My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games (2015)

I got your text, Rainbow Dash.
Did something come
through the portal?
Is Equestrian
Magic on the loose?
Did Twilight come
back with a problem
that only we can solve?
Has a giant cake monster
covered all the cakes
in the world in cake?
Um, not exactly.
Uh, I don't understand.
Well Sunset, I was just
telling Rainbow Dash here
that a broken guitar string
doesn't really qualify
as an emergency.
It totally does!
Really, Rainbow Dash?
I was in the middle of
sewing a very complex
appliqu on my latest frock!
And I was just about
to tuck everyone in
for the night at the shelter.
Now we'll have to start
stories all over again.
Why would you send all
of us an emergency text
for a guitar string?
Well I was going
to pony up and show
our fans some
awesome guitar licks.
But I kinda need all
six strings to do it.
Got any extra?
Here, but everyone
finished practicing
for the day, I'm pretty sure
all the music rooms are locked.
No problem, the
acoustics in the hallway
are perfect for power chords.
Come on, let's go!
You coming, Sunset?
I'll catch up in a bit.
Dear Princess Twilight,
how's life treating
you in Equestria?
Any cool new magic spells?
It's been pretty quiet
here at CHS since
the Battle of the
Bands; We still pony up
when we play music,
which Rainbow Dash
just loves to show off.
But I still can't quite
grasp what it's all about.
I would love to hear
what you think about it
when you get a sec.
Your friend, Sunset Shimmer.
What are you doing?
Who was that?
The Friendship Games
We've come this far and
we're not going back, no way
We can't miss out cause
we're on the attack, attack
Won't have to find us,
we'll be tracking you down.
Right now
And when we're finished
we'll be taking the crown
All the way All the way
All the way to
the Friendship Games
Na, na, na, na, na, oh
Na, na, let's go all the way
All the way All the way
To the Friendship Games
Na, na, na, na, na, Oh
Na, na, let's go
Let's go
We studied hard
and we're here to win
Oh, oh.
We're only telling you once
Our magic comes
from the inside out
What you see's what you get
Don't you ever forget
All the way All the way
All the way to
the Friendship Games
Na, na, na, na, na, Oh
Na, na, let's go all the way
All the way to
the Friendship Games
Na, na, na, na, na, Oh
Na, na, let's go
Na, na, na, na, na, Oh
Na, na, let's go
Na, na, na, na, na, Oh
Na, na, let's go
She was definitely
doing something
to the statue, or was going to.
Do you think she came through
the portal from Equestria?
No, I'm pretty sure
I would've noticed that.
I think she was from over here.
Well that's a relief.
The last thing we need is
another magical so-and-so
bent on world domination
coming over from Equestria.
I have no interest in
another fight against
the powers of evil magic.
The wear and tear on my wardrobe
is just too much
to keep up with.
Still, a mysterious figure
snooping around the portal?
Don't you want to know
what she was up to?
I don't even want to guess.
Well you don't have to, because
I've totally figured
out who it was.
Oh, a nighttime statue cleaner?
A magical portal
maintenance maintainer?
A gardner?
Seeing as how
they got off a bus
from the city, and
got back on a bus
headed to the city,
I'll bet they go to...
Crystal Prep.
With the Friendship
Games starting tomorrow
they totally tried to
prank us by defacing
the Wondercolt statue.
Why would anyone take a bus
all the way from
the city for that?
Because the Crystal
Prep Shadowbolts
are our biggest rivals.
Because that's
just what the students
of Crystal Prep would do!
Because even though
they heat us in everything:
Soccer, tennis, golf,
they still have to gloat!
Seems kinda silly to me.
So I guess you think the
Friendship Games are silly too?
Well it's not like
we'll he fighting
the powers of evil magic.
No, we'll be fighting against
a school full of meanies.
Not everything has to he
magical to be important.
You're right, I'm sorry.
I know it's a big deal.
Woo, that's putting
it mildly, darling.
They're still revamping the
playing field in preparation.
I just don't understand
why there's this big rivalry.
Aren't the Friendship
Games supposed to be about
our two schools getting along?
Well it's kinda hard
to get along with someone
who beats you at everything.
Nut anymore!
This time things are
gonna he different.
What do you mean?
Oh, you'll find out.
As I am sure you all know,
tomorrow Canterlot High School
will he hosting
our fellow students
from Crystal Prep Academy
as we join together
in the spirit
of excellence, sportsmanship,
and fidelity to compete
in the Friendship Games.
Since the games only
happen every four years
I'm sure you're all
curious what goes on.
You mean other than us losing?
And that is
exactly why I've asked.
Rainbow Dash to come
up and give you all
a little, um, context.
Thank you Principal Celestia.
I know a lot of you might think
there's no way we
can beat a fancy
school like Crystal
Prep at anything.
Unless it's a Losing to
Crystal Prep competition,
because we're
really good at that.
And I know that
CHS has never won
the Friendship Games even once.
Oh dear, I hope
this speech isn't meant
to he motivational.
Crystal Prep students
are super athletic,
super smart, and
super motivated.
But there's one
thing they aren't:
They aren't Wondercolts!
We fought magic more than once
And come out on top Ah
There's other schools but
none can make those claims
Na, na, na, na.
Together we are Canterlot
Come and cheer our name
This will be our
year to win these games
We'll always be Wondercolts
And now our time
has finally arrived
Cause we believe in the magic
Of friendship
And you know at
the end of the day
It is we who survive
We're not the
school we were before
Yeah, we're different now.
We overcame the
obstacles we faced
Overcame the
obstacles we faced
We're Canterlot, united Unite
We'll never bow Hey, hey
So get ready to
see us in first place
We'll always be Wondercolts
And now our time
has finally arrived
Our time is now
Cause we believe in
the magic of friendship
And we know at
the end of the day
It is we who survive
At the end of the day
It is we who survive
Na, na, na, na, na, na.
Wondercolts united together
Na, na, na, na, na, na.
Wondercolts united forever
We'll always be
Wondercolts forever
Wondercolts united together
And now our time
has finally arrived
Wondercolts united forever
Cause we believe in
the magic of friendship
Wondercolts united together
And we know at
the end of the day
It is we who survive
At the end of the day
It is we who survive
Oh, Rainbow Dash,
that was amazing!
Even I feel like we can win.
I feel like my school
pride is at an all-time high!
Is anybody else
wondering how Dash
ponied up without
playing her guitar?
I know, right?
It's probably because
I'm so awesome!
I mean you are awesome,
but there's gotta he more
to it than that, right?
It just seems so random.
Well it would be
nice if you girls
could get a handle on it.
We'd like to keep
magic as far away
from the Friendship
Games as possible.
We don't want to be
accused of cheating.
We don't need magic to defeat
those hoity-toity
Crystal Preppers!
Still, the Friendship
Games are serious business.
We don't want any surprises.
Especially the kind that
could cause us to forfeit.
Sunset Shimmer,
you came here from
a world of magic, perhaps
you can get to the bottom
of our magical development.
I'll do my best.
Okay, anybody have any guesses
what the events are gonna be?
Pie eating? Cake eating?
Pie-cake eating!
They won't even let
us see what they're doing
to the field, you'd think
they'd at least tell competitors
what they're competing in!
It could be anything.
How will I ever pick
the right outfit?
I really want to help, but
I think I better go focus on
figuring out why
Rainbow Dash ponied up.
See ya later!
Seems like she's got
everything under control.
Nothing to worry about.
Hey Twilight,
haven't heard back from you yet.
I guess you must he pretty busy
with your role as Princess.
I could really use
your advice right now.
You see, I've been giving
the job of keeping magic
under control here at CHS,
even though I still haven't
quite wrapped my head around
it, and now after seeing.
Rainbow Dash pony
up the way she did,
it makes me think
our magic might be
Everyone is looking to
me to figure things out
and I really don't
want to let them down.
But I'm not sure I
have enough experience
with friendship
magic to solve this.
Excuse me.
Pardon me!
There you are.
Okay, okay-
Last night's field test
confirmed it, Spike.
With this device I
can track and contain
the bizarre energy coming
from Canterlot High!
I know you didn't like
me going over there,
but I just couldn't wait!
And soon I'll have
all the time I need.
All of Crystal Prep
is gonna be there
for the Friendship Games.
I just hope all that
rivalry nonsense
doesn't get in the
way of my research!
If I can collect enough
data on these EM frequencies
I should be able to
extrapolate the waveforms
to determine their origin!
That would practically
guarantee my entrance
into the Everton
Independent Study Program!
Twilight, you know
the rules against pets.
Well Spike isn't
a pet, Dean Cadance.
He's the focus of
my research project.
Human-canine can-habitation
effects and implications.
If you say so.
But Principal Cinch
is highly allergic,
so I suggest you put
on a clean shirt.
Because she wants to see you.
Oh, maybe she has news about
my application to Everton!
I've been meaning to
talk to you about that.
Are you sure that's
what you really want?
Why wouldn't it be?
A program that
allows me to focus
all my attention
on my own advanced
math and science projects?
What a dream come true!
But there aren't any
classrooms with other students.
You'll be doing
everything on your own.
That is why it's called
an independent study program.
I just don't want you
to miss out on anything,
that's all.
Being around other
people isn't a bad thing.
Sometimes it's how you learn
the most about yourself.
I guess.
Meet you in
Principal Cinch's office
in a few minutes?
What's she so worried about?
Everton is exactly
what I need right now.
It's not like I have anything
left to learn at Crystal Prep.
I've walked through
all these halls before
I've been in and
out of every door
There's nothing in this school
That I don't know
In every class
my grade's the best
The highest
score on every test
I think that means
it's time for me
To go.
I know there's
more that's out there
And I just
haven't found it yet
I know there's
more that's out there
Another me I haven't met
This school is full of people
But still I don't belong
They only dream of winning
Look at me like
something's wrong.
Maybe I'm better off alone
Will I find what
I'm looking for
If I just do it on my own
I know there's
more that's out there
Something to fill
this hole inside.
I know there's
more that's out there
And I'm not afraid to try
There's only so much
this school can offer
And I'm not saying
that it's wrong
But I know there's
more that's out there
Cause I've been
searching all along.
Beyond these rooms
Beyond these walls
So much to learn
I can't see it all
There's something out there
Calling me
And it's a mystery
That I can't wait to see
Cause I know there's
more that's out there
Another place, another way
And I know there's
more that's out there
And I'll find out someday
I'll find out someday
Shining Armor?
Why is my brother here?
As an alumni, Principal Cinch
thought he could provide
some unique perspective.
Perspective on what?
Why, the Friendship
Games, of course.
You competed in the games,
did you not Shining Armor?
I did.
And do you happen
to recall who won?
Crystal Prep did.
We always win.
We always win.
Why did you ask to see me?
Twilight, I'll he honest,
it doesn't matter whether or not
Crystal Prep wins or loses.
The important thing is
that we are expected to win
because Crystal Prep
has a reputation,
and it is that
reputation, my reputation,
that is responsible for
everything we have here,
for everything you've done here.
And you've done quite
a lot, haven't you?
- I don't know. I guess.
- Oh, don't be modest.
You're the best student
this school as ever seen.
What I can't understand
is why my best student
wouldn't want to compete.
In the Friendship Games?
Look Twighly, I know
it's not really your thing,
but representing the school
is kind of a big deal.
Plus, they could
really use your help.
It seems Canterlot High
is undergoing something
of a renaissance;
Test scores are up,
grades, even athletics
are on the rise.
You see, they are
developing somewhat
of a reputation.
This cannot happen.
Principal Cinch, I
can't possible participate
in the games, my
work here is very-
Ah, yes. Your work.
Cadance, could you
and Shining Armor
find my contact sheet for the
Everton Independent
Study Program?
Of course.
I understand you've applied.
You see, one of the advantages
of having a reputation
is a certain amount of
influence in such things.
So, let me offer you a deal.
In return for contributing
your agile mind to these games
I will use my influence to
guarantee your application
is approved.
Though, I suppose I
could also have it
What do you think I should do?
Come on, Spike.
I was always gonna
go to Canterlot High
for the Friendship Games.
The only difference now
is that I have to compete.
Besides, it's not like
Principal Cinch gave me
much of a choice.
I know Spike, I
don't like it either.
I probably won't
he able to collect
anywhere near as much
data as I thought!
But maybe I can still get some.
Spike, I wouldn't
leave without you!
Just remember to be quiet.
And try not to shed.
Dean Cadance, I'm not
really sure where to go.
One second, Twilight.
You could try
the end of the line.
What did you say?
Just that someone
as smart as you
should definitely go first.
I didn't mean to.
I was just asking.
This is the
right bus, Twilight.
Go ahead.
But I didn't mean
to cut in front...
Yeah, well it's too late now.
Are we gonna win?
- I, I don't know.
- Wrong answer, try again!
Are we gonna win?
Um, I guess?
It's just, I mean,
I heard that CHS
is doing well now.
With their reputation.
And, I mean, it's
not better than ours,
of course, but we
can't let them do it,
you know, win I mean, right?
You're gonna
have to take a seat.
- Hi Sugarcoat.
- That was a really bad speech.
You should consider
not speaking in public.
Well Spike, at least
I've got you with me.
Yo, you have gotta hear this!
I hope the Friendship games
have a music competition,
because we would
totally rock it!
Um, we're supposed
to keep magic
out of the Friendship
Games, remember?
Easier said than done, darling.
I'm sure in Equestria magic
does whatever you want,
- but...
- This isn't Equestria.
Well when it comes to magic
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
And while Sunset works
on keeping the magic
out of the games,
I've been working on
what to put in.
Rarity, what did you go and do?
Well, I had a little
time on my hands
and since we don't know what the.
Friendship Games events are,
I made a few options
for uniforms!
You really didn't
have to do that.
I know.
No, you really didn't have to.
I know!
Vice Principal Luna
can help your students
get settled if you'd like
me to show you around,
Principal Cinch.
There have been quite a few
changes since your last visit.
Oh yes, Principal Celestia.
I'm sure that would
be fascinating.
Oh, it's always such a pleasure to
see you, Dean Cadance.
Even if it means another defeat.
Thank you, Vice Principal Luna.
But I hear it's not going
to be so easy this time.
Corning through!
- Seriously?
- Oh sorry, I didn't mean to.
Oh, sorry-
Why don't you go ahead?
You are such a sweetie!
I am watching you.
Ah, yeah!
You are kind of being
a doormat right now.
Hi, Twilight.
Hey, Twilight!
- Hi, Twilight.
- Hi, Twilight.
Hey, you, looking good!
Um, hi!
Hey, what's happening?
Really nice to see you.
Twilight, how you doing?
Twilight, yeah!
Hey, hello.
Uh, good.
Twilight? I almost didn't
recognize you.
When did you start
wearing glasses?
Um, like since forever.
Oh, so how long
are you here for?
Just for the Friendship Games.
Right, of course!
We'll totally win with you here.
I gotta go-.
Uh! Okay, bye?
Uh, Rarity,
these outfits are great, but
why would you put so
much time and effort
into clothes we
might not even wear?
You're gonna exhaust yourself
before the games even start!
Don't be silly, darling.
Putting effort into
clothes is what I live for!
And spending time on my friends
fills me with energy!
And magic, too, I guess.
Actually Applejack:
Now that you mention it...
I suppose I could
use a tiny break.
I told you!
Uh, yes?
Well I'll be!
You should've told
us you were coming!
Darling, those glasses!
What're you wearing?
It's so severe.
My uniform.
Your uniform for what?
For Crystal Prep.
But why does everyone at
this school know who I am?
Did you just say Crystal Prep?
You know my dog's name too?
And our music program
has especially taken off.
This is getting ridiculous.
I must apologize for the
curiosity of my prize student.
Your student?
The smart ones
are always curious.
I'll return her to check in
with the rest of her classmates.
I didn't know Twilight
had a twin sister!
She doesn't!
That Twilight is obviously
the Twilight from
this world, since it
couldn't possible he
the Twilight from the pony
world, since the Twilight
from the pony world
doesn't go to Crystal Prep
or wear glasses!
Never mind.
I'm sorry Principal Cinch.
I was just following
these strange readings.
Actually, they led me
to those girls, and-
Twilight, what you
do in your free time
is of little interest to
me, but while you're here.
I, all of Crystal Prep in fact,
require your complete focus.
But why does everyone at
this school seem to know me?
Perhaps they're
trying to confuse you.
Perhaps they're trying
to lure you away.
It didn't feel like
anyone was trying to lure me.
I don't know what
they're playing at,
but I guarantee it
isn't to help us win.
I can't believe
our world's Twilight
goes to Crystal Prep!
You're saying that Twilight's
gonna play against us?
She'd never do that.
Our Twilight wouldn't.
Our Twilight is a
princess in Equestria,
and an expert in
friendship magic.
And if she was here we'd
have already figured out
why magic is randomly
popping up during
pep rallies and costume changes!
I'm just frustrated that I
haven't heard back from her.
She's a princess in Equestria!
Probably got problems
of her own to deal with.
We certainly can't
expect her to drop
everything and pop through
the portal whenever.
Especially if it's to deal
with something as minor
as a few random pony ups!
But they aren't minor!
Magic came into this
world when I stole.
Twilight's crown.
It's taken a lot for me
to earn everyone's trust.
If we have to forfeit
the games because I can't
think of a way to keep
it under control...
Oh Sunset,
I'm sure you'll be able
to figure things out.
You're the one who
helped us understand
what was going on with
the Sirens, remember?
I guess, but
Twilight was the one
who really figured out what
we needed to defeat them.
Don't you remember darling?
What we needed to
defeat them was you.
Come on guys, let's
see if we can find
any info about the events
and come up with a strategy!
You coming, Sunset?
I'll catch up with
you guys in a bit.
Still no reply.
Maybe there's another
way I could reach her.
Hey, let go!
What did you do?
Twilight, you have to
check in with the others.
Where's the portal?
Where's the portal?
What do you mean
the portal's gone?
I mean it's gone.
It's closed, it's
not there anymore.
How'd that happen?
I don't know, but
it has something to do
with that Twilight.
What in tarnation is she up to?
Leave this to me.
Twilight, what have
you been up to?
Oh, I was just-
Who wants to know?
Um, we do!
Alright everyone,
let's not get too competitive
before the games even start!
The games aren't
really competitive
since we've never lost.
That's not a very
nice thing to say.
Sorry dearie, but these
games aren't about being nice.
Well you might
use a little tact.
Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie!
Oh, hi.
I'm Twilight.
I know!
You look just like my friend.
Her name is Twilight, too.
That's weird.
What's that?
It's sort of a spectrometer.
I built it to track
EM frequencies.
But it can also
contain anomalies.
- It measures things.
- Like the party?
Yeah, though it doesn't look
like much of a party to me.
I know!
Something is definitely missing.
Come on!
Hello everyone!
I'd like to take
this opportunity
to greet all of our visitors
from Crystal Prep Academy
and welcome them to CHS.
What in the world
is in these?
Party cannons, of course!
And lastly I would
like to recognize
the 12 students that CHS
has elected to compete.
I don't think we could've
chosen a better group
to represent the
excellence, sportsmanship,
and friendship the
games stand for.
Um, are you sure
this is a good idea?
Ooh, floaty!
I am party pooped.
I'd like to thank
Principal Celestia
for her unconventional welcome.
It's been four years since
the last Friendship Games,
but it feels as though
nothing has changed.
Canterlot High continues
to pick its competitors
in a popularity contest,
and Crystal Prep continues
to field its top 12 students.
It is a comfort to know that
even after so many years
of losses, your school remains
committed to its ideals,
however misguided they may be.
I wish you all the best of luck,
regardless of the
inevitable outcome.
I'm sorry Pinkie.
I thought your party
additions were really swell!
They definitely broke the ice.
Yes, if only that
Principal Cinch hadn't
frozen it again.
Yeah. She's awful.
Wow Pinkie, what
happened to you?
I don't know.
Everyone started having
fun after Twilight and I
fired the party cannons,
and I ponied up.
Of course you did.
But then the magic just
drained right out of me.
Wait, what do you
mean drained out of you?
Hey, where is
that other Twilight?
Oh, she's right...
Uh, well she was right here.
Good morning students.
I'm sure you're all thrilled
to start the first day
of the Friendship Games.
Our competitors will
face off in every aspect
of the CHS curriculum,
culminating in the
elimination equation finale.
Welcome to the first event:
The academic decathlon!
You'll be scored an
chemistry, home-es,
and everything in between.
But remember, only
the six students
from each team with
the most points
will move on to
event number two.
Good luck!
Gonna take you down
We're gonna take you down
Gonna take you down
Take you down
We're here to take you out
We're here to take you out
We're gonna take you out
Take you out
We're not about to let you win
So get out of our way
Think you've got us beat
But we're here to stay
United strong, yeah,
we'll take you down
You're not so tough
now you're in our town
All of the times
we lost before
Not about to give up for
what we bring in and more
We can smell your fear,
we can see you sweat
Hope you didn't spend money
cause you're losing this bet
You've got nothing on us
Na, na, na, na, na.
Let's go Wondercolts
You've got nothing on us
Na, na, na, na, na, na.
Let's go Wondercolts
Talk a little too much
for a school that never wins.
Maybe you should just
stop before you even begin
We are Crystal Prep High
and we have a reputation
Every little moment
is about our education
Put your ear to the
ground, listen to that sound
You're a house of cards
and it's about to fall down
Fall down About to fall down
Fall down Hit the ground.
You've got nothing on us
Na, na, na, na, na, na.
Let's go Shadowbolts
You've got nothing on us
Na, na, na, na, na, na.
Let's go Shadowbolts
The pressure's on,
now we're gonna beat you
Step aside, it's
time that we defeat you
Crystal, prep yourself
cause you're about to go down
Down, down, down
Pressure's on, you
know we're gonna take you.
Just give up before
we have to break you
Canterlot, a lot,
you're about to go
Down, down, down, down.
Take it up to the top
Cause we know we can win
Maybe you should just stop
Cause we've seen you give in
We believe in ourselves
And we've got what it takes
And we're not gonna stop
I can't wait 'til
this is all over
There's so much
more that's going on
And before these
games are over
I'll find out
just what she's done.
Can she do it
Will she make it
Who will win it
Who will take it
Can she do it
Who will take it
Did she win it
Did she make it
Who's the winner
Who's the reject
How did she answer
That means the winner
of the Friendship Games
first even is Twilight
Sparkle and Crystal Prep!
- That was awesome!
- Truly amazing.
But we didn't win!
That was as close to winning
as Canterlot's ever been.
After a careful
tally of the points,
we'd like to present
the students moving on
to the Friendship
Games second event.
You were really great.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
Okay then.
Do you want to
give her a treat?
Guess I'm not the only one
to smuggle her pet into school.
Not just one.
Oh, wow. All I have is Spike.
It really is uncanny.
Does he talk?
Um, not that I know of.
Congratulations on
winning, by the way.
Though it didn't seem
like anyone on your team
was very excited about it.
No one at my school
gets excited about
anything they didn't
do themselves.
That sounds awful.
Hold this!
Um, why?
Holding a bunny always
makes me feel better.
Well that's ridiculous.
Oh, it actually kind of works.
I'm on the other team
and you just lust.
Why are you being so nice to me?
You look like you needed it.
Spike, are you okay?
Um, I think so.
Twilight, wait!
Twilight, come on!
Wait for me!
Why did you run away like that?
Um, oh, I don't know.
Maybe it has something to
do with the glowing girl,
or the hole in space,
or my talking dog!
Yeah, weird right?
Are you okay?
How do you feel?
What happened?
Where did you go?
Hey, one question at a time!
This is pretty new to me too.
All I know is I
chased that pointy rabbit
through the glow? Thing, and
then I was somewhere else.
Next thing I knew I was hack
in that nice girl's arms
and I could talk!
I don't really understand
why I couldn't before.
I mean, it's so easy.
Quick, hide in here!
Who are you talking to?
Um, myself.
It's a nervous habit.
Were you looking for me?
Indeed I was.
Quite a coincidence
that the CHS students
moving on to the next
event are the same nice
girls who were so
interested in you.
Don't you think?
I'm not sure.
Perhaps you should get
to know them after all.
But I thought you
didn't want me to?
Let's just say I'm
covering my bases.
Who knows, perhaps
they will reveal to you
the secret to Canterlot
High's new found success.
I don't know.
Spying feels kind of wrong.
Well, it's your
decision, Twilight.
It's not as if your application
hangs in the balance.
On second thought, yes it does.
Man, she's awful.
What're you gonna do?
I don't know, Spike.
I don't know.
All I did was hand
Twilight a bunny,
then I ponied up.
I just don't get it.
Rarity's magic came out
when she made us outfits,
Pinkie's when she fixed the
party, and now Fluttershy.
And then Twilight's
pendant thingy just pulled
the magic right out of me!
I couldn't even stand up.
Like me at the party.
Or me right before
we met Twilight.
So she's stealing magic?
I don't know.
She doesn't seem like
the magic stealing type.
Yeah, but she
had something to do
with closing the portal!
If her pendant can pull in magic
maybe it stole the portal too!
- How?
- I don't know.
And the pony, or person, or
princess who could help me
figure this out is
completely unreachable now.
Which is too bad, because
Twilight knows everything
about magic, and portals,
and magical portals,
and portable magics!
For now let's just focus
on heating the Shadowbolts.
And as long as this event
puts me in a playing field,
I don't think we've got
anything to worry about.
Oh, it puts you on a
playing field alright.
Am I the only one who
thinks this is overkill?
I don't suppose you
made motocross outfits?
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Of course I did!
You will race in pairs.
Indigo Zap, and Sugarcoat
will handle the motocross.
Lemon Zest and Sunny
Flare have requested
the short track.
Since archery is a standard
requirement at our school
any of you should
be able to do it.
Twilight and Sour Sweet
will start us off.
Well that's just marvelous.
If you want to lose
before we even start.
Given that Twilight won
the last event singlehandedly
I have every confidence
that she will be able
to pull her weight here.
Won't you?
Welcome everyone to
the Friendship Games
tri-cross relay!
In this event our
qualifying competitors
will face off in
archery, speed skating,
and finally motocross.
So if the competitors
are ready...
Each competitor
must hit a bullseye
before their teammates can
start the next leg of the relay.
And Canterlot is off
to an early lead!
Well that's just fantastic!
I'm sure glad I don't
go to Crystal Prep.
You said it.
If CPA can't hit
another bullseye soon
they'll be out of this race!
You're really bad at this.
I can't take anymore!
You have to stop
aiming at the target.
Oh, that makes perfect sense.
Don't aim at the target.
Thanks so much.
You have to stop aiming
at where the target is
and aim at where the
target's gonna be.
Yeah, definitely take
advice from the person
you're competing against!
Do you want to hit
the bullseye or not?
Then trust me.
Take a deep breath...
And let the arrow go right...
Yeah, that's my girl!
I was telling you the truth.
What are you doing?
I don't know!
Canterlot only has
two laps to go, but it
looks like Crystal Prep
is making up for lost time!
Come on!
What a finish!
You saved me!
I wasn't about to let my
friend become plant food!
We can still win this!
Canterlot wins!
Attention students.
Please proceed to the gym.
Is everybody alright?
Better than alright!
We won!
Yeah, we won, but
somebody could've been
seriously hurt!
The magic is going
haywire and I have no idea
how to fix it!
Um, excuse me.
I didn't mean for any
of this to happen.
I just wanted to learn
about the strange energy
coming from your school.
I didn't know that it was magic
or how it works!
That's okay. Neither do we.
Oh no! No, no, no, not again!
I'm sorry!
It just started absorbing
energy on its own!
But I'm not sure how!
What do you mean
you don't know how?
It also causes these
corresponding rips to appear.
I don't know how
that works either!
Is there anything you do know?
Like how to get our magic hack,
or how to fix the
portal to Equestria?
You're supposed to be so smart,
but did you ever think
that you shouldn't be
messing around with things
you don't understand?
But I want to understand!
But you don't!
And worst of all, you put
the lives of my friends
in danger!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
Twilight! Wait!
You can't possibly
call that a fair race.
Principal Cinch, we
all saw what happened.
You can't think CHS had
some kind of advantage?
Can't I?
Even without your
trained attack plants
your students have wings!
Well the race
certainly had some
extenuating circumstances.
Perhaps we should
end the games now
and declare a tie.
A tie?
Was this your
strategy all along?
To force us into
accepting you as equals?
I think not!
The games will continue,
and Crystal Prep
will prevail despite
your antics and whatever
performance enhancing
regimen your students are on!
I'm sorry I couldn't stop
all this from happening.
It's not your fault, Sunset.
Isn't it?
I should know how to control
the magic I brought here.
But I don't.
I let everyone down.
And now Principal Cinch
thinks we're cheating!
It doesn't matter what
Principal Cinch thinks.
But it does.
The students here at CHS
don't just want to win.
They want to beat Crystal Prep!
It isn't gonna count
if the other side
doesn't really think they lost.
Crystal Prep is
never gonna believe
we won fair and square
if there's magic around.
And that magic is only around
because of me.
Since the score is tied,
the final event will
determine the winner
of the Friendship Games.
Somewhere on campus a
pennant from each school
has been hidden.
The first team to find
their school's flag
and bring it hack wins.
And as soon as
our teams are ready
we'll begin.
I don't feel like
playing these games anymore.
But we have to play!
This is the last event!
It's a little hard
to focus with all the
magic stealing and
portal opening.
And I feel awful about
what I said to Twilight.
Especially since she
obviously didn't mean
to do all the stuff she did.
She's actually really nice.
Let's just get
through this last event
and prove we're not
a hunch of cheaters.
Then you can go
over and apologize.
I know I'm asking you
to beat a team that isn't
playing fair, but Canterlot
High must be made to understand
that even with magic
at their disposal
beating Crystal Prep is
simply not an option.
What if they grow wings again?
A fair question, though
I believe we can now
fight fire with fire.
I've seen what your
device can do, Twilight.
Containing magical
energy is fine,
but have you considered
releasing it?
But I don't even
understand how it works.
But you'd like to,
and since our opponents
have already used it
to stay competitive
I see no reason why we
shouldn't do the same.
Unless of course you
have no interest in Everton.
Though honestly, I think
there's more knowledge
packed in that little device
than any independent
study program could offer.
I realize that you've
always been an outcast
It's not everyone at
school who likes to think
To find a student
that's like you
I've had one or maybe two
But the good ones
disappear before I blink
Oh, whoa, oh, whoa.
Now I understand you
have your reservations
It's had to have a
brain as large as yours
But if we don't
win these games.
Well I think
I've made it plain
What will happen if
we have the losing score
Oh, whoa, oh, whoa.
Unleash the magic
Unleash the magic
If we lose then
you're to blame
They all have used it
Maybe abused it
So then why can't
we do the sama
Oh, whoa, oh, whoa.
Call it power, call it magic
If we lose it will be tragic.
More important is the
knowledge we'll have lost
Oh, whoa
A chance like this
won't come again
You'll regret not giving in
Isn't understanding
magic worth the cost
Oh, whoa, oh, whoa.
Unleash the magic
Unleash the magic
We're not friends
here after all
Our only interest
In this business
Is seeing Canterlot
High School fall
Oh, whoa, oh, whoa.
What I'm suggesting's
very simple
And since it's
win-win on all scores
You only want to learn about
The magic that you have stole
And as for me
and all the others
We only want what we deserve
That our school
will clinch the win
And my legacy will endure
Unleash the magic
Unleash the magic
If we lose then it's a crime
But we can win it
If you begin it
It's up to you to
not fail this time
Unleash the magic
We need our magic now
Unleash the magic
Free the magic now
Imagine all I'll
learn by setting it free
If both teams are ready...
And now winning these
games depends on me
Free the magic now
And what doors might open
If I try to use it
The last event of the
Friendship Games begins...
The magic's what
I really want to see
Free the magic
Unleash the magic
Twilight, no!
Free the magic Now!
Help me!
You were right.
I didn't understand
magic before.
But I do now!
Hey, where are you going?
Anywhere to avoid that monster!
And I suggest you clothe same.
Twilight, you can't do this.
Why not?
There's a whole other
world right there
and it's just filled with magic!
But you're destroying
this world to get it!
50 what?
There's more magic there.
And I want to understand it all!
Don't let go!
Hang on!
We've got you!
This isn't the way!
I know you feel
powerful right now,
like you can have
everything you want!
I've been where you are,
I've made the same
mistake you're making.
I put on a crown and
just like you I was
overwhelmed by the
magic it contained.
I thought it could get
me everything I wanted.
Oh, you're wrong.
Unlike you, I can have
everything I want!
No you can't.
Even with all that
magic and power
you'll still be alone!
True magic comes from honesty,
loyalty, laughter,
generosity, kindness...
I understand you, Twilight.
And I want to show you the
most important magic of all!
The magic of friendship.
Take my hand, Twilight.
Let me show you
there's another way.
Just like someone
once did for me.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean for any
of this to happen.
I know.
And going by my own experiences,
they'll forgive you.
Principal Celestia,
on behalf of Crystal
Prep I demand
that you forfeit the
Friendship Games.
Clearly CHS has had
unfair advantage
for quite some time, and
it's certainly obvious
that your students
have been using magic
for their own benefit.
I'd like to think
that saving the world
benefits us all.
At least they didn't
manipulate Twilight
into releasing all the
stolen magic and turning into
a power-crazed magical
creature that tried to
rip the world apart
just to win a game.
That's a lot to take in
when you say it all at once.
That's ridiculous!
Nope, that's pretty
much what happened.
Actually, we're all to blame.
Mostly it was her.
Obviously my students
have been infected
with your magic!
I plan on taking all of this
up with the school board!
I'm sure they would
be very interested
in hearing all about the
magical students with wings.
Oh, and the portals
to different dimensions.
And don't forget
to tell them about
the talking dog.
Because that would
never ruin your reputation.
Well I know these
Friendship Games
haven't been what
any of us expected,
but given what we've
all just been through
I think it's fair to
declare us all winners!
I guess that was
one way to finish up
your time at Crystal Prep.
Pretty sure Cinch will be
fast-tracking your application
after all of that.
I've been thinking
about it, and
I'm not so sure now is the time
for me to apply to Everton.
I may know about
a lot of things,
but friendship isn't
really one of them, and
I'm definitely not gonna
learn more about it
by being alone all the time.
So you're staying
at Crystal Prep?
Well, it seems the
students here at CHS
know an awful lot
about the subject.
I don't suppose...
You could transfer
to this school instead.
You'd certainly be
missed at Crystal Prep, but
I think that's a great idea!
I'll be sure to speak
to Principal Celestia
about it right away.
Still no word from
Princess Twilight?
Not yet.
But, I think I may
have figured out
how magic works in this world!
We pony up when we're
showing the truest part
of ourselves!
I was so busy waiting
for someone else
to give me the answers,
that I gave up
looking for them myself.
I'm sure there will be
more magical problems
that pop up in this world.
Like Applejack said,
Princess Twilight
has her own problems to
worry about in Equestria.
We can't expect her to
always he around to help us.
But maybe I can be?
It seems we have
a new Wondercolt
here at Canterlot High!
I'm not sure how
much help I could be.
But I'd like to try!
If you would all
give me a chance.
I'm sure I can
count on you girls
to help her feel at home.
You sure can.
I'm so sorry I
didn't get here sooner.
I didn't get your messages
until just now because
I was caught in this time
travel loop, and honestly
it was the strangest thing
that's ever happened to me!
Make that the second strangest.
I spent so much time
Searching, looking
for something more
Digging holes too deep
And opening every door
When you stand too close, yeah
The picture's never clear
And when you look too far away
It all but disappears
And it was right there
In front of me Oh
Oh, oh, oh.
Just too close for me to see
Oh, oh, oh.
Sometimes the things you want
Are not the things you need
And it was right there
In front of me
There was a time before
I didn't know where I belonged
I thought I needed more
And that I couldn't get along
But who I am
Was all I ever needed
And when I faced that test
I finally succeeded
And it was right there
In front of me Oh
Oh, oh, oh.
Just too close for me to see
Oh, oh, oh.
Sometimes the things you want
Are not the things you need
And it was right there
In front of me
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
And it's all I'll ever need
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
And it was right
there in front of me
Whoa, oh, whoa, oh
And it's all I'll ever need
Whoa, oh, whoa, oh
It was right there
in front of me