My Summer of Love (2004)

Are you all right?
Did you crash or something?
No, I was just resting.
What's your name?
You don't look like a "Mona."
It's not me real name.
It's because of me brother.
I were always complaining as a kid,
so he started calling me "the Mona."
'Cause me real name is Lisa.
Mona Lisa. Get it?
Yeah, I've studied the original.
I'm Tamsin.
I like your bike.
Yeah? It's a Honda.
I just got it off some
Gyppos up at the maggot farm.
It doesn't appear to have an engine.
It were only a tenner.
What's the point of a
bike without an engine?
I'm getting one next week. Okay.
This is where I live.
I've never seen you here before.
Yeah. That's because I'm
only here on school holidays.
Do you go to boarding school?
Yeah, but I've just been suspended.
Apparently, I'm a bad
influence on people.
Do you want to come in? No.
I've got to go. Okay.
Drop by if you're bored.
You're invited, and I'm
here all summer, you know.
What are you doing?
Have faith in me, yeah?
You are a bastard. It's all you are.
And I want this place back
the way it was. It can't be.
I looked at the pub and I thought...
"What have I been doing?"
Thank you, Lord. I now see
what I can do. That's right.
I won't run this as a pub.
I'll run this as a spiritual center
so that people can come here...
and learn about Jesus Christ.
Because we're going to
claim this valley back...
in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.
Because people need
spiritual fulfillment.
They need to know that
the Lord is there for them.
Yes, Lord. They need a makeover.
They need to know that
You are their Lord. Amen.
Will you help me do this? Yeah, we will.
How great is the Lord?
We're going to bring
love to this valley.
We're going to bring the
name of Jesus Christ...
to the lost people in this valley.
We're going to let them know
that He is there for them.
Yes, Lord. Thank you.
Thank you. God bless you for this.
In the precious name of Jesus, let us
bring this idea, this vision from You.
Father God, we lift this pub up to
you, Lord. We thank you, Father God...
that you have taken it from the enemy.
We just pray for this valley.
Pray for our brother here, now.
Let us anoint him, Lord.
In the precious name of Jesus....
Come forth now, Father. Confess Your
name to every living person, Father God.
Come to me, my darling.
Come to me right now.
Let Your fire come out.
Let the power just
come, Lord, let it come.
Bless us, Lord Jesus, You have....
Praise the Lord.
Pray to give me more
passion, Lord. More passion.
Yes. And just gain the strength.
Jesus. Thank you, Father God.
Let's go out somewhere now.
Somewhere nice like a club or summat.
Look, I've had enough of all this.
It's over between me and you now.
What? It were good fun. It's finished.
I've had enough. Get in
the car. I'll take you home.
You could've told me that before.
Yeah, like I'm gonna. Get in the car.
No, I fucking will not. Suit yourself.
You are a pig!
Is Tamsin in?
Yeah, she's in her room, as usual.
Have fun.
That was The Swan by St. Saens.
I live above The Swan.
The pub.
You live in a pub? Yeah.
But, it's not like a pub any
more. It's more like a temple.
It's me brother. He found God.
Or God found him. He's been born again.
And the pub, now, is more like not so
much a place to drink, as a place to pray.
Anyway, they're having
born-again bingo or something...
so I thought I'd bob off.
So, it's just you and
your brother in your pub?
Just me, me brother, and God.
Is he completely mad?
What happened to him?
He went inside and he came out funny.
He went to prison? Yeah.
What for?
Robbery, burglary...
fighting people.
What about your parents?
I don't know me dad.
And me mom's dead.
What did she die of?
My sister died of anorexia.
Oh, no.
That's her, there.
That's Sadie.
She's really beautiful.
Yeah, she was.
Do you think I look like her? Yeah.
Have you read Nietzsche?
Who? Nietzsche.
This great philosopher,
and he just believed that...
you know, there are some people
that are just put on this planet...
who are made to succeed, who
were just made to blossom.
And it doesn't matter how
many lesser mortals suffer...
get fucked over, it doesn't
matter, as long as they succeed.
You know, like
Shakespeare and Wagner....
And your brother. All that crap. I
mean, Nietzsche would string him up.
All that stuff about God.
God's dead.
God's dead. This is
what's real. This, here.
Here and now. Yeah. You should read him.
I think you'd like him.
Or Freud, you know.
So, what are you gonna
do with your life?
I'm going to be a lawyer.
I'm gonna get a job in an abattoir.
Work really hard.
Get a boyfriend who's like, a bastard...
and churn out all these kids, right...
with mental problems.
And then, I'm going
to wait for menopause.
Or cancer.
Come and drink here, Father.
That they would know you, Father.
That they would honor you, Father.
That they would drink from You,
Father, from the Fountain of Life.
God is dead.
Night, brother.
I'll just go.
What were all that about, Mona?
I don't know.
It's just you and your friends
down there. You crack me up.
Sorry. You just really make me laugh.
Especially with you
being the ringleader.
I mean, you....
You-- Why are you
always trying to hurt me?
Because I think you're a
fucking fake, that's why.
What is wrong with you?
I just miss me brother.
I'm here.
That ain't you.
It ain't. Mona, this is me.
This is the real me.
I want the old Phil.
That old Phil, he didn't
make me very happy.
He made me happy.
I loved my brother.
He used to be real.
I haven't got any family.
Me home has changed.
No one fancies me.
Come here.
I'm here.
Lord Jesus, watch over
this child. Oh, no!
Watch over my
sister-- Fuck off.
Fuck off.
I'm looking for Mona, is she here?
Aye, she is. She's in there.
Can you just wait here?
On your left hand side.
What's he making? A cross.
He's putting it up at the top of the
hill, to cleanse the valley of evil.
Now these are nice.
They were me mom's, when
this used to be The Swan.
Are you done?
Yeah. I've got a cab waiting outside.
What for? Because we're going.
Where? You'll see.
What do you think of
this place? It's funny.
It's like Lego. It's
all sort of pretense.
And that one there, especially.
You see that house there?
And the posh Jag parked outside?
It's my dad's car.
And he comes here
quite a lot, I think...
'cause this is where his
girlfriend lives and...
his secretary, nice.
And he's in there now, you know.
It must mean he's in there
now with his car there...
and he'll be fucking her now.
He'll have her bent over the
cooker, fucking her up her ass.
And Mona, you should see
her. She's just a dog.
She's a fucking whore...
she's all sort of blond hair and
big tits and these high heels...
and she's got no fucking
brains. She's got nothing.
This is Edith Piaf.
I just adore her.
She was this marvelous Parisian woman...
who had such a wonderfully tragic life.
And she was married three times...
and each husband died in
mysterious circumstances.
And the last one was a boxing champion
and she killed him with a fork.
She didn't even go to prison...
because in France, crimes
of passion are forgiven.
So, my mother is off touring...
with some dodgy theater company...
pretending to be an actress.
And my father's busy with his secretary.
So I'm practically an orphan.
This is the main guest bedroom.
But it's all moldy and full of dust
'cause we never even have any guests.
Excuse me.
This is my loon mother's rehearsal room.
That's my favorite bathroom.
This is Sadie's room.
It's actually turned
into a bit of a shrine.
Because when she died...
my mother wanted to keep
everything exactly as it was.
So you don't go in.
All in all, the house is really
creepy, so you're gonna stay with me.
Come on.
If you hear any strange noises
in the night, don't panic.
It's just the furniture creaking
'cause it's an old house.
Good night.
Wake up.
I didn't know what you wanted,
so I just got you everything.
What are your plans for today?
Manicure, pedicure, full body wax.
Clean the car.
Walk the dog.
What about you? I'm
gonna buy you an engine.
This is me favorite rock.
It's like a strange cathedral.
I don't feel I'm in me own town.
What do you mean?
I don't feel the same.
I quite like it from here, with you.
Which one do you want?
That one.
Which one? Guess.
It's gorgeous. Do you like it?
Yeah, it's so pretty.
Try this one.
Yeah. Really nice.
Bit dotty, but you can pull it off.
I love all them colors.
You can have that, I
don't wear it any more.
God, you're quite beautiful.
It was Sadie's dress.
And I just felt so useless.
And there was...
my one sister, my beautiful
sister. She just...
started to turn into
this monster and she....
These bones on her body,
they just started to jut out.
It was like someone had just
stuck daggers under her skin.
And her hair, she started...
growing hair all over her body.
It was like a sort of
dense fur like a werewolf.
And she stopped smiling. She
couldn't smile any more because...
she was throwing up all the time.
And the vomit acid made
her teeth go all yellow...
and she just stopped
smiling and stopped living.
I miss her so much.
I miss her so much.
Let it out.
She's so beautiful.
Don't cry. I mean, cry.
Who is it?
I think it's your brother. Oh, fuck.
How does he know you're here?
I told him.
Do you fuck a lot?
I get me kicks.
What does that mean?
There's a guy...
I were going around with.
What's he like?
he's like a man-man, you know?
Not like a boy.
Like boys at school. He were like a man.
Dead strong, and with a car,
and we used to go driving.
And he used to take me
places and he were a singer.
He had dead mad eyes,
you know, like that.
Do you wanna know? Yeah.
How did he shag you?
What do you mean? How would he do it?
Just normal, I mean...
don't know.
Show me.
Do you wanna see?
Do you?
Do you wanna be shagged
by Ricky? Yes, I do.
Do you? Yes.
Are you ready? Yes.
Serious? Yes.
Not joking? Not joking.
Okay. Go on.
Right. Okay, Mona... I'm you.
Let me show you. Oh, Mona.
You're so tiny, yes.
Now turn around. Go on.
I love it.
Oh, yes.
You're so pretty, Mona. You're gorgeous.
I've come. Give me me fags.
And that's it? I've gotta be off.
Is that it?
Are you in love with him still?
Were you ever?
I thought I were.
Then why did you dump him?
He dumped me.
He said he couldn't be bothered anymore.
Anyway, he had a wife and kid.
Men like that should be castrated.
Gosh, aren't you clever?
We should teach that Ricky a lesson.
That's Ricky.
Christ, you didn't mention he was fat.
He's not. It's all muscle. Yeah, right.
All right, come on.
Hello. Hi.
God, this is really hard,
but this is my friend, Mona.
And she has just had
to have an abortion.
So what's that got to do with
me? It was your husband's fetus.
Basically, what he did was he
just got her completely wasted...
and took advantage of her.
She's now clinically depressed,
as you can see. I mean...
she's just catatonic, she hasn't
said a word since. Have you, Mona?
I mean, it could be, I
mean, the talk of the town...
at the moment is that you're not
satisfying him enough at home.
We all know when we hit a certain age...
everything starts to go
south-- How dare you come here?
Maybe you should keep
your husband locked up.
Maybe you should castrate your
husband, maybe that'll keep him safe--
Why don't you two just go and get
lost and leave me and my family alone.
No, until you fully understand--
No, just get out of my face.
Don't touch me. Will you just go?
All right, Mona, it's
all right. This is over.
Why don't you just get.... Just go
and leave me and my family alone.
Hi, there.
You'll be there tomorrow, won't you?
I have absolutely no intention
of coming to your crucifixion.
Will you be there, please, for me?
Can I come? Yeah.
I need you there, Mona.
We're going.
Do you see that?
# Once again I look upon
the cross where You died #
# I'm humbled by Your mercy
and I'm broken inside #
# Once again I thank You #
# Once again I pour out my life #
# Now you are #
# exalted to the highest place #
# King of heavens,
where one day I'll bow #
# But for now #
# I marvel at this saving grace #
# And I'm full of praise once again #
# I'm full of praise once again #
# Once again I look upon
the cross where You died #
# I'm humbled by Your mercy
and I'm broken inside #
# Once again I thank You ##
Has he got a girlfriend? Has he? Fuck.
He's got God, he's too busy with God.
With God, his life's
like, one long orgasm.
From morning, noon till night.
The sun never goes down on him.
If anything goes wrong...
we'll slowly bring it down again, okay?
Okay. One, two, three, go.
That's it.
Fucking hell.
Okay, there. Tie it off, lads.
If I can be saved, anybody can be saved.
Anybody can be saved. Hallelujah.
The Lord Jesus started speaking to me.
He told me to build this cross.
To claim this valley
back in His name, for Him.
Because there's evil at
work in this valley. Yeah.
There's evil in this valley.
And it manifests itself
in hundreds of ways.
If one person comes
closer to God today...
through our actions, then
that's a victory. Yeah.
That's a victory for everybody
here. That's all it is.
We don't pray for riches.
We pray for fulfillment in ourselves and
in our hearts first and foremost of all.
But I have prayed for my sister...
who's there now.
This is the power of prayer.
'Cause I prayed to
the Lord for my sister.
I prayed that she'd be set free,
because I know she's in turmoil.
And it's so hard for me. I can't
just reach out and tell her.
But I've prayed for her, Lord.
I've prayed 'cause I love her.
And I know that the Lord
is answering my prayers.
He answers all our prayers. Yeah.
Praise be the Lord.
I praise you, Lord Jesus.
Thank you, Lord.
Yes, Lord.
Thank you, Lord Jesus.
Praise your name, Lord. I
praise your name, Lord Jesus.
Yes, Lord.
Do you really think that
there's darkness in the valley?
Absolutely, yeah. There's
darkness everywhere.
What, like the Devil?
Yeah, I know that I was filled
with the Devil at one point.
What were you like?
I wasn't a really nice guy.
I'd think nothing of putting
a glass in your face...
or punching you on the nose.
And it's the Devil that did that?
The Devil drove me, yeah.
The Devil just wants you to do bad
things, then he's got a grip of you.
It must be interesting
to believe in something.
But remember, there's Devil...
and there's God, and He's
far more powerful anyway.
I am the Devil...
and I have come to kill you.
I am possessed and I will
show you that you are evil.
I have come to the
valley to make you suffer.
I'm laying my hands on you, devil spawn.
As a child of Jesus, I am
ripping this seed from your body.
The Devil will leave your body.
Spirits, is anyone else there?
Did you push that?
You pushed that. I bloody did not.
Who is it?
Sad? Who the fuck's Sad?
I'm not moving it.
I swear I'm not.
Sadie, is that you?
I don't think we should carry on.
Are you in peace?
Why are you not in peace?
Do you blame Dad,
Sadie? Do you blame Dad?
It's bollocks.
No, it's not.
He didn't love her enough,
that's why she died.
There's still hair on it.
It's like she's still here.
We can commune with Sadie.
# When we sway I go weak #
# I can hear the sounds of violins #
# Long before it begins #
# As only you know how #
# Sway me smooth, sway me now #
Fuck's sake, Mona.
Sorry about that.
Come on, you two, out you go.
Thank you, good man.
Go on. Oh, yeah.
Get out.
I love you all. Bye.
Get out!
Thank you.
We must never be parted.
Do you hear me? Yeah.
Are you listening to me? Yeah.
We're gonna spend the
rest of our lives together.
I know.
If you leave me, I'll kill you.
If you leave me, I'll kill you...
and then I'll kill myself.
I love you.
I love you.
I found loads of
blackcurrants for breakfast.
I've got loads more in me
pockets. I've only had a couple.
I don't care how many
blackcurrants you've got, Mona...
it's not enough for breakfast.
I know. I'm fucking freezing.
I've been bitten to shit.
I just want to go home.
I'm sick of this place.
Yeah, let's go back.
It's in Egypt.
Why would you wanna go there?
It's in Siberia.
It's your brother.
Just ignore him. He'll go away.
He's a very attractive
man, your brother.
I'll seek some spiritual
guidance from him.
Yeah, go on. It'll be funny.
Is Mona here with you? No,
but she'll be back in a moment.
Why don't you wait here?
Would that be okay? Yeah.
You can wait in the
sitting room. Thanks.
Actually, there is something
I wanted to talk to you about.
I have a real problem
believing in anything.
Or anyone.
But I can't stop thinking
about that day on the hill...
when you made that speech...
and the way you spoke.
And everything you said,
I just believed you.
That's because God was
speaking through me.
And the Lord is the truth.
And everything you were
saying about the Devil...
and all the demons.
And you really believed in it. Yeah.
I were riddled with demons.
And what did you do?
I asked Jesus Christ
to come into my life.
I asked Him to free me from
all the guilt, sin, fear.
And He came in and He washed it away.
And He can do the same for you.
But He never speaks to me.
You've got to pray to Him.
Ask Him to come into your heart...
and He will.
He's a gentle God.
He's a God of love...
and He knows you.
He knows every hair on your head.
I can't feel Him.
I can't feel anything.
I just feel empty.
The Lord can fill you up.
He's in this room now...
and He wants to be close to you.
And He wants you to ask
Him to come into your heart.
He wants to reach out and touch you.
And He wants you to feel Him.
He wants to come inside you...
and overwhelm you with joy.
I want Him to.
Do not resist him. I won't.
You're too easy, you fucking fraud.
Mona. What?
Look at me.
Come here.
I'm sorry I got violent, okay?
Is that it? No.
There's something with that
girl going on inside her.
There's things driving her.
You saw what happened to me, didn't you?
I want you to promise me
you'll stay away from her.
I love her. She loves me.
We're going away together, forever.
And we are never coming back.
What are you doing?
Phil, don't lock it, you bastard!
Phil, please.
Can you open the door? Please.
Phil? Don't leave me, Lord.
Father, we just pray...
that You will just help
us in our prayers now.
Lord, just lead us and help us, Father.
Lord, we want to lift Mona
before You, Father God.
We just pray, Father, that You
just reach into her life, Father.
That You will start to untangle
some of that mess, Father...
that confusion in her mind,
the tangled mess of emotions.
Lord, that You put the words into his
heart, into his mouth, Father, that...
he will be able to show the love
of Jesus to his sister, Father.
That through him, Lord, she will receive
Your love and Your understanding, Father.
Can you shut up?
Lord, we glorify You.
That's right, Lord.
We bless what You're doing.
Bless what You're doing.
You bastard!
I'll be back.
You stupid girl.
You stupid girl.
Yeah? Aren't you?
You're a stupid girl.
Don't do this to me.
I love you.
I am the Antichrist...
and I will never die.
It's okay, mate. Fuck off.
Chill. Chill out.
Come on, we'll pray for you.
I'd like.... Just fucking go.
Chill out. Go.
Calm it down, brother. Don't
fucking touch me. Get out.
We're leaving. Go!
You're a bunch of
fakers. Go on, get out!
Go on, fuck off. Take
your fucking Bibles. Go on.
Get out! Fucking move.
Move it. Get out. Fuck off.
And take your fucking books with you.
You're all fakers. Come on.
What's going on, Tam?
I'm going back to school.
Excuse me.
Can I have my top back, please?
You're Sadie?
Can I have my top, please?
I've got to go back to school, Mona.
You've always known that.
Look, I couldn't be myself back
there in front of my mother.
Anyway, I was just playing
a part. That wasn't even me.
Come on, you know me.
You know me.
And don't be upset about
Sadie. Sadie was just....
Sadie was just a bit of poetic
license. I mean, I'm a fantasist.
You can't tell me we haven't had fun.
I've never met anyone like you.
Please don't be angry with me.
What the fuck are you doing?
You fucking crazy bitch!