My Big Night (2015)

Come on, let's start,
we haven't got all day.
I've been on my feet
for 11 hours, okay?
Let's put some energy into it!
Cellphones off, please.
Not in silence, off.
The filter through.
Are these people extras?
Get them to sit down.
Another one.
Are we never going to start?
Let's go.
Cristina, Roberto, ready?
Girls and boys, on the ball!
Amparo, snap out of it.
Shit, there's a lot to do.
Go on, switch.
One. One!
Damn it...
Five, four,
- What's for dinner?
-Pizza or Chinese?
Whoah, man!
Cut, cut!
I lost the crane shot.
- What are you doing?
- What's up?
Can you hear me?
What are you doing, you shithead?
Can you hear me in there?
- Paco!
- We can hear you.
- Paco!
- We can fucking hear you!
I said to lower it gently.
Okay, from the top.
Rosa, a guy at table 21
got hit on the head.
- How is he?
- How do you think?
- Call an ambulance.
- Shouldn't we get it off him?
- Do I get under there?
- Good idea.
We shouldn't move him!
Like in a motorbike crash.
Is he breathing?
Smoking isn't allowed here.
Smoking isn't,
but crushing people is?
It's an accident,
but if you want to go, go.
I need the money.
What the hell's this?
Out of the way!
Make way.
- Tell me he's alive.
- Just a scratch.
- A scratch?
- It split his skull!
- Are we insured for this?
- We have fire insurance.
Do you want to set fire to him?
- Well, there were sparks.
- Thanks.
I'm a lawyer.
I think you've got a case.
You just want to get on "Survivors".
- The mech is in the union.
- They'll go after us.
- They want to stop this.
- No way in Hell!
Hey, guys, nothing happened here.
We have to carry on.
This has to be our big night!
MY BIG NIGH The table, make it snappy.
- Miss, the chicken.
- Here.
Are we going again or what?
Let's go.
Cristina, Roberto, ready?
Girls, guys, on the ball.
Switch to one.
Three. Fantastic. Four.
Fuck it!
- What is it?
- I don't know yet.
Shit, man.
- Go ahead.
- Paco, honey,
focus or we'll never finish.
- What now?
- Take a look.
An empty seat at table 21.
- Yes, I see it.
- Fill the gap.
- Nobody wants to sit there.
- Why not?
- It creeps them out.
- It what?
They're scared.
A spotlight would never hit
the same spot twice.
Amparo, are you on strike?
What's wrong?
Work or fuck off,
just don't give me shit!
Someone at the table is bad luck.
- A jinx?
- Don't say that.
- Why not?
- It's bad luck to say it.
- The word?
- Talk to them.
I'm not talking to anyone.
Sort it out!
Don't get anyone too tall,
they'll block the shot,
or so short you don't notice.
Not too thin
so he can fill the spot,
or too cute,
he'll be distracting.
A normal guy.
Common, ordinary.
- Hello.
-Are you free?
Yes, go ahead.
When are you picking up Mom?
But it's the 15th today!
Jose, not again,
I'm in no mood for crap.
We agreed you'd pick her up
so we could go to Disneyland.
You're going to Disneyland?
I sent you a WhatsApp
and you answered "OK".
I put "OK" to dinner
on Saturday, a week ago.
The same old story...
You put "OK" and a smiley face.
Don't lie.
I don't have any smiley faces
on my phone!
Forget about it.
I don't want a fight.
Mom will be here from 5 pm,
waiting with her crucifix.
So move your ass!
Maria, I can't go anywhere,
something's come up.
- Like what?
-A job.
- What kind of job?
- From the Temp Agency!
I waited 3 months for a call.
If I don't go they'll blacklist me
and never call again.
I ask you for one thing!
I minded your kids the other day!
For 5 minutes,
while I was at the supermarket.
The movies too.
We ran out of
Lego blocks to play with.
- You're exaggerating.
-The keys are under the doormat.
Remember her pills:
big ones in the morning,
yellow and blue at night.
- iMara.
- 'Bye.
She hung up on me.
Is he here?
In his dressing room,
bitching about the lack of towels.
And no flowers.
Why are these ladies here?
It could get nasty.
- Sack Benitez!
-A busload from Holland.
How'd they find out
he was singing tonight?
His agent leaked it.
- The Russian?
-He doesn't look Russian.
He says Alphonso has to go on first.
After the Christmas Chimes?
Impossible. It's set.
Bentez, bastard!
Take that home
and don't come back!
Sack Bentez!
Sue him.
Who? The injured guy?
Sue him before he sues us.
Scare him shitless.
I'm the sub.
What's going on?
Nothing, it's fine.
- Ask for the stage manager.
- In there?
You don't know what you're doing!
Don't go in there!
You're risking your life!
It's chaos out there.
Let's go.
What do I do?
Nothing: sit.
- Clap, smile.
- Be happy.
When does it end?
My mother's all alone...
When does it end, he says!
- How cute!
- Jose Diez Mario?
Yes, from the agency.
I know.
- Is that the magician?
- No way!
He's nobody.
- Come on.
- Coming.
Go in, please.
Don't look at the camera,
talk to anyone,
or drink from the glasses,
and the food is plastic.
When I say clap, clap,
and when I say stop, stop,
don't keep going.
And smile, all the time.
It's a fucking party.
- Alright.
- Hi, what's up?
- This is nice.
- Yeah, very.
What are you doing?
Shit, man, not again?
Keep still!
"That's terrific!
What a great time we're having!"
This is the start?
How do you want it to start?
How do I say it?
- Masculine, virile...
- Fuck off.
How's my little guy?
It's set: you go on first.
The chimes ring,
the show starts and you're on.
- What about Alphonso?
- Forget about Alphonso.
At 12:00 people want to see you.
We get the prime spot.
At 1:00 the old fart
for the grannies is on.
A little respect for Alphonso,
he's a great singer.
Sure, but you're on first.
I just swung it with Bentez.
Listen: The photos of the
madwoman at the mall.
- What about them?
- Problem solved. Kaput.
- Did you buy them?
- No.
- Then what?
- Even better than that.
I paid a hacker to wipe
her phone and computer.
- Can you do that?
- The Secret Service can.
It was as simple
as sending an email with a virus
that deletes everything.
Does that cost a lot?
What we charge for a gig.
- That much?
- It can't happen again, Adanne.
It won't, don't worry.
- Please.
- I promise.
Get it into your head.
it's not the 70s,
you can't go around
with your fly open.
People film everything now,
then you're on Youtube
and a two million people
have seen your cock.
Two million?
If even half buy my disc...
Don't you get it?
You're a teen idol,
so you get brand endorsement.
If you're caught humping
on the Net,
"humping" meaning "fucking",
forget Coca-Cola, Nike,
Pepsi, all of it.
What would I do without you?
Aw, stop it.
Yes, Benitez.
No, it's non-negotiable.
We went through this, man.
But how?
My dear... Benitez.
After the ads?!
People have already gone out!
Little guy!
Relax, honey, it's alright.
He threw coffee in his face.
Don't go in, Yuri,
there's nobody he wants to see.
I'm not nobody.
I took the scissors away from him,
but he stabbed me with a pen.
Let me see.
If I'm late, it'll be worse.
Call him 'sir'.
and avoid eye contact.
I know.
I've been working for him
my whole life.
You're late.
Terribly sorry, sir.
I brought your meds.
I had to go into Madrid for them.
- You left me alone. Again.
- It won't happen again.
A busload of your Dutch fans
held me up.
They gave me flowers for you.
Yuri, why are we here tonight?
- To promote your new album?
- No.
To relaunch your image?
Excuse me?
I mean... update it.
- Is there a problem with my image?
- Not at all, sir.
We're not relaunching anything.
We're here for what's ours.
Yes, sir.
We have to come on
just after the chimes.
Talk to Bentez
and settle this before I sing.
It's in your contract.
Really? Read it.
"The singer... will go on first...".
It clearly says so.
Read the fine print.
" long as the circumstances
of the taping
do not mean rescheduling
the timing".
Something always
reschedules the timing!
This is like signing thin air.
What were you thinking?
Being on second isn't so bad.
Adanne, the "Fireman" kid,
is a big hit.
That's very nice.
Very nice indeed.
- Do you feel the pain?
- Yes!
That's how I feel when
you say these things.
I've been in showbiz for 40 years.
I've sung for the Emperor of Japan.
They love me in Russia:
you know that better than anyone.
Fix it, Yuri.
You're my PR man
my press officer, my lawyer,
my assistant.
I'm also your son, sir.
Never mix the personal
with the professional.
- I've always told you that.
- Sorry, Dad.
Dad, Dad...
Adoptive dad.
- Yes, but...
- You may forget that, I don't.
It was a freezing day in Moscow.
I didn't want to go to the orphanage.
You were skinny as a rake,
but the promoters insisted.
- Yuri, one last thing.
- Yes, sir?
What are these?
They were in my bag.
They're death threats.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I didn't want to bother you.
It doesn't bother me.
We at the top are used to it.
- Look what happened to John.
- John? What John?
A friend, you were very young.
- Did you tell the police?
- Yes. It's all under control.
They don't give the letters
any credibility.
It's just someone harmless
seeking attention.
How do they know that?
Otherwise, he wouldn't have put
his name and address on them.
scar Garca.
Poor man.
Tensions mounts at Mediafrost Studios.
Negotiations are at a standstill,
and according to...
...the unions...
the number of people laid off
could reach 500.
"Today's a special day for me.
It could be my big night".
MY BIG NIGH "We're having such a great time!
A great time, Roberto!"
Do I have to repeat it?
It emphasizes how much fun it is.
"A great time, Roberto!
But the night is young.
You bet, Cristina!
Because now for the best of all!
The best, the best!"
More repetition.
80% of our audience is over 70.
You have to repeat things for them.
"The best! The best!
What is it?
Don't do this to me!
You don't know?
I'll give you some clues.
Don't make them hard!
He's been in showbiz
for over 40 years.
Jos Luis Moreno!
No, no.
- He was number 1 in Russia.
- Gorbachev!
He sang for the Emperor of Japan!
Frank Sinatra!
No! Frank Sinatra is dead!"
Do I have to always look retarded?
Retarded? Why?
Shit, I don't know anything,
he explains it all to me,
and gets the punch lines.
On Page 15 you get a joke.
The giraffe joke? Fuck off.
It's funny.
I'll take it.
Fucking great,
now you get all the lines!
You're the fucking great comedian,
and I'm the ditz
who flashes her tits.
You want me to show my tits?
Why else did you get a boob job?
You look like a turkey.
- They're natural.
- Like all-natural yogurt.
Please, let's go over this.
"We're having such a great time!
A great time, Roberto!"
Do you think I'm an idiot?
I know what you're up to.
What is it now?
- You want to present "Survivors".
- Me?
Your agent spoke to
the channel executives.
You're trash talking me.
You sent videos of my bloopers
to the bosses.
That's not true.
They forwarded them to me!
Now I have to go along
with your crap here.
What's up?
You think it's funny?
I wasn't laughing.
Yes, you were. Everyone is.
Go laugh in the fucking street!
Go on, out!
You're nodding off.
I need some good laughs!
Everyone laugh, you fucks!
That's it.
Okay, enough!
Is there WiFi?
Production changed the code again.
Try "1234".
Maybe it's "production1234"?
What about
I've got an old phone.
It only takes photos.
Let me see...
It's like the one my dad got me
when I finished junior high!
"Are you with Mom?"
You just got a message from Mara.
My sister.
I have to pick up my mother,
she's alone at home.
They said we're not leaving here
until it's done.
They're afraid the pickets
won't let us back in tomorrow.
I have to pick up my mother.
- How much is he paying you?
- What?
To give him the best jokes.
500, 1000 Euros?
Let's do this:
I'll read his lines
and he can read mine.
It's not like that.
You're wrong.
Do you want me to tell Benitez?
You're screwing him, huh?
Please, Roberto.
It's a simple question.
Are you screwing Bentez or not?
- We're making too much of this...
- I am not!
Let's calm down
and read the script.
If you read it with gusto, it works.
Are you saying I read badly?
I don't know how to read a text?
You're telling me how to read?
You, you loser?
You clown!
Come on, start your engines.
Give it all you've got.
- Let's go.
- Don't touch me!
I'm going to crush you.
- Slut!
- Faggot!
What's this?
The scar?
I fell off a swing.
My sister pushed me too hard.
I've got one too,
right here.
Can you feel it?
Yes. Yes.
Of course I feel it.
A broken bottle in the San Fermines.
Next to the jugular.
It could've killed you.
That's nothing.
An Alsatian on an end-of-year
trip to Fuengirola.
I love it.
- Fuengirola?
- No, the scar.
I love scars.
Oh yeah? Why?
They're sexy, like tattoos.
No. Am I right?
Tattoos are fake.
They're what you'd like to be,
you make them up.
But scars are real.
You don't choose them,
they're your life.
I hadn't thought about that.
Holy Christ! Was it a shark?
Moray eel.
- I had a scuba diver boyfriend.
- Want to see something nasty?
Yes, please.
Jose, what are you doing?
Appendicitis, 14 years old.
A near death experience.
It was horrible.
Hey, champ, pull your pants up.
We've been here
a week and a half.
Shooting over and over again
because people like you
don't take their job seriously.
I'm sorry.
I didn't show much.
I love your scar.
You got it!
That's amazing, bitch!
- We can get some cash from him!
- What, bitch?
Get it inside you, get pregnant
and then hit him for real money.
How do you do it, bitch?
Go to a clinic and say
a friend gave you his semen
'cause you want to be
a single mother.
- Won't they ask for papers?
- Like what?
Just take the tube and pay them.
They don't give a shit.
It's like Boris Becker.
- True.
- That slut's loaded now.
And the kid's gorgeous.
What you are looking at?
Sorry, I couldn't help overhearing.
Keep your mouth shut.
I think you should reconsider.
Who are you to butt in?
Motherhood is sublime,
especially at your age.
What's he on about?
- Who's the father?
- As if we'd tell you.
It's not Alphonso?
The guy from the gym?
You know him?
No, Alphonso the singer.
With a "ph".
No way. This guy's cute.
Excuse me,
Alphonso is genetically perfect.
Whatever. This guy's younger.
Shut up, bitch!
It's Adanne, isn't it?
I can't tell you anything.
You always blab!
Listen, I need applause.
Playtime's over.
I want everyone clapping.
Hurt your hands!
They used to do this so well.
You clapped for the singers
and they taped it.
Now it's done separately.
Singers on one side,
actors on the other.
It takes longer and it's fake.
You already told us you were in
New Year's Eve '74.
- Not again.
-And '75, '80, '85...
The Golden Age.
Now those were New Year's Eves.
And the artists! Pajares,
Mara Jos Cantudo, she was hot.
Who's that?
An historic figure
from the Transition.
Imagine being this close
to Tom Jones singing Delilah,
clapping hard, singing along...
with real drinks, not like this.
It brings tears to my eyes.
Me too, if you say it again.
Are you the "Chinaman"?
- The man selling bottles.
- 50 bucks.
- I didn't tell you what I want!
- Everything costs 50.
Any Hendricks cucumber gin?
You're an idiot, kid.
Everyone laugh now.
Belly laughs.
More laughter, more.
That's it, laughter!
I can't take any more.
Okay, enough.
Now I need applause.
That's it.
Is it "Party1234?"
Okay, that's enough.
That's not the WiFi.
- Then what is it?
- There's no one left outside.
We're the last people alive.
A supertoxic virus killed everyone.
Everything is contaminated!
Locked in here forever,
and no WiFi!
Clapping until our hands bleed...
Josua, you're the dumbest guy
I've ever met.
Yeah, but you love it.
Don't jump the gun.
Save your energy.
Now we're doing "New Year".
When that "Happy 2016" lights up,
everyone hugs, claps,
toasting with champagne
and go for it.
Give it everything. Watch me.
- Are they a couple?
- No, they met here.
The first day they didn't
even talk to each other.
Let'go, you fuckers!
Now, you dicks!
Go, you fucks!
That's enough.
Good. Thanks a lot.
Okay, that's enough.
Save your energy,
the night is young.
Yesterday we fucked under the table!
Don't tell them!
You think we didn't notice?
You knocked over the glasses!
Even the turkey was shaking!
Good, but we're going again.
Sure, people have
nothing else to do.
It's only natural,
it's a long time.
- You're up close...
- You get bored. talk, one thing
leads to another
- and you end up fucking.
- Go, you fuckers!
Happy, that's it.
Go, you fuckers!
Happy New Year!
Thanks, everyone.
Do we do that again?
The guy next to me
was a pain in the ass.
One and a half weeks
with the same people.
For hours.
Thank God you came.
We could end up making out.
Can you imagine that?
I like the way you kiss.
I don't kiss much.
Me neither.
It's this place:
it doesn't matter
what you do here.
It's all so absurd.
You can do whatever you want.
For example you and me.
If we'd met in a bar,
we would've never shown
each other our scars.
I'm considering
open heart surgery.
A scar from here to here.
What are you doing?
- What's wrong?
- You can't drink.
This is real whiskey.
- Where'd you get it?
- The Chinaman.
He steals it
from the dressing rooms.
He makes a killing.
Last year he stole Kate Moss' jacket
and got 2000 Euros on ebay.
And Naomi Campbell's panties?
- He kept them.
- He's wearing them!
I know what you're up to.
- Who, me?
- Yes, you.
Take them out.
I said no smoking.
I'm going to the toilet.
Everyone wants to pee now!
You old ladies!
We'll never finish!
- Are you the magician?
- No.
Dani, you're gonna freak!
Some sluts just blew
that singer, Adanne.
The "Fireman" guy.
Yeah, me too.
No, I'm serious.
The bitches have his juice in a jar
and want to get pregnant
so they can shake him down.
Incredible, eh?
I'll pass on the full story
to Luca, your Romanian pal.
How much could we ask for?
No, that's bullshit.
Imagine him on 'Survivor',
with paternity tests and shit.
Weeks of non-stop whining:
Is it true, is it a hoax...?
A soap,
trailer trash will love it.
Shit, look.
Dani, I got cut off.
We've hit the jackpot.
Then there's the kid's baptism,
first communion,
we make him a singer,
and when he's 8,
we tour him all over Spain.
I'm laughing my ass off.
Just the thought of it gets me hard!
Get Luca to bring the money.
It's a scandal.
Okay, fuckhead, call you later.
Fuck, these are good.
Fucking great.
No way!
Adanne will do the photocall but
he's not staying for the movie.
He's got the autistic kids gala
and the Loewe thing.
- Say he's already seen it.
- Sorry, kid,
I know I promised,
but we won't make the game.
People forget their lines
and we have to repeat it.
I'll put your mother on.
Sweetie, have you had dinner?
I've no idea when we'll finish.
Your father keeps improvising,
and you know he tries to
be funny and fails.
Sorry, did I tread on you?
See you tomorrow. Sleep tight!
Why are you here?
Are you mad?
I can't wait.
I want to do it now.
He's in makeup,
you have to wait.
That's it. I'll hide...
then shoot him
and they'll arrest me.
That's not what we agreed!
We have to stick to the plan.
What plan?
What plan? scar, we've been
planning this for 3 months!
Go sit at your table
and calm down.
Did you take your meds?
The whole box, but no effect.
I've got a tic in my eye.
Can you see it?
You're fine.
Repeat after me: I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm not fine.
How do you feel?
- Better.
- Good. What's the plan?
Kill Alphonso.
How are my little gals?
They said it's my turn.
- No, it's not.
- Why not come back later?
- Yes, tomorrow.
- But I'm singing today.
It was a mistake.
If you'd wait...
So you're Adanne, the "Fireman".
I wanted to meet you.
You're backstage.
Alphonso has his back to you.
He always turns his back on me.
He never answered
any of my letters.
No, he has his back to you
because he's facing the audience.
Oh, okay. I get it.
A song begins.
It's My Big Night.
I'd rather it was Scandal.
I don't care what it is,
as long as you kill him!
I live my life, I am what I am.
Not again!
We don't choose the song.
It's the one they agreed on.
What do they know...?
Sometimes, even I don't know what I want.
I know what you want:
to kill Alphonso.
He ruined your life.
You wrote 635 songs for him
and he didn't like any of them!
Sometimes I hear this murmuring.
Are the voices back?
Don't listen to them!
No, I don't listen,
and I laugh and I wonder:
What does anyone know...?
What does anyone know about anyone?
About anyone?
About anyone?
First, I'd like to say that
I admire your work, Mr. Alphonso.
I like yours too,
- but I've never heard your songs.
- Thanks a lot.
You'll love my latest disc.
I really got into the production.
I wanted a Mi-ami sound.
- Know what I mean?
- I have no idea.
Like Enrique Iglesias,
but dirtier, more guitars.
- You know, Enrique Iglesias?
- No.
Julio Iglesias' son.
I don't know any Julio Iglesias.
- Oh, no?
- Let's talk about you.
- I like your energy.
- Yeah?
- It's in your eyes.
- Yeah.
There's something in your eye.
- It's an eyelash.
- Now?
- Now?
- Yes, a fleck of dust.
- Is it...?
- No, let me.
Don't move. Open your eye.
My mother loved your songs.
She was always humming them.
Is she dead? I'm sorry.
No, she's fine.
Since you said "was"...
You haven't seen her in a while?
With the tour and all,
it's tricky.
A Q-tip!
Don't neglect your mother,
she's here today,
but tomorrow...
When I finish the recording
I might go see her.
At your age I put success
and money before family too.
I haven't been that bad to them.
Sure, ignore what people say.
Eyelash curlers.
- What do they say?
- Nothing, crap.
The usual, you dumped them,
you're ashamed of them.
It's just jealousy.
That's it.
I'll put some water on it.
That's cologne.
Don't move, it makes it worse.
And forget your mother.
Avoid negative thoughts.
Get them out of your head.
Especially onstage.
Okay, guys, I'm going.
Don't touch that eye.
Leave it alone.
Thanks for the advice, Mr. Alphonso.
He said I've got
something in my eyes.
Asleep in my bed,
I hear the bell,
I go down the pole,
it's all quiet.
My adrenalin rises,
I grab my hose,
we hit the street,
the night awaits us,
the flames are red,
I feel them inside me,
she screams at one point,
I lose my head,
suddenly she screams,
she's at the window,
to save her from the flames
you gotta be a fireman!
Pour water on that fire,
no matter what burns,
I always get there first,
like a good fireman!
I'll burn off my face for you!
Now I'm in Emergencies,
hot and singed,
I'm out of my mind,
my buttocks are peeling,
and you just don't care,
not even one Whatsapp.
Friend me, I'm your friend,
You don't know that I need you
like water needs fire,
If you listen to me,
I'll melt away.
Suddenly the girl
screams from the window...
This is not normal.
It's perfectly normal, Jose.
You're an attractive, mature guy.
Mature and interesting.
Look at her and look at me.
New Year's Eve magic.
You're hiding something from me.
- Is this a joke?
- He doesn't get it yet?
- Shut up.
- Get what?
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Nothing? Is she married?
Is her boyfriend a bodybuilder?
- Is she a guy?
- If only!
Jose, she's super-hot,
and she thinks you're funny,
that's all.
- What's bad about that?
- Nothing!
- Enjoy it.
- Dance, Jose.
You won't like this, Perotti.
- I can't see anything.
- Run it, Amparo.
Whose video is it?
How much do they want?
It's ours. Don't worry.
- Cameras in the dressing rooms?
- Calm down, Perotti.
Calm down?
What kind of shitty show is this?
- It's for security.
- There have been thefts.
Bottles, clothes.
Even a sofa.
We called you in
for a different reason. Look.
There, did you see it?
- What?
- Run it again.
She spat into the bottle.
Holy fucking shit.
pour water on that fire,
no matter what burns,
I always get there first,
like a good fireman!
I'll burn off my face for you!
I'm in danger? Of what?
You may think
we're going way over the top,
but we're totally serious.
Tell him what happened
to the other guy.
- Who?
- The one sitting there before him!
- The crane guy.
- He lends her his phone,
then gets his head crushed.
That's got nothing to do with...
No, nothing at all.
Tell him about the bathroom,
or the makeup thing...
We've been here one week
and tons of stuff has happened!
Please, let it go.
Tell him about
the changing room yesterday.
She was having a dress fitted,
Paco was measuring the length,
he kneeled down,
she glanced at him...
Just glanced!
And he swallowed a needle.
Straight to the hospital.
I don't want to badmouth Paloma,
we're old friends,
but she's always been like this.
Like what?
- Trouble.
- But you can't say it out loud.
- Don't you dare.
- I won't.
- Is she a jinx?
- Don't say it!
She came onto the set.
A cameramen was staring at her.
She smiled back.
I saw it with my own eyes.
- And?
- A stroke!
A vein burst in his head.
Right there!
Straight to hospital.
It's absurd.
You're making too much of it.
Did I make eye contact with her?
- And she's fucking hot!
- Take it easy!
Isn't it weird that she tells you
her life story,
and five minutes later
you're making out?
- She's desperate, poor girl.
- No one wants her around.
Who would?
Everyone knows about her!
The word's out.
Yeah, that's it.
Only a desperate girl
would make out with me, right?
That's not it, Jose.
You're confusing things.
It's the truth,
you're in danger if you stay here.
Why am I the only one dancing?
We're not into "electro-Latino".
We prefer merengue or salsa.
Really, what is it?
Nothing, honey. Nothing at all.
Thank you, Spain!
Good evening.
This is the police.
Just three words!
Love yaaa!
Sorry, I can't hear you.
Are you related to
Dolores Mario Seplveda?
She's my mother. Is she okay?
She's fine.
But we had to arrest her.
She bit an officer as we were
dragging her out of the flat.
No phones!
Just a second,
my mother's been arrested...
Why'd they drag her out?
It was on fire.
She didn't know how to
use the gas oven,
so she stuffed it with paper...
But don't worry,
the firemen have it under control.
Do you accept liability for her?
Sure I do,
but I'm at work,
I can't move from here.
She'll spend the night in jail
unless you come.
- In jail? Please, no!
- Like I told him.
I'll make some calls
and get back to you.
It's up to you.
I'll call right back.
- Jose.
- Mara?
- Mara.
- What?
Thank God, I thought
you were already in the air.
The flight's been delayed 2 hours
because of a bomb threat.
This is hell.
Not really.
I have to tell you something.
I don't have much time,
we're about to board.
What is it?
What was that?
See? it doesn't work.
It's dangerous.
Look at you.
What if it happened to
a lady in the audience, or to me?
It's hard on that side
of the mirror.
That's the trouble with you.
You hate me.
- Who, me?
- You think I don't know?
You want to be on this side
of the mirror, Alicia.
- Who's Alicia?
- Don't act stupid.
I know you sing my songs
at karaokes at night.
- They're the only ones I know.
- You want to be Enrique Iglesias.
Climb and climb
until you finish off your dad.
Adoptive dad.
I wanted to talk to you
about just that.
I've been hiding something
from you all these years.
And don't look at me that way.
It bothers me.
Follow me on Twitter, okay?
- Yes.
A little lower.
That's it, honey.
- How did it look?
- Great.
- One take. Fucking great.
- Thanks, kid.
I can't take it anymore.
I'm outta here.
- Was I that bad?
- What did I tell you?
They caught you,
and this time it's bad.
I warned you, but you never listen
because you're a misunderstood star!
I was onstage! What happened?
The slut that blew you
as I was telling you to control yourself
now has your semen.
You hear me?
Your semen! In a vial!
What for?
To make soup, maybe?
She's gonna blackmail us!
Kids, custody, judges...
the whole shebang!
I'm not taking it anymore,
not for 10%!
Perotti is outta here.
Are we gonna have a baby?
No. We're not having a baby.
We're gonna find that bitch,
and when I get my hands on her,
I'll squeeze the last drop
of what she took out of her.
You have world-class breasts.
What are you doing later?
- Adanne!
- Sorry.
- Sorry, little guy.
- Don't touch me.
Princesses, princes, I love you.
I love you, people.
The night is young.
Cheer up!
I remember that night
as if it were today.
It was New Year's Eve, 1974,
40 years ago.
- How do I look?
- Great, a bit tight here.
The greats were there:
Esteso, Frmula V,
Tom Jones, and me, of course.
Tom Jones and I knew each other.
We were good friends.
The song was nothing special,
but we had fun together...
The dcor was mediocre,
old, pass...
but full of charm.
Fans chased us everywhere.
We couldn't get rid of them!
And that's how you were born.
Your mother was a dancer
in the Zoom Ballet.
Wasn't I adopted?
That was for the press.
Here name was Gwendolyne
and she was from Badajoz.
I'll look her up on Youtube.
She's on it for sure.
Very nice.
So the tale of the Russian kid
saved by the Spanish singer
on one of his tours...
It's kind of a lie.
It's kind of a lie.
Then why call me Yuri?
It sounded good in the press.
40 years calling me Yuri,
and it's all a fraud.
You're a broken toy, Yuri.
Live with it.
I am.
When Gwendolyne was pregnant,
she had cravings.
Some women crave strawberries,
others chocolate.
Your mother liked smack,
or LSD.
I told her it was bad to mix.
But she didn't listen.
One day I came home
and you were gone.
We searched for you everywhere,
then found you in the oven,
surrounded by onions.
We had you to get away from her.
Well, we've come a long way.
My mother was a 70s airhead,
and I learned Russian for nothing.
I note a certain rage in you, Yuri.
Or whatever
you want your name to be.
I'll stick to Yuri for now.
I'm used to it.
- One question.
- Go ahead.
Why tell me this tonight?
You have to know before...
Before what?
Before it's too late.
No one is to disturb me
until the recording.
Don't fuck around, Adanne.
She's gotta be there.
- I can't remember what she looks like.
- You don't remember?!
I don't remember her face!
She backed into the dressing room,
I kissed her,
she kneeled down, then...
Oh my God!
Didn't you want to move
so the kids got their own rooms?
There you go!
Calm down, Mara,
you've got fire insurance.
The problem is Mom.
I'm trapped,
I can't leave the set!
They fired 500 workers
and people are furious.
I'm not making it up!
I'll send you the number
of the police. Talk to them.
I shouldn't be here!
I've got an economics degree!
I should be ripping people off
instead of sucking up
to a dork like you!
Don't you remember anything?
Her clothes?
Was she blonde, brunette?
She had her tongue pierced.
Her tongue pierced?
Fucking son of a bitch...
If we split now, we won't get paid!
I'm not sticking around
for 50 shitty euros.
50 euros is good money!!
My father was fired from Walmart.
People only buy
packaged fish these days.
That's why we have to go now!
- What if it goes bad?
- Bad? Why?
- I don't know, like sour milk.
- That's gross!
What did they say?
No way! They can't bring her here,
I'm working!
Now there's no signal!
I'm sorry, Paloma.
They keep calling about my mom.
- How is she?
- She's okay.
Insane, bad circulation
and a broken hip, but she's okay.
My sister's got it worse.
She had a panic attack
as she was boarding.
Her home just burnt down.
What do we do?
- Are you sure?
- Don't chicken out.
We're getting out.
What could happen?
And the plane's grounded.
Some bomb threat...
She can't go get my mother.
I was wondering...
That diver boyfriend of yours...
What happened to him?
I haven't seen him for years.
Thank God,
I thought something horrible
happened to him.
Why would it?
No, I mean...
You were diving together,
you got bitten by that fish,
so, maybe he...
He was fine.
Until the mayonnaise incident.
Girl, girl!
What are you doing here?
Get inside!
3 weeks in hospital.
I was by his side the whole time.
Can you believe it?
There, there, it's not so bad.
I don't want to celebrate
New Year's Eve in October!
It's freaking me out.
I want to go.
I'll fix this with a gin and tonic,
with ice and lemon.
- You've got ice and lemon?
- I've got it all, beautiful.
Red Bull and Coke for me.
Coming right up!
We're gonna have a ball.
I love it that you ask me
about my life.
That means you like me, right?
It's like you see inside me...
- You can see my...
- Scars.
We've only just met,
but I think I'm falling for you
like a big fool.
I want some laughs!
I want happiness!
You fuckers!
I want to see you happy, fuck you!
Life is beautiful!
Can't you smile a bit more?
Do that conga!
Is this a movie?
No, Bentez,
it's going on now, outside.
- We have to stop recording.
- Hell no. I'd rather slit my wrists.
What if this mob reaches the set?
- That's what the cops are for.
- You've got no idea.
And you do?
It's easy barking orders
from inside this van,
safe and sound,
with your smokes,
your opinions
and your paycheck every month!
I'm not in the list, am I?
You're not making me
slave away in here for months,
just to kick me out?
That's not my decision.
There's a committee...
So you are firing me.
Didn't you want to
get into movies?
What's happening?
Jesus Christ!
Fuck! Rosa!
You're gonna die, you dick!
No master, no boss.
Sack Bentez!
Tell that stupid girl to stop it!
Are you talking to me?
Rosa, please!
I'm having a smoke, look.
What is this?
- TV station, lady.
- My son works for the TV?
I knew they'd see
his talent one day!
If I get out, you're running!
These FX!
Hands off the car!
I love TV.
What's that?
I don't understand you!
Can we lower the window?
Sorry, that is very unwise.
"It's very unwise".
Look how happy they are.
What the hell is this?
It's under control.
The police are protecting us.
It's outrageous!
You can't work like this.
Let him go.
He's a coward.
Go home and tell
your son you're scared.
Leave the boy out of this.
- Anyway, you can't leave.
- What?
Security won't let anyone leave.
Not until things calm down.
If he won't do it, I will!
I'd rather die than see you
ruin my script... darling.
Sir, there's been a turn of events
you should know about.
I'm aware of it.
You may not be performing tonight.
That's not happening. Call Bentez.
He's not answering.
You know I don't like the word 'No'.
Can I leave the flowers?
You can't go outside.
I'm Alphonso's agent.
Security, door 15.
Ricardo Rojas, right?
And Francisco Colmenar.
Do you want to lose
your jobs right now?
Just try to block my way.
I'll call the network chief.
Both of you, on the street.
Fuck you, Bentez!
Romanian gynecologist.
Romanian gynecologist...
Did you talk to the Minister?
Send us more people,
but get us out of here!
Zoom out, get the giraffe.
We're still connected!
And who configured
the software and cabling...?
Alright, great!
Keep recording.
They've had it.
A whole day for the giraffe?
Look out!
What are they doing?
Pull it up!
- I can't, I'm sorry.
- It's Roberto.
Hands off, please.
Roberto, please, photo.
I'm a huge fan.
Yes, don't worry.
Will take a photo of me?
You do it, Paloma.
I'm kind of in a hurry.
- I love everything you do.
- I know.
I know, I know.
Oh, my God!
Honey! Are you alright?
A rubber ball hit him!
I don't know how it happened!
That's impossible!
Ice, we need some ice here!
Yes, hello?
You're crazy.
Count me in, it's a great plan.
- Get me the ticket.
- Roberto...
Okay, there you go.
Is there a doctor in the house?
Speak to me, Roberto.
Speak. Don't bullshit me.
Identify those people,
I want their names!
Who are you?
Who let you out?
Alphonso wants to talk to you.
Tell him I don't have time.
I got him on FaceTime.
Alphonso, calm down.
The police have it all
under control.
I'm so glad it's under control.
I just want to tell you
that I'm leaving.
A helicopter's coming from Madrid
to pick me up.
A helicopter?
Are you kidding me?
taking off.
We can't go now,
we've got a contract,
a commitment!
20 minutes to destination.
Thanks, Manuel.
And we're on after the chimes?
Yes, of course.
They just overturned the mobile unit.
No problem:
the connection's still working.
I heard it, it's just a glitch.
You have 20 minutes
to shoot the song.
You can't do this to me!
20 minutes is plenty of time.
Why aren't we taping?
The mobile unit is...
It's fine!
- Do Alphonso's song now!
- We'll have to tell Rosa.
You tell her. I can't handle
hysterical lesbians right now.
If she'd finishes the show,
she's off the list.
What list?
- Schlinder's List!
-What are you talking about?
Just tell her. It'll work.
I can't go on. Let me rest here.
What's this lady doing here?
She has to be delivered to her son,
he works here.
What's your son's name?
Jos Daz Mario:
come to door 6 at the stage.
Shall I go with you?
No, stay here. I'll go alone.
Jos Daz Mario:
your mother's waiting for you
at door 6.
- Mom!
- Son!
I'm so glad you're here.
- It's crazy in here!
- You bet it is.
Especially if people
bring their family to the set.
- Are you the boss here?
- I'm supposed to be.
You look clever, and a good man.
I have to be.
Get her in clothes and makeup.
I'll be going.
- Thanks.
- 'Bye, lady.
Put her at table 21.
- 21?
- You'll want to be with your mom.
Sure, sure.
I'm going to be on TV?!
Goodness gracious me!
I don't believe it.
If could've worn that dress
I wore at your sister's wedding!
Relax, you're going to look like
a real duchess!
You can leave your crucifix there.
The crucifix stays with me.
She's held onto it
since she tore it off Dad's coffin.
I was hugging his coffin...
It's like my husband.
It keeps me company.
- There's a brunette.
- Back up a bit.
It can't be that hard
to find someone.
Three sluts over there...
That one.
She's hot.
- That one!
- Dark hair?
Stop there.
It's her, she had a piercing.
She looks nasty.
Beautiful eyes...
Wait, don't do anything crazy!
Excuse me, princess.
Can you show me your tongue?
Excuse me, you are...?
What are you doing, you dick?
Houston, we have a problem.
I can't work like this.
I don't have the people
to help you out there.
But it's all working, right?
I'm on my back,
enjoying my unemployment.
Me too. This sucks.
Rosa, listen to me.
Bentez gave me a message for you.
He says...
...that if you finish the show tonight,
he'll get you off the list.
- He said that?
- Son of a bitch.
- That's right.
- How can he be such a mean fucker?
He thinks I'm a dog
he can throw a bone to?
Yeah, he stinks.
Tell him this...
- What?
- We agree to it.
But we want it in writing.
- Amparo and I are off the list.
- I'll call him now.
He's not answering.
I'll tell him when I see him.
Let's do Alphonso's song. Now!
I need a technical rehearsal.
We have no time.
I may be a dog,
but I do my job right,
or not at all.
Find a double for Alphonso.
Someone who knows the lyrics.
I'm going. Fuck...
Don't move,
I'm pointing a gun at you.
Shit, who are you?
I am him.
Yes, and I know everything.
The semen, the Romanian,
the switch...
- Do you want a out?
- No, I want it all.
No more slacking off!
Let's get this over with!
Give me that vial.
We're returning it
to its rightful owner.
We can negotiate.
There's nothing to negotiate,
artists must be respected.
Culture is a universal asset.
A song can save your life.
Whatever you want.
We're doing a dummy rehearsal.
I need someone who knows
the lyrics to Alphonso's songs.
My Big Night. Hit it!
Today, for me, is a special day.
Today I'll go out tonight.
I can live what is not of this world,
when the sun is already hiding...
You're hired!
Okay, we got him. Cameras!
Quiet, please.
Football? No way!
He's too clumsy!
But theater...
that was his thing!
Mom, please.
At 8, he did Cabaret.
Mom, got God's sake...
If you saw him on that chair...
There was no chair.
- There were chairs.
- Cut it out.
You were very funny.
No self-esteem.
You hardly notice this side.
How can you go on like that?
Shut up.
I know what you're doing.
Don't be a fool.
If you're not appearing, neither will I.
We tease each other for fun,
but I'd never shaft you
on New Year's Eve
by hogging the top ratings spot.
- In good times and bad.
- In sickness and in health.
Look, we'll fix you up,
go home and enjoy the family...
It's about time!
- Are you sure?
- We love each other, right?
Yes? He was hit hard.
- Is that him?
- I'll tell you in a sec.
So worried, just awful.
What a fright.
That phone didn't ring.
Hold still!
There are two ways to do this:
the easy way or the hard way.
The easy way!
Are you giving me the vial
or do I get it myself?
What do I get in exchange?
I won't smash your face
or accuse you of blackmail.
- It's win-win.
- Nothing to say?
You're half-guilty!
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
How can you let him do this to me?
You're blackmailing me, right?
The vial's right there.
What vial?
- What vial?
- I was a gentleman with you.
No, in the end we did nothing.
And you've fucked up.
I'm recording everything.
So you're the brains
of this operation, eh?
Gimme that!
It's not...
My God, it's him!
Yes, lady, it's me.
Well, I look like
the Elephant Man now.
What happened to you?
And you're so handsome!
You're just being kind.
We're all in love with you!
Oh, you'll make me go red
on the other cheek!
Why didn't you say
you worked with him?
Well, not really with him...
- Who are you?
- My son.
- My son.
- Come on, Mom.
- Why take me away?
- For your makeup.
What the fuck are you doing?
Are you crazy?
It was a Samsung Galaxy!
Oh, yeah? Look.
I don't give a fuck
about your Samsung
and I shit on your Galaxy!
You got me?
You fucking bitch!!
Look, I've got it.
Good. Let's go.
I'm sorry.
Luca, where are you?
- I'm outside.
- Can you hear me?
- What the hell's going on?
- They caught those girls.
This nutcase
had a gun on me.
Move your ass
or this is screwed.
Are you crazy?
There are cops everywhere.
Luca, calm down.
I'll come and get you.
I can't go inside.
It's too risky.
I'll come outwith the vial.
I don't have any papers.
- But you've got the cash?
- Soriano!
Goddamn signal! Luca!
Let's do the rehearsal.
Today's a special day for me,
I'm going out tonight.
I shall live what
the world has to offer
and which the sun conceals.
I can sing a song
by the light of the moon,
and caress and kiss my life
like I've never done before.
Mark! Mark!
What will happen?
What mystery will there be?
It could be my big night.
And on awakening I will know
something unknown.
What are these images?
Paco, kill that background!
What the hell's that?
What the hell's going on?
Sebas, explain this!
I put on the video I was given.
What is it, a virus, a plot?
- I don't know, I don't get it.
- I do. Don't fuck around.
- Paco!
- What's that?
"She Wolf of the SS"?
Who put that in?
Crane shot, follow him,
don't stop.
Follow him.
Now camera 2, close-up. Now.
- Rosa, check this out, it's fucking wild.
- Not now.
He paid a politician
to get the plan approved.
"See you in Zurich.
Bring the money."
This could land him in jail.
- Him and all his cronies.
- What do we do?
If we put this on the Net,
we'll get fired.
- I did it.
- What?
Yes, all the major press have it.
What the hell...?
- What?
- You could've asked me!
I always do what you say:
"Camera 1, camera 2, Chinese food..."
"Amparo, dear, Amparo, dear..."
I'm making the decisions now.
You get me so hot!
This night will be perfect,
never to be forgotten.
I will laugh and sing and dance
delighting in life,
I will forget sadness and evil
and the sorrows of the world,
And I will hear the violins sing,
in the wandering night.
Watch the cables, Mom.
What will happen?
What mystery will there be?
It could be my big night.
And on awakening I will know
something unknown.
What will happen?
What mystery will there be?
It could be my big night.
What will happen?
What mystery will there be?
It could be my big night.
- Great.
- Alphonso, I'm...
I know who you are.
You're scar Garca
and you're here to kill me.
- What?
- Come with me.
We have so much to talk about.
I swear I don't know anything
about that!
Do I look stupid?
Do you think that
because I smile and I'm nice,
I can't slap you till
your brains come out of your ears?
Perotti, you're going too far!
- Are you okay, honey?
- What's up with you, dickhead?
You're fired!
You don't work for me anymore.
If she has my baby, it's fine.
- You're not killing her over that.
- You're retarded.
I'm scaring them, don't you see?
I was scaring them... Pay attention!
To get the vial.
You screwed it up!
Let go of her!
You really think I'd cut
her head off over a blowjob?
You don't need
to scare anyone, Perotti.
I have the vial.
You fucker!
If you want to talk business,
talk to me.
Let's go to
Alphonso's presentation.
Can you hear me, Rosa?
Right, 5 and action.
That's great!
We're having a great time!
What the fuck's he doing?
A great time,
but the night is young.
Weren't we just doing her?
You bet, Cristina!
Because now for
the best of all!
The best, the best!
What's on his face?
You're best at being
a mega-bitch.
You're sabotaging your career,
you know that?
What is it? Tell me!
You don't know? It's a mystery.
I'll give you some clues.
Don't make them hard!
I'm so curious!
He's been in showbiz
for over 40 years.
And you've got 15 minutes left.
Jos Luis Moreno?
- He was number one 1 in Russia.
- Did you write this?
Great! The best we've ever done.
He sang for the Emperor of Japan!
Don't tell me! Frank Sinatra?
No, Cristina,
Frank Sinatra is dead.
Like you, you bitch from hell!
I'm gonna ruin you!
Fucking bitch!
- I'm the star!
- Fucking bitch!
Star my fucking ass!
I hate your guts!
I'm taking the boy!
- Dickhead!
- Don't touch me!
You're fired!
What a pair of comedians!
Incredible, aren't they?
They're a couple in real life.
You can tell.
- What's with the cross?
- It's the cross of Caravaca.
I had it at home,
but now I have no home.
And you talk to it.
To the cross?
- Yes.
- You're an idiot.
This guy is so dumb.
She doesn't talk to it,
but she never lets go of it.
Everyone has their things.
You're hooked on your computer,
and you even talk to it.
Yes, Pornotube.
Are you on Facebook? Friend me!
Who's this girl?
Paloma. Nice to meet you.
- Give me a kiss!
- Don't touch her!
- What's wrong?
- It's the makeup,
she's got tons of it on,
it took ages...
You're sweating.
Are you alright?
No, I'm not.
We're working, we're extras.
We have to do what they say,
not what we want.
When we have to laugh, we laugh,
and when we have to clap, we clap.
But we don't stand up and hug!
Especially me, right?
Did you think I didn't know
what was going on?
What you were saying
behind my back?
Paloma, I...
You're the worst of all.
Yanire has always
been jealous of me,
and these two clowns
don't exist for me.
But for you to believe
something like that...
I've got WiFi.
How can you
draw attention like that?
- He likes my singing.
- What?
He says I have style.
Let's not go down that road.
You hate him, remember?
All those times brooding over it
in the mental ward.
You visited me,
brought me his records.
That's it, listen to me.
You want to kill him.
You'll find that love
is best when it's dark. It's time!
I will walk, hugging my love,
aimlessly on the streets...
But he knows.
How? Did you tell him?
He's known from the start
that we want to kill him.
He knows everything.
He's everywhere.
He's a god!
Well, since he's so smart,
we're not going to contradict him.
Whatever they say, I'm an artist.
Culture is a universal asset.
I don't understand how people
can go around stealing semen.
- What?
- Semen.
There are people stealing semen.
Look, I don't get this semen trauma,
but it's no concern of ours now.
Let's focus on our trauma,
the same as ever: Alphonso.
He lied to you,
he lies all the time.
I just spoke to him,
and you know what he said?
I recorded it because I knew you
wouldn't believe me.
Mediocre, old, pass...
Mediocre, old, pass...
- But...
- Shall I play it again?
I gave him my gun.
Relax, where there's a will
there's a way.
Change of song,
we're doing Scandal.
- Not My Big Night?
- Change of plans.
He changed the song.
He knows! What now?
Never mind, just kill him.
But it's not "I'll find love
is best in the dark".
When he sings "I live my life,
I am what I am".
Go on.
Why not when he sings
"Scandal, it's a scandal"?
He repeats it too much,
you'll get confused!!
Move it, or we won't make it.
Camera 2!
If you don't mind, of course.
Camera 2, babe.
Camera 1?
- Camera 2?
- Recording.
- Camera 3?
- Recording.
Go ahead.
Scandal, it's a scandal.
Scandal, it's a scandal.
Scandal, it's a scandal.
Scandal, it's a scandal.
Always the same routine,
we meet on corners,
shaking off what they say about us.
You care about this girl.
These chances come once in lifetime.
I'm here for a reason.
Yes, to ridicule me.
How can you talk like that
to your mother?
Because she's crazy!
Will you let go of that crucifix?
Sometimes it's better
to be a little crazy
than to be an extra
in your own life,
doing and believing
everything you're told.
Son, do you love her?
More than you love this crucifix.
Then go after her.
I'm ready to be admitted.
Your sister's unbearable,
you're unemployed.
Bad luck can't make this worse.
My body can't get used to
this love in the shadows,
...mightier than a volcano.
Hidden from the moon,
we can carry on.
For good or for ill,
I'll never stop loving you.
Scandal, it's a scandal.
Scandal, it's a scandal.
Scandal, it's a scandal.
- Paloma, please!
- They're taping!
I don't care what happens to me.
I want to be with you!
If a crane falls on me,
or a shark bites me,
I'll handle it.
I'm not bad luck, Jose.
My life's been
a set of circumstances
that if look at from outside...
I don't care.
I'm the luckiest man in the world.
I want to be with you
no matter what!
"Though high society may chatter..."
- What are you doing?
- Going over the lyrics.
"This river is overflowing,
If ours is a sin,
I'll keep on sinning,
Scandal, it's a scandal
I live my life,
I am what I am", fire!
"I live my life,
I am what I am", fire!
...I'll keep on sinning,
Scandal, it's a scandal.
"I live my life,
I am what I am", fire!
"I live my life,
I am what I am", fire!
I live my life,
I am what I am.
I can't, I love this song.
You only had to pull the trigger!
No, Yuri!
No, Yuri!
I can't, I love him!
- I love him.
- You want to kill him!
No, "I love him
with the might of the seas",
"I love him
with the force of the wind".
He's a legend.
He's the history of Spain!
And he's your father!
Even more reason!
I have to start from zero!
- Jose!
- Son!
Jose, forgive me.
It's all my fault!
No, it was just a coincidence.
The crucifix...
- It stopped the bullet!
- It's amazing,
as if my mother's energy
neutralized yours!
I almost didn't bring it,
it weighs a ton.
Lucky you're crazy.
It's a miracle.
It's no miracle.
The bullet went through it.
The wound's superficial.
He'll make it.
He's bleeding bad, Alphonso.
Oh my God!
You're Alphonso!
Nice to meet you, madam.
That smile, the same as ever.
And your skin,
it's like porcelain!
I look after myself
and I never sunbathe.
Mom, I'm dying.
Stop whining.
Alphonso said it's superficial.
Come here.
Here they are.
Careful, careful.
I'll go with you to the hospital,
and I'll take your mother.
- There's no need.
- Yes, I don't mind.
- Yes, honey.
- No, don't come.
I'll take your mother,
it's no bother.
It was him!
Don't let him get away!
That's him!
Don't go near him.
Leave me here for a while.
It's him! Get him!
Out of the way!
Leave me alone.
Goddamn you!
Ricardo Rojas
and Francisco Colmenar,
great to see you again.
Everything okay here?
Was that take okay?
- Do we go again?
- No, it's fine.
We'll fix it in the edit.
In the edit.
In the edit it'll be...
Jose Luis Benitez Quintana?
What's this?
A summons to appear in court
to give evidence.
- When?
- Now, if you don't mind.
- You're being charged.
- Shouldn't my lawyer come?
Of course, call him.
- I don't have a phone.
- The judge can lend you his.
- This isn't necessary.
- No, but we love it.
What's this?
Mom, watch the foam!
Happy New Year!
There, that's it.
My new little gal.
Okay, okay.
"Survivors" just called me.
What did they say?
They want both of us.
What a bummer, it's daytime.
Time to go home,
what a let-down!
Like coming out of an afterhours
and the sun blinding you.
I always go back in.
There's all-night place nearby.
You have to go, Alphonso?
What a shame.
I have my South American tour.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
A lift to the hospital?
No, no! No, thanks.
First you refuse the ambulance,
and now Alphonso offers a lift...
I'm not fond of helicopters.
Thanks, really.
Nothing will happen!
You people go.
I'll take a walk in the cool air.
No, Jose, no!
Come on, it'll be fun!
I've never been in one.
Coming, honey.
How lovely!
Charlie-Tango-Delta taking off.
What's stuck into me?
Can I take it out?
Leave that alone, miss.
Paloma, sit down
and put on your belt, please.
- What's this?
- Leave it alone.
I'll put it back. Sorry.
Miss, please sit down.
I put it back where it was. I did.
What did you touch, Paloma?
Sit down, I said.
Does anyone know what's going on?
Stop grinning at him, Mom.
Wonderful, wonderful heart,
I thank you for your friendship,
your company,
for being my friend in the pain,
my confidant in love...
Impersonator and agent arrested for
fake concert. 10,000 tickets sold.
They tried to perform
Alphonso's songs. many indelible memories
stayed with us,
of loves and passions we had.
Wonderful, wonderful heart,
I'm so happy
when I feel your beating,
for the life you give me,
and when I ask for so much more,
you're with me
because you spoil me so.
Wonderful, wonderful heart,
never stop beating, I beg you,
or stop feeling emotions,
for these are the emotions
we have both experienced.
Wonderful, wonderful heart,
you are the flame
that nests in my chest
so there may always be love,
to take wherever I go,
I thank for
the wonderful job you've done.
Wonderful, wonderful heart,
never stop beating, I beg you,
or stop feeling emotions,
for these are the emotions
we have both experienced.
Wonderful, wonderful heart,
you are the flame
that nests in my chest
so there may always be love,
to take wherever I go,
I thank for
the wonderful job you've done.
Wonderful, wonderful heart,
never stop beating, I beg you,
or stop feeling emotions,
for these are the emotions
we have both experienced.
Wonderful, wonderful heart,
you are the flame
that nests in my chest...
Translation: Lindsay Moxham