My Soul To Keep (2019)

It's hard to fend off the dark.
Especially what hides within it.
I see it sometimes out
of the corner of my eye.
Hear its footsteps,
one behind mine.
I feel it every time
I turn off the lights.
My fear only makes it stronger.
I know what it is.
It's evil.
And the evil I know has a name.
The Burghly Monster.
The Burglary what?
The Burghly Monster.
He collects kids' souls,
and he's after mine.
If he gets my soul,
then he might
come after one of you.
So if I don't show up
for school one day,
you'll know that the
Burghly Monster got me.
Yes, Hillary.
I think I need
to go to the bathroom.
You may be excused.
Eli, put your drawings
on my desk.
You go first, I go last.
Tell my ears anything.
- Unicorn.
- Puppy.
- Cat.
- Dog.
Hurry, I'm coming.
- Bug.
- Bat.
- Marmot.
- Owl.
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!
Hey, Eli, what the hell
were you thinking?
Emily said that if I warned
everybody about the Burghly Monster,
he might leave me alone
and go after someone else.
Dude, it was show and tell.
It doesn't have to be so heavy.
Emily is clearly making it up.
Just think about it.
The Burghly Monster.
That's a super lame name
for a monster.
Come on.
Sam, the name's not important.
I felt him.
He hides behind the furnace
and uses the vents
to get around the house.
He watches me.
I think he's after my soul.
Dude, you got issues.
He's real.
So, what time's your mom
picking us up?
She and my dad are in
with Miss Perry.
Oh, man. You can kiss
your weekends goodbye.
We appreciate your concern,
Miss Perry.
To be honest, I still don't
know what the big deal is.
So he told a ghost story,
and a little girl crapped her pants?
The big deal, Mr. Braverman,
is that Eli felt the need to
tell myself and the entire class
that he's being stalked by
something "evil" in your basement.
Now, these
subconscious associations
are usually indicative
of a bigger problem.
But there haven't been any
problems for a long time.
Are there any issues at home?
With the marriage?
Perhaps it's a result
of the change in medication.
I mean no disrespect,
Mr. and Mrs. Braverman...
he's starting to feel like himself again.
We took him off the meds,
because we don't think he's
got BPD in the first place.
I mean, these aren't some kind
of subconscious manifestations.
There's real talent here.
We should be encouraging this.
I'm not denying
his talent, Mr. Braverman,
but that could be the problem.
Eli may be seeking refuge
in his imagination.
It might be a good time
for a clinical reevaluation.
I can set up an appointment
with the school therapist.
Oh, we... You mean,
you're not accredited?
That won't be necessary.
All right? We'll monitor his
TV, we'll watch what he eats.
Limit the sugar. All right?
This won't happen again.
These kinds of drawings
cannot be taken lightly.
I feel they are indicative
of one of two things.
Either Eli is working through
some traumatic childhood event,
or you have a monster
living in your basement.
Yeah, that's the Matrix
of Leadership.
If you take that out,
he's just Hot Rod.
But if you leave it in,
he becomes Rodimus Prime.
- Take it out?
- No. No.
We got to keep it in.
This guy is, like,
a super awesome Transformer.
Like the best I've ever seen.
He just seems boring.
- What do you mean?
- Hey, guys!
Hey, dude,
your girlfriend's coming.
She's not my girlfriend.
Fine, your stalker's coming.
- Hi, Eli.
- Hey, Hillary.
Eli, I believe you.
I think the Burghly
Monster's after me, too.
I don't know. How could he be
after both of us at the same time?
He's a monster, Eli.
He doesn't have rules.
I've been hearing strange
noises under my bed
and having trouble
breathing at night.
Do you keep your lights on?
He's afraid of the light.
No. My mom won't let me.
But I found a way to stay safe.
I recite the same prayer
every night.
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
If you say that every night
before you go to bed,
then nothing can get you.
Thanks, Hillary.
- Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Braverman.
- Hi, Sam. Hey, bud.
Hi, Mom. Hey, Dad.
Hey, Sam, did you have
anything to do with this?
No, Mr. Braverman.
Not this one. I swear.
- Eli?
- I don't want to talk about it.
I thought we were done with
all the Burghly Monster business.
We are.
Then why would you
curse the entire class?
Mr. Braverman, it was Emily.
She tricked him into doing it.
- Eli, is that true?
- Yeah.
Some of these are worth framing.
Hold onto them, okay?
All right, boys,
what do you say we blow
this Popsicle stand?
Nobody says that anymore,
Mr. Braverman.
What time is your mom
picking you up again?
I think she said around 6:00.
That's not a lot of time.
We've got to get going. Come on!
We'll be in my workshop.
- He seems okay to me.
- She's out of control.
She's just concerned about Eli.
Are we afraid
to call her by name now?
The only evil
possessing this house
is in the form of
that 16-year-old girl.
Emily is not
the only one to blame here.
- You are, too.
- Me?
Yes, you. It's your dumb story.
The Burghly Monster.
It was a dumb story,
but I didn't tell it to him.
she's your daughter, too.
I'd like to see them run
the tests on that one again.
Dude, this thing is killer.
You never told me
you got a drone!
Yeah, I just got it.
Want to see
something even cooler?
Set it down on the table.
Whoa! Dude, that was awesome.
This... changes... everything.
You little...
Come back here, you pervert!
No, dude. Left! Bottom! Go!
Dude, come on. We got to get
out of here. Quick, kill the lights.
I'm coming for you.
I'm gonna break
every munchkin bone
in your worthless munchkin body.
I know you're in here.
You're next.
Dude, that was close.
I can't believe
she didn't see us.
She looked right at us.
She's in the shower,
we got like 20 minutes. Quick, sign in.
- No, you do it.
- Don't be a chicken.
You're a dead man.
I'm already dead.
Yeah, but I don't want this
on my conscience.
Are you sure it was worth it?
Totally. Emily's a bitch.
Hey, look!
We already got one view,
and a comment!
Are you kidding me?
She's totally stalking you, bro.
I got to go.
Wanna Facechat later?
Can't. Mom's got me on lockdown.
I told you how to
clear your browser.
What can I say? I like boobies.
- Walkies?
- Sure.
Tell your parents I said bye.
Hey, Eli!
Peace out.
Just like new.
Eli! Time for dinner.
You're gonna screw up
your calorie count.
Fifty sit-ups,
and it'll be like it never happened.
Eli, can you
turn that off, please?
Yeah, buddy.
You got to come back to the real
world from time to time. Come on.
If you say so.
You are an animal!
A disgusting little pig!
- Hey!
- Look what he did!
He's a little pervert.
He put this on the web!
All of my friends
are going to see it.
I'm gonna have to
be home-schooled.
Okay, relax with the drama.
Let me see.
I... There's only
five hits on this.
He tagged it,
"Sister Gone Wild."
If that goes viral,
the whole world is going to see it.
- Oh, God!
- Take it down!
- Mom!
- Enough.
All right, Eli, take it down.
There. It's gone.
No computers, no video games,
nothing digital for a month.
That's not fair!
Don't look at me, bud.
I can't help you out with this one.
That's it? A few weeks without video games?
Are you kidding me?
Don't let them fool you.
You're not normal.
You never will be.
Look at me. Get upstairs.
Truth hurts.
Yeah, it's gonna hurt worse.
Get upstairs. This is mine.
You all right, big guy?
You know she didn't mean it.
Yes, she did.
No, she didn't. She's...
She's just being Emily.
You know you can't
antagonize her like that.
But she tricked me into telling the
whole class about the Burghly Monster.
- You know what?
- What?
You're right.
This is a really scary basement.
Maybe I should finish it.
Reminds me of the basement I
grew up in when I was a kid.
- And guess what.
- What?
I thought the Burghly Monster
lived in my basement, too.
I know. Emily told me.
And now he's after me.
Emily said that
just to scare you.
Like your Uncle Kevin
and Uncle Gary.
They made him up to scare me.
I don't even know where they
came up with that stupid name.
Dad, the Burghly Monster
did come after you.
No, he didn't, buddy. I'm sorry.
That was a story I told Emily
just to get her to behave.
It's not real.
He's real. I can feel him.
When I turn off the lights,
it's like I've opened a door for him.
Calm down.
Okay? Take a deep breath.
All right.
Do you really think
there's anything
that I wouldn't do
to protect you?
I will turn on
every light in this house.
I will go put giant floodlights
out in the front lawn,
and I'll point them
in every direction.
But you know what?
That's not going
to stop the fear.
So, let's say that there is
a Burghly Monster, big deal.
The only thing you need to be concerned
with is the light you have inside you.
Right here.
Wow. Your light is strong.
How do you know?
'Cause I'm your dad.
Does everyone have this light?
Even Emily?
Yeah, hers just isn't
that bright right now.
I'll tell you what,
we're going to test this out. Okay?
I want you to stay right here,
and we are going to count to 10.
No, Dad.
- Yes, it's just 10 seconds.
- No.
Okay? I'm going to be at the
top of the stairs, waiting.
You can do this.
Remember, buddy,
you're a Braverman.
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
What's going on, buddy?
Can I watch TV with you guys?
I'm sorry. I won't even watch,
I'll just sit in the room.
You know, to be fair,
the sentence should
officially commence tomorrow,
seeing that it happened
so late in the day today.
Who are you, his attorney?
No talking. No snacks.
Bed by 11:00.
Only one kernel.
degrees was the high today.
That's about average
for this time of year.
Now, as we look
to our satellite,
you can see we're in for some late
night storm activity tomorrow night.
For all you sky watchers
out there,
NASA's warning of some light
solar flare activity this weekend.
Now, depending on
the cloud cover,
that should make for
a spectacular light show.
There is a small chance they could
disrupt satellite communications
and cause small
power fluctuations,
so keep your flashlights handy.
We'll be back with your
seven-day forecast after this.
If you switch to OxiClean spray,
the power of oxygen makes tough
stains disappear on contact.
On red wine, chocolate ice
cream, even blueberry.
It works better
than the leading spray.
For a limited time,
get 46% more free.
OxiClean gets
the tough stains out.
Sweet dreams, buddy.
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
Help! Help!
- Help! Help!
- Get off of him!
Stop! It's me!
Emily! What the hell
are you doing?
Taking away his video games
isn't going to teach him
to leave me alone!
This will!
You forgot to
leave the lights on.
I know. I'm sorry.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Are you purposely trying
to scar him for life?
That was borderline psychotic.
So was what he did to me.
I feel violated.
Then to see that posted online.
Oh, stop. It was
an innocent prank.
It wasn't that innocent.
I agree. He had no right
to record you,
but he's your little brother.
You know how much he's
been through this past year.
You're right. I went too far.
I'll take him out for
ice cream and apologize.
That would be nice.
Just do me a favor.
When you're done,
leave the lights on.
Facebook's up $10.
I should have bought in
when you told me to.
- What is that?
- What?
Hand over the iPad.
When you're done with
breakfast, go grab the rest.
Hi, Mrs. Braverman.
Can Eli come out and play?
Sam! How did you get here?
I rode my bike.
That's a really long ride.
Eh. It wasn't too bad.
Does your mom know you're here?
She's still sleeping.
She had a late
work night last night.
Ah. Okay.
Well, we'll call her in a little
bit, let her know you're here.
Eli, guess who's here.
Sam. You'll never believe
what happened.
Hold up, everyone.
You are supposed to be grounded.
Come on, Mom.
Have you eaten anything yet?
Uh, a little.
Kitchen. You, shower.
Come on.
I found this video on how
to make ectoplasm.
Hey, at least clear my browser.
Oh, no.
She knows where you live.
She's not that bad.
- Hey, Hillary.
- Eli, are you okay?
I think the Burghly Monster
came for me last night.
Hillary, you can't just pretend to
see something just to be my friend.
I'm not pretending.
I have proof.
Here, read these.
I think the Burghly Monster
was a real man.
"A lumber baron heir, R.I.
Burghly was arrested late last night"
"after mounds of charred limbs"
"were discovered in the
furnace of Burghly Lumber."
Read the next one.
"The charred body
of R.I. Burghly"
"was found in his cell
New Year's Day."
"The prison guards could not
identify the source of the fire."
Analysis complete.
You're both crazy.
Sam, you got to listen.
This is serious.
Burghly Lumber used to be
here in West Bloomfield.
It was turned into
a huge nursery.
I think that's where
it all started.
I got to go.
My mom's waiting. Bye.
Man, and I thought
you had issues.
We've got to go check this out.
I thought he lived
in your basement?
Sam, this could be a source.
A source of what?
You know this is crazy, right?
Emily's behind all of it.
I'm not crazy.
There's something to this.
Can't you just
tell your mom and dad?
They'll put an end
to all of this.
No. They won't.
They'll just put me
back on those pills again.
That might not be a bad idea.
Do you even know
what you're looking for?
I'll know it when I see it.
Hey, wait up.
Dude, check this out!
What's up, goat?
- Don't hurt me.
- I'm gonna go check on the goats.
Hey, you boys interested
in some goat's milk?
No, sir.
Well, then the nursery's
down that way.
Hey, mister, you ever hear
of Burghly Lumber?
Burghly Lumber?
Be careful, kids. We don't use
that name around here anymore.
As the story goes,
that old man Burghly
killed the kids here.
Didn't happen here.
He liked to run the saws.
Chopped the kids into pieces,
like chicken.
Then he'd bring
what was left back here,
got rid of the evidence.
Twelve kids later,
there was nothing.
No skin, no bones,
not even a tooth.
It was like
they all disappeared.
When I was a kid,
around you boys' age,
one of my friends
come up missing.
He came to the furnace
and climbed in,
and he never came out.
So, he died in the furnace?
Wanna poke your head in and see?
Here, let's see if
you can wake him up.
Throw it in.
You won't even hear a sound.
Huh, guess he's not home.
Come on. Don't be chicken.
I'm not a chicken.
That guy just
freaked me out a little.
Yeah. He's just old.
Besides, I'm with you.
Stop. I've seen this movie.
It's just going to explode.
Come on.
Man. You got a lot
of junk down here.
What is this?
It's a family relic. Be careful.
So, this is where
the big BM lives.
No. He lives over there,
by the furnace.
I wanna meet him.
It's practically summer.
Why's your furnace even running?
It's always running.
This thing is like
100 years old.
Sam, look.
That's impossible.
Anyone home?
Sam, let's get out of here.
Don't do it.
- Eli!
- Yeah?
- Excuse me?
- Yes?
Video games, laptop, any electronic
thingamajig goes in this bin.
- Right now?
- Yeah. Right now. Hop to it.
Eli, hurry up.
I don't have all day.
No. I don't hate him.
I actually like him.
Problem is he reminds me
of me when I was his age.
That's what scares me.
Dominic's a safe driver, okay?
If I can hear it a mile down
the road, you shouldn't be riding in it.
- Hey, buddy.
- Heads up.
I don't know what
you slipped Sam,
but he didn't say a peep,
like, the whole way home.
I didn't do anything.
I got your favorite.
Vanilla caramel fudge.
Why are you being nice to me?
Because I love you.
What's going on?
Your mother and I
are going out tonight,
and Emily has agreed that she's
going to stay here and babysit,
because it's part
of her punishment.
It'll be fun.
We'll watch a movie or something.
I don't know.
Figure out what you want to do.
I'm gonna go shower.
She actually bought you
an ice cream.
It's got to be
a record or something.
You can't leave me
alone with her.
She's gonna kill me.
Nobody's going to kill you, bud.
What have I
told you about girls?
That they're crazy.
And you really think I'm going to
leave you home alone with Mrs. Burghly?
No. I called Dominic.
He's gonna come
and "babysit" Emily.
- Really?
- Yeah.
But I don't want any
funny business tonight.
You're my eyes and ears, okay?
You got to keep an eye on him.
I will. Dominic's awesome.
He's okay. Are we good?
That a boy.
Make sure you eat your
ice cream before it melts.
- Hey, Dad?
- Yeah.
Mom's a girl. Is she crazy?
Dad, can you buy me a generator?
I mean, come on. Another night
of video games isn't gonna hurt anybody.
You're such a pushover.
By the way,
you look hot tonight.
Wow, Mom. You look amazing.
"Wow, Mom"? What about me?
You look like
you're going to work.
Do you have your phone, big guy?
Okay, good.
Remember what I said.
If Emily acts up,
you let me know.
In case of emergency,
you go to Mr. Hynous' house.
But Mr. Hynous hates people.
Mr. Hynous doesn't hate
people, just little kids.
But you are my eyes
and ears tonight.
Good boy.
I'm too young
to be a grandfather.
Come on, let's go.
We're gonna be late.
I'll be thinking of you.
Eli, do you copy?
- Are you there?
- Sam!
Are you okay?
I'm sorry I chickened out.
It's okay.
It's just that I felt
what was down there,
and that was way worse
than being scared.
Now do you believe me?
But don't worry, Eli.
We're gonna do this together.
I'm gonna get some professional
help from a rabbi or a priest.
Or a ghost hunter,
like the ones on TV.
I got to go. Dominic's here.
We'll talk later.
Hey, Eli.
We're gonna
bust ourselves a ghost.
Dominic! Come on.
What's up, buddy?
Give me five. To the side.
Down low.
Whoa. You're messin'
with my flow.
So what's the plan?
Candy, video games,
movie, and more candy.
Let's fire it up.
In three, two, one.
- Mmm-hmm?
- I'm good.
She's upstairs
putting on makeup.
You know
she's half zombie, right?
But she's a cute zombie.
Is this one new?
I haven't played this one before.
Yeah. It's epic,
but I suck at it.
- I can't figure out...
- Wow.
Wow. Uh...
I, uh...
I thought we were just
chillin' here tonight?
I'm gonna call Mom,
and you're gonna be grounded forever.
Mom and Dad are crazy if they think
I'm wasting a Saturday night on you.
Sam, help!
Game over, loser.
You okay, buddy?
Now, you stay here
and keep your mouth shut,
or I'm really gonna
make your life a living hell.
Hey, he's just a kid.
We can't leave him here.
You can stay here and
babysit if you want. I'm leaving.
It's just a few hours.
I'll make it up to you.
I'll come by tomorrow.
We'll go for a ride
in the Firebreather.
Sound good?
Let's go.
Be good.
Or the man downstairs
might pay you a visit.
Golem bash.
Mr. Hynous! Mr. Hynous!
Mr. Hynous!
Mr. Hynous!
Mr. Hynous!
Get the
fuck outta the middle of the road.
Quickly. After that
submersible. Yah!
Hey, hey, hey, buddy.
How's it goin' there?
So listen. Me and the guys
here have been talking,
and, well, there's no real easy
way of puttin' this, but, uh...
We're kicking you
out of the ocean, bitch.
We got to go
get this walkie, buddy.
- Good night, my love.
- Good night.
And now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.
Hot Rod, watch my back,
and make sure
the door stays open.
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
Where is it?
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
It should be right here.
Come on. Where are you?
He's gonna wake up. Come on.
Are you there? Do you copy?
You can bust
every light in this house,
but you won't touch
the light inside of me.
Get out!
Or I'll make sure the lights
never go off down here.
Come on. Send. Send. Send.
Can you believe
we actually made it here?
I know. It took like an hour,
but I really like what
they've done with the place.
No. I don't mean here, here.
I mean, okay, come on.
Fifteen years ago,
no way would I have seen us on a VIP list.
Now I...
I think we're socialites.
Do me a favor.
Shoot me right here.
It's Eli.
Is he still alive?
Yeah, and he's kicking butt.
That Dominic never
ceases to amaze me.
He's a good kid.
I don't know what the hell
he's doing with Emily though.
You got to be kidding me.
Sam. Please help.
Hillary? What are you doing here?
The power went out
and I couldn't find my mom.
I heard the Burghly Monster
in my room.
Eli, I don't think you
should go back in your house.
It's hard to breathe.
You're not Hillary.
- Eli?
- Sam!
Don't go back in there.
You're busted.
Eli? Do you copy?
Come back! I need your help!
Sam! Come in, please!
Come back. Sam!
Eli? You there?
Sam! Come back, please.
- Eli!
- Sam!
You need to come with me.
Get out of your house.
Don't worry, I got you.
We've got work to do.
- Sam!
- Eli.
Eli, I... I can't hear you.
The Burghly Monster's
after me. I need help.
Eli, come in.
Sam. Come in.
Sam. Sam.
Where is he?
Damn it.
Mom. Mom, wake up.
- Mmm?
- Mom, I need the passcode to your phone.
What, baby?
I need the passcode
to your phone.
It's late. Go back to bed.
Mom! Eli's in trouble
and he needs help.
Give me the passcode
to your phone.
All right. Give it to me.
Don't play with Mommy's things.
- Elia and Ponto. We don't win.
- Unless you do.
Call 855-75-EP LAW.
911. What's your emergency?
It's my friend.
He's been left home alone.
Can I have your name?
- Sam.
- Hi, Sam. How old are you?
Is there an adult
I can speak to, sweetie?
His name is Eli Braverman.
He lives on 335 Meadow Lane.
Send someone, please.
He's gonna get killed.
Sam. Is there an adult
I can speak...
Get out of my house.
Hang tight, Eli.
There you are.
Sorry, Hot Rod.
It worked. We got him.
West Bloomfield Police Department.
Open the door.
Is anybody home?
Oh, jeez. What did he do now?
My light is strong.
My light is strong.
Just remember the prayer.
What the...
I know you're down here.
Where are you hiding?
How's it feel to be hunted?
I beat him.
My light is strong.
You can't kill me.
But you're already dead, Eli.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Eli, are you home?
Eli, are you there?
You got an update on the witness?
He's still sticking
with his story, Sarge.
Uh, he said he was in contact with
the victim less than an hour ago.
What's forensics say?
They're saying
it's not possible.
Body's been dead
for at least three hours.
Makes sense.
Kid took a hard fall.
Yeah, he did.
Sam, I need your help.
Save me.