My Soul To Take (2010)

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord
my soul to keep.
If I should die
before I wake,
I pray the Lord
my soul to take.
Before tonight's murder,
there has been no clue
as to who
this killer might be.
But now the Riverton Ripper
and the knife he uses
have been caught by a
high-definition security camera.
- Any day, now.
- Police say
that the killer is a Caucasian
male in his mid-to-late 30s.
It's too dark to see his face
but the quality of the image
has allowed forensic technicians
to zoom in and
enhance it enough
to make out
the word "Vengeance"
etched on the blade
of the Ripper's weapon.
No one was in the
area at the time...
That's beautiful, Abel.
And Leah's going
to love that house.
Shameless distraction device.
Come to bed.
The news is too scary
for me to watch alone.
Okay, Sarah,
I'll be up soon.
We consulted local
psychiatrist Dr. William Blake.
Oh, shit!
Here's what he had to say.
The identity of a killer of this sort
may well not even
be known to himself.
He could be
anywhere and anyone
leading a normal life,
so far as he knows,
and never dream
for an instant that,
every so often,
he turns into a monster.
What is this?
Penny Anderson,
a graduate student
at Boston University...
...studying for a Ph. D. in psychology.
Help me!
The victim's funeral will
be held tomorrow at...
Dear God, tell me
this is a dream.
What's with the knife, Abel?
What's with the blood?
It's really crazy stuff.
It's not my knife, James!
I don't know what's with it.
I think someone
has broken in.
No one has broken in.
Come on, Penny.
Please, Abel.
Blake said it could happen.
A one in a million
chance, he said.
What if it did?
He said to call him, 24/7.
Abel, listen. Call him now.
You've got to call Dr. Blake.
Please put down the knife.
Call the doctor.
God will help you.
Call Dr. Blake,
and I kill your family.
Sorry, sorry,
I just need a hug.
That knife is so scary,
you know?
What knife?
The Ripper's.
They've got it on tape.
Don't do something stupid, Abel.
Here's the deal.
Just look the other way when I
kill and your family stays alive.
Turn me in, and you'll live
alone in a house of blood.
Abel, this is Dr. Blake.
Is everything okay?
No, no, no. Everything is
not okay. I found something.
What did you find?
A knife.
Under my bench.
And not just any knife.
The one on TV.
The Ripper's knife.
I swear before God,
Dr. Blake, I didn't know.
But the second that I went to
call you there was somebody,
and he said
don't call you, or else...
Or else?
Or else he would
kill Sarah. And Leah.
And the others, too.
Abel, I'll be there in 10
minutes. I want you to tell Sarah
to take Leah,
and drive to her sister's.
I haven't told her
about this part of my life.
But you swore
to me you would.
That's part
of the agreement.
Just get here
before it's too late!
Abel, have Sarah drive
to May's house, with Leah.
May is working nights
and Sarah is sound asleep.
I can't just wake her up.
You have to!
You there?
No! No!
What the hell are you looking at?
Break the door down.
I won't let you do this! I won't!
Open the door. Abel!
I won't...
Police, open up!
Mr. Plenkov, open up.
Abel, open the door!
Plenkov! Open up!
Kick it in, Bobby.
Get up those stairs now!
Which room?
On the right?
Mr. Plenkov! Mr. Plenkov!
Bobby, check him!
Check him!
Hey, sweetie.
Hey, sweetie, come here.
Come here.
What's your name?
No pulse, Frank.
What's your name, huh?
I'll check the woman.
No, no, no, no, look at me.
You're okay, all right?
You're okay.
Get away from me.
Get her downstairs.
Hey, sweetheart, here we go.
I got you.
You're going to be fine.
Get in here.
Cover us.
He's dead.
So is Elvis.
You never know.
You have an epi?
We got it.
The mother is dead, too. Way dead.
You missed the kid,
you fuck.
I'll get them all next time.
Son of a bitch!
Epinephrine kicks ass!
Hey! Hey!
Let's get the gurney, Gus.
Abel, I'll get you
to a hospital. Abel?
You piece of shit.
He's not a monster.
What do you
call him, then?
I call him mentally ill.
Thank you
for stopping me.
Forgive me.
He's talking to you.
Would it hurt you
to be human?
Just once?
We'll let
God sort it out.
Thank you.
No, Abel!
Abel, talk to me.
Abel's not here.
This is for you, you cunt!
That's for shut the fuck up.
How's Mrs. King doing?
Baby is two months premature.
Dr. Carrie says
he's blind, too.
Seven births in one hour,
all premature.
What's going on here?
What else you got?
We got a cop, Frank Paterson,
who took two in the vest.
And we got a perp.
Go on.
white male, under constraint and critical.
Took multiple gunshots
and stab wounds. EEG flat.
Oh, and are you ready for
this? We think he's the Ripper.
Family guy.
Killed the wife,
tried to kill his kid.
You got a name?
Plenkov. Abel Plenkov.
May, you copy?
He said he'd get
them all next time.
What do you think
he meant?
Maybe he was talking about
his other personalities.
My family is from Haiti.
And down there they don't say
that someone like him
has multiple personalities.
What do they say he has?
Multiple souls.
What's the difference?
Personalities die
when the patient dies.
Souls live on.
It's all just superstition,
I suppose.
Could you hand me
my jacket, please?
It's cold as hell in here.
Is this your evidence bag?
Get that fucker
under control!
I can't believe
you fucking guys!
You're supposed
to be watching him!
- You all right? You good?
- Fuck you!
- You're all right. Let me see.
- Get out of my way.
- Where the hell is Plenkov?
- Let me see!
Shit. Fix that!
Call for backup!
I got Plenkov!
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight,
nine, ten,
The lights out!
All right! This is it!
Let the day begin!
As you all know,
Ripper Day
marks two things.
One of them bad,
one of them good.
The good part is, it's the
birthday of seven of us here
born 16 years ago tonight.
Jerome King.
Hey, Jerome.
Alex Dunkelman.
Jay Chan, with a new
Ripper puppet tonight.
Bug Hellerman...
It's about time!
Better late than never, I suppose.
Where you been?
It's okay, Bug
takes a little longer
because he's a little
slower, I guess.
Moving on to Penelope Bryte
over there, by the ambulance,
who, incidentally, knows God.
They speak daily.
And to the beautiful and
gorgeous Brittany Cunningham.
And last, but,
of course, not least...
Brandon O'Neil!
Yes, sir!
Thank you, thank you, thank
you very much. Pleasure.
Now, it's time for
the bad part, people.
We of the Riverton Seven
have had to share our birthday
with a monster,
the serial killer
Abel Plenkov,
who died at midnight
the day we were born.
It's the Ripper.
Legend has it that we,
the Riverton Seven,
are the mirrors of Abel
Plenkov's personalities.
The ones that
turned the Ripper in.
And that the Ripper
still wants revenge.
So Abel Plenkov is dead,
but his ghost isn't.
No, it lurks underneath the old
railroad bridge. You've seen it.
It sleeps in the river.
It roams the darkest
corners of the woods
just waiting for the next
Ripper Day to come around.
Because, on that day,
our birthday, tonight,
the devil has told him
that he can take his revenge.
But he can only come out
of the river at this spot.
And every year,
since we have been able,
one of us Riverton Seven
has volunteered
to drive him back
into the river
where he belongs.
And tonight is no exception.
And I, personally,
have chosen to volunteer...
- Brandon?
- No! volunteer
Bug Hellerman, that is.
It's your turn, Bug.
All the rest of us
have done it.
We will now summon the Ripper
from the river.
If he appears yet again, then Bug
must slay him, or we'll all die.
Can you do it, Bug?
Save us!
Let's call him up!
If you can
hear me, Ripper,
make yourself known!
Make yourself known!
Make yourself known!
Make yourself known!
Make yourself known!
Make yourself known!
Fear ye, Ripper!
Fear ye the Ripper!
Shut up!
- What did I do?
- Bug is freaking out.
Fear ye the Ripper!
Oh, my God. What is that?
It's coming from the woods.
- Whoa! Nice, Jay.
- Damn right.
Come on, Bug, it's just
a puppet. Knock it over.
Fear ye the Ripper!
Come on,
you can take him, Bug!
Get in there, you pussy!
Look at how scared he is!
- Push him over.
- Down on your knees, Bug!
Slay that beastie, Bug.
Damn, that is a big mother.
Bug, come on!
Get him!
What are you doing?
I can't do this!
But you must, or we'll die!
Come on, Bug. Just knock him down!
That's all you have to do.
This is the police.
Disperse immediately!
You're in violation of the
Riverton midnight curfew!
Return to your homes
or your parents will face
prosecution. Bug, run!
Police brutality!
You want brutality?
I'll show you brutality!
God damn it!
Watch the tree, Jerome.
Sorry, Bug, sorry.
You're good?
He's still alive. It's okay.
Grab my hand.
I'm blind, Bug.
Not you.
You good?
Who's this?
It's not cool.
Why the hell
are there cops here?
Jerome, big log. Big log.
Get down.
What the fuck was that?
Why did they stop us?
Go home!
Ripper Day has been
officially canceled.
Just better sit and wait.
Why so glum, chum?
I failed.
Because you
couldn't kill him?
Now we're all going to die,
and it's my fault.
No! That's bullshit Brandon made up.
If he was so worried about it,
he should have killed it himself.
That puppet was scary.
And the coat was creepy. You added
some moss and grass and shit, right?
Yeah, man, he lived under
the river for like 16 years.
He's primeval, baby!
If he rode in an ambulance
on the way to the hospital,
how did he get the coat
and everything?
In my version, the day after
Plenkov supposedly drowned
his house was
burglarized, right?
And he took the boots,
the coat, his whole outfit.
Why would a burglar
just take clothes?
A burglar wouldn't, Bug.
But Plenkov would,
if he was still alive!
The Ripper's alive?
Could be. I thought you
said he was just a ghost.
No, he's dead.
No. Not necessarily.
They never found his body.
And nobody really knew him
or his wife very well.
They were new to Riverton.
And, Plenkov could look completely
different after 16 years!
Like, cosmetic surgery, hair
transplants, Weight Watchers.
And he could have
changed his name.
Snuck back into Riverton
to get his revenge this year.
He could be
Principal Pratt!
Shut the fuck up!
I got to get home, guys.
Wait, are you guys
set for tomorrow?
- For what?
- The buzzard thing or whatever.
Yeah, we made
a sock puppet.
A sock puppet? You'll put your class to sleep!
A good show-and-tell
needs shock-and-awe!
It's my fault. I was too scared
about tonight to think about it.
Listen, Bug.
I'm scared of the Ripper, too.
You are?
I got to cross that
bridge twice a day.
I do what my
grandma taught me.
Spit in the river, and
he won't come after me.
That works?
Yeah, for 16 years.
See you, guys!
See you.
I got to go.
We should go, too.
Quint is going to kill me if
he catches me out this late.
I don't know
about this new curfew.
We should've let
them kill him first.
Kill who?
The Ripper.
Very creative.
That's why every kid in
Riverton has Ripper nightmares
and the adults have
memorial services.
It's time to move on!
Leave the past behind.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
I'm glad
they're getting rid of it.
Rid of what?
That damn ambulance.
Pratt, the new principal
at the high school
convinced the chamber of
commerce it was bad for tourism.
No, no, no! It's a memorial.
That's why it's still here.
Tourism, Bob. Tourism is
where everything is going.
"Let's go to Riverton, honey,
"where that crazy fucker killed
seven people and his wife."
What the hell?
Fear ye the Ripper!
I spit in the river!
I spit in the river!
No! Please, no!
What just happened?
You better be in bed.
I'll kick your punk ass
if you ain't!
If you fuck with me,
you'll be sorry!
Fear ye the Ripper.
The California Condors
are magnificent birds.
They can fly 15,000 feet high,
cruise at 55 miles per hour
and cover 150 miles
in a single day.
And they're so big, they're often
mistaken for small airplanes on radar.
I mean... I mean,
they're huge.
That's amazing.
You're listening
to The Birding Hour,
and the guest tonight
is Dr. Richard Cooper,
national expert on
the California Condor
and author of the bestselling
book, Keeper of the Souls.
Please, Dr. Cooper, this is
fascinating. Tell us some more.
They've been pulled back
from the brink
of extinction a bit.
They're hanging in there.
The California Condor has
always captured the imagination.
A Native American
medicine man once said,
"It's true that the
condor literally eats death.
"But the great bird
is not sickened by this.
"No, it has a secret.
"It keeps the souls of all the
fallen creatures it consumes.
"And they are its treasure
and its protection.
"And with each soul
it takes in and shelters
it grows larger and wiser.
"Too large and wise to ever
succumb to death itself."
Well, we all know that
the California Condor
was near extinction.
It's so nice to hear that they
have a fighting chance now.
Oh, they are surviving with the
help of some terrific people.
And they have some very interesting
ways of defending themselves, too.
Really? Could you share some of those?
Not on the radio.
And please watch over the missionaries,
our soldiers in foreign lands,
the President, Mom and Dad, and
especially the seven of us, this day.
Is this the year?
It feels like it.
I know you can't tell me,
but please keep Bug safe.
In Jesus' name, amen.
Penelope! It's getting late.
I'm coming!
It's getting late.
Thank you.
Message received.
Crows, 10.
Snot-nosed kids, zip.
Get your little butt to school
before I put my boot up it!
Let's go! Now!
Can you step back
a little bit, Quint?
What's the matter?
Don't you trust me?
Of course I trust you.
Don't trust anyone,
you dumb shit.
Thanks, Quint.
Felt good.
I know you want me,
Speaking. I've got today's
assignment, Brandon.
Got paper and pen?
Of course I do.
Bug Hellerman, three.
Alex Dunkelman, eight.
I need it done this morning.
Alex gets an eight?
You have a problem
with that?
No, it's just that it's pretty
high on Fang's punitive scale.
Usually, giving an eight
to the son of a felon
comes with a bonus, is all.
Don't say something
stupid, Brandon.
Nothing big.
A blowjob would do.
How about I have my dog bite it
off and bury it in my backyard?
How big is your backyard?
Good morning, Riverton.
It's hour 7
of Ripper Day 16.
And we're talking
with Betty O'Neil,
mother of Riverton star
quarterback, Brandon O'Neil
and head of the group,
Citizens for a Saner Riverton.
Mrs. O'Neil,
why ban Ripper Day?
It's just kids
having fun, isn't it?
No, it's not kids having fun.
It's kids having nightmares,
seeing the Ripper
everywhere. Kids...
Jumpy this morning, aren't we?
Where is the sock puppet?
Where did you come from?
Your window, where else?
Is Brandon damaged, do you think?
Of course Brandon isn't...
What the fuck is that?
Sock puppet.
On steroids?
Kind of.
Kind of?
Only you wear it this time.
What? Excuse me?
Like Jay said, "Shock and awe."
Thought Edgar
was a home crow.
He's a guard. He watches over you, you know?
You're still spooked
by last night, right?
We were all watching the river
and he came from the woods.
That's scary.
Now, that's Jay's whole thing.
Never do what they expect.
And now we got Edgar up there
to keep him away. So...
You can have him
if you want, after tonight.
Yeah. It's your birthday.
Well, thanks.
I should get
you a present.
How about a weekend in Las
Vegas with Brittany Cunningham?
Brittany doesn't
know I'm alive.
She's gonna, after two days and two nights
of star-studded shows
and high-stakes gambling.
Oh, yeah.
Or I could just
help you with that.
Yeah, that's just as good.
It's heavy.
It's all the fluids.
The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.
He leadeth me
beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul.
Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me.
Thou anointest my head with
oil. My cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and
mercy will follow me
through all the
days of my life,
and I will dwell in the
house of the Lord forever.
I know you're there, Lord.
And I know you're here.
- Hello?
- You like it?
Yeah, it's great.
Thanks, Mom.
I scotch-taped
your number to it.
And mine, and 9-1-1. Happy
birthday, Bug. I love you.
Love you, too.
How do...
Do I close it?
Hit the red button.
Boom, done.
That bad?
No, that's good.
Get, Dunkelman.
Catch you later, Jerome.
What did I do now?
See you, Jerome.
It's what you're
not going to do,
which is hang
out with them.
Why not?
It's bad luck,
is "why not."
on Ripper Day.
You should totally come
some year, Fang. It was wild!
Like, Brandon set Bug up
to fight the monster,
which was huge, by the way.
And Bug,
he was so scared.
Brandon didn't set
Bug up. I did.
Do you know how to
steam open an envelope
so it doesn't show?
Put it in the freezer
for an hour.
It opens itself and
reseals perfectly.
This is to Bug.
Oh, really?
Here they come.
Hold up, boys.
What do you got there?
Happy birthday, insect.
Clueless as usual.
Mr. Kaiser,
sixth period biology.
It'll be there.
Thanks, Jose.
So, you want to
come over tonight?
We could burn the house down
with my stepfather in it.
Ha, ha, ha!
He give you anything
for your birthday?
Yeah, a hematoma.
Made it himself, too.
Behold, Bug, what light
in yonder window breaks.
She is so beautiful.
She's hot
for you, too.
You should go over
there and talk to her.
Excuse me,
Officer Ramirez.
Maria told me you know
all about baseball.
What do you want to know?
Distraction maneuver.
Bug. This is a three.
this is an eight.
That's the way
the cookie crumbles.
stay away from
the Fang Zone.
And you,
you stay away from him.
Thanks, Brandon.
Felt good.
Not as good as your mother
felt last night, though.
Just bought yourself a 20.
Brandon O'Neil.
Do not bring the wrath
of Jehovah down upon you.
Your sins are already a stench
in the nostrils of an angry God.
Like knocking up Melanie Pratt, who's only 15
and the principal's daughter.
What? Melanie's pregnant?
She's in my
prayer group. Duh!
What men will do
to you in prison
is nothing compared to what
demons will do to you in Hell.
On beds of fire.
Through all eternity.
I'm going to get you
for this, Penelope.
If you do, God will get you,
Brandon, and it won't be pretty.
When you least
expect it, Dunkelman.
Hi, Bug!
Happy birthday! Thanks, Penelope. Same to you.
Did you get my note?
I left it in your mailbox.
It doesn't matter.
Pray for our souls, Bug.
He's coming.
We should be so lucky.
Don't forget me.
Rise up and gird
your loins, Alex.
The end is near.
Why is Penelope always
saying weird stuff like that?
Parallel universe, baby.
I don't understand her,
I mean, the way
she said that.
Pray for our souls, Bug.
He's coming.
What if she meant
the Ripper?
I'm scared.
We're 16, Bug.
Like it or not,
we're men now.
I don't feel like a man.
No man does. That's why you got to fake it.
Fake being a man
to be a man?
That's the way it works.
So, you can't run.
You have to face
your fear like a man.
Even though I'm not a man?
Because you're not a man.
Listen, the better you fake
it, the better man you are.
Just fake it?
Well, fake it good.
Like, if you're scared, act
like you don't give a shit.
Or if somebody hurts you, say, "Thank
you very much. That felt wonderful."
Thanks, Brandon.
I can't raise my arm.
Feels good.
Yeah, there you go.
That all you
got, Brandon?
I mean, I feel
downright cheated.
I'm amazed that you're getting
this so quick. It's tricky stuff.
I was faking
that I did.
You were?
Yeah, but you
were faking it good.
I was?
You now have
permission to shave.
As you know, class,
we're nearing the end of our
reports on living creatures.
Dogs, fish, honeybees.
We had an especially nice one from
Brittany Cunningham last session
on the butterflies
of our state.
Today's presentation will be by
Adam Hellerman and Alex Dunkelman.
Are you boys ready?
- Boys?
- Bug, come on.
While we're young.
Get up!
I believe this is yours.
"Back from the Brink." By Adam
Hellerman and Alex Dunkelman.
Our subject today
is about a bird.
You having another one
of your migraines, Adam?
Shock and awe!
Our subject today is the
largest bird in North America.
Unchanged since
the Pleistocene Epoch
and only recently
rescued from extinction.
I present to you
Gymnogyps californianus.
Brandon, second warning.
The California Condor.
Good Lord.
Are you ready?
Fly, now!
His wingspan
is 10 feet wide.
His body, more
than four feet high.
He can weigh as
much as 350 parrots.
As for soaring,
he can glide
effortlessly for days
until he finds his food,
which is carrion.
A dead, stinking body
crawling with maggots
is ice-cream to him.
Just showmanship, Mr. Kaiser.
The facts are correct.
A California Condor can
consume the carcass of a cow
in one day.
And if anyone tries to harm it,
if anyone even
so much as
touches one of its
feathers, just one...
What are you
going to do?
Going to bite me, asshole?
The bird will vomit
copiously on its tormentor.
And if that doesn't work, the
great bird has another defense, too.
Bottle two, Alex!
What the hell is that?
And that is why no one should ever
screw with the California Condor.
Thank you, Brandon.
That felt so good.
Alex and I would
like to thank you all
for your kind attention.
Hall pass. Go!
That was so wrong!
Didn't mean to scare you. You okay?
Bug, that was amazing.
Oh, my God, that suit was
genius. I felt like Mothra.
How'd you come up with that? I don't know.
Have a good puke?
Try the finger thing?
We should
get out of here.
Brandon's really mad
now, I guess.
You don't know the half of it.
Brandon is way past mad.
He's been humiliated twice in
two hours in front of Brittany.
He's approaching nuclear.
But he's not the one
we got to worry about.
He's not?
No, it's Fang.
Brandon only does
what she tells him to do.
The fish stinks
from the head.
Why would Fang
want to hurt us?
You? I don't know.
Me, I got caught outside the girls'
bathroom between 2:00 and 2:30.
That's when Fang
and her crew talk business.
Anybody caught
in the Fang Zone
during that half hour
is treated like a spy.
Just because you were out there
doesn't mean you were spying.
I was spying.
There's a revolution
going on here.
Fang must fall!
Fang, fall?
Like the mob.
We need to get something
on her so incriminating
that she has to leave
us common folk alone.
If only we had some
sort of listening device.
Condor? Crow.
Fang and her crew arrive in
the bathroom in three minutes.
Everyone else
clears out five before.
That means we have a window
of two minutes, starting now.
To get your phone
in there.
In the girls' bathroom?
I'm sure Brittany is going to be
there, as well, talking about you.
We could gather that kind
of intelligence, also.
Talking about me?
Yeah, yeah. You amazed her
back there in biology, Bug.
She saw a new man
standing there,
powerful, daring.
Get your phone in there. You're
going to hear it with your own ears.
But now, you only
got a minute, 45.
What if there's
somebody in there?
No, no.
I got that covered.
I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry.
Wrong bathroom, Jerome!
Yours is down the hall,
around the corner.
Did I scare anyone else?
No one else is in there,
but it's a Fang Zone
in 30 seconds.
- Let's go! Come on, hurry up.
- I am!
Can you hear me?
Ten seconds!
Come on, come on, come on.
Brittany, window, Chandelle,
door, Maria, you've got five.
The sophomores have paid another
year's protection for their bikes.
And the answers to next week's organic
chemistry test are selling briskly.
Bottom line,
$2,000 in the bank.
We got her.
Good numbers.
Speaking of numbers,
apparently this morning
there was a problem
with Brandon
giving the punitives?
A three and an eight,
I believe.
The numbers were administered
properly and on schedule, however,
before Brandon
could leave the area,
Penelope Bryte
came out of nowhere
and told him
he was going to hell.
Brandon would enjoy hell.
Kick some ass,
take names.
There something
you're not telling me?
Maria's dad was there.
I thought I told you to distract
him with the baseball stuff.
I did, but Penelope's yelling got
your father looking straight at us.
Maybe Penelope
needs a 10.
A 10?
A 10?
What's her story, anyway?
She's obsessed with Bug.
Girls find him attractive.
Do you?
Find Bug attractive.
No, of course not.
He's a lunatic, Brittany.
A brain-bomb
waiting to go off.
His only real friend
is Dunkelman,
and Dunkelman just uses
him as his monkey.
He's been in and out
institutions half his life.
Bug has killed people.
Killed people?
Wake up and
smell the Starbucks.
You're right.
He's pathetic.
Brandon's the one
for you, Brit.
He's a diamond.
In the rough,
I'll admit
but a diamond
just the same.
By comparison,
Bug is a lump of coal.
Trust me on this.
Okay, Fang.
Good girl.
Bug, don't run away.
Stop it.
Bug, say, "Thanks, Fang,
that felt great."
I'd be lying.
That's the point.
Thanks, Fang.
That felt great.
That felt fucking great.
That's a bad word.
Be bad.
It makes things good.
Everything's backwards
with you.
Just fake you're bad.
Thanks, Fang.
That felt
fucking great.
That felt fucking great.
Good. But you do have to do one more thing.
I can't handle another
fucking thing, okay?
You've got to get
your phone back.
Are you fucking kidding me?
I'm not fucking kidding you.
They're going to find it,
they're going to trace it
they're going
to call your mom.
She's going to have to come in and
get humiliated by Principal Pratt.
No fucking way!
Way. And enough
with the "fucks" now.
You say "fuck."
You're not me, okay?
You're not me, okay?
Stop it.
Stop it.
Cut it out.
Cut it out.
Bug. Bug!
Bug. Bug!
What just happened?
Do you think
I'm a monkey, Alex?
Have you killed people, Bug?
Not that I can remember.
Well, I can't remember
buying you bananas either.
I'll be right back.
Keep it down in there.
Bug? Where are you?
What's taking you so long?
Bug, someone's coming.
Alex, what are you doing here?
Hi, Brittany. Brittany, why are
you going back into the bathroom?
- I forgot my purse.
- None of your business.
Hello? Please say this is a nightmare.
Please say this is a
nightmare. Anyone in there?
Hello? Who locked this?
He probably just fell in.
Accidents happen.
If Jeanne-Baptiste is down
there, we're not talking accident.
I could fucking
feel it coming.
You couldn't feel shit.
No, I could.
Give me a minute,
all right?
- Hey, Frank.
- Hey.
He's been dead
at least 12 hours.
What the hell
hit him, Jeanne?
Two miles of this,
for starters.
Any knife wounds?
Nothing obvious. Could take
an autopsy to know for sure.
Come on.
What? You're not thinking what
I think you're thinking, are you?
What are you thinking?
Probably there was
alcohol last night.
Might have gotten tipsy
on his way home.
- Kid's in my 12-step.
- Sorry.
Well, we'll know
quick enough.
The autopsy will tell us if there's
any alcohol levels in the blood
or any water in the lungs.
And I'll check for
a knife wound. I will.
Sixteenth anniversary.
One and six is seven. We didn't
let them kill him last night,
first time.
And it was Bug's turn.
It's kind of funny.
I get scientific in 16 years
and you go voodoo on me.
What did your grandmother say? What?
Did she tell you not to worry
if somebody you thought was dead
just might come back alive?
If he was evil enough?
Call me when you know
something, yeah?
Connecticut Condor?
Turkey Vulture.
You find Jay?
No, weird.
He always answers.
I saw him.
In the boys' bathroom mirror.
He was in the river, I think.
He tried to say
something, but...
Bug, it's best not to think
about your nightmares today.
It wasn't a nightmare.
Whatever it was.
Look, all seven of us
are on edge today.
Seeing the Ripper
in all sorts of weird places.
It's like Brandon said,
the way the cookie crumbles.
For us.
Just for today.
You're a condor. You eat death
for breakfast, remember that.
Where you going?
Call me after Pratt.
I'm sorry I screamed.
I don't blame you.
You should
get out more, Bug.
Shop. It's what I do
when I'm scared.
You're scared?
Angry, is what
I meant to say.
Stay safe.
Don't let the Ripper get you.
Payback time!
Think twice,
You know what Fang would do if
she knew you were moonlighting.
Yeah, well,
nobody's looking.
But somebody's
listening, Sasquatch.
Think about it.
I tell Chandelle,
she tells Fang.
We all know how Fang doesn't
like you off your little leash.
She'll mark you. Put you in the
river with concrete flippers.
That's actually just
peachy, you know.
I'll let Ripper get you two.
You know, Bug, a lot of people
have seen him already today.
It's not even dark.
Must be scary
living in a house
with no father to protect you.
You know, I bet if you look
up "rectum" in the dictionary
they would have
a picture of Brandon there.
You don't know fear, Bug.
You puked on Brandon O'Neil.
You're a hero
of the revolution.
Hey, Penelope.
Hey, Jerome.
What was it this time?
You're wearing those
squeaky shoes again.
You can really hear that?
Got to go. See you.
See you.
So, I heard you're
seeing Principal Pratt?
In 15 minutes.
They called my mom at work.
I'm doomed.
We're all doomed, Bug.
It's the human condition.
The next life's
the thing to focus on.
It's Melanie Pratt.
She wants me to pray with
her. You want to come?
I'll be with Father Pratt.
Right. Well, God hears you, wherever you are.
If things get too hot, just
turn on the prayer-conditioning.
Bug, it's best not to think
about your nightmares today.
I've got to cross
that bridge twice a day.
Shop. That's
what I do when I'm scared.
You don't
know what fear is, Bug.
You puked in
Brandon O'Neil's face.
I mean, you're a hero
of the revolution.
Must be pretty scary
sleeping in a house
- no father to protect you.
- Cops!
If things get too hot, just
turn up the prayer-conditioning.
Fear ye the Ripper!
Lord, this is a sin not of hate but of love.
So please remember,
you put the apple
and the happy little snake
together in one small garden,
so, you know things can happen now and then.
And just wrap your
arms around Melanie
and let her know that,
no matter what,
you're there for her
and love her to pieces.
Thanks, Penelope.
Now you.
I'm so ashamed.
Don't be.
It's a baby, not a bomb.
Lord, it might
as well be a bomb.
I mean, I feel so guilty.
But you know
how Brandon is.
"Please, please,
pretty please."
But I still should
have said no.
He said it would
make me feel special.
It hasn't.
It's made me feel
fat and stupid.
My father will be
the laughingstock.
My mother
will probably die.
My little sister Amy, she'll
join a cult or something.
Who is that?
Melanie, run!
Die now.
If I should die
before I wake...
...I pray the Lord
our souls to take.
Adam, Principal Pratt
asked you a question.
The end is near.
Did you know
your daughter's pregnant?
She's in my
prayer group. Duh.
I'm sorry.
I'm not myself, Mom.
Mr. Pratt, what
was the question?
It's not important.
You can go now, Adam.
And take your
creature with you.
Your mom and I are going to chat for a while.
We'll speak at home, Bug.
Straight home.
All right.
I'm so sorry.
I don't think he got much sleep last night.
Yes, Ripper Night.
It's an outrage that
it's lasted this long.
And for a sensitive
child like Adam,
it can be especially
I was checking Adam's file
and it's remarkable,
not so much for what's in it,
but for what's not.
I've been a principal
here for six months
and I can find no
medical files for him,
except his vaccination
records, of course,
which are the one thing
he absolutely must have
in order to attend
school here.
Bug has no medical
issues, really.
If he did, we'd have
no way of knowing, would we?
I'm his mother, I would.
Well, that's right.
You're a nurse
at Riverton Community.
Head Nurse, OBIGYN.
Are Adam's records there?
Adam has never
been hospitalized.
Has Adam ever been tested?
Neurologically, I mean.
Why would he be?
Well, since I've
been principal here,
he's awakened twice
in study hall screaming.
He's got chronic migraines.
He's claustrophobic.
Last year,
I was told, a friend put him
in an empty locker just for fun
and he was so hysterical
he had to be sent home.
Brandon O'Neil
is no friend.
He's a bully
who never gets
more than slap
on the wrist.
I'm talking about Adam
here, Ms. Hellerman.
He has serious issues.
And today
he terrorized a classroom
with this monstrous bird
that he built.
It vomited on them.
And worse, he's obsessed
with this California buzzard.
Not a hummingbird,
not a robin,
not an American eagle, but
a bird that eats dead things.
California Condor.
It eats dead things.
Native Americans
considered it sacred.
It cleans the earth
to make room for new life.
Maybe they understood
something we don't.
I want you to listen
to me very carefully.
I am sending Adam
for psychological testing
to a state facility in Boston.
You what?
For Adam's safety
and the safety of the normal
students in this school.
It is my responsibility, and
it is my legal right to do so.
Brandon's the one for
you, Brit. He's a diamond.
A diamond in the rough,
I admit,
but a diamond
just the same.
Compared to him,
Bug's a lump of coal.
I know. Church in two hours. I'll be there.
I'll be home
in two shakes. Bye.
Hey, Brittany!
Training for the
marathon, Brandon?
Yeah. You know,
I got to keep in shape.
You're in great shape.
You got time
for that oral?
You're like a crotch dog.
You know, the kind that stick their nose
in your crotch when you're not looking?
It's like a handshake,
My father had a crotch dog.
Mom had it put
out of its misery.
Misery is what
I'm talking about.
Come on, Brittany, I went
the extra mile for you today.
I could've gotten
expelled for that eight.
Plus, I got shit on twice.
Once by a Jesus freak,
once by
a fucking buzzard.
It's just got me tense.
Start a hobby.
This is my hobby.
Besides, it's my birthday.
It's all of our birthdays.
I know, but I need it.
And I want it.
It should make
you feel special.
Come on. Fang thinks
we're a good match.
Fang doesn't run
my private life.
Does she know that?
Because I could bring
her up to speed.
You threatening me?
I'm begging you.
In the woods.
You hate the woods.
It's spring. I'm feeling
romantic. Count to 60.
You tricking me?
I got a temper.
You're not
the only one.
Sixty seconds.
Hey, Brittany!
Hey, you fucking bitch!
Hey! Wait!
Hey, Brittany!
Where did you go?
Now you're going to get it.
- Hello?
- Just because she embarrassed you
in front of me,
you killed her?
You are going to burn in hell. What?
Better start running
the other way, Brandon.
I've called the police.
What? No, no. Brittany,
Brittany. Don't! Don't!
Brittany, Brittany, Brittany!
Please don't get
me arrested, all right?
I knocked up
Principal Pratt's daughter.
He'll have me
murdered in my cell.
Hey, do you understand
what I'm saying?
Brittany, look,
I know you're there.
I can hear you
walking. Just...
I understand that
you don't want to talk.
I probably disgust you.
It's okay, I disgust myself, sometimes.
I know I'm a pig.
I can't help it.
No! Pigs are nicer.
Actually, I'm just what you
said. I'm a fucking crotch dog.
I'm sorry.
It's too late to be sorry.
Who is this?
Someone from your past.
You wouldn't remember.
Put Brittany on, please.
She's not here.
Well, where is she?
Where you're going to go.
I'm going to go
to the church.
No, you're not.
What do you mean,
"No, I'm not?"
Think hotter.
Try hell!
Anybody you want
to say goodbye to?
My unborn child.
Fuck your fucking
unborn child.
Now, where did
I leave your bitch?
Whose phone?
Oh, my God.
This is Riverton 9-1-1.
Please hold.
All our circuits are busy. We will
get to your call as soon as we can.
Be home, Bug Hellerman.
Okay, 10:00 a.m., Boston
Psychiatric Clinic. I got to go.
I'm sorry I'm so late.
You should be.
Have a seat.
You're too big to spank.
Did you fall?
I was burying a friend.
My condor.
Brandon ruined it.
I gave it a decent burial.
You gave me a start.
Why, you think
I killed somebody?
No, of course not.
Make a wish.
Do you want to know
what I wished for?
I wished that I could
take back what I did today
and make you proud
of me instead.
I was trying
to get my phone back,
the one you gave me, and
unfortunately, I fell into the toilet.
My phone fell into Brittany Cunningham's bag
and I didn't have
a chance to get it out.
What was your phone doing in the
girls' bathroom in the first place?
We were trying to gather some
information about something.
Don't tell me.
You and Alex?
I wanted to know what
Brittany thought of me.
Brittany Cunningham?
She's a little sophisticated
for you, isn't she?
I like her.
So did you find out
what she thinks of you?
She thinks he's a retard like everyone else.
Do not use that
word in this house!
It's okay.
Just because Leah says mean
things, doesn't make them so.
What if they are so?
They are.
Watch your nuts,
little squirrel.
Leah told Brittany that I
had been in institutions.
That I had killed people.
Have I?
Leah will say anything.
You don't have the most
supportive sister in the world.
Who are you calling?
Your phone.
Mom! Come on, Mom.
No, please.
Penelope Bryte.
Done with a knife,
just like the others.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, Frank!
Keeps going to voicemail.
She's with Brandon.
How did you know that?
I just do.
Time for presents.
Well, this is a first.
I don't give gifts
just to give them, May.
Gifts should mean something.
Happy sweet 16th.
What is it?
Open it.
I don't understand.
Go to your room, now!
What did I do?
Just go!
No, leave
that thing here.
Leah gave it to me,
so I guess it's mine.
How could you?
Somebody's got
to bust his cherry.
I'm sorry to hit you.
But you deserve it.
Your friends
are calling, May.
They want you at the
church so you can all lie
to each other again.
You know? How God works in mysterious ways
and how everything
works out for the good
if you just keep
repeating the lies.
Like, "The Ripper's dead,
he's not coming back."
Would it kill you to look at
things positively just once, Leah?
You're scared
of being human.
You get your friends
to do your dirty work.
You're still in
high school at 19
because you're too chicken-shit
to get on with your life.
You hide behind what
should be dead and buried.
Like you hide
behind me and Bug?
And my mother?
No, I did what I did to save
Bug from what you've become.
And because my sister
had more heart and courage
on any given day than you have
had in your whole miserable life!
Fuck you, May.
Fuck you, too!
Thanks, Leah.
That felt good.
Why do you hate me? I've
never done anything to you.
You've ruined my life!
That's what you've done,
you little shit!
I will tell you why,
From the moment
you were born
everything went
to shit for me!
You were the miracle baby,
and I was the
painful reminder!
You got to live
in this dream
and I got stuck in
a fucking nightmare!
I am sick to death
of your innocence!
It is an insult to me!
Why am I innocent?
You are so clueless,
it is stunning!
Tell me.
Do you know
who your father was?
May said that
he loved us very much.
But who was he?
I don't know.
He died in a car crash.
On the way to the
hospital to be with May
when she was
having you, right?
What a sad,
yet beautiful story.
Have you ever asked yourself why
May doesn't ever talk about him?
Or why there isn't a single fucking
picture of him around the house?
Maybe it's too painful.
Do you know who
Abel Plenkov was?
The Riverton Ripper?
Besides that?
Take a look
in the mirror, Bug.
Remember how much
I loved you, Leah.
Leah, unlock
the door for Daddy.
Leah, don't!
Don't listen to him!
Get out of my way!
Now you're
going to get it!
Open the door, you little bitch!
Get over here.
We got a live fetus.
the door
for Daddy!
You did good, Mama.
We'll take good care
of your boy.
Go away.
Open the door, Leah.
Do you want to die?
Get out of my room!
We're even.
Where did you get that?
There's a revolution
going on, Fang.
Is Leah okay?
Leah's fine.
Are you? You look...
I know you're
not my mother.
Bug, I'm so sorry.
I never meant...
I hope you know
something, too.
That you are my mom.
That one you're stuck with,
like it or not.
Fang, you still there?
Are you still there?
Are you okay?
Maria just called.
They found Jay Chan
in the river this morning.
Penelope Bryte near
the old ambulance.
Brandon and Brittany
in the woods nearby.
I was a total shit to
her today, and she's dead.
How can that be?
You know how that can be, May.
Our father is still alive.
Let's wait to see
what really happened.
What's really
happening, May,
he's killing his way
through the Riverton Seven.
He'll get Jerome, and Dunkelman,
and then he'll come for us.
We'll go to the church
and be with the others.
I'll go to church
with you, May.
But this is the last time.
And I'm sorry,
but I had to tell him.
I'll get the car
and be out front.
Get Bug, okay?
I figured you'd come.
Really? Have you heard?
I've heard.
I've heard a lot.
The Riverton Ripper,
Abel Plenkov?
He was my father.
That I know.
You do?
The parents of all
the seven know.
I think I'm the only kid.
My mother told me
the day she died.
Why didn't anyone tell me?
Sorry, we thought
you were too...
I don't know.
I guess.
Well, I'm not anymore.
Yeah. I can see that.
Who beat you up?
Penelope sent me
a letter.
A love letter?
She wrote to warn me that
he'd be coming back for us.
My father.
She had a source.
Oh, yeah.
She say anything else?
She said that there are two
ways that he can come from.
if he survived 16 years ago, then
he'll come back as Abel Plenkov.
Option two?
Option two is he did die
and his soul
went into one of the seven kids
who were born the night he died.
Hopped the nearest bus.
In this version, he's one
of us killing all the rest.
Attack from the
unexpected direction.
There's not many of us left
to be unexpected, though.
You, me and Jerome.
Jerome's not a
very good candidate.
So, you or me.
That's option two.
I like option one better.
Makes more sense.
The Ripper who
was stabbed and shot
had a little fender-bender,
ended up in the river, no biggie.
He patched himself up
with stuff from the ambulance.
Survives on acorns
and crawfish for 16 years.
So he just crawled
out of the river
in a rotting overcoat
to take his revenge.
I'll just call the cops and
tell them to keep an eye out
for the Unabomber's
evil twin.
Or not.
What's that?
The biggest knife
I could find in the kitchen.
What would you say
if I told you I was
going to kill you, Alex?
I'd say you weren't.
Why not?
Because you're
my best friend.
You're Bug.
Now you ask me.
You don't think
I could kill somebody?
You'd be wrong, Bug.
Dead wrong.
You killed Penelope
and Jay?
And the others?
Of course not.
I killed my stepfather.
You killed Quint?
He was drunk.
He hit me.
For the first time in my life,
I hit him back.
Fell down the steps
and broke his stupid neck.
Alex, it's okay, okay?
No, it's not okay!
What I did... It's not okay for everybody
to be killing each
other all the time!
You don't want
something to drink?
You got rat poison?
No, we just ran
out of rat poison.
I'm going to go get you water.
What is this?
Alex, I'll be right...
Son of a bitch!
Drop the knife, Bug.
Kick it over to me.
I'm sorry, I thought
you were somebody else.
Get your hands up.
Walk slow.
Why are you
pointing that at me?
That is far enough.
Your phone was found next to
Brittany Cunningham's body.
It fell into her
purse at school.
That was an accident.
You can ask my mom.
Your mom is why
I have to arrest you, Bug.
Stay there.
I was there
when they cut you out
of your mother, Bug.
You were the one thing that made
the whole bloody mess bearable.
A fucking...
Something bright in the dark.
And ever since,
for all of us that were there,
Bug, that's what you've been.
Fuck. How could you do this?
I didn't.
Hold out your hands, son.
Where's my sister?
Why don't you tell me?
It's time.
They never should've cut
you out of your dead mother.
What happened
to your wings, angel?
Fucking piece of shit!
Where is the knife?
Shut the fuck up.
Shut up.
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
It's not as bad
as it looks.
How did you get away?
I was already in the car.
I came inside just to see where
May was, and I found her dead.
I knew that fucker
would come for us.
Maybe he's gone.
No, no, no.
Let's go.
I think we should...
Die! Die! Die!
I saved you
for last!
Leah, call the cops.
Son of a bitch!
Hey. Leah, I need you to get the lights on.
Get out of the house, get to
the neighbors and call the cops.
You think you
can do that for me?
What are you going to do?
I'm going to give
that fucker a 10.
Make it a 20.
Jerome! Jerome,
stop it! Jerome!
Hey, hey! Hey!
The Ripper's up here, Bug.
Watch out.
It's okay, Jerome.
He's gone, all right?
What are you doing here? You're
supposed to be at the church.
Alex called me. He said all
three of us should be together.
Watch each other's backs.
I was halfway
through the window
when the Ripper stabbed me.
How did he get up here?
He must have come up
the rope like I did.
I passed out on the roof,
and then I came to
and I heard fighting.
Was that you?
Him and me. Yeah, it was.
He was kicking my ass, too.
I tried calling the cops
but I knocked over something,
and then I heard him
coming for me,
so I ducked
for the closet.
You saved my life, Jerome.
I did?
Yeah, he was going to kill me,
and then you distracted him.
Dude, it's going to be okay.
Help is coming, all right?
You fought the Ripper, Bug.
You're a hero,
like I told you.
I'm not a hero,
Jerome. I'm just...
What the fuck
happened to you?
What happened to Jerome?
He's dead.
The Ripper got him.
A lot's happened since
you've been gone, Alex.
Where did you disappear to?
I saw Paterson
pulling up outside.
I ran. I hid in the woods.
Then I heard gunshots,
so I came back.
I was afraid he shot
you or something.
Where is he, anyway?
Downstairs. He's dead.
What happened?
The Ripper happened.
He killed Mom, too.
I can't believe this.
You went to get me
a glass of water
and now your mom, Paterson,
and Jerome are dead?
Where were you?
I ran into Penelope.
Penelope is dead, Bug.
I saw her in the
bathroom mirror.
She brought me Ripper's knife,
and she made me take it.
Then I heard
something downstairs
and I went to come check
on you, and you were gone.
Paterson wasn't after you.
He was after me.
He thought that I killed Brittany and my Mom.
It was the Ripper.
And where is the Ripper now?
I guess he got away
out my window.
Or went out Leah's.
Hers is open, too.
And he tried to stab me
to death with his...
Stab you with what?
With his knife.
I thought you had his knife.
I did, but...
Did you kill them, Bug?
No, I...
I didn't kill anybody.
Not that you remember.
Bug, I got to tell
you something.
And don't get upset.
My mom told me this.
Your father
was first diagnosed with
schizophrenia when he was 16.
Just like you are now.
What are you saying?
It's hereditary. Plus, you
were in your dead Mom forever.
Oxygen deprivation.
It can make you crazy, too.
Maybe all this stuff
you've been describing
didn't happen exactly
the way you're saying it did.
You think I'm crazy?
No, I don't know
what I think.
But I'm not walking away. I've
stuck by you through everything.
Through nightmares and
migraines, hell, puking vultures
when everybody else was
calling you a ticking time bomb.
So, if you're not innocent
anymore, that's okay.
I mean, I killed my stepfather
tonight. I'm no angel, either.
I'm not innocent
anymore, Alex.
Not with all of them
inside me now.
With who inside you?
The rest of the
Riverton Seven.
Even Jerome.
All their souls
are with me now.
Bug, maybe you should sit down
and take a few deep breaths.
You think I'm crazy?
I'm actually a lot smarter
than I was yesterday.
Let me ask you a question.
Why is there blood
on your left ear?
The top.
Almost like you were hit
with a vase or something.
Brandon told me
to look for that.
Bug, you are
officially bat-shit nuts.
I scraped it
climbing up the roof.
Come on,
let's get real, here.
Jay says that Ripper's
getup was a costume for sure.
Oh, and Brittany
has run a timeline.
You would've had
enough time to kill Mom
and put the knife
in the bathroom sink
while I was hiding under the bed
and Leah was outside in the car.
And if Jerome came
through the window
when I was in the bathroom
getting you water,
you would've had time to stab him,
and go downstairs and kill Paterson.
You might have
tried to kill me, too.
- Fuck.
- But if you'd heard Jerome upstairs,
you would've had to get up
there before he called the cops.
I could've killed you
off earlier, remember?
Bug, you've watched one too
many Law and Order reruns.
I'm a little guy.
You could beat me up
in, like, 10 seconds.
Unless you had
the bad soul in you.
And then you would fight
like you were possessed.
Can't fucking believe you.
You're Adam Plenkov!
The son of a mass murderer!
Everybody in your house,
and all your friends, except
me, have been murdered.
If there's a bad soul
here, you have it.
And you got it
from your father.
Maybe you have
been in institutions.
Maybe you have killed people,
just in your last life.
But you're too stupid
and blind to see that.
Maybe they'll find
your Ripper costume
buried along with
your stupid condor outfit.
And they will come
for you with torches.
I didn't bury any Ripper
costume with my condor.
Somebody did.
You son of a...
Evil doesn't forget
betrayal, Plenkov.
You and the other
sick Dr. Blake got me
and then ran away
like cowards.
Jumped into the first babies
you could hide in.
So I saved you for last.
And I'll kill you now,
or you can say
yes to a deal.
What deal?
Same one I offered your
father, 16 years ago today.
Say yes, and you live. Say
no, and I'll cut your throat.
Say yes to what?
To my happy ending
of Riverton's fairytale.
There was no Ripper.
Just one of the
Riverton Seven
that was a little crazy,
dressed up like the Ripper,
killed your mom, and Paterson,
and four of his birth-mates
before we finally
stopped him.
One of the Riverton Seven?
The one of the seven
with the bad soul.
- The Ripper's soul.
- Jerome?
Great twist, huh? Everybody
will think you were the killer
but it turns out the attack came
from a totally unexpected direction.
You'd lay all this
on Jerome?
He won't mind.
He's dead.
You and me will be
Main-Street heroes
helping each other
forge a new beginning.
Recovering from
our tragic losses.
Friends to the end.
What do you say?
You're pathetic.
I don't even think
you're Alex.
I don't know who you are.
I'm the one that's going to
kill you if you don't say yes.
And then I'll say
you did it.
And I'll be the hero
all by myself.
Leah saw the whole fight.
She'll vouch for me.
Leah doesn't live
through the night.
That's part of
the deal, too.
Whoever or
whatever you are,
get out of Alex. And go back
to hell, where you came from.
I mean it.
But I'll take you with me.
I thought that guy
would never leave.
Where is the biggest
knife in the kitchen?
Where it needs to be.
It's all right, Bug.
Feels great.
Feels fucking great.
Fucking great.
Fly now.
I know you're up there.
And I know we're down here.
Open the door!
Open up!
Open the door!
Open the door now!
I am the condor.
The Keeper of the Souls.
I eat death for breakfast.
I live in a house of blood
and I accept that.
Break it down!
That's all a man can do.
I was ready to be
arrested that night.
I wasn't ready for
what happened instead.
Leah had told
them everything,
and I was celebrated
as a hero.
Don't worry about it, man.
They're on your side.
Alex Dunkelman
killed his stepfather,
a cop, a mother and five
of the Riverton Seven.
Your sister's
right over there.
And I alone had stopped him from killing more.
I didn't feel like
a hero at all.
But if it makes Riverton
feel safe at night,
I'll fake that I'm their hero.
And I'll fake it good.
Alex wouldn't have it
any other way.