My Best Bodyguard (2010)

We're quite certain that the virus that went
missing from one of our labs 3 months ago.
It has now surfaced here in Thailand.
This virus can kill very quickly.
There's no vaccinations
for this virus and there is no cure.
We're certain that if this virus
begins to spread in your country
then it won't take long for it
to move to the rest of the world.
Starting from today the CIA
will have complete jurisdiction.
We will deal with this situation ourselves,
until this situation is resolved.
Bangkok is now in quarantine level 3,
effective immediately.
Come on.
We all know the real reason
why the CIA is so worry about this.
You're afraid that the virus
will spread to the United States.
Of course the safety of the American people
is our number one priority.
But as you know,
we also care about the rest of the world.
Thanks for caring about us.
But since this is happening in this country.
And since I'm the leader of
the Special Forces unit.
Meaning that this is our jurisdiction.
Not CIA.
But you don't...
I have information regarding the people
who are spreading the virus.
And our unit is getting ready
to moving on them.
I also have a solution
to control the spread of the virus.
I want some more times to solve this,
my way.
And if I don't manage to succeed,
then it's up to you guys.
Fine, you've got two weeks.
One week is enough.
If anything goes wrong,
I take full responsibility.
The unit just reported in mission failed.
The enemy destroyed all evidence and fled.
Did you find anything?
Is this project really for the common good?
As the minister says.
Or is it just for a small group.
We'll find out soon enough.
See you here at Talk of the Town.
I'm Nicha Pongchalakorn,
see you next Sunday. Bye.
About the new program concept,
I think it should be more
like a variety show.
Find hosts to read newspaper headlines
and criticize the news.
This style is popular these days.
It makes our job easy,
no need to look for new topics.
What's the selling point of our TV Station?
We dare to do what no one else does.
The challenging part of this job
is going out there,
and dare to bring the truth to the people.
Reading the headlines is not enough
to make our channel stand
apart from the rest.
Criticize the news is fine,
but we can't steal news to report.
Let's figure it out.
Our guest tonight is Mr. Sean Lee,
the Managing Director
of Global Bioscience Corporation.
Good evening Mr. Lee welcome to the program.
I have a couple questions for you.
I hear that you have recently
started manufacturing in Thailand.
Why you chose Thailand?
Thailand is a developing country
that is growing very fast.
They are open minded about investing,
And I'm confident that this
will open doors into the Asian market.
That's a fair deal I give them money
and in return Thailand will
give me opportunities.
Thank you so much for your times, Sean.
I appreciate it.
You're welcome. Thank you.
Our work would be impossible
without our key man.
Mr. Sean Lee.
Hello everybody, good afternoon.
As a fellow of human being
who cares about the earth populations.
I would like to thank BEF,
The Blood For Everyone Foundation.
For seeing the importance to each life.
And as a supporter of BEF,
I thanks every donor on behalf for all.
It is not the money,
it is giving the chance,
life blood to those who are so desperate.
Each drop of blood donate to the foundation,
will be sent to every corner of the world.
That we can help save
the lives of sick people.
It is my companies and BEF wishes that,
one day there will be
no more diseases on our planet.
Thank you.
I just spoke with Mr. Lee's secretary.
Mr. Lee has a meeting in Phuket tomorrow.
I haven't confirmed anything yet.
We could postpone it.
No, we only need ten minutes.
I almost forgot.
Here you are.
These are important documents,
I'm not sure who they're from.
"Patient List"
"If you are interested in the photos
then meet at Best Wing Hotel, Dr. Chan. "
The target will arrive at Best Wing at 9pm.
Miss Nicha.
I'm Dr. Chan, I sent the photos to you.
Have you heard of "HOPE"?
What is it?
It's what killed these people.
It's the virus
that pharmaceutical company is testing.
They're using Thai people as guinea pigs.
Last month, they used some of my patients.
The first batch of victims died.
Because they lacked
what pharmaceutical company needs.
What's that?
Now they're testing with
a new batch of victims.
Who's behind all this?
GBC has a vast network of influence.
I assume...
The government already knows about this.
But I'm not sure how they'll handle it.
Miss Nicha, please be careful.
And I've kept some items here.
Thank you for the information.
We'll contact you if we need anything else.
I'm always happy to help.
Officer, if that's all please excuse me.
Very well.
The target has disappeared.
Boss, no information.
All that's left are pictures from Chan Lab.
It's infected victims picture.
How do you know Dr. Chan?
He contacted me.
He probably wanted our program
to promote his center.
People like you, don't easily promote
businesses on your program.
It's a waste of your time.
Come on, unit leader.
My name is Jet.
Mr. Jet, if you spoke nicely from the start,
I may have given you useful information.
But these methods violate
my individual freedom.
If you want to know what Dr. Chan told me,
then I want to know what
your unit is about to do.
I'm not a guest on your show.
I'm not your prisoner.
I'm leaving now.
One more thing.
If I decide to cover your story,
which image would you prefer?
The National Security Special Detachment
as law enforcement.
A criminal organization on home territory?
Miss Nicha.
I think your attitude is a threat
to this country.
I have no choice
but to hold you until further notice.
Don't worry, I've taken care of everything.
Thank you, General.
Not at all, I'm always happy to help.
Now if you'll excuse me.
Who sent you to help me?
A colleague in the army
told me what happened.
Are you alright?
If they wanted to harm me,
they'd have done it long ago.
Sorry for arriving late.
I don't mind whether you arrive
early or late, father.
You were never there, when we needed you.
Nicha, I...
Thanks, but I can handle this myself.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Can you tell me
about your companies latest project
funding for
Blood For Everyone Foundation, what for?
Foundations like this
allow you to see the value of life.
It gives a chance to share a be humans.
I'm a business man.
And I know that company
cannot rely on business be along.
We much give back to society
whenever possible.
It's a surprise to hear you
talking about the value of life.
When in fact
what you doing is the complete opposite.
Is it true that a few years ago,
animal rights activists demonstrate
right in front of your
pharmaceutical company?
Well, I think that
everyone should stand out
for what they believe.
I'm not saying animals testing is ethical,
but I choose to stand by
my belief in science.
But Buddhism people believes
killing is a great sin.
Do you know how small pox was defeated?
The discovery of small pox vaccine.
Edward Jenner discovered
the vaccination to cure the small pox.
It was the first vaccinations.
That's the kind of thing that
goes down in history.
To this day Dr. Jenner is
still praise they yet,
most those know him make it this discovery.
After him experimenting on
an 8 year old boy.
But the boy didn't die.
That's because he was lucky.
But even if he wasn't and
the boy ended up dying.
Dr. Jenner would still be the same,
still being a hero.
He chose to sacrifice something small
and save something much greater.
He did the right thing.
Yes, he did the right thing.
Because he didn't do it for money.
So, what if he did do it for money.
The people would still praise him.
Nothing would be change.
It may not change for other people,
but for me it would make a big difference.
If he have done it for money,
he would be a murderer not a hero.
This kind of thinking stand for
what you're believing.
It was your choice
not to study to be a doctor.
Even though you were
accepted into medical school.
It doesn't surprise me
that you chose to be a reporter.
Seems like you've been doing
some research about me as well.
So perhaps you know that right now,
I'm following up on a story
about a certain pharmaceutical company.
Doing some experiments on a virus.
I wish you good luck in
uncovering the truth.
You know what?
I hate to lose.
I enjoy talking to you, thank you.
Meet me in my office,
we have breaking news to report today.
Nicha, where are you going?
Team meeting boss.
If that's all, we'll talk more this evening.
Which... Which story are you covering?
The virus outbreak in Thailand.
Forget about that issue for now.
Cover a different story
like the second fall of Ayutthaya.
What's going on?
Normally boss
doesn't interfere with our news reports.
I think you've been working too hard lately.
When did you last have a vacation?
I'm giving you permission
to take several weeks off.
This isn't funny. What's going on?
You see...
I don't know whose toes you're stepping on.
But you have orders
to stop work until further notice.
As of today, your show is taken off air.
Please understand, it's hard for me too.
Nicha, why make this difficult?
Take a short break
and come back to report something else.
Both of you also, go take a vacation.
Can you still handle this?
We're lucky the information is in our hands.
Should we still follow this story?
Kat, the game is over
but the person is not defeated.
What do you mean?
No, Aek.
It's not over until it's over.
Do you understand?
But we've been relieved of our duties.
This has just arrived.
Here's the data from Chan Laboratories.
We've gathered files from Chan Labs
and processed the RT, PCR,
RCPR diagnosis.
This virus is classified
under genetic code...
Can anyone give a better explanation?
The strain was created in a lab
from Ebola virus.
Originally it comes from Africa and Asia.
How did this cursed virus enter Thailand?
Chan labs released it on
guinea pigs in Bangkok.
This Ebola virus has a
But HOPE has evolved to be much faster,
only seven days.
Initially, there are no obvious symptoms.
After four days, victims will have fever,
headache and fatigue.
Some will suffer with convulsions or nausea.
That's nothing to be afraid of.
It's just a 2-3 day flu, swine flu is worse.
- Ek.
- Yes?
Let me finish.
Our bodies fight the virus
during this period we call the D-Day period.
No guinea pig has survived.
After D-Day period,
it slowly eats the internal organs.
Internal and external bleeding soon follows.
When it reaches the vital organs,
victims die.
HOPE virus was developed to
kill humans.
It has no weakness for
our bodies to penetrate.
This virus causes death within ten days.
No virus in the world can be cured.
The only antidote is immunization.
Without immunity, there is only death
just like in these photos.
What's worrying is that.
The people who are infected,
don't know that they are.
They could spread the virus
without realizing.
We need to warn the public
so people can be careful.
If the public knows, they'll go into panic.
It's interesting but don't forget
we're on vacation.
What can we do?
We must prevent the infected
from spreading the virus.
The victims already have marked records.
They underwent blood tests three days ago.
The first is Miss Anchan Sukdee, age 30,
married without kids.
She's a housewife and
loses weight for a living.
I'll handle this matter.
The public must not hear about it.
We must take immediate control.
This is top secret.
Hey there.
Do you know Somkid?
Somkid or Miss Kitty?
Who's looking for me?
I don't know, see for yourself.
Hey darling, let's find a quiet spot.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Where's your manager?
Let's start training,
I'll go casino after this.
Want to release birds?
Want to watch a movie with us?
Go ahead, I've played that game before.
Care to release birds?
Do you know Jack?
What's wrong with you?
I already give in.
I'm not going.
Who sent you?
Boss Song or Boss Peng?
Tell them I'll fix the match.
We've got company.
Follow them.
Stop there.
Mr. Sean is impressed with your work.
Quiet, clean and precise
with no traces leading back to us.
Does that mean I'm still employed?
That's for sure, don't worry.
She's showing symptoms.
That kind of virus acting out so quickly.
Anyway the test come out is negative.
So she is useless for us now.
What should we do with her.
Just leave her like that.
Mr. Shawn need to tell you that
tomorrow is D-Day
I know what to do.
I'm busy all day, I'll contact you later.
Hold on.
Dr. Chan met with a woman
before he was shot.
Do you know who she is?
I've no interest in anyone
other than the target.
You should pay attention to this woman.
I've called the mineral water company.
They informed me that
Mr. Aod will come today.
There you go.
This person looks like a famous comedian.
What's he doing here?
This way please, don't be shy.
This drink will make you
beautiful once again.
This way please.
Did you bring your boyfriend?
If your boyfriend drinks it,
I guarantee all night long?
Sky mineral water is blessed by
Tibetan monks.
Please, it's an investment.
Always playing around.
Where is everyone?
It's true.
I've called to check. What should we do?
Let's split up and search.
Fine, then I'll go this way.
I'll go with Kat this way.
Split up and search.
Come on now.
Hey you.
Where did you get that from?
Watch out.
Let me go.
What are you capture me for?
Let me go.
Alright, I'll meet you at
the hospital after work.
I know what you and your team are up to.
Have you run out of ideas to solve this?
My job is to look after my home.
If it's dirty, I clean it.
If it's broken, I fix it.
But those people are also
living in your home.
They did nothing wrong.
Those people are a public threat.
They might have something we need.
My work can't wait.
I can't afford to put the innocent at risk.
If that's where you stand.
Well, I'm also guarding my home.
My job is to set the alarm
as loud as possible.
All Thai people have a right to know this.
Don't you wonder why
I dare to walk in here unarmed?
If anything happens to me,
you won't survive either.
Let me really ask you.
What would you do
if this happened to your wife or kids?
Will you kill them too.
Nicha, I'll ask you a question.
You're searching for the truth.
But what it causes problems for the country?
Will you continue to report?
You don't need to answer me now.
Maybe we'll have this talk again,
after you return to work.
Nicha, I'm serious.
Be careful.
How do you know what I'm doing?
I know everything about what you're doing.
But I never leave my work unfinished.
I know you well enough.
No. You know nothing about me.
You disappeared from my life for decades.
You don't even know how I grew up.
You don't know what happened to me.
I forgot about you.
One day, you show up out of nowhere.
Don't claim to care about me.
It doesn't help anything get better.
Boss, I think I found something.
I'm on my way now.
It's an honour to know the NSSD unit leader.
Now that you know me,
don't beat around the bush.
I was about to invite Mr. Lee to talk.
Unfortunately Mr. Lee is unavailable now.
My business doesn't wait for anyone.
I think you're blowing the matter
out of proportion.
Thailand is receiving big benefits
from Mr. Lee's business.
If a small officer touches a
big investor like him.
Many important people
in our country will be upset.
I know that the law have loose to,
so the beasts like you could be content.
You know what, Mr. Lee,
I don't really care about the law.
I'm willing to hunt you down Mr. Lee,
anywhere any time.
So, watch your darn back.
I believe that money can buy anything
but not people like you.
Have you ever heard of the saying,
The devil has power when
a good man fails to act.
If you're confident that I am evil
and you really want to stop me.
Then you need to work harder and harder.
Harder and harder.
We meet again.
Why did you bring me here?
That's I know what you're looking for.
So you could see them with your own eyes.
And stop sticking your nose in my business.
I told you before that.
You must always sacrifice something,
when you create something great.
But you have no right
to interfere in other people's lives.
And perform those crazy experiments on them.
These people are no longer
useful to this world.
Look at them.
The salesman, who selfish, hopeless,
and criticize every single thing of life.
A boxer, without dignity,
his life means nothing to me.
And a teenager,
who plays video game all days.
And he's not giving a darn
about the real world out there.
What about that girl?
She will die from Aids she has eventually.
It doesn't matter who they are.
A loser, a sick person or a criminal.
You have no right to decide.
Who's gonna live and who's gonna die.
Yes, I'm not the one who decide.
I just choose the people for the game.
The strongest one, will survive.
What the point of all this, Sean.
I think you'll understand.
Unless you were feeling
and waiting the same as me.
So, we'll give you the chance
to feel that way.
The feeling of hope.
Excuse me.
Stop crying.
It's annoying.
Okay! Don't cry...
Hey! Quiet.
See? I'm not the only one annoyed.
Other people are irritated also.
I'm scolding you.
Stop complaining.
Look at him playing games.
Does anyone know why we're under arrest?
I'd like to know why they've arrested us.
The truck and mineral water is
stolen by now.
Leave, I must pay my debts.
I'm a washed up comedian in a hard spot.
Who's in a hard spot? I'm just unemployed.
Are you talking about me?
I'm talking about you.
Are you looking for trouble? Get up.
Get up? I'd rather sit. Moron.
Cocky jerk!
Were you arrested too?
I thought you survived.
Do you know why they've arrested us?
Each time we meet,
I guess more and more impressive.
Not me, I'm gonna search the whole place.
Here is the warrant.
Go ahead, I just worry
you might disappointed.
Let see what happens.
Chan Labs?
Chan Labs injected us with the virus.
We're under study.
Darn it!
Free examination, free infection.
I shouldn't have had that
medical examination with my wife.
Did you go to Chan Labs?
That's right.
They told me I've contracted AIDS
but I don't know how.
I've read news on the internet
that Chan Labs closed down.
One day after I took my eye check-up.
I'd rather not know.
If I have AIDS together with this virus.
They wouldn't test with AIDS victims.
Look, they don't spare children.
What about you?
Did they inject you as well?
Stupid question, he's with the press.
Nobody would do that to him.
What's going on? This is big news.
Just a paperwork.
Please sit down!
I have a warrant to search the place.
Does anyone know where they're taking us?
All unit get ready.
Hey, Mick.
Does our unit vehicle
have bullet proof glass?
But not this vehicle.
Pull over!
What's going on?
What now?
Did you find anything?
Stop playing game, Mr. Lee
I know exactly what you're doing.
My experiments are
going to be a huge success.
Many people in this country
are already supporting me.
Even that news reporter.
What's her name again?
Oh yes, Nicha.
I guess that she is the one
who need the serum the most.
Actually, I think you should be
on my side as well.
Because if I'm lucky
to create a successful cure for Leukemia,
you will be the first person who wants it.
I don't give a darn what you're doing,
if it harms the people
in this country in any way,
I swear to god I won't put you in jail,
but in hell.
The target is arrive.
Get ready.
Why are you taking our blood?
For lab testing.
One of you might be immune
with chances of survival.
Are you a doctor?
I was a medic in the army.
You have a high fever,
take medicine and rest.
What about Nicha,
doesn't she need to have a blood test?
Listen to me, Nicha.
I must go to work,
to take care of our big home.
You must take care of our big home.
What about me?
You should look after our small home for me.
Can you?
Yes, I can.
The colonel took these photos.
If I knew you worked for him,
I wouldn't have come.
You know?
When I first saw you on TV.
You looked like a sensible person.
But after meeting you in real life
with your father,
you seem like a child.
I first met you here from these photographs.
They're just photographs.
They don't have any meaning.
I don't know what problems
you're having with your father.
But I know he's really concerned about you.
How much did he pay you to say that?
The person who is helping our guinea pigs
has a record of a hired assassin.
Two years ago,
his arrest warrant went silent.
What about Nicha?
If she's contracted the virus,
what should we do with her?
All persons infected
must be eliminated without exception.
Don't you have something to say?
What for?
I've said everything I wish to say.
Do you ever listen to me?
Don't you know people are worried about you?
You know how dangerous it is.
People with this virus
have small chances of survival.
Why are you stubborn?
Even if nobody cares about me.
I'll survive.
This is my life, you don't care
if I live or die.
Why wouldn't I care?
You're my daughter.
But I grew up on my own.
I've fought alone.
You abandoned me.
Why should I listen to you now?
I don't want you to end up like me.
I don't want to end up like you.
I don't want to be selfish
and abandon my family.
And cause mother to die.
Veera, do you believe in hope?
My job doesn't allow me
to think about that kind of nonsense, sir.
That why I trust you.
Having that serum in my hands,
will be like control the hope of human race.
What could be greater?
And the people will know that It was worth
sacrificing the lives of those people.
Right now I am trying to find
those test subjects.
Fortunately the NSSD are assistance us
because once they make a move,
they will lead us straight to our targets.
Good, as soon as you find them,
to post of the ones that
I know aren't useful.
Spare that woman,
my feeling tell me that.
She has something.
You mean something that we need?
Yes, maybe.
Why do you wear so many clothes, Aod?
It's not your business.
It's been cold since last night.
Isn't anyone else cold?
Don't tell me that's our food.
We aren't animals. How can we eat that?
We refuse to eat this.
We're waiting for you.
Go ahead and eat without complaint.
It could be your last meal.
I think we should play games.
Are you insane?
Go play on your own.
Nobody will play with you.
Let's play make believe.
What if we die tomorrow?
What if we have one day to live?
What would you do?
I'd probably call my wife,
Pond and say sorry.
I want to go home.
And tell my grandma I love her.
For me, I'd travel far away
and stop playing games for a day.
What about you, Aod?
I don't know, can't think of anything.
I guess I'd do nothing.
That's what we call an empty life.
Why are you so afraid to die then?
What about you?
Don't you want to say goodbye to anyone?
No, I don't owe anyone anything.
You know, actually
I'm not different from them.
I live each day working away.
I never knew the beauty of life.
It's strange,
this virus is bringing us closer to death.
At the same time,
it teaches us to stay hopeful.
In times like this,
I believe that everyone has a right to live,
even if it's for just a few more hours.
That was how I felt,
the happiness of staying alive.
Even if it's for a few hours.
Your father taught me this feeling.
Two years ago,
my sister was shot and we fled.
The colonel helped us.
As my sister was dying, he helped us.
But he couldn't save my sister's life.
What your father could do
was extend her life for 2-3 more hours.
So I got a chance to talk to her.
I'll never forget
those moments for the rest of my life.
HOPE virus disappeared from lab in the USA.
Our sources keep us informed
and we're afraid this virus will spread.
That's why we started this
new series of tests.
What do you mean, sir?
We've done a series of tests
called Project H before.
It was a joint venture
with the US Army during Vietnam War.
During that time, we tested
this virus on humans.
When they were infected the virus,
it was still in the study phase.
When the Vietnam War ended,
the US Army pulled out
even before the antivirus was discovered.
What about the human guinea pigs?
After the project failed,
they were exterminated.
The primary objective of this project
was biological warfare.
Now it's been developed for business.
That's why we're re-studying this virus.
If anything happens, at least we have hope.
But if the antivirus falls in their hands...
I know, sir.
It's not those infected who win this game.
But it's those who possess the antivirus.
Hurry up, you're so slow.
This is for you.
It's all your pleasures, darling.
Sorry for being late.
It took some time to get what you want.
This is yours.
This is for you.
How are you doing?
I'm okay.
What about that matter?
We'll know the test results soon.
We'll also know if anyone is
immune to the virus.
What will happen if someone is immune?
We'll extract their blood to
counter the HOPE virus.
But if you start bleeding,
that means you have no immunity.
In that case, please Inform us right away
to prevent the virus from spreading.
What will you do to those with symptoms?
Petch, have you seen Aod?
He was with Touch this morning.
I don't know where he is now.
What colour?
Yes, we're on our way.
Okay, just do it.
Give word to my mother,
just don't tell her I died from this virus.
They want to kill me,
you should go to help the others.
Does anyone know where Aod is?
Collect your things, they're almost here.
Where the heck is Aod?
He must have fled.
Such a selfish.
Just wait until I get my hands on him.
Shut up!
What did you do to Aod?
Aod is dead.
How dare you!
How dare you.
Aod may have been spreading the virus,
but you have no right to kill him.
Everyone loves to live their lives,
even you.
You are pathetic, you're worthless.
Do you want to know why?
Because you
neither loved yourself not anyone else.
I don't care about others,
I've never done a good deed in my life.
But the best thing
I can do now is taking care of you.
I don't need it.
But I gave your father my word.
Aren't you a hired assassin?
Don't you work for money?
Fine, I'll hire you.
I'll hire you to guard the
remaining victims.
Pond, I'm sorry.
Where are you?
When will you return?
Bad news, she has fever.
If neglected, it'll worsen.
What should I do?
Can you bring her to a doctor?
No, we'll get arrested.
People are hunting us down
all over the city.
Both that NSSD and the drug gang.
Don't even consider going out.
Even inside, we're closely watched.
I'm suffocating, I can't breathe.
You're crazy.
That's much better.
Jack, I want to go home.
So do I.
Get some rest.
If we're lucky,
we'll find someone with the antivirus.
Where's Petch?
Where have you been?
I called home.
Darn it!
If possible, don't shoot those not involved.
Yes sir.
Hurry up.
Wake up!
Let me go.
Let me go.
Hey, stop!
Go upstairs, hurry.
Your old case isn't cleared yet,
now you're in a hurry to
create the new problem,
What problems am I creating?
What about you?
I do what I must.
Same here.
You're making a mistake.
You're protecting a danger to society.
Maybe they're the final hope for everyone.
Including you.
I don't know why you're wasting
your time with these low lives.
They are worthless.
They are human beings...
just like you.
No, no.
They're not like me!
They're wastes.
And I'm the one who is about to
create something unbelievable.
These people are no match to you and me.
Why waste our energy on that?
They don't even realize
the value of life is.
Alright, let me show you.
This life is not too much for the game.
Darn you!
Stop it right now!
If you want the antivirus,
you'd better stop it right now.
Don't negotiate with me,
unless you're absolutely certain.
I am certain.
If you want the world to know
as you're the first person
to discover it, then...
Then shoot.
Where's the colonel?
I don't know.
Tell me, where's the colonel?
Why did you take my father?
The colonel is willing to come with me.
We worked together on Project H.
Project what?
Project H was an experiment
by the Thai and US armies.
Your father was a true patriot.
He volunteered to be the
first human guinea pig.
But after the war,
guinea pigs were hunted down.
The colonel was the only survivor.
I thought the virus killed him.
Why didn't I know anything
about this before?
Because he knows that.
You'd have strong feelings about it.
He was the only survivor from the project.
When he contacted me,
I knew that, he was our only hope.
Such a love between father and daughter.
Very impressive.
Are you unarmed?
I have you.
Thank you so much, Nicha.
If it weren't for you,
We would have never been
able to find the serum.
What are you doing?
Don't worry, don't worry.
That isn't the virus.
It's just some medicine test
to stop the heart from pumping.
Your Dad will fall into a deep sleep.
No, you don't have to do this.
Of course.
There is I must be the only one
who has this serum.
But you have no right to negotiate with me.
Your father has already done that.
I promise to your father that
I won't kill you
I will keep the promise.
But anyway, you're going to die
from a virus.
Hope is such a beautiful thing
isn't it Nicha?
It's such a shame that
your hope has run out.
The hope for people in this world
is only just beginning.
The ending will be the same.
A new hero is born.
Can you hear me father?
I love you.
I'm sorry.
Can you hear me father? I'm sorry.
What should we do next?
What should we do?
They did their duty. We do ours.
Okay, the show must go on.
Talk of the Town program tonight
brings you to a breath-taking situation.
The National Security Special Detachment
has arrested a truck carrying blood
by the Blood for Everyone Foundation.
The NSSD received initial information that
the blood was contaminated
with a deadly virus.
After the blood transfusion,
thousands of innocents would die.
This would lead to losses of
national magnitude.
The shipment will arrive
at the designated Country in 7 hours.
You're so darn lucky.
I'm glad...
To look after you.
Shoot me.
But I still believe
what I do was the right thing to do.
At the end of the day,
all you think about is money.
My business is my main job.
I create something great.
Stop using mankind as an excuse.
You are even more pathetic than
those guys you called losers.
You're a genius, but your heart is empty.
You have money, you have power.
But in the end,
everything mean absolutely nothing.
That's why you tried so hard
to become a hero.
It sounds like you know me very well.
That's because you're the same as I.
It's waste of time talking to you.
You and I are not at all alike.
You know why?
Because you're a loser.
Take it away.
I didn't lose.
No one can control my destiny.
Except me.
I've examined GBC already.
They use Blood for Everyone Foundation
to transport HOPE virus.
You aren't the person with antivirus.
Touch just trick me into helping you.
Are you sure this serum will work?
We should test it first.
No need to.
This is my father's blood.
I'm confident.
If you wait until tomorrow,
we'll find out if you have the antivirus.
I'm not interested and I don't want to know.
What my father gave me will protect me.
That's enough.
Miss Nicha,
you once asked me
what I'd do if my kids had the virus.
I think I already know your answer.
You once asked me
if the truth I'm searching for
creates chaos in this country,
would I still report it in the news?
I think I already know your answer.
I believe in the truth.
And I think there may be
a way to avoid chaos.
I trust you.