My All-American (2015)

WOMAN: Coach Royal, I'm Casey
Addison from the Daily Texan.
ROYAL: Hello. Hey, sit down.
- Thanks for meeting with me.
- Sure. Sure.
Coach, I'm writing a story about
legendary Texas football players,
and you're a legend yourself.
Was I a player?
Why, yes.
You were a great football
player for the Oklahoma Sooners
in the late 1940s.
I'll be doggone.
I knew that.
But you coached UT and won
three national championships.
Texas had 30 All-American
players while you were coaching.
Which one had the greatest
impact on you and the program?
Freddie Steinmark.
I'm sorry, Coach,
but Freddie Steinmark
wasn't an All-American.
But he was my All-American.
You see, a player's skills and
character are influenced years
before I ever meet 'em.
I gain the benefit from
all the other coaches
who instilled fight and
grit in their hearts.
MAN: Rough Riders' creed:
"I will play hard and clean,
and I will not be a quitter."
What's most important is courage.
It's not a disgrace to be beaten.
The greatest disgrace is to quit
or to turn yellow.
- You got that?
- ALL: Yes, sir!
- Let me hear it again.
- Yes, sir!
Now, get your butts out
there and practice hard.
Steinmark, stay here.
You did good last game.
You scored a lot of touchdowns.
But you would've done better
if you run in a straight line.
You get to the end zone quicker.
You zigzag too much.
My dad taught me to run that way.
When you play for your father's
team on Tuesdays and Fridays,
you can zigzag.
On Mondays and Saturdays,
you run a straight line.
- You got that?
- Yes, sir!
- Get out there.
- (whistle blows)
Wind sprints! Let's go!
WOMAN: Oh, look. Sammy
wants some peas. Come on.
- You want a little pea?
- MAN: Come on, Sammy.
I want you to finish the
whole thing for me. Okay?
If you're gonna be a great player, you
gotta get some meat on those little bones.
How did my boy do at practice today?
I scored five touchdowns.
Our guy's gotta work a little
bit harder out there on the field
because he's always the smallest one.
- Isn't that right?
- I try as hard as I can.
What makes a winner is learning
that they can always try harder.
- Is that enough parmigiana?
- Yes, Mama.
Maybe a little bit more. Huh?
We gotta get you to Notre Dame.
That's right. Great
education and great football.
Give me a kiss. Huh? Come on.
That's my guy.
MAN: When I took this job,
they told me that you haven't
won a division championship
in 25 years.
Haven't beaten Lakewood in 15 years.
The pure and simple fact
is you all are pathetic.
But not for damn long.
We will beat Lakewood.
We will win the conference championship.
And we're not stopping there.
And anybody who doesn't
get on board with my plan
can move your sad, sorry ass out
of my eyesight now and forever!
Are there any questions? Good!
Now, we got a new kid here from California.
And he may be just what the
doctor ordered for this team.
He's gonna be carrying the
rock a lot for us this season.
Any questions?
I didn't think so.
Now we prepare for war.
Out on the field! Now!
Now! Now! Not a minute to waste. (clapping)
Let's go!
Let's go!
(stopwatch clicks)
Freddie Steinmark.
Glad you're part of the team.
You'll really help us this year.
I wish I was back in California.
It's pretty nice here in Colorado.
Yeah, well, this team's nowhere near
as good as the one I was on there.
It will be.
Yeah. Sure it will.
Now that you're on the team,
I say state championship.
You haven't won your division in 25 years.
You're talking state championship?
You're nuts.
MAN: Uno, dos. One,
two, tres, cuatro!
Hey! Wooly bully
Watch it now, watch it
Here it come Here it come
Watch it now He get you
Matty told Hatty
About a thing she saw
Had two big horns
And a wooly jaw
Wooly bully
That's right!
You're really fast for a big guy.
We can use you this year.
Wooly bully
GIRL: Just pretend like you've
gone to school here all your life.
Like anywhere else, the jocks and
the cheerleaders rule the school.
And the jocks are mostly jerks.
Except one.
Freddie Steinmark.
He's sweet. He goes to mass every day.
And he is, by far, the
cutest boy you will ever see.
He broke every scoring record
both in basketball and football.
I don't like sports.
You don't have to like sports
to have a crush on Freddie.
- You just need a pulse.
- BOY: Hey, Freddie!
- You gonna make it to workouts tonight?
- I'm in. See ya.
All right...
He looked at you.
He's okay.
GIRL: He's here every day
after his regular practice.
His dad trains him pretty hard.
- DAD: Five!
- Maybe it's not his dad.
Maybe it's what he wants
to do to get better.
All I know is he's exceptionally dreamy.
DAD: Time!
- (panting)
- 11.9! Great!
Great! Do it again!
You know, he stares at you
every day and never says a word.
Maybe he's shy.
The most popular kid in
school is shy? I doubt that.
Well, what do you think it is? I...
Maybe it has something to do
with him being so religious.
No. Boys that go to mass every
morning can't talk to girls?
I don't know.
Hustle up. You still got five more.
Be right back.
- Don't... You have to start the car.
- Uh... Uh...
- Here.
- No. I can't.
- (engine cranking)
- I don't want these.
- (cranking)
- Debbie. This is so embarrassing.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You know, we were just...
we were just looking for a...
- Picnic.
- Picnic area for a bunch of girls...
- Surprise party.
- For a surprise party for a bunch of girls.
- Yeah.
- Do you wanna go out sometime?
- What?
- Do you wanna go out?
Go out with-with me?
Ok... Yeah.
Yeah, that would... that would be great.
Great. When?
- Oh, I don't know. Uh...
- How about tonight?
If I run about 20 more
reps, I might get the car.
I just have to ask.
All right. Some other time.
No, tonight will be fine. Right?
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
- Great.
What's your address?
- Uh...
- It's, uh, 2678 Pear Blossom.
Oh. Nice area.
(softly) Thank you.
How about 7:00?
7:00 is perfect.
- It's perfect.
- Great.
- Thanks, Debbie.
- DEBBIE: Uh-huh.
- Okay, I'll see you then.
- Okay.
Please start the car.
GIRL: Is this... Is this your car?
Uh, no, no. It's my dad's.
I have to get it back by 8:00 tonight.
He has to be at work at 9:00.
- What's he do?
- He's a Denver policeman.
- Oh.
- At least, that's his night job.
During the day, he's a security guard.
- Hard worker.
- Very.
My mom too. She's a clerk in the hospital.
I'm, uh... I'm gonna take
you to my favorite spot.
FREDDIE: I can see my whole life,
present and future, from right here.
Look. There's Wheat Ridge
High field, where I'm playing.
- Yeah.
- There's Boulder,
University of Colorado,
where I might be playing
if Notre Dame doesn't offer me.
And there's Denver, the Broncos.
That is, if the Chicago
Bears don't draft me.
I don't know that much about football.
You will.
- (drums beating in rhythm)
- (crowd cheering)
Let's go, Farmers!
You can do it!
Let's go, Freddie!
Fifteen straight times you
mullets have lost to this team.
The tide will turn tonight.
This game.
Now, get out there and kick their butts!
PLAYERS: Yes, sir!
(marching band)
Nice hit, Freddie!
There we go.
Set! Hut!
Go, Bobby!
Come on. Come on! Come on, Bobby!
That's it.
- (whistle blows)
- Yeah!
- Come on, Freddie!
- (crowd cheering)
- (whistle blows)
- (jeering)
This is your team.
Get 'em ready.
Offense! Huddle up!
All right, guys. (panting)
We will not lose this game.
This streak ends now.
We have 57 seconds to go 82 yards.
Not a problem.
- Right?
- Right.
- Right?
- Right!
- Let's go out and do it!
- Yeah!
Come on!
- What do I do?
- Just give the damn ball to Freddie.
Down! Set! Hut!
Come on, Fred!
- Go! Go!
- Freddie, go!
Go! Go!
Run! Freddie, run!
(whistle blows)
Oh, my God! (squealing)
Yeah! That's all right!
- Well done, young man. Nice game.
- Thanks a lot. Thank you.
Never seen anybody your size do
as much damage as you do out there.
Thanks. You do a lot of damage
yourself. Wish I had your size.
You'd be dangerous.
Hey, you want a ride?
Your dad's always there watching.
Every practice, every game.
- All my life.
- (chuckles)
Did he play when he was younger?
He was an amazing athlete... the
best in every sport he ever tried.
If he hadn't gotten in a car
accident and banged up his knee,
he would have been a Major
League Baseball player for sure.
So he's like one of those dads
living his failed dreams through you.
He just wants me to give everything
I have in whatever I do, all the time.
School, sports. It's all the same to him.
I've seen a lot of dads like that.
What matters to us both is
for me to get a scholarship.
We don't have a lot of money for tuition.
I'm sure you're gonna get plenty of offers.
So far, nothing.
I bet you don't have that problem.
So many, I don't know
what to do with them all.
Must be nice.
Hey, you ever hear of Army's
two great running backs,
Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis?
They were called Mr.
Inside and Mr. Outside.
That's us.
- Sounds good, Mr. Outside.
- Okay, Mr. Inside.
Hey, one more thing.
Lakewood used to be the
number-one team in the state.
You know we're not gonna lose
a game the rest of the year.
Sounds good.
I appreciate you taking
my call, Coach Crowder.
Just wanted to make
sure you got my letters.
Well, I will tell him you
said that, sir. Thank you.
- (chuckles)
- Tell him he's also a 4.0 student.
Well, 165, with room to put on more.
Well, I assure you, sir...
He weighs more than 145 pounds.
A junior college?
Well, thank you anyway.
- Who's next?
- The air force.
- They recruit smaller players.
- I have to study.
(door opens, closes)
You wanted to see me, Coach?
The University of Texas.
What about it?
Mike Campbell, their defensive coordinator,
is somebody who trusts my word.
And he thinks a little
different than most coaches.
University of Texas?
No guarantees, of course.
Well, did they show any interest?
Well, they came up
yesterday to recruit Bobby.
Oh, well, that's why.
Hold on now.
I made Iron Mike watch
a season worth of film.
You got his attention.
Okay. What do I do now?
Well, they want you and Bobby
to fly to Austin this weekend
to meet Coach Royal.
You need to sit down, son?
No, I have to go. I have to tell my dad.
Now, wait.
I'd be careful about getting hopes up.
They meet with a lot of kids
without making them an offer.
It means a lot they wanna see me.
Thanks, Coach.
University of Texas.
Doesn't look real.
Been a lot of great football
played here over the years.
Never thought I'd see this place.
If I have anything to do with
it, you'll be playing here.
But it's not up to me.
- You ready to go meet him?
- Yes, sir.
All right.
(clock ticking)
Freddie Steinmark.
Yes, Coach, that's me.
Watched film on you again this morning.
You run like you got a school
of minnows in your pants.
I like the way you attack.
I try to teach my kids to
drive through the ball carrier,
not just lay him on the ground.
Looks like that just comes natural to you.
I'm thinking about...
you playing some safety
and maybe returning punts.
How's that sound to you?
Maybe you need some time to decide.
Um... No. No, sir.
What is it, son?
Well, every other coach just
thought I was too small to play.
Too small. (scoffs)
Well, I'm 5'10".
I was an okay college football player.
He quarterbacked the University of Oklahoma
to an undefeated season in 1949.
You want me to play here for you?
Son, I'm offering you a scholarship
to attend the University
of Texas and play football.
How can I be more plain?
You will not regret
giving me the chance, sir.
Becoming a Longhorn and part of this
football team is a dream come true.
Give me my hand back now, son.
As for you...
Well, I figure you Colorado
boys can be roommates.
- Yes, sir.
- (chuckles)
- Thank you.
- All right.
That's all for today, boys.
We'll be seeing you back
here in two months. All right?
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Sir, Coach, thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you.
- (door opens)
- (chuckles) Wait for it.
(door closes)
(Freddie, Bobby whooping)
- Never gets old.
- (chuckles)
Thanks for the ride.
Why didn't you call?
I kind of wanted to tell you in person.
So, what happened?
I can't believe that place.
Everything is bigger and better in Texas.
And that means?
Coach Royal, he, uh...
he offered me a full scholarship.
I'm so happy for you, Son.
You worked so hard for this.
Answered prayers.
Answered prayers.
FREDDIE: So now I have
to look at everything
in a totally different way.
Over there, Wheat Ridge
is where I used to play.
University of Colorado.
No, thanks. You had your chance.
And Notre Dame had their chance too.
You know, I wanted to go there all my life.
Till now.
My dream is to play them some day
and show 'em what a
terrible mistake they made.
You know what? Forget the Broncos.
I'm going with my first
choice now... Chicago Bears.
Coach Royal believing in me
makes me think anything is possible.
I have a surprise for you.
- Uh-oh.
- Oh, no. It's a good surprise.
Actually, it's a... it's a great one.
It's too dark.
It's an acceptance letter.
From Texas.
What? How'd that happen?
I applied and was accepted.
Well, what about your plans to go to CU?
No. You and I are part of a bigger plan.
Well, ye... I know. But I
didn't know you were gonna...
No, Spanish is my major. They have
the biggest department in the country.
I thought your parents said there
was no way they would ever let you...
- I am very persuasive. (laughs)
- Yes, you are.
- You're going.
- We're gonna have the best time in Austin.
- I can't wait to get started.
- Yeah?
- Texas!
- Yeah!
Impress me.
- (whistle blows)
- MAN: Drop it!
Up! (whistle blows)
Come on. Move those feet.
You can do better than that.
Come on! Pop up!
Hope Coach is right about you.
- Yes, sir.
- (whistle blows)
(players grunt)
Better keep up with your
Colorado buddy, Mitchell.
- He's here because of you.
- (whistle blows)
Come on! Move those feet now!
CAMPBELL: Come on,
Mitchell! Quit dogging it!
Nice hustle, Bobby.
You're doing great, buddy.
- (whistle blows)
- Steinmark, you're up!
Let's go! Come on! Let's see some hittin'!
- Let's go now!
- Set! Hut!
(players cheer)
CAMPBELL: Who's next? Reynolds, go.
Nice pop for a Colorado boy.
Set! Hut!
There you go, Freddie. Good hit.
- (knocking)
- (door opens)
Hey. Want a burger?
What's the matter?
My brother Mark joined the army.
(fist strikes bed)
Why are you so upset?
You ever hear of a little
place called Vietnam?
Yeah, but not everyone who
joins the army is sent there.
He's training to be a helicopter pilot.
I'm gonna get a beer at
the rectory. You wanna come?
- A beer at the rectory?
- Yeah.
Some priest named Father Bomar
invites the football players over
to get away, relax, have some brews.
A priest?
Yes, altar boy, a priest.
(door closes)
They use the freshmen as cannon fodder.
Since we aren't eligible
until sophomore year,
they don't care how much
the varsity pounds us.
I'm worried about you getting hurt.
Me? I'm invincible. Never
been hurt in my life.
My roommates tell me that
football players are the targets
for every girl on this campus.
You can't possibly be worried about me.
Well, you were treated
special in high school.
And if you end up being a star on
the team, which I know you will,
they're gonna treat you like a god.
Oh, I can't see me
loving nobody but you
- Stop. Stop. That's too much.
- For all my...
- (muffled singing)
- (squealing)
They moved me to a more
advanced Spanish class.
My teacher... very good-looking.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Jealous?
- Hey, captain.
Good to see you.
- Do I know you?
- Freddie Steinmark.
I'm a freshman. I'm on the team.
Welcome aboard, young pup.
It's Bill Bradley, one of the
top quarterbacks in the country.
He's gonna lead us to
a national championship.
(laughs) "Young pup"?
Well, upperclassmen don't
normally even talk to freshmen
till spring practice next year.
Oh, so he honored you?
- Yeah, I guess he did.
- (laughs)
Let me lay this out as plain as I can.
A 6 and 4 record
is unacceptable for Texas football.
This year things are gonna
be a little different...
no, a lot different...
than anything we've ever done here before.
Gentlemen, football
doesn't build character.
It eliminates the weak ones.
We're about to weed out the weak.
CAMPBELL: Come on, come on, come
on! Let's go, boys! Get 'em up!
ROYAL: We got 200 players
vying for a spot on
a 100-man roster.
CAMPBELL: Come on!
Get that butt down, Mitchell!
That means by the end of this
two-week spring practice session,
100 of you are gonna quit, get hurt,
or we'll kick your ass out of here
for not being good enough
or not working hard enough.
All right!
Faster! Double! Double
time! Let's go! Double time!
We are gonna stay here all day.
No one is guaranteed a
spot or a starting position.
Each week you will be rated.
Come on, Steinmark! Get up there!
Let's go, ladies! Come on! Let's go!
Some of you who played this week
won't be in the same spot next week.
Move! Move! Faster! Let's go! Faster!
Last spring, we didn't wear
pads until the second week
or get into nutcrackers or
eye openers until 10 days in.
This spring we start now.
- (whistle blows)
- Go, go, go, go, go!
CAMPBELL: Come on, come
on, come on, come on!
(whistle blows)
Happy hour.
I don't think I'm pushing
these boys hard enough.
(whistle blows)
You ran 30 off this week alone.
That Steinmark kid...
I can't make him sweat.
The more I push him, the
more he answers the call.
I don't know what they're putting
in the water up there in Colorado,
but we could sure use
some of that down here.
Okay, Frank, we'll do that.
MAN: Oh, sweet thing
Come on and dance with me
FREDDIE: All right, let's see what you got.
Yeah, that's right. Lighten
your feet. Yeah, I'm ready.
Oh! Wheeler's pass,
intercepted by Steinmark.
- (squeals)
- He's gonna take it back all the way.
Oh! It's a monster tackle!
Wheeler takes Steinmark down!
The last-ditch saving tackle!
- (yells)
- Stop. Stop.
Steinmark is down.
This summer went by too fast.
Mm. Not fast enough.
I can't wait to start practice
and play for real.
You've got nothing but
football on your mind.
That's not true.
- Mm.
- It's not.
Gentlemen, we're gonna
implement a new offensive set.
It's called "the triple option."
Now, that means we're primarily
gonna be a running team.
And I guarantee you
no one we play this year will
have ever seen this offense.
Now, quarterbacks... Bradley,
Norwood, Street, Phillips...
how you read the defense
and make instantaneous decisions
will determine whether
this system works or not.
So we're gonna try you all.
And whoever can best handle the challenge
runs the show.
All right, let's give
our quarterbacks three.
- Let's get to work!
- Let's do it! Come on!
Down! Set! Hut!
- (whistle blows)
- Bill. Where are you going?
Down! Set! Hut!
(whistle blows)
Smart play, James.
Set! Hut!
Man, that kid's got an arm.
Yeah, he's a little slow on
the read, but he can throw.
Set! Hut!
We're either gonna go 10 and 0 or 0 and 10.
We sure as heck ain't gonna go 6 and 4.
- Fast Freddie.
- Ooh!
Hey, Slick.
Boy, you showed 'em how it's
done out there, little dink.
Little dink? (chuckles)
Hey, you and me need to stick together.
You lead the defense. I'm
gonna lead the offense.
I'm a long way from leading anybody.
Hey, bubba, I know a gamer
when I see one, all right?
Give us a couple of years, you and
me are gonna be running the show.
I won't be running the show.
And you got the number-one quarterback
in the nation in front of you.
Just a matter of time, Fast Freddie.
Hey, Bobby! Hey.
Hey, what's the matter?
They're moving me to offensive line.
Guess they're trying to make me quit.
I don't want your Pollyanna bullshit now.
You're not gonna quit.
- Why is that?
- Because you promised your brother you wouldn't.
CAMPBELL: Steinmark!
Coach Royal wants to see you in his office.
Yes, sir.
Come on in, Freddie.
Sit down.
We don't have a defensive back,
including an upperclassman,
who understands their
position as well as you do.
Hell, it's like you got a second sense
of where the damn ball is
going before it even gets there.
I think you may be the
toughest kid we got on the team.
Thank you, sir.
We're moving you up.
Starting safety.
You'll be the first sophomore
starter I've had since Tommy Nobis.
And he was the greatest
player I've ever coached.
- I'm honored, sir.
- All right.
Now, there's a lot on you, son.
We wouldn't be making this move
unless we knew you could handle it.
- Yes, I can. I definitely can.
- Good.
'Cause this season it's gonna
be Texas smashmouth football.
Offense and defense.
- Can't wait.
- Glad to hear it.
(crowd cheering)
ANNOUNCER: After a very disappointing
first contest with Houston,
we'll see if the Longhorns and their
newfangled triple option offense
can get on track here at Tech.
That was a bold gamble
which did not pan out.
No question. Coach
Royal is on the hot seat.
The fact is, the fans are restless.
If they don't win this game today,
you can just about write this season off.
Set! Hut!
Bill Bradley is really
struggling with this offense.
And yet another turnover.
COACH: 86, cover the flat!
- One, two...
- (cracking)
ROYAL: Take a knee.
(chattering stops)
FRANK: Listen up.
You are embarrassing
me, the coaching staff,
your family, the University
of Texas, its fans.
But most of all...
you're embarrassing yourselves.
Where in God's good earth
is your pride, gentlemen?
Is that how you want
people to remember you?
There's a hell of a
fight going on out there.
We ought to get in it.
CAMPBELL: Let's go!
- Yeah!
- Let's go!
Down! Set! Hut!
- Damn it!
- ANNOUNCER #1: More of the same here in the second half, Phil.
I don't know what Coach Royal
was thinking with this offense.
PHIL: It's a bit of a train wreck, Joe.
Where's Street?
- 16!
- CAMPBELL: Street!
- Yes, sir?
- Get your helmet on.
- Sure.
- CAMPBELL: Defense, get ready!
Get in there.
Yes, sir.
Hell, he can't do much worse.
What is this? We've got a change
here, Phil. New quarterback?
Coach called you out.
Joe, it looks like a
desperation move to me.
James Street is raw and unproven.
- JAMES: Y'all wanna play some Texas football?
- (slaps leg)
JAMES: All I ask is you guys
stick with me one play at a time.
Down! Set! Hut!
PHIL: Street pitches it
to Koy. For a big gain.
There it go.
There goes Street. Spin move.
He got it!
Touchdown, James Street.
He got it!
Set! Hut!
(crowd cheering)
Touchdown, Steve Worster!
I guess it just needed the right
quarterback to make the triple option work.
Good read, James.
JOE: That might be the
end of Super Bill Bradley,
one of the top quarterbacks in the country.
Replaced by a fourth-string
quarterback we've never seen before.
JOE: Despite a strong
second half, Texas is winless
in the first two games
of the last two seasons,
and that hasn't happened in 72 years.
First to arrive, last to leave.
I like how quiet it is
before everybody gets here.
What are you reading there?
Uh, chemical engineering.
You are one of the darnedest
players I've ever seen.
Sure wish I had a lot more like you.
Yes, sir.
Looks like we're the
only ones left on the team
that still get our hair cut every week.
(chuckles) Yeah, yeah. You could be right.
Who is that young woman I
see you with all the time?
That's Linda, my girlfriend.
We've been together since her junior year.
I first laid eyes on Edith in high school.
Fell in love faster than a hiccup.
Well, I hope we end up together
as happy as you and Mrs. Royal.
Thank you, Freddie.
I need to stop by and see you every day.
You just make me feel better about things.
Anytime, Coach.
My office.
(whistle blows)
Bradley's not here.
Probably already transferred.
PLAYER: James, let's go!
Come on, Slick.
Throw me a pass.
I'm looking for a new position.
Let's go, gunslinger.
A run to the post. Hit me.
Yes, sir.
(players cheering)
You all right, bubba?
Our quarterback! Hook 'em!
Let's get to work!
PHIL: It's Steinmark again.
Up and over. Touchdown, Bertelsen.
Steinmark on the return.
He's got blockers, Joe. He's out to the 50.
He could go all the way!
- Touchdown!
- Whoo!
Street with a keeper.
He gets hit. Spins. Oh, another
touchdown for the Longhorns.
JOE: The triple option offense, which
sportswriters are now calling the "wishbone,"
has changed this Texas team.
PHIL: And defenses don't
know how to stop this offense.
The Longhorns will not be denied.
JOE: Street to Speyrer, on the end around.
He breaks it upfield.
Touchdown, Cotton Speyrer.
PHIL: Another vicious hit by
Steinmark at the line for no gain.
JOE: Well, after a horrendous start,
Texas has outscored
their opponents 320-134.
And has won the Southwest
Conference Championship.
What an amazing season for Steinmark,
leading the league in interceptions
and being named All-Southwest
Conference safety.
And if it was my vote, Texas
would be number one in the country.
- I've been looking for you.
- (grunts)
What is it?
Bobby just found out his
brother got killed in Vietnam.
STUDENT (on bullhorn):
the name of freedom must stop.
End the war.
STUDENT: We are sick and
tired of our boys dying.
Hey, man, First Amendment.
Right to free speech.
To hell with your free speech.
Let him go. We've got plenty more.
Hey, war lover. War lover.
Bobby! Bobby! Bobby!
Hey! Hey! It's me. Hey.
- Mark's...
- I know.
I'm so sorry.
Come on. Let's go.
(chanting) No more war!
No more war! No more war!
(door closes)
He had such great plans for his life.
He was everything I wanted to be.
And nothing has ever hurt this much.
Tell me why God takes my brother so young
with such a great life ahead of him.
I don't think anybody
can answer that question.
You know, just because
you're not a religious person
doesn't mean you can't
pray at a time like this.
Well, if I did pray,
it would be to ask God
to bring my brother back!
I understand.
Look, I'm sorry.
- I didn't mean to yell at you.
- Don't be sorry.
You have every right to be mad
and yell all you want.
Doesn't do any good.
Nothing does any good.
Can you believe a man
just walked on the moon?
It didn't even seem real.
Everything's changing so fast.
Yeah. In two years we'll be graduating.
And then?
What do you mean, "and"?
Is it still a boy and a girl?
No, it's three boys and a girl.
- Three?
- All right, fine. How about four?
- No, three.
- Four.
- Ow!
- You okay?
(groans) Yeah. It's nothing.
- You sure?
- Bruised it playing softball.
I hope you don't read this bullcrap.
We do not care what other
people write about us.
We don't care what people
think we can and can't do.
Only those of you right here
can tell that story.
And, gentlemen,
I'm counting on it being a great story.
PHIL: The University of California
should be a good first test.
JOE: There hasn't been this much excitement
about Texas football in a long while.
Even ABC is anticipating a number
one versus number two showdown
at the end of the season.
And right now that would
be Texas versus Arkansas
for the 100-year anniversary
of college football.
JOE: Steinmark. A loss of three.
The Campbell twins showing up on a tackle.
PHIL: Street, scrambling again.
He's in trouble, but he
gets out of it. Touchdown!
Yeah, baby.
You all right?
I'm fine.
JOE: Final score: Texas 17 to nothing.
A great defensive effort,
led by Freddie Steinmark.
Your leg's still bothering you.
It'll be okay.
You got to see Medina.
He never healed anybody.
His whole job is to tape
you up and send you back out.
I'd hate to see you play at 90%.
Good stuff, man.
Texas Tech has gotten the better of
the Longhorns in the last two years,
but with James Street at the helm
and Freddie Steinmark in the secondary,
this Longhorn team has a
completely different look.
JOE: It's 28!
Steinmark again, with another interception.
Revenge is sweet.
Texas crushes Tech 49-7.
PHIL: And they'll next
face archrival Oklahoma,
led by power back Steve Owens.
It's a war of wills now.
Power versus power.
And the Sooners are counting on
Owens to carry the bulk of the load,
but Freddie's got
something to say about that.
Come on!
And the Longhorns prevail in a slugfest,
Smell that?
Wait. Isn't that illegal?
- Why are you still limping so badly?
- I'm not.
Don't act like you're
not in pain. I know you.
- I'm getting better.
- It's not getting better.
You have to go see a doctor.
I'm doing all right out there.
I see you, trying to hide
your limp on the field too.
Look, if I wasn't doing the
job, I wouldn't be playing.
If it's still a problem
after the Arkansas game,
I'd have someone take a look at it.
- That's not for another month.
- I'm not gonna miss this season, Linda.
It's gonna be special.
I know it.
Stubborn boy.
JOE: It's Speyrer on the reverse.
He's gonna throw it. It's
a long one to Peschel.
What a grab. Touchdown!
PHIL: Steinmark took a big hit there, Joe.
It looks like he might be hurt.
JOE: He's gonna shake it off.
PHIL: Well, he's a tough kid.
Set! Hut!
Street with a keeper.
Scrambling again. Touchdown!
Steinmark on the coverage.
Freddie got beat on that one, Joe.
How's it feeling?
It's fine.
What a catch! Touchdown!
Texas has this wrapped up 49-12.
And now they are the
number-one team in the land.
Arkansas is number two.
Phil, this could be the
game of the century.
Hey, Freddie.
Didn't know you came in this early.
What happened to you?
You look like you've
been run over by a truck.
It's this way after every game.
You know what it's like out there.
It's different for me. I'm the
one who's doing the hittin'.
Yeah, I got 11 of you bastards
coming at me every play.
And most a hell of a lot bigger than you.
How's that leg of yours?
Pain is pain.
Comes with the territory.
You got that right.
All I care about now is the Arkansas game.
That's why we're here.
To play for all the marbles.
(inhales, exhales)
- (sighs)
- (sighs)
How's the leg, Freddie?
It's not bad. It just
keeps getting banged up.
I'll be fine.
Seems like it's getting worse.
Everyone's a little beat
up this time of the season.
Montgomery is the best
quarterback we play against.
When he watches film, he's
gonna see that you're vulnerable.
And he will attack.
I know all his tendencies.
I'll be in the right
place at the right time.
I promise, Coach. I will not let you down.
Even at 90%, I want you out there.
You're the heart of our defense.
And hell, you boys only allowed
three touchdowns all year.
After we win this game, we'll have
three weeks before the Cotton Bowl.
If it still hurts, you see a doctor, okay?
Yes, sir.
My leg will be perfect New Year's Day.
(crowd cheering)
PHIL: Welcome to The Big Shootout!
Or as many have been saying, college
football's Game of the Century.
CROWD (chanting): Texas! Fight!
- There's not an empty seat here in hostile Razorback Stadium.
- CROWD: Whoa!
Two undefeated teams.
Number one Texas versus
number two Arkansas,
battle for the National Championship.
JOE: Arkansas present the Longhorn defense
with their toughest challenge of the year.
PHIL: But no team this year has figured out
- how to stop the potent wishbone offense.
- Go.
What we got here, Joe, is two great
offenses versus two great defenses.
JOE: And despite the bitter rivalry,
coaches Darrell Royal and
Frank Broyles are good friends.
PHIL: Maybe not from the opening
kickoff to the final gun today, Joe.
And this game has
received so much attention
that even the president
is expected at any moment.
JOE: I have never seen one
game receive so much publicity.
Can you hold up one more game, little dink?
Wouldn't be here if I couldn't. (chuckles)
If you wanna help, keep their
defense on the field, huh?
I'll see what I can do.
(slaps butt)
PHIL: The helicopter,
Marine One, is landing.
President Nixon will soon be
joining this raucous crowd.
Here we are.
- Wheat Ridge boys.
- Woof.
Playing in front of the president of the
United States in the biggest damn game ever.
All part of the plan.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
Let's go, boys!
We're gonna set the tone of
this game right here, right now.
On three. One, two, three.
ALL: Texas!
JOE: And here we go. Texas,
first series on offense.
Set! Hut!
JOE: James Street.
Hands off to... Fumble! Arkansas recovers.
PHIL: Holy cow. First play
right off the scrimmage.
I'd hate to say the crowd was
already a factor, but maybe they are.
And just as the president arrives.
Glad he didn't see that.
I wish I hadn't seen it.
- (grunts)
- (whistle blows)
JOE: Touchdown!
Arkansas draws first blood.
JOE: Street going back for
his first pass of the day.
Going for Speyrer.
Underthrown and intercepted!
JOE: Street rolls to his
left. Completion to Speyrer.
A scramble for the ball
and Arkansas recovers again.
- Steinmark with a big hit.
- (whistle blows)
Let's go! Come on!
JOE: Street going for Speyrer.
And again, interception!
PHIL: What a disastrous
start for the Longhorns, Joe.
Damn it!
There's two interceptions and two fumbles,
and the first half isn't even over.
JOE: And Texas, stuffed
once again at the line.
Set! Hut!
JOE: Montgomery to Johnny Rees.
- Tackled by Steinmark. A gain of five.
- (whistle blows)
There you go. Nice hit, Freddie. Nice hit.
Darrell, Steinmark is really struggling.
I'm thinking about it.
JOE: Third and 10 on the Texas 22.
Set! Hut!
PHIL: Montgomery... He's looking downfield.
Great protection.
Dicus is right there, wide open.
And he lets it go.
Touchdown, Arkansas Razorbacks.
There is nothing going right
for Texas right now, Joe.
Mr. Referee, he was blocking on
me when the ball was in the air,
and that's against the rules.
- (blows whistle)
- JOE: Hold on a minute there, Phil.
- I see a flag.
- (crowd booing)
Flag. It's coming back.
- Come on!
- PHIL: You know what, Joe?
I believe Tom Campbell convinced the
referee that he was interfered with.
- How does he get to call that?
- He was blocking...
ARKANSAS COACH: They're the number
one team in the nation. I understand.
But you don't make a call like
that with something like this.
Not in a game like this,
you can't make that call.
PHIL: Worst half of football the
Longhorns have played all year.
Arkansas has figured out
how to stop this wishbone.
JOE: And at the end of the first half,
it's Arkansas 7, Texas nothing.
I'm wide open after every five yards.
Hey, Slick. I can get
open out there. I promise.
All right. If your number's called
and you're open, I'll get you the ball.
(players arguing)
- PLAYER: Can't you do more than block?
- PLAYER #2: What?
You gonna be all right?
One more half. (sighs)
CAMPBELL: Listen up!
Everybody up.
I'm not gonna stand here and tell you what
you're doing wrong, what you're doing right.
By God, you wouldn't be
playing if you didn't know that.
Men, I want you to think about
all the years we spent together.
The practices.
The weight room.
The heat. The sweat.
The vomit.
The Medina drills.
So difficult, every one of you
at some point wanted to quit.
And as you see,
it was all for a purpose.
To get ourselves...
to this place...
for this great battle.
Don't let all those hours you put
into this endeavor go to waste.
In about one hour,
a gun is gonna go off and end the game.
And at that point...
the world will know
that the 1969 National Champions...
were the University of Texas Longhorns.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
Now, give me three.
(all exclaiming)
- What you say, boys?
- Yeah!
All right. One by one, let's go.
Play by play, let's go.
Hey, let's go get them, Fast Freddie.
PHIL: They've spotted the ball
inside the Texas 30-yard line.
So that was a pickup of two
on that last running play, Joe.
JOE: And it's Arkansas. Second
down and eight on the Texas 29.
Dicus and Rees split through the left.
Montgomery, back to pass.
And he hits Dicus on a crossing pattern.
He's got some running room.
He's on the 10, five.
Arkansas, touchdown. The Razorbacks
strike first in the second half.
(grunts) Darn it.
Steinmark had a shot at him, but
he couldn't get there in time.
Freddie's a step behind.
PHIL: A demoralizing score for the
Longhorns, who are now down 14 to nothing.
Hey! It's your time, Slick.
- MAN: Let's go, Texas!
- Just watch me.
PHIL: Second and nine for
Texas on the Arkansas 44.
Street goes back. He's in trouble.
He breaks free. He almost goes down.
And there he goes.
He's at the 30, the 20, 10.
Touchdown, James Street. What a run!
- You can't hold a good man down, Joe.
- Yes!
- Whoo!
- We've been seeing that scrambling artistry
from James Street for the last two years.
And now we can pull within seven.
JOE: Wait a minute, Phil. Look there.
Texas is going for the
two-point conversion.
That's a big risk. If they fail, that makes
it a two-possession game instead of one.
- PHIL: Coach Royal rolling the dice on this one.
- Down! Set! Hut!
It's Street. He fakes
left. Spins, goes right.
- And he's in there! Two points, Texas.
- Great job, James!
Arkansas 14, Texas 8.
Darrell Royal, the riverboat
gambler, wins that bet.
The number one team in the
land is back in the game.
Let's go. Come on.
PHIL: Montgomery goes
back and hits Dicus again.
- A 21-yard gain.
- (whistle blows)
Set! Hut!
JOE: There's the throw, and it's too long.
But we have a flag.
PHIL: There was a hold.
Steinmark was gonna get beat, and he
grabbed his jersey to save a touchdown.
I've got holding, number 28.
So, with that penalty,
that's gonna be a 15-yarder.
That's gonna move it
all the way from the 24,
down inside the 10-yard
line to the nine, Joe.
JOE: I've never seen him do that before.
He's finished. Take him out.
Get in there.
You can do it, Rick.
JOE: Rick Nabors, the backup safety, is in.
PHIL: Joe, I believe that's
the first time I can remember
he's being pulled from the
game for not doing his job.
At least he saved a touchdown.
I'm sorry, son. I hated to do it.
The right call.
Bring your kinnies!
Come on now. Stiff it up!
Set! Hut!
PHIL: Montgomery, looking for Dicus.
He throws it. Interception!
Danny Lester.
He breaks the tackle and returns
it back all the way to the 25.
- (whistle blows)
- JOE: That's a big break for the Longhorns. They dodged a bullet.
- Montgomery and Dicus were on a roll.
- Offense, on the field.
PHIL: And here we go.
With six minutes to go,
- Texas needs to make something happen.
- Down. Set!
- Time's running out.
- Hut!
And it's Street to
Speyrer on the end around.
He breaks it upfield to the 40, 45.
Into Arkansas territory.
Set! Hut!
Koy with a quick hit to the
inside. A gain of a couple.
Worster again, off tackle.
Maybe three yards at the most.
Third and five. Worster
again. They didn't make it.
- Fourth down and the clock is still running.
- Son of a bitch.
Damn it. Ref!
- (whistle blows)
- Time out, Texas. Fourth at about two and a half.
JOE: Oh, this is gonna be Coach Royal's
biggest call of the game, if not the season.
PHIL: No doubt.
That veer should be there.
- Fourth and two and a half.
- Fourth and two and a half.
But with this field position, if
we go for this and don't make it
and give it back to them,
that's it, game's over.
We got four minutes left.
Right 53 veer pass.
Hey, Coach. Right 53 veer pass. You sure?
Hell, yes, I'm sure. Run the play.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I might be wrong,
but I'm not confused.
(spits) Defense, get ready.
All right. Get in tight.
Randy, this one's coming to you.
Right 53 veer pass. On one.
- You better be open.
- I'm always open.
- All right. On one, on one. Ready?
- PLAYERS: Break!
Carry out your fate.
PHIL: Here we go. James
Street, over center.
Everybody on their feet
here at Razorback Stadium.
Set! Hut!
- PHIL: Randy Peschel! It's caught!
- (crowd roaring)
He somehow came up with the ball.
Yeah, baby! (laughs) Attaboy, Randy!
Coach Royal gambling it all on that play.
How in the hell they get behind 'em?
- James Street and Randy Peschel coming through.
- James!
- JOE: They're now in scoring position on the 13.
- Let's go! Let's go!
PHIL: They're now in National
Championship position, Joe.
Huddle up! Huddle up!
All right, Darrell, you're a genius.
Set! Hut!
Handoff to Ted Koy and he pounds
his way to the two-yard line.
- An 11-yard gain.
- (cheering)
And Bertelsen rams his
way into the end zone.
Touchdown, Texas!
A 14-14 tie.
JOE: And that's why
Coach Royal went for two.
To set up kick and a simple
extra point in taking the lead.
He wasn't planning on playing for no tie.
PHIL: And here's the kick. It's up.
It's good!
Texas leads 15-14.
JOE: But there's still 3:58 left.
Plenty of time for Arkansas to
get back in scoring position.
Rick! Rick! Keep Dicus on the inside.
- Don't bite on his post move.
- Got you.
You're doing great. One more stop.
- I want Freddie in the game.
- You sure?
All right.
We got three minutes to hold 'em.
Coach wants you back in there.
Come on, defense. Saddle up.
Freddie's going back in.
Let's go, Freddie.
Come on, Son.
MAN: You can do it, Freddie! Longhorns!
- Hey! Welcome back, Freddie.
- Thanks.
- Hold 'em right here.
- Let's go!
PHIL: Montgomery, back to pass.
Spots his favorite target
Dicus and completes it again.
Hell, you can take Dicus, baby. Let's go!
JOE: Now the Razorbacks in Texas
territory at the 46, first and 10.
Steinmark. Hey! Man, 80, man.
Guys, we have got to shut Dicus down.
(exhales) I got him.
(panting) I got him.
Drop somebody.
PHIL: Joe, all Arkansas
needs is another 20 yards,
and they can kick a field
goal and win this game.
Set! Hut!
PHIL: Montgomery rolling
left looking for Dicus.
He's covered tight by Steinmark.
He's got to throw it away.
Great coverage by Steinmark.
That's it, Freddie!
- That's my boy.
- Yes!
Second and 10 on the 46.
Montgomery, looking downfield.
Dicus not open.
He goes for Rees.
Interception! Tom Campbell! What a grab!
- Right there!
- (laughing)
- Texas!
- Whoo!
PHIL: That's it. They've done it!
JOE: Number one Texas wins the
National Championship, 15 to 14.
It's like a dream, right?
National Championship.
It's why we came to Texas.
- Congratulations, Darrell.
- Heck of a good game.
- It's a game for the ages.
- Could have gone either way.
It could have. It could
have. Good luck to you guys.
- Got it!
- Number one, baby!
- (growls)
- Fast Freddie!
- Whoo-whoo!
- Whoo-whoo!
PHIL: A game for the ages, Joe.
JOE: No doubt about that.
PHIL: What a battle it was. They'll
be celebrating in Austin tonight!
TOGETHER: Longhorns!
(marching band)
- Hi, hi. (squeals)
- (laughing)
You were right. National champion.
Meant to be.
I know. All part of the plan, right?
MAN: I'm proud of you.
- The doctor, tomorrow.
- (scoffs)
And don't even mention the Cotton Bowl.
We're gonna be playing Notre Dame.
It's the first time they ever
accepted a Bowl invitation.
They wanna prove they can
beat the national champions.
The doctor. Tomorrow.
That's it. No more interviews.
We gotta start preparing for Notre Dame.
Come on in, Freddie.
I'll talk to you later.
(sighs) Sit down.
Your leg.
It's worse.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
I wanna play in the Cotton Bowl.
I think we have to have
somebody good take a look at it.
Yeah, I know.
Everything I've done to
make it better hasn't worked.
I don't know. Maybe I should have
held you out a couple of games.
No way, Coach.
I wouldn't have missed
one minute of one game.
I know.
Let me be clear.
We would not be national champions
if you had not been out on that field.
You hear me?
Lance, will you get me Dr. Jullian, please?
Dr. Jullian, it's Darrell.
Listen, I need you to clear the decks.
Give my Freddie Steinmark
the VIP treatment.
No, now.
Thank you. He'll be right over.
Dr. Jullian's the best
bone-and-joint doctor we have here.
Take good care of you.
I'm going to New York to
collect the MacArthur Bowl.
Oh, yeah.
- You gonna be okay?
- Yes, Coach.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome, Freddie.
(door opens)
You ready to get right to it?
Yes, sir.
This area, here, is the problem.
There are a couple of possibilities.
Bone spurs, coagulated edema.
But the most likely is that it's a tumor.
A tumor?
Tumors can be benign.
We've decided that the
best course of action
is to send you to Houston
MD Anderson Hospital.
It's part of the University
of Texas Medical Center.
There are good hospitals
here. Why go to Houston?
Because they got the best
oncology department in Texas.
The study of cancer.
(line ringing)
- DAD (on phone): Hello?
- Dad.
I just talked to the doctor.
They're sending me to a
cancer hospital in Houston.
I think my leg is bad. Real bad.
Please don't tell Ma.
Okay, well, I have to
tell your mother, Son.
We're coming down there.
No, you don't have to go. I'll
call after I know anything.
When's your appointment?
5:00, tomorrow afternoon.
- We'll see you there.
- No, you don't have to go.
It would be a waste of time and
money if it turns out to be benign.
Son, we're coming.
How are you?
I'm okay.
We are gonna come and
see you real soon, champ.
Tonight, we'll say
our prayers together.
(sniffles) Yes, Mama, we'll do that.
- We'll do that.
- Okay.
Since 1959,
the MacArthur Bowl has been presented
by the National Football Foundation...
Coach Royal, you have a phone
call in the vestibule. It's urgent.
It is annually awarded by the
National Football Foundation
to the outstanding college
football team of the season.
Since it was first offered in 1959,
the trophy is looked upon
- as one of the most celebrated and sought-after...
- Thank you.
Doctor, it's Darrell.
Are you sure?
Okay. Well, let's get him
there as soon as possible.
We'll charter a plane. We'll...
No. I'm scheduled to
come back tomorrow night.
Forget that. I'm going
to the airport right now.
Yes, thank you.
Somebody here to see you.
- Why didn't you call me?
- How did you get here?
I drove. When I didn't hear from you,
I found out from the football
office that they flew you here.
I just didn't want you
involved with all this.
- I'm a little more than involved, don't you think?
- I'm sorry.
I knew you'd wanna be here,
and it's a three-hour drive...
I would drive across the
country for you. You know that.
(inhaling deeply) Whatever you're
going through, I'm going through.
I know.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
It's gonna be okay.
Your parents are... are flying in.
I'm picking them up in a couple of hours.
- Thanks.
- (door opens)
- I'll be outside.
- Love you.
I love you.
ROYAL: How are you, Linda?
Coach. I thought you were in New York.
Ah, hell, I never liked those big cities.
If Coach is here, it must be serious.
Well, Freddie, I'm going to lay it
out to you as simple as possible.
We're going to biopsy your tumor.
Best scenario is that it's benign.
We can drain it, and you'll
be out of here in no time.
But the chance of that happening,
based on my reading of the X-ray,
is quite small.
It's most likely an osteogenic sarcoma.
Bone cancer.
If that's the case,
I'm going to have to amputate your leg.
We have no other choice.
How far up?
The hip.
(inhales deeply)
- We'll see you first thing in the morning.
- Yeah.
Thanks, Doc.
Thank you, Doctor.
Freddie, you and I have been
through some tough spots together.
Both of us have... (sighs)
been behind in life, and we've come back.
We've never given up.
You can't give up now.
(sighs) Okay, Coach.
Whatever it is,
you will meet the challenge.
And I'll be here for you.
(quavering) Yeah.
Thank you.
- Freddie, don't get up.
- Let me do it now.
(grunts) I may not get another chance.
You know why we're having this meeting?
I think it's about Freddie.
Has anybody heard anything?
ROYAL: Sit down. Sit down.
Everybody sit down.
As you're all aware,
Freddie's surgery was today.
I want you all to know the outcome
before you heard it from somewhere else.
They found a cancerous tumor
the size of a baseball, on his femur.
Doctors told me they didn't know how he could
walk on that leg, much less play football.
Of course, I'm sure that
wouldn't surprise anybody here.
They amputated his leg...
- Damn.
- at the hip.
Men, your teammate is
in the fight of his life.
And if there's anybody I know
or have ever known who's up to it,
it's Freddie Joe Steinmark.
That boy has never backed down against
nothing or nobody, and he won't now.
But he's gonna need all of you.
Your thoughts,
your prayers,
your support.
Hey, Coach. Are they gonna
let him out of the hospital
to come and be with all
of us at the Cotton Bowl?
I'm afraid not.
Doctor said a minimum 30
days before he can leave.
But, men, he will be
there with us in spirit.
He will be there with us.
(heart monitor beeping)
I'll never play again.
I won't be able to show Notre
Dame what they missed out on.
None of that matters now.
(labored breathing)
Look at me.
There is nothing my boy can't do.
You will beat this.
We'll do it together.
Okay, Mama.
- (sniffles)
- You are so strong.
You're gonna be okay.
Love you, Son.
I love you.
MOTHER: Get some sleep.
Hey, hot dog.
When you get out of the hospital,
we're gonna go to our
favorite parking spot.
That may be a while.
They said at least a month.
I've got nothing but time.
We're gonna get back to
our normal lives. I promise.
- Normal?
- Yes.
- (scoffs)
- Normal.
We got plans, mister.
I can see our future from right here.
Right here.
There's Austin,
where we'll graduate May, a year from now.
Right there is Denver,
where you're gonna be coaching.
And there's our little house in Aurora,
where we're gonna live with
our one girl and three boys.
Three. (sniffles)
You're making a fast recovery.
That doesn't surprise me.
Hey, Dr. Martin, this is my
best friend, Bobby Mitchell.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What are those for?
- Uh, Freddie.
He's gonna be with us at the Cotton Bowl.
(laughing) Not on those, he's not.
FREDDIE: Please, Doctor.
No, I'm sorry, Freddie.
It's out of the question.
You know, only way we could
let you go is in a wheelchair.
Even that's doubtful.
You just had a major traumatic surgery.
I won't go in a wheelchair.
Then you're not leaving the hospital.
- Can't you just let me try the crutches?
- No.
Your system will be in recovery for weeks.
Just being upright puts too much
pressure on all your stitches.
I'd just like to try.
I'm sorry, Freddie. This
is not up for discussion.
I'll be back to check on you tomorrow.
- Nice to meet you, Bobby.
- Doctor.
Hey, Bobby.
Let's prove him wrong.
- BOBBY: Easy, easy.
- No, I'm good.
One, two.
Yeah. Okay.
One, two.
All right, come on.
Maybe this isn't such a good idea.
- Let's try it one more time.
- Okay.
One, two.
One, t... (grunts)
One, two. (grunts)
(phone ringing)
ROYAL: Excuse me, Nurse.
I just went to Freddie Steinmark's
room, and he's not there.
- Is there something wrong?
- Yes, there sure is.
We can hardly keep track of
him. He's constantly on the move.
Those two practice every day for hours.
I know some doctors do not support this,
but I think it's great.
There it is.
Thank you, Nurse.
All right, end of this
hallway, then I'll get a break.
MARTIN: There's a rumor going around
that you've gone renegade on me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, this isn't the military,
and I can't order you off the crutches.
I can only strongly advise against it.
Dr. Martin.
How many patients of yours have
lost limbs due to bone cancer?
Well, I don't have the statistics.
There are many variances.
Please. I wanna know where I stand.
I read an article on how bone
cancer is one of the deadliest.
Hardest to cure.
Well, that's true. It is.
But I've had a number of success stories.
I'm asking you to be straight with me.
I need to know.
The survival rates for your form
of osteogenic sarcoma are not high.
I'm gonna ask you one more time,
and I'm begging you to tell me the truth.
How many patients who lost
a limb from my kind of cancer
lived more than a year?
Very few.
Thank you.
(sighs deeply)
Hey, little buddy.
(strains) McCoy's nothing.
- You're gonna own him.
- I will.
It's your game, Woo-Woo.
- Freddie.
Okay, I need you to shut down Theismann.
- Oh, I'm planning on it.
- (chuckles)
- Street.
- Hey, Freddie.
You know, their left corner's slow.
Attack on his side.
You got it.
Welcome back, Freddie.
Hey, Mr. Inside.
- Mr. Outside.
- (chuckles)
Give 'em hell.
Yeah, I'll take care of that.
All right, men, let's listen up.
I don't need to say this, 'cause I
know it's all in your heads anyway.
Let's go out there and
win Freddie a game ball.
(crowd cheering)
(crowd roars)
There he is.
WOMAN: Whoo! Go, Freddie!
MAN: Freddie!
MAN #2: Freddie!
- You ready?
- Let's go get 'em, boys!
MAN: Go, Longhorns!
(whistling, cheering)
(no audible dialogue)
(no audible dialogue)
(crowd roars)
Yeah, boy!
(shutter clicks)
ROYAL: We won that game.
And Freddie did get the game ball.
That kid had a tubful of guts and courage.
And defying the doctor's odds,
he lived another year and a half.
He died on June 6, 1971.
His family and Linda by his side.
But he still lives in our hearts.
We honor his spirit
before every game.
- (shouting)
- Let's go!
PLAYER: Let's go!
(shouting continues)
I don't know. If I tell
you how proud I am of you.
It'd be kind of, you
know, an understatement.
Uh... (clears throat)
afraid if I talk too damn
long, I'm gonna choke up.
But we've got a guy that we love a lot.
Freddie, here it is for ya.
ALL (cheering): Yeah!
(no audible dialogue)