My Lady Boss (2013)

And why is my niece crying?
He just wants attention.
Hey, Elvin! Put some clothes on!
You're in front of our food!
Let me do it! Come on!
There you go, mom! Your
son is now fully clothed!
Big sis
Mom didn't give me enough
money for our field trip.
Don't worry. Remind
me I'll give you money.
Sis, does Jayjay still have milk?
We ran out.
Okay. I'll do the grocery later then
I'll give it to kuya (elder brother).
Let's go boys!
Elvin! Let's go! We
have to push the Ferrari!
- One! Two! Three!
- One! Two! Three!
- Thanks, kuya!
- Take care!
- Thank you, miss.
- Have a great day!
Miss, one caramel rock salt mocha.
Double time please. I have appointments.
Sure! Why not?! Triple time!
One caramel rock salt mocha!
One caramel rock salt mocha for Evelyn!
That's my order!
we have the same order.
Take the next one, okay?
And why? Is your name Evelyn as well?
Miss, I already sipped on it.
My spit is all over.
Take the next one, okay?
Thank you.
Oh, My God! Am I late?!
Oh, come on!
Is 666 already there?
Don't panic, guys. She's not here yet.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
Yes, sir?
I have an appointment.
And you are?
Zach Estrella.
So you're one of the applicants
for assistant brand manager
under Ms. Lontoc?
Please log in here.
I thought he's the boss.
He's just an applicant.
Okay. Let's see!
Sorry. I'll just call you later.
There goes karma!
Mr. Estrella.
Mr. Estrella.
Oh My! Just one smile
and I'm already satisfied!
You're hired.
I mean, you're next
one to get interviewed.
I don't care what your excuses are!
And I don't care if it's
already the end of the world!
If you weren't able to deliver
that shipment to our warehouse,
I will have all your
contracts terminated!
Good luck!
You can have a seat.
Sorry if I'm having a bad temper.
There was an arrogant guy who
took my coffee this morning!
That's why the coffee shop has
given me a different avor!
They ran out of rock salt.
Your name is Zach.
- let me explain about...
- Please.
Don't waste my executive time.
Whatever is that, I don't care.
So tell me about yourself.
Your family.
My dad died when I was young so
I was raised by my
mother and my grandpa.
So you think they raised you well?
I believe so.
I also grew up without a father.
But my mother told me,
it is bad to steal.
It is bad to take
something that isn't yours.
So tell me, after all these years,
why did you apply for a job just now?
I'm glad you asked that question, ma'am.
You know what? Before,
when I had my businesses,
it's just...
didn't work out.
That's why I thought and I realized
I need to work to gain
the proper experience.
Come on. Sit.
Experience the chair.
Tell me,
I have two candidates to be
my assistant brand manager.
The other one has two years experience
in marketing from a cosmetics company
and an MBA from a top university.
If you're in my position,
who would you choose?
Ma'am, are you insulting
my qualifications?
If you do business all the time
and there's no growth to it,
I'm trying to pick
your mind, Mr. Estrella.
Look at his file.
What can you say?
I'd hire him.
Based on his qualifications.
But is that all you're looking for?
Because his experience is
not necessarily a good thing.
Oh, really?
Explain to me.
There's beauty in mentoring an
assistant who has little experience.
I'm not yet corrupted by the
system of other companies.
I'm hungry for knowledge.
I have to prove myself.
But you know what?
I don't think this company is interested
in the potential of people like me.
So you know what, ma'am?
It was nice talking to
you. Have a good day.
I'm not done interviewing you yet!
Ma'am, I know you're a very busy person.
And I don't want to waste
your precious executive time.
Have a good day.
Have a good day my ass!
Hey, cuz!
How's the interview?
Cuz, thanks for the tip but
I don't think it went so well.
Hi, Evelyn!
How are you doing with the applicants?
I have chosen one.
Who is he?
Good morning!
- Good morning!
- Good morning.
Good morning, ma'am.
Oh My, sir! You look so handsome today!
Yeah, sir! If I was girl, I'd love you!
Thank you, guys. Thank
you, guys. You know that.
In this office, we have to look good.
Especially around a gorgeous boss.
Stop it, Henry.
But you do know I like to
be around pretty things!
Well, ma'am. It's my job
to light up your world.
That's so cute!
Anyway, Evelyn,
so who's your new
assistant brand manager?
If I hear another opening,
I'll tell you.
- Okay?
- Thanks, man.
Good luck! I'll see you soon!
Mr. Estrella! Mr. Estrella!
I have a good news and bad news for you.
You want the good news or the bad news?
Good news.
The good news is
you're chosen to take the ABM position!
And you'll be working for
Ms. Evelyn Vallejo Lontoc!
So what's the bad news?
The good news is you're chosen
to take the ABM position.
You'll be working for
Ms. Evelyn Vallejo Lontoc!
I know what you mean.
Ma'am wants you to go directly to
the HR for the paperworks and medical.
Come on. I'll go with
you. You might get lost.
Evelyn is coming in a while.
Please do me a favor,
put this on her cake.
Sir 'fimothy, ma'am
Evelyn is already inside.
- You're early.
- Hey. Hi.
I'm just finishing something.
Work again?
My cash conversion for my
car plan is finally approved.
I thought you're getting a new car?
Mom wants to go to the
Holy land next year.
And I'm fixing Elvin's college fund.
The rest, I'll give to
kuya for his small business.
Wait. What about our
wedding and our honeymoon?
Come on. That's for the next two
years, we can still save up for it.
- Two years?
- What?
Evelyn, I want us to get married soon.
Tim, we've already
talked about that, right?
I have to wait for my brother to finish
college and for kuya to earn from his business
before we get married.
Evelyn, all your plans
are about your family.
What if Elvin didn't graduate?
What if your kuya Eugene's
business didn't grow?
What are you talking about?
You know what? Time flies so fast.
You won't realize it's already 2015.
And we'll get married.
That'll be soon.
Babe, the people I'm meeting with
just arrived at the other table.
I have to go.
How will Zach be able to adjust
when his lifestyle didn't change?
Please give him a break.
He just found a job, right?
Oh, I don't know. I have
a bad feeling about this.
He won't last long to that company.
He's gonna screw it
up one way or another!
Grandpa, I'll bet on that.
He'll only last for a month!
Alright. Maybe he even last a month.
And you too!
You know what's the
best move here? This one.
This one here and this one here.
She's our category manager here.
She's ma'am Lorna Ongpauco-Villegas.
Corporate initials L.O.V.
If you just add on letter E., it's love!
Moving on.
Here's our boardroom.
And under L.O.V.,
she has two brand managers.
Here's sir Henry Posaras Enrile.
Corporate initials H.P.E.
If you just add on letter 0., it's hope!
And of course, our very own,
madame Evelyn Vallejo Lontoc.
Corporate initials E.V.L.
If you just add on letter I.,
Oh so you know that!
Well actually, evil is too obvious!
Our IT engineer, Nonoy was able to count
her first name, middle name and surname.
They are all consist of 6 letters.
So we were able to come up with 666.
And you think 666 isn't obvious?
You're so witty! We're the same!
Oh, Ms, Lorna, I think it's about time
that you tell Evelyn about your plan.
What plan?
To get Henry's group involve
make this tablet a success!
Maybe a little competition might help.
You know what, ma'am?
We have thought of
several things for that.
And we eventually want to
have a big slice of the pie.
Of the Ipad and the other tablets.
This is not fair!
This product was assigned to us!
We've been working on
this for two months!
Then Henry here will take a part on it?!
Excuse me! Excuse me, Ms. Evelyn!
How good is your
language! You know what?
- You're always...
- And you! You're always a show off!
Is that it?! May I remind you
that my department
has outperformed yours
in terms of sales!
Because you took two
of our best products!
I was the one from this
department who pushed it to the IT!
But what did you do?!
You're snatching it away!
You and your cheap college education!
So what if I graduated from that school?
What's important for me
is I do work properly!
Unlike a parasite like you!
If there's a lice-man,
that could have been you!
What did you say?!
Oh My! You two stop it!
I'm sorry, Evelyn.
But the management is
looking at our category
and seriously thinking of merging
two departments with other brands.
So we can streamline
human resource, okay?
Well, brand management
is looking very expensive!
And we have to show our Korean investors
that we are a financially healthy company.
So you're putting Henry
and me into a battle?
For you to decide which department
you'll be dissolving?! Is that it?!
Well, I'm sorry but this is the
best and fair way to handle it.
Henry will create his own marketing plan
and you will create yours.
We have two months to do
it so let's help each other!
Let's help each other.
Shut up!
This is the team of our brand.
This is Ruby,
our Buyer in Purchasing.
This one is Nonoy, our I engineer and technical writer.
And this is Dec, our resident Am-Boy.
What's up, bro? I'll take a poo.
And this is your table.
Take a seat.
And I am Shantu,
your lovely sexytary.
- Willing to be your sex slave.
- Shantu!
We just came from a sexual
harassment seminar. Come on.
Hey, hey, hey. 666 on
the oor. Look busy.
666 on the oor...
What meeting is this?
We're just reviewing the timeline for
the trial launch of the new cellphone.
Forget it.
Where is the shredder?
Are you deft?
- Shredder?
- Where is the shredder?
- Faster.
- Hurry.
Faster. Faster.
That's okay. You're cute anyway.
What will I do with this?
You probably know how
to carry that, right?
Here is my marketing plan
I made for the tablet.
I'm sure Henry will copy this.
Ma'am, why would sir Henry copy that?
Because he wants to
show off to the board.
In two months, we will
be having a presentation.
We have to make it all new.
Packaging designs, specs,
distributions, advertising plans...
I'll give you our new plans
on a need to know basis.
Because I'm sure Henry will spy on us.
And honestly,
I have no trust with the people's
loyalty in this department.
You know what, guys? I
think ma'am is just paranoid.
Because of course, if her
presentation didn't go well,
she'll look stupid in
front of the board, right?
Come on. We'll also going
to look stupid, you know?
We work here.
It probably depends on us.
You got a point. You got a point.
I even wish Henry is our boss.
He's actually sweet! He gave
me a gi last Secretary's Day.
By the way, what's your Twitter?
So I can follow you.
And Facebook as well!
What's your relationship
status, by the way?
"Hey! Please!
- What?!
Relationship status?
- Oh, no, no, no.
- Guys, time to go!
Let's go back to hell.
Gotta go. We gotta go, bro!
- Gotta go. We gotta go. Come on.
- Wait!
What is it?
I can do that, right?
I don't think so.
I can do action!
Shantu, go ahead.
- Go ahead. The elevator's closing already.
- Shantu, let's go!
- See you later!
- Ouch! Ouch!
- Just come by later!
- Don't tell me you already got a prospect
aside from Shantu.
Your boss is single.
Who? E.V.L.?
Come on, man. Who's going to like her?
- Lu cifer?
- Whatever.
- Lizette is your name, right?
- Yes, sir.
You have an email?
Ma'am, I need you to sign something.
It's right here.
Mr. Estrella.
It looks like you have
an expensive watch.
Is it not allowed?
Can you tell me what time is it?
It's 1:06 ma'am.
So your watch is in
sync with this watch.
Didn't you read the Employee's Manual?
That coffee breaks are
between 10:00 to 10:15.
And lunch is 12:00 to 1:00.
So it means
you are being paid by the company
for every minute that you are here.
No problem, ma'am.
I'll just go home late so I can make up for
the six minutes that I lined up for at the C.R.
Am I making myself funny?
Should I laugh?
Those lights that are on,
that computer you are using,
all of that are being
paid by the company.
So you're telling me now that
you will make up for
the six minutes late
and it will cost the
company just the same.
Do you understand me?
Yes, ma'am.
Sorry, it won't happen again.
Go back to work.
Just to let you know.
Lucifer isn't my boyfriend's name.
My boyfriend's name is Timothy.
Not Lucifer.
Noted, ma'am.
How did she find out about that...
I will offer my strength
and courage only for you!
I want you to know you
have someone to depend on.
Welcome to the club!
We call this the "Pagpag" Club!
"PagpaQ "
Because whenever we get pissed, we
don't want to bring it home with us.
We don't want that for our family.
But why "pagpaf?
You would have to go somewhere else.
For you not to bring the ghost with you
when you came from a wake.
- Sorry. I'm slow.
- It's okay.
- Bien!
- What's up?!
- What's up, bro?
- Nonoy!
It's my turn!
Did you drink?
- My tum! My tum!
- Hold this! Hold this!
- You drink?
- Oh no, I'm not! Tell him I'm not drinking!
- She's not drinking!
- Good!
Sweetheart, this is Zach. He's
the ABM replacement for Jay.
This is Bien. He's the
one responsible for this.
Nice to meet you!
Yes. The one responsible every year!
Come here. Come, eat.
- Bien is the former PIC of the company.
He transferred to
another company because
department romance isn't allowed.
Wait! I kind of like to sing now!
- Can I join you, guys?
- Come on! Come on!
To know you have someone
to depend on. I'm just here!
- That's what you call blending!
- Yeah, that's blending!
Why is she taking so long!
You've been here long?
What time do we have to meet?
Didn't Shantu call you?
But who's my girlfriend, Evelyn?
It's you, right?
Even our schedule gets
fixed by your secretary?
I have so many problems!
I finished so many memos!
And my damn secretary went out early!
Isn't that irritating?!
You always have so many problems!
Problems in the office,
problems with your family!
But with me, Evelyn...
I'm always the last
among your priorities!
Are you mad?!
Are you mad at me?!
'Fm, wait!
I'm not ready yet.
When will you ever be ready for me?!
- Evelyn, six years!
- Five and a half years!
Okay, fine! Five and a half years!
I patiently waited for you
for five and a half years!
I don't even know why I let
myself be stupid for you.
Because you're such a boring person!
You're always by the book!
Look at yourself!
The first time I met you, your
hair looks exactly like that!
Your style! Your wear the same clothes!
I did better than you! I cut
my shirt! I had my hair long!
- In spikes!
- But it doesn't look good on you.
- K-pop! - It's
looked cheap.
So what?
You know what? Try to get out of
your comfort zone once in a while.
So you can see that there are
lots of people outside your world!
Let's finish this now, Evelyn.
I don't want to wait to
be your first priority.
Let's talk.
This is enough.
Let's not fool ourselves.
You're always the one who
decides for both of us.
But have you ever consider
if it's okay with me?
Let's both move on.
Come on! Why didn't you tell me
you'll lend money to your brother!
What do you want me to do, Eugene?!
He's in need!
Mom, it's just billiards!
Why are you over reacting?!
What are you saying?!
I know your friends!
They're junkies and they're
out-of-school people!
- Over reacting!
- Mom, you're too...
That one too!
It doesn't do anything good on you!
I think I'm going to lose my job!
Shantu. Shantu. Come on. What she
asked you to do is a personal thing.
So what if you forgot
to call her boyfriend!
Is it pan of your job
description? No, right?
That's okay.
Zach. Zach. Defend me
when 666 arrives, okay?
This is weird.
Look at the clock.
Oh, yeah.
What is time? E.V.L. hasn't arrived
yet. What could have happened to her?
What's going on?
It's ma'am. She never gets late.
She was never absent for four years.
Even her birthday or
even when she's sick.
She comes here.
Two. One.
Did you call her house?
Not me! I'm scared!
Don't you think she had a nightmare?
Then she never woke up.
- Can I borrow, bro?
- Sure.
Or! Or!
Maybe a killer went in her room!
Then she was stabbed by a knife!
Someone bombed her FX!
Or maybe someone out
a poison on her food!
That would probably be you!
All your predictions are wrong!
Ma'am wasn't able to come to
office because she's pregnant.
And I'm the father.
Does it taste good?
- It's good, bro.
- Mr. Estrella.
Ms. L.O.V. is asking
you to the board room.
- Ma'am.
- Do you want to keep your job?
Find Evelyn.
Where can I find number 164 here?
Evelyn, someone's looking for you!
Oh, have a seat first.
- Thank you.
- Okay. Have a seat.
- Eugene!
- I know what to do, Edna.
What I'm thinking right now is a hit!
Evelyn is the answer to our problems.
Oh please, Eugene! I'm
getting ashamed of your sister!
That's okay!
That's why we can't
recruit for our networking.
I'll just get a food cart.
That's only 88,000 pesos.
- Right?
- Food can? You got the nerves!
And where will you put that?!
- Here?
- I'll find somewhere...
- I just got invited there.
- You got invited?
Invited? Really?
Your teacher told me your
the leader of the group!
Who do you think you're fooling around?!
You took your classmates
to a gambling den!
- What if you get expelled from the school?!
- Expelled?
Your grades are so low!
They're are all barely passing!
How are you suppose to
graduate high school?
Then I won't go to school.
Big sis is there anyway.
Oh My!
It's all me!
Should it always be me?!
All me!
It all depends on big sis!
On Evelyn!
I was already supporting you
guys even whe I was young then!
My life is all about you!
But mom,
now, that I have a problem,
did anyone of you dared asked me
if I'm okay?! How do I feel?!
What's happening with my life today!
No one among you!
No one among you!
No one even asked me if I'm okay!
My child, what's your problem?
- 'L'Imothy and I are done.
- What?!
Mom, he doesn't want me anymore!
My child, maybe you can talk things out.
- No, he said doesn't...
- Ouch.
What are you doing here?
- Good morning, ma'am.
- What good morning?!
What are you doing here?
It's a lie if I tell
you we care for you.
I was just instructed by L.O.V.
We were wondering why you
didn't go to work today.
Now, you know.
Yes, I know.
If anyone finds out about
what you saw a while ago,
I swear, you'll suddenly
disappear from this world!
And you're family won't see you anymore.
I'm capable of that.
Yes, ma'am.
She's here! She's here! She's here!
My boyfriend and I have broken up.
I'm now single.
Which means I now have more
time here in the office.
Do you want to know anything else?
Nothing, ma'am.
Let's see if you will
still have a boyfriend.
Are you saying something?
Welcome back, ma'am!
Hey, overtime?
There's a lot to do.
I was told by E.V.L.
to do a research again.
I have to make a report tomorrow or else
she's going to breathe fire on me again.
But your boss is better!
Compared to our boss!
Oh, come on!
Our whole team envies your group!
Because they said your boss is good.
E.V.L. is what you see what you get!
While our boss is the devil in disguise!
He thought I don't know that
for him to look good,
he lets himself surrounded
by not so good or ugly people!
You're one of them, right?
He just got mistaken when he took me in.
But dude, I admit
he's just one shower ahead of me!
But, dude! Admit it!
There's no doubt I have more
sex appeal than sir Henry!
Sometimes, I even
catch you looking at me.
Come on, Zach.
I'll go ahead.
Want to drink?
Come on.
Why are you asking me out?
If I think of an answer to that
question, I might change my mind.
Now what?
Let's go drink.
You're unbelievable.
I want to do "pagpag".
You know that too?
I know everything!
There you 9!
Go ahead. Sing! That's
what you want, right?
"PagpaQ "
I don't want to do that!
That's not on my list!
You have a list of
things you want to do?
Slowly now. You might get drunk.
Come on! That's the point!
This is what I want!
All my life, I've never been
drunk! I want to crawl down drunk!
How many months have you and
your boyfriend been together?
Since college.
Five and a half years.
He was able to endure you
for five and a half years?
I salute him!
- Watch your mouth!
- I'm just joking. Come on!
You're my boss, right?
And you?
How many months do you
last in a relationship?
The longest...
three months.
Three months?!
Three months!
You're depressing!
It's true!
While I'm five and a half years!
I just kissed one!
And you...
Don't worry. You have to
look at the bright side now.
Now you can kiss any guy you want.
Not even one, you can have three.
Three? Really? Can I just have one?!
Here. I dare you.
Before you go home tonight,
you have to kiss one.
Really? A dare?
You have to make up, right?
Five years and you
haven't kiss anybody else?
You have to kiss somebody.
You kiss
I miss!
Let's go home.
While we're still a bit tipsy, maybe...
we can...
do it one more time.
If someone finds out
about what happened between us earlier,
you know what will happen to you.
Thank you for the ride.
Good night.
- Hello.
- You left something in my car.
You called to say that?
Don't you know what time
I'll get up tomorrow?
Oh, okay. I just saw it on
your list "kiss someone else".
Is that me?
There's also skydiving here.
I know someone. Come
on. I'll go with you!
You read my bucketlist?!
Good morning.
Give me back my planner!
Mr. Estrella.
Is this what you call memo?
I just wanted my memo
to be more entertaining.
Are you in showbiz?
Do it again!
So is that it?
What do you mean?
After you kissed me, we'll
just go back to normal?
What do you want? Just because we
kissed, you want me to be sweet to you?
You dared me that's why I did that.
That's why if I were you,
I'd forget about that.
Excuse me. I might
get late with my lunch.
Do you want to have
a drink again tonight?
I have to go somewhere.
Is that...
the dance lesson on your bucketlist?
Let's have a drink again tonight.
I'll fetch you after your lesson.
On one condition.
Help me fulfill all my bucketlist.
The lambada
is a dance of love.
So imagine you and your
partner as a couple.
And you're about to make love.
So since the only boy in
our class today is Zach.
You will choose who your partner is.
Zach, why don't you
partner up with Evelyn?
Ladies! Partner up!
Let's try our first step.
Single. Single. Double... Ouch!
Sorry! Sorry-
- Single. Single.
- Ouch!
Single. Single. Double. Double.
- You were like this!
- What's your problem with my armpit?!
I was just shocked. It was on my face!
I don't think that's what I taught them.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Eye contact.
Nice and slow.
Very nice.
Lady in the front. Here we go.
And shake and shake and shake.
Feel the music.
Lowe r.
Very nice.
And wave, wave.
Then girl, travel to the back. Go!
Get ready for the soca. Six, seven, go!
Single, back, double.
Single, front, double.
Last pose goes step, step,
You're a fast learner.
You too.
Needs more practice!
You commute going to work everyday?
Yes because my car's broken
and I'm used to commute.
I didn't grow up a rich kid like you.
That's my sandwich!
This is yours?!
Oh, sorry. There you go.
Sorry for that.
So do you think I'm going to eat that
knowing that you already took a bite on it?!
But I don't have virus.
Is that how worse is your
sense of entitlement?!
I just took a bite of your sandwich and yet,
you now talk about sense of entitlement?!
Just because you're rich you thought
you could do everything you want to do.
You can eat anything you want!
First of all,
not only the rich ones have the sense of
entitlement, it also occurs to the less fortunate.
And why?
They cut in lines,
they whine and a lot more!
And one more thing,
you're the only one
I'm telling this about.
For a success!
Guys, I'm sorry but
Starting next week,
we'll have to stop the
operations for the mean time.
To the future and beyond!
Sorry but
we'll have to stop the
operations for the mean time.
Looking forward for a
great future ahead of us!
Sorry, Q "Y5-
we'll have to stop the
operations for the mean time.
- Is Zach Estrella here?
- There he is.
Zach Estrella!
- Hey, chief.
- You're under arrest.
Chief, wait a minute.
This is serious, Diana.
Zach issued more than 10 million
pesos worth of bouncing checks
for his multilevel business!
Sorry, grandpa.
How many millions did I
wasted on lending to you?
For your businesses.
And that is all you have to say? Sorry?
I let you go with your crazy life!
But for you to drag the
family name into this!
God dammit, Zach!
Just help me.
I promise I'll be better the next time.
What makes you think
there will be a next time?
What makes you even think
that you can be a good business man!
You haven't worked a
single day in your life.
I don't even know how will I
redeem myself from my grandpa.
I know he hates me.
If not only because of my
mother, he could've disowned me.
Okay, okay! Fine!
I'll fix your case.
On one condition!
You will work like everybody else!
You will find the job!
Janitor, messenger,
secretary, whatever! I don't care!
But you have to keep the job
for at least a year!
I'll stop all payments
to your bouncing checks!
And you will go to jail!
But I'm trying. You
know, I'm trying to learn.
I'm trying to change,
In fact, I envy you.
You're smart. You're strong.
You're very well-adjusted.
Zach! That's my dessert!
Evelyn, you know, you
should learn how to share.
- Share?
- Yes.
Alright. Here.
- That's yours! Here, this is yours.
- Come on. Hey, come on.
You always ask me Those words I say
And telling me what it means to me
Every single day You always ad this way
For how many times I told you I
love you for this is all I know
That's my lunch!
This is mine.
And when did you learn how
to bring your own lunch?
With what you're paying me,
I've learned to bring my own food.
There's yours.
At least you now know how to save money.
Nice perfume.
I always smell good.
I know.
Just saying.
I'm giving you a compliment.
And compliments are
meant to be returned.
Can I smell you again?
You smell good.
- Hey!
- One more.
It's ticklish!
Didn't you guys know
that irting is not allowed here?
Says who?
Ninoy Aquino.
What's your height?
Six foot, five inches
You have tall height.
You know what doing
that doesn't suit you.
You can be
a window cleaner.
I think the engine needs to be replaced.
You know what, Evelyn? If
I were you, I'd get a loan.
At least, you'll get a new car.
No, you can't. You know
I love this Ferrari.
And one more thing, we have
lots of memories in this car.
That's the way it's gonna be.
We have to throw away things
that are meant to be thrown.
- Nice!
- That's what you call a car!
- Hey, Zach!
- It's you, Zach!
Nice auto!
- Fancy!
- I will one of these someday!
What are you doing here?
I've talked to my friend from Clark.
We can go skydiving today!
- Nov\
- Now! Let's go!
Lower down!
Ready to jump!
What?! Why don't you
have your parachute on?!
I'm not going to jump, ma'am.
You're not coming?! I'll jump alone?!
I'll go with you.
I'm a certified skydiving instructor.
Let's go!
Zach, I don't want this!
Just relax! Relax.
- I don't want! I changed my mind!
- Relax! Just relax.
I said I don't want to!
'OkaY, let's go! Hey, wait!
- No!
- You can do it!
- Let's go!
- Zach, I don't want this!
Enjoy the ride!
My God!
Wait, Zach!
- I don't want to jump!
- You can do it!
Far away from you
Even the sky will tell you
That I need you so
For this is all I know
- I'll never go
- I'll never go
- I'll never go
- I'll never go
I'll never go
- far away from you
- far away from you
That's my marketing plan and strategies.
I'm trust you with that.
Do you remember
everything from last night?
Did something happen
between us last night?
Nothing, ma'am.
That's my boy.
Ma'am Lorna. Send me to Singapore
instead to negotiate with Mrs. Chen.
I researched on this.
Whenever a man and a woman negotiates,
it always turns out that the
better looking person always wins.
Really, Henry?
And you think you're the
best looking person here?
Good morning, ma'am!
As usual, your presence
lights up this boardroom.
Thank you, Zach.
Is it summer now?
Okay, let's start.
We're going to talk about
our board assembly meeting.
And our presentations!
For today's agenda,
we're going to talk about boring things.
So please don't fall asleep.
Promise, ma'am. I won't fall asleep.
Okay, first on our agenda,
Evelyn, any update on your presentation?
Yes, ma'am.
I'm done with all the plans.
Okay. Good.
Okay, now to continue...
as you know, our board is really
looking forward to these presentations.
And they're meeting with our
Korean investors that same week.
Hopefully, the board has a solid idea
on how we're going to
handle the marketing
of this new tablet.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Good morning, ma'am.
Good morning.
What was that?!
What are you doing?!
There's a CCTV camera!
I might get into a scandal!
You talk too much!
You're still there?!
Why are you holding an umbrella?
It's dripping?
We have to make sure that
we win this presentation.
So that E.V.L's department
will finally be dissolved.
Check your marketing plans.
I have a copy of their marketing plan.
Care of Mr. Zach Estrella.
All we have to do now
is make a better
version of their version.
We will win!
He's so good! He's unbelievable.
Be inspired! Get back to work!
- Yes. Spunky.
Yes, sir?
Check it.
Sir, no one's here!
Get back to work. Come on!
Have you confirmed our
meeting with the agency?
Yes, ma'am. It'll be this 6 p. m.
- I'll tell you about it later.
- Thank you.
Noy, let's eat.
Nonoy, is there anything wrong?
You're a traitor!
- What?
- I found out something!
- Nonoy, whatever you found out...
- Ma'am, he's conniving with sir Henry!
- Why don't we just settle his here?!
- Stop it!
- Come here!
- Nonoy!
Not just because you're
tall! I can do karate!
That's enough!
- Man, we might get
dissolved because of him!
I said enough!
Guys, we're in danger and our
department might get dissolved
because Zach is a traitor.
Is this true?
This is what happened.
We were at the board room.
Suddenly, the folder
you gave me went missing.
I couldn't find it.
But that same afternoon,
when I came back to my desk,
the folder was there.
I didn't know Henry would steal it.
You have no idea how
annoying that guy is!
You're working with sir Henry.
Stop it, Nonoy.
I believe Zach.
It's not his fault.
Stop this drama.
What we have to do now is
change the plan and strategies.
Go back to work. I'll just
try to figure this out.
Sorry, man.
I called you a traitor.
Don't bother.
I understand.
Is that real? E.V.L. just defended you?
You weren't yelled at even
if you lost her materials?
Henry's getting into my nerves!
I'm sorry.
- It's not your fault.
- Their budget is so common.
I want this to be the best presentation
the board members will ever be seen.
Evelyn, that's enough. That's enough.
- Make sure you'll finish that soon.
- Evelyn.
Evelyn! Evelyn!
Evelyn, stop it!
Just relax.
Just relax, okay?
I know what you need.
Just relax.
- Are you reviewing you paperwork?
- Yes, I need to be ready tonight.
What is it?
Follow me, okay?
- Tu m it off.
- Why?
Sit here.
- Just relax.
- That feels so good!
This is good.
Damn! It's good!
This is the best.
Go on.
I told you to relax.
- Hide. Hide!
- Hurry! Hurry!
- There. Baldy's gone.
- Come. Hurry.
Wait. Wait.
- It's so good!
- There you go.
Even in here?!
Ninoy doesn't like that!
What is he saying?
Don't worry.
He's my friend. He's my friend.
do you have 500 pesos in there?
I wasn't able to bring cash.
D iriY-
You know what, Zach? I could
give you a ride home sometimes.
You know what, Zach? I could
give you a ride home sometimes.
Using your Ferrari?
Hi, Evelyn!
Who is she, babe?
She's Evelyn.
Babe, baby's kicking.
We'll go ahead.
Nice seeing you.
Who was that? Wait.
Evelyn, was that you ex?
You just broke up!
Not more than 2 months!
Why does that woman's belly so big?!
It's hurting me, baby
Whenever I see you
I'm jealous, baby
- Evelyn, rock and roll!
- Whenever you're with someone else
Because you're the only one in my
world, in my heart, in my life...
- Your kiss
- Evelyn! You can do it!
- I miss
- Forget him!
Your kiss
I miss
Why did you leave me
Damn you, Timothy!
- Fck you!
- That's enough. That's enough.
Come here.
Come on.
You know what you need?
I know what you need.
This is my favorite view.
This is perfect.
Perfect for
What will happen on the
days when you're not with me
Every minute that's passing by
there is sadness
- Only you
- Only you
- is what I need
- is what I need
- Only you
- Only you
I will love
every minute
- of my life
- of my life
- I'm saying this
- I'm saying this
- Believe me
- Believe me
- You're the only one I need
- You're the only one I need
Only you.
How's work?
It's good, grandpa.
I haven't screwed it up so far.
Maybe give me a few more days.
You know, one day,
when you get back to
managing your own business,
you will realize
that your best training
in discipline and commitment
is being part of the working class.
So ma'am, your meeting
will be moved to Thursday.
The broken Xerox machine
will also be fixed tomorrow.
And the trash,
the janitor's coming
over to clean it up.
- The janitor?!
- Yes, ma'am.
No! Don't let him clean
up! I don't want to see him!
Okay, ma'am.
You know, it's a blessing in disguise
that Henry stole my marketing plans.
You know why?
I like this new one better.
You know what?
I agree.
You can go home now.
I know you're tired.
You sent them home already.
You're alone here.
Wait a minute.
Why didn't you tell the team
that this department
might get dissolved?
I don't want them to panic.
If I tell them, they might
not be able to work properly.
I don't know where they'll end
up when they lose their job.
Just like Shantu.
No one will have the
courage to keep her.
She don't know anything
but being flirty.
But her sick dad depends on her.
And Nancy,
he pays for his siblings' education.
And Ruby? She pregnant every year!
How will she be able to find a job?
And Dec,
he has two wives but they're separated.
But he's the one that gives money.
You know what?
You actually care about them, huh?
What are you talking about?
Your family,
you spoil them because you love them.
And then you terrorize the
ones in your department.
Because you love them too.
Stop trying to psychologize!
Let's practice at the board room later.
At the board room?
Sure. Let's go.
Zach, let's stop this.
The presentation is coming
soon and big things are at risk.
I'm still your boss.
We're in one department.
I had Ruby's husband resigned.
Because office romance
is not allowed here.
This isn't office romance.
We were just having sex, right?
I mean
I'm sorry. That's not what I mean.
You're right!
I have sex to whoever I want!
What happened between us,
it doesn't mean anything.
Evelyn, I'm sorry. That's
not... Evelyn, wait!
Sis, someone's looking for you.
Tell him I don't need his explanation.
How are you?
Evelyn, I'm not happy.
Aren't you supposed to be
happy that you got her pregnant?
I'm not the father.
I just played with it since I
really want to have a family.
But there, she felt
that I don't really love her.
So what do you want to happen?
I want us back together.
Guys, aren't you noticing lately?
It seems like madame's 666
attitude is starting to diminish.
You know, she's right.
Before, it was three aming 6!
But now, her attitude
went down to two 6.
It's just because her
conscience is haunting her.
Because she didn't tell us the truth.
It's because we're all
going to lose our job.
Not all of us.
It's just the five of us
in danger of losing ourjob.
Those marketing peeps,
they'll go on with their life.
- That's right.
- It won't bother ma'am.
That's not true.
If only you knew how
concerned Evelyn is to you.
- Wow! Evelyn, huh?
- Evelyn, huh?!
Really? Evelyn?
- Are you close to her? Wow!
- Close!
Really? Evelyn?
You're close to her? Is that it?
Yes, wait a minute,
Zach? Tell us the truth.
What's happening to madame? It seems
her world's turning upside down.
She's a good boss.
She's doing everything for you guys.
I hope you'll realize that.
- Maybe next year.
- I don't think so.
After all she did.
I'll try.
I'll try it now.
- I can't realize that.
- I'll try that next year.
I'll try very hard...
You're too sensitive!
- Bro, that was just a joke.
- Lovey doves, it's just a joke.
You're silly.
It's you.
He's gone.
What's really happening to him?
Okay. One, two, three, four, five
So I'll just fetch you later, okay?
You know what? I'll join you here
in your dance rehearsal next time.
So we'll be partners.
You can have this.
- Okay? Okay.
- Thank you.
Hi, Evelyn!
Where's Zach?
Is he still coming?
I think he won't come.
Let's try it from the top! Everybody!
You can do it.
Let me see.
And five, six, seven,
go! And one and two!
Three and four, five, six
seven, eight.
One, two
Why isn't there an audio?
Ma'am, I'm still
setting up the speakers.
It'll just take a while.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
You're late!
Sorry, ma'am.
I still fixed the revisions
you have me made last meeting.
So are you blaming me that
you're late? Is that it?
I didn't say that.
You know what your problem is?
You misinterpret things.
I beg to disagree.
And I don't have a problem
with my comprehension.
You know what your problem is?
You don't give all
your heart to your job.
Just like what you're doing here!
All of these! You
only think of yourself!
All of these is about you!
Didn't we talk about everything?!
Wasn't that clear?
And you liked what I did, right?
And now that I just said something you
don't like, you're suddenly mad at me?!
Maybe it's better if you
go back to your old copy.
You looked happier to that.
Call me when you're ready!
What are we doing?!
This is nothing, right?!
What do you want me to say?
You want us to have a commitment
since something happened between us?!
I'll be so naive if I say yes!
Because I know what
kind of a guy are you!
What do you know about
relationships, anyway!
And you,
what's your idea of a relationship?!
Control everyone around you?!
At least, I have an idea
what a relationship is!
What about you?!
I'm not a slut!
Who goes with any guy
just to take revenge!
That's the biggest mistake in my life!
whenever I do something,
I do it with love!
Is that it?!
Why are you with Timothy again?!
I'm not with 'fimothy!
Why are you reacting like that?!
Are you mad?!
Are you jealous?!
Why, Zach?!
- That doesn't mean anything to you, right?
- What do you want me to say?!
- What do you want me to say?!
- Can you love me?!
He's not ready for this.
What's going on?
Zach, it's your grandpa.
I have
prostate cancer.
I was given four to six months to live.
I'm already old.
I'm even lucky.
I reached this age.
I know when will I die.
You want to know a secret?
You're my favorite grandson.
You know what?
When you were born,
I was the very first person
to hold you in my arms.
And I pride myself.
I was the only one who
can make you stop crying.
I'd whistle.
And then you would stop crying.
My only regret is
I set my expectations for you too high.
And so, you also became
my biggest disappointment.
If only I could turn back
the hands of time, I will!
I would let go of all my expectations.
we could have been closer to each other.
We would have had
the best times of our life.
If there's one piece of advise
I would like to give you right now
If you love somebody,
admit it. Admit it to yourself.
Love them.
Take care of them.
You made it work?
I just checked the alternator.
The problem is there but
you don't have to have it overhaul.
You're talented!
I don't want to lose this Ferrari.
I can relate to him.
You know.
You thought it's useless but it's not.
Just like life.
It doesn't have to be perfect.
You know too many things.
But you know, I realize
You're right.
Life doesn't have to be perfect.
But sis,
who is it among them?
Is it Timothy or Zach?
'L'Imothy's from way back!
- So it's Zach?
- You should take care of your studies and quit
- making gossips!
- So it's Zach?
No, I'll study well so
I could finish school.
Because you're my idol.
And I'll be the one to
take care of you someday.
They could leave you but I won't, sis.
- Is that true?
- Of course!
- True?
- Very true!
That felt good.
It's my ambition
that this new tablet will put
a big dent on the C-D market.
If the A-B's has an Ipad,
the C-D people will
definitely be proud of
the new "Our Pad...
Wow, you're amazing, sir!
And he's handsome too!
From Digilife comes a new
innovation for everyday life.
"Our Pad".
Because we see realm of
potential in unique occasions.
We have fashioned an advance device
designed to capture everything
photographs, sounds and videos.
With bigger memories to store memories.
Zach, they've been
waiting for you in there.
The inspiration of innovation is Digilife's driving
force in bringing this new device to the market.
"Our Pad" is out to
mesmerize our target demographic
with its cool features
and functionality,
with its top-of-the-line
applications and customer service.
From the first locally
manufactured tablet,
a promise of a new world awaits.
Aworld better and bigger and brighter.
"Our Pad"
That's amazing!
- Nice!
- It's so great!
Congratulations, Henry.
Thank you, ma'am.
Okay, now we're ready to
hear from E.V.L's department.
Are you for your presentation?
Yes, ma'am.
I'll start with the introduction
together with my assistant brand manager.
Zach Estrella, come on.
Thank you, ma'am.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
It's an honor for me to
be in your presence today.
You're all looking wonderful!
Again, I'm Zach Estrella.
And now that I'm done sucking-up,
I hope you'll remember me when you
need someone to promote someone.
We will proceed now
with the presentation.
There's a lot of changes
in technology in our lives.
Before, there's telegram.
There's a typewriter.
And they said, we're already
satisfied with landline phones.
Then beeper came.
But sir, Zach and I
wasn't able to use that.
Maybe you guys did!
The Filipinos celebrated.
And then this small device
changed our lives.
Maybe we have changed the way we
live our lives because of technology.
But not the hearts of the Filipinos.
And that's how the first local tablet
from our company
will be identified in the market.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we present to you
the new Life Pad.
The first locally manufactured tablet.
Made by the Filipinos,
For the Filipinos.
Hungry? And you need
info in food delivery?
You want to shop online from
your favorite local stores?
You need to download
original Filipino music?
You feel the need to pray
your favorite novena prayer?
One application will
be the window to all.
Life Pad. It's all here.
The all new tablet with the
heart of the Filipino in mind.
That was amazing!
- I like this better.
- Yeah.
This is better than the first one.
Great job!
Thank you. But I couldn't have
done that if it wasn't for my team.
Dec, Nancy.
Thank you. Good job.
Very good work!
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations.
This can't be!
No! This can't happen!
I won't let this happen!
Why are you looking at me?!
Is this happening?! I
won't let this happen!
I won't let this happen!
I have to do something!
I have to get that woman
and her department down!
Doesn't it hurt! Does it?!
Do you understand me?!
You! You! Give me something.
Give me something now!
I want something now!
You! Give me something!
Anything! Anything I
can use against her!
Will you just clean up later?!
Look! Boss is hysterical!
Wait! Wait! Wait a
minute! Wait a minute!
You! You! You!
I see you here in the office, I
see you everywhere in this office!
You know something. I smell it. Tell me.
What do you know?! What do you know?!
Don't look at me! What do you know?!
We need to talk.
Oh good. You're here.
Ma'am, I just came from a
call some valuble information
about what Evelyn's
doing to her department.
Especially, with that
assistant brand manager.
A.K.A. Mr. Boy Toy Zach Estrella.
- Henry.
- No. No. No. Ma'am.
I know. I know what you're going to say.
Where's my evidence?
Here he is. Here he is. Move.
Here he is. He's the
one who can prove that.
He can prove it.
Sorry, ma'am.
He gave me 'Fto, Vic and Joey.
Go on. Go on. Tell her.
Tell her what you saw.
Tell her that you saw Evelyn
and Zach irting around.
- Tell her!
- Stop it, Henry!
Stop wasting our time!
Evelyn told me everything.
She confessed everything to me.
There you go! Ma'am, office
romance is not allowed here, right?
She can't get away with this.
She cannot get away with this!
I already resigned.
Effective immediately.
Happy now?
Excuse me.
So she resigned.
It's good!
Good then.
Very good!
Where are you going?
Don't worry about me.
What's important is you have a job.
Are you sure this is
what you want to do?
This is not you.
The Evelyn I know
is brave.
She doesn't back down.
So I'm suspecting
that you have feelings for Zach.
It doesn't matter.
He doesn't have feelings for me anyway.
Well, in that case, you can fire him.
Let him go!
I was his boss.
I'm the one accountable to this.
He needs his job more.
But you need it too.
you're going to sign my lateral
transfer to our sister company, right?
Of course.
Evelyn, I want you to
know that I understand you.
People thought we have
hearts like a stone.
And that we don't have feelings.
But just like everyone else.
You and I, tough girls,
we also want to love and be loved.
- You saw it?
- You did?
Now, I know why!
Ma'am resigned because of you!
Going... down?
By the way,
I haven't answered
your question earlier.
Yes, I'm happy because
you're gone! You're gone!
I win. I win! I win the fight!
Evelyn, wait! Evelyn, wait! Evelyn!
I want to say something!
I want to say something!
Go away!
Blood! Oh, My God! You
do not mess with my face!
Evelyn, wait!
I just want to say something!
- Why did you close it?!
- You will pay for this!
I will sue you!
If you don't shut up, I
will have your jaw detached!
Hold this!
- Are you my boss?
- Hold this!
Take care of that.
What?! Are you saying something?!
I love you.
I admit I thought what
happened between us was nothing.
But now, I know.
I want to love you.
I can love you.
And I want to prove it.
I want to commit to it.
I want to commit to you, Evelyn.
You are my true commitment.
Shut up.
That's not allowed! That's not
allowed! This will get to them!
I will sue you! I will sue you!
That is not allowed!
This will get to them!
This will get to ma'am Lorna!
Get my phone! Record that!
Yes, attorney.
Yes, please set me up
that meeting right away.
Okay. I'll get back to you, okay?
Thank you.
Hi, sir.
So you think you're qualified?
Unless, office romance
is not allowed here.
You're hired.
You know what your
problem is? You don't -
Is that how worse your...
Why does it splash?
- Really? I'm your idol?
- It's true.
- Ouch.
- You're choking me!
I can't get you off of me!
You're such a flirt!
We're here in the street.
Let's try it one more time from the top.
Everybody, places!
You can do it.
You can do it!
Hold it.
Ma'am, it's not plugged in yet.
More! More!
Cut. Good!
This is what you
should know. Stay there!
You're so thin!
You get out of here!
Get out!
And, ready, and
Okay, and step, step, pose!
What's my line again?
- This is taking so long!
- Cut!