My Heart Is That Eternal Rose (1989)

I've won 3 games consecutively.
He doesn't wanna play then.
Some guy has all the luck!
I said you must win.
Hold it!
Have guts to play a big game?
I won't be scared!
Dad, tell him not to!
Don't be afraid? He'll win!
You're always on his side.
What's the matter?
Enough money?
After this one, definitely.
Take it! You'll win, Rick!
Ok! I accept it!
Last game!
You said so every time.
Good boy!
Uncle Cheung!
Big Brother Shing is waiting for you.
Big Brother Shing!
He's out there!
Keep on playing!
It's not my fault! I do as your dad said.
I'm running out of luck.
No hope for the gold bracelet.
These are the excessive.
Haven't you bought what I told you to?
Don't worry. Here it is.
Now no one owes anything to no one!
Big Brother Shing! You know that retired long ago.
This time it's my son!
You're experienced.
Otherwise, I wouldn't come to see you.
It's because of your son.
I'm afraid that I couldn't handle.
Cheung, what had happened to you?
You used to be straightforward!
Why are you so sluggish now?
Maybe it's because I'm old!
I'm not telling you to murder someone.
Just smuggle a boy here for me.
What's the difficulty?
Do you refuse me?
I can introduce you to another guy!
No need for that! I've got lots of guy!
I must find one that is reliable.
Yes or no?
Even if I find others, you've known this case already.
If there's anything wrong later, you'll be suspected!
Don't refuse me!
Your business is good here!
Got any guy making trouble here?
Tell me if there is any!
Thank you!
Still be angry about me?
What does it mean?
It's for you!
Haven't you said that you liked it very much?
I won't take it if it was won from gambling.
Don't be Childish!
Rick, come over here!
What's the matter, Uncle Cheung?
Sit down!
Quarreling again with Lap?
She is spoiled.
Just joking!
Rick, I want your help.
What can I do for you?
I want you to be my driver!
No problem! When?
There maybe danger!
We'll help a guy immigrate illegally.
I'll do anything for you.
Thank you!
What did my dad talk to you?
I rejected his proposal!
What have you rejected?
I refused to marry you!
You're beautiful and sweet.
So kind that you'll bring luck to husband!
But I don't have that luck!
This chain has no use now!
No one need you!
Just go away, stupid chain!
Why did you throw it away?
Pick it back for me!
Don't you know me?
Getting prettier every day.
Is your dad home?
Long time no see, Cheung!
It's not bad here!
How is your business?
So so...
Why looking for me in such an urgency?
Old trick.
Wasn't you retired already?
I'm helping a friend!
Isn't here Sheung Shui?
We'll be in Yuen Long soon.
Then it is Castle Peak.
And then Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung.
Do you have any audio-tape of Theresa Tang?
This is Viceroy, an American brand.
I've smoked that before.
Now I'm a Malboro man.
Hong Kong is not that modern.
Similar to Shenzhen.
Does this car have air-conditioner?
My dad's Benz has air-conditioner!
Young man, you're smart!
You'll succeed in Hong Kong.
Haven't you thought of doing anything?
I want to be a singer.
Singing in a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum
some days.
Good ambition!
But you got to have connection to be a singer.
I'll make it with the help of my dad.
Who's he? Lee Ka-shing?
No, he isn't!
He's Law Man-shing!
Haven't you heard of him?
What are you doing?
Take him to the headquarters!
Ok! Thanks.
Clever trick!
Let's have some drinks, Cheung?
We're in a hurry.
Release me then!
There's no need to hurry!
Young man, stop before the store!
Good, I'm thirsty!
Let's go.
Be gentle. It's painful.
Let's go.
Rick, come and have some drinks!
No, thanks! I wait here!
Two bottles of soft drink!
Release me!
Cheung, you're too selfish.
Why don't you tell me that he's Law's son?
He's wealthy but you give me so little!
Why don't you take me to my dad?
Take me to my dad at once!
What are you still waiting for here?
How much do you want?
At least this figure!
Cheung, you listen.
If I didn't get any benefit
I'd rather arrest him.
Ok, I tell Shing when I see him.
It's better to tell him now!
Young man, be patient!
Hello, Brother Shing! It's me, Cheung!
Your son is alright.
The cop here wants more money.
Can you do that?
Do you agree?
Trying to fool me?
You cunning old fox.
Tang, I didn't mean that...
I don't want to foul it up.
Aren't you fooling me?
I'll arrest him.
None of us will benefit from it.
Tang, please listen to me...
Don't you try to play tricks.
I take him to the police station now.
I wonder what you can say to Big Brother Shing.
I call the cards now.
Tang, don't drive me too far please! I, really...
You chicken shit.
Tang, you are in a big trouble.
Don't move!
How can I explain to Big Brother Shing now?
Lap, get into the car!
I'll phone Wong! Wait for me in the car!
Where's Rick?
He's waiting at the pier!
What happened? Just get in!
Hello, Wong!
Have you got any ship?
Something is wrong! We have to hide!
Three! As soon as possible!
Lap, where are you going?
I call the police!
You can't report this case to the police!
Then what can I do?
Find someone to save your dad!
Whom could I ask for help?
Find Godfather Shen!
Godfather Shen?
Yes, he was your dad's partner once
I think he may help you.
Is Godfather Shen here?
What are you looking him for?
Something urgent. Is he here?
Godfather Shen!
All wet! Stowing away?
Sit down!
I'm Cheung's daughter. He's in trouble.
Would you help me save him?
You're Cheung's daughter.
I'd seen you before
You were bathing naked.
I caressed you
and you cried!
It was lucky that your dad wasn't there.
Talking about Uncle Cheung...
My dad was taken by Big Brother Shing.
Have some tea first!
Why so hurry! Speak slowly and calmly!
Would you help me save my dad?
I've heard about Cheung's case...
I don't care who's right or wrong.
But everyone knows that Big Brother Shing is a tough one!
We have rules to obey.
We have to help our own men!
But I find no reason to help you!
But there's exception for beautiful girls.
There are two kinds of women that I'll help!
One is my mother and the others are my whores.
You are not my mother.
So you have to be my whore if you want me to help you.
Go to hell!
Godfather Shen!
Aren't you coming for me?
Why leaving so soon?
She is Cheung's daughter.
I know! And you treat her as a whore.
How tasteless.
I am offering you this chance to be my woman.
What do you think?
Think carefully! I won't force you!
Big Brother Shing is bad news.
Cheung is in a great trouble this time.
Once in his hands,
no chance of survival.
Cheung's too old. He can't survive this.
Chances are he'll die.
He'll suffer a lot even if he is alive!
He may lose one of his legs or arms!
Bloody old fool.
Godfather Shen!
Why are you so late? Is it alright?
Where's your dad?
He can't come!
But don't worry! He's under protection!
He wants you to leave! He's alright!
Then what about you?
I'll stay here with dad!
I'll come to you after I've finished the work here!
Don't forget to write me letters!
Then I won't leave either!
No way! The police learned of your license plate number.
You must leave!
We'll be alright! Don't worry!
Have some food first! The ship will come soon!
So soon?
Yes, Uncle Wong had arranged everything!
Rick, here.-'re clothes and other things
that I prepared for you!
Take it easy! There's still time!
Are you alright?
I'm worrying that you're alone.
Don't worry! I can handle it!
I'm smart enough to survive at anywhere!
Take care of yourself!
YOU too.
Put on this overcoat later!
The wind is strong in the ocean.
Say goodbye for me to your dad!
Come over! I wait for you!
I don't want to marry a Pilipino woman!
Big Brother Cheung!
Don't make fun of me.
Miss Lap, Mr. Cheung!
Miss Lap!
Dad, are you drinking again?
I've told you not to drink!
What else can I do if I don't drink?
Don't give him liquor. Give him Ginseng tea!
Let me drink another cup!
No way!
Am I driving him too far?
You're doing that for his good!
He had his stomach washed just a few days ago.
The doctor had told him not to drink.
Look after him for me please!
Lap, come here...
Let me introduce you to some Japanese tycoons.
This is Mr. Tanaka.
How do you do?
This is Mr. Yamamoto.
How do you do?
This is Mr. Saito.
How do you do?
Give me some liquor, Cheung!
Do you want a drink, Uncle Cheung?
This one is for you.
Miss Lap said that he could not drink.
Really! Haven't you heard of that?
Your daughter loves you very much!
She didn't mean what she said.
Do you really want to drink so much?
Brother Liu!
Why don't you kneel down
and hide under me? I pour the drink to you!
Then your daughter won't see it!
Good idea!
Brother Liu!
You can drink!
Open your mouth!
Taste good, huh?
She is a beauty and a drinker.
I sang poorly...
Uncle Cheung, let's go!
Let me drink with you at home?
Come on...
Godfather Shen, long time no see!
Please sit down and talk awhile.
How's thing going with your partner, Fat Lau?
Would it give you any trouble?
I don't think it would! He won't do any harm to me.
No, he isn't.
I've heard that
he's turned police's witness now.
He's going to tell all the things about you!
And he's going to finish you.
You'd better watch out!
Godfather Shen, I'll finish you.
It's alright... He tumbled.
It's alright...
The car is over there.
I don't want to take Godfather Shen's car.
Ok! We'll take a taxi!
You go to look after Lap.
I take you home first!
I'm alright. Go look after her!
Uncle Cheung, are you really alright?
Find me a reliable man at once,
and go to kill Fat Lau before he goes to the court.
No failure!
Give me a glass of Vodka Tonic.
20 dollars, please!
Dear Rick.
Hong Kong is cold! How's the weather in Philippine?
You've told me that you'd settled down already,
and began to adapt to the lifestyle there.
I was happy about that.
Dad was alright.
But the bar was sold.
We seemed to have to start all over again.
You asked me when I would come to you.
My answer may upset you.
I've decided not coming to Philippine.
After your leaving,
I've thought calmly and thoroughly.
There's a great difference between our personality.
We'd better break up, seizing this moment.
It's worthless to carry on such a relation.
Wish you have a stable living and development.
Just forget me and take care of yourself.
Yours sincerely, Lap.
Sorry, I've forgot my lighter!
Do you like this place?
Not bad!
This place was better in the past.
My dad ran this place before.
I was very happy at that time.
You're living fine now also.
Did you enjoy your childhood?
Of course, my grandma loved me very much!
I liked watching movie very much at that time.
She knew I had no money so she pretended to watch movie
and asked me to come with her.
But she felt asleep at the minute she went into the cinema.
Is you grandma still living?
She is still living, but very old.
Cheung, after all these years,
have you really loved any one?
You won't believe that...
Are you thinking of your past boyfriend?
Everything must have changed after so many years of departure.
You won't understand!
If you really love someone,
you'll think of him forever.
Then you would go to find him!
Where could I find him?
Just forget him!
He's really quite a guy.
This is the bracelet he gave me!
I'm wearing it until now!
You mustn't tell Godfather Shen about it!
I really want to know how he looks.
You've said so many good words about him.
I am really jealous
No, I didn't say anything.
If I could meet him again,
I would leave with him!
Would you help me leave?
I don't know. Let's wait and see.
Would you help me?
I don't know!
YOU will.
After all these years,
he might have married already.
The court hold at 4! Why so early?
I wouldn't be the witness if I knew it's annoying.
Please give us a hand, Mr. Lau!
If not because of Inspector Tso,
I won't go even if you kneel down.
When were you back?
Last night!
Why were you in such a hurry just now?
I'm leaving today.
Where will you go? Philippine?
Where are you going? I'll give you a ride!
Could I get off at there?
Let's have a drink, should we?
I have something to talk to you.
Just say it!
Nothing to say?
Actually what you want to say is all written in this letter.
Take it back!
Hello! Is it Rick Ma?
It's Liu. Is there any change in tonight's schedule?
Then we'll meet on time at the pier.
Can I come in? I have no time.
Don't worry, I won't take you too much time.
Rick, I know you suffered a lot all these years.
It's none of your business!
I'm sorry, Rick!
There's no need to say sorry.
You have done nothing to be sorry!
You're angry because I didn't come to you, I know.
What was done was done!
It's time for you to go back! And me too.
I've been waiting for so long
but you didn't give me a chance.
Were you waiting for me?
What had you promised me when I was leaving?
What had I got then by waiting there for so long?
Listen to me!
It's meaningless to discuss who's right or wrong.
You must listen to me even if you don't want to.
That night at the accident, my dad was caught by Law.
I went to Godfather Shen to ask for help.
I didn't tell you.
I didn't want you to stay and get involved.
Godfather Shen promised to help if I agreed to follow him.
For the sake of dad, I had to agree!
Godfather Shen is a man of power.
I knew we'd never stay together
so I wrote to you to change your mind.
I didn't want you to wait for me!
Although I lived with Godfather Shen,
I thought of you all the time.
In these years, my life is chaotic.
My dad died recently and my life starts to change.
I want to find you.
I was very happy when I met you again.
I thought we could stay together again.
Maybe time passed could never come back.
Rick, take care of yourself!
Are you leaving?
Do you have business to do?
What is it?
Are you in a hurry?
I was free just now so I come to see you.
Sorry, I have no time to stay with you!
Don't you have time for just a few words?
What do you want?
What will Godfather Shen do if he knows this?
Then I must ask him for that
I must phone him.
Don't take it so serious? I was only joking.
I was joking too.
We all want happiness, don't we?
We'll spoil everything if we take it too serious.
Just say what you want!
Straightforward! I like this character of you.
Ok, let's be frank!
Are you going to the pier for your lover?
An old boyfriend?
Who said that? Stop bullshitting!
I am only going for travel.
I forgot your tea for such a long time!
Let's have some time first!
That's right! Don't always kick me out!
Don't go.
I'll let you go if you give me benefit
and I won't tell Godfather Shen.
But, what can I have?
What are you talking about?
It's no need to say all out!
You know that I treat you kind.
If I inform Godfather Shen about that,
you and that guy will be both in trouble.
Let's enjoy a while together, ok?
It's good that you've come. She wanted to escape.
I just came in time to stop her.
Watch her! I go to call Godfather Shen.
Keep your eyes on her.
What happened really?
Rick was back, I want to leave with him.
Hello, Godfather Shen. It's Lai Liu speaking.
Cheung, you must help me.
Trouble will come!
Godfather Shen will be right here.
Please sit down!
What is going on?
She wanted...
Liu wanted to rape me.
It's not true.
I didn't have that guts to do this.
She wanted to see her boyfriend but I stopped her.
She had her luggage all packed up.
He's lying.
That guy... It's really coincident.
He's the guy employed from Philippine.
Today when I kept an eye on Lau,
I discovered unintentionally about this.
Is it the truth?
I had followed you for so many years.
I had paid you back probably.
Would you let me go?
I've decided firmly to leave.
You have so many women.
It won't affect you without me!
What about that guy?
Don't worry!
You've told me to kill him after the work has finished.
I've already arranged everything!
Do you really want to leave?
Since you didn't have your heart on me,
it's no use to make you stay.
But I'd rather benefit my own people.
I know you've been loving her for times
I'll give you a favor!
You are not human being.
Yes, I'm God.
Everybody is under my control!
Liu, go ahead!
Learn a lesson, young man!
No, boss!
Boss, please release her!
Are you crazy? Put down the gun!
I told you to put it down!
Go away, be quick!
I don't mean to do this.
But you are driving her too far.
Don't hurt anybody!
She treated you so good for years.
Please let her go!
Why do you have to hurt her still?
Put down the gun!
I'm trembling and I can't control the gun.
I may hurt you accidentally.
Sorry, I have to save her!
I can't stand watching her dying!
Get the lift quickly!
Sorry, boss!
After I send her away, I'll be back for your forgiving.
Don't you dare to betray me?
I just wanted to save her, not to betray you.
Cheung, the lift is coming.
Don't be angry about me!
He's waiting inside for you.
Sorry to cause you such a trouble.
Don't mention it!
I'm glad to make you happy
I worry your safety most.
You're so kind to me. I didn't know what to say.
Take care of yourself!
YOU 1100!
You should go now!
What happened to your mouth?
It's alright! I got hurled carelessly.
Get on the ship!
Rick, are you alright?
Lap, are you alright?
Don't shoot! We're friends!
He's my friend.
Why haven't you left?
I'm worrying about your safety.
Rick, are you alright?
Give me a hand, Cheung!
You must be Rick! I'm Cheung!
I've heard about you before.
You're hurt so badly! You must see a doctor!
No, it's alright.
I know a doctor came from China.
He's on our side.
How is he, doctor?
Just call me Pang! He's alright!
I'm old and useless now.
I forgot my tools in the car!
Take care of him! I go to get my tools!
Give him the key and tell him to get me something.
He wanted you to get something for him
at Cabinet no. 76 at Club Siwa.
Let me do these.
Thank you so much for tonight.
Don't mention it!
I forgot my tools again!
You go to clean his wound with some cotton.
Why are you still wearing it?
You refused it when I gave you, but picked it back later.
Hello, I'm Pang!
Why didn't your men come still?
Yes... Right...
Ok, I try to make them stay.
Is it here?
I go and see.
I had killed a policeman here before.
Rick, it's already passed away.
I came back again now!
If that murder didn't happen,
I wonder what will become now
Do you regret to come back?
I've never regretted on something.
There's no one inside.
I think it's empty and be quite safe.
Let's get in!
Don't forget the things!
When I was young and saw grandma was ill,
I wanted to be a doctor.
I don't even imagine that...
Who knows what will happen?
Rick, are there many killers in Philippine?
You have to be cold blooded in this trade.
You've watched too many movies...
No, actually you are not badly treated.
How is Godfather Shen like?
He's difficult to work with.
You never know what he thinks.
I think Lap is great to have tolerated him for so long.
If I have to face someone I don't like,
I would rather die.
Your wound seems to be inflamed.
Cut the wound and take the bullet out.
That's painful.
Bite it.
No, I can stand it.
Like this?
What happened?
Close your eyes.
No, come on!
Doing your job must be strong.
Lap, you go out first.
I want to help.
No, I can manage myself.
Cheung, have you thought about your future?
No, not worth thinking.
What if you have a woman to take care of?
Woman? My grandmother?
Lap, if I have any accident. Please look after her.
Do you promise?
The bullet is taken out.
The ship will arrive in the afternoon!
725, 12.
Your grandmother told you to call her with Godfather Shen's phone.
Hello, Godfather Shen!
Cheung, you seem to be enjoying yourself out there!
Somebody is missing you.
Cheung, why are you leaving so much money?
How are you, grandmother?
I'm alright. I'm just worrying about you.
Your boss said you haven't been to work for some days.
What happened?
Cheung, where's Lap?
I don't know!
No? Forget it!
There's nothing to do with my grandmother...
Are you looking for me? Lap?
Sorry, Cheung!
Don't say such things.
Godfather Shen has captured grandmother?
Never mind. I'll go back.
Don't be silly.
You've helped me so much.
I help you not because I want you to feel grateful.
Run away with Rick!
Save grandmother.
Godfather Shen wants you, not my grandmother.
It's a valuable chance to have escaped.
Don't go back.
Cheung, I've known you for so long.
I know that you are very nice.
This time is different. Godfather Shen will kill you.
You only know that I am nice to others?
Cheung, I know what you feel.
What do you think about me?
You only treat me as your brother?
Yes, so your grandmother is my grandmother.
Things are not as simple as you think.
It's painful if you can't be with your loved one.
I know.
So you should go with Rick.
Rick won't let you stay either.
I'll speak to him if you wish.
Lap, I never plan to run away with you.
I'll make Godfather Shen forget this matter after you leave.
He takes care of me.
I'll be alright!
Rick, you go with Lap. I don't wanna go with you.
Are you kidding?
No, I mean it.
Lap, what's wrong with him?
Philippines isn't my ideal place.
And it's none of my business.
I love Hong Kong so I don't have to go.
Cheung, just say what you wanna say.
If you treat me as friend, just say it. We solve the problem together.
Some problems can't be solved.
Rick Lap
What's the matter?
You'd better ignore it.
It's no use to talk out.
If you don't go, all of us will stay.
Say it!
Let my grandma go.
How come you are so bold?
How dare you talk to me in this way?
I have to do other stuff. You go back first.
Accompany her.
Cheung, you boss is such a good guy.
He even treated me watermelon. You should work hard.
You come back alone?
Why do you have to make trouble because of a woman?
That's awesome. You become the leader now.
Give me a lesson?
Godfather Shen, Lap has left Hong Kong already.
Where did she go?
Say it!
I don't know. I really don't know.
I know he won't let Cheung go.
We shouldn't leave him behind.
But I do want to go with you.
For the coming of this day, I have been waiting for years
How come it result in this way?
It's none of his business
just like that time you went to Philippines.
How come it happen again?
It's my fault. I get him involved.
We go back.
Godfather Shen, phone call from Miss Lap.
Cheung, come here quickly.