My Amityville Horror (2012)

there are stories about this that
haven't been told
me for be is my prayer that everyone in
this room never goes
by you know someone that
that does the Hardison for those people
who this whose Lawson do you communicate
lawsuit being able to
fine you collagen help
weaver firms returns
arguing it's not
its non-interest
it happens and monitors you
you will become millions
you know what my therapist's not too
long ago
asked to me if
I could in less than a sentence
board described were label these
all I can come up with in the first
thing that came up with and have been
able to find anything better than
and is in unfortunate gift in my life
cited tone
this not something I asked for achieved
or anything like that so when this was
when I'm going through experiences that
I am now going to coach
priest at church and he's looking at me
like boy what is wrong with you
you know I knew my life was
was turned into something that I had no
control I became
change it's it's not easy to do
tell somebody how you got thrown up that
it's not easy to tell somebody that
you're dead
was bouncing off the ceilings because
the headboard posts or
jammed into the sheep weekend
stage we've got black toilets and we've
got thousands of lives
this is just like you like a fucking
I'm getting a little time
right now
this is not something I'm sorry discuss
I don't look forward because once I
start talking about it even just to
bring you
back to a moment for a moment I B common
stock with
Advertise your product or brand here
you know my mom used to tell me that
good things happen to good people and
bad things happen to bad people
and sometimes bad things happen to good
people too
the Amityville house appears to be quite
peaceful now
is that no evidence that any strange
occurrences here
since the lights family fled more than
twenty years ago
house is not wanted it never was
it was a money making good it is
definitely not folks back home has been
was it really ahora was a hoax
on the world which still remains
mystified by the tales a bizarre
in a quiet house in a comparable Long
Island community I've never introduced
myself as that person
the guy from an okay ever you had to be
something completely different
I was somebody completely different then
went for the most part I still am
what who were you before Amityville
who were you I was
analyst wriggle idk you know went to
I told mom I was going to when I
was I was enrolled in school okay and
what did you do instead
before revealing get intellectual
happy stuff you okay I don't know you
okay go ahead on your right
and I kinda need to know a couple things
about you that because I'm not want to
just sit in
down and start sharing stories okay i'd
I thought I respect that
alright so good I kinda need to know
like what's the most dramatic thing
that's ever happened to you
the most romantic thing that's ever
happened to me arm
I think the most romantic thing that's
ever happened to me was moving
when I was 13 from one country to
another okay I think that was
for me and I was pretty scary an
overwhelming I moved here
United States i right on
but to for me to sit here knowing that
the most dramatic thing from view was
moved from one comes
to another and readjusting and you want
me to sit here and I'm gonna start
talking about
possessions annexes and bouncing off his
is not gonna be these thing for me to do
because I know you're only gonna be able
to connect with me
that in in well let me say this to you
and you're absolutely right I'm not
going to ever be able to know what you
did when three that some possibly
understand right are
I'm in what I do for a living as a
I have connects with many people in so
many different situations that I'm
much much many enter and I never okay
always respectful
what people's life experiences have been
is there someone that you're hoping to
benefit from
from doing most I would have to say my
ok I want you can't 1917 hard tough
have a spoken to you at all about it yes
have and and and they are concerned
that's you know someday I get past
you feel like you have you haven't I'm
ready to
not something that I asked for I didn't
achieve this
it's not an accomplishment in my life so
wish to be associated have anything
this has been following
my entire life I've been running away
and it finally caught up to me and I
couldn't hide
i sat down with my mom and I told her I
said I I have to go
I left and
went to go find my own place in the
world I didn't want to
you know be the Amityville Horror kid
everywhere that I know people have
preconceived notions
me I didn't want to deal with it
so I would just Wanderley find places
where nobody you mean
tryin work my way into a community
alright well
I was born Daniel Edward quarantine on
in 1965
in West Balam Long Island New York
my father and my mother were high school
on like one of those from
back see incidences they were married
very young
very family oriented you know the the
family's only lived a couple blocks away
from each other
it was my world and which
what I know and my mom and dad
got divorced I don't know I guess I was
7 and a halfish when
the divorce was actually final and
dad moved out on with his life and and
we're not gonna Grandma and Grandpa's on
Sunday anymore there was this period of
time where I really didn't know where I
fit in anymore
what to do with myself it helped me get
closer with my mother did actually
strengthened our relationship
I had assumed a lot of no
you know I was watchin my brother and my
and was responsible for the house and
george was introduced into this yeah I
a a there was maybe year
for some you know my mom went out with a
couple guys burnt
she like George george was an ex-marine
recently divorced on a house
had a carry permit had shoppers
and family business and bolts
Corvettes and you know you was very well
to do guy
somewhere along the line after my mother
had met George
between georgian my father there was in
you would met only marry my mother if
you get it legally adopted three kids
with the name change in the Social
Security and birth certificates and
yeah he was gonna put his name in label
on something that wasn't
ultimately his you know that's when I
just started destroying disguise world
every opportunity that I walked into
just do anything
to get him that we could go back all
let's put it this way
I don't think it was the Brady Bunch I
was somebody
that at the time for a couple of years
they became familiar with
but I actually saw these kids and
interacted with them
in their home I was just I was sorta a
when I was there I certainly wasn't
harmful to them so I don't really think
that they were relating to me as a
reporter they certainly knew
how I came to know caffeine George
I i think that there was some natural
tension there
because this was us it was stepfather
was was naturally more taciturn more
but he was always watching he was always
very very aware of what was going on
just as I was putting together a series
on different aspects of psychic
phenomenon for the station
Channel 5 News the story about the
and their experience in 112 Ocean Avenue
word the Amityville Horror houses it's
now come to be known
broke in New York Newsday everyone was
trying to get in touch with them
and it took me a couple of weeks nobody
knew where they were once they had done
a press conference they basically went
I finally managed to leave messages for
them in track them down and
George Lutz called me and asked me if I
would come and meet with them because I
told them I have good contacts
in the field parapsychology so I did
go out and meet with George Lutz and his
family on surveying firm at the time we
had a nice conversation he took me back
to his mother in laws house
to meet cathy his wife and the three
kids that's where they were staying
and over the course of a five-hour
conversation where they told me about
their story they decided
that I was someone that they could trust
in that they would allow channel 5 tap
the exclusive on the story
so that's how it all started
on November 13th 1974
the house at 112 Ocean Avenue Amityville
became the site of a notorious mass
23-year-old Ronald to fail junior shot
to death his father
mother two brothers and two sisters with
a 35 caliber Marlin rifle
all six victims were discovered by
police face-down in their beds
apparently unmoved and each murdered
while sleeping
toxicology reports approved the family
was not
thread no silencer had been used on the
lingering questions surrounding these
murders have remained for nearly forty
giving way to wild conspiracy theories
on whether or not to fail could have
committed these crimes alone
well at first just moving into the house
was fine it's a lovely house
and we enjoyed moving within a week
cathy's handed untouched by something
that we discussed
couldn't explain it was just something
unseen bills or to fly said
here to and Matt
coming times cal
green the lots family purchased the
at the reduced prices eighty thousand
dollars very shortly after moving in
the family claim to have begun
experiencing mounting paranormal
cold spots were discovered randomly
throughout the house
georgian Kathy claim to have witnessed
to red eyes peering in at them from the
upstairs bedroom window
jolting sounds with wake the family
during the night
my son Danny hands work on
in the window in the sewing room and
they were flat and is
in just slammed I was was most in such a
way that his hands were actually to form
they were flat thing going downstairs
and found a calming down
is pretty much impossible gonna we've
and look at it and then is fine
it didn't occur to us until much later
house never really wanted us to leave
the family fled the house on january 14
1976 none the subsequent families who
have lived in the house since
have reported anything usual people we
talked to seem to feel that whatever was
the motive for this crime
it had something to do with the family
it's not something that's going to
return to bother anyone else
it will be interesting to see
what Danny feels after all these years
what's also
I think fascinating is how much
love what he remembers actually happened
and how much
in does he think what happened I knew
the child
I don't know the man and yet Amityville
is a thread and actually something that
has defined
he and his siblings for their lives so
I'd like to know how is it impacting
you wanna see if he's come to terms
with that this he feels this is Israel
do you mean good what you been up to for
the last thirty years
been hanging in here for a while ok said
last time I saw you
you are helping your mother do dishes
in the kitchen at the San Diego house
you came to San
you yes one other things about the lots
is that struck me immediately was
they were not seeking publicity
they were very very normal they were
young suburban couple
the three kids were very very nice if
you know any better they were just like
the couple next door
I mean when you heard the story it
sounded like they had been visited by
just about every form a Paris
psychological play in existence
I offered to put them in touch with
Paris psychologist
like marine Warren they accepted that
and basically at that point they said
now on anything we do you can have the
exclusive there are only two conditions
one you could you don't go into the
house by yourself you go in with
reputable Paris psychologist
you know be great if you can get it
whole team up our psychologist in there
so everybody to do their thing and read
the house
0 what was ever in their to we wanted
our Privacy respect is what they asked
me and they definitely wanted the kids
kept down a bit
the family's privacy and you reporting
yes okay com like we would
we're gonna go to your schools and take
pictures start interviewing
you anything Danny oh I wish somebody
would have
what happened well but you are a minor
and don't forget this very good at
speaking for myself what would you have
said if you could have spoken for
are spread all told everything that
exactly the way it happened while it is
fresh in my mind as you can possibly be
now it's an interesting statement I mean
how fresh or dim is it your mind
now solve their I wish I could get were
said something that has been in my
tire life Harry was going through
episode while the garage
was on the possession outcall
yeah job was going holistic
and torches to keep on a leash
in pair but it was just long enough for
him to jump over the fence
for I went out there to try to get
from whose
fighting so much I was
fairly strong enough to rolled back over
the fence
but that seems me has been
a reoccurring dream probably five
time whatever life sometimes I would be
Harry sometimes
Harry would be me sometimes I tried to
kill him sometimes he tried to kill me
times there was nothing wrong with the
garage other times I thought I knew what
was wrong
the garage I mean I wasn't there for a
again it's never about dreams about the
fled it's kind of hard for me to explain
to some people
I would like to think that find a guide
Arctic trying to explain gap which
I don't I could just bring up I had
no knowledge of murder
news I did you know it anything about it
day we showed up to a good
mom or a ticket house its wash
shield page wheaties see it is that your
and still talk wanna stay and their
will mom leans into the car is watch
old family that was murdered
here with and that very same its
asked us she thought that ball Ross
Christmas just kinda liked looking at
everything what was my reaction
Street I don't know that he had so
people murdered seven-years-old really
know what a murderous
what do you recall when you first moved
into the house
that I thought I could like it here I
thought that the doc
was gonna be my hang out on the boat
house and
you know I I was really anxious and
looking forward to
to be I figured it was big enough to
keep George do away from me and
everybody had enough room in
you know this is this is pretty cool
I could work with us
moving and a we go
a this was a self move this was the
family pack to drop factor on boxes if
it breaks it's your fault cuz you look
back box right by the time
we've got Amityville was mid-morning
an 11 something like that my job was
was just to to haul boxes that said
I helped back to drop in on one pack
drop and I ran down to the bone yard and
ran up to the top 10 couldn't believe
this is like on the water with Paul kids
in the pool
boat house in I got right inside the
front door
and i'm looking at this picture right
here where you can see straight up the
ran all the way up to see how far the
house would call when
slight literally twice as big as
anything else we had looked at
I loved it thought it was great soldier
I'll maybe a quarter of the way into the
father ratios up
but I song come n
I was in the truck dump on boxes of at
that point a
I wanted to know which was my room cuz I
wanted father rate to come to my room to
good also my wrong so
did your mom just call him over to left
the house
lot of people will do that that's just a
normal occurrence
so when did you start really feeling
a sense about ease okay the until the
first two hours being in the house I
mean I was confused with the whole
father Ray
in areas and he's getting this holy
water in the Far Niente page in the
Bible he went in the house around a good
boxes at dropped in
you're talking with my mom and and I go
back down get another box but I'm afraid
he's gone
well had you met you had met I didn't
even speak tool
mom what if I the rain leaf what's going
and she said I don't know but played you
he'll be back I will see him on Sunday
subsequently the next box was to go up
to the playroom
and when I went in there there was
she for a five hundred flies
and we're talking this is made December
Long Island
yeah I started gallon
mom came running up stairs and she
stopped screaming
nervous it finally started clicking
in her mind I'm not sure what it was why
father Ray just left
I would stand there with the newspaper
smashing them on the wall and smashing
them on the window
and knowing that in five minutes I just
killed about a hundred flies
I went downstairs tell Mom to have a
calm of to be all proud skilled flies
and the dead flies are gone she would
look at me and say but did you do
you did what
where's the newspaper puts and I just
left a newspaper on the floor
was too dead flies
that's when my confusion started when
did you start
feeling sensing any unease
or what was the offer and my mother was
is it would could not she was able to
anything if I walked in I said mom what
strong she would tell me immediately
what's going on
and she wouldn't keep things from I'll
and now she's keeping secrets from and I
those mom I told we had disagreements
here and
she which given me these bullshit
or not answering passing of that I wanna
know what's going on
the housing to react differently or
people reacted differently
to the house your mother said she had a
love peace and didn't even want to go
out to do
normal chores and things
george always said he couldn't get warm
and he was
admitted to becoming more aggressive
and then om one of the things that they
there's a whole list of things that they
told me about that I'm
put bullet points here there was subtle
personality changes
in all the family members basically that
olive you were affected you had
very short tempers violence was
and they said that one point and George
that this
that he and Kathy took wooden spoons
to you and your brother and sister om
and beat them with that one night and or
did you guys around the house
like drill sergeants you recall that
yet while that happens
probably fifty times after that to
didn't happen work did have before you
moved into the house it happened a
couple times in George's house before we
move to Amityville
do you think because he had no parent
skills and he was only ever
yeah marine that's how we know how to
handle things I said this is going to be
a cakewalk
did you try and protect you from or were
you expecting her to protect you
no actual on my mother to protect
me fun I'm here to protect
her from you I had to
speak to George InSAR and call him
call only mister lots or so
you had to call mister lots for sure but
that when he was your stepfather
so to move on
had my father so
you guys were just repulsed by one
another at a molecular
level I don't we can say I one another
because George is in here
but you didn't I'm sorry I can't help
but smile when you say that
why do you think he's here know that
dead now you're happy that he's dead yes
ma'am I
and I'm
and I'm freeman I had nothing to do i'd
attempted him fifty times
he tried to kill 'em yeah the
six months totaled
story dry art
back years ago yes go
good as you see on a ship stock
talking about white stuff where you are
right now
like stones pretty complex got that
all small-town charm I've been the UP
yeah I don't know can I say that place a
the United Parcel Service driver
for better than 15 years in college
point like stone
I know I'm gonna say fifty percent of
the neighborhood on a first name basis
that was one of the reasons I was able
to stick around in this town
after them
movies came now everything went public
people know me as Greg
economy is believed people know me as
game why
well because my name was that in this
movie and then my name was
sack that way my name like that that
movie was making sure if I didn't tell
you the story that's they just thought
and the girl downstairs said ticket from
Amityville you and
hates that's weird for you
yeah in the end the they don't know
until I give them the answer
yeah so this would be like a daily
confusion Dane I learned a lot from you
think of yourself as the Amityville
guy when you think private inside
because I am The Amityville rise I it's
that like who you think of yourself as
first thought no ok and Danny
okay okay so it's not your first thought
about you and and you're talking to
yeah annual bodyguard right all I do is
walk around protecting that generated
that's right exactly that's what I keep
thinking that you have worked so hard
to be yourself whereas most people just
get to be themselves
you know there's a wanna says ProCare
would George my stepfather
would introduce himself as the Amica no
he couldn't be more proud have anything
I'm that guy
yeah my name's my storage my family you
all this is all about me
yeah its biggest fuckin asshole you get
over me
did you feel physically threatened
living inside the cells
I gotta be honest with you
to me want to use to get to this point
II I kinda got my kicks out a
for Phil something in my life that how
do you mean
I mean in this distinct
fucked up side of my brain I couldn't
possibly top those with my own cream
match in Asian
well there was bald spots in the house
in hallways rules things like that
while the furnished is she acted
fire Scott half a cord
soap:body for choking itself you know
blankets for war like formal
traps dollars house now weathered
draft walk in the front door the
to the left the time mister war into the
dining room there's the cage
there would be literally
twenty degrees difference 5
stamps sparkle my gives
with the Alliance head picture
is next to the bathroom a
on the second floor the very shocked or
that platform staircase and
all spots hidden change
there was what I observed happens
in the beginning is not something that
just one person saw the entire family
standing there
watching the fuck garage door slam up
and slammed down and slam
up and slammed down and the dog is
fucking himself
so I would go out there with George he
would pick me up and I would do
I would be hanging off one side of the
door and he would be pulling down on the
other side of the door
and we'd get in we block everything back
up with the Haus
we're going back into the house
my sister's room was above the pool
in the back yard to the right what did
you see
holes in the wind it would have been
what looked like Inc
cartoon character I love a
and angry pegged
with like wolf like teeth
and red eyes
laser beam red eyes
and at that closing the door seeing this
from my sister's room
I ran into the house faster than george
mated upstairs to her room and
the rocking chair shit in there back and
George went into a room in share
up and he's looking at the chairman is
looking at the legs in you
thing on the floor and there's no
logical explanation why this rocking
chair is good doing this for 25
I'd think it was a force that was beyond
my control
I believe that there is a such thing as
evil and I think that it can manifest
itself in any way shape or form that it
at will and I was a victim to that
what you believe I don't believe i won
90 up
I know thats so others past rights
right talking standing right there
issued that was like
the most horrible that person and that's
house nope
I had just gotten in a fight with George
so but I got you second landing
all the last thing to do birds or up
why I I was project
up the stairs into the wall others like
15 cheap
and my body
just like starts I no longer have
control of myself
I'm standing on the floor
look at my mother I don't know what's
course doesn't know what to say to pay
and she jumps around
shock like something just scraped or
touched or help character
Jimmy through me I have to describe what
it felt like a weepy
like and on this after being shocked
somewhere in the rule
which each
was like Shop Hop page like
with a cargo crackled and that stuck
with me
at least a decade daily basis
anybody ever saw me with the Tier II
edge like not should my mother
I asp route
want to attack wide
ok she was try and all sort
disliked you all rock
who was possessed
and myself you feel that you were
I was a yeah I think that would happen
at some point was
extremely so far beyond my control
yeah you mean in terms of your violence
towards to work his towards you
I think no I mean I mean
know this had nothing to do with a judas
having to do with me no longer having
control of my body
on my mind what I'm saying or what i'd
how long did that last
I felt like wildlife
at our 25-35 minutes
men were infested with violent reactions
while women Kathy said
were charmed by the house and overcome
with the feeling was sedated
the boathouse was a source a poltergeist
lots alleged he had gone out to check it
one night and found a green slime which
he dubbed
poltergeist puke losing all
over the place after january 6
the Feast of the Epiphany when they took
down the Christmas decorations
all hell broke loose Kathy said
it started now as any
rentable fouled
Tom students use type smell stench
we started going around opening all the
windows and the doors
all over the house I've got up to play
flies was trying to open a champ window
and getting open in like Superman while
strongest thing I ever did 10 and my
brother and two
the room he got in and I turned around
to look at me I got it
and the Winter Games slamming down
and crushed my fingers
to the point it was skin on skin
left-hand and right-hand
this section if this finger this novel's
never been this
min you can see that ride ok my kinky
and compared to the other you see you
then and
from the window sill I'm smashed
as was both hands and
shortage my mother my brother
whoever George's friend was there help
me move shit around
to get the window of my fingers
and my mom starts fishin for I said she
wants to make phone calls and get ice
and do all these things
in in her turning around to get a rag
to put the ice cubes and put in my hand
as we're sitting in the kitchen
the side door opening
very slowly and we will stop all we're
doing to pay attention
and there was nobody there wow I hate
fuckin had times where you make me dues
I'm I just kind it's pretty sad alright
a fork in spirit comes into the house
into the room through the door bombs
into my mother
walks room my hands like this that are
hanging off the table knocks the peanut
butter and jelly knife down
onto the floor and sit down and
this spot here
is your
arming buzzing what time noise so it
just sat there or something
made an impression on the sea yes
what did you guys did wish to
most people look at the house yes well i
i she's
I'm I'm mom can and ice you know what
happened specifically
we're doing this and she's rap in my
hands and then that three seconds it
took to look back it was gone
where was the worst games of stairs
trying to figure out what happened to
the window
wise in stock so as I'm sitting there
my mother flips over my hands she's
looking back it's
like workers were talkin skin on skin
here go
my hands swell to the size
of a child's baseball
five times their normal size
that today to the donners and in one
acting ships this
so that pinky see it still film from
that still sent did they take you to the
my assignment that's every night March
1976 was to stay in the house
report on any unusual activity a number
psychics parapsychology is clear way in
so that the man I love this were also
determine once and for all about house
was possessed by some demonic forces
georgian Kathy Lutz yes the the channel
five news about the earlier
if there was a demonic force in the
house that watched by the sir
he did not manifest itself physically
why we the psychic suggest that the
house had been neutralized the
atmosphere not right at the moment
that perhaps the demons well they were
scared off by the crowd
that our cameras self effort that was a
I came out on camera in our newsroom
away I might add the piece like this of
asked if I was scared during my night at
the house at 112 Ocean Avenue
no I was not it would be more accurate
to me to say
that the two hours I spent watching the
movie Friday night
with rowdy disruptive pot-smoking
was much more of our the six hours I
spent that house at that would leave
trouble film looks as though we're
themselves and they took to mend at
tremendous personal cost
we wanted to find a story we wanted to
believe them they came across
as very sincere irradiated the story
which we headed to quickly get on the
air I went back and looked at
every for that film there was nothing on
film except the people who were on the
telling their story the thing that
I would find the Los curious thing the
that I was there would be the sensation
bill place the metropolis cameraman's at
the Blue
he had these palpitations miss them and
would covered so
serious assignments war zones Ryan's and
so the was overcome by something and he
could not explain
he said he had no heart condition but he
climb the steps
sup stop camera down and
I'll explain another the unexplainable
lol I do recall
Lorraine Warren when she went to trance
saying it was a demonic force from deep
in the bowels of the earth
love it wasn't the sewing room yes the
sewing room
was the room which supposedly has the
story has it where the
demonic force was supposed to be the
strongest all the rain 1 I'm you we went
we sat on the sewing room we have amble
I remember rain that she had never felt
such a force that she felt that night it
was like feeling like she was in hell
the rain also produced photograph which
claims that there is the image oh boy
this is one of the pictures that their
photographer took that night
you and I both know that there were no
children and no animals in the house
that night think look at it but then
again try
for great photographed think it's
the let's look at the countryside for
just what I know I'm not arguing at the
Greek and disputing anything I've been
in the house I was there the night of
the murders
I have the Weber interview that
supposedly expose the whole thing
alright so
we've all been involved extensively what
there's no argument there
but what about the arguments that
from one source for the other that for
reason they had to leave the house is
because they
let it foreclose they just didn't have
the money was more money let the land
serving business was just not doing very
well and then he has a cell house
couldn't sell house had to get out
couldn't pay it
as as a as a starting point will talk
okay and I starting point well I wasn't
privy to their finances run
however they got the house for
eighty thousand dollars a purchase price
of with the possessions
you can always assume that this realtor
house up must at some point if they
didn't already know that this
in for this he just didn't think so it
was amazing
so they did okay didn't know essays
makes it even worse they did
not only do you know that it's that it
was a scene of a mass murder now the
your the belongings affect now
couple get let's play let's play devil's
advocate for one second I'll
I've heard all the stories about they
got into financial straits
but how could you could they didn't have
enough time to get that far behind
if they were only in the house for 28
now as to the point could he have been
dreaming up a scheme yeah absolutely
could have
did you did you have pics could you find
any evidence
that he understood the local
supernatural before they moved into the
that but George what specifically what
George Lutz
always maintained to me
was that he was a non-practicing
the rumors that I've heard second third
fourth hand
over the years with that he had had an
abiding interest in the occult
I think that lots triggered something of
by being open to it
by previous activity possibly on
the part over money to fail they were
fooling around and got themselves in
very deep was something dark and
something evil
that they totally didn't understand know
where they were
you know we were invited by the crime
groups to come
after the much is left the family then
moved in
and I'll this was in December a77
so we went through the entire place took
pictures we took infrared pictures
and I had a psychic one man covering up
living that I've worked with for many
many years Ceron make a right walks the
but it's what you think said while and I
walked and he said tensile ritual much
it costs
homes she was with the lots involved in
ritual magic
this was all about black magic being
done in this house
and he fell the residual effect South
with the psychological
lose Natori experiences that people
thought were real
but they're not really real our parent
only induced
do or allegations that he knew more
about you called them the the
before they moved in than he's admitted
or wherever did admit this life
haiti's review had any experience before
they're called
with the supernatural ever before we can
believe in I was
purposely nosing into george's business
but there were things when you walked
into george's house
it wasn't inviting and welcoming if you
read his
a bookcase
you know would range from
transcendental meditation to Buddhism
satanic history mind
control typeof auction hypnosis
books sky was into some pretty dark
when I started thumbing through these
books in
they're sacrificing virgins devil
rallies you know shit like this and I'm
reading this in the book
and I walk over to my mother and she
crack me over the head said put this
back and don't take it off the shelf
and I looked at her and I said
absolutely not
you marry this guy you move me to his
what the hell is he into stupid menfolk
george was not right
that you can see that the dead to fear
in the kids
and then acknowledgement of
if he's president their Jeff
you know and everyone was I believe
I once I can said there was
a lot of fear and anxiety in our house
about it there's something about his
presence that made
30 as child
know something is of with this man not
write something
not good I think that
certain people can
trigger things and in this case I think
that whatever happened
after round to fail murdered his family
I think it lingered there and I think I
was felt the George lots
was the trigger for
what started to happen to that family in
Warren always talked about certain
people when we were in the house
the night of March 6 there were a couple
people there
that it said we're going from room to
antagonizing the house or the spirits
well I called the Warrens up what are
you in a doing can you come down here
there's this case it's just broke in
it's been in the news I gave her
I gave in the rain the background they
said sure will come right down
we drove out to the house and george was
meeting us there
and George would not go onto the
property everything was on the table a
gingerbread house the kathy had made the
kids for Christmas
the clothes were you know strewn about
there was food in the refrigerator just
look like they had gone out for the day
Lorraine went into one room which later
one of the bedrooms and it turned out to
have been running to fails room and she
back to read out up there and so after
I took ed McGrane to meet Kathy
George and the kids last time I was here
nine maybe 10
commit 0
well thank you how are you
on gun glad to be here
all which good to see you very very
good to see you I haven't seen I'm sorry
about think company so long
song you can never be another and
I'll known no never me we'll talk about
I'd yes yes he was a man
the greenstein this
I thats feinstein okay he's so mean
command usafe well can flip this house
is life
this is feinstein and Lady Jane
right here this is I'm stein and Lady
ans the then
right here
is his twin identical
when no way yes identical twin roosters
the I
they're creating you Lorraine
and my mom had a very very tight
relationship the two
they were really the only people
that could offer psalm
typeof condolence to the situation that
had happened yes let's go downstairs
where we can sit and talk
what took place in house
if this true personification of evil
how do you explain
I haz Cassie if we could take
you three kids for a walk on the beach
and that's when you can just walked
to I'm what did they tell you
what we didn't want to frighten them we
talk Kathy
and we like you guys talk everything
member this
and they went about noises and they were
about how he would stand at the top of
the stairs
and in yell and scream about marching
that we're downstairs and runs for all
rolled up
do you think that George triggered
whatever was in the house that it was
attracted to him almost like
his personality it and
it's a strong possibility it is
a strong possibility but you
you had to kinda piled yourself
to take your John I mean that
you had what can you tell if tells
case anything to defend
I have to be careful with my words
when it comes to its how was he has a
it wasn't and
no father parent skills whatsoever
who did you turn to I'm removed from the
you know as very young teenager and
you know mime my mother and George wants
subsequently won
getting a divorce years later yes my mom
had a handful you know
River since her own family and she was
very shaken
I was out find myself in life and she
was happy for me
so was kinda had a well that's going but
you never
you never did anything had so i mean a
but he how all
for you when George left the scene
and cell
at that point where you I was already
gone for years at that time
and you were gone yeah where we do. do
my own thing
and and I couldn't have been happier for
you know when I found out that mom was
getting a divorce
finally after all these years and I
didn't want it ever have to do a mom I
told you so
but I did I told you so so many left
home when he was 15 sixty
where did you go %uh
to the desert 11
jeff is here I did how do I stayed with
friends friends stayed with me and took
a while you know which is very easy to
be home was in the desert it's it's
actually quite accommodating
doesn't get cold you would get cold at
its roast and
daytime yeah love good food
to did feel character that
when did that happen you became so bear
with me and a I went to my mom
and I said look somebody's really gonna
get hurt
around here and and I G I and I asked
her to let me go
mom please where did you go 13 world
it's not about where I when I be in the
back parking lot behind a dumpster
happy star thanks because nobody's
bothered you were still
it wasn't about where okay no with me
it's never about
where I okay by you know this is
this is where the party story is nobody
knows what's going on behind
our front door what was going on right
on time mom please let me go
okay let me go okay and
took a couple days and she me pick up a
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
washed my socks and shit like had
G-eleven ago
now as brave her critical
yeah can I bring it on the personality
of people that lived in the house
can I do that to have the right to do
you know I don't have the right to
to anything like that cell and you've
with the clergy clergy weren't to
forward 29
go in there and do anything more and
my husband please not going housing can
police its gonna kill you
don't go in that house again
that the last time that to go back
what about Danny Danny pose a threat
Danny was a little boy
and it wasn't just a young innocent
child we were baptized
yes so see they have that protection
too much kept the faith have
yes I good
I'm is is there anybody
here that does not believe in God
you very chime in now you because I'm
gonna call you out on it
you you what's your answer
well you believe
still the jury's still out what does
that mean you know it's
experiences that so are you saying
get to a nightsticks okay are I
what it's at a respected into what I'm
saying here
I'm opening this and there's a relic
the across the Christ was crucified on
you know can I don't have respect for
that is
to bring out well Lorraine
as another Roman Catholic who believes
certainly Jesus was confronted with
doubting Thomas so okay
their is the word you
right thing the True Cross
Christ was crucified this is written
I the clergymen this
this cross is good in true the good
you do with this crisis is that good
you do for him
did you take that into the Amityville
house I didn't have
I didn't have this in that time
can't now here
this is here
from Padre Pio
I did have this I had this
in my hand nobody knew it
nobody knew I carry this relic
I'll time times February 23rd
and March 6 nobody new that I had
this and 10
he appear
hydrate PO here to you
seeking and you feel that that
protected you most definitely
it like vindication
that's how Iran tell I see it
this is amazing
you have faith
you can you case you can kiss yes
simple is
thank you
it through this this was with add
all the time in the hospital it never
truly recovering I brought him home
unit for years in
what would you
say to somebody who says okay this kid
has a big problem with his stepfather
but that's not so unusual they could put
it down to okay you've now got a blended
family and it's not the Brady Bunch
aka okay Danny skipping school he's
doing whatever he can to
be defiant there was a small part of me
that look forward to get in trouble and
would do anything
you know you cats like when
there was anger in the house more shit
was going on in the house
the more dramatic in the more
dysfunctional it got
the worst sitka did you feel like the
energy was feeling of love your
aggressions tension yes yes I've
that's come up many times in life long
therapy yes
and has anybody ever said to you okay
Danny maybe this is just manifestations
baby you imagined all this
maybe use in the coolidge to well what
do you say when somebody says that
get up and I won't go and discuss
I stopped trying to persuade people
okay really long time ago
what they could put tell me what makes
you so sure
so convinced that this really happened
to you that you didn't
a mat that its you didn't imagine it and
I'm sure you've had those
those feelings were you saying OK
three-part second-guessing myself
yeah but is there any has there ever
been any point in time were you saying
I was an angry Kid I'm
really ticked off did you ever doubt
that this happened no
DG never had a point yells at all to
clear an all too real and
what I saw I know I saw and I could
describe it to you twenty years from now
exactly like I did right now
nothing's gonna change did you have any
sense that whatever
was there was would follow you
of the property
when did that start to happen
well one around involves both
on school
my mother and three of us were basically
heaped which george was injured as
is personal right and then
only slowly he was he watching entering
world as we met him he was involved
his believes that which practiced
one is to be able to control somebody
mines is to be able to keep object
I'd talk top
I think somewhere along the line that
George beliefs and practices and things
that he was
directly involved with triggered in was
a catalyst to what was going on
house was kinda like a magic trick gone
control of what was involved with laying
of hands
and and recall that when you can move
objects with the mind in woods
telekinesis kinases thought projections
when did this start to since
first minute I walked into his house in
should two sons pixels well I mean if
you walked into my eye
if you walked into my house and you look
to my bookcase you would pretty much
see a lot love things on accusations by
rivals with bookmarks and
pictures you photographed all on wall
but I have a lot of books on site on
various aspects
love parapsychology the the supernatural
I have a couple books on with witchcraft
and magic but let's face it
I mean what do you think the chances
realistically what do you think the
chances were
that no matter how many books George
read that he was going to be able to
start moving objects with asthma
I witnessed you witnessed what
exactly george's ability to move
objects with out touch them with his
in his garage before we even got there
he was in the garage with his friends
you can ranches just like that
like this walk over with them down
takes them a couple minutes to get there
it takes about 12 is gone
and it would take about a minute to drop
it by he kindling
and I was not supposed to know their
search which tumbled in on an
my mother didn't know I'm run into their
I don't know I didn't know if she knew
at that time my way told she looked to
me like what
colder out into the garage and I want
you to show my mom what you just did
right now
and the guys got all and last didn't say
a word
and I have a doctors appointment at
night to I when I told the doctor
second by second where didn't offer an
he just kept praised we think he said
role he had conversation
for drop me off using comes in 15
minutes later they talk for another 20
go at this point I with the doctor I
would recommend it to your mother
find a new boyfriend or he
he needs your son needs to go for tester
something this is this is just an
incredible tale from
there's a doctor out there somewhere
that story in his file in handwriting
can exaggerate what they've experienced
they can exaggerate a little or
exaggerate a lot they can add details to
an experience to make the story more
%ah and that there are lots of reasons
people might do that I mean for one
thing a we remember
bits and pieces have experience but will
fill in the gaps in our memory
with other bits of information things we
learned from other places
inferences we drew which we decide
probably happen and we use those two
fill in the gaps memory their also maybe
a motivation to remember things in a way
that is a little bit more dramatic
little bit more interesting now believes
saw his stepfather
move objects without touching
and the question and where did that come
it might be a speculation that it could
have come from
the stepfather saying you know I can do
this and the little boy started think I
I saw him do it
and when the story start to change
then it's time to become suspicious I be
afraid to be in that house
knowing that there had been a mass
murder in again we go back to the whole
thing about it
what is the imagination why starring and
just take off
and then the influence a father feeling
this on children
who I've been involved in so many these
cases with children are so sensitive
not going to what's happening in an
environment possibly power normally
but also to the Q's they get from their
most people do not want the glare these
they do not wanting names we feel
because of their business associations
and everything else I can be effected
they don't want to expose their children
very important
to not any loving parent does not want
inflict on a child anyone who does that
is is demonic is the so-called forces
that were released in this case
psychological scars is something that
are hard to expose
and and share with people and
while I'm an extremely emotional person
by nature and
that doesn't mean I like to share when
you watch him tell the stories he
he looks very believable and he tells
the story and away
that is almost guaranteed to get other
people to believe him
its detail he's confident he expresses
it was a motion
those are the things that people look to
you to decide that they're hearing an
authentic story
in my opinion the suggestion with this
ten-year-old boy
started when he was 10 helium
with adults who believed in the
paranormal who believed in the end call
call perhaps were who had books on me
telekinesis who may have been talking
about things
and then discussions family members
ok their site he soaked and suggestions
I think one excellent example
is this story about a priest coming to
bless the house and then for five years
there's a film that comes out which
shows that that priest
is overtaken by a swarm of flies and now
this once 10-year-old boy now older
has got a recollection remembering flies
hundreds and hundreds of lives so did he
get that
from the post-event suggestion of the
%ah or not
the last night in the house when did you
was a school day was a regular day
during week
my brother and myself
share levitation experience in our
in our beds this would be a arvit here
because my bed was on during
this window was bad news this way
on that wall so we would be like toe to
toe that way
wrong we both woke up that
are headboards are footboards
word smashing each other and hanging off
the ceiling
on the last night that were in there the
boys hats were being watched it up and
slammed down overhead at me but I could
not get up out of bed
happy levitated I had to grab her to
keep her from going off
this is after she had
turned into and an old
flown really agree old woman
that literally took hours and hours for
it to go away
we talk we try to talk to on the right
number of times we've got on static
hung up on unable to call now government
office and be able to talk to him and
tell him what was going on we ask you to
come back to the house wanted you know
the bosnian
worked yes is why we were still there
that's when I was slammed home
you're leaving I had no say in moving
Monday say go back to back going to
Grandma's just get in the van were
getting at
whatever I don't know never coming back
here no leaving every fuckin thing I've
ever owned
okay see you just ran out you were all
in night clothes
guy was wearing whatever God said you
know i'd
and jobs are pretty sure me in on that
they weren't going back to the house the
all their possessions there but the bank
foreclose on the house
they were the subject of intense
scrutiny George wasn't working anymore
kathy was not working she had three kids
and they moved they
they often moved to the other side of
the country you know they wanted to
get as far away from Amityville as they
could we were looking for family therapy
and I said mom
we can even talk about this in our own
house in Cornwall
with more logical explanations and
and now you wanna tell the world's
what we can't even figure out ourselves
why would you want to do that
how are we gonna do that
why you do in a there's nobody in the
doesn't know my mom and she's going on
TV shows and
yet I should dare and you know in school
as a grade school student teaches your
movie was on last night
really happened what would you say I
you wanna just like could punch you in
the face and leave
right they were chased all over the
country I mean literally changed
the kids couldn't go to school harassed
I mean this before pop Arazi they
weren't they would leave them alone no
phone calls
not thing that's how we track their
movements burst through the meat
once the Amityville thing
happened in I started changing mentally
and emotionally
I'm just redirected everything and
became hyper aggressive
apparently think I D large advanced
to promotional torrent it was going to
for probably close to a year if not
maybe a little more or they're going on
this world
wound up getting dumped off J Catholic
monastery school
I Caden authority problem I didn't care
preach were beating the shit out of me
performing extensions
which if I'm not mistaken they don't
want to talk about
tell me about that what I mean
performing exorcisms
performing axis isms like speaking in
tongues laying on hands
holy water splashing violent Falken
the bodily convulsions up
which five axis is and do I need to
explain why would they have done this
because I was possessed by a spirit that
I could not get rid of mining
so I ran away from the church a couple
priest free to share that I'd
said Georgian capital any communication
with you during this time
stumped you on I didn't talk to my
mother for probably the better part of
the year
in and to be honest but she showed up
I don't have much to say
in many ways it will follow you for a
long long long time to come
why did you go public full before we
went public
some other people stand for us and
widely exaggerated stories and this
in order to convict him those things
you to live with us sweet most
that I no longer exist
I could not separate
reality from what was called
came points where
it was like this family nightmare come
true I could not
to see it was almost like being awake in
your own tree
but I used to hate living a lifestyle a
structured lights
all of a sudden you know
in a matter of like six-month period
this whole time you know
old house moved
have no friends discarded
shit outta me mom no longer mom I used
to know
I would say between 12 and 15
probably ran away about a times for a
about two years I would have been about
to stern 15 something I had a problem
I was gone later lived in the orange
Salt Lake got a job in a gas station
in go to school in
what has been the worst
part a the whole
Amityville experience for you that I
didn't get to tell my story the first
are there any silver linings in the
class anything come and have any deal
you feel was good I'm gonna go with
be on strike and I didn't know that was
there a time
when the hauntings or the
strange incidence stop world they had
stopped for me in Arizona while I was by
do you believe they stop for the rest of
the family
no I
ended invoked the only thing in life
that that that scares me
the only things the in my life that that
i truly fear
all the things that are just beyond my
I'm not talking about man-made
situations that are beyond your control
there is
and elements love for whatever
label we want to put our name you know
easel tomorrow
conspirator whatever the fuck you want
to call it it exists
under whatever label you wanna put it on
sad thats
the hardest thing for me to do continued
with I
because I know that it's true and
in my feeling about it
has always the let's is may have
experience with item
what I call low-level param from some
other hallucinogenic
something that noone whose engine so the
question becomes
let's say we could do this all over it
and let's say we kept the process an
went and talk to the Lexus and took that
could the ethical hard as we know it had
been spoke
my feeling is now I do even with the
back any fans have backdrop of those
mass murders
your I do not belief based upon what the
Lexus claims that the experienced in
that house
would be enough to make this case now
nobody could have predicted
what has instead so something happen
the question is why and the effect
on the family I do believe the losses
believe that they experience something
that was unusual
I wanted to believe the story I want to
find some evidence that it was true
as a reporter we are naturally very
and I C you know show me the evidence
and that night I saw no evidence
that was unusual in that house I do
that their forces out there that
are beyond comprehension of our normal
five senses
I think that there were other forces at
work and I think
it would be very very hard for
a boy who had just turned 10 years old
to distinguish between
in some cases fact fantasy reality
I think george's particular personality
made him susceptible to that
and it fit of him what you think danny
is at right
blaming him for the haunting to take
place because Danny
blames george for taking his mother away
and for
have it is convenient for him don't
think it's just convenient I think he
really believes it
I mean in a sense there was a was a loss
of control
very hard have gone through life
have in the past been trying to people
not believe you 90
like a mouse exactly I totally
understand now why you can smash it
I just wanted somebody to believe me
right must make you feel crazy not
having people believe you
would you be willing this summit to a
lie detector test
a polygraph
I've been asked that many times
and I've had doctors asked priests ask
me that my friends asked me
my ex-wife at that is there something
at that little electronic devices going
to tell you that you cannot believe more
than me
yeah what is that
I'm just listen to you was wayne feat
what say you I mean would you or would
you know
law on have words with you after this is
people and shit like down on me
which is not funny
wouldn't be doing this if I thought they
needed a fucking lie detector test
when I yes who I feel I need he's gonna
satisfy your fucking mind
I'm not saying you're lined and I'm just
asking you
lot of people will be asking are will I
know that
I knew that a long before you asked well
I'm his voice in the
opinion on the audience you my voice i
guess i cnt
anything else you like that