Iran.
Kurds from Turkey are
getting their weapons here.
Are these Turkish planes?
They're searching for rebels.
That's the teacher.
I can't allow you to walk.
I'm used to walking.
Ride with me.
My name is Govend.
- Baran.
What are you doing in Kamarian?
I'm a new commander.
Thank you.
I'd like to get down here.
One woman and two men,
people like to gossip.
Thank you.
There's still work to be done,
but it'll be nice. Come inside.
There's just two phones in the village.
One here and the other in the restaurant.
Villagers come here to use the phone.
You have to listen to their love problems,
stories about chickens and roosters.
It's boring, but sometimes useful.
All these people on this picture,
they are all your predecessors.
It's always the same photographer?
Yes, why?
Good evening.
- Mister Zirek!
- How are you?
Good evening.
They changed the lock.
I know, they changed it
while you were gone.
Do you have a new key?
I'll check, or you can
come and sleep with us.
- With you?
- In the shelter.
- Does it go off often?
- Electricity?
Only God knows.
They have two rooms and a prison.
This is the gun that belonged to
the previous commander.
This hat is from the guy before him.
Damn electricity!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Thank you.
Do you want some alcohol?
I have really good alcohol.
For the night, two or three bottles?
After Simk's death,
there was no heating at your place.
Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Mister Saman.
I don't have the keys.
Are there any spare rooms?
Are there any spare rooms?
No, there're no spare rooms.
I see.
They don't want the teacher.
They don't want a school
where the woman is alone?
How long do you work here?
For three months.
What does your family says?
They disagree.
I respect things that my father says.
- He accepts that?
- Yes.
He must be a good person.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good morning.
You're new here?
The new commander.
Aziz Aga sent me,
you're invited to his house tonight.
- I don't know him.
- He's the lord of this area.
He invites every newcomer
to his place for dinner.
You can't decline an invitation like
that, Reber? Alright then.
But for lunch.
Do you know what have you done?
Am I going too fast?
Baran, it'll be a shame if we don't get
a chance to photograph you.
Aziz has ways. He's very powerful.
Govend! I don't have the time
to search for a new key.
When I got home,
the kid had a fever.
Is he better?
- He's better, thank you.
- Who changed the lock on the school?
Did you change the lock or Aziz Aga?
- I don't know, Govend.
- You don't know?
We didn't know you'd be back.
- I am back.
- You'll get a transfer in a few months.
But I'm staying.
I have to feed my family.
Can you welcome children?
Sit down. Good afternoon.
What's wrong with heating?
Don't breathe.
That was good. Great.
That was really good.
Welcome, Baran.
- Thank you, Aziz Aga.
Come in.
Baran, you're on Bradosta.
A mountain that has always protected us.
Neither Turks, Persians nor Arabs
have managed to conquer it.
Aziz Aga, I'm glad to hear that.
If there's no corruption on this area,
nor dishonored agreements,
nor foreign powers influence,
you can be proud.
Baran, I know who you are.
Fighting for freedom is one thing,
keeping order and security
is something completely different.
Do you know what happened
to your predecessor?
Poor Simko was savagely murdered.
He was stubborn
and he lost everything.
But don't worry, I'm offering
you my protection.
Times have changed.
Power is Kurds now.
The law must be applied everywhere,
I'm in charge for its implementation.
And I'm the one who should
protect you, Aziz Aga.
Baran, my family is ruling this
mountains for years.
I know everyone. Old ones,
young ones, the children.
You better repair the bridge.
That's not the task assigned to me.
I'm glad you want to modernize
the country.
In time you'll realize
that I'm the new commander here.
From now on, I'm in charge of
implementation of the law.
There are written laws,
and there are customary laws.
You know, I heard a noise last night.
I hope that your first night
was comfortable.
That's none of your business.
What was Aga doing during the war?
- Sometimes he was helping us, rebels.
And he communicated
with Turks and Iranians.
He cooperated with them?
We were often finding him in
places we didn't expect.
War is not over here.
- There's no peace here.
Come on, let's go.
Good evening.
What happened?
One of our friends is wounded.
He need medicine.
Can you ask if they have
medicines in the shelter?
And some food.
What are you doing here in the mountain?
And medicines?
- Penicillin?
- Antibiotics?
Good afternoon.
Welcome, Tajdin.
What do you want?
We'll have some fun.
Don't touch me.
You bastard! That hurts!
- Let me go!
- Let her go!
That's enough!
- Shame on you!
- Bastards.
Damn whores! I'll kill you!
They have nothing to do here.
They have to go away.
I'll take care of that, Tajdin.
I'll take care of that.
We have to clean the area of these
parasites, do you understand?
You know what?
I'm taking them to the station.
No, chief!
I'm taking them to Aziz Aga,
he'll know what to do with them.
I am the law! You understand?
You won't always be here
to protect them.
What are you doing here?
- We need medications.
The Turks destroyed the bridge
because of you.
Now we can only go by foot
or on horses.
If you want to fight against Turks,
go to Turkey.
We helped you against Saddam.
We're all Kurds, it doesn't matter
if we're from Turkey of Iraq!
You're on their side?
Politically no, but morally, yes.
I don't approve fighting with
weapons, but I understand.
When you're a Kurd and a woman,
in Turkey it's a resistance of freedom.
Can we go?
What medicine do you need?
Good morning, teacher.
- Good morning.
Do you know what time it is?
Six times nine?
Six times three?
You don't know?
One plus one?
One plus one is?
At least say something.
Even that you don't know.
- Ten.
- What?
- Ten.
- Ten?
Mizgin, him and him,
how many is that?
I know teacher, but my mother
plus my father equals ten children.
We only have fake medications.
That's flour.
Sir come here.
I'll give you the real ones
for 40 dollars.
They should've taught you
about morals in the university.
You missed a chance for a fight!
Do you have anything to say to my lord?
I can't be the judge, the teacher and
the housekeeper. I need her.
You didn't tell me she was
hiding Kurds from Turkey.
And a relationship with the
commander. You knew all that, Zirek.
Despite all that, she's a good teacher.
Children learn better with her.
That's the most important.
- Zirek, release us from her.
- I'm not deciding that, admin does.
- Is your son still sick?
I could send him abroad.
He'd be treated in better hospitals.
Do you understand?
- Yes.
She's whoring with the chief?
I want her family address.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- I'll teach this class.
- What?
I'll teach. You can go.
Is there any problem?
- No, you can go, I'll teach Govend.
I don't understand. You want
me to leave and you'll teach?
- Me to leave, and you'll teach?
- Yes.
Come on, teach.
Come on, start.
I want to talk with Aziz Aga.
He's not here.
- I want to talk with Aziz Aga.
- What will you tell him?
I'll never leave the school!
Tell him that!
I'm staying! Tell him that.
Call again in a few minutes.
Thank you.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
A call for you.
Dad, what happened?
What are you talking about?
Who told you that?
- Reber, look.
- Do you think they're smugglers?
They are Aziz Aga's men.
Let's see what are they carrying.
There's a lot of them.
Let's go, it's our duty.
Stop! Stop!
Come on!
What do you have?
- Nothing. Some soap and some sugar.
Medications or drugs?
We need those medications.
Are they expired?
I didn't notice.
I wasn't checking the date!
Take him away.
What do you want?
- A smoke, I dream of cigarettes.
Shut up and be quiet.
Open the door.
I want to smoke and go to the bathroom.
Cigarette or bathroom?
Are you finished?
Baran, why did you arrest him?
He doesn't have a file.
- He was selling expired medications.
- Do you have proof?
They're gone.
Reber and I are witnesses.
Your honor, he was selling
expired medications,
to the dying people.
You tortured him until he confessed.
He couldn't defend himself.
Jaffar Mohamed Emin, is that you?
Are you accepting these
We have a family on the other
side of the border.
Sometimes we're exchanging food.
Do you have witnesses?
My lord, respectful Aziz Aga
is honestly testifying for his friend
Jaffar Mohamed Emin
for his honesty, good faith and
loyalty to his fatherland.
Jaffar Mohamed Emin, you're free.
Let him go!
That's a disgrace!
Not now, Jaffar.
Commander, may I say something?
You shouldn't have attack Aziz Aga.
For you information,
moral is sacred here.
What moral?
You can go, Reber.
You know they're dangerous?
Do you want me to stay?
No, thanks.
If your tribes ask you to kill me,
would you?
Fuck off!
This is the police.
Who's looking for her?
Zirek, is that you?
Who's there?
I heard a noise. Who's there?
Is that a school or...
Finish that sentence
and you're dead.
What do you want?
We saw the light, we came in and...
It's the way we expected.
- Shame on you.
- Go home, Tajdin.
I'm not afraid of you commander,
no one here is afraid of you.
Brother, I don't want to kill Kurds,
but you have to respect the
school and the teacher.
She's here because of your children.
She's here because of you.
Stop it!
Give us our weapons.
The mountain is dangerous.
We want our weapons.
If you meet a jackal, negotiate.
Our weapon is our honor, commander.
Give us our weapons back.
You have no honor.
Go away, Tajdin.
Get out.
You'll be sorry for this, commander.
Thank you.
It's brave of you for accepting this job.
No one wanted to come to this village,
and children need education.
I like it here, and I love children.
You don't have your own children?
I was in college until I was 26.
I'm too old for these people.
How old are you?
If you're not married
here by that age
people think there's something
wrong with you.
- Who's Taqyaddin?
- What?
Who's Taqyaddin?
- Why?
- He called.
He's no one. Just an idiot.
Do you like music?
Why do you ask?
Just asking.
Why do you ask that?
Just like that.
Really? What do you listen to?
Elvis Presley,
Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart.
And many others.
- Sing something.
- Now?
When you go far away from me
the Moon loses its shine
Your pretty face,
your neck, your mouth
cover for me a veil of night,
Your pretty face, your
neck, your mouth
cover for me a veil of night
You're my end, Gule, my end
You're my end, Gule, my end
Here you go.
- Great picture.
- You see?
It's not much but it's something.
Thank you.
We have guests.
Welcome, Aziz Aga.
I want to see the commander.
Wlthout your men.
Last night was a big mistake.
I understand
you're not familiar with everything.
It's easy with weapons,
but to disarm a man is a big offense.
Weapons are forbidden inside school.
I like you, Baran.
I like your stubborn men.
Be happy with your salary,
and stay out of other things.
What's the problem?
Word is that you and the teacher
have became friends.
An intimate friendship.
None of your business, Aziz Aga.
You don't understand well, Baran.
Honor is the most important
thing for us.
I don't care on which side were
you during the war, Aziz Aga.
It seems we look at honor differently.
That way, please.
You lack...
- Cold blood.
- Yes, that's it.
I hope you know what are you doing.
If you want to show your power
over Aziz Aga, that's not the way,
You must be crazy!
Tajdin, the real problem is Baran.
He has to be neutralized.
How are you Abdullah?
Are you OK?
That will be a special class.
- What is it?
- You won't go to school.
You should leave!
People doesn't like you! Go away!
You never listen to me!
Govend, here's a tea.
Thank you.
- You don't like my tea?
- I do. It's a bit bitter for my taste.
I like it that way. I use too much,
and I pour too much.
It doesn't work anymore?
- Forgive me.
It's because of the children?
They don't come to school?
- No.
- What will you do?
- I don't know. I have no way out.
Will you ask for a transfer?
I could...
I'm sorry, I have to go.
If a child comes after all,
I'd better be there.
What are you doing here?
Brothers, welcome.
Where are you coming from?
- I don't have to confess to you, brother.
- I'm your brother.
- I was at the police station.
- Do you believe Sad now?
- Stay out of this.
- We want to talk to you about that!
Let's come in. This way.
This is the first school opened
in this village, but it has problems.
What problems?
Some people don't want
a female teacher.
That's not the problem!
We heard about some man!
Sister, we trust you,
but we heard some gossip.
And father sent us to check
the truth behind this gossip.
Leave me alone.
Taqyaddin and his family have come
to ask for your hand.
Do I have to send them an answer?
- Yes.
- No!
I will never marry Taqyaddin,
Why are you doing this to her?
Stop yelling,
you're forgetting who you're talking to.
You tire me,
you're driving me crazy.
To the hill!
The whore is done!
I'm sorry everything turned out like this.
I give up. I'm going away.
Alright, let's go.
Uncle, are you alright?
You have to decide, my lord.
You and your whore won't be in peace
as long Aga is alive.
Baran, we could make a compromise.
I don't make compromises.
Pack your stuff, Govend!
Father is waiting for you.
- Is that your decision or father's?
- Shut up!
You're our honor,
we have to protect you.
You take care of your honor,
I'll take care of mine.
Get up! You're asking for it.
We have to protect our honor!
- Father will decide.
- I won't bring this whore to him!
You're asking for it yourself.
Shame on you!
Did he kiss you?
Shame on you! You're no
different than occupiers!
You're the same as Saddam's soldiers!
- How dare you!
- We love you, sister.
- Get lost!
Kill me! Come on, kill me!
It'll be easier.
Come on fulfill your wish.
Then cry for me!
Come on!
Let her go!
Let go, or I'll kill you!
Let her go! Let her go!
Let her go!