My Bloody Valentine (2009)

Listen! We're not sure
what caused the collapse.
Our boys were working the north end
of Tunnel 5 when she gave.
But I can assure you,
we here at the Hanniger Mines
are doing everything
in our power to get them out alive.
Calm down, folks!
It's a routine questioning.
Tom was the last man
to leave the mine that night.
Maybe he could shine
a light on the situation.
Tom Hanniger is responsible
for the collapse,
but it was an accident.
And that's the thing we have to remember.
It was an accident.
This morning, at around 5 a.m.,
we recovered five bodies
and one survivor.
Harry Warden was the only survivor.
When he arrived at the county hospital,
he was delusional, violent...
The five miners that died were all killed
by the blunt force of
a pickaxe, not the cave-in.
It was no accident killed those men.
It was Harry Warden.
He murdered those miners
buried alive with him
to conserve his own goddamn air.
Evidence suggests
Harry killed each of them with a pickaxe.
Blood was found
on Harry Warden's pickaxe.
Look, chances are very slim
that Warden will ever
come out of his coma.
Let's hope God doesn't waste any miracles
on Harry Warden.
We'll rescue Trainor down below.
You, venom, and methane in 5, right?
I know my job, Harry.
Like fuck you do, Hanniger.
Just 'cause your daddy owns the mine
doesn't mean you know shit.
- You hear that?
- Oh, my God!
Damn kids! Everyone out now!
Happy fucking Valentine's Day.
Sheriff Burke.
Over here.
Think I waited too long to retire.
You and me both, Hinch.
Who did this?
Harry Warden.
Harry Warden's in a coma.
Guess he woke up.
Where the hell is he headed?
Come on, Irene.
Everybody's already moving underground.
Don't you think it's
about time we joined them?
I told you I gotta wait for Sarah and Tom.
I promised.
Hasn't she broken up
with that loser yet?
Sorry to tell you, sweetie,
but Tom's the love of her life.
Yeah, whatever. If that pussy
has the balls to show up here again,
- I will personally kick his ass.
- Yeah, right.
Hey, guys.
Thanks for waiting.
Yeah, Axel was just
about ready to give up,
but I knew you would come!
- Axel. Hey.
- Hey, Sarah.
Okay, so before we go in... snapshot.
No. I don't think so.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Sure?
- Yeah.
Because you guys
look so cute together.
Okay. Say "Over-the-pants hand job."
You guys want one?
No, we're good. Come on.
Let's go.
All right.
- You ready to party?
- Oh, yeah.
Hey. Hey.
We don't have to go in there,
Tom, if you don't want to go.
I can't believe you wouldn't
take a picture of us.
- Just stop, all right?
- What, stop? What do you mean?
It's not like I won't
take a picture with you.
I just won't take a picture
with that asshole.
What's up, Bruce?
What? What is it about Tom...
That's what you get.
It's fine.
It's fine. Everybody's here.
You wanted to be here.
Do you want to be here?
Yeah. Yes.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I left the beer in the car.
Here. Take this.
- I'll go up and catch up with you.
- Want me to go?
Go ahead.
Hey, guys!
- Don't be afraid.
- Don't get lost.
Where are you guys?
Oh, God.
What, you think I was
Harry Warden or something?
Hey, Michael! Check this out...
Jason, is that you?
Come on, dude! You're scaring me!
Come on.
I'm out of here.
Fuck you! Fuck you! Do you hear me?
- Sarah!
- They're dead!
They're all dead!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Let's go! Hurry up!
Come on!
Sarah! Faster! Faster!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
- Don't leave him!
- Come on.
- No! No!
- Come back!
No. No. N...
Stay down, Harry.
Stay down, Harry!
Tom. You all right?
Hey, Sheriff! Come on!
Stay with him.
Let's go, idiot.
Hard to believe.
Harmony, this small-town slice
of Norman Rockwell,
is the murder capital of America.
The Valentine's Day
celebration approaches,
and it's been nearly 10 years
since this God-fearing community
was shaken to its core
when local miner Harry Warden
went on a killing spree,
taking the lives of 22 men,
women, and children
before being buried alive in
the very mine he once worked.
But after a decade,
have the residents of Harmony
been able to recover from the trauma?
I'm here with County Sheriff Axel Palmer,
who has this to say.
What happened was a long time ago.
We're all just trying to move on.
Sheriff, do you ever worry
that these horrific events
might repeat themselves?
Well, I know you in the media
would just love that to happen.
You know, why don't you people just stop
coming back here every year,
hoping for some kind of...
some kind of fucking horror show,
to mark the stupidest [bleep]ing holiday
a greeting card company ever invented?
Eloquent, Sheriff. You make us look
like an inbred mining community.
We are an inbred mining
community, Ben.
So you got any coffee in this joint?
What's so funny?
Your boss. County Sheriff Axel Palmer.
If only your old man could see you now.
I don't know.
That's one intensely good-looking
son of a bitch, if you ask me.
I should have my own reality show.
Yeah, I'm sure your exploits
arresting hardened bicycle thieves
would be a big hit.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Sarah.
Hey, sweetie. Hey, don't forget
to pick up Noah's soccer gear tonight.
Yeah. I'll take care of it.
Hey, you missed me on TV.
Oh, yes! That's right! How was he?
When you gonna dump this bum
and run away with me?
I get off work at 8.
Well, I'll be sure to tuck the top down
on my Cadillac.
Ben. Come on. I'm sitting right here.
Sarah? I've got a doctor's appointment.
Is it okay if I come in late today?
Yeah. Get there when you can.
Well, gentlemen,
I got some Huffy vans to track down.
You want me to come with?
No. No, you can hang tight, Martin.
Finish your coffee.
I'll call you if I need backup.
This place gives me the creeps.
Can we meet in a motel next time?
Yeah, that's a great idea.
We'll just pull up and check in.
I don't think anybody would notice
a sheriff's car parked out front.
Maybe one day, you'll tell your wife.
I figure you'll be with Sarah
on Valentine's, so...
I didn't get you anything.
You don't need to.
You already have.
I'm pregnant.
Tom. What are you doing here?
What do you mean?
I'm here to sign the papers.
They moved the signing to Monday.
They moved it to Monday. Great.
Well, you're here now.
Want to come in and have a drink?
Yeah. Okay.
We missed you at the funeral.
Of course, your father missed you
long before that.
Oh, he could have found me
if he wanted to.
You know, he'd kick your ass
if he knew you were selling the mine.
- It is what it is, Ben.
- Bullshit.
That mine is Harmony's life blood, Tom.
We're talking families here.
I was assured that everyone
would get severance
and that the more experienced men,
like yourself, would be kept on.
For how long? Three months?
That's not my problem.
No! It's my fucking problem.
Those mines have been
outdated since I was a kid.
But my father
was just too stubborn to see it,
and you know that.
So that's what all this is about.
All right.
If you need to make
peace with your daddy...
there he is.
I'm majority shareholder.
And I'm selling the mine.
And that's all there is to it.
Your dad and I protected those men!
Selling the mine won't sit well
with anyone in this town.
Well, come Monday, I'm gone.
Louis! Get back here this instant!
- Is Mel around?
- God, I hope not.
Mel has been dead for seven years.
Trade you the pooch for a room.
All right. Come.
Oh, yeah!
Oh, yes! Frank!
Oh, my God. What's wrong?
I look so hot today.
Oh, yes...
Stay down, Harry!
So you gonna be okay to drive back,
or do you want me to
put in for another night?
I got a two-day haul to make
in one day, if I'm gonna
get back by Valentine's.
Ah, Valentine's.
Did you know that St. Valentine
- was a patron saint of love?
- Yeah.
Yeah, the whole thing started in Rome
in, like, the year 500 or something.
They would have this lottery,
where young men would draw
teenage girls' names out of a box.
Then that teenage girl
would become their secret
sexual companion for
the whole rest of the year.
That's where we got our
Valentine's Day cards from.
Kind of romantic, in a sick
kind of way, isn't it?
Uh, yeah.
It's, um, romantic.
What'cha doing?
Nothing. I got this.
What the fuck is that?
Irene, I make these for
my own personal collection.
Look. I'II...
I'll pay you?
I am no hooker.
You are now.
Frank, you son of a bitch!
Put some clothes on
before some kid sees you.
I don't give a shit about the clothes!
Give me the fucking tapes,
or I swear...
- I swear...
- Irene, two things.
And 2, I know the gun's not loaded.
Fuck you, Frank!
Oh, jeez! What...
What are you doing?
Frank. Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Where are you?
Louis? Where are you?
Louis, you little shit.
Stop hiding from Mama.
Louis, you are in such trouble.
The closet.
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Let go of me!
What the fuck do you want?
What do you want, motherfucker?
Leave me alone!
Jesus, Irene.
He took your heart.
Jilted lover with a screw loose?
More than one screw,
wouldn't you say?
Irene never did the jilting.
I'm sorry, Sheriff.
I know you two used to be an item.
Yeah, it was a long time ago, Martin.
We checked the motel registration.
There's a couple of fakes.
Not too many people use
their real name around here.
If you know what I mean.
All right. This name is real.
Tom Hanniger?
Sheriff, we got a video camera.
You ain't gonna believe what's on it.
Sarah, I'm sorry I'm late again.
They found someone dead
at the Thunderbird.
There's cops everywhere.
Have you talked to Axel?
Go stock the display.
You're still working for your folks, I see.
What are you doing here?
I had to come back into town
to clear some things up.
Your father. I'm so sorry.
Tom, where did you go?
It's been...
ten years.
You look even prettier than when I left.
You say that like you just went off
to school or something.
You just vanished.
Your dad didn't even
know where you were.
We all started to think
that you were dead.
I'm sorry.
That's a beautiful family you have there.
I guess it's not
Sarah Mercer anymore.
It's Sarah Palmer now.
I never thought Axel would settle down.
But he always did like you.
I should go.
It's good to see you, Sarah.
Hey, Sheriff. How was your day?
Good. It was real good.
Good. Why don't
you go upstairs and brush your teeth,
and I'll be up in a sec for story time,
and you can tell me all about it, okay?
- Okay, Mom.
- Love you.
- Hey, Rosa, is Axel home yet?
- No, Mrs. Palmer.
All right. Thanks for everything today.
I can take it from here.
- Hey, it's me.
- Axel, are you okay?
I heard that somebody died
at the motel last night.
Look, I don't have time to talk now,
but I just thought
you should know it was...
it was Irene.
She was murdered.
Hey, Sheriff, you want
to come look at these tapes?
I got to go.
Oh, yeah.
This certainly won't quiet the rumors
about Harry Warden being back.
People can think what they want.
Doesn't make it true.
The talk is out there, Sheriff.
A lot of folks remember ten years ago
like it was yesterday.
Yeah, and there's a lot of miner suits
in this town, Martin.
It's not Harry Warden.
He's dead, remember?
Sheriff, you got a Valentine.
Ferris, get me a glove.
Oh, Jesus.
Not Harry?
Harry Warden is dead.
I shot him myself.
It's a copycat. Just some sick fuck.
He wasn't buried in no cave-in.
They never did find his body,
despite what the reports say.
Aw, hell.
The Hanniger kid.
What the hell is he doing here?
Leave the kid alone.
- Relax, Hinch...
- You cocksucker!
Get... Back up! Get the hell off!
What the fuck?
He's back because of you.
You were responsible.
He wants you!
You're in the wrong bar, kid.
Get off of me.
Everybody, stand down,
God damn it!
Harry's gonna kill you
for good this time. You hear me?
Hanniger, hit the door. Come on...
'Cause you people want to blame me
for the shit that happened a decade ago?
I didn't kill those people!
Come on. Come on!
It started with you, Tom.
Half the people here know someone
who died because of your fu...
Harry Warden
killed them, not me.
I know that, but you...
Then why don't they blame you?
I mean, you were the sheriff.
I just saved your ass, Hanniger.
For the second time.
But don't you worry, kiddo.
There won't be a third.
Oh, yes!
Oh, yeah!
What's wrong? Is it Noah?
Noah's fine, but it's 2 in the morning.
What is that?
It's an evidence tape.
Irene's murder.
I'm sorry.
I'll let you get back...
Tom Hanniger's back in town
to sell the mine.
He didn't stop by and visit you, did he?
Yeah, he came to
the grocery store today.
I was definitely surprised.
Why? What's going on?
The love of your life might be involved
in some very deep shit.
He's not the love of my life.
You left this on the dresser.
It was the last time
you and him were together.
Always brings a tear to my eye.
Axel, I don't want to fight.
It's... I gotta be at work in five hours.
Yeah, well, I have to work now.
I found this tape at the murder scene.
If Tom contacts you again,
you let me know right away.
Oh, God!
- Easy.
- Jesus.
It's just me.
A little jumpy these days.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to, uh, talk to you
when you weren't working.
Well, I'm at work.
Well, you got 15 minutes
before the store opens.
I shouldn't have left the way that I did.
I know I fucked up.
It was a long time ago.
You know, the second I saw you,
I instantly regretted
the last ten years of my life?
You sell those mines,
you'll regret the rest of your life, too.
I didn't come here
to talk to you about that.
You have no idea, do you?
This town depends on that mine.
Everyone here,
everyone from the miners
to the cashiers at the grocery store.
That's not my responsibility.
Yes, it is.
You ran away ten years ago,
but the rest of us stayed
to pick up the pieces.
We supported each other.
Don't you remember
how much that mine
used to mean to your family?
I guess not.
Because you just ran away,
and you just keep on running.
It didn't follow you for ten years.
It didn't?
- I faced it.
- I can't.
I wish I could, but I can't.
I lost my way.
Tom, you can go back to that place
where it all went wrong
and find your way again.
Or you can just keep running
the rest of your life.
It's your choice.
What do you got?
I need a signature.
Get this in.
Tom? What the hell you doing here?
Where's Ben? I need to talk to him.
You can't. He's down in the mine.
- I'm going down.
- Like hell you are.
- It's not safe.
- I grew up in these mines, Riggs.
I think I'll be fine.
Who's bleeding the lines on 3?
Red'll take you down.
How's the hand?
Just don't touch anything.
I'll call for Ben.
Yeah. Hey, send Ben to tunnel 3.
He's got a visitor.
What the hell do you mean?
Well, go and get him, then.
Stupid ass.
We'll rescue Trainor down below.
You, venom, and methane in 5, all right?
I know my job, Harry.
Like fuck you do.
I know my job, Harry.
Like fuck you do.
Well, you know what?
You couldn't find
your ass with both hands.
What do you want?
Son of a bitch!
Guys, trouble on 3.
Red's into it again. Come on, let's go!
Double time!
You're dead, motherfucker.
Jesus Christ.
What you got?
Oh, fuck.
Is he dead?
Riggs! Is he dead?
Get me out of here.
- What happened?
- Get me out of here.
Come on.
It's jammed. Give me a hand.
- Got it.
- Get it open.
Get me the fuck out of here.
What'd you do, Tom?
What did you do?
I didn't do anything!
Happy Valentine's Day.
That's quite the public service, Sarah.
Never one to break tradition, Dr. Miller.
Let me just steal one.
I won't tell if you won't.
Thank you.
Where the hell were you?
I was in tunnel 3.
We found Red.
It was Harry Warden.
Tommy, come on.
He attacked me,
and then I sat there,
and I watched him kill Red.
You know how crazy that sounds?
It's fucking nuts, okay?
I know that.
But he was there,
and he tried to kill me.
Sir, please, relax.
Okay. You can get
your shirt back on now.
Thank you.
Tommy, exactly what did you see?
What happened to you?
He was attacked.
By who?
Harry Warden.
It happened in the mine.
What were you doing in the mine?
I was gonna tell Ben
that I'm not selling it.
And why the hell not?
You find something in town
that's suddenly worth staying for?
Axel, you were always jealous
of me and Sarah.
You mean my wife Sarah?
Who lives in my house?
Who is mother to my son?
Who I share a bed with
and have sex with?
- Axel, enough!
- That Sarah?
- Harry Warden, right? He attacked you.
- Yeah.
Besides the fact that he's been dead
for ten years,
how comes no one else saw him?
I don't know, Sheriff, but I was there.
I saw him.
You know, this town's
in a frenzy because of you.
I'm gonna put an end to that right now.
You want to tell them, or should I?
What the hell are you talkin' about?
Fine. I'll tell 'em, then.
You see, Tom, my dad,
who drank himself to death,
along with your dad and Ben here,
decided to take the law
into their own hands ten years ago.
They killed Harry Warden.
And Sheriff Burke covered it up.
We couldn't have the town fathers
on the hook for vigilante justice.
You see, Harry wasn't
buried alive in the mine,
but he's sure as shit dead and buried.
And we're gonna lay that to rest.
Aren't we?
Where is it?
I don't know what you think
you're gonna find.
Jim, just show me
where the body's buried,
and we won't have any problems.
Once we find the old escape hatch,
it's just beyond there.
Sheriff, you really think that dangling
a set of decade-old bones
in town square
is gonna clear up these murders?
No, but it'll stop people from thinking
the boogey man is back.
And then I can get on
with my investigation.
Found the hatch.
Yeah. This is where we found him.
Bleeding at the hatch.
Over here.
I found it.
Or what used to be it.
What the hell is this?
Animals must have got at him.
Animals? Was he dead or not
when you buried him?
Damn right he was dead.
There was no pulse.
There was no life
left in him at all, right?
I shot him. I shot
the son of a bitch dead.
Yeah, we buried him right here.
It was a better burial than he deserved.
And you're sure he was dead, Ben?
There's no way he could be alive.
God damn it.
I want statements from the both of you.
And you, I want you back
at the station now.
We got a dead miner to discuss.
Come on, Sarah.
Come on, gentlemen.
What were you doing at the mine earlier?
I was doing my job.
You're the suspect. Not me.
I didn't kill the guy
in the mine, okay?
I know somebody wants you
to think that I did,
but I didn't.
We'll get to that.
Why are you really back in town?
You know why.
I don't know why someone would miss
their own father's funeral,
but show up to sell off his only asset.
Well, I'm not selling the mine.
In fact, I've decided to stay.
And why is that?
You know she settled for you.
My God.
What did you just say to me?
Sarah settled for...
Stay the fuck away from my wife!
You hear me?
Stay the fuck away from my wife!
Axel! Axel, calm down.
Lock him up, Martin! Lock him up!
I can't do that!
The mine foreman confirmed
that Tom was stuck
in that cage when they came down.
Somebody else was down there.
That's great.
That's fucking wonderful.
Won't be long before Axel
locks you up for good.
Just because Axel
wants to think that I did it
doesn't mean that I did.
There was someone else down there.
Yeah. Harry.
- But how? Why?
- I don't know, Ben.
Maybe to finish
what he started ten years ago.
If I were you, Tom,
I'd get the hell out of town.
No. No, I'm not running this time.
I'm gonna find him.
If you don't find him,
I'm betting he finds you.
Or you.
Who is it?
Damn Harry Warden.
Got me aiming at shadows.
Aiming at shadows.
It is you.
No. No.
l... l...
No. No.
No. No.
No. No.
I know the picture's ten years old,
but that's all that we have.
Yeah, I know every store
in the state are selling the candy boxes,
but send Harry Warden's photo anyway.
Who knows? We might get lucky.
How many favors have I done for you?
- Yes.
- Just make this happen.
So what's the problem?
No, no, don't...
don't put me on hold.
This is unbelievable.
Yeah. Well, then, tell him to do it.
I don't care who does it.
Just get it done.
All right.
Yes. All right. Good.
Thought I'd bring you some lunch.
Have you seen Tom?
No. Not since yesterday.
Well, we lost track of him this morning,
and Ben's missing.
I don't know where he is.
Look, this isn't a game, Sarah.
People are dead,
and Tom is the only one without an alibi.
Tom said somebody else was in...
- The fuck there was!
- Jesus.
What is with you two?
Look. I'm sorry, okay?
- I'm sorry.
- Sheriff.
What is it?
We found Ben.
I'll see you later.
What do you think?
We're being mocked.
Only three other people
out here earlier.
I'm pretty sure my wife's not the killer.
Get a cruiser outside my house.
Find Burke.
Find Tom Hanniger.
They're our prime suspects.
Megan, honey, you can let that go.
Can you give me a hand, please?
Axel wants us to get out of here quick.
You're the boss.
Okay. Thank you.
How did you ever end up with Axel
if you were with Tom?
Uh, it was Valentine's Day,
you know, when, um...
When Harry Warden killed everyone?
You were there.
Was Tom?
But Axel was the one
that was there for me.
But... he's not anymore.
Did you lock up the front?
Hello. The store's closed.
Wait here.
I'm kind of a pussy sometimes.
Welcome to the club.
There's nobody here, Sarah.
God! Megan.
Okay, let's go. Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Go! Go!
No. Fuck.
Come on, Megan!
Go, go, go, go!
The back room!
What the fuck?
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Help me, help me, help me!
Come on! Come on!
Come help me. Quick, quick!
Come on! Push it now!
The window! Go! Go, go, go! Go!
Oh, shit! It's locked!
Sarah, we need the key!
The key's in the desk. Hurry!
The key's in the desk. Hurry!
- Come on! Hurry!
- Stop yelling at me!
It's at Mercer's grocery store!
It's Harry Warden, and he's inside!
I got it! I got it!
I can't get it!
I can't get it.
Got it!
I got it.
Go, go!
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Hurry. Oh, you can...
Turn, turn, turn.
Come on, hurry. Wait. Something's not right.
Something's not right.
Something's... Come back.
Come back. Come back.
Come back.
Oh, shit!
Oh, my God! Sarah!
Sarah, help me!
Help me, Sarah!
I got you.
I got you. I got you. I got you!
Sarah! Where is he?
What about Megan, huh?
Back alley. She's in the back alley.
Stay behind me.
Sarah. Sarah!
Stay behind me. You understand?
Yes, yes. Yes.
Stay back, baby.
- Oh, Jesus.
- What?
Sarah, stay back.
You don't want to see this.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
They're gonna take you
over to the hospital
and have you checked out.
Why would he go after her?
Everybody's connected to the mine.
Just like ten years ago.
Megan wasn't.
Maybe the killer was
just trying to get to you.
What are you talking about?
I'm not blind, Axel.
Let's go.
Noah, I'm just taking the garbage out.
Is your cartoon over already?
He's here, inside the house.
Come on.
You want to take point?
I'm retired.
... the highest building in the city.
Mr. Murray realized
that there were no more
miserable people left, except for him.
At which point, Mr. Murray
shot himself in the foot.
I want you to duck down.
Stay hidden, okay?
Don't come out until
I come and get you, no matter what.
Burke! Get in here now!
Sarah, it's me. Where are you?
I'm at the hospital.
What happened? Are you okay?
You were right.
Harry Warden's back.
He tried to kill me. I got away.
Did you see his face?
Just the mask.
Sarah, I don't think it's Harry.
What are you saying?
Do you trust me?
Do you trust me?
I trust you.
Okay, good.
There's something I have to show you.
Tom, I have to get back to Noah.
That's fine. I'll take you to him.
But I gotta show you
something along the way.
Where can I find Sarah?
Well, Sheriff, she just checked out.
What are you talking about?
About ten minutes ago.
She left with that nice Tom Hanniger.
Go ahead.
I just got that report in
on Tom Hanniger.
You're gonna want to hear this.
It took me ten years to get
that mask out of my head,
and just like that, it's back.
You know Axel owns land up here?
Yeah. It's his daddy's old place.
Been there lately?
Axel's not who you think he is, Sarah.
What are you saying?
I'm saying I think he's responsible
for what's going on.
The murders.
That's crazy.
Don't answer that.
Where are you?
He's with you, isn't he?
Who is that?
All right, Sarah, listen to me.
You need to get away
from Tom now.
I'm not sure if
I know what you mean.
Tom has been in a mental institute
for the past seven years.
He is not the guy you grew up with.
Who is it?
He was in our house, Sarah. Rosa is dead.
So is Burke.
He went after our son.
And now he has you.
- Noah. Is he...
- Noah's fine. Noah's fine.
He's with Ferris at the station. He's safe.
I know I've been horrible to you.
And I'm sorry. Okay?
You can leave me if you want,
but just get out of the car, please.
Sarah, get out of the car.
Thanks for checking in on him, Mom.
I need to get home. My mom said
that Noah's not feeling very well.
That wasn't your mom.
I need to get home to my son.
Don't you trust me?
Take me home.
- Damn it, Sarah! I need you to understand.
- Oh, God!
Okay? I need somebody to understand.
Tom. Tom, you're starting to scare me.
You're the only one that I can trust.
Okay? You gotta go with me on this.
I have a husband and a son.
Please, just take me home.
Axel wants you to think that it's me,
but it's not. Okay?
I don't think you know
what he's capable of.
I'm not gonna let you
take that chance, okay?
I'm not gonna let you do that again.
Where are you?
Axel? I crashed the car
in the woods by the mine.
Are you okay?
- Yeah. I think so.
- Oh, God.
Okay. You go to my dad's old place,
- all right?
- Okay.
You hide.
I'm on my way.
All right.
Axel wants you
to think that it's me, but it's not, okay?
I don't think you know what he's capable of.
Fuck! Fuck!
Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck.
- Jesus.
- Don't move, Axel.
Sarah, what are you doing?
I found your hearts.
Hearts? What are you saying?
Up in the house.
Your fucking Valentine's hearts.
The Valentine from Megan?
Look, I'm sorry. All right?
- It meant nothing...
- I'm not talking about fucking Megan!
The hearts, Axel.
The 300 fucking candy boxes
you used to put the hearts in!
It's Tom, Sarah. Tom must have...
Stop it! It's your house, Axel.
The picture of me and Tom,
you took it. It was there.
Tom must have put it there.
Sarah, I've been working
the past 72 hours.
When would I have time to play psycho?
You're the sheriff, Axel.
I mean, you come
and go as you please.
All right, Tom, stay back.
It's okay, Sarah.
- All right...
- The both of you, stop fucking moving!
Sarah, look at me.
Shoot him, and he won't move.
What? Axel, we're gonna get you help.
You are so full of shit!
Sarah, stop it. You don't fucking
believe this guy?
Axel, I know you hate me,
and I don't really give a shit,
but this is your wife. Stop lying to her!
Shut up! He's crazy!
He was in an institution.
Oh, that's real nice. Nice try.
Fuck it. Just shoot us both.
- What?
- What?
Yeah, just shoot us both.
Do it. Come on, it's your only choice.
If you just shoot me, Sarah,
you'd still be down here with a killer.
What are you talking about?
Sarah, don't listen to him.
- Sarah, do it.
- He needs help, Sarah.
Do it. You have to do it,
Sarah. Shoot us!
- Nobody's shooting anyone, Axel.
- Shoot us!
- Sarah, listen to me!
- Will you stop it?
No, listen to me!
The words that Megan wrote
in her Valentine, "Be mine forever"?
Those are the same words
written in blood above her dead body.
Isn't that right, Axel?
I'm gonna rip your fucking head off.
How did you know
that Megan was dead?
You told me.
No, I didn't.
And how'd you know about
the words written on the wall?
What is that?
It's him. It's Harry.
It's fucking him. It's...
It's Harry, Sarah.
Sarah, you gotta shoot him.
Sarah, he's right there. Shoot him.
It's Harry, Sarah.
You gotta shoot him.
It's Harry.
There he is. He's right there.
Shoot him! What are you doing?
Shoot him. He's right there!
Sarah, shoot him! He's right there!
Tom, there's nobody else here!
He's right there! Shoot him!
Sarah, you gotta shoot him!
Shoot him now! Shoot him!
Sarah, he's right there! Shoot him!
He's right there! Shoot him now!
Sarah, shoot him!
Shoot him, shoot him.
Sarah, what are you doing?
Shoot him now. He's right here.
He's right here.
He's right... He's right...
He's right here. He's right here.
He's right here. He's right here.
He's right here.
Harry's not here, Tom.
He's here.
Aren't you, Harry?
You living inside Tom?
Oh, I'm right here.
I fucking knew it.
Oh, God.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go. Come on.
Let's go.
Come on. I want to go home.
I want to go home.
- Okay.
- We can't miss.
There's one bullet left.
Don't miss.
Hey, come here.
You better check this out.
Hang in there, buddy.
Help's on the way, okay?
Hey! Help's coming, okay?
We're gonna get you out of here.
Can you tell me your n...
Right this way.
Yeah, yeah.
- Sarah. You okay?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Hey, Sheriff. Sheriff, look at me.
Look at me, Sheriff.
Where's Hanniger?
Tom's dead.
I love you.
I love you, too.
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