My Blind Brother (2016)

[music playing]
[music playing]
[music playing]
What's my time?
Robbie, Robbie, can we
ask you a few questions?
Of course, of course.
I've got to say, you
look very pretty today.
Well, thank you, Robbie.
You have so many supporters
that came out today.
Yes I do!
I have all my
supporters here today.
How's everybody doing?
You've been such
an inspiration.
How are you feeling right now?
I feel great.
The only way I
could feel better is
if we turn around and go back,
start over, with all of you
waiting for me at the end.
Thank you, Robbie.
Thank you so much.
Robbie is an example to us all.
Brave, strong,
focused, determined.
So it gives me great
pleasure to present
him with this check for $6,548
to the Out of Sight Foundation.
Oh man, this thing's heavy.
Just kidding.
OK, I have a few special
thank yous I'd like to make.
First and foremost, my mom
and dad for their support.
We love you, Rob.
I don't know what
I'd do without you.
I love you.
And perhaps most
importantly, I have just
got to thank one individual who
is next to me the whole time
I'm running down that road.
Doubts, sure, I have doubts.
But there's this voice right
next to you telling you
that you can do it.
I, of course, am
talking about...
ROBBIE: He took my
sight away from me.
My bad.
Who's that?
Oh, what's up GT?
Oh, Bill.
What's good, my man?
Be able to see with my heart.
You just ran 26 miles, man.
That I did.
Yeah, dude, marathon man.
Come on.
I bet you glad that bull
shit's finally over, though.
No doubt.
No doubt.
Yo, you wanna go
smoke some weed?
I didn't get it.
I didn't get it.
One more time.
Oh, OK.
There was a lot
of wind that way.
Can I just do it?
Ye... nah, I'd rather
you didn't, actually.
I need you...
All right, let me
know if it's lit.
You know, I mean,
just talk to me.
There, that's hot.
You good?
That sound good.
Yo, you want something else?
Take the edge off.
Like I got this
bomb ass Klonopin.
Have you ever hear of Klonopin?
It's crazy.
There are cops here,
you gotta be careful.
We good, though, for real.
I could shoot up in
front of those dudes
and they don't care.
Yeah, coming.
Where were you?
Have you been smoking pot?
I just ran a marathon.
I am so proud of you
running all that way.
Jocelyn says I'm going
to make the front page.
She thinks I should
do a swim next.
What do you mean, next?
For the next fundraiser.
I think it would be cool
to swim across the lake.
But I thought we said that we
were done after this, that we
could stop after the run.
Well, kids don't stop
being blind, Bill.
I know that, I just...
You wouldn't have
to get in the water,
you just guide me from
a boat or something.
JANE: How about right here.
Good, Robbie?
Yeah, let's do this.
OK, it's all clear ahead.
Ease out, that's it.
Just a hair to the right.
All right.
I got it.
All right, good.
There's a car about
300 yards ahead of us.
Sure, I heard it.
Is someone eating?
Yeah, I am.
OK, could you just
chill out a little bit.
Trying to focus.
You should clean your oven.
I made moussaka, your favorite.
Thanks, mom.
I'm so psyched.
You can just take
the egg plant out.
So dad, how long do
you think it would take?
Probably about 14 miles or so.
Four or five hours at least.
Yeah, we're going to have
to start training right away.
But we're in
shape from the run.
It's different.
You're going to
have to concentrate
on more upper body stuff.
It's all in the shoulders.
You got your anterior
deltoid, lateral, posterior.
Swimming's a whole
different ballgame.
I'm just going to take off.
Where to?
I'm just going
to go have a beer.
I thought we were going to
look at the video of the race.
I'll watch it later, mom.
Hey, Bill, just
don't drink too much.
We don't want you
dehydrated, OK?
OK, Robbie.
You... you stay hydrated, too.
Who do you think
you're talking to?
All right, see you guys later.
Hey, Bill.
Have fun.
What happened to him?
Hit by a bus.
Makes you think, doesn't it?
You gotta really
grab each day, man.
Check, check.
This one's for you, Fred.
[music playing]
Did they take him to
the hospital first?
Or was it like instant?
Uh, I'm pretty sure
it was pretty quick.
It was a bus, so...
Did he just step off
the curb without looking?
Uh, no.
Actually, get this, he was in
an argument with his girlfriend.
He was chasing after
her when it happened.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
You want another drink?
Let's do it.
I killed him.
I killed the boy that died.
I had just dumped
him when it happened.
You want to know
why I dumped him?
I dumped him because he
licked his lips too much
and I didn't like how
he spoke to waiters.
And that's why he's dead now.
And that I didn't
like his nipples.
I am a judgemental cunt.
Can't like everyone's nipples.
Sometimes I fantasize
about being disabled,
like I'm paralyzed
and people have
to push me around all the time.
And I get to watch a lot of TV.
That's really terrible.
I know.
I love TV.
Me too.
I still have use
of my fingers so I
can, like, control the remote.
We're off now, Rose.
Call us or drop by
whenever you'd like.
It would be great to see you.
Uh, OK.
Thank you.
Those are his parents.
It was their son that I killed.
Do you want a real tissue?
I'm a superficial narcissist.
I'm lazy and resentful.
I slept with a
married man and I
didn't even like him very much.
I almost killed my brother.
Why? you didn't like him?
No, I liked him quite a lot.
I challenged him to
a diving competition.
The water was,
like, very shallow.
Thank you for trying
to make me feel better.
I'm not.
I think I'm just going
to have to go to Africa
and build wells
for people who need
them after this whole thing.
I really am going
to have to dedicate
myself to the less fortunate.
I could go with you and
hang out with the kids...
like the African kids.
For the price of
a cup of coffee,
I could play soccer with them.
Or baby elephants.
I love baby elephants.
Me too.
[music playing]
I love you.
I love you.
Can you be just mine?
Let's stay like this forever.
Then we can get a
TV on the ceiling?
Yeah, it'll be like a boat.
I get seasick.
It's a boat with no water.
Oh, I love those kind of boats.
You're perfect.
Good morning.
Oh, hi.
Just can't find my dress.
Can I cook you some breakfast?
Um, that's OK.
This is not the way they go.
Looks... looks great.
Oh, your dress.
I would love it.
Here you go.
So, I had a really
good time last night.
It was very lovely and I'm very
hungover, borderline poisoned.
So can I call you sometime?
I don't think
that's a great idea.
You're... oh, you're
being serious.
I can't go out with
anyone right now.
Nobody should go out with me.
Well, we don't have to go out.
We could just lie in
the boat and watch TV.
I can't.
How come?
You going to Africa to play
soccer the baby elephants?
Yeah, it's not a joke.
This isn't where I'm
supposed to be this morning.
And I am going to
dedicate myself to that.
I'm going to do good
things for other people.
You could help me.
Why, what's wrong with you?
I mean, my life is kind of shit.
All right, well thank you.
And, or, I'm sorry.
Uh, really nice to meet you.
You do want to go
on the... oh, my god.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Get off.
Did I just hear somebody leave?
Did I?
Oh, what's going on, Billy?
Did Billy finally have some sex?
Did he?
Tell me what's going
on, little Billy.
You're squashing me.
Oh my god, are you in love?
You're in love!
Who was she?
Some girl I met at the bar.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not going to see her again.
Was she gross?
She wouldn't give
me her phone number.
Oh, oh shit.
I'm sorry, man.
Well, it's probably not
the girl of your dreams
if she spent the night
on the first night.
You can do better, OK?
It's going to be OK.
Sh, little Billy,
it's going to be OK.
I thought after
your race thingy,
we go back to you
doing early mornings.
Yeah, well it turns out that
I'm going to continue to have
to train early mornings.
How come you get to choose?
Because I'm the manager
and I make the schedule.
Oh, it is so hard being
a white American man.
My heart, it bleeds for you.
Why aren't you getting in?
Because I'm not swimming.
Why not?
It's a swimming pool, nothing
bad's going to happen.
They have lifeguards.
Actually, they don't
life guards here.
But that's not the point.
The point is that I
don't want to do it.
So what if I get into
trouble when I'm out there,
all alone on the empty seas?
I'll throw you
a life preserver.
Or you can get someone
else to row for you.
Or you could just not
do the swim at all.
I'll swim next to you, baby.
I'm not doing the swim.
OK, never mind.
I thought it'd be fun.
Sorry, I'll just
be two minutes.
Oh, no.
It's OK.
You don't have to come.
What's that now?
I met a girl.
She wants to help me train.
That's great.
Who is she?
New volunteer at the center,
says she's desperate to help.
Desperate, wow, sexy.
How do I look?
Beautiful, baby.
Thanks, baby.
See you later.
Have fun.
I will.
OK, the way this is going to
work is you follow my pace.
You're basically my eyes.
You don't pull on my arm.
You don't suddenly
change direction.
You just guide.
Right, so I'm like
a very important dog.
That's right, you're
a very important dog.
Thank you.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
OK, let's go.
How's this?
It's too fast for you?
No, it's good.
OK, good, because it's getting
a lot faster here coming up.
It is?
That's fine.
That's fine.
It's just all the
accolades and trophies
and all that stuff
just doesn't really
end up meaning all that
much at the end of the day.
I mean, I appreciate it.
And it's nice to
walk around and have
everyone know who
I am and stuff,
but it's not that
important to me.
You know?
I'm spreading the word
about taking care yourself.
I mean, I've been training
on and off for a few years
and so I'm in pretty good shape.
Yeah, you look it.
I just... I just like it.
Just seeing what a difference
it makes to all the kids
makes everything
worthwhile, you know?
Yeah, I think
that's really sweet.
Oh, Rob.
Sorry, did you not
want me to do that?
I'm... you were
touching my hand.
No, I... I know.
You had something
in your sleeve.
OK, that... it's not
embarrassing at all.
No, it isn't.
This is definitely my fault.
Well, it's not your fault.
Listen, if I was in
a different place,
you would be really
the kind of person
that I would be
lucky to go out with.
You really don't need
to say anything, Rose.
It's fine.
I get it.
I think that what you do,
all of your charity work
is really beautiful and amazing.
Seriously, I'm
actually sighted.
And I just do this
whole blind thing
because clearly it's this
total turn on for the girls.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
I enjoyed that very much.
Do you want to try it again
now that I'm prepared?
Yeah, sure.
How was blindy?
He kissed me.
He what?
How did that happen?
He kissed me and then I said,
I don't feel that way about you.
And then he just, like,
looked really sad.
Oh, shit.
Yeah, so I kissed him.
Because you didn't
want him to look so sad.
He's incredibly nice and he
does a lot of charity stuff.
You know he's not
going to die, right?
If you say, look, I
don't want to kiss you,
his head is not
going to explode.
You're not that important.
Yeah, I do know that.
But I'm also taking an
interesting new look
where I think this could
be really cool opportunity
for me to help somebody.
Uh huh, because to me that
sounds like a pity fuck.
If that's what it
is, we could get
some homeless guys up in here,
really take care of them.
Maybe Robbie is the
greatest guy ever
and I just don't know
it because I'm horrible.
So you're attracted to him?
But Fred is dead because I
did not like his nipples.
That's why he's deceased.
Which makes me feel like
everything about me is wrong.
So I need to change and
therefore I'm not dumping him.
And that's that.
This is interesting.
So what are you going to say?
I'll say hello if she's
hot and hi if she's not.
OK, but seriously, if she's a
pig, you have to tell me, OK?
If she's a pig,
I'll shout, pig.
OK, great.
That's an excellent plan.
All right.
Did you dye your hair?
Because it looks
kind of sun kissed.
Did you just say sun kissed?
Yeah, like the sun knelt down
and planted a sweet little kiss
on your melon.
Maybe it knelt down
and jizzed on my melon.
I'm pretty sure, in
that case, the term
would be that your
hair looks sun jizzed.
Is that the kind of relationship
you have with the sun?
No, no.
Learn something
new every day, huh?
Billy, are you
going to say hello?
Or hi?
We actually have met before.
What? No way.
That's crazy.
How do you guys know each other?
We know each other socially.
Nice to see you again, Rose.
Nice to see you again as well.
Well, this is awesome.
You know, Bill's my
right hand man so it's
essential you guys get along.
You look very pretty today.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, OK.
I'm sure you do.
I'm sure you do.
See you later, Bill.
Don't wait up.
You awake?
What happened to you?
You didn't say anything.
Is she's hot or is she a pig?
She's nice looking.
Just nice?
She's good looking.
You're not just saying that
so I'll go out with her?
OK, sorry, go back to sleep.
Can you close the door?
Why are you asleep...
it's like 9:00.
I'm the devil.
You're not the devil.
How could you have known
that they were brothers?
I don't really know
but I feel like maybe I
did, like some dark part
of me knew that it was bad
and then it made me do it
because that's what it wants.
So you're psychic now?
I don't know.
You're just like all
powerful and all knowing.
And everything that
happens, happens
because you make it happen.
Like if someone takes
a shit in China,
it's because you
did something bad.
So what are you going to do?
I'm not going to do anything.
I'm going out with Robbie.
Uh huh.
And you have no feelings
for Bill, whatsoever.
Honestly, who cares?
I can't trust my feelings.
My feelings are fucked.
Does it bother you
that he's blind?
No, I like it.
Oh, you're into it.
Not into it.
You find it sexually alluring.
Well, not... I don't
mean like, oh, I like it.
You know what I'm
looking for in a guy?
Like someone a
little taller than me
and preferably kind of
handsome, and you know,
visually impaired.
Oh my god.
I think there are websites
for people like you.
Are you going to pay
for that printing?
And yet you boss me.
I work, I don't steal.
And yet you boss me.
You want to come over
to my house later?
I don't think
that's a good idea.
It is just sex.
To be honest with you,
I just got my period.
Christ, all you American
men, you're so sensitive.
Is that oil?
Yeah, it's good for resistance.
You have to shave off
that vital half a second.
Meet you out there.
I'm going to take a shit.
Didn't know that you
were going to be here.
Robbie asked me to come.
So are you like his new reader?
Didn't know you did that.
Well, I mean, I just started.
Well, it's very nice of you.
You didn't tell me that
your brother was blind.
I thought I did.
You didn't
I'm pretty sure I did.
Where's my special lady?
- Hi.
- There you are.
How are you doing?
Oh, I like the feel of this.
You in a swimsuit,
that's so nice.
What color is it?
Um, it's blue.
Ah, it's blue.
I like blue.
Well, my brother
says you're hot, so...
Oh, well...
Gotta be something.
OK, get ready to
watch poetry in motion.
What did you think?
Hey, Bill, you gotta
get Rose on the roster.
She really wants to
help out, get involved.
Show her how to use the finger.
Are you going to tell him?
What, that I've see you naked?
Yeah, weirdly, I don't
think that's the best idea.
Yeah, because that would be a
really weird way to say that.
I didn't know that
he was your brother.
You said that already.
Is this part of, like,
you being a better person?
And what do you mean by that?
Robbie isn't a baby
elephant to you, is he?
No, he's not.
We met.
We got along.
We decided to go out.
I thought you said you didn't
want to go out with anyone,
that you wanted to
focus on helping people.
Yeah, OK, sorry.
I changed my mind.
Yeah, I see that.
Oh, shit.
God, damn it.
Where is he?
What happened?
He swam into the
side of the pool.
I just... I just took my eyes
off of him for a second.
Hi, I'm Phil, Bill's dad.
Hi, I'm Rose.
It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, you're Rose.
How sweet of you to come.
We have heard so much about you.
You are so pretty.
Hey, hey.
- You're very pretty.
- Oh...
Hey, Robbie.
Oh, my walking wounded.
Oh, it's fine.
I'm sure it's not
as bad as it looks.
Oh, you're still gorgeous.
Isn't he gorgeous, Rose?
What, you stayed?
Oh, that's so sweet.
It's really... it's
not a big deal.
Not the first time
Bill's dropped the ball.
Sorry about that, Rob.
All right, should we go?
Come on, Rose, come with us.
I'll get the car.
Nice to me you, finally.
Nice to meet you, too.
Hey, how do I look?
You look really strong.
TV: Focused, determined.
So it gives me great
pleasure to present
him with this check for $6,548. the Out of sight...
You have a mirror face.
You have a face
that you make when
you're looking in the mirror.
What kind of face am I making?
Like a regal bunny.
Dah, crowd loved
it when I did that.
Yeah, you're a really
good public speaker.
Lots of practice.
You want to see my mirror face?
Do you want to
stay over tonight?
Might be a good idea
in case I pass out.
I'm injured.
Right, yeah.
You want to see my room?
ROBBIE: Hey, I want
to show you something.
ROSE: Wow, that's big.
ROBBIE: Yeah, I got
that one for archery.
And that one's for tennis,
um, skiing, soccer.
So how's it going with Rose?
Oh good, really good.
Yeah, she seems nice.
I even kind of
like her birthmark.
What birthmark?
She's got a birthmark.
On her cheek.
It's interesting.
It's kind of like the
shape of Kentucky.
Well, I hope it's not gross.
I can't believe
you didn't tell me.
So you didn't tell me
about your birthmark.
I don't have a birthmark.
Bill says you have a
birthmark on your cheek.
You thought I had a birthmark?
Maybe you just had like ketchup
on your face or something.
You OK?
Yeah, I just don't
really like boats.
You should tell
me and get seasick.
I did.
He told me to push through.
You're doing great, Rob.
I just said you're doing great.
I know.
You know, you've
been very helpful
with all the swim stuff.
If left to my own devices, I
would just be at home all day
doing nothing at all.
I'm actually quite lazy.
I don't know if you
know that about me.
You're not lazy at all.
Oh, no, I am.
I just hide it pretty well.
What would be your perfect day?
Uh, I get up and I have
some toast with butter
and a cup of tea.
And my boss has called
because he wants
me to watch Cheers
and the Golden Girls,
and maybe Roseanne
if I have time.
For your work.
Yes, oh, because I watch
TV on behalf of the poor.
Well, that's very good of you.
Whoa, there, you're
going to capsize.
It's a white squall.
Will you fucking stop?
Stop it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't get it.
He gets everything.
He's the hero.
He's the amazing Robbie.
He ain't that amazing.
You should just
tell him you ain't
going to do his stupid swim.
Oh, yeah, and just cancel
out the last 18 years.
Can you imagine how
that would make me look?
Who gives a shit
what you look like?
Take the girl, man.
How can I do that when
he's got everything?
You can see the bitch.
Damn, man.
We've got to figure out a way
to make you seem more masculine.
You lift weights?
Not very heavy ones.
Why do you have a Bible?
Girls like dudes with Bibles.
Whatchu mean?
Oh, you've got a gun?
No, I don't have a gun.
I've got a gun.
Oh, because I'm blind
I can't have a gun?
No, you got a little blunt
like right on your front
tooth right here.
You got it.
Good looking out.
Yeah, let me hit that.
Let me hit that blunt.
Let me hit that blunt.
Yeah, they're
called nutritiarians.
And it's not about the
counting of the calories,
it's about the quality
of the calories.
I mean, I keep telling
people about this and no one...
no one seems to be listening.
I mean, OK, for instance,
you want 30% to 60%
of your diet to be vegetables...
Watch out.
[engine rumbles] Watch out.
You guys OK?
I'll be right back.
Watch what you're doing, bro.
You're coming at us, you
almost knocked us over.
You don't tell me what to do.
No, you listen.
I don't tell me...
you don't tell me...
Are you OK?
Like... just is it broken?
No, I think it's
probably just bruised.
You've got to move
your fingers around.
Like that?
Does that hurt?
Bill, you OK?
Yeah, yeah I'm fine.
Thank you for defending me.
How's he doing?
Bill, could you check on him?
I'm done, man.
He can have her.
She's got real
co-dependency issues.
I'm never going to
beat him because, you
know, nothing trumps it.
Nothing trumps what?
Yo, I can't believe
he hit you, Norman.
That's messed up.
He's strong, man.
I mean, for a blind guy, he's
really got a good swing, man.
[sirens] Oh, shit.
No, we're good.
It's all right.
What do we got
going on here, guys?
Nothing, officer.
Just hanging out.
Oh, hey GT.
Your mom's here.
Has GT been released yet?
We didn't charge him.
It was like $10 worth of weed.
It's not a big deal.
Not everything's
about you, Bill.
Your brother's
had some bad news.
Oh yeah, what's that?
The swim's not happening.
It's not happening.
How come?
Because the the Coast Guard
and the good people of Lorain
aren't willing to let a
blind guy into the water.
They say it's too
dangerous and they're not
insured for that kind of thing.
So you're not going
to swim at all?
Jesus, what part of this
don't you understand?
Yes, Bill.
It is not going to happen.
The swim is off.
You happy now?
[music playing]
Looking good, girl.
We're trying to listen to this.
What is it?
It's Crime and Punishment.
Crime and Punishment,
that sounds fun.
Well, that's not
the point, Bill.
It's not always
about having fun.
It's about culture and
enriching yourself.
Got it.
With literature and art.
You got it?
That's OK.
AUDIOBOOK: And he will
hold out his hands to us.
And we shall fall
down before him.
And we shall we and we
shall understand all things.
Then we shall understand all.
And all will understand...
Let's go out.
Seriously, you need to
blow off some steam.
You need to have a couple
beers and eat some processed
food, something delicious like
chicken fingers
or potato skins.
Wh... where would we go?
Do some dancing, some
drinking, some dinner.
What, just the three of us?
Unless Rose has a
young lady that she
would like to introduce me to.
Hi, you're up front with me.
Hi, I'm Bill.
I'm Francie.
Nice to meet you, Francie.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, guys.
So we all up for some
drinks before dinner?
I certainly am.
Well, that's good news.
And how do you feel
about dancing, Francie?
I feel pretty
great about dancing.
Also good to hear.
Yep, sounds like a plan.
South Road's coming up.
Yep, I know.
And we should be passing the
lobster mailbox on our right
just about... now.
Oh my god.
Holy shit.
Bill, stop the car.
- You sure about that, Robbie?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's fine. Stop the car.
All right.
What are we doing?
Get ready for fun.
- Hey.
- Oh, it's all right.
I got it.
What's going on?
I'm driving.
Get in.
Um, how are you doing this?
He's peeking
through his eyelids.
I have pretty advanced
spatial awareness and memory.
- There's a car coming.
- It's OK, I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
FRANCIE: I don't like this.
See, everybody's fine.
- How are you guys doing?
- Robbie, it's not...
What's going on back here?
This is stupid.
See, it doesn't matter.
I can go like this.
It's the same as
if I'm like this.
FRANCIE: Uh huh.
Or like that.
Somebody should be looking
at where we're going.
BILL: Robbie, can you do
it with your eyes closed?
[music playing]
We should start a petition, get
the whole community behind me.
Bill thinks it would be
better coming from me,
a passionate plea of sorts.
Uh huh, I think so.
He and Francie seem
to be getting along.
Might finally be
about to get laid.
But he must have a lot
of girlfriends, right?
No, not at all.
He's only brought one
person home in the last year
and she wouldn't even
give him her number.
Your table is ready.
Thank you.
Guys, it's dinner time.
Hi, it's time for dinner.
I really like him.
We could marry brothers.
And then we could live in
houses next to each other
with a tunnel underneath.
All right.
So, who's better
looking, Rose or Francie?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And a wine list as well.
Your waitress will be over
to take your order shortly.
This is awkward because
that gentleman lied to you.
I will be your
waitress this evening.
I would like a huge martini
and I want you to get in it.
No problem.
More wine, Francie?
Uh, yeah, thank you.
Little more.
[yell] [yell]
What the fuck is that?
Excuse me, do you mind?
I'm trying to eat
dinner over here.
Rob, he's disabled.
I'm disabled.
Oh my god.
So Francie, do you do a bunch of
volunteer stuff like Rose does?
Oh, no.
I'm a much worse person.
In my free time I
mostly just watch TV.
As a person that's
been on TV, I
can tell you it's
very effective,
Robbie's been on the
local news a bunch.
Really, have you?
6 times, 4 years.
You must get recognized
on the street all the time.
Some people think
it's, like, excessive.
But I... I'm kind of like,
eh, I could do better.
[interposing voices]
Oh, no, don't get up.
No, please.
Funny to see you here.
How have you been?
I'm just fine.
How have you been?
We're managing.
We've missed you.
Hi, I'm Robbie.
I'm Rose's boyfriend.
He's blind.
Well, nice to meet you.
Nice to see you both.
We'll let you get
on with your dinner.
Why'd you tell
them I was blind?
Those were Fred's parents.
Who is Fred?
Fred's the boy that died.
OK, but why did you
tell them I was blind?
I wasn't expecting to see them
and I think I just got... I'm
kind of flustered and confused.
Did you think the fact that
I was blind would make it seem
less like you'd
moved on and more
like you're doing a good deed?
No, not at all.
I just... I, um... I just was not.
Because I don't
need your pity, Rose.
I know, and that's
not what this is.
Oh, OK.
So what is it?
I just fucked up.
Rob, don't go.
Robbie, I'm sorry.
I really didn't
mean yell at you.
I'm just overwhelmed.
- Robbie, please don't leave.
- Why?
Why not?
That was way out of line.
I am so sorry.
Because I made a really
weird, bad mistake.
A weird what?
I did not want to
hurt your feelings.
- I'm sorry.
- Why?
Why are you sorry?
- I'm sorry because I... I'm...
- Why?
Because I don't want to
make you feel that way.
Why not?
Because I... I love you.
I love you.
I... I didn't mean to
hurt your feelings.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
You shouldn't apologize to me.
You love me.
See, folks, I'm irresistible.
It's just a fact.
Everyone, enjoy their dinner.
So Francie, why
don't you tell me, so
far, what do you think of Bill?
What do I think of Bill?
Um, well...
Um, you know what,
I actually, I'm
going to just hit the
ladies room, just for a sec.
- OK.
- Sorry.
Excuse me.
Will you let me in, please?
Well, I'm just going to stand
out here until you let me in.
You OK?
Yes, I'm fine.
I'm fine... I'm
using the bathroom.
You can't be with
someone just because you
don't want hurt their feelings.
I can't believe you just
are busting into a bathroom
and trying to be a
hero but you really
don't know what you're doing.
And I'm not... whatever
you think it is...
I'm a very difficult person.
And I'm hurtful.
And I'm vain and selfish
and a million bad things.
I don't think you love him.
Who am I to decide, though?
You are.
You are the one
to decide for you.
Excuse me, sir, I'm
going to have to ask
you to leave the restroom.
You can't be in there, sir.
So you and Bill seem close.
Why did you even invite me?
What is up her ass?
Well then, why didn't
she want to come back?
Because she's tired.
Bill, you can do better.
Francie's great.
Not that great.
We have to talk
about this right now.
Feels so weird not
training for something.
I feel like I'm seizing up.
I don't even feel
like me anymore.
It's weird.
I bet.
Stop chasing me around.
What's going on in there?
It sounds like
something's going on.
No, it's nothing.
You ever try one of these?
You want to try?
First time for everything.
It's... I don't want to.
Hey, do you think I could
sue them for discrimination.
Coast Guard.
I mean, fuck them for deciding
what's too dangerous for me.
I mean, just because you can
see it doesn't mean you're
a stronger swimmer, right?
You're not.
I'm not what?
You're not doing it.
Yeah, I know I'm not
doing it, Rose, I get that.
I don't care.
Excuse me?
And I don't, uh, nothing.
Well, that's nice.
Thanks, Rose.
I don't think
you... just stop it.
Oh, OK.
Uh, fuck this.
Listen, where are you going?
This is bullshit.
Go away.
I'm making a decision.
Please go away.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I love you, Rose.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Rose, I'm
in love with you.
Hey, I have an idea.
I'm going to do it anyway.
I mean, they can't stop
me getting in the water.
And if we don't tell them I'm
doing it, they won't even know.
I mean, I don't need
their big boats,
I've got you two guys, right?
I mean, it could be awesome.
Like man against nature,
like me against the elements.
And I'm... I'm sorry for...
for giving you a hard time.
I mean, I know this
isn't totally your thing
and you're just
looking out for me.
I just... I didn't mean
to come on so strong.
That's OK.
I was just stressed.
But I think this really
could be awesome.
Don't you?
Look, you know that I
really appreciate what you
both have done for me, right?
I mean, I know I couldn't
do it without you.
Fuck danger, right?
Yeah, fuck danger.
Are you coming to bed?
Yes, just a minute.
Thanks you guys,
you're the best.
Thank you for coming.
I came for Robbie, not for you.
Are you going to tell him
you're in love with his brother?
Excuse me.
Hey boys.
Boys, the News crew is here.
Hi, Robbie, Clarice
Singer with WKGU.
Ah, Clarice.
Might I say, you look
very beautiful today.
I'm just kidding around.
I'm sure you do, though.
Aw, thank you.
We'd like to do an
interview with you
before and after, if we could.
Going to make me
a star, Clarice?
That's the plan.
Just give me one second.
Why don't you go get
everything set up.
I want to be ready to
go in about an hour.
All right?
Yeah, OK.
Sorry, Clarice, you've got
to keep your troops in line,
you know what I'm saying?
Bill, can you do me a favor?
Leave more shit lying around
so I can injure myself
before I get in the water.
Clarice seems nice.
She's a real peach.
She seems lovely.
Just remember to triple
check everything, all right?
What's this?
What is this?
That's the bull horn.
All right.
Towels, gloves,
wetsuit, life jackets.
What's this?
That's the rope.
OK, well don't forget that.
I don't want anything
going wrong today.
Clarice, where do
you want me here?
Where you are is great.
Background OK?
Yep, background's great.
All of Robbie's warriors in
the background here with me.
These are the best
fans in the world.
I swear, they've been
with me the whole time.
It's been a long road.
You guys are the best.
Seriously, thank you
for being here, guys.
So Robbie, tell us what
you're doing here today.
Well, Clarice, I'm here to swim
12.9 kilometers across the lake
to raise money for the
Out of Sight foundation.
Well, how will your
blindness affect this one?
Uh, you know what,
it's a lot like golf.
Big handicap, big head start.
No, but seriously, I have a
pretty dependable navigation
technique to help
me find my way.
Hey, Bill.
Let's show them how
I get across, huh?
Check this out.
OK, here we go.
[horn] Right.
[horn] [horn] And.
[horn] [horn] [horn]
That's danger.
I hope I don't hear that one.
And Bill's your
brother who's going
to be rowing across with you?
That's right, that's
right... hey, Bill,
why don't you come
up here and join us.
Bill, everybody.
Here he comes.
This is my brother.
I love this guy.
You know, he's been with
me since the very start.
Couldn't have done
it without him.
You know, it's actually
Bill, who in a way,
I have to thank for
all this because he
challenged me to a diving
competition back in '94.
He won.
I hit my head on the bottom
of the pool and went blind.
OK, so Robbie, how much are
you hoping to raise today?
Well, that's a tough
question because every dollar
is a blessing.
Look, we're not going
to turn money away.
If we raised just $1
today we'd be happy, OK?
We're a grateful bunch.
Can I come in?
Well, I'm going to stand
here until you let me in.
I think we should tell him.
We'll tell him after the swim.
Everything OK?
We should get going.
On your mark, get set.
[gun shot]
[music playing]
[boat horn]
[horn] [horn]
[horn] [horn]
[boat horn]
[horn] [horn]
Robbie, stop, you're
going the wrong way.
Well, make up your mind.
It's pretty much
straight across.
No, I know.
But there are other horns.
Yeah, exactly.
One for left.
Two for right.
Three for danger.
It's pretty easy.
There are other boats, Rob.
Yeah, no shit, we're in
a lake where boats are.
[music playing]
Put that down.
That's not yours.
You saw that?
Yeah, I saw it.
Leave it alone.
[music playing]
You're doing great, Rob.
We're like halfway there.
Any time today would be great.
I can't find it.
Just a minute.
Oh fuck.
Oh my god.
Get off of me.
No, you're hurt.
Bill, get off of me.
It's against the rules.
There are no rules, Robbie,
just get in the boat.
Get the fuck off of me.
Jesus, what's wrong
with you, man?
You're so fucking
useless sometimes.
I mean, what is it, man?
What? You don't want to finish,
is that what it is?
You're so jealous
of me it's pathetic.
Guys, please.
This is not going
to help anything.
Is that not why you're
trying to fuck my girlfriend?
You know what, Bill, if you
really wanted her so bad,
you could have just asked.
She's really pretty easy.
Watch your fucking mouth.
Fuck you.
You walk around pretending
to do all this shit for me
but really it's just cause
you have nothing better to do.
You don't have a life, man.
Everybody knows it.
No one wants to say it, but
you are a fucking loser.
He doesn't mean that.
Don't you tell me what I mean.
Shame on you.
Fine, why don't you finish
your bullshit swim on your own.
I will.
You're a selfish prick.
I don't need you.
And I hope you fucking drown.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Bill, stop.
You can't leave
him in the water.
OK, I'm sorry.
Is that him?
Yeah, I think.
Oh my god.
It's a fucking buoy.
Oh god.
Where did he go?
Why wasn't I watching him?
We need help.
There's no signal.
Someone help!
Help us!
[music playing]
Where are you, beautiful baby?
Where are you?
Oh god.
What are you doing here?
I was looking for you.
You left me.
You swam off.
You left me out here to die.
No I didn't, you swam off.
Get in the boat.
No, I'm waiting
for the Coast Guard.
Don't be an asshole.
Just get in the boat.
Get in the boat.
First you blind me then
you steal my girlfriend?
It was a fucking accident.
Rose was not an accident.
She's the girl.
She's the girl who wouldn't
give me her number.
And I love her.
You shouldn't have done it.
I know.
I know I let you down.
I fucked up.
I'm sorry.
Maybe I am jealous of you.
Jesus Christ, you're so
fucking brave and I hate it.
And I... I just hate how much
I let my life slip away.
But I love you and I'm sorry.
And please, please just get
on the boat with me, please.
I'm so tired.
I'm so tired.
I'm right here.
Here we are.
Grab the boat.
Grab it.
Grab on.
Is everyone still there?
What about Mom?
Is she freaking out?
Yeah, I think she wants
to have me arrested.
You know, everyone's
going to see me fail.
You didn't fail.
What are you talking about?
I didn't make it across.
What if you did?
You sure you want to do this?
Hey, uh, don't think I
don't know that all of this
is bullshit.
But I need it.
You OK?
You know, being blind
takes a lot of energy.
And sometimes I don't have
enough space for other people.
But I want you to know I
really do love you, Bill.
But if you tell anyone about
this, I will have to kill you.
All right, baby.
You look beautiful, baby.
[music playing]
Now, Robbie, was there a moment
out there where you thought you
wouldn't make it back to shore?
Oh, absolutely.
But you know, as always,
I had a conversation
going with the man upstairs.
You seen Rose?
She left.
It's like I always say,
strength in numbers,
he's number one.
Thank you, Robbie, thank
you for being an inspiration.
- Hey, Francie.
- Uh huh?
Have you seen Rose?
Did I say you were looking
very pretty tonight?
Come in.
I just wanted to come
and see, you know,
how you guys are doing.
We're OK.
It's hard.
We miss him.
There's been
something on my mind,
which is that we were having
an argument when it happened.
And that's why I think
he wasn't concentrating.
So I feel very sorry about that.
What about?
I'm sorry?
What were you fighting about?
We were breaking up.
He told me he was going
to but I didn't know
whether he'd done it already.
Fred did like you, he just
said you watched too much TV.
No, I do.
I do.
Maybe he just wasn't
your special someone.
[music playing]
Pull over.
I love you.
Am I paralyzed?
But you do have a concussion.
I have a concussion?
It was very dramatic, though.
Will you go out with me?
You know, I've got a bad track
record going out with people.
I know the risks.
And what if one day I start
to find you very irritating.
What about that?
You can dump me.
But let's be honest, I
have world class nipples.
And I'm nice to waiters.
We just have to avoid buses and
other forms of mass transit.
You want to get up on the boat.
All right.
Is my family here?
Robbie was hungry so they
went to get something to eat.
Oh, we can watch TV.
[music playing]
It's the best boat ever.
[music playing]