My Little One (2019)

It's great to see you.
- It's been awhile.
- Too long.
- Did she say something to you ?
- Nothing.
- Nothing ?
- She told you wouldn't come.
- Are you Alex and Bono ?
- Yes.
- But who are you ?
- Get in !
Wait, wait, wait ! Stop the car !
What is going on here ?
Who the fuck are you ?
I'm Jade's daughter.
- Where is Jade.
- She's at home.
She couldn't make it. Now let's go.
Get in!
Come on!
Oh, how do I start this thing ?
Can I drive now?
So, do you have a name,
Jade's daughter?
- And how old are you?
- Mom says birthdays are bullshit.
Of course.
Are you Bono?
Attention! Keep your eyes
on the road, okay?
Mom! We're here!
She is asleep.
She's sleeping.
Thanks for that,
but I do speak English.
- Well, let's wake her up.
- No!
- Just to tell her that we're here.
- No!
She's tired.
I took two planes
and one bus to be here.
She's the one who set the time
and the date. And now she is tired?
Is this a game or something?
Okay, so what's the plan?
Did she tell you that she want
us to come back tomorrow?
No, no! You stay here. Everything will
be okay in the morning. Okay?
- Is she all right?
- Yeah.
So is there anyone else here?
Just you and Jade?
Yep! It's just us.
- You are not eating?
- No.
Come on, go smoke outside.
The girl is eating.
Mom says you're like brothers?
She said that?
You guys can sleep
on the coach.
Me and mom bought you some sheets.
Good night, guys.
- Is Jade...
- Don't touch me!
Do you have reception?
I'm going to find myself
a hotel or motel.
- Are you coming?
-No, I'm staying here.
Good night.
This sucks.
I thought that it would be...
Be what?
You know, the three of us,
ten years later...
- I thought it would be...
- A party?
A weekend in Las Vegas?
I don't know.
What did you give up to come out here?
I didn't have anything better to do.
You know that.
- Jade ?
- Wait, don't wake her up.
Hey, Mum...
Come back!
Come back! Come back!
By the way...
I'm sorry about your dad.
That was six years ago.
I know, I...
I wanted to call you, but you know...
Welcome, guys!
What is this brothel ?
Hey, what's going on?
Who is this guy?
- Is he your dad?
- He's the doctor.
- He doesn't look like a doctor.
- Yes, he is a medicine man.
What's all this bullshit?
What is your mother into?
- Ryan's a great guy! Fuck you!
- Don't talk to me like that! Okay?
Fuck... you.
Drop it.
That's not the problem.
it kind of is a problem.
It's not the problem.
Why do you care?
- Open the door!
- Stop it!
It's okay!
Need something?
Is she awake?
We need peace and quiet.
You'll see her. Later.
- You're okay, little frog?
- Yeah.
What are you doing with Jade?
Jade needs her medicines.
Can you get it for her?
You take that road. To the left.
And you go straight. You go west.
Of the reservation. Tuba City.
I want to see Jade now.
You go.
Jade needs you to go. Now.
I'm not going anywhere.
I want to see Jade.
Wait... I'll go. I'll go.
There is no point in talking
with the Indian.
I'll go.
Then we'll see.
No. You take your body with you too.
How old do you think Jade's
daughter is?
I don't know anything about kids.
Five or six.
She is ten. l'm sure.
You know what that means, right?
She called us for that.
It's obvious.
- No ?
- No.
Don't tell me that you didn't
consider it?
Who do you think she looks like?
- I've been thinking about that.
- Drop it.
She would have told us.
She would have told us.
She would have called.
Ten years ago. Ten years!
She has the same mouth as you.
Are you sure it's here?
Yes, 11587, that's here.
He is a medicine man, not an allergist.
- Can you go...
- Yeah, yeah... I'm going.
Somebody here?
Sit! Quiet!
Close the door.
I don't know if it's the right
place but... I need this.
Sorry, excuse me...
My name is Alex. I am here to...
- Do you like Mars?
- Mars?
Navajo Nation, man! This bullshit
piece of land they left us.
Stones and more stones.
Come on, you know?
I just got here. But yeah. sure.
So, you're friend of...
"Singing Warrior spirit?"
No... I'm just a friend of Jade.
Jade... The Frenchie, right?
She's a bit fucked in the head, right?
- She's got a nice ass, though.
- Hey, she's my friend!
All right. Respect or something
like that, right?
Sorry man. Nice ass though...
She's my sister. She lives here.
She works down at Basha Supermarket.
Happy breakfast, innit? 200 bucks.
Thank you. I only got 50 bucks
but I'll have to go ask my...
Sit down. Relax. We have time.
- No, it's okay, I have to go and...
- Taste it. Come on.
Awesome, right?
This guy is... my brother-in-law.
My other sister's first husband.
He can see ghosts.
We call him Ghostbuster.
It's time to call your friend now.
Come here!
Shut up! You... Come in!
I told you: close the door.
- You got the meds?
- Yeah.
What's this again now?
Take it easy. Navajo Welcome.
Go on. Smoke!
- We have to go.
- Okay.
Stop the car!
Stop the car, it's Jade.
Hey, boys.
Can you help me?
Throw me the tire.
- No, no, no!
- Yeah...
Stop it.
Go on.
Do it.
Oh shit.
- Go on.
- Don't do it!
Crazy woman.
Here, Jade.
So? No hugs?
My baby!
We're going to party, right?
- Are you okay?
- Very good.
I'm very happy,
that you're here.
So tonight we're celebrating.
You could have gotten in touch.
- Yeah.
- We said that we would stay in touch.
- I never promised anything.
- I guess not.
Everything changed, you know.
Alex left Geneva.
We haven't been in contact
for ten years.
I know.
You also know that he returned
to Mexico after the cyclone?
You disappeared.
No one knew where you were.
He looked everywhere for you.
Then he started to wait for you.
It was an obsession.
As though you were still with us.
But like a ghost.
- A ghost?
- Yes.
I had forgotten how beautiful you are.
May I?
Bitch, did you forget you're 86?
Fucking bring it, Matt. I can take it.
Yeah? Would you marry me?
Not in this life time, baby.
Not in this life time...
I heard about you. I know about
you too. Frenchies, right?
That crazy Frenchie...
She is our hit.
Yeah, when she's here,
the house is full.
It's like so full that people
can't even breathe.
She is like no other woman
you have ever seen before.
She's got a soul which is so big,
she's got a heart which is so big.
It's like wild and strong...
You guys take care.
It's gonna be a noisy fucking night.
Jade !
What's the matter?
It'll be alright, guys.
Are you drunk, too?
I'm okay, I'm okay.
Can you help me?
Come back!
Come back!
Did you see that?
Hey, give me one!
Throw it further.
Come on.
- Show me.
- No, it's okay.
- Come on.
- No, it's okay.
I'm fine.
- Mom are you okay?
- It's okay. Come back to sleep.
You're leaving without
saying goodbye?
Why did you ask us here?
You missed us all of a sudden?
Like when you were crying in Geneva and
you couldn't sleep so you called us?
Fuck, Jade!
Are you sick or aren't you?
You're infuriating.
- Really.
- Please don't get angry.
No one knows I'm here.
Valrie, the girls, the office,
no one knows.
They think I'm on business
in Phoenix.
I can't stay.
My flight leaves tonight.
I need to go.
I understand.
It's not the same as before.
Things have changed.
I have my own life.
I like my life.
I can't do this anymore.
I would like you to stay.
A little longer.
Things are always complicated with you.
I'm sick.
It's over for me.
- What's wrong with you?
- It's too late for me.
I'm dead.
It's true.
I would have liked
to have more time together.
For you to stay with me.
Hey! Do you have...
Do you have a cigarette?
- You want this one?
- Yeah. Thank you.
Are you... Are you visiting
or are you Jade's brother?
I'm just a friend.
So how long are you gonna be here?
I don't know yet.
So where are you from?
I'm from Paris.
Do you want to sleep with me?
You! Come here!
What about the stuff around here?
We need to get rid of it.
It looks all awful, trashy.
You know you can take a lot of this
stuff to Gallup and sell it,
they'll buy it. They take anything.
I'm taking my sheep tomorrow,
I'll get them out of here.
I need your help.
Don't look at me like that,
I need your help.
I have 200 of them
and I'm taking them...
He's not here to work.
He's on vacation.
It looks that it could do him
some good to work.
Let's go, you can't hang around here.
Jade is not here anymore.
I'll be waiting for you tomorrow
morning. You are gonna help me.
Okay, bye-bye!
You don't go to school?
To learn things.
Things like "One day little Pierre
opened the door"
"to the garden and went
to the green meadow."
Mom says school is a patriotic brain
washing machine.
I go to the school of life.
I'm half Sioux, half American,
half Swiss.
Did you learn this in your
school of life?
What is that?
Were you bitten by a crocodile?
Did you get in a fight?
Was it about Mom?
Did you fight for Mom?
What happened?
Did Bernardo do this to you?
Did you bring me chips?
I want chips.
Yeah, I think so.
Are you sure?
I want chips, I'm hungry.
Did you cut Alex's thigh in Mexico?
What? Did you mother tell you this?
How long have you known Mom
for anyway?
For a long time.
But how long? How old were you?
- Sixteen.
- And Alex?
The same, sixteen.
We were all in Geneva.
And after Geneva?
We stayed in Geneva,
that's where we were.
We started to study there
and your mom went back to Mexico.
Playa del Carmen,
she had a house over there.
Her parents' guest house.
She told you about this, yeah?
Yes, but after Geneva?
We started to work together
with Alex.
A&B Architects.
You know that too.
You were sad afterwards.
So you all met up in Playa del Carmen.
And then there was a big hurricane
and everything was broken.
Yeah. You know, there is a...
What's wrong with you?
Mom said that if a boy touches me,
I have to kick him in the balls.
That's bullshit!
Not all men are monsters.
How can you tell?
You just know...
We saw beautiful things earlier today.
An abandoned gas station.
You liked that.
It's in Indian Wells. You must have
seen it when you arrived.
I don't know.
It's rectangular.
It's just a room.
Nothing around it.
Everything is possible.
It's beautiful! There is a great view.
There should be another level.
There could be a second room.
With big bay windows. A bit like...
Georgia O'Keeffe's ranch.
Who is Georgia?
It's a painter, corazon. She had
a house near Santa Fe. You remember?
I shew you pictures.
It's a big house with huge windows
and when you are inside
you think you are outdoors.
- Did she have a swimming pool?
- No.
- No swimming pool.
- We need a swimming pool.
A swimming pool?
- And water.
- And we need some trees.
Oh cactus trees!
Here... And here.
A rooftop terrace.
With a view of the sea.
A terrace with stairs.
I love those kinds of terraces.
Up into the sky.
It's not stable.
No, Alex!
- "Fais pas l'huitre !"
- What's a "cuitre"?
It's a little shell like this.
And when you open it there's a slimy
weird thing, it looks like this.
How did you do that? How?
- Can you do it, Alex?
- No.
You can do it.
You can't do that?
What can you do then?
You can't do anything.
He can do. He can do, believe me.
This guy has gold in his hands.
He could draw you
your dream house just like this.
What are you playing at?
What's going on?
- Nothing.
- Bullshit.
Sit down.
Sit down.
We can't just wait around
for life to happen.
For something else to happen.
For something perfect to happen.
Life is what it is.
It doesn't look like much here, but...
I could raise Frida
in the way I wanted.
I wanted you to see my life here.
I wanted you, Alex,
to see this.
For you to feel it.
For you to understand this.
Let's drink to...
Don't you think that we...
- Leave us alone.
- You need any help?
- She's dying.
- What?
She told me.
I don't believe you.
Why would I invent something like that?
I don't believe you, asshole!
It's not true!
It's true and you know it.
She wants us to take care of Frida.
Stop it.
I won't never be far away.
Your father is here.
Just like when I first met him.
Riding on his mustang,
his black hair blowing in the wind.
I've never seen an Indian on horseback
riding through the desert.
They don't exist anymore, Mom.
They drive 4x4's now.
That's true.
In Mexico...
There is a tiny beach
called Santa Frida.
There I can feel my mother's presence,
I can talk to her.
It's like she's still there.
But I don't need you to die,
to be with you.
That's the way life is, Corazon,
and we have no choice.
But I'll always be with you.
I'll come visit you in
your dreams, okay?
I'll come tickle your feet...
- Mom...
- Yes?
I love you.
How much?
Are you sure?
Okay. Okay.
Let's go.
So... 52, 86,
18, 00, 81, 51...
Stop! Wait! Wait here!
- What did you do?
- I can't leave you here.
What's going on?
Don't you understand anything?
Don't you see what's going on?
Jade, we have to try everything.
You want to outsmart death?
Take a look at me.
Mom, what's happening?
Hi, I'm Emma from Health
Services in Window Rock.
I hope you are having
a beautiful day.
You asked me to come here to check on
Mrs. Jade Smith's health, correct?
To go ahead I need an ID
and all necessary papers.
You have to fight.
He's right.
There have been no medical tests,
I'm sure something can be done.
Okay, let's go.
Don't go, Mom.
It's just a walk in the sky.
- Not allowed, sorry.
- Okay, okay.
I want to go with you!
- We'll meet you in Window Rock.
- No, stay with Frida.
I want to go with you!
They will cure your mother, all right?
Better than Ryan?
It has nothing to do,
there are doctors.
We have to go.
We'll take the truck.
She said "no".
Come on.
- I should have insisted on going.
- She said no.
Why did you force me
to leave Mexico?
We didn't have a choice.
We just left without saying
goodbye to Jade.
She didn't want to leave.
Did you forget?
She made her choice.
We acted like assholes.
Alex, the city was destroyed
by the cyclone.
You were wounded.
So what?
Stop brooding. There was no choice.
I couldn't leave you in that state.
Yes, you could have. I could have
stayed there and lived with Jade.
You would have died.
I'm already dead.
We could not have lived with Jade.
You just didn't want me to be with her.
To have a better life than yours.
You can be happy now:
my life is shit.
But you chose it.
It's you. It's your life.
You fucked up our business after Playa.
I had to deal with it all alone.
With our clients,
with the building sites...
You disappeared.
I had to clean up your mess.
I didn't have a choice.
I had to build villas and garages.
You think that it's funny? I couldn't
just break down like you did.
To look for Jade
or the meaning of life.
Go fuck yourself!
Go fuck yourself too!
I wanted to let you know that I'll be
home a bit later than I thought.
I'm not sure...
Maybe two or three days.
No, well...
I'm not in Phoenix.
I'll tell you when I get home.
It's complicated.
Bon appetit.
Oh, no!
Don't let them in!
Who is that?
- Hi...
- Hi!
- I'm looking for Miss Jade Smith.
- She's not here.
Hi, Frida. How are you?
Where have you been?
It's great to see you again,
honey. Look.
Pretty, I brought you a present.
Do you have a warrant?
We don't need a warrant. Nobody
will force you to do anything.
Excuse me, who are you?
We have an appointment with
Mrs. Smith. When will she be back?
We don't know.
We have these papers.
I need you to give them to Mrs. Smith.
Tell her to contact us
as soon as possible.
Tell her it's about her daughter.
We have good news.
Have a nice day!
Bye, Frida.
Bastards! Blood suckers! Clowns!
Hey, Frida, Frida! Who's this?
The enemy.
It's a form.
An orphanage placement offer.
I can't keep her.
My place is 100 square feet.
I work, I bum around...
Half the year I'm not even there.
What the hell would she do with me?
You have a house, two daughters...
Are you forgetting about Valrie?
Taking in Jade's daughter...
It's impossible.
We just can't.
We can't.
And the kid's from here.
It's better if she stays in the US.
Anyway, Jade's not going to die.
Fuck! The boots!
Frida, what's the fuck?
Come on, come on!
Give me the shoes.
Do you know how much this costs?
They are fucked!
They are completely fucked!
Well you can keep them.
- For real?
- Yes.
We came to tell you, Jade,
you need to go now.
She has a...
You don't belong here anymore.
My little one.
I need more time.
Just a little more.
Thanks, guys.
The view was great from up there.
We need a signature here
to confirm the release.
I had to pay with your card.
I had no choice. Sorry.
7 800 dollars ?
Can you sign?
I have other patients to tend to.
So here are all the documents.
Terrible story, isn't?
What do you mean?
I am so sorry... Pancreatic cancer.
Pancreatic cancer?
I have to go now.
Is she not going to get better?
The lady in the helicopter
can't save her?
You never know if someone
is going to get better or not. Okay?
And your mom's
a very strong woman...
Why are you telling her
this bullshit?
She's not going to get better.
- No?
- No.
Do you want some cornflakes?
Will you be able to love them?
I want to stay with you.
You know what?
The enemy, they came back.
I know.
- What did you do?
- I closed the door.
- And?
- They ran away like rabbits.
I know you know what to do.
- What's going on?
- They're leaving.
- What?
- They're leaving!
Jade !
We have to turn around, Alex.
We'll get lost.
Jade !
- We have to get help.
- No.
We need to find Jade.
She's waiting for us.
Don't you see,
how she is endangering her kid?
She's out of control. She's crazy.
Selfish, high, lost.
And we're chasing her like idiots.
We're running after nothing.
-Be quiet.
- We should never have let her go.
Be quiet.
- Her blood is leaving her body!
Calm down.
- The vultures are coming.
Calm down.
You don't understand, Bono.
Something's not right.
There's something
that we don't understand.
Something's been off since
the beginning.
Don't you see it?
Fuck! Not me!
I don't want to die.
- You were always afraid.
- And you're not afraid?
I'm going to find Jade!
Go back if you want.
I'll take care of it.
It's alright.
"The woman who sings"
was a great woman.
Great friend.
She wanted to be embalmed according
to the old Sioux tradition.
If you decide to do it,
I've brought you
a "how to guide" I found online.
In our Navajo tradition,
we don't hang up bodies.
I myself, I would never do it.
I'd just call Warren Funeral Services
down the road.
They take care of everything. 101.
Free number.
And they send the body,
the ashes,
back to the family if there
is a family somewhere.
Your choice. A dead person
is a dead person if you ask me.
My job here is done.
Let's go, guys!