My Friend Flicka (1943)

My Friend Flicka
What now, Hildy?
Gee whiz. Again.
Whats the matter, Gus?
Ken riding her?
He was,
but not now.
Whoa, whoa.
Doggone that kid.
Look at this.
I hope
hes all right.
Younguns fall light.
Hes used to it.
He could get hurt.
Saddle Shorty.
I better go see.
Ja, Boss.
Never mind, Gus.
Yes, sir?
Come here.
You all right?
Sure, Im all right.
toss you again?
Yes, sir.
You ""digged"" your heels
in her.
I didnt.
Did you, Son?
Yes, sir.
Ken, arent you ever
going to grow up?
Ive told you not to
clap your heels into her.
Look at that bridle.
Second one youve
broken this week.
Im sorry, Dad.
Oh, you found
the saddle blanket.
What saddle blanket?
I lost it
yesterday afternoon.
You forgot to cinch
the saddle properly.
Yes, sir.
Gee whiz,
its all ""tored.""
Will you keep quiet?
It got caught
on some barbed wire.
Youre the doggonest kid...
for losing, busting,
and forgetting.
Breakfast is all ready.
Wheres Ken?
Hes coming.
tossed him again.
I dont know what
Ill do with that boy.
Doesnt pay any attention
to what I say.
Always losing equipment
or breaking it somehow.
Hes still a child.
Hes old enough
to have his wits about him.
Hes walking around
with his head in the clouds.
Its a wonder
he doesnt trip.
Morning, Mom.
Come on, darling.
Eat your oatmeal
while its hot.
Good heavens.
What is it?
Kens report card.
I suppose youre not surprised
you havent been promoted.
No, sir.
Here, look at your marks.
Let him eat
his breakfast first.
Just as a matter
of curiosity...
how do you go about
getting a zero on an examination?
40 in history, 1 7 in arithmetic,
but a zero?
Just as one man to another,
what goes on in your head?
What have you got
to say for yourself?
Nothing, sir.
What were
the questions you missed...
in that English exam?
We were to write
a composition.
Couldnt you
think of anything?
I was going to write...
about how you lost
your polo mare...
how the albino
stole her from Banner.
Well, why didnt you?
I got to thinking.
I thought we had time.
I thought the hour
had just begun...
when the school bell rang.
You never even
got started.
Not a single word, Ken?
Just daydreaming, huh?
No, I was
thinking about--
About what?
About my colt.
You havent got a colt.
Dad, give me a colt,
wont you?
Youll get one when you
learn how to treat one.
Youll have to buck up.
Trouble is,
you dont try.
I do try, Dad.
Id like to see
some proof.
Meantime, youll study
an hour a day...
to make up your work.
[Knock On Door]
Come in.
Good morning,
Good morning, Gus.
Whats today, Boss?
Good day
to move the horses.
Its time they were
off the meadows.
A storms cooking up.
Can I help?
Four older horses have to be
in shape for the rodeo...
and those three-year-olds
have to be broke.
Cant I help
move them?
Great guns, no.
Its tough enough
to move 1 00 horses...
all fresh as blazes
after a winter out...
without a kid along
to make them nervous.
- Ill be right out.
- Ja, Boss.
Want another
cup of coffee, dear?
No, I had enough.
Got to get started.
Kenny, you can ride
any horse on the ranch.
Why are you so set
on having a colt?
It isnt just riding.
I want a colt
to be friends with me.
I want a colt of my own,
all my own.
You better
start your studying.
Get it over with.
Bye, Daddy.
Ken, what
are you doing?
Im doing
my arithmetic, Mom.
[Alarm Rings]
Where are we going?
To watch Dad
bring in the horses.
We can take the shortcut.
No, you better
stay here.
Its tough enough
bringing in 1 00 horses...
all fresh
after a winter out...
without having a girl tagging along
making them nervous.
Those horses
aint scared of me.
Good morning.
Nice work, Banner.
Banner dont let those mares
get away with nothing.
Banners got everything it takes
to make a great horse--
brains, heart, and courage.
If hed just pass it on
to all the colts.
What horses
wed have then.
Whoa now!
Whoa now!
Whoa there!
Look out, Gus.
Theyre stampeding!
Gus, try to head them off.
Stop them, Banner!
Theyre making straight
for the rock slide.
Head them off, Banner.
What are you doing here?
I--I came to see
the horses.
I didnt mean to do it.
I didnt mean
to scare them.
Jeepers, if I could ever
have a colt like that.
Are we
on the downgrade?
I never had so many bills
and less money to pay them.
We cant sell our horses
at a profit.
Theyre good horses
with good blood.
Mm-hmm, all but
that albino strain.
They got a crazy streak
in them.
No use trying to sell them.
I wouldnt even get back
the cost of raising them.
Id rather shoot them.
I would, too, if they werent
so doggone fast.
I hoped to get one decent colt
out of that bunch.
give Ken a colt.
I want you
to give Ken a colt.
After that stunt
he pulled this morning?
You know
he didnt mean to.
He doesnt deserve a colt.
Wont you ever
give him one?
Sure. Ive been
expecting to.
If he pays attention
to his studies--
Thats another thing.
That isnt going
to get anzwhere.
Didnt he study today?
He exposed himself
to his books.
Good heavens. Nothing I say to him
makes any impression.
He wants his own colt.
He cant think
of another thing.
But thats all backwards.
You dont bribe children
to do their duty.
Its not a bribe.
What would you call it?
I just have a feeling...
Ken isnt going to
pull anything off.
Its time he did.
Maybe a little thing
like this...
would turn the trick.
That isnt a little thing.
It isnt easy
to break and school a colt.
I wont have a good horse
spoiled by his carelessness.
Rob, its important.
Hes got to succeed
at something.
What he needs is--
Is to snap out of it.
If you want
to put it that way.
He needs to grow up.
How would having
his own colt help?
Oh, you know.
Something of his own...
Hed have something real
that he cared about...
more than those things
he goes mooning about.
Dont go.
Id like
to give Ken a colt.
Id like to get closer
to the boy somehow...
but every time I get set
for a get-together session...
he hands me a facer
like what he pulled today.
Rob, didnt you
ever want anything...
more than anything else
in the world?
Yes. You.
You do understand.
Wheres Ken?
Probably looking
at the ducks on the landing.
For Petes sake,
what ducks on what landing?
That old print of mine.
He likes
to look at them.
Gus says Rocket
broke away last night.
Thinks shes got
a colt somewhere.
Well have to
look for her.
Ill find her.
Good. Ill go with you.
Son, Im taking back
yesterdays order.
You can forget
that hour of study.
Thanks, Dad.
And, Ken...
Im going to
give you a colt.
A colt?
A colt of my own?
Ill give it to you
a week from today.
Thatll give you time
to make your own choice.
I can have any colt
on the ranch?
- Ayearling?
- Thats right.
Jeepers, maybe I can have
the one I saw yesterday.
Come on,
you old jughead.
Come on there.
Oh, come on. Come on.
Oh, step on my foot,
would you?
Come on.
Why dont you take Highboy
for your colt?
That chump?
Dont think Im riding Cigarette
because I want to.
Its because
I have to.
Then how about Lassie?
Shes as fast as anything
and black as ink.
Who said I wanted
a black horse?
How about College Boy?
Hes smart like a fox.
Im going to pick
a filly.
I know the one
I want, too.
I hope I find her.
Hey, dont do that
again, Hildy.
kind of nervous.
She might kick you.
She better dont.
Ill kick her back.
Thanks, Tim.
Ready, Ken?
Yes, sir.
Dont see why
I cant go, too.
Youre a girl.
Thats why.
Check your cinch?
Yes, sir.
Lets go.
Ken, dont you
want your hat?
Oh, thanks, Mom.
Dont see why
I cant be a boy.
Even youre a boy...
I guess.
Maybe you think its funny,
giving you a colt...
when you deserve
a good hiding.
Flunking all your exams...
then pulling that stunt
Dont think
Im letting you off.
Im not.
I havent gone soft.
Dont get that
into your head.
I expect as much now
as I ever did.
This isnt any reward...
because you havent
won any reward.
This is a partnership.
One of these days,
Ill need your help.
You have to be trained
so you can give it.
Every man needs training.
I got mine at West Point.
And how.
Youre going to
train that colt.
Ill help you
with the first breaking...
but youll train it,
and itll train you.
Yes, sir.
You and your mother
may have to care for this ranch...
without me pretty soon.
Where will you be?
I may have to go back
into the army.
You understand,
dont you?
Yes, sir.
You make a good pony
out of that colt...
and let it make
a man out of you.
Yes, sir.
I rode all through here
I didnt leave
any colts behind.
If Rocket had a colt,
she wouldnt leave it.
I saw a colt yesterday...
that got separated from
the bunch in the stampede--
a sorrel filly
with a cream mane and tail.
Sounds like
Rockets yearling.
The filly sired by Banner
last spring.
Thats what was
wrong with Rocket--
she missed
that little filly.
Shed very likely console herself
with a yearling.
Should pick up a track
around here someplace.
Hey, Boss!
A cat.
Thats a mountain lion,
all right.
Ja. A big one.
Havent had one around here
for a long time.
Good thing we got
the brood mares out of here.
Maybe we better
look around that cave.
Well, it got
one of them.
Its dark brown.
Its Rockets, I guess.
Tim was right.
She had one.
Didnt she know
it was dead?
Yes and no.
Mares are funny
about death.
Theyll leave
a dead foal...
then remember it
and hunt for it.
Will the mountain lion
get any other horses?
Not now, Kenny.
Theyre all out on the range.
Cant he get
the horse and colts there?
Not where theres
no cover.
Their only chance
is surprise.
If a horse is off
by itself...
a lion will jump on it,
bite through the spine.
Quick kill.
Its Rocket.
And her filly.
What a pretty
little flicka she is.
What does that mean?
Swedish for ::little girl.
Flicka. Thats
what Ill call her.
My colt.
Your colt?
Yes, sir.
Thats the one I want.
Rockets filly, Ken?
Yes, sir.
I hoped youd make
a wiser choice.
You know how I feel...
about Rockets
line of horses.
But shes fast.
Rockets fast, too.
Theyre my worst horses.
Theres not one among them
with any real sense.
The mares are hellions,
the stallions outlaws.
Theyre untamable.
Ill tame her.
Nobodys ever been able
to tame a one of them.
You want a horse
thatll be a friend?
Yes, sir.
Youll never make
a friend of her.
Look what they did
to get back together.
No fence in the world
will ever hold them.
You better
change your mind.
OK, Ken. I promised you could
make your own choice.
But remember--
Rockets loco...
and 1 0-to-1
the colt is, too.
But she may not be.
Banners her father.
All right.
Well bring her in
tomorrow or the next day.
Its silly
to write horses names on things.
Horses cant read.
People can read.
But Pop cant.
Besides, you aint even
got a horse yet.
What do you mean
I havent got a horse?
Well, it aint here.
Dads bringing her in
[Honk Honk]
[Honk Honk Honk]
Thats Mr. Sergent.
Hes got lots of race horses.
Hes got
a fat belly, too.
Hey, Gus,
is Rob around?
Hes in the house.
Hi, Rob.
Hi, Charley.
How you been doing?
Good. You?
Glad to see you.
Sit down.
Rob, Im shipping a carload of horses
to Los Angeles.
Maybe youd like
to go in on the deal...
and share
the shipping expenses.
Might do that.
Theres room in the car
for four more horses.
Sounds pretty good.
You know, Pop says
Flickas loco...
like her mother.
Dont say that, Hildy.
Well, aint her fault.
She cant help it
if her moms crazy, can she?
Banners got sense.
She could be like her father,
couldnt she?
I dont know.
When I do
something dumb...
Mom says I take after
the old man...
and when I do
something smart...
Pop says I sure dont
take after the old lady.
You havent got
anything like Rocket.
That she-devil
can outrun...
any animal
youve ever seen.
Youre crazy.
Like to make a bet?
Hello, Charley.
Well, hello there, Nell.
No. Dont get up.
I only have a minute.
What are you two
talking about?
If I could get a mare
to do #5 miles an hour--
Shell make you
a fortune...
if you could
break her.
My broncobuster
can break any horse.
He can do it
if shes worth breaking.
Worth it?
Didnt I tell you?
How much
do you want?
- 500.
- 500.
You got
a stopwatch?
No. I got
a speedometer.
Good enough.
Lets go.
Ill get lunch
ready for you.
There they are.
Isnt Flicka beautiful?
[Honk Honk]
Shes heading
for the north range.
Well clock her there.
The grounds flat.
[Honk Honk]
Shes like
a locomotive.
Does she always run
with her nose up?
Yeah. Shes a stargazer.
[Honk Honk]
[Honk Honk]
Look at the speedometer.
Faster, Boss.
She aint half trying.
[Honk Honk]
If she does #5,
Ill buy her.
Jumping jeepers!
Well, what
do you say?
Its a deal...
if shes delivered
sound in wind and limb.
Just how youll do that
is anybodys guess.
You leave that to me.
Look out for Rocket.
Get in there,
get in there!
Tim, throw
a rope on her.
Wont be easy
to get her in.
Stay with her, Tim.
Come on!
Get that noose
off her neck.
Be careful, Rob.
Think Id deliver her
with string hanging on her?
I put it on.
Im going to get it off.
Look out!
Open that chute gate
so she can see through.
Get in there.
Shut the gate.
Get the truck.
Whoa. Thats it.
Sergent expects her
in good shape.
Try not
to skin her up.
Get her out of here.
Well, thats that.
You mean thats $500.
Itll come in mighty handy,
wont it?
Dad, look!
Oh, Rob.
That finished her.
Shes dead.
Poor old Rocket.
Its too bad,
but these things will happen.
Just takes little lick
to kill horse.
Theres one thing
I can still do.
Hello, Williams?
This is McLaughlin.
OK. Thanks.
Look, Williams, I got
a load of horses for you.
Yeah, those albinos.
Yep. Every one of them,
Rockets whole tribe.
There should be some good
horseflesh among them.
All right, your own price.
There are nine of them.
Wait a minute.
There may be 1 0.
Ken, come here.
Heres a chance to do
a sensible thing.
I want you to choose
another colt...
and let me sell Flicka
to Mr. Williams.
Im asking for your sake
as well as mine.
Whats the use having
another Rocket?
You saw what happened.
Im going to
tame Flicka.
Thats impossible.
Sometimes bad horses
get tamed.
You dont want
a loco horse, do you?
I want Flicka.
Look at me.
Dad, please.
Shes mine.
Sorry to keep you
waiting, Williams.
I thought
there was one more.
No. There are only nine.
Ill send them over.
So long.
Well, thats that.
Sure is a wild one.
Well let her
think it over.
Shell go right through
that wire.
Shell never go over.
It turned her.
Dad, she has got sense.
I knew it,
that crazy--
Rob, hurry!
Whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
There now.
Dont think shell
pull out of it.
Maybe its
just as well.
Hadnt been this way,
it wouldve been another.
A loco horse
isnt worth the bullet...
it takes to shoot it.
Now easy, girl.
Eat your dinner,
Do I have to, Mom?
You heard
what your mother said.
Flicka, shes--
Let him go to her.
He cant do her
any good.
Gus and Tim
dressed her cuts.
She snaps out of it,
shes got water and oats.
Oh, Flicka, I didnt
mean to hurt you.
Get well.
Please be all right.
Gee, she was pretty.
What do you mean ::was?
She is.
Shes beautiful.
I meant when she was
running back there.
Say, Ken.
Tomorrow, if you want
to take care of her...
Ill do your work
for you.
Would you, Hildy?
Gee, thatd be keen.
Ill exercise Cigarette...
bring in the wood,
and dry the dishes.
You can stay with Flicka
all the time...
except when
youre sleeping.
Thanks, Hildy.
[Rooster Crows]
Gus, shes going
to be all right, isnt she?
Pretty good chance...
if we could get her
to eat.
Maybe she
dont like oats.
Ill get her
some hay.
Dont run away, Flicka.
Dont be afraid of me.
Im Ken.
This is hay.
Youll like it.
Have some.
Take it easy.
Shes been scared pretty bad.
Shes eating.
Shes going to get well.
Its good sign.
Move her
to the calf pasture.
Theres shade there
and a running stream.
And shell be alone.
I thought horses
like company.
Not her.
Shes a lone wolf.
She might jump out
of the calf pasture and get away.
She wont jump out.
She wont jump anything
for a long time.
Ken. Breakfast.
Coming, Dad.
Whats he so chipper about
this morning?
Flicka. Shes better.
Coming along, huh?
Shes almost well.
The cuts are
all healed up...
and shes eating
like a horse.
Maybe were going to have
a pleasant summer after all...
if she doesnt turn out
to be another Rocket.
Oh, I hope not.
Ken, what kind
of manners is that?
Sorry, Mom.
Morning, Dad.
Morning, Ken.
How were the ducks
on the landing this morning?
What ducks
on what landing?
Oh. Those.
Hardly noticed them.
Been so busy
with Flicka.
Now that Flickas
getting better...
dont forget youve
got other duties.
Oh, yes, sir.
Give some time
to your colt...
but not
all your time.
I wont.
Will you come down...
and look at Flicka
this morning...
see how she is?
Will Her Highness
let you get near her?
Well, not too close.
Shes still a little scared.
But shell let you
look at her...
from the other side
of the fence.
Thats big of her.
After breakfast, Ill take a look.
Oh, swell.
Good morning, Flicka.
Flicka, Dads coming
to look at you.
Be a good girl
and dont run away.
Well, she does
look good.
Her cuts are
all healed up...
except for the one
on the right front leg.
Its almost well.
Shes beautiful.
Do you think shes...
Id have sworn it
by the way shes behaved...
ever since
she was born.
In fact,
weve never seen her...
except when shes
looked terrified.
Every horse looks
wild in the eye...
when its terrified.
She tried jumping
that fence.
Anyone can try
the impossible once.
Theres the old saying--
::It couldnt be done...
but the darn fool
did it anzway.
Horses have jumped
over 6 feet.
Maybe Flicka thought
she could do it.
Well forgive her
that one.
Point is,
will she learn?
Can she learn?
Rocket couldnt.
Or wouldnt.
Dad, maybe Ill never
get her trained.
Heavens, Son,
what have I been telling you...
all these weeks?
Didnt you understand?
What did you think
loco meant?
Sort of goofy or wild--
hard to handle.
Oh, no, Son.
Much more serious than that.
Theres inherited insanity
among animals...
just as there is
among humans.
Bad blood carries on...
and albino blood isnt safe
for any filly to have.
But you said...
maybe its just because
shes been scared.
Shes got
a very intelligent face.
Much better
than Rockets.
Fine, delicate mouth.
And such lovely eyes.
Set far apart.
Well have to see
how she responds to training.
How can I train her?
All you can do
is try and win her confidence.
You know, Son,
if you take everything away...
from a living creature--
freedom, friends,
its home, habits...
itll turn in sheer need
and desperation...
to the one thing
thats left.
In this case,
thats you.
Yes. Youre
her whole life now.
Make her to like it.
Oh, I will, Dad.
I will.
Give her love and companionship.
Talk to her.
Will she understand me?
Of course.
A horse can tell you
a lot of things, too...
if you watch and expect it
to be sensible and intelligent.
Pay attention
to all the little signs.
The way
it moves its body.
The ears. The eyes.
The whinnies.
Thats its way
of talking, Ken.
Thats right.
Theres a neigh
of terror.
A scream of rage.
A whinny of nervous
[Flicka Snorts]
The nicker of longing
or hunger...
or friendliness.
You learn its language,
and itll learn yours.
And never forget--
horses understand
everything you say to them.
Everything, Dad?
[Flicka Snorts]
You mean...
if theyre not loco.
All right, all right...
youre hungry
for your oats...
but Im hurrying
as fast as I can.
There you are.
Come and get it.
Good, isnt it?
You do understand me,
dont you, Flicka?
Eat it all so youll be
big and strong like Banner.
Youve got
a very smart father, Flicka.
Youve got to forget
all your wild ways...
and be just like him.
Who are you
talking to?
Aw, horses cant
understand peoples talk.
Thats all you know.
Flicka understands
everything I say.
Whats more,
she talks back to me.
Aw, poo.
Maybe you dont
know it...
but horses got a language
all their own.
Theres a neigh
of terror...
a scream of rage...
a whinny of nervous
a nicker of longing--
Theres a nicker
of hunger.
Can you wiggle
your ears?
Whats she saying now?
Oh, shes telling me
shes finished her oats.
Maybe shes saying
thank you, too.
Maybe she wants
more oats.
Maybe shes had
too many.
Maybe shes got
a pain in her stomach.
Maybe she needs
some castor oil.
Only gluttons
need castor oil.
She wants something.
Oh, I know.
Shes thirsty.
Why dont you go
and get a drink?
Theres a whole lake
full of water.
Oh, all right.
Boy, you sure are
getting spoiled.
Oh, gosh. I forgot.
Your Pops back.
For Petes sake.
Why didnt you tell me?
Ive got to see him
right away!
You hear that?
That means she doesnt
want me to go.
Aw, I betcha
it just means...
shes got gas
on her stomach.
Bet you I didnt forget
anything this time.
Flour, salt, ham--
What about my hairpins?
How could I forget anything
as important as hairpins?
Theyre in there.
Dad, did you get it?
Get what?
You know.
Sorry. I forgot
all about it.
You did get it,
didnt you?
Sure, I did.
Its a beauty.
Where is it?
Well,just a minute, Son.
Your work done?
Yes, sir.
Did you exercise
Yes, sir.
Shes in her own pasture...
and I tied the gate.
Good. Is she hot?
No, sir. I cooled her off
on the way home.
Give her
a good workout?
Yes, sir, and I didnt
lose or break anything.
Good work, Son.
Youre really coming along.
Can I have it now?
Its in the front seat.
You were right, Nell.
The filly
sure did the trick.
Hes a changed boy.
Flicka, Ive got
something for you!
Look. Brand-new
saddle blanket.
especially for you.
Isnt it keen?
When you grow up,
well put it on you.
Wont even know youve
got a saddle on your back.
Well go riding
on the range...
fly like the wind.
Got your name on it.
Oh, Flicka, I didnt
mean to scare you.
Honest, I didnt.
Come back, Flicka.
Oh, please come back.
You dont have
to have it.
I wont ever ride you...
or put a saddle on you...
if you dont
want me to.
Youll just be
my friend.
did you ever want
anything terribly?
Most everyone
wants something, dear.
But youve grown up.
Youre married.
Youve got Dad and me.
Why, youre finished.
Then I shouldnt
still be wanting, should I...
if Im finished?
But people do, Ken.
Always, Mom?
Dont you ever
really get finished?
Yeah, I wonder.
Maybe sometimes,
for a minute or two.
What is it
you want now, Ken?
I do so want Flicka
to be all right and not loco.
Oh, perhaps she
isnt loco, dear.
We dont know yet
for sure...
but if she is, Ken...
wanting wont change it.
If she is, itll look bad
for her, wont it?
Lets see what happens
when we try to halter-break her.
Does she have to be?
Weve got to find out,
dont we?
I suppose so.
As soon as shell
let you touch her...
well have a try at it.
What if she
wont let us?
She loves you,
doesnt she?
Oh, yes.
Im sure she does.
Well, that shows
shes intelligent.
How does it, Mom?
Its just a way
of putting away fear.
Dont you understand,
that if you find love...
if a person or an animal
finds love...
its the same
as finding safety.
Its comfort and
friendliness and help.
Everyone longs for it.
And if Flickas
found it...
and yet doesnt have
sense enough...
to know shes found it...
and goes around being crazy
and silly with fear, then--
Then shed be loco.
Good morning.
Whered you catch them?
At that deep hole
under the falls.
Put them in here.
Thank you.
Well, Boss,
what today?
Look over
the mowing machines.
We have to get at
the haying soon.
Those stackers
need repairs.
Oh, Gus.
Before we begin...
I want to help Ken
halter-break his filly.
I want you and Tim
to be on hand.
Where, Boss?
The calf pasture,
and well do it right now.
But, Dad, maybe...
maybe we better wait
a little while.
Shell let you close
to her now, wont she?
Oh, yes.
Flickas my friend now.
She likes me, but--
Good. Im glad
to hear that.
Its a fine thing
to have a horse for a friend.
Flickas never had a rope
around her neck.
She may fight us
putting one on her now.
Maybe shell act like she did
when she arrived.
Maybe shell act
like Rocket.
She has to be
halter-broken sometime.
Might as well
get it over with.
Get ready.
Ill be right down.
Didnt you find
a broken mule shoe last night?
Thats good luck,
aint it?
Yes, but if I
make a mistake...
Dad may blame it
on Flicka.
And then he wouldnt--
Call her, Ken.
Have your loop
ready, Tim.
Put your bandanna
around her neck.
Tie it in
a loose knot.
Easy, Flicka. Easy.
Now take your belt off.
Slip it through
the bandanna.
Now take ahold of the belt
and lead her around.
All right.
Now bring her back.
Let go of the loop.
Hold your hand
under her chin.
Thats it.
Id call that
But it isnt a halter, Dad.
You really take
some convincing, young man.
All right. Give us
the halter, Gus.
There you are.
Put it on her.
Go ahead, Son.
But how, Dad?
Just the way you
put it on Cigarette.
All right,
now lead her around again.
How did she get
halter-broke, Dad?
Thats the way
we break horses...
on the Goose Bar ranch.
You figure it out, Ken.
Come on, boys.
Lets get at those machines.
Then shes not loco.
Shes not loco.
You could have
knocked me down with a feather.
I knew she liked me
pretty well, but gosh...
she let me
halter-break her...
without even
an argument.
Flickas a smart filly,
just like her father.
All girls are smart
like their pops.
Shes calling me.
She sure is, Kenny.
Thats the nicker
of friendliness.
Bet you
shes just hungry.
Gus, somethings happened to her!
Shes limping.
Somethings wrong
with her front leg.
Flicka, whats the matter?
Whats happened
to you?
Its that barbed-wire cut.
But that was
all healed up.
But it didnt heal right.
The legs swollen.
Is that bad?
Means infection.
Infection? Thats
dangerous, isnt it?
You betcha.
Hildy, you
talk too much.
I think it hurts her.
She aint bearing
any weight on it.
What do you do
for a horse infection?
Just the same
like for people--
put on poultice
so itll drain.
Ill get Mom
to make a poultice.
Ja, I think
you better.
She has got sense,
hasnt she, Mom?
She knows were helping her,
doesnt she?
Of course she does.
Shes a good little girl...
and well get her out of this
in no time.
Slack off!.
Rip it!
Dad, Id like
to talk to you.
What about?
About Flicka.
For the love of Mike,
cant you see Im busy?
Cant be worrying
about that filly.
Im sorry, Dad.
Just a minute, Ken.
What is it, Son?
Flicka worse?
Dad, shes so sick.
Will you come down
and see her?
Maybe you can
do something to help her.
All right. Ill come
have a look at her.
Shes lying down again.
Good heavens.
Whats happened to her?
Shes been getting
awfully thin.
Im afraid she aint
going to pull out of it.
Pull out of it?
Shes dead already.
How longs she been
like this?
Shes been real sick
the last few days.
Its the fever.
Its burning her up.
Shes going to die.
Well have to put her
out of her misery.
Oh, no, Dad.
Im sorry, Ken.
It isnt fair
to an animal...
to let it suffer
like this.
Pick a time when
Ken isnt around.
Gus, when are you
going to do it?
I was--I was going
down soon now, Kenny.
Dont do it tonight.
Wait till morning.
Just one more night.
Well, in the morning,
Its got to be done.
Your father gave the orders.
I know. I wont say
anything more.
[Dog Barks]
Im coming, Flicka.
Im coming.
Flicka, where are you?
Oh, my little Flicka.
Give him one of these
every hour.
Ill call to see him
tomorrow morning.
Hes a very sick boy.
It isnt only
the cold and fever--
He had a shock,
Dr. Scott.
Something happened--
Hes been sad about
a horse I gave him.
Its been sick.
Oh, I see.
Well, youd better have this
prescription filled right away.
Ill follow you
into town...
and bring it
right back.
Dont worry.
How is the little boy,
Gus, hes so sick.
Poor little boy.
Gus, is Flicka dead?
No. Tim and me fixed her up
in a blanket sling.
She cant stand alone...
but she drank
a bucket of water.
Did Rob say you didnt
have to shoot her?
No, but I
couldnt do it.
When I found them
like that this morning, I--
I know what you mean.
Shes got plenty
of strength.
Sometimes I think, Gus,
miracles can still happen.
It was the water
washing the fever out of her...
but it was Ken
giving her courage.
All night that little fella
sitting by her...
saying, ::Hold on, Flicka.
::Im here with you.
The two of us together.
Ill tell Ken.
Maybe it will
help him get well...
knowing shes still alive.
Theres a storm
coming up, Missus.
Ill stay here
if you need me.
Thank you, Gus.
I thought youd
never get here.
How is he?
Better. Hes been resting.
Good. We need
some hot water.
Did you do
as I told you?
Boss, I couldnt.
I gave the order,
and youve had plenty of time.
I just couldnt do it.
Wheres the rifle?
In the bunkhouse.
Go get it.
Oh, Rob, please dont.
He knows shes alive.
He thinks shell get well.
Give him something
to hope for.
Would have been better
if she were shot weeks ago.
Its been nothing
but misery for everyone.
Look what its done
to Ken.
I wish you wouldnt, Rob.
He neednt know.
Hell hear the shot.
Hell think its thunder.
Hell know
its the rifle.
Im sorry, but...
its just no good
letting sick animals live.
Its raining.
The rain wont
hurt her, darling.
Flickas been out
in thunderstorms all her life.
That was Dads car,
wasnt it, Mom?
Yes, dear.
Please, darling.
It was only the thunder.
Dont worry
about the cat.
Im staying with you
for the night.
Feel a lot better
if I had a drink...
and some dry clothes.
Im a drowned rat...
but so are you.
Oh, Rob.
You all right?
Kens asleep.
Gus is with him.
I got worried
about you.
But I thought--
I heard a shot.
It was a mountain lion.
Did you get him?
I will before morning.
I couldnt do it.
She wants to die,
shell have to do it by herself.
Ken heard the shot.
Howd he take it?
Well, he took it.
He didnt question it,
he didnt seem to rebel.
If he wakes up and asks...
dont tell him
shes still alive.
But, Rob--
She may be dead
by morning.
Wouldnt surprise me.
Hes accepted her death.
If he knows shes still alive,
hell be all upset again.
I wont tell him.
Thanks, Flicka.
Morning, Dad.
How do you feel
this morning?
Much better, thanks.
Enough better to go out
in the warm sunshine?
I guess so.
Its doctors orders.
Come on. Ill help you
get dressed.
Dad...where are we going?
The calf pasture.
Thats right, Son.
It is Flicka.
But I thought--
I didnt shoot her.
I couldnt.
That shot you heard?
That was
the mountain lion.
I killed him.
Easy, Ken.
Oh, Flicka.
She did get gentle,
didnt she, Dad?
Gentle as a kitten.
Shes given us
a lot of trouble, Son...
but shes taught us some
important things, too.
You, responsibility.
Me, there is such a thing
as hope beyond hope.
That sometimes, when things
are at their lowest ebb...
all we need do is have
a little more love...
a little more patience,
and a little more faith.