My Last Love (2017)

(Kim Bong-Yong)
(My Last Love)
I need to use the bathroom!
Ugh, can you change your alarm
ring tone for once?
Let me sleep just one more minute okay?
This is why you need to get home early!
How is it that you drink every night?
Hello Byul, you're up!
Mom, my stomach hurts.
Your stomach hurts?
Come here, Daddy can make you
feel better.
Come over here.
Aw, your stomach hurts?
There there
Daddy's hand is a medicine.
And Byul's belly is full of poop!
It's not!
It's not?
You're picking fight this
early in the morning?
You better be out fast!
Here you go.
Why are you out so late these days?
How would you know? You're home
late all the time.
You're still doing those concerts?
Hey, Kim Woo-joo, get out already!
My stomach hurts.
You gotta pray before you eat!
- OK.
- I'm gonna pray, OK?
Go on.
God, thank you for giving us this
delicious food.
We'll enjoy this meal.
Woo-joo, you need eat.
I'm OK.
You gotta eat something!
Dad! Dad!
What is it?
That food ghost you've talked about,
it's a lie, right?
It's not a lie!
It just moved.
Because you can now eat
without spilling anything,
so it's got nothing to eat! It went
to another family with a baby.
So it's got nothing to eat! It went
to another family with a baby.
Not sure.
Will it come back?
Yeah, it will!
- Really?
- Yeah!
You gotta take safety
measures before starting.
- I apologize.
- I told you to get rid of this!
- I'll fix it.
- What if there's an accident?
Yes, Director!
It's Director Cho.
It's always "OK" for me if you
want me there.
Yes, the same place as last time?
Got it, I'll be there on time.
You're called up again?
I need to get off early today.
That bastard, he's at it again.
He should pay for the construction cost,
the subcontractors are going crazy!
He just wants us to pay for his drinks!
That's enough.
I'll talk to him today when I see him.
This is a lost cause.
Who cares if he studied abroad?
What, was he born a director?
I bet he wasn't even a good student.
It's because his parents were rich!
Come on.
Why are you so upset?
Because I'm jealous!
Some people never have to
worry about getting fired,
they just drink all the time with
women by their side.
This one looks just like Kyung-soo, crying.
Hey, where are you? We have a show tonight.
You said you'd come and film us today.
Bring some ice cream.
Hey, Kim Dal-nim!
You're playing shows again?
I called you by accident.
I'm not so good at organizing things.
It's a little messy, right?
This is messy? I guess I've been
messy all my life!
That's what I'm saying.
Wow, you did all this?
As a cell group leader?
- Yes.
- Oh my!
It's nice enough to sell it!
She already is.
It just covers the kids'
after school stuff.
Look at this!
You can see what kind of a person she is!
See how detailed it is?
The elders should spread the news.
You're helping out your sister-in-law?
How'd you know? I'm her marketing director.
Get back safely.
Yes, thank you.
Good job!
- Oh Byul-nim, one second.
- What is it?
- Now you can sit.
- What's all this?
- Why not?
- So cheesy.
Aren't I so cool?
Not so sure.
We can't cover with our
own expenses anymore.
We don't have any more
funds to use at the site!
You gotta be flexible, figure it out.
You've been in this industry long enough!
Have the subcontractors take care of it!
I can only do that so many times!
I'm going nuts!
Come on Mr. Kim, are you gonna
finish your career here?
Don't be so dull!
I called you here to help you look good.
Don't say things like that here.
Come on, let's go in and drink!
- Don't ruin the mood.
- Come on, please...
- Director!
- Hey, Mr. Kim!
Come sit here!
Where did you go, Mr. Kim?
We were just talking for a second.
Thank you!
Don't be ridiculous, I thank you!
You're great to my Min-hyuk.
No need to mention it, really.
How's the site? Construction's going well?
Yes! Everything's fine.
- You got nothing to worry about.
- Good!
It's very important to me
you know that, right?
No accidents!
It'll be great! No need to worry!
Cheers for the director! Cheers!
Let's do the wave!
Our "face maker," Mr. Kim!
Yes, yes!
Let's bring it up, sing us a song!
Come on Director, not "face maker"!
It's "mood maker"!
Is that what I said?
Don't worry about it, who cares?
It's fine.
Face maker, mood maker, all the same!
Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim!
The next song is called, "Like the Birds."
(Like the Birds)
"Cars running through the open space"
"The sunset light shines on the people"
"The darkness sets, and surrounds
the city"
"And I sing."
"I open my eyes"
"I see myself between the gray building"
"I want to leave this suffocating city
but I can't"
"Watching the birds flying around"
"I want to fly away just like them"
"So free, under the blue sky"
"I want to fly with the birds"
Why am I a "face maker"?
For whom?
These bastards...
Do they want to see me making them
mad for once? Hm?
"The suffocating city..."
"I want to fly away with them!"
You drank again?
You're gonna wake the kids!
You stink like alcohol!
When did you ever care so much
about the kids?
Don't start now.
Turn it back on!
How can you drink every night?
You think I wanted to drink?
What are you, proud of drinking and
coming home late?
You won't even listen to me anymore?
No no, I'm sorry. Come here Honey.
Stop it, get out!
Sleep in the living room.
I'll wake up Dal-nim!
You're still here?
Close the door!
Darn it.
Wake up!
You were kicked out again?
I wasn't kicked out.
I slept outside on purpose so
Mom can sleep comfortably.
I should put a name tag here.
"Dad's Bed"
Come over here.
Stop it!
- Come here.
- What are you doing?
Dal-nim! Get up already.
Can't believe this.
Hey, Kim Byul-nim!
I told you not to touch my stuff!
Don't yell at your sister like that,
she's just a kid!
You're never on my side.
I sleep in the living room everyday
because of her!
I can't believe her!
- Honey?
- Sorry, just one second.
See? Your stomach is hurting
because you drank.
I'm fine!
I'm taking Byul-nim to kindergarten!
I'll see you tomorrow, Dad!
Let's go.
Mr. Kim, the electrical work is done.
Let's check for safety.
- Yes, we should.
- Are you OK?
You don't look so good at all.
Oh it's just...
I think it's just my stomach upset
from what I ate at lunch.
I told you to stay in and rest!
I'll check and send you a report,
get some rest.
Go on.
- Would that be OK?
- Of course! Don't worry.
Please go inside.
Thanks a lot, guys.
See you.
- Yes, Mrs. Cho!
- Hello, Mr. Kim!
- Are you busy by chance?
- No I'm OK.
What's going on?
I'm just on my way back from somewhere,
but the traffic's just so bad right now.
I don't think I can make it in time to
pick up my son from kindergarten.
I see.
You don't have to give me such
a long explanation.
I'll go pick him up right now.
Hey there, Min-hyuk! Hi!
His mom just told me.
Go on home safe with your uncle, Min-hyuk!
He's not my uncle.
He's my dad's underling.
That's OK, let's go home.
When did you get here?
You must be tired.
- How about dinner?
- I ate already.
Is Dad home?
He's never home at this hour.
- Let's go in.
- Why's he so busy all the time?
That's just the nature
of construction work.
- Mom.
- Yes.
Never mind.
What is it? You need some money?
Forget it.
What is this?
Someone's already performing
at our spot!
- We're too late.
- What do we do?
I knew this might happen,
I found another spot.
- Really?
- Yeah!
Do you ever plan to come
home early just once?
I just have a lot of work to do.
Are you the only one working there?
What's wrong with you today?
You should come home early and talk
to your kids, is that so hard?
You think I want to come home late?
Look at you, all you do
is to stay home and just sew!
Just sew?
This is how we paid for
Woo-joo's after school class!
You think we can raise our
children just with your paycheck?
You're right.
I wish this was just my
hobby, what a luxury!
I don't believe this.
What time is it? You're
barely getting home now?
- You just got home too.
- You're a student!
You just play a show again?
Hey, Kim Dal-nim!
You think your dad's just a joke?
You're a student, then you
should focus on your schoolwork!
Why can't I play music?
It's not like anyone can be a singer.
You gotta know yourself!
Just forget about music and singing!
- Why can't you be more like Woo-joo?
- Stop it already!
We just can't communicate at all.
Hey, Kim Dal...
Damn it.
Dad, wake up!
You're gonna get in trouble by Mom!
Hey there.
Dad, you got a ball in your belly?
Byul-nim, are you OK?
Hey, Dad!
You're sweating all over!
When did you get so heavy, Byul-nim?
You're turning out to be a fatty!
A fatty?
How can you say that to your own daughter?
Why are you still not up yet?
I must've dozed off again.
Dozed off? I woke you up so
many times this morning.
You did?
It's Sunday, you're just
gonna lie around like this?
I'm just so tired, that's why.
It's the weekend!
It's because you're out
late drinking every night.
It's because of work! It just
comes along with working.
Whatever, forget it.
You're not going to church?
I am. I will.
Let's go Dal-nim. Get ready
and come right away.
We must look towards the
Lord who died for our sins.
Always think about the grace
of the Lord who saved us.
Lord, please have mercy upon me and
have Dad not care about me at all!
I just want to play music without
asking for his approval!
God, please make my dad's
stomachache go away.
And I'd like to travel, too!
Please give some punishment
to the old man in our family.
He sinned, he should be punished!
I can't hold it any longer.
You called in trouble,
and I delivered you.
I answered you in the
secret place of thunder.
I tested you at the waters of Meribah.
Let us pray.
(The verse in text)
This makes no sense.
You're gonna get in trouble again.
Leave me out of it, OK?
I got no time for church!
I only get to rest one day,
and she can't stand it.
You shouldn't work so hard.
At this rate, you'll be on break
for the rest of your life!
I want to take it easy too!
You try working for a paycheck,
you think it's free money?
- I just haven't been complaining but...
- OK, OK! Just take care of your health.
You're just so lucky.
A person like you who's got
inheritance will never understand.
- Where's Soon-jeong?
- She went to church.
- She won't say anything?
- Of course she will.
I told her I had work to do.
She my own sister, but
she's got a temper, right?
I'm glad you understand.
See? I told you not to drink today.
Hey, your stomach is
getting bigger and bigger.
You should get it checked
out before making it worse.
No need to get it checked out, I
just need to go to the bathroom.
Where's the restroom?
When did you start experiencing
pain in your stomach?
Not sure, maybe...
It's been about 3 or 4 months.
You should get a thorough
examination first.
Another examination?
It's just that my stomach hurts
a little the day after I drink.
It's no big deal.
Why, is there a problem?
You should get it checked out first.
More than drinking, you've been
constipated for a long time.
We need to check your intestines to see.
Wait, hold on, one second!
How long will this take?
It should take about 40 minutes.
I'm claustrophobic.
If you experience any discomfort, you
can move your leg or talk to us.
Got it?
- OK.
- Watch your head.
Let's get started.
Wait, wait!
Let me just sleep!
You have colon cancer.
Did you say "cancer"?
You're being completely ridiculous!
Cancer? I have cancer?
What is this, a joke?
- Please be calm.
- You're a fraud!
Are you sure you're a licensed doctor?
- You can't do this here.
- Get your hands off me!
What are you looking at?
You really can't do this here.
What's wrong with you?
There's construction work starting
early in the morning tomorrow.
Even if I go home now, I'd only
get to sleep a couple of hours.
How about your clothes?
It's just for a day.
OK, got it.
Go to bed.
It's spread to other parts
of your intestines.
It'll be in your best interest to
get a surgery before it's too late.
Get rid of those cables.
I told you not to leave
stuff out in the walkway!
Mr. Kim.
Is everything OK?
Of course, why?
You got in a fight with your wife?
You look like you're about
to die or something.
Do I look like I have cancer or something?
I didn't mean that, you've
just been so down lately.
I was just joking.
Forget I said anything.
Do you have money saved up?
Never mind.
I haven't accomplished anything in life.
I have no idea what I've
been doing with my life.
We weren't planning on having
Byul-nim, I pushed for it.
Come on Mr. Kim! What's gotten into you?
You were so happy when she was born!
Let's drink this and go.
You shouldn't drink so much.
We didn't drink that much today.
You're really leaving?
What's wrong, Mr. Kim?
Should we go to a different bar?
You've got colon cancer.
It's already at its final stage.
Final stage?
I'm about to die?
Why me?
Mr. Kim?
Mr. Kim Bong-Yong!
- Look who it is!
- It's been a while.
- You're a manager now, right?
- Sorry we haven't kept in touch.
How've you been?
Well, it's my fault we
haven't kept in touch.
How's your health?
As you can see, alive and kicking.
But what brings you here?
I see.
It can make a person so desperate.
I want to grab a hold of anything, so I'm
back here just in case
for another test.
That's understandable.
It's to better to do something
than not doing anything.
I tell you this since I've been
sick for longer than you have.
You gotta try everything.
Listen to your doctor.
You have to be treated diligently.
How are you now?
I was really good with my treatment.
Maybe that's why, but it's
at least not getting worse.
What a relief, right?
I didn't know I was gonna
fight through it this long.
Now I just think every moment
of life from here on is a bonus.
There's a lot on your mind, huh.
(Letter of resignation)
You idiot!
Such a fool!
What is this? Huh?
There's no one else here,
but I heard something.
Mr. Kim, why were you
screaming on the phone?
It's nothing, don't worry.
Really? I heard something.
How strange.
Oh that's right, Mr. Kim!
Isn't this your daughter? Dal-nim?
They call it "busking" or something,
take a look!
Wow, she's great!
She could be a singer, right?
What's wrong?
Get over here.
What is this that you're doing?
It's my performance.
How many times do I have
to tell you to stop?
I told you can do music
after you get into college!
And you call this a performance?
It's begging for change!
You think this is begging?
What else is it? Look!
Forget it, just stop!
Hey Kim Dal-nim, stop right there!
What's wrong?
Let go!
Are you crazy?
Did I ever tell you go to out on
the street and sing for money?
What have you ever done for me?
You're no help, you have no right
to tell me what to do in my life!
Why don't you ever listen to me?
Don't do this to your dad!
You just don't understand, Dad!
Stop right there!
- Get over here!
- Honey, please stop!
Take calm, please!
This is so sudden. Do we
really have to do this?
Of course!
The head of the family is going to
work, everyone needs to see him out.
See you later, Dad!
Is everything OK?
Your wife's worried that you never go to
and you've been saying weird things.
Are you guys going through stuff?
What weird things?
Everything's fine, don't worry.
Everything's really OK, right?
Everything's fine.
I'm busy, I gotta go.
(Car maintenance, change shower
head, don't be a weak father...)
(Go somewhere with Byul-nim,
look at life insurance)
After I lost all my hair...
I regretted not taking a
funeral photo beforehand.
It's my last picture for my family.
(Take a picture for funeral)
You're sighing so much.
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
You know it's their birthday on Monday?
You better be home early.
You're not getting ready? You're not going?
I'm not.
Nothing will change even
if I prayed at church.
Believers should just believe on their own.
How can you say that?
What's gotten into you these days?
You got something to say?
Say it instead of just sitting there.
I got nothing to say.
I gotta check out the site later.
Let's just drop it.
Are you ready, Byul-nim?
Let's go.
Damn it, what am I doing here?
Yes, Director.
Hello there, Mr. Kim!
Where are you now?
I'm at the site, what's going on?
No need to work today.
I'm having a drink right now,
and it's no fun without you!
Come as fast as a bullet!
It's an order, OK?
(Letter of resignation)
Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim!
- There's a huge problem!
- What is it?
What happened?
Someone's been electrocuted
while doing electrical work!
I told you to train them to be safe!
Here! Here! Come fast!
Eat like me!
Wrap it like this.
Eat it, come on!
It's tasty!
But Dad...
Are you worried about something?
You can tell me.
I'll listen to you until you feel better.
I've been worrying about
when you'll ever grow up.
It's too loud, Kim Dal-nim!
It's too early for a fight.
Why don't you ever think about others?
What's it to you?
You don't get what I'm saying?
It's too loud, do this outside the house!
You're right, I don't
get what you're saying.
You can leave if you don't wanna hear it!
You really don't understand.
Is your head that thick?
- Are you an idiot?
- What if I am?
You must feel so great that
you're good in school.
You're so high and mighty.
What'd you say?
- Is that all you wanna say?
- It is, what are you gonna do?
Both of you, stop it!
Kim Dal-nim, he's your older brother!
He's only a few minutes older than me!
I told you to stop!
Why are you always yelling at me?
You're always on his side
because he's good in school.
You're always telling me not
to bother him and be quiet.
You gave him his own room so
he can "focus studying"!
What about me?
Byul-nim always makes a mess in my room
and I have to sleep in the living room.
Why are you always yelling at me?
Don't make me laugh with your sob story.
You stop it too!
Kim Dal-nim!
Get home early after school.
I don't want to, there's
nothing to be home for.
This is so hard.
How can you do this to Mr. Kim?
It's not fair!
It's not fair!
- Please relax.
- Let go of me!
Director, say something! This is wrong!
Damn it.
Let's get inside first.
Let's get out of here.
The accident last Friday...
You know it's out of
your negligence, right?
- What?
- You're absolutely responsible for it.
What are you talking about?
- You told us to push up the date...
- I...
Never told you to risk accidents for it!
But it's a construction site!
There are so many unforeseen factors!
I don't believe this.
Why can't you understand what I'm saying?
What do you want me to do then?
You're dumping everything on me?
Aren't you?
If you sacrifice, it's better
for me and many other people.
Hey you bastard!
You son of a bitch!
You know all the things I've done
for you, how can you say that?
I need to take over this business from
my father after getting through this.
I'll make sure there's a seat for you here.
So please!
Think before you speak!
Stop right there! Hey!
You son of a bitch!
Who cares if you're the director?
You're telling me to take
the blame for everything?
You! Stop right there!
Stop it!
Hey, you know what I've done for you?
You can't do this to me!
Just stop it!
You're gonna regret this, Kim Bong-Yong.
Just this time...
Give me another chance, please.
I apologize, Director.
This can't happen now, not yet.
I'm so sorry, I'm really sorry.
People really aren't so nice.
I'll work harder.
Let's go!
Mr. Kim!
- Stop it.
- Director!
I'm sorry!
Damn it!
I guess he's running late from
work, let's get started first.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Woo-joo and Dal-nim!
Happy birthday to you!
Make your wish!
At the same time, OK? 1, 2, 3!
Happy birthday!
It's ready.
I can't believe my brother's late for this.
It's the nature of his work.
You never know what might happen.
Even still!
Mom, why isn't Dad here?
You think he's coming?
He must be busy at work, let's
enjoy this dinner ourselves.
I never expected him to come.
Does he even know that it's our birthday?
Of course he does!
It's no use.
We've never been to a place like
this with Dad, I'd feel awkward.
Tada! Here's the main dish today, steak!
That looks so good!
Why are you doing this to me?
Why are you doing this to me?
You call yourself "God"?
What have I done so wrong?
Say something!
I worked really hard in my life.
You know it, don't you?
If you're really there...
You must've seen it all, right?
I struggled and toiled so
I can fee my children!
Please... Please let me live.
Please let me live!
I'll do whatever you tell me to.
I'll do anything!
I'll do anything!
Not yet, I just can't die yet.
I can't die just yet! Please!
Please let me live!
Mom, what's this?
What is it?
What am I, a kid?
Come on! You used to love
it when you were little.
That was years ago, what is this?
What's gotten into you? You're
going to work in the afternoon?
I need to take Byul-nim to
kindergarten and run some errands.
You can eat breakfast on your own
before going to work, right?
This is made from cherry wood.
It's imported from North America.
I knew this one was different.
It's a bit pricey, but it's
made with great material.
You're here at this hour?
Go on, I'll go inside.
Hello, yes!
I wanted to ask about
applying for unemployment.
You need proof of unemployment?
I knew I could get fired at any time.
It's a good thing.
But is it OK for you?
What is?
I feel bad for asking for a job.
Don't mention it.
Don't worry, we've been getting more work.
You were more into carpentry
than I was before.
I know you're good at it.
Why don't you just take
a break for a few days?
I want to, but...
They don't know I quit.
Let's keep it a secret
just for a little bit.
You and Soon-jeong are doing well?
Treat her well.
Treat her well with all your heart.
What are you talking about?
I won't live for much longer.
What are you saying?
Colon cancer, final stage.
It's spread to other organs too.
You're joking, right?
What am I supposed to do now?
I'm scared to tell my wife and kids.
I'm scared of how much
pain I'll be in later.
What am I supposed to be doing?
I just have no idea.
You? Why?
How can this happen?
I'm just so afraid.
Hey, you're gonna dig a hole on my floor.
What's wrong?
I just want to help, Auntie.
This isn't helping!
Do you like seeing someone mop in
front of you when you're eating?
I guess you're right.
Mop here instead.
You need some allowance, right?
To go on dates?
Dates? Yeah right.
I need to buy a guitar.
You have one already.
Dad smashed it.
Your dad smashed your guitar? Why?
I don't know!
He's got no interest in my life,
just nagging that I'm not studying.
I can't believe he did that!
You weren't there to see it.
How shocking.
He's always been like that.
He was so mean to me too.
But you!
I think you took after me, actually.
How about opening up a shop?
That's so random, don't be ridiculous.
You looked down on me and said
no one would ever buy these.
When did I ever look down on you?
I just didn't want you to work so hard.
Well, think about it.
It's odd that you're home early too.
If you're gonna keep saying ridiculous
things, just go inside and sleep.
What is it?
Do you have something to tell me?
You can tell me if you do.
I'm going to bed.
He's acting weird.
I'm leaving.
Just stay.
Whose wedding is it? You're all dressed up.
The son of my old boss.
He was really nice to me.
You can go alone?
Don't worry. I'll see you later.
Are you ready?
Here we go.
I want to look bright and happy.
You can get rid of mole and stuff?
Oh yes, don't worry.
I'll touch it up and make it look clean.
Here we go!
Tilt your head a little to the right.
Yes, pull in your chin.
That's good!
Smile a little.
That's great, ready?
1, 2, 3!
Let's do another one.
Can you smile a little more?
Dad, are you sick?
Let's try this one more time.
The design can alter greatly
based on the material.
I want it to be all wood.
The show went well today.
You were totally amazing today! Totally!
Don't lie.
I'm serious, it was the best.
How are you and your dad these days?
We're the same.
He just hates anything I do.
He's still your dad.
Try to convince him.
You don't know how he is.
It's impossible with him.
Where's Bong-Yong?
He's sanding over there.
He was just there!
Hey, Bong-Yong!
Hey, what's wrong?
Nothing, I'm OK.
- We need to go to a hospital.
- No, don't worry.
Can you just get me some water?
What are you doing here
when you're sick like that!
- Kyung-ho!
- Yes!
I'm OK.
- What's wrong?
- Get a cab, hurry!
They're so cute, great job!
Thank you.
This is for the last batch.
Thanks for your work!
Thank you, goodbye.
It's me.
What is it, Min-jae? What's up?
I have something to tell
you about Bong-Yong.
You went somewhere?
How about you?
You just came from work?
I felt a little sick.
I came home early today.
Sick how?
Just a flu.
I'll be fine tomorrow.
Bong-Yong, are you OK?
I just slipped, that's all.
My foot's asleep.
What am I to you?
What's wrong?
What am I to you?
You're the mother of my children.
That's who I am to you?
That's all I am to you?
You're incredibly selfish.
You thought you can just leave alone?
What do you want me to do?
Tell me! What do you want me to do?
Hwa-yeon, it's not that...
How can you be so cold?
How can you be so cruel?
Or are you a workaholic?
You should just be home
if you quit your job!
Why would you go there all sick?
I'm sick.
I'm sick.
What do I do?
Let's go to the hospital.
You can get treatment and get better.
I'll pray, and make sure you'll get better.
Let's go to the hospital now, OK?
Let's go!
We need to go to the hospital!
Why didn't you tell me?
Why did you wait so long to tell me this?
I made a promise with
Bong-Yong, I couldn't help it.
But still, we sleep in the same bed!
You shouldn't have hid it from me.
He begged me and said he'll
tell everyone himself.
I'm sorry.
Am I the only one who didn't know?
Does his daughter know?
I'm here!
Hello, Uncle! You're here too!
Hey, Kim Dal-nim!
Auntie, did you cry?
You guys fought?
It's nothing.
It's about something else.
What are you doing, go on back to work.
Yes, I should! Bye, Dal-nim!
Byul-nim's home!
Today's your come-home-early day?
What day?
"Come-home-early" day?
It's amazing that you're home early.
I drew you at the kindergarten today.
Wanna see?
- Yeah, I did!
- Show me!
(Dad, I wanna go somewhere!)
Mom! Can you help me?
(Report card from school)
Kim Woo-joo.
What is this?
What? "Why?"
Can't you see why?
- I'll do better next time.
- Next time?
What have you been doing instead
of studying? Can you explain this?
I've sent you to multiple after school
programs and got you tutors!
It's just what I got, what
do you want me to do?
You know how much we spend on you?
I never asked for them.
I never asked for tutors.
Why do you think we're living like this?
It's because of me?
That's a lie.
You should go live with that
woman, what are you doing here?
What are you talking
about, "that woman"?
You're not making any sense!
You've got no conscience.
- This is...
- If you got nothing more to say,
leave this house.
I don't need someone like
you to be my dad, get lost!
Get lost!
Woo-joo, that's not it.
It's not what you're thinking.
Mom, you know nothing. Nothing!
So dumb, that guy...
How can you talk to you
like that to your dad?
I told you it's not what you think!
It's not true!
Hey, Kim Woo-joo!
How can you still say that
after seeing this picture?
I know this picture, I know this kid.
But it's not what you think.
Are you crazy?
What's gotten into you?
Hey, Dal-nim! It's not what you think!
Honey. Honey!
How did you find out?
I saw him by chance on my
way to a friend's house.
I see.
In the world...
There are things that are
better off not knowing.
Once you know them...
You'd wish that you never did.
You'd regret it.
I was like that.
You're still young, you
won't understand just yet.
Your dad...
He's really sick right now.
Dad, Woo-joo said he'd
like to get into art.
- Like drawing?
- Yeah.
What's Dal-nim doing?
She's crying.
Kim Dal-nim!
Why's everyone being like this?
What did ever do to you?
I'm sorry, Byul-nim.
Don't cry, I'm sorry.
Your dad is sorry.
I'm sorry, OK?
What's gonna happen to Dad?
He'll get treatment at the hospital.
Then he'll be OK?
Of course!
So you gotta help me, OK?
Pray hard so Dad can get courage.
You can do that, right?
- That picture...
- I know.
Don't say anything, you
don't have to explain.
What do you mean you know?
That child...
He's your boss' son.
How'd you know that?
Someone at church told me,
and I went there to see.
Why didn't you tell me all this time?
At first...
I was just baffled to bring it up.
I was disappointed that you'd stoop
so low to do things like that.
And then...
I just felt so bad for you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, please don't cry. I'm sorry.
You'll keep your promise that
you won't tell the kids, right?
Until when?
I'll tell them when the time comes.
Let's not do that.
Go to the hospital with me tomorrow.
It might be a mistake, so
let's go to a bigger hospital with me.
Even if it's cancer,
it's curable for many people these days.
I believe in you.
So let's pray hard.
Let's try everything that we can.
I did try everything.
I went to several hospitals to check.
I had a lot of testings done.
Don't speak anymore.
I don't believe you until I
see it with my very own eyes.
Even I'm this scared.
How could you...
How could you go through it alone?
That was so dumb.
It's OK.
It'll be OK.
I'm very scared.
I'm terrified.
But if I die,
please take care of my family.
Even without me,
don't let Hwa-yeon be lonely.
Don't have her raise the kids on
her own, that's just too hard.
Just promise me that.
This feels great.
What does?
Walking around with you, arm-in-arm.
When was the last time we did this?
I can't even remember.
We used to walk around holding hands.
And kiss!
Before you married me,
you had lots of dreams and passion.
Did I?
For the past few years,
I'm sorry that I ignored your
mentioning of setting up your own shop.
It's OK.
We'll do that later.
Based on the testing, it's
progressed quite a bit.
But we don't know for
sure until we operate.
In my opinion, it'd be best for him to
get a surgery before it's too late.
But I can't promise you
anything for the result.
Let's go.
You might dig a hole with that sigh.
Look at all those wrinkles!
You're my age, but look at me!
My skin's great, no?
How are the twins and Byul-nim?
Oh that's right.
I'll show you my daughter too.
Isn't she pretty?
Oh yes...
She seems nice.
You're brutally honest.
She's not so nice.
She's angry all the time, a teenager.
Ah, the teenage years...
It's a tough time.
Why do you think she got so fat?
Not sure...
I didn't know either.
Once, she was eating so much.
I took away her food and
nagged her to stop eating.
That was too harsh.
I know.
Then she started crying and told me,
"There's nothing to do at
home other than to eat!"
I thought about what she meant by that.
There was never anyone home
ever since she was little.
She'd deal with her loneliness though food.
My wife and I were always
so busy because of church.
But still,
I had no idea what she was going through.
All I did was to yell at her
and say, "Stop eating."
I guess it's all the same to be a father.
I think so.
I thought about this once.
What if God appeared to me and said,
"You've only got a few days to live."
How will I spend the remaining of my life?
I'd quit everything and just live
for my daughter and my wife.
That was the determination I made.
My hope was to give out all the
love left in me, and be in heaven.
Since then, I took in more
interest in my family.
"Let's go on a long trip together"
"To the song of those beautiful birds"
"The wind blows"
"The world is a beautiful place"
"Let's walk on together."
Be honest.
You've drank with friends before, right?
We used to drink, hiding from our
parents when I was your age.
I wanted to do this with you...
Once you turned 20.
You're supposed to learn how to
drink with people older than you.
You resent me, right?
I didn't want to show you
that side of my life.
You won't understand yet.
The working life doesn't always
go your way, the way you want it.
I think I can understand you a little.
Mom told me.
I'm sorry.
I hurt your feelings.
- Yes?
- My son's just so...
Grown up!
Here! Let's take a shot.
- Dad, you're...
- Just one, come on!
I want to take just one shot with my son.
Come on.
You hold up the glass like this.
And you turn away when you drink in
front of someone older than you.
Got it?
Try it.
That tastes great!
("Haha, I saw this. Dad")
Let's go, Dal-nim!
Dad, one second.
It's over there.
Dad, are you OK?
Dad, we need to go to a hospital!
I'm OK, it's OK.
Hold on.
Dad's awake.
Is Dad OK?
- He just woke up.
- Dal-nim.
Dad, are you OK?
Don't cry.
Let's go on a trip together.
With the kids too.
A trip?
OK, let's go.
It's been a while since we
went on a trip as a family.
Let's go after your treatment.
Let's go this weekend, this week.
- After your treatment first.
- Let's go this weekend.
OK, let's go.
Get some rest.
In my opinion, there's a lot to
learn from Deacon Kim Bong-Yong.
He's dedicated his life for his family.
He serves others.
He knows how to love.
It's a little like God's love.
And now he's about to be
admitted at a hospital for treatment.
Let's pray for God's love.
I ask that you pray for him.
Please let him feel your love, God.
Let your powers be shown in his life.
I sincerely pray that you will guide him
through your word in this difficult time.
We earnestly pray all these things
in the name of Jesus Christ.
We invited a special praise
leader for this time.
"You have been born to be loved."
"And you are loved in your life."
"You have been born to be loved."
"And you are loved in your life."
"God's love was there since the beginning."
"That love is shown through us"
"And through your existence in this world"
"You give us such a joy."
What is this? Huh?
You'll never understand!
"You have been born to be loved."
"You are being loved right now"
"You have been born to be loved."
"You are being loved right now"
(Byul-nim's Craft Shop)
Byul-nim's hand is the medicine!
Dad's belly's full of poop!
Byul-nim's hand is the medicine!
Dad's belly's full of poop!
I love you.
Byul-nim, you need to go to sleep.
Dal-nim and Woo-joo, go to sleep too.
Let's sleep like this tomorrow too!
And the day after...
Let's do that.
And the day after.
With Byul-nim.
Didn't you get this last time?
It's just so cute, I'm getting
it as a gift this time.
Why, thank you!
Good bye!
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- OK, see you again!
I'm drawing a blue star, a huge one!
The king of stars!
Isn't it great?
It's my sister!
Wait, Byul-nim!
You need your bag.
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Dal-nim.
- Yeah?
Is Dad really coming today?
- Have you been praying?
- Yeah!
Then I'm sure he will.
I'm so excited, let's go!
Come on!
Let's go!
Ow, my eyes!
More and more I see, this
table's just so well-made.
Of course! Who do you think made it?
- Are you done?
- Almost!
I'm home!
Hello, Hwa-yeon!
Good job today, Honey.
What smells so good?
- When'd you get here?
- Just now.
You made a lot of stuff! We
could've made it together.
I'm the master at this.
At eating? Or cooking?
I've been eating so much lately.
I must be gaining weight.
Maybe you're pregnant!
No way! At my age?
I'm not!
We're home!
Hey there!
Come on in!
I'm so hungry!
Wash your hands first.
Everyone, wash your hands!
It's almost ready!
How could you do that?
Are you upset?
Nothing more to be upset about.
But still...
I thought you'd come at least once.
I'm sorry.
They look so good!
Byul-nim, eat lots of it!
Good job.
Eat slowly!
People might think you're pregnant.
I am, why?
- You're really pregnant?
- Hey!
Byul-nim, you're getting
a younger cousin!
Am I getting a younger cousin?
Auntie, make me a younger cousin already!
That's something you should
ask your uncle instead!
Uncle! I want a younger cousin!
You want a girl or a boy?
Byul-nim, that'll never happen.
Don't worry.
Why not?
Many couples have kids later in years.
- Right?
- Don't add to this.
I'll play with my younger
cousin all the time.
Byul-nim, come out here.
It's the food ghost!
Mom, the food ghost is here!
It's just something your dad made up
so you won't spill food while eating.
Come on out and eat!
The food ghost is really here!
Come on, stop being a baby.
Get out of there already.
What are you guys doing?
Mom, it's really here!
What's wrong with you now?
I'm not lying, it's right here!
What's gotten into you guys today?
See? I told you it's here!
- It looks like Dad!
- I know, right?
Just like how Dad smiles.
Dal-nim, then was Dad a
food ghost the whole time?
Yes, Byul-nim.
All dads are food ghosts.
I'm sure your dad all the food your
sister and brother spilled, too!
(Eat with gratitude, pray, and love)
Why isn't Dad here? I miss him.
"Went through the day today"
"And hearts have been hurt"
"I open my door with tired footsteps"
That biggest star is mine!
Which one's yours, Mom?
My star?
My star is...
There... Here!
Come on!
"Go up on the roof with
my frustrated heart"
"I look up at the sky
without any strength left"
"And I see a tiny dandelion,
in between the roof tiles"
"It tells me this"
"Life is just a wind that
blows through your hair"
- Dad, you're holding it, right?
- Yeah I am! I'm right here!
Don't worry, keep going!
Dad! I can ride a bike now!
Keep pedaling!
Here we go!