My Life for Ireland (1941)

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Sinister area, this.
What a disgrace...
because of those Irish bastards,
you can't even get some sleep.
For weeks on end.
No time for breakfast anymore.
You're looking really underfed.
You could take the grain
from those few starving farmers.
So we can have the whole neighborhood
on our necks.
Yesterday, they beat another
cop to death.
- The insurgents are more brazen.
- That's O'Brien and his men.
Let him come.
This time, we're ready for them.
It's 5:00. Let's go.
Open up!
- Break it down.
- Let's go.
- What's your name?
- Pat Mullins.
Pat Mullins. That's correct.
You haven't paid rent
in two years.
It's my house and my land.
I don't have to pay anyone.
The land belongs to the English Crown.
Are you going to pay?
Where would I get the money?
The harvest is rotten.
Thousands of us are starving to death.
And I should pay rent?
With what?
That's your problem. Do your job.
Clear the house immediately.
My house? Clear my house? No!
- No, not in there.
- Get out of the way.
Let go of my dad.
God will punish you...
for all the misery you have wrought.
Let me worry about that.
God and I are very close.
What's that?
The pigs are resisting! Get them!
They'll eventually learn
to leave us farmers alone.
They got their fill of buckshot from us.
- Damn, they have reinforcements.
- Quick, retreat to safety!
They expected us.
Get them! Go, go, go!
You should have blown a hole
in the fat man's head.
- That slave driver deserves it.
- Quick. They're cutting us off.
- Michael! What is it?
- Nothing. Get out of here.
Get O'Brien! Dead or alive.
- Leave. I order you.
- Michael, I won't leave you.
The defendants have confessed
to belonging to a secret society...
that plans to violently overthrow
the present government...
and to separate Ireland
from the United Kingdom.
- That's high treason.
- High treason?
We haven't betrayed anyone.
We fought for our country's freedom.
Which, you English
have betrayed and sold out.
In the course of your criminal actions,
good English soldiers were attacked.
An honorable sheriff was killed
in the line of duty.
- That is murder.
- Murder?
You have driven us from our homes.
Fenced us in.
You have left us no tree
to hang ourselves from...
no water to drown
ourselves in...
not enough soil
to bury our dead.
Thousands and thousands
starved to death last year.
You starved them to death.
That's murder!
My patience is at an end.
I hereby announce the verdict.
In the name of his majesty,
the king of Britain and Ireland.
The defendants,
Michael O'Brien, goldsmith...
Raymond Davitt, clerk...
Richard Sullivan, transport worker...
Patrick Pollock, writer...
Emmet Doyle, student...
Thomas Byrne, university professor...
are sentenced to die by hanging.
We protest this disgraceful trial.
The legality of the verdict
cannot be appealed.
The verdict will be carried out
in 24 hours.
- Verdict! You'll regret this.
- Take them away!
- You're judges? You're murderers.
- Out!
No hearing, no defense.
You are so pathetic.
Stop it!
I can't take it anymore!
Don't just sit there.
Say something.
Say something.
I can't take this waiting.
We'll have to accept it, son.
It'll pass.
What if it was all for nothing?
A sacrifice is never in vain.
We are the seeds.
Those who come after us will harvest.
I have always wanted to be
with some smart people.
Too bad we don't have more time.
Don't worry.
We have plenty of time
until judgment day.
A bit too much time.
What are you thinking, Michael?
September 14.
Today, we were going to get married.
Your matter is somewhat
unusual, Ms. Fleming.
Allow me to say that I think
you're acting rashly.
Your relationship with a terrorist
could destroy your whole future.
My future has been destroyed.
I love Michael O'Brien...
but he's been sentenced to die.
It is hard to understand...
why a man
with a beautiful bride like you...
would do things
that could cost him his life.
You're rejecting my request?
No, my child, not at all.
We English are not monsters.
If you really insist-
Thank you.
May I tell him myself?
Sure, you can.
You see I do everything possible.
I exceed my authority...
but who could say no
to such a beautiful woman?
May I go now?
Take the lady to the office
and send for the prisoner.
Yes, sir.
To see you again!
- Are you in pain?
- Not much anymore.
You've heard the verdict?
I know.
You have to be brave, Maeve.
Michael, did you remember...
that we were to get married today?
Yes, I did.
I talked to the commander,
and we can marry today.
Today? Now? Here in jail?
No, Maeve, it can't be.
You can't have my name.
It would brand you.
It would make me strong...
me and your child.
- My child?
- Our child.
Is that true?
I want to be your wife,
because our son should have your name.
The name Michael O'Brien.
Do you, Michael O'Brien...
by your own free will
take Maeve to be your wife?
Yes, I do.
Maeve Fleming,
do you sincerely and firmly commit...
to take Michael O'Brien
as your husband?
Yes, I do.
Now take each other's hand
to solemnize your vows.
I hereby pronounce you
husband and wife.
Till death do you part.
Till death do us part.
The allotted time is up.
Give them a few minutes.
Maeve. You will be alone
in your most difficult hour.
Don't talk about me, Michael.
Take this. It was my father's.
Only to be worn by the best of us.
May our son wear it one day.
God willing.
Farewell, Maeve O'Brien.
Farewell, Michael.
Come on. You only die once.
My dear colleague.
You know they're not
to sing that song.
What song? Oh, right.
Well, it's that new guy.
- O'Connor?
- O'Connor. Come.
- Yes, sir?
- You're not to sing this song.
- You always start it. I heard it.
- Yes, it's a funny song.
Funny? Let's hope
the headmaster hasn't heard you.
You always want to cause trouble?
All right, all right.
A very revealing list of pupils
you've sent to the Secret Service.
There are some names
of interest on it.
Foggerty, O'Higgins, O'Brien.
All sons whose fathers
caused us a lot of problems before.
But that was many years ago.
We specifically selected these boys.
Given them a generous education-
Living with English boys
from the best families.
Once we've taught them to think
like the English...
we'll have won the game.
It's not for nothing
the English state pays...
60 pounds per year for each boy.
I'm not a fan of these soft
educational methods.
Even the best treatment
can't turn a young wolf into a lap dog.
Don't forget that.
That wasn't fair.
- Come here.
- Yes, sir?
To get a sense of fair play,
you'll be the umpire for a while.
- Yes, Mr. Croke.
- And you, join the game.
- You know hitting is not allowed.
- Especially if someone sees it.
So you think it's all right as long
as you're not caught?
You're like an old woman.
Leave him alone.
I'd like to see you get a ball in the gut.
Ah, the new guy.
You think I'd cry like that little girl?
- Of course, you would.
- Come on, continue the game.
Give it a shot.
Good, now we can continue.
They're all under strict supervision.
You know our faculty.
You picked some yourself.
Because I don't like bad surprises.
Tell me, do you have confidants
among the pupils as well?
How do you mean?
They're more likely to talk
amongst each other than to teachers.
That's a fact.
How's my nephew, Henry doing here?
He's doing well.
He's not the brightest-
I mean, not an exemplary student...
but as an offspring
of such an influential family...
he will surely make his way.
I expected nothing less.
That ball thing before wasn't nice.
I'm sorry.
Why? I challenged you.
Tell me, why don't you like me?
I've been here for eight days.
Everyone's nice, but not you.
- What did I do?
- Nothing.
- I just don't like you.
- And why?
You're too sophisticated,
too much silk...
sharp dressers like you
don't belong here, understand?
- Stop it or-
- Or what?
Maybe I misjudged you. Let's go.
- Punch him.
- On the chin.
That's not allowed.
I'll report you.
Michael, let him have it.
Punch the nose.
Someone's coming.
Let's get out of here.
What's going on here?
You're bleeding.
What's going on here?
- I slipped, Mr. Croke.
- That's not true.
- What's not true?
- It was harmless. He slipped.
So, a harmless slip
followed by a nose bleed?
An epistaxis notriculosa causa? Eh?
If he's asked something,
he doesn't know when he ought to know.
- Contusio?
- Contusio.
Let's not tell the headmaster.
Yes, Mr. Croke.
The others can hurry up too.
Don't be pessimistic, Mr. George.
The country is peaceful.
It only appears so.
There are still some malcontents
causing trouble.
That Devoy, he's worst of all.
Only last night, he and his men
tried to blow up the new navy depot.
- We learned of it at the last moment.
- And?
He got away.
But he was wounded,
so he won't get very far.
- He won't get away this time.
- Enter.
- Student Beverly is here to see you.
- Tell him to come in.
Sergeant Duffy?
No, sir.
Sergeant Duffy is no more.
You know Duffy?
He was a sergeant in India with me.
Another pigheaded Irishman.
Hi Uncle George.
The headmaster has praised you.
Sit down.
Let me take a look.
You look good.
How do you like it here?
How do you like it here?
I thought so.
How do you get along
with your classmates?
- Fine. Fine. I'm very popular.
- Just as I thought.
Listen, you could do me a favor.
- Never thought I'd see him again.
- Who?
- Beverly.
- But the boy-
I'm not talking about the boy,
but the old man.
- Sir George, his uncle.
- I didn't know he had an uncle.
Here he is. In the middle.
- The guy in India who-
- Yes, that's him.
Eh, Beverly?
What a fine mate you were.
You abandoned your sergeant
with a bullet in his leg.
Even took his water to save your
own precious life.
The leg could have been saved,
the doctor says, but with sepsis-
- That pig should have been shot.
- What do you know?
Fine people like the Beverlys
aren't shot in England.
He got the Victoria Cross for bravery.
What a joke.
Later in England, he got a big job
with the government.
So did you, but not a big one.
You were just a dumb Irishman
willing to fight for England.
Don't start that again. I'm a soldier.
I don't care about politics.
And I'll settle my account
with that gentleman one day.
- Something must have happened.
- Those are our men.
- Robert Devoy.
- He was wounded yesterday. He has to hide.
Quick, come in.
- Is it bad?
- It's all right.
He's lost a lot of blood.
I won't give up.
I won't give the English
the satisfaction.
- Not yet.
- Get me the first-aid kit.
- Can I have a drink?
- Right away.
There must be a traitor among us.
The whole plan was perfect.
- No one knew about it. Only we and-
- Nolan.
He always talked too much.
We must know for sure.
You're in charge.
If you're sure, then-
He has a bad habit of working at night
with the lights on and the window open.
I understand.
Thomas. You go and find me
a new place to stay.
I can't stay here.
It would be too dangerous for Maeve.
No problem. Come.
- You're leaving? Now?
- Yeah, we got things to do.
Here, drink this.
It'll do you good.
So no news?
Devoy can't just disappear.
Of course not.
In fact, he's very much alive.
Just last night,
he had one of my best agents killed.
Through the open window.
He left a sign that read:
"Don't open your big mouth."
The nerve!
High time we caught him.
Good thing he can't show himself
with his wounded arm.
We assume as much.
- We need some good men.
- You seem to lack good men.
Shut up.
Shut up.
You think you can do a better job
infiltrating them?
It's not easy. The Irish stick together
like ticks on a dog.
We'll see about that.
- Do you want to play rugby?
- No, I got tennis today.
Keep still. You're useless.
- Brush!
- No! I won't.
- I'm not your servant.
- You don't want to?
- Take the brush.
- No!
Our girl is growing a spine.
Who would have thought?
- I'll count to three.
- Just beat me up.
- There'll be no beating.
- Are you going to stop me?
Yes. You bet.
You're a coward
for wanting to beat up a scrawny pup.
Stop making such a fuss.
We don't need a nanny.
Hear that?
The new guy wants to give us orders.
And he's right.
I thought you'd never speak up.
Don't always go along.
It takes a bit of courage.
And you, Henry.
Did you hear what Patrick said?
From now on,
you'll leave Rory alone.
Or you'll answer to both of us.
Right, Patrick?
- Yes, Michael.
- I don't know what you want with me.
Why are you threatening me?
I'm the last one to look for trouble.
Why are you all suddenly
against me?
Patrick, you don't have anywhere to go.
Want to come with me?
- My mother would be happy.
- Yes, I'd love to.
- Rory, you'll come too.
- Of course.
Nice here.
Mom kept the garden
the way Dad left it.
- He's not alive anymore?
- No.
Patrick, you'll hear it anyway.
The English executed my father
before I was born.
I understand, Michael-
Now you have to meet my mother.
There she is.
My big boy.
My two friends I told you about.
This is Rory.
Ah, the youngest.
How tall you are.
And this is Patrick. He's new.
- What? No handshake?
- Oh, yes of course.
- I didn't know-
- You didn't know what?
- That Michael had such a young mother.
- What a nice thing to say.
Yes, when people see us together,
they think we're brother and sister.
- Right, Maeve?
- Michael, don't call me Maeve.
You're embarrassing
your old mother.
Come now before the tea gets cold.
- Patrick, where are you?
- The window. Is that your room?
No, my Mom's bedroom.
Mine faces the other way. Come.
Yes, I'm coming.
They used to call me a girl. It
bothered me. Now I don't mind anymore.
I don't think girls are stupid.
Patrick, you're not saying anything.
Not much to say.
I haven't met a lot of women.
Really only my grandmother.
She's got a store in America.
- She never had much time for me.
- You lost your parents early?
Yes, as soon as they arrived.
Please come by often.
I'm glad you and Michael are friends.
- Maybe we can be friends, too.
- Oh, that would be marvelous.
- Almost six. We have to go.
- What now?
- We only have to be back by supper.
- You may want to talk to your mother.
Yes, stay, Michael.
Your guardian wants to see you.
But next time,
you'll have to stay longer.
I'll see you out.
- Thank you for the afternoon.
- My pleasure, Rory. Come again.
And you, Patrick,
I'll always be happy to see you.
What's up? Why so quiet?
Didn't you like my home?
No, I enjoyed it, Michael.
The best day of my life.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Only those who understand
the deeper sense...
of the claim of English rule...
and accept it unconditionally
will have a free and easy life.
O'Brien. What's wrong?
I must have caught a cold.
Poor chap. I hope it's not serious.
If you cough one more time
during my class, I'll have to lock you up.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Keep standing.
Repeat what I said
about English colonialism?
Well? Already forgotten?
I pity you.
English colonialism has always been
marked by its Christian charity.
If ruthless force had to be used then only
against immature tribes who resisted.
The measures taken were
in their own best interest.
You've memorized it well,
but you lack the faith.
Sit down.
We've already discussed
Cyprus and Malta.
Now, we come to the most
important power base-
- What am I talking about?
- The English power base.
This isn't the first time
I've notice you, O'Connor.
Care to share with us
where your thoughts are?
We might all be interested.
Kennedy already whispered to you
what we're talking about...
he'll be grounded
for two Sundays for that.
What is our most important base
in Europe?
Who can tell us...
- Beverly.
- Gibraltar, of course.
Good, Beverly.
All right. Recess.
The headmaster wants
to see you urgently.
Hi Patrick. Have fun.
You fools.
Something's wrong with Patrick lately.
Not only me, all the teachers
have been complaining.
Your performance has dropped,
you're scatterbrained...
and not paying attention.
- There must be a reason.
- I don't know.
You've been avoiding
your classmates recently.
- Why?
- I've always been alone.
Maybe something is wrong
with your classmates.
Something causing conflicts in you.
- If so-
- I don't know what you mean.
Of course...
I don't want to pry
into your personal affairs.
But if you ever want to talk...
you'll always find an understanding ear.
And if you need it-help.
I don't need any help.
Then pull yourself together.
I'm sick and tired
of their meetings and secrecy.
- Why is nothing happening?
- Right.
We don't we chase them away
and burn down this school.
They only want to make us English,
with top hats and hypocrisy.
- Just empty words.
- We need to act.
Quiet! I understand you.
You think I'm happy waiting here?
But I demand discipline.
Everyone can't have their own opinion.
I'm in contact with our people.
I can only say it won't be much longer.
Who of the new ones can we trust?
- Larkin.
- He seems quiet and reliable.
- I wanted to suggest him too.
- Good.
- I'll recommend Patrick O'Connor.
- What? That guy?
- You were against him too!
- Yes, but I know him better now.
- He's changed quite a bit.
- Someone's coming!
- What's this?
- My paper.
All right, all right. Educating yourself.
German music. Beethoven.
You know his Seventh?
Very good, very good.
- Did he catch on?
- No, he never does.
We can postpone
the decision on Patrick.
But one thing's clear,
I vouch for him.
I'll be. So much for Patrick
and his morals.
Michael's mother?
Very interesting.
Leaving again, Robert?
This is not a real life.
Always hunted from here to there.
Always risking your life.
Don't despair, Maeve.
You have Michael now.
Michael? Do I?
I can only see him once a week.
- I hate it.
- It won't be much longer.
When will it change?
- It will change, Maeve.
- I hope so.
It's dark now. I'll leave.
But not like this.
You have to lose the sling.
- I thank you, Maeve.
- What for?
Without you, I might not
have found the strength to carry on.
I could not have passed it on
to a better man, Robert Devoy.
- Wait, what was that?
- I'll go and see.
There is nothing.
Be careful, Maeve.
Avoid any suspicion.
- How was it?
- How do you know?
I know of things in your closet
that don't belong to you.
- Do you recognize this?
- Give me the picture.
I don't want it. I found it on the
I only picked it up. If you scream
like that, you'll wake up everyone.
- Will you tell Michael?
- Why would you think that?
I am your friend.
- I could never face him again if-
- Don't worry about it.
There's nothing wrong.
Women are like that. I know.
They like handsome young men like you.
And I, too, have-
Shut up! It's not like that.
She doesn't know I love her.
I don't understand.
Why all that fuss? Tell me.
Henry, what would you do...
with a woman you worshipped?
- If she were with another-
- Go on.
What's up?
What does the old owl want?
He's looking for Henry and Patrick.
They're next door.
Patrick and Henry?
- What if he is Michael's guardian?
- Guardian?
What would he do in her bedroom?
But we could find out.
What did he look like?
Medium height, broad shoulders...
dark, a beard...
and he had his arm in a sling.
A sling?
That's great.
Man, you're lucky
you told Henry Beverly.
What are you doing here?
You are dressed
in the middle of the night. Why?
I was hot and couldn't sleep.
- You couldn't sleep.
- He was helping me-
O'Connor, I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Now, off to bed.
I have this terrible pain,
I need to see the doctor.
It's getting worse.
Can't you do something?
If you're sick,
we'll have to get you to the doctor.
Everyone back to bed!
- Well?
- No pain. I must see my uncle now.
Really? You could have told me.
That's not your area of competence,
Mr. Barrington.
- Open up in the name of the King!
- Open the door.
- Mrs. O'Brien?
- Yes, what do you want?
- You are under arrest.
- What for?
You will find out later.
I only follow my orders.
- Anyone else here?
- No one, only my servant and I.
For your sake, I hope that's true.
Search the house,
especially the bedroom.
- You'll want to get dressed.
- Yes, come, Nany.
Your servant can
bring you your things.
You don't expect me,
in front of you and your men, to-
It can't be helped
unless you want to stay the way you are.
I didn't expect anything
different from you. Go, Nany.
You're in charge of the prisoner.
Don't let her out of your sight.
Patrick, you know where the picture
of my mother has gone?
I showed it to you a few days ago,
but now it's gone.
I showed it to you a few days ago,
but now it's gone.
Why would I know?
You must have lost it.
- You think I stole it?
- I didn't say that.
You have changed.
The others have noticed too.
They should mind their own business.
No, we're all together.
You can't upset your mates like that.
Or do you have a reason for it?
And why are you secretly meeting
with Henry Beverly at night?
You know I don't trust him.
You and your distrust.
I don't know what you want.
He's a nice guy.
You're all unfair to him.
You must pick your own friends.
I feel sorry for you.
We didn't find anything upstairs.
We did another thorough search.
What's going on there?
The old hag here tried to burn this.
So I rapped her fingers with this
and shot the old dog instead.
An arm sling and bandages.
For what?
Pack it up.
Where is Devoy?
Come closer, my boy.
I am glad I wasn't wrong about you.
- I don't know-
- I understand, I understand.
I don't want to know the details.
You're very discreet, O'Connor.
- You'll get far in life.
- Why did you want to see me?
I just got off the phone
with the political police.
They want to see you immediately
for a statement.
A statement? The political police?
That must be a mistake.
No, no mistake.
- You know what it's about.
- That's not true.
I don't know anything.
What could I tell them?
They'll tell you. And don't forget
that you represent a public school.
Your first duty is to tell the truth,
without any regard for anyone else.
I hope I can rely on you.
Don't forget to see me right away
when you're back.
Ms. Nany, nice to see you.
- What's wrong, Nany?
- I got something to tell you.
What's wrong? Tell me.
Did anything happen to Mom?
They picked her up this morning.
They were after Devoy.
They knew he had been with us.
- They also shot the dog.
- The dog? And Devoy?
- Already gone.
- Thank God.
When did they take Mother?
I have to see her.
No, you have to stay.
They'll arrest you.
I have to find Devoy.
Only he can help.
- What's wrong?
- The English have arrested my mother.
- That's not possible.
- Why?
- They searched the whole house.
- They were looking for Devoy.
Someone must have ratted on us.
What's wrong? What do you want?
You? You're here?
I was to get a pistol
for Mr. Carter.
He needs a model
for his class on weapons.
A gun? Let's see.
A waste for your games upstairs.
Thank you.
What do you want from me?
- I didn't do anything to you.
- You betrayed her.
No. You're wrong. I tried to help.
You know, about the guardian.
I wanted to find out who-
- I only told my uncle-
- Liar!
- You miserable coward.
- No, I'm not lying.
I'm telling the truth. Don't hurt me.
I'm your friend.
I'll make up for it. Believe me.
I'll talk to my uncle.
We'll get her out.
He'll get her out. Think of yourself.
Patrick, you're making a mistake.
- Stop it now!
- Patrick!
O'Connor! Stop! Give me that!
That's not a toy for little kids.
What nonsense.
If we shot everyone we were angry with-
My boy, it doesn't work that way.
Go to your room.
I'll set things straight here.
He wanted to shoot me. Kill me. Report him.
He must go to jail. You saw him.
- I'll-
- Shut up!
I don't know what's going on here,
but when the Beverlys are involved...
I know for a fact something
sinister is going on.
Take your case and come.
Just so you know,
I didn't see anything.
If you still want to tell your uncle...
give him regards from Sergeant Duffy.
And tell him he'd better
keep his mouth shut.
The sooner you're gone,
the better for the others and you, my boy!
Mind you, we have a way
to make people talk here.
Don't force us to become nasty.
This evidence
can get you a pretty noose.
I repeat: I don't know about Devoy.
Fine. We'll see about that.
Come, please.
Come here, my boy.
You know each other?
He's a classmate of my son.
- Patrick, how do you-
- Quiet!
We ask the questions.
O'Connor. Do you know-this man?
I don't know. I don't think so.
Don't tell tales.
I'm not a headmaster you can lie to.
- I don't remember.
- You don't remember, do you?
Didn't you see that man...
at the house of this woman here?
A gentleman. How touching.
We'll refresh your memory.
You told one of our agents
that you had seen a man in her bedroom.
Your description of the man
is a perfect match for Devoy.
You also said he had an arm
in a sling. Correct?
Answer me!
That's all.
There you go.
Always tell the truth, even if it's hard.
You're free to go, O'Connor.
Now back to you. For the last time,
what is your relationship with Devoy?
- I refuse to answer.
- You can't do that.
Or is it something romantic?
I won't dignify that with an answer.
Not necessary. The fact he
was in your bedroom is all I need.
Write this down, Mr. Harrison.
It may be of interest to the public-
The latest about Devoy.
Mistress confesses.
The latest about Devoy.
Those bastards.
Now they're trying it this way.
Typical of the English.
The age old method.
They fight with lies and slander.
It's clear where that's going.
They're trying to turn your supporters
against you and destroy your morale.
I don't care about this, but dragging
that woman through the mud, disgusting.
We have to help her.
- When will they transfer her?
- Tomorrow evening.
All right, tomorrow evening.
We'll do everything to free her.
- What a nasty bastard.
- Yeah, a great classmate.
- What a nasty bastard.
- Yeah, a great classmate.
- You're going to tell Michael?
- What else can I do?
He was always good to me.
How can I talk to him
when I'm not honest with him?
No, I caused the problem,
and now I have to deal with it.
- It would still be wrong.
- What?
Telling Michael.
You can't help,
and it's already bad enough for him.
- But what can I do?
- Nothing.
Give it time.
He'll see you meant no harm.
I think you're right.
You're a good guy, Rory.
- Let's keep it quiet, then.
- Promise.
With your statement, after some hesitation,
which is only human...
you helped identify Devoy.
Today, we'd like
a more active assistance from you.
I'm not a rat.
Yes, we know that,
but will your mates believe that...
when they learn of your role
in the O'Brien case?
I highly doubt it.
Look, O'Connor,
apart from doing your duty...
there would also be certain benefits.
Unlimited holidays, spending money.
I'm ready, sir.
In here!
- He should be back by now.
- I hope the plan worked.
There he is.
That boy wanted to spy on us.
- He's been around for days.
- What about Maeve?
- Is she free?
- No, they used tanks.
- We're lucky to get away alive.
- Just as I feared.
They expected us
to free the prisoner.
So, failure.
But I won't rest until I have freed her.
Isn't that?
Sure, you're one of Michael's friends.
Mr. Devoy? I've been
looking for you for days.
What do you mean?
I'm to blame for Michael's mother
getting arrested.
I told a classmate about you.
I hated you.
You hated me? Why?
I can tell you only when we're alone.
Come. Search on the left and right.
I didn't want that to happen.
Believe me.
I believe you, Patrick.
But your mistake is grave.
Nowadays no one can follow
their feelings blindly.
Tell me what I can do.
I'll do anything.
The Secret Service assumes
you're working for them.
Yes, they want me to report back...
through a secret passageway.
A secret passageway?
Listen, Patrick.
I'll give you a chance.
Let them keep on believing.
Yes, Mr. Devoy.
Open up! Now!
Who are you and what are you
doing here at this hour?
- Come down from there.
- Sergeant, we're taking inventory.
- Who's that?
- My employee, but a bit slow.
- May I ask why you are here?
- Let's move on.
All right, gentlemen.
- My apologies.
- You're only doing your job.
They're gone.
You passed your first test, Patrick.
- Think of it next time when it get's tough.
- I won't forget it, Mr. Devoy.
One more thing, my boy.
Our arrangement is top secret.
I won't tell anyone either.
Now you know the harm
that carelessness can cause.
Promise me.
Never a word to anyone.
Never a word to anyone.
- Patrick, I have to talk to you.
- What do you want?
- Tell me.
- What are you up to?
- Why?
- Don't avoid me.
Something's wrong.
You get time off when you want.
You're allowed to go out of uniform.
- So?
- Does this have to do with-
- Nonsense. Not at all.
- Tell me. Something's not right.
I am your friend.
Friend? I have heard that before.
And then-
Just wait and see.
Don't pay any attention to me.
I know what I have to do.
But you, Rory, promised to keep quiet.
Remember that.
Maybe I can rely on you at least.
- Michael.
- Yes, mother.
They finally let you visit me.
I was so worried about you.
Let me look at you.
You're so pale.
- You've lost weight.
- I'm all right, mother.
- But I'm missing you.
- My boy.
Your father once stood here...
and I was where you are today.
He wanted you to finish his work.
That was his final wish.
I will, mother. God willing-
- How is your friend? Patrick-
- Don't talk about people unknown.
Yes, Mr. Brown.
How is your work?
Are you making progress?
Yes, soon I'll be ready.
Just a few days more.
- Our teachers are very happy.
- The time is up.
You've made me happy.
Now I can wait peacefully.
Yes, mother.
- Shopping as well?
- Yes, Mr. Croke.
Very good, very good.
- Hello, Mr. O'Brien.
- Hello. Did the books arrive?
Yes, I put them aside.
You can take a look.
Any news?
Yes, Friday night. 9:00. Be ready.
Tennyson's poems?
Can I wrap it for you?
Yes, please.
Ms. Parker. Looking for a new book?
Help Ms. Parker
find something really exciting.
With a lot of romance.
- Here we go, Mr. O'Brien.
- Put it on my bill.
But that's-
Of course, that's Harrison.
- A Secret Service bastard-
- Look!
- Interesting. That was-
- Yes, Patrick O'Connor.
- A classmate.
- Classmate?
So he is a traitor after all.
I didn't want to believe it.
Quiet. You'll have to find-
I'll find out...
even if I have to squeeze the truth
out of him with my hands.
I always find the right book
in your store.
And you're such a discerning reader.
- Did you give him the exact plan?
- Yes, Mr. Devoy.
It was terrible.
I felt like a real traitor.
I know it's hard, but I'll be frank.
Based on the betrayal,
the English will seize...
Based on the betrayal,
the English will seize...
some of our most prominent men.
They'll withdraw
their troops from here...
because they'll think they have subdued
our insurgents for many years to come.
- You understand?
- Yes.
Our strike will be all the more destructive
when we surprise them.
Then, the others will hear
what you have done for us.
- Soon?
- Very soon, my boy.
In the meantime, take this symbol.
It'll give you strength.
The best thing I have.
Guard it carefully.
It belonged to the late O'Brien.
He wanted his son to have it one day.
You'll wear it in his place for now.
Yes, Mr. Devoy.
I'll guard it for Michael.
You know what's it about.
It's risky business.
That's clear.
We're finished if we fail.
- Devoy knows that. We won't fail.
- Watch out.
- They're coming.
- Sit down.
Take care.
We have here-
As soon as we have weapons,
we can strike.
We'll be ready in December.
It would be wrong
to start the fight sooner.
We don't have enough
equipment or trained men-
Stop! Put your hands up!
Mr. Haggins, the stockkeeper.
You know me. Go to hell.
- And the honorable Mr. Fadden.
- The pleasure is all mine.
Patrick O'Connor.
My mother was thrown into prison
by the English, and it was your fault.
- Michael, hear me out.
- Silence!
- You're a spy for the English, a traitor.
- That's not true.
I saw you hand a note
to a Secret Service agent.
Now tell us what the note said.
I can't tell you.
I didn't betray anyone. Believe me.
- At least you should believe me.
- You're a liar and coward.
For the last time,
tell us what the note said.
Throw him in the water.
- Patrick O'Connor, will you talk?
- No.
- We're just wasting time with him.
- He won't say anything.
- Into the water with him.
- Lower him.
Pull him up.
Will you talk now?
If you tell us, we'll let you go.
Talk to us, man.
- I can't, Michael.
- Down again.
Keep going.
- Enough, Michael.
- Keep going.
Pull him up.
What if he's dead?
Shut up. Pull him out.
Untie him.
Patrick. Patrick.
Michael, even if you have me killed,
I won't talk.
I'm not allowed to talk.
Come. It's no use. Let's go.
- What about Patrick?
- Leave him. He'll come to.
Do us a favor and just disappear.
We have them.
Here's the complete plan.
They wanted to launch an attack
throughout Ireland this winter.
- Devoy?
- No, but all the top insurgents.
There we go!
Welcome, gentlemen.
Your game's up, Mr. O'Neil.
Another school year has ended.
Many of you are leaving us.
You are now free British citizens
who can do whatever they want.
Never forget that England
has generously given you an education.
An education that is
the envy of the world.
England has done much for you.
Show you deserve it.
Be grateful and serve as role models
for your Irish compatriots.
Be good British patriots.
Now, following tradition,
burn your books and papers.
Light the fire.
Long live the king.
Let's go!
- O'Brien. What does this mean?
- It's over now.
No more English rubbish.
Stop. Stay here.
Don't let them escape.
I'll say good-bye as well.
- What do you want?
- Weapons. Help us.
The city is in revolt. You're Irish.
Choose: England or Ireland?
I won't desert you.
Help yourselves.
Go back!
Mr. Devoy, we got the guns
and 6,000 rounds.
Good, now get them here.
I'm going to occupy City Hall.
Send all reports there.
- Is it working?
- Very well, we'll succeed.
Quick. Get a stretcher.
We need bandages.
Devoy? What?
Don't worry about me.
You need every man.
O'Toole is to take over.
Tell him.
- He's at the customs building.
- I will.
I can't leave you alone.
Where's the stretcher?
Where's Devoy?
Where's Devoy?
Can I help you?
My boy.
You can't die!
They'll never believe me.
Show them the secret passage.
They'll have to believe you.
- What are you doing here, you creep?
- I did it all for Devoy.
For Devoy?
For the Secret Service, you mean?
It's not true. He knows. Devoy?
It can't be.
- Only you know-
- Stay away, traitor.
Let's go.
Traitor? Me, a traitor?
We have to flee!
We're beating your men!
- It's been too long.
- They're not going to make it.
Just wait for daybreak.
It'll be easier for them.
- We can't get through.
- There must be a way.
I know a secret passage.
Give me some men,
and I'll show them the way.
What? What are you saying?
They're boxed in.
Good thing there is a way out.
All right, but if you betray us-
Hey, come with us!
- Who's there?
- O'Connor.
I can't use you now.
A message. The troops have landed.
Come in.
Let's get to the prisoners!
- We've done it.
- Soon we'll be free.
Come on, one after the other!
Or are you afraid?
Of a cowardly assassin? No.
Off to the armory.
- Michael, come.
- Yes.
- Go with them.
- I'll be back.
Patrick, what's wrong?
- You-
- You've been hurt.
- Patrick.
- It's too late.
That's-Where did you get this?
- Devoy.
- Devoy?
- I'm not a traitor.
- No.
How nice that you're with me.
- Father's chain.
- Take it.
Devoy gave it to me for you.
Michael, my friend.
Keep the chain.
You alone have earned it.
You have given more than your life.
You have given more than your life.
You have sacrificed your honor.