My Sweet Little Village (1985)

You're trotting about like goat.
Messed it up again, doctor?
Like hell I have.
Finished. Start her up.
Good morning.
Let's start, feet together,
arms extended,
palms up.
-Raise you arms...
-Washed your feet?
I can tell.
Makes a difference for the driver.
What about the ears?
You always forget something.
Those sails must not be neglected.
Yesterday's load was cement.
If it rains,
concrete will set behind you ears.
They'll have to chisel it off.
You should've been born a horse.
But the Lord changed his mind.
Deep down,
the beautiful distant places lie,
where the mountains darkly rise.
By woods encircled all around.
Amidst the flower-spattered ground.
The bright lake sleeps in slumber sound.
The waters rippling
to its shores, striving to meet.
Until at last
they merge in one luminous sheet.
Only the turtledove does not coo forth
its call to love anymore.
Don't shit yourself, idiot.
Take these for your ears.
If you wear them, the ears will stick
to your head beautifully.
A pine grove rustles on the lake's
still shore,
Whence glorious psalm of speckled thrush
A portly tree stands on the rock,
an old oak.
Through the green vale scattering
the blossoms white,
Guiding the wild geese over the woods
in flight.
Aren't you cold?
I am, but nobody wants to warm me up.
-Why didn't you say something?
-You're a right one, eh?
You're all smoke and no fire.
See you.
Living it up, eh?
I wish! My wife had a boy yesterday.
We celebrated a little.
Are redheads celebrated too?
I'm surprised.
-What's up?
-A little celebration.
Celebrate with your work!
Your mate!
I didn't see him over there.
Look at him! Look at the nitwit!
That... that...
If it was stone, you would've been dead!
An animal has more brains!
You oaf!
Gone's the furor of that age
which time bore far away.
Far-far off even its dream -
as a shadow did it fade,
As the image of white cities
in the water's depths arrayed,
As the last thoughts of the dead,
The names that once they bore,
The roll and roar of battle...
That's all I remember.
Feasting on the beauty again, eh?
I wonder if she has brakes at all?
Get the rope.
The rope!
You'll come to a bad end, doctor.
We all will.
The gate-post was one week old.
It cost me 500.
I'm through with Rakosnik.
Take it from me -
let someone else have the pleasure.
I know it's not easy for you.
-But who should I entrust him to?
-I don't care!
I've had this millstone around my neck
for five years!
-A saint wouldn't put up with it!
-I know how you feel.
But who should I entrust him to?
Duda's too young.
Duda's too young.
Can I entrust him
-to your husband?
-He'd kill him.
He's terribly bad-tempered.
-It'd serve him right!
-Have you really
flattened the Prague weekender' fence?
Come on...
You know...
the boy needs a father's touch.
You've got it.
You can handle him
and he listens to you.
That's not true -
let me have Sestak back.
He's a moron too, but at least he can sing.
Nobody's truck's as clean as yours.
You can't take that away from Otik.
Till the harvest's over,
not a minute longer.
There you are.
Here I am.
Been waiting long?
They delivered the meat.
-Who gave them to you?
-Mr. Pavek.
They say he was mad with rage.
He doesn't want you anymore.
They'll hand you over to someone else.
He was fuming.
You'll be Turek's mate - I guess.
You'II have a hard time!
I've brought you some shirts and socks.
You've got nothing to wear.
And don't think
Turek's not going to baby you.
You know.
I'll bring the rest tomorrow -
was too busy to wash them.
Turek's been known to hit his mates.
What's this?
Where's it from?
Come here, Otik!
Did you have a woman here?
Come on.
Swear -
by the picture of your poor late
parents. Did you have a woman here?
Look into my eyes:
Yes or no?
Okay, let's go and wash up.
Don't go into the front parlour
too often - it gets untidy easily.
Clear the mess off the table yourself,
after we've washed up.
Why don't you take off this finery?
Let me do it for you.
That's better.
C'mon -
I haven't got much time.
Come on.
A man, and he can't break
a pigeon's neck.
And a pigeon breeder to boot!
Dash it, I forgot
what I wanted to tell you!
It can wait though, I'll tell you later.
The laundry's done.
I'll bring the linen afterwards.
The rabbit and dumplings are in the oven.
Warm them up properly.
A superb film - Romanian.
Have you got a ticket?
You must see it.
Where have I...?
Good thing I've brought it for you.
Don't miss the newsreel.
Put your suit on, quick.
Let's go.
It's partly travel,
partly erotic.
I'd like to see it again,
but I have to go to a lecture on livestock
My old box is out of order.
A bad tube, I guess.
In no case leave before the film's over!
The end's the best.
Enjoy yourself.
Mrs. Hruskova!
Mrs. Hruskova!
How's it going?
They nearly cancelled it.
All up, I sold six tickets.
Bye then.
-What am I picking?
-Nettles, for the Easter stuffing.
But I don't use that much.
Is the film showing?
-Yes, but it was nearly cancelled.
-How come?
-I myself sent six people.
-They all came.
-This'll give me herpes again.
-You beast!
I couldn't wait to be with you...
Don't be scared, Sonia.
Don't worry.
Just give it a try, Eugene!
So Ive heard,
that you destroyed Prazaks fence.
Mind the graves, Raven.
Driving forward's easy,
but you've got to have a knack for backing.
Dinner's ready, Dad.
Dad, they say
you bumped into Mr. Rumlena's gate-post.
-It isn't true, is it?
-Just eat and mind your own business.
Can't eat with all this singing.
Isn't it enough
to live next to the cemetery?
If you can't sing anything else,
at least cut it out while we eat.
It's like chewing wreaths.
Actually, it's quite a wreck.
We went to look.
So what?
So what?
Good evening -
night, rather.
-Well, see you.
-Tuesday at nine then.
-Let's go!
-Good night.
-Bring the rum.
Why the rush?
It's a PTA meeting tonight.
You have to go, I can't.
-Didn't get my hair done.
-To school?
You go...
I don't mind going.
They should all have their own towels.
Keep an eye on their homework.
That's all for now, thank you.
Make sure they dress properly.
Otherwise, I'm quite satisfied.
What's the matter?
-What about her writing.
-It's alright.
-It's neat.
-I see.
-Does she got any problems?
She has problems with pronouns.
Practice them with her.
Personal pronouns in particular.
-Pronouns in particular.
-I see.
Thanks then.
How do you like it here?
Quite, I hope I'll get used to it...
-What's keeping you?
-I'm just going.
When'll the next PTA meeting be?
In 3 months.
-Good-bye then.
They say you ruined
the weekender's gate-post.
Is it true?
The whole shed, including the roof!
Good Lord!
I've no working partner.
He's either on strike,
or has hanged himself.
Shut up, you beast!
Otik, get up.
You I have lovely ears, but no money.
Get up, we're going for cement.
Water levels:
Brandys nad Labem 146/60,
Melnik 252/115,
Usti nad Labem 180/144,
Decin 175/171,
Orlice -Tyniste nad Orlici 92/10.
Still waiting for you to warm me up.
It'll happen one day.
Don't eavesdrop - you a spy or what?
Don't forget the meeting.
Will you watch my back for me?
-What's your mate good for?
-Put it here.
-Yeah, yeah.
-You brought fodder?
-From Kolin?
-A mix?
-That's not very clever.
Putting used matches
back into the box.
-You'll see one day.
Mr. Pavek,
I don't want to work with Turek.
You didn't appreciate me.
When the harvest's over,
you'll join Turek.
Me? When the rake starts flowering.
Take a look at it at home.
It may be budding.
When the harvest's over, it's Turek.
What is it, Otik?
Look. Otik brought you this.
He likes you, poor thing.
He doesn't know how to tell you.
You should forgive him.
When the pressure falls before a storm,
I feel wiped out.
So do I. What's next?
Varicose veins.
Look at mine.
-Do you wear elastic stockings?
-I do.
-Do you take Anavenol?
-I do.
That's it then.
Go on.
I'm serving beer.
Someone asks for the bill.
I turn my head and it won't go back.
Can you turn the whole body,
like this?
-Turn the whole body then.
Go on.
I can't sleep.
I wake up at four
and I can't go back to sleep.
Common at this age.
I'm wakeful from half past three.
What's next?
My joints.
Sometimes I can hardly get up.
-But you do?
-In the end, because, I have to.
Why complain then?
There're people who can't at all.
Doctor, you don't take me seriously.
I know best how I feel.
I'm not going to be here much longer.
Do you want spa treatment?
No, it didn't do me any good.
Close down the pub
and go to the sea then.
I went the year before last.
It gives me the runs.
-Go to the High Tatra then.
-I can't stand heights.
You know where to go then?
Go to Pelhrimov
and have a look at the crematory,
so you know what it's like there.
Yeah? Next!
Dear comrade, with reference
to the demanding plan targets...
A lovely ship!
-Where did you get if from?
-The boy made it. the interest
of producer-end-user relations,
our organisation needs a driver's mate.
-Your Honza?
-Ships are his hobby.
We'd like to make use of the extensive
experience of your employee,
comrade Rakosnik.
We have offered him a company flat
on a housing estate in Prague
and he has accepted.
Metalwood, personnel dept., Koutna.
Otik going to Prague
to save the producer-end-user-relations?
Something like that.
What have you to say?
Me, I'm done with him.
What is there for me to say?
-That's just it.
-What's just it?
Can you imagine the boy
going to Prague?
Can you just imagine it?
He gets lost in the streets.
All the houses are the same
on the housing estate.
No one to turn to.
That match's not a good idea, Jaromir!
Terrible to think of our Otik stopping
Prague traffic.
To let a truck back in somewhere.
I prefer not to.
This letter...
This is the last time you do something
like this!
What do you think?
That I'd be carrying on with her,
at my age?
One more time and you're fired!
-This'll give me a stroke!
-So what?
Just came in to ask who'll pick
the kid up from kindergarten.
Granny, as always.
That's what I wanted to know.
He needs a treatment.
That's not normal.
This letter did not write itself.
-Sure, someone must've written it.
-That's just it.
You look as if I'd written it myself.
You didn't. Some Koutna woman
wrote it, personnel dept.
But someone must've told them
about Otik, eh?
With my common sense,
it's easy to work out...
-Now I see,
-who in this village would benefit...
I see.
You think then I fixed it up in Prague...
I didn't say that. I'm just asking.
For 5 years, I've been chained to him.
Taught him to use knife and fork,
to wash, so that he wouldn't fall
under my wheels.
like he was my own son...
now they'll suspect me!
-Don't take it too seriously, Dad.
-Cut it out!
Dancing - when a funeral's on!
Get down!
Silence please - a funeral's on!
Mind your business - graveyard bully!
You're behaving like a goon.
Good morning, doctor.
How convenient
to live by the burial pit, eh?
Shine on me the sun...
And music as well!
The boy will perish in Prague
within a week.
It's either a crazy idea, or a set-up.
What's it look like on the 7th step?
-They're there.
-How are you?
Fine, other than the dizziness.
-As you get up?
In the morning, sit up in bed first,
stay like that for some time,
-get up carefully.
-You still have the pills?
What gave you the idea that
the 7th step would give it
the right temperature?
Long-term trials. It's warm on the 6th,
-too cold on the 8th.
-I see.
Karel likes experimenting, eh?
He's fond of trials.
-Good morning, doctor.
-How did it go for him?
-He had a beautiful funeral.
Give me a drink, just a drop.
-What a lovely day!
-It's so fresh!
Such moments should be remembered,
to fall back on.
-To warm you up in winter.
Such beauties are becoming rarer,
but there are still some left.
Some woodland, beer's good...
I'll fetch the plates.
And the girls, Karel,
our girls are the most beautiful
in the world.
The Spanish or Italian women can't compete
- they mostly have goat-like legs.
Did you notice how many girls
walk about braless?
-I did.
-Nice fashion, eh?
-I'm glad it's spread as far
as our village.
This gravestone artist's a pain.
Fanda -
your diligence is getting on my nerves.
Too busy, doctor.
Many cadavers, few engravers.
Come and wash away the dust.
-Where did we leave off?
-That they walk about braless.
Yeah, looks like
we're not going to conclude it.
-Anything special you're busy with?
-An interesting gravestone -
with no inscription.
It'll be added on when the person dies.
Did he place an advance order
for a tomb?
-Who is it?
I mustn't tell.
People don't know what to do
with money.
He's got a house, TV, car.
What is there I haven't got, he asks?
A tomb.
Your guardian angel's having
a hell of a job.
The mudguard needs replacing, I guess?
No use, unless you've got a rubber one.
In days past,
Czechs were strong and steadfast,
In days past,
they were, for the eyes, a repast.
Missing your old school?
I've come to ask how my sister's doing.
I see. Going to sit
for your finals, aren't you?
-What'll you do afterwards?
Go to a dung college,
School of Agriculture.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you -
don't let the side down!
I drilled the pronouns with her -
was it any good, I wonder?
Like she didn't botch up her dictation
-Shall I carry your bag?
Unusual - a brother so interested
in his sister's progress.
Our parents are too busy.
It's up to me.
It's exercise books, eh?
Yes, exercise books.
-What're you laughing at?
How you're chatting me up through
your sister.
-I'm a nuisance, eh?
You should concentrate on your studies
now -
and don't try to sweep older girls
off their feet.
Aunt, are there rooms to let?
Are you my nephew?
-Funny thing, I don't know you!
so how about some accommodation?
The village's changed, young man.
We don't address each other
as Aunt and Uncle.
We use our first names
and 'comrade' instead.
I wouldn't insist on that.
The customs have changed, though.
Like when a man addresses a lady:
He stands up first and greets her.
Okay then.
I wish you good morning.
Permit me to ask you:
What about some abode, ma'am?
C'mon then.
Do your customs allow a man to walk
behind a lady, or next to her?
He may walk next to her,
if he can keep up.
How's life?
Not bad.
-Oh, well.
Look where you're going,
or you'll trip up.
-Take it easy.
-Shut up and clear off!
Why're you out here with next
to nothing on?
It's warm, isn't it?
How come that milko's so familiar?
We've always been on first name terms!
Interesting! Where's the kid?
-With Granny.
You find everything interesting.
I'm not a moron.
She always goes to Granny
from kindergarten.
You never found that interesting before.
If this goes on, I'll do the same.
That'll make it even more interesting.
Let's go for a swim.
It'll be empty now.
I can't go into the water today.
You can watch me then.
You time me.
Jesus, Vasek, don't be a fool!
Don't, Pepik's here!
-Too bad.
Go on!
-How long?
-About half a minute.
-Please, go away.
-We've plenty of time.
Just a carp.
Not bad, eh?
D'you know how long Sestak can hold out?
Twenty-six, a non-smoker!
I was wrong - thirty-one!
Watch it, then!
Otik's place tonight, right?
I've changed the linen for you.
-It'll be like in a hotel.
-Thanks, lady.
He'll stay with Otik.
At least Otik won't be so lonely.
It'll be for the better.
D'you have to paint the fence so shabby?
-You find it shabby?
-I told you
I was going to put in new planks.
This way, they look as if they were
in pieces.
I paint them the way the are.
Can't you imagine a repaired fence?
-It looks better this way, doesn't it?
-What about the peeling paint?
-Is that supposed to look better?
-Don't meddle with it, Hrabetova!
What d'you charge for such a painting?
-Want to buy it?
I want you to paint my house.
-Which one is it?
-Over there.
I couldn't cope with that one.
If you can cope with an old ruin.
Why not with a decent house?
If you want to paint the eaves true to
I've got some green paint left over.
I simply couldn't.
If I don't like something,
there's no way I can paint it.
He likes our old ruins, doesn't he?
There are many things to my liking.
I'm not in charge of animals,
just paperwork.
I'm a personnel manager for livestock.
I've a file on each calf:
Its family background,
what sort of stud its father was,
what sort of cow its mother was.
It was not our idea.
If they want it, just fill it in.
I've been wondering about it -
I see it's yours.
-Thanks, where did you find it?
-You'd better not ask.
Let's see about the letter
and go home.
Tell them to get stuffed -
it's nonsense.
Let's hear from Rakosnik.
That means staying here till midnight.
Fetch him, please.
Before she drags him
out of the cinema...
How d'you know he's there?
This game is more cheaty
than the others.
But, Mister, it was just fun,
I've found a smarter game.
Want to know which one?
How about playing humans
going for a Sunday swim?
But how will they get to the riverside?
You won't tell us who it was?
He knows nothing.
He was from Prague, wasn't he?
What did he tell you?
To go to work in Prague?
What else did he tell you?
What d'you mean?
Cinemas - they have.
Listen, Otik -
would you like to go to Prague?
You don't like your village -
so small, so beautiful?
And the little house you were born in?
They won't let you keep you pigeons.
-They shit on their statues.
-You don't mind that?
Go now.
You're making a big mistake.
You'll pay for it.
What's that again?
Putting used matches back
into the box.
There's no doubt.
Someone from Prague
wants Rakosnik's house.
I can tell you who.
This dauber who's moved in there.
D'you ever watch detective films on TV?
-I don't think so.
Otherwise you couldn't say such a thing.
This painter got here
after the letter.
I fixed him up at Otik's place.
It was completely my doing.
Why I did it, it's another story.
I think someone else wants the house.
Maybe he's among us here.
But you work it out yourselves.
Thank you, Super, for your analysis.
I suggest we reply the following:
Comrade Rakosnik is a moron.
He has to be supervised
by an experienced worker.
His mental health
is not up to city living.
Also, he keeps pigeons,
which he couldn't in Prague.
-Full stop.
-You can't write 'moron'.
-I'd write 'half-wit'.
-The doctor said
he was momentally backward.
-Not bad. Write it up.
C'mon, it's starting.
-Has the mirror been yet?
-Not yet.
I'll join you when the mirror
comes on.
The American film Harpoon,
that we offer to you, mirrors
the bourgeois society
where the dollar's
the alpha and omega of life.
It was made
by Francis S. Jones in 1962.
Manhattan, 27th September.
I won't bother you.
I'll come later then.
Come on in.
Where's your sister's body. Tell us!
If I don't tell you, I can't sleep.
Say it and you'll sleep.
Could he leave, or shall we?
Go and do some gluing.
He didn't want to watch anyway.
Don't shoot until I tell you.
They're meeting there. I saw them.
-Jana Turkova?
-Yes, Jana Turkova.
It's all over New York.
Photographs in the newspapers.
If it gets back to Turek,
he'll kill her.
Don't yell, idiot.
Kaspar's a fool, too.
She's the mother of a young child.
Where's Bradley?
Where is he?
He should've been here long ago.
Don't wait for Bradley.
I'll take care of him.
-How long have they been at it?
-God knows.
What's this got to do with his house?
If you don't got dollars,
man, you're in trouble.
Exactly. I think
he wants to pack him off to Prague
to fornicate in his house.
he wants it for a friend from Prague,
who only spends the weekends here
-and the mice could play during the week.
-This woman's stoned.
I don't think so.
It was his suggestion
not to let him go.
It's a cover-up.
I feel sorry for the kid,
if it comes to light.
Don't tell anybody!
Like the tomb!
They killed Bradley!
Hey, wait, Charlie!
He's been invited
by our comrade director.
Follow me, please.
Thanks, Karel, you're very kind.
You'll like it here.
Nothing to be afraid of.
Everything's taken care of.
Here's the personnel department.
But we'll go there later.
Let's go, there...
Good morning.
We'll go there afterwards.
Well, go on.
Comrade Director,
it's Comrade Rakosnik -
the one with the house.
Will you take coffee or something
A vodka?
-A roll.
A roll.
Welcome, Comrade Rakosnik.
I hope...
you'll like it here.
I'm pressed for time,
-you'll have to see to it yourself.
-Want the car?
-Take the car!
-Yes, thanks.
See you then.
-C'mon, Otik.
Bad habit, hand-shaking.
They've long given it up in the West.
No wonder we have epidemics of flu here.
A shower - that's something, eh?
Watch it now...
All right...
They haven't turned it on yet...
Cold water, hot water.
Now something you haven't seen yet.
It's not like in your place.
Wait till you see the kitchen:
Hot and cold water, a sink,
an electric or gas cooker...
C'mon, Otik.
A modern kitchen, what a marvel!
Otiku, Otiku,
C'mon then.
Come on.
This is...
Come here.
The latest fittings...
hot and cold water,
extractor fan...
electric cooker...
oven with grill!
What a thing, eh?
What's the matter?
Plenty of them - in the Old Town Square.
It's not so bad, Frantisek.
The moment he's better,
he'll smoke and drink again.
You should tell him not to.
He's more likely to listen to you.
If he gave it up all at once,
it'd do no good.
The grave should receive
a decrepit body.
You'll cut down, eh?
A cuddly little thing, eh?
-What's his name?
-He doesn't even have a name.
Dad found him at the railway station.
He adopted him and followed him
all the way home.
That's a good doggy.
If you like him, take him.
I wouldn't mind.
Such a mongrel?
-They're the best.
-Come here.
An accident with the combine harvester -
they've run over Drapalik.
Have a look, doctor, what a sight!
-He went under the harvester -
To have a look at the transmission box.
Turek backed into him...
We shouted:
"There's a man there, you oaf!"
but he rolled him over once more.
You have to see it, doctor...
You'll see something, let's go.
-Where is he?
-What's your opinion, doctor?
-Stand up.
Walk about a bit.
-Surprised, eh?
-How steely our people are, eh?
If you poured plaster into those,
he'd have a statue.
That'll do.
Bend over.
-Does it hurt?
And this?
-What's so funny?
-It tickles.
Look, go home and come back tomorrow.
Turn up the sleeve.
Hold this.
-Is it necessary?
-If it weren't,
I wouldn't be doing it.
You think I enjoy it?
You had a few, eh?
Keep still then.
All right, that's it.
What the hell's all this?
Keep shooting your mouths off
and we'll have the safety officer
breathing down our necks!
No beer out in the fields anymore!
Turek, is that clear?
-How come I was not called
in on the accident?
I guess they didn't want
to wake you up -
if nothing actually happened.
They say Turek was under
the influence.
-You were supposed to take a blood test.
-I did.
He was not under the influence.
He was lucky,
for I expect he'll lose his wife soon.
If he lost his license -
that'll be
too many blows at once.
I've got my opinion of the matter.
Suit yourself.
This is the surest sign of progress.
-What is?
-The tinker always came
this time of year -
from Slovakia.
Today - we have Stefan!
Perhaps it will not be Stefan.
-Maybe they'll send someone else.
-Hardly - but even if...
But even if...
It's a sure sign of progress.
Can Stefan drink? We've got a bottle for
You're crazy!
He'll get plastered and drive in circles.
Who did this?
You lout!
Let him go,
or I'll take you to pieces!
Let him be!
-Come off it!
-Did you hit me?
Ouch, you oaf!
Come off it, boys!
This is pointless!
Call yourselves cooperative farmers?
-What is it?
Beat it, boys!
Hi, boys, how's life?
Reserved for redheads!
You can cover up adultery in town.
Not here.
Does it affect the milk yield?
-What d'you mean?
-If not,
then it's my private business.
It is and it isn't.
The morals of the village
are totally different.
And what are they?
Whose dog is it, doctor?
Mine -
it was stranded at the railway station.
A mixed breed, eh?
What's its name?
Lord Charles of the Railway Station.
You drinking?
That's all right then.
Leave it at that, or you'll be sick.
Going to live in Prague?
When the harvest's over.
You're a great guy.
I like you.
Try that again and we'll have it out
in the backyard.
Don't pour the beer out the window!
Look at me now!
What fun,
pouring beer out the window!
Hi, Stefan.
You've got a lovely face,
but I like the bottom
of your pan the best.
Aren't you a sleaze, doctor!
A pan's a frying utensil.
You should know that.
But the other one's lovely too.
D'you like being invited to dance by him?
Your sister wrote the best dictation.
-Red cabbage!
-I can't hear you!
A cabbage head...
Thinks if he's an artist
he can mess around.
-Tell him your foot hurts.
-Tell him,
your leg aches!
He'll leave you alone, the scum.
Her behaviour's excellent, too.
Much better than her brother's.
She doesn't say 'mess around' or 'scum'.
When he clears off,
you'll come crawling.
I may not be interested then.
And she doesn't use blackmail.
I won it for you.
-How nice!
-Cherish it,
it cost me fifty-two crowns.
-Good evening, Mr. Kalina.
-Good evening.
My wife told me, that your son wants to go
to the naval college.
He would like to.
Just say,
if you need a good word put in.
Our director could be quite helpful.
That would be great,
there seems to be a lot of applicants.
Let's have a word with him
when he comes.
I discovered a house for him here, see?
-In our village?
-Rakosnik's place.
I see.
-Where from?
-From Zvolen.
I got married here and settled down.
Were Slovak girls no good?
The usual story.
I did my National Service here.
No the marrying type, I got involved,
couldn't back out.
He seems to have problems
with backing, eh?
Not a good idea, that match.
-It'll backfire one day.
-Take it easy.
All right?
Don't go to Prague, it's better here.
-I must, when the harvest's over.
what's wrong with this place?
Mr. Pavek said,
when the harvest was over.
That's it!
-Where have you been?
-What's that got to do with you?
Shut up and come here!
Boys, leave me in peace
on Sunday at least.
No decent pub without a decent brawl!
Have a drink, Vaclav.
I'm afraid he'll do something to her.
Looks like it.
You've got two options now:
Keep your hands off
or marry her.
You don't mind the patients urinating
into it?
Have you had a divorce here?
That development's reached our village.
-How d'you go about it?
-An application is filed -
there's an application form.
What about Vasek, the engineer,
hope he won't lose his eye?
You wouldn't like him one-eyed?
Take this to the police.
It says
how you hubby's knocked you about.
-Do I have to?
And tell him I must speak to him.
-Which one?
He'll be supervised
by an experienced worker.
He'll also be in the care
of our own hospital.
We hereby request you
to release him ASAP.
Hail the peace! Koutna.
What's your opinion?
I'll tell you something.
I'd let him go.
He himself wants to go.
Pavek's through with him.
We actually don't know,
what to do with him.
-I'd let him go.
-You'd let Otik...
.go to Prague?
-Let our Otik...
-go to Prague.
Fancy them being so set
on this nitwit.
I don't get it.
I bet it's because of the house.
Let's come clean, comrades.
It is because of the house.
The director of METALWOOD likes it here.
We'd like to adapt his house
for recreational purposes.
What did I say?
I wouldn't be against it.
The farm would benefit as well.
They'd help us -
with spare parts, he said.
That's the way I see it.
You've not come completely clean,
have you?
There is some dirt, eh?
I've told you what I know.
The house's involved,
there's no denying it.
You told me the morality
of the village was different.
Unspoilt, eh?
Now you want to make a scapegoat
of a village simpleton.
Even as a city slicker,
that is a bit too much.
-He's right.
-No moralising
from a destroyer of family life!
-He's right.
-Stick to the point.
It's Rakosnik we're discussing now!
I'm waiting for you to say
what's behind it,
so I don't have to stop respecting you.
Look at her!
You stop respecting yourself!
You're a miserable village bumpkin!
-What did you say, comrade?
-You shouldn't take liberties
-with the chairman.
-Vaclav, I ask you...
-I told you so, Jaromir.
-I think I've burnt it.
Show me. Leave the room, women.
Don't, ouch!
That's all right.
You're lucky - a near miss.
You will continue to function.
You mean as an agronomist.
That won't be affected in the least.
The Alps overwhelm you, Charles.
But this here moves you.
Just look at it - see?
It's not a country, it's a garden.
If you have a heart, you must feel it.
Go to hell with those chemicals.
A beautiful day, eh,
The blue haze ascended
with the morning lark,
Till there,
on the breast of the blushing sky,
The caroling and the vapours die...
Over the still lake the mist doth away...
Messing about with it again, doctor?
Come here! My back's in two halves.
Let me tell you something.
If you touch her again,
I won't be your friend anymore.
-She's still my wife.
-Sure, but you're not going...
you're not going to
knock her about!
Plump up the pillow for me.
When you ran over Drapalik, d'you know
what level you had in your blood?
I'll tell them.
I'll be mean - make no mistake.
Hell, it hurts.
Forget driving then.
-She's a bitch.
-A pity there aren't shots
for jealousy.
I'd give you a horse dose.
Ow, ow, ow.
The aftermath of the Brussels match
is clearly reflected
in the governmental crisis.
Good Lord! Karel! Ruzenka!
Come here!
C'mon, help me.
-Ow, ow.
-We need an ambulance.
Drug poisoning.
-You're crazy!
The gear... the tube.
I'm a Lazarus.
Don't, you'll break me in two.
-Karel, can you carry me?
-Ow, ow.
My slippers - darn!
-Where is he?
-Over there.
-Help him.
-Get him here!
So, what is it?
-What did you gobble up?
-It's all right.
-What's all right?
-Medrin? How many?
-Yeah, there's a bit left.
Can you hear me?
Who am I?
Look at me.
Who am I?
Who am I?
What're you mumbling?
-What? Hallo!
Here they are.
Get up then!
-Come on.
-Where is he?
-I'm all right.
-He gobbled up a little medrin.
Cut it out, caveman.
Why, it's eased off.
You've put me right.
-From the seventh?
-I don't drink from anywhere else.
You've put up with him for years.
That's it.
He's a liability.
He'll say one word per hundred kilometres.
We're going to fetch cement
from Dvur Kralove.
In Beroun, he'll say: Beroun.
That's it.
He's done his bit.
I'll fall asleep at the wheel one day.
But otherwise, he's a grafter, eh?
He loads the truck O.K.
I've trained him.
He's not reliable though.
-Where are you off to?
-To a pond.
He's mentally backward,
but no lunatic.
He's moving to Prague
because you don't want him.
You know that's the reason.
You're the only one who can stop him.
If someone's the only one who can,
he must do it.
I said when the harvest was over.
The harvest is over.
Tomorrow's the last day.
I'm through.
Good morning, comrade director.
It's not bad...
Quiet, Spot.
It's only some gentlemen from Prague.
They're going to renovate the place.
Imported plastic thatching
from West Germany.
Tear down the outhouse.
They'll put in a flush toilet.
What about the doorstep?
Concrete - that's it!
What about an English lawn?
Yes, we will have an English lawn.
A swimming pool to take 3 strokes in...
Is it drinking water?
It is.
Only now we have the mouth disease
Here we are...
We'll see you about the paperwork later.
Sold the house?
They delivered a new car,
trying it out.
Boys, it drives by itself!