My Little Baby, Jaya (2017)

Fall 2015
Can I please borrow your phone?
Let me use your phone please.
Let me use the phone. Please!
What's your problem, man?
Leave me alone.
(Shilla Hospital Morgue)
This young girl slept with at least 20
men in the last two months for money.
Is that right?
Anyways, the cause of death is brain
haemorrhage from the fatal fall.
Detective Kim?
Are you going to tell him?
Should I not?
I have a daughter too.
It'd be like killing him twice.
She got in!
You got in!
Thank you.
Wow, that's really good.
What's your name?
Let's take her to the center.
We got a report.
I'm sorry but you can't raise a
daughter in your circumstance.
- Stop it!
- Come on.
Daddy's a little ill, but he drives well.
He tucks me in bed and sings me a song.
He gives me a bath everyday.
I'm going to live with Daddy.
I don't want to go.
Let me live with my daddy.
- Please let us be.
- Please stop it.
Let us live together.
You should think of your daughter.
Take it.
- Come on.
- Please.
Come back whenever you want to.
Good luck.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- Please take care.
- Yes.
Go on then.
Take good care of your dad.
I will.
Buy the school uniform and shoes with this.
The uniform alone is 250 dollars.
How can I buy shoes too?
You can't buy shoes with 50 dollars?
Am I to wear Converse in high school too?
What about my backpack?
I want a new backpack
before the school starts.
I don't want to wear the
one I wore in junior high.
Come on in.
There's only one room?
I'm sorry.
Why did we bother to move to Seoul?
Whatever. Move your closet out of the room.
Out of the room!
What the...
Mister! Oh my gosh, what on earth?
I pay tax to have my shop here.
Are you trying to ruin my business?
Did you get a permit from the office?
Did you?
What is this? Are you stupid?
I'm the business association director.
- Good. You're here.
- What are you doing?
Goddamn retard.
Hey, what do you think you are doing here?
Let me sell my stuff here.
I'm telling you you can't!
I told you you can't!
Come here, you bitch!
Get off of me!
- Why did you push him?
- Let go of me.
Let go.
Let go of me, you bitch!
Let go!
They need to put that punk behind bars.
Watch what you say.
You think you can do anything
because he has a disability?
- Hey!
- You little!
Hold on.
- Do something, officer!
- Can you guys be quiet?
Both of you guys are at fault. You really
want to take this case to the court?
Let's do it by the law.
Sir, you don't want to
mess with people like him.
It'll be a big headache if
they start a protest or something.
Hey, how can you say that?
Why do you talk down on
people with disabilities?
Your dad caused all this.
Am I wrong?
You heard him.
If you want to do business,
pay tax and do it properly.
I am sorry.
Shit, I hate that sound.
Dad, stop it.
Thank you.
For what?
You're such a baby.
You need to be careful.
This is why your knees
always have blisters.
My knees always have blisters.
That moon...
The moon is following us.
The moon keeps following me.
Does it?
You can't do business here.
- Sir, I'm sorry but...
- Please remove this.
Sir, you can't keep doing this.
Hey, take it away.
Sir, you can't.
Did you eat?
I was waiting for you.
Was it slow today?
It's been like that lately.
Do we have money for the phone
bill, PE uniform, and backpack?
You said you'd buy it before school starts.
Don't we have the money your uncle gave us?
I told you. We bought the
uniform and shoes with that.
You want me to look like a country bumpkin?
Why are you sending me to art
school if we can't afford it?
Let's just live where we belong.
I'm not stupid.
Rainy day fund.
This is not enough to buy.
I need at least 100 dollars more.
You're making me feel bad
about going to school.
There's Yoo-Jung from the senior class.
He's so my type. He's so good looking.
He's the nephew of the board director.
He's so perfect.
He's so cool.
Good morning.
Good morning.
One, two, three.
How much was it?
You didn't go to art school
before you came here, huh?
Hey, can't you hear me?
You deaf?
Everyone here graduated
from the same art school.
So we all have partners that we sit with.
You'll be taking this seat all by yourself.
I sat here because everyone
seemed to have their seats.
Where should I go then?
Koo Min-kyung.
You see that girl with glasses?
She's super nice.
This is empty, right?
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
You need something?
Can I do business here?
What do you need?
Can I do my business here?
What do you sell?
I sell women's underwear
and hosieries.
I won't be bored here with him at least.
Do it.
Go for it.
Thank you.
He must have a screw loose.
Those major in singing, I know you
won't introduce yourself in words.
As I announced earlier,
we'll test your vocal.
Hey, I'm Kim Yoo-Jung.
You can join the school choir if you
pass the test today. Good luck.
Thank you.
Buy one get one free.
Nice control of breathing.
You've got powerful voice.
Thank you.
Who was your teacher?
I learned from the
minister at my old church.
Church choir?
Thank you.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
I saw you eating by yourself.
Nobody likes to eat alone.
- Enjoy.
- You too.
Did you know you got
into trouble yesterday?
Hye-seon, the class president, she
never lost anything to anyone.
Lost to me on what?
I couldn't go higher anyways.
We all major in singing.
We know you could go higher.
Why did you do that?
I hate potato dishes.
I can't eat beef. I have too much heat.
Excellent. We can trade.
Sounds good.
When are you leaving to the States?
Mr. Berklee.
Have you already forgotten about us?
I think you've become too distant
since you got into Berklee.
How many people are you gonna
let in to school choir?
I don't know.
She was pretty good. Are
you gonna let her in?
She has natural talent.
You already memorized her name?
What's going on?
Just go.
Did you see that?
What are you scared of? Be confident.
It's all right.
Thank you.
It must be so hot.
It's on the other side.
Who's that?
My dad.
Nice to meet you.
You've secured a good corner this time.
Hey buddy.
Who's that?
My daughter.
Oh, you said she studies vocal, right?
Let me listen to your singing.
Here, it's for you.
Thank you.
It's my daughter.
I have something for you too.
This is chicken skewer.
Thank you so much.
(Min-kyung Jaya)
(Dohwa Art High School Choir)
One more time.
- Here.
- Fine.
By the way, did you hear that Yoo-Jung
got into Berklee? Top of the class?
He's like the definition of perfect.
Talented, rich, and handsome.
I know he's from a good family.
But I heard he has a different
mother from his siblings.
So what?
He has the board director on his side.
What does he have to worry
with an aunt like that?
Watch what you say.
You don't want to know too much.
Cheers, everyone.
Good work, everyone.
Lee Jaya.
What does your dad do?
Yeah, I've been wanting to know that too.
He's in an apparel business.
Business? Which brand?
He just has a small store in the mall.
It must be hard for him to support you.
What are we talking about? So boring.
Ask her something interesting.
Hey, cutie.
What the heck was that?
- My bad. Be quiet.
- So obvious.
Is anyone here your type?
No comment.
I'll drink the penalty shot.
Everything cool right?
It's a lot.
- Damn.
- She drank it all.
- She can drink.
- Wow.
Gosh, it's killing me.
You're up early.
You know...
You drank the penalty shot yesterday
and didn't say who you like.
Can you tell me who it was?
Is it me by any chance?
I think I like you.
I really like you, Jaya.
Oh my gosh.
What are you thinking so hard?
We need to talk.
What's wrong?
I was worried that you'd get upset.
Who else know about this?
Hey, I didn't tell anyone.
Don't tell anyone. Not even to Shin-young.
Just tell her...
Tell her that Yoo-Jung might be
interested in her, understood?
I got it.
She's smoking again because of you.
You'll ruin your voice.
Are you ready to talk now?
You want to go back to how
it was in middle school?
What do you say? You
miss our good old days?
Do you have to do this? Can we just talk?
Hey, there are several reasons
we have to give you a beating.
you'll answer faster.
you'll answer accurately.
you'll remember this.
Why are you doing this to me?
It's seven dollars.
Yes ma'am. Just one second.
Can't you please tell her you found
it out from the teacher's book?
You expect me to explain how I
found it out to that bitch?
Dad's going to work.
So it's true.
You live like a cockroach.
Apparel business?
You thought you could...
trick your way into my life?
Why are you doing this?
I never said I liked you.
I asked you to stop.
Hey, hey.
You should have fought harder.
Let go.
This is for not knowing your place.
Mom, where are you?
I have no intention of getting
in between you and Yoo-Jung.
Let me just come to
school and take classes.
Why are you asking me?
Did I hit you? Did I ever harass you?
You should have known who
you are messing with.
Stupid bitch.
So dumb.
Lee Won-sool.
That's your dad's name, right?
You're disgusting.
You better not
talk about my dad again.
Won-sool, are you getting pissed?
What are you going to do about it?
I told you to know your place, bitch.
Retard. Like father, like daughter.
I told you not to insult my dad.
How dare you.
Have you lost your mind?
I'll kill you if you insult my dad again.
We don't need to involve
Yoo-Jung into this.
You saw it with your own eyes, right?
You just need to testify that.
I'll take care of the rest.
Hello, yes, headmaster.
This is Park Jong-soo. My daughter
Hye-seon goes your school.
You guys have been...
bullied by her.
Yes, ma'am.
- You too, Min-kyung?
- What?
Yes, ma'am. That's correct.
I'm so sorry for you guys.
Why didn't you guys help Hye-seon?
You sure she was going to
hurt her with the bottle?
She told us to turn around.
Because she was so scary,
we couldn't even look back.
Why did you do that?
I hated that she talked down
on me because I'm poor.
I'll take my punishment.
Please, please do not expel her.
Dad, don't. I can go to another school.
I'm telling you this
not as Hye-seon's mom, but as the
school committee chairwoman.
Are you even sorry about what you did?
Do you know what you did wrong?
See how Min-kyung's crying.
You can't hit your friends
just because they were
a little rude to you.
I wonder who educated her.
A little rude?
I didn't do anything wrong then.
They are not my friends.
And they did far worse
than being rude to me.
I can't tell you everything that happened,
but I'd be a crazy one here if I hit her
just for being a little rude.
I'd deserve to
rot in hell if I did that.
Please don't expel her.
Dad, get up. It's not what you think.
I feel bad for you.
I guess we should have seen this coming
given his circumstances.
It's not like we can require them to include
family background in the application.
Is it our fault that we are poor?
- Is this school only for aristocrats?
- Jaya, sit down.
We are poor.
Can we at least have our pride?
Do you have to throw away our pride
in front of those people?
Is that how you want to live?
Do you really want to live like that?
Like a cockroach?
Thank you.
I'm done.
All right. Good job.
How are you doing? How's work?
- I get sleepy, however.
- You'll get used to it.
What are you studying?
Bar exam.
You must know a lot about law.
Of course.
I'll tell you later. When we
get to know each other better.
You don't withhold paycheck or
do something like that, right?
I've been studying law for 7 years now.
According to the item 68 of the Labor Law,
- Minors are...
- Yeah?
You look tired.
I'll close the shop. Go home.
Yes, sir.
Don't forget to get your dad's
sign on the work permit.
I won't.
- Good night.
- Bye.
Here you go.
- I said I could do it.
- Try.
It's delicious.
You have to sign this because I'm a minor.
I'll do it.
All right.
Get some rest
after you eat.
See you later, dad.
See you later, dad.
I decide to write a complaint so that
no other students would suffer
the way I did from school violence.
Read it.
Looks good?
- Yes.
- Then
I'll print it out.
All right.
Just write your name here.
It'll go to the Department of
Education once you submit it.
Hey, Jaya.
Tell your friend who was the
victim that it's going to be okay.
I will.
It's a hard work, but I can make $1600
a month if I don't take a day off.
I'll take some cosmetology classes
after saving up some money.
What about school?
I'm sure regular schools
wouldn't be as bad, but
schools are not for poor kids
who have nothing but temper
like me.
Maybe I can open up a karaoke,
since I like singing.
I'm sorry. I am so sorry.
Thank you for doing so well.
I'm so relieved.
I told you I'm fine.
Come see me often.
Did you guys see that?
Jaya filed a complaint with
the Department of Education.
She's got guts.
Hye-seon and her gang are screwed now.
I guess. It's going to be on their record.
They are filthy rich. They'll
just go study abroad.
That's true.
I apologize.
Thank you so much.
How could you let this happen?
My apologies, ma'am.
Yoo-Jung, this happened in the
choir where you're the president.
You didn't know about this?
No, aunt.
He couldn't have known.
It happened between girls.
Make sure it doesn't leak to the media.
He's about to go to Berklee.
Don't forget that he's one of
the heirs to Daehan Group.
I'm so sorry.
- Goddammit.
- What's going to happen to us?
What do you mean?
Nobody knows about this.
We just need to stay put.
Are you going to just sit
and let her do this to us?
What a dork.
What do you want this time?
Shut up.
What's this?
Give it back.
Let me see your cell.
Come on.
Unlock it.
Unlock it.
Do you need another visit to the rooftop?
Birthday party?
She must be doing really well.
How dare she file a complaint?
Crazy bitch.
One second. I'm done.
Happy birthday.
What do you want?
Min-kyung, what's going on?
What do you think?
She said she's on her way to a
birthday party, so we came along.
Please leave.
Min-kyung, let's go.
Hey cutie, we even brought a cake for you.
We went through so much trouble.
Shouldn't you at least blow candles for us?
Don't you think so, Min-kyung?
Jaya, let's have a birthday party.
Damn, people actually live
in a shit hole like this.
I thought it was all set when they
show a place like this on TV.
I know.
Why do you think she came to our school
when she lives at a place like this?
She almost fooled us.
My friend asked around in Kwanghwa Island.
Her nickname was Mop.
- You know why she's called Mop?
- Why?
Because she's so wet all the time.
Is it true that every guy in your
middle school slept with you?
Hey, is it true?
Why do you ask? We can check ourselves.
What are you doing? Let me go.
- Min-kyung!
- Koo Min-kyung.
You can go help her.
Get off of me.
You didn't see or hear anything.
Let's drink.
What the hell is that? Take the phone.
Hold her.
Dad! Dad!
- Can I have five pairs?
- Yes ma'am.
I'd like eight pairs.
This is nice.
(My baby, Jaya)
Sir, I'll take the size 95.
- I'll get these.
- These three, please.
Get off of me!
Hey, shouldn't we leave?
Her dad has cerebral palsy.
Fucking retard.
Keep going.
Get off of me!
- Can I pay for this?
- Just one sec.
(Dad, I love you)
(Me.. too)
Wow, what a night. It was great.
Have a drink.
I need to go home.
No you don't.
This is your night. You have to stay.
I need to go home to Jaya.
Why don't you stay a little while.
Let me pour you a drink.
No drink.
Just one shot.
If you don't withdraw your complaint,
everything filmed here will be...
sent to your dad's phone.
And all over the internet.
This won't do.
I am sure Mr. Lee Won-sool
will be happy.
I.. I'm sorry.
What did you say?
I'm sorry.
I can't hear you.
I'm sorry.
Lower your eyes.
I said I'm sorry!
It's too late. Look what kind of
mess you made with the complaint.
Listen to me carefully, Jaya.
People like you will always lose.
You know what happens when a
loser dares to challenge?
They get fucked, you stupid bitch.
Now that you know, let's try to get along.
(Dad, warm up the soup)
Sorry I'm late.
Jaya, we got the delivery yesterday, right?
What happened with your friend's complaint?
I haven't asked yet.
You permed your hair today.
Aren't you gonna say hi to your boyfriend?
Leave. I'll call the police
if you show up again.
Do it.
We're still minors.
The worst thing that can happen is
to get transferred to new school.
Think about it.
Our parents are congressmen
and board directors.
Do you think they'll leave your dad alone?
Get out of my house.
I don't think so.
Try and make me leave.
Open the door quickly.
I'm waiting.
Lee Jaya!
Lee Jaya.
Where did she go?
Lee Jaya!
I know you are in there.
It's not so hard.
You're screwing the boys two,
three times a week anyways.
I withdrew the complaint.
Why do you keep bothering me?
I don't have any business with you guys.
You keep forgetting this, but
I make a decision.
Not you!
I'm sure this will get lots of
hit once it's on the internet.
Gang rape of Lee Jaya, a freshman
at Dohwa Art High School.
It's a prepaid phone. I put up the
number on those sites.
I'll give you two hours.
You're great at it, aren't you?
Seventeen, huh?
Let's meet up twice a week.
Damn, you're so tight.
All right.
I'll give you extra 100 dollars.
You said you listed her
at 100 bucks, right?
- Wow, he tipped her 100 dollars.
- He must've liked her.
You should make a career out of this.
I have to go.
Give me my phone back.
Take it. It's your money.
It's how much you're worth.
We shouldn't take it from you.
You must have sweated a lot.
Drink some beer. Have fun.
You still have some time left.
Should we move back to Kwanghwa Island?
Your business is going well here.
And you made some good friends.
You like it here, don't you?
If you're happy,
I am too.
(6 Months Later)
Are you Jaya's father?
She used to work at my convenient store.
I feel responsible for what happened.
Keep your arms straight.
This arm, too.
Keep it up there.
That's disgusting.
Look here.
The only school violence happened
here at this prestigious school was
when your daughter hit Park Hye-seon.
Do you expect us to believe
this ridiculous story?
Sheesh, what a headache.
That girl has to make trouble
even after she dies.
This is school.
If you have more to say, go to the police.
He burnt her with a cigarette butt.
- Sir!
- Hey!
- We'll call the police.
- Get out of here.
Stop it or we'll call the police.
Please step outside.
Is that Lee Jaya's dad?
- I guess he found out.
- What's he gonna do now?
Yeah, that's Jaya's dad.
I do understand how you must feel.
But we can start an investigation
based on this journal only.
There's no witness.
It's not like we can have
the victim's testimony.
I'm sorry.
My daughter...
can't lie.
I know, I know.
I didn't want to tell you this but...
It's not like we didn't do
any investigation back then.
Your daughter, she had been...
working as a prostitute the
last two months before she died.
she was the bully at school.
I saw it all...
I was afraid
they would do the same to me.
I couldn't sleep in peace after that.
Not even one night.
But now...
it doesn't matter.
It's true.
Everything she wrote.
They are animals.
They really did...
those things to her.
I am so sorry.
What kind of music teacher miss a note?
I know.
You guys shouldn't do that.
I'm on a diet.
Hey, what's this? Why did you
want us to come up here?
It better be important.
Otherwise you're dead.
Koo Min-kyung.
Park Hye-seon!
Park Hye-seon?
I did everything you told me to do.
What did we tell you to do?
This is the last chance.
Crazy bitch, what the hell
are you talking about?
You're asking for a beating, aren't you?
Admit what you did to Jaya
and apologize. Beg for forgiveness.
This bitch's lost her mind.
Apologize? Beg for forgiveness?
Trying to ruin my day.
I tried to give you guys the last chance.
You guys are... evil.
Today around 4 p.m., a man
threw acid to three girls
on the rooftop of Dohwa Art High School.
The man, whose identity was soon
discovered as Mr. Lee, 45-year-old man,
is on the run. The police are
looking for his whereabouts.
Reporting from the hospital the victims
are in, I'm Kim Soo-Jin from NBS.
The number you called can't
be reached right now.
What do you want?
Money, right?
Call my aunt.
How much do you need?
Sir, you don't want to do this.
Please don't.
Sir, please.
He made me do it.
just followed Tae-sung. That's it.
Wh.. what?
You were the one who stripped her
off and burnt with the cigarette.
You did it too.
Goddamn idiots.
Sir. Sir...
We are not like that.
That asshole made us do it.
That's right.
He said we should pee on her.
He hit her with a belt and
made her bark like a dog.
Gang rape was his idea too.
Please don't kill me.
I give you my love and passion!
Even men who are like clouds,
those who are like wind,
when they are home,
they become a father.
I am...
a father.