My Amnesia Girl (2010)

SubRip By HVNTeam -
The census says that at least 11 million
people live in Mdro Manila.
With all these people...
how would you be able to tell
who is the one for you?
What if you took no notice of him
when he passed?
You might have been busy tying
your shoelaces when she walked by.
He might have stood beside you
when you checked the traflic light.
You might have seen her in front of you,
if the pedicab didn't block your view.
Among eveyone here,
some have been lucky to find the one...
Some are still searching...
Others have given up.
But the worst of them all...
ls if you already found the one...
but Id it pass.
lmagine this...
ll the one lor you arrives
just once in your lile...
Would you pass this up...
now that it's in lront ol you?
How many sets?
Thank you!
That's all it takes!
It's that simple.
Just remember this...
the moment the doors open lor you,
that's already an opportunity.
You grab that chance,
and make that sale!
ll you don't...
you'll have a hard time
during that second chance.
Or worse, you won't have any at all.
- Thank you!
- Thank you Apollo Ganuelas...
Klaro's Division Head
lrom 2003 to 2010...
- l'm on the way!
- who iust arrived from Davao.
The trallic's bad!
l'll see you guys!
l'll just te him
to say we're about to start.
- He might've turned oll his phone.
- He's not replying.
We can't just wait lor him.
He's late again.
- Apollo?
- We'll do without my best man.
- Hey wait! l'm here!
- There he is!
- l made it, bro!
-Just in time!
Congratulations, son!
Thanks, Ma!
Mr. Handsome!
l never understood why it takes
so much ellort just to drink your wine.
You're just jealous because
you'll never get tied down!
l love being tied down!
How swed!
- Our turn!
- Alright, your turn.
- Not in lront ol eveyone!
- 1 ... 2...
Bah! There's no intimacy!
Is that a married couple's kiss?!
- Now, l'm really envious!
Me too!
Count me in!
- There. The one in pink?
- One.
- With the white headband!
- One!
Your standard's too high!
- The pdite Chinese?
- Two.
This one.
This should be okay for you.
- Finally! He went past two!
- You serious? Go lor her!
- Man.
- Guys, picture time!
- Let's just take pictures!
- Any luck?
- This guy's being too lickle.
- 1 ... 2... 3... Smile!
He won't go past rating. l don't think
he's really looking lor someone!
Maybe he's already lound her,
he just doesn't know it!
Who could she be?
Could it be the teacher?
She was vey caring!
Here you go Cedric! Delicious!
Marco, l promised you some!
And with all her care,
she ended up babying him!
- Your turn!
- No, thanks.
- It's yummy, please?
- No, l'll pass.
- Come on, iust a tiny bite.
- l said no.
l was thinking it could be...
Miss Perlect?
What a waste.
It used to be so beautiful here.
The Philippines was the number one
county in Asia.
Eveyone wanted to travel here.
And he ended up
being Mr. Imperlect with her.
How could you not knowthat?
l know. The stewardess!
She took you to the heavens.
Helicopter style!
But she was just like a dream.
She'd take oll belore he'd wake up.
What about the MMA lighter?
The tough girl!
She was really hot!
But didn't she turn him
into a rag doll?
But someone came before all of them...
The... photographer.
Nah, let's not go to that.
She'd turn me into lertilizer.
Dude, l spotted a couple ol girls
over there. Let's do a tag team!
l made it!
lt's possible!
- Did you see the connection?
- l told you...
Oops. Impossible.
Not possible, bro.
Ouch! That hurt!
Chibu Ma\code(0144)alac. l have two kids...
but no wife.
- Hi, l'm Eric.
- l'm Jackie.
With a C? Or a K?
Ah, both! Jackie!
- Hi.
- l'mJackie.
l'm 22 years old, from Ouezon City.
l'm the third of four siblings.
Hey, you're not listening!
l said, l'm the third of four siblings.
- Jan! Sub!
- Game!
- Hey, you're married!
- Just engaged!
Wow. Looking down makes me dizy.
l'm Apollo.
- Uhh... l'm not part of this.
- It's alright.
l iust want to know if you believe
in love at first sight?
What about second sight?
l knew it. l'm a camera.
- Why?
- Because l can make you smile!
You know what?
You might not gd home tonight.
Because you're already in my mind!
- Yeah.
- Just like lice.
You're always in my head.
l can't resist you.
lf you were a ball,
l'd never be able to shoot you.
Because you would want to miss me?
You're a piece of crap.
l could never play with you.
l've never been compared to crap.
l'm Apollo.
lrene! l'm Irene.
Thank you Lord.
All l asked for was bread,
and you gave me hamburger.
With fries!
- Hey, he's meding Ma and Pa!
- They're really quid!
Here they are!
My Ma and Pa.
This is my mothefs thigh.
Her nails.
Here you go, Mikey!
Here we go!
Ld me ioin!
- 1... 2... come on Pops, smile!
- Wait!
My turn!
Take a good one!
Hold on!
Come here Pops!
Just the two of us! t ... 2... S!
Okay Miss, we'll gd it.
Thank you!
Come on! Go!
Go go go!!
Now they're only twenty points ahead!
At least it's iust twenty points.
Come on, battle of looks!
We win!!
Not a close fight!
At least they lost.
- Bye! See you!
- Okay!
We're ofl to plan for our future!
Smells good?
Smells bad?
lt smells like... like... you!
Just like that.
There! That's it!
Come on.
- LePs go?
- Okay.
- Wait!
- Why?
Hold on.
You gave this to me. Come on!
Come on, come on!
Ouch! l have so many burn marks.
Really? Oh, sory!
Do you want to get curled again?
Of course not!
Ld's go.
Give me that.
Come on!
My darling's fed can't gd wd,
come on!
Wait! Wait!
Your hair will gd wd.
Since we have an umbrella...
ld's stay a little bit longer
here under the rain!
l'm so dashing.
l wish you were a bottle of peume.
So that l can wear you eveyday!
Ahh! And if l don't want you
wearing anything?
Hold on.
Stay right there.
ls that what you want?
Here l go! l can't see you
but l can smell you!
- Darling?
- Pol... Pol, it's cold!
l'm freezing!
Oh no!
Pol, it's really cold!
Hold it.
lt's okay. Next time.
Will you mary me?
Can you say that again?
When l was a boy,
Mom would always scold me.
Because l was always so forgetful.
So she would...
tie a string around my finger.
And she'd make me wear it all day.
So whenever l'd look at it...
l would always remember
at she'd tell me.
This is to make you remember
that on this day...
l asked you
if you wanted to mary me.
Only if you want to.
This is to never make me forgd
the person who gave me happiness.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
No one in their right mind
would park this way.
What happened to you last night?
You suddenly disappeared.
The alcohol was really strong!
l got so wasted.
We understand.
We know you're allergic to weddings.
Can l buy a lollipop?
Sory lor reminding you
about Irene last night.
No one said l was thinking ol Irene.
Thank you.
You okay, dude?
Yes! l'm okay!
l'm vey much okay!
Son, you wanna talk about it?
Lucky you lor having someone.
Lucky you for having a partner.
Would l ever be as lucky?
Do you think l'll die alone?
lt's okay, cuz.
There are lots ol other lish out there.
You'll lind the right lish lor you.
Being alone makes you cray.
What's happening?
lt's Irene.
your Irene?!
- l...
- Shh. l think.
You think?
- Irene!
- Shh!!
How are you, Irene?
Who are you?
Do l know you?
l have amnesia.
l don't remember anything
since my accident.
Sory il l don't remember you.
- What did she say?
- Bro?
Why did she leave?
- Soap opera?
- She's just angy!
That's what l said!
Maybe she had a boylriend with her.
That's also what l said!
What's the use ol us talking
il he's said eveything?
Let's say it's true.
Here, Daddy.
Assuming it's true, do any ol you
know someone who's had amnesia?
No, but that doesn't mean
it doesn't happen!
Amnesia: a severe blowto the head
or from a traumatic experience.
She could've bumped her head!
Or gotten into an accident.
Or been hit in a crash.
She doesn't look like
she had an accident.
She was vey pretty.
lt might've been a while back.
Maybe on the day ol the wedding...
after Apollo left Irene...
She was so heartbroken...
she got really upset.
- So she ran out ol the church.
- She kept running...
And kept cying
while the rain kept pouring.
And as the rain poured,
so did the tears lrom her eyes.
And while the tears rolled down
her cheeks, she slowly tripped...
until she broke her teeth
as she hit the gutter.
Then a truck passed...
But she wasn't hit because
it was in the ne block.
But while she was on the ground,
part ol her brain lell out.
And that included
her memoy ol Apollo.
lt's raining! Irene!
Cover your head! Irene!
Oh my god, Irene,
you got into an accident?!
Huh? Ol course not.
That's just my alibi lor amnesia,
il l ever see him again.
So you're expetting to see him again?
No, just in case.
It's better to be prepared.
This is so complicated!
You could've just said, l hate you!
You're evil!
Not... Who are you?
What an excuse!
l was caught ollguard!
l tried to lorget the guy.
He was like a zombie that
just came back lrom the dead!
lrene, you bmer be careful.
You might end up really forgming
all the mistakes he made before.
That delinitely won't happen.
So you're really pushing through
with that?
- Come on baby, let's go back?
- No!
No? Just lor one more?
Be a good boy, just lor one more!
One last. Look here, and 1 ... 2...
Beautilul! One more!
Yes sir, what can l do lor you?
l'd like to have a picture taken
ol my luture child.
That's great.
Take a look at our packages.
l don't need discount packages,
l'm really rich.
Can she be the photographer?
Miss, excuse me?
l'll just come back...
When my wile is actually pregnant.
l might be inlertile. Thanks.
She does work there.
And she didn't recognize me.
So are you convinced? Let's go!
Wait, don't rush.
What am l supposed to tell her?
What do you mean?
When have you ever lost your charm?
This is dillerent. This is Irene.
lrene, who does not remember you.
Come on!
What il he's there?
What's the problem?
You already have your stoy set, right?
- Hi.
- Sey, hi!
Mr. Inlertile, you're back!
You guys too?
No, just him.
l'm Ken... ouch!
You're lunny! How can l help?
- We're lriends ol Irene.
- What do you need lrom her?
We'd like to have our picture taken.
- She's really busy right now...
- Irene's over here!
Who are you?
- They said you know them.
- Who are they?
- Eric.
- Eric.
l'm Jan, lrom earlier.
l'm not inlertile.
And l'm... Ouch!
You look lamiliar!
Have we met?
Right, at the grocey!
So what brought you guys here?
To have our pictures taken!
You're all so cute! Here's more!
ls this yours already?
Mine and Irene's.
Here you go.
How long have you had this?
Around a year, right?
When did we last see each other?
Around two to three years ago,
right Pol?
More or less... l think.
you have amnesia too?
Just kidding.
Could any ol you be an old llame ol mine?
Not me, l go lor loreigners!
l preler someone a little taller.
l used to be gay.
Good. So l didn't upset any ol you.
At least we've made that clear.
Ld's ty to have solo pitures.
We'll begin according to... name.
You go--
according to our lavorite lruits.
Yours is apple!
- Yes, l love apples.
- Okay 1 , 2, 3!
Not you. The lighting.
How are you?
l'm okay, why'd you ask?
lt's been a while since l last saw you.
lt's as il nothing's changed.
What was l like belore?
Just like that.
You're still beautilul.
Wait, l have an idea.
There! Fits perlectly!
l'm glad l saw you again.
That's no good, lying snake.
l can't believe
he lied about being your ex!
What a thick-skinned liar!
But hats oll to you lor your acting!
You really convinced him!
l wonder why he's back?
Maybe to...
get something back?
Nah. l've been looled once.
That's enough.
What il he's persistent?
ll he chases after you?
Then let him.
He'd never catch me.
A it's dead.
Apollonio, just hear me out.
ll you're not sure about Irene...
You better stop as early as now!
Just leave her alone!
But Pops, it was just himsell
that he was not sure about.
Listen, Pol. This time around,
are you sure about yoursell?
Not just that.
Are you ready to get hurt?
Why would he get hurt?
Come on, bro,
he knew a dillerent Irene then.
Who could be dillerent
lrom the Irene today.
Who's to say il the new Irene
would still lall lor Apollo?
Ol course she'd lall lor him!
That's my son!
And il she doesn't?
What's the rush?
You have a taxi waiting?
You all seem to be in a hury.
l haven't thought about any ol that.
All l know is that right now,
l have a chance to make up lor things.
And l'm not going to waste that chance.
Go lor gold!
Come on!
Uncle, door please!
Good morning, mademoiselles.
- Hi.
- Let me.
Ma'am, he said he will be your model.
Model, eh?
Here, let me.
Why'd you come back?
Was there something wrong
with the pictures?
No, l was just looking lor you.
Why were you looking lor me?
Why do we look lor someone?
Because you like her?
No. But because she seem lost.
You look like you escaped lrom prison,
so l looked lor you.
He's lunny. Come on!
Let's go, Uncle!
- How did--
- Hi, again!
That was quick, sir!
And what are you doing here?
l lorgot to ask you
il you'd like to grab a bite.
We have a shoot today, right?
And after?
This will take all day. Peachy and l
are the only ones handling the shoot.
Then l can help!
To make your job easier.
Don't you have work?
l don't.
You resigned?
l just took a leave.
You took a leave to grab some snacks?
- Yeah! What lloor?
- 12B.
You can put the clothes there.
lt looks like the start ol the chase.
Let's see.
l left the tripod in the van,
can you get it lor me?
Pronto, unlock the door!
What do you need?
Thank you.
Just this? There were two in the van.
Noel, open the door!
Thank you!
Wait, one more lavor?
Can you buy some body oil
lor the models?
- Alright!
- You can pay lor it lirst!
Te me, okay?
The lighting's better here...
- Floaters.
- Thank you.
And lries!
No, thanks. l don't eat that.
What else do you need?
Just stand there.
l'll call you il anything.
- l prefer this one.
- Where were we?
She said it's okay.
- Pol, can l ask a favor?
- Yes?
Okay girls, look here, smile!
Hold that! More wind please? Wind!
Okay, and... Lower, Pol.
Okay, thank you Pol!
And smile!
Thank you girls! Let's ty the boys?
Thank you Pol!
Excuse me!
We're lacking one model.
Didn't you say that you're a model?
- Help us out, please?
- That was a long time ago!
- Girls, make way, quick!
- What is this?
Racquel, take charge.
You know what to do.
- Strip!
- Strip?
- Irene said so.
- Oh. Okay. Alright.
Don't l look too hot in this?
No, you look cute! Come here.
You just need more body oil.
Racquel, body oil!
Like that!
My hands have salt.
Racquel, linish this.
Faster. Catch it.
Okay eveyone, clear the sd please?
Come on, clear the set.
Where's Pol? Come on, Pol.
Center please. Make way.
Okay, look to the camera.
We'll have a test shot.
Pol, stomach in.
Compress eveyone, test shot!
- Okay, 1...
- Hold it, Irene.
ls this a joke?
You'll ruin my calendar?
l can't have this kind ol body
on my March page!
Sory, you'd be cute.
But your stomach's too big.
Pol, can you step down?
Okay guys, compress and look here!
Can someone re-touch the oil?
What il a wicked man turns away
lrom all the sins he has committed...
and keeps all my decrees
and does what is iust and right.
He will surely live. He will not die.
You think he's awake?
How long do you intend
on having amnesia?
Until he disappears lrom my lile!
- Hello? Miss Marizel?
- Good morning, mademoiselles!
You lorgot something
at the hotel last night?
- What?
- Me?
Right! Sory. Amnesia.
So can we linally go out lor a snack?
Miss Marizel has an emergency.
She's passing
the photo shoot over to us!
What about the debut?
We can handle it ourselves.
It could be our era.
lt's just a small lamily thing.
Wanna come?
- Wanna come?
- Okay.
Miss? Miss Irene?
- Miss Irene Gallego?
- Yes?
We're Miss Marizel's clients.
l was told it was a lamily portrait.
Why are you dressed that way?
lt's our parents' golden anniversay.
This is our gift to them.
There they are.
Why didn't you tell me
this was lor a wedding?
lt's iust a pitorial.
l thought you were iust allergic
to churches and wedding rites?
- It's just the same.
- Okay, sory, next time.
Where does this go?
ln the water.
l'm kidding.
Place it here. Come here.
Where is our lovely couple?
Position yourselves!
Here, in lront ol me.
You can remove the tripod.
Yes, them lirst.
- Here?
- Lower, Pol. Lower.
Look here. Smile!
- Can we see a kiss!
- One more, a sweeter one.
One more?
That's beautilul. Smile.
They're so swed!
The-- Pol,
the rellector goes at the back.
Move it away. Farther, Pol.
Dad, give Mom a hug!
- Farther.
- Huh?
Farther. More, Pol.
Move away. Farther!
- Farther.
- Farther!
Farther, Pol. Farther.
Does this still have any ellect?
lt does!
You're really making me cy!
One more.
Okay, look to the camera.
Thanks lor accommodating us
despite the short notice.
- It's not a problem.
- We'll get you again ne time.
l'll recommend you to someone else,
she's much better than me.
Go ahead, you'll get wet, it's raining.
lt's okay.
That would've been a good gig.
Peachy can handle it.
That's line, just leave it there.
- It's alright. Let me.
- l'll get that.
- l can.
- Let me.
l'll do it.
lrene! The rain's pouring harder!
lrene! Wait! The rain is too strong!
The camera's getting wet,
go by that shade!
- Here.
- l don't need it.
Did l do something?
l was reminded ol a stoy
my lriends told me.
About what?
l was supposed to get married belore.
But the guy left me at the altar.
They didn't tell you who--
the guy was?
Beats me.
No name?
They didn't bother telling me.
l might end up killing the guy.
No pictures, nothing?
They burned eveything.
So l wouldn't have to remember.
Weird, huh?
What kind ol person would do that?
To think he knew l had no lamily.
That l prayed so long
to lind someone to be with lorever.
They said...
l was so happy that day.
lt was a bright and sunny day.
Eveything was so magical.
l was a glowing bride...
to a perfect groom.
ln a peett wedding.
But l was wrong.
After the guy ran oll...
they said l hid behind the altar.
And that's where l kept
cying and cying.
Poch kept urging me to go home.
But l said--
No. They told me l said no.
l wanted to stay there.
To wait lor him.
l told them, ''He'll be back...
He can't do this to me.''
But l was wrong again.
lt's raining!
Irene! Cover your head!
lt's a good thing l got into an accident.
lmagine... despite having amnesia.
It's still really painlul.
Let me ask you. Why?
Why do you think he left me?
You told me, l seem cheerlul.
You told me l'm beautilul.
So why did he leave me?
Maybe he was alraid.
That's it?
he thought he was rushing into things.
What a jerk!
Then why did he bother proposing to me?
Maybe he had his own reasons.
Even l would be alraid.
Ol what?
Ol you?
Ol me? So it's my lault?!
No, he was alraid lor you.
That you would hurt more
il he pushed through with it.
That's bullshit!
Does he think l'm not hurting now?
Maybe he had a lot ol questions then.
What il eveything would be
about the two ol you...
That he would lose himsell...
That il he said yes then...
What il he won't be able
to commit to his promises?
Did he lind his answers?! Did he?
He realized it was harder
lor him after he lost you.
lrene, l'm sure that...
Wherever he is now...
He's regretting that he lost you.
That he hurt you.
ll he was standing in lront ol you now.
l'm sure that he would
only ask you ol one thing.
Hope you lorgive him.
l'm sory,
l was too much ol a coward.
lt serves him right!
l'm sure his conscience
is eating him up now!
You were right to tell him
how bad ol a person he is.
You should've rubbed it in more!
He deserves it.
When he said ''Sory'' ?!
That he was a coward?
You should've slapped him!
Hey, Irene?
l think you're the one
who needs some slapping.
l can see something in your eyes, Irene.
Tell me! What's that?
Look at me. What's that l see?
- Well?
- Anger!
Wrong answer!
What should l leel?
You shouldn't be leeling anything!
The lact that you're still angy...
means that there's still love in there!
- There's none.
- No more!
- Okay.
l said, no more!
No more.
Lile would be easier il we were just cars
whose sins can be washed away.
What's that? A manwash?
Earth to Apollo.
lt's just dillerent when...
you hear it straight lrom her.
l used to think
l was just a bad person.
Now l leel like a monster.
Take it easy, bro.
You might sell-destruct.
This is why l don't want to lall in love.
Ol course, true love
is meant lor the brave ones!
Are you calling me a coward?
- Yes!
- Yes!
That's mean!
Let me show you what true love
is all about. Here.
ln 3... 2... 1... 2... 3...
- Right on cue!
- Hi, honey!
- Cheesecake!
- Again? Isn't there anything else?
Are you getting tired ol this?
Ol course not, this is my lavorite!
You should serve this at my wake!
Now that's what you call brave!
ll only l can ease the pain
l caused her with my embrace...
l would have her in my arms
until she heals.
Carelul Pol, she might overdose!
l just want to see her smiling again.
l just want to tell her...
Not to cy.
That not eveyone is like me.
l want her to believe that
someone has the capacity to love her...
who will not leave her...
or betray her...
or ever make her cy.
What il that's not you?
But l can take care ol mysell.
What's important is her.
That she shouldn't close her doors
on loving again.
l love you, bro.
You linally thought ol waking up!
Sory. Sure, later.
Something is missing this morning.
- Looks like someone's given up.
- Good lor him.
Speaking ol the devil!
Your bills keep ending up in my house.
Okay thank you.
You may change your clothes.
Mrs. Rodriguez called to remind us
not to be late for the birthday party.
Nothing, eh.
You know, only two things
can spoil a birthday.
One, you end up being with
the one you hate the most...
Two, you don't get to be with
the one you like the most.
- Drink up.
- Come on.
Len, linish this lor me.
- We can't be late.
- Okay.
Come on!
- Are we here?
- Wow!
This is it, Ma'am.
- Coral Tree Garden.
- We'll handle this.
Why are there two parties?
- Must be a big celebration!
- Which one?
- It's a children's party!
- Oh yeah.
Mrs. Rodriguez didn't mention
it would be a children's party.
- She just said it was a birthday party.
- Where's Mrs. Rodriguez?
Looks like we're early!
- Surprise!
- Surprise!
Hi, Irene.
l can never seem to catch you
lor some snacks.
So l decided to leave you
with no choice...
And book your entire day.
Let's go.
Wait, l paid lor this.
You can't leave!
They've been waiting here
lor some time.
And so have l.
l didn't tell you to wait lor me.
Why does a person wait lor someone?
Because they escaped lrom prison.
Because you like her.
lrene, 27 years ol your lile...
were erased when that guy left you.
l just want to bring back
eveything he took away.
Such as?
Your smile.
Hi, Irene!
l'm ''Mrs. Rodriguez''.
Happy lirst birthday, Irene!
lt's really my lirst, huh?
- Happy birthday!
- Hold this, let me clap.
Happy birthday!
Hi, Irene! You can call me Pops.
l'm Apollo's dad.
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Just prdend
we had the power to time travel.
We'll go back to your first year.
We'll replace all the memories
that you lost.
from this moment on...
All your memories are new...
- Happy... Whole.
- Happy birthday!
Just relax!
- What's going on?
- Are you ready?
Go daddy!
That's great!
Go Pops!
Wait there.
Happy birthday again!
Happy birthday, Irene!
This is so awesome!
Are you ready
lor your ne birthday celebration?
Just relax!
- Where are you going?
- Stay there!
Thank you.
lt's broken!
l'm sory.
lt's okay. It's alright. Let's go?
Go ahead.
How many times...
l've tried avoiding this...
l never learned
The glances in your eyes...
l can feel them
- Despite being far away
- Close your eyes.
Just close your eyes.
lt gds harder...
As we gd closer...
We never learned
- A single smile draws me closer to you
- They say...
That with your eyes closed...
You lind out what you're really
leeling deep inside.
lrene, l wish that on this day...
your heart is no longer lilled
with pain and anger.
l wish there was some happiness.
My heart only belongs to you.
Happy birthday!
- Okay.
- Good morning!
Collee lor you.
And lor my Irene...
collee and breaklast.
Alright, thanks. Thank you.
Are you getting taller?
You used to reach my shoulder,
but not your up in my mind.
- Prmy girl, your ride's here.
- Coming.
- Thank you.
- Let me.
- Are you getting shorter?
- No, why?
You used to be up in my head.
Now you're right in my heart.
This is lor you.
Take it.
Ho ho ho! Mery Christmas!
Pol, you lack one!
l was hoping to be the 2$th.
This is it!
Mery Christmas!
Here's one more.
l don't think you'll bother lorgetting
why he loves you!
Excuse me sir,
this needs your signature.
Did you know you can be sued
for trespassing?
Because you keep breaking into my mind!
You ought to buy some lloaters, quick!
Why, are we going swimming?
No. Because you might drown in my love!
- l have some papers for your signature.
- Huh?
Your car might get towed!
l don't care,
as long as you won't be late.
- Come on!
- Let's go!
Just like before
My heart is beating
With excitement
l keep going back
To your kisses
l never learned...
A single smile
Draws me closer to you
A single embrace
And once again
l find myself back to you
lt takes no effort at all
for my heart
Only belongs to you
My heart
Only belongs to you
Do you love me already?
ll l could repeat
just one thing in my lile...
lt would be the day that l met you.
l could go back countless times.
Again and again...
For the rest ol my lile.
ll you would let me.
Will you mary me?
Will you?
Oh okay. Okay.
l need to tell him the truth!
But you shouldn't tell him
you faked your amnesia!
You're both happy now, right?
What's the problem?
Why ruin eveything?
So she's just going to keep pretending
lor the rest ol her lile?
- That would be unlair.
- Unfair?!
But ol course!
Hello, the poor guy is just going
to look stupid lorever!
So what? At least she's happy!
l know.
What are you thinking now?
l need to get into another accident.
ll l bump my head...
l can tell him my memoy came back.
And he will never know
that l've been lying to him!
And how will that happen?
- l will lake an accident.
- What?
Say that again?
l will lake an accident!
She lost her mind!
And what accident would be
convincing enough lor Apollo?
l'll bring him to the gym.
Am l doing this right?
Who are you?
Who are you?
- That's just bad.
- That's iust bad.
lt is. What il l do it this way...
Pol, watch out lor the cat!
lt would be a lot simpler
to just tell him the truth.
This is it! l'm telling her the truth!
My son linally got it right!
Your drinks are on me.
- And there's more!
- That's a lirst!
The chips come in lree, too!
Wait a minute, did l hear it right?
You're admitting the truth?
Ken, l love Irene.
ll we're getting married...
l don't want us hiding anything
lrom each other.
She has to know that l'm Apollo.
But what il this happens?
What il she says,
''l don't want you anymore!
l'm upset! The wedding's oll!''
What il she says,
''l lorgive you, Apollo!''
What we mean to say is...
You have to be sure
about what you want to do.
You've been given a second chance,
but what if a third chance won't come?
That's your last!
What il she comes to her senses?
Just sit down!
Seriously, all l'm saying is,
il she is to know the truth...
she'll probably be upset
about me lying to her.
Right Pops?
But il you love a person...
you have to stand by your actions.
- That's right!
- Expert!
l just learned my lesson.
Are you leeling cold, darling?
No. l'm okay.
lt's your hands that are cold.
Might've been the glass ol juice
l was holding earlier.
pol, where are we going?
Pol, l wish l could get my memoy back.
Pol, watch out lor the cat!
You okay?
- Did that hurt?
- No, l'm alright.
We're here.
What's this?
We're time travelling.
Remember l said that...
ll l were to return
to a moment in my lile...
lt would be the time that l met you.
Wear this.
lrene, this is where we lirst met.
You were an event photographer then.
You stood there.
And l stood here.
That's where l lirst saw you.
l even said, ''Possible!''
Then l winked at you, iust like this.
Your friend went up to you and
placed something by your chest.
That's when l found out
you were an organizer.
Not possible!
But l said, ''lt's alright''.
The entire night
l kept glancing towards you.
You kept going around.
You kept going around
because you kept taking pictures.
finally, Jan arrived.
l asked him to take my place.
So that l could approach you.
This is where you stood.
And l came lrom here.
l went up to you.
And l said...
l'm Apollo.''
But you said, ''l'm not a part ol this''.
l said, ''lt's alright.
l just want to know
il you believe in love at lirst sight?''
You said, no.
So, l left.
But l came back.
And l said,
'' What about second sight?''
Then you smiled, just like that.
Then you said, ''l knew it. l'm a camera.
Because l can make you smile''.
So l said,
''You might not get home tonight.
you' re already in my mind.''
Then you said,
''Just like lice. In my head.''
- Then l said, no
you remember now?
l never lorgot anything, Apollo.
l didn't get into an accident.
l don't have amnesia.
Apollo, l never lorgot about you, ever.
l'm sory.
l iust got scared...
l got scared of losing you.
l'm sory.
Amnesia eh?
l can't believe
we were so stupid to lall lor that.
We really looled ourselves.
This is your lault.
Who are you?
Who bought the television?
Did l just throw a punch?
That really hurt.
l would've never imagined that.
l would've expected...
A slap, a punch, a lot ol anger.
Not that.
l know l have no right to be angy.
l was the lirst to hurt her.
l get that.
But it really shoots through the heart.
lt's so sad.
lt's just so sad that...
we ended up this way.
Stop cying.
Men don't shed tears.
Leave him to shed his tears.
That's a good remedy to sore eyes.
His heart has sore eyes.
But once the bruises heal
and the dirt clears up...
- he will knowthe answer.
- The answer to what?
The answer to why he returned to Irene,
and why he will let her go again.
The census says...
that at least 11 million people
live in Metro Manila.
With all these people...
How would you be able to tell
who is the one lor you?
Are you okay?
What il you took no notice ol him?
When he passed?
You might have been busy tying
your shoelaces when she walked by.
He might have stood beside you
when you checked the trallic light.
You might have seen her in front of you,
if the pedicab didn't block your view.
Among eveyone here...
some have been lucky to lind the one...
some are still searching...
others have given up.
But the worst ol them all...
ls il you already lound the one...
but let it pass.
But sir, how would you be sure that
was your true love, il you let it pass?
Did you ty searching for others?
Or would you iust consider her
your true love for sentimental reasons?
Because she'll never come back.
She came back.
l had her back.
We had a second chance.
l had a second chance.
And l loved her even more.
Sir, you're so lucky!
They just left. It isn't him.
l can't take this anymore!
l'm going cray!
- Where are you going?
- To apologize to Apollo!
- He might still be mad!
- It's okay!
- What il he ignores you?
- It's alright!
- Il he slaps you?
- My cheeks can handle it!
- Il he doesn't accept it?
- l don't care.
l just want to tell him how sory l am.
l just want to talk to him.
l just want to tell him
how much l still love him!
Where are you?
l'm on my way to you.
you're on your way to me?
Why do you lind your way to someone?
Because you like them?
Because you love him.
l'm sory, Apollo.
l'm sory.
l'm sory.
- Irene, l love you.
- l love you.
- l love you too.
- l love you too.
Just stay there.
l'll meet you where you are.
Okay? Just stay there.
l'll be here.
l'll just be here.
l really really
really really really love you.
Don't ever lorget that.
We'll start over.
Who are you?
l've already used that trick.
Who are all ol you?
Apollo has experienced
traumatic amnesia.
This happens when the head
suflers from physical iniuy.
l'm afraid...
the medial temporal lobes
in his brain were afletted.
lt may be temporay, but...
We'll never know until we run some tests.
Hopefully we can help him recover not
iust physically, but also emotionally.
He should be given as much love
as he can gd...
to aid in quicker recovey...
and the possibility
of regaining his memoy.
l'm your most handsome cousin... ouch!
l'm Ken, your cousin.
The most handsome.
Apollo, my name is Jen, Jan's wile.
l'm Jan. Your lather.
You're confusing him!
Seriously, l'm Jan. Your mother.
Fortune cookies!
One more!
My child, you know...
Amnesia is just in the brain.
Any jolt it gets and it can lorget.
But l believe in the power
of the heart's memoy.
When the heart loves...
lt can gd iolted many times
but it will never forgd.
Check this out.
lrene... and Apollo!
l'll make one more.
A bird.. With no wings.
Enough, enough!
It's your turn.
You might get tired walking around.
Let's start lrom the beginning.
A review.
Who am l again?
You're my Irene. My lianc.
And a photographer.
- No!
- What?
- l'm a policewoman.
A policewoman?
Because you are my most wanted.
And you are a can ol paint.
You brought color to my world.
Or a dictionay.
You gave meaning to my lile.
What is this?
Dental lloss.
You see...
When you were younger...
your mother would scold you
lor being so lorgetlul.
Wear this.
So that you will never lorget that
lrom this day onwards.
lt's my turn to take care ol you.
lt's my turn.
And even il your memories
never come back...
We'll make a whole lot ol new ones.
Happy ones.
l will never leave you, Apollo.
Do you believe in love at lirst sight?
Yes! Sory!
And second sight! And third sight!
Fourth! Fifth! Sih!
Seventh! Eighth!
It doesn't matter which sight!
- Are you an alarm clock?
- Why?
Because you woke my sleeping heart.
Are your eyes lilled with poison?
Because the way you look is to die lor.
Il you were a cactus?
l don't mind getting hurt
as long as l'm in your embrace.
Ouch! You're hurting me!
What's your blood type again?
- Type A, you?
- Just my type.
l love you.
l wish you were a pirated CD...
so that l could hear that over and over.
l love you.
l love you.
l love you.
l really just love you.
Your clothes fit you well.
But l fit bmer with you.
Could you be my asthma?
Because you take my breath away.
Where were you last night?
l was iust here. Why?
No wonder you weren't in my dreams.
lf you were rain, l'd be the ground.
Whdher you like it or not,
you'd land on me.
- Maybe you are the storm.
- Why?
You have such a big eflect on me.
Hold on.
Is there a traflic enforcer here?
Because our hearts
just crashed into each other!
Oh, yeah!
- They're staring at us!
- Let them!
- They're iust envious.
- You're right.
Just wave at them.
l don't want to!
Don't lie there!
- Thers your doctor.
- Bye, Doc!!
Would you like to run for candidacy?
Because Pops is rooting for you.
- Are you ice?
- Am l?
- No. Are you ice?
- What?
- Ice!
- Well, are you ice?
- Why?
- Because l want to crush you!
- Are you wine?
- Why?
Because you're just so toxic!
You know...
You're an electric company.
Because you bring light to my life!
Can l reach you?
Because you're my dream.
- Why don't you sell ofl your house?
- Why would l do that?
Because you're free
to reside in my heart!
lf you want, you could be my driver.
- Why?
- So that you can run my life.
Ah, so you want a vehicle?
Why don't you iust be my magic carpd?
So that you can take me
to a whole new world!
That's too much, but you can do it!
- l believe in you!
- l have a question.
Where do you want to gd married?
l'd want it right next to you.
You know,
you're iust like a soap opera.
- Me?
- Because you're just so addicting!
And you would be a movie.
lt feels good iust watching you.