My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018)

- There's a Villain!
- Run!
I'll take 10 million dollar!
Easy job!
Just this far.
Give him the final blow, Cow Lady!
- Nicely surrender!
- Impossible!
- Just blocking away!
- Get away!
Everything is gonna be alright.
Because I'm here!
Hey, hey!
Who are you?!
Hero from Japan...
who happen pass this way!
And then, I'll make you go home in your coffin!
Who said is going make me go home?
He's running so fast!
You're overwhelming, Toshi!
He's running away!
Chase him, Dave!
Like always, your body move before think.
Brother, somone is following us!
Fucking heroes!
What is that?
Toshi, we're going to be late
for studying. End it quickly!
That's my plan, Dave!
Fucking stuborn!
Detroit Smash!
I'll end it with this strike...
Dave, this is the name of your place..
Do it!
Cariburg Smash!
- Who is that hero?
- I haven't seen him before.
But he is strong!
He's exchange student from Japan!
His name is All Might.
- All Might?
- All Might?
Someday.. No..
Soon, he's going to be symbol of peace.
Thanks, Dave!
Because this custome,
we finish it in time!
Let's hurry up. If we're late again.
We could late for study..
Flight UA-857 has been hijack!
- Flight SFO-857 has been hijack!
- Dave!
Too dangerous.
Whatever happen you must save them, right?
Come on, Dave!
But it's very difficult to be a hero!
I'll treat you lunch!
All Might.
All Might.
All Might!
What's up, Midoriya kid?
Already seen, look!
Artificial moving town who has living
more than 10.000 scienties. I-Island.
Visiting I-Island in summer vocation,
really like a dream!
I don't think you're that exciting..
I'm invite you for nothing, right?
But is it okay to invite me?
Don't worry.
The one who invite me
said I could bring anyone.
Isn't that mean to invite family?
Our bond is more closer and blood bond, right?
Bound One For All.
Momently this plane will landing at I-Island.
Alright, this is going to be busy day, right.
Because if it arrive, I..
have to maintain my muscle form.
Alright, you need to change suit too!
You asked school's permission to
bring the hero's costume, right?
The world has been a gathering
place for superhumans.
The population right now almost
80% human have special ability.
Using those ability to fight the Villains.
saving people from desperate.
Job for being Hero become a dream.
Everything is going to be okay. Why?
Because I'm here.
He is really cool, yeah!
If I get my ability,
I want to be like him!
Advisable give it up.
But myself, Midoriya Izuku who
don't get ability from birth.
Have to stop dreaming to be my admire Hero.
And in that life.
By a chance I met the number one Hero, All Might.
Although I don't have ability,
can I become a Hero?
Althought I'm a human who doesn't have ability.
can I become a Hero like you?
Top Heroes has story
about their school time.
And most of this stories
is about one thing.
Their body move before thinking.
- Kacchan!
- Why are you come here?1
Because your expression
is like asking for help..
You can be Hero.
Young boy, I'll give you the truth.
My ability is inherited
like a holy grail.
Power to move power..
That ability inherited to me!
And that ability called One For All!
One for All..
One man develop the power..
and inherit to another.
and keep develop until inherit again.
Then, manifest some power which reaction
to the voice of people who need help.
The power of brave.
Then the next is your turn.
Myself who has been inherited
the All might's One for All power.
Gotten into Hero Acedemia. A.U.
And once again run toward my dreams.
Whatever hardship in front of me.
I'll save someone with smile.
That's the meaning to be the strongest Hero.
Boku No Hero Academia: Two heroes!
I-Island airport.
For a moment, we'll doing passenger check.
Here's the question for Midoriya kid.
What is the reason this place is build?
To gather all greatest scientist in the world.
Then doing an ability research with
equipment to help the Heroes.
This island built to move because to protect the
scientist and the result of research from Villains
The security system is tight like Tartarus prison.
And for that never be any
crime happened in here.
You always know many things, right?
Visitor checking is done.
Right now, in I-Island is pra-opening gallery
of result from many research and development.
If you had the invitation.
Please come to the gallery.
Even before officially open.
I don't think would be
many people in here!
If we see it live,
it's really amazing, yeah!
I-Island is different from Japan.
In I-Island,
people freely using their abilities.
Along the streets,
many attraction using their abilities.
- You have to sightseeing later.
- Ah, alright!
Alright, the way to the hotel..
Welcome to I-Expo! Eh!
A-All Might?!
All Might?
The number one Hero?
- It's really him!
- Great!
Excuse me!
Thank you from warm welcoming!
For asking signature, get in line, right!
I can't believe I couldn't hold it.
We're already late from
the appointment time.
- Appointment?
- Yeah!
I'm planning to reunion with old friends.
Sorry, but would you come with me first?
All Might's friend?
Of course, with pleasure!
I haven't told you about One For All or
about my power which I inherited to you, so..
please don't say anything.
Still have secret from a friend?
Because danger will always prey to
the one who know One For All's secret!
Is that so?
That's it.
One For All is very important secret.
Midoriya kid, people who
inherited One For All from me..
Someday will bear the burden fate to face
the greatest Villain and All For one.
It's true. To be ready face it,
as soon as possible.
I must learning how to
use One for All wisely.
Uncle Might!
Oh, Melissa!
Long time no see!
It's so glad to see you again!
Me too, thank for inviting me!
But, I really amaze!
You've grown to be beautiful girl!
I've been 17 years old. My weight
has been very different, right?
Not really!
Grateful Uncle Might is healthy like always.
- Sorry if I'm late. Experiment make me forgot.
- This girl is All Might's old friend?
This young girl become his old friend?
- It's okay!
- Is she have ability to manipulation age?
So, where is Dave?
He is in laboratory.
Like always he have been finishing
first stage of his long experiment.
and to give his surprise
for his achievement.
I invited Uncle Might to be here.
Is that so?
By the way, what research is
Dave working out right now?
Very confidential research,
I can't told you.
Become scientist is really hard, right?
Oh, Midoriya Boy.
- She is the daughter of my friend.
- My name is Melissa Shield.
Nice to meet you.
So like that.
- Why?
- It's okay!
Nice to meet you.
I'm class one student from
A.U's academy. Midoriya Izuku.
A.U academia?
So then you're uncle Might's student?
Yes, I'm his student.
In the future, he will be hero.
It's great, I can't believe
you're Uncle Might's student.
Bright future, right?
No! I still like a training student.
What is your ability?
Power ability!
Cool, but...
Your costume design is very old.
Support item is not where to be found.
So close!
You should be development your costume..
- Melissa, it's time..
- Ah, sorry!
I got carried away..
I can't wait to make father happy!
This way, Uncle Might!
We finally got in gallery
without any problem.
Then, when is the item arrive?
Come to gate 66 at 15.00 o'clock.
Professor David.
The clean up over here is done.
Really? Good job, Sam.
How about you spare time to
eat lunch with your daughter?
Today she is studying at academia.
Academy didn't holiday
even there are I-Expo?
She also doing his private researching.
That's because I'm her daughter.
- It's been a gen.
- Melissa.
Good afternoon, miss.
Good afternoon, Uncle Sam.
Thank you for caretaker my father
who only could do researching.
Ow, ow.
By the way, why do you come here?
To celebrating father first stage research,
I invited someone.
Someone who you love.
I've been...
Come to rock our reunion!
All Might?
Is he the real one?
I came far away to see you, Dave!
How? Are you surprise?
Very surprise.
We have to thank to Melissa.
And how many years we haven't met?
Don't say anything.
We both didn't want to speak about it, right?
That's true!
So glad to see you, Dave.
Me too, All Might.
Midoriya boy, let me introduce you to him.
He is my best friend, David Shield.
I already know!
Professor David Shield!
The best scientist in abilites'
development who won ability's Nobel!
And you're became All
Might's partner in America.
And creator of All Might's costume.
Young Age!
Bronze Age!
Silver Age!
Golden Age!
You are the genius scientist
who make all that costumes!
I can't believe I can see you
in person! I really impress!
Looks like I don't have
to introduce myself, yeah.
- Sorry, I was..
- No, it's okay..
This is my meeting with All
might for very long time.
Sorry, but can you leave us chatting?
- Alright.
- Melissa, take Midoriya to see I-Expo.
Alright, father.
Can you do it?
I'm the one who honour
to take future Hero!
- Come on!
- Alright!
Take care of me.
Sam. You need take a break too.
What should I call you?
Midoriya? Izuku?
Just call me..
- Deku.
- Deku?
Weird nickname.
You can call me Melissa.
Excuse me.
Hey, are you okay, Toshi?
I got saved..
My time to maintain muscle
form is much shorter..
You already inform that
symptom you got in Surel.
But I don't think this bad..
After see it in person, hard to
believe if this island made by humans.
We got all facilities in big cities.
All we can't do is go outside.
Because the research is very confidential,
the scientists and family live here.
The Monster Hero, Godzillo!
This is my first time seeing in person.
His gift is amazing!
He must be invited by sponsor!
To show our new equipment
or doing signature.
Looks like many event has been launch.
I-Expo indeed amazing!
Tonight there's party has been
held for guests from many industries.
You also be invited, right?
Because you've been invited by Uncle Might.
So for that reason, All Might
as me to bring formal clothing?
Oh, Deku!
You also have to enter that Pavilion!
There's many new Hero's items!
Deku, look at this!
Multifuction Beagle is not only
fly but can emerge in the water.
By wearing this diving suit, a person
could dive thousands metres deep.
So deep!
This google has 36 different sensors.
There is so much to see!
Actually, almost everything here are
developed from my father's research.
That's great, huh.
Every item here helps the
heroes around the world at work.
You really admire your father, huh?
Because my dream is to be
a scientist like my father.
Oh, yes, are you an Academy student here?
Yes. I'm in third grade.
Wasn't the I-Island Academy is a special
school for people who want to become scientists?
I'm still nothing.
I still have a lot to learn.
Me too...
To be a hero like All Might,
I have to fight harder.
You really idolize Uncle Might, huh?
Seeing your enthusiasm earlier,
I was really surprised.
Sorry, I got carried away...
Looks like you are very happy, huh, Deku.
Why are you here?
So much fun, huh.
She repeated it again?!
Looks like you're having fun, huh.
Midoriya, I heard you.
Jiro's earphones are really scary.
Are they your friends?
They're my classmates.
There seems to be a misunderstanding here...
Look, Melissa just wants to
take me to see the exhibition.
Right! My father and uncle Might are...
Please! Don't tell me that I came here
because I was invited by All Might!
There's a reason for that...
You guys want to drink tea at the cafe?
So you have experience working
with professional heroes, huh?
It's just training.
I was involved in an incident, but
I only evacuated the civilians.
That's great too.
For me, for some reason, suddenly
I was on a television broadcast...
Such things are not unusual, huh.
Tomorrow, we will go to the pavilion
where the Academy held an exhibition.
- I'm really looking forward to it!
- Thank God...
The misunderstanding has been resolved...
Sorry to keep you waiting.
This voice...?!
Kaminari?! And... Mineta?!
What are you doing here?!
They need part-time workers for the exhibition.
During breaks we can see
the exhibition, and get paid.
Plus, we can meet beautiful girls here!
Hey, Midoriya, why do you
know such a beautiful girl?
- Introduce us!
- Yes, yes
Are they also UA students?
- That's right.
- We're the future pro heroes.
What are you talking about?
If you want to have money, you have to work hard!
- lida?!
- You here too?
My family is a family of heroes, so of
course we got an invitation from the I-Expo.
Because all of my family is busy, I come alone!
lida also here?
Same with me. Because my father was the main
sponsor of the I-Expo, I got an invitation.
so, because of Yao-Momo's excess invitation...
No grudge for this, rock, scissors, paper!
I lose!
After doing a lucky draw,
we were chosen to join!
Yeah. The other girls also came.
Oh, is that so?
Because tomorrow the exhibition is open to
the public, we plan to go there together.
If you like it, I can take you around.
- Yes!
- Good!
Take us too!
What's that?
Cleared in 33 seconds!
Rank eighth!
Deku, is that also your friend?
Yes, he's my classmate.
Alright, the next challenger is...
Ka... Kacchan?!
Alright, villain attacks!
Get ready... go!
This is great!
Cleared in 15 seconds! First rank!
Isn't that Midoriya?
Why are you here?!
Stop it, Kacchan...
- lots of people are watching...
- So what?!
Stop it, Bakugo!
- I have no business with you!
- Why is that kid screaming?
- Don't act pretentiously!
- He's always like that...
- The position of class leader applies everywhere.
- Two men who are destined to fight!
Did you and Bakugo also
got the I-Expo invitation?
No, only the winner of the UA sports
festival, Bakugo, received the invitation.
I just ride along.
Don't you want to try it?
There is no point in trying!
Because I have the best rank!
Yeah, that's right, yes.
But, if we haven't tried it, we won't know, right?
Yeah, it is true.
Okay then, try to show your sad, basic nerdy rank!
Alright, we have a new challenger!
What rank will he get?
Because I've decided to try it...
One For All!
Full Cowl!
Villain attacks! Get ready... go!
To avoid injury to my arm,
I'll use 5% of my power!
This is great too! Sixteen seconds, second rank!
What a blast of great power.
And it's destructiveness is amazing...
Just like Uncle Might's...
- So close!
- You're really great, Midoriya.
I didn't expect to be able to
approach Kacchan's rank...
What?! It's impossible!
I will try again and tear down your rank!
That's so cool!
Fourteen seconds! He immediately topped the rank!
Is that also your classmate?
- Yes!
- You're all amazing, huh!
The future hero candidates!
There's no need to say that.
Hey, half face!
You appeared suddenly,
you want to show off, huh?!
Midoriya and the others are here too?
Don't ignore me!
Why do you here?
I came as my father's representative.
- Sorry, the next challenger...
- Shut up, I'm the next one!
You two, stop it!
UA's secret will be revealed!
Kacchan, calm yourself!
- Don't do anything shameful.
- Sorry.
It seems like it's fun to be a student at UA.
At least, it won't be boring.
Well, that's true...
As planned, I have received the items.
What? All Might?
No need to panic. Let us take care of it.
All Might is on this island...
What really happened, Toshi?
Why does your Quirk level dropped dramatically?
Although seriously injured due
to the fight with All For One.
This drastic changes, it makes no sense!
What happened to your body?
If you become a hero for a long
time, your body will take the toll.
I can't tell the secret of One For All to him.
If I tell him, Dave and Melissa will get
involved in my fight with All For One...
At this rate, the Symbol of Peace will vanish.
The reason why Japan could reduce
crime rates to 6% is because of you.
Crime rates in other countries are above 20%.
I've asked you thousands of
times to stay in America...
No need to be so pessimistic.
There are still many pro
heroes who are reliable...
and there are people like
you who always support them.
I can still be an All Might a few hours a day...
It's possible that criminals like
All For One will appear anywhere...
When that happens,
I have absolutely no intention
to stop being a Symbol of Peace.
Beside, there's still hope...
The determination of One For
All and the Symbol of Peace...
will always be reaching to the next generation.
Today, the exhibition will close at 6:00 p. m.
Thank you for coming.
I didn't expect pre-opening to be this busy...
I can't imagine how busy will be tomorrow.
Stop it, I don't want to think about it!
Mineta, Kaminari!
Thank you for your hard work!
You guys have worked hard, huh?
What is this?
Invitation to attend the Reception Party.
- Party...?
- For us?
It's from Melissa.
He wants you guys to have fun.
There are excess invitations,
if you want it, just use it.
- Kaminari...
- Mineta...
Our hard work has paid!
I heard that the party will also be
attended by several professional heroes.
In order not to embarrass the good name of UA,
wear formal attire and let's
attend the party together!
We will gather at 18:30 in
the lobby of the central tower!
You guys must come on time!
I will tell Todoroki and Bakugo.
Okay, break up!
lida is in Full Throttle mode!
See you again, okay!
Want to go somewhere with me?
Who wants to come to the party?
Hearing strangers speak
and clapping is very stupid.
We can eat as much as we can there!
Besides, I don't have any formal clothes.
I've known it.
I also brought it for you!
You think too much, weird hairdo!
Dave, see you later...
at the party!
- What?
- Ah, it's okay.
See you at the party.
- An accident during an experiment?
- People are still inside!
Thanks. My name is David Shield.
- What is your name?
- All Might.
I am a hero school student.
Costumes with the latest material for you.
With that costume, you can
fight a little more freely.
Symbol of Peace?
What I aspire to is a world
where everyone can laugh happily.
And I want to be the Peace
Symbol that illuminates that world.
We already tied them up. There are five guards.
Everything goes according to plan.
The security system is still active.
Tie them without killing them.
Well. We will start soon.
Everything went smoothly.
We will move too.
This is the academic campus where I study.
And here is my laboratory.
Sorry it's a mess.
This is very sophisticated.
I'm not expecting you to do
research in a place like this...
Melissa, you're really talented.
Actually, I'm not that great.
Because of that, I keep learning.
Previously, I wanted to be a professional hero.
Become a professional hero?
Yes, and finally I gave up.
Because I'm Quirkless.
After five years old, my
Quirk won't appear at all,
then I was brought to the doctor.
Then, I was declared Quirkless.
Just like me.
No matter how difficult the situation is,
he always saves people and smiling...
Can I also... be like him?
Sorry, Izuku! Sorry...!
Sorry, I...
- What's wrong?
- Ah no...
You were declared not having
something that belongs to everyone...
Of course, I'm also surprised.
But there are ideals that I can achieve.
My father.
Dad also Quirkless, but...
with science, Father can help
Uncle Might and the other heroes.
It was not done directly, but he
also struggled to protect peace.
The figure who helps the heroes...
Right. That's my way of reaching
the hope of being a hero.
I created this item before I
watched Uncle Might's action.
All Might in action?
Try pressing the panel.
- This is...?
- I call it the Full Gauntlet.
When I first met you,
I see the scars on your hand.
And while watching you before,
you were like limiting your Quirk,
So I thought,
your body can't balance
the strength of your Quirk.
He realized that...
The Full Gauntlet was strong enough to
hold three full power punch from Uncle Might.
If you wear it, maybe you
can release all of your strength.
My power...
Please use it.
But, isn't this very valuable?
That's why I want you to wear it.
You have to be a great hero
who save people, okay?
- Hello?
- What are you doing, Midoriya?
You're late to the assembly!
Sorry I'm late!
Where are the others?
They haven't arrived yet.
Are they still have respect for me?
Sorry... I arrived late.
I'm sorry... Jiro...
Oh, yes! Yes!
I'm not used to wearing dress like this...
Style can make you look feminine, huh?
He looks like a murderous woman.
- Shut up.
- I'm just praising you!
That's not a compliment!
This is the first time I'm wearing formal dress.
I borrowed it from Yaorozu.
Looks good on you. Yeah, that's perfect.
Even if you praise me, I won't blush!
Are you still here? The party has started!
The main star has appeared!
This is bad, Mineta! I can't hold
it anymore, what to do?
"Reception Room
- 2nd Floor of the Central Tower. "
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the I-Expo welcoming party.
For our special guest, number one hero,
All Might, welcome!
Ladies and gentlemen, please
give him a loud applause!
Please get on the stage.
Dave, no one told me.
If the All Might comes,
it's only natural to be like this.
Can't be.
Bakugo's and Kirishima's
cellphones couldn't be reached.
Hey, you sure this is the way, right?
Maybe, but...
"Maybe", you say?
Ah, actually I left my
cellphone in the room...
Thank you for the
invitation, I'm All Might.
I'm won't do formal things, so...
Announcement of the
I-Island security system.
We have received reports from
the I-Expo security system,
that there was an explosive that
planted at the exhibition site.
- Explosive?
- Seriously?
I-Island is currently on high alert.
Residents and visitors are expected
to remain at home or lodging.
- Impossible!
- Is everything gonna be alright?
As long as we follow the
instructions, we will be safe.
That's right, huh.
If after 10 minutes anyone still outside the
settlement, will be arrested without warning.
- Come back to the room immediately.
- Yes.
And, almost all the main buildings
will be sealed by the security system.
I repeat.
As you hear.
We have taken over the security system.
You definitely want to fight, but...
if you do it
the security machines will show harm
those people on this island.
Right. Everyone on this
island is our hostage.
Of course, you too.
Do it.
The safety restrainer..
This is bad!
Don't move!
If you move even a step,
I will kill them all in an instant.
God damn!
Good boy.
You don't want to be like All Might
instead to be obedient, right?
Toshi, there is no
choice but to obey them.
But, Dave...
I will definitely find
a way to save them all.
Until then, hold yourself up.
The cellphone has no signal.
It seems like everything
has been blocked.
The elevator doesn't work either.
Just because they found explosives
the security system
enters high alert mode?
Iida, let's go to the party.
Because the All Might is there.
All Might came to the party?
Wow, then there's no need to worry.
Melissa, is there another
way to go to the party?
If we use emergency stairs, it looks like
we can enter a place near the party.
After you.
The cellphone has no signal,
and the internet can't be used.
The TV can't be watched either.
What else can we do?
Until the explosives been found,
how about we just play UNO?
Take it easy.
If you obey, no one will get hurt.
We also have a limited
time for hostaging you.
What are your goals?
Didn't you listen to me?
I said, shut up.
Yes, okay.
You're a researcher here, right?
- Take him.
- What's wrong?
Stop it!
He's my assistant.
What your business with him?
Well, well, well,
aren't you David Shield?
You come, too.
If I refuse?
Then someone on this island
will scream very loud.
Okay, I'll come.
Can I defeat these Villains and
restore the security system as before?
Not to mention, my body is...
No, I have to do it anyway!
Because I'm a Symbol of Peace!
Midoriya, kiddo?
All Might has realized it.
Jiro, can you do it?
Yes, I can.
Speak up.
We heard you!
Can you hear me?
The Villains have taken over the tower.
They've control the security system,
and everyone on this
island is the hostages.
The Heroes have also been arrested.
It's dangerous here.
Quick, leave as fast as you could.
This is bad, Midoriya.
We have received a
message from All Might.
I suggest to follow the instructions
of All Might which is Yuuei's teacher,
that we have to go away from here.
I'm agree with Iida's advice.
We are still students, though.
Without a Hero license, we
can't fight the Villains.
Then we run away, then
tell the Hero outside...
Even for running away
might be difficult.
The security of this place is
has made equal to Tartarus prison.
So, we can only wait to be saved...
Kaminari, will you just do nothing?
What do you mean?
Aren't you want to save them?
Hey, hey! Even the All Might
caught by the Villains!
It's impossible for us to save them!
Our goal is to become a Hero.
But, we haven't got
a Hero license yet...
Even so, are we going to remain silent?
About it..
I want to save them.
I want to save them.
Do you want to fight the Villains?
Don't you remember the
incident at USJ, Midoriya?
That's not what I meant, Mineta!
I thought about it.
Without us having to fight the Villains,
we save All Might and the other Heroes.
I understand your feelings, but
is there any such a method?
Even so, we have to find a way out!
Right now, I want to find the
greatest way to save them all!
The I-Island security system are
on the top floor of this tower.
If the Villains have
taken over the system,
it means that the authentication lock and
password should have been turned off.
We should be able to restart the system.
If only we could make the
Villains leave the top floor...
then everyone might be saved.
How to get rid of the
Villains from there?
Right now, none of us are hurt.
And I guess the criminals aren't used
to dealing with such security systems.
Avoid fight and
restarting the system, huh?
I see.
If so, it should be possible, right?
But, right now the Villains
occupied the top floor.
We don't need to fight!
If the system back to normal, All Might
and the hostages will also be released.
And when that happens, the
situation will also be reversed!
Deku, let's do it!
If there are things we can do,
I don't want to just do nothing!
It's more important than thinking
about either we are heroes or not.
Right! Let's save
people in need!
Let's do what we want to do!
Count me in.
Me too.
- Todoroki!
- Kyoka!
If the situation isn't possible,
I will prevent your actions.
If you agree with my
terms, I will come too!
If so, count me in too!
Yosha, me too!
- Yaoyorozu!
- Kaminari!
Never mind, if I have
to come, then I'll come!
Thank you, Mineta!
Let's do it, Mineta!
Let's fight, Mineta!
Melissa, you just wait here.
I'm coming too.
But, you don't have talent...
Is there anyone other than me that can
change the settings of the security system?
I am a student at the Academy.
I'm sure I will be useful.
Maybe I will be a burden for you
on your way to the top floor, but...
I also want to protect everyone.
Let's save everyone!
Midoriya, kiddo?
The looks of your eyes, don't say..
No, run away!
No, I will not run away.
It's too dangerous!
I want to do what I can!
Midoriya, kiddo...
I definitely will save everyone!
I knew he would do it, huh?
As a teacher, I should have
scolded his reckless actions.
But, if you don't do it, you don't
deserve to be called a Hero, right?
Then, I will wait.
I'm sure you guys can get
us out of this situation.
We rely on you, youths!
- Come on!
- Yes!
I brought them.
Quickly remove the protection.
What a bossy...
Do as he said.
If you don't want to die, do it quickly.
Take him.
It's 30th floor already.
Melissa, where is the top floor?
- It's on floor 200th.
- The hell?
We still have to go up that far?
It's better than see the Villains.
Melissa, want to use my talent?
Thanks. But, I'm fine.
Just save your strength
until it's really needed.
The doors..
What to do?
- How about we just destroy it?
- If you do it,
the security system will be activated and
the Villains will be aware of our actions.
All I care is go inside here, right?
- Mineta!
- No!
- What's wrong?
- The door on the 80th floor is open?
Haven't you scanned each floor?
Close all doors on the 80th floor.
- Don't let the kids run away.
- Copy that.
Be careful, guys.
These Villains are smart.
Is there no other way to go up?
On the other side, there's an
emergency staircase just like before!
Come on, hurry up!
The doors!
The door behind us too...
This way!
This place?
Plant factory.
The place for examining the
effect of talent on plants.
The elevator moves up!
The Villains are chasing on us?
Let's find a place to hide.
If we can use the elevator,
can we go to the top floor?
It's useless.
The elevator can only be
operated by certain people.
And it's made of explosion resistant
material, so we can't destroy it.
Let's just play dead!
That uniform...
They are the Villains from the party.
The kids are likely around.
They're in a place that
is quite troublesome.
- They are here.
- Shut up.
Don't come here..
Don't come here..
Get away from here.
Stay away!
Please, don't be aware of us!
Finally we found you, damn kids!
What should we do?
What should we do?
What did you say?
What are you guys doing here?
- It's up to me to be wherever I want..
- Let me talk!
Sorry, we got lost...
Where is the party?
Why did they get lost on the 80th floor?
I know you guys are lying!
- That's the talent!
- Kirishima!
This talent...
We will buy you time.
You find the way to the top!
- Todoroki?
- How about you?
- Just go, already!
- Todoroki?
When the business here is
finished, I will catch you guys!
You all here too?
What's up, Todoroki?
You didn't heard the announcement?
This tower has been taken
over by the Villains!
What did you say?
I'll explain the details later.
Now we have to take
care of the Villains...
What kind of talent is that?
- Stay sharp.
- Shut up!
I know!
You brats...
Don't mess with us!
- Kirishima?
- Avoid!
You're not ordinary kids, huh?
Who are you?
We can't answer it, you damn Villain!
It's not the time to
introduce ourselves.
This way blocked too!
Then, what?
Just like mice in sacks!
Can only come this far, huh?
Melissa, do you see something
that looks like the door on the roof?
Over there!
Lighting system
regulating treatment room!
Shouldn't a place like that
have an emergency stairs?
There are emergency stairs, but...
we can only take it out from inside.
We've come this far but still...
There's still a chance.
If we exits through
the ventilation hole,
we can use the outer wall
to go up to the top floor.
There is still another way to go up!
We can go inside!
Who can enter the ventilation
hole that narrow and go up?
- Don't tell me?
- Please, Mineta!
Only you can do it!
Stupid! Stupid! What
floor do you think it is?
You can get the stage
by saving everyone,
you will definitely be interviewed
immediately and will become famous among girls!
Harem, harem!
I just need to do it, right?
Harem, harem, harem!
Harem, harem, harem!
Harem, harem!
I made it!
Good, good, give me love!
Just give me the girls.
You are great, Mineta.
Hero school students are great!
Everyone, let's fire the spirit up!
Hey, you still haven't found them?
God damn!
Hey, 80th floor!
The children are running away!
What happened?
Shut the fuck up..
He's not open a space in the air!
He's holing the air!
I see?
There's no end of it!
Even it's forever... I'll fight you!
Howitzer impact!
- How dare you!
- Bakugo!
What is this?
Sweat on the palm of my hand!
Same as Nitroglycerin liquid.
- Kirishima!
- Are you okay?
I can't move...
Help me.
Are you stupid?
Just disable your talent, huh?
That's right!
Full of surprise.
Thank God you're not hurt.
Yes, you too!
About that...
What are you talking about?
Not like the usual of you.
- Don't think about it!
- I don't care!
Come on, let's catch up
Midoriya and the others.
Don't you dare to ask me!
Todoroki, explain the details to us.
It seems like now
things really getting worse.
Boss, they are not ordinary kids!
They are Yuuei's Academy students...
They are the future Heroes!
The aim of the boys is to
restore the security system.
You have started to activate the
security engine on the 80th floor, right?
If so, open all doors from
floor 100 to floor 130!
Just do it as I say.
Looks like we're lucky, huh?
Arriving at the 100th floor, all
the doors leading up are all open!
Have they lost our track?
It seems like it's not.
They point us somewhere, huh?
Even so, stay a little longer...
we arrived at our destination.
- There are so many!
It seems like mush changed
tactics and wanted to arrest us.
They must have known that
we were students from Yuuei.
If so, we don't need to hold back too!
Yes. As planned, we run Plan A.
Okay, I'll do my best!
I leave it to you, Iida!
Feel this shock...
1.3 Million Volt!
They can hold it back!
Then, 2 Million Volt!
Stupid! If you do it...
You become stupid!
But, thanks to that, the
security engine stopped...
- Kaminari!
- They are very strong!
There is no other way!
Everything, Plan B!
With this, we can block their communication!
Take this!
Feel it!
Return Kaminari!
The harem is waiting!
Still don't stop!
Come on, Midoriya!
One For All
Full cowl
Full Gauntlet
If you use this, maybe you
can get all your strength out.
First of all, 30% power!
It doesn't hurt.
My hands are fine too.
I can do it!
Jiro, where is the security machine?
From the left.
Well, we run right!
Deku, what's in your hand? Great.
Melissa, it works fine!
You brought it.
I don't know how to take it off, so...
Boss, there's a disturbance
in the security engine...
We lost those boys.
Do not panic.
Possible among them are
hearing talent users.
From below I heard the
sound of the engine wheels.
How is the sound from above?
- No. Secure.
- Come on
Let's break it, Iida.
If the server here is damaged, it might
affect the functioning of the security system.
Actually how many machines?
Let us face the security engine.
Midoriya, bring Melissa
and find another route.
Melissa, come with me!
Ocacho, come with us.
- But...
- Please, Uraraka.
Torque Over
Recipro Burst
Give this cannon to you.
I will make ammunition.
I will not hand over my harem to you.
Deku, don't stop!
If we are overtaken, Iida's and
others' efforts will be in vain.
Friends, take care of yourself.
My machine's stuck?
Yao-Momo, ammunition?
My strength has reached the limit...
My hair too...
The boys are too confident.
What about the 3 children who left?
I'm searching right now!
Damn it! They're so annoying.
This is...
The wind power generator system.
Why here?
If we go up through the tower, the security
machines are probably waiting to ambush us.
So we'll go up to the
top all at once from here.
If we can just get to
the emergency exit...
All the way up there?
If we have Ochacho's Quirk that let her
make anything she touches weightless,
then we can do it.
Right. Leave it to me.
Melissa, hang on to Deku.
All right.
Oh, no...
- Uraraka!
- Release your Quirks and run away!
I can't.
If I do that, then we
can't save everyone.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!
Todoroki and Kirishima!
Are you okay, Uraraka?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Deku and Melissa are heading
to the top floor right now.
Yeah, I saw.
We're going to stop
these guys right here!
Don't tell me...
what to do.
But you guys are a good team.
- As if.
- Thanks, everyon...
Deku! Melissa!
Bakugo! Aim the propeller at Midoriya!
I said, don't tell me what to do!
A hot wind!
Todoroki, you used your flames...
You're going to hit the wall.
This Full Gauntlet is strong enough to take the
full power of Uncle Might's punches three times.
This is no time to hold back!
Hang on tight!
One For All: Full Cowling
Detroit Smash!
They got into the tower!
Send Swordkill and the others!
Yes, sir.
Defend the control
room until I get there.
Bear it.
Bear it, All Might!
I'm sure they can do it.
I'm sure.
Deku, are you all right?
I'm fine...
What about you, Melissa?
Yeah, I'm fine. Just some scratches.
You revolting kids...
What are you all after?
Don't pretend to be heroes!
Stop it.
Get out of the way.
- Smash!
- Little girl...
I'm fine.
It's not that bad.
Give me your arm.
Sorry, I couldn't protect you.
It should be "Thanks", right?
Let's go and save everyone.
They're here.
Melissa, where's the control room?
In front of the central elevator.
Someone's here.
Oh, it is.
Why is he on the top floor?
Did the villain take him here
to force him doing something?
We have to save him.
I was able to unlock
it. Go to block 1147.
I'm opening it.
You did it, Professor.
Everything is here.
Yes, I have finally gotten it back.
This device and research data are the
only things I would never give to anyone.
I'll never give it up.
Everything's going
according to plan, isn't it?
It looks like the villains
are doing well, too.
Thank you. It was all because you
arranged everything for me, Sam.
Me... Melissa...
Miss, what are you doing here?
What do you mean "arranged"?
Papa, don't tell me you're
the one behind this incident?
In order to get that device...
Is that true, Papa?
It is.
What? Why?
The professor is only trying to
get back what was stolen from him.
The ground breaking invention that
mechanically amplifies Quirks...
Mechanically amplifies Quirks?
Yes, it is still in testing, but
with this device, unlike with drugs,
Quirks can be amplified
without affecting the body.
However, the sponsors confiscated
this invention and research data.
The research itself was also frozen.
If this was made known to the world,
then the structure of superhuman
society would change drastically.
Fearing that, governments from
different nations put pressure on him.
That's why the professor...
I can get my research data back? How?
It's not us, but those villains!
Don't be ridiculous.
There's no need for
them to be real villains.
We can hire people wearing the guise
of villains and have it stolen by them.
Of course, they will not harm anyone.
After it's done, we can continue
our research in a different place.
I want to get the research
back no matter what.
Don't you feel the same way?
I have completed the preparations.
We will carry this out on the day of the I-Expo
preopening where the tower will be closed.
The plan will start at the
same time as the reception,
the only time when all the
people involved will be together.
We will pull the strings in the back
as the villains make it seems
like I-Island has been take over.
This is a lie, isn't it, Papa?
Tell me this is a lie.
It is not a lie.
It doesn't make sense...
The Papa I know would
never do anything like that!
Why? Why?
It is for All Might.
You two probably don't know
that his Quirk is disappearing.
But, with this device, I can
give him back like it was.
It can even give him more
abilities than he started with.
The number one hero...
The Symbol of Peace...
can get his light back again.
and save many people once more.
Because All Might passed
One For All to me..
The professor was worried about
All Might losing his power, and...
Please, please let me hand
this device over to All Might.
There's no time to remake it.
After he gets it, I don't care
what kind of punishment I receive.
- I've prepared myself...
- They risked their lives.
What do you think Deku and his classmates
went through to save the hostages?
What do you mean?
The villains were fake...
It should've all been an act.
Of course it was an act.
An act pretending to be fake villain.
That guy's...
A Quirk that lets him
manipulate metal, huh?
Stay there quietly for a bit.
Sam, where's the device?
Don't tell me from the beginning you're planning
on giving the device to the villains all along?
You're the one who tricked me.
I served you for so long, but you
let your research be frozen so easily.
And the honor and renown we were
supposed to get all went away.
If I didn't get at least some money,
then it was a waste of my time.
Here's the reward I promised you.
Why? It's different from your promised.
I don't remember.
This is your reward.
Professor, why...
Run away.
Don't come here.
Feeling like playing
hero after all this time?
It's no use.
No matter what reason you had, you've
dirtied your hands with evil deeds.
Whether we're fake or real, the
crime you commited will not disappear.
You're the same as us.
You can no longer remain a
scientist or continue your research.
You can only fall into
the darkness of villain.
What you can do is mass produced
those device under my supervision.
Hey, take him away.
Give him back!
Give Papa back.
That's right. I have to get rid
of all the professor's attachments.
Stop it!
I'll save the professor and Sam.
So, save everyone else...
Follow her. Don't let her get away.
Yes, sir.
I won't let you past me.
Don't get carried away.
All Might...
I will definitely...
I will definitely...
save you!
Security system is back to normal.
What the...
They stopped.
Midoriya and Melissa did it.
Security system on I-Island
operating in normal mode.
It's back.
My phone works again, too.
What happened all of a sudden?
What happened?
Damn it.
Did you do it, everyone?
Where's the helicopter?
It has landed.
We're getting out of here.
Yes, sir.
Move, Izuku Midoriya!
What are you here for?
I will do what I can right now.
What's wrong, Melissa?
Uncle Might! Papa's been taken by the
villains, and Deku's gone after them.
It's fine. I will go!
Boss, what about everyone else?
We're leaving before the
security system gets reactivated.
Yes, sir.
Kill me...
I'll add just a few more sins...
Then, I'll make your wish come true.
Give the professor back!
I see.
Did you come to take back this
man who has commited wrongdoing?
I've come to save the professor.
To save a criminal?
I'm going to save everyone!
I will also save the professor!
What did you say earlier?
That is the task of a hero!
Save the person who is in trouble!
How to?
Don't care about me.
Run away!
Geez, being a hero is troublesome too huh.
You are threatened like this
it's not like that.
Such a way of life is completely useless.
- Let's go.
- Well!
That person shouldn't be able to activate
his talent without first touching me.
- Professor!
- stop it.
Midoriya, leave.
Melissa is waiting for you.
You are a hero.
But a stupid hero.
Don't give up, think...
What should I do?!
Sleep well.
God damn it.
- Damn it!
- Deku!
Give it back!
Return the professor!
God damn it!
At times like this you have to smile, Midoriya!
Everything will be alright.
Because I have arrived!
"All might"!
Return my friend, criminal!
Now it's okay.
"All Might"...
"All Might"!
- Papa!
- Professor!
Sam, damn it!
He said the "All Might" talent had weakened...
and he doesn't have the strength it used to be.
He uses the results of the professor's research..
My time is...
You really don't know how to give up huh?
"All Might"!
What the hell is that?
Research results from David
Shield is indeed extraordinary.
I feel his talent has increased.
Very good!
Really amazing!
Is this the result of Dave's research?
The strength of the tools Papa created...
Alright, to prove the power of this tool,
what if I display it
how do I finish "All Might"?
"All Might", I thought.
He has reached his limit.
Uncle "Might"!
Hurry up and destroy!
"All Might"!
Taste this!
Why can you be battered facing
the last bad boss like that?
All Might!
I hold it, you take care of the bad guy.
We will take care of the metal clump!
- Yaorozu, I'll leave the one here to you!
- Well!
When my students get excited, I won't
be stopped by this kind of problem!
I will exceed my limits and will move forward!
Really! "Ultra Plus"!
Get ready for criminals!
Just this..
Seriously. You should be getting ready.
"All Might"!
What strength is this?
"All Might"!
God damn it!
The ability to strengthen muscles..
He has several other talents.
Yes, when we plan everything this,
I was contacted by that person.
He said that he wanted to work with me.
When I ask, why?
He said this...
If an "All Might" friends want to commit a crime,
of course I will help him.
It's a pity I can't
witnessed the desperate "All Might" face.
All for one!
Finally you stop smiling too huh?
"All Might!"
Goodbye "All Might"!
Uncle "Might"!
That girl!
With a body like that,
why are you desperate to attack?
Because saving people in need is a hero's job.
I happen to be in need of help.
Help me, Midoriya.
- Let's go forward!
- Well.
A useless kid like you...
who is like a piece of garbage...
really don't know how to give up!
Are you not like that!
I will not leave it!
So disturbing!
Ow, ow..
What is that?
Beyond the problems that lie ahead...
with all strength...
And save all
people with all their strength!
That is also a duty...
I destroy you with the tower!
"All Might"!
Finish him!
- And continue...
- Come on!
"Ultra Plus"!
They succeeded?
They succeeded.
The villain lost!
"All Might"...
I saved you, Dave.
- Papa!
- "All Might"!
If you want to thank, thank you
love Melissa or Midoriya.
Thank God, you really have...
Thanks to Deku and friends,
everyone can survive.
All of this thanks you too.
I have been saved many times
by your Full Gauntlet.
Thank you very much.
But, sorry! I damaged it.
You don't need to worry.
Are you injured?
We're okay!
"All Might" and the professor are also fine.
Are you all right?
We're okay!
I've heard everything from Melissa.
afraid you lost light.
I'm afraid of that peace
you wake up just like that.
But either the thought or the tool is just
reason to maintain the old generation.
Though the future and hope
are right in front of me,
but I didn't realize it.
Melissa wants to be my successor.
And that Midoriya will too
become your successor, right?
The journey is still very long.
But he keeps the potential for light
a hero that no one has.
I also saw it, Toshi...
Light that is similar to your light.
The light of a hero.
# If we keep going,
then the soles of our shoes will be dirty
# So is our soul
# If it's not used, it can become obsolete
# At such times I remember
# The reason why you never gave up
# Someone who should be helped actually helps
# The hand that should be
grasped it grasps
# Shine along your journey
# Don't think about strengths and weaknesses
# The step forward little by little
# Is a victory over your courage
# We breathe in order to shout
# Run fast so you can jump high
# We cry so we can smile
# I won't say it's a defeat
# Long Hope Philia
# As time goes on we change
# Likewise with crowds and friends
# I know that we will be separated
# Our closeness is a clear feeling.
# However I am still me
# By bringing unforgettable feelings
# I will show it for that
# All that changes because we change it
# Shine even in despair
# Success and failure are meaningless
# be someone who smiles at the end
# That's the end of being happy with the trophy.
# If you don't expect you won't get hurt
# If you don't desire we cannot be disappointed
# still we are still reaching out
# Let's boast that scar
# Long Hope Philis
# Give up, hesitate, and close your ears
# Even say I'm very helpless
# But defeat can be a weapon
# And can be a flower that blooms
# O friends, now look at the constellations
# As long as we still live in this world
# Then all that burden is enough
# Shine throughout your life
# We don't need a reason to live
# Even if we stumble or fall
# Let's call that the start line
# with yourself smiling today
# then defeat is not a waste.
# That's why flowers can bloom beautifully
# O friends, let's hope strongly
# Long Hope Philia
# Long Hope Philia
# Long Hope Philia
# Long Hope Philia