My Illegal Wife (2014)

My name is Clarise,
single mother working here in Japan...
a die-hard fan of these movies.
They give me hope that someday,
I'll have my happy ending in love.
This is the day!
Watch out,
Laida Magtalas version 2.0!
Meet your match - Clarise,
version Z-point-awesome!
I thought
I would be single forever.
But then he came!
The man
who will be my husband.
Clarise, from this day onward,
my heart belongs only to you.
Thai proposal is cute -
if you have something on?
E www!
Nice smell!
I desperately want to be kissed!
So Laida...
I will beat your kissing scene!
I have to prepare for this.
I have to look beautiful
in my husband's eyes.
This is it!
Bro, don't forget the ring.
My precious...
Good luck, Bro.
Thank you, Bro.
Bro bump!
- Ouch! Wait!
- Hurry!
In my excitement
I've worn the wrong outfit.
But I quickly changed!
Nothing can ruin this day.
Here she comes.
This is it!
My wife looks beautiful!
My husband looks so handsome!
I can't believe this is happening.
Finally, my very own wedding-
You're imagining things again!
Give me that!
My husbands waiting for me.
Sorry for being delusional.
It's my friend who's getting married.
And I am her maid of honor.
Lucky her,
she already found her happy ending.
When will my time come'?
Are you okay, Clarise?
Babe, it's Clarize with a z...
not with an s!
Sorry, I forgot.
Are you okay?
- You're so beautiful!
- Stop bothering me!
Stop bothering me!
Why am I still single?
I want to be a legal wife!
Good morning,
sleeping handsome!
Good morning,
stretching beautiful!
Babe, you're not yet well.
Just seeing you makes me well.
I know, Babe.
But you still have to rest.
I don't need rest.
I'm strong now.
You're naughty, Babe!
Was the accident so bad...
that I have these stitches?
Yes, Babe.
Isn't it obvious?
That driver spoiled my plan.
What plan?
Babe, will you marry me?
Let's try it on!
Sorry, it's not here.
It doesn't fit.
Let's try here.
Babe, just keep it.
I already said yes anyway.
You're right.
I'll just wear it.
Fits perfectly!
- I love you, Babe!
- I love you, Babe!
- I love you, Babe!
- I love you, Babe!
- I love you, Babe!
- I love you, Babe!
I love you, Babe!
Lift me up!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm hungry-
Of course you will be.
You work part-time here
but your performance is full-time!
I have to,
so they'll re-hire me.
My contract expires tomorrow.
What happened to your lips?
My husband kisses me
like a vacuum cleaner!
But it's okay.
This is fad, anyway.
I'm so happy for you.
Why don't you give our friend
some tips so she'll find her man?
Stop pestering me!
I will hit you like a wrecking ball!
Mommy D,
that's no longer in fashion.
This is the new trendy beat.
Do you really need a husband, Girl?
Not for myself,
but for my children.
So they'll have a father.
They need someone
to father them back home.
- Get out of my way!
- My son Liam is frequently bullied.
Are you going to fight me?
Did I say?
Leave my brother alone!
My mother Magda
is old enough to get into rumbles.
And our house was robbed!
Give me your money!
Stop in
They need someone to protect them
and someone they can count on.
How will I find a man like that?
Where will I find
my future husband?
Babe, I'm excited about our wedding.
Same here, but we need to arrange
everything before the wedding...
especially my surprise.
I bought a property
in the Philippines.
Will you look into it, because...
I'm busy
with the jewelry business.
I'm sorry I can't afford it
with my salary.
Babe, don't think that way.
This is for us.
All right, Babe.
I've already booked you
a flight this weekend!
Right away?
We have to check the property.
Are you rehearsing
to be my spouse?
How many children
do you want?
This early?
How about my figure?
Sure, let's fix your figure.
Come on.
Hi Satcho!
This is for you.
More money,
more fun Satcho!
Thank you very much!
Clarise, you are very good...
but we have to cut cost.
Bad business.
Very bad profit.
I cannot renew you.
I'm very sorry.
What do you want?
Should I punch him so he'd
renew you?
Let's just look for another job, Girl.
Never mind.
I'll just go back to the Philippines.
I'll try my luck there.
Good luck to me.
Take care, Girl.
I wish you'll find the solution
to all your problems.
Your breath stinks!
Lord, may I find the answer
to all my problems.
I hope HI meet him...
my husband-to-be.
Bro, bro, are you married?
Not yet, but soon.
Don't you think it's early?
Men like you should stay single.
What do you do in Japan?
Oh sales!
I worked in a factory
until my conract expired.
Now I'm going back
to the Philippines.
Excuse me.
Miss, are you okay?
You look good.
You look good.
Thank you.
May I introduce myself?
My name is Clarise Zabaldica...
39 from Quezon City.
Vital statistics - 34-24...
no more!
Excuse me.
- Wait!
- This is your Captain speaking.
We are experiencing wind turbulence.
Kindly remain seated
with your seatbeit fastened.
Ouch! Ouch!
Mayday! Mayday!
Sorry, sir! Sorry, sir!
Ms. Clarize.
According to the report,
Henry's plane crashed.
There are survivors...
but they can't be found.
We have to find him.
Ms. Clarize,
maybe he's already dead.
He is not dead, okay.
I know he's still alive!
Look for him in the Philippines!
Find him!
Yes, you can count on us.
This is the good-looking guy.
What's this bulge?
So hard!
So this is what's hard.
Oh a wedding ring!
Can I try it on?
Henry James Acuesta.
Such a cute name,
should fit me!
Too hose!
Where am I?
Why are we here?
What happened?
I don't know.
All I remember was...
those sumo wrestler fell on us.
Oh my God!
Our airplane crashed!
I got on an airplane?
You ew alongside the airplane.
Of course you did.
Don't you remember anything?
Do I know you?
You don't remember me?
I don't.
Who are you?
You really don't remember?
I'm... I'm your wife!
We're married!
You're my wife?
Did I really marry you?
How offensive!
I don't remember anything.
You're my wife?
How did we meet?
In the toilet.
We first met in the toilet!
In the toilet?
In the toilet.
I was crying.
I came from a breakup
I had a bad stomach.
Nobody cares for me!
Then you came.
My stomach hurts.
Are you okay?
You need help?
Of course I went to you.
But you got scared.
You thought I was Sadako.
My stomach hurts!
I have nothing more to dump.
I thought we won't see each
other again.
Until one rainy night...
while I was fixing my car.
You passed by.
We met again.
I know you found me beautiful.
I found you beautiful?
You even called me...
'The beautiful girl in the rain.
Do you now remember?
I still can't remember anything.
What's my full name?
I only remember bits and pieces.
Yes, your name is Henry.
Henry James Acuesta.
And I'm Clarise.
Clarissa Zabaldica for short.
That name sounds familiar.
Because that's me!
Then why arent you using my last name,
if we're married?
Because we got married in Japan.
It was officiated
by the head of the Yakuza.
We went back to the Philippines
for our church wedding.
But this happened.
So I can't use your last name yet.
Why does this feel hard?
That's your abs!
They were even bulging earlier.
help me remember everything.
Of course, hubby.
Hubby, there's a boat!
There's a boat!
Miss Clarise!
Come on, hurry!
- Clarise!
- Mama!
Hurry, hubby!
- Mama!
- My child!
- Clarise!
- Cora!
Thank God you're here!
- Clarise!
- Hubby!
- Clarise!
- Cora!
- Clarise!
- Mama!
My children!
We were so worried,
especially Mother Magda!
- I love you, Mama.
- How's Mother?
She's home.
You were the only ones
separated from the other survivors.
There are survivors?!
Yes, Mama.
Everybody was saved
except you two.
You were swept away
to this island.
" Bro!
Bro, don't you worry,
you are safe now, okay?
Let's go, bro.
You're my brothers?
Are you kidding me?
You don't know this face?!
You are my brother!
I'm your brother!
Oh, come on!
Mama, who is he?
My children...
don't be surprised.
This is Papa Henry,
my husband.
Do you have asthma?
You came out
of the accident married?
You didn't even tell us.
Surprise, right?
Aren't you surprised?
We're not surprised.
Bro, what happened?!
She said we got married in Japan.
Are you sure?
I know your brain,
you are my brother.
You're a different man.
I'm sorry,
my husband has amnesia.
I don't believe you speak.
This is my brother!
I know him!
I don't believe in you!
I know what to do!
Let's do the bro bump!
- Bro, bro bump!
- Bro!
Bro bump!
Look at me! Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me, bro!
Who are you?
This is unbelievable!
What have you mistake
to my brother?!
Are you Clarize for a real?
Yes, I am Clarise!
What the-f!
I know! I know!
I know! I know...
this the story...
when the plane is crash...
it must be...
damage your freakin your face?
Really now!
Your face
looks more damaged than mine!
Come here.
- Hey!
- Freaking face, huh!
Hi Papa Henry.
I am Liam Daniel Zabaldica.
And I am Hazel.
Are they our children?!
They are my children
from another man.
What? !
You know what,
you're so sweet.
Even when if I told you about my past...
you still married me.
Are you sure?
We have to bring you to the hospital
so they can check you.
Yes, especially sir Henry.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
You alien!
You freaked me underwater!
I saved your relatives here!
You're here!
My daughter!
Is that you, my daughter?
This is me.
Have you forgotten?
My child!
Who's this?
New house boy?
This is Henry...
my husband.
Your husband?!
- Mama!
- Aunt!
Why, Aunt Magda?!
Why, Aunt Magda?!
Why, Aunt Magda?!
Don't cry.
I'm still alive.
Are you all right, Mama?
Why are you surprised
by my news?
I thought
you were going to die single.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, Mama.
Group hugs!
Don't you dare!
Come now, hubby.
I'll shave you.
I'll shave you.
I'll shave you.
My wife is so beautiful.
Why does your reflection in the mirror
look different?
Oh, this?
The doctor was right.
My vision was affected
when I hurt my head.
I see things differently.
We don't look that different.
I even look better.
There's a new popular game nowadays,
Happy Bird. like that bird.
Want to PKIY?
But the angry edition.
Wait, can we just talk first?
Because I still can't remember
Do I have a family?
Why haven't they searched for me?
it's because you're orphaned.
All you have are me
and your relatives.
Don't worry,
you will slowly remember everything.
The doctor said not to rush you.
Maybe when we start
fixing our church wedding...
I will slowly remember everything-.
Of course, hubby.
Mama, Papa,
I can't sleep in the other room.
Can I sleep here?
He)', get out!
No one's fetching you, Liam.
You lame kid.
MY Papa's coming!
You have a Papa?
You're gay, aren't you?
I'm not a fag!
Because you ratted us out,
you'll see-.
Stop that or else!
What did Liam do to you?
Then why?
Do that again
and I'll deal with you.
My son, are you okay?
Did they hurt you?
If they bully you again,
tell me.
We'll fight them back.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming into our life,
Papa Henry.
It feels great to have a father.
This looks nice!
Honey really loves me so much!
This is nice.
In fairness.
Look at that chamberlain.
What chamberlain?
It's a chandelier!
Isn't this nice?
We'll move here next week.
Yes, it's nice.
If you want,
you can move in tomorrow.
I'll assist you.
Why are you rushing them to move in?
It's so hot in the Philippines
and you forced me to go back here!
Girl, this is urgent.
We need to talk.
Girls... I need your help.
It's about...
this cute guy I met on the plane.
He's my husband now.
Husband already?
Aren't you overacting?!
Aren't you overacting?!
What, the plane crashed
and you picked up a husband like a debris?
Is this a joke?
Yes, the fake marriage is a joke.
But he has amnesia.
So I grabbed the opportunity.
Of course you did.
Of course you did.
The truth is...
we're getting married soon.
So I need your help
with the documents.
So you're going to use us.
Doesn't he have a family?
Why don't you ask their help?
And what, blow my cover?
And what, blow my cover?
You're the only ones I can trust.
You understand my plight,
don't you?
these are my friends,
Alex and Donna.
They're my best friends.
Girl, have you moved in?
Yes, and we went straight here.
Yes, and we went straight here.
Your friends are fine.
They make me hungry,
especially this one.
Thank you!
This one looks like a duck.
This one looks like duck egg.
Girl, let's go!
where are you going?
To Recto, where else?!
We have to get fake documents
for your fake wedding-
No, fix!
We have to fix our wedding.
That's it!
That's it!
Wait, I'll go with you.
I'll just change.
You smell good, hubby.
You can manage that.
You know what to do.
Come here.
Hey, be careful!
Are you okay?
Try one more.
Ouch! Wait!
- What?
- Bro, wait!
Hey bro!
It's us!
Hey bro!
It's us!
- It's us!
- Bro.
We came from your place,
they told us you're here.
We have to fix the documents
for our wedding.
Why did you brought yourself here?
Did you know
this is a freakin place that's lake all?
This is the real document.
This is the real document.
Everything you need is there.
We have pictures if you need some.
We should've just asked them.
I smell something specie.
Hey there!
Why did you brought our bro here?
Why did you brought our bro here?
We need photocopies
and I want to show him around.
We were really going to your place.
Tell me the truth...
are you lying in bed
or are you liar yourself?
Did you know
that all liars is going to hell?
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
You're the one
who looks like hell!
Hey you, janitor fish!
Go back to your aquarium
and swim with your family!
Hey, you scabby face!
I don't like what you're saying!
Clarise, who are these guys?
Henry's friends.
I see a full moon
though the sun is out!
I see a full moon
though the sun is out!
That's enough!
You want a fist fight?
Come on, let's fight.
Punch your face.
- We're just wasting time, let's go!
- No, I can't let it slide!
Let's go.
Hey, Alex, Donna, enough!
Hey, Alex, Donna, enough!
Why don't you follower your friends?
Are you hiding inside
or are you hider'?
I'll be back, stay here.
- Hey, girls...
- What?
- Hey, girls...
- What?
Can you befriend
my husbands friends?
He's not your husband.
And his friends
who look like geckos in the mud...
are doing something
to make him remember everything!
So stop whatever you're doing!
Can't you see,
she's a freaking fake?!
Can't you see,
she's a freaking fake?!
Are you telling me
that my wife is lying?
We think so.
Look at this.
Why does she look like that now?
She looked like that
when you introduced her to us.
She looked like that
when you introduced her to us.
They look alike.
Are you blind bro?
And who's this?
That is Zosimo, our old driver.
And he is your real father.
- Bro!
- Henry!
- Bro!
- Henry!
Bro! Bro!
Stop in
We know everything about you.
We are your family.
Believe us.
I already love him.
Wow. Love?
Really now?
he's close to my family now.
he's close to my family now.
Especially Liam.
That's what's important.
And I can't get him
off my mind and...
my heart.
This is the heart!
And you also believe
this crazy joke!
Oh God, please help us!
But jokes sometimes become
real, right?
But jokes sometimes become
real, right?
The truth always wins.
- Let's go, it's hot.
- Let's go.
Are you lying to me, wifey?
Are you lying to me, wifey?
What kind of question is that?
Bro Anjo told me
our marriage is fake.
I can't do that to you.
I want to believe you
because you're my wife.
I want to believe you
because you're my wife.
But why do I want
to believe them more?
I know you!
I know you!
You know me?
Now tell me,
who's your Mama?
Who's your mama?
Tell me.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Isn't she dead?
I must have had amnesia as well.
What are we going to--
Oh, my God!
Sorry, my child.
Continue, continue!
- Continue!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Ouch!
Let's go!
Hubby, let's continue!
Wait, wait!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
When I remember everything...
it wouldn't be this hard.
I'll bare everything for you.
I'm your wife now.
I'm your wife now.
I'm your family.
I'll do everything
to help you remember...
what you need to remember.
take care in school.
take care in school.
Yes we will.
Liam, when they bully you again...
tell them they'll deal
with incredible Henry!
You almost hit my husband!
Bleep bleep!!!
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
It's like deja vu.
Are you sure?
But nobody helped me then.
But nobody helped me then.
Good thing you're here.
Thank you.
I owe you my life.
Oh, that's nothing.
It's just a small thing.
Small things?
Yes, small thing.
Aren't the kids going?
Mama, I wish you get married soon.
Mama, I wish you get married soon.
Here are the things you need to prepare
for the wedding, Mama!
Eat some bread.
Hazel, check Counselling.
I'll take care of it.
The wedding mission begins!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
Where are the requirements?
- Where?
- I don't know!
What are they looking?
You startled me.
Where is it?
- Here it is.
- Thank you.
- Here it is.
- Thank you.
Mama, Invitations okay!
It's sad my mother's not here
to attend our wedding.
We asked for her blessing
before she died.
We asked for her blessing
before she died.
- Really?
- Yes.
Of course!
She was very amazed with me.
Isn't it amazing?
Isn't it surprising?
Very surprising.
Isn't it?
Wait, something's stuck.
My thigh.
I thought it was something else.
It's so hot.
Water please.
I asked for water--.without ice-.
It's hot.
Don't you dare show your awfulbody.
Don't you dare show your awfulbody.
It's complete, hubby!
Mama, everybody, follow me!
Are you sure it's Henry Acuesta?
He looks different.
That's him!
He just lost his moustache.
Hey, aren't you taking a break?
Later, Mama.
No. Come on.
No. Come on.
We're still enjoying...
Mrs. Clarise Zabaldica Acuesta.
That's him.
Come here.
You're sweating like a pig.
Papa Henry is so good.
Can we do this again tomorrow?
Later, when your mom is asleep!
Later, when your mom is asleep!
No, that's enough.
Don't insist.
Look at your sweat,
enough to water rice fields.
You're exaggerating.
If you don't wipe this dry,
you'll get sick.
You two can't get sick...
especially you.
You're still recovering.
Why don't you two rest a bit...
then hit the shower?
I'll get you lukewarm water.
Thank you, wifey.
This'll be quick.
Let's go.
Come on.
What's wrong, Papa Henry?
My stomach hurts.
Mama said if you feel pain,
we can pray it away.
Mama said if you feel pain,
we can pray it away.
Do you feel better,
Papa Henry?
- Liam! Hubby!
- Better now.
Go in now and take a bath.
Come on.
Smells funky!
Wifey, thank you very much.
It's difficult for me to remember everything
but you stood by me.
You didn't give up on me.
You took care of me.
I'm now sure you're the one.
I'm now sure you're the one.
I'm excited about our wedding.
I love you, wifey.
I love you.
In this movie
Starting Over Again...
In this movie
Starting Over Again...
Ginny's friend is so crazy.
You know Wella?
The one who looks like me.
You're right.
They're really friends,
they're both crazy.
Ginny is crazy to pursue him...
even if Marco
doesn't give her a chance.
Even if Marco
doesn't give her a chance.
Well, you're crazy just like her.
for a man she'll never have...
and you,
for a man you've tricked into a big lie.
Wait now.
You act as if you're part
of the movie.
But really, I feel guilty.
But really, I feel guilty.
Should I cancel
the wedding?
While there's still time!
Do it!
But it's hard.
My family loves him now.
I love him.
Does he love you?
Does he love you?
He said so.
What if his memory
comes back?
Will he still love you?
I don't know.
If I were you,
I'd put an end to this right now.
Explain to him everything.
He deserves an explanation.
Why did you cancel
the wedding?
I deserve an explanation.
I deserve an explanation.
I deserve an acceptable reason.
Have pity on him,
and your family.
You're fooling all of them...
and yourself too.
Bro, cheers!
- Bro...
- Yes?
are you really sure
about tomorrow?
Of course, Bro.
I'm sure.
Clarise is kind, caring...
She takes care of me.
She's the perfect wife.
Are you sure?
Like temperature?
They're my family now.
I will never leave them.
I'm ready to marry Clarise.
If I can't remember her here...
in here,
I'll never forget I love her.
Oh yeah!
Bro bump!
Bro bump!
If you ever change your mind...
I'll get the map of this church.
And the fire exit is over there.
Stop it, bro!
What fire exit?
Can't you see?
I'm getting Bro-excited about her.
What's that?
Like that.
What's happening for you?
Is there an earthquake?
Oh, my God!
- Help us, please!
- Help!
Let's bring him to the hospital!
Clarise, we'll go now.
We will get back again, A-S-A-P.
Come on, bro.
Us too, Girl.
We'll just come back.
Can you take the kids home?
Just come back.
- Mama, are you okay?
- Yes.
Are you sure, Mama?
Go home now.
Let's go.
Doc, how is he?
Clarise, is that you?
- Friend, is that you?
- It is me!
- Clarise! How have you been?
- How are you?
Are you his...?
Yes, I'm his wife.
Let's sit down.
Friend, do you know about this?
What are these?
They're pieces of 24-karat rare gold
we recovered from your husband's stomach.
They were implanted so deeply
that's why they were unnoticeable.
Is your husband a gold mule?
I hope you still have amnesia.
How are you feeling?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
they found these
inside your stomach.
What do you know
about these gold?
Im so sorry. I didn't know that
you're here, there, and everywhere.
Are you all right, hubby?
We're married?
Don't you remember?
I remember.
I remember everything.
I know you!
I know you!
You're the woman on the airplane!
What did you do to me?
- What--
- Henry!
Henry, what's happening?
Henry, I'm your wife!
You are not my wife!
And you will never be my wife!
You made me believe we're married?
That we got married.
That we were in love.
- How dare you!
- Bro!
- You're a witch!
- Don't bother yourself!
You took advantage of me!
What kind of person are you?
- I hope you forgive me, Henry.
- Never!
Yes, I lied to you.
But I really loved you.
Didn't you love me at all?
Girl, what's happening?
Get out!
I never want to see
your face again!
Did you hear that?
What are you waiting for'?
Get out!
Girl, you have to accept that he's gone.
Let him go.
Let him go.
Let him go.
Mama, what happened?
Is Papa Henry dead?
There's no Papa Henry...
there is no real Papa Henry.
My child!
From walling to...
He had amnesia.
I made him believe we were married.
From flooring to...
I wanted him...
to be the one.
The husband I've been looking for.
Though it was just pretense,
I truly loved him.
I truly loved him.
Mama, don't cry.
Be strong, Mama.
Please forgive your Mama.
- My child!
- Forgive me.
Forgive me.
That Clarise is one heck of a
That girl, what she did to you...
I can't remember the words I think it's...
hug-hug, yug-yug, Iek-lek!
Oh, I remember the words -
Stinking bomb.
That girl is a stinking bomb!
She did to you what she did you!
Who's there?
I think that's Clarise.
She wanna talk to you.
She wanna be with you again.
She'll see.
Surprise, Babe!
I love you babe!
Babe, take a seat.
Babe, how are you?
What is this?
What happened to you?
Babe, I just had surgery.
Where's the gold?
Babe, the gold?
Where's the gold?
You made me a...
gold mule?
Babe, wait.
Let me explain!
What's happening
to the Clarise name?
Is that user- friendly?
I only did that for our future.
Babe, please forgive me.
I was just surprised.
Babe, k understand.
But we have to get
those gold back.
Where are those?
It's with Clarise.
Clarise with the s.
Whoever she is...
we have to get them back from her.
I said no.
There is no other way.
Those gold are rare.
You're asking too much from me.
How should I do that?
Why don't you make her
fall in love with you again?
- Right.
- Shocker!
Babe, if that's the only way...
please do it.
I don't want to lie to anyone.
Even if she lied to me.
I don't want to involve her family.
How should I pursue her?
In the catering business,
you'll have full stomachs and pockets.
This is good business.
Let's try this!
Maybe we shouldn't.
Come on!
It will take your mind off things-.
So you don't wallow
in pain at home...
and you forget about Henry.
But I can't stop thinking of him.
What if we meet again?
What if I shove your face
down the food?
A Christmas carrol?
Isn't it too early?
When he first met you,
he loves you dearly!
Oh Clarise!
He loves you dearly!
You have it all...
You have it all...
Break it down!
I mean, Clarise.
For all that I've done...
I'm sorry!
Why are you apologizing?
Shouldn't it be the other way around?
Have you forgiven me?
Yes, and I'd like us to start over.
Even if...
there was never an us?
I hope
we have one more chance.
If Popoy and Basha had one
more chance...
Who am I to deny you that?
Big mouth.
How does it taste?
Are you stuplish?
Stu plish?
Stupid and foolish!
My child,
don't punish yourself.
Ma, this is not punishment.
This is called
another chance to love.
I know I've said
many hurtful words.
Sorry is not enough.
So please,
let me make it up to Clarise.
You have to deal with us first!
Pa... I mean Mister Henry,
we have a Family Day at school tomorrow.
Can you pretend
to be my Papa?
Next week,
I'll be 9 years old!
Can you arrange the party?
I will.
This is a gentleman's agreement.
And don't hurt Mama again...
or else, you'll get hurt!
Very good.
I still can't believe it.
It's like I hit gold
when I found you.
- Wifey...
- Yes?
Are the gold still with you?
Where are they?
I want to see them.
I forgot.
So that's why
you have rock-hard abs.
You're hiding something.
So where?
Don't worry,
they're just there.
Let's look for them.
How did they get
inside your stomach?
I have to rest now.
I'm tired.
Sure, take a rest now.
So you'll have
more energy tomorrow.
I hope this lasts.
You know,
Liam just pretends to be a toughie.
Next to me,
he was the one who missed you the most.
(Crowd Cheering)
Go! Go! Go!
There you go,
team green is leading.
Blue team, hurry up.
Orange team, hurry up.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Children, let's look for a spot.
Mama, is Grandma Magda coming?
She'll just be stressed here.
Where's your husband?
Why isn't he here yet?
He forgot something at home.
Really now?!
Has he amnesia again?
You're overreacting.
Because you're not reacting.
He has to be here.
Because this shirt
and Liam are waiting for him.
He might miss
the whole family day.
He promised to come.
Don't worry, I'll get him.
I'll be back. Wait for Mama.
Please watch over them.
- Hello?
- did you find the gold?
No, I'm looking for them now.
Hurry up, Babe.
When you find them
I'll give you a reward.
- Babe? Babe?
- I can't find them, Babe.
What's happening?
What are you looking for?
Who are you talking to?
It's Bryan.
I'm asking for help
to look for something.
Why do you have to turn this place
upside down?
What is it, anyway?
The gold.
The secret to your rock-hard abs?
I'm not sure,
maybe they were thrown away.
What? !
That can't be! Cannot be!
- Cannot be!
- Ouch! I'm not a rag doll.
- Cannot be!
- Ouch! Ouch!
- Cannot be!
- Ouch! Ouch!
You've shaken
my small brain too much!
Sorry. I lost control.
I'm just curious.
I want to see them.
Where are they?
Are you hiding something from me,
Are you hiding something from me,
Are you hiding something from me,
Nothing. Forget it.
Let's go to Liam then.
Right, I forgot about him.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
I think
you need to make it up to Liam.
Hazel: We're going home already.
Liam is upset.
I think
you need to make it up to Liam.
Why didn't you show up?
I thought you're a showman.
Clarise, I'm pissed!
He promised to attend
the Family Day as Liam's father...
what happened?
I was the one there instead of you.
Aren't you part of the family?
You're right.
Come on, let's eat.
Your Papa Henry
prepared this meal.
Let's eat.
I'm not hungry.
Me, mo.
Me, mo.
But if you have leftovers,
I'm just there.
please forgive me.
I'm sorry.
Don't fail me again
on my birthday.
Pa... Mister Henry.
- Papa, don't leave me.
- I'm not leaving Liam again.
Like how my father left me.
Good thing I was adopted
by Bro Anjo and Bryan's parents.
I hate him so much!
I'll never forget what he did.
If you see him again,
will you forgive him?
You cannot be a father
if you can't resolve your issues.
It's difficult,
but you have to forgive him.
Clarise, not all problems
can be solved by forgiveness!
That's not true!
I wanted to give this to you earlier.
Our teacher asked us to make it...
for a family member
I want to forgive.
She said,
A family that forgives is a family that loves.
When you came back,
I was mad but I easily forgave you.
Because we are family.
Papa Henry.
H' the gold aren't with me
by tomorrow night...
I will have you taken care of.
Yes, Madam.
Boys, put the pork in the barrel.
Yes, Madam!
Babe, have you found the gold yet?
Not yet.
What? !
What's taking you so long?
Babe, I'm always with Clarise.
I can't find the chance
to look for them.
You better hurry up!
Do I have to remind you
how important those gold are to me?
That's all that matters to you?
Is that why you searched for me?
Of course not.
I looked for you because I need you.
And I love you!
But I'm worried
about our jewelry business.--...
because a lot of people know
that the gold is here.
Don't be mad.
I love you, Babe.
I love you, Babe.
I love you, Babe.
Everything's ready!
Are you happy now?
We! BMW Mama.
Happy birthday!
What got into you?
Why did you decorate everything
in gold?
Gold is lucky.
Where's the mascot?
Didn't you call one?
- Hello!
- There it is!
- Hello! Hi!
- Hi!
- Happy birthday, Baby!
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday, Liam.
- Thank you.
Don't I look nice?
It goes with the motif...
- Golden.
- Buddha?
It's buldging.
Your tummy.
Mama! Mama!
What are these?
Grandma found these
in your wedding gown.
Those belong to your Papa Henry's.
Good thing you found them.
Mama, what's that?
These are gold.
Keep them.
Give them to Papa Henry
when he gets here.
- Okay.
- Sister, may I borrow?
Where is Henry?
He prepared the food
but he's not here.
He's the only one missing!
He's coming,
just calm down.
Okay, I will.
Who is Clarise Zabaldica?
Not them!
Not him,
not her and certainly not her.
Probably me.
It's me.
Give me the gold now!
Oh, what gold?
You want gold?
Take this Golden Retriever.
It's all gold.
And who are you, stinking woman,
to barge in like this?
That is just the start!
Next time it will be this.
Well, since you don't know me yet...
let me introduce myself.
I am Clarize,
with a z not with ans.
I am Henry's fiance.
My husbands fiancee?
Your husband?
Who are you kidding?
Oh, please...
I am the one
and only Henry's legal wife-to-be!
And that makes you
the illegal wile wannabe!
Legal wife?
How did you seduce him?
What did you take off first?
Your bra, your panty...
or your conscience?
You want war?
You want war?
Empty words, Clarize!
Empty words!
I don't want to talk to you!
Can't you accept
that Henry's mine now?!
Henry's mine!
He's mine! He's mine!
He's not yours, Nicole!
He's mine!
My husbands mine!
I'm not Nicole!
I'm Clarise!
That happens when you get
slapped by the truth.
We've been together
for a long time...
back in Japan...
before he had amnesia...
and before you pretended
to be his wife.
Henry is just here for you
because of the gold.
He made you believe
he loves you to get the gold back.
That's a lie!
It's true!
But apparently,
he can't do the job quickly.
So I'm here to do the job.
So where is the gold now
before I make my move'?
- What's that you're holding?
- Nothing.
Let go of my son!
Let go!
What are you doing
to my grandson?
- Liam!
- Liam!
- Liam!
- Here's the gold.
- Ruthless people!
- Let's go!
Liam, my child?
Are you done?
We are just facking it.
That didn't sound right.
It's a p not an f!
Hurry now,
Liam may get mad at me again.
When did you become concerned?
Is he your son?
He's like a son to me.
That was the first time
I've ever heard you speak a complete English...
not buckling yourself.
But you know, Bro.
I feel guilty
about what I'm doing to Clarise.
After everything...
they accepted me
as part of the family.
And Clarise feels sorry too.
I want to stop this now.
Whatcha gonna do?
I'm going to talk to Clarise
and tell her the truth...
so her family will be spared.
And then I will talk to Clarize...
- With the--
- with a z.
Let's go.
Clarize: I attacked her family
and got the gold back. Yahoo!
Oh, no!
Hey Bro!
What about this?
You pack it up!
Oh, come on!
Clarise, I came from our house.
How dare you show up
after everything that happened!
I already know the truth!
You lied to me
for those freakin' gold!
So get out!
You bastard!
Clarise, I'm sorry.
Yams s W
Can your sorry take back
all the lies you made to my family?
Can your sorry take back
what happened to my son?
Clarise, forgive me--
But come to think of it,
I have no right to get mad at you...
because I also lied to you.
What hurts the most is that...
I convinced myself that someone like you
could love me back.
Cora was right.
I am stuplish.
Stupid and foolish to believe.
This is what I got
from watching romance movies.
All those stories I told you
when you had amnesia...
were from all my favorite scenes.
Because I thought
they could happen in real lite.
To us.
Even if we are not compatible.
Even if our looks
and ages don't match.
Let's get real,
I found gold in you.
Maybe that's life.
I will never find someone
who'll truly love me.
Clarise, I loved you.
That's the truth.
There was never an us.
There will never be an us.
So please,
stop flirting with me.
Bro, are you okay?
It's Clarize!
You're right!
Where is Clarize going?
- To Madam.
- Who's Madam?
A slaughterhouse owner.
' Bro!
' Bro!
Call the police!
I'll get Anjo!
Okay, bro.
And you, stay here!
Good pork.
Another good pork.
What, Clarize?
It's all good, Madam.
Very good!
we have all the missing pieces.
The key to proving
that I'm the queen of the black market.
you know what to do
with the mule.
And to the woman...
with the same name as yours.
Get rid of them.
I certainly will, Madam.
- Babe, what is this all about?
- Stay there!
- Who are they?
- Stay there.
meet my mule.
Is this why you sponsored me
in Japan?
To be your mule?
You treated me like...
A Piggy bank!
A Piggy bank!
And not only that!
I was also the mastermind
of your accident...
so we could put the gold inside you!
I'm so brainy, right?
That's why when you went missing,
I got worried because...
you can't be found.
You were protected by your amnesia.
So, I had to step up.
I had to track you down.
And I tracked you down!
Clarize, why--
How could you do this to me?
You said you loved me?
I lied!
Enough of this drama!
Get rid of them!
Arrest them!
Madam, you're under arrest!
I have the right to an attorney!
Do you have one?
What do you know?
I'm glad you're out of the
How's my grandson?
I'm okay grandma.
My daughter...
Ma, I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
But you didn't want
to put us in danger.
But because of my desire
to have a husband...
this happened.
At first, I only wanted a father for
my children whom they can count on.
But when I met Henry...
I asked myself...
Is this really what you want?
A father for your family?
What was your answer?
My answer was...
Stop pretending.
Because what I really needed...
what I really wanted...
was a husband.
A husband
that will love me forever.
Even if I'm already old...
he will never forget to love me.
That's what's wrong with you.
Because of you're desire
to be loved by a man.
You forgot...
that we're just here.
I know that, sis.
I was wrong to think,
that I am loved enough.
When your love
is more than enough.
I made myself believe
that we need a man in this family.
But the truth is,
we can stand on our own.
We can be happy by ourselves.
So there...
you had an amnesia,
not in you're mind but in your heart.
Sorry, Ma.
Sorry, sis.
Thank you.
We're just here for you mama...
we'll always take care of you.
We love you very much Ma.
He's right.
Don't be sad.
- What is that? What?
- I know what to do.
Everybody follow me.
Everybody follow him.
one, two, three, huh!
- TWO...
- Just like that!
One, two, three, huh!
Look at your sweat,
enough to water rice fields.
You're exaggerating.
Incredible Henry!
Who's your love?
Who's your mama'?
Tell me--
Your Mom was amazed to me.
I love you, wifey.
I love you.
How is he?
He's been suffering
from Alzheimers.
He loses his temper
whenever he has to process new information.
You have a visitor, Sir.
Young man, who are you?
You don't remember me?
I'm Henry.
Your son.
Yams my S an.)
MY Son?
Kid, don't fool me.
My son is still young!
You have the same name,
but you're not him.
This one is my son.
He looks handsome just like me?
Sorry, my child.
Papa left you.
Why did you--
Why did you leave Henry?
That's it?
I loved my son.
But I couldn't give him a good life.
Though it hurts,
to leave him, I still had to.
For his future.
If you really love him,
why didn't you come back for him?
I tried...
but I couldn't remember
where to find him.
I didn't know where to look.
I just woke up and it's gone!
MY memory's gone!
I didn't know who I was.
I don't know!
So you, young man...
don't leave the people you love.
Especially your family.
Don't ever forget them.
Especially here.
even if I don't remember him here...
I know that right here...
I will never forget that I love him.
I just hope...
that it's not too late
for me and my son.
It's never to late.
Papa for real?
You're my son now!
My child!
My daughter...
are you sure about this?
Yes, Mama.
I want to take advantage
of the chance to go back to Japan.
- Okay, take care.
- Mama...
you don't have to send me off,
we'll just be bawling there.
My make-up will ruin.
All right.
Take care!
Yes, I promise!
- My children...
- Mama.
I hope you understand Mama.
This is for us.
Yes Mama, we understand.
Please take care.
You look after your sibling.
Yes, Mama.
I can take care of myself mama...
I'm strong now.
I'll look after grandma
and big sister, too.
Thank you, baby.
Let's go.
Hey Clarise, don't tell me you'll have a
sequel to your Henry Acuesta experience!
Enough of that already!
But if you do find a man,
send him to me!
You're such a flirt.
I won't be a fool anymore.
But what if you see him again?
Then so be it.
Why does my heart beat fast
Every time I see your face?
Will you ever notice me'?
Who are these?
Times we bumped into each other
- You even picked the books I dropped
- Cops! Arrest those rugby boys.
- Still, you didn't notice me
- What's this, sister?
- Do you know anything about this?
- Nothing!
Every day I follow you
I'm shocked.
- But you don't notice me at all
- How beautiful?
- What must I do?
- This is familiar to me.
I know I've seen this.
Cora, you have something to do with this!
- Why do you look away?
- What's this?
- Don't my legs look nice?
- Oh, see.
- I just want you to know me
- And she wore a costume!
Now that's something!
- Here in my heart
- You're it! Look at this one.
The eyes are tantalizing!
- There's a space for you
- isn't it cute? So cute!
- Okay, here comes.
- May I get to know you?
I'll send to the house.
Every day I follow you
You don't notice me at all
- What must I do?
- I like it. I like it! This is really fun!
Is it fiesta yet?
What's this?
I don't know!
When will you notice
- It's beautiful!
- The secret Im keeping
No marker what I do
- You don? notice me.
- I remember.
This is from
It Takes A Man and A Woman!
We saw this!
When will you notice
my long hidden desire
No marker what I do
You still don't notice me
If this is a scene from the movie,
then is Miggy coming?!
Oh, my God, Miggy!
Here in my heart
A special space only for you
May I get to know you?
I want to ask forgiveness
from all of you.
Especially to Liam.
I hope you can forgive me.
And to you Clarise, I hope you
give me a second chance.
What's this new gimmick?
Didn't you like my take
on John Lloyd Cruz?
I can do a Xian Lim?
Enrique Gil, perhaps?
Or Daniel Padilla?
What? Anything!
Stop giving me false hopes.
Let's stop
hurting each other anymore.
That's why I'm doing this,
to stop myself from hurting.
I want you to know how I feel.
And I want you to know
you're the only one in my heart.
But I'm not the Clarise you loved.
I asking for your forgiveness.
I will forever regret
all the wrong I did to you.
Clarise, I love you so much.
But why?
Why me?
There are a lot of girls out there.
Like her!
You're the only one.
You're the only one
who made me feel what true love is.
No matter how many times
this suffers amnesia.
I will never forget to love you.
Clarise Zabaldica...
will you allow me again
to be your husband?
Wait, I'll have to think about it,
this is so sudden.
Don't think twice, Clarise!
Get him or others will!
Or I will!
All right, yes!
Group hug!
this was lust an imagination.
But now ifs real.
I'm getting married!
Thank you very much, Lord!
Who would have thought
I'd get married to someone like Henry'?
Wait... am I imagining again?
You don't have to imagine...
because this is the real thing.
We're here.
Let's go.
Please everybody stand...
to welcome the mass celebrant.
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
and the love of God...
and the communion of the Holy Spirit
will be with you all.
And with your spirit.
And now I pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.
Long live the newlyweds!
Long live!
Mother of God!
Subtitle by: Orestis-05